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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown Preview looks good and I'll definitely drop a review. Thanks for clearing up the Kennedy situation. He still better win the ROTD match.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Good looking SmackDown! promo Wolfy, I'm looking forward to it.

Is it gonna be recapped or in full?

Also, is WM getting posted this weekend?


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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Renegade™
Good looking SmackDown! promo Wolfy, I'm looking forward to it.

Is it gonna be recapped or in full?

Also, is WM getting posted this weekend?
He originally wanted to post it next friday but he said that he will most probably post it next thursday instead as he may be out.

Sorry about not reviewing any shows but A-Levels are a bitch as you know and I've started working now (matchdays at the Chelsea megastore) so haven't had much time although I would love to get you a review up for WrestleMania.
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Re: Being The Booker

March 23rd; Phoenix:

Opening Video


Michael Cole:
There are just seventy two hours remaining, until the Showcase of the Immortals, Wrestle Mania Twenty Two!!! The last stop is TONIGHT, Phoenix Arizona is the final stop, before Las Vegas, and tonight, we’re in for a HUGE show.

Tazz: I cant believe the wait is almost over Cole. I cant believe there are only three more days until the most talked about wrestling event of all time.

Michael Cole: And, tonight, Smackdown doesn’t hold back. BRET HART IS HERE!!! The Hitman is three days away from the most talked about match in wrestling history, as he prepares to complete the greatest comeback story of all time. Tonight, we’ll hear from Bret, as he goes into Vegas to face Kurt Angle.

Tazz: I still cant believe that match is actually gonna happen!!!

Michael Cole: We’re expecting a Raw invasion tonight, with both Christian and Shawn Michaels vowing to show up tonight, and confront their Wrestle Mania opponents, The Rock and Steve Austin.

Tazz: Not only that, but we have Raw’s tag team champions in the building, as Charlie Haas takes on James Storm, in a tune up for this Sundays Clash of tag team champions.

Michael Cole: And, the Smackdown main event - the Wrestle Mania main event - Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar, are both in action tonight, just three days before the epic showdown for the WWE Championship!!!

**Just Close Your Eyes** The arena comes unglued for the music of Christian, but descends into boos, as The Superstar of Today enters the arena, along with The Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko.

Michael Cole: And he certainly wasn’t lying. Christian, The Raw superstar is in the building!!!

Tazz: If this is a sign of things to come tonight, I think we better strap ourselves in for a wild ride.

Christian steps into the ring, and looks around, almost as if to pretend he’s lost. Tomko hands him a mic, and Christian begins to talk.

Christian: I was just walking through the back there, and to be honest, I thought we’d took a wrong turn, and ended up at a museum.

Tomko nods

Christian: I’ve never seen so many prehistoric creatures in one place. Just there now, I passed The Rock.

Fans pop for mention of The Rock.

Christian: Remember that guy Tomko?? You watched wrestling in 1999, didn’t you??

Tomko nods.

Christian: And that ogre … was that Triple H??

Tomko leans over the mic.

Tyson Tomko: Not sure. Was either that guy, or Lemmy from Motorheads illegitimate love child.

Few laughs.

Christian: Then, we saw Kurt Angle and Hardcore Holly fighting over the last bottle of Geritol!!!

Few more laughs.

Christian: And how about Bubba and D’ Von.

Both men laugh.

Christian: Bubba pulled a muscle in his back trying to set up a table backstage.

Tomko leans in again.

Tyson Tomko: I thought they’d be delivering tables now for a living to be honest.

Christian laughs.

Christian: But y’know, after watching all those has beens limping around back there, I noticed something was missing. The most prehistoric dinosaur of them all. You know who I mean. Hopefully, the Smackdown superstars have their hearing aides turned up now so they can hear this, and maybe one of them can go find him. Actually, I’ll say this loud and clear just so they do … I … AM … LOOKING … FOR … STEVE … AUSTIN.

Crowd pops at mention of Austin.

Christian: Anyone know where he is?? Any good bars in the area??

Tomko shakes his head.

Christian: Not that it matters … is there any alcoholic establishments in the area?? An-

**GLASS SHATTERS** Austin enters the arena, in his recognizable pick up truck, to a standing ovation from the fans in Arizona. The Rattlesnake drives right to the ring, and exit’s the vehicle, to a rousing response from the fans. With him, he carries a six pack of beer, and then enters the ring. Austin doesn’t go to each turnbuckle, and instead stands toe to toe with Christian in the middle of the ring. He slowly takes the mic from Christian, and sets his beers down.

Steve Austin: Before we get started here son, I’d like you to get rid of the goat.

Few laughs

Steve Austin: Tell him to go fetch some water off the top of a hill, or whatever it is goats do.

Christian doesn’t appear happy that Austin is calling the shots, but gives Tomko the signal to leave. Tomko attempts to say something to Austin, but gets a middle finger salute for his troubles. The Problem Solver then kicks the ropes in anger, before leaving the ring to a ‘NA NA NA NA’ chant.

As this goes on, Austin picks up the six pack, and breaks two off. He hands one to Christian, and takes the other for himself. Austin opens the can, and calmly downs the beer in one go. After he finishes, Austin raises his eyebrows at Christian, who has yet to open his can.

Steve Austin: … I’d advise you to drink that, before it becomes another part of your body.

Christian decides to drink the beer, but only takes one gulp, not finishing the can, and drops it to the mat. Austin s......s, and puts his arm around Christians shoulder, before speaking.

Steve Austin: Now, isn’t this cosy??

Christian doesn’t look impressed, and leans over the mic to speak, but Austin pulls it away.

Steve Austin: You want to speak?? I suggest you get your own mic, because I don’t like to share.

Christian bites his tongue, and turns away, demanding a mic. Eventually, he is handed one.

Christian: This isn’t cosy at all Steve. I don’t like you touching me, I don’t like you putting your sweaty arms around my shoulder, and I really hate your beer.

Austin looks most offended by the beer comment than the other two.

Steve Austin: I can understand you not liking being touched by other guys. You and Goat Boy have your own thing going on, and I don’t judge. I can understand you not wanting my sweaty arms near ya, because I still haven’t washed today, but you better think long and hard before you bad mouth my beer.

Few laughs.

Christian: Is this a joke to you Steve??

Steve Austin: Absolutely not.

Christian: Because it seems to me, that you’re taking this a little lightly right now. Giving me beer, mocking my Problem Solver, insinuating I’m homosexual, putting your arm around me. Don’t you realise what’s going to happen on Sunday??

Steve Austin: Hold on just a second son. We’ll get to Sunday in just a second, but let me just refresh your memory, because you’re contradicting yourself at the moment. Taking things lightly?? Joking around?? I’m playing your game son. I thought you’d enjoy this. You’re out here less than five minutes ago, running down the Smackdown locker room. Running down guys who you wouldn’t be fit to carry their jock.

