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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Benoit/Steamboat/Lesnar & Heyman Promo: Good opening promo, I like this announcement as this was a very interesting start to the show, of course its an unpopular decision, but this sets up good promos to lead towards Mania between these two, and of course their contract signing for their match should be good heh. The promo was doing good, then it ended very fast very shakey ending it was way to fast, I think this is to set up for bigger and better promos between the two, awesome start mate....

AMW vs A.F.A: Very short description here, pretty much not even needed, nothing really to say about this, good to see AMW retain the tag team titles here basically only good thing that wasn't average here can't really tell way to short.

Piper Interview: I really enjoyed this short promo, Piper got a very solid character out of this, hopefully we'll see more then a one night return for Piper, possibly be in Hart's corner at Mania. Good stuff here, I really liked this Hot Rod was great in this...

Chris Jericho vs Gene Snitsky: Another short match, I don't like having these extremely short matchs here, description wise anyways, Jericho gets a nice little squash here which is good I like Jericho. Wonder what type of promo he's going to do after because I can see it....

Chris Jericho Promo:
Haha this was funny, I wasn't a huge fan of this promo overall, but this was pretty funny to me for some reason, the fans want The Deadman which is good, happy the fans didn't want "Jericho". I don't like the seemingly rushed, short promo from Jericho, thats not cool but still funny in the end to me.

Benoit/Angle Promo:
I am very much enjoying the Benoit promos so far tonight, Benoit was good here, and I very much enjoyed how you did Angle's character justice with this promo. Bret's going to be there thats cool, Bret will cost Angle the match for sure, and Brock/Benoit confrontation face to face probably to end the show next week, good promo here man...

London vs Noble: I am not enjoying such short length on all these matchs, The faces retain tonight and thats good, at least seeing the CW and Tag Title divisions getting some part of the show, though no promos for them at all it seems nor building up any type of feuds with promos besides with match still good here London retains I like London so thats cool...

Steamboat/Maven Promo: This was a very interesting promo, I think your pushing Maven well which is cool I did like him though think he isn't amazing, good to see you keeping him in high respects seeing if he's facing Austin he's going to be getting a good push. Good promo here, very interesting to say the least though.

Triple H Interview: I really enjoyed this promo as well, Triple H giving The McMahons a statement, he'll "ruin" every match if they don't meet their demands, he's going to hold WrestleMania hostage maybe lol, that would be funny. Good promo here very enjoyable, though it seemed to be cut short like a few other promos and descriptions tonight.

Kurt Angle vs Roddy Piper: Another very short description, thats been a pest in my side tonight in this review need to add some more length onto this, I know its not "your" brand but at least put more effort into the match descriptions, anyways Angle looks like he's going to break another ankle *yawn*, wow Bret Hart appears thats sick....

Bret Hart Promo: I've never read a Hart promo before, but this sounded awesome, this was a great moment here, he's coming back better then ever next week thats cool. He will for sure cost him his match against Benoit now I can see it ending in a face to face showdown, with Bret probably making him tap to a sharpshooter or something, good promo here dude, good WrestleMania promo by the way as well.

Rock Interview: Haha this started off Awesome, I really love all Rock promos this one started off great with the pushing the interviewer away telling him he sucks and all that was funny. This had the proper timing, very good promo here I enjoyed most promos tonight, but everything besides this seemed slightly or a lot short.

JBL & Matt Hardy Promo: I really liked this promo, JBL trys to buy his way out, I guess get a nice pretty watch JBL, Matt Hardy better take your title at WrestleMania, I hope he does anyways good promo here I like this, though the buildup for this seems lackluster being one of the top matchs on the card it seems like, and not getting much air time lately it seems.

Luther Reigns vs The Rock: Finally a fully descriptive match or what it usually should be, good stuff here, Michaels and DX destroy Rock in the end, they invaded SD it seems tonight good stuff to end SD, though I would of liked Angle vs Piper to main event, and possibly have that Hart promo end the show that would of left it on a really awesome note just a thought.

Overall: Good show bud, I really enjoyed it, I am sorry I didn't get to the Raw review yet, I read it was good, I liked Smackdown a small bit better, but it needs to have more description on some of the matchs. 87/100 solid show, Mania is setting up very well, some of the promos seemed to end a tad fast though here tonight, Thanks for the Royal Rumble review by the way, my next Smackdown is up, read up on whats up about everything and hope to see a review later Wolf bud.....
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy. I know we don't talk much or review eachother's shows often but i think you are a very good booker and it would be sweet to get reviews from you. Anyway, here is a review from me and hopefully we become buds.

