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Re: Being The Booker

RAW March 20th Review

HBK vs. Booker: Good way to start the show and HBK showed that he still has got it, finishing off Booker T in less than 9 minutes. Can’t wait for HBK vs. Rock

Carlito Interview: Nice short interview and Carlito was in character perfectly. I don’t see him winning either falls at WM

HBK Backstage: Good way to have Michaels seem like the heel everyone loves to hate. I didn’t think the Rock would attack him so quickly but HBK will be at Smackdown for sure this week for a little payback

Molly vs. Trish: No surprise as Trish goes over and I see her beating Shaniqua at Mania to retain in probably the best women’s match ever

6-Man Tag: Good to see A-Train not getting much time, as the five other men are far more superior. Edge winning definitely gives him momentum going into Sunday and I see him getting the MITB briefcase

Taker/Jericho Video: I definetly thought that this was a promo from the Deadman but this was typical Jericho and I see Taker coming to Smackdown

Foley/Evolution Promo: Amazing, simply amazing. This was one of the best promos that I have ever read in this thread. Foley was amazing and he was very personal in all of his comments. This may be the last we see of Mick Foley in the WWE on Sunday and I know that he will give us a show that we never forget

Benjamin vs. Harris: Good match-up but I didn’t like Kane’s pyro going off at this point, I would have done it during the women’s match. I see Haas winning on Smackdown to even up the score

Mysterio Interview: Great promo from a guy who doesn’t say much. I’m glad that you didn’t mention Eddie like they do on WWE. Mysterio has got the heart but I don’t see hime getting the gold or briefcase on Sunday

Mania Rundown: The card looks amazing and this is the first WM Card that I have seen on these forums that is perfectly balanced. You have the perfect amount of matches in twelve and they all look amazing. I can’t wait for HBK/Rock and Hart/Angle especially

Christian vs. Rico: Definitely didn’t expect Stone Cold to send Rico. I was thinking either Hardy or Benoit and I don’t know why we saw Rico. Loved that Austin came out and the two looked ready to fight before Christian chickened out and left the ring

Cena/Orton Promo: Great promo between the two and Sunday should be amazing!! Cena saying he would die for the belt is a big statement but I believe him and the match should be brutal

Overall: 10/10, great show that had everything. Great way to put all of the matches over and I trust that Smackdown will do just the same.


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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Raw Review

HBK vs Booker: Good start to the show with a good match putting HBK over, I am surprised no Rock appearance but I am sure we'll see one later, crotch chops for Rock good stuff. This puts HBK over, though puts Booker down but not much by losing to HBK, good stuff to build HBK up for Sunday.

Carlito Interview: Good interview, short and to the point, but good. Carlito is looking strong coming into Sunday, but I don't see him retaining or winning MITB, though I hope he retains still won't.

HBK & Rock Promo:
Short and to the point also, good stuff here. Rock gets a message across, I would of liked Rock to lure him some place or something, but meh its alright. Decent segment here, though something better could of been thought of.

Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly: Little match to build Trish up a bit, nothing special it ends with them locking eyes, I hope Trish retains after Shaniqua's big triple threat win last year. But I can see Shaniqua becoming Champ, either way its meh to me I don't follow women's divisions extremely in threads.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
A-Train seems thrown in there, I would of liked a heels vs faces handicap match, but its alright. Decent contest, good ending here, building up the show well giving Kennedy his first pinfall lose and giving Edge credibility and I enjoyed the finish with RVD good stuff here as well the show seems really good like it should be.

Jericho & Undertaker WM Video:
This was a very good video, I expect Taker to go over at WrestleMania, and I am pretty much postive he will. Good job here, all the mocking and stuff, this was very good and entertaining for the most part, Fozzy Productions. Fozzy doesn't earn much in real life I don't think, so how can they pay for that guess that explains a crappy WM 22 logo in the backround haha lol.

Foley & Evolution:
This was a great promo, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Foley's intensity, his lines, and Flair's heat. All of it went together, Flair & Foley's feud has been masterful to say the least, and the reasoning for Rhyno's discrimination by Flair is so good. Dinsmore gets a few words in, and Batista just watchs on he's the big impact guy for their team at Mania, he should of cut a word even if it wasn't great. Foley ends it with real intensity, and strong ness here, I can see Dinsmore getting a great rub on Raw soon enough after Mania good here.

