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Re: Being The Booker

(Late) WrestleMania Review

Inter-promotional Match: TWGTT vs. AMW: Good match up to kick off what should be an awesome WrestleMania night. Nice action throughout the match, though this contest would have been a lot more intriguing if this match up had a story going in to it (besides the WM21 rematch). Great finishing sequence, with Shelton Benjamin looking incredibly strong in the end, countering two moves before picking up the win with the T-Bone suplex. Haas and Benjamin picking up their second win does a lot for them but the star of this match up was clearly Shelton and I expect to see a split between the two soon enough. Nice match up to kick off the night. 7.5/10

Funny, little segment in between matches to somewhat lighten up the show. Nice to see Mr. T tonight since he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Glad to see Booker T on the show since he doesn’t have a match tonight.

Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua: Unlike most ‘ignant’ bookers, I can appreciate a good women’s match, so lets see how this one turns out. Nice story being told through the opening portion of the match, with the monster Shaniqua illustrating the power advantage over Trish Stratus. Good job showing Trish’s resilience by having her roll Shaniqua up in several desperation covers. The finish came a bit earlier than expected but it was a very good (and believable) closing sequence with Trish using every opportunity she had and puts Shaniqua away. 7/10

Great promo from Bradshaw, who is in typical “JBL self-promotion mode”. Effective job reinforcing the underdog theme to this match, with Bradshaw mentioning the megastars that he has defeated. I expect JBL to pick up the victory but Hardy will put up a good fight.

United States Championship: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Matt Hardy: Steady pace to the match up as Hardy and Bradshaw go back and forth. Not sure if a referee has the right to restart a match under these rules but its Wrestle Mania . JBL’s desperation is shown well here, with Bradshaw attempting an incredible amount of covers after the match is restarted. Now JBL gets disqualified, trying to keep the title, but only causing the match up to be restarted again! Solid job, getting over JBL’s determination to keep the title by any means necessary. I got to say though, Hardy isn’t looking particularly strong at the moment, as it has been mostly JBL on the offense. Nice comeback by Matt, leading into the finish. The ending came off a bit anticlimactic with the match being restarted several times, but it was good with Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate for the victory. Nice match. 7.5/10

No Disqualifications: Triple H vs. Shane McMahon: Match up starts off like a complete squash, with Triple H dominating until Shane McMahon shows certain flashes of a possible comeback. Steve-O from Jackass?? This has been the strangest use of fan interaction in a BTB ever. Nice job setting up a scenario where Shane’s comeback is semi-believable. Gruesome stuff here with both Shane-O-Mac and The Game being busted open! GREAT SPOT! Shane flies off of the top and hit’s a patented flying elbow through the announce table. I expected to see that spot but was still shocked to read it. Another great spot with The Van Terminator but once again The Game kicks out!! This match up has really picked up with Shane on the offense. Triple H running away from Shane is a bit unrealistic but it works in this scenario. SHANE FALLS 50 FEET!!! The Game picks up the victory with The Pedigree. Sick finish to a great match, showing Hunter’s sadistic, vicious side. 8.5/10

Paul Heyman’s promo was needed and added just a little more hype to the main event, WWE Championship match.

Inter-promotional Match: The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho:
The sand into the eyes spot was unexpected but a nice start to the match, as was Jericho willing to take the count out victory over The Undertaker. Once the match got rolling the offense was solid, if not a little unspectacular. The shenanigans in this match up have been spot on and the handcuff spot is no different. That truly illustrated how badly Jericho wants to end the winning streak of The Deadman. This match really picks up with the false finishes and ‘kicking out of finishers’. Taker eventually picks up the win with The Tombstone. DAMN IT!! Well, I guess it had to be done. Good match even with the result. 8/10

In character Hogan promo here with Hulk in typical self promotion mode. Good job capturing Hogan’s character….but I can’t stand him.

Six Man Tag Team Match: Evolution vs. Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Rhyno: The crowd heat in the match is incredible, leading to the Hogan-Flair pairing. Pretty good match up here, as everyone gets their ‘time in the sun’. You did a really good job getting everybody over, especially Batista, who looked like a monster towards the end of the match up. The finish of the match was a bit hokey, with everyone hitting a move before Hogan does that damn leg drop. Feel good moment at WrestleMania. I’m a little upset that Hogan was the one to pick up the pinfall, instead of Foley or Rhyno, but its realistic, considering that’s how the Hulkster operates. 7.5/10

Interesting segment featuring D-Generation X there. I guess we’ll be seeing a split soon, possibly leading to an HBK face turn.

Intercontinental Championship & Money In The Bank: Roll of the Dice Match: Not that surprised to see the sudden death format ‘chosen’ for the Intercontinental Championship match. Exciting, fast paced action throughout the contest, perfectly fitting the five man set-up. Shocked that Carlito managed to keep the IC Title, even if he did do it in typical heel fashion. The Money in the Bank match is…a ladder match and this should be a good one, considering the athleticism of the five men involved. The match up turns into a complete spotfest, which is to be expected from a ladder match. Spot of the match had to be the Green Bay Plunge off of the top! Oh SHIT! SABU! Nice job capitalizing on the recent tension between Fonzie and Van Dam, with Alfonso costing RVD the match up. Mysterio grabs the briefcase and the title shot!! Great match, match of the night so far. 9/10

Christian’s promo, much like JBL’s promo earlier, is simply a way to hype up the upcoming important match up. Good job, especially reminding us of his impressive four victories over The Phenom.

Inter-promotional Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Christian: CC comes out to a huge pop?? Signaling a face turn maybe? More than likely its just due to the WrestleMania environment. This match progressed during the opening stages like I expected it to, with Christian and Tomko pulling out all of the stops to pull out the victory. Both Christian and Austin took a lot but CC looks really strong in the end, not only kicking out of the Stone Cold Stunner and then pinning Austin relatively clean after The Unprettier. Good match though it was a little short. 8/10

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart:
Nice, long video package to get us hyped for this epic match up…and I am!! Awesome psychology and exchange from Hart and Angle during the beginning portion of the match, with Angle asserting his dominance but Bret showing he may not have a lot of ring rust left on him. Amazing match up here and The Hitman is going toe for toe with Angle. Kurt showing a sick arrogance by not taking the opportunity he had to pin Bret. (On a side note, nice job bringing up the commentary during the matches. It adds a little something.) OH CRAP BRET WINS BY TAP OUT!! I don’t know what to say about this decision. I understand the need to have The Hitman leave on top but then again Angle is sticking around and should have looked stronger coming out of the match. Either way this was a great, great match up. Definitely MOTN so far. 9.5/10

The Piper’s Pit interview show was a decent segment. I understand why Maven and the other jobbers were on the show (to put over Kane) but I felt it kinda drug down WrestleMania. Kane’s appearance would have been lacking something but bringing him back with the mask was awesome and made this segment worthwhile.

