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Re: Being The Booker

Good way to kick off the show here Wolf with Orton & Cena in the ring, both sounding confident, and unfortunately, Orton looks like he'll make a small heel run to WM. I thought Orton was gonna RKO Cena then, but he shows some good respect to Cena and leaves it for WM

Shelton almost gets the win over CCC, but he ends up losing to the Apple Core. Dunno where this is going, leading to a WM feud?

Ha Christian with another typical humurous promo, very good although not up to the usual abuse towards Austin or Grisham, most directed at Rey for tonight. You accidentally said Grisham got the popcorn, when Christian told Tomko to get it btw....

Ugh Shaniqua is back. I absolutely hate this freak, I can only hope Trish doesn't lose to her. Hope

Ha, Hogan up to some more tricks with Flair, who doesn't seem to like the fact that he's sharing this role with Hulkster at all. And Carlito isn't too pleased either

Rey beats Christian thanks to Stone Cold haha! Funny, although the man at ringside being taken by security wasn't SCSA at all. Nicely done

When will Kane return? WHEN? ARGHHH!!

Odd match challenge made by Foley, I thought we were going to get another Foley/Flair Streetfight, I'm not too keen on Eugene at WM in a match like this, but then again, who am I to criticise with my continued booking of Scott Hall
And the beatdown begins, only for Hogan & Eugene to save Foley. I wonder who Evolution's partner will be?

Ah so that's what Jericho had in mind, after reading his promo, I gotta admit I was a little skeptical, but a Undertaker/Jericho match hasn't been done for a while in BTB and I've always wanted to see one done, in real life too. Liking this match choice

Edge with a solid promo, loved the Val Venis "Condom on a Pole" match joke, LOL there. Will Edge have a chance at the title, or will he get shafted? My guess is, somehow, he gets a title shot

Big main event, and Orton shows up to help Cena, but Reigns ducks the chair shot and Orton nails Cena, by mistake it seems like, but still costs Cena & Booker the match. Will this ignite a heel turn from Orton, or maybe from Cena?

Another good show, still showing no booking rust at all Wolfy. 9/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Saturday Night's Main Event Review

Good preshow to open the show. Really hyped what should be a good show. Not very familiar with this thread, so I'm not sure who A.F.V. is, but I'm guessing they're the faces, so that's a good thing. Glad that Kennedy went over Booker, I'm hoping for a push for Kennedy in the near future and that could be the start of it.

Great opener, very realistic to start off with a cruiserweight match, and I'm glad to see a new champion in London. I hope for a feud some day between these two as something could be built off of this. EXCELLENT Christian/Austin promo, everything about this promo was dead on. Christian acting as the cocky, complaining heel and Austin continuing to back off from him was very in character. Great job on that Wolfy.

Decent women's title match, good to see a retain here. Shaniqua!? That should add some very deserving spice to the women's division for a possible triple threat feud. Good Flair/Hogan promo, Foley vs Flair I'm guessing soon, possibly at Mania. Pretty good match between HHH and Undertaker, I was expecting some type of dirty finish, but I'm somewhat happy that there wasn't anything happening. Good to see Taker pick up the victory, and still NOTHING for HHH. Wow this should be good to see what happens.

43 days to Mania... ahh I can't wait. Fantastic Hart video package, really seemed like a real video package. Thought Hardy's emotions were drawn out well in this video. Great job. Five minute challenge is next, pretty good, I thought something like that was going to happen. Good finish and glad that Benoit was the one left standing.

Great Carlito's Cabana, and it's official, Rock vs HBK for WM 22. Should be great man. Thought HBK and The Rock were very in character in this promo, as was Carlito of course. Great cage match, liked the idea of having them both touch the floor at the same time, really reminded me of the Hogan/Orndorff clash at SNME back in '87. Glad that Cena won, which leads to Orton/Cena II! That should be great. Great SNME Wolfy, I shall review your Raw this weekend.

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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy, been a while since I have reviewed one of your shows and I’ve got some free time at the moment so here it goes....