Benjamin vs Harris:
Good way to buildup two things at once, Kane's return is built with his "interference" with his music etc, and we have Harris go over for AMW which is nice. I see WGTT going over with Haas beating Storm, hopefully AMW wins sunday since they lost last year, should be good.

Mysterio Interview:
Good promo, Mysterio shows good character here, and I can see him coming through Sunday for a big MITB win. He's been progressing throughout the year, as Intercontinental Champion, etc. MITB win here pushs him towards possibly a big match at SummerSlam or possibly at Bad Blood in June. I see Kennedy winning IC, and Rey winning MITB, good interview here these just my Mania thoughts.

Christian vs Rico:
Christian gets over here, he cuts a little decent promo before, and a good promo after. I didn't care about the match personally, Austin & Christian has great build, and it should be great to see where this goes at Mania and who wins. Christian dives to get away from Austin? Crazy, this should be a great match at Mania everything on the Raw and inter promotional tonight has shaped up well it seems.

Cena & Orton Promo:
Cena was greatly in character here, and Orton was very in character also. Cena came over better here, and I personally can see Orton winning Sunday, and having their 3rd encounter next year with much bigger build possibly? Anyways, this was a great promo to end the show, not as good as Foley & Flair with Evolution but still great to end the show with this. Though you should of placed the 6 man tag match here, and put the Christian match earlier though it wasn't about the match. Great show here Wolfy man...

92/100, great show, I hate giving you these high scores as I usually score around 90 for everyone at best with 75 being a low. Great buildup for Mania, I am very very interested to see where Mania takes us cause I have no clue in some points of who's winning. Great stuff, very good show, thanks for the SD review and my Sig says with SNME should be up. Later bud...
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Re: Being The Booker

- A nice opening contest Wolf and im sure no surprise to anyone that HBK went over in the match. It also looks like Booker got some offence in and a great high decked match to start the show. Rock/HBK should be interesting this Sunday to say the very least. I hope you put HBK as I think that would be a fitting end to the feud, maybe. A handshake would also be good, would set things off incredibly well. Ok hype for the match but not as much as I would have expected coming to Mania this Sunday.

- Was it me or did Grisham have more words to say than Carlito. Now thas not cool. None the less, Carlito still proved his focused and intent going into his title defence on Sunday. I like the way you have the match going as well, we don’t know what to expect heading into the show. That’s always a plus and hopefully you continue to restore the prestige or rather keep it as the IC Belt in my opinion deserves more recognition than the rest of them, Kudos.

- Ha, H-B-K just got owned well and truly. This is even more hype and good to see Rock getting payback as it has seemed like HBK has had more of the feud heading into the match. Its good you evened things up as this keeps the surprise factor to who will come out on top in the end.

- Didn’t like the womens section of the night. I understand the women don’t get as much coverage as the men but just a stare down doesn’t do going into the biggest nigh of their life’s, apparently. Keeps things all in order but im still disappointed that there wasn’t more to it to just hype it that little bit more.

- A Train seems a bit thrown in here, could have seen rather more needed opponent being thrown in for more exposure. All in all though it did its job which like anu other segment for tonight, was to hype Mania. The brawl was nice and I would of liked to see it continues into the crowd to be honest, something like that really would of set off the rather bland night and the match overall. Decent though.

- Oh man, just an awesome promo building the match between Jericho/Taker at Mania. Perfect way to hype it as if they were in the arena, the show would have been over packed. A perfect way to continue the feud with the normal video that proceeds a match like this for Taker. I see Jericho taking the match and I don’t know why but I see Taker bowing out of this thread for a while, if not forever. Don’t ask why I feel this though.

- A good to amazing promo here from some of the men involved in the 6 man match this Sunday. Just great hype for it and I especially liked the words between Flair and Foley for the pure fact that they can intensify what they are saying even more than any other person that was on RAW. I see Dinsmore being the main man at Mania and then getting a push from there. Expect to see him with a title come the end of the year or before because the build for his push, or so I see it has begun in earnest.

