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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! looks amazing and I will be reviewing for sure on Sunday!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown looks awesome Wolfy, a review is coming when posted.

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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Preview looks, como se dice, great.(Lame Estrada impersonation. ) Double Review coming your way once it is posted.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

great Smackdown preview, ill try to get a review in
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Re: Being The Booker


March 9th; Edmonton:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: The Sky Reach Centre is bracing itself for arguably the most star studded Smackdown of ALL TIME. Tonight, we witness the return of Bret Hart to a WWE ring for the first time since the Royal Rumble, Steve Austin is in action for the first time since the same event, Triple H faces the Cruiserweight Champion Paul London, The Rock is in the building, set to appear on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho, and tonight’s main event, pit’s the Number One Contender, and tonight’s hometown boy, Chris Benoit, against his ultimate nemesis, and the man who faces Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania, Kurt Angle!!!

Tazz: Off the hook Cole. That’s probably the longest it’s ever took for me to get a word in on Smackdown!!!

Michael Cole: I’ve been waiting for this night all week partner, and finally it is here. We have a major Wrestle Mania feel, just two and a half weeks away from the Granddaddy of them all!!!

**Hart Attack**

The Sky Reach centre EXPLODES for Bret Hart, who slowly steps out beyond the curtain, to a memorable ovation for The Hitman.

Michael Cole: Listen to this reaction!!! The Hitman, Bret Hart IS BACK!!! He is a revered hero, an icon in Canada, and across the world, but in his home state of Alberta, he isn’t seen as an icon, isn’t seen as a hero … but Bret Hart is a GOD!!!

Tazz: How awe inspiring is this Cole?? I don’t think I’ve ever saw a reaction like this for one man in all my life.

Michael Cole: What will Bret Hart have to say tonight?? He has been tight lipped for the past six weeks, but tonight, Bret Hart is set to bare his soul to the world, just two and a half weeks away from his Wrestle Mania showdown, with none other than Kurt Angle.

Hart steps into the ring, to another big pop from the fans, who give him a standing ovation. He is handed a mic by Tony Chimmel, and stands in the middle of the ring, with the music having now stopped, but the fans still showing their hero respect. Bret looks to be emotional from the reaction, as the fans continue to chant his name, with Hart eventually stepping out of the ring, and pulling out a pair of his trademark sunglasses from his top pocket, before giving them to a kid in the front row.

Hart gets back inside the ring, and the fans clap Bret once more, showing their adulation for his kindness to the kid. Hart, picks up the mic, and begins to talk over the clapping and cheers.

Bret Hart: There is no better place to be … than home.

Huge response from the fans.

Bret Hart: And Alberta, Canada, is Bret Harts home.

Cheap pop.

Bret Hart: I cant begin to describe the emotions running through my body right now. I’m really tired for one … happy at the same time … I’m scared stiff, I’m overawed, I’m excited. Tired out, from the relentless training ahead of Wrestle Mania 22.

Crowd Pops

Bret Hart: Happy, to be back in front of the WWE fans, in a WWE ring.

Fans cheer

Bret Hart: Scared stiff that I might never walk again in a few weeks time.

Crowd boos

Bret Hart: Overawed by the reaction of every single person in Edmonton tonight.

Huge Pop

Bret Hart: And lastly, I’m excited, dunno why, but I am, about getting into the ring, one last time, on the grandest stage of them all!!!

‘Bret’ chant starts up.

Bret Hart: Thank you.

Hart looks around, and nods, as he looks at the fans show their appreciation.

Bret Hart: Y’know, it’s been a long time since The Royal Rumble. I’ve had time to reflect, I’ve had time to get my head straight, and I’ve been training day and night, flat out, because there is no way, win, lose or draw, that at Wrestle Mania I’m going to make a fool of myself.

Hart takes another look around.

Bret Hart: As for tonight, I’m here for three reasons. One, is to show my face, in front of all you fans.


Bret Hart: The second is to watch a night of great Smackdown action from up in the sky box.

Smaller pop

Bret Hart: And the third, is to see, Kurt Angle.


Hart sticks his arms out, and looks to the entrance way, waiting for the entrance of Kurt Angle. The fans wait too, as Hart appears to be calm, waiting for Angle to show his face…

**Medal** The fans come alive, with a ridiculous amount of heat, although with a scattered amount of cheers here and there, in appreciation for the Olympian.

Angle walks out into the arena, looking almost possessed, locking his eyes on his WM opponent, quickly pacing towards the ring, and jumping up the steps, before entering the ring, and walking directly into Brets path, taking a long lasting look, before brushing past, and demanding a mic. He is handed one, and turns around, immediately motioning to his throat for the music to stop.

Kurt Angle: Bret.

Angle looks around, as the arena fills with ‘Bret’ chants. Slowly, Angle reaches out his hand, offering it to Hart. Hart looks down at the hand, and back up at Angle, before speaking.

Bret Hart: Generally, I’m not a rude man, but I’m afraid you waived your right to offer me a handshake at the Royal Rumble.

Crowd pops for Bret.

Bret Hart: So, unless you want me to slap it away, I suggest you remove your hand from my direction.

The tension builds, as Angle nods, and puts his hand back by his side. Kurt puts the mic to his mouth, and gets set to speak, but Hart butts in.

Bret Hart: You’ve also had the last six weeks to say whatever you wanted … so it’s my turn now. I talk, you listen.

Big pop, as Bret takes control of the Olympian.

Bret Hart: For seven months … SEVEN months, you hinted at me … you pestered me … you hounded me. You wanted an unrealistic dream, and you wouldn’t take no for an answer. Week by week, show after show, I’d tell you the story straight from the hip, no bull, and week after week, you refused to accept my answer.

Camera goes close in on Hart, who appears to be emotionally charged.

Bret Hart: You gave the fans a false hope. You gave the boys in the back a false hope. Deep down Kurt, you must’ve always knew I’d never say yes. That didn’t stop you did it?? Week by week, month by month, you tried to push the buttons, you deluded yourself further, and further, until you probably believed it could happen.

Bret runs his fingers through his air, composing himself.

Bret Hart: You thought you could lure me through jealousy. When you beat Shawn Michaels at the Clash of the Champions, you thought I would be jealous?? Kurt, I was proud that MY Smackdown World Champion beat the World Champion on Raw.

Fans clap

Bret Hart: You tried to make me change my own mind about my physical well being. Who was it you used as examples?? Lance Armstrong and Ric Flair?? Guys who were told they couldn’t, but did. I’m pleased for them, I really am, but my physical condition was much different, and you knew that … you still do.
Then, it takes a new direction. Because you start to lose your mind. You start getting paranoid. Thinking I’m gonna screw you out of the WWE Championship at any given moment … start to ask superstars to push me into it. Pestering me, at every given moment.

Fans give Angle heat

Bret Hart: And finally, once the championship is lost, then, then, you decide to challenge me.

Fans pop

Bret Hart: Again, I tried to tell you straight, and again, you refused to acknowledge my wishes. You had the audacity to draw up a contract, open up an online petition, for fans to sign and encourage me to get back in the ring, and had me get jeered in my own home town in Calgary because of it.

Heat again for Angle

Bret Hart: And this is only the short version. You humiliated me in Madison Square Garden at the Royal Rumble. I grovelled to you, just to let me say no, and you wouldn’t take it. You wouldn’t accept my answer, and you beat me to a pulp.

More heat for Angle

Bret Hart: You signed that contract, you forced the match. And although I’m going through with it, I still hate you for it.