HBKicon reviews Smackdown:

Opening Promo: Nice way to start the show with a huge announcement from Steamboat reguarding Benoit/Lesnar not being able to touch eachother. This is very good, seeing thast we will see some great promos as we head to Mania. The only thing was that this promo ended quickly and out of know where.

America's Most Wanted vs. A.F.A: Nice win for the champs as they head into Mania.

Piper Promo: Piper talks about Angle, which leads to a match. haven't really read much in the past but it seems that Angle is in a fued with legends?

Chris Jericho vs. Gene Snitsky: Jericho picks up the win, giving more advantage as he heads into Mania.

Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho turns heel here after he lets the fans make a choice. Undertaker/jericho fued is gold, IMO.

Paul London vs. Jamie Noble: Sweet CW match. i am a fan of both men and they both can put on great matches. Nice win for London, keeping the gold. Will he get a spot at Mania?

Ricky Steamboat/Maven Promo: Nice promo with maven here. i alwasy liked this kid and a match with Austin seems like a push?

Triple H Promo: HHH seems to be getting anxious as we head into Mania.

Kurt Angle vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper: Typical squash match here. angle wins but Hart next week!? holy cow, will Angle survive!?

The Rock Promo: Amazing Rock promo. This Rock/HBK fued seems great and RAw should be good with the Rock falling into a set up?

Matt Hardy/JBL Promo: HAHA, JBL trues to buy his way out of the match. Great stuff.

The Rock vs. Luther Reigns: Decent main event match. It ends in DQ when DX shows up. HBK branding the Rock was original and very NWo like. Nice job.

Overall: 9/10. I really liked this show. It built up to Mania very well and it got me excited for Mania. you are a great booker and I must say, you write a Rock promo like knowone else's I've ever read. Great work Wolfy.
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Re: Being The Booker

DX's Review

Opening Promo: A good way to start off the show as you always do but I am glad how Steamboat made an annoucment to keep Benoit/Lesnar flowing.

America's Most Wanted vs. AfA: Nice win for AMW and looking foward to Mania when they fight off again.

Piper Promo: Angle has been getting in a lot of beef with legends but Piper Angle feud would kill.

Chris Jericho vs. Gene Snitsky: Squash match but glad Jericho won, I am still wondering if he can end the Dead mans streak.

Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho is now a heel which IMO is awesome and this will knock off the roof and steal the show at Mania'

Paul London vs. Jamie Noble: Good Crusierweight action, glad to see London retain and I wonder what will happen at Mania.

Ricky Steamboat/Maven Promo: Maven always had expectations in my eyes as I thought he could go big. Well a match against Austin can certainly do that I hope he wins.

Triple H Promo: Triple H seems to be getting ready for Mania, looks intent and anxious IMO.

Kurt Angle vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper: Another squash match but the right man won. Can't wait for Hart now next week!

The Rock Promo: Awseome Promo, Very in character. HBK/Rock is gold and I can't wait.

Matt Hardy/JBL Promo: Very life-like promo as both men especially JBL was in character.

The Rock vs. Luther Reigns: good match for the main event but loved how it all ended when dx showed up. Lookin foward to maina!

Overall: 9.5/10. Good show as Mania is looking even better.

This is probauly my second review in your thread I've been really reading along but now expect reviews every show.

WWE: No Turning Back!

First Raw and Smackdown Are Up!

I Owe Reviews To:
  • RYU's Survivor Series
  • Ethan 619's Raw

Tell me if I owe you a review.
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Re: Being The Booker

ddmrko reviews Wolfy's SmackDown!

Great promo to open up the show. Steamboat makes the stipulation that neither man can touch each other. This has been done several times (probably several times in this thread) but the promo which follows makes it work. You have Heyman’s character down to a t as I felt like I was actually listen to Heyman put over the importance of Lesnar. Benoit comes out and the promo remains strong with Benoit and Lesnar exchanging verbal barbs. Really strong promo to kick off the show.

AMW beat AFA. I don’t expect AMW to get a match at Mania but maybe some sort of multi team match at the PPV.

Another strong promo here. Piper is on point and he lays into Angle. The ‘small penis’ theory may be a little outlandish but so is Piper. The Hot Rod explains perfectly why the match up at WrestleMania between Bret and Angle doesn’t mean much. Great job. At least Piper knows he’ll be destroyed.

