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Re: Being The Booker

I do not have time for the normal shaninigans, but here are some comments.

I am impressed by the way you made Raw do a complete 360. Heels turned face like that, and faces turned heel like that. It looks to me like an intriguing DX vs. new age Horsemen feud, which is going to be a great feud because we all thought DX was out the door, but then they seemed revived. Good way of saying no more HBK vs. The Rock, but you sort of dissed your Raw main event the day right after it.

Christian had an excellent promo and interaction with Carlito, hopefully leading to a minimal feud before Christian goes over.

Edge and Rey Mysterio should produce a good match or two.

RVD vs. Sabu can produce some extremely crazy matches, but they have to be with weapons.

Randy Orton and John Cena continuining their feud is golden to me, but not so much for you. If you had trouble writing their match the first time, I do not know why you would try it again. Go ahead with it though.

Wolfy is back!
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy I'll have a review up tomorrow for ya.


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Re: Being The Booker

I'll have a review up as well tomorrow Wolfy. Looks like a great show.

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Re: Being The Booker

Christian kicks off the show, a tad surprisng as I thought it may've been HBK or Cena out first but whatever. Christian starts to suck up to the fans just a bit, that face turn is pretty much coming. Carlito? Hmm, maybe a smaller feud before Christian is pushed as the next contender, this could be used just to get Christian over more I guess. Good interaction, got funny towards the end and just when it seems all hell will break loose, Vince stops it and announces a big tag match for later, who will Carlito partner with though?

The Dice Roll for the WWE Title opponent sounds good, I'll love it if it's Rhyno, although I think you might pick Batista. RVD's short promo got the message across, we're gonna see a nice ECW style feud happening, should produce some great Hardcore matches

Nice mixed tag to start things off and the Brotherhood got the win? Wasn't expecting that, and I can see AMW taking on two of them for the tag belts and Trish facing Jazz also, just hope the Brotherhood don't win the titles as they've kinda been used as a jobber group in the past few months

LMAO! Val Venis' line was gold. I laughed when I read that and Carlito cannot seem to find a partner so far

RVD takes a big win over Rey Rey, but only in partial thanks to Edge who as I thought he would attacked Rey, obviously wanting to win that MITB case off Rey, as Edge should be pushed and not Rey IMO, the WWE & WHC are above Rey I feel

No luck for Carlito with Kennedy....Kennedy. Maybe CCC will have to go at it alone at this rate

Michaels is out now and he is reflecting on his loss. He seemed very somber and humble here, showing how dissapointed he is with the loss to the better man, when Evolution shows up! Flair runs his mouth and eats a SCM! Brawl sparks and DX stand tall, looking in the midst of a face turn it seems. It'll be good to see a stable feud on RAW again and this promo was tops, interaction between two of the better mic workers and this angle should produce some entertaining matches and promos to come

Eh, Kane has to do something meaningful soon as this kinda thing is what can kill a man's return momentum, he needs a feud

Y2J is here! He's looking for Taker but no one knows here he is, and then he makes the mistake of upsetting the boss, and is booked as Carlito's partner! Haha, I wonder if Taker might have a cameo in the tag match now

Kennedy gets a good win over the wooly mammoth A-Train and he too could do with something better to do

Finlay coming? Sweet, just don't rush him into the main event, I would love to see him in the IC division perhaps feuding with Kennedy?

Edge is not a happy man at all, and him and Rey should be a good feud and hopefully *crosses fingers* hopefully ends with Edge taking the MITB case off Rey and Edge finally getting his dues in this thread in the main event role he deserves

As expected Christian gains a win, as Jericho leaves Carlito after Taker plays a classic mind game trick with the lights going out. Y2J/Taker could go onto Summerslam methinks

Standard Cena promo, showing he has no fear of either of the three opponents. I can still see him and Orton going one more time tho

RVD is almost mowed down by a car that either Sabu or Fonzie was driving, some shadow games used here but will they actually show up to confront RVD next week?