We see Angle smiling now, as Bret looks to be getting more worked up.

Bret Hart: The dwindling amount of respect I had left for you as a human being, was shattered right there in New York. You’ve wrecked my home life. My wife, my family, my children, are all living in absolute fear over my personal well being at Wrestle Mania. They know, one bad fall, one harsh landing, and the little quality of life I have, will be gone (clicks fingers) just like that.

Hart, more angry than seen before, gets directly into Angles face.

Bret Hart: And I just want to make sure, that if something does go wrong … if I wind up in a wheel chair - or worse - will you be able to live with yourself?? Will you be able to live with the fact that you pushed the envelope, you did the damage, you put me into a vegetable status, just for one god forsaken match.

Angle breaks a smile, then gets deep eye contact with Hart.

Kurt Angle: As long as I can make you tap the mat and submit … I don’t care what happens to you Bret. As long as I can rightfully call myself the greatest ever, I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over what happens to you.

The fans give an ugly, ugly reaction to Angles sick comments.

Kurt Angle: This is all your fault Bret. Don’t play the victim. You had a chance months ago to go with the program, and accept my challenge like a man, and we could’ve approached this match with all respect, the way it should be. I didn’t make this personal, YOU DID!!!

Edmonton responds with an ‘Asshole’ chant.

Kurt Angle: You didn’t think I’d be upset when you turned my once in a lifetime offer down?? Bret, I was livid. I wanted to break your ankle right there and then, but I kept patient, I kept toiling, kept waiting, for you to change your mind, and realise the defining moment of your career was staring you in the freakin eye!!!

Angle looks around, before speaking again.

Kurt Angle: Before, I would’ve approached this match with honour, with dignity. But the way you had to be man handled to take the match, shows nothing but disrespect… like I’m below you… like I’m not worthy enough for you to face. But I am Bret. I really am. And at Wrestle Mania, my object is not only to win the match … I want to make you suffer for the humiliation I went through, week after week. I want your ankle to snap in half, and I want you to finish up in a wheel chair.

More nasty heat for Angle

Kurt Angle: I want you in a hospital bed for the remainder of your pathetic life, being fed through a tube, being taken to the toilet by some snot nosed work experience punk, having your underwear changed by some fat, smelly woman, with the one thought in your head forever being … why?? Why didn’t I accept the challenge from Kurt Angle?? Why did I provoke him?? I want to you live for the remainder of your life, knowing that I, Kurt Angle, put you there.

More heat for Angle, who is pushing the boundaries now.

Kurt Angle: Be-

**Whatever** Chris Benoit enters the arena to an UNREAL reaction, similar to that of Bret Hart, for the Edmonton home boy. Benoit looks around, and acknowledges the show of support, before pounding his chest, and pointing around the arena. The Wolverine now makes his way down the ramp, and gets into the ring, nodding at Hart, but glares at Angle, as he passes by, to take a mic from Chimmel.

The music dies down as Benoit collects the mic, and the fans erupt with a ‘Benoit’ chant. He nods, and Hart claps, whilst Angle looks to be fuming. Benoit, puts the mic to his mouth, but before he can speak, Angle pipes in.

Kurt Angle: This has nothing to do with you Benoit.

Fans give heat, then start a ‘Angle sucks’ chant.

Kurt Angle: SHUT UP!!

More heat.

Kurt Angle: C-

Chris Benoit: Kurt, take your own advice. Shut up, and listen.


Chris Benoit: I’ve sat back and watched long enough. I’ve watched you hound this man Kurt, I’ve watched you lay into my friend, a mentor of mine, badgering him, backing him into corners, until you finally got what you wanted.

More heat directed at Angle

Chris Benoit: I’ve had to bite my tongue for too long Kurt. But tonight, it ends. Tonight, I’m going to take my frustrations out. My frustrations from not being able to lay a finger on Brock Lesnar … my frustrations from watching you make this mans life hell … my frustrations from watching you walk around here the past few weeks, like what you did at the Royal Rumble wasn’t wrong … and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy breaking you in half, in front of my home town … in front of my home fans, and in front of fifteen thousand Bret Hart fans!!!

Sky Reach centre goes nuts with the cheap pops

Chris Benoit: So I’d suggest you take that smug look off your face, because after this night is over, your Wrestle Mania dream match, might end up being just that… A DREAM.

Crowd behind Benoit, but a mixed response to Benoit threatening to stop Angle vs. Hart at WM.

Kurt Angle: Chris, the only dream that might end up being only that … is your dream of headlining Wrestle Mania 22.

Major heat for Angle.

Kurt Angle: Because not only is my goal to make sure that piece of crap never walks again … but tonight, my goal, is to put you on the shelf, and take your Wrestle Mania main event.

‘Lets go Benoit’ chant

Chris Benoit: You can say anything you want Kurt. Make all the idle threats, because quite frankly, I don’t believe you. I don’t think you will, because I know that no matter what happens tonight, I’m going to headline Wrestle Mania, and I will become the WWE Champion!!!

Fans pop.

Angle shakes his head, then looks at Hart, and points, not saying anything, before backing away, and steps out of the ring, walking up the ramp, as Benoit and Hart talk together in the ring, most likely about Angle, as we cut to a commercial.


As we return, we see highlights from last weeks interview with Triple H, along with clips of his attack on Shane McMahon two weeks ago.

Then, we see Bret Hart settling down in his personal sky box, before cutting back to the ring.

**Stay in Shadow** Paul London, the Cruiserweight Champion enters the arena to a stunning crowd reaction, and sprints to the ring.

**Time to Play the Game** Triple H enters, and goes through the motions of his usual entrance for this match up.

1st Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London
Long, PPV standard match up, with Triple H getting his first real match since SNME, and London getting another chance to shine against a top name. Triple H dominates the early going, venting his anger, which eventually back fires as he loses concentration, which allows London to come back into the match, and make a real fight of it. With a commercial in between, the match continues, and after a back and forth exhilarating contest, London hit’s a Shooting Star, with Triple H needing to get a foot on the ropes to save a major loss, before slowly, he manages to come back, and take London down, to restore his advantage.
The Game hit’s a spine buster for a long two, and appears to be setting up for the Pedigree … but then, a figure appears from behind the curtain, which Triple H spots … and it’s SHANE MCMAHON!!! Shane has a bandage on his forehead, along with a huge bruise, still from the sledgehammer shot two weeks ago courtesy of The Game. Triple H takes his focus off of London, and glares at Shane, before holding the ropes open, inviting Shane to the ring. McMahon shakes his head, not wanting to get into the ring.
The Game then lets go of the ropes, and starts yelling up the ramp that he WILL kill Wrestle Mania, as Paul London suddenly comes up from behind, and rolls up The Game, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 17:05

LONDON WINS!!!!! Triple H cannot believe what has just happened, as we watch Shane, smugly smiling trot back behind the curtain, having done his job. London walks around the ring, in a daze, having just picked up, UNDOUBTEDLY his biggest win to date.

Triple H gets back up, and goes for a clothesline on London, but the CW champion ducks it, and bolts out of the ring, away from the irate Triple H, whose plan to ruin WM is backfiring before it can even get started.

London darts up the ramp, happy to get away from the victory with his body in tact, whilst Triple H, in the ring, is beside himself with anger, livid that Shane McMahon just cost him a victory.


We return, with Triple H walking around ringside, carrying a sledgehammer, thinking of what to do. A cameraman gets in his way, and The Game shoves the little fat man over, before smashing up the camera with the hammer. Now, Triple H pushes his weight around, before taking a mic.

