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Re: Being The Booker

Good bit of news and I'm sensing MITB/IC title match, the tag partner is going to be intresting and another WM 21 Rematch? Wow, seems good to see AMW and WGTT if it takes place. I'll be reading Raw and reviewing that.
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Re: Being The Booker

I am definitely sensing an IC Title and Money in the Bank deal, though it may not be a ladder match. I like the array of superstars in it, all rising stars or have already risen. If Edge is in, there is nothing for Triple H though. May be a good thing.

Stone Cold better be at Raw this week, I missed him last week, and I thought you said he would be there. I look forward to the third partner for Flair and Batista. Oh wait, I got it, Triple H. Just my guess. Orton and Cena will be explosive.

I will not be able to leave a full review, but expect a read from me, and a condensed review.
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Re: Being The Booker

Austin opens the show with a good promo, and he sets it up for his match with Christian at Mania, which should be good one. Interesting to see how Christian accepts the challenge, and looking forward to seeing Austin on Raw

Hardy gets the win over Danny Basham, and I guess he will face most of the Cabinet in the next few weeks, and get wins over them all. The feud needs a bit more build up to avoid just being filler though I feel

Angle has his new intense style, and I think Backlund is in for a hell of a beating later on tonight

Noble against Hardy next week it is, and again, I sense that Hardy will get the win. Only right that he picks up a series of wins to make him look a threat to the title

Angle does get his squash win, and again, leaves the legend with maybe a broken ankle. Angle is seriously looking good for his match against Hart at the moment

Maven bad mouths Austin, and then gets beaten up. Nice segment here, which gets Mavenís character over a bit more, and allows Austin to open a can of whoop ass

Jericho has a good reason for why he wants Taker at mania, and Iím sure that we be a good match when it happens. Looking forward to seeing Taker on the Highlight Reel next week, as I think there is some kind of screwjob being set up for him

London gets a win over Kidman to keep the title, and at the moment, I donít see where he is going for Mania. Still, he looks strong as the champion which is good

Rock cuts a promo and challenges all of DX to come to S/down and wrestle him. I guess they will accept the challenge, and the Rock will pick up some wins on the way to meeting HBK at Mania

AMW and Kanyon pick up a filler win really, and it just gets them over as fighting champions I suppose

HHH wants a McMahon to come to Smackdown and give him a match next week, and I guess that is what he will get. I havenít got a clue what kind of match he is going to get, but knowing you, it will be something good

Benoit gets a win over the Rock in the main event, and still looks to be a big threat to lesnarís title at Mania. However, he gets destroyed at the end of the show, and at last, Brock looks like a real champion
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Re: Being The Booker

hey wolfy. I have been so tied up with school work and things. But i am back and i am once again going to get into your thread. I have skimmed through smackdown and it was a brill show. I will start reviewing again from Raw.

Nice work man and i love how wrestlemania is shaping up!
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Re: Being The Booker

Just to let those people who I've yet to review know ... PM me. I know there are three or four I've yet to return the compliment to, but I'm just not in the mood to go trawling through the last few pages to check.

If you dont PM me, then blame yourself for not getting a review back. Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm pretty pissed off today.

Even though its my birthday tomorrow :S
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Re: Being The Booker

20 Today . I'll be getting around to those reviews I now know I need to catch up on tomorrow - hopefully.


February 20th; Louisville:

Opening video


Jim Ross: The Road to Wrestle Mania continues tonight, driving right through Freedom Hall, in Louisville, Kentucky. And tonight, expect the shape of Wrestle Mania to be changed dramatically, as Ric Flair and Batista reveal their tag team partner for the six man tag team match on March 26th, and Captain Charisma, Christian will announce his decision tonight, on whether he will face the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin at the Showcase of the Immortals!!!

The Coach: Hold it just a second buddy. You said six man tag match at Wrestle Mania, right??

Jim Ross: Thatís what it is. Mick Foley, Eugene and Hulk Hogan taking on Ric Flai-

The Coach: I know whoís in the match J.R.I just want to point out that tonight, Eugene will suffer a beating of a lifetime from Batista, meaning we get 3 on 2 at Wrestle Mania.

Jim Ross: Weíll wait and see Coach. Later, weíll see. But as for now, we are set for another huge announcement concerning Wrestle Mania. The Cabana is set up, and waiting to go, lets send it up to Carlito.

Carlito rolls off the hammock, and picks up a mic, waiting to speak, draping the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder.

Carlito: Louisville, Kentucky, give your Intercontinental Champion, the respect he craves!!!

Couple of cheers, mainly drowned out by heat.

Carlito: If I had enough apples to do it, Iíd go right up into the face of every single person in this arena, and spit, because there isnít a single person in this arena that can class themselves as cool.

More heat. Carlito starts pointing at people in the crowd, shaking his head, as if to suggest that they arenít cool.

Carlito: Enough of that. Tonight, right here on the most critically acclaimed talk show in history, you all get to find out just who Carlito faces at Wrestle Mania. Iíll admit, Iím a little Ö disgruntled. Iím the WWE Intercontinental Champion, yet Iím left in the dark as to who I face on the biggest show of the year?? Das not cool.

Carlito looks around, before taking an apple from his barrel.

Carlito: And if my guest tonight wasnít the Co-General Manager of Raw, Iíd spit in his face too. But, despite the fact he no-showed the first ever edition of the Cabana, he is here tonight, by his request Ö give it up Ö for Ö meh, this guy.

**Real American** Hulk Hogan enters the arena, to an astounding ovation from the fans in Louisville. The Hulkster takes his time getting to the ring, slapping hands with fans etc, but eventually makes it into the ring, with Carlito looking on, not interested in Hogan.

The music dies down, and Carlito starts a fake clap, tossing a mic to Hogan.

Carlito: Glad you could make it. Now, just get to business. Who does Carlito face at Wrestle Mania??

Hogan looks around, with the fans slowly building up a ĎHoganí chant. Hogan soaks it up, whilst Carlito starts to get agitated.

Carlito: SHUT UP!!!

Hogan quickly shoots around, and stares out the Intercontinental Champion.

Hulk Hogan: Let me tell ya somethin Ö BROTHER.

