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Re: Being The Booker

Great news mate, looking forward to Smackdown, expecially Benoit/Rock. It will be very interesting to see what 'controversial moment' is, I can't wait to read the show!

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Re: Being The Booker

Opening promo was nice. Everything was perfect this. One thing that hit me was that, maybe some of the lines which Orton and Cena said were not looking good, means they were not looking in character. I don’t know, but they could say it though. Anyways, Randy Orton isn’t a heel in this and so is John Cena. So face vs. face at Mania, and that would be great. I have always loved face vs. face matches or feuds because I know the crowd could go along with that nicely and it something fresh also.

Nice way to kick off some action. Carlito vs. Benjamin would be good, I believe. And yes, some great wrestling showcased by both men, once again. I was surprised when Carlito put his foot on the rope, after getting a T-Bone Suplex, when Benjamin tried to score a pinfall attempt. Um, at last, Carlito comes back and connects the Apple Core and somehow, finds a way to retain the title once again.

Typical promo from Captain Charisma, Christian here. Some lines were really very funny and made me laugh. I am impressed by this feud and let’s see where this goes. I am expecting Stone Cold Steve Austin to show up and cost Christian’s match tonight and make a huge upset for him. As they say, payback is a bitch.

Shaniqua beats Gail Kim and gets a huge momentum after coming back to the WWE. So far, I have really liked the build-up of Shaniqua vs. Trish. But there’s still a lot that you could though. Trish will likely accept though and we’ll have ourself a match, Trish vs. Shaniqua for the Women’s title at Wrestlemania. That’d be cool.

Alright, looks like to me that Carlito wants to know his opponent for Wrestlemania. Well, I’ll go with majority here. I also think that there is Money In The Bank match waiting to happen and Carlito would be in it. But if not this one, than maybe some huge superstar is waiting to lay down his hands on Carlito at Wrestlemania. I guess I’ll have to just wait and see… Erm, now what Hogan has to say? Oh, okay. I get it. Hogan has something in mind. Maybe Foley has…

Lmao. Some funny stuff used in this match. ‘What’ thing was really very funny and the other one, bald guy, resembling of Austin to Christian, lol. I expected Austin to show up though and I guess I was wrong. Mysterio gets a win over Christian and creates a huge upset for Christian. If Money In The Bank match has to happen, then I think that Mysterio would be likely going into that match because he hasn nothing to do right now at the moment with anyone.

Kane’s coming back! Him scaring Romeo and Antonio really did not helped me. I hope that he doesn’t feuds with these gays [Romeo and Antonio] because I believe that Kane could work with some other guys. Now onto the Flair promo: Definitely a great promo. Everyone looked fantastic here and with the Eugene coming out in the end made the promo look a bit funny and even more interesting. Man, their match at Wrestlemania would be wicked.

Undertaker completely dominates Kenzo. And after the match, Chris Jericho comes out, by shocking me, and knocks down Undertaker with an urn shot. I am shocked man. Jericho’s heel? That’d be wicked. Well, just to tell you – I am also doing Chris Jericho/Undertaker rivalry in which Taker is face and Jericho is heel. By the way, Y2J vs. Taker at Wrestle Mania? Could I say it? I think yes.

GREAT promo here! Man, I loved it and I can say that Edge is looking friggin’ awesome man. Let’s see who you have booked Edge for Wrestle Mania 22. One thing I can say is that Edge is really in somewhat a great booking/match at Wrestle Mania 22. I could bank on that.

Okay, the main-event time – Orton’s here and what could I expect from him? I guess he has come to save his pal, John Cena. Uh, I am at the ending of the part and look what! Orton costs Cena! I guess that, was just a botch. I’d love to see this face vs. face man. However, heel vs. face could also work well. Anyways, a great show their brotha. [In Hogan's voice, lol.]

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Being The Booker

As previously mentioned, I'm not expecting an awful lot of reviews, given the fact I owe many people already, plus the fact that quite a bit of the show is recapped. Any comments are gratefully appreciated though. I'll post Raw on Tuesday (my birthday ), and then I'll be taking a three week break. One to catch up with reviews, and the other two to work flat out on Wrestle Mania, which up to now I've got the opening video, opening commentary, one full match, and half a match written.

Smackdown: February 16th; San Francisco:

No opening video, no pyro. The show opens, and before Michael Cole or Tazz can speak…

**GLASS SHATTERS** The Cow Palace erupts, as Steve Austin drives out into the arena in his trademark truck.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Smackdown ladies and gentlemen. We have ourselves an auspicious start to what promises to be the most explosive edition of Smackdown this year. Tonight, The Number One Contender, Chris Benoit faces The Rock, Paul London defends his newly won cruiserweight title, and Kurt Angle faces Hall of Famer, Bob Backlund!!! I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz.

Tazz: Yeah, you also forgot to mention a certain pissed off Texan, just about to step into the ring.

Michael Cole: If you missed it in NBC this past Saturday Night, Steve Austin was attacked by Christian and Tyson Tomko from Raw, after months of run ins at joint brand events, it was inevitable that eventually it would break out into a fight.

Tazz: Lets hear what Austins gotta say Cole.

Austin stands mid ring, not even soaking up a chant of his name, instead, butting right in.

Steve Austin: As you can tell … I’m not exactly in a good mood this evening.

