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Re: Being The Booker


So, WrestleMania is done and dusted. And it's onto the future. Currently I've returned 0 reviews for WrestleMania, but I'm gonna be working on it over the coming weeks. For some, I may not get a review until your next PPV, but if you didnt notice from one of the last posts I made in the thread, I'll no longer be doing full PPV events for Raw, but only my portion of joint ventures, so it'll be a while before I post a PPV anyway.

I'll also take this opportunity to officially welcome the Smackdown writer to the thread - Snap. I'm extremely confident he'll hold up his end of the bargain, after seeing a sneak preview of his first SD.

Expect more updates in the coming weeks, but right now I'm setting an official return date for the thread - January 29th.

So, Being the Booker is back in 18 days time with the Raw fall out from Wrestle Mania. For now, I'll post the PPV schedule (dates are subject to change)

Red = Raw Event
Blue = Smackdown Event
Black = Joint Event

WWE Backlash - April 30th - Seattle, Washington

WWE Judgement Day - May 14th - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WWE Clash of the Champions - June 4th - Kansas City, Missouri

WWE Unforgiven - June 25th - Denver, Colorado

WWE Great American Bash - July 23rd - Atlanta, Georgia

WWE Summer Slam - August 20th - Anaheim, California

WWE Cyber Sunday - September 17th - Rochester, New York

WWE Nemesis - October 15th - Uncasville, Connecticut

WWE Survivor Series - November 12th - Houston, Texas

WWE Armageddon - December 10th - Richmond, Virginia

WWE Royal Rumble - January 14th - Toronto, Ontario

No February PPV

WWE WrestleMania 23 - March 18th - New Orleans, Louisiana


Expect more news and information to come in due time.
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Re: Being The Booker

Cool. The thread returns on 29 January. It should be another great year of booking.


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Re: Being The Booker

I seriously cant believe how long this thread has been going. Wolfy, you deserve alot of respect for this. Im glad we will get another full year of booking, and will be looking out for this thread's return.
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Re: Being The Booker

Shame that the RAW pay per views won't be written out but I'm glad this thread is coming back. Looking forward to Snap's debut in this thread as well. If he has your stamp of approval, he's got mine.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Right, just so everyone knows where I stand on reviews - I've still yet to complete one in return for WM. And, with my next full, proper PPV a long way off, I'll be using spare time in the coming months to catch up with PPV events that I owe reviews too. I've just been far too slack with getting going again with reviews, that it's the only logical thing for me to do. If you've recently posted one of the big events (you should know the ones I mean), I'll review them obviously. If you havent, I'll most likely return your review at a later date when you post a future PPV.

Hopefully, when I get going again, I'll be able to return all the reviews I get for weekly shows.


For anyone that missed it (or forgot the results)

WrestleMania XXII:

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated Americas Most Wanted @ 11:11
In a highly athletic opener, between two teams at the top of their game, the Raw Tag Team Champions overcame the threat of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, to record their second win at back to back WrestleManias against AMW.

Trish Stratus defeated Shaniqua @ 07:27 to retain the Womens Championship
Despite the odds against the Toronto Native, Trish Stratus overcame the dominant Amazon to score a stunning upset, retaining the title, showing why she is considered the greatest womens athlete in the sports history.

Matt Hardy defeated JBL to become the NEW United States Champion @ 10:07
With JBL guaranteeing that he would leave Vegas with the title still in tact, many believed he would find some way to defeat the resurgent Hardy. However, after ten months of being almost superhuman with luck, everything fell apart for the self proclaimed 'Wrestling God'. Layfield tried to take the easy way out twice, getting counted out, and disqualified, and not even his Cabinet could help JBL hold onto the title, as Matt Hardy ended a mammoth run of Layfield as Champion.

In a No Disqualification Match, Triple H defeated Shane McMahon @ 18:53
The Lionhearted Shane McMahon proved the critics wrong with an amazing display of grit and determination to stand toe to toe with The Game, and nearly pulled off an almightly upset, putting his body on the line in the process. However, in the end, The Cerebral Assassin proved too much for McMahon, with Triple H knocking Shane off the huge titan tron, and continuing on despite the fact. Triple H won the match, but Shanes condition would be the major talking point.