Fans pop

Steve Austin: You’re over there on Raw every week trying to say something funnier than the week before, watching videos of Stone Cold at Wrestle Mania, adding in comments of critique.

Austin walks towards Christian again.

Steve Austin: Let me tell ya somethin kid. You don’t have the right to run down the likes of The Rock. You don’t have the right to make fun of other peoples accomplishments in this business. You haven’t earned a damn thing yet. And no matter what happens on Sunday, even if you beat me within five minutes, you still haven’t got there. You still wont have the right.

Fans pop

Steve Austin: You need to get to the top first, and that means winning a world title, and the last time I checked, you still hadn’t done that.

Christian looks offended.

Steve Austin: And with that, comes the respect of your peers. Then, you need to stay on top, and stay there for a long time.

Austin gets right in Christians face.

Steve Austin: Then, you’ve earned the right.

Fans pop

Steve Austin: But, I’ll give credit where it’s due son, and I’ll give you credit for having the intestinal fortitude to face good old Stone Cold this Sunday. I mean, after all your wise cracks… sneak attacks… silly little videos… insults… and general attitude, you better expect the ass whipping of a life time.

Fans pop. Christian now speaks up.

Christian: And you better be ready to eat your words Austin. Because what I say… I do. I can talk trash, because I can back it up when it comes to go time. How many fingers am I holding up??

Christian holds up four fingers, and Austin smiles, before answering.

Steve Austin: Four.

Christian: Correct. And no. I wasn’t just testing to see if the old man has alzheimers, I was holding four fingers to show him just how many times I’ve beaten The Undertaker.

Fans give some heat.

Christian: No one, and I mean, absolutely no one, holds four victories over The Undertaker, with no losses in between. Better still, those four wins came within four months, in the last year.

Austin claps.

Christian: I ended Mick Foleys reign as General Manager on Raw, by surviving War Games back in November. I’ve just had the best year of my career, and broke out. Now, it’s time to cement myself … as the Superstar of Today!!!

Mixed response.

Christian: I’ve watched long enough, now, it’s my time to be watched.

Christian now steps into Austins face.

Christian: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now. I’m clearing out the old news, I’m clearing out the glory hogs, and I’m taking over. I’m finishing you off this Sunday at Wrestle Mania, and that’s a fact.

Mixed response again, with an Austin chant breaking out. Austin slowly puts the mic to his mouth to speak.

Steve Austin: I don’t think that’s a fact son. Not at all. I’ve heard others … tougher guys than you, more talented guys than you … spout that kind of crap, to my face before, and kid, where are they now?? Christian, I admire your confidence, but sometimes you shouldn’t say things if you cant back it up.

Christian: Don’t mistake it Austin. This isn’t confidence … it’s assurance. I know I’m better, I know I’m the next big thing. You’re the last stepping stone. At Wrestle Mania, the majority will tune in for Bret Hart and Kurt Angle … but EVERYONE will remember Wrestle Mania Twenty Two, as the night that Christian ARRIVED.

Pretty decent pop from the fans.

Christian: And that’s … how I roll.

Christian attempts to leave, but Austin, grabs him by the arm, and stops him.

Steve Austin: Well, in that case, if you are that serious, I guess I should warn ya.

Christian steps back inside, listening to Austin.

Steve Austin: You’ll need to be everything you say you can be, because rest assured, at Wrestle Mania, you’ll get vintage Stone Cold.

Fans pop

Steve Austin: I can appreciate what you’ve done, and who you’ve beat, but on Sunday night that isn’t gonna matter a damn single dot, because you aren’t stepping into the ring with just another guy. You’ll be locking horns, with THE-WORLDS-TOUGHEST- SON OF A BITCH!!!

Huge Pop

Steve Austin: You better bring everything to the MGM Grand this weekend, because you’ll need an army to stop this Rattlesnake from taking a huge bite right out of your ass, and that’s the bottom line…


Steve Austin: Now, I’m gonna give you a beer, and you’re gonna enjoy it.

Austin and Christian look across the ring at each other, as Austin, reaches for another beer, and chucks it to Christian.

Christian catches it, and walks towards Austin. They toast each other to a pop from the fans, but as they go to take a drink, Christian chucks the beer in Austins face, and bails right out of the ring.

Christian quickly walks up the ramp, but as he reaches the top, Austin grabs a mic and shouts to him.

Steve Austin: Hey Christian!!! You little SUMBITCH!!!

Christian turns back, and looks at Austin.

Steve Austin: Forgot to tell ya one thing … I counted your silly little four fingers … now I want you to count how many I hold up.

Austin gives Christian the bird, to a huge pop. We see Christian mouth back that it’s one.

Steve Austin: That’s right son, one. That’s the amount of beatings you’ll get this Sunday, when I open up a can of whoop ass, stomp a mudhole in ya and walk that sumbitch dry!!!

**Glass Shatters** As Christian slowly backs out of the arena, and Austin poses on the ropes, still wiping the beer from his face.


1st Match; Tag Champion vs. Tag Champion:
James Storm w/ Chris Harris vs. Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin
Lengthy match up, as a final warm up for both men before heading into Wrestle Mania this Sunday. As you’d expect, it’s an above average match, keeping the fans involved throughout, with back and forth action, and near falls. Like the other singles match on Raw, this is contested under fair play, with both men fighting by the rules, and as the finish comes, James Storm misjudges a dropkick, with Haas ducking out of the way, and quickly capitalizing on his fallen opponent, applying the deadly Haas of Pain, which Storm has no chance of breaking out of, and smartly decides to tap out early, to avoid any injuries which may prevent him from competing at WM in three days time.
Winner: Charlie Haas @ 12:29

After the decision is announced, the four men share the ring, and have a quick showdown, before handshakes are shared between them, giving us a sense of sportsmanship heading into their cross brand match up at Wrestle Mania.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is standing by with The Cabinet.

Josh Matthews: JBL, this Sunday, you defend your United States Championship at Wrestle Mania, against a formidable opponent in Matt Hardy, who, up until this point, has not been broken by any of your own, or your Cabinets attempts to soften him up for that impending title match. Are you concerned at all that Matt Hardy might have your number??

JBL gives Matthews a look of disdain before grabbing the mic.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: How dare you. How dare you, look me in the eye. ME, a WRESTLING … GAWWD, in the eye, and make the accusation that someone as untalented and undecorated an athlete as Matt Hardy could even compare, let alone have my number. I am the United States Champion, not Matt Hardy. I am the man, who has held the United States Championship since July 3rd of last year, and in that time, I’ve fought the best, and more importantly, BEATEN the best.

JBL takes a second to fix his belt around his shoulder.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The late Eddie Guerrero, the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit, the first ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho, the Olympic Gold medallist, Kurt Angle, and the ten time former world champion, The Rock.