Triple H: Shane, I suggest you get you’re ass out here NOW. You want there to be a show tonight, don’t ya?? Because until I get the announcement I’m waiting for, you get no show tonight. I’ll go to Raw, and read a book to the audience for two hours on Monday, then next Thursday I’ll do the same thing. And I’ll do that, for as long as it takes.

Triple H hit’s the steel steps with the hammer, wanting answers, before we hear…

**Dicks** The Dicks walk out into the arena, for their scheduled match.

Michael Cole: Well, The Dicks are supposed to be in action here, against the A.F.A, but I think someone oughta tell them to wait in the back.

Tazz: Yeah. Chad and James might become road kill in a moment if they aren’t lucky.

The Dicks walk to the ring, looking ridiculous as ever, but before they get inside, Triple H stops them, and pushes Chad over, before knocking out James with the sledgehammer. Chad gets back up, and is shoved into the steps by Triple H, before The Game starts laying in right hands on the unfortunate Dick.

Triple H is relentless with his punches, as we see James bleeding profusely from the hammer shot, when…

**Here Comes The Money** Shane McMahon steps back out into the arena, this time with music, and a microphone. Triple H eventually realises the music playing, and stops his attack, then gets up, and looks to the top of the ramp, where Shane stands.

Shane McMahon: Hunter, you wanted me?? I’m right here, take your best shot.

Triple H thinks about it, then agrees, before approaching the ramp.

Shane McMahon: But I suggest you conserve your energy, because as of right now, you’ve got your spot at Wrestle Mania.

Fans pop, and Triple H nods, awaiting the announcement of opponent.

Shane McMahon: Against me.

Small pop, and Triple H seems less than happy, wanting a big name opponent.

Shane McMahon: I don’t care that you wanted a main attraction match. I don’t care that you wanted a legend. I’m not a legend, I’m not even near your level, but I promise you, come Wrestle Mania, you will regret the day you messed with a McMahon.

Small pop

Shane McMahon: You’ve got your match, but it wont be just you and I going one on one. I’m making our match … No Disqualifications.

Bigger pop

Shane McMahon: Sounds pretty good for you, right?? Wrong. Like I said, I’m not on your level in the ring, but when it’s a real fight, with no rules, I can promise you Hunter, the longest night in your entire life. I might not win … I might not even survive, but I guarantee you a night you’ll never live to forget come March 26th.

Shane throws the mic, and walks away, whilst at the bottom of the ramp, Triple H breathes heavily, pissed off with not getting a main event match, and fuming with Shanes confident announcement.


2nd Match:
Maven vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Much shorter match than before, with Austin basically squashing the Tough Enough winner, going through the motions, before finishing him off with the Stunner, getting a simple, 1...2...3.
Winner: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin @ 01:46

Austin has his hand raised, and gets Maven out of the ring, before catching a few beers, and calls for a mic. Just as Austin prepares to speak, he spots Tyson Tomko making his way through the crowd!!! The Rattlesnake drops the mic, and the cans, and braces himself for the Problem Solver.

Tomko climbs over the barrier, pushing past two security officers, and walks up the steps, before climbing through the ropes, only to be met by Austin, who fires off left and right piston like right hands.

He backs Tyson into the corner, and stomps at the big man, before turning around, and stopping Maven, who comes back for seconds, giving him a Stunner for his troubles. Austin gets back up, and lobs Tomko right over the top rope, to the floor, before picking up the mic again.

Steve Austin: Christian, you little rat bastard. I know your little carcass is ridin around here somewhere. I can smell the fear from this very ring. If you’ve got the guts to show up on my show, then you oughta have the guts to come and see me face to face son.

Austin looks around, waiting for Christian to show his face.

Steve Austin: Y’know, I’m not surprised. You get your little Stone Cold wannabe bodyguard to do the work for ya all you want, but every single time I’m gonna stomp a mudhole in his sorry ass, just like I intend to at Wrestle Mania son.

Fans cheer

Steve Austin: So you can think of all the hair brained schemes ya like, because Captain Jackass, you’ll not be able to worm your way out of going face to face, toe to toe with THE worlds toughest son-of-a-bitch on March 26th … and that’s the bottom line…


**Glass Shatters** Austin toasts the crowd, and downs his two beers, before calling for two more beers, which he receives. Austin leaves the ring, and walks up the ramp, smiling, before turning around at the very top, to toast the fans one more time … but as he turns his back to the entrance …


Austin goes down from the impact, as Christian slowly crouches down beside him, with a sick grin across his face. He picks up one of the beer cans, and pours the remainder of it over the head of Austin, which has been lacerated deeply from the chair shot, possibly hard way.

Christian gets up, and pounds his chest, to a fairly mixed response, coming from his home nations fans.




We see clips of during the break of Christian and Tomko calmly leaving the arena, whilst Austin, looking concussed, refuses medical treatment, following the chair shot from Captain Charisma.

Back in the arena, we see Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walking along the corridor, looking for their own sky box for tonight’s show. Heyman stops at what he believes is their box, and opens the door … to find Bret Hart inside.

Brock Lesnar: What the hell are you doing here??

Hart gets up immediately, and confronts the pair.

Bret Hart: What am I doing?? I’m watching the show. Now, would you two care to tell me why you are in my sky box??

Paul Heyman: Your sky box?? No, no, no. I’m afraid there has been a mix up here Bret. This, is OUR sky box.

Hart shakes his head.

Bret Hart: I don’t think so.

Brock Lesnar: You’re not the General Manager anymore Bret. I’d suggest you cut your losses, and leave this box now. You’ve got as much power … probably less actually … than I do now. Which means, if you don’t move out … I’ll throw you out.

Hart smirks.

Bret Hart: Y’know, I’m willing to share, there’s plenty of space in here for all three of us.

Hart picks up a strawberry from the bowl on the table, and takes a bite, before offering to Lesnar and Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Sounds good. Brock, lets go. We’ll take this seat.

Lesnar looks a little annoyed, but takes Heymans advice. He brushes past Bret, and takes a seat, with Heyman whispering in his ear, trying to calm him down.

Hart smiles, and sits on the couch next to them, as they settle in for an uncomfortable night.

3rd Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. William Regal & Lance Storm
Short contest, with AMW picking up an impressive victory once again, hitting the Death Sentence on Lance for Harris to pick up the three count.
Winners: Americas Most Wanted @ 03:35

AMW keep the belts once again, picking up yet another impressive victory, blowing away another set of challengers.

Backstage, we see Chris Jericho walking around, getting ready for the Highlight Reel, coming up next…


Raw Rebound

In the ring, Chris Jericho is watching the Raw Rebound on the Jeri-tron 5000.

Chris Jericho: As you can see, Raw this week was pretty … boring without an injection of Vitamin C.

Slight heat, before a few cheers take over, with Jericho being back home in Canada.

Chris Jericho: What the hell was that?? Were you guys cheering??

Pop from fans

Chris Jericho: But wait a second… last week, I gave the fans their choice. Back me, or lose me. And the fans went with The Undertaker.

Heat from fans, before starting a ‘Y2J’ chant.

Chris Jericho: This wouldn’t be because I’m from Canada, would it??

Cheap pop

Chris Jericho: Because if it is, I don’t want your support.

Slight silence

Chris Jericho: I don’t want the sympathy vote, and I sure as hell don’t want a bunch of sheep cheering for me because we have the same nationality.

