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Re: Being The Booker

Show starts off with a big match, and HBk scores a big win but the after match words and actions of Cade make me wonder if he will turn heel on Micahels, perhaps at the PPV. He doesn't seem to be impressing the fans too much

Ugh Conway. Really shouldn't be anything more than a jobber, and thankfully Kennedy ruined the show and shut him down. Possibly a Kennedy vs Conway match at Backlash to follow, as long as Kennedy goes over, I'm happy with it

Trish vs Molly vs Jazz vs Lita will be awesome for a Women's match at Backlash. Laree and Hall seem to be getting good exposure and I think Jillian might be Trish's next challenger

Brotherhood could well come away with the gold, not the Women's but the tag belts most likely

Shelton and Edge put on a very good match and Carlito screws Shelton out of the match giving Edge a victory. I think Shelton will take the belt off Carlito, seeing as CCC has held it for ages

Cena was on song, sucking up to the crowd as always, the run down on Orton before Lesnar interrupts, gets the piss taken out of him and now here comes my man, Christian! Funny as always, some smart words from Captain Charisma, he won't win the title just yet, but his push is coming along nicely

Hmm, I think Cade will definately turn now, that was an absolute grilling he gave HBK

Rhyno wins a dud match against Snitsky and o boy here comes Kane, again... Rhyno GORES him! Wow, chair to the head of Kane! Rhyno just layed out Kane, gotta be something brewing between these two now, Rhyno on his way to a heel turn too

As I thought, Kennedy vs Conway is made. Bischoff doesn't seem to have alot of time for Conway, and nor he should, glorified jobber...

Card rundown was good, I'd love to see Booker & Goldy get the tag belts, but they've been on faces for so long in the WGTT, that I think the Brotherhood is gonna take them and feud with both the AFA and Booker/Goldust

Main event was fair enough, Superman's team wins it and then Lesnar and Christian lay each other out and Cena stands tall. Unfortunately, that's gonna be the same result at Backlash tho

Another enjoyable show Wolf, sorta down on the last few, but still, what else can you say about it? 8/10

PS: Wow, Snap gone? OK, I know this is really your thread, so I guess you just felt that way.


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Preview:

Topeka hosts the first Smackdown post-Austin, with the question being, who will step in and take over The Rattlesnakes place on Smackdown??

One man who will quickly want Steve Austin to be a distant memory will be John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. JBL left Smackdown early last week, in disgust that an entire broadcast was being dedicated to Stone Cold, but will be in Topeka on Thursday night, attempting to reach his goal of reaching the top of the ladder on Smackdown.

Meanwhile, the road to Judgment Day is set to kick into high gear, as the first match to take place on PPV on May 14th was announced on Wednesday afternoon, with 'The Game' Triple H set to go one on one with the Smackdown 'Golden Boy', and former two time Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London. This week though, the two men face off in a tag team contest, with Triple H teaming up with his former Evolution buddy, Batista to face London, and the WWE Champion, Chris Benoit. Will it be like old times for The Game and Batista?? Or will Londons hunger, along with Benoits current streak be too much for the former Evolution team mates??

Three championship matches have also been signed for this Thursday, as Raw draftees, and former DX stablemates, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns, challenge AMW for the Tag Championships, following a non title victory on Velocity last week.
Also, reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash and Tajiri will look to find a winner this week, after their Cruiserweight title match was abruptly stopped by Triple H last week.
And, Matt Hardy faces a tough challenge to retain his United States Championship, as he faces the fighting British veteran, William Regal. Does Hardy have enough fight to hold back the challenge of Regal??

Kurt Angle will also make his first in ring appearance since WrestleMania as he attempts to recover from the most embarrassing loss of his career. Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam are all also expected to be in the house too, for a jam packed edition of Smackdown.

I'll be posting SD - in recap form - tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Good Raw show, very good Raw show! This gradual Shawn Michaels face turn is coming along nicely, though I think you are overkilling the gradualness as the same basic thing is happening every week. I must say, I like Cade's role. Christian's face turn is coming along as well as he is more of a dramatic face turn. AFA intact is definitely what you want as it was an entertaining tag team on Smackdown. CONway! Orton sitting at home is not cool, but I know you have something for him as he is after Cena's head.

With the tone of the opening promo, I had a feeling that you had a triple threat match in my mind. It came true in a quintessential ending that really should not be done again. Christian vs. Lesnar vs. Cena is a marketable main event for Backlash and an enjoyable one. I cannot wait for it, looks great.
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Re: Being The Booker

April 20th: Topeka:

JBL opens the show, with The Cabinet, and begins to talk about how ever since last week, a lot of people backstage are up in arms over the comments he made toward Stone Cold’s final night as a WWE Superstar. He ends by saying he truly couldn’t give a damn, and that he does what he wants, when he wants, he says he is a living success story and that means he doesn’t have to give a damn what the people in the crowd or in the back think of him. This brings out The Rock who runs down JBL, talking about ignoring him for the past year although his comments last week caught The Rock’s attention. Rock ends by saying ‘Let this be a lesson” and Rock Bottom’s JBL with the cabinet automatically jumping him, however Rock fends them off.

After a commercial, RVD defeats Maven in little more than a squash. However, after the match, Sabu hit’s the ring, from the crowd, and nails RVD from behind, putting in a few boots, before being forced to run again, as security swarms the ring. Sabu along with Alfonso quickly escape and hightail through the crowd again.

Backstage, Triple H approaches his tag team partner for the night, and his former Evolution buddy, Batista. The two exchange quick pleasantries, before The Game begins to almost give Batista directions as to what to do tonight. Batista hastily butts in, and tells HHH that he stopped taking orders from Triple H the moment The Game left Raw for Smackdown. Batista then walks off, leaving Triple H fuming.

AMW defeat Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships, after the challengers won a non title match on Velocity last week.

Backstage, Chris Benoit gets in Paul Heymans face about being left on Velocity last week after finally reaching the pinnacle of the sport. Benoit tells Heyman he can take anything he’s got to throw at him, but as the WWE Champion, he demands more respect. Heyman nods, and tells Benoit that he has realised how big a mistake he made last week, which is why Benoit is in the main event this week. As Benoit walks off, Heyman calls him back and tells The champion that he will also find out his #1 Contender tonight for JD.

