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Re: Being The Booker

First off, I must say, that Snap has pretty much just copied how you layout a show Wolf, it seems like I am reading one your SmackDown's from before WM, it's eerily similar...

Opening promo was very good. Went on for a while and almost dragged for too long, but Lesnar, Trips and Rock all make good claims to Vinnie Mac who will be the GM for tonight, everyone was well in character and a big triple threat is made for tonight's main event, which you could see developing from the beginning. Benoit vs the winner at RAW's Draft show should be good, regardless of which of the three get to win tonight. I'll pick a Benoit/Lesnar rematch

Little AMW pre-match interview was fair enough, had the traditional line from Storm to end it. AMW go over the Un Americans team, and I wonder who their next challengers will be? Dudley Boyz perhaps?

JBL interrupts a filler match between Holly & Snitsky before it can even begin, and gives a run of the mill JBL style promo. The end is what grabbed me, perhaps pushing JBL into the main event scene sooner than later? He'll be a good addition

Kash beats Dragon just to get the CW's on the show really, Kash could do with a new feud to sustain the CW title's status on SD!

Maven lol! Hardy will beat him definately, and Austin was back there after all. Sadly, I get the feeling that he's gonna be rubbed out of this thread soon

Short and precise promo from Benoit about what he has planned for 06 pretty much, to be the champion for the whole year as it's his for the taking apparently. I doubt he'll hold it for that long tho

Dudleyz easy winners over the Dicks, and then are attacked by the debuting Spirit Squad? Ugh, why not just have Kenny by himself. I hate the SS, the gimmick and the fact you just had them bury one of the best tag teams around. I guess they'll be AMW's next opponents, and I hope AMW send them packing. But, because they just debuted, I won't be surprised to see them win the belts and have a coasting run with them

As expected, Hardy beats Maven but not as easily as I thought, Maven for the first time in this thread has been made to look credible...

Benoit showing some of that vigor he has stored in him, and proves that he'll be no push over champion

HHH is an angry man, and he could stay that way if he doesn't win next up

Good main event, but one thing annoyed me, Twice Lesnar went for an F5, and twice Rock did the exact same counter, landing on his feet and nailing a DDT. That's all well and good once, but twice in the same match is kinda lackluster and perhaps a different counter should've been used. Anyways, Lesnar does connect with an F5, but HHH steals the win off the Next Big Thing! Big surprise to see The Game win this, but you can be sure Lesnar won't be done just yet

Wait a sec, AUSTIN?!?! O boy, I think it's the retirement speech. Austin is going, but he ain't going just yet. Austin vs Rock in two weeks, what a match for SmackDown! It's gonna suck not seeing Austin around anymore in this thread, but what has to be done, has to be done. Great moment to end the show with Austin & Rock downing some beers, and it should be a great way to say goodbye to Stone Cold.

I can see why Wolfy decided to go with you Snap. You are quite the writer. I did not remember you being this good from before. Only thing is, try and differ your shows layouts in the future as this felt like a Wolfy show, and not his partner's show. Apart from that, this was good stuff, and it's safe to say that "Being the booker" is gonna be as good as it's been before. 8/10


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Re: Being The Booker

SD! Review Presented by WWE - The Degenerate Way

Opening Promo: One of the most Gnarly promos I have ever read! Every single person was in character, especially The Rock. I loved that the 3 men argued over the number 1 contendership and McMahon refused all. Great main-event scheduled and can’t wait for special draft lottery RAW.

AMW vs. Regal/Storm - Good pre-match interview from AMW. Sounded like a good match, and I’m interested to see what’s next for AMW coming off their loss at WM. I’m taking a guess that they are going to work their way up the ranks once again.

JBL Promo - Awesome promo here with JBL in tip-top form even coming off his loss. I can see JBL getting a push to the upper mid-card soon when he makes the impact that he is talking about.

Kash vs. Ultimo Dragon - Nice to see the cruiserweights get a good push on this Smackdown, even though it seemed to be more of a filler. And also nice to see Kash pick up the win.

Maven Promo - Nice good heel promo here from Maven. I’m really liking your promo work with this show dude.