World Heavyweight Championship:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II: After reading the notes, I’m not surprised that this match is going on ahead of HBK-Rock but I still don’t think it’s a great move (mainly cause I think Cena will retain .) Good match up here as Orton continues to show more and more heelish tactics. Lots of people kicking out of finishers tonight, which is typical for a PPV and especially WrestleMania. Orton is almost a full fledged heel here as he drills Cena with the title belt!! Cena kicks out…argh…. it’s a bird, it’s a plane, its JOHN CENA!! Cena picks up the win with a simple school boy. Good match up but Orton looks pretty bad losing to Cena twice in a row. 8.5/10

Icon vs. Icon: The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels:
HBK gets a big ovation coming out? Combining that with the fact that he did not want D-Generation X to interfere in the match, may mean we could be close to a Shawn Michaels heel turn. AWESOME description of this match, adding the incredible atmosphere of this match up with the good action going on in the ring. Lots of referee bumps in this match up, which allows a couple of spots that may have caused a disqualification. Great sequence of near falls towards the end, with HBK kicking out of The People’s Elbow and a Rock Bottom and Rock kicking out of Sweet Chin Music!! The Great One finally puts him away with a top rope Rock Bottom!! Don’t think I’ve ever seen Rocky do that before! Sick Spot! The handshake after the match pretty much cements Michaels eminent face turn and was a great way to end the rivalry. 9/10

WWE Championship: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit:
Main Event time. This should be a great match up, though I was probably looking forward to other matches beside this one (CC-SCSA, Bret-Angle, Rock-HBK). This match up started rather quickly. I thought you would have the two of them mat wrestle for a bit, before unleashing their anger but your way was better having the two fight it out before settling down into some wrestling. The bearhug spot towards the middle was a bit boring but it really picked up after that with Benoit hitting some of his trademark suplexes and then moving into the false finishes. The finish of the match was spot on, shades of WrestleMania 20. Eventually, after what seems like an eternity, Lesnar taps out, giving Benoit his first WWE Championship. Awesome finish to a great match. The aftermath was great too with the lockerroom coming out to congratulate Benoit on his huge win. 9/10

Overall: 9/10 Awesome Pay Per View. Definitely the best that I have ever read. My only problem were with some of the winners but thats all a matter of opinion so I can't really complain. Spectacular PPV.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Some of you may have noticed that I've been missing for the last ten days or thereabouts. I didnt think I would've been, but the family went on a last minute trip to see other family members over Christmas, so as a last minute thing, I didnt have a chance to get on before we left.

Needless to say, I'm now back, and am absolutely overjoyed at the response I've gotten for Wrestle Mania. I must thank each and every one of you for taking the time to review the show, and I'm pleased that everyone got enjoyment out of it.

Soon enough I'll begin to get back to terms with handing reviews back out, but I'll probably start off with PPV reviews I owe, and get those out of the way first and foremost.

This thread will be back in action hopefully towards the end of January, as I'd like to recharge my batteries a little, and also give myself a chance to return all the reviews I've been given. Hopefully Snap wont mind too much, as I'm sure he is keen to get cracking too. This will give him a chance though to get ahead in terms of shows if he wishes to do so.

At this moment in time, I think I'll have to make a decision that I'll no longer be able to write single brand PPV events in full. I'll be hunting for a new job come February, and I only just about have enough time to write one show a week, let alone a PPV every month. I will however provide detailed recaps for PPV shows, and I will be pulling my weight for joint efforts with full matches.

Now though, I'll take this opportunity to explain why I booked WM in the way I did, and although I'm not trying to say what I did in certain places was right, I'm just explaining why I felt it was the right way for me to do it.

From the top, I didnt have an awful amount of decent 'opener' candidates. Obviously the womens match would've bombed as an opener, the Roll of the Dice Match would've been a complicated opener, HHH vs Shane was a little over the top to kick things off, the 6 Man Tag was only going to be a spectacle match, and didnt have the in ring quality to suit as an opener. Then, the main event matches didnt fit as a opener either, as they either were just too big to start the show, had too much build up to be blown off in the opening match, had too much at stake to open up, or just didnt seem right. So, I was literally left with two options, that being JBL vs Matt Hardy, and the tag champs match.
I would've liked to have kicked off with the US Title Match, but with the way I wanted to book it (more on that later), I just knew that would bomb as an opening match to warm up the fans. It then left me with the tag champions match, which was the most suitable match to kick off with, as it wasnt built up for a long time, and could be quickly set to one side, and would get the fans warmed up for the remainder of the show. I'll not go into detail as to why TWGTT won, as there are many reasons, but a few I can disclose are that I knew everyone would expect AMW to win, and I like the element of surprise every now and again. Also, in the wacky world of the WWE, a WWE made act will always go over a creation from elsewhere, despite logic or popularity, so why not TWGTT over AMW twice.
However, I certainly didnt intend for Shelton Benjamin to come across as the star of the show, and didnt actually realise that was how it would be perceived until I read the reviews.

Yes, I've now punched myself in the face dozen times or so since reading that I missed out the immortal line from Mr. T. I'm really disappointed with myself on that, as even I'm big headed enough to say that I was proud of that promo, but now I'll cast it aside to be forever forgotten.

Not much to say about the booking of the womens match. I know womens wrestling doesnt appeal to the masses, but it's part of the WWE, so I have to deal with it. Dont expect to see Shaniqua again, but do expect some fresh faces soon enough.

As for JBL / Hardy, I knew the booking of the match would be criticised, but I have my reasons. Before I go into that, I do want to admit that it was a lazy piece of booking, and it's not something I do often (first time at a PPV to my recollection). Okay, booking a twelve match show is pretty difficult, especially trying to make each match different. I thought doing it this way would make the match unique to the rest of the show, and would also show the desperation of JBL to keep the belt at any cost, hence his guarantee to still be US Champion (but not a guarantee to win the match). This way, he can still sort of get away with saying his guarantee was scuppered by poor officiating, or something like that. I also wanted JBL to run out of luck, and thought that this would be a good way to do it. Again, I thought the match turned out fairly bady, but I stand by the booking of it.

I sort of already explained why the No DQ match went like it did prior to WM, so I'll skip by it. The other HHH segment where he was thrown out of the building was just to kill off any toughts of him ruining the rest of the show as he had promised to do.

I was really pleased with how the Taker - Jericho contest came out, and was perhaps my 2nd favourite of the show. Obviously Taker was going to win, but I wanted to do my best to make it seem like it might've went either way. I think I did a decent job of showing Jerichos desperation too, wanting to win the match anyway he could, even if it was by a count out.

The six man tag was what it was, and finally ended the long running Foley - Flair saga.

Not sure why there is an uproar about Mysterio losing the first fall, and winning the second. IMO, that was the beauty, and the unique quality behind the match, and it wasnt like he lost cleanly either. Also, to the person who was worried that I'd make Mysterio out to be the Eddie Guerrero tribute act. Absolutely 100% not gonna happen. It turned me off Wrestling for the most part of the year, and I'm not going to start doing it in my own thread now.

Then it was on to the Big Five Matches. Austin - Christian IMO, was a major disappointment, and for my money, would've been the biggest dud on the card. Maybe I'm being harsh, but the match definately didnt live up to the hype I'd given it. Didnt mean not to say about the type of reaction Austin got, but I didnt mean it to seem like Christian was more popular. I'm sure I wrote he got an inital pop, followed by heat.

Really expected to get massively panned for letting Angle and Hart actually have a match, let alone have Bret go over. I know in the real world Bret Hart will never and can never wrestle again, but once I put the wheels in motion for this feud, I had to go through with it. Until about two months or so ago, my intention was always for Angle to go over via submission, but then suddenly, I had a sudden change of mind, and realised that I could have an ultimate WM moment if I had Hart go over in his final match. Yes, it makes Angle look bad to lose to a 50 year old who cant actually wrestle any more, but there is a lot more creative things that can come from this loss for Angle, than the predictable win. Just watch this space for the fall out.

