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Re: Being The Booker

Raw February 13; Fresno

Absolutely phenomenal opening between Cena and Orton. It was very, very well written, and made perfect sense all around. The way you’ve approached this rematch, and both men’s current attitudes towards it is superb. Both men were in character, without using their egos. That wont last, but it is certainly a nice place to start, and following the #1 contender being crowned last week, it was perfect to start the show this way. But I don’t know, I still say Cena beats Orton again, although I would LOVE to see the legend Killer finally achieve his WrestleMania destiny.

Nice clean win for the Intercontinental Champ. Thought you might be going somewhere else with this. Anyway, WGTT can now stay with a WM match as a team, rather than them breaking down over the IC belt.

Great interaction between Tomko, Christian, Todd, and the fans. Well mixed segment here, which delivered a Christian promo that followed SNME’s actions well. The popcorn bit was too funny, and your cleverness didn’t stop there, as the beer can bit, and Christian’s hopeful dismissal of it were brilliant building blocks. Building blocks for the certain Austin ass kicking Christian is gonna get later. My favorite feud in all of BTB, period. Long running, and the best built EVER.

Shaniqua is the Big-Black-Bitch for sure. Don’t really know what you’ll do here, but Trish may be in serious trouble.

Loved Mania 9, which IMO, is highly underrated as a good Mania. Not near the best, but IMO, not near as bad as it get rapped for. JR’s first Mania as well!!

Carlito is pissed, and Hogan is set to be the MITB creator, which is cool. Cant wait for the announcement next week. WHICH I HAVE NOT READ. I do not spoil shows for myself, including reading others replies. Foley announcement to come up.

Truly surprised Austin opted not to show, but it just furthers the best BTB feud ever even more. I just cant wait for this match. Austin never was, and certainly is not now, great in the ring, but Christian is, and can carry the in ring aspect, while the sheer feud intensity will make this a magical match, one I think Austin will, and really should win. Nice win for Rey BTW.

OMG!! What an incredibly unique scenario for WM. A six man tag!! Hogan, Foley and EUGENE!! I think that works well!! Not toooooooo keen on Eugene, and I wouldn’t have minded a straight tag match, but it certainly makes sense. As for Flair and Batista’s partner, I’d say maybe… TRIPLE H!! Makes the most sense to me, as he seems lost for Mania atm. Or, perhaps Rhyno will turn heel, and align with his enemies Flair and Batista, being an even match for Eugene in the match up. Either way, this is awesome. The one thing I think is that you need to work on the Foley-Hogan companionship from now till then though, as they are both huge names, who until now, haven’t even mentioned eachothers names on TV in the last 20 years. But, seeing this match booked is a prime example of how original your thread and ideas are. And so we wont have a Mania match in common after all, as I could of swore it’d be Flair vs. Hogan in this thread too. Cool Wolfy.

Taker gets the academic win and… JERICHO!!! I LOVE IT!! Jericho-Taker at Mania!! Fabulous decision, and one I almost made when planning my Mania last year. Answers a lot of questions, but really leaves HHH looking lost, and now maybe he’ll def. enter the six man. This has been one of the best Raw’s I HAVE EVER read!!

My god, the greatness doesn’t end in this show. Edge in rare form. I have a feeling he’ll be added to the Hogan special match, in which he’ll win the MITB contract IMO. I think its fitting since he won the first one. And the Val Venis Condom match comment was priceless!! Raw altogether, in rare form tonight, with absolutely everyone taking it up a notch tonight in terms of storyline building and intensity.

And the main event wasted no time starting to end the calmness between Orton and Cena. Not much to say, a big win for DX, and a wedge driven between World Champ and # 1 contender. Nice cap off to an absolutely fabulous night. WrestleMania will be HUGE!!

Smackdown February 16; San Fran

Prefect way to open the show, with Austin finally MAKING THE CHALLENGE!! And Christian will no doubt accept. Nice commentary from Steve, calling Christian on the carpet about being a chickenshit. Not the best it could have been I feel, but enough to get the job done, and the points across. I loved the last line about it not being a nightmare. Monday Night’s interaction will be electric for sure, and I cannot wait!!

Academic win for Hardy in what was an academic match to build towards his match with JBL. Good start to the feud.

Angle punks Backlund, which works. This feud is building maybe a bit too much like Angle-HBK did at 21, but whatever, and it matters even less since that didn’t happen in this thread. Angle vs. Hart will be classic, and by all means, Hart must win, otherwise Backlund is right, and Kurt is just beating up old men.

JBL is pissed, and Hardy will certainly take out Noble next week.

ARGHHH!! Hogan beating Savage. Back then I was still young, and a “believer”. I wanted Savage to win BAD! I thought he was gonna beat Hogan, because I thought he was a better wrestler, which again I thought mattered due to being a “believer”.

Angle snaps another ankle from Bret’s past, and it was nice for him to win with the sharpshooter.

Erm, I could have SWORN I saw that you released Steiner in the news a couple weeks ago, yet he is in the back…? Maybe I’m confused. Odd segment really. Funny thought, with Maven wishing it were him. Austin kicks his ass. But again, it was odd, and I ask… WHY?