Mix of cheers and boos for some of the names mentioned.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: By beating the best, that makes ME the best. And quite frankly, the best DO NOT lose to the likes of Matt Hardy. I’ve defended this championship all over the world, against every type of being there is, I’ve fought through hell, I’ve fought through the pain, the agony, the blood loss, and still remained the champion. I am a gladiator … and gladiators like ME, do not lose to journeymen like Matt Hardy. Wrestling Gods do not lose to wrestling minnows, and that’s a fact.

JBL takes his hat off.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So listen carefully when I say this Josh. I assure you … in fact, I guarantee you. I GUARANTEE YOU … that this Sunday, the most illustrious U.S Champion of all time will once again remain the United States Champion. And when you get a guarantee from me, you can take that to the bank. What I say I do, and what I do, I do better than anyone else. Matt Hardy prepare yourself for the ultimate lesson in wrestling, from the certified, and undisputed WRESTLING … GAWWWDD!!!

JBL leads off The Cabinet, as we cut away.


Wrestle Mania Recall - X - Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon steal the show with a scintillating Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title.

Michael Cole: We’re still awaiting the arrival of the Heart Break Kid, who has promised to show up tonight, and confront the Peoples Champion, The Rock, just three days before their first ever clash, and if we know one thing about either man, just like we saw with that classic Wrestle Mania recall, both men turn it up a notch for Wrestle Mania.

Tazz: The entire world is expecting big things from The Rock and Michaels this Sunday, and I for one don’t expect it to disappoint. And when HBK gets here later as we expect him to do, I would expect some major fireworks.

2nd Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Shannon Moore
Lesnar dominates his opponent from bell to bell, with little offence coming from Moore, and none able to even cause Lesnar any concern. The WWE Champion batters Shannon for four minutes, alone, with Paul Heyman already barred from ringside this Sunday, before finally finishing off the unlucky opponent with the F5 for an easy win.
Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 04:10

Lesnar barely even bothers to soak up the win, and after having his hand raised, he grabs his championship and paces right back up the ramp, looking incredibly focused ahead of Wrestle Mania this Sunday.
A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE Wrestle Mania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

The video opens up, with a look at a building, which appears to be a Hotel / Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The door opens, and we see Ric Flair as the bell boy, taking luggage, getting help from Batista. Vince McMahon then appears, as a couple enter the hotel.

Vince McMahon: Welcome sir, miss, to my creation … the Wrestle Mania Hotel.

Vince opens his arm out, showing the casino part of the hotel.

Vince McMahon: Maybe I should show you both around.

The couple nod, and walk along with Vince.

The first part they pass is the fruit machines, and they hear one of the machines paying out a huge sum of money. They take a peek around, and all three jump back as Ken Kennedy yells.


Vince motions to the couple they should hurry along, and quickly move away, but then, Kennedy jumps out from the other side.


The woman screams out, and the three turn away, as Vince walks them towards the craps table, apologising for that outburst. They take a look as we see Trish Stratus shaking her dice in her hand, and then, Gene Snitsky, dressed in a tuxedo, grabs her arm, and insists on blowing her dice. He does so, with Trish looking a little creeped out.

Trish throws her dice, but loses. She looks furious with Snitsky, but he turns away, and brushes past McMahon and the couple, commenting on his way past …

Gene Snitsky: That … wasn’t my fault.

Snitsky walks off, shaking his head, whilst Vince takes a deep breath, before smiling at the couple, directing them towards the Poker table, where a random guy has just won a big amount of money.

Random Guy: OH MY GOD!!! I’m rich!!!

Another random guy gets up from the table, and taps the winner on the shoulder.

Random Guy #2: You are a legend my friend.

Random Guy #2 walks off, and we see Randy Orton sneak into the picture, smirking.

Randy Orton: Legend, huh??

Vince leads the couple away, and talks up his hotel a little more.

Vince McMahon: As you can tell, we have plenty of winners here, but I must warn you, cheating isn’t accepted. In fact, it’s not very smart.

Vince then swings a side door open, and we see a ‘cheaters’ room, where a bunch of random guys are getting beat up, with Benoit applying the Cross face on one, Triple H lining up a cheat with his sledgehammer, Rhyno smashing a trash can over one, and Edge pounding someone in the corner.

Vince McMahon: But I’m sure you wont make that mistake, sure you wont??

The scene then cuts to Vince shielding the couple from the Showgirl performance, yelling “Where is Ron”, as the camera shows up Rico dressed as a Showgirl, strutting his stuff. Ron Simmons runs onto the stage, trying to cover Rico up.

Ron Simmons: I’ll be damned!!! You cant keep doing this you freak.

Vince has an uneasy smile, before leading the couple to the stairs.

Vince McMahon: We actually don’t have a lift service in this hotel, but don’t worry, you wont have to walk ten flights of stairs.

McMahon clicks his finger, and instantly, we see Brock Lesnar appear, and he scoops the couple onto his shoulders, before charging up the stairs.

Vince McMahon: Have a good nights sleep.

The couple squeal all the way up, as the shot switches to Lesnar kicking the door open, and walks into the room, hitting an F5 on both of them, onto the bed, sending them to sleep for the night.

The Next Morning…

**Simon System** plays into the couples room, and we see Simon Dean enter the room along with Chris Masters, bringing a bunch of his products with him.

Simon Dean: Can I interest you in my patented Simon System??

The couple look confused.

Simon Dean: Terrific. Lets see, what have we here. Well, first up, let me show you The Masterpiece of the Simon System. Chris Masters. Just a few short years ago, he was a fat, ugly piece of trash … a bit like you two. No. Chris, you haven’t oiled up yet.

Dean pulls out a Simon System oil for the body, and as he takes his time with that, the couple quickly sneak out of the room, and down the flights of stairs, as we cut to five minutes later, where they are in the casino area, along with Vince, who encourages them to play some Blackjack.

They sit at the table, and watch a guy playing his game. His cards reveal 14.

Random Guy #3: Hit me.

The dealer reveals himself from the shadows, as Steve Austin, smiling.

Steve Austin: With pleasure, you little rat bastard!!

Austin then jumps across the table, and attacks the guy, as the couple scurry from the table.

Husband: We need to leave.

Vince McMahon: What?? You cant leave!! The fun is just getting started.

The couple start to walk towards the front entrance, but stop, as they watch The Rock performing a song for an audience, with his guitar.

The Rock: Well, since Rocks baby left him, he’s found a new place to dwell … its down at the end of jabroni drive at … the Smackdown hotellllll.

The audience clap, and the couple seem to be having a change of heart, until …

Voice: Rock feels so lonely baby … Rock feels so lonely!!!

Mick Foley appears on the stage behind Rock.


Foley holds the mic to Rocks mouth for the last line.

The Rock: What in the blue HELL are you doing??

Foley shrugs his shoulders, and the two start bickering, as the couple shake their heads and continue to leave.

Vince McMahon: NO!! Please don’t go. I can give you free tickets to Wrestle Mania!!!

The couple stop in their tracks, and turn around, interested.

Vince McMahon: Well actually … tickets are all gone already …

The couple turn to leave, and we see a figure in the background at reception, definitely Kane, but we only see up to his waist, whilst the receptionist {Stacey Kiebler} tells him he cant have a room.