Then, as Heyman turns around, he is met by RVD. Van Dam asks Heyman if he saw what happened earlier with Sabu, and Heyman nods. RVD then asks if Heyman is any closer to signing Sabu on a contract. Heyman shakes his head in embarrassment, saying the WWE board wont take a risk with the likes of Sabu. RVD looks ready to throw a fit, before telling Heyman to ‘make it happen’.

Kid Kash faces Tajiri in a Cruiserweight Title rematch, after last weeks contest was abruptly stopped by Triple H. However, as the match seems to be nearing the end - again, they are interrupted, but this time, it’s by a strange theme music. Both men look a little confused by it, when we then see three men drive out onto the stage, on lawnmowers. The three drive around the ring, with Tazz recognising them as they pass, as Juvented Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psichosis. They get off the mowers, and into the ring, with Kash and Tajiri fighting together, trying to take on the three men, but cant overcome the numbers game, and the trio dominate the duo.
After a beat down, Juvi takes the mic, and introduces his two partners before the trio call themselves the Mexicools. They put a few more boots to Kash and Tajiri, before leaving the ring, having made their mark on their debut.

In an interview with Paul London, the Smackdown ‘Golden Boy’ talks about his big opportunity against Triple H at Judgement Day, calling it his Judgement Day to see if he can hang with the big stars for real.

We then find out that next week, The Spirit Squad will face The Dudley Boys in a tables match to determine the #1 Contenders for the tag titles at Judgement Day.

Kurt Angle makes his in ring return, and scores an extremely impressive submission win over Shannon Moore, with the Anklelock, and refuses to let it go afterwards, eventually possibly breaking the ankle, with officials coming to the ring, finally pulling Angle off as medics rush to tend to Moore.

We come back from a commercial with an odd setting, with funeral music playing, a casket in the ring and several druids surrounding it. Chris Jericho stands in the ring. He starts going about Undertaker finally showing up, and insinuates that he’s gotten into The Undertaker’s head. He officially challenges The Undertaker to a casket match at JD. Tazz and Cole wonder out loud if Jericho is crazy, challenging Taker to ’his kind of match’. Jericho patiently waits, and after a few moments UT appears in the ring, and accepts, but strangely, Jericho doesn’t look fazed by The Phenom or his presence in the ring, instead, slowly, taking his time leaving the ring, with the match now official.

Matt Hardy retains the United States Championship, defeating William Regal in a hard hitting match up.

We then see JBL backstage, leaving The GM office, going straight to his Cabinet, where he reveals next week, Jamie Noble will go one on one with The Rock.

Further backstage, Charlie Haas is interviewed by Josh Matthews, as he speaks for the first time since his trade from Raw. Haas states he was unhappy at first, feeling it was unfair to break up TWGTT, especially as reigning champions. He then goes on to state that he has gotten over his anger, as Paul Heyman has granted him, and a partner of his choice a tag team title shot next week against AMW. When asked who he will pick as his partner, Haas smiles, and declares that the US Champion, Matt Hardy has accepted his offer. Hardy then enters the picture, and the two shake hands, with Haas putting over Matt as a great guy with plenty of tag team experience who he can rely on greatly.

In the main event, Chris Benoit and Paul London face off with Triple H and Batista. Benoit wins after making Batista tap out, however he is quickly attacked by Kurt Angle who leaves him bloodied and battered.
As Angle stands in the ring, holding the WWE Championship in his bloody hands, The GM enters the stage, and tells Benoit to look at his future, before he officially names Angle number one contender at Judgment Day.

Current Card for WWE Judgement Day
Date: 14th May 2006
Location: Bradley Centre; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Event Music: This Fire Burns; Killswitch Engage

WWE Championship:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London

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Re: Being The Booker

I know that I haven't been reviewing this thread for quite some time but I will start reviewing more after you post Backlash. This was a very good Smackdown considering it was a recapped show. I like how Angle-Benoit will happen again as this is always a great match. Taker vs. Y2J will be great and I can see Haas turning on Hardy next week in the tag title match.


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Re: Being The Booker

Heat Results:

Simon Dean defeated a local jobber

A.F.A defeated The Heart Throbs

Val Venis defeated A-Train

Nick Dinsmore defeated The Hurricane


Velocity Results:

Brian Kendrick defeated Akio

The Dudley Boys defeated The Dicks

Chris Masters defeated William Regal

Spirit Squad (Nicky, Johnny, Mitch) defeated Spike Dudley, Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki


WWE News and Notes:

Expect the debut of MNM anytime in the coming weeks on Raw. Finlay is set to debut on the show following Backlash, and CM Punk is also expected to be called up from OVW in the coming months too. {NOTE: I'LL NOT BE GIVING HIM THE GOD PUSH }.

With these new additions to the roster, many faces are set to be released, with a lack os space to allow all the talent to shine. Ron Simmons has recently been contemplating retirement, having put his expected retirement off last year, once his tandem with Rico became a popular act. Now though, Simmons is said to be in considerable pain, with stepping out of the ring for good iminent.

The WWE suffered a setback over the weekend, with the proposed venue for the twentieth annual Survivor Series, The Reliant Stadium in Houston pulling out of the event, due to unforseen circumstances. Instead, the event is likely to be moved to the Toyota Center in Houston instead. The show had been booked in the huge venue to make up for WrestleMania being held in a small venue this year, and to coincide with the twentieth annual Survivor Series spectacular.

Rumours are also indicating that the War Games match will return again after a successful return at Survivor Series, this time as part of the 5 on 5 match between Raw and Smackdown, which has been a Clash of the Champions mainstay since it's inception to the WWE.
Also set for COTC is the final of the returning King of the Ring tournament. The plan at this time is for the finalist from Raw and the finalist from Smackdown to meet on the PPV to crown the winner.

The reason behind Randy Ortons 'vacation' angle on Raw two weeks ago, was actually due to Orton being given a 28 day {4 week} suspension from the company, after some recent unprofessional behaviour. When Orton returns, he is expected to immediately begin his feud with John Cena once again.