Very good Highlight reel, and a very sensible explanation from Y2J. He needs to make an impact in his eyes, and what better way? He wont win, but he’ll have a big match, and will be one of the select sacrifices for Taker at Mania. Match should own, as I don’t quite remember them EVER wrestling. Taker on Highlight Reel next week…? AWESOME!!

Nice retain against Kidman, and London seems okay, unless I overlooked an injry comment.
Funny Rock piece, despite being a short recap style promo.

Decent filler I guess, with the champs and Kanyon picking up a win.

My god, I just cant figure out where HHH is going. It really doesn’t seem as though he’ll be in the six man now. Perhaps a ploy though? I just don’t know. But wait, he wants a big name…? What about STING?? What happened to him in this thread, as I’ve missed that. But wait, I’ve got it, he wants a main event match, he wants a big match, and next week, he wants a McMahon in the ring to talk about it. I am sensing HHH vs. Vince or Shane now, which has the storied history to build on the fly, and be tremendous. Who knows though.

Tremendous main event, ands one of the best SD! Has ever had! Rock taps out… CLEAN!! Benoit is rolling now, and Rock is looking a bit below par, which scares me even more when it comes to HBK’s fate at Mania now. Nonetheless, a top notch Main Event, with a fabulous finish. And finally Brock comes out, and does Benoit in, which this feud needed, and Lesnar needed as the animalistic champion he is. Awesome ending Wolfy, and I can’t wait for Mania.

Fabulous couple of shows, with Raw obviously ahead of SD!. Look for a short review of the next Raw in a day or two my friend.


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Re: Being The Booker

Carlito's Cabana: A good opening segment to the show having Hulk Hogan announce the 2 Falls 'Roll of the Dice' Match. I am really looking forward to seeing which stipulation is used.

The Hurricane vs. Rene Dupree: Hurricane wins against Dupree! **marks out** Oh well, it is just for Kane's up coming return which I will be marking out to the highest peak for.

D-Generation X Promo: Nice promo by HBK announcing that he excepts The Rock's challenge and Mark Jindrak is first up to take on The People's Champion.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Booker T & Goldust: A good match to give TWGTT a win in. They been getting a great winning streak lately, but I bet that will end soon enough.

D-Generation X/RKO/John Cena Promo: Great promo here though HBK's interuption did off balance the promo for a little while. Looks like we got HBK wanting his title shot which I am all for, I just hope RKO wins the WM 22 match if that is the case as I feel that DX vs. Cena should be over for good now. Nice finish to the promo having a brawl finished by Randy Orton giving John Cena an RKO.

Shaniqua vs. Lita: Nice win for Shaniqua as she continues looking to regain the Women's Championship.

Mick Foley/Eugene Promo: A Eugene promo at it's best, looking forward to how this goes with this surprise as you been keeping it from me, your WM match banner maker.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito & Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso: Nice match up building up the 5-Way at WrestleMania XXII. Edge leaves costing Mysterio and this all ends with RVD slowly turning face which I beg leads up to Sabu vs. RVD soon, plus we got Carlito and Kennedy battling it out.

Steve Austin/Christian Promo: Awesome promo, building up Austin vs. Christian which is now set in stone for WM 22. Now Austin shall take Christian for a joy ride, I hope this includes a bridge like for Angle/Austin and Rock/Austin.

Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. Eugene w/ Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan: Good main event and great ending to the show having Eugene turn heel. My guess is that Eugene will soon turn into Nick Dinsmore which would be awesome. Looking forward to where you go from here.

Great show 9/10, great shock at the end and some great matches made for WM and the aftermath of WM has already built up with DX.

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Re: Being The Booker

Happy Birthday mate a lil late I think but still happy b-day, I will get a review for this around for this later on today American time. PM me and remind me cause I will probably forget later mate happy b-day once again
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Re: Being The Booker

I will not review this show but will your next btw
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night RAW ~ February 20th ~ Review
Interesting promo at the start of the match. Carlito was really right on the spot and the same goes for Hulkster. Some great announcements by Hogan. And the Roll of the Dice match should be a great one. Amazing concept. And I’ll love this match because the competitors in this match are all awesome. Nice concept, again. And it’s something different, which is always nice to see.

Kane’s coming ba-aack, lol. Don’t know where he’ll be heading though. It will be interesting to see mate. A nice victory for the Hurricane here. D-X’s promo was nice. So, Rock has to get ready at SmackDown! because the young gouns of D-X are coming for him. But I guess that Rock will beat them. And then out of nowhere, HBK will come up and do the job.

Um… a nice victory for The World’s Greatest Tag Team here. And the sportmanlike handshake after the match was indeed a great moment. Whoa, an amazing promo here mate. Did HBK came out to create some havoc? I guess so. But if he beats Rock, he’ll be coming after the World Title. Was an exciting promo mate and I loved it. And this time, Cena hits Orton from behind? Maybe a botch, again. I think that Orton turned heel here when he hit the RKO to John Cena.