Outside the hotel, the couple jump into a taxi, to speed off.

Vince McMahon: I hope you enjoyed your stay … please come back.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption “Where Dreams Become Reality” flashing across the screen, before we go to the last scene…

The hotel is being evacuated, with a fire having broken out. We see Stacey explaining something to Vince…

Stacey Kiebler: I couldn’t give the guy a room. He had no money, and he was really scary.

Vince McMahon: And he put the place on fire because you wouldn’t give him a room??

Stacey nods, as Vince shakes his head in disappointment.

Vince McMahon: First the XFL, now this hotel … from now on, I’m sticking to the ‘rasslin business.

Vince walks off, doing his power walk, leaving the burning building as the video ends…

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole:
We’ll, it’s now time to vote for your favourite Wrestle Mania trailer. Will it be Hotel Wrestle Mania which we witnessed moments ago … how about Christian and Tyson Tomko hitting the Las Vegas strip … Chavo Guerrero getting caught lying cheating and stealing, Mr. McMahon’s incredible poker hand, or DX dreams becoming reality.

Tazz: Vote for your favourite now on (*or for it to actually count, PM me your choices, in order with 1 being your favourite and 5 being your least favourite.*) and this Sunday, at the Showcase of the Immortals, we will reveal which trailer you, the fans voted for as your favourite.

**Here Comes The Money** Shane McMahon enters the arena to a decent pop from the fans, smartly dressed, business like, as Cole and Tazz tell us that Shane will be talking in the ring following the commercial break.


We return with Shane McMahon ready to speak.

Shane McMahon: I’m not looking to waste too much of your time this evening Phoenix, but with Wrestle Mania just three days away, I felt I should make a small announcement. And if Triple H would kindly allow me to speak, I’ll be gone in just a few moments.

Shane waits for a moment, expecting Triple H to interrupt, but he doesn’t.

Shane McMahon: Thank you. Now, as I wa-

**Time to Play The Game** Triple H saunters out onto the stage, suited this evening, carrying a bottle of water. He stands at the top of the ramp for a moment, and contemplates sticking at the top, before deciding to walk down the ramp instead.

As he does though, Shane interrupts, shouting over the music.

Shane McMahon: Hunter, I’d advise you to stay exactly where you are.

Triple H removes his sunglasses, and gives McMahon a look of ‘Try and stop me’. The Game continues on his way to the ring, and steps inside, with Shane backing away. The music dies down, as Triple H stares across the ring at his opponent.

Shane McMahon: Triple H, I hope, for your sake, that you aren’t out here to cause trouble.

Triple H laughs, and signals to the outside for a mic, eventually getting one.

Triple H: Believe me Shane, fighting you right here and now, is the last thing on my mind. This suit?? … $10,000. I don’t want blood on a suit that cost that much, especially yours.

Shane gulps, looking pretty worried.

Triple H: I can see that you now realise the predicament you’re in. In three days time, you will be the victim of the first manslaughter in Wrestle Mania history. You’ve backed yourself into a corner, and there is no way out.

Triple H moves towards Shane

Triple H: In Vegas this Sunday, I will pick apart your scrawny little body … I will beat you limb from limb, just like I demolished Paul London.

Pop for London, with a faint ‘London’ chant.

Triple H: You had your chance Shane O. You had the opportunity to find me a world class opponent at Wrestle Mania, but you decided to treat me like just some other guy, and you better be ready to pay the price.

HHH gets in Shanes face now.

Triple H: I’m more vicious than I’ve ever been right now, and come Wrestle Mania, the entire world will find out just how far I’ll go to prove my point. Believe me when I say that I don’t care how badly I beat you down, I wont relent. I wont be thinking about your wife, I wont be thinking about your little infants, and I sure as hell wont be thinking about your family. I will not spare a single part of your body, I will not spare you one breath.

The Game pulls down his tie, and smiles.

Triple H: And the best thing about it … is that you know everything I’ve just said will happen.

Boos for HHH.

Shane McMahon: That’s not entirely true. For sure, everything you’ve said could happen. But there isn’t a guarantee that it will happen. Hell, Hunter, ANYTHING can happen, especially at WrestleMania

Shane smiles, as Triple H steps back, thinking about what Shane might mean.

Shane McMahon: The facts don’t lie. You’re an awesome wrestler. Arguably, the greatest of all time. And me, I’m just silver spoon Shane.

Few laughs

Shane McMahon: But I’m also fearless. The odds for me to beat you is virtually impossible, and I wont deny that. But Hunter, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna just show up at Wrestle Mania … my fathers creation … and lie down and allow you to pick me apart.

Fans get behind Shane.

Shane McMahon: I’m going to give it everything I’ve got on Sunday. I’ll risk my body, I’ll put my life on the line, and I will give you the fight of a lifetime. It might be the last time I ever get the chance to get in the ring, and I’m gonna make the most of it.

Quite a decent pop. Shane prepares to leave the ring, but Triple H steps in front of him, then speaks.

Triple H: Shane, there are no ifs, there are no buts, and no maybes. Sunday night IS the last time you ever step foot in the ring, because if there is a next time, it’ll be in a wheelchair.

Triple H shoves his mic into Shanes chest, before leaving the ring, to his music, as Shane stands in the ring, and nods, knowing he is in big trouble in three days time.

Raw Rebound

We then see Shawn Michaels arriving into the backstage area, seemingly alone, which Michael Cole and Tazz both respond to with a hint of scepticism.


3rd Match:
The Cabinet w/ Jamie Noble vs. Matt Hardy & A.F.A
Average lengthened, average match, with no one really picking up a gear, as Hardy and JBL save themselves for this Sundays United States Championship Match. We get the usual antics from Rico, and the usual switches from Danny and Doug, along with the sneaky interference from Noble, before Simmons makes a hot tag to Hardy, who cleans house, which leads to the finish, as Matt takes out the Noble factor, hitting a Twist of Fate taking him out, before attempting the Twist of Fate on Danny, only for JBL to save his stable mate, grabbing his foot from the outside, and drags him away from Hardy. The Cabinet then walk out on the match, with JBL not looking confident about his chances, after he has once again not managed to get one over on his hungry challenger.
Winners: Via Count Out - Matt Hardy & The A.F.A @ 11:01

Hardy stands at the ropes, and points out at JBL, making sure the U.S Champ sees him, and Matt tells JBL straight out that he intends on taking the belt come Wrestle Mania, whilst JBL shakes his head, not wanting to believe it.

Again, the camera focuses backstage, where Shawn Michaels tentatively walks through the backstage area, getting the cold shoulder from the Smackdown locker room. Michael Cole and Tazz once again discuss Michaels seemingly travelling alone tonight, but both are still a little wary over the situation.

