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Re: Being The Booker

Heat Results:

Gene Snitsky defeated Val Venis

The Hurricane defeated Rodney Mack

Goldust defeated Kenzo Suzuki

The Heart Throbs defeated Road kill & Danny Doring


Velocity Results:

Brent Albright defeated Mark Jindrak

Brian Kendrick defeated Akio

Hardcore Holly defeated Luther Reigns

Chris Jericho defeated William Regal


Backlash News and Notes:

T- 3 Hours

With absolutely no plans on giving Rey Mysterio a world title run anytime soon, Edge is expected to prevail in tonights 'I Quit' match for the Money in the Bank contract. It'll be hard to see a way for Mysterio to quit though, without losing face as a hero to the fans, so there might just be some sort of surprise in store.

A Mister Kennedy win would appear to be the lock of the card tonight, with Rob Conway seen as little more than enhancement talent with a gimmick.

With MNM working dark matches on Raw recently, their long anticipated debut could literally come at any time. Melina, Nitro and Mercury are in Seattle to be in attendance for the PPV, but whether management decides to debut the trio tonight remains unseen.
As for the destination of the tag titles, rumours are indicating that the unlikely winners might be Rico and Ron Simmons. With Simmons set to call it a day in the near future, it would certainly be a short lived title reign, possibly as a transition before moving on to the new team, MNM.

Expect a Carlito win tonight under shady circumstances. Rumours are indicating that Shelton Benjamin will be forced to wait slightly longer before being given his first major singles title.

A DX split is imminent, but it may not end up being tonight. Shawn Michaels is heavily tipped to score a big win, coming off the back of a number of consecutive losses at PPV events, with his last win coming in October of last year. How the on-going angle will continue tonight though is unknown.

Despite his recent suspension, Randy Orton IS at the Key Arena. Sources have been unable to tell whether he was asked to show up, or if he decided to come at his own expense. There is a possibility that Orton will make some appearance on the show, to further his angle with John Cena.

Expect a new womens champion to be crowned tonight. Trish Stratus reign has stretched from last October, but the feeling now is that with Stratus winding down, the time is right to take the title from her, and move into a new direction for the womens division, hence the arrival of new faces in the past month.

While a victory for Kane would seem a certain banker, there is a rumour circulating that instead, Kane might lose via DQ. With the company looking to re-establish Kane as a monster figure, he could go 'cross the line' so to speak, and force a DQ with an ugly beating.

Expectations are fairly high for the first post WrestleMania PPV, but still coming off the back of a memorable Mania, there may be somewhat of a WrestleMania hangover still in the air, which has left some doubt in peoples mind over the success of tonights show.


I'll post Backlash tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Looking forward to Backlash, Wolf Beast. Nice news and notes.
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Re: Being The Booker

The news and notes look good and I will definitely leave a review for Backlash


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Christian vs. Brock Lesnar - No way Cena is losing the title yet, and I can't see it coming off him until Summerslam at the earliest

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin - Carlito will drop the belt soon, but Shelton isn't quite ready for it yet

World Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way Match:
(Championships Vacant)
The A.F.A vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. United Nations - Just a guess, but the AFA deserve a brief run, so it would be good to see that

WWE Womens Championship; 6 Diva Gauntlet Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Alexis Laree vs. Jazz vs. Jillian Hall vs. Molly Holly - A punt again, but Hall looks to have done well on Raw, so it may make sense to have her win the title

I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge - Edge has a better chance of winning the title, so I guess he will take the contract... although how Rey will quit concerns me, as I don't see him saying I Quit

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade vs. Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore - HBK needs a win, Cade could do with a win, so logic dictates they will lose... but I'm still going for DX

One on One:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rob Conway - Anyone who thinks Conway will win this needs to be sectioned (although he is entertaining in this thread)

In ring return of a Monster:
Kane vs. Rhyno - The tag line for the match gives it away... no way is Kane losing the match
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Re: Being The Booker

**DISCLAIMER** I just want to state again that I'm unable to return reviews. Right now, I'm only really booking as a hobby, so I'm afraid that I'll not be returning reviews. Just wanted to re-state that as I've seen more activity in terms of reviews recently


On the Pre Show Heat, Val Venis defeated Simon Dean

WWE Backlash

30th April 2006
Location: Key Arena; Seattle, Washington
Event Music: Adreyu, Shameful

…Opening video…

The video opens up, in slow motion of the fireworks going off at WrestleMania, before quick clips, along with commentary from J.R and Coach showcasing The Horsemen losing at the event, Carlito retaining his title against the odds, Kane returning and creating chaos, Rey Mysterio piping Edge to the MITB contract, Shawn Michaels losing to The Rock, Christian beating Austin, Lesnar losing his title, and Cena retaining his.

The picture fades to black for a moment, before it comes back, with clips of all the men concerned backstage at WrestleMania, looking happy, sad, euphoric and depressed.

Narrator: The glitz and glamour has passed … the joy and anguish remains … WrestleMania has come and gone … and now the Backlash ensues …

Clips from the recent DX - Horsemen feud

Narrator: For Shawn Michaels, the pain and heart break of defeat on March 26th has been too much to bear, sparking a serious backlash on his mental state…

Recent shots of a solemn Michaels from Raw in the last few weeks.

Narrator: Confused about his future, unsure whether his time has passed … The Showstopper has reached a cross roads.

Shots of Flair taking it to Michaels

Narrator: Meanwhile, defeat for Ric Flair at WrestleMania has sparked a severe backlash from the Nature Boy. Flair has become nastier, meaner, and more determined than ever to bounce back, and re-invigorate a familiar stable for a new generation.

Clip of Dinsmore holding up four fingers.

The picture changes to Edge spearing Carlito at Wrestle Mania in the MITB Match.

Narrator: Moments from achieving his goal, Edge believed he had all but claimed the Money in the Bank contract.

Mysterio taking the case, winning the match.

Narrator: But, unable to finish his task, it left Rey Mysterio to take the glory, and achieve the impossible.

Clips of both men brawling in recent weeks.

Narrator: The victory has inspired a backlash of courage and confidence from the smaller but strong willed holder … the loss has caused a backlash of desperation and ruthlessness from the devastated challenger.

Sound bite of Eric Bischoff announcing the I Quit match at Backlash, over clips of Edge beating down Rey, and Rey beating down Edge.

Narrator: Now, both men will be tested … both men’s heart, desire, pride and will to win is in question. The backlash from WrestleMania has been felt, but the backlash tonight for the loser, the man who utters the two words, ‘I Quit’, could be irreplaceable.

The picture fades to black for a second, then returns with clips of Christian defeating Steve Austin last month.

Narrator: With one victory, a superstar was born at WrestleMania. And that victory has spurred a backlash in Christian which has set his sights firmly on the ultimate prize.

Clips of Lesnar holding the WWE Title at WrestleMania, then tapping out, and Benoit holding the title.

Narrator: With one loss, The Iron Mans world fell apart at WrestleMania. Losing his identity as the champion has incurred a backlash with Brock Lesnar hell bent on recapturing championship glory.

Shots of John Cena rolling up Orton to retain the title in the MGM, and a shot of his celebrating.

Narrator: And the biggest backlash of all falls onto the champion. Obsessed with remaining The Champ, he becomes the victim of his own success. Victory has brought this backlash onto John Cena, but as ever, he takes every challenge head on.

Quick shots now of all the main players involved tonight.

