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Re: Being The Booker


I will have a detailed review up tommorow or so since I'm heading out to a local indy show (FIP) tonight.

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isn’t susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: Being The Booker mistake. Sorry guy's, and especially to Young Blood champ. Im ashamed of myself....Ill just go away now.

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Re: Being The Booker

Renegade™ reviews Wrestlemania

Nice opening video, everything you'd expect for a WM version

I picked right! I thought this match would kick things off, face vs face. Don't know why but WGTT might win this one, as Shelton saves the Death Sentence from occuring. Ouch, Haas crashes and burns to the floor, missing a plancha. Awesome athleticism from Shelton to end the match, avoiding the Death Sentence and hitting the T-Bone for a good win to kick off this years WM. ***1/4

Nice bit of comedy from Booker T, Goldust & Mr. T, with Goldust mistaking Booker for Mr. T

Trish vs Shaniqua
Shaniqua thinks she's got it in the bag, I'm no fan of womens wrestling as you know, and while Shaniqua dominated the most part, you can't discredit Trish's performance, and Trish seems to be on a roll, and WINS! I was sure you'd have her lose, but that's a great win for Trish. **1/2

Chavo Beats the House only comes in third? I was sure this would hit second, owell, still love this one so much. Much better than the other two that didn't make it I guess

Typical boasting promo from JBL, you gotta wonder if he's gonna play fair against Hardy here, I'm sure he'll find a way to retain, but I want Matt to win

Matt Hardy vs JBL
Cheaply JBL attacks Hardy as the ref banishes the Cabinet, and the US champ starts in control. And JBL is walking out! He does cheat, wait, the match is restarted! Haha. And JBL this time gets DQ'd! But again the match is restarted! It's not going Bradshaw's way tonight. And Matt Hardy gets on a roll, but the damn Cabinet are here, and Hardy takes the Bashams out, JBL accidentally hits Noble with a CFH, and Hardy does it, new US champion! Very entertaining style of match with all the restarts. ***

Orton seems all focused and nothing will distract him from tonight, although I see him losing still

Shane vs HHH
This one I've really been looking forward to. HHH is all over Shane O Mac here, taking all his frustrations out on Shane here. And Shane uses the first weapon with the ring bell, and is Shane gonna make a comeback here? The brawl spills out into the crowd, and Steve-O from Jackass denies HHH of his weapon, and pays for it, only for Shane to lay HHH down with a chair of his own! Good lord, The Game is picking Shane apart, poor guy is going through hell. And Shane manages to hit HHH with the sledgehammer, sending him onto the table. Three guesses what's coming up! Elbow drop through the announce table! Shane nails the Coast 2 Coast, and The Game kicks out again! How? FUCK SHANE GOES OFF THE TITANTRON! And HHH refuses to have the match end! Dear lord Shane needs help and HHH hits a Pedigree to seal a win in the end. What a nasty matchup. ***1/2

Heyman talks up Lesnar, but I think we can all see Benoit pulling out the win tonight

HHH is escorted from the building by Steamboat's orders, you can tell this won't sit well with him on SmackDown! But, I can see him showing up again tonight somehow

Undertaker vs Jericho
Jericho immedaitely tries to steal it with a sneaky shot of powder to the eyes and then an Enziguri, but Taker kicks out as expected. Jericho bringing it early, but Taker seems to be getting ontop now. Exciting exchange with the Chokeslam into a victory roll, this match is proving better than expected. Handcuffs! Look out Taker is cuffed and the count is on, and Taker just manages to free himself and get back into the ring. Y2J is really giving Undertaker a run for his money here. Good reversal on the Dragon Sleeper too. Chokeslam doesn't do it, and Taker has collapsed? What happened? Jericho using brass knux, he's pulling out all the stops tonight, but Taker kicks out again! Taker kicks out of the Breakdown and then the Bulldog/Lionsault combo. The streak is alive and well so far. Jericho hits another Enziguri, it's over but Taker moved! Tombstone! Goodnight Y2J, hello 14-0. Awesome match, an unthought of gem. ***3/4

Good promo from Hogan, even if it's the same kinda thing from the last God knows how many WM's if ya know what I mean...

