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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's WrestleMania 22 Review

Opening Promo was solid, it was everything and a box of chocolates to start off the show. I thought this was one of the better or best ones I've read from you, and from anyone else going to be a great show by the looks of it.

WGTT vs AMW: After Hardy vs JBL wasn't booked as the opener, I knew this would open. Good opener to the show, I expected this to be this good, action packed full of excitement. I don't like how WGTT defeats AMW here though, as I think it would of been better set for AMW to win, but I am sure you have your reasons. Shelton seemingly was doing everything in the match though, and I kind of thought AMW looks bad losing another match back to back years, plus made Haas not look great with Shelton doing most of the big stuff. Solid opener, it was fast paced, and as good as expected good enough to open this epic show of sorts, but I am wondering if Benjamin doing so much in this match was just a mistake, or a way to have Haas become jealous of Benjamin doing it all? Just a thought in mind good stuff either way.

Rating: My thoughts on this were it deserves a good grade, *** is what I thought it was at. It was good, not great, but a solid opener for WrestleMania. Realistic for this to open, and a good match, surprising result but I am sure there is a reason for it good stuff to start.

I thought the Mr. T, Goldust, and Booker T segment was quite entertaining. I didn't expect a segment like this, but this was good for the most part, besides Mr. T not getting his signature line out.

Trish vs Shaniqua:
I am not very interested in many women's matchs, this one doesn't really interest me a lot, but we'll see what I think. This was a decent match, I read the rest of the show before this and skipped this, and after reading it was ok but nothing special. I thought in the end, it should of taken more for Shaniqua to go down, and a predictable ending to the match. Shaniqua's on her way out, but I think in the ending of this match you should of had a little drag on, and a few special moves from Trish to defeat her in a long ending match, showing how strong Shaniqua is in the end. Decent stuff though, it was better then expected, but I really don't care for Women's action.

I can't be very harsh on you on the grade, because this match was better then I expected it to be, and you didn't make it drag me on to long reading. I personally fealt the ending was to predictable, but its all good and ** 1/2 is what I give for this match, not being a good or a bad match but in between being decent.

Interesting to see this was 3rd, I enjoyed this one more then some of the others. Good WM video though either way, and I think the JBL interview was good. Not much to say but I can see JBL retaining possibly tonight, or going through a long fought loss, or just getting himself dq'd lets see what happens.

JBL vs Matt Hardy:
I didn't expect it to go like this, but it was interesting to say the least. I don't like the angles like this that end up going three times and I was expecting JBL to steal it in the end, but he didn't. I didn't enjoy how this match was broken up into this, and we odviously will have a rematch. This was more of a short Hardy buildup to his victory, and unexpected yet good stuff here. Not my fav finish at all, but I think Hardy is put over majorly with this now being US Champion is big for him and really there isn't much to say but it was more of a JBL heelish time then a match.

I wish this would of been more like a match, but I very much understand why this wasn't the opener, and would of dissapointed me if it was. This wasn't as good as I hoped cause It wasn't that much of a real match, but we'll probably get a rematch at Judgement Day. ** 3/4 is the grade here, as it slightly dissapointed me as I would of rather seen Hardy put over just fighting JBL in a match without all of this. This was good either way, but I really don't like the "countout restart, dq restart" etc I just don't in general, either way this was pretty good.

HHH paces around a bit, and we have Moterhead perform his theme. I loved that entrance, and that was a nice touch here, good stuff and this match is sure to be an epic Hardcore battle.

Triple H vs Shane McMahon:
The start to this match was good, with HHH showing his power knocking Shane back over again and again. This was much more hardcore then I could of imagined, Chairs, sledgehammers, titan tron falls, coast to coast it was all very good hardcore wrestling from both men. This match was something, Shane showed a lot more in this match then I thought he would of, and in the end he is massacred by The Cerebral Assassin, and he earned his name tonight. Triple H took coast to coast, sledgehammer shots, chair shots, and so much more, and this match really surprised me. The ending was good, but I would of rather it end with just the fall and Shane being carted off, but its realistic for The Game to do what he did and make sure to get him back to the ring and Pedigree him. This was good, I didn't like it ending with just the pedigree after all that, but it was fine and a very hardcore solid showing for both men.

I thought this was all that, the hardcore action was superb throughout, the fans stopping The Game earlier from hitting Shane with the chair was priceless. Triple H put himself over as one of the ultimate heels tonight, and Shane should be in a casket after that. *** 1/2 is my grade for this, I thought this was a very deserving match of this grade and so far the show looks to have been good and this is just the beginning 1/3 through the review now hehe.[i]

Good promo backstage with Heyman there, we all know Benoit is going to win though, this was good here. I enjoyed the commentator confrontation there that you did with Coach and Tazz, probably setting something small up for Clash of the Champions for a Announcer vs Announcer match probably. Nice touch with the Steamboat taking out The Game for tonight, I liked Steamboat as interim GM I wonder who will take over now, guess we'll have to wait and see.

Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker:
Nice start with the dust, this should be an epic contest and I have high expectations for this match. Jericho's heel tactics were classic in this match, the handcuffs were something I found good here and a nice addition to the match, Brass Knuckles, and all. Jericho and Taker really go near fall for near fall towards the end, really having a solid match here, and The Deadman in the end picks up the victory which was a great match here, and the ending was good not great but I found it a quite entertaining match and the best match so far in the show.

This was a solid match, from top to bottom this will probably be the start of the big time matchs for the show. I don't really have a lot to say but a nice matchup here, and very enjoyable. *** 4/5 is your score from me for this match, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the matchs.[i]

Nice little promo here from Hogan, I love that Mean Gene conducted the interview, that was a nice touch. This was a generic Hogan interview, but a good one. This match is sure to be full of atmosphere and be a decent match hopefully at that.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The atmosphere here for this match was incredible, this was a nice match with the storyline behind it, and the atmosphere telling the story here. This was a pretty good match throughout, it wasn't amazing but the ending was really good I thought in the end. Foley gets Flair with the Mandible Claw, and then both Batista and Flair with it. The ending to this with The Gore, the Sweet "Shin" Music, and the Immortal Leg Drop was priceless. Great ending to this, and the faces went over surprisingly, but realistically as Hogan would never give a match especially at WrestleMania a pretty decent matchup throughout. But really the end to this story, really is a story book ending fitting for WrestleMania.

This was a story unfolding into an epic ending, I enjoyed Jericho vs Undertaker more but this was good. I think in the end, this might go on longer and prolong with Hogan leaving, and Rhyno and Foley being taken out in the future at Backlash possibly. Anyways back on topic, *** 3/4 is the rating for this, the atmosphere for this match was incredible and it was more about the story behind the match then the match which is good. Enjoyable ending to this for now, WrestleMania is really heating up as this has been a really good show so far.

WrestleMania hotel was good, I enjoyed this one really well throughout as one of your trailers and this is fitting of 2nd place. The DX promo was interesting, a DX breakup is good, because an HBK vs DX feud would be good. It would probably be a short feud to put HBK back over, anyways this is interesting to say the least, and I am wondering what happens with this.

Roll of the Dice Match:
This is an interesting start, I was hoping for a Cage match possibly as that would of been good, but a regular match to start is decent as well. This was good, very unpredictable and unexpected by me here who won, and what happend. This was a good start building to the Ladder one, but I didn't enjoy how Rey Mysterio got pinned as it should of ended with a Back Cracker at least, but I guess with the ladder match coming a finisher ending him wouldn't of been good. This was a really amazing match, Green Bay Plunge off the ladder, Rolling Thunder on ladder, 619 on Edge on Ladder. Very chaotic match, and unpredictable this was very good I cannot really fault matchs like these besides realism. Alfonso and Sabu come out and screw RVD, that was really crazy and unexpected. Rey Mysterio won? That was very confusing, why would Mysterio take the first fall then win the 2nd, for shock factor or what? Don't understand that. Good ending through, Kennedy out on the outside, of course RVD's out through a table, Edge and Carlito took each other out and the ending here was good with Rey literally steaking it.

This was good, I enjoyed this match but the Ladder Match should of gotten more time. 12 minutes for a ladder match I didn't like, but in the end I understand with all the other epics like Hart vs Angle, HBK vs Rock, Benoit vs Brock all three still left. Understable, I enjoyed this a lot and you got a, **** from me for this. I really enjoyed this, I thought this was a very sick contest, full of great spots using the ladder really well throughout I thought. Carlito retaining and Rey winning MITB really surprised me, but I thought for some reason Rey would win MITB from the start, so I guess I was right good stuff Wolfy.

Chrisitan was solid in this promo, I see Christian walking away with this one now after all, and the booking towards this feud has been solid. I'll be interested to see how this ends, and lets get on with it!

Christian vs Steve Austin:
This was a solid match, ROTD match out did this by a bit and was over this, but that was because of the huge entertainment that I enjoy so much. This was a really solid contest like many others, I kinda forgot about this match after all the others so far and the ones to come. 14 mins for them seemed alright, but towards the end they should really get some serious time. This was a solid match, not much to say. At the end the same stuff from the last few regular matchs, with the multiple kick outs and high impact moves. This had a good ending, I wondered why Christian got a huge pop in his entrance, and Austin got no response.

This was a good match, I didn't really have a lot to say about it. It was another really good match at WrestleMania, I really think that you hit the nail on the head to end this feud, Christian winning was predictable. p*** 4/5 very good match, the show has been really good so far, to no surprise. And the 4 really huge ones that are really to look forward to are coming up next, this should be fun to read.

WrestleMania 23 comes to Louisiana, it will be incredible if you make it to next WrestleMania, I can't imagine what you could do next year compaired to this year if you make it that far 3 with this one thread. I think thats a good choice, and Shinedown gets their good performance in here before Angle vs Hart which is going to be EPIC.

Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle:
I cannot wait for this match, this is going to be incredible to say the least. The beginning was decent though slow with the power exchange, the fans go apeshit I thought that was a nice touch as they would for this match, no matter what happend from start to end. The mat battle, techincal wrestling, was good throughout. Angle going for his patiented moonsault, and Hart moves out of the way, I am really enjoying this contest to the fullest. Angle lifts his hair up is exactly what I'd expect, he wants to cripple Bret and I hope he does because he'd be the ultimate heel of all time if he does. The classic reversal that Owen used against Bret was used and that was nice, The Angle Slam after was great, but the foot on the rope is incredible and just keeps this match going on which really has been a great joy to read. The Ankle Lock then, and the incredible reversal to end it and what a contest this was, anyone can appeciate the atmosphere and the match here which was a true classic.

Incredible contest, this kept me interested and fully into it throughout. I loved this match, and Hart winning was great though I wish Angle would of won just for the heel value and hurt Bret but at WM can't really have those huge heel things. Bret ends his career as the best of all time, and you really put together the best PPV of all time so far. **** 1/2 I really fell in love with this, I love how this ended though wanting Angle to win, this was the right way for Bret to end and go out. Great stuff Wolfy, this was truely a magnificant match.

The winner of the WrestleMania promos is this, as I thought it would. This was a really good trailor, and showed off the Vegas well for this. Wow Piper's Pit was something, Maven leads a lackey group to get completely destroyed by the bad ass Kane not back in black, but back in his true colors and thats with his mask. Incredible with Pete Rose and all, and you really hit this promo on the head, really doing a great job with this.

John Cena vs Randy Orton: This was a good matchup, I didn't get to read last year's Mania matchup between them as I wasn't around then, but this was a solid match not as good as some others though. This was good but not the great match it should of been, I enjoyed this match a lot but its good its 3rd match because I would of been dissappointed if this was 2nd Main Event and we didn't get a huge match. Good contest, not great but very enjoyable none the less one of the better matchs for the show.