RHYNO! MARK OUT! Lolz, sorry but you know I'm a Rhyno mark. You made Rhyno look strong and hungry, and he showed tenacity and I think he's gonna become a mainstay in the RAW midcard now. Cena wins, and Orton is here! No RKO? Just a stare down, as Orton gets in the head of Cena, toying with him. Interesting to see where this goes, and hopefully at Backlash you can do better than their WM match which was a tad dissapointing compared to their WM21 encounter

Building new feuds, continuing the odd older one and turning people heel and face, good way to kick off the new calender year for the WWE, looking forward to what happens in the next few months at this rate, it'll be sweet. 8.5/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Post Wrestlemania shows are always important in setting up the new feuds and storylines for the year ahead and in this case the show helped establish a number of face turns .

The first of which looks to be Christian who is humble and respectful in mentioning Austin rather than arrogant like you would expect. Just as I thought Christian was acting too much like a babyface, Carlito enters allowing Christian to resort to his old self with some cocky insults. Good set up to a small feud and a big tag match later on.

After a quick RVD promo we get an intersting inter gender tag match. It looks like you will be having the Brotherhood step up and challenge for the women's and tag titles on evidence of their suprising win here. I expect this feud to carry on until Backlash at the most.

Funny backstage incident with Carlito and Val Venis before we get what would be a brilliant match between RVD and Rey. As well as setting up an Edge Rey rivalry, it helps give some momentum back for RVD who has lost his spark since becoming a face again. Personally I hope RVD and Edge come out on top in their respective feuds.

The Kennedy promo didnt work for me as I find it hard to take him as a face, he is a natural heel in my opinion, but the DX,Evolution segment made up for it. This was a great swerve as I am sure most thought that DX would turn on Shawn Micheals and thats how he would turn face. However your decision of keeping them together and turning all 4 face is brilliant and their feud with Evolution is a very original and great idea.

I agree with the others that Kane needs a feud as does Ken Kennedy, but at least they were on the show and both looked strong. I hope you have Kane turn heel as Raw could do with a monster heel as it doesnt seem to have one at the moment.

The Taker Y2J match at Mania was the best one in my opinion so I am really glad it will continue. Being forced to team with Carltio by Mcmahon allowed us to have a very big tag match which leads to a big win for Christian after some Taker mind games. I hope you have Jericho show no fear in his pursuit of the Phenom as it would make a change from what normally happens.

Meh interview with Cena, with an interesting stand off with a now face Christian. The way you have built him suggests that this will be the year Captain Charisma finally becomes world champ.

Solid main event between the champ and Rhyno but the aftermath was more important. Orton playing mind games shows their rivalry will continue after their pretty dissapointing match at Mania. I am sure with an added gimmick the rematch will be much better.

A very good Raw that set up so many new fueds(Christian v Carlito ,DX V Evolution and RVD V Sabu) whilst continuing others (Cena V Orton and Y2J V Taker) Cannot wait to see the new era of Smackdown, when will it be up?


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Re: Being The Booker

ORRY'S Raw Review

Opening Segment:
Great to see your kicking things off with Christian, who is obviouslly going to be a future World Champ in this thread- sooner rather than later. Christian was in character for the most part, until Carlito hits the ring and runs down the "Superstar of Today". A feud with Carlito is a bit of a step back for Captain Charisma, hopefully it only lasts until the next PPV. McMahon hits the stage and announces the Draft Lottery will be comencing next week, just like I predicted! I now have a feeling that either Christian or Carlito may be drafted to Smackdown- just a hunch though.

Rob Van Dam Promo: RVD is looking for revenge as a result of what happened last night, which leads me to believe an ECW Rules match will take place at Backlash- should be a great spotfest. Not sure if Fonzie or Sabu will appear tonight, you can be sure they wont discuss their motives as I feel you are going to hold that off for a later date- build the suspense, you know

TWGTT and Trish Stratus vs. The Brotherhood: Suprised to see the Brotherhood get the win here, you are obviouslly still very high on this stable. A Trish/Jazz feud is a given, but I would like to see you bring in a fresh team or teams soon to liven up the Tag Division, which has become somewhat stale as of late.

Carlito Segment: Funny segment here with Carlito, as the IC Champ struggles to find a partner. Venis and the Heart Throbs played their parts well, and it looks as if this may be the first of many similar segmnest like this throughout the night.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio: Van Dam gets a huge win over the Money in the Bank holder in a good recapped match. An Edge/Mysterio feud should be great, something I've personally never seen before. I won't be too suprised either to see Edge take the briefcase of Rey Rey, even if it is only for a short amount of time.