Shaniqua beats Lita here cleanly. Would’ve loved if she’d had cheat to win this one. I’d love to see Shaniqua vs. Lita vs. Trish at Mania. But anyways, where was Trish? I was expecting her to show up in this match-up. Eugene talking about surprises? I woner what the matter with him. Wow, a 16 minute tag team match here, that gotta be awesome to watch. Interesting ending there as Edge leaves Mysterio alone and Carlito and Van Dam pick up the victory.

One of the best promo ever mate. Mark it. I really loved it. Nothing seemed wrong. Christian really fooled the fans at the start. And I loved the part when Tomko impersonated Austin. And at the last, every funny thing ended up as Austin beat the crap outta both men. Well, this feud is turning to out be a great one. I say that Christian would beat Austin at Wrestlemania somehow.

Very short match here as the heel, Batista earned yet another victory. And man, he’s looking really a monster. What the heck? Definitely one of the most shocking moment happens here. Did anyone predicted Eugene to turn heel? No one. Awesome mate. This looks great. But I wonder who’ll be Foley and Hogan’s partner now.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: Being The Booker

Okay. I've not been active at all since Tuesday. Put it down to the alcohol hazed few days, coupled with trying to scrape into work on time. It's left me with twenty minutes or so to actually get on the site.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes too. As for getting reviews returned, I'll be starting that big task on Sunday. That'll see me review any weekly shows that I need to get back to, then I'll move onto PPV events, which I think are King of Pain and Spartanlax.

Once I'm all caught up, which I hope is this time next week, I'll finally get motoring with WM. In the two weeks following next Friday, I'll only be able to give basic reviews to the main core of six or seven I generally always review. Sorry to anyone that doesnt include. But once I'm ready to go again, I'll attempt to go for the review for review route, and likely fall behind, as I have done at this point.

Just to answer one or two things that came up from Raw, which might've confused some...

Randy Orton HAS NOT turned heel. Some failed to recognise the part of the brawl where Cena accidently clocked Orton from behind when HBK moved. Orton didnt realise it was an accident, and responded with the RKO. No heel turn ... yet.

There is some speculation too that Kane will be part of the Roll of the Dice match up. I'll quickly squash that rumour, as the match is being built as the first ever 5 way match in Wrestle Mania history, so a 6th entrant will not be added.

Kane will have a role at WrestleMania, but I'll not reveal yet of course.

And, the Eugene storyline will be explained comprehensively on the next edition of Raw. It's without a shadow of a doubt, the best promo I've ever produced from a non-main event talent.

Finally, here is what I hope will be the schedule in the run up to WrestleMania ...

Thursday 9th November - Smackdown (Mostly a recap, with two full promos)

Monday 13th November - Raw (In full)

Thursday 16th November - Smackdown (In full)

Monday 20th November - Raw (Recap)

Thursday 23rd November - Smackdown (In ful)

Wednesday 29th November - Raw (Recap) & Smackdown (Recap)

Monday 4th December - Raw (In full)

Thursday 7th December - Smackdown (In full)

Monday 11th December - WrestleMania Preview

Friday 15th December - WRESTLEMANIA XXII
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Re: Being The Booker

Great news and I can't wait until November 9th when you return! I also can't wait until December 15th because your WM22 will be up the day before I get my own thread off the ground.


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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy, awesome news man and I can't wait to continue reading the Road to Wrestlemania! Friday the 15th will be an epic night indeed.

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Re: Being The Booker

Looks good for everything and great, the projected date is a few days before my birthday! That will be a good birthday, WM from Wolfy! Anyways, everything looks good and I'm looking forward for the Road to WrestleMania to continue on.
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Re: Being The Booker

I do not want to give you the impression that I am not reading because I am, but due to my bad lackadaisical attitude for the past few months, I lack the time and energy for a full review.

The five man roll the dice challenge is going to be great, and I just have the feeling that the second fall will be the money in the back ladder match.

Eugene turning heel is like the shock of the year. Sure, he has been heel in some threads before, but this is momentous! Eugene is a heel after cheating two of the biggest legends in the history of WWE, Mick Foley and Hogan, while aligning himself with what is left of Evolution. Now the question is who will Foley and Hogan bring in to face Evolution and the treacherous Eugene.

The only thing that I did not like is Orton and Eugene turning heel in the same show. Sure, you said that Orton has not turned heel, but it seems absolutely inevitable, unless you pull a complete 180 on us and make Cena the heel, but at this point, only Orton seems like the clear cut heel, which is a true shame because you have spent the entire year or so building Orton as the face. I guess he is not a match for Cena. Whatever happens, I have the feeling that Orton is going to win the Wrestlemania match.

What is Kane going to do at Wrestlemania? My gut feeling is that he is going to annihilate somebody or somepeple.

Well, the card looks brilliant and scintillating. The build up to Wrestlemania is always the best time of year, so I look forward to it. As I alluded to in the Orton paragraph, you spend the whole year building things. I really like how you have blueprinted this. Everything is heading towards Wrestlemania, like the Bret Hart vs. Angle feud, HBK vs. The Rock feud, and Stone Cold vs. Christian feud. You set these long term, making everything so much better.
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