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Re: Being The Booker

RAW looks great. Looking foward to it, Wolfy. Will try to review.
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw looks exciting as we have some Wrestlemania matches, and we have some Wrestlemania matches that should be confirmed. Hopefully, The Rock and Stone Cold appear on Raw to continue their feuds with Shawn Michaels and Christian.
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Re: Being The Booker

Good choice of opener, and seems like a good match. Good to see Steamboat banned the Cabinet from ringside, as London is given the title that he truly deserves. Can't see the feud ending just yet, but nice opening match.

Awesome, awesome, awesome promo from Christian and Austin, staying pretty serious througout the most part, trying to one-up each other with insults, but Austin tries to joke around and frustrate Christian in a great with, with his varying 'What' comments. I really, really was entertained by the promo, caught both of their characters well, and this feud should be great. I liked Christian getting the last word at the end, nailing the Unprettier, just so he starts off looking good

Trish/Lita isn't anything special, glad to see Trish retain, but...Shaniqua returns? No idea whos he is, but she seems like a Chyna-character, so it'd be cool to see these two face off at WM. Looks like the women's feud is accounted for, and while I'm not looking forward to it, it does what it accomplishes

Nice little exchange of words between Hogan and Flair. That'd be a dream match at Mania (for WWE marks, not wrestling fans) to determine the real legend, and I don't want to see Foley and someone else get involved...only because Flair/Hogan is what it needs to stay as to remain special

Taker/HHH was solid, had a great, traditional ending with Taker tombestoning HHH and getting the win. Does it lead to a feud, or does it further the storyline of HHH having nothing at WM? Not sure, but since neither man has anything, Taker/HHH seems destined to happen at WM, which could be a really good, but less-important feud in your thread. Anyway, good match

Great Hart video, I could envision him saying all of those words and I love the direction you took it, survival over victory, great and realistic stuff. Loved this, can't wait for their WM match, should be astounding

The five minute challenge was kinda disappointing, mainly because I wanted to see a clean finish without Lesnar's interference. Either way, the ending woulda been good booking, so this still works. Benoit shows that he was going to dominate the time and beat Lesnar, but Lesnar stays strong by blocking it from happening. A dream match and feud that I can't wait for at WM, great hype for it here and really well written. I liked how Steamboat didn't expect the guys to go through the opponents that fast, makes them seem a lot better

Better than Christian/Austin! Rock and Carlito were right on character and had some great lines throughout. HBK seemed a tad off at times, but still acceptable. Vince's involvement was needed and did it's job, official at WM! Another dream match, woot! Also loved the WM video, very DX-like indeed. I love your promos/segments, right up there with AMP/Szumi.

Another solid match, classic cage between Edge and Cena. Surprised to see Flair interfere, and Hogan interfering just furthers their feud as well, and puts on a pretty good main event as Cena retains and stares down Orton at the commentators table. Should top their last encounter.

9/10- Pretty much perfect, the matches just didn't do too much for me and it seemed kinda shor, however, I loved every single promo, incredible. tEverything is taking shape going into WM, and while there are no surprises, it's still beyond amazing. Every, and I do mean every match is a dream match that hasn't happened yet (in real life AND your thread...aside from Orton/Cena and Taker/HHH). I honestly can't wait for the PPV, but hopefully it isn't overhyped by the reader and disappoints. As a side note: when reviewing your shows, I usually have to think of new's that for praise, eh?

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Re: Being The Booker

Saturday Nights Main Event -- February 11th –- Comments

Good way to start off the night with some cruiserweight action. A great match which leads London to pick up a well-deserved victory and to become the new Cruiserweight champion. One of the best promo ever I have seen here in the BTB Section. Awesome. Both men were really in character. In the end, Christian takes the advantage and I guess that Stone Cold vs. Christian is set for Wrestlemania. Trish wins and retains here title. Whats next for her? Oh my gawd! Shanique, you are a bitch, lol. Anyway, Wolfy, this was a blockbuster come back because this came from nowhere. Sorry but this Ric Flair and Hogan’s promo was confusing. It looked like Hogan has something on his mind. HHH vs. Taker was a nice match and in the end, Taker proves that he’s better. Good match there. Awesome promo from Bret Hart. Damn, you got me there. This promo really hyped his match with Angle. Match of the night so far, this Benoit/Brock rivalry is shaping up greatly. Lots of good wrestling here in this match and in the end, Brock comes up and intereferes in the match by making this, a no contest. It was interesting that Benoit came back out of nowhere and dominated everyone in the ring. Lmao, it was a funny promo but some points were just not good. Shawn Michaels, in this promo wasn’t looking himself, which means he was out of character. Rock was great though. Glad that Vince finally comes up and announces the match, so its on, Rock versus Shawn at Mania! Yeah! A great main-event here in which I saw lots of surprises. Cena vs. Orton could be good man.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw: February 13th; Fresno:

Video Package, highlighting last weeks Gold Rush tournament, with Orton defeating Edge in the finals, and then, clips from SNME, with Cena retaining over the Rated R Superstar, setting up Cena - Orton II at Wrestle Mania 22.

Opening video


Jim Ross:
The Save Mart Centre is ready for an explosive night of Raw action, on the road to Wrestle Mania Twenty Two, which is now less than six weeks away!!! We are just forty eight hours off the back of the return of Saturday Nights Main Event right down the road in Anaheim, and Coach, what a night it was!!!

The Coach: Yeah, for you, because you got to call the damn thing with Tazz from Smackdown!! Where was The Coach??

Jim Ross: Who the hell cares, I say. Folks, there is too much to report on right now from this past Saturday Night, but tonight it all kicks off again, as Christian faces Rey Mysterio, in an attempt to finally settle their long running issues, and boy oh boy, is business gonna pick up, when Mick Foley returns to Raw!!! Foley speaks, later tonight!!!

The Coach: Which just isn’t right if you ask me. Foley lost his job, now he should sit at home in his flannel shirt and eat Tortilla chips … rather than coming here and doing the same thing,

**Burn In My Light** Randy Orton steps into the arena, dressed casually in a dark blue shirt, but looking pleased, having won himself a Wrestle Mania title shot last week on Raw, in Japan.

Jim Ross: And Coach, here is the man, who on March 26th, challenges the current WWE Champion, John Cena, one on one, for the second straight Wrestle Mania, only this time, with the roles reversed!!

The Coach: It’s a rematch twelve months in the making, but after this past Saturday Night, it’s official. Cena vs. Orton - IS ON!!!

We are shown highlights from the tournament last week, with Orton defeating Shawn Michaels, RVD and Edge to earn the shot. We return with Orton standing in the ring, looking happy.

Randy Orton: On March 20th, 2005, my entire world caved in. My entire world collapsed around me. At Ford Field, Wrestle Mania 21, in front of over 70,000 people, and millions worldwide, my career hit a low point.

Orton looks around the arena, before speaking again.