Fans pop

Hulk Hogan: Maybe, if you showed these fans a little respect, and didnít act like an ass, they might show you some respect too.

Fans pop again

Hulk Hogan: Now, if you want me to get down to business Ö then lets get down to business. I want the following people to make their way to this ring Ö right now. I want, Rob Van Dam.

Mixed response to RVDís name

Hulk Hogan: That Kennedy dude.

Mixed response

Hulk Hogan: Edge.

HUGE heat

Hulk Hogan: And Rey Mysterio!!!

Major pop

Carlito looks perplexed, as Hogan stands by with a wry smile.

Carlito: What?? What the hell is this about?? Kennedy?? Mysterio?? Edge?? RVD?? Whatís going on Hogan?? You losing your marbles?? Thatís four guys, Carlito only needs one!!!

**619** Rey Mysterios music plays, and the Human Highlight Reel walks out, to a stunning pop.

Jim Ross: Well folks, weíre going to take a quick commercial break, but all will be revealed, when we come back!!


We return, with Edge making his way into the ring, looking a little pensive, whilst Carlito, Rey, RVD and Kennedy wait, whilst Hogan still smiles. Edge walks around ringside, and grabs a mic, before getting inside the ring.

Edge: Whatís this all about?? Hogan, I demand you cut to the chase right now, and tell me what the hell Iím doing with these bunch of losers.

Carlito: Losers?? Hey, Iím the Intercontinental Champion, pal. On the other hand, youíre the guy who just lost two opportunities to main event Wrestle Mania. Do the math.

Edge: Do the math?? One Rated R Superstar, and four misfits doesnít add up. Iím standing out here with a grown man, smaller than my four year old nephew Ö Iím standing out here with a guy who has a stutter, an ECW reject, and you, a side show comedy act, whose only recognised for having the most ridiculous hairstyle this side of the seventies.

The other three guys now turn to Edge, as tensions look to be boiling. Hogan quickly steps in, before chaos erupts.

Hulk Hogan: Alright. Here it is brothers, cards on the table. At Wrestle Mania, you five men will compete against one another, in the first ever 5 Way Match in Wrestle Mania history Ö but thatís not all.

All five listen carefully to what Hogan says.

Hulk Hogan: Dudes, this match will be like no other. Itíll be the first ever 5 Way contest in Wrestle Mania history Ö and since Wrestle Mania is headed to sin city, Las Vegas Ö Iím calling this the Roll of the Dice Match.

Hogan nods, excited from this announcement so far.

Hulk Hogan: Two falls Ö the first Ö for the Intercontinental Championship.

Fans pop.

Hulk Hogan: And the second Ö ha. Lets call it, Money in the Bank.

Little reaction from the confused audience, whilst the five superstars arenít sure what to think of it either.

Hulk Hogan: Youíre wondering what I mean by Money in the Bank, right brothers??

Nods from all five men

Hulk Hogan: Money in the Bank Ö is a guaranteed title shot for one lucky dude that takes the second fall, anytime within the following twelve months. You could cash in, the night after Wrestle Mania Ö or you could wait until Wrestle Mania 23.

Fans pop, with the competitors being brought around too.

Hulk Hogan: But, like I said, this is the Roll of the Dice match. And by that, I mean both falls will have a special ruling, determined by the roll of a dice. The dice might decide you fight it out in a Quintet Sudden Death Ö a Submission Match Ö An Elimination Match Ö Last Man Standing Ö inside a steel cage Ö or a ladder match.

Fans pop for match choices, especially Ladder. Meanwhile, Carlito seems to be a little pensive now.

Hulk Hogan: And just as a taster Ö tonight, Carlito, youíll be teaming up with Rob Van Dam, to face Edge Ö and Rey Mysterio!!!

Fans pop for the match later tonight. Edge though, is fuming, having to team with Mysterio, whilst Van Dam and Carlito donít seem too bothered. Hogan meanwhile, makes one last comment.

Hulk Hogan: The only thing left for me to say now brothers Ö is this Ö WHATCHA GONNA DO Ö WHEN WRESTLE MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!!!

Real American plays again, as Hogan exitís the ring, but Edge quickly tries to follow him to argue about tonightís match, as JR and Coach discuss the huge announcement, before discussing the rest of the Wrestle Mania card so far, and the inductees into the 2006 HoF as we prepare for the next entrant to be revealedÖ

The first, and only person to be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the Hall of Fame in 2006 is Ö MR. T!!!

J.R and Coach talk about Mr. T and his involvement in the first two Wrestle Mania events, helping get the ball rolling, thoroughly deserving his place as a Hall of famer.


1st Match:
The Hurricane vs. Rene Dupree
Short match, with Hurricane frustrating Dupree with his usual antics. Suzuki and Hiroko are sent to the back early on, after trying to help Rene, which leaves the playing field even. Hurricane goes for a dropkick after getting in some offence on Dupree, but the French Phenom moves out of the way, and Hurricane hitís the ground. Both men are down for a moment, when suddenlyÖ
The maniacal laugh from Kane booms through the arena again, like before, and we hear the voice from the Monster Ö
ďIím coming baa-aackĒ
**BOOM** Pyro shoots from the ring posts, and the lights slowly flicker back on, as the laugh of Kane slowly filters out.
Both men look around, and Dupree immediately gets out of the ring, shaken up from the message from Kane, and walks up the ramp, getting counted out.
Winner: Via Count out - Hurricane @ 03:44

Hurricane also looks shaken up from the messages from Kane, and doesnít appear to realise he even won the match.

J.R and Coach discuss the now regular occurrence of Kane interrupting the show each week, saying that this is the first week he has hinted he is actually coming back. They then hand it to the back, where Todd Grisham is with DX.

Todd Grisham: Guys, last week on Smackdown, The Rock issued a challenge to DX, wanting Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade to face him in the run up to Wrestle Mania, where of course, he faces you, Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: You know what?? Youíre absolutely, 100% right. Everything you just said is undisputable fact. The Rock does face the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels at Wrestle Mania. The Rock has challenged my three amigos to matches over the next few weeks. And as of now, DX officially, accepts.

Cade and Jindrak give each other high fives.