Fans boo, knowing he is pissed off because of Christian

Steve Austin: In fact, I’ve been pissed off for near a whole damn week!!!

Fans boo again

Steve Austin: Because last Saturday Night, a little rat bastard, known by the name of Christian decided to stick his nose into my business … and as he should’ve known, or at least been warned … that’s something you just don’t do!!!

Pop from the fans

Steve Austin: And by the looks of things, the creepy little bastard has realised it too. Monday Night on Raw, after thinking he had balls the size of grapefruits on Saturday Night, realized he had a pair of peanuts instead.

Few laughs

Steve Austin: Captain Charisma finds an empty can of beer. An empty can, and believes I was in the building. Doesn’t sound like your typical tough guy, does it??

‘No’ from the fans

Steve Austin: Ohhh HELL NO!!! Captain Jackass is about as tough as a wet paper bag, and he proved it this Monday Night. When every little sound made him crap his shiny leather pants, in fear of seeing the worlds toughest son of a bitch, eye to eye -


Steve Austin: Face to face


Steve Austin: And that’s the bottom line!!!

‘CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO’ The fans cheer, as Austin walks around the ring, before stopping and leaning on the ropes.

Steve Austin: So?? What happens now. The little kid’s learnt his lesson, right?? He realises now that maybe he shouldn’t have attacked good ’ol Stone Cold. So, what should I do?? Wait for a letter, saying he’s sorry??

Fans boo, and a faint 'WHAT' too.

Steve Austin: A phone call??

More boos, and another faint 'WHAT'

Steve Austin: I got it, how about a face to face … apology??

Heat from the fans, but a louder 'WHAT' than previously

Steve Austin: Or how about, a good old fashioned, ass whooping, courtesy of Stonnne Cold, Steve Austin!!!

Fans pop, hearing what they want to.

Steve Austin: Ohhhh helll yeah!!!!

Another pop

Steve Austin: Here’s your chance then Christian. You’ve been banging on for weeks, months, hell, you haven’t shut up for years that you’re a main event player. Here’s your chance to prove it son. Because I want- hold on.

Austin walks to the corner of the ring, and takes a camera off the camera man, and orders him to get two chairs, and a can of beer.

Austin quickly downs the beer to a large pop, and sets up the chairs, placing the camera on one, and taking a seat on the other, staring directly into the camera.

Steve Austin: Christian, I want you to sit up, tell Tyson Tomko to stop your foot massage, and look at your television screen. Set your VCR, or DVD whatever the hell it is, and watch this back a couple of times to make sure you catch it perfectly.

Austin clears his throat.

Steve Austin: Captain Charisma, CLB, Christian, you are cordially invited to accept the challenge of Stone Cold Steve Austin … for a meeting … one on one … on March 26th, in Las Vegas, at Wrestle Mania 22!!!

HUGE pop from the fans.

Steve Austin: Nothing more, nothing less. You’ve been pissing me off for the last six months, and last week, you crossed the line you little piece of trash. So take tonight, take the weekend, and think. Think hard about your answer. And I’ll be expecting one this Monday Night.

Fans start an ‘Austin’ chant.

Steve Austin: Make no mistake about it son, if you accept this invitation, I will not hesitate to open up a can of whoop ass on ya like no other. And if you don’t accept this invitation … I’ll whoop your ass anyway!!!

Fans pop

Steve Austin: You can be a man, and step up to the plate … or you can be a wimp, like you were on Monday Night when you got scared of your own shadow. The choice is yours son. You can accept, and face the biggest match of your life, at the biggest event of the year, and attempt to back up all your talk … or you can decline, and just keep pretending you are a main event superstar. But if you want my spot son … come and get it.

Fans pop again, as Austin stands back up.

Steve Austin: And that’s all I gotta say about that. San Francisco, enjoy your night … Christian, don’t try waking up, because this isn’t a nightmare … it’s reality.

Glass Shatters again, and Austin steps out of the ring, and straight into his pick up truck, backing out of the arena, looking much happier than what he did on his way into the arena.


1st Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Danny Basham
Hardy faces one of the two Co-Secretaries of Defence from JBLs Cabinet, whilst JBL and the rest of the Cabinet watch the match backstage. Hardy is impressive from the outset, beating Danny for speed, then as Danny tries to slow the match down, Hardy has him beaten again, proving to be technically superior to the former tag team champion. Basham then resorts to low brow tactics to gain the upper hand, raking the eye of the #1 Contender to the United States Title. Basham attempts to wear down Version One, but Hardy manoeuvres out of a chin lock, elbowing free, before stepping it up a gear, and rounds off his flurry of trademark offence, capping it off with the Twist of Fate for an emphatic three count!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 05:13

Hardy gets one over on JBL, fending off one of his Cabinet. Hardy goes to each turnbuckle, getting a pop each time from the fans, before looking to the camera, and telling signalling with his fingers to JBL, that it’s one down, three to go.

Backstage, we see Bob Backlund lacing his boots for tonight’s match against Kurt Angle. We hear his locker room door knock, and Kurt Angle steps in. Angle smiles at Backlund, with Bob not sure how to react to his opponent tonight.

Kurt Angle: How you feeling Bob??

Bob Backlund: I’ve been better.

Kurt Angle: You’ve been better?? Ha. Look at you. For a man of your age, you look incredible.

Angle reassuringly pats Backlund on the back, with Backlund smiling.