Carlito/Ken Kennedy Segment: Pretty 'meh' segment to be honest. Kennedy wasn't his usual funny self, and his insults seemed a little off. Still, it served it's purpose, and now I'm really starting to wonder who Carlito will find?

DX/Evolution Segment: Highspot of the night by far. HBK played his somber, good sportsmanship role (whatever you want to call it) well, which leads me to believe we may see a face turn from the Degenerates shortly. Evolution interrupt and Flair eats SCM, and now I'm certain DX will turn face very shortly. A feud between two major stables is going to be great, can't wait to see where you go with it! Only off point here was Flair changing his stables name to the Horsemen, which sort of tarnishes their legacy in my opinion. However this does meen Flair will have to draft a 4th member to the group- not only because it is the '4' Horsemen, but because DX contains 4 members as well.

Finlay Vignette: Awesome to see the Fighting Irishman coming to Raw, he can have a prominent role in the upper mid car position if used well (which I'm sure you will do).

Danny Doring and Roadkill vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki: Battle of the jobbers is cut off quickly by Kane, who decimates all four men. Not sure where Kane will go from here, love to see him have a role in the main event, a feud with Cena would be interesting.

Chris Jericho Backstage Segment: Y2J is here, and he's looking for the Deadman! Jericho's character was ok backstage, seemed a little off a times, byt the way he insulted some of the agents and stage hands was classic. Unfortunately Y2J may have gone too far in insulting McMahon, and now he's Carlito's partner- I thought Vince said if Carlito couldn't find a partner he'd have to go at it alone? In any case, the match sould be interesting to say the least.

Ken Kennedy vs. A-Train: Kennedy looks strong against Alber........I mean A-Train, but the question that needs to be answered is what's next for him? A run as IC Champ could be good, as would a feud with CCC.

Edge Promo: Edge is pissed off and takes out his frustrations on Grisham, who is on the recieving end of a few hillarious insults. Hopefully Edge manages to take the contract off Rey, as I feel it's time for the Rated R Superstar to step up and play a prominent role in the main event of this thread.

Christian and Tomko vs. Carlito and Y2J: Good match sotryline wise, with Jericho distracted the entire time, before eventually walking out on Carlito. I expect Y2J to be drafted to Raw soon, and after he's feud with Taker is over, you could always use this event as a starting point for a rivalry with Carlito. Anyway Christian picks up the expected win in the end, and looks likely to be victorious next week.

John Cena Promo: Standard Cena promo, used as a way to get the Champ on the show. I reckon Rhyno will be chosen tonight, because I doubt you want Edge or Batista to job out to Cena. Interactionw ith Christian was great, would love to see these two guys feud.

John Cena vs. Rhyno: Rhyno's the man chosen as predicted, and as predicted he also does the job, although he looks pretty strong in the process. Rhyno in the main event intrigues me, and is always an option for you somewhere down the line. After the match Orton hits the ring, but instead of nailing the expected RKO, decides rather to get inside Cena's mind. Great option here, nice swerve indeed.

Overall: Good follow up Mania show, with probally less suprises than many would have thought. In any event a very well written show was produced, and the Wolfie era continues into a new calender year. 8.5/10

By the way man, just read the newsletter, and I want you to know that you shouldn't feel bad about not getting any reviews up for me, infact, I don't have an active thread up at the moment, with both partners leaving unexpectedly towards the final days of my previous one. However when I do return to the booking scene, which should be sometime in the next month or two, they'll be no excuses mate

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2

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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Review

Christian/Carlito/Vince McMahon Promo: Good promo here with Christian slowly turning face and we got Christian vs. Carlito being built up and some major announcements about next week as well. Can't wait for the draft lottery and who the new General Managers will be. It should also be intresting to see who or how Carlito gets a partner tonight and who John Cena faces, though I am pretty sure it will end up being Edge.

Rob Van Dam Promo: Short promo, but it gets the point across that RVD wants Sabu and Bill Alfonso to show up tonight.

The Brotherhood (Mack, Jordan, Jazz) w/ Long & Henry vs. TWGTT & Trish Stratus: Wow, I was a bit surprised that The Brotherhood got the victory here, going up against the team of champs and WrestleMania 22 winners. I guess this will lead up to another WGTT vs. The Brotherhood feud or a Jazz vs. Trish Stratus feud.