Mick Foley/Rhyno/Hogan vs Evolution
Nothing special wrestling wise, but my God what a monumental match for the feel of a blockbuster and the energy given off by all six men. Surprised to see the faces control so much of the match, before Hogan gets isolated for a short while, befoe he decides it's time to Hulk Up! Batista starts to lay waste with a Jackhammer on Rhyno and a Batista Bomb to Foley, but Hogan makes the save! Mandible Claw from Foley to Flair, saving from the Figure 4! Rhyno hits a Gore on Batista! And Sweet Chin Music to Flair, and it's all over, as Foley relives his Dude Love days to send Evolution packing. Sweetly done, atmospherical encounter. ***3/4

I thought this video would run in third, but it's still a good shoe in for second, I like Kennedy's part at the start and Austin's part, plus Rock/Foley's singing moment

DX on the verge of splitting up? Cade & Jindrak don't seem too happy about HBK wanting to go solo, we'll see what happens tonight

RVD vs Kennedy vs Edge vs Carlito vs Rey
This could be a possible showstealer right here. Nice quick exchange to start between RVD & Rey as we get the IC title decided in a Quintet Match. It seems Edge doesn't care for the IC title as he refuses tags from Kennedy & Carlito, smart move by Edge. The other four however are doing well, all want the IC belt. And just like that, RVD takes out Edge and Carlito sneaks a big win over Rey to retain his IC title, surprised as I thought Kennedy or RVD would take the belt tonight.

And now we are on to the Ladder Match! Buzz Killer off the ladder sounds like it would hurt, but what is the Buzz Killer? Explain please. ALl five men are in the mix at the moment. Green Bay Plunge off the ladder, the spots just keep coming. Senton Bomb off the ladder and then the Apple Core aswell! Spotfest! Rey crashes and burns, but recovers AWFULLY quickly to get RVD, losing a bit of realism there. RVD is about to win it, but SABU and ALFONSO just screwed him out of it! Holy cow what an unexpected appearance but Sabu! ARGH Arabian Facebuster through the table, and the Spear from 20 Feet! This is going off. Rey wins? NOOOOOOO! God damnit, why couldn't Edge win? I hate Rey, overrated spotmonkey. What a match, just awesome. ****

An Edge/Rey and RVD/Sabu feud will come from this, and perhaps an IC match between Kennedy/Carlito too. Brilliant ladder match

Hall of Fame sounded good, and all inductees deserve it IMO

Christian's words should be backed up, with him being what about 10 years younger than Austin? Eh Christian gets a major pop after being booed before? What's going on with all this heel pops tonight, you can't have it for every match like this, yet you don't describe an ovation for Austin at all?

Austin vs Christian
Smart strategy to start the match by Christian, Tomko takes a few shots early too and the typical middle finger goes flying by Austin already. Ten atomic drops can hurt your keister, and Tomko eats a Stunner! Why was he in the ring? It would've been a DQ if he'd done anything. Austin is denied a Stunner by a recovered Tomko, again a little quick on certain recoveries tonight, and Tomko proves to be a deciding factor in the turn of the tide, as his distraction allows Christian to smash JR's lolli jar over Austin. Ouch. And now the blood starts to flow. Christian is all over Austin at the moment, things not looking good for Stone Cold. Here comes the Rattlesnake though, and a Stunner? Is this gonna be that shock result tonight? NO! Christian manages to get out of it. And now, Christian mounts his dominance again, and hits the Unprettier! CLB wins as expected. Good, but kinda short, which is understandable when you think of what's still to come. ***3/4

Austin still manages to have a beer bash for the fans, while Christian will most definately have his main event push coming now