Bob Backlund: Thanks Kurt. But, can I ask you a question??

Kurt Angle: Sure.

Bob Backlund: Why are you doing this??

Angles smile drops, and turns to a scowl.

Bob Backlund: You’re alienating yourself from everyone. You’ve brushed off the fans, your peers are losing respect for you, and it’s all for one match. What do you have to prove to the world by beating up old men. Because that’s all you’re doing.

Angle stares a hole through Backlund

Kurt Angle: Old men?? You class Bret Hart as an old man?? You make me sick. I don’t care about what some snot nosed kid thinks of me. I don’t care what some forty year old internet geek thinks of Kurt Angle. I don’t care what anyone in the locker room thinks of me. If doing what I want means I alienate myself from the world, then so be it. At Wrestle Mania, I will officially be crowned the greatest wrestler ever. But until then, I’m going through Bret Harts past. And tonight Bob, that’s you.

Angle slaps Backlund across the face, almost knocking the legend over.

Kurt Angle: Never, EVER question me... NEVER.

Angle walks out of the locker room, whilst Backlund staggers back up, feeling his mouth, seeing a drop of blood.

Backstage, JBL chews out Danny Basham for not doing his job against Matt Hardy tonight, then instructs that next week Jamie Noble follows his advice because he has arranged a match with Steamboat between Noble and Hardy.


Wrestle Mania Recall - V - Hulk Hogan defeats Randy Savage in the main event, once again becoming WWE Champion.

2nd Match:
Kurt Angle defeated Bob Backlund @ 04:17 decisively with The Sharpshooter. Backlund got little offence in, with nothing able to stop Angle, with the match turning out to be basically a squash. After having his hand raised, Angle went for the Anklelock, like he did with Neidhart, and doesn’t release the hold, until being physically removed, but it appears the damage has been done, with Backlund telling EMT staff that he thinks his ankle is broken.

Backstage, Maven talks with Kanyon, The Dicks, Tajiri, Kidman, Test and Scott Steiner. They all look quite uninterested in what he has to say, with it being blatant bullshit. Maven then starts bad mouthing Steve Austin, talking about him being a glory hog, and hopes that Christian doesn’t accept his challenge, just so that Maven can challenge SCSA at WM instead. The superstars try to warn Maven to shut up, by coughing, pointing and shifting their heads. Maven though, continues to bad mouth Austin, and the camera shows Austin standing behind Maven, drinking a beer. Maven continues to talk, until he hears from behind, someone saying ‘What’.

Maven doesn’t realise it’s Austin, and goes back to what he had said, repeating it. He then turns around, and realises it’s SCSA. Maven freezes, as Austin finishes off his beer, burps in Mavens face, then smashes the empty can across his face. Maven falls into a table, and Austin pounds him down, with the watching superstars trying to pull him off. Eventually they separate Austin from Maven, with Maven in dream world following the attack.


We return from the commercial, seeing Chris Jericho stood in the ring, ready for the Highlight Reel.
**To save time, I’ll recap this early part of the Highlight Reel… Jericho runs through his usual spiel to kick off the Highlight Reel, but notices he gets a fairly mixed reaction from the fans **

Chris Jericho: What’s wrong?? Cow Palace appears to be a little … mixed this evening.

Jericho looks around, then slowly breaks a grin.

Chris Jericho: I know. I know what it is, and I’m glad you all noticed it. This past Monday is what some of you are upset over. Am I right??

Mixed response

Chris Jericho: Want me to explain myself??

Another mixed response

Chris Jericho: Just in case you missed it … on Monday night in Fresno … I, Chris Jericho NAILED The Undertaker.

Heat for Jericho. Y2J smiles broadly, looking pleased with himself.

Chris Jericho: I understand some of you may be confused as to why I would do such a dastardly, sickening, despicable thing. But hear me out, and you’ll soon change your mind.

Jericho waits for the fans to die down, before speaking again.

Chris Jericho: I had to do it. And the reasons are simple. Four years ago, I was the FIRST EVERRRRR Undissssss-puted Champion. That’s my legacy. For most men, to be a World Champion once, is accomplishment enough. No matter how big or small, how popular or unpopular, they will always go down as a champion in the history books. No one … NO ONE will ever go down into the history books as the first ever Undisputed Champion, except me.

Mixed response, leaning more on boos.

Chris Jericho: But like I said, for most men, just to be a World Champion one time is enough for them to die a happy man. For me, being the first ever undisputed champion ISNT ENOUGH.

Jericho looks to be getting anxious

Chris Jericho: My goal this year, was to go into Wrestle Mania 22, as the WWE Champion, and right the wrongs of Wrestle Mania 18, when I lost the main event, and the Undisputed Title, by keeping that belt at all costs. But it didn’t happen.

Crowd boos

Chris Jericho: So like I said last week … I’ve been left with no other choice. I wanted to be the star of Wrestle Mania 22. I wanted to be the one who stole the show, by making all the headlines as a WWE Champion retaining his title. That’s not going to happen … so the next best thing … actually, if you think about it, it might just be a better option … to end The Undertakers winning streak at Wrestle Mania 22!!!

Mixed response again, from an extremely divided Cow Palace.