- Hrrrm. Interesting match and I fully expect after Harris winning here, Storm to get beaten by Haas this Thursday. If that doesn’t happen, well I would be more than surprised but I think it is obvious to see that would be the direction you are heading into. Good hype and cant wait to see what goes down on their final stop to the showdown at Mania. Kudos to you on this segment, Wolf. You kept things interesting.

- The old Underdog card has been pulled for Rey I see. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win but I just can’t see it. All those men in the match are the future of the WWE basically and I can’t see someone like Rey coming out on top. Although you do surprise me sometimes so you never know.

- Funny match and good mind games from Austin sending out someone like Rico for the match with Christian calling him out after the match and Austin coming out. A decent promo between the 2 men. Who would have thought it, a brawl breaks out. There’s no way they were getting too much of eachother so close to their match and so proved the case, keeping the suspense plain and clear for everyone to see. Match should be off the chart this Weekend. I see Austin picking up the win against the youngster.

- A nice end to the show and a decent promo between Cena and Orton, hyping up their 2nd match this Sunday. At times I thought both men were out of character but for the most part they were in character and the promo provided real build to the show. Hopefully you keep the fire up Cena As I prefer him to the funny and irritating Cena we see these days. Overall very nice build and an interesting end to the promo but good none the less.

- Overall, a decent to good show. I think you should be very proud of the show as it did its job in most part of hyping Mania. Some bits were off such as a shot talk from Carlito and other things but overall, it didn’t affect the show too much. RAW is looking much stronger than Smackdown so I expect Smackdown to be off the charts to set up Mania as RAW defiantly has my interest more at this point in time.

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Re: Being The Booker

Mac reviews RAW
Michaels picks up a decent win over The Rock to pick up some momentum for WrestleMania. Nothing much to say here, though I am somewhat wondering why Michaels is getting pops. I guess its cause of being a big star but with you nothing is for certain…

Decent promo from Carlito here. Good job bringing up the ridiculous odds Carlito has to face defending his IC Title. Nothing special here but nice to see Carlito get some face time.

Good segment from Rock and Michaels here. Pretty inventive. The only problem I saw was Rock referring to himself in the first person. Rock never does that unless he’s trying to prove a point…or was that your point?

Trish smokes Molly and then has a stare down with Shaniqua. Not a lot of build up for these two and it seems to be the forgotten match at WrestleMania.

Kennedy’s streak is broken!! I’m not sure if I can forgive you for this…unless he wins both falls at WrestleMania. Anyway, good match here and Edge picks up a huge amount of momentum heading into Mania. One quick question: Is Kennedy a tweener in your thread?

Awesome video package with Chris Jericho mocking The Undertaker. Really funny stuff and had me going in the beginning. Phenomenal hype to their WrestleMania match (even though Taker will win.)

That was a sick, sick promo man. That was some really amazing stuff between Flair, Foley and Dinsmore. Great usage of the history between Evolution and Foley, with The Hardcore Legend showing some incredible intensity. Hogan and Rhyno don’t make appearances but they weren’t needed for this awesome exchange. Great job.

Harris picks up the win over Shelton in what turns out to be a short match up. The match at Mania should be a good one but basically filler when considering the rest of the stacked card.

Decent promo by Rey Mysterio here. Not a fan of Mysterio‘s character in BTBs (or in real life for that matter) but he was in character here. Nice hype for the underdog in the Roll of the Dice match.

Rico = Awesome. Nice little match to get Christian a win heading into WrestleMania. I felt the Christian - Stone Cold segment was a little weak but still well done. Nicely done giving us a taste of Mania.

A really great promo from Cena and Orton to close the show. I like the dynamic between the two as their both faces but Orton is clearly the heel in this feud. Orton refusing to shake his hand, pretty much cements a heel turn in the near future and I‘m hoping for Orton to win at Mania.

