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Re: Being The Booker

Here are a few comments from me.

I sense that the draft had something to do with Snap's influence. There is no way I could see you just stealing so many Raw superstars to enrich Smackdown if you were running the show yourself. It makes a lot of sense since he wants to have his own preferences. You were really not compensated at all since Brock Lesnar cannot equal anything that you gave away, but Snap needs to have the show to his preferences. I do not like Lesnar on Raw because he is without Heyman, and Heyman really makes Lesnar a great heel.

I do not like that you reverted to Heyman and Bischoff as your general managers. I thought it really added a spice to your shows with the unique general managers of Bret Hart and Mick Foley or Ric Flair. I do not like it, but they are still great general managers. Gives it an early 2004 or 2003 feel.

You really split up Degeneration X. I thought Cade was going to go as well. It was good that Cade is the one that stayed because he is the true protege of HBK. Splitting up DX a little makes sense since Shawn is in the midst of his face turn, and I really cannot imagine Reigns and Jindrak as faces. The new members for the Horsemen and DX should be interesting.

The Randy Orton and John Cena feud is moving at a slow pace, but I like that you are building it for Backlash.

Christian as a face will be awesome.

Jericho's promo was gold. It has given me an idea for a promo.

Breaking up The World's Greatest Tag Team was the only way you could go. The only good thing that comes out of it is that they will have feud with each other, easily the most redundant feud in BTB history. I hope you give them both excellent singles pushes into the Intercontinental and USA title divisions.
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Re: Being The Booker

I believe there was a request for the updated rosters. Just so there is no comments, I havent placed it in order of position (i.e main event, mid card etc), it's just a random list, no particular order...


General Manager; Eric Bischoff

John Cena - World Heavyweight Champion

Carlito - Intercontinental Champion

World Tag Team Championships Vacant

Trish Stratus - Womens Champion

Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels


Brock Lesnar



Rey Mysterio

Ken Kennedy

Finlay {Yet to debut}

Shelton Benjamin

Booker T


Garrison Cade


A- Train

Rob Conway


Danny Doring

Gene Snitsky


Tyson Tomko

Simon Dean

Orlando Jordan

Rodney Mack

Mark Henry

Ron Simmons


Stevie Richards

Nick Dinsmore

Rene Dupree

Kenzo Suzuki

Val Venis






Gail Kim

Molly Holly


Alexis Laree

Jillian Hall

Theodore R. Long (Manager)

Hiroko (Manager)

Stacy Kiebler (Manager)

Jim Ross (Announcer)

The Coach (Announcer)

Lillian Garcia (Ring Announcer)

Todd Grisham (Backstage Interviewer)

Marc Lloyd (Backstage Interviewer)

Teams / Factions;

The Brotherhood {Theodore Long, ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ Mark Henry, Rodney Mack, Orlando Jordan, Jazz}

D - Generation X {‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels & ‘HB-Cade’ Garrison Cade}

The Horsemen {‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair & ‘The Prodigy’ Nick Dinsmore}

Acolyte Fashion Agency ‘A.F.A’ {Ron Simmons & Rico}

Black-Gold {Booker T & Goldust}

United Nations {Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki w/ Hiroko}

The Heart Throbs {Antonio & Romeo}

Road kill & Danny Doring



General Manager; Paul Heyman

Chris Benoit - WWE Champion

Matt Hardy - United States Champion

Americas Most Wanted - WWE Tag Team Champions

Kid Kash - Cruiserweight Champion

Triple H


Kurt Angle

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

The Rock

Chris Jericho


Rob Van Dam

Charlie Haas



Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak

Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Jamie Noble

Chavo Guerrero

William Regal

Lance Storm

Hardcore Holly

Chris Masters






Scotty 2 Hotty

Chad Dick

James Dick

Spike Dudley


Paul London



Shannon Moore

Brian Kendrick

Billy Kidman

Michael Cole (Announcer)

Tazz (Announcer)

Tony Chimel (Ring Announcer)

Josh Matthews (Backstage Interviewer)

Steve Romero (Backstage Interviewer)

Maria (Backstage Interviewer)

Groups / Factions:

The Cabinet {John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, ‘Chief of Staff’ Jamie Noble & ‘Co-Secretaries of Defence’ The Basham Brothers}

The Spirit Squad {Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Mikey & Nicky}

Americas Most Wanted {‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris & ‘Cowboy’ James Storm}

The Dudley Boys {Bubba Ray, D’ Von & Spike Dudley}

The Dicks {James & Chad Dick}

Un-Americans {Lance Storm & William Regal}


Upcoming Schedule:

Red = Raw / Blue = Smack down / Black = Joint

Smackdown - April 6th - Earls Court, London England

Raw - April 10th - SBC Centre, San Antonio Texas

Smackdown - April 13th - American Airlines Centre, Dallas Texas

Raw - April 17th - MCI Centre, Washington DC

Smackdown - April 20th - Landon Arena, Topeka Kansas

Raw - April 24th - Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas

Smackdown - April 27th - Idaho Centre, Boise Idaho

Backlash - April 30th - Key Arena, Seattle Washington

Raw - May 1st - Tacoma Dome, Tacoma Washington

Smackdown - May 4th - Spokane Arena, Spokane Washington

Raw - May 8th - The Pyramid, Memphis Tennessee

Smackdown - May 11th - Nashville Arena, Nashville Tennessee

Judgement Day - May 14th - Bradley Centre, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Raw - May 15th - Bradley Centre, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Smackdown - May 18th - First Mariner Arena, Baltimore Maryland

Raw - May 22nd - Blue Cross Arena, Rochester New York

Smackdown - May 25th - HSBC Arena, Buffalo New York

Saturday Nights Main Event - May 27th - Madison Square Garden, New York

Raw - May 29th - Nassau Coliseum, Long Island New York

Smackdown - June 1st - Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford New Jersey

Clash of the Champions - June 4th - Kemper Arena, Kansas City Missouri


I'll post Smackdown on Wednesday. After that I'm afraid, Smackdown will be done in recap form until further notice.

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Re: Being The Booker

I'll post Smackdown on Wednesday.
I thought Snap did SD.
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Rabid™
I thought Snap did SD.
I recall Da Wolf Guy stating that is PC was having problems so Snap sent him his shows incase his PC didn't cooperaite. So Snap is writing them but Wolfy is posting them.
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Re: Being The Booker

Snap is currently unable to come to the forums for the forseeable future. This second edition of Smackdown will be the last in full until he manages to return.
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Re: Being The Booker

3 Hour Special Review

Right off the bat I feel I have to say that the interaction between JR, Coachman and tonight Cole and Tazz is great in this thread.

The choices for GMs are interesting and are the best choices for the job regardless IMO. Bischof will shake things up showing a bias towards the heels maybe even taking one under his wing ala Angle? Paul Heyman may show a little bias to the ECW originals. Perhaps we will see an extreme influence on Smackdown with Heyman there?

Luther Reigns leaves DX weakened which I'm sure will come into play in their Horsemen feud. LESNAR! Well that opens up some new feuds on Raw and gives him a chance to feshen up his character after losing at WM.