Another disappointment IMO was the World Title Match. I tried my best but Cena and Orton just didnt click for me like I thought it would've. It seemed better to me, but some of the reaction has been lukewarm, so it has to get a thumbs down. They definately need a gimmick to pull off a great match - although against the right opponent I think both can have great singles matches - but again, watch this space for the fallout.

Okay, HBK getting cheered over The Rock despite being a heel. Well, it's hardly the first time. Actually, nearly every time Rock faces a 'popular heel' or a 'legendary heel', or just a fresh heel, he, for some reason, always gets booed. Hogan and Lesnar immediately pop into mind, and I'm certain there are many others.

Not much to say about the main event, apart from the fact that it gave me great pleasure to crown Chris Benoit world champion.

Hopefully that explains anything that was bugging anyone. Please be patient with me as I try to get back on track in BTB over the next few weeks. I've a lot of catching up to do.
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Post Re: Being The Booker


stupid caps

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Re: Being The Booker

Its all good Wolfy. I think I see what was behind the Hardy vs JBL stuff, I was hoping for them to have a regular match, but it was entertaining a bit. Your really harsh on yourself it seems, but I didn't see Christian vs Austin bomb that greatly, though it wasn't as great of an ending or a match as it could of and should of, still a good match. The fall out of WrestleMania, should be great to say the least, and I really think your going to make it great. Thanks for clearing all thoughts up, though I would of rather seen Angle win over Hart, the ultimate moment is a nice touch and a good idea, but if they shook hands after and hugged possibly after Hart tapped, it would of been a great moment in itself.
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy’s WrestleMania 22 Review from Kid O Mac:

First off good opening promo and it sets the tone for what seems to be one great night.

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

After reading what you just wrote, I totally understand why you put this match on first. To me though, it felt like some things were lacking in this match, as I thought their encounter from last year was much better. Probably due to the buildup that last year featured. ***/5

I read the Booker T/Goldust segment a couple of days ago, and that was one of the most funniest promos I’ve read from you, in recent memory. I can actually envision these two doing this in real life.

Women’s Championship-Trish(c) v. Shanquia

Wasn’t really expecting a wrestling classic, and I really didn’t think Trish would lose here and fortunately I was correct. You claim that this is the last time we’ll see the Amazon Beast for a while, well let’s see where you take this division next. **3/4 out 5

United States Championship:
JBL(c) v. Matt Hardy

Before I get to the match, that was an excellent promo from JBL. Great work. As for the match, I like how you made this match seem different from the rest. I had a feeling that Hardy would get the win, but I’m glad at how you showed JBL doing whatever he could to get the win, but running out of luck in the end. ***1/4 out of 5

NO DQ-Triple H v. Shane McMahon

This was insanely everything that I expected. Well maybe not the insane bump from Shane from Triple H. But everything else was done to a T. Not surprised that Hunter gets the W and so far this is the MOTN. ****/5

Liked how you used Heyman as a way of showing the power and unexpectedness that Brock has, that Heyman himself doesn’t even want to be by him at the moment. Nice way to hype up the Main Event. Won’t comment on the segment with Hunter as we know he wouldn’t be in the main event in anyway.

Interpromotional Match: Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Looking back at it, I’ve realized that having Austin beat Taker in my Mania in my thread, was a bad idea, as no one else has decided to have Taker take a L at Mania. With that said, I didn’t expect for Jericho to win here and he didn’t but he gave one hell of a fight. ***.5/5

Six Man Tag Match:

Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

Not much more to say about this match, as you said yourself that this match was done more or less as a special attraction, and a way to finally end the war between Flair and Foley. Well that I will say you have done and done well I might add. Foley and his team pick up the win, but I wonder what happens to Dinsmore? ***/5

I like how you added in all of the WM Promo Videos, as I get to re-read these classic videos from you man.

Intercontinental Championship; Money in the Bank Match
Roll of the Dice Match; Ladder Match

Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

Both matches were well written and served their purpose. Really it was good to see the IC title being defended at Mania, even though the champion, Carlito retained. That was good, but the ladder match to me was way better. Mysterio winning was good, and I’m glad you’re not using the Eddie Guerrero storyline with Mysterio. As I agree, as much of a fan I was and am of Guerrero and Mysterio, that really disgusted me with the way they dragged that storyline out over the past year. Total Rating for the two matches: ****/5

Nice HoF tidbit.

Christian v. Stone Cold Steve Austin

With the past couple of months of how you had Christian being positioned as the new star in the business, there was no way that I knew you would have him take a L here tonight. And you didn’t. While this match wasn’t a classic by any means, the “torch” has been passed in this match, as Austin losses and Christian gains as JR said “the biggest win in his career to date!” ***.75/5

WrestleMania 23 coming to the Superdome! Nice!

Match of the Millennium:

Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

After reading what you just wrote, I totally understand why you had Hart go over in this match. I’ll say this, when I brought Hart back in my thread, I knew all along in my heart that I never was going to have Hart beat Michaels at Mania for the title. For one, I knew it wouldn’t be right. But I wanted to do Angle v. Hart, which is the reason why I put that match in full on SNME, and there since I knew Hart was losing at Mania, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt by winning at SNME. But back to the match here. This was probably one of the top five matches that I’ve ever read from you. *****/5

Was kind of surprised to see Piper’s Pit so late, and to me honestly it could’ve been much better than what it was. The ending was kind of expected, but hey the Monster Kane is back!

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

I said it to myself after I first read this match, and I’ll say it again as I write it here! The ending sucked bro! I know you tried, but this match to me came off horribly. To me, there’s two things that should never happen in a Heavyweight Championship Match at Mania. That is the match end with a schoolboy or some small package/fast count, or end in DQ. That totally tarnishes it for me. ***-And that’s being nice, as originally I graded it at 2.75

Icon vs. Icon:

Shawn Michaels
vs. The Rock

This was great and I can’t believe how you were able to combine all of the elements from these two personally and put it into this feud and make it work so well. Rock, who is probably one of the few wrestlers that I actually have cheered for as a good guy, as I am more biased towards heel, pulls out the Win, with a…Rock Bottom from off of the top rope! What an ending to a brilliant WM match. ****.25/5

WWE Championship Match:

WWE Champion,
Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

One word that describes this match is PERFECTION! I know Benoit is you’re boy, so I knew that this match would be big. Though I really originally wanted it to be Jericho vs. Benoit for the belt at Mania, this will do. This exceed anything that I had thought would happen. From the beginning of the match to the end of the show, it was all brilliantly done. Excellent recap video. Benoit is the NEW WWE Champion and what a way to end this show as Tazz said it right, when he said “No Overhyping, Just Let the Show Do the Talking Itself!” *****/5

Overall Score: 175/200=87.5=B+

Thank you Wolfy, for this Wrestling Classic!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

Damn Wolfy. If I was to read your self evaluation, I would swear this was a shitty PPV. Self deprecation...das not cool. Can't wait for you to get to reviewing pick this thread back up. Hope you and Snap get off to a good start.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker

Wrestlemania review:

Opening video package: Very well written and set the tone for the show well.

