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Re: Being The Booker

March 13th; Chicago:

The show opens, right away with DX coming to the ring. They have plenty of fun reminiscing over last weeks beating they gave The Rock, and replay over and over the finish to last weeks match with Cade beating The Great One, before telling The Rock that he is more than welcome on Raw tonight, before HBK ends the promo, mimicking Rock, saying to Just Bring It.

RVD defeats Tatanka (One Night Appearance), in a basic match up @ 04:46. Van Dam goes through the motions, and scores the win after a 5 Star, helping his credibility for MITB, scoring a victory over a well known name.
After the match, RVD plays to the fans, pretty much cementing his face turn, whilst Bill Alfonso walks away, leaving RVD in the ring alone, disgusted with Van Dams actions.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas accept the challenge of AMW, making their Champions vs. Champions Match Up at WM official (non title).

The Rock and Chris Jericho arrive together in a limo, with Jericho hammering on about something, non stop chatting, as we see The Rock walk on, away from Y2J, wearing ear phones, indicating that he was never listening from the beginning.


Randy Orton defeats The Man Beast Rhyno in a physical contest @ 12:34. Rhyno comes out of it looking strong, and certainly not a weak link in the armour of Foley and Hogan for the 6 Man Tag, whilst Orton picks up a valuable win, going into his WHC Match with Cena at WM.

After a commercial, we see clips from during Unlimited, where Randy Orton was interviewed once arriving in the back from his match. He talks about being pissed off with Cena, and vows that he wont forget.

**IF YA SMELL** The Rock walks out into the arena to a thunderous response from the fans in Chicago. The Peoples Champion makes his way to the ring, still looking livid after what happened last week. The Rock steps into the ring, and proceeds to the top turnbuckle, getting a huge amount of love from the fans. He takes a mic, and prepares to speak.

The Rock: FINALLY … The Rock HAS COME BACK … to Chicagoooo!!!

Cheap Pop

The Rock: Just last week, The Rock came to Raw, to take on Shawn Michaels little buddy … Shawn Michaels little friend … Shawn Michaels personal … gimp.


The Rock: We all know what goes on. Michaels is the dominatrix of the group, Cade is the gimp, Jindrak licks everybodies nipples, and Luther stands around looking ugly.

More laughs

The Rock: But The Rock isn’t here to make fun, and The Rock isn’t here to speculate. The Rock is here, because he’s pissed off!!!

Boos from the fans

The Rock: The Rock is PISSED OFF!!!

‘Rocky’ chant starts

The Rock: DX, you’ve crossed the line. You’ve come to Smackdown and jumped the Rock four on one. I’ve come to Raw, and you’ve screwed me over. Well now … now, The Rock is here on Raw, and The Rock isn’t goin anywhere until he gets payback.

Fans pop

The Rock: So, Shawn Michaels, Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, DX, The Backseat Boys, whatever the hell your name is, IT DOESN’T MATTER … because tonight, the four of you are nothing, but The Rocks personal BITCHES!!!

Big pop

The Rock: Just Bring It!!!

The fans pop, as Rock paces around the ring, waiting for DX to enter the arena, and after a few moments of having to wait…

**BREAK IT DOWN** DX enter the arena for the second time tonight, to just as strong a reaction. As the camera goes close up, we see HBK is wearing a fake eyebrow, mocking The Rocks ‘Peoples Eyebrow’, Cade has a Brahma Bull elbow pad on his arm, and Jindrak has a copy of the Doom DVD in his hand.

Shawn Michaels: Hi there.

Michaels waves, whilst The Rock glares up the ramp, looking less than impressed.

Shawn Michaels: Looking a little tense Rock. Maybe you could do with a back rub or something??

Rock gives the eyebrow, before replying sarcastically.

The Rock: The Rock would LOVE a back rub Shawny. Let me guess, who wants to give me it?? (points in the direction of Cade and Jindrak) Billy or Chuck??

Both Cade and Jindrak look livid. Cade rips his elbow pad off, and throws it away, as Rock almost breaks a smile.

The Rock: Shawn Michaels, you’ve pushed the limits. You’ve tested The Rocks patience. Screwed me out of the Royal Rumble, mocked me in a video, screwed me over on Smackdown, beat me up 4 on 1, screwed me over last week, and now … it’s time for The Rock to show you your role, and SHUT your damn mouth.

Fans cheer

Shawn Michaels: But Rock, you don’t get it. I realise I’ve made a mistake, and I’d like to give you a peace offering, by showing how much DX loves, and respects you.

HBK has a cheeky grin fixed on his face, whilst Rock looks on, not expecting anything genuine.

Shawn Michaels: Look at this. (Michaels points at Jindrak, who is holding a copy of the Doom DVD) Now, someone who isn’t related to you or any of the other cast members now owns a copy of Doom!!! How about that??

Heat for Michaels, whilst The Rock looks even less impressed.

The Rock: Is this supposed to be funny?? You coming out here, wearing a silly little eyebrow, HBCade has his little elbow pad, Jindrak with a DVD. What’s Luther got?? Huh?? He wearing a pair of The Rocks pants??

Few laughs

The Rock: How about this Shawn. How about, you get that DVD, pick that elbow pad back up, rip off that eyebrow, tear those pants of Luther with your teeth, group it all together, shine it all up reallll nice … turn that sumbitch sideways … AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!!

Fans pop for The Rock

The Rock: Then on Smackdown this week, you guys can come along, and The Rock will bring you gifts. Yeah. Rock will bring you a copy of Shawn Michaels posing for Play girl from 1997. How about that??

Michaels closes his eyes, wanting to forget it.

The Rock: Or how about a Best of Billy and Chuck DVD for The DX Duo. You guys could learn a few more double team moves, right??

Reigns holds back Cade and Jindrak.

The Rock: And hey, don’t think I’m forgetting you big guy, I’ll bring you a couple of toys too, y’know, the ki-

Michaels interrupts

Shawn Michaels: Stop right there.

Rock cuts in again.

The Rock: No, no, no. The Rock is JUST getting started. In fact, better still, The Rock is sick of talking. How about, you four gigolos shake your little asses down to this ring, and take the ass whooping of a life time!!!

DX look around each other, as the fans go nuts.

The Rock: And before you ask, because I see you looking inquisitive Garrison, no, this isn’t one of those ass whooping sessions you enjoy. No whips, no latex, just a size thirteen boot stomping all over your skinny ass little body!!!

Fans pop, whilst Cade gulps

The Rock: The choice girls is this. Come down to this ring, and get your ass whooped. Or I’ll come up there and do it anyway!!!

DX look around, and shake their heads at one another.

The Rock: Suits me.

Rock drops the mic, and slides out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair from ringside, smashing it against the steps, before proceeding up the ramp, as DX begin to panic. Michaels quickly tells his troops to run for it as The Rock closes in, and the chase results backstage, as DX run from The Rock.

Rock chases, as DX scarper, pushing past all sorts of workers, before sprinting to the parking lot. Reigns grabs a limo driver, and throws him over the bonnet of the car, as Michaels jumps into the drivers seat and starts the limo up. Jindrak and Cade jump into the back, behind Luther as the car begins to drive off, just too quick for The Rock, who chases down, and gets one of the back doors open, but cant do anything else as the limo speeds away into the night.

A video package airs, hyping the return of Kane at Wrestle Mania, ending with the ring posts exploding with pyro, and Kanes maniacal laugh echoing in the background.

Ken Kennedy faces Carlito, one on one, in a NON title match. Kennedy appears to be adapting to a face role, with CCC keeping to his hellishness throughout. In a fairly average match up, the end comes as Kennedy scouts Carlito attempting a roll up, and manages to roll through, holding the tights himself, tricking Carlito, scoring a valuable victory over the Intercontinental Champion @ 10:03.

Wrestle Mania Recall - III - Hulk Hogan body slams Andre The Giant, and retains the WWE Title in front of 90,000 fans in Pontiac.

After that, we cut backstage, and see Flair, Batista and Dinsmore looking furious that yet another WM Recall involves Hogan. They then promise to make a point tonight that they are a well oiled machine.

Christian and Tyson Tomko review the history of Steve Austin at Wrestle Mania in a small studio, set up as a cinema. Christian gives us a quick intro, before tucking into popcorn, along with Tomko.

First off, we see clips from his first Wrestle Mania, against Savio Vega…

Tyson Tomko: Hey Christian, I notice that guy he’s against. Looks a lot like my gardener.

Christian: (Chuckles) Yeah, back then, that was the only guy Austin could beat. Come to think about it, he’s probably the only guy Austin could beat nowadays.

Tyson Tomko: Whoa. That’s Austin?? Didn’t recognize him, without the beer belly.

Christian: (Stuffing his face with popcorn) Yeah, back then, he was called The Boremaster, or something like that.

Now, we get clips of Wrestle Mania 13, where he faced Bret Hart.

Christian: Now this. This was an awesome match. It actually gets better every time I watch it.

Tyson Tomko: Really??

Christian: Yeah, watching Austin bleed like a bitch that is.

Tomko laughs

Christian: Austin better be ready for another Canadian to own him at Wrestle Mania, that’s for sure.

Now we get Wrestle Mania 14, but Christian immediately fast forwards through it, and Wrestle Mania 15.

Tyson Tomko: What are y-

Christian shakes his head, and motions for Tomko to keep quiet.

We now come to Wrestle Mania 17.

Christian: I won the tag titles single handedly on the same night. Umm, yeah, this was Austins idea of a huge homecoming back to Texas … cheating to beat The Rock.

Tyson Tomko: You never need help to win any of your matches. That Austin is a loser.

Christian nods in agreement, despite the statement being false.

Wrestle Mania 18 follows.

Tomko and Christian both burst out laughing, with pop corn going everywhere. Captain Charisma claps, before speaking.

Christian: This is terrific. I’ve a lot of respect for those two drunks lasting THAT long without a drink. Look at Hall here, he’s gasping for a whisky. HANG IN THERE BUDDY!!!

We move on to Wrestle Mania 19, where Austin loses to The Rock.

Christian: This was the beginning of the end here Tomko. And the washed up piece of crap couldn’t accept he was past it. I remember him claiming to have nearly died the night before, he had bad knees, bad neck, bad breath, and awful excuses.

Tomko laughs.

Next up we have Wrestle Mania 20, and we watch the clips of Austin vs. Vince McMahon for a few seconds with nothing coming from Christian or Tomko. Then, it moves on to Wrestle Mania 21, still with no comments.

The camera then pans around, and we see both men have fallen asleep, or more accurately, pretended to, insinuating Austin is boring. We slowly fade out.

John Cena defeats Mark Henry in a match requested by The Brotherhood after Cenas unprovoked attack on them two weeks ago. Cena overcomes The Worlds Strongest Man, despite the odds stacked against him, with The Brotherhood in Henrys corner, and scores the win, making Henry tap out to the STFU @ 04:21.
After the match though, Randy Orton makes an appearance, and after a brief brawl with Cena, Orton stands tall, nailing the champion with the spinner World Title belt.