Narrator: The epic events of March 26th may have passed, but the fall out has brought an incredible Backlash that will be felt…

Shots of Michaels

Narrator: For the confused…

Shots of Ric Flair

Narrator: For the determined…

Shots of Mysterio

Narrator: For the daring…

Shots of Edge

Narrator: For the callous…

Shots of Christian

Narrator: For the confident…

Shots of Lesnar

Narrator: For the desperate…

Shot of John Cena

Narrator: For the champion.

Shots of the swinging A’s from the Backlash logo, and quick shots of all the main players in agony of some sort.

Narrator: The Backlash … BEGINS … tonight.



Jim Ross and The Coach open the show, hyping the main matches for tonight, before handing over to the Spanish announce table, who are quickly cut off with…


Shelton Benjamin confidently enters the stage, ahead of what could be his major breakout moment as a singles star. He walks to the ring, slapping hands with fans, as he awaits Carlito.


Carlito, with Stacy Kiebler, enters the stage, with J.R and Coach immediately commenting on his recent losing streak, having not won a match since he retained the title at WrestleMania. He slowly makes his way to the ring, and gives the belt to Kiebler, before getting inside, and stepping into his opponents face.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Benjamin starts out, all guns blazing, having nothing to lose, and everything to gain, whilst Carlito appears to be shaky, with his losing streak now starting to affect his mind set. CCC, realising he is in trouble early on, takes a break, rolling out of the ring, to frustrate, and to try and slow Benjamin down, and eventually, it works in his favour, as Benjamin does lose his cool the second time Carlito rolls out, and attempts a suicide dive to the outside, with CCC moving out of the way, and Shelton crashes and burns, bringing a sly smile to Carlitos face.

This now allows Carlito to dominate the challenger, wrestling the match at his pace, keeping the challenger down. Despite the odd glimmer of a comeback from Benjamin, hitting the dragon whip, amongst other signature spots, it’s Carlito that comes close to victory with the Back Cracker, and a swinging neck breaker, but Benjamin hangs on both times with a late kick out at two. CCC begins to get frustrated himself, with his losing streak still playing on his mind, and tries to end the match, looking to hit the Apple Core … but Benjamin counters, switching the position of his arms … and delivers the T-Bone Slam!!! Benjamin hooks the leg immediately, but the referee is distracted by Stacy Kiebler, who gets onto the apron, pulling her skirt up a little more, despite being short already, showing off her great legs. The official is almost trance like, as Stacy turns around, wiggling her backside, with Shelton now getting up, getting the referees attention, before spotting Kiebler, and spanks her ass, knocking her off the apron to a big pop.

Benjamin turns back around, to pick Carlito up, but the champion manages to cradle the challenger, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Benjamin is right back up, as CCC cowers in the corner. Shelton runs across the ring, and goes for the Stinger splash, but Carlito moves out of the way, with Shelton hitting the corner, and staggers out, right into THE APPLE CORE!!! Carlito, looking elated, makes the cover, to end his losing streak, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!! Carlito looks furious, and in disbelief that he hasn’t won. CCC then goes for a double springboard moonsault … BUT BENJAMIN MOVES!!! Both men struggle back up, as Kiebler slides the belt to Carlito, but as CCC grabs the championship, he gets to his feet, and prepares a run up at Shelton, and as he tries it … BENJAMIN LEAPS AND CARLITO NAILS STACY!!! CCC drops the belt in shock, before turning around, and eats a Superkick. Shelton now climbs the ropes, and waits for Carlito to reach his feet, and as he does, Benjamin flies, and scores with a BLOCKBUSTER!!! Shelton hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Benjamin celebrates in the ring, holding his first singles gold in his WWE career, just one month into his first singles run. Carlito rolls out of the ring, to tend to Stacy, but looks more concerned with losing his title, with his losing streak continuing.

Backstage, we see the arrival of Christian, being accompanied by his good buddy, Tyson Tomko, which gets a big reaction from the fans in the background, as he gets set for his main event tonight.

Meanwhile, we watch in the AFA office, as Rico gets prepared for the tag title match shortly, wearing a lycra leopard skin all in one suit, whilst Simmons watches on, shaking his head, takes a puff of a cigar, and mutters “DAMN”.

Back to ringside…


The Fans come to their feet, as Mister Kennedy enters the arena, for his first ever one on one match on Pay Per View. Kennedy goes through his usual routine of using the old style mic and spotlight to do his introduction, ripping into Conway too, getting a pop for his comments.


Conway struts out onto the stage, wearing turquoise pants, and his usual sunglasses, to heat from the fans. Conway brushes off the fans on his way to the ring, and steps inside, cagily, wary of Kennedy.

One on One:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rob Conway
Kennedy immediately comes for Conway, but The Con Man hides behind the official, yelling not to invade his space. Kennedy backs off, and challenges Conway to a lock up, but just as The Con Man gets ready to lock up, he backs off, insisting on not making contact with Kennedy’s body. This results in a stiff right hand from Kennedy, knocking Conway down. From here, Kennedy dominates the early going, scoring near falls on Conway with basic offence, before Conway ducks a clothesline, and decides to slide out of the ring, getting out of dodge. Conway proceeds up the ramp, calling the match off, but Kennedy isn’t happy, and chases Conway up the ramp, knocking him down from behind, and proceeds to stomp him back down the ramp, quickly rolling in and out of the ring, breaking the ten count.

Kennedy slams Conway’s head off the steps, and drops him onto the barrier, before rolling The Con Man back inside, continuing the beat down on the inside, stomping him down in the corner. He drags Conway up, and chucks him across the ring by the hair. Conway tries to get away again, but Kennedy drags him back before he can, and looks to deliver a DDT, but Conway spins out, and rakes the eye. Kennedy staggers around, and allows Conway to go on the attack, taking advantage of Kennedy’s condition. The Con Man goes to work on the neck of his opponent, and starts to really just bore the crowd with rest holds, all based on the neck.

As Conway applies a Camel Clutch, Kennedy now begins his comeback, and charges Conway backwards, into the corner, breaking the hold completely. This starts the comeback for Kennedy, and he scores a few near falls, but as he looks to hit the Green Bay Plunge … CONWAY BREAKS FREE!!! Rob pounds the neck, knocking Kennedy off the turnbuckle, and Conway soars through the air, scoring with a flying elbow!!! He covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Despite being shocked over the kick out, The Con Man now looks for his primary finisher, The Ego Trip, but Kennedy blocks it, and counters into a suplex instead back into the ring!!! Ken climbs the ropes, and quickly scores with the Kenton Bomb, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Kennedy has his hand raised in victory, picking up the win in an average, throwaway PPV match up, whilst Conway lays, flat out in the ring, having suffered defeat tonight.

A video package airs, hyping the upcoming Smackdown Pay Per View on May 14th - JUDGMENT DAY.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly attempts to get some comments from Carlito, following his loss earlier, but CCC ignores the questions, looking to be in a daze, after yet another loss.


Theodore Long leads his group, with Jazz missing, preparing for her own match later this evening. Long almost skips down the ramp in excitement, whilst OJ does a little shadow boxing, with Rodney Mack looking all business, and The Worlds Strongest Man slowly following in the background.


Dupree and Suzuki, accompanied by Fifi and Hiroko, waving their respective flags in the air. They get little reaction, and of all the teams look least likely to walk out with the titles tonight.


Rico races out onto the stage, looking as glamorous as ever, whilst the as always un-impressed Ron Simmons follows out, shaking his head in disgust.