AMW vs. WGTT: Wasn’t surprised to see this start off the show. It started off ok, with some basic action. However it lasted a long time before I got the feeling it was going anywhere. Things picked up near the end, I loved the two counters of the death sentence by Benjamin. Overall I thought this was a decent match, with some interesting little parts of storytelling. (Such as Harris getting isolated for a bit, then the same thing happens to Haas same after… also I liked how the respect between the two teams slowly deteriorated throughout the match). Some parts did lose my interest though and i would have liked to have seen some more near falls.

Goldust, Booker T, Mr T promo: lol this was great. I’m glad that Booker at least got a little airtime on this show. Very entertaining promo, everyone was in character and I thought the concept was gold.

Shaniqua vs. Trish: I thought you played out the underdog story pretty well with Trish. The match kept me interested pretty much all the time, which was good. I was surprised by the botched Stratusfaction, mainly because I was surprised you willingly included a botch. I’m guessing you used it so that there would be a credible excuse for Shaniqua kicking out of it, it added to the realism anyway. There were a lot of pretty good counters throughout the match, but my obvious favourite was the Stratusfaction countered into a power bomb. The ending was a little disappointing after that, but still overall it was a pretty decent match.

Wrestlemania promos: damn, the DX one came in last… I thought that was the best one by far.

JBL interview: Another awesome promo. JBL was written very well, his confidence and wit was there. (“I have no answer for why my hair stays in place in the ring”. I loved that line in particular lol).

Hardy vs. JBL: I thought this was another good match. JBL trying to get himself counted out and disqualified was very in character (I thought the match was really over after the count out). Both men hit all their signature moves I believe, and it flowed very well without getting uninteresting. I was expecting JBL to hit the clothesline from hell, so I was surprised when Hardy ducked and Noble received the move. I thought the ending in general was good, It highlighted Hardy beating all of the odds. Hmmm Noble getting left behind was interesting, could this be setting up his split from the cabinet?

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon: Well this was definitely the most exciting match so far. I thought the story of HHH wanting to punish Shane, not just beat him was done pretty well. One spot I didn’t like was Shane being whipped across all 3 announce tables, I can’t visualise it without it looking so exaggerated lol. Steve O appearing was very unexpected… I guess it just goes to show anything can happen at Wrestlemania… I liked that Shane hit his diving elbow drop and the coast to coast. But HHH kicks out of both, which of course leads up to the titantron bump, (I was sort of surprised you had one in this match, and where did Hunter get the sledgehammer from,,, did he put it there earlier and then “escape“ up their deliberately?, was the whole thing a set up?… If so then he really is the Cerebral Assassin).

Heyman interview: I thought this was yet another good promo, though some parts seemed a bit out of character to me (“Not because I’m mean or nasty”). But it got the point across and hyped the main event pretty well.

Triple H promo: I thought the commentary before this was interesting, perhaps Tazz and Coach will end up brawling by the end of the night (I find it funny that no matter how many times Shane falls off the stage the commentators act like it’s the first time it has ever happened lol). I liked how you gave Triple H a credible reason here for not fulfilling his promise (ruining Wrestlemania), perhaps a HHH vs. Steamboat fued is in the works?

Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker: I was shocked by how many cheap moves you managed to think up for Y2J to lose. Again this match had a good story to it, with Jericho resorting to every cheap move in the book in attempt to beat the phenom. Wasn’t sure if i liked the handcuff spot… It was pretty stupid that the ref didn’t see it… but wrestling referees are pretty damn ignorant at times, plus it did add to the story. One thing I’m sure I didn’t like though was Jericho not selling the exposed turnbuckle. Those are just nit pickings though… One main thing I didn’t like was that despite all the near falls and finshers, there wasn't a moment when i thought Taker's undefeated streak was in danger. I especially think the walls of Jericho spot could have been made more dramatic (maybe even with Chris reapplying the hold several times afterwards)… But besides from that, I thought the match had a good story, flowed very well and never got boring. It’s actually my favourite match so far.

Hulk Hogan interview: This was pretty good, although at times I thought Hogan was a bit more arrogant then normal. Besides from that though it was a pretty realistic promo in my opinion.

6 man tag match: I didn’t like how Flair was so eager to face Foley and Hogan, that seemed a bit too face-like. Also When Foley drove his knee into the steps, it felt like you missed an opportunity for Flair to work on his legs a bit and attempt a figure four. However aside from those minor things I enjoyed this match quite a lot. The constant momentum changes made it pretty exciting, and i loved how you mixed all the differant styles of the competitors. The ending was pretty chaotic and fun to read. (Although it was a bit confusing at times, because I think you typed the wrong names in places).

Wrestlmania promo: Wrestlemaina Hotel came in second… I found that surprising, I was expecting it to win

DX promo: Pretty interesting segment. HBK enforcing that he wants to face Rock alone hyped up the match pretty well. And the little conversation between the other DX members afterwards was very interesting. Could this be the start of a possible split?

Roll of the dice match: I thought the first fall was decent. Edge not wanting to get involved was a good story and was in character. I also liked the ending, with Carlito making the blind tag, but the other competitors not noticing. The only thing I didn’t like about this was I thought RVD’s style wasn’t portrayed that well, he used too many power moves for my liking.
The ladder match was very spotty but entertaining. The large majority of it was basically each men incorporating a ladder into their finishers (which to be honest is how I would have written it aswell). I particularly liked the spear, 619 counter… Sabu returning with al fonzo was shocking, didn’t see that coming at all and I look forward to seeing where this leads too. I was surprised that it was Carlito that took the spear spot (actually looking back, it was a bit weird that Edge took himself out of the match with that). Mysterio winning was also very surprising. Very good match (the ladder match was pretty spotty… but personally I didn’t mind that). Oh glad to see that you acknowledged that Edge did all the work, could lead to an interesting feud between him and Rey.

Christian interview: I thought this was probably the best interview so far. Christian seemed to be in character and it hyped up the next match pretty well. I couldn’t really find anything I didn’t like about this.

Austin vs. Christian: I liked the start of the match. It seemed pretty realistic with Christian running from Austin and Tomko constantly trying to interfere (I was glad he was eventually sent backstage). One thing I did notice was that Christian didn’t sell enough at some points imo. Such as the 10 atomic drops (I thought the spot itself was a good idea). Christian using J.R’s sweet jar was unexpected, but I thought was a pretty good idea. I loved the little touches you added during this time, such as Christian eating the sweets and Austin giving the ref the finger after he keeps his arm up in the sleeper… I was really liking this match, however I thought the ending really let it down. I felt it was pretty anti-climatic, especially since Austin kicked out of the frog splash, only for it not to lead to anything. Having more near-falls before it would have helped, (also a stunner countered into the unprettier may have worked better or Christian needing to hit 3 in a row to beat Austin).

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle: This was the match I most looked forward to reading… and it didn’t disappoint. The only thing I disliked about it was that I thought the belly to belly suplexes and Angle whipping Hart into the steel steps, should have been made more dramatic (I would have thought there were more likely to effect Hart’s physical condition then the clotheslines). Besides from that though, I loved everything else about this match. The pace was great and the styles seemed pretty realistic. I liked the references to Hart’s past with the victory roll and ring apron spots from his KOTR win. I also loved the ‘Lets see your foot save your ass once I break it in two’ line from Angle, that was pretty clever in my opinion. And I thought the ending was great, grapevine countered into a sharpshooter… just genius . Hmm maybe Kurt have been in the hold a bit longer before tapping out, but overall a great match, probably the best so far.