We then move to the backstage area, where Steve Romero is standing by with Paul Heyman and the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Steve Romero: Gentlemen, there are just three days now separating us from the biggest night of the year. Wrestle Mania 22 is set, as you, Brock Lesnar, defend the WWE Title against the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit. As everyone is aware though, there will be no outside interference this Sunday, as Paul Heyman is barred from accompanying you Brock. Will this affect you at all though Brock??

Brock glares at Romero, before looking at Heyman. Heyman then takes over.

Paul Heyman: Let me make something clear. WE are not the WWE Champion. My client, Brock Lesnar, is the SOLE WWE Champion. My presence at ringside will not affect the outcome of the main event this Sunday. My presence will not harm Brock Lesnars performance this Sunday, and my presence will not make any difference whatsoever. This man … this beast … this human wrecking ball WILL leave the MGM Grand the same way he will enter it … as the WWE Champion.

Heyman points towards Lesnar who flexes his muscles as Heyman speaks.

Paul Heyman: This carnivore will eat Chris Benoit alive this Sunday. Brock Lesnar shall not be beaten, he will not be beaten … he CANNOT be beaten. No WWE Champion has ever proved to be such a dominant force, and never in such a short space of time. The entire world would love to see Chris Benoit be a world champion. Even I would love to see Chris Benoit as a World Champion … but we all know that it will just never happen.

Strong boos are heard from the fans

Paul Heyman: The tag line may read ‘Where Dreams Become Reality’, but there are just some dreams that don’t come true. For Chris Benoit, his dream will not become reality. Because the reality behind this dream is the nightmare, that Chris Benoit goes toe to toe with the most unstoppable force in wrestling history … and his most realistic target can only be to survive this Sunday.

Heyman then looks to the camera.

Paul Heyman: Chris, you know I respect you greatly. I’m a huge fan of yours, one of your biggest. But deep down, you and I both know that you’ll never be championship material. It’s been twenty years Chris, and you’re still waiting to win a legitimate world title. Steve Romero, the facts speak for themselves. You will see a terrific contest this Sunday, and it wont be a hit and run victory for my client … but Brock Lesnar will be leaving Wrestle Mania as the man who crushed Chris Benoits twenty year dream.

Heyman backs away, but Lesnar steps to the mic

Brock Lesnar: … … … Chris Benoit, there is no act of God, and no force of nature that can stop me. I’m the Iron Man. I’m the unstoppable force, AND the immovable object … You are about to tackle a greater mountain than Everest ... a mountain that no one can conquer ... Here ... comes the pain.

Lesnar storms off, along with Heyman as we fade out, and see Chris Benoit in another part of the building, watching on a monitor intently.


As soon as we return from the commercial…

**If ya smell** The Rock bursts out onto the stage, to a deafening reaction from the fans. The Peoples Champ paces down the ramp, and straight into the ring, going to the turnbuckles to get another big pop from the fans. The Rock eventually asks for a mic, and walks around the ring, soaking up the fans cheers.

The Rock: Phoenix, Arizona … you are hott tonight.

Cheap pop

The Rock: And The Rock is pleased to say that FINALLY … The-

**Break It Down** The DX theme fills the arena, and cuts The Rock off mid sentence, as we see Shawn Michaels walk out onto the stage, carrying a mic.

He motions for the music to cut, but before he speaks, The Rock cuts in first.

The Rock: What, in the BLUE HELL are you doin??

Michaels smiles, before speaking.

Shawn Michaels: FINALLY!!! … The Hear-

The Rock: No, no, no. Don’t you dare boy toy. Don’t come to The Rocks show, and steal The Rocks catchphrases. Do whatever you want on Raw with the Good time boys, but you don’t run this show.

HBK laughs.

The Rock: Glad I amuse you. But Shawn, The Rock cant help but notice … you look different. It’s not your hair, because it looks as greasy from here as it normally is … face is as slimy and ugly as always … same old tacky suit … ahh. That’s it. The Rock sees it now. The Rock notices what’s different … you’ve left the Village People back on Raw!!!

Cheers and laughter from the fans.

The Rock: So, how long did it take to get Garrison Cades lips removed from your pimply back side??

HBK doesn’t look impressed, whilst the fans are eating it up.

The Rock: How many surgeons?? And where is Marky Mark?? Pleasuring himself alone tonight is he??

Michaels puts his head down, trying not to listen.

The Rock: But in all seriousness Shawn, don’t take The Rock for a fool. The Rock wasn’t born yesterday. He knows wherever you go, they go. You’ve said it yourself. So c’mon Shawn, quit the crap, where are DX??

Heat for the mention of DX.

The Rock: Up in the sky box?? Under the ring?? Dressed as security?? Where??

Michaels shakes his head, before speaking.

Shawn Michaels: No tricks Rock. Just me.

Heat for Michaels, before a bullshit chant starts. Rock waits for a few seconds, before speaking.

The Rock: How’s your hearing Shawn?? Because you’ve got 18,000 people telling you exactly what I think.

Fans pop. Michaels takes a second, before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels: You will soon believe me. Because in a few moments, I’m gonna walk out of this building, all on my own, and you’ll be leaving, with no one jumping you from behind. DX ARENT here. I don’t know whether you realise it or not Rock, but the fact is, DX need Shawn Michaels more than Shawn Michaels needs DX.

Slight cheer

Shawn Michaels: Tonight, I’ve came to Smackdown alone, and on Sunday, I’m facing you ALONE.

Fans pop

Shawn Michaels: And you wanna know why Rock?? Because I don’t NEED D-Generation X to help beat you.

Heat for HBK, as Rock listens intently.

Shawn Michaels: You might not realise it Rock, but I’m special. I’m the Showstopper … I’m the Icon, I’m the Main Event … The Heart Break Kid, and the greatest natural performer this industry has ever seen … I’m Shawn Michaels.

Mixed response for HBK.

Shawn Michaels: And on Sunday night, March 26th, I’m gonna be extraordinary, and in the process, I’m gonna make your over rated ass look extra - ordinary.

Another strange mixed response for Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: I cannot wait to stroll into the MGM this Sunday, and show YOU YOUR role, and make YOU shut YOUR mouth.

Once more, we get a mixed response for HBK, with plenty showing support for him.

Shawn Michaels: There is only room for ONE ego maniac in the WWE, and kid, I’ve been the biggest ego in the locker room for a long, LONG time. I’ve clashed heads with all the great egos, and I’ve stayed around to tell the story. This Sunday, I’m gonna take your ego, and kick it in the mush.

And again, it’s a mixed response, with the fans now slightly siding more with Michaels.

The Rock: Our egos aren’t big enough for one company, that much we can agree on Shawn. One ego is taking the ass whooping of a life time, and it sure as hell isn’t gonna be mine!!!

Mixed response, with some fairly audible boos.

The Rock: We’ve trash talked for six months, we’ve played mind games, and we’ve been playing tricks. This Sunday, the talking stops, the mind games end, and there are no tricks. I’m bringing everything I’ve got, and for the love of God, The Rock demands to you Shawn, This Sunday, MGM Grand, Wressssstle Maniaaaa …… JUST BRING IT!!!