Louisianna, as I thought, will host the next WM, awesome news I voted for them

Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle
This is gonna be memorable. Things didn't look good in the opening minute, but now Hart is getting going, and a good mat exchange between the two brings a huge reaction from the crowd. And Angle is getting frustrated pretty quickly. Haha, old school take down and ride/slap combo by Hart will piss Angle off big time. This match is going back and forth, but you can feel the hunger in Angle more so than in Hart. Angle was in control, but misses a moonsault, and now Hart locks the Figure 4 around the ringpost! Hart now seems to be working at the leg, and is holding his own much better than I expected. Bret now struggling to kick out of clotheslines doesn't bode well, and Angle breaks the pinfall up when he had it won! Angle wants more. And this proves to be a bad choice by Angle as Hart has a third wind and is all over the Olympain now. Hart escapes the Angle Slam! Holy cow didn't expect that. The Ankle Lock is on, but Hart won't tap and counters into the Sharpshooter! What a moment if Hart wins it. ANGLE TAPPED! ANGLE TAPPED! Holy shit, Bret Hart won! Just a classic. ****1/4

Haha, I knew this would win the video contest, absolutely classic video by Christian & Tomko

The Pit was awesome, Maven and alot of Anti-Kane crusaders are here to spoil the party, but Kane returns ala 2002, with his mask on! Kane cleans house and a look alike attacks him, PETE ROSE! , the baseball bat did nothing to Kane. Nuts promo in a night of things to remember this delivered brilliantly, although Piper seemed to have done a dissapearing act of sorts

Cena vs Orton II
This might be done before, but I'm still expecting good things. Orton is all over the shop with his emotions early on, losing his cool a couple of times. Orton starts to get on a roll, using all types of cheap tactics and hits an RKO! That's pretty early on IMO, and Cena kicks out! I was thinking a short title match was over, but it continues. and now Cena begins his comeback, but can't put Orton away and locks on the STFU, but Orton doesn't tap! Orton's tactics take out Mike Chioda, and now Cena hits an FU and has the match won, but MC is down. Orton drills Cena with the title belt and Cena kicks out, wasn't expecting that tbh. RKO again? No, Cena reverses it and rolls up Orton for the win! Good match, but in the jist of the other big matches, kinda fizzled. ***3/4

I can't wait for the Rock/HBK match, although I feel you're gonna do the heel gets a big pop thingo again

The Rock vs HBK
Nice start to the match with HBK mocking Rock, so Rock gives him some of his own medicine lol. Mixed reactions for both men, it seems like a split crowd, and both men are feeling each other out at the moment, but Rock nails a flying clothesline to get the fans back on his side. The standard water spray from Rock to Michaels on the outside, as Rock is starting to roll now. HBK starts pulling out all the stops now, Pescado and Skinning the Cat, in typical showstealing fashion. SCM misses and eliminates the referee, and HBK nips up from the People's Elbow! Wow, what a moment. Low blow and HBK drives Rock through the table with Rock's own Rock Bottom! Nuts spot in what is feeling like the MOTN. Rock kicks out of it, and then out of an Elbow Drop! COME ON ROCK! Again the ref goes down. SCM but the ref is still down, and Rock uses a cheap tactic to get even with HBK! Double nip up! This match is amazing. HBK out of the People's Elbow, and nails SCM again! Rock kicks out! HBK kicks out of the Rock Bottom! Goddamn this is one helluva match. ROCK BOTTOM OFF THE TOP, and Rock wins! What an amazing match. Pips Hart/Angle, Austin/Christian and the ROTD match for MOTN. ****1/2

Awesome moment with HBK shaking Rock's hand and raising his arm, true class for the WM crowd, and this may be what makes Cade/Jindrak turn against HBK, much like Hall/Nash with Hogan in 2002, oddly enough, after he lost to The Rock