Chris Jericho: Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Kevin Nash, Sid, Kane twice, Big Bossman, Triple H, Ric Flair, Big Show and A-Train in the same year, and Shawn Michaels. Thirteen times, thirteen times The Undertaker has went unbeaten at Wrestle Mania. And the way I see it, if I cant make the headlines as champion, then I can make headlines by making history.

Once more, the fans meet Jerichos comments with a mixed response.

Chris Jericho: So now, all I need, is my guest for tonight, the Interim GM of Smackdown … Ricky Steamboat!!!

**Enter The Dragon** Ricky Steamboat enters the arena to a respectable ovation from the fans. He quickly makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans on his way. Jericho offers the GM a stool to sit on, and Steamboat takes a seat.

Jericho kisses up to Steamboat for a minute or two, telling him how much he respects him, and remembers his classic match with Randy Savage at Wrestle Mania 3. Steamboat eventually decides to cut to the chase, and asks Jericho what he really wants.

Chris Jericho: All I want Rick, is just one favour. I’ve put out the challenge to The Undertaker, now all I need is for you, the GM of the almighty Smackdown, to rubber stamp my request, of having next weeks Highlight Reel … with my guest … The Undertaker!!!

Crowd Pops huge, excited for the possibility of Taker coming to Smackdown next week.

Chris Jericho: I wont be hiding from him. I’ll be standing in this very ring, with this very set, waiting for my first ever guest from beyond the grave.

Jerichos eyes widen, getting excited.

Chris Jericho: Think about it. It’ll be huge. No one has ever had a dead guest before on any show. Not that lame ass Piper … sure as hell not Carlito. Hell, Jay Leno has never had Elvis on his show. Letterman hasn’t interviewed James Dean, but next week, I can interview The Undertaker!!!

Steamboat looks fairly interested, and a little uncomfortable at the same time, and nods, before speaking.

Ricky Steamboat: Chris, as weird as that sounds, and how much you’re actually beginning to scare me … I have to say … it sounds pretty good.

Slight pop from the fans.

Ricky Steamboat: For the record, I think you’re nuts for challenging The Undertaker … and on your head be it … but I’ll allow it.

Crowd pops

Ricky Steamboat: Next week, right here on Smackdown, The Highlight Reel with it’s guest … Raws very own … Undertaker.

Crowd Pops again, as Steamboat hastily exit’s the ring, leaving Jericho standing, grinning broadly, getting what he wants.



Cole and Tazz discuss the Highlight Reel, with both in agreement that Jericho appears to be either high on drugs, or just has a death wish.

3rd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London retains his newly won title against his good friend, Billy Kidman, in a fast paced good spirited contest @ 12:33. Kidman misses the Shooting Star, which allows London to go up top himself, and nail the 450 Splash, and a three count.

Backstage, Josh Matthews conducts an interview with The Rock. Rock talks about HBK, and talks about how their meeting was always inevitable. He then says the next inevitable thing will be Rock taking his size thirteen boot, shining it up real nice, and sticking it straight up Michaels candy ass. Rock then takes that back, saying Michaels would probably enjoy it.
The Rock then rips into the other members of DX, and eventually challenges the three of them to face him one on one over the next few weeks as special guests on Smackdown, as he doesn’t want them feeling left out once he gives Michaels the beating of a lifetime come WM.


4th Match:
Americas Most Wanted & Kanyon pick up a victory over The System Success and Gene Snitsky @ 04:31, with The Death Sentence on Simon Dean enough to pick up a three count in a fairly short, filler match on the show.

Raw Rebound

Highlights from SNME, with the camera cutting to Brock Lesnar afterwards watching the highlights of his and Benoits 5 Minute Challenge at the event, getting worked up, after seeing Benoit dominant.


Triple H then comes to the ring, not dressed for action tonight, but suited up instead. He looks angry as he usually does, but more so usually, having missed out on his intended goals for WM.

The Game starts off, talking about Wrestle Mania being just over 5 weeks away, and at this point in time, he still doesn’t have an opponent, and no clear sight of one either. He then starts running through the matches lined up at the moment, before getting worked up, saying he deserves to be on the show ahead of everyone else mentioned so far.
Quickly, Triple H moves on, and demands that a WWE authority better show up on Smackdown next week, to reassure him that he is being given something for Wrestle Mania. HHH then points out that when he says a WWE authority, he doesn’t mean a suit that sits in the boardroom all day, and wants a member of the McMahon family to show up on Smackdown next week. Triple H begins to run down the types of things he would find worthy for WM, and doesn’t care which, as long as it happens - Promoting a match between him and a top drawer name on Raw, bringing over a major name from Japan, or Mexico, or even Europe, adding him to one of the two title matches, not caring which, as long as it is worthy of a main event star like him. HHH then rams the point home that he deserves the best, and he demands the best, before ending the promo.

Backstage, Chris Benoit prepares for tonight’s main event, coming up next.


5th Match:
The Rock vs. Chris Benoit
Very long main event. The two men shake hands to start the match, showing that they’ll be competing fairly. The fans appear to be more behind Benoit, with a section of boos for The Rock, as per the norm with matches involving The Rock vs. another face wrestler. Benoit grounds The Rock early on, schooling The Great One on the mat, getting Rocky into lots of trouble, with tough submission holds, but the Rock manages to hang on, and battles through the early going, before a commercial break.