Piper’s pit: Surprised that the Christian advert won, I didn’t like that one personally. Anyway I thought the Piper’s pit segment was great. At first I wasn’t too sure about it as I thought Piper got cut off too early. But the promo ended up being a suitable length anyway. I thought Maven leading a jobber army against Kane was a good move for several reasons… 1: It gives them all a chance to be on Wrestlemania… 2: Kane destroying them all made him look really strong… and 3: I doubt anyone paid to see Kane talk lol. I was surprised to see that you put the mask back on Kane, but I thought it was a pretty cool touch. And including the Pete Rose gag was just great… Overall I’d see this was the best promo so far (or at the least it ties with the Booker, Goldust, Mr T one).

John Cena vs. Randy Orton: I felt this was one of the most realistic matches so far. It was also a very entertaining one. Although I would have liked to have seen a longer assault from Orton in the middle of the contest. Also I was surprised to see Orton become the heel so quickly, but that isn’t a criticism. I did think the finishing sequence was well thought out, and it had me on the edge of my seat for the most part (especially after the belt spot) and the sudden finish worked well in my opinion.

HBK vs. The Rock: In general… I loved this match. Even the little things such as both men using each other’s taunts and Rock slamming Michaels head against each of the 3 announce tables was entertaining. The constant momentum changes throughout this match worked brilliantly and the ending sequence was again done very well. The Rock Bottom of the top rope was a bit unrealistic… but the awesomeness of it made up for that. My only little criticism is that I think things were overused a bit (such as the Rock using HBK’s own heel tactics against him… HBK using 2 atomic drops… HBK skinning the cat twice… HBK stomping different body parts of the Rock etc). Oh and I didn’t like Rocky using a back suplex to set up the second people’s elbow. I felt it should have been a scoop slam… So considering those are the only things wrong with it, I’d say you did pretty well with this… MOTN in my opinion.

Chris Benoit vs. Brock Lesnar: This was my second favourite match of the show. The only thing that stopped it being the first was that it didn’t have a long enough “feeling out process” for my liking. Especially considering this was meant to be the traditionalist wrestling match. Other then that though I thought this was perfect. I have absolutely no other complaints. It was realistic, both men hit all of their moves (loved seeing Lesnar use his old combos). Plus the near falls and finisher attempts had me hooked. The F5 into a crossface was a great way to end it (and I loved how Brock kept countering it into a pin, that just added loads to the excitement).

Overall: Did I love this show?… Yes… Is it the best I’ve ever read?… Yes, but I havn’t really read many big BTB events yet, so that isn’t really much of a compliment… Was it perfect?… No and that would have been a really unfair expectation. This was an extremely entertaining shows, with some great moments and no major problems. I thought the booking behind it was great (I even didn’t mind Mysterio winning the ladder match after losing the first fall ). Overall I’d say this lived up to the hype, which is a very impressive achievement.
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Re: Being The Booker

Having you respond back to all the reviews really takes a lot of what I am going to write, but I will start my Wrestlemania review for you tomorrow. I should hopefully have it done in a few days, but I do not have the greatest computer access at the moment. I have read some matches, and they have been a pleasure.

You know you are going to have one person jumping all over Orton vs. Cena.
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Smile Re: Being The Booker

Wolfys wrestle mania review

Twgtt vs. amw- great match good action the finish was good as I thought amw would win with the death sentence

Goldust promo-only thing weird didn’t really like it

Women’s championship match-great match for a diva match glad trish is still the women’s champion

Jbl interview –he is perfectly in character nothing wrong with this as the match is the main focus anyway

Jbl vs. hardy-great match nice touch with the count out and disqualification that is so very Jbl glad hardy won but it was kinda predictable I liked the finish with Jbl trying to go for the clothesline from hell and matt hardy reversing it into the twist of fate great match nothing to improve on

HHH vs. Shane o Mac-I really liked this match really entertaining some good moves I especially liked that triple h got the win motn so far so far nothing wrong with the ppv good job so far

The Undertakeur vs. Chris Jericho-great way to begin the match but wouldn’t he have been disqualified by the ref also I think you shoulve saved that till the end and make Jericho win the match other than that I was a great match didn’t like the ending with taker winning but that’s not my call now is it

SIX man tag team match-would have made this the opener but I guess it was for Hogan’s ego truth is I didn’t really enjoyed this match all the wrestlers were boring hated the ending I just don’t like Hogan he is the worst wrestler by far

Intercontinental championship-great match good action I was expecting a lot more than a quintet survival match surprised carlito got the win but it really isn’t a bad choice either good job with this match

Money in the bank-glad this was a ladder as a money in the bank really should be a ladder match not too happy mysterio won but oh well its your btb this was definitely motn so far by the way I wish Kennedy would have won

Christian vs. Stone Cold-wow really surprised that Christian won here I thought it would be a stone cold win for sure pretty simple ending all he did was an unpretier really no spots worth mentioning in the match so far so good

Bret hart vs. Kurt angle-wow motn it was the best match ive ever read great job keep it up nothing by me

John cena vs. Randy Orton-damn it cena is still the champ thought orton would win for sure it would have been better really personally I liked the action nothing wrong the ending was ok but a roll up for this caliber of a match come on you can think of something better

The rock vs. Shawn Michaels-yes the rock won good job there I absolutely loved the ending it was great a rock bottom off the top rope holy shit is right good match loved it

Chris benoit vs. Brock lesnar-good match aldo very predictable everyone knew benoit was going to win no surprise not really too enjoyable when its like that great match nonetheless

Overall 97/100 some things I didn`t like the ending of some matches but nothing really mager good job

Plz return this review my smack down is up now if you want too return

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Re: Being The Booker

It has been twenty three months since your last Wrestlemania, so this is exciting to read.

I do not know how much constructive criticism I can give you since you seem to have given yourself a vituperative review, but I will try. It will mostly be over adulation, but everyone can use compliments.

I was not too fond of the song. It sort of fit, but it really did not have the WWE theme song style.

Length: 10/10.

Spelling and Grammar: Well, you completely disregarded the apostrophe, but I am assuming that is how you write in Ireland. I counted two spelling mistakes, and grammatical mistakes are not really of my concern in Wrestlemania. You taught me some words too! 10/10

You usually write excellent opening videos, but you have even topped that. This had three parts to it, and it was well done. The classic moments were in there, and current superstars gave their favorite moments or plans for tonight. I could never imagine Chris Benoit talking in third person though. 10/10

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

This should be a good opening with all the talent involved. AMW dominate both Haas and Benjamin, which they are probably not accustomed to since it is a face vs. face match. Here comes the resurgence of Benjamin and Haas. Just want to mention that you wrote Edge instead of Harris. I love the pinning combination sequence because it is something that fast moving teams do. Now we see Benjamin evince his unparallel athleticism, and I love it! I thought it was over after that leaping guillotine, but I am not complaining with more. I have no idea what the death sentence is, but Benjamin sitting up during it seems like an incredible move. Great win for The World’s Greatest Tag Team with Benjamin doing most of the offense. They have defeated everyone now, so unless you have a new team being imported or formed, they are going to be in a slow tag team division.
The last half of this match was awesome indubitably, but the first half was way too basic. Nothing good at all in terms of moves, and I thought you would take advantage of the first match by having it start off with some exciting moves. It does not make a world of a difference, but it seemed more like a regular show tag team match in the early part. 8/10

Booker T and Goldust is hilarious enough. I really did not see the humor in this, but it is always good to see Mr. T at Wrestlemania.