Todd Grisham conducts an interview with Edge, who complains about having to put his career at stake once again at WM. He then says it will be worth it, when he guarantees himself a title shot, which no one can deny him of.


Chris Jericho finally comes to the ring, and decides to call out The Undertaker, after mocking Chicago for a short while. Jericho calls out Taker, saying he isn’t scared, but Taker should be, as in 13 days, he ends his illustrious streak at WM. Finally, Takers music hits, which shuts Jericho up.

The Deadman makes his way to the ring, but Jericho jumps him before he can get inside, jumping off the apron to meet him. The two men brawl around the ring, with Jericho choking Taker with the cable wire. Taker fights back, and the brawl gets into the ring, with Taker on top, beating Y2J down in the corner.

Taker now goes for the Old School, but Jericho has it scouted, and pushes Taker, right off the ropes, and to the floor below. Jericho follows to the outside, and grabs the steel steps, slamming them between the eyes of Taker as he gets back to his feet, and busts The Deadman WIDE open.

Jericho thinks the job is done, but TAKER SITS UP. He is now busted open, but doesn’t seem to be fazed, as he starts to battle back at Jericho. They fight back into the ring, and Taker knocks Y2J down with a big boot. He now signals for a Chokeslam, but as he grasps his hand around Jerichos neck, Y2J scores with a low blow, following up with a bulldog, and the Lionsault.

Y2J though, isn’t finished, and finds a pair of Nun Chucks from under the ring, which is speculated he hid under the ring, as it appeared to be too accessible. He waits as The Phenom gets up, and as he does, Jericho strikes, and takes Taker back down again. The assault continues, as Jericho shows his malice, beating The Undertaker senseless with a weapon. The sickening attack continues for a few moments, before Jericho decides it’s finally enough, and leaves the ring, having sent a message to his Wrestle Mania opponent.

The camera stays on The Undertaker, expecting him to sit up, but as we go into the commercial, Taker remains flat out.

After a commercial, we see clips from during the break of Jericho leaving the arena, looking pleased with himself, whilst in the ring, we see clips of Taker just about getting back to his feet, staggering to the back, with blood pouring from his forehead.

In the main event, Evolution face Roadkill, Danny Doring and Rey Mysterio in a six man tag match. Fairly short match for a main event, with Evolution dominant, (although Mysterio is made to look strong, as it’s RK and DD who take the punishment). Batista eventually scores the winning pin fall, scoring with a Batista Bomb on Doring for an emphatic three count @ 06:33.

We go off the air, with the trio standing tall, looking a strong unit, two weeks from WM 22.




Smackdown; March 16th; Detroit:

The show opens with the hyped up tag team match pitting the returning Dudley Boys against the Wrestle Mania main event combo of Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit. As expected Lesnar and Benoit emerge victorious, despite a hugely uneasy pairing. They share many tense glances, and have a few boiling points, but both manage to put their emotions to the back of their mind, thinking about the WM main event more. It’s Brock Lesnar that gains the three count in the end, nailing Bubba with an F5 @ 09:24.

After the match, Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit accidentally back into each other, which sets off both mens pulses, and they go head to head, blaming each other for the collision. They then appear to be bringing up recent events between them, before both at the same time, take a swing at one another, and they begin to brawl around the ring, like two rabid dogs, chomping at the bit. A good amount of the locker room (no major stars) quickly run to the ring, along with referees, and agents, in order to split the pair up, eventually ending the brawl, and seemingly throws the Wrestle Mania main event into doubt.

Wrestle Mania Recall - XIII - Bret Hart and Steve Austin switch roles in one night, with the fans aligning with Austin over Hart. Hart wins the match via pass out, but Austin wins the fans.

Josh Matthews conducts an interview with Kurt Angle. Angle discusses last weeks loss to Benoit via the Sharpshooter, and puts it down to wanting to keep himself 100% for WM in 10 days time. He says he could’ve broken the submission, but decided to reserve his energy for another time. Angle then moves onto Bret, and talks about their confrontation last week in the ring, before stating that Hart has agreed to appear on Smackdown next week, with Angle stating he wants one more face to face meeting with Hart before WM.

Kid Kash makes his first appearance on Smackdown, after picking up a number of victories in recent weeks on Velocity, challenging Paul London for the Cruiserweight Championship. In a pretty decent, moderately long affair, both men go close to the wire in their efforts for the win, but in the end, after a referee bump, TRIPLE H is the deciding factor, screwing London. The Game makes his presence felt, costing London his title, after his embarrassing loss last week. HHH nails London with the sledgehammer, knocking him out cold, allowing Kash to pick up the scraps and take the title @ 11:37.

After the match, Triple H continues to put the boots to London, and busts up the cruiserweight, taking his frustrations out after last week. He nails London yet again with the hammer, before taking a mic. The Game says Shane McMahon doesn’t know what he is getting himself into at WM. HHH says he’s pissed off he doesn’t have a main attraction match at WM, and he still plans on ruining the event, starting now, by stopping Paul London from having any involvement at the biggest show of the year.

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE WrestleMania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

***NOTE*** Originally, the part of Chavo Guerrero was to be played by Eddie Guerrero.

The video opens, in a busy, buzzing Casino, with a number of people on the fruit machines, roulette tables, poker tables, craps and more, before we cut to the Blackjack Table.

First, we see Carlito sat down, sweating profusely, with very little chips … next we see Rob Van Dam looking extremely angry, with very little chips too … then, we see JBL, wiping sweat from his brow, with no chips. He panics, and pulls his Rolex watch off, throwing it onto the table to bet with. Finally, the camera moves to Chavo Guerrero, who sits back, relaxing, with a HUGE stack of chips.

The dealer, Linda McMahon, deals out cards to each man again. Carlito shouts out for another card, which he is dealt. Carlito looks at it, and screws up his face.

He gets up, and grabs his apple, taking a bite, and spits it on the table.

Carlito: I’m bust … again. Das not cool.

Carlito gives up, having no chips left, and leaves the table. RVD nods for another card, which he gets. He nods again, getting another card. Van Dam holds his hand up, signalling his sticks.

Now, we go back to JBL, who is dripping with sweat, and asks for another card, which he gets, and asks to stick.

Both men, and Linda now turn their attention to Chavo.

Linda McMahon: You want another card??

Chavo looks up, with a little impish grin, before speaking.

Chavo Guerrero: Nope, I got twenty one.

RVD kicks the table, whilst JBL bangs his head off it, losing everything he has.

Linda McMahon: You must be a natural. That’s seventeen games in a row you’ve got a twenty one from the first two cards.

Chavo Guerrero: Yeah, my family have studied this game for years.

RVD pushes the rest of his chips to the middle of the table for the next hand, whilst JBL throws a set of keys into the middle of the table.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s my house keys. It’s all I’ve got left.

Linda raises her eyebrow, and deals out the cards again. RVD is first to respond, and he signals for another card … and another … then gets to his feet, picks up his glass, and throws it across the Casino.

The camera follows the glass … which sails across the casino, and smashes onto the stage, where Chris Jericho, and Fozzy are set to perform.

Chris Jericho: HEY!!! We haven’t even started our performance yet!!! Judge us when we finish ass clown!!!

Back to the blackjack table, we see Bill Alfonso arrive on the scene, and tries to calm RVD, leading him away from the table, with Van Dam out of chips.

JBL again wipes his face, with his hair all out of place, fretting over losing everything.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hit me.

Linda deals JBL another card. JBL grins, and lets out a loud laugh.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ha ha. Try and beat that. TWENTY!!!

JBL lets out a sigh of relief, as Chavo smiles, and turns his cards over.

Chavo Guerrero: Well, well, well. Look at that. Twenty One!!!

JBL’s face drops in shock. He slowly rises up from the table, and we see he isn’t wearing any trousers, and has no shoes. He walks away from the table, in a state of shock.

Chavo grabs a handful of chips, and throws them up in the air, celebrating all his winnings. He then straightens his jacket, and gets up from the table, grabbing a pair of shoes, trousers, the watch, and keys, (all JBLs) before walking towards the position where he can get his chips changed into money.

He points to the table he was at, and asks for the cash. The man behind the desk then speaks.

Casino Clerk: And your name please??

Chavo Guerrero: My name?? Ummm… John … err … Smith.

Casino Clerk: John Smith?? Your name is John Smith??

Chavo Guerrero: That’s me, regular old John Smith.

A bunch of Raw and Smackdown stars then pass by (Booker T, Goldust, Hardcore Holly, Paul London, William Regal, Lance Storm, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) with each one passing by saying ‘Hey Chavo’

Guerrero stands still, frozen from fear as the clerk starts to look suspicious. Chavo tries to cover it up with a laugh, and backs up a little, with a small device falling down his trouser and onto the floor. A security guard notices, and quickly picks it up, recognizing the object right away.

Security Guard: This guy has been counting cards. He’s been cheating!!!

The camera instantly switches across the casino, with JBL looking up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Cheating!!??

Camera cuts to Carlito, who spits his apple in defiance.

Camera cuts to RVD, who looks ready to blast out an expletive, before we cut back to Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: Uh oh.

JBL, RVD, Carlito, and a bunch of extras start to run across the casino, to chase Chavo. Chavo sees them coming, and he quickly pokes the security guard in the eye, before throwing JBLs shoes in their direction to try and slow them down.

He runs towards the front exit, and sees security blocking the door. His eyes widen, before he looks around, then we see a light bulb flash above his head, and he quickly clutches his chest, pretending to faint. JBL, RVD and Carlito all close in on him, but the security fall for his act, and stops JBL etc from getting at him, telling them to give him space.

Chavo sits up, and waves at the three men, before jumping up, and running out the exit, pointing at JBL’s limo driver to look behind him, which he does, allowing Chavo to yank the key out of his hand, and jump into the limo.

Chavo quickly starts the vehicle, and speeds off, stealing Bradshaws limo, and getting away from the furious cheated other players.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption “Where Dreams Become Reality” flashing across the screen before we get the very last scene…

Chavo starts singing the old Los Guerreros theme song, as he drives off, singing and whistling, but what he doesn’t see, is that the fuel level is dangerously low, as the camera fades away, ending the video.

Chris Jericho defeats Hardcore Holly in a pretty decent match up, with Jericho gaining victory via submission from the Walls of Jericho @ 08:13.

In an interview with AMW, they thank TWGTT for accepting their challenge, before announcing two singles matches next week - one on Raw, one on SD, leading up to next Sundays WM.

Next up, is Roddy Piper, hosting a special edition of Pipers Pit. Piper (still selling his injuries against Angle two weeks ago, wearing a bandage on his ankle) says this edition is going to be like none other, because tonight, he has no guest. He says this edition is actually announcing for another Pipers Pit, set to come … at Wrestle Mania. Piper talks about his guest, and he has had his return hyped for quite some time. Piper dances around the subject of who it is for a while, before finally revealing his guest to be KANE.

Backstage, a few mid carders are a little upset that Piper would eat up time on their show, just to announce a Pipers Pit with a Raw superstar. Maven leads the complaints, trying to rile a few other jobbers.