Great show man. Not a lot of in ring action but that’s understandable for the build up to Mania. The event is looking better by the second and I cant wait for it. [/Wolfy mark]

Overall: 8.9/10

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

Shawn Michaels vs Booker T:
Good match to start the show. Puts over Michaels for the match against The Rock, which should be excellent. So far this feud has been great, and has lived up to the hype that is given in real life, which I'm guessing is your inspiration for this feud.

Carlito Promo: Somewhat of a short promo here, but it proves the point. Carlito looks somewhat confident going in, but somewhat worried that he'll lose the title at 'Mania. I see him winning this Sunday.

Shawn Michaels/The Rock Promo: Haha, as usual the Michaels/Rock promos deliver. Loved HBK in the beginning of this promo, making fun of the messenger but then saying he wants to get the message. Rock then gets the last laugh from Rock Bottoming HBK on the floor. That's something you don't see everyday. Again, good job of building this match, and I'm sure HBK will be there this Thursday.

Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly: A squash women's match? There's a surprise. Would've liked to see a little interference from Shaniqua, just a little. But hey, I guess we'll just have to wait until WrestleMania.

6 Man Tag Team Match: Great six man tag match. Always like to see the competitors in multi-man matches compete against each other. Edge escapes, but I see Carlito winning the whole thing this Sunday, including MITB.

Chris Jericho Video: Wow, excellent video package. As I was reading this, I was able to visualize the entire thing. And in BTB, that is great. Great job Wolfy, and I cannot wait for Jericho/Undertaker, should be awesome. Hell, your card is STACKED.

Mick Foley/Ric Flair Promo: Very long, but great promo from Flair and Foley. These two can work the stick like no other and this promo showed. I was live at one of the promos of the year this year (Foley/Flair at the 7/31 Raw), and this promo did no different. Great job with this one Wolfy.

Chris Harris vs Shelton Benjamin: Good match, Harris picks up the win leading into this Sunday. I expect to see Storm vs Haas over on SmackDown! this week, as it would make sense. Anyway, tag match at Mania should be awesome, can't wait for it.

Rey Mysterio Promo: Good promo here. I as well agree with ddmrko, in the sense that Mysterio was in character. Builds him up to being the underdog in this match, but I believe Carlito will take it all.

Christian vs Rico: LOL, Rico is GOLD. Loved the hilariousness of this match, Christian goes over in a squash though. Austin vs Christian should be great come Mania, and this match did a good job of putting Captain Charisma over.

John Cena/Randy Orton Face Off: Nice face-off to close the show, if that's the purpose of this. Both men were very much in character, and Cena seems intent on retaining the title this Sunday at Mania. Orton though does seem to have a good chance at winning, but it is unlikely as normally, both titles don't change hands at WrestleMania, but it HAS happened.

AWESOME show Wolfy, great job of building up Mania, which should be huge! Can't wait for it, as it is the most anticipated event in BTB history, and it definitley should deliver.

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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Wow, surprised not to see any combo of D-X here tonight but it makes sense by reading through as no Rock appearance. Guessing HBK meets Rock backstage later on tonight as we need that little extra push right now for this feud before 'Mania.

Carlito interview was ok but too short of anything, and all I got out of it was the hype which was needed. Haha, Carlito won't be retaining the title as he's had a good reign but it's someone else's turn now.

Hmmm, another kinda short promo which is kinda surprising tonight from you. Wishy-washy tbh, and felt like a promo before 'Mania too. Rock shows up which of course happened to be no surprise.

Short match and win for Trish but she did need something and a good win over a good opponent since she's been owned the past few months by Shaniqua. Looking fun and Trish retains come 'Mania.

Hmmm, back to back matches are rare and maybe you could have thrown in a segment or something here before. Kennedy as a face is cool and something new as it seems it's heading that way, guessing Edge doesn't win either since he took the win tonight.

Haha, if you didn't love that Video Package, I really don't know what to think. I'm sure you had fun writing that as you could imagine Jericho in the scenes, would have been great to see!

Good promo and you could tell Foley and Flair were in character, well done. One of the best promos I've seen you do with Foley and Flair, and really, this couldn't come at a better time right before WM.

Hmmm, don't really like Kane's interruption during the match but seems like something we would see the WWE do. But um, Haas takes the win this week as WGTT travel to Smackdown this Thursday.