Chris Jericho runs through Snitsky and cuts a promo afterward. Jericho’s promo was a little weird to say the least and didn’t make much sense. I guess it’ll make more sense as it continues to develop.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit still have a lot of animosity between them apparently. IMO Benoit needs that win next week, especially after all of the valid points Angle brought up. Should be a great match.

Paul London beats Jamie Noble. Basically just some more filler from people not on the Mania card.

Maven vs. Stone Cold next week. Expect a visit from Captain Charisma.

Oh shit. The Game wants his spot and he wants it now! I’ve heard of guys staying in the ring until they get what they want but not destroying WM to get what they want. You innovative SOB . Its like The Grinch who stole Christmas. I guess we can expect Shane to step up and face Triple H.

Angle runs through Piper and tries to break his ankle. Bret appeared on the tron. Hart cuts a pretty decent promo. He seemed a little off but I didn’t catch much of Hart’s promos so I cant be sure.

Rock promo was pretty good. Rock seemed to lose his focus a couple of times. The part where he runs down RAW locker room was good but other than that nothing of substance from Rocky tonight.

Nice promo from the competitors in the U.S. Title match, illustrating the desperation of JBL and the determination of Matt Hardy.
Originally Posted by JBL
I can have it delivered to your home in North Carolina within twelve hours. I can have it in fresh notes, whatever alignment you wish, in $10 dollar bills, $20’s, whatever. Name it.

Rock fights Reigns but DX interferes! Michaels lays Rocky out with the super kick and the bring the spray paint out. Nice closing segment and this feud between Rock and Michaels has really kicked into high gear.

Overall: 8.7 Better than RAW but not by much. Two really good shows in a row and the Mania card is looking really good.

RAW is up. YOU BETTER REVIEW OR…(*realizes who he’s talking to* ) never mind. If you could drop a review that would be nice.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker

Heat Results:

Lita defeated Gail Kim

Mark Henry defeated The Hurricane

Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki defeated Roadkill & Danny Doring

Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Jindrak


Velocity Results:

Rob Conway introduced himself to the fans, no longer as part of La Resistance, but as a break out singles star - The Con Man. He then defeated Hardcore Holly.

Kid Kash defeated Spike Dudley

The System Success defeated Two Jobbers

Matt Hardy defeated Test


News and Notes:

It appears that Paul London has shaken off his injury that had been plagueing him in recent weeks, after coming through a number of lengthy matches in recent weeks.

However, it seems that the Cruiserweight Champions recovery has came a little too late, with the Wrestle Mania event now set in stone, and feuds built to a point of no return, it seems that Paul London will not feature at the MGM Grand, despite managements high feeling on London.

Expect Steve Austin to appear on Raw and Smackdown this week, after having the whole of last week off. The Rattlesnake is already expected to feature on Smackdown in Edmonton, facing Maven, but it's pretty likely that Austin will also show up in some form on Raw too.

Meanwhile, with Raw coming from from Montreal this Monday, rumours are running rampant that there could be some sort of 'screwjob' finish possible for the match up between The Rock and Garrison Cade.
The likelihood of a re-enactment of the famous Survivor Series 97 screw job isnt high though, with Bret Hart part of the company, and it's unlikely management will want to upset The Hitman, who is playing a pivotal role at this years Wrestle Mania.

Shawn Michaels is still said to be seething though at the majority of the Wrestle Mania hype falling onto the Angle - Hart match, believing his match up with The Rock should be billed as 'Match of The Night'. The Heart Break Kid has said as much in recent comments - even alluding to that on air at times - and is likely to be heel bent on stealing the show from his long term enemy at the MGM Grand.

The return of Kane has been building ever since the January 22nd Royal Rumble, and this Monday Night on Raw, it is expected we will find out when The Big Red Machine will be returning. That return date is expected to be Wrestle Mania, but it is unknown what role Kane will play.

It also appears that the focus of the Evolution - Foley/Hogan/Rhyno feud will now be between Foley and Flair. Hulk Hogan no showed Raw this week, and reports claim The Hulkster is fuming that Mick Foley has snuck up and taken away all the heat from the feud, which Hogan originally wanted to be just him and Flair at WM. Hogan WILL however be at Raw this week, although there is a strong chance it will be his last appearance before the March 26th event.

(I'll have a Smackdown preview up in a few days, but I'll not post a Raw preview, as it's only a recap this week.)