Awsome promo from Orton. I loved the emotion involved in him explaining how precious the World Title was to him although I could never imagine Orton using the words ‘Being kicked out of Evolution’ lol, you could see how much it effected him. Cena comes onto the scene and things start to get intense. I don’t expect Orton to watch Cena’s every step until Wrestlemania so he is 100%, that seems a bit odd to me. Something is going to happen there. Nice shake of hands to end it, I like how you are betraying the respect between the two even through the obvious fact that they don’t like one another.

Good booking with the opening match between Carlito and Shelton. Always a nice combination to kick off a wrestling show. Benjamin looks strong in the loss after nailing the T-Bone only for Carlito to get his feet on the rope but Carlito takes it with the Apple Core. Not quite sure what that is seem I haven’t been following the thread lately. Hopefully you can find something else for Benjamin outside of the IC title division soon.

Christian/Austin feud, unique but I like it. Todd Grisham actually gets the popcorn for the video, great comedy there. Christian vs. Mysterio later tonight should be very interesting but I don’t see Christian losing.

Shaniqua and Gail Kim, two of the more capable women wrestlers to step foot inside a WWE ring. Great to see you using them well. Trish and Shaniqua would make for one hell of a match.

The Carlito/Flair/Hogan segment was a little confusing, probably because of the fact that I am not up to date with storylines. I see some bad blood between Ric Flair and Mick Foley though.

Christian loses to Rey! I certainly didn’t see that coming. Christian has Austin in the head which in the end costs him the match. He thinks a fan being held down by security is Austin lol. I can see this leading to a match at Wrestlemania.

Kane and The Heart Throbs, wonder who will come out on top there, lol.

Mick Foley is one of the best characters to write promos for IMO and you caught his character well in this promo. Guess I hit the nail on the head with the heat between Foley and Flair. What a match proposed for Wrestlemania. Flair accepts the challenge and along with Batista beatdown Foley before Hogan and Eugene make the save. Great booking all around. You set the Wrestlemania match up well.

The Undertaker vs. Kenzo Suzuki = squash. Nothing much else to say. Rene Dupree is an idiot and I can’t believe Suzuki even lasted 5 minutes with the Deadman. The aftermath is much more intriguing than the match itself, Jericho takes out Taker with the urn and I guess we have an Interpromotional match for Wrestlemania.

Good old Edge, complaining as usual. Wonder what you have in store for his role at Wrestlemania.

Excellent Main Event to end the show. Booker T and Goldust back together is gold. Orton attempts to be a help to Cena with the steel chair to Reigns but ends up being a hinder as he accidently nails Cena in the back! Accident or not? Hmmm. Shawn Michaels takes advantage and DX win the match. Great stuff here.

Excellent show all around Wolfy, everything kept me entertained and most of the stuff was booked to perfection. Looking forward to reading more of this thread in the future. I don’t have a BTB running at the moment so rep would be nice for the review.

Once again, great job!
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

Opening Promo:
What a way to kick off the show, with both Orton and Cena exchaning fierce words. Both these guys have a historic rivalry in this thread, which extends back to over a year ago. There is mutual respect between the two rivals, but I have a feeling that in the coming weeks we will see a turn from one of them, but who?

Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin: Great opening contest of the evening, with two talented youngsters getting it on. Benjamin loses no credibility in this match, and Carlito continues to gain momentum. Could this develop into a feud between the two, possibly culminating at Mania?

Christian Promo: Very good promo here man, another humerous Christian segment. The feud with Austin contonies to be built well, and I'm looking forward to the encounter at Mania (it has to happen)

Shaniqua vs. Gail Kim: Shaniqua squashes Kim, and her feud with Trish continues to be built. Nothing more to say, other than the fact that it was a very succesfuly return for her.

Hogan/Flair/Carlito Segment: Nice little segment here, with the bad blood between Hogan and Falir continuing to be built well. Carlito is not happy with Hogan, and wants to know who is opponent is. Who could it be?

Christian vs. Rey Mysterio: Rey beats Christian, thanks to a little assistance from Austin, and the match is all but set now! Great originality, with the masked man at ringside in fact not being Austin

Kane Vignette: Kane scares the crap out of the Heart Throbs, when will he return? I can't wait!