Shawn Michaels: Rock, you think you know what youíre doing, but the facts jack, are simple Ö you have no idea what youíre getting yourself into. This Thursday night, Mark Jindrak travels to Smackdown, and heís going to show you first hand, what its like to be on the receiving end of a D-Generate beating.

HBK turns around, and slaps the shoulders of Luther Reigns

Shawn Michaels: Then after Marky Mark beats ya Ö Luther is going to BEAT you, more so than youíve ever been dominated before.

Michaels then punches the knuckles of Cade, putting his arms around him, and looking into the camera.

Shawn Michaels: And itís over to HB-Cade. Jindrak beats you Ö Reigns really beats ya Ö then Garrison makes it three for three, finishing the job. And by the time thatís all done, youíll be so overcome with embarrassment, that youíll not even want to go to Wrestle Mania. Believe me Rock, this is the biggest mistake of your life Ö bigger than Walking Tall Ö and bigger than whatever other C - Rate movies you tried to make Ö and thatís takes some doing.

DX all laugh together.

Shawn Michaels: So really, what it all comes down to Rock, is this Ö If you cant smell what DX is cookin Ö the guys have two worrrrrrds for yaÖ
Cade and Jindrak: SUCK IT!!!

Shawn Michaels: Jabroni!!!

HBK cockily chews his gum, looking into the camera, as we fade out.



2nd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Booker T & Goldust
Decent enough contest, but not thrilling, with both teams playing the roles of faces, meaning the match lacks any real intensity. The finish comes, after Booker T is forced to break a potential count on Goldust, after Benjamin hitís the T-Bone, and Charlie Haas then comes in, and a quick scuffle breaks out, with Booker and Haas spilling to the outside, which allows Benjamin to score with a Tornado DDT on Goldust for a three count, keeping the titles.
Winners: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team @ 06:57

Haas and Benjamin remain champions once more, and share a sportsmanlike handshake with their beaten opponents, before continuing their celebrations.

Backstage, we see Christian, sitting alone in the locker room, with his hands over his head, deep in thought over his decision that needs to be made later tonight.

Jim Ross: A big, life changing decision rests on Christian tonight, as he prepares to either decline, or accept the challenge from Smackdowns Steve Austin for a meeting at Wrestle Mania 22.

The Coach: Iím backing Captain Charisma all the way J.R. He is the Superstar of today, and itís his job to flush out the old tired stars.

**My Time Is Now** John Cena quickly bursts through the curtain, into the arena, getting a rousing reaction. The Champion looks to be seething, as he storms towards the ring.

Jim Ross: You are looking at one half of the Raw main event come Wrestle Mania, the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. And he is not a happy man, after his loss last week to DX, via botched interference from his opponent at the Showcase of Immortals, Randy Orton. Weíll hear with the Champ has to say, when we come back.


We return from the commercial, with Cena taking a mic.

John Cena: Iím not wasting any time tonight, Randy Orton, we need to talk.

Cena stands centre ring, breathing heavily, waiting for Orton to make his way out into the arena.

John Cena: You have a choice Randy. Get out here, and weíll talk like men, or I go back there, and I beat you like a dog.

The fans ĎOOOí the comment from Cena, as he anxiously waits, and waits, untilÖ

**Burn in my Light** Randy Ortons music plays, and the Legend Killer - the #1 Contender - walks out into the arena, showing a slight smirk. He does his destiny pose, then proceeds down the aisle, locking eyes with Cena, who appears to be on the brink of snapping. Orton steps into the ring, and proceeds to the top rope, posing again, before dropping down, and taking a mic as the music dies down. Orton grins, as he begins to speak.

Randy Orton: Looking for me??

Cena instantly replies

John Cena: Damn right.

Cenas jaw locks, ready to explode

Randy Orton: Whoa. Easy there. Ease up. Whatís all the hostility for??

Orton opens up his arms, as Cena tilts his head slightly, looking to see if Orton is actually serious.

John Cena: You serious?? You really need to know?? Last week, I told you to stay out of my business, I told you to keep your distance, but what did you do?? You bashed me from behind with a steel chair. Now accidental or not, it should never have happened, you shouldnít have been out there.

Randy Orton: Whoa. Stop, right there. You said to me to keep my distance. Well John, I told you that Iíd make sure youíd reach Wrestle Mania at 100%.

Cena begins to laugh, and cuts in.

John Cena: By bashing me with a chair??

Orton puts his head down slightly, as Cenas smile fades back into anger.

John Cena: Simple as this Randy Ö stay OUT of my business.

Orton cocks his eyebrow slightly.

Randy Orton: Or??

Cena steps into Orton, and the two men go face to face.

John Cena: Or you wont be making it to Wrestle Mania.

Orton looks down on Cena, shaking his head at the champion, when suddenlyÖ

**BREAK IT DOWN** Shawn Michaels leads out DX, onto the stage, already holding a mic, as Orton and Cena both step back from each other, perplexed by the DX gathering here. The music quickly dies down, as Michaels spits out his gum, and smiles broadly.

Shawn Michaels: Lets make one thing clear Gentlemen, itís regardless whether Randy Orton cost you the match last week John, the fact remains that Shawn Michaels pinned your shoulders to the canvas, 1 Ö 2 Ö 3.

Heat from the fans

Shawn Michaels: Which instantly makes me the next guy in line come after Wrestle Mania, to challenge whichever one of you two has the honour of holding that belt.

Scattered ĎHBKí chants

Shawn Michaels: Because make no mistake, on March 26th, Iím going to give these people exactly what they want, and thatís the dream match youíve all been waiting for, Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

Pop for mention of the match.

Shawn Michaels: Believe me, I donít like The Rock, and if it were up to me, I wouldnít be doing this match, and thatís the truth Ö but whether you want to like me or not, I still aim to please, and will do so come Wrestle Mania.

Michaels breaks away from his mini shoot, back onto the subject.

Shawn Michaels: Like I was saying, come March 26th, Iíll outperform the so called Great One, and Iíll tune up the band, deliver Sweet Chin Music, go home happy, and roll right into Raw on March 27th zoning in directly on one of you two small fish, swimming around the DX ocean.

DX nod in the background, as Michaels pipes in again.