Now, just to answer a few questions that came up from SD-

KOP- AMW vs TWGTT hasnt been officially announced yet. I mentioned it had been touted in a rumours post, but I hadnt officially announced the match.

Renegade - I understand the point you made on the Benoit - Angle bit, but I was trying to elude more along the lines of major title matches, or even big contender match ups. I realise how it read from the show, but the way I meant it was that Angle beleived he was such a bigger star than Benoit that Benoit wouldnt be accepted as champion unless he beat him first.

Deadman - You'll be impressed with SD's match reports next week. Especially Benoit and Angle. My favourite recapped match of all time, by a long, long distance.

Overall actually, I'd say this weeks Raw recap could rank as my favourite non full show I've ever wrote, and I honestly think next weeks Smackdown is one of my all time favourite weekly shows that I've written, and am really excited just to post it.
Anyways, I'll be posting the Raw recap tomorrow. I know it's only two days after posting a full SD, but last weeks setback has forced me to cramp a number of shows together in order to reach the December 15th deadline I've set for WM.

Matches for Raw this week include;

Randy Orton & John Cena vs Christian & Tyson Tomko

The Rock vs Garrison 'HB' Cade

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki (World Tag Team Championships Match)

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown was pretty impressive. Some things are insipidly repetitive such as Angle defeating a legend with the Angle Lock, and The Rock facing Degeneration X, but in all, it has been a good run so far. I am dissapointed by the Stone Cold no show, but at least he will be at both Raw and Smackdown next week, compensating for the respite taken this week. Maven portrayed himself as a joke. Benoit and Lesnar had a very good promo to open the show, and although I am not too keen on physical restrictions between people as I feel that it is done all the time before Wrestlemania, I like it here because both Lesnar and Benoit are aggressors. Jericho let the fans turn him heel, so that should be interesting.

I am glad to see that you are pumped up about your shows because I am too. Only twenty five more days till Wrestlemania!
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Re: Being The Booker

Sad to hear that there isn't any room for London or the CW belt on WM this year

Interesting notes on Austin being on both RAW & SD! this week, wonder what he'll do on RAW? Rock's match is of course gonna be marred in controversy with all of DX there, so I'll expect something.

Other notes at interesting too, seeing as it will be mainly focused on Foley vs Flair, not all 3 mens hatred for him, as they all have their reasons. Kane I think has something to do with a big match of sorts, I'm guessing maybe the MITB matchup

Thanks for clearing up the Benoit/Angle thing, and it seems that a Champion vs Champion match for the tag belts maybe building up, WGTT vs AMW will be sweet.

I'll still review RAW as always.


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Re: Being The Booker

Again, I'm sorry for pushing on so quickly with the shows, but here is Raw. Also, for those wondering, I'll be giving back the reviews from SD tomorrow. (Setting aside Wednesdays and Sundays for giving reviews back)


Raw; March 6th; Montreal:

Six Man Tag Match opens the show up right away, with Rey Mysterio teaming up with Booker T & Goldust to face one of his 4 WM opponents, Edge & The Heart Throbs. Mysterio gets redemption for the past two weeks of falling prey to Edge, getting a pin fall victory over The Rated ‘R’ Superstar, taking him by surprise with a small package after Edge missed the Spear.

Todd Grisham then conducts an interview with Randy Orton, with the Legend Killer letting John Cena know that tonight, he’ll team with him because he has to, but Cena better keep his eyes at the back of his head, because Randy Orton is out for revenge.

Shaniqua disposes of Jazz in a physical womens encounter, earning her a title shot at Wrestle Mania against her intended target, the woman who took the belt from her in October, Trish Stratus.

Christian and Tyson Tomko chat backstage about Smackdown last week, with both making fun of the show, saying they felt the urge to jump off a cliff after the two hour show felt like two days. They eventually get around to the announcement of Austin vs. Maven this week, with Christian calling it an ‘interesting’ match up.


Following a commercial, DX hit the ring, to one of the strongest heel reactions in recent history, coming from Montreal, directly solely at Shawn Michaels, the perpetrator behind the Screw Job here in 1997. Predictably, HBK starts off with comments on that incident, even getting a few digs on Bret Hart, shooting slightly, by saying all the hype is behind Angle and Hart, whilst elsewhere on the card, two icons that can both still go (referring to himself and Rock), is being shunted away, but is still set to steal the show.