Carlito vs. Christian seemed like a good opener to the show which would get the fans going. I can only see this being a mini-feud to give Christian the final springboard to the Main event scene.

I really enjoyed this Brock/Eric scene and the tension was clearly evident between the two. I can see some potential friction with Bisch and Brock down the road concerning the title.

Well I don't see Snitsky doing much on Raw and Bischoff must be pissed that he lost Undertaker! A great choice here to move Taker to SD which balances out the loss of Lesnar.

Hall vs. Laree seems like a decent Women's match and it is great that you are beefing up the Women's division after seeing Shiquaia (sp) leave after WM.

I love this Jericho segment and Y2J comes off perfectly as the cocky heel. I laughed my ass off when he was calling Todd Rod. Jericho was priceless when he was dissing England and soccer ball was genius. Also the everest comment had me in stiches. It looks like this Undertaker Jericho feud isn't over after the draft and it will be interesting to see where Snap goes with this. A great segment here.

Six man tag match is great and takes advantage of having everyone on the one show for a night. The action is quick paced as expected for a tag match with these people involved. Rey screwed his own team! It seems that Edge and Rey's feud will continue for a while yet.

I like the New Horsemen even if it was a quick transition from Evoloution. Flair does most of the talking however Tista and Dinsmore get a chance to develop on the stick.

Wow Bischoff is getting destroyed in this draft as RVD moves to SD while Simon Dean moves in the other direction. This was great the way that Bischoff tries to hide that he isn't pissed and then snaps after Simon Dean offers him the hair dye.

Bischoff really is pissed off! Rey has to defend the breifcase in an I Quit match. This match should be great and Rey picked the wrong night to cross Bisch.

HBK/Batista: I think HBK needed this win as Tista is only seen as a bit part player in the Horsemen and HBK needs to regain some credibility.

This segment with Cristian/Tomko/Test and the Page 3 girls is brilliant. The dialouge between Christian and Tomko was brilliantly done and seemed so natural. Also we see Christian is a bit of a ladies man.

Bischoff is really getting owned in this draft and the Horsemen have been weakened to keep this DX/Horsemen feud fair.

Wow Haas to SD and I guess the titles will have to be vacated.

Cena vs. Flair is decent but Orton plants Cena to show that there is still life in this feud yet.

Benoit vs. HHH. Wow. A great main event which caps off a great show. This was a suberb way to give Benoit credibility as champion defeating the game after such a long contest.

Great Show Man! I really enjoyed reading it.

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE RAW Review - April 3, 2006

McMahon starts the show to no surprise. Bischoff is the GM of RAW, and Heyman's the GM of SmackDown!. Those are pretty good choices, and I believe they were a tad predictable, but hey you can't have everything right? Anyway, Wow Lesnar is picked to go to RAW. That should be a great thing to see. And D-X is already cut down to three. I have a feeling things are going to be shook up as we go on tonight.

Carlito versus Christian to star the wrestling portion of the show. I like it. Not a bad way of kicking off the show, and some good action. Good finish, and it’s nice to see Christian win, and this face run could be awesome to watch.

Intriguing promo from Lesnar and Bischoff. Somehow I don’t see Lesnar getting in the title hunt for a little while, but feuding with a main event caliber guy, and not getting into the hunt until around Summerslam or so. That could be wrong, but it’s just my opinion.

Meh, not really intrigued by Snitsky, BUT WHOA! UNDERTAKER TO SMACKDOWN! Good lord that’s awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens with him. Should be a great addition to the SmackDown! roster.

Nice job debuting Laree and Hall. An okay match between the two of them, and to no shock Laree wins. Hopefully she gets a good push, as she’s one of my favs.

Great Jericho promo. Thought this was pretty entertaining, and was the right length for the type of promo it was. Looks like the Jericho/Undertaker feud will be continuing, which is great because it could lead to another great match at Judgment Day.

Noticed that you said Angle instead of Jericho. But you noted that so it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway, solid six man tag team match, and it was a pretty exciting one as well. I like how you’re writing longer match recaps, it makes it seem a lot better, but that could just be because it’s a 3 Hour RAW, and if so, oh well. Anyway, fun match, and Team SmackDown! winning is a pretty big move, as them winning on RAW’s turf is intriguing to say the least. The Mysterio interaction is great, as the Edge/Mysterio feud continues to build.

Nice promo from the Horsemen. Flair was much in character, and Flair/Cena should be epic later on tonight. I expect an Orton appearance in that one. Dinsmore I can’t judge, as I don’t know how to judge him lol. And Batista seemed in character. Whoa, DX is downgraded yet again, looks like the end of DX now. Fun while it lasted I suppose. Conway’s nothing special really.

RVD moving to SD! Should be fun. Will be interested to see where that goes. Good stuff from Heyman there. I can see the dissention between the two, really reminds me of the draft in ’04. Lol, Dean is moved to RAW, and already plugs his Simon System. Hey, that reminds me, where in the hell is he nowadays? Bischoff seems furious, and some good stuff from him replying to HBK about DX. Yes. As expected, Rey vs Edge for the MITB. Should be an excellent match come Backlash.

Nice match between HBK and Batista. Some good action, and a good finish with HBK surprisingly winning. Would’ve thought he would lose, but considering DX lost two guys, I guess it’s expected that they’d win.

Good promo from Christian and Test. Don’t know where Maven came from, but I’m guessing it was supposed to be Test. Comical stuff here, typical Christian, and like I said earlier, a face Christian from Wolfy should be awesome stuff to see.

Hah, Ron Simmons to RAW, and Bischoff with the impression. Good stuff in this one, all seemed much in character. DAMN. Now I understand why Batista lost, he’s going to Smackdown! Breakup of the Horsemen already? I don’t think so, I think a new addition’s coming. Anyway, LOL! Rico! Bischoff makes a good point, but it would come across as hilarious if it were in real life.

Wow! Haas is gone! WGTT is split! Should be interesting to see where you go with Shelton, and hopefully it’s up. Because this could be great for him, but Haas, I expect him to be a heel soon, bitching about being sent to SmackDown! and being put in his place by someone… like Angle? Who knows, just an idea that just came across my head.

Good match between Flair and Cena. Looked like Cena dominates at the end, as always, and easily picks up the victory. YES! RKO! RKO! RKO! WOO!! Love how this Orton/Cena feud is building, I’m gonna guess and say Orton is going to get his ass handed to him next week, just how this is playing out I’m judging.

Career Killer aye? New gimmick? I like it. Orton’s playing headgames with Cena, and this can only get better.

WOW. What a main event, loved this one Wolfy. You did an awesome job of recapping it, and also writing the finish. Good job of describing Benoit’s lacking of knowing what to do in his first title defense, and it seemed like HHH was beating the crap out of him, and pummeling him throughout the match. Great match, and great finish with Benoit retaining as expected. Great show Wolfy, and I look forward to more shows.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown; London, England
April 6th, 2006

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Last week the wrestling world was left in shock as Stone Cold Steve Austin officially announced his retirement from the ring. The Rattlesnake however announced that he had one last great performance left in him, one final match. Tonight is our last stop before Austin: The Final Chapter and The Rattlesnake is here LIVE in the UK.