Many superstars on the Smackdown roster are set to be given a big chance to shine. With the retirement of Steve Austin, the part time working Undertaker, and now the revelation that The Rock will be heading back to Hollywood in the Summer, through until the late Winter will leave a huge void on the Smackdown roster. JBL looks like the first person that will benefit, and it appears Dave Batista may even find himself on the end of a push should the chance arise, whilst Paul London is also being given a chance to break through, given his recent feud with Triple H.


Official Raw Preview:

Just six days will remain until Backlash when Raw runs into Little Rock on the last stop before the Raw brand PPV this Sunday.

Eric Bischoff hasnt rest on his laurels, and hasnt even decided to try and keep some potentially volatile situations at arms length, pitting many opponents head to head on Raw, less than a week before Backlash.

The first of these matches sees DX member, Garrison Cade, teaming up with Mister Money in the Bank, Rey Mysterio and the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, Shelton Benjamin. They team up to face the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, Edge who challenges Mysterio at Backlash for the MITB briefcase, and Nick Dinsmore one half of The Horsemen. Who will get the last laugh - or laughs - before Backlash??

Meanwhile, just days before the huge triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena, Christian and Brock Lesnar will face off, in a triple threat TAG TEAM match. All three men have been told to find a tag team partner by Monday night, or risk going it alone. Can these three huge egos manage to find a partner, willing to tag with them??

Over the weekend it was announced on that Rhyno will face The Big Red Machine Kane at Backlash in Kanes first match since returning from injury. We'll find out on Sunday if Kane still has the ability which made him feared by all in the past, but on Raw we'll find out just what type of challenge The Man Beast will possess, as he is in action, six days before facing the 300 Pounder.

There is also much speculation over how will challenge Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship at Backlash. It had been announced she would defend the title in a Fatal Four Way just a week ago, but with Alexis Laree defeating one of the contenders on Raw, the match could now be a five way quintet match, and with good reason. Trish Stratus will be in Non Title action this week, against another rookie, Jillian Hall.

Fireworks are expected as the ego's will collide, in the ring, just six days before the emotionally charged Backlash on Sunday. Will anyone cme through Raw unscathed?? Find out on the USA Network 9/8 Central as always.


I'll post Raw tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Great news and notes bro. Looking forward to seeing MNM, Finlay, and Punk in this thread. I know Finlay is going to be big. As for MNM, I see at the least a possible run with the tag belts depending on what show they'll be on. As for Punk, I see that he won't be getting the mega push. Hopefully though, he'll still be a part of the show in some form or fashion, without his credibility being damaged. The Raw preview looks good, and as for Orton being out on suspension, and the star power on Smackdown leaving soon, it will be interesting to see who is given the "ball" and who will run with it and make an impact on the shows.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

Interesting notes Wolf, looking forward to Punk, Finlay and MNM all debuting soon, which will be good additions to the midcard and tag scenes respectively. I am expecting the AFA to break up, with Simmons retiring and Rico being released.

RAW also looks good, and I'll be reading as always.


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Re: Being The Booker

April 24th; Little Rock:

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
The Alltel Arena is packed to the rafters, in anticipation for a dose of live, Monday night Raw, just six days away from Backlash, and tonight, Eric Bischoff has set up a huge preview for Backlash, with a phenomenal main event, which will see Brock Lesnar, Christian and the World Champion, John Cena, all find a tag team partner, as they face off in a triple threat tag team match, less than a week away from the triple threat main event at Backlash.

The Coach: And as if that wasn’t enough baby boy, we’ve got a huge six man tag team match, pitting Nick Dinsmore of the Horsemen, Edge and the Intercontinental Champion Carlito against their opponents this Sunday, in the shape of Garrison Cade, who teams with Shawn Michaels at Backlash to face The Horsemen, Rey Mysterio, and Shelton Benjamin!!! I cant wait for that hotbed of talent to blow the roof off this joint.

Jim Ross: Those two matches, plus much more, including a fatal four away, as a preview towards crowning new tag team champions at Backlash, with Rico, Booker T, Orlando Jordan and Rene Dupree facing off.

**Man Beast** Rhyno explodes onto the stage, looking ready for battle tonight.

Jim Ross: And we’re kicking things off tonight, with the man who goes one on one with the Big Red Machine this Sunday. Rhyno takes on Kane at Backlash, in Kanes first match in a full calendar year.

The Coach: Rhyno has shown some major intestinal fortitude, taking out Kane last week, and issuing a challenge to him at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Rhyno has refused to be bullied by Kane, who has been making a major mark on Raw recently since his return from injury, and those two powerhouses are gonna explode, this Sunday.

1st Match:
Rhyno vs. Simon Dean
Intense performance from Rhyno, making the contest a total squash. Dean throws a few listless shots early on, trying to fend off The Man Beast, but Rhyno is far too strong, and far too determined to even be troubled by Simon. Rhyno makes quick work of Dean, in what turns out to be little more than a showcase for Rhyno ,heading into his Backlash clash with Kane, picking up a dominating win with the Gore.
Winner: Rhyno @ 02:13

The Man Beast just stands over Dean for a moment as his hand is raised, before Rhyno beats his chest, and leans over the ropes, holding his arm in the air, to a mixed response from the fans, as he looks set for a war at Backlash.

Smackdown Rebound


Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guests at this time … Captain Charisma, Christian, and Tyson Tomko.

The two men step into the picture to a generous pop.

Todd Grisham: Tonight, Christian you must choose a partner for your triple threat tag team match, where you’ll be facing your two opponents this Sunday, who will also have a tag team partner of their choosing. My question though Christian, is, have you found a partner yet??

Christian stares at Todd for a moment, before shaking his head.

Christian: Congratulations Todd. You’ve just asked the question with the worlds most obvious answer. Let me think about it. I pick my own tag team partner tonight, from the entire Raw roster.

Takes a glance at Tomko.

Christian: Hmm…

Christian looks at Todd, now expecting Grisham to work it out.

Todd Grisham: … … is it … Tomko??

Christian puts his arm around Grisham.

Christian: You see, you really arent a stupid as you look, are ya kid?? You got anymore hard hitting, to the point questions there Letterman??