Benoit vs Lesnar
As Tazz said, it's Rocketbuster time. Both men lose their composure early and brawl starts. Benoit crashes into the barricade, nasty stuff and another Holy Shit moment for the night, which has had one or two in each match, bar the Womens match. Benoit is being dominated by Lesnar now, and as Heyman said earlier Lesnar hasn't ever been so focused and that seems to be true. Good lord what a German suplex exchange that was. All these stereo moves done by Lesnar, the backbreaker and ribreakers and now the dual powerbombs. Benoit still kicks out, although he needs a window of opportunity badly now. Three Amigos? Salute to Eddie right there, and is this finally Benoit's chance to get ontop of things in this match? Benoit misses the headbutt, and Lesnar connects with the F5! BENOIT KICKED OUT! The Rumble winner has to have this one now. German trifecta and the headbutt, but Lesnar got out again. Damn. CROSSFACE! Lesnar finally taps! Thank God! Benoit's momentum and his major push from the Rumble has payed off, he wins an awesome main event. ****1/4

Great touch at the end with most of the roster appearing to clap on Benoit for his win, and Chavo, Bret, Malenko and Rey being in the ring with him to end the best PPV I've ever read, ever

Was everything I expected from you Wolf, whoever tops this will be God in my books, this was awesome. Every single match, even the damn Womens match had me drawn in. From the Taker/Jericho match onwards, the show was sensational, as was the opening tag match, plus Piper's Pit was good. Was thinking Sting would show at some point, same with Vince maybe to help Shane, but still, just awesome, and well worth the many hours spent reading and writing this review. The only things I can slightly bicker about were all the heels getting good support ahead of the biggest 3 names in the business and the very odd spelling mistake. Apart from that, perfection.95/100


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Re: Being The Booker

I guess it'll take quite a while for reviews to come in, which is understandable. Thank you for the three reviews so far.

There are reasons for why I booked things in a certain way for the show, where questions have been raised, but I'll give an extremely detailed response to why I booked things the way I did once there are more questions that I need to answer about the show.

I think everyone will understand if the next Raw isnt up until after the Holidays. I need time to recharge, get reviews out that I owe, and of course to celebrate the Holiday season.
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Re: Being The Booker

I've just started my review, so it will take a while to get it done, as I've also got my Wrestlemania to finish, but from the skim over it, it looked to be a very good show, and possibly the best ppv you've done.
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Re: Being The Booker

I loved the opening video. Everything you’d expect for a WM.

Loved this match from start to finish. WGTT’s athleticism is amazing in this match, especially Sheltons. Loved Shelton Avoiding the Death Sentance and him hitting a T-Bone suplex and gets the pin!

Good funny promo from Goldust/Mr. T./Booker. Goldust mistaking Mr. T. for booking

Trish vs. Shaniqua
I’m definnatly not a fan of womens wrestling. But, you seemed to be able to pull this off real well. Shaniqua dominiated all the match, then Trish won! yay!

Chavo Beats The House-Loved this segmant. Typical Guerrero!

Typical promo from JBL. In character. Perfect.

Matt Hardy vs. JBL
Surprise attack by JBL on Hardy and JBL gets the advantage early on. Something JBL would totally do. Hah, loved all the restarts in the match. JBL, that puss haha. Nice seeing Matt go over on JBL!

Orton seems focused...

Shane vs. HHH
HHH beating the crap outa Shane early on. Gotta love that. Love Steve-O from Jackass denying HHH a weapon haha. He gets hit by HHH later, but then Shane Lays HHH out.. Later on, Shane hits Coast to Coast and HHH kicks out again! Shane goes off Titontron and HHH refuses to have the match end, and then later HHH hits a pedigree to seal the win for him. Awesomeness!

Heyman talking to Lesnar, even though Benoit will prob. win tonight..

HHH escorted from building by Steamboat. I think HHH will show up again later on..