Tazz: Oh man, Austin AND his opponent for next week, his good friend and fellow Smackdown Superstar The Rock are both here tonight and I know for a fact from seeing him earlier today that The Rock is in much better spirits tonight then he was last week. It should be pretty damn interesting to see what goes down between the two friends here tonight before that huge match next week

** Extreme ** hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd as the New GM of Smackdown, Paul Heyman prances out onto the stage, with the crowd continuously booing him as he arrogantly smiles across the arena.

Michael Cole: Well there he is. You are looking at the man that last Monday was named the New General Manager of Smackdown. He is the former agent of Brock Lesnar, he took a small Northeast Promotion to Global Heights in the form of ECW, but can that man, Paul Heyman do the same with Smackdown?

Tazz: Well Heyman and I have known each other for a long time, we’ve had our ups and downs, but I will say this, Heyman is an evil genius and I have no doubts that we are in for one hell of an interesting ride with him at the helm.

Michael Cole: I talked about the wrestling world standing in shock for Austin last week, and I have to believe that the announcement of Heyman and Bischoff returning to their previous roles as General Managers of the respective brands, sent shockwaves through the wrestling world as well and you have to wonder, just what is that man is going to do on his first night on the job?

Heyman enters the ring, and is quickly handed a microphone.

Paul Heyman: Last week, I stood before you as the agent of Brock Lesnar, nothing more and nothing less, my sole purpose was to ensure the success of “The Iron Man” and I did that with honour and dignity to the utmost … HOLY CRAP, WHAT A WEEK CAN CHANGE!

Mixed Reaction

Paul Heyman: You see because in the span of just seven days, Brock Lesnar has gone to RAW and I stand here before you as my own man, and the New GM of Smackdown. Where as once my one responsibility were for one man and one man only, I now hold the responsibilities for this entire brand. The Superstars, The Production Crew, Michael Cole and Tazz, they all look to me and rightfully so, because I will make it my sole responsibility to guide them all to a heights that this brand has yet to experience. I will show no favourites, despite my obvious disregard for some ..

The Crowd starts a slight “Benoit” chant

Paul Heyman: (Annoyed) Yes, Chris Benoit is the Current WWE Champion, but he is not out here right now, this is MY time and I would appreciate it if you would all take that as a cue to quiet down and listen up as what I have to say is much more important then any one superstar and that includes Chris Benoit.

The crowd pretty much turns on Heyman for the comment, giving him big heat

Paul Heyman: As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, for years this brand has taken a backseat to the ego of one Bret “Hitman” Hart who took it upon himself to spend more time playing with Kurt Angle then actually running this show and I guarantee you, that things like that simply will not happen under The Heyman Administration.

Crowd Gives Heat

Paul Heyman: It’s no secret some of my past decisions and actions stand very unappreciated by you people and who knows, maybe rightfully so however standing before you is a new man, a new Paul Heyman and I intend to prove that at every opportunity possible. Last Monday Night I stood before you all saying I make no promises as to what I will accomplish with this brand, you’ll just have to watch every Thursday Night and find out and I stand by that. Coincidentally however tonight IS Thursday Night and being a man of my word, I am going to exercise my right as General Manager and make this show just a bit more exciting.

Crowd Pops

Paul Heyman: Because right here tonight, in the Main Event, in a rematch from last Monday Night it will be Triple H vs. Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship.

Crowd Pops HUGE for the announcement of the Main Event

Paul Heyman: Wait because the fun doesn’t stop there. You see because for the past week I have been getting emails from Ric Flair endlessly telling me about Batista’s potential and urging me not to make a mistake with “his” Animal. So tonight, at the request of Mr. Flair, the New RAW Draft Pick Batista will get his a chance to make his mark when he faces Matt Hardy for The United States Championship.

Crowd Gives a Pretty Big Reaction

Paul Heyman: Oh and incase anyone was wondering, that match is now.

Michael Cole: What?! Matt Hardy is being forced to defend his United States Championship right now?? Hardy hasn’t even had time to prepare for a match let alone a title match against The Animal, Batista. Controversial decision by our New General Manager if you ask me.

Tazz: Well I agree but at the same time, Heyman promised the fans the best product possible and I think Hardy vs. Batista has a lot of appeal, sure Hardy didn’t have time to prepare but I bet Matt would agree that any Real Champion is ready to defend his belt all the time, spur of the moment.

Michael Cole: As much as I disagree with this for moral reasons, I cant argue with that logic.

Tazz: Moral? This is Sports Entertainment Cole, in this business there’s no such thing as morals, I’ve dropped guys on there heads hundreds of times, if I had morals in that ring, I’d be in a shrink 24/7.

** Unleashed ** hits and Batista makes his way out onto the ramp, pumping himself up to some pretty big heat from the crowd which unsurprisingly he completely ignores.

** Live For The Moment ** hits and Matt Hardy, the United States Champion, makes his way out into the arena with the crowd absolutely erupting for the first major face of the night. Hardy pumps himself up as well, bouncing up and down and staring at Batista before charging to the ring as the crowd cheers.

Match # 1: United States Championship

Matt Hardy © vs. Batista

A commercial break cuts in half the match that sees Batista dominate mostly throughout, taking it to Hardy with a variety of power moves and being seemingly too much for The United States Champion to handle. Hardy eventually makes a hero comeback, nailing Batista with several rights and lefts and whipping him into the ropes, connecting with a cross body on the way back. Hardy then picks Batista up to his feet, nailing him with a few rights before coming off the ropes again BUT BATISTA CATCHES HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!

Hardy is down as Batista motions that the gold will be around his waste soon, taking a moment to taunt the crowd before lifting Hardy for a Batista Bomb BUT V1 COUNTERS, DROPPING BEHIND HIM!! Batista turns around as Hardy motions for him to come get some, backing up into the ropes. Batista lunges at him but Hardy pulls the ropes down at the last second and Batista flies out of the ring! Batista quickly tries to pull himself together on the outside, as Hardy gets out of the ring and onto the apron, lunging off with a shoulder tackle that knocks Batista over the railing and into the crowd!!

Hardy quickly pulls himself together as the referee begins to make the count, jumping back into the ring as the referee reaches seven, with Batista still trying to get up on the outside. Finally Batista gets to his feet, but its too late as the referee finishes making the ten count!!

Winner by Count Out and Still United States Champion: Matt Hardy

Hardy celebrates his win, with Batista fuming on the outside at the loss, quickly bolting back into the ring with Hardy jumping out and heading up the ramp, taunting Batista the whole way after outsmarting him here tonight.

Backstage Steve Romero is standing by with JBL, who surprisingly stands alone here tonight.

Steve Romero: I am standing here now with a man who vowed to make an impact last week, he is the self proclaimed “Wrestling God”. Ladies and Gentlemen … J,B,L. John, its no secret you’ve had quite the week thus far scoring the winning pin fall in that Interpromotional Tag Team Match on Monday Night, but tonight another challenge lies in front of you in the form of the man you blindsided last week, Hardcore Holly. How are you feeling about going up against “The Alabama Slamma”?