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Second match of the night is the ideal spot for a women’s match. This is basically Shaniqua showing her manly strength, and Trish showing her tenacity and agility. Jackhammer into Stratusfaction is a creative counter and one that I see working, so I do not know why Trish botched it. If Trish survives the powerbomb, then she has to win the match. Stratusphere and Chick Kick is the quintessential Trish Stratus win, but she wins over the dominant woman, so now Trish is the dominant champion. From what I gather from your news reports, Shaniqua is out of here. You have to establish the remaining part of the women’s division because your focus has been on Shaniqua and Trish for a long time. 6.5/10

Glad to see this preview making number three as I laughed uncontrollably when I first read it.

JBL must take the microphone earlier than The Rock does. Pfft, I have no answer for why my hair stays in place! Won a contract from a cereal box! Good stuff from JBL, especially the ending line. I was wondering when he would actually talk about his competition.

United States Championship;
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Banning the Cabinet may be an indication that Hardy is going to win. There has been a Russian leg sweep in all three matches so far. JBL is smart leaving the ring and allowing for a countout and retention. He also took advantage of the DQ with a basic low blow.
Now I understand why you always want to be at the same period of time as it is currently. I thought I was a genius when I thought of countout and DQ from the champion, only for restarting the match. Then the WWE did it twice in the same week, so now your idea looks like it was copied when it really was not. Now it is just crap, thank you WWE.
I do not know if the referee would make the decision instead of Steamboat, but it is Wrestlemania. I do not know if Hardy could slam JBL, but his comeback was in order other than that. The Cabinet initially saves JBL, but they end up self destructing, and Matt Hardy is the US Champion! I did not think you liked Hardy enough to give him the title, but whatever. Sort of like when JBL lost the title to Cena at Wrestlemania 21 with the title reign spanning almost the same amount of time. Should be interesting on Smackdown with all these face champions, which all of them are from Cruiserweight to WWE. 6/10

HHH is pissed off …

Orton seems to be deep in thought for this match, which is good. I like that you gave him this instead of an interview because a concentrated Orton does not fare well in interviews.

No Disqualifications:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

NODQ is needed here for Shane O Mac to make this his match. I hope you use King of Kings more than twice here instead of just discarding it. Triple H shows his anger early on, but I am sure Shane will gain control soon. The brawlfest in the crowd is nice, but it these two guys did not get that personal with each other on Smackdown. Those should be saved for those intense rivalries where the build up is more. Ha, Steve – O is on Shane – 0’s side. The best part about this match is neither person has attempted a cover, showing how much damage they want to inflict on each other. Shane is beaten to death, but he uses the sledgehammer on HHH! Great spot! Had to know the elbow drop through the announce table spot was coming! Van Terminator does not get the win either! I find it kind of hard to believe that two bloodied men could climb a fifty foot structure. SHANE FALLS FIFTY FEET!!!! Shane is dead! Triple H has to take Shane off the stretcher to get the win of course, and he has to do it with the pedigree. Only three pinfalls, but it works as the idea was to kill the other man. 8/10

Lesnar is on his path of destruction, good to see. Benoit is going to get the win, no matter what.

Coach vs. Tazz …….. good joke! Makes Coach look like a complete dickhead though.

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE! HHH is gone! Hooray!

Inter Promotional Match:
Chris Jericho
vs. The Undertaker

This match is quite early on the card, but it just goes to show how strong your card is when you have Undertaker facing a more than credible opponent not even halfway through the card. I like the quick cheating and winning attempt from Jericho as it gets over not only his heelness, but his experience. I love that springboard dropkick. Now it is to classic Undertaker, catching Jericho in mid air and turning the match to his advantage. Jericho going for all of these surprise covers and sneaky covers once again gets over the fact he is a heel, and he is a veteran who wants to beat Undertaker anyway. Handcuffs always seem to show up in Undertaker matches against the Undertaker. I remember Randy Orton used them against Taker at the 2005 Royal Rumble in Hell in a Cell. Nice, Jericho was going for the countout win with the cuffs, but Undertaker breaks free!!! Many people have kicked out of the chokeslam, so I am not surprised at all, Undertaker usually never wins with the chokeslam. I almost thought Taker did not do the Last Ride because he is not strong enough too anymore. Brass knuckles are another great spot from Jericho , pulling out all the stops. It would have been better for me if Jericho had taken the turnbuckle padding and thrown that across the ring, and then have used the brass knuckles again. Breakdown and lionsault are still not enough. I am just waiting for Undertaker to sit up. Both men eat the turnbuckle, but for the first time, Walls of Jericho , baby!!! Speaking of that, I am glad Jericho did not use any of his cocky covers because that would ruin everything you set up with him being all desperate to get this win. Undertaker can kick out of anything, but nobody can kick out of the Tombstone Piledriver! J Undertaker is 14 – 0, and he does it against a credible opponent.
I am very curious as to where both wrestlers do after this match. If Jericho stays heel, I can imagine him defeating Undertaker at Judgment Day to propel himself to the World Title picture. Is Undertaker part time or full time in this thread? Jericho says it is not over, so my prediction is probably right. Anyways, this match was exhilarating with all those pin attempts, even though I had an inkling Undertaker was going to win. Jericho pulled out all the stops. Undertaker did not sit up, but tis okay. One of the more memorable matches of yours I have read. 9.5/10

Oh yea, Hulk Hogan!! Hold on while I cheer for ten minutes. I like that you used Okurland, really adds to the nostalgic feeling that this match somewhat has.

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

Well, you went almost two years without using Hogan, so it has to be time to bust him out again. I am all for nostalgia, I am very nostalgic when it comes to sports, I choose veterans over rookies, but I VEHEMENTLY ABHOR USING HOGAN in any sense. I am sure you understand my sentiments, and this match is making me sick. If it was Foley or Flair in Hogan’s place, I would be happy because they know how to wrestle. Hogan takes a step forward and everyone goes bananas. If Evolution wins this match, it will be the most shocking victory ever. Rhyno vs. Flair and Foley vs. Dinsmore have been surprisingly good. Yes, Flair low blows Hogan, and of course, Hogan is somehow better than Flair. My favorite Hogan moment has to be at Survivor Series 1991 when Undertaker tombstoned Hogan in the center of the ring, and Hogan stood up! Ironically, that match was won by Flair’s interference, hmmm. Sorry if this is a rant of sorts, Hogan is intolerable in 2006. If you are calling Dinsmore the prodigy, I am assuming that Evolution is back in force. Who is OJ? Ah yes, the famed hulk up, which I actually enjoy … when done by Eugene . Has Batista even been in this match officially? Jackhammer and Batista Bomb are good enough for me with Batista. Alright, mandible claws for everyone!!!! Gore, sweet shin music, and the leg drop win the match. Why did Hogan have to win the match?
I know that I basically disregarded the match because of the huge involvement of Hogan, but it is just who he is, even today. Batista really did not have a part as you were hyping up Dinsmore as a future player. It really kills all of Evolution’s momentum. Foley and Flair were the stars of this match, and I am surprised they did not get much time in the ring together as their feud emanates a long time back as well. After all they went through at Nemesis and Survivor Series, I figured they would tango, but no loss. Hogan better be on his way out after this. This was not for the GM position though, so I assume it is still going to be the duel general managers, something that cannot last. I forsee Hogan vs. Flair for the GM position. 6/10

Wrestlemania Hotel was awesome! Definitely a strong promo, but in no way topping Christian in Las Vegas . Nothing short of awesome with everyone in character. F – 5 on the bed!