Shawn Michaels: So when you two stand in that ring, bickering back and forth, over who makes it into Wrestle Mania at 100%, and who comes out with the shiny belt, itís all circumstantial. If you actually think that after WrestleMania that World Title isnít coming back into my hands, then youíll need a firm kick to the jaw to bring you back down to reality Ö and when reality kicks you in the face Ö Iíll be standing tall, holding what previously belonged to you.

Cena looks to Orton, and Orton looks back to Cena. Cena then begins to talk again.

John Cena: Shawn Michaels?? Since when did this involve you?? Your days of being on top .. Theyíre over. I know that, because I ended them. I took this belt from you, a belt you never earned from me, and never managed to retain. If you actually think Iím worried about you, then maybe itís you that needs reality to kick him in the face.

Slight pop, as Michaels starts to get annoyed.

Randy Orton: And just for the record Shawn, when I become World Champion at Wrestle Mania, Iíll gladly put the title on the line the next night, whether you beat The Rock or not.

Cena laughs, then speaks, just before Michaels can.

John Cena: And just for the record, replica championship belts can be obtained at all good stores Randy, or order it on right now.

Orton smirks, and quips

Randy Orton: No. John, I wont be buying you a commiseration gift.

Cena gets back into Ortons face now.

John Cena: You donít actually think youíll beat me at Wrestle Mania, do you??

Randy Orton: You donít actually think I intend to lose, do you??

Cena and Orton are nose to nose now, as the tensions rise, whilst Michaels, speaks up again.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa. I think you two are straying a little from the point. Af-

Cena interrupts

John Cena: Michaels, this has nothing to do with you. Iím sick of hearing your voice, so if youíre so confident you can take Orton or me, then why donít you come get some??

HBK cocks his eyebrow, and looks at his three stable mates.

Shawn Michaels: Thought youíd never ask.

Michaels drops the mic, and DX follow him down the ramp, getting to the ring. They circle the ring, with Orton and Cena both circling around, as Jindrak hops onto the apron, immediately getting knocked off by Cena. Cade then tries to slide in, but is kicked away by Orton, which allows Luther and HBK to get in, starting to brawl with Cena and Orton.

Quickly, Cade and Jindrak get back in, and help DX for the numbers game, making it four on two. HBK and Jindrak beat on Orton, whilst Cena takes a pasting from Cade and Reigns. Orton valiantly fights back, as does Cena, but HBK knocks down Randy, whilst Luther kicks Cena through the ropes. Jindrak follows out, but Cena grabs hold of a steel chair as he gets up, and once Jindrak moves in on him, Cena waffles MJ with a chair. Reigns then drops off the apron to come at Cena, but he too gets nailed with the steel chair.

Cena drops the chair, and slides back into the ring, picking up his title belt, aiming to hit HBK, but as he runs, Michaels ducks down, and Cena nails Orton from behind with the title!!!! Cena stands in shock for a split second, before turning back around, and ducks Sweet Chin Music, before clothes lining Michaels over the top rope, onto the floor. Garrison Cade then runs at the champion, but Cena propels HB-Cade over the top rope, to the floor, onto Michaels.

Cena walks around the ring, yelling anything random, whilst Michaels crawls around ringside, to try and regroup his troops, who exit via the barrier. In the ring, John Cena sees Orton struggling to get to his feet, and decides to help up his Wrestle Mania opponent, after inadvertently hitting him. Cena drags up Orton, but as soon as Orton reaches his feet, he takes Cena for surprise, instantly delivering an RKO to the unsuspecting champion!!!

Orton stands over Cena, holding the back of his head for a second, before taking a look around the arena, listening to the mixed response, definitely leaning on boos for the #1 Contender. He takes one last look at Cena, before leaving the ring, as we cut to a commercial.


We return from the commercial with clips from Unlimited, where John Cena stormed through the backstage area looking for Randy Orton, only to be told that the Legend Killer had already left the arena.

3rd Match:
Shaniqua vs. Lita
Another quick win for Shaniqua, despite the best efforts of Lita at the beginning of the match, so cannot trouble The Amazon. Shaniqua squats Lita away like a fly after an early flurry, before quickly running through her power moves set, finishing her off with a devastating power bomb.
Winner: Shaniqua @ 03:31

Shaniqua continues her impressive comeback, dismantling another recognized name from the female locker room. After having her hand raised, Shaniqua motions around her waist that she wants the womens title back, and wants it soon.

Backstage, Mick Foley is helping Eugene warm up for his match with Batista later tonight, with Hulk Hogan also in the locker room.

Mick Foley: Youíll have to be very careful tonight Eugene. Be very, very careful. Batista hurt you before, and heíll be trying to hurt you even more tonight. You donít want that to happen do you??

Eugene shakes his head, biting his thumb

Mick Foley: Hulk and I are going to be with you all the way tonight, and weíll look after you, but just remember what I say ... Be careful.

Eugene shakes his head again, then begins to talk.

Eugene: Mick?? Do you know what Ric Flairs surprise is tonight?? Is it for me??

Foley smiles, softened by the innocence of Eugene.

Mick Foley: I donít know what it is Eugene. But itís going to be for all three of us.

Eugene jumps up and down, then hugs Foley.

Eugene: YAY!!! I lovvvve surprises!!! Do you love surprises Mick??

Foley pats Eugene on the back, and just to please him, responds.

Mick Foley: (Sighs) Yeah. (Talks quite low, not believing what he says) I love surprises.

The camera fades out, and we cut to Christian backstage, walking up and down a narrow hallway, still mulling over his decision tonight.

Back in the arenaÖ

**Mister Kennedy Ö Kennedy** The still unbeaten, Ken Kennedy enters the arena, to a mixed response, and quickly jogs down the aisle joining J.R and Coach for commentary at ringside for the following contest.

**Metalingus** Edge sprints out onto the stage, getting an initial pop for the entrance, before descending into heat for the Rated ĎRí Superstar. He makes his way down the aisle, as we cut to a commercial.


We return, with Carlito on his way to the ring, whilst the other three men wait for him to begin the match. Carlito walks around the ring, and stands by the announce table, taking a bite of his apple. Kennedy spots it, and suspects whatíll happen next, and we see him taking a drink of water from a bottle, then, as Carlito turns around, still chewing, Kennedy quickly spitís the water at Carlito!!!!!