The fans pop, as Booker T and Goldust enter the stage, looking ready to reclaim the titles they haven’t held in over a year.

World Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way Match:
(Championships Vacant)
The A.F.A vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. United Nations

Dupree and Booker start the match, with Booker getting the best of that exchange, before making a tag to Goldy, who has his way with Dupree too, before Dupree quickly escapes the gold one, and tags out to Kenzo. The Bronze Warrior looks to take it to Goldust, but Ron Simmons makes a blind tag, and goes toe to toe with Suzuki, getting the better of him, until Dupree causes a distraction, which allows Mack to make a tag from Suzuki.

Rodney goes to work on Simmons from behind, with The Brotherhood now stamping their authority on the match. Mack puts Ron down, and tags in OJ, with Jordan now going to the body with shots, using his boxing background, but the size and power of Simmons is too much for Orlando, and Simmons knocks him down with a thunderous clothesline, before tagging out to Rico.

Rico enters to a big pop, whilst OJ immediately tags out, not wanting part of the wacky Ricos shenanigans. Dupree takes the tag, and enters cautiously, knowing the tricks Rico is capable of. They lock up, with Rico going behind, and attempts to give Dupree a back rub, but Rene instantly moves away, freaked out from Rico. He swings at Rico, but Rico ducks, and slaps Renes ass!!! Dupree loses his cool, and flattens Rico with a clothesline, putting himself in control. He scores with a vertical suplex, then drops an elbow, scoring a two count. Dupree tags in Suzuki again, and the United Nations begin to take control once again, but Kenzo is far too wary of Rico, and demands he tag out, which he does, bringing Booker back into the action.

Booker gets the better of Suzuki, and manages to run through most of his regular offence, scoring a handful of near falls, but as he sets up for the Scissor Kick, Theodore Long trips him at the apron, causing a distraction, allowing Kenzo to attack from behind. Suzuki scores with a reverse DDT, but the distraction sparks Goldust into action, and he races in, as the match breaks down into a brawl.

All eight men get involved, but as the melee ensues, we see Rico make a tag from Booker T, legalising himself into the match. The fight spills to the outside, leaving just Goldust and Rico in the ring for a moment, to a surreal reaction. They both walk around the ring, looking the other freak up and down, before Goldust starts to do his breathing thing, but Rico then plants a lip lock on Goldy!!! From behind, Rodney Mack takes them both out, throwing Goldust out of the ring, and nails a swinging neck breaker, but then, Kenzo Suzuki looks to take out Mack, only for Theodore Long to intervene, distracting Kenzo - BUT - Hiroko releases Fifi into the ring, and the poodle chases Long out of the ring, and up the aisle!!! Mack watches on in disbelief, with Mark Henry chasing up the ramp after Long and Fifi, as Dupree enters the ring, and doubles up with Suzuki to take out Mack!!!

After this though, Booker T drags Kenzo back out of the ring, as we watch Dupree perform the French Tickler, with Rico standing behind him, looking impressed by it all. Rene turns around - AND RICO STARTS TO TRY AND DANCE WITH HIM!!! Dupree shoves Rico away, but Goldust comes to Ricos aide, and attacks Dupree, and as the referees attention turns to the outside, trying to stop Orlando from using a chair on Booker and Kenzo, Goldust is free to perform the SHATTERED DREAMS!!!! Dupree rolls around the canvas, eventually out of the ring, as Rico then throws Goldy out of the ring, over the top rope, and we see Rodney Mack charge at him, but Rico ducks, and scores with a karate style kick, whilst Simmons re-enters and slams a re-entering Kenzo down with his phenomenal spine buster!!! Rico, the legal man, makes the cover, as Simmons watches on, with the referee now focused on the ring again, 1...2...3!!!
WINNERS: A.F.A @ 10:00

The Key Arena comes alive, as the AFA finally taste tag team gold!!! Rico runs around the ring, jubilant in victory, whilst even Ron Simmons shows a smile. Rico attempts to jump onto Ron for a hug, but Simmons stops the freak before he can, and extends his hand instead. Rico nods, and accepts the handshake, but then leaps on Simmons anyway, hugging his tag partner tightly, with Simmons looking awkward with the flamboyant one clutching him tightly.
The duo leave the ring, proudly holding the previously vacant titles, whilst the other teams look on, watching the new tag team champs leave the ring with the belts they desperately covet.

Backstage, we see Theodore Long continue to be chased by the poodle, Fifi, with Mark Henry following, trying to help his leader, but lagging behind, and running out of breath, because he’s just too fat to keep up.

In the locker room, we see Mysterio getting ready for the MITB match, with his son watching. Rey picks up the case, and tells Dominick not to watch the TV until he come back, with the kid nodding. Rey hugs his son, before kissing his forehead, and speaking to him in Spanish, then leaves the room.

We then switch over to Todd Grisham, who is standing by with Edge. Todd refers to last Mondays interview with Edge, recalling some of the comments, before asking if Edges feelings had changed at all. Edge looks a little taken aback by the question, and asks Todd if Mysterio had relinquished the briefcase. Grisham replies that he hasn’t, to which Edge responds, saying he feelings wont change until he is the owner of the MITB contract, and he repeats, basically word for word the threats he issued last Monday, before storming off.

J.R and Coach discuss the comments from Edge, with both men fearing for Mysterios safety, before switching, and going to a video package hyping the I Quit Match.

I Quit Match Video Package

Back into the arena…


Seattle comes alive, as Mysterio blasts from under the ramp, carrying the briefcase he is forced to defend this evening. Rey looks relaxed despite the high stakes behind such a dangerous match, as he clutches on to the briefcase.


Edge enters the arena slowly, with the fans showing their feeling for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar. Edge stands at the top of the ramp, shaking his hands loose, staring down the ramp, before taking a deep breath, and proceeding down the aisle.

I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Before Edge can even get in the ring, Mysterio baseball slides him, kick starting the match. Edge falls down, and Mysterio gets back up, hoisting onto the ropes, and spring boarding to the outside, onto Edge as he gets up with a cross body!!! Rey continues his fiery start, giving Edge no time to get his thoughts, ramming him into the barrier, and into the ring apron, before unloading with everything he has, a flurry of rights and lefts to The Rated ‘R’ Superstar. Eventually, Rey stops, and backs off, but as Edge staggers away, Rey hit’s a low dropkick to the knee.
Immediately, Rey grabs a stop sign from under the ring, and begins to smash the object across the knee of Edge, multiple times, trying to wear him out early on.

After almost two dozen shots, Rey throws the sign away, and asks for the mic, holding it to Edges mouth, wanting him to quit, but Edge responds, by putting his hands around Reys throat, choking Mysterio. Rey drops the mic, as Edge struggles back to his feet, still choking Mysterio, but Mr. MITB breaks it with a kick to the mid section, sending Edge back to his knees.

Mysterio now throws Edge back inside, and uses his speed to try and wear down Edge, but after a few successful moments, Edge catches him off the ropes, delivering a modified belly to belly throw, turning the momentum of the match upside down. Edge shakes off his knee pain momentarily, but then gets gritty, with a ground and pound attack, looking to wear out Mysterio physically. After this beat down, Edge sets Rey up on the top rope, then boots him off, with Mysterio tumbling to the floor below, in a heap.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar follows out, and slams Mysterios head off the steel steps, before setting Reys head against the steps, and gathers some steam, before booting his face into the steel steps, crushing the holder of MITB head. Edge takes a mic, and warns Mysterio it’ll only get worse if he doesn’t quit now. Mysterio struggles, but manages to say ‘NO’. Edges anger level rises from that, and he repeatedly bounces Mysterios head off the steps, scrambling his brain, before asking the question again, with Rey this time unable to muster the words verbally, but shakes his head, indicating no. Edge again goes nuts, and rams Rey into the ring post, before rolling him back inside the ring.