Jericho vs. Undertaker
Typical Jericho, trying to steal it early on, with powder. But Taker kicks out as expected. HANDCUFFS! Taker might be counted out! But he breaks the cuffs, and rolls back into the ring. Jericho is right back on Taker. I don’t get Taker collapsing.. Jericho using Brass Knucks on Taker, and Taker still kicks out! Holy crap! Taker hits a tombstone to end it. Nice! 14-0!!

Good Hogan promo, although its been used before.

Mick Foley/Rhyno/Hogan vs. Evolution
Surprised the Faces took controll most of the match. Evolution isolate Hogan, untill he Hulks Up. Batista with a Jackhammer to Ryhno, and Batista Bomb to Foley, but Hogan makes the save. Weird way to reverse the figure four, with a mandible claw. Rhyno gets a gore on Batista, and a Sweet Chin Music on Flair! Love how Foley went back to Dude Love to win the matchup.

Thought this Video would be in third, but meh. Love Kennedys part.

DX breaking? Cade and Jindrak can’t be happy..

RVD vs. Kennedy vs. Edge vs. Carltio vs. Rey
Interesting way to have the match. Four out of Five men work on eachother, as Edge doesn’t take tags from anyone. Smart by Edge, it seems he doesn’t care about IC title. Carlito retains his IC title after pinning Rey. Good idea.

Ladder match: Buzzkill off the ladder sounds painfull. Greenbay Plunge also off the Ladder looks painfull. Senton Bomb and a Apple Core off the ladder! HOLY CRAP! RVD about to win, but Sabu and Alfonso screw him out of the MITB. Unexpected from Sabu. Rey wins! YES!

HOF sounded good, all the inductees deserved it.

Good Christian promo.

Austin vs. Christian
Tomko interfears early on,and gets flipped off by Austin. Great. TOMKO GETS A STUNNER! MTFO! Tomko recovers from the Stunner too fast. Tomko distracts ref as Christian hits Austin with JR’s lollipop jar. OW! Austin bleeds, and Christian is all over him. Austin gets up, and attempts a stunner, but Christian gets out of it. Christian dominates some more, and hits the Unprettier for the win! CLB WINS!

Austin still has his beer bash for the fans, as Christian will get a ME push.

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
A dream match! Things don’t look good for Hart in the begining, but he mounts a comeback. Good mat wrestling from the two, getting a good reaction from the crowd. Hart takes Angle down, then rides and slaps him! ANGLES PISSED! Angle misses a moonsault, and Hart gets a figure four around the ringpoast. Angle has it won, and breaks the pinfall that he had on Hart. Angle wants to punish Hart. Hart hits a third wind and is all over Angle. Hart escapes the Angle slam, but gets put into the ankle lock! Hart doesn’t tap, but revereses it! KURT TAPS TO THE SHARPSHOOTER! Dream match, Wolfey!!

Classic video by Christian/Tomko wins contest. Good.

Pit was aweosme. Maven and a lot of Anti-Kane crusades came to spoil the party, but Kane comes out, in his ‘02 gimmick! MASK AND ALL! And look who comes out, Rose, with a baseball bat! Bat doesn’t do anything to Kane!

Cena vs. Orton II
Orton is all over Cena early on, letting his emotions getting the better of him, losing his cool a few times. Orton gets an RKO early on Cena. Cena kicks out! Cena mounts the comeback, and locks in the STFU on Orton. Orton stays in. Orton takes out ref, and Cena hits the FU and has the match won, but the ref is down. Orton nails Cena with the belt, and Cena kicks out of the pin! Orton goes for another RKO, but Cena reverses it into a pin and rolls up Orton to win!

HBK vs. Rock
Nice way to start, with HBK mocking Rocky. Rock gives him his own medicane. Mixed Reaction from the crowd, they’re split. Rock nails a flying clothesline on Micheals to get the fans on his side. HBK starts pulling out all the stops. Sweet Chin Music misses and hits the ref. HBK nips up from the Peoples Elbow! DAMN! Low Blow, and HBK drives Rock with a Rock Bottom through a table! Rock kicks out of that, and then kicks out a Peoples Elbow! Ref goes down again. Sweet Chin Music but the ref is still down. DOUBLE NIP UP! HBK nails Sweet Chin Music again. Rocky kicks out and hits a Rock Bottom. HBK kicks out. ROCK BOTTOM OFF THE TOP ROPE TO GIVE ROCKY THE WIN! NICE!

