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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Review

Bret Hart/Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit Promo: Great promo here, Bret Hart cuts a good promo on Angle about how he kept pestering him for months about the match and now I see things in a tottaly different light with this feud. Kurt Angle, the wrestler who doesn't know his own personal well being, trying to make Bret Hart not know his own. This feud has just gotten so deep for me, that it is going to be one of the matches that I am mostly looking forward to at WrestleMania 22. Nice segement with Benoit coming in cutting off Angle's insane intentions of how he wants to hurt Hart. The Benoit vs. Angle match gets built up a bit and I am looking forward to how things go later tonight.

Triple H vs. Paul London: If I remember correctly, this match happened a few months back, and it is good to see London getting a rematch. Shane McMahon comes out distracting Triple H which gives Paul London the victory. Only fueling up HHH's hatred and hopes of destroying WrestleMania.

Shane McMahon Promo: Ah man, I was looking forward to some books being read on Raw and Smackdown! At least we finally get the match, HHH vs. O'Mac though I thought it could have been announced a bit better, but hey this is defiantly a dream match of mine. The brothers-in-law clash March 26th at WrestleMania 22.

Maven vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: A simple squash for Austin.

Austin/Christian Promo: Christian gets a good sneak attack in which is nicely done, this has to be one of the top four matches I am looking forward to at WrestleMania.

Heyman/Lesnar/Hart Promo: Haha, things just got very intresting now, two halfs of WrestleMania matches facing each other in the main event, and the other two halfs are up in the sky box watching the show toghther.

America's Most Wanted vs. Storm & Regal: Another win for AMW on their weekly winning duety.

The Rock on The Highlight Reel: The Rock and Y2J basicially rip on each other, before it is deiced that The Rock and Y2J will be going to RAW toghther, but after they get their it is everyone for themselves.

Sky Box Promo: Things seem to get a bit heated in the sky box, as Bret tells Lesnar that he will lose to Benoit because he underestimates him, and Steamboat makes Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar versus The Dudley Boyz, I been wondering about them lately in this thread about their position lately.

Matt Hardy vs. Doug Basham: A win for Matt Hardy by DQ, before The Cabinet tries to beat down on V.1, but Matt comes back looking strong, and I am begging for a Matt US Title reign.

America's Most Wanted Promo: AMW lay down the challenge for what should be an awesome match, I can't wait to see how Benjamin and Haas respond.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle: Awesome main event to end the show. Chris Benoit finally gets the victory with the Crossface despite the distractions from Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is able to win the battle tonight, because after the match he throws beer all over Nancy Sullivan Benoit. Looking forward to next week's show with next week's tag team match.

Overal: 9/10 Great Show

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Re: Being The Booker

Brilliant opening promo with Hart, Angle and Benoit, which started with Hart doing the simple things by explaining what he has done to get ready for the match, before telling us what this will mean to him at Mania. Some great lines from Hart to try and push the guilt trip on Angle and make us feel sympathetic, before Angle responds with some seriously evil lines to use on Hart and say he wants to cripple him. Angle has really turned sadistic as of late. Benoit then comes out, and sets up the main event for tonight a bit more, which should be a classic

Huge, huge, win for London over the Game, and now he has to be set for a big push in the future. Shane screws HHH out of the win, and I guess that means he will be facing him at Mania, which will be a solid match I guess

HHH then announces that he wont be going anywhere until he gets his match, so he destroys the Dicks, before Shane comes out and makes the match official. This felt a bit rushed to be honest, as I was looking forward to listening to HHH read a book…

Austin squashes Maven, which ends his recent push, before Tomko comes out as the kind of distraction. He gets taken out, but Christian then sneaks up from behind and takes out Austin with the chair. Good move by CC, and he has the advantage now

Hart and Heyman have to share the sky box, so it will be interesting to see what develops later in the show

AMW beat Storm and Regal to keep the belts, and now I guess they have to move onto Shelton and Haas for Mania, as that is all that is left for them

Jericho gets the typical pop for the Canadian, before he turns the crowd on him with the anti-Canada comments which is the way to do it. The Rock comes out, and does his normal lines, but Jericho was ahead of him on the mic tonight, and made himself look good. Both Jericho and Rock going to Raw sounds great, and it will be good to see what they do there… maybe a tag match?