Following the commercial, we return with The Rock now on top, having gained control during the break, turning the match into more his type of fight, beginning to throw right hands, blocking Benoits technical game.
Rock manages to score a number of near falls, scoring with a DDT, Samoan Drop, Belly to Belly throw, and a big running clothesline, with Benoit able to kick out at two each time.

Rock then goes for another DDT, but Benoit immediately counters, scoring with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging for a pin, which only gets two. Benoit though, now scales the ropes, looking for a Headbutt, only for Rock to reach his feet, and meet Benoit at the top rope. He attempts a superplex, but Benoit blocks it, and chops Rock, knocking him back onto the mat, allowing Benoit to soar through the air, scoring with the diving Headbutt!!!! Benoit hooks the leg, after a long pause, but only manages to get a two count!!! Rock just kicks out, and the match continues.
Benoit now goes for the Sharpshooter, but Rock manages to block it, and uses his leg power to push Benoit away, into the corner, with Smackdown going into it’s last commercial of the night.

Coming back from the break, The Rock now has Benoit in the Sharpshooter!!! Rock leans back, having turned the tide from before the final commercial. Benoit hangs on, and slowly, but surely, reaches out, grabbing the ropes!!! The hold is forced to be broken, but Rock now has the upper hand again. He backs Benoit into the corner, with a feast of right hands, before delivering the spit punch, sending Benoit to slump into the corner. Rock now stomps Benoit in the corner, before dragging him up, going for a whip, but Benoit holds onto the arm, and takes Rock down … and applies The Crossface!!!! Rock struggles, and may quickly tap out, but, luckily, he is too close to the ropes, and easily reaches out, grabbing the rope.

Benoit releases, and waits for Rock to get up, before opening up with a hat trick of knife edge chops to the chest. Rock battles back, and swings with right hands, backing Benoit into the opposite corner. Benoit fights out of there with more chops, but Rock gains control with another big right. He leans back, and goes for one more, but Benoit ducks, and goes behind, before delivering a German Suplex … followed by two more for the hat trick!!!!
Both men stay down, with Benoit first to move, crawling over to The Great One, draping an arm over, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The match continues once again!!! Benoit gets up, and looks to apply the Sharpshooter, but once again, The Rock battles free of a submission. Benoit gives up going for it, and waits for Rock to get up, before going for a clothesline, but Rock ducks, and as Benoit turns around, Rock hit’s a Spinebuster!!! Quickly, Rock flings off his elbow pad, and runs the ropes, before nailing The Peoples Elbow!!! Rock hooks the leg for a priceless win over the #1 Contender, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The Cow Palace is rocking from this unreal to and fro contest, with The Rock dragging Benoit back up. He throws a right hand, then quickly goes for a Rock Bottom, but Benoit elbows out, with Rock staggering slightly, before walking into the path of Benoit, who grabs the arm, and takes Rock down … CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!! Rock valiantly holds on, trying to reach the ropes, but his effort is in vain, with Benoit not allowing him to move closer to the ropes, leaving Rock no alternative but to tap out!!!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 24:44

Benoit continues to roll, still undefeated in 2006. He goes to each turnbuckle, getting a terrific ovation from the fans, before helping The Rock to his feet, with the two men sharing a firm handshake. The Rock talks with Benoit for a moment, most likely offering him the best of luck at Wrestle Mania, when out of nowhere, Brock Lesnar enters the ring, and blasts BOTH men with the WWE Championship!!!

Lesnar quickly stomps The Rock out of the ring, leaving Benoit all alone. Lesnar grabs the title, and crouches down in the corner, waiting for Benoit to get up. The Crippler slowly reaches his feet, looking dazed. As he finally reaches his vertical base, Lesnar charges across, and blasts the #1 Contender again with the belt, this time busting Benoit wide open.

The WWE Champion grabs Benoit by the head, and mouths ‘That’s the one and only time you’ll come into contact with MY title belt.’ Lesnar then wipes his hand over the blood soaked face of Benoit, before wiping his hand on his chest, wiping Benoits blood onto his body.

The show closes with Lesnar stepping out of the ring, not looking happy, not smiling, but on the brink, with the intensity level at fever pitch, whilst in the ring, Benoit begins to move, getting a look at Lesnar on the outside, with blood dripping from the #1 Contenders forehead.



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Eugene vs. Ric Flair, Batista & ???

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler


Heat Results:

Charlie Haas defeated A-Train
Jazz & Mark Henry defeated Lita & Val Venis
Ken Kennedy defeated Local Jobber
Rhyno defeated Rene Dupree


Velocity Results:

Kid Kash (WWE Debut Match) defeated Tajiri
A.F.A defeated William Regal & Lance Storm
The Dicks defeated Two Local Jobbers
J.B.L defeated Hardcore Holly in a Non Title Match

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Re: Being The Booker

You definitely took the comments from Monday's Raw to heart as you were told that the matches were not so great, but all of a sudden, Smackdown is loaded with great matches, PPV caliber matches ever. Chris Benoit and The Rock battle it out for twenty five minutes, something they did way back a few years ago. Paul London and Billy Kidman have a long match for the cruiserweight title, just like they did over the summer.