The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho @ 17:09
In the weeks leading up to the match, Chris Jerichos confidence continued to grow, as he seemed assured he would end The Deadmans unbreakable WrestleMania winning streak. And, on the night, Y2J proved to be as close as anyone will ever come to breaking the winning streak. He took every short cut imaginable, trying to win the match in any order, including by count out. However, Taker rose above Jerichos game plan, and managed to go an amazing 14-0 at the event.

Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Rhyno defeated Ric Flair, Nick Dinsmore & Batista @ 16:01
With so many issues inter-twined between six men, the tension was literally off the charts. Hogan and Flair gave the fans plenty of nostalgia to witness, Foley gave glimpses of Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack to the delight of the MGM, whilst Dinsmore treated the fans to an effortless wrestling display, leaving Batista and Rhyno to dish out the major punishment on each side. By the end of the match though, it would be Hogan, Foley and Rhyno with hands raised, much to the delight of the fans.

In the first ever Roll of the Dice Match, Carlito retained the Intercontinental Title in a Quintet Sudden Death Match, overcoming Rey Mysterio, Ken Kennedy, Rob Van Dam & Edge @ 10:37
Carlito managed to defeat the odds stacked against him retaining the title against four men, as he snuck in to take Rey Mysterio by surprise, and score victory, keeping his title, and giving him momentum for the second fall...

Rey Mysterio defeated Carlito, Ken Kennedy, Edge and Rob Van Dam @ 12:48 to claim the first ever Money in the Bank Contract, in the second fall of the Roll of the Dice Match, with this being contested as a ladder match.
Despite losing the first fall, Mysterio came back from that to claim arguably a bigger prize - one guaranteed title shot whenever he chooses in the next twelve months. The win came through controversy though, as at first, it appeared RVD would be victorious, until an unlikely appearance from former ECW alumni, Sabu, accompanied by Van Dams recently released manager, Bill Alfonso cost Van Dam the prize. Mysterio then made the most of a Spear from Edge to Carlito to climb the ladder and take the briefcase.

Christian defeated Steve Austin @ 14:21
From this point, the big five talking point matches all followed. After over six months of back and forth verbal sparring, these two men finally got it on in the ring. Austin put up a brave fight, taking on outside interference in the form of Tyson Tomko, as well as Captain Charisma, bled after Christian broke a glass jar over his head, and kicked out of almost everything Christian could deliver, before finally succumbing to the dreaded Unprettier. It was an emphatic victory for Christian, and one that may leave Austin pondering any future in the business.

Bret Hart defeated Kurt Angle @ 21:02
The most anticpated match up by far finally came to a head in Vegas. After months, and month of build up, the conclusion was typically an epic storybook style finish that would make even fairytale writers proud. Bret Hart, out of retirement for one night only, overcame all personal injury problems to put on an unbelievable display to provide one final classic match, defeating Kurt Angle, against all odds, writing one final chapter into his astonishing career. How will Angle ever recover from such an embarrassing defeat??

John Cena defeated Randy Orton @ 15:14 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Many expected Randy Orton to recover from his loss last year to Cena, and bounce back with a victory on March 26th, but John Cena held back the challenge of the legend killer to inflict another WrestleMania loss on Orton, leaving The legend killer on the verge of a break down.

The Rock defeated Shawn Michaels @ 21:06
The epic build up crossed over into an epic encounter as two Icons of the WWE tore down the MGM Grand delivering a match worthy of stealing any show. With the crowd reactions split 50/50, or possibly 60/40 in favour of the Showstopper, it was still The Rock who kept his composure to see off the challenge of an inspired HBK, ending the extraordinary match with an extraordinary Rock Bottom - from the top rope. Afterwards, the two foes shook hands, much to the delight of the onlooking fans.