After a brief “We want Bret” chant, HBK lets the fans know that Hart isn’t a Raw guy, and you can see him on the ‘other’ show, this Thursday night. Quickly, Michaels moves on to The Rock, and talks about his match with Cade later tonight. He boasts about the 4 on 1 assault on Smackdown last week, before complementing Rock on having the cohonas to still come to Raw after that four nights ago.

This leads to The Rock’s music interrupting, to a HUGE pop. The Great One hit’s the stage, and paces around for a few moments, thinks about what he wants to say, then goes through his Finally, The Rock has… bit, but once he says Montreal, The Rock declares that he didn’t come to Raw to talk … he came to fight.
With that, The Rock storms to the ring, pulling out a pipe from the back of his pants, which has DX quickly scarper, before Rock can connect. DX back away, as Rock signals for them to Just Bring It.

Now, after another commercial, we find out that the match between The Rock and Garrison Cade wont be happening later … but will be up after the next commercial!!!

Carlito joins J.R and Coach on commentary now though for the upcoming match …

Ken Kennedy defeats Road Warrior Animal (One Night Only Appearance), in a short contest, mainly to give Kennedy another win, over a name that doesn’t need to be protected. CCC constantly rips into Kennedy, and his other WM opponents, from commentary, and after the match up, both men exchange words off mic, leading to a short brawl, which ends with both men being split up by referees.

Wrestle Mania Recall - XXI - John Cena beats Randy Orton, in the ‘Youngest Wrestle Mania Main Event’ to claim his first ever World Title.

J.R and Coach discuss that moment last year, and move on to hyping that rematch at this years event, along with the remainder of the card so far.

After a commercial, Lillian Garcia begins to speak, introducing the next match, when THE LIGHTS GO OUT.
All of the recent messages from Kane are all quickly replayed, with the titan tron messages, the laugh, the words from Kane, before finally, the titan tron reveals that Kane will return - AT WRESTLEMANIA.
As the message is shown, Kanes trademark pyro shoots from the ring posts, and the lights come back, whilst *Slow Chemical* plays for a few seconds. Eventually, it stops, and DX music hits, for the upcoming match.

Garrison Cade DEFEATS The Rock, with a screw job finish, with Michaels instrumental in the ending. Rock fights off DX, who all attack with Cade at the beginning, before the match settles down, once DX are sent to the back. It spreads over a commercial, with Cade surprisingly holding his own with the ten time champion. Rock though, begins to take over, and looks set to wrap up the win, but Cade elbows out of the Rock Bottom, sending Rock into the referee. The match breaks down, with Cade looking to score a low blow, but missing, and Rock this time, connects with a Rock Bottom.

This move instantly sees DX rush to the ring, and despite trying his best, Rock is unable to beat off the three men, with Sweet Chin Music putting down a spirited Rock. HBK looks to be enjoying the heat he is generating, and spots the referee getting back to his senses. HBK trips the referee down, whilst Reigns clobbers Rock with a steel chair, and Jindrak drags Cade onto The Peoples Champion. HBK now applies The Sharpshooter to the referee ala Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania last year, with the referee, out of senses, taps the mat a number of times, but as soon as he does a third time, the bell rings, signalling the end of the match.

HBK keeps the submission locked on, whilst cans and garbage are thrown at him, until the official announcement is made, in case the decision was over turned. Finally he releases, and DX get out of the ring quickly, carrying a groggy, but over the moon, Garrison Cade, who has just picked up the biggest win of his career, over a certified legend.

DX hold Cade up on their shoulders, celebrating the win, whilst in the ring, The Rock regains his senses, and stares up the ramp, livid that DX got one over on him, yet again.

After a commercial, we see DX speeding out of the arena, afraid of a backlash from The Rock.

TWGTT retain the tag team titles once more, this time over Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. J.R and Coach discuss the lack of teams left now on Raw for them to beat.



Evolution come to the ring, with Flair immediately running down all three of their WM opponents, setting the stage for the six man tag. Hogan, Foley and Rhyno all then interrupt, with emotions running high between the six men. Dinsmore accuses Foley of being a hypocrite for criticizing him about being Eugene, whilst he pretended to live in the boiler room for years.

Foley comes back though, and defends his Mankind character, telling Dinsmore that he didn’t try and fool everyone into getting their sympathy, and that the Mankind character wasn’t a ruse, unlike Eugene, but it was, and still is, a state of mind.