Carlito stumbles around, taken by surprise, and chokes on his apple, which allows Rey Mysterio to leap off the apron, and smash into the Intercontinental Champion, kick starting the match.

4th Match:
Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito & Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso
Strange dynamic to the match, with Rey and Edge forming a face / heel team, and Carlito / RVD almost the same, with Van Dams recent slight switch into a face. RVD and Edge start the match legally, whilst Rey is the aggressor on CCC on the outside early on. The match slows down, as we prepare for a long tag team match up, going through a commercial break too, with all four men getting long periods in the ring, with both tag teams uneasily getting by as partners, whilst Bill Alfonso is sent to the back during a commercial, for trying to interfere.

As the end reaches closer, the referee begins to lose control slightly, as illegal men get more involved, breaking up more counts, making more attacks on opponents, and a brief four man brawl breaks out, before simmering back down. Carlito then applies a sleeper hold on Mysterio, who quickly tries to escape, but CCC clenches in, and manages to take the air from Rey. After a long period of struggling, Mysterio fights his way out of the I.C Champions sleeper, and scores with a dropkick after running to the ropes, taking down CCC. Edge reaches out, as does RVD, for a tag, and both CCC and Rey inch closer to their corners, but as Carlito tags in Van Dam Ö Edge decides to leave Mysterio high and dry by jumping off the apron, leaving his partner to fend for himself!!!

Edge storms up the ramp, not looking back at the ring, as Mysterio valiantly tries to battle the fresh RVD, to no avail, as Van Dam catches a running Rey with a glorious spin kick, followed up with the 5 Star, sealing a win for Rob Van Dam over Rey Mysterio, who was forced to wrestle alone after the walk out from Edge.
Winners: Rob Van Dam & Carlito @ 16:35

RVD has his hand raised, and plays a little more to the fans, continuing his slow turn back into being a face, doing his thumb taunt, and mouthing along with the fans. Meanwhile, Carlito takes exception to Ken Kennedy, and they have a exchange of words on the outside, which ends with Kennedy throwing more water into the face of Carlito, which erupts into a tussle between the two men, which officials and security quickly break up.

Backstage, Christian walks down the corridor alone, towards the entrance tunnel, perhaps with his big announcement to come next.


Smackdown Rebound

**Just Close Your Eyes** Captain Charisma, Christian enters Freedom Hall to a pretty good reaction, given the fact he is arguably the top heel on Raw. Christian walks towards the ring, looking a little more tense that what he normally would. Christian enters the ring, and takes a mic from Lillian Garcia, before waiting for the music to die down so he can speak.

Christian: No foolies tonight Iím afraid. Iím not in the mood to work you people up in a frenzy. Tonight, Captain Charisma, is in serious mode.

Fans boo, wanting to be entertained.

Christian: Iíve been thinking for the entire weekend, and for all of today, about a certain challenge, imposed by a certain superstar last week on Smackdown.

HUGE pop, and an ĎAustiní chant breaks out.

Christian: Yeah, you all know who and what I am referring to.

Fans pop again.

Christian: Steve Austin Ö youíve made the challenge. Youíve made the comments last week, and I havenít forgot them.

Christian leans on the top rope for a moment, thinking, then speaks again.

Christian: You said I thought I had grapefruits for balls Ö but actually had peanuts.

Fans cheer

Christian: You said I was as tough as a wet paper bag.

Fans cheer, and some then chant ĎWHATí

Christian: You said I crapped my pants after every noise I heard.


Christian: You said I feared seeing you eye to eye.


Christian: Nose to nose.


Christian: Stop it.


Christian: QUIT IT!!

WHAT. Christian starts to get agitated, and pulls the mic down momentarily, before speaking again.

Christian: You said I realised now that I shouldnít have attacked you.


Christian: And officially challenged me to step up, and face you at Wrestle Mania.

WHAT, followed by a cheer.

Christian: And everything you said Austin about me Ö was right Ö at least up to a certain point.


Christian: I came to Raw last Monday thinking I was untouchable. I came to Raw last Monday, thinking I was on top of the world. And what brought me back down with a thud?? A freakin beer can.

Fans laugh

Christian: You peeps have the right to laugh at me. Last Monday, my grapefruits obtained at Saturday Nights Main Event shrunk into peanuts Ö I went from being as tough as nails Ö to being a wet paper bag. I crapped myself at every turn, and every noise Ö and I feared seeing Austin eye to eye.

Crowd Pops.

Christian: For the past year, Iíve been breaking out, and setting milestones. Victory at Wrestle Mania, cementing a spot at the top of Raw, seconds from being World Champion, victory after victory, after victory, after victory over The Undertaker Ö four straight pinfall wins, something no one can ever claim to have done.


Christian: Thatís right. NO ONE. Not Rock, not Foley, not Flair, not Triple H, not Angle, not Hogan, and certainly not Austin.

Boos from the fans

Christian: Iíve earned my spot as the superstar of today, and last week Ö I absolutely blew it. I fell back into the wilderness, back to being a loudmouth who didnít back up his words, and couldnít follow through with his actions.


Christian: Which is why Iíve had to think long and hard over what answer I can give Austin tonight.


Christian: That really is starting to piss me off people.


Christian: Whatever. As I was saying Ö Iíve had to think Ö after my actions last week on Raw Ö am I really just a mid card comedy act that got lucky?? Did I really just have one lucky year on top?? Or am I what I have claimed to be for the last twelve months Ö the break out star Ö the superstar of today??

Christian looks around, before staring at the camera.

Christian: Well Austin Ö weíll find out at Wrestle Mania, because youíre on!!!

Fans go insane, as Christian vs. Austin IS OFFICIAL!!!

Christian: Austin, you said if I want your spot to come and get it?? Well Steve, Iím standing right here Ö so come and get me!!!

**Glass Shatters** Christian immediately opens his mouth wide, shocked by the well timed interruption - perhaps too well timed - and we see why, as Tyson Tomko enters the arena, wearing a piece of a fake beard, already having the Goatee, but has the fake part to cover his top lip. He walks towards the ring, trying to impersonate Austin, as Christian plays around, knowing itís Tomko, but pretends to act scared.