In the main event, Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar via submission @ 27:28 to become the NEW WWE Champion.
The stage was set, and both men delivered one of the finest main events in WrestleMania history. Both men rolled into the event on the biggest high of momentum they had ever been on, and continued riding on their momentum to provide a classic back and forth contest, that will live on in the memory for years to come. Both men put it all on the line, with Lesnar even attempting the ill fated Shooting Star Press, which eventually led to his downfall, as Benoit forced the self proclaimed 'Iron Man' to tap out to the Crippler Crossface, to become WWE Champion for the first time.
The celebrations with Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio, Chavo and Vickie Guerrero ended the incredible show, much to the delight of the WWE fans across the world.


Post - WrestleMania News and Notes:

The general feeling coming from the WWE following WrestleMania was that the show was as expected, a big success, but many will make judgements on how good it compares to the other great Manias in the past later down the line.

There was many raised eyebrows at Bret Harts performance, putting on an excellent showing against Kurt Angle, which most didnt expect. It is conformed though that Bret Hart will not return to his role as General Manager of Smackdown, with The Hitman content with what he has given these last two years. It's expected that Hart will be inducted into next years Hall of Fame though.

With both Raw and Smackdown now without a General Manager (Flair and Hogan had both been 'relieved' of their duties two weeks ago, and Ricky Steamboat was only used as an interim figure), the general feeling is that Eric Bischoff will be brought back to television to take over on Raw once again, but many names have been thrown about as to whom will take duties on Smackdown. Shane McMahon was an early candidate, but he is now expected to take at least four months off from television to sell his injuries from WrestleMania.

USA Network has confirmed that the April 3rd edition of Raw, coming from London, England will now be a three hour special. The network has been happy with ratings for the show since the return last October, and have shown faith in the WWE to commission another three hour show.
The April 3rd show is expected to feature the now annual Draft Lottery, so there could be many of the big names on show from both Raw and Smackdown in London a week from tomorrow.

Many debuts are expected in the coming weeks and months on both Raw and Smackdown, with many call ups being expected from OVW, along with an impending in ring return of veteran, Dave Finlay. Jamal, formerly of 3 Minute Warning is also expected to be repackaged, and debuted soon. With many debuts expected, it is also likely that we will see many releases too in the next few months.

Both Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan are expected to step away from TV for the time being, with Hogans absence being expected to be a long term period, with Hogan unhappy with how he has been treated in the last month. Foley though, is expected to re-appear in the summer.
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Re: Being The Booker

Well, I never have read this actively beforehand, but I have been looking for the chance to start reading this BTB, as well, it's the cream of the crop in terms of its prestige. I'm looking forward to reading Wrestlemania in my spare time, before you return to writing, and can't wait to see what you, and Snap, can produce.

Best of luck, and I look forward to starting to read your material.

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Re: Being The Booker

Nice news and notes, you've seem to start taking a mark for Umaga lately Wolf hence why he'll be debuting soon, which should be good as long as the main straps never touch his waists. Finlay is another you seem to like and he'll no doubt be used well in the US or IC division, I can also see you calling MVP into things too.

Foley sticking around partially is cool, while Hogan probably won't be back till next WM.

I hope you keep Austin around after the comment in the match result with Christian


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Re: Being The Booker

I know you are a fan of Finley and Umaga, so it will be good to see them debut, and how they do end up being used, but I'm sure it will be well

New GM's and a draft will be good to shake things up as well, and at the moment, I wouldn't be sure about who goes where, but either Jericho or Taker, and HHH are my tips to change

Looking forward to the comeback
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Re: Being The Booker

Some good news and nice to see the banners getting plugged in one last time. Really looking forward to the storylines and angles that happen from the aftermath. From what you been telling me on MSN and the looks of the likes of Finaly and Umaga in here, this will defiantly be the thread to read again once it returns. Good luck to Wolfy and Snap.

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Re: Being The Booker

Good to see that this thread will be starting soon bro. From what I've gathered I can tell you're probably going to push Finlay and Umaga quite a bit. Hopefully you have Estrada with Umaga as well. Wondering whose going to be drafted and who will be the new GMs. Well I guess we'll all find out soon enough. 1!

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