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Re: Being The Booker

Mac’s RAW Review

Christian promo to kick off the show was a good one. Shocking to see him go face and itll be interesting to see if he’ll be able to keep that edge that makes him so entertaining. Carlito interrupting was ok but Christian feuding with CCC seems like a major step down after feuding with Steve Austin. We’ll see how it turns out. A couple of big things announced for tonight. Good job setting things up for the rest of the show and shed a little light on where things are headed in the coming weeks. Draft Lottery should be huge.

Van Dam-Sabu feud is looking really interesting. I don’t know where its leading (besides the obvious Extreme Rules match) but it sounds a bit like an invasion angle.

Thought for sure that TWGTT would pick up the victory following their big Mania win. Anyway after this win by The Brotherhood, I’m assuming two title matches for Backlash I pretty much penciled in.

Nice little comedic segment with Carlito as he continues to search for a partner.

Long match from Mysterio and Van Dam. Edge’s interference is to be expected after the Mania events but it was shocking that Sabu and Fonzie didn’t make their presence known. Edge leaving the briefcase instead of taking it was a bit strange as well but you always have a plan so we’ll see how it turns out. Nice way to get the two men into a singles feud.

The partner chase continues as Carlito bugs Mr. Kennedy, with KK giving him the obvious denial. I hope the mini-feud that took place between the two before Mania continues and after that segment, it just may.

Really good segment with D-Generation X and the New Horsemen. It took a while for all the elements to come together (DX face turn, Flair somewhat motivating Michaels, while remaining a heel). The feud between these two factions should be off the charts. Team battle at Backlash?

Meh, wasn’t a huge fan of this. I guess cause I’ve never been a fan of Kane. Anyway, he runs through a couple of teams and looks even more like a monster, building up more momentum since his return.

Nice segment with Chris Jericho and it seems that his feud with The Undertaker will be continuing. McMahon adds him to the tag match with Carlito, finally getting him a partner. Should be a good one.

Kennedy picks up a squash win over A-train and the most entertaining wrestler in the E () gets back on the right track. Finlay debuting?? Can’t wait.

Solid promo from Edge and he’s in his usual whining mode, bitching about the MITB ROTD match. I doubt he’ll get the match, as he’ll lose anyway and needs to maintain his momentum.

Huge matches announced for next week in Batista-Michaels and Carlito-Christian. Stacked show next week.

Nice tag match with Jericho constantly being distracted by thinking of The Undertaker. Christian picks up the win and continues to roll coming out of Mania. I guess this means CCC will pick up the win next week but it looks like this mini-feud may be coming to an end.

Decent Cena promo. Not a fan of Cena’s character but he was perfectly in it, putting over his tough, ‘go get ‘em’ attitude. Christian interrupting was a bit awkward and possibly hinting at a future feud but since they’re both faces it may not happen for a while.

Rhyno is chosen as the opponent and Cena deals with him rather easily, making him tap out to the STFU. The aftermath with Orton was well done, if not a little offbeat since Orton lost a HUGE match at Mania. Intriguing.

Overall: 8.5/10 Good show, as always. Definitely got things off to a fresh start after WrestleMania. The face turns by Christian, DX (and Kennedy & Van Dam) are definitely opening things up for fresh feuds. Nice work.

On a side note, I really appreciate the comments in your interview. Really.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker

Okay, this might'nt be popular, but it's something thats been bugging me for a while now, and it was going to happen sooner rather than later. I've noticed myself in recent times that my contribution to the BTB section is declining, and I dont think I'll have an opportunity to make more of a contribution, in terms of inputting my thoughts on other threads.

However, I do still have the desire to write shows. I now look at booking as one of my main hobbies (not one I tell my friends about though), but in the past few months (maybe even the last year), I've noticed in myself that reviewing other shows more of a chore (thats not to say the quality of shows arent good, it's just I've been doing the same thing for three years now, and after so long it does get more of a chore).

Personally, I find myself booking now just for my own amusement in my spare time, rather than trying to be the best around as I had done for so long. So basically, in other words I'm not stopping from booking, but I'm no longer going to be in it for reviews and awards etc. I've racked up enough anyway, lol.

From this point on really, my contribution to threads will possibly cease to exist. Of course I'll be trying my best as a moderator, but I've given enough to the forum, booking wise, that I dont need the reviews, and I dont need to spend time to dish them out either. From time to time I'll feel compelled to respond to a show I take a look at, but I'm strictly now a part timer (BTB version of The Undertaker??)

For those wondering, I will be returning all the reviews I got for WrestleMania, but God knows when. Sorry for letting anyone down too.

And please, treat this as more of a statement, rather than something to respond too, as I dont want to read the same replies worded differently for a page and a half. And by that I mean a few replies saying "I'll still read the show from time to time" if you do, that's your prerogative, but I wouldnt see the point in reviewing a booker that you know wont be doing the same in return.

I'll still be available for advice, and I'll be doing my best in terms of moderation, so you dont get rid of me that easily. Anyways, there'll be news on Smackdown soon enough for those interested in knowing.
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Re: Being The Booker

I know you said you did not want a response, but I am in concurrence with you. I feel reluctant to do reviews. I remember when reviewing was fun for me, people would PM me for a review, I would review four of your shows in one day, and I could accomplish so much. Now, it is like a drain. When I see that a PPV is posted, I groan at the prospect of reviewing the whole thing since BTB has evolved to the point of one hundred pages PPVs. Reading is great and enjoyable, but combining that with a review is dreadful.

I will definitely be reading all of your shows and be leaving my few sentences of input. I was wondering when this would happen to you because you dish out the most detailed reviews.
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Re: Being The Booker

If you were a BTB version of the Undertaker, you'd be taleneted.

Oh snap.

Anyway, I feel where you're coming from, however it'll be a real shame to lose you as a regular reviewer since you're one of the best at doing the job. That really sucks

Yeah, I replied, so what?

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: Being The Booker

I know you said you didnt want replies but i thought i would add a noobs view on things. I know, to you, you might be feeling bad about being like this but i do the same. When i had my first thread, i told everyone i would not return any reviews, except a select few and that stands to this day. If anyone deserves the right to write and not return reviews, its you after how much you have put in.

Also, if people dont review just because they are not getting one back, thats jusrt ignorent (South Park Michael Jackson Voice) and obviously only they are only in it for personal gain.

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for the inactivity.