A long video package plays, hyping the Hall of Fame ceremony on March 25th, from the Orleans Arena…

‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig accepted by his family, and inducted by ‘The Hit Man’ Bret Hart

Nikolai Volkoff inducted by The Iron Sheik

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler inducted by ‘Good Ol J.R’ Jim Ross

Dusty Rhodes inducted by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts inducted by Mick Foley

Eddie Guerrero accepted by Vickie Guerrero inducted by Chavo Guerrero

Mr. T {Celebrity Wing} inducted by Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rob Conway continues his winning ways, since breaking free of La Resistance, by beating Tajiri, cleanly, hitting the Ego Trip for an emphatic win @ 03:05.


In the ring, Maven talks, rambling once again, for basic heel crap, gloating about Austin getting attacked last week, before Steve Austin makes a quick appearance, hitting a Stunner on Maven, after a quick confrontation. Austin has a quick few seconds of promo time, accepting Christians challenge to send a SD superstar to Raw for this week to face Captain Charisma.

In a quick interview, Ricky Steamboat confirms that despite both Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit breaking their no physical contact ruling, their WM Main Event WILL go ahead in 10 days time due to the fight starting via mix up.

In the nights main event, The Cabinet faces the team of Matt Hardy, AMW & Billy Kidman. Long main event, with The Cabinet continuously looking to get a piece of Matt Hardy, in order to soften him up for WM, to no avail, before deciding to try and irritate him instead, and begin to single out Kidman instead. The heel tactics begin to wear on the faces, who start to lose their cool, playing into the hands of The Cabinet, who begin to see their plan come to fruition.

After a long period of Kidman being singled out, he finally makes a hot tag to Matt Hardy, who comes in all guns blazing, taking it to The Cabinet. Hardy hit’s the Twist of Fate on Noble, but JBL breaks the count, before Kidman makes a blind tag on Hardy, which he doesn’t feel. V1, after a short brawl, then nails the Twist of Fate on JBL, who is also now the legal man for The Cabinet, and has a cover, but he is no longer the legal man!!!

Kidman is up top, and is set to hit the Shooting Star, but The Bashams push him off the top. Hardy continues to argue with the referee over being the legal man, but Noble gets him out of the ring, whilst JBL recovers, and nails the Clothesline from Hell on Kidman, getting the three count @ 16:01!!!

The Cabinet pick up the win, getting one over on Matt Hardy, finally, after weeks of Hardy getting the better of JBL. The Cabinet though, aren’t finished there, and they beat down the four men, leaving a message for Hardy, just ten days away from his title shot against JBL at WM.

Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:
Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Money in the Bank & Intercontinental Championship; Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Inter promotional Match:
Christian vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Inter promotional Match:
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

No Disqualifications:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

Pipers Pit featuring the return of Kane

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Eddie Guerrero, Mr. T {Celebrity Wing}

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Re: Being The Booker


DX open the show, and seem to cut a run of the mill promo on the Rock. Expecting the decent stuff to come when the Rock shows up later

I guess the 1 night legends thing could happen for all of the men in the MITB match. Good win for RVD though, and he is rolling nicely as a face, even though he is a lot more entertaining as a heel

Tag match is official, as I guess something will happen on smackdown now to set it up a bit more

Rock and Jericho are here, which is good to see, and loving the fact that the Rock wasn’t listening to what Y2J had to say

Orton gets a win over Rhino which he had to get, as he cannot go into the Mania match looking weak. Rhino looked strong enough here to get him over as someone who will be a good member of the Hogan and Flair team

Good promo from the Rock and DX, which got better as it went on, as to start with, it was a bit too bland, but by the end it had recovered. Rock has some typical good lines to use on DX, but once again, DX outsmart him by running away and not wanting anything to do with the Rock.

Kennedy gets the win over Carlito, and it appears that all of these men are beating each other at the moment which is good to see, as it makes the match unpredictable. Kenendy as a face is interesting, but it should work

Loved the Christian/Tomko stuff, which was typically good from them as they do their bit to try and bury Austin. Although, I would have liked maybe a few more comments from them, as I was loving what was there

Cena gets a big win on Henry, but is taken out by Orton afterwards, as he gets his revenge for last week. Looking for a big push though next week to conclude this off, as it hasn’t quite captured me as a main event just yet

Edge cuts promo, and he should win something at Mania

Jericho beats the hell out of Taker in his appearance, which makes me think that he may be staying heel for a lot longer than I first thought. Good to see that Jericho can beatdown Taker, even though he has no chance of winning the mania match

Bizarre match to main event, which would have been a let down to be honest, as roadkill and doring shouldn’t even be main eventing Heat. Still, it makes Evolution look strong which was the aim, although there were 2 or 3 segments (cena vs. henry/Jericho vs. taker brawl/rock and DX) which would have been better to close the show


Lesnar and Benoit open the match by getting the win, but the big news was the brawl that they had after the match. Of course, they are still going to be in the main event as it doesn’t make any sense to change the match, but it will be interesting to see how Steamboat resolves this

Nice way for Angle to explain his loss, and looking forward to seeing Angle and Hart have one more meeting next week on Smackdown

Loving the fact that HHH is still planning on screwing Wrestlemania, and starts by costing Paul London his title to Kid Kash which came out of the blue, but would have been good to say. Maybe HHH vs. London at Mania now, but more than likely will be a brief feud afterwards

Jericho gets another win, just to keep him looking very strong towards his match with Taker

Nice to see a pair of singles matches, which will be split to set up the tag match, and it should be a good contest

Kane in Piper’s Pit will be very interesting, and I don’t think we will get the world’s best interview, but it will be intriguing as to see what Kane actually does.

Conway gets another win, and he looks like being the lower card superstar who gets the slight push this week. Don’t see him getting too far up the card, but it’s a change to see him pushed

Austin stunners Maven again, just to get him on the show, and sets up the match on Raw to see who faces Christian. Don’t know who will be picked, as there is a lot of people who I could see being picked

Pretty run of the mill reason as to why the main event can still happen, but it had to be expected really. Still, at least it means we still have Benoit/Lesnar

Cabinet vs. Team Hardy works as the main event to be honest, and it made Hardy look very strong by the way it was booked, which was great to see. Cabinet finally get a win over Hardy, but still, Matt looked very good. JBL still retains I say, but Hardy is looking better and better
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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Raw Review

DX Promo: Good start, though I can see DX being overused tonight, good opening segment here not much to say about it but it was good none the less.

RVD vs Tatanka:
RVD's now a complete face, which is good to have him not a tweener or anything, Bill Alfonso might screw RVD at Mania leading to a little feud for RVD to buildup towards a WWE Title match. Good match here, RVD gets over with the face turn and the win here.

World's Greatest Tag Team Promo: Not details at all I guess thats fine, great to see this match I am going to enjoy reading this, WrestleMania 21 rematch though back to back years not great, but looks to be pretty decent.

Orton vs Rhyno: first off, Eddie Guerrero R.I.P VIVA LA RAZA! Good choice as the last inductee, Orton goes over, and we have Rhyno look strong anyways which is good for him.

Orton Interview: Orton will probably screw Cena in a match tonight, Orton's going to win at Mania probably or it really wouldn't work with Orton losing back to back Mania's.

Rock & DX Promo:
Very cool promo, Rock was good here, but this seriously made DX look weak, and HBK look like less of an allstar type heel. HBK should of sacraficed someone and ran for it, or used someone and attacked Rock. Never the less, good segment, DX is now gone for the night and Rock probably will hit another promo or two.

Kennedy vs Carlito: I don't like the idea of a Kennedy face role, besides that pretty good, Kennedy gets a big win, and I can see Edge or Kennedy taking the MITB at Mania with Carlito retaining the IC Title. I cannot wait for that match for sure at Mania, cannot wait for Mania itself hehe.

Christian & Tomko Promo: This was good, Christian reviewing his WrestleMania history this was pretty good like I said. Christian was in character, and Tomko got a comment or two in, good promo to build up Austin vs Christian.

Cena vs Henry: A mini series very mini feud, to get The Brotherhood on the show, good win for Cena to add to his buildup, and Orton comes out and cleans house like I thought he would do and ends knocking Cena out good stuff.

Edge Interview: Edge being his old cocky self here, I think Edge will win MITB for sure, I just think he was tossed into this because you had nothing else for him and an easy way to set him up for a future title win.

Jericho/Undertaker Confrontation: Good segment, I would of loved this segment in full here would of been great, Jericho gets some huge momentum now coming into Mania in this feud. I can see Jericho coming in with momentum and losing for sure at Mania, if he doesn't then you'd must of been drunk will doin the match lol.

Main Event: Just a win for Evolution here putting them over, but tonight you forgot about the GM's being taken off as that wasn't a rumor it was announced in news and notes I read, don't understand that. Decent end to the show, you should of ended it with Henry vs Cena with Orton standing tall would of been better now to the SD review....


Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Lesnar & Benoit vs Dudleys: Good stuff here to open the show, unexpected opening but a good one. Lesnar wins it for their team, and they both break the rule and attack each other, putting the main event in jeopardy, of course it will stay the same and just have something added if they assault each other again good stuff though.

Angle Interview: haha excuses good stuff Angle's very much in character, Hart coming next week should be huge again, cannot wait for that. Good promo here, I really wish these shows were in full damn.

London vs Kash: Kid Kash new CW Champion now very interesting, we see Triple H screw London, this is a very interesting feud set up I see London screwing HHH at Mania. Good aftermath, he's going to "stop" Mania, he probably will attack a tag team like AMW next week, and Shane will stop him. Good stuff here though in this London/HHH mini feud.

WM Advertising Promo: This isn't good to be longer then the recapped show, anyways the shows good anyways. Good promo, very good and enjoyable, figures with this type of promo. Smackdown seems to have a little more then Raw Mania wise its a little uneven but still great stuff.

Jericho vs Holly: A little squash to build up Jericho some more, good stuff, though Holly deserves not to be just a jobber hopefully gets a push in the future, and yes I like Holly a little.

Piper's Pit: Oh yeah, I would jump around the ring cause Kane's coming to my show, Piper's gonna be broken in half at Mania by Kane. Thats gonna be interesting, good segment here and the "midcarders riled up" and jobbers just means they'll come out, and get destroyed by Kane with Maven leading the jobber pack lol.

Conway vs Tajiri: Decent here, Conway getting a push, he'll probably feud with La Reistance, good stuff with the push Conway needs one.

Maven/Austin Promo: Maven will get his ass kicked by Austin tonight, and Kane at Mania in piper's pit at least he's jobbing to good stars lol. Ok segment, I would of liked to see Christian come out but meh its alright I guess.

Main Event: No buildup it seems at all for the main event throughout the show really, Cabinet needs this badly, and they get a nice win. I don't understand why the people were tossed into this, anyways, good stuff here and an ok end to the show.