Randy Orton: Because on that night, I lost the most precious thing I’ve ever held. I lost the most prestigious honour I have ever … or will ever hold, at the biggest event of the year, in the biggest match of my career. I lost the World Heavyweight Championship … in the main event of Wrestle Mania.

A few cheers from some in the audience, whilst many remain quiet.

Randy Orton: And from that point on, I continued to fall from grace … being kicked out of Evolution … battling the people I used to believe were my friends … and no sight of a World Title rematch.

Orton looks to be quite frustrated, just talking about his last year.

Randy Orton: Yet, despite overcoming those obstacles, just when it appeared I had it all in my grasp, and the world title near … once more the belt just slipped away. Not because I wasn’t good enough … not because I didn’t deserve it … but because strength in numbers went against me.

Orton locks his jaw, angry.

Randy Orton: So once again, it’s back to the proverbial drawing board, and I headed into the Royal Rumble, for the chance to main event Wrestle Mania … but for the umpteenth time, the story didn’t quite go to plan.

Randy leans against the ropes, looking into the front row.

Randy Orton: Which left one last chance. One throw of the dice, one last gasp chance to earn a championship shot at Wrestle Mania. And this time, no amount of backstabbing … no amount of run ins, no amount of cheating was going to stop me. And last week in Japan … Randy Orton booked his spot at Wrestle Mania Twenty Two.

Pretty good pop from the fans.

Randy Orton: And as luck would have it, Randy Orton faces John Cena for the second straight Wrestle Mania, only this time the roles are reversed … I’m the challenger, he’s the champion … and this time, lightning doesn’t strike twice … this time, Randy Orton walks out of Wrestle Mania … with his destiny achieved.

Mixed reaction. Orton acknowledges the mixed reaction, and responds.

Randy Orton: That’s fine. It’s your prerogative to have an opinion … but mine is to tell the truth, and Fresno the truth quite simply is that John Cena is on borrowed time as world heavyweight champion.

Another mixed reaction, with the fans getting more behind Cena.

Randy Orton: I watched Cena defeat Shawn Michaels in December to win the title back, and I’ll admit, he was extraordinary that night. But at the Royal Rumble, the world watched as Cena barely clung on to the title, and ever since ‘The Champ’ hasn’t exactly been on top of the world. Lucky against Batista … fortunate against Edge on Saturday Night … and flat on his back come March 26th.

Once again, mixed reaction, leaning to a few more boos.

Randy Orton: But John, I don’t care to talk behind your back … what I have to say … I want to say it in this very ring, face to face … right … NOW!!!

Fans pop, as Orton nods, pacing around the ring, waiting for Cena. The arena quietens down for a few moments, with Orton looking towards the entrance, when finally, after around 15 seconds …

**My Time Is Now** John Cena bursts out onto the stage, stitched up after his SNME blood bath against Edge. The Champion parades the title as he walks down the ramp, slapping hands with fans, throwing his cap into the crowd, and sliding into the ring, directly into the face of Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: Glad you could make it champ.

Cena cracks a smile, and moves past Orton, taking a mic being handed to him by Lillian Garcia.

John Cena: Is it just me, or is someone very confident this evening??

Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: If you’re referring to me, you’d be correct John.

John Cena: That’s a shame, because Randy, by the time I’m done speaking, you might not be smiling, and you might not be so confident.

Again, Orton smirks.

John Cena: You see, for someone that holds no victories over me, and for someone who hasn’t brought his A-Game on the biggest stage previously, you seem awfully confident.

Orton stares deep at Cena.

John Cena: Please, by all means stop me when I’m wrong … but anytime we’ve met in the ring … it’s been me pinning your shoulders onto the canvas, right?? And in other big matches … at Wrestle Mania … for this World Title … you’ve come up short as a challenger to Shawn Michaels … and as a champion to me.

Fans gather some noise, listening to the facts being told by Cena.

John Cena: So, lets weigh this up, shall we?? Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the World Title at Wrestle Mania 22. Randy Orton, the challenger, previous record at Wrestle Mania two losses, no wins. Previous record in Wrestle Mania title matches, two losses, no wins. Previous Record against John C-

Randy Orton: I get the picture.

Orton steps in, having heard enough.

Randy Orton: The facts are facts, and there is nothing I can do about it … but the future is in my hands John. Spew the facts all you want, because after Wrestle Mania, the fact of the matter will be simply, Randy Orton, World-Heavyweight-Champion.

Both men step in closer, as the tension rises.

Randy Orton: And when I do beat you for the World Title in Vegas, I want no excuses … I want no complaining, and no whining. I don’t want to beat John Cena at anything less than 100%, which means that I want to make sure you’re wrapped in cotton wool for the next six weeks. Expect me to be like your shadow John. I’m going to watch your every step. Not because I like you, not because I respect you … but simply because I need you at 100%.

Cena shakes his head, and speaks again.

John Cena: I promise you Randy. I’ll be going to Wrestle Mania at 100%. And even better, I promise you … you wont get any excuses out of me.

Orton smiles, and prepares to speak, but Cena quickly starts again.

John Cena: Because I wont be losing.

Orton stops, as Cena stares his challenger down. Cena then puts the mic back to his mouth once more.

John Cena: Randy, at Wrestle Mania, you’ll get the best of John Cena. And I expect to get the best of you. But Randy, I don’t need you to mind me. I don’t need you to watch my back … and you don’t need me to watch yours. We can move on into Las Vegas and battle it out man to man … or you can make this personal, and get in my face for the next six weeks. Your choice.

Orton thinks for a moment, then smirks.

Randy Orton: Make it personal?? John, honestly … it’s always been personal.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

Randy Orton: But … I still respect you enough to offer my hand.

Orton reaches his hand out to shake with Cena. Cena looks around the arena, which starts a ‘Cena’ chant. He looks for a reaction from the fans to either shake or don’t shake, with both options getting a heavy response. Cena takes a look at Orton, then reaches out, and shakes his hand.

The two men stare deep into the others eyes, both looking confident, as the hand shake comes to an end, and both pull away, with Orton slowly backing up, and out of the ring, as we cut to the first commercial break of the evening.