Carlito Partner Searching Promo: Haha, funny promo here with no one wanting to team up with Carlito besides The Heart Throbs, who he defiantly doesn't want to team up with.

Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam: Good match here between the former rivals and I liked the Edge interfernce to not make Rey Mysterio lookwea, but also give Van Dam the victory. So now another feud set up with Mysterio vs. Edge seeming to happen, which looks to be over the Money In The Bank contract.

Carlito/Ken Kennedy Promo: Well it looks like Carlito is still looking for a partner, now in Mr. Kennedy, but Ken Kennedy doesn't want to team up with Carlito and he seems to also have a match tonight so Carlito is off to find a different partner.

Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair Promo: Looks like DX is still possibly breaking up and it looks like a DX vs. Four Horsemen feud is going to begin. Wonder what will happen with this due to all the possibilties and it still looking like DX will end sooner than later.

Road kill & Danny Doring vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki: Just a way to get Kane on the card, but it makes Kane look dangerous as he takes out four respectable stars.

Chris Jericho/Vince McMahon Promo: Vince actually seemed sorta out of character when he said Jerichowas high, but hey Vince said the "N" word so who knows what else he would say. Pretty good promo and it looks like Vince McMahon has actually ended up find Carlito a partner instead. The Cabana ans The Highlight Reel vs. Tomko and Christian later tonight.

Ken Kennedy vs. A-Train: Short match, but it gets Kennedy over in this match against A-Train. Should be intresting how you use a face Ken Kennedy. I am really liking how he is still based around the real life heel form too. Hard to see where you go with Kennedy from here, though I expect something good and intresting will happen to keep his name afloat.

Edge Promo: My 2nd favorite version of Edge is here the very angry and always "screwed" version, my favorite version just reaks of total awesomeness. Great promo with Edge saying he has been screwed out of the Money In The Bank, looking forward to his feud with Rey Mysterio as it could be awesome.

Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Carlito & Chris Jericho: LOL, man that was great when Chris Jericho just left the ring when the lights went out while going for The Walls of Jericho. Carlito basicially just gets double teamed now and we get a win from Christian and Tomko.

John Cena/Christian Promo: Pretty good promo building up Cena and his recent sucess and it looks like a Cena/Christian feud is around the corner.

John Cena vs. Rhyno: Well it looks like Rhyno is the winner and it was pretty predictable that John Cena was going to win this match tonight. Also it looks like John Cena/Randy Orton/Christian is next unless you tweak it up a bit and just do Cena vs. Orton again, which I doubt.

Overall: Very good show 8.5/10, another great show from you, just missed that awesome promo in there which would have given it a 9. Looking forward to Snap's Smackdown! to check out his talents.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Preview/RAW reply to come on Sunday.

SD will be posted on Monday.

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isn’t susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy's RAW Review

To start it off, great to see you back Wolfy. Cannot wait to see the fallout from WrestleMania, the biggest event in BTB history, and to see the road to Backlash.

Christian/Carlito/Vince Promo: Excellent way of kicking off the show. You intrigued me by doing this, as usually the champion starts off the show. Needless to say, that did not happen but the show started off well anyway. Christian was very much in character, as was Carlito. Should be nice to see a feud between those two, and hopefully ends with Christian going over. Vince comes out, and makes some big announcements. Cannot wait for the draft next week. Should be awesome.

Rob Van Dam Promo: Short and sweet promo from Van Dam. Impressed to see him cut a good promo, looks like you're letting loose from the Van Dam character that I for one am used to seeing on TV. Should be good to see what happens later on between Sabu and Rob Van Dam.

The Brotherhood vs TWGTT & Trish Stratus: Good opening match Wolfy. Didn't expect the Brotherhood to get the win here. But I suppose it was in best interest to build a good tag feud. Judging by the end result, Jazz and Trish will be feuding for the Women's title. Should be good to see where that goes, and I want to see TWGTT and Brotherhood feud. It should be interesting to see.

Carlito Promo: Hilarious promo here. Venis' line was pure gold, and the Heart Throbs' interaction was funny as well. Carlito's struggles are well documented here, wonder who his partner will end up being?

Rey Mysterio vs Rob Van Dam: Nice match here, RVD gets the HUGE win over Mysterio. An Edge/Mysterio feud could be awesome, and some great matches could come out of this feud. Would not be surprised if this turned into a feud for the MITB briefcase, and hopefully Mysterio keeps hold of it, as Edge having it again would just seem weird.