Heres the latest;

Snap has encountered some problems, and for the time being wont be able to contribute to the thread. He has however completed the first two Smackdowns, which I will post, before taking over, and recapping the show, up until he is ready to step back in.

So please, there is no need to PM me and nominate yourself to take his place. I've promised Snap I'd leave the spot open for him, and when you see the quality of the two shows he has written, you should understand why.

Unfortunately, my stance on reviews still stands, but I'll appreciate it greatly if the shows were still to be looked at.

I'll post the Smackdown tonight, provided I find it by that time, and the following Raw will be posted in a day or two, as I prepare to make up for lost time.
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Smackdown;
Las Vegas, Nevada; March 30, 2006

Before the Smackdown intro, Shinedowns ‘Shed Some Light’ plays, with highlights from the SD side of Wrestle Mania, along with the inter promotional matches from last night, and ends with the shot of Chris Benoit victorious at the close of the show.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Less than four days ago, just a block away, Wrestlemania 22 shook the world of sports entertainment like no other, leaving behind memories that will surely last a lifetime however tonight is the Smackdown fallout of that epic event. Are you ready?

Tazz: Oh man I was born ready and personally speaking last Sunday was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. We got to call some truly epic, amazing matches and it’s a night that you, the superstars in the back, the fans or I will soon forget.

Michael Cole: It was spectacle for the ages, but much like the new year begins in January of 2006, the wrestling year begins the week after Wrestlemania, and we must now prepare ourselves for another explosive year of Sports Entertainment as we go forward toward Wrestlemania 23 next year in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tazz: Well last year was off the hook and I’m sure we’re in for another wild ride this time around. I personally cant wait to see what the future holds or for that matter another explosive Wrestlemania come 2007.

** NO CHANCE ** hits and the crowd erupts into a mixed although large reaction as The Chairman of the board, Vince McMahon power walks his way out onto the stage.

Michael Cole: Well earlier this week on it was announced that Vince McMahon would be taking control of each of the respective brands for one week following Wrestlemania while the current GM situation is sorted out, which it will be by RAW this coming Monday.

Tazz: Well we’ve seen both Bret Hart and Ricky Steamboat with the role and quite honestly I’m psyched to see who the boss has lined up to call the shots around here, I know I’ll be waiting anxiously along with the rest of The Smackdown locker room for the announcement this Monday Night.

McMahon quickly gets in the ring, quickly being handed a microphone.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right, tonight no GM’s, no inmates running the asylum … because I’M CALLING THE SHOTS!!

Mixed Reaction

Mr. McMahon: We’ll have this whole GM issue sorted out this by this Monday, but tonight, hell … LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Heck lets not just have some fun, lets have a HELL of a lot of fun!!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Hell we’re in Vegas!! Lets have -

** HERE COMES THE PAIN ** hits and the Former WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring with his agent Paul Heyman trailing behind him. The crowd gives him MAJOR heat however Lesnar ignores it and hops into the ring, quickly getting a microphone.

Brock Lesnar: Sorry to interrupt your fun, but you know something .. I’m glad you’re here. You see because I don’t want to talk to some second rate General Manager, I don’t want to talk to some second in command cronie, I want to talk to you. Because whereas past General Manager’s have played favorites and made it as easy as possible for “their” wrestlers to take whatever they want, I know your not like that. You’re the head guy, the president of this billion dollar company, and if anyone knows what’s right for business, its you. Hell lets just cut to the chase, last Sunday, point blank, I was ROBBED of my WWE Championship.

Crowd starts a “You Tapped Out” Chant

Brock Lesnar: Ignore them. Over the course of my short career, I have established myself as THE marquee of not just Smackdown but WWE as a whole, I went from being “The Next Big Thing” to “The Iron Man”. Royal Rumble, King Of The Ring, I won them both my rookie year, I beat The Rock for the WWE Championship in a matter of months, MONTHS. I did everything I could possibly do, I am the definition for what success in this company is and yet somehow, SOMEHOW, it all came crashing down last Sunday.

Crowd continues to with “You Tapped Out” Chants

Brock Lesnar: Somehow that minor, that nobody Chris Benoit ..

Crowd Popsfor Benoit and continues the “You Tapped Out” chant

Brock Lesnar: SHUT UP!!

Crowd continues the “You Tapped Out” chants

Brock Lesnar: Screw it. As I was saying, somehow Chris Benoit did what nobody thought he could do, what by all rights he SHOULDN’T have been ABLE to do. Chris Benoit … beat me.

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Tell me, is there a point to this recap of last Sunday?

Brock Lesnar: Damn right there is. I want my rematch, I want a chance to right the wrongs of Wrestlemania and I want it TONIGHT.

Crowd Pops loud at the possibility of “Benoit - Lesnar 2”

Mr. McMahon: That does indeed sound interesting -

** King Of Kings ** hits and “The Game” Triple H makes his way out onto the ramp, sporting a bandage on his head following Sunday’s war with Shane McMahon, with a microphone already in his hand to a mixed reaction which slowly turns into a majority of heat.

Triple H: Let me … let me see if I’m following this right. You actually think that going out at Wrestlemania, getting your ass handed to you by Chris Benoit and going from the man to beat to “who gives a crap” in the span of twenty five minutes qualifies you for a title shot??

Mixed Reaction

Triple H: Let me tell you what qualifies someone for a title shot. Going out, despite being overlooked and underutilized, despite not having the Main Event slot that you so eagerly crave, that you so eagerly deserve, going out and once again stealing the show on the biggest stage of them all, that’s what qualifies you for a title shot. And it just so happens, that’s what I did.

Brock Lesnar: BULL SH*T!! All you’ve done is bitch and moan for the past month about not being in the Main Event of Wrestlemania, well quite frankly you didn’t DESERVE to be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania! And you know what? Now that I think about, you don’t deserve to be in the Main Event on Smackdown period!

Crowd actually cheers Lesnar for his comments, whilst Triple H looks ready to explode but cools down before speaking again.

Triple H: Oh, that means a lot coming from a guy that fell on his head at his first Wrestlemania, almost got his ass beat by a washed up has been at his second Wrestlemania, and DID get his ass beat by one at his third … and to think all this before tapping out at his fourth. I don’t know maybe the highflying/beating up the elderly jig every year just isn’t working for ya’ or something. One things for sure though, haha you leave one hell of a lasting impression.

Brock Lesnar: Hunter you talk a big game from way over there, why don’t you bring your ass to the ring CURTAIN JERKER.