Grisham stutters a little, before Christian interrupts.

Christian: How about … do I think I’ll win tonights match??

Grisham stutters a little again, before getting his words out.

Todd Grisham: Do … do you think, you’ll be victorious in tonights main event??

Christian moves away from Todd, and glances at Tomko, before speaking.

Christian: Of course not Todd. Tomko and I, we’re strategizing how to get our asses kicked all over Arkansas, aint that right big guy??

Tomko nods.

Christian: No. No, it’s wrong. Tonight … in front of all my peeps in Little Rock ... (Cheap Pop) Captain Charisma, and The Problem Solver are gonna take the Vanilla Gorilla, and Vanilla Ice, and whoever they find to be their partner, whether it‘s Chocolate Chip, or Raspberry Ripple, and give them all just a small taster of what‘s to come at Backlash this Sunday.

Christian pounds his chest.

Christian: You cant stop fate Todd. And my fate is to become World Heavyweight Champion … this Sunday. And that Todd … that’s how I roll.

Christian walks off, with Tomko in tow.

Back to ringside…

2nd Match: Fatal Four Way Match:
Rico vs. Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Rene Dupree
None of the competitors tag team partners join them at ringside, with all four going it alone as a preview for this Sundays Fatal Four Way tag match for the vacant titles. The match is of average length for TV, especially with all the competitors being mid card at best, with the action being fairly average too, with little to mention, as the finish comes with Rico and Jordan in the ring, whilst Booker and Dupree fight outside. Rico looks to score with a karate like kick, but OJ is too quick for him, and ducks under, rolling Rico up from behind, and grabbing the tights, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Orlando Jordan @ 05:48

Jordan scarpers immediately, whilst Rico jumps up, instantly making a beeline for the referee, indicating his tights were pulled in his usual over the top fashion. Meanwhile, Dupree escapes from Booker, wanting to keep himself healthy for Sundays tag title match, which will feature the four mens partners. OJ is met at the top of the ramp by the rest of The Brotherhood, with the group congratulating him on his victory, signalling it is a sign of things to come.

We then shift backstage, and see John Cena walking through the backstage area, with J.R speculating we’ll find out who his partner will be very soon.


**BREAK IT DOWN** DX enter the stage, to a nice, but still unsure reaction, with Cade still playing up his heel persona, and Michaels now seemingly reverting back to being face. The two men make their way to the ring, sliding in, with Cade taking the mic, and not Michaels.

Garrison Cade: This Sunday, Shawn and I, the final two remnants of D-Generation X, are joining forces, one more time, to take on The New Wave of Horsemen.

Heat for Horsemen.

Garrison Cade: That new wave of course, consists of fifty something Ric Flair leading the cause.

Cade looks to Michaels, and shrugs, thinking he cracked a decent joke.

Garrison Cade: Whilst DX on the other hand, are looking to the future. And that future sees HB-Cade leading the charge.

Heat from the fans, as Michaels looks on in the background. Cade acknowledges the reaction, and nods.

Garrison Cade: That is why Shawn and I have come out here now. After lengthy discussions recently, Shawn and I have come to an agreement, that WE feel is best for both our futures, and the future of DX. I understand many of you wont be happy about HBK taking a back seat now, but you can trust me, Shawn Michaels legend will not be tarnished. With my guidance, HBK can still be a household name on Raw.

‘H-B-K’ chant starts. We see Michaels smile a little, before Cade butts in.

Garrison Cade: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Shawn, you are a certified legend, no doubt, and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me this past year, and on Sunday, I will repay you with a show stopping performance.

Little support for Cade.

Garrison Cade: This Sunday, is my breakout night. This Sunday, I will show the world that DX can live on through me, and that DX STILL rules the wrestling world!!!

Again, little support for Garrison.

Garrison Cade: So Horsemen, it goes a little something like this … …

Cade holds the mic out to Michaels, who leans in, and speaks, rather sheepishly.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya ready??

Fans pop. Cade then charges around the ring, before stepping onto the middle rope…

Garrison Cade: HE SAID … ARE, YOU, REAAAADY!!!!???

Heat for Cade…

**WILD HORSES** The attention of Cade and HBK switches to the stage, as we see Flair and Dinsmore step out. Flair has a mic in his hand, and a smug grin, as the music dies down, with The Horsemen keeping their distance, staying on the stage.

Ric Flair: Am I hearing this correctly?? Shawn WOOOO, Shawn Michaels, multiple world champion, greatest in ring performer of his generation, an Icon, The Showstopper, and future hall of famer, taking a back seat, to a wet behind the ears punk kid??

Cade looks irate.

Ric Flair: That doesn’t sound like the Shawn Michaels we’ve come to know over the years. That isn’t the selfish, self obsessed, attention seeking Shawn Michaels, is it??

HBK bites his top lip, listening on.

Ric Flair: The same Shawn Michaels that cares about number one, and no one else, the Shawn Michaels who dazzles under the bright lights, because he wants every body to talk about him, and him only. The creator of D-Generation X, the man who ki-

Cade butts in.

Garrison Cade: SHUT UP!!! Flair, I’ve heard enough of your mind games. I know what you’re trying to do. Shawn has accepted the fact that he isn’t the Showstopper anymore. Shawn has accepted that it’s my time now, and for DX to remain on top, he has to step down.

Dinsmore now speaks up.

Nick Dinsmore: That’s all well and good Garrison … but why are you saying this … and not Shawn.

Cade stops, and looks at Michaels, who looks to be in an awkward position.

Nick Dinsmore: Go on Shawn. Take the mic. I almost forget what you sound like.

Cade thinks about holding the mic out for Michaels, then turns away, and talks again himself.

Garrison Cade: Like I said already, I see what you’re trying to do, and it isn’t gonna work. DX is a unit, and I lead that unit now. If you have something to say to DX, you say it to me.

‘HBK’ chant kicks up, with Cade looking a little indifferent to it, not sure how to react, as Dinsmore smirks.

Nick Dinsmore: It sounds to me … maybe I’m wrong of course … but it sounds to me that the fans … your fans remember, would like to hear from Michaels. Now, (chuckles) you wouldn’t want to upset all the fans of DX would you.