JBL: Todd err Steve, whatever they call you these days, I explained my actions against Hardcore Holly last week rather simply. You see Holly was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could have been anyone, The Rock, Chris Benoit heck even Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now I arrived here tonight in the highest of spirits after single handedly waging war with RAW and winning, only to find out that that ignorant buffoon wanted a shot at redemption in the form of a match with the me, which I graciously accepted. So tonight, Hardcore Holly gets his wish, he gets to play with fire and ultimately like so many others he will be severely burned. I said last week that I would make an impact the likes of which have never been seen before not just on Smackdown, but in this company. Tonight, its starts with Hardcore Holly and ends with JBL … W,W,E Champion.

JBL closes his eyes and looks up to the heavens before pushing past Steve Romero and walking off the camera and out of sight.

Steve Romero: Michael Cole and Tazz, back to you.


** One Of A Kind ** hits and another huge draft pick makes his way out to the ring in the form of Rob Van Dam. RVD is dressed and street clothes and walks to the ring with a less than happy look on his face, with two weeks of built up rage still inside him after being screwed out of the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania. RVD rolls into the ring and does his signature thumb taunt, however not half as enthusiastically as he usually is. A stagehand quickly hands him a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: You know something? After taking a new outlook on life these past few months I really hate to do this, but I just have to say that this is BULLSH*T!

Crowd lets out an “OOOO” at the profanity

Rob Van Dam: Lets face it. Tonight should be a good night, its my first night on Smackdown and RVD should be all smiles. But I’m not. You see because I know that those sons of bitches, Bill Alphonso and Sabu are still out there. I know their plotting their next move at my expense. Hell I knew Fonzie was low all along, but never in a million years did I think for one second that he would pull this kind of crap. We were bro’s, and much as I hate to say it now, at one point in time, I also shared a common bond with that son of a bitch Sabu.

Crowd Gives Heat for the mention of Sabu

Rob Van Dam: But not anymore. Hell, as far as I’m concerned when it comes to Sabu and Bill Alphonso, I’m looking to play for blood. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of a lifetime in my hands, and THEY took it away from me, SABU took it away from me and I will NEVER forget that. Hell, I’m still raking my mind trying to figure out what all this is about and I cant come up with anything. Who knows? Maybe I’ll never know. The only thing I know for sure is regardless of whatever reason those guys had, on March 26th, 2006 a war was declared, Sabu started it and I’m going to finish it.

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: And it doesn’t matter whether I’m on RAW or Smackdown, it doesn’t matter if JR or Michael Cole sits down there at the announce table, all that matters is that we settle this and when the dust clears the last guy standing is R,V,D.

RVD drops the microphone and goes over to the camera man on the apron, speaking into the camera and mouthing “Sabu, Alphonso, I’m coming for you” as his music starts to play and he plays to the crowd for a few moments before getting out of the ring and heading the ramp to the cheers of most in attendance.

Michael Cole: I will never forget that site of Rob Van Dam being manhandled by his former partner Sabu at Wrestlemania, never in a million years did I think that this war would escalate over to Smackdown but due to the draft lottery and no confirmation of Sabu signing any kind of contract yet with RAW yet, it just may.

Tazz: RVD is one pissed off individual and rightfully so. Hell we don’t even know what the deal with Sabu is yet, as far as I know the guy isn’t even under contract. All I know personally is that from battling both of these guys in the ring, they are two of the craziest guys in the business, and should they get it on at some point these Smackdown fans have NO idea what their in for.

Michael Cole: Well we have yet to see Sabu since Wrestlemania and therefore can only assume by his actions that his target is RVD. Anyways ladies and gentlemen when we return its Hardcore Holly vs. JBL!!


Match # 2: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Hardcore Holly

Short match that starts out back and fourth with Holly getting in his fair share of stiff blows to JBL, who fights back seemingly with more intensity then usual, opting not to play the coward roll here tonight. Eventually Holly attempts to Irish Whip JBL into the ropes but Bradshaw counters and meets Holly with a big Clothesline From Hell on his way back, for the sure three count.

Winner By Pin Fall: JBL

JBL celebrates the win, going to each turnbuckle and celebrating to the jeers of the fans. JBL then calls for the camera to get on the apron, with JBL mouthing into the camera that 2006 is his year and a HUGE impact will be made on Smackdown.

We immediately cut backstage to Paul Heyman’s office, where the New Smackdown GM is going through some paperwork when the door busts open and those five male cheerleaders from last week, The Spirit Squad, hop into his office, jumping around and blowing their horns with Heyman quickly trying to settle them down.

Kenny: We said we’d make an impact last week AND WE DID!! WE TOOK OUT THE DUDLEYS!!

Nicky: One, Two, Three!!

Spirit Squad: SPIRIT SQUAD!!

Paul Heyman: Hey, whoa, calm down. Now I’ve read up on you and let me see if I have this correct … Nicky, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch, Johnny?

The Spirit Squad: That’s right!!

Paul Heyman: Well seeing as I received confirmation upon my appointment to the Smackdown General Manager position that each of you is in fact under contract to Smackdown, I guess there’s not much to say but … welcome.

Kenny: We’re taking this place by storm!! Lets get another Spirit Squad on three, two, one -

Paul Heyman: Well, there is one other thing. While I can admire each of you attempting to make an impact upon debuting, you DID take out two of the toughest, most extreme individuals on Smackdown in the form of The Dudley Boys. Now knowing Buh Buh and D-Von like I do, I can guarantee they’ll be looking for a bit of revenge and while I like your “potential”, I like ratings more so next week right here on Smackdown it’s going to be The Spirit Squad, making their debut, against The Dudley Boys.

Crowd Cheers

Paul Heyman: And as far as which two of you wrestle, well I’ll leave that up to you. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Paul Heyman goes back to sorting through papers as The Spirit Squad’s cheerful attitude is gone and they seem a bit worried, seeing as they face The Dudley’s in their debut next week. As The Spirit Squad leave however, Chris Benoit enters, walking past all five of them although stopping to briefly stare down Kenny before entering the office.

Paul Heyman: (smirking) Ah, Chris, come in please.

Chris Benoit raises his eyebrow, looking far from impressed.

Paul Heyman: Wow what a week has changed huh? I mean at this time last week you were brutally assaulting me in the hallway and now, well now I’m your boss. Its just funny how stuff like that works out huh? But in all honesty I did call you hear to tell you something rather important regarding your rematch with Triple H tonight for the WWE Championship. You see Chris, your match on Monday was good, it brought in ratings … but it was on Eric Bischoff’s show, it gave Eric Bischoff ratings and frankly tonight I want things to be different, I want things to be innovative and that’s why your match with Triple H tonight, will be contested under No Disqualifications.

Chris Benoit: Hmph, What a surprise. I go out on RAW Monday and I fight the fight of my life against Triple H, beat him and now Paul Heyman wants to put me back in there with No Rules, No Disqualifications against The Game? You can make up all the crap you want about it being about trying to top Eric Bischoff but I know better, I know its not about you and Bischoff, its about you and me. The way I see it, I beat Triple H once before, and no matter the stipulation, I can do it again. No one is standing in my way, and whether you realize it or not, that includes you.