Triple H seethes at the comment

Triple H: The way I see it, last Sunday you tapped out, tonight … I’LL KNOCK YOU OUT.

Triple H drops his microphone and takes off his suit jacket before strolling to the ring with a pissed off, intense look on his face. He stops at the outside as Lesnar encourages him to step inside however just as he seems primed to do just that, ** IF YA SMELLLLLLL … WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING ** hits to a HUGE reaction from the crowd and The Rock makes his way out to the ramp, microphone in hand to a deafening reaction from the live crowd.

The Rock: First of all, let The Rock just say that .. The Rock is STILL Live from The Sin City, The Home of Wrestlemania 22, Las Vegas, NEVADAAAAAAA!!!

Crowd Pops Huge

The Rock: So let The Rock … just get this straight … you (points to Lesnar and … you (points to Triple H) both want a shot at Chris Benoit’s Newly Won WWE Championship?? Well let The Rock just say that quite frankly, he thinks that is a LOAD OF MONKEY CRAP!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: I mean what in the BLUE HELL did either of you do to deserve anything? Triple H, you bitched, moaned and manipulated your way into another match at Wrestlemania, taking out superstars on the way and threatening to sabotage the entire Smackdown brand in the process. Hell, quite frankly the ONLY thing you deserve, is a pink slip and a kick in the ass to send you packing jabroni!

Crowd Pops and in the ring Brock Lesnar nods in agreement.

The Rock: Oh hold it right there Brock Lesnar. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. You see Brock last Sunday you came into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, you went into that match with Chris Benoit as quite possibly THE most dominant force ever to hit Smackdown, and yet you STILL GOT YOUR ASS WHOOPED FROM ONE SIDE OF THE VEGAS STRIP TO THE OTHER COURTESY OF THE RABID WOLVERINE, CHRIS BENOIT!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: And on top of that I guess the old saying “brains over brawns” doesn’t hold true in the Lesnar legacy, or else you’d have remembered to include that little thing called a rematch clause in your contract instead of coming out and bitching a storm for one more chance at past time glory jabroni!

Crowd Pops as Lesnar paces around the ring in a fit of rage.

The Rock: But now The Rock needs YOUR attention, Mr. McMahon. You’ve heard Bambi and Thumper pitch their case for the past few minutes, but just listen to this. You want to create electricity like no other here tonight?? You want to drop a bombshell while you run this show?? Then how about The New WWE Champion Chris Benoit goes one on one with the man that went toe to toe, head to head with HBK Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, The Jabroni Beatin’, Pie Eating, Trail Blazin’, Eye Brow Raisin’, Not Afraid To Fight, Not Afraid To Bleed, MAKE THIS HAPPEN YOU GOT A NEW CHAMPION GUARAN - DAM - TEED, Peoples Champ … THE ROCK!!

Crowd Pops big for the potential of Rock - Benoit for the Championship here tonight.

Mr. McMahon: Alright, hold it! Brock Lesnar you want a title shot? Well he’s got a point, you didn’t put a rematch clause in your contract and that means BOO HOO, SUCKS TO BE YOU, YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO EARN IT!! Triple H, HOW DARE YOU. You think after what you’ve done on this show over the past few weeks I’m actually going to give YOU a title shot?? Think again tough guy!! The United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and Vince McMahon doesn’t negotiate with JACKASSES!! And as for your title shot request Rock, I am going to have to say … NO.

Crowd gives heat

Mr. McMahon: What do you think this is?? I didn’t come here tonight to give away title shots to the first big shot who prances on out here and shows off his grapefruits. You forget who’s running the show?? I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon DAMMIT!!

Mixed Reaction

Mr. McMahon: I do however … have an idea. You see while I am not about to give Brock Lesnar his rematch that easily and I’m in no mood to do Triple H any favors, heck I’m not even giving you the shot, Rock. What I will do though is make a match, a TRIPLE THREAT match, between you three, and the winner … well hell, the winner faces Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship this Monday Night on The Special DRAFT LOTTERY addition of Monday Night RAW in a Smackdown Showcase Match!!

Crowd Cheers pops HUGE for the announcement as Mr. McMahon throws his microphone down and quickly exit’s the ring, whilst all three competitors in later tonight’s Main Event remain where they are, staring around at one another, with Brock Lesnar leaning over the ropes, Triple H cockishly fixing his suit up and The Rock motioning for both men to “Just Bring It.”

Michael Cole: OH MY GOODNESS!! Huge Main Event signed for later tonight, a Triple Threat Number One Contenders Match and the winner faces Chris Benoit this Monday on RAW for the WWE Championship!!

Tazz: This is HUGE Cole, what else is Mr. McMahon going to do while he’s in charge here tonight??

Michael Cole: I don’t know but we’ll be sure to find out as the night progresses, however up next Americas Most Wanted are in action, don’t go away!!


We cut come back with Josh Mathews standing by with AMW, Americas Most Wanted.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen I am joined at this time by Americas Most Wanted, Chris Harris and James Storm and guys we have to know, how are you feeling after coming up short once again against the likes of The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, once again at Wrestlemania last Sunday?

Chris Harris: Josh it goes like this. Last year we went out and fought the fight of our lives yet we still came up short, last Sunday, we went out and once again we delivered a classic but still, we lost. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are a hell of a Tag Team and there is no shame in losing to either one of those men, however as the old saying goes “third times a charm.” Somewhere down the line hopefully the rematch will happen.

Josh Mathews: Interesting enough however how do you feel the loss last Sunday will affect you here tonight when you match up against William Regal and Lance Storm in just a few moments?

Chris Harris: Honestly, if anything, it’ll help us. You see we realize that last Sunday we proved we’re not invincible, we proved we can be beaten and we’re sure the Tag Team Division took notice. Hell every teams morale has boosted and I’m sure they all want another shot against us, so what we’re gonna do is knock them back into place one by one, and once again solidify ourselves as the dominant Tag Team force here on Smackdown.

James Storm: That’s right and it starts right here tonight with Regal and Storm, boys you think you can take advantage of us coming off our loss at Wrestlemania? You think you can beat the best of the best here on Smackdown? Well tonight we’re making examples out of YOU!! We’re coming full force, beating you down and taking you out.

** Guilty ** hits and AMW smile.

Chris Harris: That’s our cue.

James Storm: Storm, Regal … sorry ‘bout your damn luck.