1st Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Athletic match to get the action going, with one half of the tag champions getting his shot at Carlito, after CCC fell short of capturing the tag titles last week in Japan. Haas is banned from ringside, leaving Carlito and Shelton to battle it out, with Stacey Kiebler missing once again this week.
Benjamin starts out, all guns blazing, having nothing to lose, and everything to gain, whilst Carlito appears to be shaky. CCC eventually takes a break, rolling in and out of the ring, twice, to try and slow Benjamin down, and eventually, it works in his favour, as Benjamin attempts a suicide dive to the outside, with CCC moving out of the way, and Shelton crashes and burns.
This now allows Carlito to dominate the challenger, wrestling the match at his pace, keeping the challenger down. Despite the odd glimmer of a comeback from Benjamin, hitting the dragon whip, amongst other signature spots, it’s Carlito that comes close to victory with the Back Cracker, and a swinging neck breaker, but Benjamin hangs on both times with a late kick out at two. CCC begins to get frustrated, and tries to end the match, looking to hit the Apple Core … but Benjamin counters, switching the position of his arms … and delivers the T-Bone Slam!!! Benjamin takes a little too long to get a cover, but eventually hooks the leg of Carlito … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!
Both men are slow to their feet, and Benjamin scores with a knock down. He then jumps to the ropes, looking for a springboard, leaping off, but Carlito quickly ducks down, with Shelton crashing and burning. CCC now quickly stalks the challenger, who eventually reaches his feet, walking straight into the Apple Core!!! Carlito hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito @ 12:13

Once again, Carlito survives by the skin of his teeth, having to kick back a spirited performance from the tag team specialist, Benjamin. CCC backs up the ramp, clutching the Intercontinental Title, looking back at Benjamin who is helped up by officials, looking disappointed to have missed out on singles gold tonight.


We return to Raw with Todd Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, right now, I’m standing by with none other than Captain Charisma, Christian!!!

Mixed reaction, as Christian appears on screen, with Tyson Tomko standing directly behind him. The fans in the background start an ‘Austin’ chant, which enrages Christian for a moment, before he calms down, knowing he had the better of SCSA on Saturday Night.

Todd Grisham: Christian, this past weekend, at the return of Saturday Nights Main Event, you and Tyson Tomko, sent a message loud and clear to the Smackdown superstar, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. We’ve seen you and Austin interact at almost every joint production this past year, but on Saturday Night, it escalated from verbal sparring … into utter chaos.

Christian: I like the sound of that Todd-meister. And for once, you almost made some sense. You were doing really well with your descriptions … Tyson and I sending a message to Austin … Austin and I interacting at almost every joint production this year … but then it went wrong. Because Todd, it didn’t escalate from verbal sparring … sparring is a two way thing for a start, and every time I’ve seen Austin this year, his words have been no match for mine. Had you said … On Saturday Night, it escalated from you making a fool of Austin verbally … into making a fool of Austin physically.

Fans give heat, but Christian smiles.

Christian: You’d have been right. And that’s exactly what I did.

Tomko clears his throat.

Christian: That’s exactly what we did.

Christian looks back, and winks at Tomko, who nods.

Christian: Just like tonight, when I make a fool out of Rey Mysterio physically. I’ll take that little mask wearing leprechaun, and show the world who missed it on Saturday Night, exactly what I did to Austin.

Todd Grisham: Well, speaking of anyone who missed it on Saturday Nights Main Event, I believe that right now, we have a collection of clips, from that showdown…

Christian nods, and taps Tomko on the chest.

Christian: Hey Tomko, go get the popcorn.

Tomko screws up his face, then takes a look at Todd, and just with a look, Grisham gets the message, and darts off to get popcorn whilst the footage begins to show.

A quick collection of clips play, with Austin and Christian sharing a war or words in the ring, which eventually breaks down into a 2 on 1 beat down, and Christian finishing Austin off with an Unprettier.

We return back to Christian and Tomko, both looking pleased with themselves, as Grisham comes back onto screen, holding popcorn, looking out of breath.

Todd Grisham: I didn’t know if you wanted the salted popcorn, so I just got th-

Christian: Meh, it’s over now anyway. You keep the popcorn. Best I keep myself healthy for later anyway. I mean, I wouldn’t want to end up like ‘ol Stone Cold, would I??

Fans give heat.

Christian: You know Tyson, the thing that irritates me most about Austin … is the fact the guy is deaf. After everything you say … it’s ‘What’ … ‘What’ … ‘What’. Man, that irritates me.


Christian: I said it rea-

Christian stops himself, not wanting to fall for the fans trap.

Christian: Ha, I’m not falling for that.


Christian: C’mon Tomko, we’ve got a midget to capture.


Christian looks around, getting frustrated with the fans constant ‘WHAT’. He and Tomko walk down the hallway, whispering about something, when Tomko trips over a beer can. The two men stop for a moment, and share a look, before Tomko speaks.

Tyson Tomko: Umm … you don’t think …

Christian starts to think overtime now, realising who may have left the beer can around.

Christian: Hold on…

Captain Charisma bends down, and picks up the can, which has spilt a small amount of beer, and shakes it about, realising there is still beer in it. He gets back up, and tries to smile.

Christian: Couldn’t be. There’s still liquid left in the can.

Both nervously smile, with Christian not truly believing what he said, and Tomko not believing what he is being told.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well Coach, I do believe that Captain Charisma, behind the laughter, is extremely concerned with the possibility of a revenge attack coming his way from one Steve Austin.

The Coach: Kidding me, right?? Christian finds one can of beer, and immediately we have to expect that Austin is here?? Gimme me a break.

Jim Ross: I’m not saying that for one moment Coach. I highly doubt Austin is here, but the mere fact that Christian and Tomko are thinking about it from seeing a can of beer speaks volumes. But hey, we’ll find out later when Christian faces Rey Mysterio. However, coming up in just a moment, the Raw return of Shaniqua who exploded back from nowhere this past weekend. We thought we had seen the last of the former womens champion, but it obviously wasn’t to be. Here’s how it all went down…

Trish Stratus holds the title belt aloft in victory, successfully defending the championship once again, keeping her strong reign going. Stratus helps Lita up to her feet, and the two women graciously hug after a gruelling match. The two women stand centre ring, holding their hands up to the fans, when we see someone slide into the ring, dressed as security. The security person stands tall, and rips off a wig, to reveal SHANIQUA!!!!

The Amazon stands directly behind Trish, and as she turns around with Lita, they are instantly taken down, as Shaniqua runs through both of them, with a devastating double clothesline!!!!! Shaniqua stands tall, and roars out loud, taking a look at the title belt, before re-directing her focus on Stratus.

Shaniqua drags Trish up, and whips her, as hard as possible, into the corner, before following in with a body splash. Trish staggers out, hitting the canvas hard. Lita is back up, and runs at Shaniqua, but The Amazon catches her, and delivers a Press Slam, throwing Lita out of the ring, with a nasty landing on the floor. Finally, Shaniqua lifts Trish up, nailing the champion with a Powerbomb.

Stratus is left in a heap, as Shaniqua stands over the champion, whilst staring at the belt which she had held for one year. The Amazon then takes a look at the fans, as she develops a wry smile. Shaniqua lets out another roar, before claiming “I’m Back … BITCH”

Backstage, we see Shaniqua warming up, doing press ups, before fading to a commercial…


2nd Match:
Shaniqua vs. Gail Kim
Basically a squash, with Shaniqua dominating the smaller opponent, totally dismantling Gail Kim, beating her all around the ring. Throughout the three minute beat down, Shaniqua continues to stare into the camera, telling Trish to watch what she does next, before eventually finishing the match with a Jacknife Powerbomb, picking up an emphatic three count.
Winner: Shaniqua @ 02:48

The Amazon barely changes her expression, and leans over the ropes, yelling at anyone willing to listen that she’s back, and she wants her belt back.
Wrestle Mania Recall - IX - The worlds biggest Toga party, with the commentary team even dressed up for the occasion.