OOC: Here ya go a double review, hope to see it come back my way with SNME going up and SD up now. Anyways Wolf bud, thanks for the help yesterday with the stuff we talked about, and this was good. I wished this was in full, its not good their was no buildup for really either of the main events for Raw & SD. Not grading since they were recaps with one or two full things in it, Mania's going to be off the hook can't wait bud Mania's about 15 days away, gonna be great!
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Re: Being The Booker

RAW March 13th Review

Not a surprise for the opening as DX/Rock has been given a lot of attention on both shows. Can’t wait for the Rock’s response

RVD’s win shows his strength in the MITB and his slow face turn

Can’t wait to see this WM21 rematch this year!

Eddie Guerrero is in the hall of fame! Very glad to see it and he will never be forgotten

Good way to get Orton over before his big Mania match but also Rhyno didn’t seem weak at all, good way to get both men over

Great promo from the Rock and DX. Loved all of the Billy & Chuck comments from the Rock. Typical of DX in the way that they just ran from the Rock but I see at least one more physical confrontation between both sides before Mania

Great job by having Kennedy win!! You have been building him up perfectly over the past few months and I see him winning the IC Title at Mania

Good promo from Christian & Tomko. I liked how they fast-forwarded through all of the good matches and just watched the bad ones. I really thought that the Scott Hall comment was hilarious

No surprise that Cena won but Orton coming out was a bit of a surprise. Orton definitely looks like the heel after the shot with the belt

Typical Edge promo, saying he was cheated out of title matches. I see him winning MITB at Mania

I didn’t think that the bloody Taker/Jericho confrontation would happen this week as next week seemed more likely as this week I thought we would just have Jericho bail out of the ring. Jericho definitely sent Taker a message but Taker won’t forget about it

No surprise that Evolution wins but I was surprised they didn’t face better opponents. They really look to be dominant over the past few weeks

Overall- 9/10, this was mainly because it was in recap form and because we didn’t see Foley or Hogan, good show nonetheless

Smackdown! March 16th Review

Lesnar and Benoit winning was good, making both men look strong. The brawl is what concerns me and I wonder what this means regarding the WM Main Event

Typical Angle saying that he could have won and I can’t wait until next week seeing Bret Hart back on Smackdown for a final face-to-face meeting with the Olympic Gold Medallist

Surprised that Kash won the belt but that was only because of Triple H. I see a rematch between London and The Game next week but who knows?

Very good WrestleMania commercial and I can’t wait to see Eddie get inducted into the Hall of Fame

Jericho winning is very good but I see Taker coming to Smackdown next week and I see him winning at Mania

Looking forward to the singles matches between AMW and WGTT

Can’t wait to see Kane in Piper’s Pit at WM but I don’t see why this was announced on Smackdown and not RAW

Again the Hall of Fame class looks great

Conway winning is good and maybe we will see him in the US title division after Mania

Again good to see Austin beating Maven up and I see Benoit or Lesnar facing Christian next week on RAW

The Mania Main Event is still on, no surprise

I thought that Hardy would get over one more on the Cabinet but this makes me very excited to see what goes down next week on Smackdown!

Overall: 9/10 I thought that we would see Shane-O-Mac on this edition and I wanted to see more of Lesnar/Benoit, but still a great show


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

I'll just throw some small comments out on each thing, seemed like the typical opening to Raw with D-X coming down and bringing back memories of last year kinda when they opened the show a lot.

Well, wouldn't say Tatanka is a "well-known" name but haha, good to see RVD get a win. Seems that Alfonso will be leaving in the next few months which is fine as RVD doesn't need him really anymore.

Glad to see the challenge accepted and the history between both teams is enough build tbh.

I see Rock and Jericho have arrived, going to be interesting to see what goes down while they're here for their respective feuds tonight.

Eddie Guerrero joins the HOF, good choice of course.

Glad to see Rhyno wasn't made to look weak since he's been built up as a strong competitor these past few months on Raw and Orton does get a good win. Hmmm, aftermath is interesting on Unlimited.

Long promo and good, one of the best I've seen in the past few months of the Rock vs. Michaels feud. Wondering though if still after 'Mania we're going to be seeing the D-X duo break up with all of each other?

Hmmm...Kennedy as a face could be interesting but he seems more a heel to me. Anyways, nice win but Carlito needs some type of redemption next week as I could see him losing the title at 'Mania.

Haha, wow the Christian segment was funny especially with Christian skipping through all the times that Austin won the title at 14 and 15. Good and fun little segment hyping the match even more.

Good win for Cena but the title match seems to have been overshadowed the past few weeks all with HBK/Michaels and Christian/Austin taking the spotlight, I'm still looking forward to it though.

Edge interview, not much to say other than good personal hype towards ROTD Match.

Jericho and 'Taker promo would have been ok and it's always hard to do stuff with 'Taker other than brawls so I see why 'Taker came down early. 'Taker needs his revenge and probably will be on SD.

Kinda random match with Mysterio thrown in but at least he wasn't squashed. Cena/Henry probably should have taken this place as the ME since it's heading into 'Mania as the title match but that's my opinion.

Da Wolf Guy's Smackdown Review:

Nice way to open the show with such a major match in The Dudley's return but Lesnar and Benoit. Hmmm, I see both men couldn't help but beat each other down even though there was a rule, guesing Steamboat tells us tonight.

Wow, shame to see London's title reign end with controversy and so early, a one month reign though is ok. Kash will make for a fine champion, just wondering how long he holds the belt.

Old WM Video, it's a classic but I always liked the Christian one over this.

Nothing much to say other than good win for Jericho, gets him some redemption for the beatdown he took the other night on Raw even though he came out on top.

Two singles matches next week, sounds fine and some fun hype towards 'Mania.

Piper's Pit is going to be major and I have a feeling Kane might give Piper a devastating beatdonw. Haha, Maven is funny trying to start shit backstage about getting air-time on Smackdown!

Nice to see the Con-Man getting a push, his character is fun to work with when you get the chance to.

Hmmm, wondering who Christian fights this week, the Rock could be a possibility as part of an inter-feud match with D-X interfering but I doubt it, we'll just have to wait and see though.

Nice to see a change of things with the 4 on 4 tonight as the main event, seemed a better match than Raw's was. Little history between all men as AMW was on Team Jericho at SS but good win for the Cabinet, mainly JBL as he did need it tonight.
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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Comments

DX challenges The Rock to show up to kick off the show, and then go further to insult him after the beating DX gave him and showing Cade winning before HBK steals The Rock's catchphrase. Isn't Rock coming with Jericho sometime?

A good way to keep RVD's face push coming with him beating a good veteran in Tatanka and then play to the crowd, with Alfonso leaving, it seems RVD will be a fully fledged face for WM. The Dream Tag Rematch is made, and I personally can't wait for it, it's gonna be a sweet match. Rock is here with Jericho but isn't paying any attention to him lol

Awesome promo from Rock/DX, utterly hilarious as always and it ends with Rock chasing DX with a steel chair and the foursome hightailing it in a limo. Rock, still doesn't get retribution on DX, because I have a feeling that's for Wrestlemania

I can't wait for Kane to come back, hopefully he has a big impact on a certain matchup. Kennedy also gains some much needed momentum with a win over Carlito, in what has been a good mini-feud in this MITB scenario. The new Evolution seems ready to prove themselves tonight, not happy with Hogan flashbacks

Tomko with a golden line on Savio Vega "He looks like my gardener!" Hilarious stuff with Christian only reliving the WM's where Austin suffers or loses, brilliant call on Hall about the whiskey too And then they pretend to fall asleep. Man what a funny promo and quite unique to see in BTB

Cena beats Henry obviously, but then Orton shows up for the second time tonight and nails Cena with the title belt, getting some of his own back. Typical Edge promo it sounded like

Jericho calls out Taker and a brawl ensues, Jericho nailed Taker with the steps and he got back up? Taker bleeds and fights back, but Jericho uses a low blow and then grabs the Nun Chucks and brutalizes Undertaker, leaving him bloodied,and cementing himself as no easy beat for WM

Surprised to see no Rhyno, Foley or Hogan show up here as Roadkill & Doring are buried, while Rey stays looking strong ahead of his MITB match by staying in the match as described

SmackDown! Comments

Opens with a bang as the returning Dudleyz lose to Benoit/Lesnar and after the match Benoit & Lesnar come to blows and have to be seperated. Aren't they suspended from physical contact with each other? Hart is gonna be at SD! next week for what should be another sweet confrontation with Angle, who makes an excuse for losing to Benoit

London/Kash is ruined by HHH who attacks London, a good move as now Shane has motivation to show up next week and save London as no doubt that London's place at WM is uncertain with HHH gunning for him again next week. Another classic WM promo video from you Wolfy, just brilliantly done and love Chavo in this video. Where is Chavo in your thread btw?

Was a nice matchup between Jericho/Holly for Y2J to win over the glorified jobber, no Taker however which is surprising. Storm vs Shelton and Harris vs Haas or along those lines sounds good for singles action next week between AMW & WGTT, it makes for a great match at WM. Kane will be the guest on the returning Piper's Pit! Sweet, hopefully Kane comes back like his 2002 persona for a good interview, or as a heel

From this, I'm guessing maybe Maven faces Piper next week, or shows up at WM to get his ass handed to him in the Pit by Kane & Piper. HOF looks great, and Eddie is involved just fitting for him. Conway continues a slow push to the US scene perhaps. Austin nails Maven with another Stunner, hopefully something happens on RAW as this was really just used to get SCSA on the show it seems

I knew that there is no way the Benoit/Lesnar match would be cancelled and this proves my point. Great main event and the Cabinet get the win and beat down Hardy, Kidman & AMW to send a message to Matt, but I'm sure Hardy will have something install for them next week at some stage

Some good recaps here Wolfy, looking forward to the final shows. 8.5/10


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Re: Being The Booker

i,d like to see that eddie vs chavo. very good text
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Re: Being The Booker;

The WWE have come to terms with the release of Bill Alfonso, at Alfonsos request. Mr. Alfonso has cited his reasoning for his request being down to recent 'frustrations'. We wish Bill Alfonso well in all his future endeavours.

WWE would also like to announce that at Wrestle Mania, Motorhead will be performing live. They will sing Triple H to the ring, and will also sing the trio of Ric Flair, Batista and Nick Dinsmore too.

News and Rumours:

Heavy speculation is indicating that Bret Harts final WWE appearance will be at Wrestle Mania. Hart has yet to sign an extension to his current contract which runs out directly after Wrestle Mania. Hart believes he has now gone as far as he can, after his two years back in the company as General Manager, which has now led to his final match, this coming weekend.

Raw Preview:

Its the final Raw stop on the road to Wrestle Mania, with the Showcase of the Immortals just six days away.

All the big names are expected to be packed under one roof in Salt Lake City, and fireworks should be expected. has it on good authority that Stone Cold Steve Austin is in Utah, and could well make an appearance on Raw, with Austin to pick a Smackdown superstar to face Captain Charisma, Christian, just six days before Austin and Christian lock horns at Wrestle Mania.

The Coach will be holding an in ring interview with both John Cena and Randy Orton too, just six days before Cena and Orton square up at Wrestle Mania for the second time. The tension has bubbled over between these two over the past six weeks, and with Wrestle Mania so close now, tensions are sure to be running high.