Benoit Promo - Very cool promo here. Chris Benoit seems really intense and excited about being the new WWE champion, which he should be. Benoit is 4 Real!!

Dudley’s/Spirit Squad - rofl, when I was reading this I could totally imagine the Dudley’s reaction to something like this. I must say I look forward to this feud, just so I can read about the Spirit Squad getting their asses kicked.

U.S Title - Maven loses just like I predicted, and I’m taking a guess that a fued may take place between these two. Good match and good work again.

Heyman/Benoit - Good to see that Benoit isn’t no pushover! Good promo between these two, I always loved Heyman as a heel manager.

HHH Promo - Angry Triple H = A master on the mic. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Triple Threat Match - GREAT match man, and I absolutely loved the ending! Heyman screwing Rock, Triple H taking advantage of Lesnar is pure gold, and shows why he is the cerebral assassin. I’m a bit disappointed that Rock didn’t win but the quality of the match made up for it mate.

Ending - Rock vs. Austin! FTW!! Can’t freakin wait.

Overall - Amazing. 9.5/10
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Re: Being The Booker

YoungBloodChampion's SD! Review

Opening Segment/McMahon/Lesnar/Triple H/The Rock: 8.5/10
Awesome way to start off the show. Pretty major announcement by Vince. I like how you're adding this good talent in here. I also like how Vince is saying they have to earn it, even though Brock does deserve a rematch.

America’s Most Wanted vs. William Regal and Lance Storm: 8/10
Great opener with AMW winning straight off their 'Mania win. Could lead to a great tag team feud. Who am I kidding. Regal and Storm!! I don't think so. I don't wanna see a rematch. But still, great opening match.

JBL Segment: 9/10
Great segment for JBL off his 'Mania lost. Pretty obvious he was announcing that he's moving up to the WWE Titl hunt. Either that, or he's moving to RAW. Should've been there long ago. Didn't really care about everything else that happened.

Kid Kash © vs. Ultimo Dragon: 7.5/10
Good title defense didn't see mcuh happen here. Would've liked to know more on what happened and how it happened. A little more crusierweight action. That's what SD! is all about.

Maven Segment: 8/10
I guess if it really has to be Maven. I would've perfered somebodyelse. Maven isn't exactly the best choice to contend for the United States Title. But, who do you have left, ya' know. Oh well.

Benoit Segment: 8.5/10
Things looking good for Benoit. Huge 'Mania win, taking a break. Should be back in action soon. Not a major announcement, but still, making a great impact now that he's champ!

The Dudley’s vs. The Dicks: 8/10
3-D's win is an awesome set-up for the Spirit Squad debut. Should be a great feud.

Matt Hardy © vs. Maven: 8.5/10
Surprised to see Hardy get a frsh win off his 'Mania win. I mean, I know he just won the title, but after the performance he put up, he should be tired. But hey, he will not die. Excellent performance. Good start to a US Title feud.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. The Rock: 9/10
Huge main event. Triple H winning was the best choice. I like where it's going. Benoit and HHH at RAW in two weeks. Looking foward to something shocking and exciting!!

The Rock/Stone Cold Segment: 8.5/10
It takes you back to that one 'Mania when they fought for the title. Ah, this one's gonna be sweet and personal. Hopefully, this should be their greatest confrontation yet! Looking foward to the RAW special in Dallas!!

Overall: 89/100 = B+
Great 'Mania fallout. Possibly the 2nd best one. Compared to mine, which will be posted on my BTB soon. As usual, another great Being the Booker show!! Anyhow, looking foward to seeing Snap and you in the future and this this RAW in two weeks!! I'll be reading!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make a sweet $40 bucks plowing snow!!!

Peace Blood, Peace Almighty.
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Re: Being The Booker

Heat Results:

Booker T & Goldust defeated The Heart Throbs

Mark Henry defeated Val Venis

Molly Holly defeated Lita

Nick Dinsmore defeated The Hurricane


Velocity Results:

Rob Conway defeated Scotty Too Hotty

The AFA defeated The Basham Brothers

Chris Masters defeated a local jobber

Tajiri defeated Simon Dean


WWE.COM news:

the wwe has come to terms on the release of the following superstars;
Shaniqua, Rikishi, Billy Gunn, Sylvain Grenier, Bull Buchanan, Ivory and Jacqueline. We wish them well in all their future endeavours.