Mick Foley Promo: Great, great segment here, with a huge match being booked for Mania. I would rather see someone other than Eugene in a big match like this, but nether the less a great segment, and a great after math. I wonder who Flair will choose as the third member of his team? Maybe Triple H if he looses next week, which is not very likely.

Undertaker vs. Kenzo: Complete squash here, with the Deadman dominating Kenzo. Jericho's attack was unexpected, and now it looks like we'll see a Y2J/Taker match at Mania, which should be awesome as these two have never feuded in real life!

Edge Promo: Classic Edge promo here, with the Rated R Superstar complaining as usual. I wonder what you have in store for him at Mania?

Main Event: A great match, worthy of a main event. Orton tries to help Cena, but accidently plants the Champ with a steel chair shot. I can see an orton turn culminating from this.

Overall: Phenomenal show dude, great stuff, and the Road to Wrestlemania is well underway! 9/10!

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: Being The Booker

Amazing shows, must take you ages to make!!!

good luck
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Jonathan Coachman
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Re: Being The Booker

Message From The Ghetto

Well the opening promo was quite interesting in my opinion. Randy Orton’s part was the best though, Cena seemed somewhat weak and out of character. I don’t like the fact that they both seem to be face, I hope that changes soon… Shelton jobs in filler like match. Slap a manager on Benji and you’ll have yourself an interesting character.

I see some humor in the Christian promo, I think you have his character spot on so nice job. Stone Cold in the building? Lol, guess not. The ending was funny. Shaniqua… lol. You’re seriously giving this woman a push? Oh well it’s woman wrestling. Hogan is spot on… I think you might be having a star come in to face Carlito? We’ll see.

That was an awesome way to give Mysterio the win. I can imagine it happening, and that’s an important aspect to have in a BTB. This Christian/Austin feud is extremely intriguing to say the least. Kane’s returning, damn this is good so far.

Mick Foley didn’t seem as emotional in his promo. I got quite a laugh at the thought of Eugene getting to partake in such a huge match. Yeah, that turned me off somewhat. The ending of this promo was kinda, meh. I don’t see why Flair, as a heel would bother to fight him.

Looks like you’re setting up an inter-promotional match at WrestleMania Jericho/Taker. Seems like a decent feud on paper. Why do you put a space between Wrestle and Mania? Rather annoying. Edge BETTER get booked into the main event. Cena/Orton/Edge at WrestleMania, that’d be a great feud. And that promo was brilliant.

Oh bullshit. You’re doing the “accidental chair shot” angle to get some heat behind this feud. That’s been used so many times in the WWE, ugh. Please bring in Edge and spice this feud up.

Good show, not many of the matches seemed very exciting, but your promos are good.

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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the abundance of reviews. I know I've slacked badly in terms of returning reviews, but I'll be making a point of doing so over the weekend.

Just to point out, there wasnt a typo between Tomko and Grisham in the promo, as after Christian told Tomko to fetch the popcorn, Tomko gave Grisham a 'look', which had Grisham get the drift, and he ran off to get it instead.

I'll be posting Smackdown tomorrow, which is sort of a half and half show, in terms of being partly in full, and partly recapped. I'll not be expecting too many reviews, saying as I already owe about a dozen, but I always appreciate anytime of credible feedback.

I'll then be posting Raw on Tuesday again (which actually happens to be my birthday ) in full. And I promise one of the most controversial moments I've ever booked in the thread, which probably hasnt been seen coming by anyone, but it's actually built over over twelve months (thread time, not real time). After that, I'll be taking a few weeks off from posting shows to get racing with WrestleMania, as I dont want to end up having posted all the shows, then a 4 week wait for the actual event. It'll also give me a chance to catch up with some PPV reviews I STILL owe, and with a few more PPV offerings on the horizon, I'll probably need a few weeks to get all that caught up.

No time even for a Smackdown preview I'm afraid, but as previously announced, Chris Benoit vs The Rock main events the show, whilst Kurt Angle vs Bob Backlund is also signed, on Angles continued road towards Bret Hart.
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Re: Being The Booker

Great opening promo to get there feud for their match at Wrestlemania going. Both men were in character, Orton promo's aren't the easiest to write but you did a great job with it. Expect something to happen later on to start off some tension between the two men.