Shawn Michaels will also be in action this Monday, making his first singles appearance in the ring since February 6th. Michaels goes one on one with the accomplished former 5 Time WCW Champion, Booker T. Could we see an upset, with ring rust possibly affecting HBK, just six days before he goes toe to toe with The Rock??

The five men set to collide at Wrestle Mania for the Intercontinental Title and the first ever Money in the Bank Match will all be in action too, with Ken Kennedy, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio taking on Carlito, Edge and their partner for the night, the 350 Pound, A-Train. Which men will be heading to Vegas with the momentum of a victory here?? In recent weeks Van Dam has pinned Mysterio, Carlito has pinned RVD, Mysterio has pinned Edge, and Ken Kennedy has defeated Carlito, showing just how close these men are in action.

Meanwhile, as announced last week on Smackdown, AMW will be facing The Worlds Greatest Tag Team in two singles matches this week. This Monday, it's Shelton Benjamin versus Chris Harris, and on Smackdown it'll be James Storm vs Charlie Haas.

Mick Foley is also expected to make an appearance on Raw, and will be addressing his three opponents at Wrestle Mania on Sunday. Will Ric Flair, Nick Dinsmore or Batista have any reply to what Foley has to say??

Tune in to Raw, this Monday Night to find out, as the countdown to Wrestle Mania draws to an end, and Dreams will soon become reality.
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Re: Being The Booker

Awesome preview for RAW Wolf, everything looks good.

Alfonso being released is understandable because of RVD's face turn, and everyone knows why Hart doesn't need to stick around after WM.


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw: March 20th; Salt Lake City:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The excitement is in the air, the time is nearly upon us, Wrestle Mania is six days away, and for the Raw superstars, tonight is their final stop on the marathon towards the Showcase of the Immortals, and what a night we have set.

The Coach: I’m ready J.R, you’re ready by the sounds of things, we’re both ready, the Raw superstars are ready, and I’m sure the guys on Smackdown are ready too. The Granddaddy of them all is upon us baby boy, expect a wild ride tonight.

Jim Ross: Tonight, all the major players are here, from Randy Orton to the Hardcore legend Mick Foley, and you can bet your a double s we’ll be seeing them all at some point on the show.

The Coach: Salt Lake City better be ready for its very foundations to be shaken to the core!!!

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels music hits to a pretty decent pop, despite Michaels being a major heel on Raw. HBK enters the arena alone, for this upcoming match.

Jim Ross: And what a way to kick us off!!! Shawn Michaels, in action this Sunday, in one of the most talked about matches in Wrestle Mania history, goes up against The Rock for the first time ever, but tonight, he faces a huge tune up, against the accomplished, former FIVE time WCW Champion, Booker T!!

The Coach: HBK hasn’t had a big singles match in around six weeks J.R, this could be a big test, but he needs it, to face The Great One on Sunday.

1st Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Booker T
Fairly average contest, with HBK not really picking it up a gear, keeping himself healthy for this weekend. Competitive match up, with Booker getting in plenty of offence, enough to trouble HBK, but never enough to pick up the unlikely win, with Michaels pulling through in the end, hitting the Elbow, before finishing off Booker, scoring with the Sweet Chin Music.
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 08:55

HBK picks up a win, six days from his huge match up with The Rock. HBK makes a point to look into the camera, and send a message to The Rock, mouthing that he’ll see him Sunday, before delivering a crotch chop, directed at The Rock.

Backstage, we see the arrival of John Cena. Marc Lloyd tries to catch up with the World Champion, but Cena doesn’t give him an interview, instead saying he’ll talk later.


We return, with Todd Grisham standing by with Carlito backstage…

Todd Grisham: Carlito, you are just six days away from your first ever Wrestle Mania appearance, in the unique two fall match up, which sees you defend the Intercontinental Championship first of all, before the second fall, which has been dubbed as a Money in the Bank Match, where the winner has a guaranteed World Title shot any time in the next twelve months. Add to this a Roll of the Dice stipulation, where both falls will have a roll of a dice beforehand, which decides the rules of the contest. These rules range from a Quintet Sudden Death … a Submission Match … An Elimination Match … Last Man Standing … inside a steel cage … or a ladder match. What are your thoughts on the whole process??

Carlito: My thoughts?? My thoughts Todd, are that I’m facing the most ridiculous odds in Wrestle Mania history of an Intercontinental Champion retaining his title. Not only am I defending this belt against four other guys, but I don’t even know what the hell type of match I’ll be defending it in!! That Todd … is not cool.

Carlito takes the title off his shoulder, takes a look, before patting it, and placing it back onto his shoulder again.

Carlito: But, that being said, this Sunday is Wrestle Mania, and as everyone knows, ANYTHING can happen at Wrestle Mania. So picture this Todd … Carlito … STILL Intercontinental Champion … and the winner of Money in the Bank. That Todd, DAS COOL!!!

CCC smiles, and walks off, leaving Todd Grisham standing like a dork.

Further backstage, we see Shawn Michaels making his way towards the DX locker room, with a towel around his neck, drinking from a bottle of water.

The towel slips from his neck, and he bends down to pick it up, when a messenger stands on it. HBK looks up, furious with the wimp.

Shawn Michaels: What the hell are you doing, you little dweeb.

Messenger: Are you Shawn Michaels??

Shawn Michaels: No, now scram.

Messenger: Okay, I’ll give this message from The Rock to someone else.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa. Hold it there little buddy. The Rock?? Has a message?? Give it to me.

Messenger: But-

Shawn Michaels: Give it.

Michaels grabs the piece of paper and looks confused.

Shawn Michaels: What the hell is this supposed to mean?? ‘I play games too??’

The messenger shrugs, and walks away, whilst Michaels picks up the towel, and turns back around, right into The Rock. Before Michaels can do anything, The Rock grabs HBK, and delivers a Rock Bottom onto the cold hard floor!!! The Rock, who is dressed more street-like than normal, gets back up off the ground, and looks down at the writhing Michaels, before whispering down at him.

The Rock: Shawn, that’s just a taster of what’s to come. You’ve had your fun … now I’m getting my payback. I’ll be in Phoenix this Thursday, and you’re more than welcome to come along.

Michaels is left writhing as Rock walks off, and we head back to the arena.

2nd Match: Non Title Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
Trish makes quick work of Molly, and shows she’ll be no push over for Shaniqua this Sunday, with Shaniqua scouting Trish from the top of the ramp way, showing little facial expressions for Trish’ arsenal, as Stratus dominates Molly, picking up the win with a Chick Kick.
Winner: Trish Stratus @ 02:04

Trish has her arm raised in the air, and hoists the title up high, locking eyes with Shaniqua at the top of the ramp, telling her to bring it this Sunday, showing no fear of the Amazon, who shows little emotion, just watching intently.

Jim Ross: This Sunday, Shaniqua once again aims to reach the top of the Womens mountain, and reclaim that championship belt she held for twelve months, but Trish Stratus will be a force to be reckoned with when they collide in the MGM Grand. Don’t count out the champion, but she’ll need to bring her very, very best to hold back the challenge of the Amazon.


We return with highlights from Unlimited, where DX tried to help HBK recover from the Rock Bottom he took earlier, with the out of sorts Michaels promising to go to Smackdown on Thursday.

Jim Ross: Can we take that as a definite response to The Rocks challenge?? Will HBK Shawn Michaels actually travel to Smackdown this Thursday??

The Coach: Oh boy, I hope so. The Rock needs to be taught a lesson for invading Raw uninvited tonight.

3rd Match: 6 Man Tag Match:
Carlito, Edge & A-Train vs. Rey Mysterio, Ken Kennedy & Rob Van Dam
Long match, with all five men involved in this Sundays Roll of the Dice Match getting the majority of ring time. Edge and Carlito don’t appear to be on the same page, and nor do the three men on the opposite side. The match carries over through a commercial break, before returning where Carlito is wearing down Mysterio, and this goes on for a while, with Mysterio taking the brunt of the punishment, before making a comeback, and scoring a hot tag out to Ken Kennedy, whilst CCC manages to tag out to the Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Kennedy and Edge fight it out for a short period, with Kennedy catching Edge on the second turnbuckle, and looks to score with the Green Bay plunge, but Carlito runs in to block it, which sparks a mass brawl between the six men involved in the match. All hell breaks loose, with brawls inside and outside the ring, but in the end, after Kennedy low bridges A-Train out of the ring, he is caught unaware by Edge with a Spear, and The Rated R Superstar picks up the valuable three count, inflicting Ken Kennedys first ever pin fall loss.
Winners: Edge, Carlito & A-Train @ 14:28

Edge immediately gets out of harms way, as the brawl breaks up, with the six men dispersing from each other, as the decision is announced. Edge walks up the ramp, jubilant with his win, whilst Carlito clutches his title belt, and makes a point to tell his foes that he will be keeping the belt. Meanwhile, the referee tries to help Kennedy come around, and on the outside, RVD points at himself, telling J.R and Coach who is going to be triumphant this Sunday.

Jim Ross: Edge steals one out the back door tonight, and Coach, he could very well do the same thing this Sunday. Five men involved, two glorious prizes at stake. The Intercontinental Championship, and then, a guaranteed World Title Shot for anytime in the next twelve months, which has been dubbed, Money in the bank.

The Coach: And the catch J.R, is simple. As we’re in Vegas, a roll of the dice is gonna determine the type of match for both falls. A free for all, a last man standing match, hell, we’ve got a ladder match and a cage match on that list of six matches, along with a submission match and an elimination match. Anything goes in Vegas this Sunday for those five men.

Jim Ross: As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, couldn’t be farther from the truth, because what happens in Vegas this Sunday will most definitely have a major effect over the next twelve months on Raw.

A video package then plays…

Clips of The Undertaker from his past thirteen Wrestle Mania appearances are quickly shown…

“One man has dominated one event…”

Clips of Taker beating on, in some fashion, each of his Wrestle Mania opponents…

“On Thirteen Occasions…”

Clips of Taker winning at each Wrestle Mania


Clips of each Wrestle Mania opponent he has faced…

“He has beaten legends, wily veterans, giants, monsters, dominant forces, psychos, enforcers, family, technical geniuses, sixteen times world champions, handicap matches, and showstoppers…”

More clips of Taker from over the years…

“And with each year, and each victory, the legend grows…”

Clips of Taker soaring through the air, and hitting signature moves

“Thirteen victories and no defeats on the grandest stage has carved this man a legacy, firmly cementing him as a certified legend”

The screen goes black

“Until now…”

GONG - Flashing image of Chris Jericho posing at the top of a ramp way as he always does.