Some heat for Jericho

Chris Jericho: I’m NOT Edmonton’s hero. I’m not Canada’s hero. I’m the hero of Winnipeg!!!

Heat for Jericho

Chris Jericho: And personally, if I was to be honest, I’d rather separate my home state of Manitoba from the rest of Canada, and make it Americas 51st state instead!!!

Heat from fans, before a ‘Winnipeg Sucks’ chant starts.

Chris Jericho: Hell, I made a point of making sure I’m announced as being born in Manhasset, New York, because I cant stand the thought of being hailed by the other 90% of the Canadian people.

More heat, although not heavy, with many fans not interested in booing Jericho just for some cheap heat.

Chris Jericho: Moving on though, and onto my guest this evening. He’s a man I don’t associate with on any level … he’s not on my Christmas card list … but tonight I believe he and I will see eye to eye. Ten time world champion … give it up monkeys for THE ROCK!!!

**If Ya Smell** The Rock enters through the curtain to a rousing ovation from the Sky Reach Centre. Rock takes a second at the top of the ramp to listen to the cheers, before making his way down the ramp, and into the ring, posing at each turnbuckle, soaking up the fans reaction.

He steps down, and shares an uneasy glance at Jericho, before picking up a mic from the stool.

Chris Jericho: Welcome Rock, to th-

Rock snatches the mic, and drops it, before signalling to Jericho to give him one minute.


Fans pop, and start a ‘Rocky’ chant.

The Rock: And fi-

Jericho snatches the mic, and smiles, before he speaks again.

Chris Jericho: You can say that Smackdown is your show Rock, but the Highhhhh-light reel is MINE!!! You interrupt me on my show, I’ll interrupt you on yours.

Mixed response. The Rock steps in closer to Jericho, and the two men look set to come to blows, before Jericho backs away, and starts laughing.

Chris Jericho: Lets start again, yeah?? I didn’t want to invite you onto the Highlight Reel just for a fight. No, no, no. I had a proposition instead.

Rock tilts his head slightly, interested in what Y2J has to say.

Chris Jericho: You and I both have HUGE, GRANDIOSE, MONUMENTAL, Wrestle Mania matches on March 26th … albeit, yours not quite as big as mine … but that isn’t my point. We both have career altering matches at Wrestle Mania, and both of our opponents happen to be superstars over on Monday Night Raw.

Rock nods

Chris Jericho: And as of late, we both … (starts laughing) … well, actually, mainly you, have been getting embarrassed week after week.

Rock starts to get riled, and puts on a fake smile.

Chris Jericho: I mean, The Undertakers just trying to mess with my head, by turning the lights on and off, whilst you. Ha, ha, ha, ha. You’ve been getting one upped at every opportunity by DX.

Fans give heat.

Chris Jericho: And I can see you’re getting angry just thinking about it. I can see the wheels turning around your head, thinking about their video about The Crock … screwing you out of the United States Title … beating you down last week on Smackdown … and making a fool out of you in Montreal last Monday.

Jericho leans on the ropes, and tries to stop himself from laughing. Rock meanwhile, looks around, and bends down to pick up the microphone from earlier. He clears his throat to get Jerichos attention, before speaking.

The Rock: To coin one of your phrases … Would you please … shut, the hell, up.

Fans pop

The Rock: The Rock doesn’t need to hear this. The Rock didn’t agree to come on your cheap ass, third rate Pipers Pit, or even a second rate Barbers Shop talk show, to listen to your silly whiny little giggle. (Puts on voice) He, he, he, he. DX pulled one on you, he, he, he. You got beat up, tee, he, he. (back to normal) Shut up jabroni.

Fans pop

The Rock: Unlike you, The Rock is battling his opponent head on. You, on the other hand … you’re running, you’re hiding, you’re scared … of a light flickering.

Laughs from fans

The Rock: So, maybe The Rock got his ass kicked on back to back shows, but as sure as The Rock is that Fozzy sounds like the Chipmunks on heat, he’s just as sure that when all the dust has settled, when all the smoke is cleared, that at Wrestle Mania 22, The Rock will be standing over Shawn Michaels punk ass, his hand in the air, VIC-TORIOUS!!!

‘Rocky’ chant starts up.

The Rock: Believe you and I, that isn’t all I’ve got to say, but Chris Jericho, it means nothing for me to say what I want to say, to you. What I want to say, needs to be said, face to face … with Shawn Michaels!!!

Initial pop, before heat just for mentioning Michaels name, which eventually descends into a ‘He screwed Bret’ chant.

The Rock: So, The Rock says this … Monday Night Raw … this week, The Rock is heading straight to Chicago, and he intends on evening the scores with DX.

Fans pop. The Rock presses his mic into Jerichos chest, and pushes past, intending to leave, when Jericho stops him.

Chris Jericho: I’m glad you said that. Because Rock, I’m going to Raw this Monday Night too!!!

Big pop

Chris Jericho: I hope you’re hearing that Taker, wherever you are. I want to see your decayed face Monday Night, in the flesh. And Rock, I want you to come to Raw with me!!!

Pop. The Rock stops in his tracks, and looks at Jericho, as if to ask if he’s being serious, which it appears he is.

The Rock: Chris, The Rock doesn’t give a monkeys ass who he travels to Raw with, you can bring Kermit The Frog, The Queen of England, that freak Rico, or the hot momma in the second row … anyone … except for Fozzy… The Rock will travel to Raw with you, but once we get there … you’re on your own.

**If Ya Smell** The Rock leaves the ring, to a nice response, whilst Jericho stands in the ring, miffed that he didn’t get the better of this short verbal exchange.


Wrestle Mania Recall - VIII - Bret Hart defeats Rowdy Roddy Piper to win the WWE Intercontinental Title for the second time.

We cut back to the arena, with the fans cheering that WM moment, kicking off yet another ‘Bret’ chant. We see Bret in the sky box, with Brock and Heyman looking unimpressed. Ricky Steamboat enters the box, and shakes hands with Bret, before they start chatting.

Ricky Steamboat: Bret, I’m truly sorry about the mix up tonight. I hope it hasn’t ruined your return here.

Paul Heyman: Are you planning on apologising to us anytime soon??

Steamboat rolls his eyes, and looks at Heyman.

Ricky Steamboat: You and your client weren’t supposed to be in a sky box Paul. You’re lucky you weren’t thrown out of it.

Lesnar leaps up.

Brock Lesnar: I’m sick of your crap Steamboat. You’re even worse than Bret at trying to run this show. I’m the top dog. Biggest name, title holder, THE IRON MAN. And I get treated worse, WORSE than Scotty Too Hotty.

Heyman tries to calm Lesnar, but is shrugged off.

Brock Lesnar: You’re extremely close to making me reach my breaking point. When that line is crossed, I advise you to stay … away.

Lesnar looks into Steamboats eyes, with Ricky backing off.

Ricky Steamboat: I’ve got bad news for you then Brock. Because next week, your temper will be checked once again, when you team up with Chris Benoit.

Brock Lesnar: YOU CANT!!!

Ricky Steamboat: Just did. You’re in tag team action with Benoit, to face The Dudley Boys.

Lesnar picks up a glass and shatters it against the wall. He then walks around the room, and punches into the wall, three times, making a dent in it. We see Steamboat leave the room, shaking his head in disgust at the champion, before Lesnar turns back around, and walks to Hart.

Brock Lesnar: You can laugh it up Bret … but at Wrestle Mania, I’ll not be taking my frustrations out on a wall, will I?? And I’ll not be smashing glasses … I’ll be smashing your friends face.