Again, Edge looks to pile up the agony on Rey, laying a beating on him by force and with basic wrestling moves too, such as his regular Buzz Killer. Eventually, he scores with the Edgecution, and calls for the mic again, asking Rey if he’s had enough, to which the response is another firm ‘NO’. Edge starts to pull at his hair in despair, with Mysterio showing no signs of quitting. He then sets himself up, and waits for his opponent to reach his feet, and once he does … EDGE SCORES WITH A HUGE SPEAR!!! Mysterio rolls around, grabbing his ribs, as Edge picks the mic up again, and warns Rey he better get the right answer this time, before asking the question again, but Mysterio manages to mutter another ‘NO WAY’, much to the chagrin of the opponent.

Rey tries to reach his feet, but Edge scores before he can, knocking him down with the microphone to the head. Rey flails on the mat, determined not to give up, but Edge doesn’t relent, and pounds Rey some more, with some additional kicks to the head, before applying the Edgecation submission. Mysterio taps out after a long period in the hold, and Edge releases, holding his arms up in jubilation, but the referee pulls his arm back down, telling Edge that although Rey tapped, he HAS to say the words ‘I QUIT’ for Edge to win. Edge goes nuts, grabbing the referee, telling him it’s unfair, and starts yelling that they are trying to hold him back again. He then lets go, and turns around, but to his shock, Mysterio cannonballs himself at the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, darting right into the gut, nearly sending Edge out of the ring.

This now begins the big comeback for Rey, who busts out pretty much all his high flying signature spots, bar the finishers, being too fast for Edge to catch, and eventually sends Edge out of the ring with a head scissors. Rey then leaps out of the ring too, knocking Edge down, with the momentum having fully swung back into his favour now. Mysterio whips Edge through the steps, and takes a chair, swinging and scoring across the skull of Edge!!! He takes the mic now, and asks Edge the question, with Edge replying ‘KILL ME FIRST’. Mysterio scores again with the chair, and asks again, but Edge musters the energy to push him away this time, and escapes back into the ring, with Rey watching on in shock.

Mysterio looks under the ring, and pulls out a trash can, throwing it inside the ring, and slides the chair in too, before getting back inside himself. Edge comes at him, but Rey ducks under a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, and comes back himself with a body splash. Edge staggers back up, but Rey strikes first, placing the trash can on his head. Edge staggers around, not knowing where to go, but Mysterio nails a drop toe hold, sending Edge into the ropes, before picking up steam, and HIT’S THE 619 WITH EDGE WEARING THE CAN!!! Mysterio now drops the dime, smashing the trash can on the face of Edge!!!! The fans roar, as Rey removes the can, and picks up the mic, with the camera now spotting Edge bleeding slightly.

Rey gets down beside Edge, and asks him once again if he quits, but the dazed opponent responds ‘I SAID KILL ME’. Rey immediately strikes with the trash can again, smashing it over the bloodied Edge. Mysterio again unloads on Edge, before getting up, and grabs the chair once again, waiting for Edge to reach his feet, before splattering the chair against the skull of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, indenting the chair from the impact. One more time, Mysterio asks Edge, whilst applying a choke hold, but still, Edge refuses to give in, and refuses to speak at all. Rey lets go, and slumps in the corner, looking almost out of options as to what to do now.
Edge slowly tries to reach his feet, as Mysterio picks up speed again, leaping onto the ropes, looking to hit a Seated Senton … BUT EDGE CATCHES REY IN MID AIR WITH A SPEAR!!!!!! Both men stay down now, Rey from the Spear, and Edge from the sustained beating he has endured. Both men are slow to their feet, with Edge grabbing the chair as he gets up. Then as both reach up, and turn around, EDGE NAILS REY WITH A THUNDEROUS CHAIR SHOT!!! Edge falls over himself from the force behind the shot, and reaches, grabbing the mic, lays on Rey, and demands him to quit. Mysterio though, is out from the chair shot, and is unable to answer, which further infuriates Edge.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar gets back up, and looks around, trying to think of what to do, eventually leaving the ring, and pulls out a ladder from under it. He slides the ladder inside, before picking it up, and rams it into the head of Mysterio, knocking him back down again, crashing onto the mat. Now, Edge devilishly grins, and sets the ladder down, before setting Rey in between each side of it, and begins to slam one side of the ladder onto Rey repeatedly, and repeatedly, sickening thud, after sickening thud, with Mysterio trying to cover up but unable to stop the impact.

Eventually, Edge stops, and smiles again, dropping down, beside the mangled opponent, and once again, asks the question, this time, more smugly, expecting the end. Rey though, still refuses to quit, and just about manages to say ‘NOT TONIGHT … NOT EVER’.

Edges smile fades quickly, and his scowl re-appears, as he shakes his head, before pointing at Rey, but then, it seems like he has another plan. The smile resurfaces, and Edge slips back out of the ring, and looks under the apron, scurrying around for a moment or two, before finally pulling something out from under the ring, and shows it for all to see … HANDCUFFS. Immediately, J.R comments on the last I Quit Match, which saw Mick Foley suffer a dozen chair shots whilst handcuffed. He then suspects a similar fate for Mysterio, as Edge gets back inside.

Rey slowly tries to crawl out of the ring, but Edge stomps him first, before kicking out of the ring, and follows, placing the handcuff onto his left hand, whilst placing the other to the ring ropes. Mysterio swings his free hand, trying to strike Edge, whilst the smiling opponent playfully slaps Rey, before walking around ringside, and grabs the briefcase. Edge then holds it up high, still smiling, and walks around, at a leisurely pace, before bad mouthing Rey, and nails him with the briefcase across the face!!!

Now, Edge takes the mic from the referee, and tells Rey he has no option now but to quit, and holds the mic to Rey, but Mysterio replies - in Spanish - something that certainly is not ‘I Quit’. Edge shakes his head, and smashes the case across his head again, with Rey unable to protect himself. Edge then tells Mysterio he’ll keep striking him with it until Rey decides to quit. Four more times, Edge nails Rey with the case, but each time, Rey shows no indication that he wants to quit. Edge then comes to the realisation that Rey wont quit, and drops the briefcase. Edge grabs Mysterio by the face, and yells at him “I guess I cant make you quit, can I??”. Edge then lets go, and storms up the ramp, with the fans not sure what to think at first. Then, as Edge disappears from view, the fans begin to boo, thinking Edge has walked out of the match, and a ‘BULL SHIT’ chant. The referee looks around, not sure what to think, and starts to talk with Lillian Garcia, and just as they look set to make an announcement, EDGE APPEARS ON THE TITAN TRON.

Edge shouts to get Reys attention, asking him if he knows where he is … or who he is with. The camera then switches, and we see Edge with his hand over Dominick’s mouth. Edge then threatens to do the same damage to his son as he has done to Rey, unless he hears what he wants to hear. Rey pathetically, tries to rip the handcuffs free, as Edge lifts the kid up, and threatens to ram him into the wall, and suddenly, we hear the words “I QUIT” scream around the arena, as Rey forfeit’s the match, and the MITB contract, in order to save his son.