Fans pop, before a few boos.

Shawn Michaels: You say just bring it?? I’m telling you, Just be ready for it. You better believe I’m bringing it kid. I’m bringing it in spades. Unless you haven’t noticed, this Sunday is Wrestle Mania-

Fans cut in with a pop for WM.

Shawn Michaels: And hell, you can call me Mister Wrestle Mania, because no one else steals the show quite like I do. Marty Jannetty and I stole the show as a tag team, I stole the show in a ladder match, I stole the show in an Iron Man Match, I stole the show with a broken back, I stole the show in an amazing comeback, and I’ve stole the show, and made the headlines every time in between.

Fans pop

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid is gonna make the headlines again this Sunday, when he faces you in a ‘Dream’ match. Well Rock, this Sunday, I will wake you up from this dream, when reality kicks you in the face. See ya Sunday.

Michaels drops the mic, and storms out, as The Rock stands in the ring, nodding.

The Rock: Well, Shawn Michaels, I hope you’re listening back there, because I’m not done yet. This Sunday, the world will watch in awe. Because this Sunday, in one corner ... you've got a true inspiration ... you've got a true showstopper, one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, and arguably the greatest in ring performer of all time ... and in the other corner ... (non-chalantly) you've got Shawn Michaels.

Mixed response from this wayward crowd.

The Rock: This Sunday, the entire world is expecting to see you back up all the smack talk, all the promises … but Shawn, the entire world is gonna see just one thing … and that is The Rock LAYING THE SMACK DOWN ON YOUR CANDY ASS!!!

Mixed response, with many fans swaying to Michaels now.



The Rock: Isssssssssssssssssssss COOKIN!!!

**If Ya Smell** The Rock stands in the ring for a moment, and goes to one turnbuckle, getting a response from the fans, before dropping back down.

Michael Cole: It is a clash of titans this Sunday. A dream match that will finally become reality, as the two biggest egos in wrestling today do battle, in the ring.

Tazz: Raw and Smackdown collide in a number of match ups this Sunday Cole, but none appeals more to me, than this titanic battle. Icon vs. Icon, Ego vs. Ego. Somethin has gotta give!!!

Backstage, we see Chris Jericho warming up, with Tazz and Cole telling us he is in action next.


Video Package hyping the Number One Contender, Chris Benoit ahead of Wrestle Mania this Sunday.

4th Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Kanyon
Fairly dominant victory for Jericho, with little offence coming from the way of Kanyon, despite a good effort. Y2J picks up the submission win from the Walls of Jericho, in an impressive performance, ahead of this Sundays match against The Undertaker.
Winner: Chris Jericho @ 03:55

Jericho stands tall from the win, and appears to be heading into Wrestle Mania full of confidence, but just as he is about to leave the ring…


The lights go out, and **Graveyard Symphony** plays into the arena. The lights flicker for a moment, before a huge bolt of lightning hit’s the titan tron, and a quick video package plays, which flickers between clips of a graveyard, people being hung, screaming, creepy children chanting Ring a roses, and Taker at Wrestle Mania. The numbers from 1 - 14 flicker too, with 14 the brightest of them all. The quick video eventually ends, with a clip of Chris Jericho laid out in the ring, and the number 14 flashing back and forth on the screen.

“Chris Jericho … prepare to meet your maker”


“Rest … Innnnn … Peacccccce”


The lights come back, and Jericho looks around the ring, expecting to see Taker behind him, or near him. Jericho walks around the ring, almost in a daze, before asking for a mic. He gets it, but takes a few moments before he can speak.

Chris Jericho: (Flustered) Is that it?? Supposed to scare me is it?? Is that all?? Huh?? Taker!!! I’m not frightened!!!

Jericho looks around, wild eyed, and pulls his hair slightly, before taking a second to compose himself.

Chris Jericho: I know everyone has written me off. I know everyone thinks all Taker has to do is show up. Because no one can beat him at Wrestle Mania, can they?? That’s why al you sheep took his side!!! You abandoned me, because you don’t want to associate with a LOSER!!!

Fans boo Jericho

Chris Jericho: BUT I’M NOT A LOSER!!!!

Jericho composes himself again.

Chris Jericho: You’ve all forgotten what I’m capable of. December 9th 2001. Remember that?? That was the night I became the UNDISSSSSSPUTED Champion. No one gave me a hope that night. Everyone expected Austin or The Rock to take the titles. But Chris Jericho, the living legend, beat not one … BUT BOTH The Rock and Steve Austin.

Heat for Jericho

Chris Jericho: I won that Undisputed Title because I had nothing to lose. And on Sunday, I have nothing to lose. No one expects it. But I know it will happen. THE UNDERTAKER WILL LOSE!!!

Taker chant starts up.

Chris Jericho: I know it. And you’ll all believe it. The Undertaker has everything to lose, and I have everything to gain. The pressure is on the Deadman. And I ask you all this … How can you beat someone who has nothing to lose??

Jericho starts to laugh maniacally, and drops the mic, still smiling, as we fade out.


Wrestle Mania Recall - X8 - The Rock faces Hulk Hogan for the 1st Time Ever, and beats The Immortal One, in a memorable match.

**Hitman** Phoenix goes berserk as Bret Harts music hits, and the former GM of Smackdown walks out into the arena, three days before his last ever match in a wrestling ring. Hart applauds the fans as he walks out, and makes his way to the ring. Bret pulls out a pair of trademark sunglasses on his way, and puts them on a little kid in the front row, before stepping inside the ring. Bret is handed a mic as he walks around, and the music slowly dies down, allowing Hart to speak.

Bret Hart: Well, this is it.

Fans pop in excitement.

Bret Hart: Sunday. For me, it goes unbelievably right, or horrendously wrong.

Mixed response.

Bret Hart: I’m putting it all on the line this Sunday.

Hart looks around, and takes a second to think.

Bret Hart: I know, some of you may be thinking, ‘But Bret, there is no title at stake for you. There’s nothing to win. No trophy or prize.’ But there’s a lot more than that for me. My body will be on the line, my life is on the line, my reputation. All on the line for me.

Hart runs his fingers through his hair.

Bret Hart: I’m living in fear, that I might not walk again after Sunday night. I may never play ball with my kids, or be a husband to my wife. And if I do come through unscathed … I’m risking being that washed up, old guy who came back, stunk the joint out, and ruined Wrestle Mania for the entire world.

Heat for Hart putting himself down, and the fans begin a ‘Bret’ chant

Bret Hart: But I’ll give everything I’ve got, I’ve trained too hard these past nine weeks. It might not be vintage Bret Hart, but trust me when I say, this Sunday, The Excellence of Execution is goin out in a blaze of glory!!!

Huge pop for Hart.