Carlito/Ken Kennedy Promo: Was not really impressed with this segment. Kennedy seemed weakish here, and Carlito did as well. The jokes didn't seem right, and everything just seemed off. The two lines about choking and drinking seemed a little redundant in my opinion. Wasn't really the greatest sgement in the world, not impressed by that one...

DX/Evolution Promo: Very good promo here. Possibly the best of the night so far, and I don't believe anything can top this. Good job setting up what could possibly be a GREAT DX/Evolution feud. Though changing it to the "Horsemen" kinda dampers the original Horsemen's legacy as stated above. But anyway, great promo and cannot wait to see how this eventually comes out.

Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree: Hah, Kane shows up and demolishes everyone in his path. No real surprise there that he comes out during the "jobbers" match. Good way of building him up.

Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho!? Wow, looks like we haven't seen the last of this Undertaker/Jericho feud. Jericho seemed in character, and his cocky self only put himself in a worse position. HA! Jericho's Carlito's partner. Should be a good match tonight, and I wonder how this will go now...

Ken Kennedy vs A-Train: Short match. But it puts Kennedy over. I hope sooner or later Kennedy is pushed, just because he seems just like an average face on RAW. I hope to see him pushed, and sooner if not later...

Edge Promo: Ahh, the Edge I'm so used to seeing every week on RAW. The "I got screwed" Edge. I love this persona of him, and you captured him well. The Mysterio/Edge feud should be a good one like I stated earlier, and hopefully Mysterio comes out of it on top.

Christian & Tyson Tomko vs Carlito & Chris Jericho: Great tag match. Liked this one a lot. Good action, and great finish as it seems this Y2J/Undertaker feud is FAR from over. I'm guessing Jericho's gonna be drafted next week, or possibly Taker to SmackDown!. Anyway, good to see Christian win, and it seems like your completley turning him face.

John Cena Promo: Regular promo from Cena. Yaddah yaddah yaddah, same old stuff. Whoa! Christian!! Damn, a Christian/Cena feud would be something, looks like we'll both be going that route sooner or later... Good hype to the main event.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Nice to see Rhyno get the shot. I expected this, seeing as the other two are in completley opposite points in this BTB. Nice main event in general, and the champ retains in great fashion with the STFU. Uh oh, ORTON!! HE DOES... NOTHING?!? Wow, did not expect that. Seems like you're playing the "mindgames" sort of thing. Should be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few weeks...

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Re: Being The Booker

This is my first time reading this BTB, and all I can say is this is awesome.

heyman deciple's RAW REVIEW

Christian-Carlito promo: This was a great opening segment, a lot of fun to read, The appearance by Vince was well done too, I'm looking foward to the draft lottery.

RVD Promo: Good promo here, by RVD. an impending feud with Sabu & Fonzie is gonna be great. I hope Fonzie has the whistle. I know some find it annoying but it's just part of the package.

6 person tag: Good match up here, great to see Rodney Mack, Orlando & Jazz not only in action but getting the win.

Carlito locker room segment: This was a fun segment, his interaction with Val was pretty funny.

Mysterio vs. RVD: This would be an awesome match, nice to see RVD get the win.

Kennedy-Carlito: This was another really fun segment.

HBK-Flair: This was a cool segment, HBK trying to be humble and the confrontation with Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore was great. On a side note, nice to see you made the change of Eugene to Nick Dinsmore.

Doring & Roadkill vs. Dupree & Kenzo: It was great to see Danny Doring & Roadkill getting tv Time and it was a surprise to see Dupree & Kenzo. The Kane Run in was a nice touch and well done.

Jericho-Vince: Another really fun segment, this was awesome.

Kennedy vs. A-Train: Good solid match, Nice win for Mr. Kennedy.

Edge Interview: This was a good promo.

Christian & Tomko vs. Carlito & Jericho: Good match, I was happy to see Christian & Tomko get the win.

Cena-Christian: Good promo, here.

RVD-Sabu: This was good, RVD trying to chase after the car, that's good stuff.

Cena vs. Rhyno: Good main event match, the whole dice thing really built up some nice suspense. And the Randy Orton appearance at the end was great.

This was a great show, I give it a 9 out of 10.
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