We then see Edge laugh sadistically, and puts the kid down, ruffling his hair playfully, before pushing past him, and leaving the locker room. Meanwhile, at ringside, the medics tend to Mysterio, who is likely to have suffered a severe concussion tonight.

Edge then comes down the aisle briskly, and walks straight past Rey, chucking the keys to the official for the handcuffs, whilst picking up the MITB briefcase, kissing it, and walks straight back up the ramp. He holds it up high at the top of the ramp to major heat, as Mysterio is held back, wanting to go back to his son, but the doctors refuse to let him go just yet, wanting to check out his condition first.

Video Package, with clips from the past videos hyping FINLAY. The video ends with the graphic - FINLAY DEBUTS - TOMORROW NIGHT ON RAW.

Backstage, we see Theodore Long cornered by Fifi the poodle, when suddenly, Eric Bischoffs voice booms around the room, as it’s revealed that they are in Eric’s office. Bischoff has Rene Dupree with him, and orders him to remove the dog, whilst Theodore Long thanks Bischoff, and apologises for any distress caused.

We then see Trish Stratus doing squats, warming up for her upcoming title defence.

At ringside, J.R and Coach discuss the I Quit Match moments ago, with J.R disgusted at the lengths Edge went to force Mysterio to quit. Coach though, turns around on his previous comments, and commends Edge for being smart enough to do what he did.


Jazz steps out alone, having drawn number one in this gauntlet for the women’s title, giving her the steepest mountain to climb.


The champion enters, looking less than confident, drawing the same odds as Jazz to retain her belt. Trish stands at the top of the ramp for a moment, before pacing down the ramp, dropping the belt along the way, and slides inside, starting a brawl right away.

WWE Women’s Championship; 6 Diva Gauntlet Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Alexis Laree vs. Jazz vs. Jillian Hall vs. Molly Holly
Basic action, with mainly lock ups and rest holds for the few minutes this portion of the gauntlet lasts. Jazz eventually takes full control over the champion, and nearly scores a submission win with the STF, but Trish hangs on, and makes the ropes, forcing the break. Jazz then attempts her Fisherwoman buster, but Trish counters, and cradles Jazz, taking the opponent by surprise, 1...2...3!!!



Alexis Laree, the Raw rookie, makes her way out, and jogs to the ring, hoping to make good on her big chance to shine tonight, with a title shot already.

Laree and Stratus share a nod, as this battle between two faces looks set to be bred on respect. The shake hands, and lock up, with Alexis immediately taking Trish over with a side headlock takedown. Laree out manoeuvres Trish for much of the contest, until the veterans experience takes over, and after nearly catching Alexis with a roll up, it appears to effect the challengers mind set, and despite having Trish in perfect position for her Tornado DDT (LareeDT), Stratus manages to counter before impact, and as Alexis lets go, Trish goes for the Chick Kick - but Laree ducks - only to walk right into a second attempt!!! Trish covers, 1...2...3!!!



Sensing Trish to be in a weakened condition, Molly sprints to the ring, looking to capitalise quickly.

Molly slides right in, and knocks Trish down with a clothesline. She then delivers a simple side slam for a two count, and wears Trish down with a chin lock. Stratus immediately fights out, but Molly puts Trish back down after a whip off the ropes, scoring with a dropkick. Holly goes up top looking for the Molly Go Round, but Trish moves out of the way, and takes advantage of a dazed Molly, and scores with the Stratusfaction, 1...2...3!!!



Lita jogs down to the ring, saluting the fans on her way down, before sliding inside, looking to win her first women’s title in nearly two years.

Lita steps inside the ring, and takes a look at the weakened champion, but doesn’t contemplate giving her any rest bite, and comes right at her. The two women exchange blows in an entertaining showdown, with Trish busting out a few of her more familiar moves (Stratusphere, Matrix move), but it isn’t enough to faze Lita, who blocks a Stratusfaction, and drops Trish with a DDT, but crashes and burns looking for the Moonsault, only for Trish to roll out of the way, and roll up Lita, taking her by surprise, 1...2...3!!!

ELIMINATED: LITA @ 04:00 (11:51)


The second of two rookies getting a chance to shine, Jillian Hall, makes her way out, and has a perfect opportunity to take the title, with Trish looking exhausted. As she walks down, Trish calls for her to bring it on, when suddenly, from behind, TRISH GETS ATTACKED BY LITA!!! Hall looks surprised, as Lita turns on Trish, hitting the Twist of Fate on Stratus, leaving her as easy pickings for Hall.

Jillian enters the ring, not sure what to think, as Lita yells something at Trish, before taking a quick side glance at Hall, before leaving the ring. Jillian though, begins to smile, realising Trish is there for the taking, and lies back, with a relaxed pin on the champion, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Hall looks shocked by the kick out, but doesn’t lose focus, and instead gets back to her feet, and waits for Trish to get up, and when she does, Hall levels her with the STO, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!



After six and a half months, a new women’s champion has been crowned!!! The rookie, Jillian Hall picks up the scraps, and takes the title from Trish, after Stratus had defeated the four other competitors. Jillian hugs the title as J.R and Coach condemn Lita for costing Trish the title. Then, as Hall celebrates up the ramp, dreamily staring at the belt, the referee helps Trish to her feet. J.R then points out that in three title matches there have been three new champions crowned … with just one title left to be decided tonight. Trish staggers up the ramp, looking rightfully pissed off at the screw job.


*Banner Credit; Crazian77*
The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

Backstage, we see John Cena fixing his laces, just to give the champ a bit of camera time before the main event later this evening.

Meanwhile, Ric Flair and Nick Dinsmore chat backstage, with them talking over putting DX out to pasture and taking over Raw.

Video Package, highlighting Kanes long awaited return, and now his return to the ring, taking on Rhyno.


Rhyno bursts out from behind the curtain to a strong, but mixed reaction from the fans. The Man Beast pounds his chest, and charges down the ramp, looking determined to get the best of Kane tonight.


As the fireworks go off, the fans go berserk, as Kane makes his in ring return. The Monster saunters down the ramp, as familiar as always, with Rhyno not even backing up an inch, showing no fear of the near 7 footer.

In ring return of a Monster:
Kane vs. Rhyno
Short match, but slightly better than the average big man vs. big man slugfest, with Rhyno more athletic than most powerful workers. He takes the punishment early on, with Kane dominant, but Rhyno sucks that up, and battles back to cause Kane more problems that he would’ve expected. They brawl to the outside, and trade blows, and stiff shots. Kane comes out on top of this exchange, and puts down Rhyno with a big boot, before rolling him back inside, climbing up top and scores with the flying clothesline. Kane then signals for a Chokeslam, but as he goes for it, Rhyno fights free, breaking his grip.

Again, Rhyno gets into control, and scores near falls with a spine buster, and a belly to belly suplex. However, despite this, Rhyno isn’t able to keep The Big Red Monster down, and Kane makes a comeback after a Samoan drop, sitting right back up. From here, Rhyno struggles, with Kane turning it up a notch, scoring a near fall with a running power slam, and a leg drop. Kane then whips Rhyno off the ropes, but the Man Beast fires back, taking Kane down with a flying clothesline. Rhyno now sets up for the Gore, but as he charges, Kane kicks him away, turning the tide once again in his favour. Rhyno staggers back into Kanes path, and is easy pickings for the Chokeslam!!!!! Kane hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
WINNER: KANE @ 08:02

The Big Red Machine is victorious upon his return to the ring, after a full 12 month absence from in ring action. Kane goes through his usual post match routine, as he looks set to run riot over Raw in the coming months.