“Because now, The Undertaker faces his greatest challenge…”

Mock images of Chris Jericho, towering over the seven foot plus Giant Gonzalez

“The Undertaker faces the man renowned for making history”

Mock images of poor people on their knees bowing at Chris Jericho

“The Phenom faces The King of the World”

Mock images of Chris Jericho taming a Tiger

“The First Ever Undisputed Champion in Wrestling History”

Images of Jericho with the two title belts back during his run as champion

“The First Ever Wrestling Superstar to break out a become a major Rock Star”

Images of Jericho with Fozzy

“And soon to be the first ever man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania”

Mock image of Jericho standing with his hand raised, and Taker flat on the mat, with an awkward, out of place Wrestle Mania 22 logo in the background from the ring in the picture…

“On March 26th, Chris Jericho will once again make history … be there at the MGM Grand, or watch live across the world, as YOUR true hero, and self confessed ‘Man of the People’ finally ends the most talked about winning streak in wrestling history”

Final image of a smiling Jericho, sporting a cheesy grin.

“Support Chris Jericho … and watch his dream once again become a reality”

The screen goes blank, before the following writing appears on the screen…

The preceding video was paid for and produced by Fozzy Productions


We return from the commercial break, with Mick Foley already having started his promo in the ring…

Mick Foley: And now the obligatory cheap pops are out of the way, for now, (looks up and winks) it’s time to talk business. Six nights from now, in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand, Wrestle Mania Twenty Two will be live around the world, and history will be made.

Fans pop in excitement

Mick Foley: And for Mick Foley, it’ll be his first taste of action at Wrestle Mania, since my embarrassing loss to Triple H at Wrestle Mania Twenty. Now, on that night, I lost a bucket full of blood, I required more stitches than a flannel shirt, and I got my ass kicked in front of the entire world.

Fans boo

Mick Foley: But not this Sunday. You see, this Sunday, I get to rectify that experience. I get to strike that performance from my memory, by doing myself justice in a six man tag match, against the trio of Batista, Nick Dinsmore, and the Nature Boy, WOOO, Ric Flair.

WOOO from fans

Mick Foley: Now, for me, this isn’t just some other six man tag match. This isn’t just another pay check. This Sunday, is about closure. On September 12th of last year, the brimming hostility between myself and Ric Flair escalated to a whole new level. And hopefully, we can all be reminded of that night if we look to the titan tron right about now…

Flair hits Foley with the microphone, backing him into the corner. Flair begins to pound at Foley, but the GM fights back. He starts to back Flair away, and knocks him down with a big right. Batista though, helps Flair, and clotheslines Foley from behind.

Batista helps Flair to his feet, and Naitch quickly gets his wits together, before beginning to stomp on Foley. Batista drags Mick up, but Foley elbows free, before knocking down Flair with a clothesline. Batista tries to attack him from behind, but Foley catches him first, and backs Batista into the corner.

Mick pummels The Animal, until Ric Flair sneaks up on Foley, and scores with a low blow. Mick drops to his knees in pain, as Batista recovers. He picks Foley up, before driving him down with a vicious spine buster.

On the outside, Flair takes possession of a steel chair. He slides into the ring, and waits for Foley to get up, before SMASHING the chair, across The General Managers skull!!!

Ric Flair stands over Foley, with Batista, and nods at the big man. Batista and Flair then drag Mick out of the ring, and begin to drag him up the ramp, looking over at the announce position. Eventually, they drag the bloody, and lifeless Foley to the announce table, with J.R, Lawler, and Coach all moving out of harms way from Evolution.

… … Cut to table … …

Batista eventually gets Foley in position for the Batista Bomb, but before he hits it, Flair changes his mind, with a wicked smile across his face, points to the stage, with Batista grinning and nodding.

Batista turns around, and with Flair directing traffic, The Animal delivers the Batista Bomb to Foley, with Foley going off the stage!!!!!

Evolution smile over the damage, as EMTs and officials sprint out from behind the curtain.

… … Cut to after a Commercial … …

We see officials and paramedics tend to the General Manager, loading him onto a stretcher, with all three of the commentators not on commentary, but trying to tend to Foley instead.

Mick nods, whilst watching the footage.

Mick Foley: As the story goes from there, I got my revenge on Flair the following month, one on one, but at the Survivor Series, we should all be aware that Ric Flair, along with Batista, Christian, Rob Van Dam and Carlito ended my reign as General Manager, inside War Games, with my team consisting of myself, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and a certain Eugene … whom you may now know better as Nick Dinsmore.

Heat for Dinsmore.

Mick Foley: And for the record, ‘Eugene’ lasted a whopping four minutes that night in New Hampshire. Conspiracy you say?? Absolutely. But we all knew that by now, because Nick has shown himself to be a sick, twisted individual, who deserves to take a very long walk, off an extremely short pier.

Foley grits his teeth, getting frustrated with just talking about Dinsmore.

Mick Foley: And ever since War Games, Ric Flair has been running this brand … right into the ground.

Fans pop, with Foley getting right to the point.

Mick Foley: Screwing Rhyno at every turn, giving Batista anything and everything, including about 14 seconds as the World Champion, until common sense took over, and Hulk Hogan was brought in to restore order.

Huge pop for Hogan

Mick Foley: And after Eugene showed his true colours, we have everything set up perfectly. Ric Flair, Batista and Dinsmore to face Rhyno, Mick Foley and the Immortal Hulk Hogan, this Sunday, at Wrestle Mania.

Fans cheer for the mention of WM.

Mick Foley: The journey ends this Sunday, the story ends this Sunday, and if this story finishes up with the happy ending it deserves, it’ll end this Sunday in Vegas … with Mick Foley standing side by side with Rhyno and Hogan, victorious.

‘Foley’ chant.

**Evolution** The trio of Flair, Dinsmore and Batista enter the arena to scathing boos from the fans, full of hate for the three men, all dressed to impress as always. Flair stays at the top of the ramp, with his two compatriots, and begins to talk.

Ric Flair: Are you for real?? Mick Foley, fat ass, fatter wallet, uglier clothes, WOOO, stunt takin, over ratin, SON OF A GUN, comes out here, and lambastes The Natttture Boy, The Animal, and The Prodigy, for being more vicious, more successful, and more intelligent than you and your group of misfits. Y’know, that’s the Foley I know. The Foley who talks THE biggest pile of CRAP you can think of.

Batista nods and smiles in agreement.

Ric Flair: Let me run back over this, shall I?? Nick Dinsmore, wrestling as Eugene at the Survivor Series lasted less than five minutes, for the pure fact that it was his instructions as part of Daves and my game plan. No conspiracy, just an instruction, which he followed perfectly. Blame yourself Cactus, for picking a fraud, and not spotting the person behind Eugene.

Flair smiles, and thinks of what to say next, as Foley listens.

Ric Flair: Running Raw into the ground?? No, no, no. This show has produced some of it’s highest ratings in YEARS since I took over as General Manager. I’ve delivered HUGE matches, bigger Pay Per View buy rates, and the facts speak for themselves.

Flair takes a moment, before starting again.

Ric Flair: And as for victimizing Rhyno, I couldn’t help it Mick. The guy … is a JOKE!!! Are ya kiddin me?? Rhyno, a guy with more balls than brains, a guy that would be proud to say he was the last ever champion in ECW?? Gimme a break. That’s the type of thing you should try and forget … but for some reason, he wants to be remembered for it. He wants to be remembered for wrestling in bingo halls, being a glorified stuntman, when he could’ve been much, MUCH more.

Foley bites his tongue and allows Flair to continue.

Ric Flair: But … most of all, I ran Rhyno into the ground, because he reminded me WAY too much of a certain Cactus Jack.

Crowd pop

Ric Flair: And if it’s the last thing I do, I promise to make sure we never have another generation of Mick Foley getting main events on national television.

Fans boo

Ric Flair: And as for this Sunday … happy ending?? Are ya kidding me?? Mick, this isn’t the movies, it’s real life. And reality is gonna slap you in the face this Sunday, and wake you up out of your dream land.

Flair steps back, which allows Foley to speak.

Mick Foley: Interesting. Say, Ric, I don’t suppose after reality slaps me in the face this Sunday, will reality then give me half a dozen chops, yell WOOO at the top of it’s voice, flop around the ring, play dead, poke me in the eye, and slap on a figure four??

Flair nods, before speaking.

Ric Flair: Well … it’s sure as hell not gonna pull a sock out of its trousers, and shove it down your gullet.

Foley ignores Flair and continues…

Mick Foley: Lets face it Ric, come Wrestle Mania, one of us will be very, very disappointed, because reality will hit one of us hard, when it’s all said and done, when all the dust has settled, and-

Nick Dinsmore: We recycle all the same old clichés over, and over, and over, and over. Mick, I’m sick and tired of hearing all the same old crap. Have a Nice Day, it’s nice to be back in this toilet, RIGHT HERE in another second rate city. Not only have you worn out your own catchphrases, you’re now having to use the oldest ones in the book.

Mick Foley: Nick, I’d advise you to keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to see your lips move, because every word that exits your mouth makes my blood boil more, and more. I don’t even want to see your face, because just to look at you makes me want to rip you apart. You’re the lowest of the low Nick. You’re a coward … you’re a fraud, you’re not even a real man.

Fans get excited as Foley starts to get personal.

Mick Foley: You got bored and frustrated trying to make it as a professional wrestler the honest way, so you decided to take a short cut, and pose as a child like special kid, just to get your foot in the door.
Everyone bought it. I bought it, and treated you like a son at times, all the while, I was in the company of a charlatan.

Foley clenches his fist.

Mick Foley: I gave you my trust, and all the while, you lied. I brought you to my home, and introduced you to my family. I brought a man, no better than a thief into my home, and introduced him to my children. Do you know how that feels?? To expose my young children, to a no good piece of trash, posing as something he never was.

Dinsmore doesn’t appear to be effected by Foleys words.

Mick Foley: I shed a tear when those two men by your side delivered one of the most sickening beatings I’ve ever seen, and all the while, you were in on it together.

Close up on Foley, who appears to be close to tears.

Mick Foley: The fact you were happy to take that beating, just to fool us some more, shows just how sick you really are. You deserve nothing less than the chair Nick, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You’re no better than a rapist or a murderer.

Mixed response from the fans

Mick Foley: You played with all of our emotions, and this Sunday, I’m going to express my emotions, when I get my hands on your scrawny little neck.

Fans pop

Mick Foley: Make no mistake about it, this Sunday - win lose or draw -, I’m drawing a line under this chapter of my life, and the three of you can go to hell for all I care, because once I leave Vegas this Sunday night, all three of you will be out of my life FOREVER!!! Have a nice day … you sons of bitches.

Foley throws the mic from the ring up the ramp, in anger, as Flair, Dinsmore and Batista watch from the top of the ramp, taking in what Foley has just said.


4th Match: Tag Champion vs. Tag Champion:
Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas vs. Chris Harris w/ James Storm
In the first of two singles matches this week as warm ups for this Sunday, Benjamin takes on Harris in an athletically entertaining match up. The match doesn’t go long, but is packed with plenty of action, with both men coming close to victory in an evenly contested match up, with both men fighting by the rules, and the partners don’t get involved, but instead stay around to offer their partner support.
Suddenly, during the match after both men are knocked down with a clothesline on each other, THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!! They stay out for a few moments, until **PYRO SHOOTS FROM RINGPOSTS** One more time, Kanes maniacal laugh booms throughout the arena, as the lights slowly come back, with one last sign from The Big Red Machine, before his pending return this Sunday. Both men get back to their feet, and after a few moments of uneasiness, they get back into the groove, heading for the finish. Benjamin comes off the top rope for a flying clothesline, but Harris catches him with a kick to the gut, and quickly delivers the Catatonic, which enables him to score the three count for victory!!!
Winner: Chris Harris @ 06:37

AMW, travelling from Smackdown to Raw, score a marvellous victory, which gives them a huge psychological advantage, heading into this Thursdays showdown, where Haas takes on Storm, before the tag match at Wrestle Mania.