Tomko gets in the ring, and imitates Austin, going to each corner, before standing across from Christian.

Christian: Oh my God!!! Itís really you Austin!! How the hell did you manage to get all the way down the aisle without a beer??

Tomko tries to stop laughing, before speaking.

Tyson Tomko: Itís pretty simple son Ö I might be a big beer drinker, but not even Stooooone Cooold Steve Austin can lower himself to drinking the vile Ö


Tyson Tomko: Disgusting


Tyson Tomko: Trash


Tyson Tomko: That Louisville tries to call beer.

Heat from the fans

Christian: Lovely. See how we worked them Tomko?? The whole ĎWHATí crap backfired on you this time Kentucky.


Christian: Deaf and brain dead?? Louisville is rolling.

Fans boo

Christian: Austin.

Tyson Tomko: Yeah.

Christian: Not you. Iím talking to the real Austin at home.

Tomko steps back, as his top beard falls off a little.

Christian: Austin, you made me look a fool on my show last week. You made me look like someone who doesnít belong. I do belong Austin Ö itís you that doesnít.

Heat from the fans

Christian: Make no mistake about it, Iím clearing out the dead wood before leading this company to new highs, and it starts at Wrestle Mania with you old man. Iím sweeping you under the carpet in Vegas Ö and I WILL take your spot as the biggest star EVER. And that Austin Ö thatís, how I -

**GLASS SHATTERS** The familiar sounding music of Steve Austin blares into the arena once more, as Christian takes a look at Tomko, asking his Problem Solver if he knows about this Ö but Tomko looks unaware of what is going on.

Suddenly, Steve Austin drives out, into the arena, DRIVING A BIN LORRY!!!! Christian freezes in the ring, as does Tomko, as Austin drives down the ramp, almost hitting the ring. The Rattlesnake sits in the lorry, and points at his adversary, who still appears to be dazed, before stepping out of the vehicle. He is handed a mic right away as the music dies down, allowing him to speak.

Steve Austin: Son, I had a feeling you might have used that token little line youíve been saying recently when referring to me Ö taking out the trash?? Ha, well it appears that you have a perfect opportunity to do just that right now. Iím seeing your grapefruits shrink again son, Iím seeing your eyes glaze over, and I think youíre ready to faint Ö but before you do that Ö let me do it for ya.

Austin drops down from the lorry, and slides into the ring, immediately, knocking Christian into Tomko, and knocks Captain Charisma down with the microphone. Austin stomps Tomko down in the corner, and then meets Christian again, striking with right hands, eventually sending Christian over the top rope, onto the floor. Tomko gets up, and comes at Austin, but SCSA ducks the boot, and levels Tyson with a Stunner!!!

Austin laughs, as he sees Christian crawling up the ramp, trying to get away from the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold quickly exitís the ring, and signals for a beer, getting one given to him from the front row of fans. He walks up the ramp, quickly to the top, where Christian is, and after taking a long gulp, starts to pour beer over Christian, who now realises Austin is there.

Captain Charisma tries to plead with Austin, but gets no dice, as Austin smiles, knowing he is set for revenge tonight, kicking the face of Christian. Austin trails Christian by the shirt collar, and drags him back down the ramp slightly, getting to the end of the bin lorry, and DUMPS CHRISTIAN INTO THE BACK OF THE LORRY, IN A BIN FULL OF RUBBISH!!!

Austin salutes the fans, and throws the empty cup of beer into the back of the lorry too behind Christian, before quickly getting back inside the lorry, and begins to reverse back out of the arena, as we cut to a commercial.


Wrestle Mania Recall - VII - In a ĎRetirement Matchí The Ultimate Warrior overcomes Randy Savage, temporarily ending The Macho Mans career.

Jim Ross: We are back on Raw folks, and moments ago, Christian vs. Austin at Wrestle Mania has been confirmed!!! Christian answered the challenge, before we got an unexpected appearance from the Texas Rattlesnake himself Ö driving a damn bin lorry!!!

The Coach: The smell is putrid J.R. And that bin lorry was even worse!!! Iím annoyed on one hand, because Christian was embarrassed in front of his Raw fans by that damn redneck. But on the other, Iím delighted, because at Wrestle Mania, in front of the entire world, Christian leads the new school by taking out Steve Austin, once and for all!!!

Jim Ross: Also added tonight Coach, was the First Ever, Two Fall, Roll of the Dice Match at Wrestle Mania, first for the Intercontinental Title, then for the first ever Money in the Bank championship shot!!!

The Coach: Credit where itís due J.R, Hulk Hogan pulled off a stunning match up here tonight, involving the brightest stars on Raw. RVD, Edge, Carlito, Mysterio and Kennedy. Five hungry guys, desperate for glory.

Jim Ross: Two major additions to an already loaded Wrestle Mania card, which from Raw includes the six man tag team match, with the team of Eugene, Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan set to face Ric Flair, Batista, and their surprise partner, who we expect to be named Ö TONIGHT!!!

The Coach: The Raw main event too is heating up Jim. John Cena and Randy Orton are ready to rip each others heads off for the World Title, and I love it!!!

Jim Ross: And Smackdown certainly isnít too far behind partner, as Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Championship against the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit Ö Matt Hardy challenges JBL for the United States Title, and who can forget the two dream match ups Ö Kurt Angle faces Bret Hart, and the second inter promotional match already on the card, of Shawn Michaels and The Rock.

The Coach: Lets not forget, there could be a third match announced, as soon as this Thursday Night, as Chris Jericho has requested that The Undertaker comes to Smackdown, and appear on the Highlight Reel!!!

Jim Ross: I donít know whatís got into Jericho as of late, but the guy doesnít seem to be in the right frame of mind, calling out the Undertaker?? Of course, thatís not the only involvement from Raw this coming week on Smackdown, because Mark Jindrak of DX travels to Kansas City to face The Rock, in the first of three matches where The Rock faces members of DX, before the eventual meeting with Shawn Michaels at Wrestle Mania.

The Coach: Thatís enough advertising Smackdown J.R, how about next week on Raw in Miami??

Jim Ross: We have just been told during the last commercial break, that Carlito will defend the Intercontinental Championship, against his tag team partner from tonight, who scored that decisive three count Ö Rob Van Dam!!!