Paul Heyman: Touching little shpeel, but lets be serious for a moment Chris, seeing as we are behind closed doors. I don’t like you, you don’t like me. The difference is that I can do something about it and you cant, and trust me, just between me and you, now you can either deal with my actions and ride it out or you can have a very tough time foreseeable future here on Smackdown that WILL end with that belt on someone else’s waist.

Chris Benoit stares at Heyman intensely.

Paul Heyman: And that, is a guarantee.

Chris Benoit looks set to explode but all of a sudden softens up. Benoit stares at Heyman for a moment before turning and leaving, with Heyman smiling contently.


** 5,4,3,2,1 … BOOM ** hits and the crowd gives major heat as Chris Jericho makes his entrance into the arena, doing his usual posing before strutting to the ring. Jericho taunts a few fans on the way, slapping some hands in his signature, arrogant way before slowly walking up the steps and posing again before getting into the squared circle. Jericho soaks in the heat from the crowd for a moment before requesting a microphone.

Chris Jericho: London, England … Welcome to Smackdown is JERICHOOOO!!

Crowd gives heat

Chris Jericho: Boo all you want, heck chant a few profanities while your at it because I quite frankly couldn’t give a damn. You see I’ve had wayyyy to great of a week to let any of you ignorant jackasses bring me down.

Crowd continues with the boos

Chris Jericho: Heck, unless you were all living under a rock, well now that I think about … we are in the UK so that may not be the best analogy ..

Crowd starts an “Asshole” chant

Chris Jericho: Anyways as I was saying, unless you were all living under a rock, you all probably watched RAW last Monday right here in this very arena, and watched The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla go out with team Smackdown and gloriously defeat Team RAW. That’s right, not only is the King of The World a HUGE star on Smackdown, but he is now racking up wins on the competition’s show, and I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty damn good BABYYYYY.

Crowd’s heat stays strong, with Jericho continuing to ignore them

Chris Jericho: But believe it or not, that doesn’t even compare to what else happened that night, because thanks to the 2006 draft lottery, “The Phenom” The Undertaker is indeed, on Smackdown.

Crowd Cheers HUGE for Undertaker

Chris Jericho: Your telling me. Think about it, “Y2J” and “The Phenom” on the same show. Chris Jericho and The Undertaker plying their trade under one roof. That’s HUGE, this is bigger then being the first Undisputed Champion, heck this is bigger then Fozzy’s upcoming album if you ask me. I mean FINALLY I can right the wrongs of Wrestlemania, and defeat “The Deadman” and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Crowd starts an “Undertaker” chant

Chris Jericho: Heck I’ll tell you what jerkees, I’m feeling so good that even though we are in this cesspool of a city, the anti dental capitol of the world, and just an all around piece of crap, London, England I’m going to go ahead and issue an open challenge to any superstar in the back, Main Event and Curtain Jerker’s alike, that want a chance to get a rub off my greatness step on up ass clowns, you all have a chance to go one on one with King of The World.

Crowd builds on the “Undertaker” chant wanting to see The Deadman.

Chris Jericho: Come on monkey’s in the back, dig up someone for the Ayatollah of ..

** Generic Music ** hits as an unknown, possibly a new edition to the roster, makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring to little reaction from the crowd as Jericho looks disgusted.

Chris Jericho: This? This is all this company can dig up for a HUGE rock star like myself? Your telling me Shannon Moore and Funaki are too busy to get their ass beat by yours truly tonight? I know I said I said curtain jerker but … Hell I’ll tell you what ass clown, just for kicks why don’t you tell the world your name so we can add another one to the “who gives a crap” column after I make short work of this jackass.

Chris Jericho cockishly hands the young man the microphone.

Man: My name is Brent Albright.

Jericho quickly snatches the microphone back out of Brent’s hand.

Chris Jericho: What is it? Brent Albaquerky? Whatever, like it really matters. But anyways Brent just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’d know that my name is Chris Jericho and unfortunately for you, my great night is your worst.

Jericho quickly slaps Albright across the face with Brent holding his jaw in pain for a moment as Jericho smiles and cockishly turns his back on him to taunt the crowd. All of a sudden however, the innocent look on Albright’s face changes to one of fury and anger. Albright quickly walks over to Jericho and spins him around before LEVELING HIM WITH A HARD RIGHT!! A referee quickly races down to the ring and we have an impromptu singles match.

Match # 3: Singles Match

Brent Albright vs. Chris Jericho

Albright impresses early on, showing that he is definitely not some run of the mill jobber like most expected, even catching Jericho with several school boy attempts and near falls. Jericho however finally takes complete control after awhile, eventually nailing Albright with a stiff Enziguri and setting him up for the Lion Sault as …

** GONG **

The crowd comes to their feet as Jericho stops dead in his tracks and stares around the arena for any sign of The Undertaker. After a few moments however, it is apparent that The Dead Man is just playing mind games and Jericho goes back to work on Albright, lifting him into an Airplane Spin however Albright shocks him with a Victory Roll, 1 .. 2 .. 3!!!!

Winner By Pin Fall: Brent Albright

Jericho kicks out right after three but its too late!! The newcomer, Brent Albright has upset Chris Jericho here tonight with a little help from the powers of The Dead Man, The Undertaker.

Michael Cole: WHOA!! Brent Albright, the Smackdown newcomer has just beaten Chris Jericho!! What an upset from the newcomer!! Jericho is in complete shock as is everyone in this arena tonight!!

Tazz: What?! Who is this kid?!

Michael Cole: I have no idea but as happy as I am for him, much of his win can be attributed to the mind games of The Undertaker, who has seemingly thrown more fuel on the fire so to speak in terms of his recent feud with Chris Jericho.

Tazz: Oh you better believe it, Jericho was already seemingly a man possessed but now I have a feeling he’s going to take this thing to a whole new level. Just look at him. Jericho is in a fit of rage here tonight, but that young kid Albright is on dream street with a win over the self proclaimed “King of The World”.

Chris Jericho throws a fit of rage in the ring, pulling out his hair as Brent Albright shakes hands with the crowd, who seem to except a bit more now that he has defeated a well known name.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown everyone, lets just take you back and show you what exactly happened during the commercial break ..

The videos rolls showing Chris Jericho still in the ring, following his loss to Brent Albright, with a microphone.

Chris Jericho: (Out of breath) Is this how it’s going to be Dead Man?! We’re going to play games?! UNDERTAKER!! I know you can hear me, I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE YOU SANCTIMONIOUS SON OF A BITCH!! I’m going to find you. I don’t care if it’s here in the UK, if its back in the USA, hell I’ll stroll along the swamps of Cambodia if I have too. But I swear, I will find you, and when I do … I will end you. This isn’t over, this is just the beginning, the games have just begun.

Jericho drops the microphone as his music plays, and he paces around the ring, still upset with his loss to a rookie here tonight and more so at Undertaker getting the upper hand on him once again.