Mysterio interview was ok and did seem like something they would have Mysterio do and say. Very rarely does Mysterio speak so this is a change and he might actually win the MITB briefcase Sunday.

Hmmm, funny to see Rico be the opponent and well, a huge warm up match for 'Mania for Christian. But um, yeah the promo was ok, definently seen better and I wasn't really feeling it as a great promo, it was ok.

Great way to end the show and send out the main event for 'Mania before 'Mania. Both men were in character and you could tell throughout, this match is going to be good come 'Mania and I can't wait.
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Re: Being The Booker

Fairly easy win for HBK to kick things off, just used to send a message to The Rock that he's ready for Wrestlemania, and defeats a solid opponent in Booker T, who has been reduced to pretty much a jobber in this thread

Simple Carlito interview, he's right the odds aren't too good, but I can see him retaining the IC title, and then Edge or RVD taking the MITB

HBK gets a message from The Rock, quite a physical one too, as he is Rock Bottomed on the floor by Rock! I know DX will show up on Thursday, and something big will go down

Trish isn't afraid of a chick that has about 40 pounds on her, I will love to see Trish retain

Good showcasing for the MITB participants and Edge gets the win for the heels and inflicts Kennedy's first loss in your thread, interesting to see it end now, and with this, Edge should be taking the MITB after tonight's performance

Haha nice mock hype video for Jericho, pretending to be the greatest in the world, and I could see a video like this actually in the WWE

Terrific promo between Foley and the Evolution trio, Foley with a long rant on everything that Flair has done to ruin him and RAW as a brand, before Evolution rub some personal losses and insults to Foley. I can't wait for this match at WM

Harris beats Shelton, interesting to see, should mean Haas beats Storm on Thursday, as finally this matchup gets some exposure

Rey with a true Rey Rey promo, showing us the underdog routine he uses and makes it clear he won't be an easy beat, but I can't see him winning anything

Rico? Austin picks Rico? Why? Christian beats him pretty easily, and now here comes Austin. Austin takes no time in getting a brawl started and neither man gets a clear advantage ahead of something for SD! that might seperate the even build this big one has had

Coach is sent packing and the words get harsh, personal and alot of other things thrown in as Orton & Cena trade some powerful stuff here. One helluva promo. Now Cena offers a handshake after not shaking Orton's earlier, and Orton declines. What a build up it's been for WM, what a night

9.5/10 The last few shows have been turned up a notch Wolf, and you are gaining some of the highest scores I've ever given out.


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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the response to Raw. To answer a few things that came up.

- Kennedy is currently in the midst of a face turn, which is why he was paired with RVD (also on the verge of being a fully fledged face) and Mysterio.

- Austin picked Rico for two reasons 1) I didnt want to have one of the big name SD faces coming to Raw to face Christian and 2) It's more of a pshycologial (sp*) thing, with Austin sending over a freak to face Christian, rather than a serious top name, sort of indicating what level Austin perceives Christian to be on.

Something that I dont think was picked up on, from the show was HBK and Christian both promising to show up on SD. Those two 'announcements' were easy to miss, as I only recapped those parts, being that they happened during a commercial.

Also, as you might notice from my signature, I've put WM forward by one day, as I have a feeling I'll end up leaving work on the Friday to just go straight to a bar and get hammered. This way I can promise the show goes up.

Smackdown Preview:

Phoenix, Arizona hosts the final stop for the entire world, before the most anticipated Wrestle Mania in the events 22 year history takes place on Sunday evening.

And both Smackdown, as well as a handful of Raw superstars will be at the America West Arena.

From Raw, Shawn Michaels and Christian are both set to make appearances, with HBK promising to travel alone, without the added presence of DX, as he travels to see The Rock one last time, after The Peoples Champ gained a measure of revenge on Michaels on Raw. Is this another ruse from DX on the Road to Vegas??

Christian meanwhile is determined to get one last parting shot over The Texas Rattlesnake, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, ahead of their encounter this Sunday, after Austin embarrassed Captain Charisma on Raw.