Video Package plays hyping the return of … THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT. No details are given, and with no PPV date for the tournament to take place set at all it’s unclear as to when it will take place, but it reveals that Raw and Smackdown superstars will compete for the prestigious honour.

At ringside, J.R and Coach discuss the return of the KOTR tournament, and both seem excited by it, before they switch back to Marc Lloyd, who is backstage with Brock Lesnar.

In the interview, Lloyd brings up the fact that every title has changed hands already tonight, and asks Lesnar if he thinks it’s fate. Brock replies that no matter how many titles have changed hands it’s irrelevant, because he could’ve told Lloyd two weeks ago that one title would definitely change hands - the world title. He then goes on to say that the future of Raw rests in his hands … as champion.

We then cut to further backstage, and see DX walking down the hallway with their match coming up.

DX / Horsemen Video Package

Back to ringside…


The fans initially pop for the familiar theme, and as Flair steps out from behind the curtain, he is greeted with WOOO calls from the fans. Flair is unable to hide a sly grin, as he is followed down the aisle by The Prodigy, Nick Dinsmore, as they prepare for a big tag team match.


Michaels and Cade emerge, to a huge response from the fans, who are now solidly behind DX - at least HBK anyway - who make their way to the ring briskly, letting off the familiar DX pyro in the ring to a great ovation.

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade vs. Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore

The four men share the ring, with Dinsmore and Cade backing out, giving Flair and Michaels the ring, sparking a fierce split reaction from the fans in attendance, divided between the two legendary performers. Flair and Michaels share a back and forth exchange of words as the anticipation grows, before the two men lock up. They struggle around the ring, with them ending up in the corner. The referee attempts to break them up, but as they slowly break away, Flair dots the eye, proving why he is the dirtiest player in the game. Flair then lets fly with a chop, but Michaels quickly turns it around, and lets rip with a knife edge of his own, which sparks a chop fest, with both men taking turns back and forth to light up his adversary. However, this time, HBK plays Flair at his own game, and just as it appears he will be going for another chop on The Nature Boy, he instead repays the favour from earlier, and rakes the eye!!! Michaels knocks Flair down with a clothesline, before dragging him to the corner, tagging in Cade.

Cade stomps Flair down in the corner, showing some big time intensity, before whipping him across the ring to the opposite corner, charging in, squashing Ric in the corner with a splash. Flair then gives the fans a nice chance to pop, doing his now customary flop. Cade isn’t impressed though, and after dragging Flair up, he follows up with a Russian leg sweep for the first near fall of the match. Cade then looks to deliver a suplex, but Flair blocks it, frees himself and nails a chop, across his opponents chest, before quickly tagging out to his partner. Dinsmore and Cade then get the opportunity to live up to the push they’ve been given recently, with Dinsmore especially looking good, getting the best of Cade after a brawl on the outside, reversing a whip into the steps.

From here, Dinsmore takes HB-Cade back inside, and begins to wear Garrison down, showing off his mat wrestling skills, and comes close to victory with a reverse neck breaker, and a bridging German suplex. Dinsmore tags Flair back in, with Naitch coming in quickly, and leaving quickly, just giving Dinsmore a moments rest. Cade though, fights on, and refuses to be beaten, before sparking a fight back, spurred on from ducking a clothesline, and then scoring with a dropkick to The Prodigy. HBK then starts to get the fans pumped, stamping his foot on the apron, with the fans chanting for DX. Cade musters up the energy, and despite Flair grabbing his leg, trying to stop a tag from going through, Cade knocks him down with an enziguri, and tags out to Michaels!!!

HBK charges in, all guns blazing to a major baby face pop, with HBK running through Flair and Dinsmore with clotheslines galore, followed by a series of inverted atomic drops. Michaels then clotheslines Flair out of the ring, and delivers a front slam on Dinsmore. Michaels proceeds to climb the turnbuckles, and looks to score with the Flying Elbow, but he becomes distracted by Flair, who tugs on his leg, before Cade intervenes and takes out Ric with a flying tackle on the outside. Now though, Dinsmore is back on his feet, and he races to the top, taking Michaels by surprise, and delivers a perfect superplex!!!!

Dinsmore now has control on Michaels, scoring a two count from the top rope spot, and then begins to stamp his authority over HBK. Dinsmore appears to have Michaels figured out, as he sees HBK looking to skin the cat, but as he pulls himself back inside, The Prodigy immediately delivers a dropkick, putting his opponent back down again, which scores a two count. Smartly now, The Horsemen begin to tag in and out, keeping each other fresh, and keeping HBK down, by any means necessary. Dinsmore at one point gives HB-Cade a crotch chop, which sparks a reaction from Cade, and he tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him, but this allows Flair to illegally get involved, and he passes Dinsmore a chair, with Nick wearing The Showstopper out, smashing the chair against the knee of Michaels, which sets the events for the remainder of the contest. Dinsmore begins to rip Michaels knee apart from the chair shot, along with Flair, as they continue to quickly switch in and out of the ring, with Michaels selling top notch as always. Cade continues to get anxious on the outside, getting angered by the cheap tactics of Dinsmore and Flair. The Prodigy then decides the time is right, and after the long attack on the knee, goes for the Texas Cloverleaf … and applies it!!!

Michaels, spurred on by the fans chanting his name, refuses to give in despite the obvious pain barrier, whilst Dinsmore clenches further back. On the outside, Cade tries to will Michaels on further … AND HBK REACHES THE ROPES!!!!! The Key arena erupts for Michaels, with Dinsmore just breaking at the count of four, irate that he didn’t finish the job. Dinsmore tags back out to Flair, and Flair comes in, looking to apply the Figure Four now, but Michaels kicks him away!!! HBK hobbles to his feet, and looks to tag back out to Cade, but Flair stops him, with a chop block to the knee. Ric struts around the ring, and shouts out “WOOO” with the fans replying back to the call. Flair then decides to climb the ropes, and waits as Shawn gets to his feet, which he does, but as Flair jumps off the top for the Axe Handle, Michaels catches him in the gut!!! Flair rolls around the ring, selling the move, but as HBK tries to get back up, Dinsmore comes from behind, and delivers a side suplex to The Showstopper!!!

Immediately, Cade has seen enough, and he charges into the ring, coming for Dinsmore, brawling with him to the outside. Flair now reaches his feet, and looks set to take advantage of HBK, but as he steps in closer … MICHAELS NIPS UP!!! The fans come alive, as HBK bursts back into action, despite limping on his bad knee from the ongoing beat down. HBK takes it to Flair with rights, lefts and chops, before looking for a whip, which Flair reverses, with HBK bouncing back off the ropes, nailing Ric with a flying forearm!!! Michaels gets right back up, and proceeds to climb the ropes again, this time scoring with the Flying Elbow!!!

On the outside, Dinsmore sling shots Cade into the ring post, taking Garrison out of the running momentarily, and he sees Michaels back on his feet, tuning up the band in the ring. Nick immediately slides back inside, looking to stop The Showstopper, but as he comes at him … MICHAELS NAILS DINSMORE WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Nick rolls back out of the ring, as the referee takes a look to se if he is okay, giving Flair an opportunity … TO LOW BLOW HBK!!! Michaels drops to his knees, as the referee turns back around, with Flair now looking to deliver the Figure Four … but as he looks to hook it up … HBK CRADLES FLAIR …1...2...3!!!

