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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Great SD! Nice way to hype up Bret's announcement with all the superstars talking to him about it.
COTC will be indeed great. The 10Man Tag is OFF THE HOOK!!
Great teams from both brands.
Survivor Series is kinda far but I guess that's a good way to start off the excitement for the match. A personal idea:
Have HBK special referee it
COTC will be great.

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Re: Being the booker

I would like to have HBK as referee, but right now, I already have plans with what to do with him at Survivor Series. RAW will be up on Monday, but it may be a much shorter version than normal as I have really little time to myself at the minute.
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Cool Re: Being the booker

I love your shows man. I whoud love to see a special match for Bret and Vince, like a hell in a cell maybe?

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Re: Being the booker

Dude I love reading your shows and I can't wait until COTC, it's really going to be a PPV to remember.

Toothless Agression

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WWE RAW 1 Week from Clash of the Champions!

***Most of this RAW has had to be rushed and there may be a lot of spelling mistakes, plus the show is much shorter, due to time and that I am doing a lot of writing for COTC on Sunday***

RAW; September 6th 2004; Greensboro;

Opening Video

J.R: We are just six days from the first ever, RAW vs. Smackdown event, Clash of the Champions, only on PPV, and tonight, the RAW 5 man team will team up for the first time in a ten man tag main event where, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, RVD and Randy Orton will face the team of Matt Morgan, Sean O’ Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Raven and Christopher Nowinski, in a kinda tune up match for this Sundays event!!

King: Speaking of this Sunday, Chris Jericho is not here tonight, but will be appearing on Smackdown this Thursday night for a sit down interview with Goldberg!!

J.R: Lets not forget though King, we are in Flair country here in North Carolina, and tonight, Ric Flair will team with Batista to face Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak ahead of his Submission match this Sunday, as chosen by Mr. McMahon.

King: And speaking of McMahon, J.R. The boss will be here tonight to address Bret Harts challenge to face him at Survivor Series! And by the way, how are you feeling after last weeks assault by Randy Orton?

J.R: Well you know King, I was humiliated in front of my own family, and would really like to try and forget about it. But I guarantee you this, one day, Randy Orton is gonna be given a lesson by someone, and I hope I will sit here to see it!

1st Match: 6 Person Inter-Gender tag match:
Sting, Matt Hardy and Lita vs. Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack and Jazz w/ Theodore Long
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Sting will face Benoit at COTC in a champion vs. champion match, and also matt & Lita will face A-train & Dawn Marie.)
Finish: In a short match, which is basically controlled by Sting, Lita and Matt, showing just how good they are and how they will give their opponents at COTC a great fight, the Brotherhood is soundly beaten, when Sting hit’s a stinger splash on Rodney, he walks into Matt and Matt hit’s the Twist of Fate, and Lita hit’s the Moonsault for a very convincing win going into this Sunday’s event.

Evolution arrive at the arena, and while Batista and Orton are met by boos, Flair then exit’s the limo, and is met by a huge cheer, then a massive WOOOOOOOOOOO chant fills the arena.


We return with Mick Foley talking to Shawn Michaels. Foley asks HBK if he can put his differences aside with Kane for COTC. HBK says he can, but asks Foley, can Kane?

2nd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Rhyno vs. Spike Dudley
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Rhyno will face Rey Mysterio at COTC on Sunday)
Finish: Spike comes at Rhyno with everything he has got, but soon it is not enough, and Rhyno takes control. He brings in a trashcan full of weapons, including a cookie tray, kendo stick, stop sign, and a shovel. He wears out Spike with all of these weapons and makes a cover, 1...2...SPIKE KICKS OUT!!! Rhyno is shocked. He cant believe Spike kicked out. He then sets up the trash can and sets it in the middle of the ring. He whips Spike off the ropes and attempts to hit a thunderous spinebuster into the can, but Spike counters and hit’s a DDT. He covers Rhyno, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Spike cant believe it!! He goes to the outside and gets out a table. He sets it up in the corner of the ring, and turns around, but out of nowhere, Rhyno plants him with a Gore through the table!!! He gets the cover, 1...2...3!! Rhyno wins!!
Rhyno quickly grabs the belt and looks relived to still be Hardcore Champion. J.R and King comment saying, that maybe Rhyno could struggle against underdogs, giving Mysterio an edge going into this Sunday!