Wrestle Mania Recall - X7 - Vince McMahon and Steve Austin join forces, and screw The Rock out of the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd is standing by with Rey Mysterio…

Marc Lloyd: Rey, your thoughts must now be fully set on Wrestle Mania this Sunday, where you, along with Ken Kennedy, Rob Van Dam, Edge and Carlito compete in the first ever Roll of the Dice Match, for both the Intercontinental Title and the Money in the Bank Contract.

Rey Mysterio: Marc, I’ve been waiting for the last four weeks already for this match, and now I’m counting the hours until Wrestle Mania. I’ve competed under those bright lights before, but I’ve never been in a match this big at Wrestle Mania … I’ve never been in a match this big at any event, which makes this the most important match of my career.

Mysterio puts his head down for a second, thinking about the match.

Rey Mysterio: I’ve been Intercontinental Champion before, and it would be an honour to win that title for a second time, but for me, it would be an even greater accomplishment to earn myself a World Title shot, by winning the Money in the Bank contract.

Again, Mysterio takes a moment, and mutters a little in Spanish, before speaking again…

Rey Mysterio: Edge, RVD, Carlito and Kennedy have the same ambitions I do, they have the exact same goals. Those four guys are bigger than I am, those guys are probably more widely tipped than me to win this Sunday … but despite all that, you have to ask the question essa… Do they have the heart, do they have the desire, and the same never say die attitude that I do??

Rey Mysterio: At Wrestle Mania, dreams come true, and this Sunday, this under dog is dreaming for glory.

Mysterio moves off, looking fired up.

A video package then plays, highlighting the success of Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania, before reminding us that Hogan is competing in the six man tag match this Sunday when Hulkamania rises from the ashes, and runs wild one more time.


Jim Ross: As we listen to Shinedown in the background, the official Wrestle Mania theme tunes, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Shed Some Light’, the time is drawing near. Shinedown will perform both tracks this Sunday in Vegas, at the MGM Grand, but as great as I’m sure they are, my focus will be on the wrestling, and there’s gonna be a whole lotta wrestling come Sunday.

The Coach: Four matches from Raw, four matches from Smackdown, and four inter promotional contests. Twelve matches, Shinedown perform live, and the Hall of Famers will also be in attendance.

Jim Ross: The late greats Curt Hennig and Eddie Guerrero will be represented, whilst Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, our celebrity inductee Mr. T, Nikolai Volkoff and your personal favourite Jerry Lawler will be at Wrestle Mania, twenty four hours after the induction ceremony at the Orleans Arena, downtown in Vegas. But in the ring, from Raw, The Amazon, Shaniqua, challenges Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship.

The Coach: Shaniqua returned at Saturday Nights Main Event J.R, and ever since, has been like a wrecking ball going through the womens division. Her target is Trish Stratus, and the title she held for one year.

Jim Ross: Lets not forget, Trish Stratus is the ONLY person to hold any pin fall or submission victory over Shaniqua, but she’s only done that, one time. Meanwhile, five of the hungriest performers on Raw today will clash in a first ever Roll of the Dice Match at Wrestle Mania. How fitting it takes place in Vegas. First fall, for Carlitos Intercontinental Championship, the second - for a guaranteed title shot, referred to as Money in the Bank. Along with our Intercontinental Champion, we’ve got Rob Van Dam, Ken Kennedy, Rey Mysterio and Edge.

The Coach: It’ll be the first Wrestle Mania appearance for both Kennedy and Carlito, and being involved in such a big match might just throw both men off their game. Whilst Edge will compete at his fifth Wrestle Mania, and both Mysterio and RVDs fourth. I’m tipping two of those three to win those illustrious prizes.

Jim Ross: Not to forget, the return of Kane, missing in action for eleven months, but the Big Red Monster return this Sunday, at Wrestle Mania, to bring hell fire and brimstone, as the guest on Pipers Pit!!

The Coach: It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen Kane J.R. Has the Big Red Machine still got what it takes to cut it in the WWE?? We’ll soon find out.

Jim Ross: The biggest tag team match in Wrestle Mania history, as Ric Flair, Batista and Nick Dinsmore, dubbed, the Modern Day Horsemen, take on The Immortal Hulk Hogan, The Man Beast Rhyno, and the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley.

The Coach: The history between those six men is unreal. Flair hates Foley, Flair hates Rhyno, Flair hates Hogan, whilst Nick Dinsmore played Hogan and Foley like a piano, and don’t forget the damage Batista has done to Foley, Rhyno, and attempted to do to Hulk Hogan.

Jim Ross: And, the Raw main event. It’s a rematch from Wrestle Mania 21, twelve months in the making. Randy Orton is hell bent on rectifying his defeat last year, and John Cena is determined to prove himself one more time, and solidify himself as a memorable champion. The tension has been brewing, both men are set to collide later tonight, but only one can leave the MGM as World Champion.

The Coach: I’m really pumped for that one. The tension has been brewing has for twelve months here on Raw, and on Sunday night, it’ll explode. Put the kids to bed, because it’s gonna get ugly when these two battle it out.

Jim Ross: And who better to run us through the Smackdown line up, but our colleagues from Smackdown, over at WWE studious, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: J.R, it’s a pleasure to be joining you tonight, six days from Wrestle Mania, and lets not waste any time Tazz. Smackdown is bringing it this Sunday, am I right??

Tazz: Raw looks good … Smackdowns looking better.

Michael Cole: It gets no bigger, it gets no better than the dream match of the millennium. The Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle, FINALLY gets his wish, his desire, this Sunday, at the Showcase of the Immortals, he faces Bret The Hitman Hart.

Tazz: How awe inspiring will this match be. There are more important matches for sure, but make no mistake about it, Angle vs. Hart is the spectacle at this years Wrestle Mania. A match that no one thought they’d ever see, but it’ll now be a match no one will ever forget.

Michael Cole: Whilst Angle gets the match of his dreams though, Triple H, isn’t quite so happy. The Game has been pushing for a major match for weeks, but instead, he has incurred the wrath of the McMahon family, and now faces Shane McMahon, in a No Disqualification Match!!

Tazz: In life, you don’t always get your way Cole. Triple H though, isn’t used to that. Usually, when he wants something, he gets it. Not this time though. And with all that pent up anger at not getting what he believes he deserved, Triple H might just be a little sidetracked when he battles Shane McMahon. It certainly wont be pretty, but it’ll sure as hell be one to watch out for.

Michael Cole: And, Smackdown offers up two championship matches. The first, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, United States Champion since July 3rd of last year, faces Matt Hardy. Hardy is hungry, and has the desire, with JBL seemingly unable to get one over on the Sensei of Mattitude in recent weeks. Through his reign as champion, JBL has overcome the odds, and been written off at every turn, but for this first time, he goes into a title defence as favourite, but it appears to be having an adverse effect.

Tazz: Excellent point Cole. JBL has been used to being written off as U.S Champion. They said he wouldn’t win the belt and he did. They said Chris Jericho would take it, and he didn’t. Kurt Angle, The Rock, you name it, JBL has fought back the challenge of some of the top names this sport has to offer, but now he is the favourite, JBL doesn’t seem so confident.

Michael Cole: Four inter-promotional matches too this coming Sunday, and possibly the contest between The Undertaker and Chris Jericho has more riding on it than any other.

Tazz: Absolutely. Undertaker has the most talked about streak in wrestling, and Chris Jericho is hell bent on ending it this Sunday. You’ll be looking at two men on top of their game this Sunday, as The Undertaker aims to defend that record, whilst Jericho aims to break it, and cement himself forever in WWE history, as the first ever Undisputed Champion, and the first ever man to defeat The Deadman.

Michael Cole: And in a dream match, ego vs. ego if you will, Raws leader of DX, Shawn Michaels faces The Rock for the first time ever!!! It’s another dream match on a dream card.

Tazz: Possibly, the most personal rivalry of all the Raw vs. Smackdown contests this Sunday. Both men have been one upping the other for months now, and this Sunday, it all comes to a head once and for all!!!

Michael Cole: And, THE main event. It’s been brewing, and brewing for weeks. The Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit challenges the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar for the most coveted Championship in sports entertainment. Can Chris Benoit finally reach the pinnacle of this sport, or will Brock Lesnar crush, yet another dream, on the biggest stage, in front of the entire world.

Tazz: There isn’t one person who would begrudge Chris Benoit even just one night as WWE Champion - except one man, and that, is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar will not give up that title without the damndest fight you’ll ever see, and Benoit wont lie down either. It’ll be one for the ages to close the biggest Wrestle Mania of all time.

Michael Cole: This Sunday, dreams will become reality, but for now, it’s back to Raw, with J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Thank you gentlemen. Coach, there is even more, because there are a further two Raw versus Smackdown contests at Wrestle Mania, those being the clash of the champions, when Haas and Benjamin take on AMW, in another Wrestle Mania rematch from last year, whilst Captain Charisma, Christian, has the opportunity to finally break out, and become a certified main event talent, when he takes on arguably the biggest star EVER, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold, Steve Austin!!!

The Coach: Everyone is talking about that one baby boy. I’ll be rooting for Christian, and I’m sure you’ll be backing (shrill voice) Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold. This one has been building since last summer, but it finally comes to a conclusion this Sunday at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Jim Ross: I’ve never been more excited for a Wrestle Mania. NEVER has a Wrestle Mania come around with so many main event calibre matches, and I doubt we’ll ever see another one like it. You will not want to miss the action this Sunday, I promise you, you do NOT want to miss Wrestle Mania this Sunday.

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian enters the arena for his upcoming match, facing a mystery opponent from Smackdown, chosen by Steve Austin.


Christian: I cant wait to see this. Who’ve you got for me Austin?? Let me guess … The Rock??

Fans pop

Christian: How about … Matt Hardy??

Smaller pop

Christian: Or could it even be … Chris Benoit??

Big pop for the Royal Rumble winner

Christian: I’m dying to know. What major Smackdown superstar have you possibly found for me to take on, right here tonight??

**You Look so good / APA remix** Rico bounces out onto the stage to a comedic pop, rather than a popular one, with his good friend, Ron Simmons, by his side. The AFA walk down the ramp, whilst Christian appears to be furious with the opponent.