Hart shakes his head, and talks to Brock.

Bret Hart: You still underestimate him, don’t you??. You still underestimate the twenty year veteran. The 2006 Royal Rumble winner, who made a record amount of eliminations, and has been equal to you in every department up until now. You still underestimate him?? That’ll be your downfall. I want you to sit down, and watch Chris Benoit in action tonight, against a world class wrestler, just as good, if not, better than you … and I want you to watch the intensity … the drive … the determination … the NEXT WWE Champion.

Lesnar takes in what is said, and backs away, whilst Hart stands tall, having got into the head of Brock Lesnar.

4th Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Doug Basham
Another short match, which is due to tonight’s main event, expected to be given a lot of time. Once again, Hardy has the better of the action, and despite some encouraging signs for Doug, it appears Hardy has too much for him. He nearly wins with the top rope leg drop, but Doug has the wherewithal to put a foot on the rope.
Hardy then manages to score with the Twist of Fate, but as he goes for the cover, JBL is spotted sliding into the ring, and drops an elbow on Hardy, causing a DQ.
Winner: Via DQ - Matt Hardy @ 03:13

JBL stomps on Hardy, getting on his WM opponent quickly, having not been able to muster any attack on him up until this point. Jamie Noble and Danny Basham join the fray, and join the attack. JBL instructs Noble and Danny to hold up Hardy for the Clothesline from Hell, which they do, but as JBL runs at Version One, Hardy ducks, and JBL hits both his Cabinet members, knocking both down, despite not connecting 100% cleanly with either of them.

He turns back around, and gets a big right hand from Hardy, which backs JBL into the ropes, and allows Hardy to clothesline him over the top, to the floor. Doug Basham is now back on his feet, and runs at Hardy, but gets low bridged, and falls to the outside, on top of JBL, whilst Noble and Danny have already got out of the ring.

Hardy picks up JBL’s U.S Title belt, and holds it high in the air, indicating that he wants the title, before dropping it to the outside, at Layfield, who clutches onto it desperately, knowing now that his reign is in almighty jeopardy.

Backstage, we see Chris Benoit doing a last part of his warm up, before the upcoming main event in a few moments time.


Michael Cole: We are moments away just, from Benoit and Angle, in the ring, once again.

Tazz: This is gonna be off the hook Cole. Cannot wait. Match of the Year for me in 2002, when these two hooked it up at Unforgiven, Match of the Year for me again in 2003 at the Royal Rumble, Match of the Year for me in 2004, Vengeance, 60 Minute Iron Man Match, and last year, once again, my match of the year, Angle and Benoit, Nemesis, they tore the house up for 45 damn minutes.

Michael Cole: An impressive accolade for these two to live up to tonight, Benoit and Angle have the chance to steal another Match of the Year crown in Tazz’ eyes, in just a few moments, but first, Josh Matthews is standing by with our WWE Tag Team Champions…

Josh Matthews: AMW, you have requested this time??

Chris Harris: That’s right Josh. Tonight, James and I successfully retained these titles once again. We’ve beaten every team on Smackdown at some point. And we don’t have another team on Smackdown lined up to challenge us.

James Storm: But, whilst we’ve beaten all there is to offer on Smackdown, there is one team on Raw we haven’t beaten.

Chris Harris: You know who they are Josh, we know, everyone knows.

James Storm: The team Josh, that beat us in what has been acclaimed as the greatest straight up tag team wrestling match in Wrestle Mania history last year.

Chris Harris: That would be Raws World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

James Storm: And as of now, they don’t have a match at Wrestle Mania, or even challengers lined up to face them.

Chris Harris: So, this is how it goes. Americas Most Wanted, the WWE Tag Team Champions are issuing the challenge, we’re laying our cards on the table, for you, the Self Proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag Team…

James Storm: To face us, in a rematch from Wrestle Mania 21, champions vs. champions.

Chris Harris: It’s not personal guys, it’s just something we need to do.

James Storm: The challenge is set, we just need a response.

AMW do a silly knuckle thing, before walking off, having made their announcement.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: Wow. AMW have challenged Raws tag team champions, Haas and Benjamin for a Wrestle Mania rematch in two and a half weeks time!!!

Tazz: Oh my Cole. I’m hoping we get the right reply on Raw this Monday Night. I’d love to see those four go at it again. Champions vs. Champions!!!

Michael Cole: And, it isn’t often we hype Raw on Smackdown, but this is an exception. Not only will we look out for the answer from Haas and Benjamin, but we’ll also be on the lookout for The Rock and Chris Jericho, who have both vowed to show up to Raw this Monday Night, as their issues with DX and The Undertaker respectively are set to explode!!!

Tazz: Speaking of Raw Cole, we also found out that Jake Roberts would be inductee number six this past week on Raw, and you are the man to announce who inducts him, right??

Michael Cole: Indeed I am … and The Snake will be induced by a personal friend on March 25th … Mick Foley.

Tazz: Oh man, Foley and Flair both in attendance for the Hall of Fame, explosive situation.

Michael Cole: And from an explosive situation, to an emotional one. If the rumours I’ve been hearing are true, then on Monday Night, the final inductee will be announced, and I can promise that there wont be a dry eye in the house on March 25th at the induction ceremony, if it’s true.

Tazz: Definitely something to look out for Cole.

Michael Cole: But that is Raw this Monday. Right now it’s Smackdown, and in the last few weeks, we’ve been showing Wrestle Mania preview videos, which have all went down a storm, and at Wrestle Mania, we’ll find out which you, the fans have chosen as your favourite, and this one, has to be in with a shout…

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE WrestleMania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

The video opens with Christian and Tyson Tomko stopping at a seedy Las Vegas strip joint…

Christian: Here we are then… the famous Las Vegas strip.

Tyson Tomko: Erm… This isn’t the Las Vegas strip. This, is a Las Vegas strip joint.

Christian: Uh?? Hold on. Strip joint huh??

Tyson Tomko: Yeah, the strip is about three miles back that way…

Christian: Shut up. I like the look of this place Tomko…

Tyson Tomko: Yeah, very professional looking.

Christian: C’mon, we’re goin in…

Christian and Tomko exit the car, and walk into the club. They open the front door, and the door falls off it’s hinges… Christian turns to Tomko, looking quite embarrassed…

Christian: I don’t know my own strength.

Tomko laughs, but as Christian turns around, Tomko’s face turns to worry, at the prospect of the club…

They take a seat, right next to the stage, where some pretty attractive, but cheap looking women are pole dancing. The time on the clock behind them says 11:30.

Christian: YEAH BABY!!! TAKE IT OFFFFF!!! Hey Tomko, (hands Tomko a $50) Go get some drinks. C’mon honey, TAKE IT OFFFF!!! Captain Charisma is in the HOUSSSE!!! Gimme a PEEP SHOW!!!

The scene cuts, and we go to a few hours later, with the clock showing 02:45... Christian’s head is rested on the table, whilst Tomko is still enjoying the show…

Christian: (Very drunk) Ohhh.

Tyson Tomko: You wanna go Christian?? I think the best is over.

Christian: Let’s wait and see who’s next…

We then see the next two ladies come onto the stage, and we watch from Christian’s point of view. The two women HE see’s are extremely attractive.

Christian: (Mouth wide open) I’m in love.

Tyson Tomko: You have to be kidding me??

Christian: If you aren’t attracted to those beauties, you gotta bat for the other team.

Tyson Tomko: I think you’ve had too much to drink man.