Backstage, we see Ric Flair and Batista chatting in Flairs office, when the door knocks, and Carlito bursts through the door. Flair smiles, and attempts to greet the I.C Champion, but Carlito isn’t happy.

Carlito: I need answers.

Flair looks taken aback, and grins, before speaking.

Ric Flair: Whoa. Calm down there cowboy. Take a breath, slow down, and speak calmly. Now, what’s wrong??

Carlito: What’s wrong?? Six weeks Ric, that’s what’s wrong. I’m the Intercontinental Champion, I was embarrassed in front of the entire world on Satyurday Night on my own talk show, doing you a damn favour. I'm the Intercontinental Champion and there are six weeks until Wrestle Mania. Where the hell is my opponent??

Flair starts to ponder, and is set to speak, when a voice is heard from behind…

Voice: It’s being taken care of.

The camera pans around, and we see it is none other than the Co-GM, Hulk Hogan.

Ric Flair: Oh?? Is that right??

Hulk Hogan: Yeah, that’s right brother.

Ric Flair: Ha, well, seeing as I’m the co General Manager of Raw, maybe we should discuss this??

Hulk Hogan: I don’t think so Ric dude. You see this little plan I’ve been carving together, I’ve been planning for weeks. And by this time next week it’ll all be set up, just as soon as the board of directors give my idea the thumbs up. And brother, that’s just a mere formality.

Carlito: Hey, Hogan. You mind letting me in on this brainwave?? Considering I’m the Intercontinental Champion, this situation concerns me.

Hulk Hogan: Kid, you’re on a need to know basis … and right now, you don’t need to know.

Hogan pats Carlito on the back, then turns away to the door, before remembering something, and turns back, smiling at Flair.

Hulk Hogan: Oh, and Rickster, better watch the screen there, because Mick Foley is coming up soon … brother.

Flair looks enraged by Hogan, whilst Carlito chews on his apple, spitting it on the ground, and stands on it, squashing the apple, before walking out, mumbling ‘das not cool’


We return from the commercial, with Mysterio in the ring, waiting, as Christian begins to make his way to the ring. Captain Charisma looks a little out of his element now, less cocky, less focused, looking around, as if he is expecting Austin to attack him. Tomko tries to get him fired up, but Christian doesn’t seem responsive to it.

3rd Match:
Christian vs. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio starts the match off as the aggressor, coming right after Christian on the outside, wanting revenge for Christian costing him a Wrestle Mania title shot last week. Mysterio controls the early going surprisingly, until Tomko trips Rey on the apron, allowing Christian to get the upper hand. Christian quickly scores a few near falls, but nothing good enough to end the match. Despite having control, Christian still looks around in fear every few seconds, looking for Austin, even thinking Austin is in the front row at one point, seeing a bald man.
The fans also get on Christians back, yelling ‘WHAT’ every time Christian throws a punch or a kick. Then, as Christian tries to get Mysterio up for the Unprettier, the fans all begin a ‘We want Austin’ chant. This stops Christian from hitting the move, as he tells the fans to shut up, before turning back around, seeing a flock of guards holding down a man near the front row, in the aisle. Immediately, Christian suspects it’s Austin, and leans through the middle rope, telling security to get him out of here, which allows Rey Mysterio to run the ropes, and connect with a 619!!! Rey quickly hops to the top rope, and drops the dime, quickly hooking the leg of Captain Charisma, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 07:36

The fans appear genuinely shocked that Rey picked up the win in that manner, with the majority expecting a much longer match. Mysterio leaves the ring quickly, jubilant in defeating Captain Charisma. In the ring, Tomko helps up Christian who immediately looks to see what security have done with the man he believes to me Austin, and instantly realises it was just a fan. Christian has a temper tantrum in the ring, having been fooled by Austin … who wasn’t even in the arena the entire time. He yells that ‘Austin will pay’, despite the obvious fact he didn’t do anything tonight at all.


Jim Ross: Raw has been rolling tonight, kicking off with a major stare down between Randy Orton and John Cena, before the in ring return of Shaniqua, and just before the break, Rey Mysterio overcame an unfocused Captain Charisma, who right now is living in fear of a shadow!!! But folks, a situation which has been developing in recent weeks just made another appearance on Unlimited, as The Heart Throbs hosted Kiss Cam, this happened…

Romeo and Antonio are talking, as the camera focuses in on couples around the arena, until the lights go out. Five seconds later, pyro shoots out from the corners, before Kanes music plays through the arena with a loud maniacal laugh playing over it - Kanes laugh. The lights come back on, and we see Romeo in Antonios arms, looking scared.

Jim Ross: This cant be seen as a one off folks. Similar things have happened ever since the Royal Rumble. It’s no hoax. The man they know as Kane who we haven’t seen since late April last year … is coming back.

The Coach: And that isn’t good news. Not for you … not for me, and certainly not for the superstars of Raw or even Smackdown for that matter.

Jim Ross: But folks, the question is this … when will we see the return of Kane??

**Have A Nice Day** Mick Foleys music hits into the arena, and the legendary former GM makes his way out to an enormous response.

Foley slaps hands with fans along the way to the ring, eventually sliding inside the ring, and raising his hand in the air, giving the fans a thumbs up. Mick is handed a mic, and he waits for the music to die down before speaking.

Mick Foley: Oh man. It’s truly great to be back in the WWE … and it’s great to be back … in Fresno California!!!

Cheap Pop

Mick Foley: Ever since I was beaten down, bloodied and pummelled at the Survivor Series back in November, and lost my job, I’ve been floating through life, doing all the every day things I used to do, except for Mondays.

Foley chant starts up.

Mick Foley: Up until November 6th, I had a perfect life. I got to be the perfect parent for six days of the week, except for Pay Per View Sundays, whilst working Raw every Monday night, as the General Manager. Granted, every once in a while we’d need to head halfway across the world, and every now and again, I’d have to head up to Stamford for a meeting, but generally, being the Raw General Manager was a perfect job for yours truly.

Foley looks around for a moment, before speaking once more.

Mick Foley: But, because Ric Flair couldn’t stand to see someone like me - a glorified stuntman - in a position of power above him, that perfect life isn’t quite as perfect anymore.

Fans boo, unhappy that Foley doesn’t have his job.