5th Match:
Christian w/ Tyson Tomko vs. Rico w/ Ron Simmons
Christian jumps Rico right from the bell, and pounds him down in the corner, venting his anger at Austins ludicrous choice to face him. Captain Charisma slaps Rico around, before Rico slips out of the Unprettier, then plants a kiss on Christian as he turns around. Rico starts to play games now with Christian, creeping out Captain Charisma, but this only prolongs the inevitable, with Christian eventually taking Rico out of his game, before quickly finishing the tricky opponent off with the Unprettier.
Winner: Christian @ 03:05

As soon as his hand is raised, Christian pushes the referee away, and asks for a mic, and signals for the music to be stopped.

Christian: Very funny Austin. Send me the biggest weirdo you can find on Smackdown, and send him over to Raw. Well, lets look at the result, shall we?? Rico just got his ass handed to him, just like you’ll find out first hand at Wrestle Mania. But why wait?? I know you’re here somewhere Steve … why don’t you come down and get a little taster of what’s to come this Sunday??

The fans pop, as Christian opens out his arms, waiting for Austin. And, predictably, after a short period of waiting…

**GLASS SHATTERS** The roof is set to blow off the arena, as the Texas Rattlesnake drives down the ramp, directly to the ring, and with little hesitation, steps out of the vehicle, to a huge cheer. Christian looks ready to snap in the ring, as Austin steps inside, locking eyes with Christian. Austin smiles broadly, as the music dies down, and Christian prepares to speak.

Christian: Thi-

Austin snatches the mic.

Steve Austin: CLB, did you or did you NOT invite me down to this ring, for a taster of what’s to come at Wrestle Mania??

Christian shouts out “Damn right”

Steve Austin: Well son, I’ve been drinking on an empty stomach all day, and I’m pretty hungry right now … so I’d love a little taste of Wrestle Mania.

Fans pop big time, as Christian pulls the mic from Austin.

Christian: That’s conveni-

Austin snatches the mic again.

Steve Austin: No. You don’t understand. You invite me to this ring for a taster of what’s to come this Sunday, I don’t come to this ring to hear your pathetic little whiny voice. I come to this ring to whoop some bodies ass!!!

Huge Pop

Steve Austin: So the way I see it, we don’t need this.

Austin chucks the mic as far away as possible, and gives Christian a double bird. Captain Charisma swings at Austin, but Stone Cold blocks the shot, and fires one back at Christian, sending him into the ropes. Tomko tries to intervene, but Austin goes low with a kick to the nuts, then throws The Problem Solver over the top rope, to the floor.

Christian then attacks Austin from behind, with big clubbing forearms to the back. He whips Austin off the ropes, but Steve ducks two attempts at a clothesline, before coming back the third time, and takes down Captain Charisma with a Lou Thesz press!!! Austin tees off with right hands on Christian, before getting up, and looks set to go for a stunner as Christian gets to his feet, but as he goes for it with the kick to the gut, Christian pushes Austin away, and literally DIVES out of the ring, just to get away from the Rattlesnake.

Tomko quickly comes to the aid of Christian, and helps Captain Charisma to his feet, as Christian staggers up the ramp, looking back at Austin, who is begging Christian to come back to the ring, as we fade out to a commercial.


A video package plays, hyping the Hall of Fall Ceremony…

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;

‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig inducted by ‘The Hit Man’ Bret Hart

Nikolai Volkoff inducted by The Iron Sheik

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler inducted by ‘Good Ol J.R’ Jim Ross

Mr. T {Celebrity Wing} inducted by Rowdy Roddy Piper

Dusty Rhodes inducted by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts inducted by Mick Foley

Eddie Guerrero inducted by Chavo Guerrero

Clips are then shown from Unlimited during the commercial, where we see Christian and Tomko getting themselves together backstage. Christian tells Tomko he doesn’t want this to be his last appearance before Wrestle Mania, and vows to show up on Smackdown on Thursday night.

Back in the arena, Coach is stood in the ring…

The Coach: Ladies and Gentlemen, right now, I’d like to introduce to you, the two men involved in the Raw main event for this Sundays Wrestle Mania. First, the challenger, Randy Orton.

**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton makes his entrance, to a roundly mixed response, as the Number One Contenders popularity continues to wane. Orton steps into the ring, and blanks Coach, who offers a handshake, before going to the turnbuckle, posing for the fans, who again, are fairly mixed on the legend killer.

The Coach: And now, the defending champion, John Cena!!!

**My Time Is Now** John Cena storms out into the arena, getting an awesome reaction. The Champ salutes the fans, before focusing his attention on Orton, who stands in the ring, with an irritating grin. Cena steps inside, and hoist’s the title belt directly in the face of Orton, as the music dies down.

The Coach: Now Gentlemen, this Sunday, you two will battle over that World Heavyweight Championship for the second consecutive Wrestle Mania. This time though, the roles are rev-

Cena swipes the mic from Coach, to a huge pop.

John Cena: You’re not needed Coach. In fact, you’re in the way.

Coach doesn’t look sure what to do.

John Cena: Get … out. NOW!!!

Comedically, Coach jumps out of the ring, falling onto the floor on his way, as Cena turns his attention straight to Orton.

John Cena: We’ve been here before, haven’t we??

Orton nods, knowingly.

John Cena: And Randy, we’re goin there again.

Fans pop, as they get excited for WM.

John Cena: Over these last six weeks, we’ve tried to get along … but that just isn’t what we do.

Orton agrees.

John Cena: Because, lets face it Orton, you’re nothing more than a snake in the grass.

Orton looks a little shocked by the comment.

John Cena: The moment my back is turned, you’re plotting a way to get one over on me. Nailing me with the World Title, costing me matches. You can deny it wasn’t deliberate, but you and I both know it was.

Orton reaches over, and asks for the mic from Cena, which he is given.

Randy Orton: Listen John, you might not want to believe me, but we’ve just had a lot of mix ups. I’ve hit you accidentally, and you’ve hit me too. But at the end of the day, we still have the opportunity to go into Wrestle Mania, with mutual respect. All we have to do, is shake on it.

Orton extends his hand to Cena. The fans erupt into a mixed response for the handshake, with most not trusting Orton. Cena looks around, and has to think about the handshake offer. He looks at Orton, and grins slightly, not knowing what to think. He turns away, and looks to the fans, who are against the idea of a handshake. Cena turns back around, and thinks about it again, but just as it looks like he has finally made his decision to shake Ortons hand, Randy pulls away, to a huge set of boos.

Randy Orton: I don’t like being left waiting. If you cant make your mind up quicker than that, then you don’t deserve to shake my hand.

The fans give Orton heat, as Cena takes the mic back.

John Cena: Can you really blame me Randy?? Why should I shake your hand, if I don’t trust a single word coming out of your mouth.

Fans cheer

John Cena: We’ve got too much history, just to shake hands, and have mutual respect, don’t you think??

Orton shows no emotion

John Cena: Randy, one year ago tonight, March 20th last year, you and I main evented Wrestle Mania 21. You gave it all you had, and I gave it all I had too. We tore the roof off Ford Field that night. We both bled, for one thing. This World Championship.

Cena holds the belt up, whilst Orton smiles again, and turns away, asking for a mic.

Randy Orton: Actually John, I’m glad you pointed that out. Because I just wanted to remind you now, that when you leave West Newberry in a couple of days time to travel to Vegas, you need to bring the traditional World Heavyweight Championship, because that sideshow piece of bling means nothing to me.

Cena lets out a slight laugh, before speaking.

John Cena: Sure, sure. That’s fine, but y’know, it’s a bitch to carry two title belts through airports, and it does seem a little stupid to take the “traditional” belt out of it’s glass casing at my home, just for a weekend.

Orton shakes his head.

Randy Orton: It wont be for a weekend John … it’ll be for good.

The fans “OOO” a little, as Cena again tries to contain himself from laughing, but cant. Orton tries not to look effected, but eventually snaps.

Randy Orton: What’s so funny?? Huh?? What could you possibly be laughing at?? It couldn’t get more serious than this Sunday. It couldn’t get more serious than the World Championship. It couldn’t get more serious than Wrestle FREAKIN Mania.

Cena stops laughing, and looks Orton dead in the eye.

John Cena: At least we agree on somethin Orton. I’ve been thinking of nothin else for the past six weeks.

Orton steps in closer and gets in Cenas face.

Randy Orton: You’ve been thinking about Wrestle Mania for six weeks?? John, try a whole damn year!!!

Crowd appear to be getting amped, as both men are appearing extremely tense.

Randy Orton: I’ve toiled for twelve months, dying for the opportunity to main event Wrestle Mania once again. I’ve been craving another shot at YOU. And this Sunday, I’ve got it.

John Cena: You damn right you got it. And you better not be thinkin’ that I’m just gonna roll over.

Randy Orton: I’m not expecting you to roll over John. I’m expecting the fight of a lifetime, but I am expecting to leave Vegas with the traditional World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Mixed response.

Randy Orton: I’m prepared to sacrifice life and limb, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to win. I don’t care what I have to do, or how I have to do it. I would gladly sell my soul to the devil, just to be a three time World Heavyweight Champion.

Another mixed response.

John Cena: You want it bad, I can tell. Randy … times that by ten, and you’re not even close to how much I’m desperate to keep this.

Fans slightly pop.

John Cena: Over the past year, I’ve held this belt for eight months. I’ve beaten monsters, I’ve beaten legends, I’ve won triple threat matches, fatal four way matches, last man standing matches, bled from ever pore in my body, just to keep this title, and win it back. I’ve been through hell, and came back stronger. I’ve faced every challenge head on, and I’ve knocked every challenge right out of the ballpark.

Cena chant starts up.

John Cena: I fear nothin, and I regret less. I’m John Cena, and I’m the World Heavyweight Champion. That means I’M the best. And when anybody faces me, no matter what age, what size, what race, colour or creed, they know that they’re goin to get the fight of their lives.

Cena chant builds louder now.

John Cena: Randy Orton, I’ll be damned if you’re goin to take this belt from me. You better bring all you got, every fibre of your being, because as you look me dead in the eye, I’m telling you straight up … you better be prepared to kill to take this title … because I’m prepared to DIE just to keep it.

Fans pop

John Cena: I’M THE CHAMP … AND THE CHAMP … IS HERE!!! And if you want some, then COME GET SOME!!!

Arena goes nuts for Cena, as Orton steps back, and takes in everything Cena has said. Orton thinks of speaking again, but the words fail to exit his mouth. We see Cena breathing heavily, worked up from his own words, and then, he extends his hand to Orton, for a handshake. Orton looks around, then back at Cena, and looks set to accept the handshake, but shakes his head, and bails out of the ring.

The fans give Orton heat for refusing the handshake, but Cena smiles, as he and Orton keep their eyes locked on one another, as the show ends, for the last time before Wrestle Mania.

Official Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

26th March 2006

MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada

Event Music:
Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:

WWE Champion,
Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Money in the Bank & Intercontinental Championship;
Roll of the Dice Match:


Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Women’s Championship Match:

Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Inter promotional Match:

vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Inter promotional Match:

Chris Jericho
vs. The Undertaker

Icon vs. Icon:

Shawn Michaels [/center
vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:

Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:

Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

No Disqualifications:

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

Pipers Pit, featuring the return of KANE

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;

‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Eddie Guerrero, Mr. T {Celebrity Wing}


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