Michaels prevails!!! HBK drags himself up, still selling the knee injury, and sees a furious Flair running at him, with Michaels dumping him out of the ring!!! HBK has his arm raised in victory, pulling out a big win for the depleted DX. Cade gets back inside too, carrying a chair, most likely for protection, should The Horsemen try to attack. Garrison and Michaels share a handshake, before Michaels hugs his protégé, with the fans cheering in approval. We then see Dinsmore get back inside the ring, mouthing at the victorious duo, mainly HBK.

Michaels then yells back at Dinsmore, and without looking, tries to take the steel chair from Cade, in order to chase Dinsmore back out - but Cade holds the chair with a firm grip, not giving it to Michaels. HBK looks at his team mate with a strange look, as Cade slowly shakes his head, with Michaels now coming to the realisation of what is about to go down. Instantly, Michaels takes a shot at Dinsmore knocking him down, and knocks down Cade with a right hand too, and kicks Flair off the apron again, before going for Sweet Chin Music on Dinsmore, but Nick catches his foot, and spins him around, into the path of chair wielding Garrison Cade - WHO SMASHES THE CHAIR OVER MICHAELS HEAD!!!!!

HBK crumbles to the mat, as Cade slams the chair to the outside in defiance, with Flair crawling back inside, as the double cross comes to the boil, with Garrison Cade linking arms with Dinsmore and Flair, with the three men raising each others arms, to a huge amount of heat from the fans. The Horsemen now exit the ring, leaving Michaels broken down and beaten on the mat in the ring. The trio back up the ramp, taking a look at Michaels, with smiles on all three faces as J.R condemns Cade for being a turncoat on HBK after Michaels brought him to the dance. The three men stand at the top of the ramp for a moment, as Michaels begins to recover, and pulls himself up on the ropes, as his three enemies smugly smile down the ramp at him as we fade out.

Fanatix Series commercial - This month - The un-told story of WCW

In the backstage area, we see Edge gloating, passing everyone by, and showing off the MITB briefcase, with all the random workers, lower card wrestlers, and referees and officials shunning Edge, most likely due to his sickening actions. Edge brushes off the negativity though, not caring about opinion, as he leaves Seattle finally happy.

J.R and Coach then discuss the big news of the night so far, with Cade turning on Michaels first, then move onto the fact that every title has changed hands - including the MITB contract, with both men saying that it doesn’t bode well for John Cena in the main event, up next.

Triple Threat Video Package.

Brock Lesnar slowly walks out onto the stage, looking focused for the main event, and has all the momentum, after being the last man standing on Raw from Monday night. Brock makes his way to the ring, taking no notice of the fans reactions, keeping his mind set on the ring.

Captain Charisma enters the arena to a terrific pop, followed by Tyson Tomko as always. Christian pounds his chest and signals to the fans with a cheeky smile, looking confident ahead of his first main event title match on PPV. He locks eyes with Lesnar from the ramp, but shows no fear of The Iron Man, stepping straight inside the ring, not backing away from Brock.

The Key Arena erupts, as John Cena bursts out onto the stage, feeding off the energy of the fans. He salutes them for a moment, before quickly making his way down the ramp, spinning the logo on the belt, getting in the face of the camera, not looking worried about the triple threat match rules he is set to encounter.

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Christian vs. Brock Lesnar

Cena relinquishes the belt to the official, as both Lesnar and Christian look tense, with the official holding the belt up to the world, and signals for the bell, starting the match. The three men slowly move to the centre of the ring, with Lesnar the first to make a move, motioning to Christian for them to team up, and take out Cena to bring it down to just them, but Christian immediately turns it down, and challenges Lesnar to bring it on. Brock smiles, and slowly turns away, before looking to try and talk Cena into joining forces, but The Champ doesn’t let him get a word in, and instantly takes a swing at Brock, rocking The Iron Man, and along with Christian, the two men propel Brock directly over the top rope, and to the floor below.

The fans cheer as Cena and Christian now come face to face in the ring, with Captain Charisma immediately motioning to Cena about the FU through the announce table on Raw, with Cena explaining that it’s nothing personal, but he does whatever it takes. Both men now begin a shoving match, but before they can come to proper blows, Brock slides back inside, and comes at both men, but both Cena and Christian turn their attentions to him, and team up, with rights and lefts, eventually knocking Brock into the ropes. They then whip Brock off the opposite side, and knock him down with a double clothesline. However, as soon as Lesnar goes down, Christian blind sides Cena, and flattens him with an elbow to the face. This gets a mixed response from the fans, as Captain Charisma drags Brock to his feet, and backs him into the corner, but Cena is back up already, and charges in to attack Christian, only for him to move, and Cena nails Brock instead.
He then turns around from the corner, but ducks a clothesline from Christian, bounds off the ropes, and knocks him down with a flying shoulder block!!! Cena then chucks Christian out of the ring, leaving just Brock and Cena in the ring.

They come face to face, with neither backing up, before sparking a vicious fist fight, with neither gaining a firm advantage, until Lesnar drives his knee into the mid section. Brock sends Cena into the corner, then charges in, but The Champ gets a foot up, sending Lesnar reeling away, holding his face. Christian slides back inside, and scores with a dropkick to Lesnar, but straight away turns around into a running clothesline from John Cena!!! Cena looks to cover, but Christian kicks out before he can get a count on him. Both men get up quickly, but neither sees Lesnar steam in, and delivers a brutal double clothesline, knocking both Cena and Christian down!!! The Iron Man now whips Christian into the corner, and bounds in, nailing him with a high knee, before turning back around, catching a running John Cena … AND BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXES THE CHAMPION OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!

The fans respond in agony for Cena, as he crumbles on the floor, leaving just Brock and Christian in the ring. Lesnar whips Captain Charisma off the ropes, and catches him with a quick tilt a whirl back breaker, and makes a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Brock continues to pound down Christian quickly, looking to wear out Captain Charisma, with a vicious assault. Brock scores another few near falls, with a simple, but effective attack, but never enough to keep The Superstar of Today on his back for the three count. Lesnar then goes for another one of his high knees into the corner, but Christian is able to move out of the way, and Lesnar crashes into the corner, which allows Christian to score some offence finally, nailing a reverse DDT for a near fall. Christian now looks set to make a fight of it, and goes up top, but as he flies through the air, Lesnar catches him, and delivers a set of three rib breakers, breaking down the other challenger. He hooks the leg, 1...2...kick out.

Brock now clubs the back, before whipping Christian off the ropes, knocking him down with a thunderous clothesline. Brock then goes for a military press slam, but suddenly, Christian begins his comeback, and speeds up the match, with his offence, which has Lesnar in all kinds of trouble. A spinning heel kick gets a near fall, and then Christian goes up top again, looking for a frog splash, only for Cena to re-appear, and he shoves Christian off the top rope, sending him to the floor below. Cena now gets back inside, leaving just him and Brock to fight it out for the time being.

The champ and The Iron Man lock horns, and fight blow for blow, with Cena getting the better of the exchange, and looks for a whip, only for Brock to turn Cena inside out, and tries to catch him with a German, but Cena blocks it with his leg, breaks the grip, and quickly delivers the Freestyle, hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick out. Cena shoves Lesnar into the corner, and throws his wild rights, before looking to whip Brock into the opposite corner, but Lesnar reverses and sends Cena in instead, hoisting him up as he bounces out, and scores with a front slam, before dropping the elbow, and covering, 1...2...Kick Out. Lesnar now begins to dominate, and pulls out a gut buster, scoring yet another two count. Lesnar drives his shoulder in Cenas ribs again, and whips him off the ropes, looking for a kick, but John grabs the leg, and
hits a dragon screw following with THE STFU ……Lesnar fights, and struggles to survive after almost thirty seconds of fighting the pain looks set to tap out … BUT CHRISTIAN ATTACKS CENA BREAKING THE HOLD!!!