And, also travelling from Raw will be the tag team champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, as Haas takes on James Storm of AMW, as those two teams get set to tackle head on in a Wrestle Mania 21 rematch this Sunday. Will AMW make it 2 for 2 this week with a third match up set for the MGM Grand in three days??

Meanwhile, JBL and Matt Hardy will get a chance to go into Wrestle Mania with a huge advantage, as they battle on opposite sides for a six man tag match, with JBL teaming with his Co Secretaries of Defence, The Basham Brothers to face Hardy and the unique AFA. Last week, JBL finally got a shot in over Matt Hardy, but up until last week, Hardy has had the champions number. Who though, will get the last word on Smackdown??

And, with just three days remaining until Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar do battle over the Richest Prize in the Game, both the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, and the WWE Champion will be in singles action. Can these two warriors be kept apart through the night, and allow their title match to go ahead at Wrestle Mania??

Chris Jericho is also set to be in action, whilst Shane McMahon is set to make an appearance to address Triple H ahead of their No Disqualification Match at Wrestle Mania.

And, Bret Hart is also in town, as he prepares to face his Moment of Truth at Wrestle Mania, when he tackles Kurt Angle one on one, in what is being billed as the 'Match of the Millennium' this Sunday. What will Hart have to say?? And will Angle make an appearance??

Dont miss this bumper edition of Smackdown, three days from the event of the year 'Where Dreams will become reality' ... WRESTLE MANIA.

(Smackdown will be posted up tomorrow)
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Re: Being The Booker

Preview looks goood. Most interesting part of the show for me will be AMW/Benjamimn & Haas. Also should be interesting to see how you wrap everything up heading into the event.

Great preview and expect a review as ive got a 2 day hiatus from work starting tommorow

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Re: Being The Booker

HBK opens the show with a win, which one had to see coming. Puts him over as a threat for the Rock on Sunday, which will be a classic match. May have expected this to be a bit shorter, but no big deal really

Nice little promo from Carlito, who is ready to drop the belt now I feel. He has had it long enough, and has done anything special with it, so I see a new champion being crowned

Nice way for the Rock to get back at HBK with the Rock Bottom onto the floor. Rock invites HBK to come to Smackdown, and that will be great to see what happens there… expecting him to come with DX back up

Trish gets a good win, to give her some much needed momentum going into Wrestlemania, and I still see her keeping the belt, against all the odds

Edge gets the big pinfall in the 6 man tag, and finally causes Kennedy to lose a match. Edge is my tip to win something, hopefully the MITB contract to get him back into the main event, and I guess you will split the winners, with a face also taking the IC title

Loving the Jericho video, and it would be massive for him if he did beat Taker, but I cannot see it happening myself. Still, I’m loving the way he is coming off as a heel at the moment

Great promo between Foley and Evolution, which really sets up the Wrestlemania match well, and makes it a really personal contest, in which no-one knows who is going to win. Guess that this will be the final contest between Flair and Foley, whose feud has been great, and that afterwards Foley disappears for a bit longer. Looking to see the role that Rhyno has afterwards, with a push in the pipeline for him

Harris gets the win for AMW in the singles match, so I’m betting that Haas pins Storm on Smackdown. Kane shows more signs of his return, which will be very interesting to see what he does do

Okay Rey promo, which gives him some mic time ahead of the match. Don’t see him winning anything, but he will definitely add to the match

Rico on Raw!!! Go AFA!!! Get the shock win…. Which was never going to happen, but at least would have been a nice surprise. Christian then calls out Austin, so obviously, Austin comes out and then goes down to kick Christian’s ass, which he starts to do, until Christian runs away, not wanting any of him. Sets it up for the ppv, with Austin having the ascendancy

Orton popularity is waning…. Good… turn him heel…. Cena gets rid of Coach, which was great to see, and leaves just the two of them in the ring. Pretty good promo to close the show, with Cena definitely owning the hell out of Orton on the mic, and making Orton look pretty stupid at times to be honest. Cena has to keep the belt, unless Orton goes heel at Mania. The show ends as it should do, with the men in the main event looking at each other, and it will be a great clash at the ppv
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