** If Ya SMELLLLLLL What The Rock, is cooking ** hits as we come back to the live feed. The people rise to their feet as “The Great One” makes his way to the ring, dressed in gym pants and his signature “Brahma Bull” shirt. The Rock makes his way to the ring and slaps hands with a few fans before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. He then proceeds to each turnbuckle before getting a microphone and waiting for the crowd to quiet down.

The Rock: FINALLLLYYYY … The Rock has come back, to London, England!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: That’s right, The Rock is in the UK baby!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: And quite frankly tonight, The Rock is proud, The Rock is proud to be in The UK, The Rock is proud to be in front of the MILLIONS ..


The Rock: And Millions of The Rock’s fans here in London, but most of all The Rock is proud of a certain someone, The Rock is proud to be that man’s friend, The Rock is proud to face that man next week in his FINAL match. The Rock is proud … of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Crowd Pops HUGE for Austin’s mention

The Rock: That’s right. Next week, one on one, mono ay mono, The Final Encounter, The Final Chapter, Last Time Ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock.

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Well if you people like that, then you are going to LOVE what The Rock has got for each and everyone of you here in The UK TONIGHT. You see The Rock wasn’t in the best of spirits last week, The Rock had just lost a very important match and then along came Stone Cold Steve Austin who challenged The Great One to that epic one on one match next week and quite frankly, that put The Rock back in high spirits, so much so that tonight right here in London, England … The Rock wants to sing a song baby!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: But The Rock doesn’t want to just sing a song, oh no because you see The Rock (smiles) … is a little shy.

Rock smirks as the crowd laughs at the comment

The Rock: Therefore The Rock wants to sing … a duet. But not just any duet , The Rock wants to sing a duet with a special someone, a good friend of his, and his name is -

** GLASS SHATTERS ** and the crowd rises to their feet, absolutely ERUPTING in the process as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way out to the ring, all smiles. Austin does his signature strut down the ramp and quickly rolls into the squared circle, throwing up his arms as the crowd cheers before getting a microphone.

Stone Cold: Rock, lets do this. (Starts to sing) I -

The Rock: Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! Steve, The Rock isn’t ready and he damn sure knows you aren’t either, we’re going to have to prepare a little first ..

Stone Cold: Alright, no problem.

Stone Cold Clears his throat obnoxiously loud right into the microphone

Stone Cold: Ready.

The Rock: No, No, No. The Rock means that you and he need to pick out a song.

Stone Cold: Well hell it doesn’t matter, in fact I got one off the top of my head and it goes like this …


Stone Cold: Drinking beer and taking names…


Stone Cold: Here I come, but I aint the same …


Stone Cold: Mama, I’m coming home …


Stone Cold: Times gone by seem to be …


Stone Cold: Rock, couldn’t have been a better enemy ..


Stone Cold: Mama, I’m coming home …


Stone Cold: I whooped your ass and you took me out ..


Stone Cold: You had me hypnotized …


Stone Cold: Lost and found and turned around ..


Stone Cold: Drinking beer all night!!

Crowd Pops HUGE

Stone Cold: You made me bleed, you told me lies …


Stone Cold: But its hard to say goodbye …

The Rock: (Cutting Stone Cold off) Alright, alright. Austin, you may be one tough SOB but you quite frankly cant sing for monkey crap, let The Rock show you just how its done.

The Rock gets into a pose.

The Rock: Here come old Stone Cold, he come grooving up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller
He got no hair and bad knees
Got to be a redneck, he whoops ass when he please
Come together, right now for the beat

Crowd Cheers

The Rock: He wears no shoe shine, he’s one bad ass mofo
He whoops jabroni’s, he kicks ass like a pro
And that’s the bottom line ’cuz Stone Cold said so
Come together right now over me

Crowd Cheers, with Austin smiling in the background

The Rock: He -

Stone Cold: Hold up a minute you sing along sumbitch, I think I figured what song we can do.

The Rock: … Oh really?

Stone Cold: You know that show, Friends?

The Rock: (Smiles) Oh The Rock knows Friends …

Stone Cold: Well … (Starts to sing) So no one told you life was gonna be this way? Your jobs a joke, your broke, your love life’s DOA!!

The Rock: ( Joins in) It’s like your always stuck in second gear, and when it hasn’t been your day, your month, or even your year BUT ..

Stone Cold: I’ll be there for you.

The Rock: When the rain starts to pour …

Stone Cold: I’ll be there for you ..

The Rock: Like I been there before …

Stone Cold: Cuz’ hell, your there for me too!!

The Rock: No one could ever know me, no one could ever see me …

Stone Cold: (Stopping) Hell, I’m all out of words.

The Rock stops and laughs, along with the crowd who begin duelling chants of “Austin” and “Rocky” chants throughout the arena.

The Rock: (Getting serious) Austin, next week you and I, one on one, The Rattlesnake vs. The Great One, Steve Austin vs. The Rock, The Final Chapter of your amazing career. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve whooped each others asses all over the world but quite frankly, The Rock respects you, The Rock considers you a friend, The Rock wishes you the best, heck much like the people, The Rock will miss having you around and quite frankly it is MY honour to go out one more time and thrill each and everyone of them like only The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin can. So next week, in front of the millions and MILLIONS of The Rock and Stone Cold’s fans, lets go out and simply … electrify.

Crowd Pops HUGE

Stone Cold: Well I sure as hell can drink to that.


Stone Cold: And as far as next week is concerned, you want to go out and steal the show like me and you have done time and time again?


Stone Cold: You want to beat the hell out of each other one more time?


Stone Cold: Well I guess there’s only one thing left to say ..


Stone Cold: OH HELL YEAH!!

Crowd Pops HUGE

Stone Cold: Now lets drink some damn beer!!

Austin throws his microphone out of the ring as his music begins to play and he calls for several beers, tossing two of them to The Rock. Austin gets three for himself and goes to one of the corners, doing his signature beer routine with most of it missing his mouth and just getting everywhere, including the crowd. Austin then gets down and toasts The Rock who proceeds to down both of his beers surprisingly rather quickly.

Austin then calls for more beer and continues the beer bash, with the crowd staying on their feet as Austin continues to down several beers with no sign of slowing down. Meanwhile The Rock just watched on, laughing a little before leaving the ring, giving Austin the stage. The Rock heads up the stage and turns only to nod toward Austin, showing respect one week before they meet in Austin’s final retirement match. Meanwhile Austin continues to celebrate in the ring as we go to a commercial.

Video package plays, the same as last week concerning Kurt Angle. However, at the end, it shows a graphic, saying “KURT ANGLE RETURNS - NEXT WEEK”

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, what a celebration moments ago from “The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin. I don’t know about you partner but I’m absolutely covered in beer, its everywhere. Look at this ..

Tazz: Stop being such a pansy girl pants, that celebration was off the hook, definitely a beer bash for the ages and your out here crying about your twenty dollar suit smelling like Miller? Please. Its stuff like this that makes everyone question your sexuality.

Michael Cole: Whatever. But anyways ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t marked it down on your calendar, now is the time to do so. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s final match is next week, LIVE from Dallas, Texas and I guarantee it’ll be a night to remember.