**Medal** Kurt Angle enters the arena to a mixed response, before turning into pure heat for the Olympian. Angle walks to the ring, looking intense, and chomping at the bit for this Sunday. The Olympian steps into the ring, and walks right into Harts face, and the fans go nuts!!!

Angle and Hart stand face to face, with Hart showing no fear of the Olympian. Neither man utters a word, as the fans go apeshit, expecting something big to go down. The staredown lasts a good thirty seconds, before both men finally look away, and to the crowd, who are still going crazy. Bret finally decides to speak, as the fans quieten down.

Bret Hart: Kurt, is there really anything left to say??

Angle thinks for a moment, before shaking his head. He reaches out, and Bret hands him the mic.

Kurt Angle: I’ve said everything I need to say. I’ve got everything I wanted. I’ve made all my promises. I’m going to beat you … I’m going to maim you … and I’m breaking your damn ankle.

Heat for Angle. Bret nods, and speaks back.

Bret Hart: We’ll just have to see about that.

The fans go insane, as Hart stands his ground, and finally gives us an impression that he is giving himself a chance to win the match, after weeks of seemingly focusing on just surviving. Hart drops the mic, and the two men stand toe to toe again. A dual chant breaks out for ‘Bret’ and ‘Angle’, giving us an unreal moment, three days from THE dream match at Wrestle Mania.

No hand is offered by either man, as four referees swarm the ring, and come between both men, in the case of a brawl breaking out. Neither men looks like starting a fight, and neither resists the force of the referees, but keep their eyes locked on each other as we fade out.

A video package plays, hyping the HoF ceremony…

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;

‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig accepted by his family, inducted by ‘The Hit Man’ Bret Hart

Nikolai Volkoff inducted by The Iron Sheik

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler inducted by ‘Good Ol J.R’ Jim Ross

Dusty Rhodes inducted by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts inducted by Mick Foley

Eddie Guerrero accepted by Vickie Guerrero inducted by Chavo Guerrero

Mr. T {Celebrity Wing} inducted by Rowdy Roddy Piper


Video Package hyping the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, ahead of Wrestle Mania.

Michael Cole: We’re on the final stretch now. Wrestle Mania is creeping up, it’s the next stop for the WWE, it’s three days away, and the world is talking about literally every match on the show. Never has a Wrestle Mania been as fully loaded. Dreams WILL become Reality this Sunday, and Smackdown is bringing it’s fair share!!!

Tazz: It’s nearly go time Cole. And you are absolutely right. Smackdown is bringing some rocket busters to Wrestle Mania this Sunday!!!

Michael Cole: And it doesn’t get any bigger than Bret Hart taking on Kurt Angle. This match epitomizes the ’Dreams Becomes Reality’ tag line, because twelve months ago, no one could have ever expected Bret Hart to be coming out of retirement for one more match.

Tazz: It’s the stuff of legends Cole. It’s like a movie for Christ sake, but this is REAL. And it will be very real this Sunday. I just hope Bret Hart doesn’t regret stepping back inside the ring.

Michael Cole: We both hope Bret Hart leaves Wrestle Mania in one piece, but Shane McMahon on the other hand has apparently accepted the fact he WONT be leaving Vegas in one piece. He takes on The Game, Triple H, in a No Disqualification Match.

Tazz: I’ve never known Triple H to be as angry as he has been lately. He is so pissed not to have a main event match at Wrestle Mania, and I fully expect Shane McMahon to be nothing more than a crash test dummy for The Game on Sunday night.

Michael Cole: And, in the first of two title matches promoted by Smackdown, JBL defends his eight month run as United States Champion against the Number One Contender, Matt Hardy. JBL has never went into a title defence as a pre match favourite, but on this occasion, the experts appear to be on his side, although Matt Hardy has been anything but a walk in the park for Layfield.

Tazz: JBL hasn’t been able to break the spirit of Matt Hardy in recent weeks, despite his best efforts, and I wasn’t sure what to think … but after JBL guaranteed victory tonight, you gotta believe that Layfield has a plan, because he has never failed to back up a guarantee.

Michael Cole: And, lets not forget, Raw is providing some tantalising matches too this Sunday, and right now in the WWE studios, J.R and Coach are standing by…

Jim Ross: That’s right Gentlemen. J.R here, along with the Coach, and whilst Smackdown has some awesome matches, Raw, in my opinion, is doing plenty to get the fans excited. How about the first ever Roll of the Dice Match!!! Two falls, featuring, Carlito, Ken Kennedy, Edge, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. Five men, desperate for glory!! First fall, for Carlitos Intercontinental Championship, the second - for a guaranteed title shot, referred to as Money in the Bank.

The Coach: The roll of the dice will decide the stipulation for each fall. Roll a one, and you’ve got an elimination match, roll a two and it’s a Ladder Match, three is Last Man Standing, four for a sudden death one fall match, a cage will lower if we roll a five and if a six appears, it’ll be a submission match. Cannot wait for that baby boy, and I know Tazz is jealous we’ve got it on Raw.

Jim Ross: And lets not forget, the return of Kane, missing in action for eleven months, but the Big Red Monster return this Sunday, at Wrestle Mania, to bring hell fire and brimstone, as the guest on Pipers Pit!!

The Coach: Roddy Piper is a brave man if you ask me. Kane will be hell bent on causing destruction this Sunday night.

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus defends the Womens Title against The Amazon, Shaniqua.

The Coach: I just hope Shaniqua spares the looks of the lovely Miss Stratus this Sunday, but somehow, I don’t think Trish is gonna be posing for many more magazine covers after Wrestle Mania.

Jim Ross: It’s biggest non title tag team match in Wrestle Mania history, as Ric Flair, Batista and Nick Dinsmore, dubbed, the Modern Day Horsemen, take on The Immortal Hulk Hogan, The Man Beast Rhyno, and the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley.

The Coach: The lives of those six men have been inter twined for a long time, but at Wrestle Mania that all comes to a head.

Jim Ross: And, the Raw main event. It’s a rematch from Wrestle Mania 21, twelve months in the making. Randy Orton is hell bent on rectifying his defeat last year, and John Cena is determined to prove himself one more time, and solidify himself as a memorable champion. We heard both men on Monday night, and both men are set to give it their all, but there is only one title, and only one person can hold it.

The Coach: Gonna enjoy that one for sure.

Jim Ross: Four inter promotional matches too don’t forget, but it’s back to our Smackdown colleagues to run through those contests…

Michael Cole: Thanks gentlemen. It’s coming this Sunday, The Rock and Shawn Michaels. Egos collide, for the first time ever, Raw tackles Smackdown!!!

Tazz: It’ll be extraordinary Cole. I just cant see how the loser of this match can ever be the same again. After all the talk, and all the hype, the loser is going to take a long, long time to recover.

Michael Cole: How about The Undertaker defending his Wrestle Mania streak. It stands at 13-0, and Chris Jericho believes he can make it 13-1. No man has ever done it before, but can Chris Jericho - a man who was the first ever Undisputed Champion against the odds - shock the world this Sunday??