The war of words continue, with Flair and Hogan having a few digs in at each other, and Rhyno gets a few words in, along with Batista, before Hogan decides to test out the Evolution trio, signing a match next week in a 6 Man Tag Match. Flair accepts the match, but also makes a match, signing Rhyno to a match … against Randy Orton. The segment comes to an end without the expected brawl, but with a stand off instead.

Quick interview with RVD, who continues his face turn, with a basic face-like promo, and hypes the MITB / I.C Title Match at WM. In the background, Bill Alfonso shakes his head, not happy with RVD.

In the main event, Christian and Tyson Tomko take on Randy Orton and John Cena, for an extremely hot main event. The tension between Cena and Orton is explosive, with the fans into seeing them rip each other apart, but both keep their cool, and team together for the duration.

Long main event, with both sides in control, and each tag made between Cena and Orton getting harder and harder as the match wears on, with a few blind tags, adding to the tension. Randy Orton eventually has Christian set up for an RKO … but Cena blind tags, slapping the back of Orton HARD. Cena blasts into the ring, and gets Christian set up for the FU, but Orton blind tags back in, and drags Christian back off, and gets into Cenas face.

Montreal comes alive, as the two WM opponents share the centre of the ring, bickering back and forth, until Orton strikes Cena, and Cena strikes back, sparking a brawl between the two, leading outside the ring. Christian and Tomko stand in the ring, enjoying the entertainment, whilst the referee has his attention diverted to the outside.

The fans reaction goes from loud to crazy, as the camera picks up STEVE AUSTIN running down the ramp, carrying two cans of beer. He creeps into the ring, and sneaks up behind Christian, waiting for him to turn around, and when he does, AUSTIN OPENS ONE CAN IN HIS FACE, with the beer comedically spraying into Captain Charismas face. Christian staggers around the ring, whilst Austin knocks down Tomko with the can to the face, before going back to stomping a mudhole on Christian.

Tomko gets back up, but is met with a Stunner!!! Christian also gets to his feet, but like Tyson, he faces a Stunner, courtesy of The Rattlesnake!!! Austin toasts the fans a beer before exiting back out of the ring, not being spotted by the referee. Meanwhile, Cena and Orton brawl back into the ring, with Cena pushing away an attempted RKO, before scooping the #1 Contender up, delivering an FU … onto Christian!!! Cena again tells Orton “You cant see me”, and immediately leaves the ring, whilst the referee makes the count, with Orton on top of Christian from the FU, 1...2...3!!!

Cena gets the belt, and walks up the ramp, not even slightly bothered about his team winning, whilst we see the other three men sprawled out on the canvas, as the show goes off the air.


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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Recapped Review:

Mysterio gets a win over one of his opponent, sounds fine with me as he's heading into 'Mania right now on a high note, let's see if he can keep it up and maybe walk out with the MITB contract.

Cena's pumped for tonight, surprised we haven't seen a heel turn from Orton yet.

Glad to see the women's match has been offically announced for 'Mania now. Shaniqua/Trish really is the best feud right now you could have done and it's been building for awhile of course.

Christian will most likely be on SD this week, mark my words.

Good little promo and it would have been fun to read had it not been recapped. Seems pretty cool and Rock/Cade tonight will be ok, guessing Rocky takes the win after fighting off D-X.

Kennedy gets a good win over a legend, nice to see another match being hyped for the Roll of the Dice match and I could see Kennedy/Carlito feuding after 'Mania maybe for the title, who knows?

Interesting, Kane returns come 'Mania. Looking cool.

Wow, good match and you did go through with the Screwjob, great heat for HBK and this really does add on to making this feud get even more heated up. I really can't wait till both men get in the ring.

Wow, good little match made for next week kinda punishing Foley and Hogan per say in the Orton/Rhyno match. I'm expecting tons of interference to go down, really that could be the key factors.

Well, main event was good. Cena F-U's Orton and Cena continues to get the best of the Legend Killer. Not surprised Austin showed up, redemption this week whenever Christian costs Austin his match I believe.
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Re: Being The Booker

What else can I say man. Mania is coming quickly and you are continuing to hit homers out of the park. Great way to open the show with Mysterio winning. As far as the Montreal segment went, I knew, that despite what you said, you were going to do it anyway, for Michaels to get more heat on himself. Great debate about Mankind with Foley and Dinsmore. State of mind. What a way to end the show. Cena and Orton go at it, and as a team, and thanks to a FU from Cena to Orton, Orton beats Christian. Mania is going to be fire. Can't wait till December 15th. Oh, and if you can drop a review for some of my shows, that will be greatly apperciated.

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