A replay is shown of Bret Hart’s huge challenge to Vince from Smackdown and tonight, we hope to get Vince’s response.

Interview with Dudley Boyz. They accept Test and Steiner’s challenge, and say they will have pleasure in beating their punk asses at COTC when they drive their bodies through a table.

Randy Orton comes to the ring. He talks about still not being over his screw job at SummerSlam. He says that he still wants a piece of Foley in the ring, but for the good of RAW, he will reluctantly be part of the ten man tag main event. He then makes a challenge to Foley to face him right here tonight and they can finish the job once and for all. Then HBK enters. He comes to the ring and gets in the face of Orton. He slaps Randy hard, and tells him to get a life. He tells him it’s either put his differences with Foley aside, or put his career down the drain. Orton is irate. He thinks about it and tells HBK he will be part of RAW’s team at COTC, but will never forget what Foley has done to him. Randy walks away from HBK with a real angry look on his face.


Matt & Lita are seen backstage talking about doing RAW a favour and showing SD who has the best inter gender team.

3rd Match:
Edge vs. Goldust
(During the entrances, we are reminded that E&C will face The SD tag champions at COTC)
Finish: Goldust hit’s the curtain call, but Christian comes to the aid of his partner breaking the count, resulting in a DQ. They begin a 2 on 1 attack, but Booker T comes to the aid of his buddy, and scares off E&C.

Interview with Ric Flair. He talks about coming back home, and back to Flair country followed by a small WOOO. He then talks about Regal’s comments on Smackdown last week. He says that Regal can talk a good fight, and he can give a good fight, but he cannot out wrestle, the stylin’, profiling’, WOOOO the jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, WOOO, kiss stealin’, wheelin’, dealin’, Son of a Gun!! WOOOOOO!!! The 16 time, World Champion, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

RVD, Booker and HBK chat backstage about how they can co exist with their other two partners at COTC.

Edge, Christian and Trish chat backstage about how they will all be successful at COTC, but more importantly tonight for Trish, taking on Gail Kim next. Trish changes the subject and talks about Torrie, saying that Trish is more beautiful and popular than Torrie.


4th Match: Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Straus vs. Gail Kim
(We are reminded during the entrances that Trish will face Torrie at COTC)
Finish: Trish gets a roll up and uses the ropes for leverage to gain the three count.

Interview with Kane. He talks about being the number 1 guy in the RAW team at COTC. He says that he is a monster, and will prove to the SD team that he is indestructible, and if ANYONE gets in his way, their will be Hell to pay!! HBK enters. He and Kane have a stare down. HBK says to Kane that he hates him, and he knows the feeling is mutual, but this Sunday for the sake of RAW, they have got to get along. Kane says if HBK stays out of his way, there wont be any problem.

Randy Orton backstage sees Foley. He goes up to him and gets in his face. Foley tells him he is not in the mood for any crap tonight. Orton says that there is only one way to settle this once and for all, and it is in the ring. Foley tells Orton that there is no way, he will face him, he tells Orton that he is a GM, not a wrestler. Orton smiles and tells Foley he will crack.


We return and suddenly, No chance in hell plays, and Mr. McMahon appears on the titan tron. He addresses the crowd and says that finally Bret hart has shown that he still has a set, and wants to take him on. He says it’s on for Survivor Series, and then he asks, Who will survive? He says one man will stand tall when the dust settles, and that man is none other, than VINCENT KENNEDY MC MAHON!!!!

The crowd goes wild for the confirmation that Bret Hart will face Vince at Survivor Series.

5th Match:
Batista & Ric Flair vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Ric Flair takes on William Regal at COTC in a McMahon’s choice match which is a submission match.)
Finish: Flair gets the biggest pop of the night, and the fans chant Flair, and WOOOOOOOOO for the whole match. In the match, it is vintage Flair, with all the trademarks; hidden low blow, rake to the eyes, chops, WOOOOOO chants, and the eventual Figure 4 to pick up the victory. Flair is on top form going into COTC.