Awesome, with HBK raising Rockys hand after the match.

Chris Benoit vs. Brock Lesnar
Both men lose composure early, and brawling starts. Benoit crashes into the barricade. Benoit is being dominated by Lesnar. Heyman earlier said Lesnar hasn’t ever been so focused, and its true! German Suplex exchange. Dual powerbomb and Benoit still kicks out! HOLY SHIT! Benoit hits the Three Amigos in memory of Eddie. Benoit misses the headbutt, and Lesnar hits the F-5. It’s gotta be over. BENOIT KICKS OUT OF THE F-5?! DAMN! Lesnar kicks out of the flying Headbutt. Benoit then locks in the Crossface! LESNAR TAPS TO THE CRIPPLER CROSS FACE! YES! BENOIT WINS!

Great end with most the Roster coming out and applauding Benoit. A well deserved appluad! Rey, Malenko, Chavo, and Bret in the ring with Benoit. Great way to end the best PPV, EVER WOLFEY!

Everything and more I expected to see Wolfey! Best PPV I have ever read. Only thing that got points taken off was people coming back from moves a little too fast. 96/100


Thanks CHAMPviaDQ for sig and avy
^^ My BtB, hoping to get it off the ground but it's still pretty new!
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy, what a simply fantastic show mate, it without a doubt lived up to its hype! I've started my review, hopefully it's up within a week.

Booking Credentials
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# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
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# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy, about 1/4 through the show right now and it seems I'm showing slow progress but I've been busy all weekend and holidays are soon which will help a lot. But um, I'm going to have you a review before the end of the year, that's for sure! But I'd say probably earlier than that.
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Re: Being The Booker

WrestleMania 22 Review

Very well done, much better than the WWE could ever do. I liked all of the wrestlers talking about what the event means to them and I liked the images showing WrestleMania’s past. The countdown was very well done. The same can be said for the America The Beautiful singing. Both teams of announcers are very excited for the event so here we go!!
5 out of 5

America’s Most Wanted vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team
Good way to have both announce teams built up their brand’s tag team as the best. Great match with a ton of athleticism. Loved the arm drag from the top rope by Shelton and many of the technical moves displayed by both teams. I did really not know who was going to win at all, with some times AMW having the upper hand and at other times, WGTT has all of the momentum. I loved the ending with WGTT picking up the win. I thought that the match could have been a little longer and I think you made Shelton look much better than Haas throughout the entire match. However, this was a great way to open WrestleMania.
8 out of 10

Booker T/Goldust/Mr. T Backstage
Very funny stuff between all three men. Loved how Booker and Mr. T stole each other’s catchphrases and the dialogue between the two was very funny. Good promo to have at the beginning of WrestleMania for a little humor.
5 out of 5

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua
I’m am not the biggest fan of women’s matches but you had two of the best women wrestlers of all time going at it toe to toe. Shaniqua getting fazed by the early offense of Trish was predictable but the Amazon took over after some early shots from Trish. Trish kicking out of the Powerbomb seems a little unlikely but it did seem a little early to end the match. Trish making a comeback that quickly was also a little unlikely but her winning certainly wasn’t. Shaniqua will probably be leaving after this match so I don’t really know who you plan on having as the main heel on RAW, a debuting Mickie James perhaps? This was a good match considering the combatants but still only an average contest that could have been longer.
7 out of 10

Third Best WrestleMania Commercial
Very good WrestleMania preview that definitely could have won if Eddie were still with us. Loved all of the signature catchphrases and Chavo running away. Very good commercial but not your best.
4 out of 5