Stone Cold finally calls out Christian, so we will have to wait till Monday to have a response from Christian. HHH wants to have a highligh match at Wrestlemania, and demanding it from the McMahons is not a smart idea, but I am sure it will be a worthy opponent. Jericho wants the Undertaker badly, which is a completely original and good idea. I am not so sure about Steamboat as a general manager though. What is not so original is The Rock facing all three members of DX besides HBK, but it definitely works. Kurt Angle is becoming more and more vicious as Wrestlemania approaches. He is just like Gollum, becoming less and less of a human as he approaches his ring, in this case, Bret Hart. What a joke, Maven?

Strong show with build up. I have to commend you on building up three feuds for the entire year, HBK vs. The Rock, Stone Cold vs. Christian, and Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart. Hey, you can even say that Orton vs. Cena was built up the whole year.
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Re: Being The Booker

Just to let you know, I'm gonna have a video I made posted in an hour or two to hype up my Glory By Honor PPV, just thought I'd tell you 'cause it's pretty cool and I think you'll like it. Anyway, on with the review!

Opening promo- Perfection from Austin, nailed his character and he had all the right lines, also was kept a great length. Your promos keep getting better and better, which is unbelievable conisdering how good they were over the last few weeks. Some good lines about Christian being scared of his own shadow, and Captain Jackass, priceless. It's ON for WM22!

Hardy vs Basham- Decent match, makes sense to hype Hardy/JBL for the U.S. title. Basham uses the heel tactics as always, but Hardy is able to pick up the win to give him more momentum going into the match. Good booking.

Buckland/Angle segment- Eh, Angle was...shaky. Didn't seem in character. Then again, this is a new Angle and a fresh storyline so it sorta makes sense, just gotta get used to it. I liked how Buckland tried talking some sense, but Angle slaps him to show where he stands. The winner is obvious, but another nice way to hype Hart/Angle without Bret there.

Angle vs Buckland- Angle destroys him as predicted, nothing special, and again good way to hype Hart/Angle.

Maven/Austin segment- Haha, great stuff, really funny even when recapped. I like having comedy segments every now and then, helps the entertainment factor.

Jericho promo- Again, in character, great length, and his words make PERFECT sense! Once the promo started, I knew he was hinting at endind Taker's streak at WM to get himself back into true main event status. A really smart way to spark a feud between the two and giving them something to do. Not sure who'll win, also, which is nice, as Jericho could use a huge win but it's Taker's streak! Steamboat agrees, and...Jericho/Taker on the Highlight Reel next week, awesome! Great promo here

Kidman vs London- London retains, as he should, in what seems like a good cruiserweight match. Nothing else to say

Rock interview- Facing each DX member one on one before HBK is, once again, good booking and good hype. Can't say much else due to it being a recap

AMW/Kanyon vs Simon System/Snitsky- Not important, next.

HHH promo- Seemed good, and I like where this is going. Can't wait for next week to see if a WWE authority shows up, and then to see what the authority does. I have some ideas of what HHH will be involved in, but, I don't wanna say anything just yet. Hopefully it's something really big and interesting, since the storyline has been good so far and should lead somewhere just as good

Rock vs Benoit- Awesome main event with two top stars, a back and forth contest to keep both men looking strong while putting on a good match. Rock stays in control a lot but Benoit picks up the win with the Crossface to make the No.1 Contender look better, great booking, as both men need to look good going into WM. Lesnar destroys BOTH of them, and leaves Benoit lying in his own blood...simple, but effective. I can see HBK/Lesnar vs Rock/Benoit on SD next week or somewhere down the line, which'd be sick.

Overall- Recaps don't get a score, but this was a great edition of SmackDown, recapped or not. You're continuously proving why you're in the BTB Hall Of Fame.

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Re: Being The Booker

Austin Promo-Nice promo to open up the show having Austin call Christian a wimp after what happened on RAW then issuing the challenge to face Christian, should be intresting to see how Christian responseds as I doubt we are getting a straight out yes or no from him.

Matt Hardy vs. Danny Basham-Good to see Matt Hardy pick up the victory heading into WrestleMania 22 to take on JBL.

Kurt Angle/Bob Backlund Promo-Good face off between the two with Angle saying that he isn't beating up old men while Backlund does and the IWC get mentioned .

Highlight Reel-Good Highlight Reel promoting next weeks and now it has been made. Y2J's specail guest is none other than The Phenom, The Undertaker! **marks out**

WrestleMania is about 3 weeks away which as of now has been built up excellent.

The Rock vs. Chris Benoit-Great main event with Chris Benoit making The Rock tap out to the Crossface. Good aftermath to the show having Lesnar attack Benoit getting revenge from SNME.

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Re: Being The Booker

Great edition of Smackdown, I loved the Austin Promo, the fact that Jericho is going to interview Taker next week and the Main Event was spectactular!! I will review RAW next week and WM is shaping up beautifully!