This was a good match, though like I said not great. You really did a great job with WrestleMania, and with two of my three favs for Mania coming up next it should be interesting what happens. Solid stuff here and Cena retaining was also good, **** is what I give it as it wasn't great, but it was a really good contest after all and I always love reading these two go at it, good job Duane.

The Rock vs Shawn Michaels: Incredible, this is either MOTN, or 2nd to the big Main Event but I haven't read that yet. You really gave this match the time to shine and in the end I am glad this was 2nd to last cause this really was good, the nip up before the people's elbow was gold in this match, and I really in awe of this really showing a lot of greatness in it. Michaels steals Rock's own finisher, through the spanish announce table, and really this match was over the top off the hook all together. HBK has Rock pinned, but the referee is out once again and this is really something to remember I am very much VERY much enjoying this to the fullest. HBK kicks out of the People's Elbow? A rock Bottom, but in the end the top rope Rock Bottom finishs off this Icon vs Icon match with the incredible inevitable finish with a huge victory for The Rock which I expected. The ending hand raising, and handshake I think is the beginning or the face turn of Shawn Michaels, good stuff here I cannot believe how good this match was.

Wow, this match was much better then expected, I didn't expect this I was hoping for a great match but we got an amazing one. From top to bottom this match was incredible, I cannot do much but praise this but man is this good, I tried earlier to somewhat critize but at this point its really impossible great stuff. **** 3/4 is my grade for this match, this is an incredible grade from me as I am trying to grade tough, it wasn't perfect but man this was awesome. Amazing show so far Wolfy and the main event is about to come.

Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit: This match broke immediately into a brawl, but that will make this match ut so much better. Lesnar attempts the F-5 a little early, maybe one of his signature moves instead would of been better. You said this was the best match you have ever written, and the other match had great entertainment, but wrestling wise this is MOTN with a great atmosphere it seems throughout. Almost 7 straight German Suplexs or was it anyway, this is really something for a contest, I cannot believe this for a main event. The superplex from Benoit, the powerbomb from Lesnar, really this is something all together amazing I cannot seem to get out of this match. The F-5 from Lesnar, and Benoit won't give up, the Shooting Star Press, but he eats canvus this is wow. German's into the Headbutt, but once again its not over damn wow., All of the swings attempting out of the Crossface and man its no good and Benoit wins amazing man, this was simply incredible.

Rating: The aftermath with Malenko, Chavo, Vickie, Rey, and Bret man that was something. I understand why Rey won tonight, as that means Rey, Bret, and Benoit won tonight. Incredible match here I enjoyed this as much or more then HBK vs Rock, and your grade for this one is .... **** 4/5 I thought this one topped HBK vs Rock wrestling wise, the atmosphere towards the end was great and I thought both matchs were incredible and were debatable which was better.

Final Rating: In the end I'd give this PPV a 91% and with 12 matchs, all these segments, and all and all thats incredible. A+ in my mind though the grading, its just a number A+ in the end from me, and a **** 1/4 total from me for the whole PPV, and anything over **** for a PPV is incredible. Great show Wolfy, I think this will be the longest review you'll get for WM, I hope you enjoy my review and a lot of its praise but I tried to be harsh but you made it impossible with Hart vs Angle, Rock vs HBK, and Lesnar vs Benoit. Great job bud, you deserve a rest, 132 pages of greatness, well deserved Best PPV of all Time. I started this around 5:30, and I spent like 2 and a half hours on this, most people spend a lot more so I am fortunate I am a fast writer, great job once again Duane log on MSN sometime soon later Incredible sums up this PPV.
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Wrestle Mania XXII -Ė Review

~ Gawd, it was one hell of a promo. Believe me, it is one of the best opening promo I have ever read. Mark it, this promo is in the top of my list, but tied with Arjunís Backlash opening promo. It was amazing to see such wrestlers talking about their historic moments and such talking about moments, which they think they are yet to be done tonight. Spectacular promo.
Rating: 10/10

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Americaís Most Wanted
vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

~ I donít know why but I have always found the tag team matches to kick-off the show, a bit awkward. The match started off a bit slow, but the pace picked up in the early goings with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team doing great aerial/athletically moves to impress the crowd. I saw you most of the times rushing at the things. Also the ending was rushed, me thinks. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team to gain a victory was a bit surprise to me because I think this time Americaís Most Wanted needed that. But anyway, finish was really unpredictable, so thatís really good.
Rating: 7/10

~ Aftermath of this match, we saw hugging between all four men. So thatÖ that is definitely a great moment in my eyes.

~ Well, it was a great and funny promo there. I really enjoyed lines coming from Goldust and Booker T. Mr. T coming in was a great touch. And in the end, it gave us a comical touch, which weíll remember for long time. I wish I could see this promo live though. Truly gold.
Rating: 10/10

Womenís Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

~ Wolfy, this was truly a great womens match, with Shaniqua just destroying her opponent in Trish Stratus. Trish made good comebacks though. Stratusí counters were great. Enjoyed Ďem. Just didnít like the combacks, I mean when Trish hit Shaniqua with DDT, she got up after a second, and thatís not realistic for me. Also the match was rushed at several times here it, which I didnít really like. Could have used more details in terms of writing and explaining the movement of both women wrestlers.
Rating: 7/10

~ A great video package here. Chavo was hilarious. Better than the ones, which you have done in past.
Rating: 10/10

~ JBLís promo was in character and flowed perfectly. Canít find a thing wrong. Question is that can JBL really keep his words by retaining the United States Championship? WellÖ letís see.
Rating: 10/10

United States Championship
John ĎBradshawí Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

~ Cabinet being thrown out of the match early on was a nice touch. Match started off nicely, with JBL taking shots at Hardy, and Hardy coming back with determination. JBL being counted-on, and the match ends. Oh, no, match restarts again, and this time it will be no count-outs, fine. JBL uses the low-blow and referee sees, so the match finally ends. But no, once again the match restarts? MehÖ donít really like this at all because it looks over-booked, way too much over-booked. Just to tell you, JBLís Fallaway Slam is called Last Call. And the one, which he performs from the top turnbuckle is called Super Last Call. Cabinet once again comes up and this time costs JBL the title. Matt wins, and is the new United States Champion! Unexpected, but great.
Rating: 6/10

No Disqualificationís:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

~ My gawd, what a great match this was. Definitely one of the best matches ever I have ever read. Typical no disqualification match here. Triple H was used perfect as as a heel in this match. All those sick spots were awesome. Shane falling down 50 feet from the top was a bit un-realistic to me, but by God, it was an amazing spot! I wish I could see that live. Just two pinfall attempts overall in the match, Wow. It tells us that this match was important of them all.
Rating: 9/10

~ Paul Heymanís small interview was great. It hyped Brock Lesnarís match with Chris Benoit tonight. But I still think that Benoit would win this one.
Rating: 9/10

~ Ricky Steamboat throws out Triple H from the building. Dunno it was necessary or not. But I guess weíll find this in few weeks. Maybe a hint for another Triple H feud. This time with Ricky Steamboat? UmmÖ letís see
Rating: 6/10

Inter Promotional Match:
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

~ Wow, a great way to kick off the match with Jericho throwing the dust in the eyes of Taker, followed by the Enzuiguri. Oh, yah, it is called Enzuiguri. Jericho was used as an amazing heel here, trying every trick in the book to take out Deadman. Jericho tried special roll-ups, handcuffs, brass knucks, exposing turnbuckle pads, etc, but in the end Deadman comes up and keeps his undefeated streak at WrestleMania alive. Length was also the key factor here.
Rating: 9/10

~ Hulk Hogan was right in character. Promo entertained me. Although I have seen these lines from Hogan in the past though. It was right on the spot. I think that the length was too short though.
Rating: 8/10

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno
vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

~ Before I start, Iíd like to say that imagining Nick Dinsmore is really hard for me because I havenít seen him in that gimmick. But yay, Iíll try. I liked the build-up to this feud, it was great. However, I didnít like this match at all. It was all about brawling and stuffs. Not a great wrestling match. But definitely a match to remember for ages, just because there was entertaining. Nick Dinsmore and Rhyno were used greatly in this match, me thinks. In the end, as expected, the faces pick up the win and give us a moment, never to be forgotten.
Rating: 6/10

~ Kennedyís part in this video package was awesome. Rock was fine. Austin was fine. Mick Foley was also fine. Didnít really like anyone else. Also the promo seemed off for me at some times. Maybe it is only my opinion.
Rating: 8/10

~ Okay, very short promo here. HBK doesnít wants his friends to be at the ringside during his match. Umm, the guys are not looking too happy about it. Maybe the right time to end this DX? Well, letís seeÖ
Rating: 6/10

Intercontinental Championship;
Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam
vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

~ 4: QUINTET SUDDEN DEATH - Alright, this match was great wrestlingwise. Rob, Carlito, Kennedy, and Mysterio doing everything to keep this match alive. Loved some high-risk moves from Rob Van Dam too. Edge not allows himself to go in the ring because he basically wants to win the MITB and he doesnít cares about the Intercontinental Championship. You also played Edgeís character greatly throughout the match. At the end, Carlito survives and retains his Intercontinental Championship by rolling-up Mysterio for the three counts.
Rating: 8/10

~ Now, it is time for the MITB match. Ladder Match, wow.
2: LADDER MATCH Ė A highly entertaining match-up here, with great sick spots. However, there was so many sick spots, which I really didnít like to be honest. Sabu and Alfonso coming in the middle of the match-up was unexpected, and at the same time a surprise for RVD. RVD finally is taken out from the equation. So Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam feud is set. At the last, Edge makes a mistake by spearing Carlito through the mid-air to the mat! And giving time for Mysterio to go up and un-hook the briefcase.
Rating: 6/10

~ Hall Of Fame was fine.

~ Christianís promo was great. You captured him well, right on the spot. It also hyped his match with Stone Cold later on. But were where the funny lines? I was missing Ďem.
Rating: 9/10

Inter Promotional Match:
Christian vs. ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin

~ Wow, an amazing match-up. Loved every part of this match. Tomkoís part was really enjoyable through-out the match. Tomko tried everything for the favor of Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed Stone Coldís part in this match. He was really looking like the toughest S.O.B. Christian kicking out from the Stunner really stunned me. And in the end, the expected winner, Christian picks up the victory. Length might be the main problem in this match, but it doesnít affects at all seeing that it is WrestleMania, and you gotta keep everything in your given time slot. Amazing match.
Rating: 9/10

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

~ Excellent read for me to be honest. Match of the night. Truly, Wolfy. With two of the best wrestlers of the world, you canít really go wrong. Everything was right in spot. I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing match-up. I felt in love with this match. You also didnít rushed things in this one. It had amazing length. Submissions maneuvers, roll-ups, attacking moves, cheap attacks, everything was great and you did this in character of Kurt Angle who was filled with full intensity, trying everything to make Bret Hart loose this match, and at the other side, you did fairly, a good job of having Bret survive this match. Wonderfull match.
Rating: 10/10

~ Lmao. Yes, you heard me. Lmao. This is truly one of your best promo ever. And yes, of course, better than the other two ones, which you did earlier in this show. Moolah and Mae Young. Rofl. Lmao.
Rating: 10/10

~ A great Piperís Pit here. Not much with Piper though. But anyway, Kaneís return was really a blockbuster. Pete Rose? Lmao. He also gets the same fate, and now thatÖ thatís cool. Great return for Kane, specially with the mask. Lol.
Rating: 8/10

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

~ Not a good match wrestling wise. But entertaining wise, it was a decent match. It was more like a brawling match, with some wrestling moves being thrown at. Orton as a wrestler, was good in this match. Cena was just decent. And those kick-outs after special moves / finishing movesÖ that was really entertaining. Orton desperately tired everything to steal the World Heavyweight Championship, but Cena came back with another upset for Orton.
Rating: 6/10

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

~ A highly entertaining match-up here. Wrestling wise, it was superb too. Started off greatly with both men using arrogance and taunting each other with each others taunts. Just plain superb. I just donít know why the fans were behind HBK. If I remember correctly, HBK is heel. Right. So why is he getting cheers. Just donít know what more to type too. So Iíll just end up quickly. Oh, yay, loved that Rock Bottom by HBK to Rock through announcing tables too. Great match, with great comebacks from HBK and Rock
Rating: 10/10

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

~ Now, this, the main-event was an awesome read to be honest. And with 27 minutes given to Benoit and Lesnar, what more you want? Nothing, I tell you. Loved every damn single part of this match. That German Suplexes counters were just awesome and innovative idea too. Lesnar really looked like a caged monster in this match. And Benoit, well, he made his comebacks in a great way. Brockís bear hug was great, he almost put that up for three minutes, I guess. And that kick-out from Benoit after that devastating F-5. And, in the end, after keeping Brock down for few minutes, with applying the deadly Crossface, Brock finally taps out, and Benoitís dream becomes reality!
Rating: 10/10

Overall Score
  • ~ 207 out of 250 = 82.8% = B. Now, whereís my review?