Mick Foley: So now the question is raised … if you lost your job, then why the hell did you turn up on Raw last Monday, and why are you speaking on Raw right now?? Well, it’s quite simple really. Ric Flair isn’t a stupid man, I’ll give him that. No, Mick Foley wasn’t on holiday last week.
No Ric, I didn’t just happen to turn up. In actual fact, if you’d been doing your job to the best of your ability then you’d know why I was in Tokyo last Monday Night, considering Linda McMahon left a voicemail message on your cell phone, explaining that for the foreseeable future, Mick Foley would be at Raw helping your Co General Manager settle into his new role.

Fans pop, and Foley begins to smile.

Mick Foley: Now, that’s the official company line of why I’m here. However, my reasons for accepting the job of an ambassador are completely selfish, and absolutely nothing to do with helping out Hulk Hogan.

Fans pop

Mick Foley: Ric Flair, I’ve been sitting at home for the last three months, dying to stick my hand through the television screen every Monday night when I see your self-righteous, smug face. I’m sick of watching Raw every week, where you embarrass, or humiliate anyone you want, because you can. Screwing Rhyno at every turn, making Eugenes life a living hell, siding with Christian, kissing Batistas ass, looking out for you, and you alone … and I’ve had enough.

Fans start another ‘Foley’ chant

Mick Foley: So Ric, the way I see it, we’ve waged war once … and I won. You got your rematch, and booted me out of a job … so now, I’m asking you for a match … I don’t want you to put your job on the line, I don’t want you to put anything at stake. All I want … is closure.

Fans pop

Mick Foley: But I’ve been thinking about this whole scenario … and it’s about more than just you and I. Last week, you attempted to do to Hulk Hogan what you did to me back in Kansas last September. And three weeks ago, you and Batista took liberties with a defenceless Eugene, leaving him laying in a hospital bed. So now Ric, it’s escalated from you and I … to you, Batista, Hogan, Eugene and me.

Fans pop again

Mick Foley: What I’m proposing … is at Wrestle Mania … Ric Flair, Batista, and a partner of their choice … versus Mick Foley, Eugene, and the Immortal Hulk Hogan!!!

Huge crowd pop for the match challenge, and mention of Hogan.

Mick Foley: I gave you the match you wanted at Survivor Series … now you can give me mine.

Foley drops the mic, and is set to leave the ring, stepping through the ropes, when…

**Space Odyssey 3000** Ric Flair, looking bemused, walks out onto the stage, with Batista by his side. He ushers the music down, and begins to speak.

Ric Flair: Wait just a minute Foley. You don’t actually think I ‘owe’ you. Do you??

Foley nods, standing on the apron, with no mic.

Ric Flair: Mick, if I were you, what I’d do, is just get on with the job you’ve been assigned, and help Hulk Hogan settle in as Co General Manager.

Foley steps back into the ring, and picks up his mic.

Mick Foley: Well, if I were you Ric, I would’ve hung up my boots a long, LONG time ago, before embarrassing myself further. But that’s the thing … I’m not you … and you aren’t me. So Ric, no. I wont just get on with my job and help Hulk Hogan settle into his new role. Instead, I’ll ask you once again. Wrestle Mania … 41 days from now, MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Ric Flair, Batista and whoever you want … versus Mick Foley, Eugene and Hulk Hogan.

The fans pop again, whilst Flair looks at Batista, beginning to smile.

Ric Flair: Like I said … if I were you, I’d just get on with my job … because really, you don’t want this Foley. You-

Mick Foley: Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare come out here, and tell me what I do and do not want. I’ve made the challenge … will you accept??

Flair smiles, wipes his tongue around his teeth, and winks at Batista, before speaking.

Ric Flair: At Wrestle Mania. The Animal, WOOOOO, The Nature Boy and our partner of choice accept your challenge … but you’ve been warned. You don’t know what you’re getting into. WOOOO.

Fans pop, with another match now made official for WM.

Ric Flair: But there’s just one more thing. I can promise you Foley, that next week on Raw … Batista and I will unveil our tag team partner … on the condition that next week on Raw … Batista goes one on one … with Eugene.

Not too much of a reaction from the fans.

Ric Flair: No Disqualifications … no count outs … falls count anywhere. Batista vs. Eugene. Are you and Hogan brave enough to accept that challenge, given what Batista did to that pathetic excuse last month??

Foley looks around, and nods.

Mick Foley: Batista vs. Eugene?? Next week?? No DQ, no count outs, falls count anywhere?? You got it.

Slight pop, for Foley showing faith in his tag team partner.

Mick Foley: And believe me, you might just get the biggest shock of your life Dave.

Batista looks to Flair, and bursts out with uncontrollable laughter.

Ric Flair: He might Foley … but trust me … you will.

Flair and Batista turn to walk away, but Foley speaks up again.

Mick Foley: Hey Ric … I’m not done yet.

Flairs eyebrow raises slightly, and looks to Batista, and they turn back again.

Mick Foley: You might think I’m crazy … but Ric, I've had to wait since Novmeber 6th for tonight, and I'm feeling really frisky. So how about we give the entire world a Wrestle Mania preview … right here … in Fresno, California!!!

Fans pop big time.

Mick Foley: How about it?? Right here, right now. You and Batista.

Flair and Batista don’t even think twice, and begin to walk down the ramp, taking off their jackets, and unbuttoning their shirts. Flair points at Batista to go around one side, while he takes the other. Foley circles the ring, trying to keep an eye on both men, and as Flair jumps onto the apron, Foley knocks him off. Batista now gets in, but Foley cuts him off, laying him with a few right hands, turning around, and knocking down Flair, but gets flattened by Batista after that.

Flair puts the boots to his long term rival, with Batista going to the outside grabbing a steel chair. He slides back in, and hands the chair to Ric, who leans back to nail Foley, when suddenly…

**Real American** Hulk Hogan bursts out onto the stage, getting an amazing fan reaction. Hogan walks down the ramp, pointing etc at Flair, as only Hogan does. Hulk reaches the bottom of the ramp, and stops, with Flair and Batista looking confident as Foley is already down, leaving a 2 on 1 advantage. Hogan then smiles, and turns, pointing to the back…

**Childs Play** Eugene sprints out, WITH A 2X4 WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! Eugene sprints down the ramp, looking for revenge on the men that put him out last month, wearing a childish band aid, and slides into the ring, but Batista and Flair dive out of the way of the Barbed Wire wielding maniac, just ducking a wild swing. Eugene jumps up and down, both excited and furious, desperate for revenge. Flair and Batista exit through the crowd, both irate with how things have turned out, looking at their Wrestle Mania opponents.

In the ring, Hogan helps up Foley, whilst Eugene leans over the ropes, pointing at snarling at Flair and Batista, as we go to a commercial.


Jim Ross: Moments ago we just found out that at Wrestle Mania, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Eugene will team together in an attempt for closure, up against Ric Flair and Batista, along with a partner of their choosing, come Wrestle Mania.

The Coach: Three all time legends, a superstar waiting to be unleashed … and Eugene. Something doesn’t seem right in that equation J.R.