Benoit and Lesnar team up next week, which is a twist for Lesnar. I presume they win, but it will interesting to see how they get along

Hardy gets the DQ win over the other Basham, and now he has gone through the entire Cabinet. JBL tries to beat him down, but it doesn’t work, and Hardy leaves the stronger after holding up the title belt. Hardy has totally owned this feud so far, but I still don’t see him winning the belt

AMW challenge WGTT in a pretty bland promo, but kind of had to be done that way. Guess they accept, and we get our tag match

Loving the return of the Christian/Tomko preview, which was as brilliant as ever

Great main event, which almost topped the Nemesis match, but not quite as that match still manages to edge this one out. Some great wrestling, and some very good near falls, before Benoit gets the win that he had to get, making Angle tap out to the Sharpshooter, which is fitting seeing as they were in Canada. Lesnar then comes out to the ring, and throws beer at Benoit’s wife, trying to get inside his head, and I guess this is the way the feud is going to go
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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Smackdown Review:

Good promo as you can tell this feud is going to continue to be personal as it has been. Surprised to see Benoit come down and even for the length of time he was down there, he added to the promo a bit.

Yes, Paul London gets a major win tonight! Pushing London it seems and this adds credibilty to the CW title too, but anyways McMahon vs HHH seems pretty iminent to me right now come 'Mania.

Wow, I was right, Shane meeting Hunter at 'Mania is going to be brutal. A huge fight and when there is no rules, Shane is always at his best. I'm looking forward to seeing this one, now.

Squash match, Austin runs right over Maven even though you've been pushing him somewhat recently. But um, back to back blood scenes, first the Dicks, now Austin? Never seen that before.

Wow, surprised to see Hart take that from Lesnar but of course, Lesnar is a big man. Wondering what goes down up there tonight, maybe some pointers from Lesnar to Hart on Angle huh? Seriously doubt it!

Not much to say other than good little title defense for the tag champs. They've beaten pretty much every team on Smackdown recently as has WGTT and I'm looking forward to their rematch.

Highlight Reel time. Ok Highlight Reel, there has been better in the past but hey, owell. Um, the ending was kinda strange, that was it and I thought Jericho would have tried to run down Rocky more. But it was still fine.

Back into the box we go and um, nice little tag match announced for next week. Sounds fine with me and I'm looking forward to seeing how Lesnar and Benoit can get along, I'm thinking Lesnar leaves the match.

Hardy continues his wins looking impressive over the wins he has gotten over the Cabinet. Guessing Hardy fights the other Basham next week as I don't believe he has yet and he would have fought the other two already.

Nothing special about the interview but it's got to be done somehow and someway. Glad to see it's being announced now and both teams working as faces is fine, even though there hasn't been much hype, it's still going to be good.

WOW! That's all I can say, I really understand why you think this was the greatest main event and it lived up to all the hype! This was insane and even though Angle lost, it didn't make him look too weak considering he had to go almost 30 minutes to lose! The ending is a nice touch and a bit confusing until I remember that both men can't legally touch each other and then, it made sense.
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! March 9th Review

Hart/Angle/Benoit Promo: Amazing promo from three of the best in the business. Loved when Hart was taking out all his frustration on Angle verbally. Angle still thinks that Hart brought this on himself and Benoit wants to beat the hell out of Kurt for that. Can’t wait for the main event!

Triple H vs. Paul London: Sounded like an amazing match. Glad that Shane came out but very surprised that London was able to roll-up the Game. Triple H will not be happy after this!