Cade thinks about it, and looks around, before shaking his head, and stands his ground.

Garrison Cade: Shawn has nothing to say. So, I’d like if the f-

HBK comes from behind, and rips the mic away to a massive response. Cade looks furious, as Michaels stands by the ropes, looking to the fans, as his emotions begin to take over. The fans get behind Shawn, as he turns back around, and gets set to talk.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve heard enough.

Fans pop

Shawn Michaels: I’ve listened for too long. I’ve listened to you, Ric Flair, and you, Nick Dinsmore, yak and yak about ME, Shawn Michaels, as if I’m not here, or as if I’m deaf.

Michaels then takes a look at Cade.

Shawn Michaels: And Garrison, I can appreciate you wanting to step up a level, and run with the ball … but y’know …

HBK puts his head down for a moment, as another ‘HBK’ chant sparks.

Shawn Michaels: Thing is, I’m not prepared to give the ball away.


Shawn Michaels: I respect the fact that you don’t want to be my puppet anymore … I really do … but you better not be expecting me to be your lackey.

Cade raises his eyebrows, not sure what to think.

Shawn Michaels: So, if DX is still going to exist … we need to start working as a team. You got it??

Cade slowly nods, accepting the truce, as Michaels turns his attention back to Flair and Dinsmore.

Shawn Michaels: Now, as for you two, I guess you got your answers. Shawn Michaels is back to being the Shawn Michaels you know all too well, which means you two boys are in big, big trouble.

HBK steps up to both men now, with a smile on his face.

Shawn Michaels: This Sunday, D-Generation X is taking the Horsemen to the glue factory. And if you aint down with that?? Ha, well, Little Rock might have two little words for ya…


With that, Michaels immediately drops the mic, and takes a shot at Dinsmore, whilst Cade goes to Flair, and the four men brawl in the ring, with DX working in tandem, whipping the two Horsemen into each other, before Michaels now goes at it with Flair, knocking him to the outside, leaving Cade and Dinsmore to brawl in the ring, with DX on top still, when…

**I’M BACK** Eric Bischoff briskly steps out onto the stage, and signals for his music to be cut, as the attention of the four men is turned to the stage.

Eric Bischoff: THAT’S ENOUGH!!! Dammit, I’ve given you four everything you’ve wanted. You’ve had singles matches the last three weeks, you’ve got your tag match at Backlash, and two of you are in action tonight too. Yet, you cant contain yourselves for five minutes?? I’m not running an asylum here. I’m trying to run a worldwide television show, on Americas biggest network, and you four fools are making me look bad.

Eric walks around the stage, taking a moment to think.

Eric Bischoff: So, if you guys cant get along, you’re gonna get it on. The six man tag match, with Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio and Garrison Cade set to face Carlito, Edge and Dinsmore later?? Think of that of being brought forward … RIGHT NOW!!!

We then see a referee run past Bischoff, to the ring, as Michaels chases after Flair over the barrier, whilst Dinsmore and Cade brawl in the ring, kick starting the match, as …


Carlito enters the stage, unstrapping his title, handing it to Kiebler, and runs down the aisle.

Jim Ross: We have an impromptu six man tag team match here folks, and when we come back, the drama will unfold. Don’t dare go away.


We return now with the match now in progress with all six men at the ring.

3rd Match: 6 Man Tag Match:
Garrison Cade, Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin vs. Nick Dinsmore, Edge & Carlito
Long match, with all six men set for feature bouts at Backlash this Sunday. From the break, it’s Edge and Benjamin legal in the ring. They trade blows, with Benjamin once again, wowing the fans with his athletic display. Both men eventually tag out, Benjamin first, to Cade, before Edge turns it around, and makes a tag to Carlito, before Mysterio and Dinsmore eventually become the legal men. As Mysterio starts to pick up some momentum, Edge trips him on the apron, and allows Dinsmore to nail a swinging neck breaker, which sets in motion the long beat down, leaving Rey as the face in peril.

Despite his and his partners best efforts, the face sides attempts to help Mysterio regain control prove futile, with the heel side playing up perfectly, keeping the referee busy to allow illegal assaults, keeping Rey down. They also use multiple tags in and out, keeping their team fresh whilst Mysterio gets worn down. However, as time progresses, the heel tactics begin to really infuriate the faces, and their patience is tested and broken, as Rey looks set to tag out to Cade, when Dinsmore pulls him off the apron, whilst Edge pulls Shelton off, making sure Mysterio doesn’t tag out. Carlito takes Rey back down, but now, Benjamin and Cade have had enough, and fight back on the outside, with all control being lost by the official, and as he takes a look to the outside to try and restore order, Mysterio ducks a dropkick from Carlito, who connects with the referee instead, sending him out of the ring!!!!!

Now, Mysterio makes a comeback on Carlito, hitting a head scissors which sends CCC into the ropes. Rey then gets set to hit the 619, BUT EDGE CUTS HIM OFF WITH THE SPEAR!!! Edge rolls out of the ring, and picks up the briefcase, sliding back inside, and looks set to use it as a one man con-chair-to, BUT CADE STOPS HIM!!! Cade pulls the case away, but as he swings back, Dinsmore nails him from behind, knocking him down!!! Shelton Benjamin then leaps from the ropes to try and take both Dinsmore and Edge down, but both see him coming and duck, with Shelton crashing and burning. Carlito is now back to his feet, and the three heels now look set to take advantage of the referee being down. Dinsmore stands over Cade with the case, and begins to lean back … BUT SHAWN MICHAELS RETURNS!!!