Christian begins to pound Cena, as Brock Lesnar rolls out of the ring, feeling the effects of the submission. In the ring, Captain Charisma puts the boots to Cena, before whipping him off the ropes, but Cena ducks a clothesline, and looks to come back from the other side, but Christian nails a dropkick!!! Christian now goes up top, and HIT’S THE FROG SPLASH!!! Captain Charisma covers for a sure victory … BUT LESNAR PULLS OUT THE REFEREE BEFORE HE CAN COUNT!!! Christian pounds the mat in fury, before getting back up, and propels over the ropes, taking out Lesnar AND THE REFEREE with a body splash on the outside!!! Cena slowly gets back to his feet, and sees the carnage on the outside, and looks to go outside himself …BUT RANDY ORTON SLIDES INTO THE RING, SPINS CENA AROUND … AND THROTTLES HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!!!!

Orton stands over a bloody Cena, with a deranged look on his face, before taking a look around, and realises that there is no one to capitalize. We see Tomko now run to the ring, looking to help his partner, Christian, and tries to throw Captain Charisma back into the ring, which he does, with Christian seeing Cena down, still thinking he is down from the Frog Splash, and looks for the cover, as Tomko rolls the referee back inside too … ONLY FOR LESNAR TO DRAG THE REFEREE BACK OUT!!! Tomko attacks Brock, but Lesnar charges him into the steel steps, eliminating the Problem Solver from the equation, and squashing the referee in the process.

Brock now gets back inside, and begins to fight it out with Christian, as Orton watches on, not sure what to do, but as Captain Charisma knocks Lesnar down, he tries to grab the chair from Orton, only for Orton to pull away, and slam the chair off the skull of Christian!!! Lesnar staggers to his feet, and takes a look at Orton, who tells him to finish Cena. Brock pulls Cena back up, and looks to hit the F5 … but Cena lands on his feet, and attempts to fight off both Lesnar and Orton … but cant beat the numbers game, as the two men knock him to the outside. Orton and Lesnar then have an idea to finish off Cena for good, and quickly strip the Raw announce table, before delivering a double suplex through the table, all but ending the reign of John Cena as champion!!! Cena is a bloody, lifeless mess on the crumbled cold floor, whilst Orton smiles, before telling Lesnar it’s between him and Christian now, before beginning to leave up the ramp, as Brock Lesnar gets back inside the ring to finish the job, targeting a groggy Christian.

J.R begins to lose his voice, voicing his disgust at Orton, as Lesnar slowly drags a lifeless Christian to his feet, but Christian now fights back!!! He and Lesnar go punch for punch, battling it out for the title, with Cena finished surely. Christian whips Lesnar off the ropes, but Brock bounces back, nailing a big high knee, taking Christian out again. Lesnar brings the power game again, and scores with his delayed Fisherman buster for a cover … but with no referee to make a count.

Lesnar sees the referee still not moving, and decides to continue the beat down with a German suplex instead of attending to the referee. Brock looks to go in for the kill, and scoops Captain Charisma up into the air for the F5 … but Christian struggles too much for Brock to deliver, and Lesnar puts him down, looking for a clothesline, but Christian ducks, and lights him up with a chop … then looks for the Unprettier … BUT LESNAR DROPS DOWN, AND SCORES A LOW BLOW BRINGING CHRISTIAN TO HIS KNEES!!! Lesnar takes another look, and sees the referee still not showing signs of life, and decides to grab the chair, SMASHING IT AGAINST THE HEAD OF CHRISTIAN AGAIN!!! Lesnar now takes the lifeless body of Captain Charisma, but we then see JOHN CENA BACK ON HIS FEET!!! Lesnar lets go of Christian, as the claret soaked champion makes his way back into the ring, looking full of intensity and fire, AND CHARGES AT LESNAR TAKING HIM DOWN AND POUNDING HIM INTO OBLIVION!!!

Cena gets back to his feet, and starts to feed off the adrenaline and the fans, before charging up, knocking Lesnar down with a succession of running clotheslines, the throwback, and then the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Christian is now back up, but doesn’t stand a chance with the intense champion, as Cena throws him straight out of the ring, with Christian landing on Tomko. Cena now starts to signal for the FU, as his remarkable recovery continues … BUT RANDY ORTON SPRINTS BACK DOWN THE AISLE, SLIDES INTO THE RING, AND DELIVERS THE RKO!!! Cena drops like a bad habit, as Orton pulls Lesnar onto him, with the referee also coming too, with Randy dragging him back inside to make the count, as The Legend Killer counts along with him, 1………2………CENA KICKS OUT!!!

Ortons expression fades, as Cena refuses to give up, and give in, and now incurs the possibility of a DQ, by dragging Cena up in front of the referee, but as he drags Cena up, THE CHAMPION BURSTS BACK AND DELIVERS THE FU!!!! Cena turns back around after hitting the move … into the path of Lesnar … F5 FROM LESNAR TO CENA!!! The Iron Man now looks to cover Cena … but Christian gets back into the ring, and takes Brock from behind, hooking him into position … UNPRETTIER!!!!! Christian hooks the leg of Lesnar, 1………2 ………3!!!!!

NEW CHAMPION!!!! CHRISTIAN HAS CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN TO FINALLY BECOME WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! Captain Charisma is on his knees in the ring, as Tyson Tomko brings the title belt inside, and presents his buddy with it, as Christian clutches the title proudly, unable to believe he has realised his dream, as he reaches his feet, and his hand is raised in victory.

Meanwhile, we see Randy Orton, crawl out of the ring, getting away from Cena before he can recover, with a big smile on his face, having completed his task for the night, in making sure Cena lost the title. We now see John Cena slowly sit up, coming to the realisation that his title reign is now over, as Brock Lesnar also crawls out of the ring, in a losing effort.

Tyson Tomko puts Christian on his shoulders as the new champion soaks up the moment, proudly displaying the title to the fans, as John Cena uses the ropes to reach his feet, as he stares up the ramp at Orton, who looks back, still grinning, pointing back at Cena, and laughing, as the now former champion snarls in the ring, and almost falls out, losing his balance from the blood lost tonight. He now staggers up the ramp, in pursuit of The Legend Killer, as we switch back to the ring, getting a final shot of Christian, holding the title belt in victory, as the show goes off the air.


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Re: Being The Booker

Nice PPV, will work up a review soon.
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Re: Being The Booker

PPV looks great and I will review...eventually


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Re: Being The Booker

Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Christian is the champion!!! I did not see that one coming, but I am glad you finally pulled the trigger. I do find it weird that you spent an entire year building him as the rising heel of the company, only to turn him face and win the title in less than a month, but I can see some good things coming out of this. Just hope you do not do another Edge and Christian feud because you have done that before as has the rest of the forum.
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Re: Being The Booker

Ah, good to see it's posted. Liking the results, a more detailed synopsis up tomorrow for ya Wolf.


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Re: Being The Booker

Wolf i like your backlash results. The only dissoponting results is that Womans Championship match. Anyway nice to see that you have given christian a bigger push into the world championship picture. Anyway nice shoe overall rating 9.8/10.A proper review will be up soon
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