** Guilty ** continues playing throughout the arena and after a few moments AMW make their way out to the ring to a nice ovation from the crowd.

Match # 1: Non Title

America’s Most Wanted vs. William Regal and Lance Storm

Back and fourth match that sees Regal and Storm take advantage early on and isolate Chris Harris in their corner with Harris attempting to get to Storm several times however always being cut off just short of making the tag. Finally Harris connects with a well placed Super Kick to Storm and slowly makes it to his corner, making the hot tag to Storm who cleans house and eventually tosses Regal out of the ring before nailing Storm with a Spine Buster, following up by lifting him in position as Harris tiredly climbs the turnbuckle, lunging off and connecting with The Death Sentence, with Storm cover for the three count.

Winners By Pin Fall: America’s Most Wanted

AMW celebrate the hard fought victory going to each turnbuckle and saluting the fans as we switch backstage where STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is seen arriving, with The Rattlesnake quickly making his way into the arena as we cut to a commercial break.


We return with Hardcore Holly in the ring and Gene Snitsky making his entrance as ..

** Longhorn ** hits and JBL’s familiar white limo makes its way out to ringside. It parks in its usual spot and first out steps The Basham’s, followed by Jamie Noble. The crowd waits for JBL to make his entrance when all of a sudden the camera switched back to the ring, where JBL is standing behind Hardcore Holly, rolling up his sleeves after having snuck in through the crowd!!! Hardcore Holly turns around and JBL LEVELS HIM WITH A VISCIOUS CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!

Gene Snitsky realizes he wants nothing to do with this and quickly returns to the dressing room as The Cabinet quickly pace down to ringside. JBL is quickly handed a microphone.

JBL: (Looking down at Hardcore Holly) Wrong place. Wrong time. Gentlemen, get this garbage out of my ring.

Crowd gives a small amount of heat as The Cabinet pull Holly out of the ring and take it to him, tossing him around as they bring him up the ramp and through the curtain, out of sight.

JBL: What you people have just witnessed was four days of built up rage. For it was just four days ago that I JBL, self made millionaire, living success story and most importantly Wrestling Gawd, was defeated by a mere simpleton.

Crowd Pops and starts a “Hardy” chant

JBL: Chant his name all you like! Chant for your New, glorified, abysmal Champion because that’s exactly what he is, and the fact is, his victory whether you people are willing to admit or not, was one in a million.

Crowd Boos

JBL: Face facts people you do not go head to head, toe to toe with the marquee of Smackdown, especially on the grandest stage of them all, and pull off a victory without the grace of the almighty himself looking down on you. It just doesn’t happen.

Crowd starts another Hardy Chant

JBL: Cant you people shut your mouths for just a few seconds?! I have already wallowed in misery for the past four days, I haven’t slept in days for gods sakes, ISNT THAT ENOUGH?! IM JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD FOR GODS SAKE!!

JBL: I am the man that -

Crowd’s “Hardy” chant begins to build

JBL: I am the -

“Hardy” chants begins to build even louder

JBL: I swear you all -

The “Hardy” chant reaches a maximum in the arena

JBL: FINE CHANT HIS NAME!! I do not fret any of your ignorance and furthermore I scoff at each and everyone of you, at Matt Hardy and at the powers that be for not realizing that taking the United States Championship away from me was the biggest mistake this brand has ever made. Face it, when I held that belt, I brought in ratings, I peaked interest in what those Monday Night Mongloids called the “B” show and I made the United States Title as, if not more, meaningful then the WWE Championship.
However I digress, you want that ignorant buffoon to represent you and this company as the United States Champion, so be it. I’m done with Matt Hardy and I’m done with his Championship, quite frankly I have bigger and better aspirations. And whether I go to RAW or remain here, I will fulfill them.
In the past year, you people have watched JBL go from a lower card Tag Team comedy act to a dominant upper card force, and now its time to take the next step. Its time to set my sights on bigger goals, and conquer the world of Sports Entertainment in the process. So while Matt Hardy and the United States Championship flounder, I urge you all to watch this space, because your fixing … to see an impact.

JBL drops the microphone and looks around, taking in the atmosphere with a less then happy look on his face before leaving the ring, without his music playing, and heading up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Strong words from the FORMER United States Champion, JBL, but what’s this mean? JBL says he’s done with the US Title and he’s going to make an impact.

Tazz: I’ll tell ya’ what it means Cole, it means JBL is ready to take the next step and set his sights on Main Event status and if there’s anybody that I think has a clear shot at the WWE Championship, its John Bradshaw Layfield.

Michael Cole: What?? Here’s a guy who tried not once but TWICE to screw Matt Hardy out of the US Title at Wrestlemania and still lost, heck he used every trick in the book to keep the belt as long as he did and now you think he has a shot at being WWE Champion?!

Tazz: Calm down girl pants. Doesn’t matter how you get it done as long as you do it, and JBL definitely got it done in the ring for the past year, I see him doing some amazing things throughout 2006.


Long video package plays, with picture highlights of Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, with Hart scoring the upset win. The package ends, with a clip of Kurt Angle solemnly leaving the MGM Grand on Sunday night, with his head down, bag slumped over his shoulder, walking aimlessly into the night…

We return, and both Cole and Tazz discuss Angles whereabouts with the Olympian currently AWOL.

Match # 2: Cruiserweight Championship

Kid Kash © vs. Ultimo Dragon

Nice fast paced match, with both men exchanging several near falls and Dragon eventually attempting his signature running power bomb however before he can connect, Kash reverses into a hurricarana - pin variation for the three count in an amazing counter.

Winner By Pin Fall and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Kid Kash

Backstage we cut to Steve Romero, standing outside Stone Cold’s locker room.

Steve Romero: Hey everyone, Steve Romero here, I’m standing outside the locker room of the one and only “Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin, who arrived just a short time ago, gonna try and get a word with The Rattlesnake regarding his match with Christian at Wrestlemania and -

Voice: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Maven walks into the picture to a small amount of heat

Maven: You want a word with Stone Cold Steve Austin? How about you stop wasting your time with a has been like Stone Cold and put your focus on Smackdown’s real franchise, ME.

Steve Romero: Well I -

Maven: You see for the past few months I’ve set this brand on fire and gone head to head with most of guys that would be considered marquee names, superstars like Chris Benoit, Stone Cold and Paul London, and personally I feel its really elevated THEM to a whole new level. However while I’m all about “making” superstars out of whoever I can as a means of giving back to the business, I’ve found myself not focusing enough on my own career … but tonight, that all changes.