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Being The Booker

Wrestlemania Review

A fantastic opening video for the show with wrestlers describing their favourite Wrestlemania moments, and some of the main feuds being hyped nicely. Very well written.

A good opening contest to open the show. The match starts off slow but things eventually pick up, with some great athleticism shown especially by the Words Greatest Tag Team. Great ending to the match with Shelton avoiding the Death Sentence and connecting with a T-Bone Exploder. Was a bit surprised honestly that the WGTT got the victory as they were more dominant during the match and expected AMW to come back at the end with the victory, but still good victory for WGTT beating AMW again. ***

Great comedic promo there with Goldust getting Mr T mistaken for Booker T lol. Where was Mr Tís trademark line though?

Wasnít so keen on this contest really but it is a womenís match so what should you expect. It was well booked however with Shaniqua being dominant keeping up her dominance on the womenís division of late, but Trish comes back and gets the victory which in my eyes was a predictable victory with the way feud has been built I would have been very surprised to of seen Shaniqua. Hopefully now you never use Shaniqua in your BTB again. **1/4

Typical JBL promo here hyping up the upcoming contest with Matt Hardy.

Good match between JBL and Hardy which was a very well booked match. JBL gets counted out thinking he will still have the title but things donít go his way with the referee restarting the match. JBL tries to get himself Disqualified but that does not work also, and Hardy fights all of the odds and ends JBLís 8 or so month reign with the belt. Iím not too sure on Hardy winning the title really, as JBL has beaten people like Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho etc, but I suppose it makes Matt Hardy look very strong. Will be interesting to see where JBL goes from this, if he gets pushed up to the world title scene or what. ***

Great match here, MOTN so far. A great brawl with some great spots including some typical Shane O Mac Spots like the elbow drop through the announce table and the coast to coast but Triple H survives. Fantastic ending to the match with Shane falling 50 feet off the Titantron! And Triple H decided to continue the attack when Shane needs help and he finishes him off with a pedigree. ***3/4

Good promo by Paul Heyman hyping the match for his clientís Lesnerís match tonight. It was better to see him do the interview as he is better on the mic.

Some great heel tactics used by Jericho at the start of the match throwing dust in the eyes of the Undertaker and later brings in the handcuffs acting like a true heel. Jericho nearly had the Undertaker on several occasions, hitting him with Brass Knucks and connecting with the breakdown and Liansault but Taker wonít stay down. And eventually Undertaker finishes off Jericho with the Tombstone. Another great match here with Jericho coming so close to victory but Taker continues his record to 14-0. ***3/4

Not a great match wrestling wise here, but it was a very entertaining contest. Thought the faces had probably too much control of the match however. Batista nearly wins with the Jackhammer but Hogan saves Rhyno and Hogan doesnít get the pinfall like you said in your preshow rumours post but certainly was a crucial part in the ending hitting the leg drop and Foley makes the cover for the victory. ***1/4

Quintet sudden death match to start off with and we get a good traditional wrestling match between the 5 for the first contest. And with everyone on the outside Carlito uses this to his advantage rolling up Mysterio to retain his title. Not much of a surprise here with the Ladder Match being the second type of match and this should be great. Some great action between the 5 men with some great spots. Good ending to the match with Edge spearing Carlito off the ladder and with Kennedy and RVD down, Mysterio uses this to his advantage and he wins the MITB contract. Should be interesting to see when Mysterio cashes in his contract, I have a small feeling that Mysterio could go over to Smackdown and face Benoit later on in the year possibly? ****

Good hall of fame promo, with them all deserving to be hall of famers except for Nickolai probably.

Good match here with Christian beating yet another legend and I expect him to be pushed into the main event scene in the next few months. Christian uses Tomko to help him in the early goings of the match and with the referee focused on Tomko, Christian nails Austin with the glass jar busting the Texas rattlesnake open. JR Complains about it but he should of never brought it down with him in the first place. Some good action between the two, and Stone Cold hits the stunner but Christian kicks out. And moments later Christian connects with the unprettier. This match puts over Christian nicely while Austin is finished for now. The match was short, but I can understand why with the loaded card. ***3/4

Bullshit nobody cares about Louisiana bring Wrestlemania to London!

Time for the first dream match of the show and this match did not disappoint. Great back and forth match between the two. Nice to see the classic reversal from Wrestlemania 10 used. Angle picks up some momentum at the end hitting the Angle Slam which gets a two and then locks on the ankle lock, but when he goes for the grapevine Bret turns it over and he locks on the Sharpshooter and Angle taps! Great technical match between the two ending Bretís career on a high. Only problem I would say it was pretty unrealistic as that match wouldnít be as good with Bretís injury problems, but I couldnít care great match. ****1/4

Yes itís time for Kane. Some random nobodies come out and trash talk Kane, who comes out with the Mask! And he destroys them all. Then a person dressed as Kane attacks the real Kane and the real Kane rips off the mask to reveal Pete Rose lol! And Kane hits the tombstone onto Pete Rose who has obviously still not learnt his lesson. Great way to bring back Kane.

Time for the first title match of the night and this should be good. Some good action between the two men in this match, with both men kicking out of each otherís finishers. Weak finish however with Cena winning with the roll up. This was a good match definitely but I thought last yearís match was better out of the two, but I canít blame you for that as there were more bigger matches which needed more time than this and I am sure this feud isnít over yet. ***1/2

Now itís Rock v HBK and this could very well steal the show. Nice opening to the match with both men using each other tauntís which you could just see happen in this situation in real life. Some great moments throughout the match like the Rock Bottom through the announce table by HBK. Both men hit their finisherís but can not seem to finish off one another. Fantastic ending to the match though with the Rock Bottom off the top rope. Fantastic match here, my MOTN so far. ****1/2

Fantastic main event as you would expect as Benoit and Lesner are two great wrestlers and itís between this and HBK/Rock for MOTN but I would just slightly give the edge to this. Benoit kicks out of the F-5 and Lesner kicks out of the headbutt showing off both menís resilience. Benoit gets Lesner in the Crossface and it looked like Lesner would somehow survive it just like he did with the walls of Jericho, but he taps out and Benoit becomes the Champion. Great ending to the show very similar to the one at Wrestlemania 10 and hopefully Benoit has a long title reign now finally he has won the belt. ****1/2

Quite possibly one of the best PPVís in BTB history so well done. 95/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Better late then never ..

Opening Video ruled and was completely original, as opposed to last years which was good however the text was taken from ďThe Mania of WrestlemaniaĒ special. Anyways, this really got my hyped for what was to come and did its job very well.

Kicking things off with the Tag Team Rematch of all rematches as AMW meets up with WGTT for the second consecutive year at Wrestlemania. Iím sure most expected AMW to tie it up 1 - 1 but I cant argue with WGTT going over as it cements their legacy and they can now move on to bigger and better things.

Mr. T in the HOUSE!! Seriously if this was real, it would be my promo of the night. No one gives out a more awesome nostalgia feel then Mr. T at Wrestlemania and Booker T/Goldust played their part well especially Goldust, as you captured his hilariousness perfectly.

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua. For this match alone, I already applaud you. You somehow managed to take Womenís Wrestling and make it interesting, and thatís not an easy task. The buildup was great, with the whole thing being ďTrish beat her once, but can she do it again?Ē Definitely a quality match followed and I suspect weíve seen the last of ďThe AmazonĒ.

Wrestlemania videos are awesome. ĎNuff said.

JBLís promo was awesome and this is one guy I am truly looking forward to using on The Smackdown brand. He has great in ring Stan Hansen like skills in the ring and his awesomeness on the mic is for the most part unmatched. The fact that he can go from a midcarder to a main eventer anytime needed is a nice touch as well.

JBL vs. Matt Hardy, FALSE FINISHES GALORE!! JBL doing anything to keep the title and Matt Hardy doing everything in his power to win it. The referee had a lot of power in this match to be able to make rules changes and such LOL. I saw Hardy winning, but with a roll up. Him going over clean with a Twist of Fate was nice to see.

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon, the only thing going into the show that was kinda ďwhateverĒ as it was just thrown together in the final weeks before Mania however the match itself delivered and Shane not surprisingly took one of his huge bumps. Triple H goes over and now its time to set his sights back on ME status Ö or is it? Donít want to give away any SD spoilers now do I.

Paul Heyman promo further builds the already gigantic Main Event later tonight.

Triple H being forced out of the arena made sense, and it further tick off The Game Iím sure.

The Six Man is up next, and we kicks things off with a classic Hogan promo complete with Mean Gene and all. Hogan, Foley and Rhino not surprisingly go over however I see Dinsmore receiving a push under the tutelage of Flair and who knows, maybe Rhinoís in for more of one as well. We shall see.

HBK is going at it alone. The face turn is imminent Ö

Roll The Dice is up next, the first fall was kind of lackluster which is actually abit nice seeing as big PPV needs a sort of ďcool downĒ point, Carlito picking up the win was a bit of a shocker but I see him losing the title soon. REY WINS?? Wow. Never saw that one as I thought either Edge was a shoe in for victory here, guess a nice face win for the second half of this match is what needed to happen though and the MITB thing should be interesting throughout the next few months.

HOF inductees in the hizzouze.

Christian cleanly beats Austin in a passing of the torch. I see Christian turning face soon, I must warn you however that his face run in TNA bombed majorly. Hopefully you can handle it a lot better then they did though, Austinís days are definitely VERY numbered. Uh oh, not another spoiler.

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle. I LOVED the start with Angle getting Hart in position and then just tapping the ankle as in a way to say ďI can beat you at anytime.Ē Hart WINS!!!! I gues the feel good win was the best route and I would have done the same thing, rebounding Angle from his loss will be a bit of a task but I think I can handle it.

Kaneís back, mask and all, and he kills the lower card heels of both RAW and Smackdown in one night.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena. I really thought Orton was going to win however Cena winning makes sense as an Orton win/full fledged heel turn would just keep these two in the title picture which theyíve already been in for a year, so I think its time to elevate some people and move this into the second slot on RAW.

The Rock and Shawn Michaels Ö MOTN. Definitely. It could have gone either way, especially with HBKís face turn although Iím glad Rocky took it. The Rock Bottom off the top rope would rule. Should be interesting to see where HBK goes from here, as I see DX floundering about for not much longer as HBK goes for another face singles run.