Shawn Michaels going alone can have two implications. He is so egotistical that he would prefer to beat The Rock without the assistance of DX, or the dissension in DX is rising as it has been since Armageddon, leading HBK to a face turn.

Intercontinental Championship;
Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

This seems kind of weird to me, but how can you have a five man last man standing match? That would be impossible for the referee to keep track of. What if the little kid rolled that? I am surprised you let a child roll the dice spontaneously, usually everything is premeditated meticulously.
I have a feeling these blind tags are going to happen all night, with the eventual winner taking advantage of one. I thought Edge was going to just act heelish for a few minutes, but now I like what is happening. Edge is above the IC title, with his hopes set for the Money in the Bank, so he only wrestles one match. Mr. Kennedy is acting like a heel, even though he seems to be a tweener. I hope he just mocks everybody, the Mr. Kennedy thumb chant was hilarious. Rey and RVD have had the best wrestling, but of course, their feud goes back to September, and they are probably the two well versed in this match. Edge is still fine, but he will not be ready to start the match as Carlito wins. I thought you were going to use this match as a legitimately strong way for Carlito to drop the title. This match had some slow spots, but it was kept fast paced for most of the time. 8/10


I love ladder matches, and from what I have seen from your ladder matches, this is going to be an awesome spotfest. Kind of weird the position Carlito did the springboard elbow from, but along with the moonsault, it seems like you are expanding Carlito’s boundaries to actually wrestle. Edge is definitely viable to win this match as he has won ladder matches at Wrestlemania before, though he did lose last year. He did not wrestle in the first match either. Failed seated senton is nice, but a buzzkiller off the ladder is great! I am sure there are more moves to come off the ladder. Even better is the Green Bay Plunge off the ladder!!!! Another finisher off the ladder!!! I would not think Kennedy would be the person to forego winning the match to jump off the ladder, even if it is not in the center. I think that would be more of a Rey or RVD move. The unsuspecting MVP of this match is definitely Carlito, showing off his versatility and athleticism in this match. RVD kicking everyone with the ladder is definitely RVD – esque with the Van Daminator, but if he did the Van Terminator, that would be sick. RVD turning on Alfonso turns on him now!!! Yes, Sabu!!!!! Sabu!!! Seems like Alfonso and Sabu have taken RVD out of the match. This should definitely be an interesting feud with a good gimmick match or two, but what makes it even better is that Sabu is the heel. Kennedy is thrown out of the match, literally. I love the mid air spear, it has to be one of my favorite moves ever. Leaves it wide open for Rey to win! I really am against this because Rey was pinned in the first match, so it makes that match negligible. Then, Rey really is not a World Heavyweight Champion in my standard, Intercontinental at most. At least he is not winning this off his dead friend. I do not think that Rey is going to lose, and if he does, he is still going to remain in that division, so it looks permanent. That does not take away the fact that this was an insane spotfest. 9/10

Nice Hall of Fame ceremony, keeping it short and simple.

My guess is that Christian is going to be the first heel champion of the year, judging by his interview. Feud of the past and present according to Christian.

Inter Promotional Match:
vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

I am not surprised Christian would receive a major pop, he is a heel that needs to be cheered for. Only thing is that he was booed during his interview, and he said nothing to get a change of heart.
The running around the ring deal has been used tonight already, but it suits the heel Christian. I remember this set of ten atomic drops from Summerslam! Tomko looks like crap in this match, being swatted like a fly by Austin each time. Tomko is stunned, but he saves Christian from the stunner. He has been involved in this match four times already, showing how critical he is to Christian’s success. Tomko is finally ejected, but still is able to help Christian bloody Austin! I do not know what a glass jar is doing at the announce table, and I wonder why the referee did not call for a disqualification when he saw Stone Cold bleeding. Tomko had a 40% efficiency rating. Time to start the Austin is resilient part. Of course, Austin survives the sleeper hold, and this was the match to use it in with Austin. Austin comes back, but the second stunner is not good enough either. Good to see Christian survive that because it just does not seem like a Wrestlemania match should end like that. Adding another move to Christian’s arsenal is never a bad thing. Reverse DDT, frogsplash, and unprettier are certainly enough for the win. Shows how legit the unprettier is as Austin was pinned on that while Christian survived two stunners. This was a great match with its flaws, but it did its main purpose, propel Christian once again as the superstar of today by pinning yet another superstar of yesterday. One of the few heels who will win tonight, which is one of my favorite parts of Wrestlemania, faces win. 8.5/10

It makes sense for Wrestlemania 23 to be in New Orleans with all the damage that it has suffered.

Not exactly the kind of song that is played at Wrestlemania and a big contrast from last year’s performance of Eminem, but good nonetheless.

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

I am going to review this match as if Hart was able to physically compete, his only limitations emanating from his age. This was definitely the most built up match, going back all the way to Judgment Day.
I expect Angle to dominate the match with Hart not really having the feel of wrestling anymore. Even though Hart is the bigger man, Angle has wrestled the past six years, so I expected nothing less then Angle shoving Hart down to the ground. Bret shows his great technical wrestling skills, which is what I hope this match is. I really like how Angle is infuriated while Hart is just … well happy to be there. Angle is probably receiving the most heat ever in the history of the WWE. Angle hits a belly – to – belly suplex, which makes me wonder why he has not hit that many. I thought he would go bananas with suplexes. Good to see him at least attempt the moonsault as he usually does in big match situations. It should give Hart some offense. Yes, figure four around the ring post!! I do not understand what it means when Angle hits Hart for six. It has happened twice so far. One of the best part of your matches is the sly humor you place in there, which I try to emulate. “Cole mistakenly calls a side suplex an Angle Slam.” That is so true, he does and would. I remember he called a hangman an RKO.
Angle slam into Russian leg sweep is plausible, but I cannot see a bulldog from a German suplex. Angle almost catches Hart, but Hart escapes twice. Angle is quite the animated character in this match. Angle slam usually leads to ankle lock, and here it is. What an amazing counter! Hart makes Angle tap in what is probably a top Wrestlemania moment! Hart makes yet another Wrestlemania moment.
This is one of the best wins in Hart’s illustrious career. I hope he returns to the general manager position on Smackdown, but it may not be smart to have Angle and Hart on the same show because Angle will be demanding a rematch. Once again, the match results dictates the outcome for the future. If Angle had won, he would be the biggest heel on Smackdown. Since he has lost, he can go both ways. This was not the best match by far, due to the many limitations put on Hart, which disallowed Angle from doing most of what he usually does. However, atmosphere has a major role in matches like these. 9/10

Best promo of all time, I voted it promo of the month twice in a row.

Cena is doing the same as Orton.