J.R and King then preview the COTC card, and make their predictions. Both predict that RAW will come out on top at the end of the night, and prove they are the #1 Brand.

Foley talks backstage with Team RAW. He wishes everyone involved at COTC the best of luck and tells them to prove to the world that Smackdown is just the B show.


Main Event: 10 man Tag:
Shawn Michaels, Kane, Booker T, RVD, Randy Orton
Vs. Matt Morgan, Raven, Chris Nowinski, Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo
Finish: Team RAW dismantle the opposition and make a few uneasy tags together. Kane refuses to tag in HBK, and Orton decides not to get involved at all. This begins an argument between him and Booker T. They begin to fight on the outside, distracting their team mates. RVD tries to break it up to no avail, leaving HBK on his own in the ring, with Kane on the apron. Matt Morgan takes control of HBK, and tags his team mates. They work on the back of HBK, but soon, HBK fights back and plants Nowinski with Sweet Chin Music. He crawls to his corner to tag Kane. Kane thinks about it and eventually decides to tag HBK. Kane cleans house. He dismantles all of the opposition, and event doubles teams with HBK. He choke slams Palumbo and makes the cover, 1...2...3!!! Kane wins. He gets up and looks at HBK. They nod at each other, and then go to the outside to break up the other three. Orton walks off as the other four try to calm things down.
The show goes off the air with Booker, RVD, HBK and Kane all standing side by side in the ring going into COTC. J.R ends the show saying this looks bad for Smackdown, but what about Randy Orton??


Sorry about the lack of detail but this is due to me putting a lot of effort into COTC for Sunday. Please rate the show, and SD will be up on Wednesday. It too will have little detail, but again this is to ensure that COTC is a success.
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Re: Being the booker

Hey man...even though it was short, it was still GREAT!! I like the hype ur giving to the 10Man Tag Match..That is more interesting than the World Title match..
BTW..Hope its a really good and electrifying sit down interview between Jericho/Goldberg..Other matches are also great..Bret Hart v Vince..Nice buildup and really looking forward to it..if HBK cant guest referee it, then have the actual referee responsible for it, "Earl Hebner" and maybe have him play a role in the match..Just a suggestion though..
And as alwayz..keep em coming man..COTC could prove to be better than WM although we have yet to see ur WM!!

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Re: Being the booker

***Sorry Guy's, it's another short version, but the sit down interview is a decent length. Definately back to normal for COTC***

Smackdown: September 9th 2004: Raleigh;

Opening Video

Michael Cole & Tazz welcome us to the show, just 72 hours away from Clash of the Champions, were Smackdown takes on RAW. They tell us about tonight’s matches before they are cut off by the Hurricane’s music.

1st Match: Non - Title Match:
Hurricane & Citizen Storm vs. Basham Brothers w/ Shaniqua
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Hurricane & Storm will face Edge & Christian in a Tag Champs vs. Champs match at COTC)
Finish: The Basham’s do the switch, but Hurricane outsmarts them and realises that they have switched. Hurricane & Storm take control, but the Shaniqua saves the Basham’s on two occasions. Hurricane and Storm win the match, after a cock up between the Basham’s, where Doug accidentally clotheslines Shaniqua, and Storm gets a roll up on Danny.
After the match, Shaniqua is irate with the Basham’s.


We return with the Basham’s grovelling to Shaniqua. They apologise for screwing up and say it will never happen again. Shaniqua says that for their sake it better not happen again, or she will leave them.

In Bret Hart’s office, Bret is talking with his five man squad for the main event at COTC. He tells them that the RAW team is in disarray, and at COTC, the Smackdown team will remember that there is no I in team. However, Brock Lesnar speaks up. He says that he shouldn’t be teaming with lesser athletes at COTC. Cena tells him to shut up. Brock then challenges Cena to make him. Angle steps in and tells both to wise up. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero and Big Show begin to argue and almost come to blows. Bret breaks up the two and tells them to settle any differences tonight before COTC, one on one. Eddie is happy as is Big Show. Bret tells all five to leave, and that they better co-exist at COTC.