MAIN EVENT TIME. Going in I knew there was no way Benoit was losing, you just wouldnít do that plus heís your favorite wrestler. Brock looks great in losing though and the fact that you spent more then a paragraph on that crossface segment was really cool. The match was done more then well and having lots of people come out and celebrate with him was cool as well.

Awesome show dude, take some time, and lets kick off the next chapter to this thread with a bang. It will be an honor to work with you and I personally cant wait.

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isnít susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry I haven't reviewed yet. Been mad busy studying for tests this week. (Who gives tests the week before Christmas!? Seriously) Anyway, my review should be up sometime before the weekend's over man. Mania looks AWESOME.

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Re: Being The Booker

I admit, it has been a while since Iíve reviewed a show, and I really wasn;t planning on reviewing any shows until I start booking again, but this is probably the biggest PPV in BTB history, that I just canít say no to it, so, here I goÖ.

Wrestlemania Review

Very nice intro, btw.

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:

Good Tag Team match, and nice match to start off the show. But truly, with Tag Matches, I like seeing them more than reading them, but this match I found good. Nice action. Not too huge that the rest of Mania wonít be able to top it, and not to bad that all of the other matches will beat it. It is right in the middle, just like an opener is supposed to be.

Womenís Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Short but sweet match. Iíve heard the name Shaniqua before, but canít remember from where???? Anyway nice to see Stratus pick up the win. Women matches arenít really my thing either, and because of that, I will only make this match out of 5 and the Hart/Angle match out of 15, since that was a great match. Anyway, for the grade:

United States Championship;
John ĎBradshawí Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

I was kind of disappointed with this. It was better than there match at Armageddon 2005, but nowhere near as good as it could have been. I donít think doing what you did (with restarting the match and such), it just took the feel out of it to me. I donít even know what really to say for this match tbh.

No Disqualifications:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

This match was truly a beauty. The story behind why it was so long made true sense (sounds like the real Triple H to me) and Triple H, of course won the match, cause if Shane beat him then it would of taken a lot of credibility away from Triple H. MOTN thus far.

Inter Promotional Match:
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Another match that wasnít as good as it could have been. I expected more, but still nice to see Taker wins, like he should. Anyway, Jericho probably did come the closest to ending Takerís 13-0 streak, but it ended up becoming 14-0. Ok match, but nothing superb.

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

Ok, this will be another match that will only be graded out of 5, and Hart/Angle will be graded out of 20 now. This wasnít anything special. Foley gets the pin after leg drop by Hogan. Nice end, but only not even average match.

Intercontinental Championship;
Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

This match was entertaining, exciting, and was excellent overall. Carlito keeps the IC Title and Mysterio, unfortunately gets the MITB. Good match overall. Both of them were actually good. MOTN thus far.

Inter Promotional Match:
Christian v. ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin

This match was of course, to push Cristian. Christian beats the Rattle Snake. Austin loses. He accepts it, and drinks a few beers. What a way to finish off his part of the night. The match was excellent. I really donít need to say much, but awesome match!!!!!!

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

This match truly was Match of the Millennium, and MOTN. Ths match was perfect in my opinion. I couldnít of asked for a better match. Two real wrestlers that donít have to jump all over the place to please the fans getting at it. What I would pay to see these two wrestle just once in real life. Well, this will do. I really thought Angle had this, but in the end, the older Bret Hart prevailed, in possibly his last match. What a way to go out.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

A WWE Title match with these two could have been much better, and with a different result from last year. God, I fucking hate Cena. I would have really rather had Orton come out on top then Cena. But whatever. Thatís life. Cena wins blah blah,. The match was ok, but there match last year was better.

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels v. The Rock

Second most anticipated match for me next to Hart/Angle. As it says, Icon vs. Icon. I saw really nothing wrong. A rockbottom from the top I suppose was the best way to end it. I consider Rock a wwe sellout in real life, but I do hate HBK more for that whole Screwjob in 97 (you know which one Iím talking about). But really, the match measures up to Hart/Angle, and this match was actually much better than I expected, just not the best.

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

This match was a great way to end the match. I enjoyed there match in real WWE back in late 2003 for the WWE Title (the one where Lesner makes Benoit tap). Anyway, excellent finish to Wrestlemania, with Benoit capturing the title. I would have liked to see Lesner retain, because that never really happens at Mania (the heel winning) and it would have been something different. But I guess what happened happened. Great match.

Length: 64,000 words!!!! Length is way too much. 10/10

Promos: Promos were top-notch. Not sure what else to say. 10/10

Entertainment: AWSOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 10/10

Overall: 128/150= 85.3%. B+. May not of been the best review youíve received, but is still a review, and a freebee since I donít have a show currently, thereís nothing for you to review of mine. Oh well. Excellent show. Hope you make till next year. This was 1000 words total (top included ad parentheses excluded).

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being The Booker

Wrestlemania Review- ORRY420

Opening Video:
One word mate- amazing! This could possibly be the greatest opening video I have ever read, just because of the pure fact you could feel the superstars emotion heading into Wrestlemania. Off to a flyer as expected.

AMW vs. Worlds Greatest Tag Team: As expected this match kicked off the show, and obviously it was the best match for the job. I wasn't around the last time your produced Wrestlemania, but I read over it the other day, and I was expecting AMW to tie up one a piece tonight. Much to my suprise, and pleasure, WGTT gets the duke, and hopefully now they can move up the card. ***

Booker T/Goldust/Mr T Segment: Funny little segment here, every Wrestlemania needs a segment or two like this, and I'm happy to say this segment definately provided it. Glad to see Booker got a chance to appear at Mania in some way, shape or form as well.

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua: To be honest this was the match I was least looking forward to on the card, just because I'm not a huge fan of Womens wrestling. In any event this match proved to be rather entertaining, and the ending was indeed awesome, with Trish overcoming the odds to knock of the favourite heading into the match. Great story telling, well done. **1/4

Wrestlemania Video 1: I can see this video was made for Eddie, it would have suited him absolutely perfectly In any case, this was hillarious, and my personal favourite video of the lot.

JBL Promo: Great promo from JBL. The Wrestling God was 100% in character, and it served it's purpose well in hyping his match with Matt Hardy, a match that I am very much looing forward to. Awesome work here with another near flawless promo, typical Wolfy

JBL vs. Matt Hardy: Wow, I absolutely loved every bit of this match! IN fact, I couldn't think of a more perfect way for it to go down. For weeks now you've been building Hardy as the underdog who has transformed into almost the favourite heading into this match, so the realism of JBL doing anything to retain his Title was definately there. Once again your telling of the story in matches was perfect, you truely are the best in the buisness when it comes to this. Hardy wins in the end after the match has been restarted for the third time, and provides yet another great Wrestlemania moment. With Hardy going over a man who has beaten guys like Y2J, Rock and Angle, a main event run can't be too far away for V.1?***1/4

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon: This was, without a doubt, one of the most gruesome matches I have ever read! The brutality these men put each other through was amazing, and once again the story told throughout the match was near perfect. Some amazing spots, combined with great in ring pysch, has made this match MOTN so far. Great stuff, and as expected the right man won in the end. ***3/4

Paul Heyman Promo: Nice promo here man, Heyman was definately in character, and the segment came across well. This was neccesary in further hyping up tonigths main event, which IMO should steal the show.

Triple H/Ricky Steamboat Segment: The General Manager throws Triple H out of the building on the biggest night of the year! This is sure to infuriate the Game, and I wouldn't be suprised to see a feud develop out of this. Yet another solid segment.

Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker: You are the greatest match writer in booking history, it's as simple as that. The realism of Jericho doing anythg to win the match, whether that be throwing dust in Taker's eyes early on, or using the brass knucks, it simply suited the contest to a tee. In the end Jericho's efforts are not enough, and the Deadman once again wins on the biggest stage of them all, further cementing his legacy. ***1/2

Hulk Hogan Promo: This was a decent promo from Hogan, which succesfully added further hype to his match. The Hulkster was in character, and the promo was constructed well, if not a little on the short side.

6 Man Tag Team Match: Despite the fact not much 'wrestling' was on display in this match, it was entertaining none the less. The faces dominated the majority of the contest, maybe slightly too much, and in the end Hogan was able to hit his Leg Drop, allowing Foley to get the pin. Good job, everyone came across looking reletively strong, and by the looks of things Dinsmore is in for a push of sorts in the future. **3/4

HBK Segment: Very short and to the point here. HBK wants to go at it alone tonight, and prove to the world he can defeat The Rock one on one. It will be interesting to see if he can live up to his word, and by the looks of things a face turn might not be too far away.

Roll of thre Dice Match: This was simply a fantastic contest. The Qunitlet Sudden Death Match was the obvious choice for Intercontinental Title bout, as it gave the superstars a chance to warm up and prevent any major injuries adhead of the inevitable Ladder Match. Suprisingly, Carlito manages to win the first fall and retain his Title, which was a very nice suprise. Next came the Ladder Match and much to my dissapointement Mysterio wins the contract. I was hoping for an Edge or Kennedy win here, but I guess we'll have to wait and see if you give Rey the title? ****

Hall of Fame: Hall of Fame was written well, and served it's pupose in giving the new inductees a chance to appear at Wrestlemania.

Christian Promo: Awesome promo from Captain Charisma here. There was no funny lines or quirky jokes tonight. Christian is all business heading into the biggest match of his career. If and when Christian goes over tonight, it's only a matter of time before he becoms Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Christian vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Fantastic contest which was made that much better with Christian going over clean. Austin did the job, and now Christian can move onto bigger and better things. I can see Captain Charisma becoming the number 1 guy in your thread very shortly, if he's not that already. Great contest and a great result! Well done mate. ***4/5

WM23 Announcement: Great to see Mania will be coming to Louisiana, and if you make it that far, which I'm sure you will, it will be even bigger than this years! (Which is very hard to believe)

Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart: This could possibly be, the greatest ever match in BTB history! From start to finish Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart had me completely enthralled, and I can honestly say this is best match I have ever read, bar none. Awesome, awesome contest between two of the greatest wrestlers who ever existed, and the result was simply perfect. What a way to end the match and one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments of all time. *****

Pipers Pit: Piper didn't get much air time in this one, but I suppose the host was really irrelevant. Maven leads his band of merry men to the ring, only for all of them to get completely owned by the returning Kane, mask and all. Kane simply demolishes the jobbers, and makes a huge impact upon his return.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton II: This match was decent, and considering the two guys involved, I think you did a great job with it. After both men kicked out of numerous pinfall attempts, Cena wins with a rollup which to be honest was a bit of a letdown. I don't think we've seen the last of these two guys feuding with each other, and despite the lack of great wrestling matches, I look forward to seeing where you taek this! ***

HBK vs. Rock: What a way to start off this amazing contest with both guys stealing each others taunts. That's very realistic IMO and I could definately picture that happening. Throughout the match we are privvelaged to wintess some awesome spots, including the Rock Bottom through thr announce table! In the end both Michaels and Roick kick out of each others respective finishing moves, but it is the Rock who is able to nail the Rock Bottom off the top rope to pick up the victory. Awesome match, second MOTN so far behind Angle/Hart. ****1/2

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit: Despite the fact that Benoit was obviously going to win the Title, this was an awesome match nether the less. Benoit and Lesnar wreslte to a memorable match, which would be amazing to see on TV, and on the end the Crippler is able to lock in his dealy Crossface, and force Lesnar to submit. A great ending to a great match, and the perfect way to end Wrestlemania, with Chris Benoti celebrating as the new WWE Champion! ****1/2

Overall: This was the greatest PPV in BTB history, so lets not beat around the bush. Awsome work here man, it was a pleasure to read and review, well done. 9.5/10!

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: Being The Booker

Ok, finally got this up, a week late and probably one of my more quicker PPV reviews as I reviewed the last 6 matches today! You should be proud!