I do not really like Piper putting Cena over, but whatever. Piper’s pit in general is a nice touch for Wrestlemania. All the build up on Smackdown leads to Maven’s intercession in what will be the biggest role of his career. Fifteen people to take on Kane? After eleven months, Kane is back … old school!!! He destroys the whole army!!!! Pfft, Pete Rose? Kane is definitely in line for a nice push with this act.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

Early on, it seems like Orton is going to be the acting heel of the match. I am somewhat of a Cena mark too, so this should be an excellent match. I do not think Orton would have enough time to climb to the top rope and crossbody Cena after a pin attempt on a dropkick. At least you remember that Orton has a crossbody in his arsenal. Ah, Orton’s classic inverted neck and backbreaker! RKO to F-U to RKO is exciting, but not meritorious of getting the win this early in the match. I hope Orton outlasts the F-U for this. Your five moves of doom are very different from Cena’s, actually, you are not even doing them, which I like. It takes away from the predictability of the match. He used the throwback earlier, he covered after the freestyle and five knuckle shuffle, and he did not hit the F-U. He has Orton in the STF-U though. Orton making the ropes is good, and Cena better not win this match, especially by submission because the last match ended in that fashion. This is not the match I expected the referee to go down in, but Orton survives the F – U because of it. Orton gets it hit Cena with the title belt, probably showing that he is now a full fledged heel, but it still does not work! What? Match is over already? It was so fast paced and full of action!
Not even speaking as a blind Orton mark, but this was the worst thing you could have done to Orton. You spent the whole year building him up for this one event. He feuded with Evolution, breaking away from them to become face, he defeated Ric Flair in a steel cage, he won the match for his team at Clash of the Champions, he came in second in the World Title match at Nemesis, he lasted inside the War Games match for seventy five minutes, he gained revenge for losing at Survivor Series at Armageddon, wins a minor feud with Edge, and after all that, he loses. I know you tried to allay the loss with a schoolboy, but Orton had one of the best non title years ever. John Cena was champion till Summerslam, won at back at Armageddon, and has had it ever since. He did nothing the whole year, but battle for the title.
The match was excellently written nonetheless, but the result is shocking, and I do not think you gave them enough time. They would have benefited with a few more minutes. 9/10

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels
vs. The Rock

Good thing this match is between the title matches. Definitely should shut HBK up about his match not being high profile. I like the stealing of taunts, make the match start on a high note. Outside action is great, but I have never seen The Rock attempt a belly – to – belly suplex. Amazing move by HBK, skinning the cat and taking Rocky over the top rope. HBK is definitely bringing it for Wrestlemania. I am surprised that you are having the fans cheer for HBK more than The Rock. Not too fond of the referee being knocked out in two straight matches. Not fond of the referee being knocked out twice in the same night, though there is nothing like a referee taking a sweet chin music! HBK nipping up before the people’s elbow is a great spot. Low blow t the Rock, along with a chair shot and Rock Bottom from HBK to the Rock on the announce table! Another amazing spot worth noting! HBK’s offense is good enough to get the fans back in Rocky’s corner. The referee is out for a second time? You should have saved the referee bumps for this match and not have used it in the previous match. Rock is down, but HBK has nothing to do. This has been a match of HBK doing something, and the Rock doing it back like the slaps and lowblows. HBK with a moonsault!!! Only at Wrestlemania! I knew the double man nip up was going to happen in this match. Whoa! Way too much action, people’s elbow, almost sweet chin music, almost a Rock Bottom, and a resounding sweet chin music! That was like the Austin and HBK encounter at Wrestlemania, except HBK got the better of it, but Rocky still survives! Now HBK survives the Rock Bottom! This match is nothing short of awesome with all the counters, spectacular moments, and finishers. Ah, the whole point of the Rock ascending the ropes is to deliver a Rock Bottom from the top rope!!! Only way this match could end!!! WOW!!! Brilliant ending to a brilliant match! Cole and Tazz have called all the interpromotional matches for some reason. Forget them, this match was scintillating to say the least. Who says The Rock cannot wrestle? Easily, easily, easily, match of the night for me so far, and I just cannot exalt you enough for this, even with the superfluous referee bumps, which just happened to add the exhilaration of the match. 10/10

Yup, HBK is definitely turning face.

Extended video package is a nice touch, especially with the fitting choices of music.

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion,
Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

And just like that, the match starts! It would be the biggest shock in BTB history if Benoit lost this, but this is still going to be an awesome run to the finish. Like the early futile finisher attempt. Benoit’s suicide dives never work, and he always ends up crashing like that. The way this looks, it is going to be a suplex fest, and I like those. Backbreakers and ribbreakers are classic power heel moves. On his fourth attempt, Lesnar finally nails a suplex, evincing how difficult it is to wrestle Benoit. I love the classic German suplex switches. I saw it in Benoit vs. Angle at the 2003 Royal Rumble, and I immediately incorporated it into one of my matches. I have never seen Lesnar do the double powerbomb, but it certainly works. Lesnar being able to lose the belt on a DQ makes this match that much better. It makes Benoit look a little weaker though now that Heyman and all cheap ways for Lesnar to win are removed, though it is the main event of Wrestlemania. Marvelous counter to the major three amigos, with a superplex! You should trademark these modifications. For the second time, Benoit crashes and burns!! I was hoping he would hit the swandive. No matter how powerful the F – 5 may be, plenty of people have kicked out of it on multiple occasions, is it is very feasible for Benoit to outlast it at this stage of the match. You brought out the shooting star press! I did not think anybody would use that again. The best part is that he misses, so both guys have missed aerially. When the sharpshooter was applied, the intensity of your writing just picked up! No such thing as a Benoit match without the trifecta of German suplexes. Subsequently comes the executed headbutt, but Lesnar persists! F – 5 to crossface!!!! Wrestlemania XX ending with Lesnar rolling Benoit over, but Benoit holds on tenaciously!!!! BENOIT WINS!!!!!!!!!! BENOIT WINSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Holy arjun14626rko … BENOIT WINSSSS!!!!!! Awesomeness personified!!! With the Wrestlemania XX ending, and it takes twenty years for Benoit to win it!!! Excellent ending with the locker room out there to greet him. I hope he can retain this thing for a long time, but there is a long slew of challengers on Smackdown! Excellent match, but then again, all Benoit matches are. Both men were able to use their technical abilities, aerial abilities, and excitement abilities to produce an unforgettable match. 10/10

Entertainment: Thank you, 6.022×1023/10

Bottomline: Everytime you write a PPV, you elevate your greatness and booking to another whole new level. When you write a masterpiece Wrestlemania like this, you cement yourself as a living legend in booking. This took me about seven hours spread over a few days to review, but it must have taken you fifty hours of pure writing, not to mention thinking and planning to write this. This was the best built PPV also, with Hart and Angle going to Judgment Day, Austin and Christian emanating form Summerslam, as with Rock and HBK. Sure, I was not pleased with one result, but your winners were mostly faces and done in great fashion. There are so many OH MY GOD moments in this whole Wrestlemania, and in each match. I just cannot adulate you enough. Even with all your accolades and unlimited respect and admiration, you just added to all of that with this. This is sure to accrue up every award known. It is unbelievable what one person can do. You were able to enhance my vocabulary by readings this as I learned some new words, and most of all, I can ameliorate my wrestling writing style. Take a break, recharge the batteries, appreciate this review, and come back strong after this.

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