Shane/Triple H Promo: Triple H beating up the Dicks wasn’t really necessary in my opinion but that was probably just a time-filler. Shane announcing the not DQ match is huge and I can’t wait to see Shane do some crazy stuff at WrestleMania 22

Maven vs. ‘Stone Cold’: No surprise to see Austin win but I thought that the match would be a little longer seeing as how Austin hadn’t been in the ring since January. Austin gets rid of Tomko but gets blasted with a steel chair by Christian! This is really getting personal and I love it!

Lesnar/Hart Promo: Sort of a strange confrontation but probably just a way to get Lesnar on the show

AMW vs. Storm/Regal: No surprise to see AMW win and they don’t seem to have anyone left to face at Mania

Highlight Reel: Great promo between two of the most charismatic superstars in the WWE. Love the Rock embarrassing Jericho on the mic and I think Jericho wanted them to team on RAW but the Rock didn’t want any of it. Interested to see what happens on Monday Night RAW!

Lesnar/Steamboat Promo: Interested to see what happens next week in the tag match. Glad to see Hart stick up for Benoit and I see Lesnar having a part in the main event even though he can’t touch Benoit

Hardy vs. Basham: No surprise to see JBL interfere as this rivalry is finally starting to pick up. I see the Cabinet breaking up at any moment after this confrontation

AMW Promo: Finally we see the match set up for WrestleMania, Tag Champs vs. Tag Champs. I see Haas and Benjamin taking this one

WM Commercial: Seen it before but still very funny

Main Event: Amazing match! Definitely the best non-full match that I have ever read. Great back and forth action and glad to see Benoit win with the Sharpshooter. Lesnar throwing the drink on Benoit’s wife is very disrespectful and I wonder what Benoit will do next week.

Overall: 10/10 Amazing Smackdown, definitely the best I have ever read from any thread. Loved the opening promo, the announcement of Triple H/Shane at Mania and the main event. Look forward to RAW!


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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Angle/Hart/Benoit Promo: This was an amazing segment man, you did a great job with Bret Hart, and Angle was as good or better. Benoit was on key, and you did a really good job with this segment, one of my favorite promos I've read in the months i've been here, this sets the tune for the rest of show looks great.

Triple H vs Paul London: Wow, this was something, Shane McMahon costs HHH the match via distraction basically. What a win for London, this was a really good match and its great to see London get a nice big push from this match.

Shane & HHH Promo:
Solid promo here, Shane makes a big WrestleMania announcement, which I very much expected. I pretty much figured this was going to happen, solid match as I love Shane getting a match, this should be one of the matchs to remember at Mania much like Hart vs Angle.

Maven vs Austin:
This probably will be Maven's shortest match ever lmao. Very interesting seeing Austin completely destroy him, I thought Maven might upset him, just a little squash here to build Austin thats good.

Austin/Christian/Tomko Promo:
Austin cuts a promo, kicks Tomko's ass, and it pretty much shocks me to see Austin get his ass kicked by Christian. That was a good promo, cut off a little fast, but hey thats fine. I am happy to see Christian gain some advantage, It will be interesting to see which faces and heels go over, hopefully you don't overfill Mania with just face wins, because their are twists and turns at Mania not just face dominance.

Hart/Heyman/Lesnar Promo:
Haha this is funny, you really are working the Hart stuff tonight, this is going to make for some interesting promos and I hope you do at least a few with them as they would be cool. Your aloud to overuse Hart in one night, the show's really good so far the best so far in the short time I've read your thread Wolf.

AMW vs Lance & William:
Short and sweet to the point, AMW takes the win as expected though not all tag team matchs should be tag title matchs, this should be interesting who they face at Mania.

Jericho/Rock Promo:
Jericho gets some really cheap heat, though he gets the crowd turn against him which was good. The Rock was really good in this, really getting some good pops and got some momentum with some good stuff. Both very strong in this, and the show really is top notch so far.

Hart/Steamboat/Lesnar/Heyman Promo:
Very interesting, good tag action next week really leading towards Mania, they can't touch each other so how do they tag in and out lol. Good promo, Hart gets into Lesnar's head your really doing good with Hart tonight, I hope Hart is fulltime again after Mania that would be cool, good stuff Wolf.