HBK slides in through the back of the ring, and grabs Edge by the head, throwing him out of the ring, before ducking the briefcase from Dinsmore … AND CONNECTS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The Prodigy goes down!!! Carlito runs at Michaels … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HBK runs around the ring, feeding off the fans, as we now spot RIC FLAIR trying to creep into the ring, but as he steps inside, Michaels spins around, spotting Flair instantly. The Nature Boy freezes, momentarily, before comedically jumping right back out of the ring. HBK goes after him, as we see Mysterio back on his feet, baseball sliding Edge, who is on the outside, as Benjamin gets the referee back up, and into the ring, whilst Rey drops the dime on Carlito, hooking the leg, allowing the referee to count slowly, 1.…..2.…..3!!!
Winners: Rey Mysterio, Garrison Cade & Shelton Benjamin @ 16:21

Mr. MITB is victorious, just six days ahead of defending his briefcase against Edge at Backlash in an I Quit Match. But Carlito suffers his fourth consecutive defeat since WrestleMania, as he heads into an Intercontinental Title defence against the hungry Shelton Benjamin. Edge backs up the ramp, pointing at Rey, and making a snapping gesture, as if to say he’ll break Mysterio at Backlash, whilst Rey and Benjamin high five each other in the ring.

Meanwhile, Garrison Cade looks up into the crowd, as he looks for Michaels, who went after Flair, but doesn’t appear too pleased that HBK saved the day moments ago, stealing the limelight once again.


Video Package, building up Kanes much hyped return between Royal Rumble, and eventually WrestleMania. The video then shows Kanes dominance since his return, before Rhyno took him down last week, leading to Kanes first match in one year, this Sunday at Backlash.

We then head backstage, and see the new Raw backstage reporter, Kelly Kelly…

Kelly Kelly: Hi everyone, I’m Kelly, and right now, I’m with the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena!!!

A smiling Cena steps into the picture, looking impressed with what he sees.

Kelly Kelly: John, tonight you and a partner that you get to choose face Brock Lesnar and his partner, and you also face Christian and Tyson Tomko. So, whose you’re partner??

Cena smiles again, and looks Kelly up and down.

John Cena: Kelly Kelly. So fine, they named you twice. Hey, does Little Rock think Kelly Kelly is HAWT??

Rowdy pop

John Cena: And hey, that’s the Chain Gang out there, they don’t lie. But as for your question … I have found a partner. But I’m not gonna build the suspense, I’m not gonna give this guy a big long build up, I’m just gonna be up front, and spit it out. In actual fact Kelly … Kelly. This guy is also so good he named himself twice. Aint that right… Mister??…


Kennedy steps into the picture, with Cena smiling.


Cena pats Kennedy on the back, as Kennedy takes a nice long look at Kelly, and smiles.

Mister Kennedy: Y’know you have beautiful eyes Kelly.

Kelly looks confused, and speaks.

Kelly Kelly: But … my eyes are up HERE…

Kennedy grins.

Mister Kennedy: Oh … that’s right. My mistake.

Kennedy smiles, and winks at Kelly, before nodding, and giving Cena a thumbs up before leaving.

John Cena: Yeah, I’ll see you out there man. Kelly, can you give me a moment please??

Kelly shrugs.

Kelly Kelly: Sure.

Cena takes the mic, and stares into the camera as Kelly leaves the picture.

John Cena: Christian, Tomko, Lesnar, and whoever the hell you can find to team with you, lets make something clear. Tonight is a warm up for Backlash, right?? Then Gentlemen, you better expect me to treat this match as if my title is at stake. You better expect that I’m ready to go through hell, because that’s exactly where I plan on taking all of you.
Christian, you said earlier on, in jest that you and Tomko had been strategizing on how to get your asses kicked tonight. Well, I suggest you use whatever time you have left to make good on that ‘joke’, and hell, discuss it with Lesnar too. Tonight, the Backlash comes early, and you all get the very best of John Cena. Gentlemen, the champ is here … and you all better realise it.

Cena spins his logo on his title belt, as we fade out.

Video Package plays, hyping the debut of FINLAY … … NEXT WEEK ON RAW!!!!


Trish Stratus vs. Jillian Hall
Short contest, with Trish set to defend her title in a Fatal Four Way at Backlash, but she is shocked in this match, with Hall not only holding her own, but eventually getting the best of the champion, as she survives a Chick Kick, putting her feet on the ropes, and then counters the Stratusfaction, as Trish prepares to run to the ropes, with Hall switching her position, and dropping Trish, throat first onto the top rope, choking Trish and follows up with a devastating STO, giving her a clean three count, and victory over the champion!!!
Winner: Jillian Hall @ 04:02

Hall almost looks shocked herself that she was able to defeat the champion cleanly, as do the fans in attendance. Jillian has her hand raised, then motions around her waist that she wants the title belt, following this win.

Jim Ross: A shock win for the rookie here. Jillian Hall has defeated Trish Stratus, clean as a whistle!!!

The Coach: Major upset J.R. Nobody expected that result here tonight by the looks of things, not even Jillian Hall!!!

Jim Ross: But now, you’ve gotta question that womens title match this Sunday. Both Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall have huge reasons as to why they should at least be added to the title match at Backlash.

The Coach: We’ll have to leave that decision up to the General Manager J.R.

Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar, alone, doing chin ups in a darkened area of the arena. As he works out, we hear a voice, and see a shadow appear.

Voice: Oh man, this light doesn’t work for me at all.

Lesnar stops, and drops down, trying to figure out who is down here.

Brock Lesnar: Who the hell is there??

Lesnar strains his eyes to see the body walking towards him.

Voice: Relax buddy, I come in peace.

Brock sighs as he realises who it is … and we see Rob Conway walk into the picture.

Brock Lesnar: What the hell do you want??

Conway, wearing his shades even in the dark, smiles, and speaks softly.

Rob Conway: I want to offer you a solution.

Lesnar looks unimpressed, and moves back towards the bar to do his chin ups.

Brock Lesnar: What type of solution??

Conway smiles again.

Rob Conway: You got yourself a partner!!!

Brock stops, and looks at Conway, waiting for him to say who.

Rob Conway: I’m talking about myself.

Lesnar scoffs at the idea.

Brock Lesnar: I don’t need a partner, least of all you.

Conway scratches his head, before whimpering and speaking.

Rob Conway: Well … I already told Bischoff you agreed.

Lesnar slaps the bar, and gets in Conways face.

Brock Lesnar: And why would you do that??

Conway backs up a little.

Rob Conway: Because I want a piece of Kennedy before Backlash. He’s made a fool of me two weeks straight. I want to give the bleached buffoon a taste of his own medicine.