Da Wolf Guyís WrestleMania Review:

Glad to be able to review a WrestleMania of yours, also your first in 17 months! Wow, good to see you make it that far. Anyways, opening video seemed like something WWE would do, I always have liked when they show the superstars in the empty arena in the ring. Anyways, good video and a great way to get everyone pumped up for tonight.

And as expected, weíre kicking things off with the champions vs. champions match, a very good choice on your part for this. Seems with the beginning of the match, weíre going to be seeing a very quick and technical match up. Shelton being dominated right now, he gets a tag and thatís good, letís see what Haas can bring to the table now. Wow, nice to see a Spinebuster turned into a Sunset Flip once again reversed by a cradle, thatís a first timer! Seems WGTT are dominating Harris right now and doesnít seem like Storm could be in for a while. Been a quick match so far and nothing major special but guessing weíll get some more as the match progresses along. As you mentioned, rare to see Storm drop a Leg Drop over the ropes, anyways itís seems the match is picking up a little as weíre beginning to head to the end apparently. Ouch, some big spots there and Storm just got dragged off, and then took a Dragon Suplex? Wow! Shelton did it all himself, Haas takes a bump and Benjamin gets out of the Death Sentence! Nice ending to a good WM opener and had some good spots to begin the night with

Fun little segment but as Spartan said, where was the ďI Pity the FoolĒ You just canít see Mr. T without hearing him say it. Otherwise funny little segment and didnít seem filler at all, kinda similar somewhat to the Goldust/Gregory Helms segment from your last yearís WrestleMania.

Seems like early on itís going to be a game of Shaniqua dominating Trish, really it does seem like that from reading the beginning. Wow, didnít think sheíd be getting that Powerbomb this early and luckily for Trish, she canít do so. Interesting, doesnít really seem like weíre in for too long of a match and the action seems to be all being stuffed in right now. Shaniqua is going to do anything to hit that Powerslam, itís like her fourth time to try it in a minute! Thought it could have been over after the Powerbomb, really thought it was. Chick Kick and itís over. Really nothing special, seemed too short to amount to anything but the time it was given, it was ok. Now goodbye to Shaniqua and wondering whom Trish challenges next?

Ok, seeing youíre counting down the top three, not surprised Chavo got #3 but pretty sure Christian ended up getting #1

Good, hard felt promo from JBL hyping the match up even more and you could just tell that that was one of your best JBL interviews. And he wasnít even interviewed is the scary thing. Time for our first new champion to be crowned tonight.

Looks like weíll be having the Cabinet outside tonight, making it seem even harder for Hardyís chances but Iíll still say he wins. Well never mind guess they wonít be! But um, right out of the gate JBL is dominating, seems like he might have a good fight until Hardy comes back into it and hits his key moves giving him the title. Wow, something different there and didnít think the match would end this early, glad it didnít. Nice to see Hardy take JBL with the element of surprise with the dropkick taking JBL down. Big Boot, thatís got to be it right there or at least a closer chance for JBL. After the first call, kind of thought this would happen and no problem as it certainly means this next fall will be the final. Hardy is about to win the gold. JBLís trying everything now, doesnít seem to be in his favor though at this very moment. Bulldog, then Side Effect, Hardyís getting very close to walking away with the title, I can feel it. Cabinetís back but I still donít think they can do too much to help their mentor regain the title. Nice ending with miscommunication between the Cabinet and we do indeed have a new champion. Great and fun little match that was different from other matches as being broken into 3 little matches but still, it was a fun read.

And here comes probably one of the more brutal matches for tonight, this truly is going to be one sick match given both men have had their experiences being hardcore. In the early stages, it seems as if always, Shane isnít going to lie down and something big is going to have to happen to keep Shane from staying down. Triple H doing it big right now as heís hit some key moves but still, Shane o Mac wonít let those keep him down, well Hunter wonít anyways! Wow, how did Shane get back into it, see him having a small beat down on Hunter, then a key mistake costs him this advantage he has right about now. Long fall for McMahon there rolling all the way down the stairs, and wow this beating is becoming personal now. Wow, Steve-O. Couldnít help but laugh thinking he would make a big difference in the match helping Shane. Of course, the sledgehammer is coming into play, what would Triple H be without the sledgehammer? And the real beating is coming now; McMahon is about to take one hell of a beating, for sure! The blood has begun to flow; only time tells until how longer this match can go on. And more blood, Triple H certainly has this one for sure now. Wow, Shane is somehow finding a way to reverse all these moves, how does he do it? Wow, kind of surprised to see a table spot so early on, thought maybe one would happen during the Ladder Match but guess not. Either way, Shane o Mac certainly has the advantage back right now. First pin, on a side note, glad to see the lack of pin falls so far as it makes it seem both men want to beat down one another, then worry about the pins later. With these back to back insane moves, something tells me Shane o Mac tries something insane and misses, it has to be coming! Holy shit, theyíre not climbing, they are! Wait, why would there be a sledgehammer 50 feet in the air on the titantron! I know, it was probably there but kind of funny, anyways, Shaneís down. This has to be it. And certainly a WrestleMania ending that will be remembered with Hunter taking Shane from the back of the arena on the stretcher, then shoving him off the stage and the Pedigree! Classic brawl and thatís all it took, HHH has made his mark tonight.

Lesnar is intent tonight on retaining the title, too bad we know itís not going to happen. Itís time for Benoit to shine now and he certainly will do that, if he has a good title reign, which I can expect him to have.

Short promo and wondering really what came out of it. Hoping we donít get a Steamboat/HHH feud as HHH seems ready to be propelled back to the top now. Heís been being built well and heading towards the title would help him a lot.

And here we go, ĎTakerís streak on the line as always but Jericho could put up a good fight and will fall in the long run. Wow, Jericho is desperate to beat ĎTaker and end the streak, he did something no one has done before with the dust. Jericho showing he will indeed do anything and everything tonight for that win but he wonít get it either way. Jericho is going to have to do something major if he even wants a chance to win tonight, even though we all know ĎTakerís got it in the bag. No Victory Rolls are working tonight for Jericho, even though heís tried like 5 times! Haha, wow Jericho thinks smart there and he might winÖby count out! Well maybe not but it happened to be smart thinking on Jerichoís part! Old School, then Chokeslam. Been a good match so far, nothing major has happened but nothing bad either. Really, Jericho is desperate to win and itís showing, first the handcuffs, now the brass knucks, whatís next? Itís getting close to possibly being the ending for Jericho, seems like this match is getting ready to wear down. ĎTaker got the DDT, the ending certainly is near! Wow, good to see the Walls of Jericho is introduced and nice to see Jericho once again take advantage, this time by using the turnbuckle. Jerichoís cockiness comes out here with the ending and thatís it, ĎTaker is now 14-0. Fun little interpromotional match that wasnít anything too special but was nothing bad, fair match.

Old school interview backstage, good idea and of course, Hogan was in character with all his dudes and brothers. The faces probably will take the win tonight but canít really be guaranteed since in the first 5 matches, 4 faces have won.

This wonít be the prettiest match but you could tell it will be memorable considering the three legends you have in the ring right now. Cool to see Hogan and Flair start it off, gives it the old school feel tonight. Fun little beginning to it with each man getting their own revenge against Flair, well actually itís Rhynoís turn now. And wait, battle of the behemoths. Pretty good showdown so far with both men fighting it out, funny to see Dinsmore taunt Hogan and Flair. Dinsmore getting a little bit too cocky right now, wait here comes Foley! Dinsmore has been showing his wrestling side tonight, glad to see that be able to shine through. And here it comes, Foley meets Flair once again and this one wonít be pretty. Classic Flair doing anything and everything he can to take the advantage during the match up. Wow, Flair flew tonight, only at WrestleMania! Seems to eager though and Foleyís got him now, doubt that will be it though. Guess you missed this but Hogan was just lowblowed, then he started working back on Flair right after? Hogan seems to be the man theyíre choosing to work on, albeit it seems a little late in the match up for that. Hogan is hulking up, must mean the faces are about to take another win! OJ? Major error though as I donít see Orlando Jordan in the match! Haha, thatís minor though. Classic Double Arm DDT from Foley, thatís got to be it right there for his team. Batista does the dirty work, and then Dinsmore gets the pin, sounds classic right there on Dinsmoreís part! Another lowbrow, wasnít Hogan low blowed like five minutes ago? No Figure 4, itís the Mandible Claw for Flair! Thatís it, classic ending with the beat down making sure no one can get it and that was a fun nostalgic type match there.

Interesting promo and the dissension between D-X has been going for months and it seems as if weíre about to see a break up in the group. Theyíve been together for almost a year now which is hard to believe but still, something is bound to happen soon.

Ok, time for one of my most anticipated matches, as these are always fun to read and see what people can do with their MITB Matches. I donít see too much action happening here in the beginning of the match, of course that will probably all be saved for the Ladder Match! And Kennedy is in now making his debut; Iím just wondering who could end up finding themselves the IC Champion when the first match is done with. Haha, Edge wants to save his energy, smart thinking as always right theyíre for the Rated R Superstar! Little bit of brawling between Carlito and Kennedy and now here comes Rey, letís see what he can do! Of course, Edge naturally wants in when Rey is in the match and is down, of course! Well maybe not, Edge is going to have something major happen to him during that ladder match and I have a feeling itís going to be something big. A lot of reversals tonight and the Backbreaker would have been sick followed by the Rolling Thunder! Hmmm, interesting tag right there from Carlito to Mysterio. And I knew if Carlito found a way to retain, it would be by cheating and thatís exactly what he did, no surprise there! No wasting time as we are immediately getting to the action right now it seems. Carlito is bringing out his athletic side tonight, showing he can hang in the ring with some of the flyers. Wow, Buzz Killer, then a few minutes after the Green Bay Plunge, sick move there and I used it in my WM too, so yeah! Yeah, 619 onto the Ladder move after move after move tonight! Spot fest here similar to my Mania MITB, which had its spot fest, too as thatís what they are for anyways. Damn, the Kenton Bomb follows right after and I mean it, weíre just seeing everyone go all out tonight. Sunset Powerbomb, then goes Mysterio out of the ring, been a good match so far. RVDís looking pretty hot right now in the match, could he be the one that takes the MITB briefcase tonight? Every man is down! Except for RVD! Wasnít Alfonso just released, wait itís Sabu! Shit, Sabuís out here right now, Arabian Facebuster! Carlito wonít win MITB too, whoís going to win it though! Wow, Edge spears Carlito, and then Mysterio takes advantage, I could see Edge and Rey feuding over the briefcase now with Edge saying he should have won it, etc.

Fun little Hall of Fame segment but nothing too major, just go get them on the show and note them was indeed fine. An good interview, seen better from Christian but weíve got to remember that heís in a serious manner tonight not wanting to mess around, crack jokes.

And Christian gets the advantage first; acting as if he was scared and it certainly seems Christian will go over Stone Cold tonight. Ouch, poor Christian and he definitely must be hurting considering the ten atomic drops he just took. Tomko looks like he might be out for a little while, and it will make the match seem better anyways without Tomko. Austin is embarrassing Christian tonight, not even having to use many of his tactics tonight. Hmmm, remember the Glass Jar being busted at one WM, believe it was WM 16 but canít remember but anyways, yeah Christian has Austin down and bleeding and if he wants to take advantage, now is the time! Christian might have Austin down but he might want to be careful, as we all know, Austin likes to make comebacks when they are least expected from him. Austin wonít go down with a Sleeper, it will take something major to keep the Texas Rattlesnake down and out. And as mentioned, Austin can and will fight back whenever his opponents expect it the least. Could that be it, by the way nice way for Austin to hit the Stunner by countering the Unprettier? Christian surprises everyone here with the Frog Splash, guess youíre going to start bringing that into his repertoire of moves. Nothing major about the ending other than the Unprettier gets hit and thatís it! Ok match, thought it could have been more but what more can you get out of Austin.