Steve Romero: (Really caring a less) Uh .. Ok.

Maven: Well I’ll tell you why. Because tonight, The Prodigical Son, The Franchise, Sports Entertainment’s Man of The Year, yours truly … goes one on one with Matt Hardy for the United States Championship.

Steve Romero just nods

Maven: Please. No more questions.

Maven walks off as Steve Romero watches for a moment, with a disappointed look at not catching an interview with Stone Cold, before walking off in the opposite direction. A few moments pass by when all of a sudden STEVE AUSTIN sticks his head out of the dressing room, seemingly to see what all the commotion was about to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!!


** Whatever ** hits as we return and the crowd rises to their feet. Chris Benoit, The NEW WWE Champion makes his way to the ring, dressed casually. Chris Benoit gets into the ring and quickly goes to each turnbuckle, raising his Championship high in the air to the cheers of the crowd. Benoit then goes to the center of the ring where he is handed a microphone.

Chris Benoit: I’m not going to drag on and on like some, I just wanted to come out here and say that last Sunday my life long dream was fulfilled, I won the most important possession in this business and I stand before you all tonight as the New WWE Champion!!

Crowd Pops HUGE

Chris Benoit: Twenty years ago I began a journey. In the span of that time, I traveled and wrestled all around the world, paying dues, pouring sweat and blood and looking for whatever break I could catch. Fast forward to last Sunday, and that journey had brought me to the MGM Grand, to Las Vegas, Nevada, and to the Main Event of Wrestlemania 22. It also brought me to one of the toughest battles of my life in the form of the WWE Champion, “The Iron Man” Brock Lesnar. We went in and for 25 minutes, we proceeded to beat, batter and pummel each other into oblivion, but in the end, March 26th, 2006 was MY NIGHT.

Crowd Pops and follows with a “Benoit” chant

Chris Benoit: You see because I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that even the biggest dreams do come true when I made a 295 pound killing machine TAP OUT.

Crowd Pops

Chris Benoit: But now, its time to leave all that struggle, that twenty year journey … behind. I realize that the real challenge is the coming months, looking challenger after challenger in the face and bringing each and everyone of them down to size while holding onto this belt, bringing prestige back to a Championship that has taken a back seat to constant bickering and cheap finishes, and proving that beyond a shadow of doubt, Chris Benoit … is FOR REAL.

Crowd Pops

Chris Benoit: And just like this championship, 2006 is MINE for the taking.

** Whatever ** hits again and Chris Benoit drops his microphone, with the camera cutting to several fans bowing to The Rabid Wolverine. Benoit smiles and raises the Championship once more before exiting the ring, and making his way to the back.

Michael Cole: The New WWE Champion making his victory speech short, sweet and to the point which is a nice change after the nonstop blabbering of the former Champ Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman.

Tazz: Well I’d watch my words seeing the kind of mood Lesnar’s in but yeah, Chris Benoit showing I think that he’s going to let his actions speak louder then words and it should be a hell of a ride here on Smackdown with Benoit as champ.

Michael Cole: Indeed. Ladies and Gentlemen, hang onto your seats because when we return it’s The Dudley’s, fresh off another successful tour of New Japan Pro Wrestling, going head to head with The Dicks, don’t go away.


Match # 3: Tag Team Match

The Dudley’s vs. The Dicks

A rather short match, with The Dicks acting as ridiculous as ever and despite mounting a short offense against the more experienced Dudley Boys, the tide eventually turns after Buh Buh Ray clotheslines Chad out of the ring and The Dudley’s quickly follow up with a 3D on James Dick, followed by D-Von covering for the sure three count and victory.

Winners by Pin Fall: The Dudley’s

The Dudley’s celebrate the win, with both going to the turnbuckles and pointing out into the crowd when all of a sudden …

** Strange pep rally music ** hits and five men make their way out onto the stage, dressed in bright green cheerleader outfits. The crowd and Dudley’s seem confused as the five men jump around for a few moments, doing back flips and hopping back and fourth before calming down, seemingly getting into a formation.

Cheerleader # 1: Ready??

Cheerleaders: READY!!

Cheerleader # 1: Ok. Your probably thinking “who” or “what”, well the answers simple. We’re male cheerleaders, not your average scantily clad SLUTS. Our talent far surpasses yours, we always leave the audience craving more. We’ve come to take Smackdown by storm, we’ll rise to the top in some way or form. It starts tonight, we’re taking you OUT, because making an impact is what we’re all ABOUT.

The Dudley’s look fairly unimpressed as all of a sudden, all five men sprint to the ring and slide in, with Buh Buh and D-Von quickly coming to blows with them, taking them down one by one. The Dudley’s seemingly have the upper hand until one of the men, a blonde with a sweatband around his head, connects with a low blow to Buh Buh, this distracts D-Von which allows three of the “Cheerleaders” to take him down and pummel him nonstop.

Meanwhile the one that low blowed Buh Buh heads to the outside and grabs a steel chair, sliding back into the ring quickly and calling for two of the cheerleaders to lift Buh Buh, which they do. The blonde then steps back before quickly charging forward and leveling Buh Buh with the chair, taking him down.

All five men then quickly lift D-Von, throwing him up into the air before letting him free fall to the mat, then following by putting the boots to him. One of the Cheerleaders then climbs to the top rope, before lunging off and connecting with a top rope leg drop on D-Von to seal the deal. All five men then gather themselves in the center of the ring. With The Cheerleader who low blowed and chair shotted Buh Buh taking center stage and speaking first.

Cheerleader # 1: Kenny!

Cheerleader # 2: Johnny!

Cheerleader # 3: Mitch!

Cheerleader # 4: Nicky!

Cheerleader # 5: Mikey!

Cheerleaders(Together): And we are … THE SPIRIT SQUAD!!!!

With that the pep rally music starts again and all five men begin to jump around, with the camera catching a shot of D-Von who clenches his throat in pain before switching to Buh Buh, who is busted wide open and completely dazed. The Spirit Squad exit the ring and continue to jump around as they head up the ramp, before disappearing to the back as medical personnel as well as Spike Dudley come out to check on the down and out Dudley’s.

Michael Cole: What was that all about?! Who are these guys?? Five grown men dressed as male … well cheerleaders, just layed out the Dudley Boys ..