Brock shakes his head, and sighs.

Brock Lesnar: Fine. But you follow my lead.

Conway smiles, then speaks up again.

Rob Conway: Erm … suggestion??

Lesnar looks around.

Rob Conway: How about instead of just doing it your way … we do things the Con-W-

Lesnar interrupts.

Brock Lesnar: I’ll see you out there Rob.

Conway nods, before speaking up one last time.

Rob Conway: I’m gonna bring you some oil, and tan, we cant have you going out looking as pale as a Ghost, not next to a bronze warrior lik-


Conway scrams, as we watch Lesnar continue his work out, before fading out.

We then see Marc Lloyd walking through the backstage area, talking to the camera as he moves along.

Marc Lloyd: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been asked to Mr. Bischoffs office immediately, and have been instructed to bring a camera crew with me, as he is planning to make an announcement to the fans.

Lloyd knocks the door, and hears a ‘COME IN’ from Bischoff, before entering the room.

Marc Lloyd: You wanted to see me sir??

Eric Bischoff: That’s correct. Marc, I’d like to announce a change to the line up at Backlash. Now, before anyone becomes worried, please don’t. This announcement is actually of benefit to this Sundays Pay Per View. Up until now, we have advertised a Fatal Four Way match up for the Womens title, featuring Trish Stratus defending her title against Jazz, Lita and Molly Holly. Well, as of now, scrap that, because at Backlash this Sunday, Trish Stratus defends her title in a six lady gauntlet match. Trish will defend against Jazz, Lita, Molly, and after her win last week against Miss Holly, Alexis Laree, and after Jillian Hall defeated Trish tonight, she completes the line up. That is all.

Eric goes back to his desk, as we go to a commercial.


We return, with Todd Grisham standing by with Edge.

Todd Grisham: Edge, in just six days, you have the opportunity to take what you-

Edge rips the mic from Todd, and grips him by the jacket.

Edge: I’VE HEARD ENOUGH TODD!!! I’ve heard ENOUGH!!! At BACKLASH, Rey Mysterios life is in my hands. He has the one thing I need, and on Sunday night, You, Coach, J.R, Mysterio, and every single eye that watches will see just what I’m prepared to do to get it. You see Todd, to me it’s more than just a briefcase … it’s more than that. It’s my ticket to the very top. I’ve been screwed over too many times to count on getting a rightful shot at the title, so I’m taking matters into my own hands Todd. And like I said, I’m willing to do anything … ANYTHING to get it. That’s bad for Mysterio … VERY bad.

Edge lets go, before speaking again, but more calmly.

Edge: I may aswell be deaf until Sunday, because all I’ll be hearing in my head is two little words. And I will make sure that the entire world hears Mysterio yell those words louder than you could ever imagine. I’m going to break his bones, I’m going to make him suffer, I’m gonna make him bleed, and if necessary … I’ll make sure he’ll never wrestle again, but most importantly?? … I’m gonna make him quit … or I’ll die trying.

Edge stares deeply, almost trance like, as we fade to ringside.

We see J.R and Coach looking worriedly at each other, with even The Coach looking concerned for the fan favourite, Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross: I sincerely hope that Edge does not go as far as he claims he will this Sunday in order to take the Money in the bank contract from Rey Mysterio. For Mysterios own safety, I hope Edge is wrong.

The Coach: But the scary thing J.R … I think he’s committed to doing whatever it takes this Sunday in the I Quit Match.

Jim Ross: It is one of eight matches set for this Sunday night, a Raw production, WWE Backlash. The I Quit Match between Edge and the Money in the bank holder, Rey Mysterio, for that very briefcase, and a title shot, good for an entire year. But, as per orders of Mr. Bischoff, the match doesn’t end until one man utters the words … I Quit.

The Coach: Perhaps the most dangerous setting for a match. It’s hard to imagine either mans pride to allow them to utter those two little words, that can mean so much.

Jim Ross: We’ll find out though this Sunday just how far both men are willing to go for the win, but lets not forget though, that the currently vacant tag team titles will also be decided, with four teams gunning for the ultimate tag team prize. Booker T and Goldust have the opportunity to climb back to the top of the tag team mountain, whilst Raw veterans, The Brotherhood and Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree have a chance to wear the gold, whilst the draft picks from Smackdown, The AFA, arguably the most popular team in this decade, could win tag gold for the first time.

The Coach: Fingers crossed J.R. Fingers crossed that it’s time for The Brotherhood to reach the top of the tag team mountain. I’ve got a good feeling.

Jim Ross: The Intercontinental Title will be decided too, with Carlito defending against the hungry Shelton Benjamin, in what promises to be a potential show stealer, but can Carlito overcome an ever growing losing streak, against the up and coming Benjamin, who has been an absolute star in the making since going solo??

The Coach: Carlito is suffering at the moment J.R, but great champions are born when they have their backs up against the wall, and if you ask me, I think Carlito will prove himself as a great champion this Sunday, and remain the holder of the Intercontinental title.

Jim Ross: It’s been one whole year since Kane last wrestled a match, it was at Backlash 2005 when he tore his quadriceps, and it’ll be April 30th, Backlash 2006, that the monster makes his official return, but it’ll be no walk in the park for Kane, as he will face a determined Man Beast, Rhyno!!!

The Coach: Power vs. brute force. The entire world has been waiting to see Kane back in the ring, and they get their wish this Sunday. But the question has to be, will Kane still be the force he once was??

Jim Ross: In just a moment, we’ll see both Ken Kennedy and Rob Conway in tag team action, but on Sunday, these two ego maniacs battle it out, not in a pose off, as first proposed by Conway, but in a straight up wrestling match.

The Coach: A lot of smack talk has been going on between those two men in recent weeks, but which of these men can back it up too??

Jim Ross: Six delectable divas are set to go to war for the ultimate womens prize in wrestling, currently held by Trish Stratus. Trish defends her title once again, with five challengers, Lita, the two rookies Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall, Molly Holly and Jazz gunning for what the Toronto native currently possesses.

The Coach: Pulling for the Brotherhood again J.R. Jazz is the toughest female in the business today, and she will go through anyone that stands in her way. Double Brotherhood gold, I cant wait!!