Yes! WrestleMania is coming to my home state, son thatís going to be an major event, really canít wait for ĎMania in the Big Easy!

And here we go, the match that is appropriately being billed as the Match of the Century. The greatest built up match as itís been going since last summer, and letís go ahead and get this match up underway Iím pumped! Itís going to be interesting to see how Hart does seeing as he can barely hang with Angle in the beginning it seems. Itís seeming right now as the match is a ďYou do your move, Iíll do my moveĒ type match up which is fine, makes it more interesting. Hart is showing Angle he can still hang with the best despite the opening; letís see how Angle progresses through the match up. Well Angle gets the Belly to Belly, seems the advantage is about to head back to the Olympic Gold Medalist. Knew something was up when Angle wanted another lock up, seems like Angle could be in the dominating phase of Hart right now, letís see. Angleís domination didnít last for too long though, thought he might have began wearing down Hart but it doesnít seem that way. Wow, classic Angle there playing possum and he just got Hart, and the steel steps shot wonít end up helping Hart anymore now. Angle just will find any way to win this match, doesnít matter if itís count out or not, he just wants to say he beat Hart but I donít know if it will happen or not. Belly-to-Belly but no Moonsault, Angle could have just given Hart a major chance to turn the match around somehow if he can get back onto his feet. Hart is making it harder and harder for Angle right now and Angle will be lucky if he does win tonight at this rate. No way Hart is going to get the Sharpshooter on that early and he should know that. Haha Cole called the Side Suplex the Angle Slam. Guess itís somewhat like it but itís not completely. Angle is just out there killing Hart right now and heís not going to give up until Hart doesnít have an ankle. No Angle Slam there and Hart has found a way back into it. Wow, Hartís just throwing it all out there on the line tonight but he just canít seem to get it right here and now. Thought Angle could have had it there when he countered the victory roll, but knew it wouldnít end like that. Angle Slam! Wait, Hart got lucky there because Angle very well could have had it there! Ankle Lock, this canít be it right now for Hart can it? Wow, Hart has got the Sharpshooter in! Angle tapped out! Shocker of the night there and I thought Angle could have ďendedĒ Hartís career with a win tonight but Hart needed the feel good win. You could feel like you were there during the match, thatís how well described the match was.

Ok, time for the Pit, little break before we get onto our final three matches and good to see another legend on the show, this being Piper. Nothing major but Kane is back and he seems to be better than ever. That was a lot of Chokeslams too and wow, Pete Rose just never gets enough and always has to come back, huh?

Can the third time be the charm for Orton? Doubt it and as I expect, Cena will find a way to walk back home with the World Heavyweight title. Iím not expecting this to be the prettiest match weíve ever seen and it seems itís just going to be a straight fight for the belt. You know Orton of course has to cheat somehow and he does so here. Now letís see if he can actually take advantage of the match is the question. Quick Throwback in the match and guessing this match wonít last too long, Iím giving it 15-18 minutes. Orton is just doing what he does best, trying to avoid and get into the mind of the challenger, which he normally does well. Havenít seen much wrestling in the early stages, just the few basic moves so hopefully it begins to heat up. Picture perfect dropkick followed by the Crossbody but Cena of course finds a way to counter. Wow, surprised to see the RKO so early on and he even fell of the shoulders of Cena before delivering, this match is heating up now. No RKO but the DDT might just wear Cena down but it wonít be enough of course. Orton is just doing everything he can do but he just canít get the win, either way something tells me Cena finds a way to retain. Five Knuckle Shuffle followed by F-U, wait no he gets the STFU on! Orton got to the ropes but I still donít believe he has what it takes right now to find a way to win the belt. F-U but no referee, Cena will still find a way to retain. I donít know how but Orton just hasnít had the hype that would allow for him to win the title here tonight. Belt shot but no, that wonít be it and Cena is lucky it wonít be it either or he wouldnít be the champ right now. No RKO, itís a schoolboy and there we go, Cena has retained the gold here tonight.

Thought maybe a segment in between would have been good instead of just a video package, anyways letís let Rock vs. HBK commence.

And here we go, battle of the egos and it certainly seems itís going to end up being that way throughout the entire duration of the match. The match feels like itís coming straight from the Attitude Era, itís great with all the electricity in the arena! Old school HBK there showing the signs of disrespect and it seems we could se HBK pull out some more of those pranks throughout the match up. Rockís starting to light it up in there and it seems if he continues to beat down HBK like this, he could find himself a key win tonight. Little bit of fight coming from HBK but still not enough, seems like Rocky could dominate the match and we see HBK sneak out with the win, weíll have to see what happens though. Didnít think Rocky would be able to deliver the Rock Bottom there and of course, Michaels will find a way to counter it. Wow, interesting move with the Headscissors to the outside and that would have been pretty neat coming from the Showstopper to see. Rarely see Michaels do the Pescado, which was nice, and we know he can do it, he just never does it anymore in the ring. Didnít think anyone would go through the table but Michaels has to start watching himself, he just got stalked with a clothesline from Rocky. Wow, didnít expect the Sweet Chin Music so early but he did miss though. Haha, I wish I could have seen Rockyís face whenever Michaels nipped up before the Peopleís Elbow. DDT and Iím beginning to wonder why the fans are purely supporting HBK tonight instead of Rocky. Wow, the ref is down again and of course, Michaels has to take advantage with the Low Blow, this must be the turning point in the match. Wow, canít believe HBK just stole Rockyís move and he did it through the Spanish table. Two tables that have been destroyed here tonight! HBK takes Rocky down and it seems like we could be nearing the ending of the match since HBK delivered the Flying Elbow. Wow, the ref is down again! The refís just donít seem to be having the luck tonight. Sweet Chin Music! Too bad there is no ref but Rocky does get a low blow, sort of revenge for earlier on I see. Moonsault time! He nailed it and wow, it would have been awesome to see both men nip up at the same time, would have generated that WrestleMania feel that you get. Peopleís Elbow isnít going to do it but it could help Rock soon. Third Sweet Chin Music, thatís got to be it there! They just wonít give it up and the Rock Bottom! Still not over, wow Iím wondering how this will end. Wow, nice ending and never have seen the Rock Bottom from the top rope, that certainly will end it there and Rocky gets the win, the feel good win to end this tumultuous feud he had with HBK.

Loved the Benoit/Lesnar video package, certainly seems like something the WWE would do and once again, it was great.

And here we go, a true main event that will be remembered as this is going to be a downright wrestling clinic in which Benoit will bring out the best in Lesnar. Letís get it started! Lesnar should have known it wonít end that easily, that could be his key mistake and it was this early on too! Benoit is going to have to be careful what he does because one slip up and Lesnar will eat Benoit apart, and Benoit made some crucial mistakes, one going for the Crossface so early on. Ouch, Benoit made another key mistake there with the Tope through the ropes, kind of reminds me when he collided with the Smackdown table last year. And Brock is beginning to wear down Benoit, which has been Benoitís major mistakes going for it all in the beginning. Wow, the power of Lesnar was just shown by reversing the German into a Belly-to-Belly, he certainly has shown his dominance here. Benoit is getting torn apart and the Spinebuster from Lesnar certainly did help the fact of the matter even more for the Rabid Wolverine. Benoit is getting some offense in now which he needed considering the beating he has taken from Lesnar so far. So much for Benoitís offense and he doesnít get too much in on the Iron Man. Wow, both men were going insane in the ring with the German Suplexes, thought it would never end up ending. Double Powerbomb wonít even keep Benoit down which wants to make you wonder what if, anything can keep the Rabid Wolverine down. Bear hug wonít keep Benoit down and he wonít just let Lesnar take him out like that. And as it was mentioned, another Belly to Belly Suplex and Benoit wonít give into Lesnar. Wow, Lesnar tries again for the F5 but once more fails, seems like the three Germans are coming. Wow, wait it was the Three Amigos. Either way, never seen the third one end with a Superplex so that was something different, pretty neat if you ask me about it! No Diving Headbutt and the F5, Lesnar finally hits it! Benoit kicks out, makes Lesnar look weak here but at the same time makes Benoit look strong. Lesnar just had to didnít he? He just had to try for that Shooting Star and he should have known he would miss, that is indeed the turning point of the match now. Sharpshooter didnít last too long as Benoit saw Lesnar reach the ropes, either way the match is starting to slowly wind down. Three Germanís once again, the master of the Germans so to speak could be heading home with the title soon. Crippler Crossface! Weíre looking at our new champion right now! Wow, Lesnar gets a cradle but the Crossface stays on! And he does it again, wait Lesnar taps! Lesnar taps! Lesnar taps! We have a new champion! Nice ending to the show with the big celebration and the video package.
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Re: Being The Booker

Very, very good opening video, which was very realistic in terms of what would actually happen at Wrestlemania, with not only the history of Wrestlemania done, but the main stars talk about their moments and hype up their feuds as well. One of the best opening videos I’ve ever seen, if not the best one, which gets the night of to a great start

I knew this match would start the show, even though it is not what I would have gone with myself (but seeing how the JBL/Hardy match was booked, this makes sense) Some good wrestling between the two tag teams to start the show, which is what would be expected, with their being some nice tag team work, which is always good to see. Loving the way the death sentence was countered, with Shelton leaping to the top rope, which was a nice spot to have. WGTT have the match won, but Benjamin is taken out of the ring, as I guess we are coming to the end of the match. Haas misses the plancha, which should be enough to give AMW the win, but Shelton fights back, and gets the win. Hand shake after the match was good as well, making sure that we know they are still all faces. Nice opening match, which was short enough to make it interesting for the whole match, but still not too sure that this should have opened, with it not having enough spots/action until the end, and the finish did seem to be a bit rushed. Still, a good enough opener to the show, and I sense this isn’t over yet - **1/2

Loving the Goldust/Booker/Mr T promo, which is the kind of comedy segment that happens every year at Mania, and these were the right people to put in it. Loving Mr. T, and it would be interesting to see him back full time, but that isn’t going to happen

Womens match is next, and I guess this is going to be short and sweet, and full of action for a women’s match. Shaniqua’s power enables her to take advantage early in the match, which was always going to happen, but Trish has enough about her to keep herself in the match. Loving the way that Shaniqua came off in this match, with Trish hitting moves to her, but Shaniqua recovering before Trish can do anything. Would make Trish’s win look even better if it happens. Trish manages to kick out of the Powerbomb, which is great to see, and then she nails the chick kick to get the win. Good women’s match here, and a good win for Trish, who is now the dominant female on the roster it looks like. Only problem is the lack of challengers she has, but I’m sure you can bring someone in, or build up what you have - **1/4

JBL promo was pretty good, putting over the fact that JBL has been in the main event, and Hardy hasn’t. Should be a good contest, and I don’t think the feud will be over, whatever the result

Good to see the Cabinet barred from ringside, as it makes it an actual 1 on 1 contest, which should favour Hardy, and it seems to do so, with him dominating the early part of the match, allowing JBL to walk away and get himself counted out. Match restarts with no countouts, which pretty much guarantees JBL will get himself Dqed at some point, and then the match will restart with no DQ’s, but this is going to get Hardy over huge if he wins the match. JBL though briefly gains the advantage, but Hardy fights back, and nails the side effect, but can only get a 2 count. He hits the leg drop, but the Cabinet are back, and helping to save JBL’s title. Hardy takes down the Bashams though, and then JBL hits the CFH to Noble, allowing Hardy to nail the twist of fate, and get the win. Huge, huge win for Hardy here, who was booked brilliantly and comes off looking extremely strong as a result of this. Got to be a sign that he is going towards the main event soon, but I guess he has a nice US title reign first. Solid match here, and seeing how it turned out makes sense as to why it didn’t open the show. - **1/2