Interview with Chris Benoit. He says being United States champion is an honour, and in his opinion, it is a more prestigious belt than the I.C belt. He then says it will be an honour to face Sting at COTC, but he will be the one with his hand raised in the air as the victor.

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo sr. vs. Rey Mysterio
(During the entrances, we are reminded that at COTC, Rey Mysterio will face Rhyno in a special bonus match)
Finish: Rey hit’s a double 619, on both Chavo’s, but as he goes for the West coast pop, Kanyon runs to ringside, distracting Rey. Chavo jr. takes advantage and hit’s the ropes. Rey loses his balance and falls off the rope, straight into a DDT from Chavo. Chavo gets the cover, 1...2...3!! Chavo steals the win. Kanyon then gets in the ring and tells Rey that he is still not finished with him, and wants one more match next week to settle the score, once and for all.

Backstage, Kurt Angle talks to John Cena. He tells him that he has to put he feelings aside for the next three days, until after COTC, or the SD team is doomed. Cena tells Angle that he will do his own thing, and if Kurt, Bret, or anyone else has a problem with that he doesn’t give a crap.

Test and Steiner come to the ring with a Table. They quickly talk about the Dudleyz and how RAW is a sinking ship without them before bringing out an unknown wrestler. They tell the man that maybe one day he will be a big star, but tonight, he is just their toy. They beat him up for a few minutes before hitting a 3D through the table. They mimic the Dudleyz before saying that this will be their fate at COTC.


3rd Match: 6 Man Tag:
Chris Benoit, John Cena and Kurt Angle vs. TWGTT & William Regal
Finish: Throughout the match, there is tension between Cena and Angle. They make a number of stiff tags to one another, but still co- exist. At the conclusion, Regal attempts to hit Benoit with the Knucks, but Benoit reverses and applies the crossface. Regal fights out, and the commentators remind us that Regal is in a submission match this Sunday, and if he can get out of the crossface, he can get out of anything. Benoit and Regal fight to the outside, and in the ring, Cena hit’s the FU on Haas, but as he turns around, he walks into a super kick from Benjamin. He turns around, and is met by the Angle Slam. Kurt gets the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Afterwards, Cena and Angle have a quick staredown before shaking hands. Cole makes light of the fact that Kurt could be the leader of the SD team, after the way he has looked out for his partner tonight.

Lesnar complains to Heyman about having to team up with a bunch of losers at COTC. Heyman tells him it’s only for one night, then he will never have to team up with them again.

3rd Match:
Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero
Finish: Big Show purposely gets himself DQ after hitting Guerrero with a steel chair. He then takes Eddie to the outside and looks to Chokeslam him through the announce table. However, Kurt Angle and John Cena run to the ring in order to stop him. Big Show then begins to fight with Angle and Cena. Eventually, Bret enters and brings out security to break up the fight.

We then see both Goldberg and Jericho preparing for their sit down interview with J.R - NEXT!!


We return with the sit down interview between Jericho and Goldberg. J.R first thanks both men for taking their time for this interview. He then talks about the two men meeting at COTC in the Champion vs. Champion match. He asks how much of an honour it is for both men. Goldberg replies first. He says that it is a huge honour to represent his brand as Champion to take on their main rival’s Champion. He says that all eyes in the Smackdown locker room will be on him at COTC to prove to the world that Smackdown has the best in the business.
Jericho then replies. He says that for him, it is practically the biggest match of his career. He says that the winner of the match will be viewed as THE best, number 1 in the industry, top dog, and Chris Jericho, will be the top dog.

This comment gets a stern look from Goldberg to Jericho.

J.R then quickly changes the subject. He comments on both men winning their respective titles at SummerSlam. He asks that for the loser, would this make your title reign less meaningful, knowing that you are not the #1 Champion in the business, after only three weeks as Champion?

Goldberg replies immediately saying that he should just ask Jericho that question. Jericho looks to Goldberg with a stern look on his face.
Jericho replies, he says that there will be only one way to find out, and that is in less than 72 hours.