Jim Ross: Arguably the two biggest factions ever to be assembled in wrestling history, The Horsemen, and DX, finally cross paths, this Sunday. The original, founder members of both groups, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels, with todays new additions to team with them, Nick Dinsmore, and Garrison Cade in a major tag team war, which has escalated in recent weeks, right before our very eyes.

The Coach: The Nature Boy has that old fire back, HBK has rediscovered himself, Dinsmore and Cade both have something to prove. It’s gonna be one hell of a tag team war this Sunday.

Jim Ross: I cannot wait for it Coach.

The Coach: But then, it’s main event time. Triple threat baby.

Jim Ross: Indeed, John Cena defends his coveted title in a match that he doesn’t need to be pinned, and he doesn’t have to submit to lose the belt, with two challengers, in the form of Brock Lesnar, and Christian. Are Cenas days as World Champion numbered at Backlash??

The Coach: We’ll find out soon enough, as the Backlash preview match is coming up in just a moment, but the odds arent good in Cenas favour.

Jim Ross: The odds certainly don’t look good Coach, but as you said earlier, the real mark of a champion is when he can prevail with his back against the wall, and I get the feeling that Cena could well be that type of champion.


Brock Lesnar storms out onto the stage, with Rob Conway sauntering out behind, a few paces backwards.

Jim Ross: Join us, for when we come back for our main event is coming up!!!


Main Event:
John Cena & Ken Kennedy vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Brock Lesnar & Rob Conway
All three men involved in the title match at Backlash all want to start the match, but only two can, with one team to be on the outside at all times. This leads to an argument, and a brawl, before the match can even begin, and all six men get involved, before the referee manages to restore order, thanks to two other officials, and it’s Kennedy and Conway to kick the match off. Kennedy dominates Conway, but the sneaky ‘Con Man’ kicks Kennedy in the gut, and escapes to Lesnar, tagging him in, and tries to order Brock to rough Kennedy up, with Lesnar pie facing Conway, letting him know who is in charge.

Brock and Kennedy go at it, with Kennedy holding his own with the former WWE Champion, and as he gains an upper hand, tags out to his fresh partner, John Cena, as we see Christian begin to get agitated on the outside, wanting a piece of the action as soon as possible. Cena and Lesnar duke it out In a knock down drag out brawl, spilling to the outside, and back in again, which is when Christian takes his chance, and makes a blind tag on Cena, making himself legal to take on Brock. Cena is furious, but leaves the ring anyway. Now, Christian and Lesnar go at it, with an assist from Conway allowing Brock to take charge, but not for long, as when he tags out to Conway, Christian immediately turns it around, and puts Rob down with a terrific dropkick. Captain Charisma scores a near fall, before tagging out to Tomko, who uses his power and size to dominate the feeble opponent, but Conway manages to escape Tyson, and tags in an unaware Ken Kennedy.

Kennedy comes right at Tomko, and as he gets the better of the Problem Solver, the crafty Con Man trips Kennedy, which allows Tomko to almost take his head off with a big boot to the head. Conway celebrates this mini win, as Kennedy is now in trouble, just surviving a cover from Tomko. From here, Kennedy is singled out, and beaten down by the other two teams. He battles and battles to survive a beat down, kicking out of everything thrown at him, and escaping attempted F5 and Unprettiers, before they are delivered, showing his toughness.

As times goes on, and through a commercial break, Christian begins to get a little agitated again, wanting a piece of Cena, and at one point as the legal man, tells Kennedy to tag out, and as he reaches out to tag The Champ, Lesnar makes a blind tag on Captain Charisma, quickly bounds in, and knocks Cena off the apron. This leads to an argument between Christian and Lesnar, which degenerates into an all out brawl between the two, and eventually between Conway and Tomko, which allows Kennedy a chance to officially tag in Cena.

The match breaks down into a six man fight, with the action all taking place on the outside. Lesnar delivers the F5 to Tomko, whilst Kennedy and Conway disappear up the ramp, and as Christian runs at Cena, Cena hoists him up, and delivers the FU … THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! This leaves just Lesnar and Cena - the two legal men, and they fight into the ring, with the fans firmly behind Cena. He manages to lock in the STFU, but as Lesnar taps out, the referee is still busy on the outside with Tomko and especially Christian. Cena releases, and gets the referees attention, which he manages to do, but as he turns back around, Brock jumps up, scoops Cena into the air, and delivers the F5!!! Lesnar covers, and the referee gets back inside, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Brock Lesnar & Rob Conway @ 14:22

Lesnar has his arm raised in victory, with a glint in his eye, as he hovers over a fallen Cena, just six days before Backlash. On the outside, Christian is helped up, as he tries to shake off the devastating FU through the table, as Lesnar holds the World title for a moment, staring at the gold spinner belt, before setting it beside the beaten champion, and leaves the ring.

Slowly, Cena starts to recover, whilst Christian is still being held up, as Lesnar reaches the top of the ramp, smiling broadly, raising his arms, as the show goes off the air, with Lesnar looking in total control ahead of Backlash.

End of Show

Official Final Card for WWE Backlash

30th April 2006
Location: Key Arena; Seattle, Washington
Event Music: Adreyu; Shameful

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Christian vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way Match:
(Championships Vacant)
The A.F.A vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. United Nations

WWE Womens Championship; 6 Diva Gauntlet Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Alexis Laree vs. Jazz vs. Jillian Hall vs. Molly Holly

I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade vs. Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore

One on One:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rob Conway

In ring return of a Monster:
Kane vs. Rhyno

Any predictions would be welcome. Backlash will be in recap form.

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Re: Being The Booker

Official Final Card for WWE Backlash

Date: 30th April 2006
Location: Key Arena; Seattle, Washington
Event Music: Adreyu; Shameful

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Christian vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way Match:
(Championships Vacant)
The A.F.A vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. United Nations

WWE Womens Championship; 6 Diva Gauntlet Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Alexis Laree vs. Jazz vs. Jillian Hall vs. Molly Holly

I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade vs. Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore

One on One:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rob Conway

In ring return of a Monster:
Kane vs. Rhyno

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