Official Raw Preview:
With the huge three hour special this Monday from Earls Court in London, England, Mr. McMahon has issued with some major match announcements...

Besides the impending appointments of a new General Manager on both Raw and Smackdown to be done at the top of the show this Monday, already announced of course last week on Raw was the match between Shawn Michaels and Batista, along with a non title contest, pitting the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito up against 'Captain Charisma' Christian.

Since that time though, we found out that history will be made this Monday, as Smackdowns showcase match will feature the new WWE Champion, Chris Benoit make his first title defence against the former nine time champion, Triple H. It will be the first time that the Smackdown world championship has been defended on Raw.
And with such a historical match set to take place, Vince McMahon has made the decision that for the first time ever, a Smackdown match will main event a Raw broadcast. Will Benoit prove he is for real and hold back the challenge of The Game?? Or will Triple H score that landmark tenth world championship victory??

This past weekend, Mister McMahon has been busy informing of other plans for this Monday night too, and has announced a further ?? more matches.

These matches will see World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a non title match against his former GM, Ric Flair, in a No Disqualification Match. Cena has patiently waited for a chance to get his hands on Flair after suffering at the hands of The Nature Boy during his spell in charge of Raw, but now he will get to unload his frustration with no rules to follow.

Mr. McMahon has also decided to use as much star power as possible, and with Smackdown already in the building, he will use their roster to full use, with a six man tag match, pitting three Raw supertars (Edge, Rob Van Dam & Mister Kennedy) taking on three Smackdown superstars (JBL, Chris Jericho and United States Champion, Matt Hardy). By the time this match takes place, some of these stars could well be part of the opposition show, which could create a unique dynamic.

And finally, a fatal four way match has also been signed by the boss, with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin set to defend their World Tag Team Titles against Booker T & Goldust, The Brotherhood and The Heart Throbs. Can the self proclaimed worlds greatest tag team be triumphant once again?? Find out on Raw.

Also, dont forget, six contracted performers from Raw will be drafted to Smackdown, and six Smackdown employees will move in the opposite direction throughout the night.
With no champions, superstars, referees, commentators or timekeepers safe from the draft, the face of the WWE could be changed FOREVER!!!

Tune in for this unforgettable THREE HOUR edition of Raw, live from London England, this Monday night!!!


News and Rumours:

It is heavily expected that Eric Bischoff will be announced as GM of Raw, but as of yet there are no firm candidates STILL for the position on Smackdown. Names being thrown around contain Shane or Stephanie McMahon - but with Stephanie set to give birth in the summer, she is set to be ruled out of the race - Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and Paul Heyman and Theodore Long have been mentioned, despite already having on air roles as managers.

One of The Undertaker and Chris Jericho are expected to move shows on Raw, in order to continue their feud, which looks set to run for a little longer

Smackdown is heavily expected to get the better run of the draft, with the show losing star power recently, with the loss of Goldberg, and the upcoming retirement of Steve Austin. Those losses will leave the top tier on Smackdown thin, but that situation is expected to be addresed on Monday.

Other rumoured drafts include RVD moving to Smackdown, with Sabu expected to end up on the show with him, and JBL was heavily rumoured to be heading to Raw, but it appears changes have been made, and it is expected that The Cabinet will be kept in tact, in full on Smackdown.

Neither of The Rock or Steve Austin travelled to England with the rest of the company, which means both will miss Mondays show, but both are expected to be in the country for Smackdown later in the week to hype Austins retirement match on April 13th.
Despite some rumours, it WILL be The Rattlesnakes final match, with no angle set to come from the match in Dallas in a week and a halfs time.

Expect more women to be called up from OVW in the coming weeks and months to Raw in order to boost the womens division. Both Jillian Hall and Alexis Laree have travelled to England, and are set to appear on the tour at some point, whilst Melina Perez is expected to debut soon with MNM, who have impressed in OVW.

The tag team division on Raw is also set to be restructed in the coming months in what is likely to be a slow process, but long term will be worthwhile.