Tazz: Austin’s on his way out, an amazing career behind him but he’s got one more stop in front of his hometown crowd of Dallas next week, where he takes on The Rock and I’m positive both these guys will put it all on the line, especially The Rattlesnake.
Michael Cole: And that’s not all. Next week, Kurt Angle returns to Smackdown, after taking the last two weeks to think about the defeat he suffered at WrestleMania to Bret Hart. Angle is back on Smackdown - NEXT WEEK!!!

** Haas of Pain ** hits and Charlie Haas makes his way out into the arena to a decent reaction from the crowd, however Haas has an extremely pissed off look on his face and completely ignores the fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Here’s a guy that shocked me last Monday. I honestly thought Charlie Haas would be excited about moving to Smackdown and being able to test his skills in singles action but he completely lost it, throwing a ridiculous fit in the backstage area that even his former partner Shelton Benjamin couldn’t control.

Tazz: The guy went absolutely insane, destroying monitors and screaming profanities at everyone in site, I wonder how much money in damage he cost this company with his little tirade on Monday?

Match # 4: Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman

Haas continues to shock everyone with his attitude as the minute the bell sounds, Kidman goes for a lock up only for Haas to catch him by surprise with a stiff boot to the face heard throughout the arena. For the next few moments its all Haas with Kidman never being able to mount a proper comeback, even at one being caught in the corner with Haas repeatedly kneeing him in the face, almost getting disqualified for his actions. The finish comes when Haas applies his signature Haas of Pain for the submission victory.

Winner by Submission: Charlie Haas

Haas doesn’t let go of the hold, keeping it locked tightly and forcing several officials from the back to run to the ring and attempt to reason with him to break the hold. Finally after awhile he does, and looks around the arena, raising his fist in the air however the fans that were somewhat behind him earlier have noticeably turned on him, with Haas receiving pretty big heat from the crowd. Haas spits on Kidman before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp, while officials tend to Kidman.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is standing by with Triple H.

Josh Mathews: Triple H it is in just a few moments that you get another shot at Chris Benoit’s WWE Championship, how are you feeling especially in comparison to last Monday?

Triple H: Josh, tonight I have a chance to go out and correct the mistakes, I get to go out and right all the wrong’s of Monday Night. Its almost like an almighty force is looking down on me and granting that second chance that I so desperately crave, and tonight, we’re playing my game. This is No DQ, the match that many say made my career. Six years ago I destroyed Mick Foley in this type of match and signified myself as THE top guy in the process. Tonight, I do the same with Chris Benoit. I’m going out there and staining the mat with Benoit’s blood, I’m giving The Wolverine an as kicking long overdue and when its all said and done, I’m taking back my WWE Championship. Now I know Chris Benoit and I know that no matter what the match he’ll bring it and he’ll bring it hard but tonight in MY match with MY rules, I’ll definitely …

Triple H lifts up his signature Sledgehammer

Triple H: Bring it a lot harder.

Triple H taps his sledgehammer before walking off.

Michael Cole: Well its safe to say that Triple H is confident, The Game is ready for a fight and it just so happens that it’s just about Main Event time here on Smackdown. Its Chris Benoit vs. Triple H, WWE Championship on the line, No Disqualifications, when we come back!!


Main Event: WWE Championship: No Disqualification Match

Chris Benoit © vs. Triple H

Both men make their usual entrances with the only difference being that Triple H brings his Sledgehammer with him to the ring and sets it down by the stairs before entering. After both entrances and introductions are made, the match officially gets underway. Things start off as a normal wrestling match with Benoit taking it to The Game with various take downs and such, eventually getting him in the corner and chopping him senseless. Triple H then desperately pushes Benoit off and hits him with a knee to the stomach as Benoit tries to come in and continue the chop fest. Triple H then slams his head on the turnbuckle once before taking him down with a stiff hard right. Triple H then begins to choke out Benoit on the ground with his knee.
Next The Game picks Benoit up and looks to turn this into less of a wrestling atmosphere and more of a fight one as he throws him to the outside, with Benoit smacking the guardrail and Triple H following him out. Triple H smashes Benoit’s head into the canvas for good measure before grabbing him and whipping him into the steel steps. Triple H then stops for a moment to pose for the fans, who give him an incredible amount of heat. The posing looks to be a big mistake on Triple H’s part however as he goes for a running knee on Benoit, who is sitting up against the stairs however The Wolverine moves at the last second and Triple H smashes into the steps himself. Triple H lies over the steel steps in pain as Benoit takes this time to regain his composure before getting to his feet and hooking The Game’s head, nailing a DANGEROUS DDT TO THE FLOOR!! Triple H sells it extremely well, with his legs being straight in the air and his head seemingly taking the entire bump as the crowd around them starts a small “Holy Shit” chant.
Benoit then gets up and stomps Triple H, who has seemingly been busted open, for good measure, showing a fierce side to The Wolverine as he follows that up by bending over and smacking Triple H across the face, screaming “you want a fight?!” before picking Triple H up to his feet slowly and taking him over to the announce table, where he clears everything off and throws Triple H on it before turning looking around the arena, soaking up the crowd before doing what he’s about to do.
Benoit then gets back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle facing the side where Triple H is, getting to the top and doing his cutthroat sign as the crowd cheers anticipating something high impact. Benoit then looks around one more time before lunging off with a FLYING ELBOW!! TRIPLE H ROLLS OFF THE TABLE!!!! BENOIT CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! The arena erupts into holy shit chants as Benoit lies motionless with The Game still on all fours next to him, staring at him with shock.
The shock however soon turns to smiles as Triple H realizes he basically has this match in the bag and The WWE Championship is his for the taking. Triple H gets to his feet and stares down at Benoit, smiling through his crimson covered face and nudging the champion a bit with his foot before laughing and heading over to where the time keeper and Howard Finkle are seated, shooing off Fink and taking the chair he’s seated in as the crowd boos, knowing what The Game is about to do as he folds up the chair. Triple H then walks back over to Benoit and picks him up to his knees, looking to crush him with the chair, however at the last second The Game stops and drops the chair, seemingly getting an idea as he picks up Benoit and drags his lifeless body over to the ring.
Triple H then tosses Benoit into the ring and goes back, picking up the chair and throwing it into the ring as well before getting in himself. Triple H then picks up Benoit again, who surprises The Game with a chop and knee to the stomach as the crowd absolutely erupts for Benoit showing life. The comeback is short lived however as Benoit comes off the ropes and catches him with a kick to the gut, Triple H then wastes no time setting the chair up in the middle of the ring and picking up Benoit, setting him up for a PEDIGREE. Triple H looks set to deliver the move when all of a sudden the crowd ERUPTS, with Triple H quickly letting go of Benoit as PAUL LONDON races down the ramp with The Game quickly trying to meet him as he jumps on the apron. London however grabs Triple H’s Sledgehammer resting on the steps and as he jumps up onto the apron, HE LEVELS THE GAME!!! Triple H stumbles back as Chris Benoit takes advantage with seemingly a third wind, taking The Game down with THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!! Triple H fights the move for a good fifteen seconds before TAPPING OUT!!