Tazz: Well this is definitely NOT something I saw coming tonight, The Dudley Boys left down and out after being attacked by the … what did they call themselves?? The Spirit Squad?? Man, Buh Buh is NOT looking good right now, he needs to get to a hospital and quick.

Michael Cole: One of the strangest incidents to ever occur on this show, wouldn’t you say partner?

Tazz: I definitely would … who the heck are these guys??

We cut backstage where we see The United States Champion, Matt Hardy making his way to the ring in preparation for his first ever, upcoming United States Title defense.


** Live For The Moment ** hits and Matt Hardy enter the arena to a big ovation from the crowd, hoisting his United States Championship high in the air and throwing up the V1 hand sign.

Michael Cole: It was just five nights ago that that man right there put an end to the 38 week United States Title reign of JBL. Despite insurmountable odds, unbearable obstacles, despite all that, Matt Hardy stands here today as The New United States Champion.

Match # 4: United States Championship

Matt Hardy © vs. Maven

A back and fourth, fast paced match that sees Hardy and Maven trade the upper hand several times, with Hardy kicking things off with a big offense, taking Maven down with several arm drags and takeovers, simply outwrestling “The Prodigical Son of Smackdown.” Maven however eventually wiggles out of a suplex attempt and connects with a kick below the belt, with the referee out of place and therefore unable to see it.

For the next few minutes its all Maven, with him laying in to Hardy with rights, lefts and knee’s, busting Hardy’s lip open a little. Maven eventually tries to mock Hardy, going for Hardy’s signature Side Affect however Hardy elbows out of it and comes off the ropes, with Maven quickly drilling him with a dropkick and quickly retaking control of the match. Maven then climbs the top rope, stopping to pose for the crowd to some heat before lunging off with a splash HOWEVER HARDY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!! Hardy then springs to life and quickly gets to his feet and Maven stumbles to his as well, holding his ribs after eating canvas. Hardy then grabs Maven and quickly puts him in position before connecting … WITH THE TWIST OF FATE!!!! Hardy then cover 1 .. 2 .. 3!!!!

Winner and Still United States Champion: Matt Hardy

Hardy celebrates for a few moments, clutching onto The United States Championship as Maven heads up the ramp seemingly in a fit of rage over losing this match.

We then cut backstage to see Chris Benoit walking down the hall, shaking hands with some of the lower card talent and continuing on down the hall before suddenly stopping.

Chris Benoit: What do you want?

The camera pans out to reveal Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: I just wanted to take the time and congratulate you on a very thrilling victory speech earlier tonight Chris and for that matter a very thrilling victory last Sunday. I mean everything you said just seemed so heartfelt yet to the point. Of course there was that one thing … about you being Champion for a long time to come … but aside from that, everything you said was just so top notch. Really brought a tear to my eye …

Chris Benoit rolls his eyes and continues walking.

Paul Heyman: Well wait a minute, Chris, I mean you don’t ACTUALLY think your going to keep the WWE Championship for long do you??

Benoit stops

Paul Heyman: Lets just take the time to look at the facts. You beat “The Iron Man” Brock Lesnar and that alone is an amazing accomplishment, but tonight Brock is going to demolish The Rock and Triple H, and this Monday, he coming back … for you. You said it yourself Chris, the real challenge begins after you win that title, and I just don’t think you can stand the pressure -

Chris Benoit immediately turns around and lunges at Paul Heyman, grabbing him by the collar and throwing up against the wall, with Heyman looking horrified.

Chris Benoit: I‘ve listened to you, to Brock Lesnar and to everyone else tell me I couldn’t for too long! And you know what?! I DID!! Now you want to doubt my ability to maintain this, the one thing I worked so hard to attain in the first place?! All my work, All my sacrifices did NOT happen so that I could drop the ball when the going got tough!! The Rock is coming for me! Triple H is coming for me! Brock Lesnar is coming for me! And you know what?! I WELCOME THE CHALLENGE!!

Benoit shoves Heyman back before walking off, with Heyman fixing his suit and catching his breath after being manhandled by the angry Wolverine.

We switch to Josh Mathews standing by with Triple H.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, right now I am joined by the one and only, The King of Kings … Triple H and I just wanted -

Triple H: Hold on and. For years, YEARS, I have carried this company and this brand on my back. As champion I took the fight to every guy in the back, every “Next Big Thing”, every “Rookie Sensation”, hell every damn “Icon”. They all wanted to go toe to toe with The Game and when it happened, I brought them all down to size … Hell, and whether these people want to admit it or not, they loved every second of it. I brought in the ratings, I brought in the merchandise and while all that happened, this company reaped the benefits. Money poured in from all sides, and stocks skyrocketed.
But Fast forward to this year, and things are just a little bit different, sure I’m still the marquee, I still appeal to the masses and I still go out every night and deliver a show stealer like no other, but whereas my talents were once applauded, I’m now overlooked, and underutilized. ME, The Game, The King of Kings, heck I didn’t even have a secure spot at Mania for gods sakes.

Triple H smiles

Triple H: But tonight, that all changes. Tonight I get that boost right back to the top of the mountain, I get that shove right back into greatness, and after I go out and demolish Rock and Lesnar, I’m going to RAW this Monday Night, and I suggest you all tune in … because The King of Kings is going back on his throne.

Triple H walks off as we switch to The Rock, walking down the hall way on his way to the ring, warming himself up for tonight’s Main Event, which coincidentally is next.


** Here Comes The Pain ** hits as we return, with Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring, to a chorus of boos from the fans, with his agent Paul Heyman by his side.

Michael Cole: Last Sunday, March 26, 2006 will be a day that that man Brock Lesnar will never forget, for it was on that day that Brock Lesnar submitted to “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit, giving Benoit his first ever WWE Championship however tonight Lesnar has a chance to take the first step in retribution as he goes head to head with two other men for the right to face the champion this coming Monday on the very special draft edition of RAW.

Tazz: Look at Lesnar, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more focused even when he held the title, he’s like a wolf waiting for his prey, just take a look at his eyes ..

** Time To Play The Game ** hits and Triple H makes his way out to a heat from the crowd as well, paying them no attention as he goes through his usual routine as he makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well we mentioned Lesnar going head to head with two other men, and one of them is that man. The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H, he has proved countless times that when a major opportunity is on the line, he will step his game up to one hundred and ten percent and I have to believe that’s exactly what we’ll see tonight.