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Re: Being The Booker

Terrific promo from Austin, showing us his serious side of the face character he plays very well. Austin/Christian seems on now, as Austin throws down the challenge, hopefully he shows up on RAW for a good promo with CLB

Hardy gets the win over Danny, he's still got Doug & Noble before he reaches JBL, but no doubt Hardy gets all the way

Angle tries to suck up to Backlund, but ASAP, turns on him and slaps him, then later on makes him tap in a short time, as was always gonna be, Angle is gaining momentum over more "old men"

Haha funny moment with Austin & Maven there, poor Maven is the regular jobber of RAW these days, always liked the guy, dunno why

Jericho convinces Steamboat into allowing the Undertaker to appear on the Highlight Reel, it may be Y2J's biggest mistake to date, because there is no way Taker will lose at WM

London does well to beat Kidman

The Rock lays down a challenge to DX, which I should think will be accepted

Nice filler 6 man tag, I dunno if we are gonna see the tag champs at WM, but I would like to see some sort of match, maybe we'll get one announced a little closer to the time

HHH still wants to be in the WM main event, don't know how he'll get in, but I'll be assured he will

WOw what a main event, and as soon as Benoit wins, Lesnar nails them both with the WWE title. Lesnar then does the blood smear over his chest and stands tall, while poor Benoit bleeds

Nice SD! with the feuds starting to hit full steam now 8/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Saturday Night Main Event review:

Paul London vs Jamie Noble: A good decision in my opinion to start the show with a cruiserweight match. The title change also adds to the “big night feeling”. This is the first time I’m reading your thread, so I can’t comment on any storylines this affects. I liked how London used the SSP and 450 splash, plus the tiger bomb into a tornado DDT was a great counter.

Austin, Christian segment: I loved both of the beer jokes early on in this promo. Austin seems to be very in character. I also loved the fetish joke from Stone Cold. This is an interesting angle with Christian wanting him to retire and commenting on his injuries. Wow judging by those accomplishments I guess Christian has had a huge push in this thread. I didn’t really find the watch joke funny, but the “what” sequence after it was great.

Trish vs Lita: Sounded like a pretty basic match, though I liked the sequence of finishers. Shaniqua returning at the end was interesting, as I haven’t seen many people use her in their BTBs. (Especially to the extent of giving her the title for a year).

Hogan, Flair promo: I like mysteries, so I’m pretty keen on this “why was Foley on Raw” angle. Both men seemed pretty much in character aswell.

Triple H vs Undertaker: This started off ok. However I didn’t really like the ending. Also it felt a bit pointless afterwards, since nothing was obviously developed from it. (Though this may happen on the later shows I guess).

Bret Hart video package: Now I thought this was an excellent segment, possibly one of the best I’ve read on this forum. One thing that did bother me though, was that the storyline used to build up the Bret vs Angle match (One man being injured, and risking his life competing) seems a bit to similar to the storyline behind the Christian, Austin promo earlier. IMO, this seems to make both storylines less special.

Lesnar vs Benoit:: Jobber massacre: I thought this was a very innovative idea, and it worked extremely well. I liked how Lesnar spent extra time beating up the jobbers, it was a heel like move which came back to haunt him since he wasted time doing it.. I loved the twist, with Lesnar beating all 7 guys, so Steamboat changes the rules so that Benoit needs to beat them all in a quicker time (This kept both men looking strong in my opinion). Lesnar attacking Benoit to stop him winning was also a good move, and having the jobbers come and help him was a brilliant idea. To be honest though I
think this should have led to a major attack on Benoit, instead of the wolverine being able to fight them all. (I know you probably wanted him to look like a strong challenger though).
Still this was probably my favourite part of the show, and was great build-up for their match at Wrestlemania.

Carlito’s cabana: hmmm Carlito seemed a bit out of character in places (couldn’t really see him using the “children might be watching” line), but he was written fine for the most part. I thought the DX Wrestlemania advert was pretty funny. HBK and Carlito arguing was a bit surprising, since there both heels, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Now I thought the Rock was written brilliantly , especially his rant on Carlito. Overall another great promo. (I found him referring to Carlito’s hair as fungus, and then Cade and Jindrak as the Olsen twins as the two funniest lines of the night.)

John Cena ve Edge: cage match I was little disappointed by this. I thought it should have been longer then 7 minutes. However everything in the match was good. I liked the restart early on, and Hogan and Flair getting involved was a good way to continue their storyline.

Overall I thought it was an awesome show, and provided some great build-up for Wrestlemania. Which by the way the card so far for it, looks amazing.

Raw Review:

Orton, Cena promo: Great way to start off the show. Orton talking about the past year at the beginning was a good way to inform new readers (like me) about what the current situation with him is. I thought Cena was pretty much in character, Orton a little out of at times. Hmmm the good old “I want you at 100%” storyline, I wouldn’t think this would be used between these two, but it could work.

Shelton vs Carlito: Nice fast paced match to get the crowd going. I liked the sequence of finishers and signature moves (I’m not sure if the “apple core” is the real name of one of Carlito’s moves… but if you came up with it, then it is a great name).

Christian promo: Another great promo, Christian was very well written. I loved the popcorn joke, and the fans chanting “WHAT” to get on his nerves… lol they find a beer can, could Austin be here? great way to get the fans guessing.

Shaniqua vs Gail Kim: Oh I’m really not keen on squash matches where the loser is someone on the roster. It made Shaniqua look strong I guess, but I was hoping for a bit more development between her and Trish.

Carlito promo: hmmm what could Hogan have in store for Carlito… I’m thinking MITB ladder match at the moment, with Carlito, Edge, Kane and 3 Smackdown superstars. This promo was also good for building up tension between Hogan and Flair.

Christian vs Mysterio: I loved how you incorporated the “is Austin here” storyline in this match. Though I wasn’t too keen on Christian stopping in the middle of delivering his finisher, to go and yell at the fans. Also I thought the match should have been longer then 8 minutes.