HHH vs. Shane is next, and this is likely to be a hell of a brawl, with a lot of spots, but every Mania needs that kind of match, and these two should be able to put on a great contest. Good to see Motorhead playing HHH to the ring, as it gives it a sense of more importance. Shane throws everything he has at the Game to start the match, but he just seems to swot him away. Loving the use of Steve-O from Jackass, with him taking the chair away from HHH, allowing Shane to take down HHH. HHH though gets the sledgehammer, but Shane gets rid of it with a dropkick. HHH goes to put Shane from the table, but he gets nailed with the sledgehammer by Shane, who has enough in him to put him through the table with the flying elbow, but HHH manages to recover and kick out after a long delay. Shane then hits the coast to coast, but again, HHH kicks out, and he is determined not to lose. HHH starts to run away from Shane, but Shane falls 50 feet in the air, and that has to be end of Shane as far as this match is concerned. The medics take Shane away, but HHH comes back and beats the hell out of the medics, making sure he beats the hell out of Shane a bit more. He nails the pedigree, and that is it, as HHH gets the win. Very brutal match here, with some great spots as you would expect in a typical Shane match. Doubt we’ll be seeing Shane for a long time after this, while it gets HHH over as a top heel again - ***1/2

Loved the Heyman promo, and it puts over the fact that Lesnar will do anything to keep the title. Makes Lesnar look extremely dangerous, and that is a good thing

Tazz wants to choke out the Coach, and I guess that will eventually happen at some other ppv in the future. Guess this argument between the commentators is thrown in to cover the gap while Shane would have been taken away, but still, a nice interlude to have

HHH is taken out of the building by the security, making sure that he cannot destroy Wrestlemania. I can’t see this leading to a feud with Steamboat to be honest, and it did seem kind of filler, but had to be there to finish the angle of HHH trying to destroy Mania. Guess he gets some revenge on Smackdown though

Jericho vs. the deadman now, and loving the heel tactics that Jericho used to start the match, throwing dust at Taker, but Taker kicks out of the enzeguiri. Jericho goes for the crossbody, but Taker catches him, and nails him into the steel. Loving the desperation in Jericho, with him trying nothing but roll ups for a while in the match, but Taker managing to kick out of all of them. Jericho gets the handcuffs, and he cuffs Taker to the ringpost, which was great to see, as he will do anything to win the match. He tries to get Taker counted out, but on 9, he breaks them and gets into the ring. Some great psychology here from Jericho, who is the star of the show so far tonight. Jericho kicks out of the chokeslam, as we are getting towards the end of the match here I would guess. Taker collapses when doing the Last Ride, as Jericho nailed him with the brass knucks, but Taker kicks out of it again. Breakdown and the Lionsault are both not enough, as Taker is kicking out of everything at the moment. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho but that still isn’t enough, as Taker gets to the ropes and breaks it, and then he hits the Tombstone, to get the win and keep the streak going. Great match here, definitely the match of the night so far, with the whole idea of Jericho doing all he can to break the streak worked well. Jericho was brilliant in this match, and the fact he is saying that it isn’t over means that one of them will probably switch sides in the draft - ****

Nice bit of nostalgia with the Hogan interview, which just hypes up the 6 man tag match a bit more. Not the greatest promo ever, but it doesn’t really matter, as that was all about getting the Hogan interview

Motorhead play Evolution to the ring, which was nice to see, and then the match gets underway. Hogan and Flair start it off, and loving the fact that Hogan uses Flair’s tactics, with him having learnt something from all the matches they have had in the past. Foley hits the elbow, and then Flair does the flop, as this match is probably going to be more about the story and the history than actual wrestling I would guess. Rhyno and Batista get tagged in, and then Batista starts to beat down Rhyno, who I guess is going to be the face in peril for a part of the match. Rhyno survives the double teaming in the corner, and then tags in Foley, who gets taken down by Dinsmore, who is looking very good in this match so far. Hulk gets back in, and then he starts to hulk up, and this isn’t going to be good for Evolution at all. Hogan takes them down, and then he tags in Foley, who has the match won with the double arm ddt, but Batista breaks the count. Batista though nails the Batista Bomb to Foley, but the count is broken. Flair goes for the figure four, but Foley locks in the mandible claw on him, and as Flair and Batista fight it, Rhyno nails the gore. Hogan nails the leg drop, and Foley covers, giving them the win. Not the best match ever, but it ends the feud nicely, and gave Evolution a chance to shine at Wrestlemania. The aftermath would have got a big pop, with Hogan posing for the crowd - **1/4

Shawn looks to be turning face, as therefore, DX breaking up as a result of that. Looks to be a continuation of what happened on Smackdown really, and HBK back as a face will be interesting to see… and also, what will happen to DX

5 way sudden death match is the first fall, which had to be expected, and I guess this match will be reasonably short, so that the ladder match gets a bit more time. RVD and Rey start off, but it isn’t long before KK is in the match. Loving Kennedy doing the RVD taunt to him, which was a nice touch to have. All the men get some time in the ring, which is good to see, and loving Edge doing the heel thing and going on commentary, which would have been a treat to see. Rolling thunder would be enough, but Carlito breaks the count. The action spills to the outside, as RVD takes down Edge, and as Rey goes to do the same, Carlito rolls him up and steals the win. Nice to see Carlito keep the title, which I would have never seen coming to be honest, but I guess he holds it for a bit longer. Nice first match, but the big stuff comes in the ladder match now I guess. Start of the ladder match was very bitty, and didn’t flow too well, but that tends to happen in these kind of matches, and I guess it is just being set up for the big spots. Buzz Killer, and then the Green Bay Plunge off the ladder were nice spots to have, and this match is entertaining, if not spotty. Loving the 619 onto the ladder, which you had to see happening at some point, only for Rey to be beaten down on the ladder. Rey gets to the top of the ladder, and has it won, but Kennedy pushes him out of the ring and to the outside. RVD hits the Van Damninator to Kennedy, taking him down, and then starts to climb the ladder, but Edge is there as well, but Edge is knocked off. RVD has the match won, but Fonzy is here, and he brings Sabu with him. Sabu beats the hell out of RVD, taking him out of the match, and setting up what should be a good feud. Carlito then knocks Rey and KK off the ladder, and goes up to win it for himself, but Rey takes the ladder away, and Edge spears him in midair… but this allows Rey to swoop in and steal the match and the MITB contract. Bit of surprise to see Rey win especially after him being pinned earlier, but it is a nice moment. Interesting to see how his title shot is booked, if he even gets one, as I’m sure that Edge is going to be gunning for him now. - ***1/4

Nice short Christian promo, which just hypes his match a bit more. Not as funny as he has been in the last few weeks, but I guess he needs to be serious on the eve of Wrestlemania. Can’t see him losing to Austin to be honest, in what should be a good match

Austin and Christian go straight at it, and it doesn’t look as if any time is going to be wasted in this match, as the two men try to beat the hell out of each other I guess. Loving the 10 atomic drops in a row from Austin, who starts off strong, and then the Stunner to Tomko, which is bound to take him out of the match for a while. Nice way to make it a 1 on 1 match between them. Austin likes to use these sets of ten, and has the match won as he goes for the Stunner, but Tomko saves CC. CC uses the sweetie jar on Austin, to gain the advantage, and that could turn the match. Liking the fact that spot was used in the match, as it has always been a good thing to happen at Mania. Austin gets the shoulder up from the pinfall, but Christian then wears him down, locking in the sleeper hold on him, but Austin fights out of it. Austin nails the stunner, but Christian kicks out, which is huge for him, as it boosts him a bit more. Christian nails the frog splash for the first time, but it doesn’t work, as Austin kicks out of that, but then, he nails the unprettier and gets the clean win over Austin. Christian could be on the verge of turning face looking at the aftermath stuff, while I guess it could be the last time that we see Austin for a long time as well. In terms of the match, it wasn’t the best match ever, but was good enough to be a match on the main stage. Bit of a squash down the home stretch really, with Austin not getting any offence in, but that makes Christian as a big star really with the ease at which he won. - **3/4

Louisiana gets Wrestlemania, which I suppose is good, even though I would have wanted it in London… maybe that will be Wrestlemania 24…

Loving the plug for Rocky 6 in the commentary, as Angle vs. Hart is about to begin, and let’s see if it lives up to being the dream match that it has been rumoured to be. Angle starts the match by outwrestling Hart, and Hart grimaces straight away, which isn’t a good sign for him and the rest of the match. Bret though does take Angle down with a nice headlock, and it looks as if this is actually going to be a mat wrestling match for the most part. Hart barely getting a shoulder up to the belly to belly isn’t good for him, but some good wrestling so far. Angle starts to beat on Hart, and he uses the guard rail to cause a bit more pain to him, as he is starting to really take Hart down at the moment. Hart though rolls out of the way to the moonsault, which must allow for Hart to try and fight back into the match, and I guess we are getting towards the ending of the match. Bret goes for the sharpshooter, but he fights back out of it, and then Angle takes Hart down with a series of clotheslines, which Hart can only just kick out of. Angle may have it won, but he lifts Hart himself, wanting to cause more pain to him, and loving the fact the commentators called the move wrong – nice touch. Hart hits the elbow off the second rope, but Angle kicks out at the last. Liking the hint back to the Wrestlemania 10 finish, with Hart escaping it, and then the Angle slam with the foot on the ropes. Angle though locks in the ankle lock, and this could be it, as Hart cant have enough left to get out of the move, but he rolls through it, and locks in the sharpshooter, and Angle has to tap to this. Guessing this is the feel good moment of the show, and it is a great way for Hart to go out by making Angle tap, even though it probably damages Angle quite a bit, with him losing clean to a non-wrestler, even if it is Hart. Still, a very good match to be honest, which did have it’s faults, but a great match between the two of them as they finally lock up. - ****1/4

Good to see the Christian/Tomko video won the voting, but I guess this is the last time we will see these videos get posted…

Time for Pipers Pit before the main event matches now, and this will be a nice little segment to have to give the crowd a break. Piper says a couple of lines, before Maven interrupts him. Would have liked to have heard more from Piper, but no biggy really. Maven complains, as you would expect from him, before he brings out his army of jobbers to try and take down Kane. Loving the fact that Kane is back, with the mask and stuff like that, and straight away, he makes an impact by beating down the army of jobbers that Maven had. Great stuff with the Pete Rose attack, as him dressed as Kane, and brings me back to some of the great moments with Kane beating the hell out of Pete Rose. Good segment here, which gets Kane over again, and gave the crowd some nice moments

Cena vs. Orton is next, and Orton gets a heelish reaction which is interesting to see, and I guess this could be a hint at him turning back heel, which I would prefer. Liking the way the commentators hyped the fact that Orton has never won, and Cena never lost, which makes it more important for both men. Test of strength starts the match, until Orton cheats his way out of, and it looks as if he will be playing the heel again in the title match. Orton tries to duck out of the match, but Cena comes straight after him, and he is fired up. Orton is doing all he can in a cowardly fashion, but it just isn’t working for him, as Cena manages to fight through everything, and rolls through the cross body. Orton goes for the RKO, but Cena counters into the FU, but he reverses it and nails the RKO… but Cena kicks out. Good sequence between them here, and I guess that this confirms Cena wins. Cena gets into his 5 moves of doom, but doesn’t get the fall after the freestyle. He locks in the STFU, but Orton has enough in him to get the ropes. Cena nails the FU, but Orton, playing the heel has made sure the referee was knocked out before hand. Orton gets the title belt, and he nails Cena with it, but Cena kicks out, and then rolls up Orton for the win. But surprised at the ending, as I was expecting a cleaner win for Cena, probably with the FU, as that seemed to be what was hinted at with Orton becoming more and more heelish, the clean win with the finisher would have been the best ending. But this feud is going to carry on definitely, and Orton is likely to go full blown heel. The match itself was solid, but at times in the early going was a bit slow, but the last few minutes were great - ***