Hardy vs Basham:
Decent match, with some interesting aftermath. Good stuff bud, with Hardy getting the best of everyone after, JBL hopefully gains some momentum leading to Mania though cause Hardy's looking dominant in this feud it seems. Good ending to this looks interesting, Hardy will win though for sure at Mania I think.

AMW Interview:
AMW vs WGTT would be off the chainz, this looks to be great if it happens at Mania which it should. Good interview either way, and this looks like the completition of the Mania card, if it happens. You told me over 12 matchs for Mania, is to much, so I figure 12 is what you got planned this looks good this is by far the best SD or Raw I've read from you so far.

WrestleMania Vignette:
This was funny, and pretty much good. Shows what happens in Vegas, really happens lol, and I hope Mae Young and Moolah stay in Vegas lol. This was pretty funny good to see a new one like this, really funny in my opinion.

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle: Great Main Event, good to see you wrote it mostly in full here. This was an awesome match to read, great ending to a great night. Lesnar throwing beer on Benoit's wife, thats something, can't touch Benoit but did that to his wife going to make for an interesting tag team match next week for sure.

Great show, I really REALLY enjoyed the show, the best one I've read from you. 93/100 really one of the best you've probably written I can see, you said it yourself, Mania looks great, and this really had some awesome promos with some great matchs that I would of loved to see in full. Great stuff man, here's a review, SD's up, and also can't wait for Raw with the buildup for that should be great!
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Re: Being The Booker

What a way to kick SmackDown! off, Bret Hart has returned! Hart was just milking it from the audience here, every few words he said got a pop, and now Angle is here, man is this gonna be strong or what? Bret declines a handshake, and doesn't allow Angle to get a word in as he lays all his feelings down about what Angle has done. And Angle responds in kind, very powerful promo so far and now Benoit is involved? Benoit gets the fans all fired up, as if they weren't already and Angle just walks off, not wanting anything to happen in an awesome promo

London beats HHH! What a huge win for London, and it's because Shane appeared on the stage. This Shane/HHH match has gotta be on now

HHH is still going nuts, smashing a camera and attacking the Dicks before getting his match with Shane made for WM and it's a No DQ match! Sweet, I can picture another spotfest from Shane O Mac, that's why I love his matches

Austin squashes Maven easily, and just as he goes to down a beer, here comes Tomko! Austin deals with him and Maven again, and just as he's about to leave, Christian nails him with a chair and douses him in beer! Austin's gonna make CLB pay for that one no doubt

Hmm, something's gonna happen in that sky box, possibly during the main event, I can just feel it

AMW again win, what's left for them? I hope they end up doing something with WGTT on RAW, as they aren't doing anything either at the moment

Lol Jericho is on fire, killing the Edmonton crowd here, just exactly what you'd expect from him. Rock is here, and as always, and Jericho doesn't take long to get on Rock's bad side. I love The Rock's promo's with you, they're always spot on, much like this one. Haha, Rock turns down Jericho's proposition for RAW and off he goes

Ha, Lesnar has to team with Benoit and face the Dudleyz. The Dudleyz could do with a tag title feud after WM with AMW, would make for good reading IMO

Matt Hardy beats Doug and then fends off an attack from the Cabinet, I'm not sure if Hardy will win at WM, IMO he deserves to, but JBL makes for such an entertaining champion

YES! WGTT vs AMW is looking set! Thank god, what a match it's gonna be!

I love this promo video for WM, absolutely classic, Christian & Tomko must have had fun making it lol, really enjoyed Tomko's lines, and of course Christian

What an absolutely incredible main event, was like reading a recapped PPV matchup to be honest, and was everything you'd expect from these two men, Benoit & Angle, who gave it all and then some, I thought Lesnar might've done more than just walk down the ramp, but after the match he throws a beer onto Nancy, which will not sit well with Benoit next week

Just brilliant, the best SmackDown! I've ever read from you Wolf, just loved it. I never score this high but you deserve it 9.5/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks everyone for the reviews for Smackdown, and I'm delighted it was recieved well.