Great match to start off the wrestling side of the show and Carlito beats Shelton retaining his title in a tough test. It will be interesting to see what these two men do at Mania, only thing i can think of at the moment is MITB.

Another great promo here, loved the popcorn part and could that beer can signify Stone Cold is here tonight?

I'm not so keen on Shaniqua being back in this thread in all honest. Dominating win here for Shaniqua and i expect her to go through the women's division and then challenge Trish at Mania.

Decent promo and i believe Hogan was talking about the MITB.

Good match and great ending to it with Christian getting paranoid believing Austin is in the crowd and distracts him leading to a Mysterio victory. Great way to build their feud and Christian doesn't look happy.

KANE ONLY ON WWE UNLIMITED! HOW DARE YOU!!..........Neh only joking good to see Kane destroy the Hearththrobs and i am not sure how you have still got them employed on your roster. Have a feeling that Kane might be added into the possible MITB match at Mania.

Good promo here and the 6 man tag match for Mania sounds interesting, but i am not keen at all on having Eugene in this match, just feels like he doesn;t deserve to be in a big match like this at Mania but oh well. Will be interesting to see who Flair picks as his third partner.

Taker destroys Suzuki who like the Heart Throbs, have no idea on why he is still employed. Shocking aftermath with Jericho beating down the Undertaker. Jericho/Undertaker should be a fantastic match for Mania, as this feud has never been done before so should be great to see.

Another great promo here with Edge complaining about not having match at Mania. Will be interesting to see what he does, possibley MITB? Not too sure on that however

Decent main event, DX gets the victory and my prediction is right, as Orton accidently costing Cena the match and expect this feud to heat up in the next few weeks.

Overall this was a fantastic Raw and i look forward to Smackdown. 89/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Great news Wolf Guy. I can't wait to see the "controversial moment"! Should be huge. Looking forward to smackdown and I understand that you will be taking a few weeks off to prepare for Mania.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Good promo to officially begin the build towards the main event match now heading towards 'Mania in Cena/Orton. Seems as if you're controversial moment could be something with this feud but who knows since they fought at last year's 'Mania.

As expected Carlito and Benjamin put on a good match as they always do whenever they get into the ring. Guessing this is a filler feud for now because I don't see anything for either of these men and hopefully something will be made clear soon.

Haha, wow! Good segment from the popcorn from Grisham to the beer can, that was great with the part where they found the beer can. Austin and Christian's had a great feud which has shown the past weeks with the build it has recieved.

Nice little video put together from SNME that shows Shaniqua is back and better than she has been. Guessing since she won't be around long she won't win at 'Mania but it will be more of a blowout match between her and Trish giving Trish the win.

So Hogan's trying to get a match for the Intercontinental title, makes me think we could be seeing MITB/ IC title for the matchup. If so, that would be good to see as two things to retrieve plus a Ladder Match makes it even better.

Wow, Christian really can't get over Austin tonight. He's obsessed with him and watching his every move pretty much. Glad to see the Mysterio feud got blown off tonight but didn't have too much focus as now we're looking at Austin/Christian.

Good promo overall though Foley's parts were right as they should have been and I loved his more than any others. Classic to see Eugene carrying a barbed wire 2 x 4 which would have been great and now a six man tag has been made official.

Undertaker gets the win and Jericho shocks everyone turning heel. Intresting there as Jericho/Undertaker is set now. This could be a good little feud that could be an interesting one too at that, let's get some more answers from Jericho on Smackdown!

Edge had another great promo tonight. Liked the comments on the dream scenario and the match between Val Venis! Good to read that and wonder where Edge goes from here now. He might be involved as Flair's partner like F-D said but who knows!

Orton screws over Cena tonight on accident. Hopefully if Orton turns heel it will turn out to be next week. Going to be a wild feud here and could see a lot of twists and turns. D-X gets the win tonight giving them a little bit momentum before 'Mania.
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