Jim Ross: Coach, you can never count out a lion heart like Eugene. And with him teaming together alongside two all time legends, I like the kids chances of a victory at Wrestle Mania.

4th Match:
The Undertaker vs. Kenzo Suzuki
Nothing match, with Suzuki doing very little to trouble The Undertaker. Taker snuffs out the attack from Kenzo, and quickly runs through his trademark spots, before hitting a Chokeslam. Then, as he goes for the pin fall, Rene Dupree runs to the ring, sliding in, to save his tag team partner, but he is met with a face full of boot, taking him right back out of the ring. The Deadman then drags Suzuki back up, and delivers the Tombstone, making a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: The Undertaker @ 05:35

Taker does his usual post match celebration, with the lights going down, and him on one knee, when suddenly, a figure appears sliding into the ring, clocking The Undertaker from behind with a weapon!!! The music dies down, and the lights come back, with the man being revealed as CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Jericho holds the Deadmans urn, and smashes the metal object against the skull of the Phenom, putting Taker back down again. Y2J stands over The Undertaker for a moment, as the fans go buck wild, not expecting a Smackdown superstar to interfere on Raw.

Jericho slides out of the ring, and back through the crowd, not showing any emotion, but instead, looking blankly, as if in a trance, passing by fans, not slapping hands, or even goading them, but quickly walking through the sea of fans, and exiting the arena.

Jim Ross: What the hell is going on here?? What the hell is Chris Jericho doing on Raw?? He’s a Smackdown guy for crying out loud!!!

The Coach: I know I shouldn’t say this being a Raw guy … but I liked it. Jericho just laid out The Deadman.

Jim Ross: Oh, you better believe Coach, you better believe that there will be hell to pay!!! Chris Jericho has attacked The Undertaker … unprovoked, no reasoning behind … just a heinous assault.

(*Note* Anyone confused as to why Jericho would attack Taker, read Jerichos promo from Smackdown carefully, and it should all make sense)


Quick clips play of Curt Hennig and Nikolai Volkoff in their prime, before going back to the commentators desk.

Jim Ross: Mr. Perfect and Nikolai Volkoff named as the first two inductees into the 2006 Hall of Fame, and right now Coach, it’s time to announce Number three…

The Coach: Yeah, whatever. Cant believe who’s making this choice…

Another video plays, eventually revealing the third inductee into the 2006 HoF as … JERRY ‘THE KING’ LAWLER

The fans cheer in the arena, as we go back to J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Indeed, The King will be inducted on March 25th, the night before Wrestle Mania, inside the Orleans Arena, just down the road in Las Vegas, what do you think of that Coach??

Coach doesn’t speak.

Jim Ross: The face says it all Coach. Folks, in just a moment, it’ll be time for our main event … but first, so far lined up for next week … Hulk Hogan will make his big announcement concerning Carlito at Wrestle Mania … and Eugene faces Batista … no disqualifications … no count outs … falls count anywhere!!! Lets not forget, Ric Flair has also promised to unveil his and Batistas tag team partner for Wrestle Mania … how he already knows that I don’t know. But this past Saturday, on NBC, the WWE made it’s long awaited return of Saturday Nights Main Event, at the sold out, Arrowhead Pond … if you missed it … you missed a heck of a lot … but here is a quick rundown of everything from Saturday Nights Main Event…

Saturday Nights Main Event Video Package;
- Paul London regains the Cruiserweight Title from Jamie Noble.
- Christian and Tyson Tomko assault Steve Austin after a lengthy war of words.
- Shaniqua returns and attacks Trish Stratus and Lita, after the two had just wrestled a match.
- The Undertaker defeats Triple H in a ‘Raw vs. Smackdown Showcase of Talents Match’
- Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar compete in a 5 Minute Challenge, with both men running through opponents in near record time, before a brawl broke out between the pair of them.
- The Rock and Shawn Michaels collide on The Cabana, with Vince McMahon making an appearance and signing a dream match between the two men at Wrestle Mania 22.
- John Cena retains the World Title in the main event inside a steel cage, overcoming Edge in a blood soaked war.

We then go to a full screen shot of Edge, sitting in a studio, staring deep into the camera, with an added intensity to him this evening.

Edge: (Through gritted teeth) I’m not in Fresno tonight.

Ironic pop from the fans

Edge: Yeah, that’s right. You morons probably find that funny.

Edge waits for a second, before speaking again.

Edge: I’m not in Fresno tonight, because I’m staging a one man protest. I’m right here in Stamford, via video link, to let you people, and anyone else that cares to listen exactly what I think of this company and it’s management of talent.

Edge runs his fingers through his hair.

Edge: Seven days ago, my week began in Tokyo. On a special three hour edition of Raw, I wrestled three matches, spanning FORTY minutes. And at a certain point, the body breaks down, which stopped me from completing the three match run, with Randy Orton beating me in the middle of the ring.

Pop. Edge gets bent out of shape, breathing heavily through his nose.

Edge: Yeah. And right now, I’ll give the powers that be their credit. I deserved a title shot for my efforts on Monday night. But NOT FIVE DAYS LATER, AND ESPECIALLY NOT IN A FRIGGIN CAGE!!!

Edge puts his head down, and tears at his hair a little.

Edge: Give me two weeks to recover at least. I don’t see Randy Orton competing on Saturday night, but then again, the golden child gets protection anyway. We wouldn’t want the WWE poster boy getting hurt, would we. He’s not even competing tonight!!
But me?? I’d probably have been in action tonight, just like I am every single week.

Edge breathes heavily again.

Edge: But like I said, I’m staging a one man protest. WWE management needs to see my star quality. They need to give me Randy Ortons protection treatment. They need to give me all the nice things in life.

Asshole chant starts up.

Edge: I came to Stamford today for a meeting with the bigwigs to discuss my blatant screw job on Saturday night, when I clearly won the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena. MY FEET hit the floor first. No ifs or buts about it. However, WWE officials don’t appear to agree with me. They want their little dream scenario of John Cena vs. Randy Orton - (in a sarcastic tone) the almighty sequel. Part Two. So I don’t get my rightful Championship. (Through gritted teeth) I DON’T EVEN GET A REMATCH!!!

Edge stares deep into the camera, furious, before breaking into an sarcastic smile, pretending to be happy with his next comment.

Edge: Also, I’ve been told now, just in case I decide to go for revenge on Cena or Orton. If I lay a finger on either of them … I’m going to be suspended for six months, without pay. Apparently, that’s how you treat your biggest star nowadays. With threats of not getting paid.

Edge shakes his head in frustration.

Edge: And now apparently next week, I’m going to find out my ‘role’ at Wrestle Mania. And with God as my witness, if I , The Rated R Superstar, don’t get something worthwhile … if I get booked to wrestle Val Venis in a Condom on a Pole Match, or something ridiculous like that, (Again, through gritted teeth) there will be hell to pay.

Edge looks ready to snap.