**Evolution** Batista, along with Ric Flair, makes his way out into the arena.

Jim Ross: But that is all to come next week, because right now, itís time for our main event Ö Batista Ö Eugene Ö no disqualifications Ö no count outs Ö falls count anywhere!!!

The Coach: Weíve never broadcast a live execution on Raw before J.R Ö first time ever tonight.

Jim Ross: Yeah, weíll see about that buddy.

The Coach: Ha, we will J.R. Lets just point out though, there is still no sign of the third man to join Flair and BatistaÖ

Main Event: No Disqualifications, No Count Outs, Falls Count Anywhere:
Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. Eugene w/ Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan
Eugene runs to the ring, but Batista quickly gets out, not wanting any part of Eugene in this frame of mind. Foley, Hogan and Flair all start to take their places at ringside, as Batista slowly gets into the ring, and the bell rings, beginning the match.
Eugene runs at Batista, but gets shoved away by The Animal. Eugene falls into the corner, and Batista follows in, beginning to choke Eugene. With No DQís, the referee is unable to break him away from the choke, but strangely, we see Eugene tapping out, quitting from the match!!! The referee rings the bell immediately, ending the unbelievably short contest.
Winner: Batista @ 00:42

Still, Batista chokes, which results in Hogan and Foley getting into the ring, and they pull Batista off, pushing him away. Flair gets inside the ring, with a steel chair, as we now have a stand off. Flair and Batista on one side of the ring, and Foley along with Hogan in front of Eugene on the other, protecting their partner.

Flair mouths off at Foley and Hogan, laughing and mocking their useless partner, with Foley and Hogan yelling back, as the tempers flare. Then, we see Eugene start to get to his feet, and looks to the crowd, leaning in the corner Ö with a slight grin on his face. Eugene then puts his hand down his trunks, and pulls out BRASS KNUCKS!!!

Eugene now turns around, with a very normal look on his face, not nearly as animated as usual, and he taps Foley on the shoulder, with Mick turning around Ö GETTING HIT BY EUGENE WITH THE KNUCKS!!! Hogan now turns around, but before he can even realise what has happened, Eugene levels Hogan too!!! Hogan, like Foley drops to the mat immediately, as the fans go berserk, throwing paper cups into the ring, directed at Eugene, who looks across the ring, and smiles at Flair and Batista, who both smile too, before Eugene walks across the ring, and shakes hands with his two long running enemies!!!

The three men stand over Foley and Hogan, who both have gashes on their foreheads due to the knucks, before standing side by side in the ring, raising each others hands to an incredible amount of heat.

Jim Ross: What the hell is going on here?? Why the hell did that S.O.B Eugene turn his back on Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan?? Damn you to hell Eugene, damn you Batista, and damn you Flair!!!

The Coach: I know I havenít been around too long J.R, but THAT is the greatest thing Iíve ever seen. Eugene has played the entire world for fools. He was never Ďspecialí if you ask me, he conned us all Ö and I love it.

Jim Ross: There is gonna be some damn hell to pay, mark my words, Eugene will pay for this, damn Eugene, damn the three of you to hell!!!

The show ends, with the three men still standing tall, holding each others arms up in celebration.


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar vs. 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ĎBradshawí Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Money in the Bank & Intercontinental Championship; Roll of the Dice Match:
Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

Inter promotional Match:
Christian vs. ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & ??? vs. Ric Flair, Batista & ĎEugeneí

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
ĎMr Perfectí Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler, Mr. T {Celebrity Wing}

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Re: Being The Booker

Firstly, happy birthday, and hope you have a good one

Now onto the show… and the Cabana starts it, which is good to see, so lets find out what the Raw upper card is going to be involved in at Wrestlemania shall we? Loving the lines by Carlito and Hogan, and to be honest, I’m actually liking Hulk Hogan in a thread for once. Edge, Kennedy, Rey and RVD called out, so I guess this is the line up for the match then. Good stuff from Edge in his promo, and then the roll of the dice match is introduced. IC title on the line, and then the MITB contract in what match… now which thread have I seen that in before…. Should be a great match, and at the moment, is very hard to call

Hurricane gets a win over Dupree, but Kane yet again makes his impact, but still hasn’t come back. I guess he’ll be back before Mania, but I don’t know where is going yet. (6th man in the roll of the dice match???)

Good DX promo, and good to see them accepting the challenge of the Rock. Interesting to see how many of them get the win though

WGTT get the win over Booker and Goldust, and stay strong as the tag champs. I guess they are going to take on AMW at Mania, but the match just hasn’t been announced yet

Cena is coming out, and this is going to be an interesting promo. Cena and Orton have a strange show down, and I wasn’t too keen on this, and so far, this hasn’t been one of your stronger promos. HBK then comes out, and this is really going to be make things interesting. Do I call Cena/Orton vs. DX soon? HBK wants the belt back, and I can see him getting his title shot after Mania. Cena and Orton they trade a few more words, before the fight begins. Cena and Orton take down DX, but Orton nails the RKO to Cena and stands tall again. Okay promo here, but i didn’t think this was one of the best ones that you have written. Just never got into the Cena/Orton stuff

Shaniqua gets the win over Lita, and continues to dominate the womens division like she used to

Eugene gets some mic time, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the main event. Something is always up when these kind of promos appear on the show, and they normally indicate a heel turn… or a shock return… I’m going with the heel turn from Eugene, which did briefly cross my mind before

Loved the fact that Edge walked out on the match, which keeps him strong, and this means that Rey has no chance in the match, and this allows RVD and Carlito to get the win. 1 face and 4 heels in this match??? Either Kennedy or RVD may turn face, or a face to be added…

Great promo from Christian, and glad to see that the match for Mania is on, and it is going to be a great one, which has to end with Christian getting the win. Out comes Tomko dressed as Austin, and this bit had the potential to be great, but something didn’t quite click with it, which isn’t like these two normally. Austin then comes out, and he dumps Christian into the trash lorry, which is a great end to the segment

Eugene taps straight away, and that has to mean that either he is really stupid, or he is turning heel… got to be the heel turn, which is ends up being. Great, great stuff from Flair and Batista, who planned this perfectly to outsmart Foley and Hogan, and I guess that Eugene, or whatever he is now called is on the team of Evolution. Foley and Hogan need a new partner, maybe Kane??? Great end to the show, and it leaves Mania ready to go in all directions
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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Roll of the Dice Match? Good call on the name since it's in Vegas and I think we'll be seeing a Ladder Match for MITB and maybe the Sudden Death matchup for the IC title. Decent promo for the Cabana and huge tag match later on tonight signed.