JBL Interview
Very good, typical JBL promo that showed he didn’t have any worries heading into his match. I loved the Rock/Funaki comments and the other like it. JBL seems just a little too overconfident to make me think that he will actually win
4 out of 5

JBL vs. Matt Hardy
Very glad that the cabinet was banned from ringside showing that this will be a fair match for Hardy. JBL getting counted out really showed how much he wanted to keep the title and how scared he was that Hardy might win it but I’m glad you restarted the match. Same can be said for the DQ finish. Finally the Cabinet comes back down but they are not enough to stop Hardy as he comes back and knocks out the Cabinet before beating JBL with the Twist of Fate. Very good match but I think that the DQ and Count Out was too much but it was a typical JBL match, so I’ll ease up on the rating.
8 out of 10

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon
Very cool to have Motorhead sing the entrance music and I love that you used the same entrance Triple H had during his match at WM 22. This match was simply phenomenal! I loved the Elbow Drop through the table, the Coast to Coast onto the trash can lid and the suicide fall from the top of the steel structure. Triple H never wanted Shane to leave the arena hence why he wouldn’t let the EMTs take Shane out. This was a sick match and hopefully Triple H receives a huge heel push after Mania
8.5 out of 10

Heyman Interview
Very good job to show just how much of a zone Lesnar is in at the moment. Heyman leaving shows that Lesnar can definitely go into this match on his own and maybe even win the match.
4 out of 5

Commentary/Triple H Arrested
Shane could never walk again and he may never be in a WWE ring again. Liked the commentary between Coach and Tazz. The VP for this next match was very good. To see Triple H getting arrested was unlikely and after this action, we may see a Triple H vs. Ricky Steamboat feud in the future since Steamboat is out as GM of Smackdown. Very good segment
5 out of 5

Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker
Amazing match that topped the No DQ match just barely for MOTN so far. Loved all of the early offense by Jericho and even using the handcuffs to try and steal a victory. Jericho just threw everything that he had at Taker but the Deadman would not go down so easily. Taker finally picked up the win in dramatic fashion nailing the Tombstone. Judging by what Jericho was yelling after the match, we may see the feud continue with one man changing shows via the Draft Lottery. Awesome Match!
8.5 out of 10

Hulk Hogan Interview
Loved this promo especially since it was Mean Gene and Hogan together. Hogan goes through the normal catchphrases and this is one of the matches I have been pumped up for!
5 out of 5

Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore
Very good video package to show just how personal this feud has become. Loved to see Flair and Hogan start off the match together. This match really showed how Batista could take over a match towards the end. Picture-Perfect ending for the faces with Hogan nailing the leg drop and Foley gets the pin (That’s Hogan’s backstage politics for ya.) This match could be the beginning of Batista moving into the main event
8 out of 10

Second Best WM Commercial
I really liked this commercial, especially the ending. Very nice
4.5 out of 5

DX Backstage
Could this be the beginning of DX’s end? The beginning of a face Shawn Michaels? DX did not sound happy but I’m glad Shawn is going out by himself against the Rock tonight
4 out of 5

Roll of the Dice Match
I really liked the Kennedy introduction to start the match and I can see him going places in this thread within the next year. This Quintet Sudden Death should be a great match so here we go!! Very good action during the entire first fall. I liked Edge at the announce table, really showing he doesn’t care about the IC Title. Carlito sneaking in to retain the title at Mania makes me think he will hold the title for at least a few more months. It’s now time for the MITB Ladder Match! Very surprised to see Billy Alfonso and Sabu come out to screw RVD!! RVD and Sabu will feud for sure now and I think you can write some great matches with these. Mysterio winning is very good for his career but I have something I need to say about the decision. Great match!!
9 out of 10