Christian: No way. You can go, I’m staying right here.

Tyson Tomko: No problem. I’m out man. No way am I getting involved in this.

Christian: More for me baby.

Christian continues to watch, and we only see the women from his view…

The scene cuts again, and we come back, in the parking lot of the strip joint, with Christian’s car in view, rocking side to side, with groans coming from the vehicle.

The scene cuts to the next morning, and we look into the car, with Christian waking up, looking rough.

Christian: Oh…what the hell happened last night?? (Remembers) YES!!! I scored!!! One for me. Notch it up for Captain Charisma!!!

Christian then looks to his side, and see’s that it was TWO women.

Christian: HA!! Double dose of Vitamin C. Tomko is gonna hear about this. Whoa. Wait a minute…

Christian then looks over at the two women, and we see his eyes widen in shock. He throws his hands into his face…

Christian: Oh…my…god.

The women then turn over, and we see it is MAE YOUNG and MOOLAH!!!!!

Mae Young: Mornin’ tiger.

Christian: We didn’t??

Mae Young: Oh… we did.

Moolah: All…night…long.

Mae Young: In fact… we did more than that…

Mae Young then shows Christian a WEDDING RING!!! Christian freezes in amazement, as we see Tyson Tomko standing outside the car, laughing at Christian.

Christian: I think I’m gonna be sick…

Outside the car, we see Tomko take out a note book, with the title, ‘Places never to visit again’. He quickly jots down Las Vegas, whilst laughing his ass off.

The WrestleMania XXII logo then flashes across the screen, whilst in the background, we hear Christian throwing up, and then we see Mae looking at a wedding photo of her and Christian, at a 24 Hour chapel as the preview comes to an end…

Back in the arena, we hear laughs etc, before seeing Hart, Lesnar and Heyman settling down for the main event…

**Medal** Angle walks out to a massive amount of heat from the rabid audience, as we cut to the penultimate commercial of the night.


We return, with Benoit entering the arena to a deafening ovation, which he soaks up massively. He makes his way to the ring, and stops by at ringside to hug his family, who are all in attendance, before getting in, and kicking off the match.

Main Event:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

The two men start proceedings by butting heads, talking trash, before backing off, which even gets a good response. They lock up, and struggle all around the ring, even outside of the ring, back up the steps, and into the ring again, still firmly locked up (like Regal vs. Finlay at GAB). Angle finally breaks it, going with a knee to the gut, and fires off right hands, but Benoit fires back, with a chop, and the two men battle back and forth for a few moments with punch, chop, punch, chop, back and forth, back and forth. Angle tries to switch it up, taking Benoit by surprise with a firemans carry, but Benoit rolls away after it, and back to his feet.

The two have a stand off, and walk around, before tying up, with Angle backing Benoit into the corner, before breaking cleanly, but takes a cheap shot, only for Benoit to fire back again, with a chop that knocks Angle down, and he rolls out, with Benoit following out. As he does though, Angle rakes the eye, and bounces the Wolverines head off the steps, before rolling him back in.

Angle begins to wear Benoit down with some work on the ground, but Benoit makes life difficult for the Olympian, snuffing out many of his submission holds, before getting back into the match again, getting off the ground, and ducking a clothesline, before teeing off with TWENTY knife edge chops, full of force, which has the fans counting along, and groaning, watching the chest of Kurt Angle get brighter and brighter with each chop. Benoit finally relents, and Angle flops to the mat, ala Ric Flair, which gets laugh.

We see as Angle moves around the mat, that there is blood on his chest, with Benoit actually opening up the Gold Medallist from the chop session. From here, Benoit begins to dominate, and scores three near falls, with a Fisherman suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, and oddly for Benoit, a DDT. Kurt survives the onslaught, and eventually turns the tables, as Benoit charges at him, he catches him with a boot to the stomach, and quickly follows up with a Belly to Belly, which scores a long two count, with Benoit just firing up his shoulder.

Now, after a commercial break, the match begins to go back and forth, with both men countering holds, and moves, knowing each other so well. Throughout the match, we cut to the sky box, to see the differing reactions from both Lesnar and Hart, whilst the action continues in the ring. Both Angle and Benoit attempt their favoured submissions, with neither able to fully lock the hold in. They also recreate their German into German switch from Nemesis, with neither able to complete a trifecta, although this time, there isn’t as long spent on the series, with both only attempting the trio of suplexes twice, rather than numerous times.

Angle begins to take control again, with Benoit seemingly fading now, and he begins to up his momentum, and charges across the ring at the #1 Contender, but Benoit side steps him, and sends Angle to the outside. Benoit takes a moment to think, before charging off the ropes, and shoots through the middle rope on the opposite side for a tope … but ANGLE MOVES!!! Benoit dives right into the barrier, creating a massive thud, as the Sky Reach centre gasps, hoping Benoit is okay.

Angle wastes no time, and drags the lifeless Canadian back into the ring, quickly covering Benoit, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Angle is in shock, and complains to the referee that Benoit put his foot on the rope after the three was made. He walks around the ring, not sure what to do, before pulling down the straps, and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Benoit, despite not being 100%, still is able to roll away with his leg, sending Angle into the corner. Angle takes a few moments to recollect his senses, whilst Benoit is still on the mat, possibly concussed. The Olympian quickly goes for the Ankle Lock again, but Chris Benoit turns over quickly, and cradles him, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Angle shoots up, knowing he was nearly caught, and this time, waits for Benoit to gets up, which he does, and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but as he gets him up, Benoit rolls off, and grasps the back of Angle, quickly nailing the three German suplexes!!! The Wolverine gets back up, and signals for the Headbutt, and as he proceeds up the ropes, we see Brock Lesnar storm out of the Sky Box, in fury, with Heyman realising what might happen, and decides to chase after him. Meanwhile, Benoit flies through the air … AND CONNECTS!!! He sells the Headbutt for a few moments, and slowly puts an arm over Angle, 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT!!!

Benoit is in shock, and drags Angle up, throwing two right hands, before grasping behind the Olympian, for another German, but this time, Angle is able to hook his leg around Benoits, and trips the Crippler, before dropping down, and applying the ANKLE LOCK!!! The fans come to their feet, praying for Benoit to survive, and after what seems an eternity, Benoit nearly makes the ropes … BUT ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK OUT!!! Benoit is on the brink of tapping out, but sees Brock Lesnar walking down the ramp, now smiling, seeing Benoits predicament, but this appears to spur Benoit on, and his uses his leg power, to push Angle away in one huge surge, breaking the hold!!!

Both men get to their feet, and Angle charges at Benoit, but gets caught, and BENOIT APPLIES THE CROSS FACE!!! Angle doesn’t look to have much left in the tank, and could be set to tap, but luckily, he is close to the ropes, and stretches out, making the bottom rope, forcing the break!!! Benoit fires a few chops at Angle, and steps back, before running at him again, only for Angle to flapjack Benoit into the ropes, throat first across the top rope. Benoit staggers out, and into THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Angle hooks the leg, for the win, 1...2...BENOIT KICKS OUT!!! Angle is again in disbelief, and he decides to climb to the top rope, looking for the moonsault - a move he rarely uses … AND MISSES!!!