Rock vs. HBK now, and this is going to be a dream match, and HBK gets a good pop, which continues his slight turn towards being a face, which could happen in this match. Liking the taunts to start the match, before the action does get underway, and it is HBK who gets the first advantage in the match. The slowish start to this match tells me that it is going to be a long match, with it given a lot of time to develop. Rock goes for the first finisher in the match, but HBK counters out of the Rock Bottom. HBK skins the cat, and then nails the pescado to Rock, as the match is starting to come to life. Looks like we may have another Mania 18 situation here, with the Rock becoming the heel in the match, and HBK the face. Rock nails the spinebuster, but HBK nips up from it. we go back outside the ring, and HBK rock bottom’s the rock through the announce table, which has to take him out of the match, but Rock kicks out. HBK hits the elbow, but he only gets a 2 count from it. HBK hits the SCM to the Rock, but only after he has blasted the referee. HBK then hits the moonsault, but he takes himself out. Loving the moment where they both nipped out, which would have been a great moment. People’s elbow, and Rock Bottom from the Rock, and another SCM from HBK are all not enough to get the win, as this match has definitely come to life now. Rock then goes to the top rope, which is never a wise move, but he hits the Rock Bottom from the top rope, to get the win in what was a great match, and probably the match of the night so far. Slightly better than the Hart/Angle match, and this was really the dream match of the card. Loving the handshake after the match as well, which turns HBK face again I can only presume… just one thing… I’m guessing you watched Rock vs. Hogan before writing this match, as it was similar in a lot of ways - ****1/2

It’s main event time, and this is going to be a very good match, and is going to be similar to the Hart/Angle match in the amount of good wrestling we are going to see. Loving the fact that straight away, they go after each other, and they cannot wait for this match to begin. F-5 attempt in the opening seconds is countered, and this has been a great start to the match. Some good wrestling to start the match, and then loving the spot with Benoit diving through the ropes and into the barricade. Benoit then gets dissected by Lesnar, who is going to be perfect in wearing down his opponent here. Lesnar is throwing a lot of moves at Benoit, but none of them are truly working, and he is kicking out of the lot of them. benoit fights back with a dragon suplex, and then he starts to gain some momentum. Loving the german suplex bit, with Benoit trying all he can to deliver it, and Lesnar fighting back out of it. Lesnar then starts to dominate Benoit again, but he gets the foot on the ropes out of the powerbomb. Bear Hug now wears down the challenger, but at the last, Benoit manages to keep himself in the match, and even though this slowed the match down, it was a good spot to have. Benoit counters out of the F-5, and hits the 3 amigos to Lesnar, which was a nice tribute to Eddie, but Lesnar kicks out. Benoit misses the headbutt, and then is hit with the F-5, but he kicks out, in what is a great thing to see, as he cannot lose the match now. Benoit then moves out of the way, when Lesnar goes for the shooting star, and Benoit locks in the Sharpshooter, and this could be it for the match… but Lesnar manages to get to the ropes. Trifecta of germans is hit, and then the headbutt, but Lesnar will not surrender the match, and this has been a great main event so far. Benoit then locks in the crossface, and this has to be it, but Lesnar rolls through it twice and gets a cover, but both times, Benoit manages to kick out of it, and then eventually, Lesnar has to tap out, and Benoit has finally won the title. Loving the fact that a lot of the roster comes out to clap Benoit, who has finally won the title, which would have been a great way to end the show, and this match was probably the MOTN. Great wrestling action, and again, the finish of the match was done very well - ****1/2
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Re: Being The Booker

WrestleMania 23 Review

: 128 pages is INCREDIBLE!! 10/10

Opening Video Package: Absolutley incredible Wolfy. This has to be one of the best packages in BTB history, although Arjun's Backlash one ranks up there as well. Still, awesome. 10/10

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Great way of kicking off the show with the tag match. This was a solid opener, filled with tons of great action. Started off slow, which made it easy to read, but then the pace quickened up and got better on the way. Nice athleticism in the match, especially from the WGTT. Glad to see them pick up the win, but it was somewhat unexpected in my mind, but regardless it's a good win for them. Great ending to the match with Benjamin countering the Death Sentence and ending the match with the Exploder. Nice ending with all four men embracing, showing their character. Overall, a solid opener man. Really was exciting from start to finish, with the slow part in the beginning, but it picked up toward the end of the match. I'll give this a 7.25/10, wasn't a MOTYC or anything, but very solid and a good tag match.

Hahaha, didn’t expect this promo. Really entertaining, all three were in character, but I didn’t see Mr. T’s line!! Ah well, everything in this promo was good besides this.

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Pretty decent women’s match. Shaniqua seemed very dominant in this match, but Trish ends up making the comeback later on in the match. Like how you described her comeback well, and great to see Trish win the title. Don’t know what we’re going to see with Shaniqua now, unless she feuds with Trish for the belt, I don’t see her going far now. Anyway, decent women’s contest, I’ll give this a 6.5/10.

Entertaining JBL promo, very in character, but the thing that dragged this down was the fact that he said Wrestling God twice in one statement, something he normally doesn’t do. Good job of hyping up the match, but I don’t see him walking out with the title tonight.

United States Championship:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy:

This was overall a good match. Not great, and not pretty good, but good. Here’s why. I have never read a match that was ‘separated’ like this. And that was a very interesting concept to this match. You did a nice job of describing Hardy’s fight for the title, after being “screwed” twice in the match, and then pulling the transformation of him being the favorite in the match. Glad to see Hardy win the US Title, after putting up a great fight in this match. Right now, I think this is the second MOTN, with the tag match being first SO FAR. I’m going to be intrigued to see if this feud carries onto Judgment Day, so this should be fun. 7/10.

Triple H vs Shane McMahon:
What a match! Okay, absolute brutality all over the match, probably the most brutal match I’ve ever read. The match told an excellent story, and Shane falling from fifty feet in the air was SICK! Trips taking him off the stretcher seemed very realistic of him to do, so that was a nice touch. Triple H wins, after being through the best match at Mania so far. Great job writing this match Wolfy. 8/10

Nice Heyman promo. Thought he was very much in character during this promo. Came across great, and did its job of hyping the main event, which should be amazing.

Whoa! Steamboat throws HHH out of the arena! I think this may lead to something later on, but I’ll have to see what happens.

Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker:
Well here we go with the first interpromotional match of the night. Nice beginning with Jericho throwing the dust in the eyes of Undertaker and then going for the quick cover. Thought that was creative and I don’t believe that’s ever happened in BTB before. Great job of displaying Jericho’s countless heel attempts to beat Undertaker, in nearly every way possible! Brass knucks, the dust, great job! Undertaker finishes off Jericho in the end, what a match. 7.85/10

Decent Hogan promo, did it’s job of hyping the match. Hogan was in character, with his sayings and what not. 6 Man Tag should be good.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Rhyno vs Batista, Ric Flair, Nick Dinsmore:

A decent match, not too much “wrestling” in the match, which isn’t surprising seeing most of the men involved in this match. Faces seemed dominating during the entire match, but great job of showing Dinsmore’s transformation in this match. Faces get the win, not surprising, but I’m intrigued to see what you do with Dinsmore, this should be entertaining to read. 6/10

Interesting HBK segment, looks like he wants to go alone out there tonight against The Rock. DX doesn’t seem happy, could we see something like what happened at WrestleMania X8 with the nWo turning on Hogan?

Roll of the Dice Match:
Simply awesome. Quintet Sudden Death seemed obvious for the first choice of matches, and a good match it was. Great action, and I’m glad that Carlito won, making my choice correct for the first fall. Awesome! Ladder match now, let’s see what happens here. Wow! So many great spots in this portion. Buzz Killer off the ladder sounded sick. GREEN BAY PLUNGE!! THE 619!! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! APPLE CORE!! Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen so many spots. Sabu!! Holy shit! Looks like we’ll see an RVD/Sabu feud, which could be awesome. SPEAR!! SPEAR!! God damn!! Reminiscent of Wrestlemania 17!! MYSTERIO!! Damn! He was unexpected in my mind. What an f’n match Wolfy. What an f’n match!! 8/10

Christian promo was top notch. He was very much in character, and looks fired up for tonight. I see him walking away the winner.

Christian vs Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Excellent match. Glad Christian went over clean here. Great action throughout, and seeing Austin do the job only means we may see the last of Austin. Might be, but who knows. Captain Charisma may move onto better things now, which may include a World Title Run… Great match Wolfy, and a great ending result as well. 7.8/10

Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart:
No words to describe this match. Absolutely awesome. The beginning was amazing, as it showed Angle’s intensity as Hart seemed very frightened. Loved how you showed the amazement of Hart hitting a headlock takedown as a big moment. Angle and Hart are two amazing wrestlers, and you displayed them at their best. The descriptions in this match about each move was amazing, as you showed them putting on a clinic like never before. I am amazed Wolfy. Finish was amazing, glad Hart won to end his amazing career. I wonder where Angle will go from here. Probably going to go to the World Title scene against the winner of Benoit/Lesnar. Regardless, excellent job with this match Wolfy, may be the best match of all-time. 10/10

Good Piper’s Pit. Everyone used was in character, glad to see Kane back in his old attire, and kicking ass like he used to. Hahaha, PETE ROSE!!! LMAO! He gets tombstoned like old times. Great moment.

World Heavyweight Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton II

This was a pretty good match. Tough to follow the amazing clinic from Hart/Angle, but I believed this match was pretty good. Started off slow, but that can be good and in this case it was. Cena gets the early advantage in this one, which can only mean Orton’s getting the late push. A couple numerous pinfall attempts near the end of the match kept the match lively, and Cena wins with a rollup, which is a little surprising. Nonetheless, good match considering who was in it, but not as good as the first one last year. 7.25/10

Icon vs Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

What an excellent match. This one steals the show, besides Hart/Angle of course. Beginning exchange was pretty good, with a lot of trash talking from the two men. Entertaining to see both men steal each other’s taunts, that was pretty realistic considering it was a heel HBK and a face Rock. Couple good spots in this match, including a Rock Bottom by Michaels through a table! That was great! Again, excellent match, and great finish with The Rock prevailing, and then a handshake at the end. Michaels face turn? Who knows. 9.5/10

WWE Championship:
Brock Lesnar (c) vs Chris Benoit

Excellent video package before the match. Great start with both men brawling after they couldn’t attack one another for the past few weeks. This was an excellent main event, with numerous near falls and great wrestling. Lesnar seemed dominate in this match with Benoit being the underdog, and a late push near the end helps Benoit prevail in stunning fashion! Emotional win for The Crippler, glad to see him FINALLY on top in this thread. Looking forward to see the direction he goes in, in the next few months in this thread. 9.75/10

Overall: 85/100 = B.
Regardless of that grade Wolfy, I thought this PPV was absolutely incredible! The “main event” matches were all stellar, Angle/Hart lived up to its expectations and may never be passed in BTB forever. Benoit and Cena coming out as the big champs on both brands is great, I can’t wait to see the direction this BTB goes in the fallout from WrestleMania, hey, here’s hoping this goes to WrestleMania 23! Cheers! Great show, amazing job, EXCELLENT!!

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