Edge: (Starts pointing both his index fingers at his face, whilst still speaking through gritted teeth) I’M STAR QUALITY!!! … TREAT ME LIKE A STAR!!!

The picture fades to black…

Backstage, we see DX making their way down the corridor, for tonight’s main event, with Michaels looking into a camera, mimicking a Peoples Eyebrow, before cutting to a commercial.


Main Event: 6 Man Tag:
John Cena, Booker T & Goldust vs. D-Generation X w/ Luther Reigns
Fairly short main event, with all six men quickly seeing action. DX function pretty well as a unit once again, with Luther Reigns on the outside, proving to be the difference maker, helping DX stay on top. This allows the unit to wear down John Cena for a long period, and his partners are unable to help him out, with DX playing the heel roles perfectly - distracting the ref to allow double teams, distracting the ref just as Cena is set to tag out, and everything else imaginable.
Eventually, Randy Orton makes his way out, having seen enough, which gets a big reaction from the fans, and he stands at ringside to try and even things up for the faces being at ringside for them. Once again, Cena makes a comeback, and looks set to make a tag back out, but Luther gets in the ring to stop him - only for Orton to slide in, and cut off Reigns, taking him down. Cena makes a tag to Booker - but the referee doesn’t see it, being distracted by Orton and Luther.
This leads to an eight man brawl, with the faces on top of the fight. Booker and Goldust take on Cade and Jindrak to the outside, whilst Cena pounds down Michaels, and Orton continues to brawl with Luther. The referee tries to get the action calmed down, focusing on Booker, Goldust, Cade and Jindrak. This leaves the other four in the ring, with Michaels and Cena still the legal men. Orton nails an RKO on Reigns, then rolls to the outside, grabbing a steel chair. The legend Killer slides back inside, and lines up a chair shot on Reigns, but as he swings back, Jindrak from the outside, yanks Luther by the legs, tripping him down, missing the chair shot - which connects with the back of Cena!!!!
Orton freezes, having just screwed up, and he quickly goes after Jindrak, whilst HBK doesn’t even bother to tune up the band, instead immediately connecting with Sweet Chin Music on Cena, getting a cover, whilst Booker and Goldust are held back on the outside, and the ref slides in … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: D-Generation X @ 10:13

Orton costs Cena!!! The accidental chair shot costs the World Champion a victory over Michaels!!! DX quickly regroup on the outside, having stole a victory from the jaws of defeat. Randy Orton stands at the mid point of the ramp way, tearing at his hair, knowing he screwed up tonight. The show ends, with Booker T and Goldust helping Cena to his feet, with the champion seething at Orton, staring a hole through the apologetic #1 Contender.

Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:
Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Six Man Tag Match:
Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Eugene vs. Ric Flair, Batista & ???

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff, Jerry Lawler

(Dont have time to put up the banners tonight, as I'm gonna try to get a couple of reviews done before the Northern Ireland - Latvia match.)

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Re: Being The Booker

Opening promo- Incredible, really incredible. Showed the two fastest rising stars in the WWE, going into WM with more talent and more respect than their previous encounter at WM. The backstory is there, each man has a good chance of winning...what an awesome feud. Orton going through his past was a nice touch. Great length to open the show, both men really, really in character and had all the right lines. Best Orton promo I've ever read, that's for sure. Also, it seems like neither man will touch each other until WM, which is always truly a great thing, to build anticipation. This was...perfect.

Carlito vs Benjamin- Nice choice of opener, a fast paced midcard match to excite the crowd/reader. Good back and forth action with Benjamin so close to singles gold...but Carlito steals the win and barely retains his belt, once again.

Christian interview- Gold. Got his character spot on and had some nice shots at Austin to continue their feud. Some funny comments about the popcorn as well (you put Todd Grisham instead of Tyson Tomko at one point, small typo), and hyped his feud with Austin and match with Mysterio at the same time. LOVED the ending, finding a can of beer in the hallway and making the duo nervous, great way to foreshadow something later (or just scare the heels). Great length, too.

Shaniqua vs Gail Kim- Kept it short, good idea. A squash to send a message to Trish.

Hogan/Flair/Carlito segment- Nothing too special, but the guys were in character and it was kept a good length, not bad at all. Hogan talking to the board of directors, eh? I see the debut of the MITB match in this thread at WM...unless you have another match type with the same concept to make it more creative. Or, I could be totally wrong. Nice way to keep the reader guessing

Christian vs Mysterio- A solid match between the two and I loved how the fans reactiosn are what cost Christian the match, not the actual face. Helps get the fans involved in the matches which WWE rarely does these days. Awesome booking there to continue the feud, and Mysterio gets a big win tonight.

Foley/Flair segment- In character, great length, and sets up the feud that's been building for a good few weeks now. Great match announced at WM, leaving time for a lot of twists, turns, and surprises (surprise partner, etc)...but...Eugene? Really? You coulnd't just keep it Foley/Hogan vs Flair/Batista? If the surprise partner isn't a huge deal (possibly HHH?), the build up will make this a letdown. This was a realistic segment with nothing too great, but Eugene with 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire scaring off Batista is comedy gold, and their match should have lots of neat interference next week

Taker vs Suzuki- Meh, filler match, nothing great until the aftermatch...Jericho attacks Taker with the urn, and leaves like nothing happened! Wow, this is certianly a dream WM match and will be a great feud, giving both men something to do. Can't wait to find out why Jericho did that he did, and WM just gets better and better. Great booking to save a 'nothing match'.

Edge promo- Man, another great promo, in character and everything, Edge stating his case on how he needs to have a big spot in WM since he's a star. First Carlito, now him...yeah, MITB is debuting (or something like it) at WM, and these guys are being involved. Great way to give a top heel some air time and build up to next week's RAW announcement about his fate

Main Event- Not too into it, and seemed like a pretty basic main event until Orton accidentally hits Cena with the chair when trying to help him. Gives a certain spark to their feud and can't wait to see the aftermath for next week on RAW.

Overall- 9/10. Man, if this had better matches, I swear this would be show of the fucking year. Every promo served it's purpose in the perfect way and I saw no flaws in them. Very entertaining throughout. However, aside from the opening match and the main event, they were pretty dull and not very exciting to read, which was disappointing. However, still a great show, no doubt, and WM gets better and better.

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: Being The Booker

Spartanlax said it. This is the show of the year, those promos were top notch, all of them. Foley's intense promo was the way every Foley promo is. The match is set up, but I am not fond of Eugene in the match. Orton and Cena's promo at the beginning of the show was a golden promo for two faces to have. They both remained in face character beautifully. Edge did his usual complaining bit. Christian had a good and strong promo, but the popcorn bit was stupid and silly. Christian is definitely perturbed by Austin, I think that he is scared of him. Orton costing Cena at the end seemed purely inadvertent, but if anyone was to turn heel, it would be Cena, but that would not make sense because you spent the whole year building him up as a face. I did not expect a Jericho and Taker match, this seems quite original to me, and I like originality.