Kane possible return: What I like about this, is I don’t really know what his role will be at wrestemania… will he be involved with Hogan’s plan with Carlito… or will he be involved with Edge’s wrestlemania role (if it isn’t the MITB ladder match earlier). Or could he be Flair and Batista’s mystery partner?

Foley, Flair promo: I was expecting this to lead to a triple threat match between Hogan, Flair and Foley with the winner becoming the soul general manager of Raw. So I was quite surprised when the 6 man tag was announced. I’m not sure if it’ll be a better match, but it gives other people a role at Wrestlemania (Batista, Eugene). Also you’ve got a mystery partner storyline there aswell, which I like.
The promo itself was good, my favourite part being Eugene coming down with a 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire (it’s a funny image :P).

Undertaker vs Kenzo Suzuki: The match itself wasn’t really that interesting, just another squash match. Though I’m assuming that it was just a reason to get Taker in the ring for Y2J to make the attack. I’m going to have to read through that Smackdown promo to see what his motive is.

Edge promo: Oh no, this is sounding like a very similar storyline I had planned with Edge. I’m praying that it doesn’t climax in a certain way at Wrestlemania. (Helping out a fellow Canadian). Anyway Edge was very in character during the promo, you captured his anger well,

Main event: Where did this match come from?... I don’t remember any hype for it during the show. And since it’s the main event, it really should have had some in my opinion. Wouldn’t Orton interfering get them disqualified? Lol this is too confusing. However Orton inadvertently hitting Cena with the chair was an ok way to develop their storyline.
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Re: Being The Booker

(I've reviewed quite a few shows today, and right now, just feel burned out from it. I'll get the rest done tomorrow if all goes well, but any PPV reviews will be at the earliest, next weekend)

News and Notes:

It is heavily expected that Hulk Hogans announcement this Monday will be some sort of multi man match at Wrestle Mania, likely to feature Carlito, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and possibly the rising Ken Kennedy and Rhyno. Expect the match to be for the Intercontinental Title, and possibly, an as yet unnamed prize. Details are sketchy on that matter at the current time.

Rumours have ran rampant that a major shock is being lined up as the third man in the Ric Flair and Batista teaming for WrestleMania, and it's pretty much guaranteed that he will be revealed this Monday night, most likely during the Batista - Eugene, No Holds Barred match. Creative is keeping tight lipped on who the mystery partner will be, but it's expected to shock many a viewer.

Steve Austin is scheduled to show up on Raw Monday Night too, when he will be awaiting the response from Christian, regarding his challenge, issued Thursday night on Smackdown.

Both The Rock and Shawn Michaels continue to be upset on the state of their lacklusture build up towards WrestleMania. Both men are now pulling for them to work out the remainder of the build up themselves, if creative will allow the pair to do so, in order to save the match up. Neither man is blown away with the current build up, and with both having been unhappy with the feud already, they may be allowed to work the rest out together to keep both men happy.

Along with the other three Raw vs Smackdown match ups lined up for WrestleMania, one more is likely to come about in the coming weeks, and that is set to be another Wrestle Mania 21 rematch, pitting the current tag team champions against each other, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Americas Most Wanted. It's unclear as to how this match will come about, but neither team looks set to begin any fresh angles in time for a spot at WrestleMania any other way.

Raw Preview:

Freedom Hall will host this weeks edition of Raw, which is expected to shape the WrestleMania event clearly on the Raw side of the agenda.

Both Carlito and Edge will learn their fate at the Grandadday of them all, after both were told last week their roles would be revealed this week. Carlito hosts the Cabana with Hulk Hogan, who is set to drop a massive announcement for a match he has invented, which involves Carlito and his Intercontinental Championship.

One championship isset to be defended too, as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, fresh off a short stint challenging for singles gold, defend their tag titles against the unique duo of Booker T and Goldust, former champions themselves. Both teams hold plenty of respect for each other, and should have a tremendous battle for the belts come Monday Night.

Two challenges were issued last week on Smackdown, to the Raw brand, with Steve Austin firstly challenging his long running enemy, 'Captain Charisma' Christian, to accept a match at Wrestle Mania, and, The Rock has issued a challenge to DX, for Shawn Michaels three stable mates to take a trip over to Smackdown over the next number of weeks for one on one matches with The Great One, before The Rock faces HBK at Wrestle Mania 22 in five weeks time.
How will Christian and HBK respond to these challenges?? Find out Monday Night on Raw.

The fourth inductee into this years Hall of Fame is expected to be revealed too. Who will join Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff and Jerry Lawler into the Hall of Fame on March 25th, the night before WrestleMania???

After last weeks confirmation that Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Eugene will face Ric Flair, Batista and a partner of their choosing, Ric Flair announced that Batista will face Eugene this Monday Night - with NO HOLDS BARRED!!! Can Eugene even survive a match with no rules against an Animal, like Batista?? Also, Flair has promised to reveal his remaining tag team partner this week. Rumours have been running wild for days as to who Flair will find to line up alongside himself and Batista to face Foley, Hogan and Eugene on March 26th.

And finally, what will John Cena have to say after Randy Ortons mix up last week, which cost Cena his six man tag match against DX, just hours after Cena instructed the Legend Killer to keep his distance?? And will Orton offer an apology for his mistake last week?? Find out, Monday night, on the USA Network!!!


Raw up on Tuesday (my birthday ) Hopefully by then, I'll be caught up with reviews.
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