J.R asks Goldberg if he will able to cope with Jericho’s speed and much better technical ability at COTC?

Goldberg replies by saying that if he had any weaknesses, he wouldn’t be sitting here today as WWE Champion. He says that he beat the best pure athlete in the WWE today at SummerSlam, Kurt Angle. He says that Angle is twice the wrestler as Jericho ever will be, and as far as quickness goes, that doesn’t pose a threat whatsoever.

Jericho looks away and begins to smile. This angers Goldberg. He says that if he has something to laugh about, to tell him. Jericho tells Goldberg that if he really believes the crap he says, then that is OK, but Y2J knows that he has the better of Goldberg.

J.R then directs a question to Jericho. He asks if Goldberg’s size and power advantage will affect his game plan.

Jericho says he doesn’t need a game plan when he faces guys like Goldberg. He says that all big guys are the same. He says they are clumsy, and Goldberg is the clumsiest of all.

Goldberg then s......s. Jericho ignores him and J.R proceeds to his next question. He asks if Jericho is thrown off by Goldberg’s recent dominance on Smackdown, which many have referred to as being just like his WCW run.

Jericho laughs. He says J.R has just answered the question for him. He says that WCW was a second rate company, and Goldberg was fed third rate stars. He then reminds J.R that he never got a proper shot at Goldberg during his 179/0 run. He then says that it is no surprise to him that he is ploughing through Smackdown too, as they also have second rate superstars, which will be proven at COTC.

Goldberg then butts in. He says that Jericho, as usual is talking out of his ass. He says that Jericho had his chance to end the streak, but he could never get the job done. He then reminds J.R that at Bad Blood 2003, he defeated Jericho, one on one.

J.R then moves on to WCW. He says that there was reportedly some hostility between the two then. He asks if there was any truth behind the rumour, and if so, is there still tension?

The two men look hard in the eyes of each other, neither blinking an eye. Both then turn to J.R and reply, no comment.

J.R then hesitates. He says that he wishes both men best of luck at COTC and then asks if either has anything left to say?

Both men look at each other again. They stand up and then shake their heads in response.

J.R then says that maybe the two would like to shake hands as a manner of good will before Sunday.
Neither man extends his hand and both walk off in separate directions to end the interview.


The Smackdown 5 man squad continues to argue backstage. Bret then is forced to break it up again. He tells them that he has an idea to make them co-exist at COTC. He says that if they work as a unit at COTC, then the MVP of the match will get a WWE Championship Shot down the line.

4th Match: Non - Title Inter Gender Tag Match:
A-Train & Dawn Marie vs. Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson
(During the entrances, we are reminded that A-Train & Dawn will face Matt Hardy & Lita at COTC, and also, Torrie will face Trish)
Finish: Torrie is on top form throughout, and she looks set to pick up the win over Dawn, but out of nowhere, Trish Stratus appears. She hit’s the Chick kick on Torrie, behind the referee’s back. Dawn gets the cover and the win.


We return with an interview with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Hurricane & Lance Storm. They say that they may have only been champions for a week now, but they will show those wrongdoers, Edge & Christian just how good triumphs over evil every time. Trish then interrupts. She says that E&C will not only beat Hurricane & Storm at COTC, they will make sure that they never step foot in a ring ever again. Then as Trish is about to walk off, she is attacked from behind by Torrie. Torrie rips into Trish, before officials pull the two ladies apart.

Michael Cole and Tazz then preview the Clash of the Champions event, this Sunday from Long Island, New York. They then talk about all the matches that are going to take place. They both predict that Smackdown will come out on top.

A video then plays previewing the Hart - McMahon match at Survivor Series.