Brilliant show Wolf Guy, you have many model promos here, setting Wrestlemania into being the biggest event ever.
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolf Guy’s RAW February 14th Review

Opening Promo: Great way to get the rivalry rolling again. I love how Orton wasn’t complaining about anything the way he does on RAW and the handshake was good but it still leaves the question of whom, if anyone is going to turn heel.

Carlito vs. Shelton: Great match and I am not surprised to see Carlito retain the title but I’m not sure of where you plan on going with Carlito now. Guess we’ll just wait and see.

Christian Interview: Great interview that really had Christian in character perfectly. Loved the popcorn part and very original with Tomko tripping over the beer can. I don’t think Austin is at RAW but that he was just sending a message.

Shaniqua vs. Gail Kim: No surprise that Shaniqua won but great way to prove she is a monster.

Carlito Backstage: Carlito is mad that he doesn’t have an opponent, which was expected, and I can’t wait to see what Hogan has in store.

Christian vs. Mysterio: Surprised to see Rey pick up the win so quickly but I love the way that the Austin/Christian feud is building. The security guard thing was pretty funny.

Foley Promo: Great promo, this rivalry is really getting personal! Can’t wait to see who Batista and Flair pick as their partner and the six-man tag at WrestleMania should be great!

Taker vs. Kenzo: No surprise to see Taker win but the surprise of a lifetime to see CHRIS JERICHO attack the Undertaker! You really fooled everyone by having us think Taker was going to face Triple H or Kane and I never expected Jericho!

Edge Promo: Great promo by Edge and you had his character down PERFECTLY I can’t wait to see how he will be involved in WM, maybe Money in the Bank?

Main Event: Great way to kick the Cena/Orton rivalry into high gear! Loved the accidental chair shot and next week should be great.

Overall: 10/10, great show with a few twists (Chair Shot, Jericho, 6-Man Tag). Loved every minute of it and I cant wait to see what happens next week.

When is Smackdown up?


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Yey!!! An Orton promo to start the show, and with him as a face as well. To be honest though, this was probably the best face promo I have seen you give him in a long time, and it really sets up the Cena/Orton match for Mania, which is going to be great. Cena comes out, and has some good lines, although something about him just didn’t seem right. Show of respect at the end is good, and I cant see anyone turning heel really, as that would give away the winner of the match, and although I despise Orton as a face, now isn’t the time to turn him heel (after mania, or at mania if he wins the belt though is)

Carlito gets the win over Shelton, and I get the feeling that this little feud he has had with the WGTT is coming to an end now, with them both trying to get themselves a mania match up. Carlito in MITB, WGTT against AMW in a raw vs. smackdown match???

Good promo from Christian, whose match with Austin at Mania is coming along great. Loved the popcorn bit, and sounds like something they would do. Beer can indicates Austin??? Or not???

Shaniqua gets a dominating win, and she is going to be going back to challenging for the title at mania… no other way around it

Carlito wants to know what he is doing at mania, and I am sure he is having some kind of MITB match I would say, as that seems to be what Hogan was hinting at

Rey gets the win over Christian, and it was a clean win, with a fan getting the better of Christian, and getting into his head. Christian is not going to be happy about that, and will be calling Austin out soon, while Rey gets a big win for him


Good promo from Foley, explaining why he is back, and how he gets to be on Raw just like that. Nice to see the challenge go out for a mania match, and it is not the one that I was expecting at all really. 6 man tag will be interesting, and good to see Eugene get on the card, as he has been built up to deserve it, but I have no idea as to who Flair and Batista will choose. The faces get the advantage this week, but next week, Batista vs. Eugene, no holds barred isn’t going to be pretty

Taker beats Suzuki, but then is attacked by Chris Jericho out of nowhere. Interesting… as I didn’t see this coming, and I don’t think it fitted in with what he said, but then again, I can see it. Looks like we have a match for these two at mania, leaving only HHH and Edge without matches of the big names, and Edge is going to MITB I feel

Loved the Edge promo, and I hope he gets a big match for Mania, as he is a great heel and needs to be on the card. I guess MITB is for him, but Flair could possibly sway him into being the mystery partner

DX get the win in the main event, which had to be expected, although I was surprised not to see anything said from HBK tonight. Cena gets pinned due to a mistake from Orton which starts the rivalry off between them
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Re: Being The Booker

Good opening promo to start the show. Both Orton and Cena were pretty much spot on here and the history of their rivalry was nicely laid out. Also maybe it was just me but there were a few subtle hints at an Orton heel turn in the near future.

Great athletic match next between two of the rising stars of Raw. This TWGTT Carlito fued has been a good way to give them air time and has helped elevate both titles as major championships. Glad to see Carlito prevail meaning his pretty strong run as champ can continue.

As others have already said the promos tonight were some of your best ever work and the Christian interview was no exception. It helped get across the arrogance of CLB and also helped further along the feud with Austin by having Christian paranoid over an Austin revenge attack. LOL at the popcorn bit.

Filler match next with the Amazon Shaniqua before the interesting news regarding Carlito. Many have said they think you'll announce a MITB contest but I hope you have something big lined up for Carlito alone so that we can have an IC Title defence at Wrestlemania.

Big Big win for Rey over a main event player and a geat way to have Austin cost Christian victory without doing anything at all. Thinking about it now though, what with RVD, Carlito, Edge and Rey having nothing to do at Mania it looks more than likely a MITB announcement is on the cards.

Another Kane Vignette before we get the announcement of a 6 man tag. Although the reason for Foley returning was weak, helping Hogan to settle in as co-GM wasn't exactly blockbuster, the challenge for Mania made up for it. I actually like the inclusion of Eugene as it gives you a lot of room for comedy with him teaming with two absolute legends and his guaranteed excitement. I am convinced the third member for Flair will be HHH and we will see an Evolution reunion.

Undertaker gets dominant win before Chris Jericho shows up and beats the hell out of him! Awesome booking there as when you go back and read Y2J's comments on Smackdown it does all make sense, if you can't win a title at Mania the next best thing would be to break the Phenom's Streak. Quick Question though, does this mean Jericho is turning Heel?

Usual re-cap of SNME before we get a very intense promo from Edge. Looks like you have him playing the deranged maniac heel from 2005 here as he repeatedly tears his hair out. I think the announcement for Edge will either be the MITB or possbly facing a returning KANE.

Ok main event with 4 of the 6 competitors not really main event material (guess which 4) However good little twist at the end with Orton accidentally hitting Cena and causing him to get pinned. Again another hint at heel turn from RKO. Not much involvement from HBK so i expect his feud with The Rock to take centre stage on next weeks Raw.

Overall this really was a huge Raw. The promos were incredibly good and each one added to the occasion. Next week looks likely to be even bigger as several huge announcements are set to take place. I cannot wait until Smackdown!


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