Benoit quickly follows up, and despite struggle from Angle … BENOIT LOCKS ON THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! The Sky Reach Centre erupts, as we see Hart even on his feet now, with Angle in excruciating pain locked in Harts finishing hold. Benoit has the hold locked in tight, as he stares directly at Lesnar on the outside. Angle is unable to reach the ropes despite a LONG time trying, and eventually … TAPS OUT!!!
Winner: Chris Benoit @ 29:14

Benoit nearly collapses himself as the bell rings, ending arguably the greatest Smackdown main event of all time. The referee helps Benoit to his feet, and raises his hand, to a stunning ovation, whilst two trainers help a battered Kurt Angle out of the ring, whilst in the Sky Box, Bret Hart applauds Benoits efforts.

However, as Benoit celebrates, we see Brock Lesnar on the outside, smiling fiendishly, grabbing a drink from a fan, and making sure he has Benoits attention, before THROWING THE DRINK ON BENOITS WIFE!!!

Lesnar laughs, as fans begin pelting him with objects, whilst Benoit is restrained in the ring by the referee, as we see Benoits wife, Nancy absolutely saturated in beer.

Michael Cole: I cannot beleive that!!! That sick SOB just threw beer all over Chris Benoits wife!!!

Tazz: Totally unethical Cole. You and I both know that. But it's smart. Lesnar knows he cant physically harm Benoit, but he's gonna try to mentally cripple the #1 Contender.

Michael Cole: It's sick Tazz. Brock Lesnar is determined to get Chris Benoit to lose his cool, and jeopardize the WrestleMania main event!!!

Tazz: And lets not forget, these two have to team up next week.

Michael Cole: Folks, that's all we have time for tonight, but by this time next week, we might not have a WrestleMania main event. From Edmonton, goodnight everybody.

Brock walks up the ramp, still laughing, along with an impressed Paul Heyman, whilst an exhausted Benoit goes to the outside to check on his wife, as the show ends, showing Lesnar laughing hysterically.


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Money in the Bank & Intercontinental Championship; Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Shaniqua

Inter promotional Match:
Christian vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Inter promotional Match:
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno vs. Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore

No Disqualifications:
Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler, Mr. T {Celebrity Wing}, Dusty Rhodes, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

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Re: Being The Booker

Will review this later man, as I have some business to attend to, but you're right, this was your best Smackdown show and quite possibly best non-written show that you have ever done in this thread. 1!


First off this is probably the best promo that I've ever read from you. The feeling was there as well as the emotion and a lot is on the line for Bret Hart, as far as his health and his life is concerned by even entering this match, however Angle wants to prove a point, and that is that he is the better man. As for tonight's main event, I know, it's going to be a classic.

I'm surprised to see you have London go seventeen minutes with the Game, but being how you're using Hunter as of late, I'm not surprised by the outcome of the match, the announcement from both Hunter and Shane, and the reaction from Hunter in the end of the segment. At least I know this match is going to be alright.

Short promo from Austin and Christian attacking Austin from behind with Tomoko builds great heat up for Christian for his match with Austin for Mania. As for the segment with Bret/Heyman/Lesnar, it was good for what it's worth.

Nice Highlight Reel with Jericho and Rock. Both men very much in character, especially The Rock. Can't wait to see what is going to happen when both men get to Raw on Monday.

Bret Hart spitting that ether at Brock about Benoit was excellent. I must admit, I love how you're using Benoit in this buildup and I'm quite surprised to see after Mania, that you won't be doing Raw, as to me, your Smackdown shows are much better than your Raw shows. As for the challenge made by AMW, let's do it, as last year's one was great. Won't comment on the WM promo video, as I've read it enough.

What a way to end the show with that excellent match with Benoit and Angle. Nice way for Benoit to get the W with the sharpshooter. But even more props for Lesnar tatic of getting in the head of Benoit, by pouring the beer on his wife, and due to the stipulation in place, neither man can touch one another. This was indeed a 10/10 show! Can't wait for Raw! 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!

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Re: Being The Booker

First review I’ve made in a long ass time, long time I’ve reviewed your thread too. I’ve been following it ever since RR but I’m the laziest fuck you’ll ever encounter so that’s why I didn’t review you yet

Looking at the preshow announcements by Cole, this SD looks awesome as hell! Looking forward to what you’re gonna pull off with it. Here we go

Amazing opening promo, absolutely amazing. Started off as Hart getting the cheap heat, then inviting Angle to come down, it went on as a bit too much of a history lesson IMO. But that’s very forgivable seeing as the remainder of the promo kicks motherfuckin’ ass! You redefined the definition of nasty heel heat in here with Angle’s comments. Absolutely loved them! Though one thing, I know you’re taking the realistic route in here with Bret’s health and all (as you probably should) but the fact that Hart acknowledges that he’s probably gonna get his ass kicked at Wrestlemania totally ruins the epic build up to the match IMO. I’m hoping that Hart makes a surprise twist somewhere down the line where he really kicks Angle’s ass in the lead-up to Wrestlemania, kinda like a big ‘PSYCHE’ towards Angle , that would be a swerve I’d mark out for. Benoit comes in afterwards to hype tonights main event, Benoit should win here tonight but I can see you giving Angle more heel heat by having him cheat to beat Benoit in his hometown. The possibilities are endless here.

Wow, you actually gave 17 mins to a London/Triple H tv match? Remarkable decision, surviving 17 mins with Triple H alone gives London great credibility already as CW champ but you actually gave him the upset win over Triple H! Dunno how I feel about it to be honest, unexpected, that’s the only word I can say here J I smell a Shane/Triple H match at Wrestlemania, little rushed build up IMO but you gotta give the Game something to do at Wrestlemania.

And then you show the bad ass side of Triple H we all love and enjoy. Beating up two guys with no real reason, Shane McMahon comes out and makes a match for Wrestlemania. Good thing it’s a No DQ (expected nothing else with Shane involved). Like the entire feud IMO, this promo felt a little bit rushed. Shane walked away to quickly.

Austin squashes Maven as expected. And fights off both Tomko and Maven post-match. He then invites Christian to come out which he doesn’t do. In a truly great heel CCC move, Christian whacks Austin with a chair when he doesn’t expect it. Solid enough build up here for their bout at Wrestlemania.

Lesnar/Hart encounter was something intruiging, I would’ve bet money that Lesnar would start something with Hart, setting up something like a tag team match between Angle-Lesnar vs Hart-Benoit. But nothing happened, I’m sure it’ll play an important role later on.

Nice win for AMW, don’t they have a feud or something?

Haha, only Y2J can turn fellow Canadian support into cheap heel heat like that J Nice job in getting him over as a heel in his own nation of Canada. Oh baby, I love the Jericho/Rock promo’s, they have the best chemistry I’ve ever seen in promo cutting. I’m a huge Jericho mark, and he was absolutely gold in here, Rock’s comeback was pretty sweet too. I truelly hope you make a Jericho/Rock feud after Mania, that’s a feud I’d mark out for. This promo was easily entertainment highlight of the night.

I knew the forced tag team partners thing would come up between Benoit and Lesnar. I just hoped you’d give them some more credible opponents then the dudley’s. Nice way of getting Hart to screw up Lesnar in the head.

Pretty standard build up to a US title match at Mania. Not a fan of Hardy being made to look so strong compared to JBL. As JBL is well above Matt Hardy’s level. I hope JBL retains at Mania, as he is a great US champ who can make about any feud work with any opponent with his promo skills alone. Hardy plain out sucks.

I could smell an interbrand battle of champs match at mania. It was too weird for both brands’ tag team champs to have nothing on their hands. Should be a great mid/undercard match at Mania.