Hurricane gets the win over Dupree in this match that screamed filler but I like both talents so I don't mind it. Kane coming back but makes me wonder who he's going to face? I'm guessing he's also coming back as a heel but if he's a face, he might be Hogan's tag partner.

I enjoyed D-X's promo and it's been made official. D-X is set to take on the Rock for the next three weeks and of course I doubt we'll be seeing any of them gain the win but maybe from help from HBK. We'll have to wait and see for that though.

Good win for the tag champs, the World's Greatest Tag Team giving them some momentum before they start their feud with AMW. Guess that'll be based on respect too for the champions as that's what has been happening more so recently.

Not the best promo between Cena and Orton but still good and Orton makes the ever so waiting heel turn. Now this feud can pick up with the month we have left and get some good promos in, now that we have Orton as the heel in the thread.

I'll be glad when Shaniqua is gone. She just destroyed Lita and pretty much ruined her wrestling skills! Hurry up and let Shaniqua lose, then you can release her like you said in the news. It's been a good feud though despite this note.

Interesting Foley and Eugene segment. I'm really wandering who the surprise partner is going to be tonight, I can't think really of any other major heels for Flair and Batista to team with. Guess they'll be announcing this tonight after the NO DQ Match.

Great tag match as expected with these four talents and interesting turn with Edge walking out on Mysterio. So many great match possibilites can come from this and I see Edge/Mysterio maybe happening next week after the ending.

Great promo and had a feeling something was up whenever I read that Tomko wasn't out there. Christian and Austin gets better by the week and tonight was no exception. Christian was "taking out the trash" tonight and wonder what he'll have to say now.

Eugene's not retarted! Makes since why the match didn't last too long afterall now. Maybe Eugene might change his name back to his original name or he'll continue to play up the retarted character in Evolution, who knows, we'll find out soon though.
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Re: Being The Booker

Firstly happy bday Wolfy, hope you enjoyed it.

Great promo and the Roll of the Dice sounds like an intresting match, very unique and new which is good to see in threads.

Haha nice to see Kane scare the crap out of Dupree and Hurricane and nice to see his return being builded up very well. Will be interesting to see what he does at WM, can only think of him being added as 6th man in RTD Match.

Good short but short DX promo here, my prediction is Rock will win the first two and possibley HBK costs him the third match but i'm too sure.

Good filler match here to get the Tag Champs on the show and the only thing i can think of them doing at WM is facing AMW in an interpromotional match.

Good promo here furthering the Cena/Orton feud with Cena very angry about Orton costing him his match last week. They fight off DX, but then Orton RKO's Cena which put some more needed heat in this feud.

Meh Shaniqua continues her path of destruction through the women's division, expect it to end at WM to Trish.

Intresting match here with the faces teaming up with the heels. Good match here and and good traditional heel stuff there with Edge walking off in the match, proving a vital factor in Mysterio's loss. Good aftermath with Carlito and Kennedy getting into a little argument and could that possibley mean a feud between the two possibley after Mania?

Great promo here continuing the build up for the Christian/Austin feud and the match is made official. Tomko coming out as Stone Cold would of been great, didn't sound as good as it could of been however but oh well. Great ending to the promo with Austin throwing Christian into the rubbish lorry which is not gonna make Christian a very happy peep.

I thought you still using Eugene in this thread and putting him in a huge match at WM sounded a bit suspicious. Big shock here though with Eugene turning heel and no longer is he a retard and looks like he has joined team Evolution. Will be intresting to see who the final man on Foley/Hogan's team will be, possibley another legend? Or maybe Kane?

Overall 87/100
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Re: Being The Booker

RAW February 20th Review

Carlitoís Cabana: Great segment! Carlito, Hogan and Edge were in character perfectly. I would have loved for Kennedy to get a few lines in but thatís ok. Love the Roll of the Dice Idea and I see Mysterio or Carlito winning the IC Title and I see Edge getting Money in the Bank.

Hurricane vs. Dupree: Great way to get Kaneís return involved during a low card match. I hope that you save his return for WrestleMania, maybe the Roll of the Dice match?

DX Interview: Great segment for DX. Not too long, not too short and I love the idea of DX traveling to Smackdown but I see the Rock winning all three matches.

WGTT vs. BookDust: No surprise to see WGTT win but good way to keep the momentum going into WrestleMania.

Cena/Orton/DX: Great segment from all three men. Interesting to see HBK wanting a title shot after WM but I donít see it happening. Glad to see Cena and Orton take care of DX but it was a huge shock to see Cena nail Orton on accident and Orton hit the RKO, which probably means he turned heel.

Lita vs. Shaniqua: No question Shaniqua would get the win and we will probably see Shaniqua vs. Trish at WM

Foley/Hogan/Eugene: Good to see Hogan and Foley are behind Eugene the entire way but I donít see Eugene surviving tonight.

Carlito/RVD vs. Rey/Edge: Great match. Loved the beginning with the Kennedy water thing. Sad to see Edge walk out but that is just what he would do. Like RVD getting the win as he should be a face by WrestleMania.

Christian/Austin: Christian seemed way too out of character at the beginning but the Tomko as Austin thing was great. Loved that Austin was driving the bin lorry and he one-upped Christian tonight but Iím interested to see what happens Thursday night.

Eugene vs. Batista: Weird to see this match go so short. I canít wait for the big announcement!!

Aftermath: EUGENE TURNS HEEL!!!!! I canít believe that just happened!! Looks like it will be Eugene maybe teaming with Flair and Foley/Hogan will need a partner. SHOCKED!!

Overall: Great show, 9/10. Loved the Orton/Cena buildup and the main event was unexpected. Have a good birthday and I am looking forward to your shows in 2-3 weeks!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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