I've had a few internet problems the last few days, which has prevented me from doing much on the forums, but it has allowed me a chance to get motoring on now with Wrestle Mania.

I'm now left with just three matches and a tiny bit of a fourth left to do, along with a bit of commentary here and there.

However, I'm now close to changing the date of which I'll be posting WM, and might now end up posting one day earlier, meaning it'll be up on Thursday, December 14th. I'm just not entirely sure I can guarantee I'll not go out for a drink on a Friday after work.

Anyways, I'll start dishing out reviews for SD tomorrow, and will hopefully be caught up by Sunday, as neither show this week is in full, and I'll post both as a recap tomorrow, although I've written out two promos in full from Raw, which I think should go down well.

In the meantime, I'll post the following;
Heat Results:

Victoria defeated Nidia

Mark Henry defeated Val Venis

Roadkill & Danny Doring defeated Two Local Jobbers

Rob Van Dam defeated Orlando Jordan


Velocity Results:

Kid Kash defeats Tajiri, Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore in a Fatal Four Way Match to earn a Cruiserweight Title Shot next week on Smackdown.

Rob Conway continues his winning ways, defeating Spike Dudley

Chris Masters defeated a Local Jobber

Jamie Noble defeated Kanyon


WWE News and Rumours;

**BREAKING NEWS** has announced that the WWE board of directors have officially came to a decision that as of this Monday Night, both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan will be stripped of their powers as Co-General Managers.
No replacement has been announced, and it is expected that the Board will wait until after Wrestle Mania, before declaring the new General Manager of the WWE flagship show.

Rumours are beginning to circulating over the venue of next years Wrestle Mania, with the main candidates being states which have never held the event before. Sites in Minnesota, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida and Tennesee lead the pack, although the redeveloping Wembley Stadium in London, England is also being mentioned as a possible location. However, time delays, amongst other logical reasons could prevent the event being held so far away.

Expect nothing more than a straight yes from Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin this Monday Night on Raw, in response to the challenge set by AMW last week on Smackdown, to set up a Tag Champions vs Tag Champions Match at Wrestle Mania, which would round out the card. has also reported during it's Raw Preview, that along with The Rock and Chris Jericho travelling to the show from Smackdown, Captain Charisma, Christian, will be giving his 'review' of Steve Austins Wrestle Mania history.
And, in matches announced for Raw this week, Carlito faces Ken Kennedy in a Non Title Match up, Randy Orton faces Rhyno in a match set up last week, whilst Ric Flair, Batista and Nick Dinsmore team up, to face three opponents TBA. And, after his attack on The Brotherhood two weeks ago, John Cena has been challenged to face Mark Henry this week, in a non title match.

Meanwhile, early Smackdown previews have announced Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar vs The Dudley Boys, who have been MIA, ever since negotiating a new deal which has seen them allowed to work dates now in Japan. It's unknown if they'll be around for long this time around, or if they will be continued to be used on a part time basis.
And, with Kid Kash winning a Fatal Four Way on Velocity, he now has a title shot against Paul London this Thursday night, with London coming off the back of the biggest win of his career last week.
Finally, JBL has challenged Matt Hardy to find himself three partners for this weeks show, as JBL and his Cabinet are set to take on Matt Hardy, and three partners in an eight man tag match.


Both shows (in recap form, bar two promos - The Rock and DX / Christians review of Austin) will be up tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Nice HEAT & Velocity results, and interesting notes/news post, how is order gonna be kept on RAW with both Hogan & Flair stripped of their GM roles?

It'll be interesting to see when RAW is posted.