Main Event:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Billy Gunn
Finish: Brock dismantles Billy in a matter of minutes, after an inspired start from Billy. He finishes him off after delivering the F5.
After the match, Lesnar grabs the microphone. He bad mouths each of his team mates, one by one. Kurt Angle enters. He says that this outburst isn’t going to help Smackdown beat RAW at COTC. Lesnar says he doesn’t care. Then, John Cena runs out. He and Lesnar begin to brawl. Angle tries to break it up, but to no avail. Big Show then tries to break up the fight, but Cena punches Show. This makes him angry and he begins to fight also. Eddie then runs in with a steel chair to get revenge on Big Show for earlier. Angle is then forced to get involved, and all five men brawl with each other.
The camera cuts to the top of the ramp, where Shawn Michaels is standing with RVD and Booker T. They point at the 5 Smackdown guys brawling, and begin to laugh. They walk out laughing as the show goes off the air with all five Smackdown guys still brawling.


Let me know what you thought of Smackdown. I apologise for the shortness of it, but again, I am really busy with about 101 other things, including COTC, which by the way is on Sunday. Here is the final card for the event, and I would be really grateful if you could post any predictions you have for the matches.

Official Card for WWE Clash of the Champions
Date: 12th September 2004
Location: Long Island, New York
Event Music: Saliva, Your Disease


10 Man Tag; RAW vs. SMACKDOWN:
Shawn Michaels, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Randy Orton

Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Eddy Guerrero, John Cena

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion :
Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Sting vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Hurricane & Citizen Storm vs. Edge & Christian

Women’s Challenge:
Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson

Inter Gender Tag Challenge:
Dawn Marie & A-Train vs. Lita & Matt Hardy

McMahon’s choice match: Submission Match:
Ric Flair vs. William Regal

Tag Team Tables Match:
Test & Steiner vs. Dudley Boyz

One on One:
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio
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Re: Being the booker

WOW Great SD!! Man, You really know how to hype up the 10Man Tag Match.
OK..PREDICTION TIME...(Man I love this part):

Rhyno v Mysterio
No actual story behind this, so kinda difficult to call, but I figure Kanyon will interfere and so:
Winner - Rhyno

Test/Steiner v Dudleyz
Another nice match with the added stipulation.
Winner - Dudleyz

McMahon's Choice Match - Ric Flair v Regal
Winner - Ric Flair

Intergender Tag Match - A-Train/Dawn v Lita/Hardy
Well...not that interested in this match but it's kinda nice because of Matt so I pick:
Winner - Lita/Hardy

Women's Challenge - Trish Stratus v Torrie Wilson
As I have said before, not a big fan of divas matches, but this one is kinda hard to call considering the development. But if I have to pick, then:
Winner - Trish Stratus (Cheating)

Tag Team Champions Match - Hurricane/Storm v Edge/Christian
I will go with Tag Team experience in this one
Winner - E&C

Intercontinental v US Champs - Sting v Benoit
One of the best matches on the card. Really tough to call. I like Benoit more, so i guess:
Winner - Chris Benoit (Handshake after the match)

World Championship Match - Jericho v Goldberg
Another great contendor for Match of the Night. The Sit-Down interview really hyped it up great. I figure Goldberg dominance is gonna go on for a long time.
Winner - Goldberg

10Man Tag - RAW Team v SD! Team
THE BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Especially with all the excellent hype given to it and the way the teams are gonna co-exist will be really interesting to see especially HBK/Kane and Lesnar from SD and Orton from Raw. Really Really Great Match. Now this is hard, but I guess HBK/Kane will not keep their differences aside in this match and same goes for Orton with Foley, Orton betrays Foley and the SD! team fall for the MVP offer from Bret. Therefore,
Winners - SD! Team (Lesnar, Angle, Show, Cena, Eddie)

And I also figure, we're gonna see a HEATED confontation between McMahon and Bret Hart.

COTC will be the best PPV yet man. A really great card and am looking forward to the last three matches.
Lets see, my guess, the final score:
RAW v SMACKDOWN = 6 - 3...RAW WINS but SMACKDOWN gets the last laugh!
One Disappointment(sp): I have to wait till Sunday for COTC

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Thanks a lot for your continued support Sibtain. I'm really pleased that still after all this time, you still enjoy the shows and give me your thoughts and views. I hope that you enjoy COTC.
I would really like to see more replies please, and if possible, some predictions.
COTC is up on Sunday.
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Re: Being the booker

Hey WB! You don't have to thank me man. I come to WE Forums everday just to check out the updates that you have made (and some new stuff).

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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