Winner By Submission and Still WWE Champion: Chris Benoit @ 18:06

Chris Benoit lets go and quickly rises to his feet, with the referee handing him the title. His adrenaline seemingly wears off quickly however as he falls over, catching himself on the ropes. Meanwhile Paul London heads back up the ramp, smiling at having gotten some revenge on Triple H for taking him out a few weeks ago whilst The Game lies on his stomach, motionless in the ring.

Michael Cole: Paul London has just cost Triple H the WWE Championship!! Chris Benoit for the second week in a row has defeated The Game!!

Tazz: The Smackdown “Golden Boy” is back Cole. As much as I dig The Game, I think London got some well deserved revenge here tonight.

Michael Cole: But it has to make you think, what are the repercussions for London’s actions?? I’m sure everyone would agree that Triple H will not take this lying down and I believe that Paul London may have just signed off on a declaration of war.

Tazz: Agreed, Paul London just bought himself a long-time enemy in the form of The Game, look at him though Cole, Triple H still isn’t moving.

Michael Cole: Triple H is still feeling the effects of a devastating Crippler Crossface courtesy of that man, The WWE Champion, Chris Benoit. Ladies and Gentlemen we thank you for joining us as Smackdown invaded The UK, we will see you next week as we head to Dallas for the final match of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career, thank you all once again, goodnight!!

One final shot of Chris Benoit on the ramp, holding the WWE Championship in the air.

End of Show
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown-4/6 Review:

Nice way to open the show, with Heyman right now seems to be playing the role so far as of a tweener. Should be interesting. Wow big match to start the show. This was a decent match between Hardy and Batista. And while Hardy retains via countout, I'm assuming this feud with these two aren't over just yet. Like I said last week, JBL moving up to the Main Event scene is perfect. No complaints here. As far as RVD's promo, I'm surprised it went that much of a length. Anyway, looking forward to the feud with Sabu w/Alfonso v. RVD. JBL wins a squash match over Holly, while the Spirit Squad makes an appearance in Heyman's office. I can tell that you're sticking with Kenny being the main one of the group. Benoit and Heyman's promo did what it had to do, so for that, I have little left to say about it. I'm impressed, nice way to continue the feud with Jericho and Taker. You bring in Brent Albright, who gets the upset win over Jericho, and Jericho's remarks after the match, continues to build this rivarly up just even better. This was a wonderful promo bro. Classic in every way, and could quite possibly be a contender for Funniest Promo of the Month. The way you're using Hass now reminds me a bit of how Booker T was used when he first came over to Smackdown in I believe 2004. As for the Main Event, what a match! Great action and great ring pyschology! London costing Hunter the match was great and it looks like we have a good feud between the two of them coming up! Once again a great show, and as much as I may not like to say it (j/k) this thread is still in my opinion, the thread to beat! Looking forward to next week's show. 1!

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review
The opening promo with the new GM Paul Heyman was pretty damn good. He was certainly in character and I really liked the way you used the crowd to keep us guessing at which side he was going t fall on: would it be that of his old path, the heels? Or would he choose the light and turn face for once? Of course it resulted in a clear heel character, which I totally agree with, as Heyman is far more effective in this mould. I can see him proving an astronomical hindrance to Chris Benoit's WWE title reign, though I do not see Benoit dropping the belt to Triple H tonight. Batista and Hardy on the other hand...

Good match to open up with. You continued Matt Hardy's excellent run with the United States Championship, but did it in a way that did not diminish the unquestionable power of Batista. The Animal still came across as very strong, and it seemed that Hardy was only able to pull off a victory via count out, out of sheer desperation on his part. I'm not sure whether or not this will result in a feud between the two, as you will probably now look to push Batista further up the card in his singles career.

A superb JBL interview here. I've been enjoying the slow build up of this character into bordering Main Event status. Now it seems as though he has ended his quest for the United States Championship and his rivalry with Matt Hardy and is turning attention to the WWE Championship. So maybe Hardy will feud with Batista after all? JBL is one of the most entertaining men ever and you've captured that perfectly. His final words said it all.

The RVD and Bill Alphonso feud has been a surprise treat of late to this BTB. Unexpected and spectacular, it arrived out of the blue and has been proving an intriguing concept. RVD doesn't normally voice his concerns so energetically as he did here, but then again he is never usually this furious as someone, especially when that someone is his former best friend. I'll be interested to see where this goes next.

Great victory for JBL here to establish in clear ascension to the Upper Card by easily squashing a veteran mid carder like Hardcore Holly. I am very excited by JBL's future in this BTB now.

I really enjoyed the next segment in Paul Heyman's office. Initially I found the Spirit Squad very amusing. It was an excellent and accuarate representation of them, which certainly caused me to smile. The next entrant was Chris Benoit, and the WWE Champion was intense as ever, really hyping a simmering rivalry between himself and Heyman. It's not going to be along the lines of McMahon/Austin, but I just cannot see Heyman being anything other than your every day 'bad guy boss' in this tantalising scenario.

Now we come to my favourite WWE Superstar of all time, Chris Jericho. Of course he was in character, as the past stuff I have read from Y2J in this BTB have been spot on. Great way to really hype his importance without giving him a title shot, is having him feud with The Undertaker. Once again, his insults towards London were hilarious. I'm from the North of England, so that doesn't include me, Chris, right? Anyway, I have absolutely no idea who Brent Albright is, so you will have to excuse my ignorance. It wasn't as bad as I first thought having him defaet Jericho, as it just means that Y2J's feud with the Dead Man has kicked up a notch.
Edit: Oh, it's Gunner Scott! Silly me

Not really sure what this Rock and Austin segment was all about. I might have unfortunately missed something in your thread, so you will have to excuse me if I cannot understand why two of the greatest rivals in WWE history were singing love songs to one another. I just didn't like how it felt I'm afraid, but I'm excited by the prospect of an Austin/Rock match next week.

I am very glad that Charlie Haas is seemingly going to be receiving a singles push in this BTB. He deserves it enormously and you started it off well by having him defeat an impressive opponent in Billy Kidman. His heelish actions after really gave some weight to his new character. One possibility is a feud with Matt Hardy over the United States Championship.

Nice intense promo cut by Triple H next. He has come across really well as a heel of late, really quite sinister in fact. However, it might be No Disqualifications tonight and Triple H might have "The Great Equaliser", but there is just no one I can see Benoit dropping the belt this soon into his deserved reign.

Another brilliant Main Event title match between Triple H and Benoit here. I think this one actually tops the one on the Draft Lottery show. Triple H used the No Disqualification rule to his advantage well, but Paul London showed up and cost him dearly. I will be checking back through your thread to see where this rivalry came from, because I had no idea that Triple H and London were feuding. I apologise for that but salute you for the MOTN.

Overall another spectacular installment of this BTB. The feuds all moved along smoothly and new ones were glimpsed on the horizon. Spelling and grammar was tip top, as I saw very few errors to note.

9.5 Out Of 10 - Magnificent!
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