Six releases were made this weekend, with the release of Shaniqua no surprise. That looked to be written in stone a long time ago. Billy Gunn is said to have asked for his release after getting little exposure in the last twelve months, bar appearances on Heat. Creative wanted to move away from Ivory and Jacqueline from the womens roster, whilst Bull Buchanan and Rikishi had failed to full recover from long term injuries.


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Re: Being The Booker

Interesting set of news Wolfy. I'm looking forward to Raw, and it's good to see Mickie, Beth, and Melina being called up to the roster real soon. I'm however very interested in seeing who will be the 12 people switching brands. I have a feeling, and I might be wrong, that the WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champions, Benoit and Cena, respectively might be switching shows. Well we'll see, when you post Raw tomorrow. Will be reviewing. 1!

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Re: Being The Booker

All I read was "yada, yada, yada, Alexis Laree, yada, yada"

RAW looks good this week. I'll try to get a double review of RAW and SmackDown up eventually.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker

RAW preview looks good Wolfy.

As for the news, no surprises really to see any of the six go, I forgot you had Bull Buchanan still one your roster, amazed he lasted this long. I have a strong feeling maybe either Orton or Cena will get moved to SD! after their possible match at Backlash.


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Re: Being The Booker

Nice Raw preview Wolfy. Ill try to get a review in for ya!
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Re: Being The Booker

Great preview Wolf, it is definately shaping up to be a show to remember with the announcements of the new General Managers, and the Draft set to take place. All confirmed macthes so far look fantastic, and the main event between Benoit and the Game should be top class! Can't wait man!

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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Before I begin, I've never seen your work before Snap, but after reading this ... I understand fully why Wolfie choice you. The opening promo was a very solid promo indeed. I think it was a smart decision to have these three go at it, and have it end when it did Snap, and I very much enjoyed the comments from all of them and nothing really bad about this promo. I kinda think it could of had Chris Benoit come out as well, to add a little more spice, and to get him out in the opening segment, but thats just my opinion on that ... good stuff Snap, impressive to say the least.

Nice little promo with AMW here, refocusing on the tag division, which needs some rebuilding I think. AMW win with ease, a little squash for the champions, since it is that cause the other team had no chance at winning. Very solid JBL promo, which I enjoyed, and the start of it was good with The Cabinet and all. Kash retains over Ultimo, nice little defense. Gotta love the use of Maven here tbh, the promo was alright, but he was used well and continuing this little thing with Austin I suppose, he'll get squashed probably next week to Austin. Benoit has a decent promo here, he needed a slot to say stuff like this, so thankfully he got it at this point in the show since he's new champ and all.

The Dudley's win the match with a squash victory, and The Spirit Squad debut here, which is interesting. A little SS/Dudley's feud will erupt from this probably, and this was a nice way to debut them, beat down The Dudley's and they make an impact. Hardy wins a title match here, and Maven loses again, as I figured would happen. The Heyman/Benoit promo was well done I believe, as Benoit has been put over well as the champion here, and should be building a big time title reign with the superstars he will be facing. A nice strong promo here from HHH as well, and Snap I am quite impressed how you hit all these characters gimmicks so well tonight, good job, and I expect HHH to win since Rock vs. Benoit will be saved for later, and HHH deserves at least a main event match.

Very nicely written main event description, which I enjoyed much so here, and surprisingly we see Steve Austin come out unexpectedly after. A very good promo, and its nice to see the way Austin is going to go out, and I can see what Austin will be doing after this ... possibly SD GM? I think that would fit at the moment, that may be a swerve possibility I suppose. Anyways, a great end to a very solid show Snap, and you got me hooked/impressed me a lot with this. Rock vs. Austin will be huge when it happens, and it will be nice to see it possibly written in full, since it is Austin's last match. Good show, enjoy reading the review, and I couldn't really say anything horrible about the show. But possibly lower the tone of squashes, since Hardy vs. Maven, pretty much a squash. AMW vs. Storm & Regal, an easy predictable squash it seemed, and The Dudley's vs. The Dicks were of course a squash. Thats all for now, enjoy.
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