**As far as Mysterio winning the MITB, I have some things I would like to address. I truly hope that you are not planning to use Eddie Guerrero or anyone related to him to help Rey reach the World Title. If you have him win the belt by himself, that is fine. Even if you make some comments about Eddie being is friend is fine as well. I just hope that you don’t involve Rey in any storylines centering around Eddie. The WWE did this and I hated it. I know you are a smart booker and you probably won’t make this mistake. Just thought I would say this.**

Hall of Fame
Very good recap of the Induction ceremony. This was very much like the real WM 22 induction this year. Good job.
5 out of 5

Stone Cold vs. Christian
I liked the VP recapping a so far epic feud. Very good typical Christian interview before this great match-up. I liked Tomko trying to help Christian a lot in the beginning by interfering numerous times and even getting hit with the Stunner. Eventually Tomko gets kicked out but not before Christian nails Austin with the glass jar. Austin never really recovered but I’m surprised Christian kicked out of the Stunner. Christian proved to be too much by hitting the Unprettier for the win. I see Christian maybe getting a run with the WWE Title this summer as you have proved that he truly has ARRIVED by beating one of the best ever. Good match, a little too short but understandable.
8.5 out of 10

WM 23 Announcement/Shinedown Performance
Very glad to hear that New Orleans will be getting WM 23 as they deserve it after all that city has been through. The Shinedown performance was very good, I like a lot of their songs.
5 out of 5

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
This was probably my favorite feud going into this event and the VP was very well done. This match was probably the best technical match that I have ever read! The momentum changes were amazing and you knew that both men could counter any given move. Angle looked destined to win with the Angle Lock but Hart somehow reverses the move into the Sharpshooter and surprisingly ANGLE TAPS!!! I really couldn’t believe Hart won and I see Angle maybe becoming a face again after this match but who knows? Phenonemal, MOTN so far
9.5 out of 10

Best WrestleMania Commercial
This was my favorite and Christian was the perfect wrestler for this specific commercial. Hilarious
5 out of 5

Piper’s Pit
No surprise to see Maven and all of the other heel jobbers come out to complain about Kane. I love that Kane is back with the mask and old attire (good move). He completely cleans house until Pete Rose tries to do something about it but to no avail. Kane should be a force again on RAW.
5 out of 5

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
I really liked the build-up for this match but I doubt it will be as good as the NO DQ that you had last year for WM 21. Orton really showed how good of a heel he could be with all of the cheap tactics during the entire match. I liked how both wrestlers kicked out of each other’s finishing moves. The ending kind of took me by surprise with the roll-up for the finish. Seemed a little short but that is understandable with Triple H/Shane going so long.
8 out of 10

The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels
The VP was great and this is the one Mania match that would be off the charts if the WWE ever did it. Simply amazing way to start the match and MGM must have been going crazy. Loved having each wrestler do the other’s signature taunts. The Rock Bottom through the table was great. The Rock and Michaels just kept getting to their feet after each pin attempt and I thought that the match would never end. The Rock Bottom off the top rope was sick and that was a perfect way to end an amazing match. HBK raising Rock’s hand was very respectful. Great, MOTN so far
10 out of 10

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit
The VP was very well done and it was perfect for this particular feud. The entrances of both were amazing and I can’t wait for them to finally get it on!! Simply amazing. This was the best match of the night and these two guys were simply amazing. I can’t believe that Benoit kicked out of the F-5 and Lesnar kicked out of the Diving Headbutt. The Crossface is finally locked in and Lesnar tries to pin Benoit but Benoit rolls through and finally Lesnar has to tap out! I can’t believe that Benoit is finally the champion!! Amazing Match!!
10 out of 10

Overall: 163.5 out of 185= 88.4%= B+
This was a simply phenomenal event!! With my new grading system this was a phenomenal score. Rock/HBK, Angle/Hart and Lesnar/Benoit were the best matches of the night. I really can’t wait to see what you do after this! Great Show

Drop me a review when you get a chance in my new BTB



PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy, sorry I haven't gotten around to your review. It looks like an awesome show and I should have the review up in a couple of days.

for the week of September 28th


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