Tazz: This is Triple H at his best, prepared, focused and ready for action. I tell you its hard to call a winner in this thing Cole, I mean all of these guys are here for a reason, all of these guys have legit claims to being in this match and all of these guys want that victory so they can go to RAW this Monday and face the champ.

** IF YA SMELLLLLL .. WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING ** hits and The Rock makes his way out to the arena, with the thousands in attendance coming undone for the arrival of The Great One.

Michael Cole: Thousands are on the their feet for the arrival … wait, look at this!!

The Rock sprints to the ring and slides, immediately nailing Helmsley and Lesnar with a flurry of rights and lefts to kick start the match.

Main Event: Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. The Rock

The Rock lays into both men to start, taking it to the competition with a flurry of rights and lefts and even sending Triple H out of the ring for a moment. The Rock then takes it to Lesnar, planting him with a DDT and waiting for “The Iron Man” to recover before going off the ropes, looking for a knee to the face, however Triple H pulls the ropes down from the outside and Rock goes sailing backwards over the top. Triple H quickly begins to stomp away at The Rock as Lesnar regains his composure. Triple H throws The Rock into the ring and into the waiting arms of Lesnar, who quickly picks him up and levels him with a belly to belly before getting up and looking to make an offensive toward Triple H as he gets into the ring. Triple H however stops him and convinces that it is in both of their best interests to take out The Rock.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar continue to lay into The Great One, taking turns nailing him with a variety of power moves, such as Lesnar drilling him with a Power Bomb and Triple H nailing his signature Spine Buster. Triple H then tells Lesnar to send Rock off the ropes, which he does, with Triple H connecting with a High Knee that leaves The Rock down and out. For the next few minutes the beat down continues, culminating with Triple H bringing The Rock down hard, face first, onto his knee.

Its at this point that Brock sees an opening to take the match and surprises Triple H, clothes lining him out of the ring and quickly grabbing The Rock, lifting him onto his shoulders for the F5!! Lesnar goes for it BUT THE ROCK LANDS ON HIS FEET!! HE QUICKLY CONNECTS WITH A DDT TO LESNAR!! Both men are down for several moments, with The Rock slowly showing signs of life and making his way to his feet. Lesnar wobbles to his feet as Rock takes it to him, whipping him into the ropes and nailing him with his signature Spine Buster!! From there The Rock holds the upper hand for a few minutes, continuing to take it to Lesnar, eventually calling for The People’s Elbow. Rock goes through the motions and comes off the ropes but as he does, LESNAR NIPS UP!! Lesnar take The Rock by surprise and puts him on his shoulders, GOING FOR THE F5!! ROCK LANDS ON HIS FEET!! THE ROCK QUICKLY CONNECTS WITH A DDT!!

Both men are down for several moments, with The Rock being the first to get to his feet. Lesnar slowly follows as Rock gets in position, looking set to deliver The Rock Bottom, Heyman however jumps on the apron and distracts The Rock, making him turn his attention. Rock quickly levels Heyman with a left before refocusing on Lesnar, but its too late, and Lesnar scoops up The Great One, NAILING THE F5!! Lesnar looks set to cover however Triple H quickly seizes the opportunity and jumps in the ring, tossing Lesnar out and covering for himself!! 1 .. 2 .. 3!!

Winner and New Number One Contender: Triple H

Triple H quickly rolls out of the ring as Brock Lesnar slides back in, completely livid over being outsmarted by The Game here and he shows it as he mouths off profanities in Triple H’s direction, whilst The Game just smiles at him at he backs up the ramp, and motions that he will be taking the WWE Championship come this Monday Night.

Michael Cole: Triple H just earned himself a shot at the WWE Championship this Monday Night, albeit the usual cheap tactics of The Game, he WILL be facing Chris Benoit and he will be the first with the difficult task of attempting to unseat Chris Benoit, this is sure to be a show stealer.

Tazz: We knew Benoit was in for a tough ride but Cole, it doesn’t get ANY tougher then having your first title defense against The Game. We said it earlier, Triple H steps it up to one hundred twenty percent in a big match situation and it don’t get no bigger then facing The Rabid Wolverine for the WWE Championship. This Monday is sure to be a rocket buster.

Michael Cole: Its sure to be a night we will never forget, lives will be changed as we bid farewell to some and welcome others, ladies and gentlemen this has been the fallout of ..

** GLASS SHATTERS!!!! ** and Stone Cold quickly makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: We - We’re out of time and Austin’s making his way to the ring! I guess we’ll be hearing from The Rattlesnake tonight after all! Ladies and Gentlemen drop your remotes, don’t change the channel, Stone Cold Steve Austin is here!!


We return with Stone Cold already in the ring, microphone in hand.

Stone Cold: I’m just gonna go right ahead and cut to the chase ..


Stone Cold: Last Sunday, at Wrestlemania 23, Stone Cold head to head, toe to toe with that arrogant little SOB Christian and… well for lack of a better term, Stone Cold got his ass whooped.


Stone Cold: Christian wanted it more, he needed it more and when the bell was rung he had his hand raised and rightfully so.


Stone Cold: Now I watched RAW Monday Night and I saw Christian come out and tell the world that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the toughest opponent he ever had to face and quite frankly I appreciated that.


Stone Cold: So let Stone Cold say this, Christian at Wrestlemania you took an opportunity and you ran with it, you broke the glass ceiling at my expense and there aint nothing good old Stone Cold can or will do but commend you on that.


Stone Cold: You earned my respect, you earned your peers respect and I think you even earned these peoples respect. Congratulations.


Stone Cold: But believe it or not, last Sunday, ISNT the reason I’m out here.


Stone Cold: You see last year, I came back for one reason, and that was Brock Lesnar. At Wrestlemania 21, I dealt with Brock Lesnar and we proceeded to tear the house down in the process.

Crowd Pops

Stone Cold: And after that, I decided to stick around.


Stone Cold: At first it was fun, I got to come out here, drink some beer, beat people up, get beat up a little bit myself, and entertain all of you in the process.

Crowd Pops

Stone Cold: But after awhile, the pain started up again, the numbness in my hands came back and soon I realized that I wasn’t that same Stone Cold ..


Stone Cold: I thought about leaving several times, but in the end I always found my way back.


Stone Cold: Unfortunately I just cant cut it anymore though .. and as far as I’m is concerned, Stone Cold is pretty much done.


Stone Cold: Hold on ‘cuz it doesn’t just end like that ..


Stone Cold: Last Sunday I sat in the back and I thought about calling it all quits right then, as far as I was concerned, my match against Christian, was my last.