Tazz: Possibly. Chris Jericho has always excelled when he’s been written off. He’s gonna give it his all on Sunday night, and he will try any and every trick in the book, I promise you that.

Michael Cole: AMW face Haas and Benjamin, as the tag champions of Smackdown, face the tag champions of Raw in a Wrestle Mania 21 rematch. They tore the roof off Ford Field last year, and who’s to say they wont do it again this year!!!

Tazz: The two best tag teams in the biz today, period. But one will be the very best come Sunday.

Michael Cole: It’s Steve Austin and Christian. Two men, both very different, in and out of the ring, but the dislike is the only similarity, and that explodes on Sunday night.

Tazz: It’s Christians biggest opportunity to back up his claim that he IS a main eventer, but does he have what it takes to put down The Rattlesnake … it’ll be put up or shut up for Captain Charisma on Sunday night.

Michael Cole: Then, last, but certainly not least, it’s the main event. The Smackdown Main Event, the WRESTLE MANIA main event. Brock Lesnar, the WWE Champion, is challenged by Chris Benoit, who is chasing a twenty year dream in Vegas on Sunday.

Tazz: Both men are confident, both men are ready, both men believe in themselves, but there can only be ONE Champion of the WWE here on Smackdown. It’s gonna be a rocket buster, that’s for certain.

Michael Cole: Shinedown perform live, the Hall of Famers will be in attendance, and we will reveal the favourite Wrestle Mania trailer as voted for by you the fans. It all happens this Sunday!!!

Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Chris Benoit.

Josh Matthews: Chris Benoit, you are just three days away from the biggest match of your twenty year career, as you head to Wrestle Mania, in the main event, on the hottest streak of your career and challenge the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Chris, you’ve challenged for the title on numerous occasions in the past, but, despite being widely regarded as the best technical wrestler in the world, and the amazing heart, desire and courage that you bring to your performance each and every night, you have never once held the coveted WWE Championship. Will this Sunday be any different??

Chris Benoit: I cant make any promises Josh, I cant predict the future, but what I can tell you is that after twenty years of scratching and clawing my way to the top, and being knocked back down every time, I’ve never once gave up. I’ve been told my entire career, that I wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t big enough, wasn’t tall enough, but yet I stand here before you today, as the Number One Contender.

Few pops in the background

Chris Benoit: I’ve been beaten up, beaten down, broke bones, broke my NECK, and still haven’t called it a day. Despite all the close calls, and all the near misses, all my victories, all my defeats, I’m not going anywhere, until I have achieved my goal!!!

Fans pop in background again.

Chris Benoit: My life goal is to be the best. Acknowledged as the best, and this Sunday, I have the best opportunity of my life to finally reach my target, to accomplish my dream!!! And after twenty years of dreaming, this Sunday, Chris Benoit DARES TO DREAM for his reality to finally come true!!!




Main Event:
Chris Benoit vs. Maven
Squash win for Benoit, who dominates Maven from bell to bell, just like Lesnar dominated Moore earlier. After running through his signature spots, Benoit finishes the match off, applying the deadly Crippler Crossface, forcing the submission instantly from the Tough Enough winner.
Winner: Chris Benoit @ 03:03

Benoit has his hand raised, when immediately…

**Here Comes The Pain** Brock Lesnar steps out from behind the curtain, and storms straight to the ring, carrying the WWE Championship. He slides straight into the ring, and drapes the belt over his shoulder, before stepping within an inch of Chris Benoit.

The two men lock eyes, with Lesnar towering over Benoit. Neither man utters a word, as the crowd becomes unglued. Lesnar nods, and pats his championship belt, which Benoit then stares at, before focusing his attention back on Lesnar. Both men now nod, as the countdown to Wrestle Mania finally ends, with both men set to clash in the biggest match of the year on Sunday.

The show closes with the graphic of both men standing toe to toe, neither moving as muscle, as Michael Cole attempts to give a hard sell for WM.

FINAL CARD for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Money in the Bank & Intercontinental Championship; Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Women’s Championship Match:

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Inter promotional Match:
Christian vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Inter promotional Match:
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

No Disqualifications:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

Pipers Pit, featuring the return of KANE

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Eddie Guerrero, Mr. T {Celebrity Wing}

Best Wrestle Mania Preview Video:
Wrestle Mania Poker - Christians Peep Show - Chavo Beats the House - Hotel Wrestle Mania - Dreams Become Reality

(And, joining in with people that are doing what now seems a popular feature, I'll set a few questions too if you wish to answer them)

1) What Match Will Open The Show??

2) What will be the biggest shock of the night??

3) What will be the match of the night??

4) How many shock appearances (if any) will there be??

5) How many titles will change hands??

6) Who will be involved in the biggest spot of the night, and if you have an idea, what will the spot be??

7) Where will next years Wrestle Mania be?? (TBA at the show - Shortlist; London, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Cleveland, Memphis)


And thats it. The build up is now done and dusted, and it's over to the big show now this day next week. Feel free to leave predictions for Wrestle Mania, and for the hell of it, I'll give the person with the most predictions correct 500 of my store points.

I'll try and get a WM preview up around Monday, but might end up splitting it over two days, or not at all, depending on what I have to do.
I will for definate though, have a last minute WM update on Wednesday evening, like a backstage rumours things prior to the show if you know what I mean (something I think FD started a while back that I think is pretty sweet)

PM me any votes for your favourite WM trailer, and the top three will appear at WM next week.

Thanks to everyone who reads, reviews and enjoys the show next week, I just hope it lives up to any expectations set.

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Re: Being The Booker

My review will be up at the top of the hour or so Wolf. Looks nearly as good as RAW, if anything, it looks better, at least so far.

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Re: Being The Booker

WM Predictions:

HHH vs Shane

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

Bret Hart vs Angle

HBK Vs Rock

Je4richo vs Taker

Stone Cold vs Christian

Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Women’s Championship Match:

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy
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Re: Being The Booker

winners in green

HHH vs Shane

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

Bret Hart vs Angle

HBK Vs Rock

Jericho vs Taker

Stone Cold vs Christian

Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Women’s Championship Match:

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

1) What Match Will Open The Show?? six man tag match

2) What will be the biggest shock of the night??rvd doing the five star frog splash off the ladder

3) What will be the match of the night?? roll the dice match

4) How many shock appearances (if any) will there be?? 2

5) How many titles will change hands?? 2

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Re: Being The Booker

Can I just point out for anyone making predictions - you'll need to pick two winners for the MITB / IC Title Match, unless of course you think someone will take both...
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Da Wolf Guy
Can I just point out for anyone making predictions - you'll need to pick two winners for the MITB / IC Title Match, unless of course you think someone will take both...
i think edge will win both so i dont need to change anything

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Re: Being The Booker

Gonna try and get a review up tomorrow night or by the end of the weekend Wolfy. Mad busy tonight. Also check out my SmackDown! as I reviewed your Raw if you can man. Thanks.

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