LMFOA, those Wrestlemania vignette things are hilarious, I was cracking up big time here J

* drops jaw* Superb main event! You couldn’t go wrong with Angle/Benoit and you made an absolutely amazing match with them, even for Benoit/Angle standards. Not too sure if you can actually bust open someone’s chest with chops though. You made Benoit look ultra strong here, although Angle could be made to look a little better in the leadup to a dream match at WM, despite being portrayed as a heel. But the main event is still more important then the dream match, so you did right in making Benoit look like Angle’s superior. Lesnar throwing beer onto Benoit’s wife was a great icing on the cake for an amazing Smackdown. Loved every part of it. Wrestlemania 22 is just around the corner and I for one can’t wait till you get it posted. Good job Wolf.

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Re: Being The Booker

Mac's RAW Recap Review
Mysterio picks up a pretty ‘fluky’ win over Edge in the six man tag team match. Still don’t see Mysterio winning the Roll of the Dice match. I think that’ll go to Kennedy, Carlito, Edge, RVD or anybody except Mysterio. Not sure why. Orton’s out for revenge for last week’s FU. I see this tit for tat between Cena and Orton to go on until WrestleMania. Shaniqua versus Trish at Mania should be good. I see Trish retaining. The Captain is definitely making an appearance on SmackDown but will Austin show up tonight? HBK promo was definitely the best part of the night so far. Michaels shoots on Bret and then talks about. I like the fact that Rocky was all business. Rock vs. HBCade coming shortly. Two loudmouths Carlito and Kennedy exchange some words before they are split up. A lot of bookers seem to be using this feud lately. They mesh well.

Now that’s a screw job!!! Michaels picks up the win FOR Cade over The Rock. Never heard of anything like that before. TWGTT pick up another win and continue to roll. Possible split between RVD and Fonzie? Noooooo! Nice main event between Orton, Cena, CC and Tomko. The WM main eventers come to blows and Cena gets the best of Orton once again. SCSA costs CC the match and both feuds are being booked to prefection (though I would like to see an RKO on Cena next week.)

And now SmackDown!
What can I say about that promo? That was one of the best things that I have ever read or heard of anywhere. Bret comes out and gives an awesome speech, explaining the different emotions he has about heading into the match with Angle. Angle comes out and it gets even better. Angle sounds like a damn sicko here and I loved every minute of it. Really good stuff between Bret and Angle. Benoit comes out. Benoit’s promo is a step down from Angle’s and Bret’s but not by much. Great promo. One of the best ever.

Shane McMahon returns and distracts Triple H. LONDON PICKS UP THE WIN?! Shocking. Didn’t see that coming but it doesn’t hurt Triple H that much since he’s Triple H. Shame that London wont get a Mania spot as his push definitely warrants one. Nice segment with Triple H and Shane. I though Hunter would be a little more happy with a Mania spot but its understandable since its not against a ‘Mania’ level opponent.

Stone Cold smokes Maven which is to be expected. Nice attack from Christian. Surprisingly, I didn’t see that one coming. Austin and Christian seem like an afterthought tonight with all the big things going on.

AMW picks up another win and are probably headed for a showdown with the WGTT. Quick question: Did they fight TWGTT last year at Mania? I don’t feel like looking through all of the pages. Lazy? Yes.

Another good segment/promo here. The Rock is on point with all of his comments. Jericho is in character too but doesn’t say much of substance, besides mocking Rock. Jericho and Rock going to RAW together should be interesting. I’ll be reading.

Bret gets into the head of Lesnar with some prophetic comments. I really liked this promo as it shows that Brock really DID underestimate Benoit until Bret brought up his major accomplishments. Good stuff.

Nice segment/match with Matt Hardy and JBL here. If you cant bribe ‘em beat the hell out of ‘em. JBL tries to do just that but Hardy cleans house of him and the cabinet. Bradshaw hasn’t been booked to strongly as of late but Hardy most certainly has! Could definitely see Matt taking the U.S. Title at Mania.

Never mind, question answered. AMW want TWGTT and it should definitely be a great match up.

Great, great main event match. Awesome stuff between Benoit and Angle. Would have been really awesome to read out in full but it was great anyway. Benoit manages to make Angle submit!!! Benoit is made to look really, really good here. Angle looks weaker but like before with Triple H, Angle is a big enough star that a loss doesn’t hurt him much. Besides the feud totally overshadows the logistics of the buildup. After the match, Brock throws a drink on Benoit’s wife. Holy crap! Oh, I forgot they cant touch each other. That’s a great ending. Really great stuff.

Two great shows here. SD was definitely one of the best shows ever written, with the beginning and the end being spectacular. WrestleMania is looking white hot!

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

jblisjustabigloser Reviews SmackDown!

Amazing opening promo Wolfy. Hart was tremendous and was in character throughout this entire promo. I could feel the electricity as I was reading this promo. Hart gets the cheap pops and invites Angle out to the ring and here he comes! Angle doesn't seem to know what to do as he isn't the intimidating character as I've read in the past couple of shows. Well it makes sense though, as Angle isn't recieved too well. Now Angle starts to get back into it, as he threatens Hart that he will snap his ankle. This brings out Benoit! He's obviously recieved well since he's from Edmonton. Benoit threatening to stop Angle/Hart seemed a little unrealistic, but whatever. Great promo by far one of the best I've seen. Benoit/Angle later on tonight will be HUGE!! I cannot wait for that one Wolfy.

I agree with Crackdasher, 17 minutes for London/HHH!? Wow I'd like to see that one in real life. Really showed London's true talent that hasn't really been shown in real life in the 'E.' This HHH/Shane feud is really heating up, and I expect their match at Mania to be brutal and filled with spots. Promo after the match was decent, No Disqualifications is a good stip for that match. Can't wait.

Austin wins in a squash. Not really surprised. Promo was good, and aftermath of it was not surprising as Christian takes out Austin.

Hart/Lesnar promo was intriguing to say the least. I thought something would've occured like Crackdasher said, but nothing happened. I'm surprised, though I think sooner or later something will happen and will lead to some big tag match or something in the coming weeks.

AMW retains. No real surprise. I'm surprised there isn't a feud for them as Mania is approaching, hopefully something comes in the next two weeks.

Hahaha, like Crackdasher said, only Jericho could can turn Canadian cheering into heat, great job of getting him over as a heel. Liked the interaction between Jericho and The Rock, their promos are always great and this one was nothing short of great. Very entertaining promo Wolfy, really hypes me up for both of their feuds.

Explosive promo with Lesnar. Looks like he is very unhappy with being Benoit's partner next week. I'm interested to see how he interacts next week. Great job of Hart getting into Lesnar's head. Once again, I'm very intrigued to see where this goes next week.

Meh, Hardy vs Doug was alright, not really surprised with the result. But I agree with dasher, not really liking how Hardy looks so strong compared to JBL. But anyway, I'm looking forward to their match at Mania. Should be a good one no doubt.

Nice! AMW vs WGTT should be great at Mania. I was wondering what you were doing with this team, and now I have my answer. Can't wait for that one.

HOLY CRAP! WHAT A MAIN EVENT!! I was expecting nonetheless, and I am stunned at how good a match this was considering it was on free TV. Great job writing this match Wolfy. Benoit and Angle always tear the house down, and they did nothing short of tear it down tonight. Great main event. And what a show. You were right, definitley one of your best weekly shows. Cannot wait for Mania, you've got me hooked.

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Re: Being The Booker

I have no time to review so I'll do a quick recap.

I loved the opening promo.
The Main Event was great

I'll review WM fully but right now I have no time.
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