Crowd Boos at the thought of Austin’s retirement

Stone Cold: But then I thought I’ll be damned if I don’t go out with my head held high, and one last kick ass performance to send the crowd home happy. With that being said, Stone Cold has one more match left in the tank.

Crowd Pops HUGE

Stone Cold: So with that being said, I’m gonna go ahead and ask The Rock to come on back out here ..

Stone Cold waits but nothing happens for a moment

Stone Cold: Rock, as a good friend, I’m asking you to come down here.

** If Ya Smellllll What The Rock Issssssss Cooking ** hits and The Rock makes his way down to the ring, still in his wrestling gear however sporting a “Brahma Bull” T-Shirt. The Rock climbs into the ring and quickly grabs a microphone.

The Rock: Austin, The Rock respects you, he respects your decisions and any other night The Rock would love to drink beer with you and toast your farewell, but not tonight. Tonight The Rock just got screwed over by that slimy piece of arrogant white trash, Paul Heyman and quite frankly The Rock is in no kind of mood to do this.

Stone Cold: I understand that Rock but I don’t think your getting the reason I called you out here, I got one more match coming up … and I want YOU to be my opponent.

Crowd Pops HUGE at the possibility of Rock - Austin: The Final Chapter.

The Rock: Austin, as you can see The Rock isn’t in the best of spirits … but when you lay it down like that, and you want The Rock to be your final opponent, you want one more classic between The Great One and The Rattlesnake … it would The Rock’s honor to face you in your last match, it would be MY honor to face you in your last match and as far as The Rock is concerned, I ACCEPT.

Crowd Pops HUGE and follows with a “Rock vs. Austin” chant

Stone Cold: I appreciate that Rock, and I guess that just leaves the match itself, hell as far as I’m concerned there aint no better place to do it then in Stone Cold’s hometown, so pencil it in. Stone Cold vs. The Rock, Stone Cold’s last match, in two weeks, LIVE from Dallas, Texas!!

Crowd Pops HUGE

Stone Cold: And that’s the bottom line, cuz’ Stone Cold said so!!

Austin drops his microphone and quickly calls for beer, tossing two to The Rock, and getting three himself, going to each turnbuckle and toasting, calling for beer in between. When he finishes with all four turnbuckles he toasts The Rock and the two proceed to drink beer and go to each turnbuckle, with the crowd eating it all up.

Michael Cole: In two weeks, Stone Cold Steve puts the finishing touches and spectacular career but first he must face that man, The Brahma Bull, The Peoples Champion, The Great One, The Rock. Its Austin - Rock, The Final Chapter, LIVE in two weeks!

Tazz: This is sure to be one hell of a rocket buster and I gotta believe that with Austin on his way out, he’s going to put everything into that one last performance, should be a hell of a show.

Michael Cole: Indeed but we have one more stop on the way to Dallas, and that is next week, LIVE next week from The UK, London, England to be exact! Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for joining us for the fallout of Wrestlemania 23, this is Michael Cole and Tazz saying goodnight and see you next week!

One more shot of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

End of Show
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Re: Being The Booker

Whoa! That's all I can say! I understand completely why Wolfy, you gave Snap the job for Smackdown. This was a near flawless edition of Smackdown. The opening promo was great and all three sides stated their point effectively, and McMahon played off it great as well. AMW looks to be once again proving while losing at Mania to WGTT two years in a row, they are still the team to beat on Smackdown. As for JBL, I'm glad that he is finally being elevated to main event status in this thread. Hopefully though he stays on Raw. Since Benoit is not much of a promo guy, I didn't expect a long promo, and it was not surprised to see his speech was short. Oh, and now the Spirit Squad is in the thread. This should be good. What a main event! Hunter uses his old tatics to win and HHH vs. Benoit for the title on Monday should be excellent. But what a way for you to end the show! I didn't even expect something like this. Austin vs. Rock one final time! Stone Cold last match. To finish his career off right where it started in Dallas, man, that's awesome. Looking forward to it. Excellent show, and I can't wait for Raw and Smackdown to be posted for next week! 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

Oh my lord, this was nearly a perfect show! I'll be sure to review soon.

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Re: Being The Booker

Snap's Smackdown Review:

Opening segment was good but it had it's spots that seem like it dragged on. Either way, huge match set for tonight coming out of this promo and really, it's hard to tell who's gonna win it as of right now.

AMW's interview was good before their match, got their normal spots in and all of that. Someone needs to step up and challenge them though for those belts, especially after they beat Storm and Regal tonight.

Loved the JBL promo but the only thing I didn't like was that there should have been a little bit more length added to it. It seemed a little too short to me but either way, JBL finds himself heading to the top now and he deserves it after the run he had last year.

Wow, Wolfy still had Ultimo Dragon on the roster? Haha, been a long time since he was in the 'E. Meh, pretty much just a match to get the new champ on to retain his title as that's all it was.

Maven has been used well but Paul London, a marquee name? As much as I like the guy, I couldn't help but laugh there. Meh, shame to see Maven lose tonight as we all know it's gonna happen.

I liked the promo, Benoit was in character but once again, the main downfall was length from me. A little bit more would have helped but not too much more, just some more words from the Wolverine.

Routine win for the Dudley's but I didn't know nor expect the Spirit Squad to debut tonight. Hmmm, guessing they'll have a little feud with the Dudley's of course and who knows, they might be the next title challengers?

Meh, a segment here would have helped as I don't like back to back matches even though they happen sometimes. Either way, Hardy gets a good win tonight and Maven put on a good showing despite the loss.

This segment was ok, nothing major though but it wouldn't surprise me after seeing this if Lesnar was to win somehow tonight. I don't see the feud ending just yet but you never know.

Another good interview and a typical Triple H one at that hyping himself up, and everything else you normally find in these segments of his. Either way, I don't think Hunter takes the win tonight.

Wow, shocked to see Triple H get the win somewhat but not really thinking about it since he hasn't been in contention for the title for awhile. Triple H/Benoit sounds good enough to me too.

I was wondering why Austin was coming out last before I finished the promo. Huge announcement there and the rematch is set, Stone Cold retires and he has to go out with the win in two weeks.

Overall, I'm impressed. I think I heard Wolfy say you've booked before so you have experience, maybe I didn't but I thought I did. Either way, you have most characters down, just work on adding a little bit more length to the promos IMO, and really, you're going to be doing great things around here.
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