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Re: Being The Booker

Nice notes and news Wolfy. The clock is ticking as December 15th quickly arrives and the biggest event in BTB History takes place. Looking forward to the upcoming shows for tomorrow. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

SD Review (sorry for delay, man):

Opening promo- Amazing, flat out amazing, covering all three men's characters perfectly and going on for a great length to open the show. I love the feuds intertwining here, and keeping it very realistic. All the men had great lines and added a subtle intensity to both feuds, and the main event should be awesome.

HHH vs London- Pretty good opening match with HHH taking a clear advantage during the match, as he should, being the bigger and more experienced guy. But...McMahon interferes and London steals the victory! YES! PUSH FOR LONDON!!!! HHH/McMahon at WM, obviously

HHH/McMahon segment- Great segment to get HHH some heat, halting the show, great heel move and booking decision. Beating up the Dicks was a nice touch as well. Match announcement was obvious, but it should be a good match. Kinda disappointed in where the HHH storyline went, which means there better be a ridiculously huge bump during the match

Austin vs Maven- At least you gave Austin something to do aside from his Chrisitan feud. Austin wins, yeah yeah, whatever.

Austin/Christian segment- Austin's promo was...meh. His character was spot on and it was a good length, but it seemed like you just kept trying to throw his 'catchphrases' in whenever you could, like ending each part with 'son', and throwing in words that just didnt belong. Christin's beatdown afterwards was neccessecary and was a good boking decision, and Austin refusing help was a tremendous touch. The little things matter, and that's something Austin would do.

Hart/Lesnar segment- Hmm, seemed kind of unnessecary, although getting the top guys on camera is a smart move. I liked the contrast in characters, top face (pretty much) and top heel interacting, it was interesting, but hopefully it's going somewhere and not just a filler.

AMW vs Regal/Storm- Nothing special, typical filler tag match to get the champs on the card. Hope they get a WM match soon, I personally love AMW and think they're the best mainstream tag team of this decade.

Jericho/Rock segment- This was pretty cool to be honest, you caught both their over-the-top characters well and had all the right lines, making this an enjoyable promo. Jericho laughing at Rock and Rock trying to stay calm was good booking, since both men had bigger concerns. Good way to build two feuds at once, both men stating their purposes, and having them invade RAW together should be interesting. Although, this segment seemed kind of pointless other than both men just saying "I'm gonna win my feud" and showing more face/heel interactions. Like, both invading RAW...just doesn't really do anything, since they won't be together or whatever. Hope that made sense, haha.

Lesnar/Hart/Steamboat segment- I guess this went somewhere, kinda, leading to a Benoit/Lesnar vs Dudleys match announcement. It all seem to happen too fast for my tastes. Lesnar shattering the glass and losing his temper was good, but having Hart remain calm and even laughing made it awesome, once again showing the character contrast I talked about before. Hart's lines really have me hyped for Benoit/Lesnar at WM.

Hardy vs Basham- Decent match with an obvious finish and aftermatch, but it's good, albeit basic build up for their WM match. Hope to see Hardy win the gold, and I think he should get a promo or two in, hasnt had many (if any) for a while.

AMW interview- Solid interview, in character for the most part but you kinda missed their infamous ending line "Sorry bout your damn luck". L O V E the match announcement, but not so much the interview, just didnt do much for me. So, is WM gonna be Night Of Rematches?

WM hype video- HILARIOUS! Man, really, really funny. Very realistic and WWE-ish, nice job.

Angle vs Benoit- Didn't dissapoint in the slightest, fantastic main event for SmackDown, which seems to be a common trend for the last six shows. Great back and forth contest, a technical masterpiece for television, with tons of near-submits and near-falls. I thought Angle had it won until the very end, which was awesome booking, having the Sharpshooter be the move to make Angle tap, and it didn't make him look weak. The aftermath with Lesnar pouring a drink on Benoit's wife...genius booking.

Overall- 9.5/10. I'm a bit behind on your shows as of late, but you still continue to impress me, Wolfy. Had some minor problems in a few promos that built up, but aside from that, nothing bad to say about the show.

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