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Re: Being The Booker

Backstage News and Notes from Saturday Nights Main Event

Overall comments from the show were positive from officials and the creative team, despite problems with segments over running, meaning later parts of the show had to be cut dramatically.

There is concern with the groin injury that Paul London has been carrying in recent weeks. London struggled to the back following his title win on Saturday night, and many beleive if his injury continues to hamper his performance, London will be forced to miss six to eight weeks from the ring, meaning he might be forced to drop the Cruiserweight Championship sooner than expected.

Quite a few were surprised that Shaniqua made a return on Saturday Night, with The Amazon having been left to rot in OVW since November, due to attitude problems. This is being seen as her last chance to make a mark on the main roster, and should she blow this chance, expect her to be cut soon after Wrestle Mania, altogether.

The in ring showdown between Christian and Steve Austin ran over by a long way, and in turn, set off a domino effect, which forced later segments and matches to be cut short. Despite that, both men recieved a big thumbs up for the efforts, keeping the spark lit between them, as an inevitable Wrestle Mania clash looms. It's expected Steve Austin will show up on Raw, this Monday night to confront Christian and exact some revenge.

It also now appears that the much rumoured Triple H vs Undertaker match up to come at Wrestle Mania is now off, after Undertakers clean win over The Game at Saturday Nights Main Event, with nothing coming afterwards. Many have indicated that Triple H was against the match, with the likelihood that he'd be forced to suffer a defeat at Wrestle Mania, with Takers streak unlikely to be broken. It now is hard to picture opponents for either man, with Taker possibly set to face Edge, now that he looks unlikely to find a place in the Raw main event.

Both The Rock and Shawn Michaels were said to be upset about their segment being dramatically cut short on Saturday Night. Michaels and Rock were set to rumble on with a war of words for a further few minutes, when Mr. McMahon joined proceedings much earlier than expected. Both Rock and Michaels were furious afterwards, which hasnt helped either mans mood, given the fact neither was overjoyed at working the program together.
Michaels especially has been upset, with him believing that the match between Bret Hart and Kurt Angle will recieve all the 'Dream Match' billing for Wrestle Mania that he thinks he and Rock should be having, and is worried that his Wrestle Mania match with The Rock will be seen as something of an afterthought. Some are now speculating that both The Rock and Michaels will be putting personal feelings aside for the time being, and will try to work together in setting their match up for Wrestle Mania, in an attempt to steal the spotlight they believe they should have in the first place.

Another unhappy veteran right now is the Immortal Hulk Hogan. The Co-GM of Raw is apparently upset that he will have to share the Wrestle Mania spotlight with Mick Foley, who is set to announce this Monday a tag team match at Wrestle Mania, pitting himself and Hogan against Flair and Batista. Hogan will likely try and push for a one on one match with Flair, but it's highly doubtful he'll get his way, which could cause problems for the man who is used to getting his own way.

The main event was also cut short, with the show already running over the two hour time slot given, but was seen as a strong enough match to get over the short time period Cena and Edge had to work with. With promotional videos and posters immediately released following the cage match for Cena - Orton II at Wrestle Mania, Edge isnt likely to see himself placed into a triple threat match. His most likely opponent now appears to be The Undertaker, but there have been no indications that the match will happen.


With so many threads floating around at the moment, it's hard to keep up with who I need to review. If I dont get back to you within a few days of you reviewing me, please PM me and give me a link to your last show.

I'll have a Raw preview up on Tuesday, and I'll post the show on Wednesday.
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Re: Being The Booker

SNME Review

Noble vs. London: Seemed like a great match and London picks up the win becoming the new Cruiserweight Champion. I wonder if we will see a backlash from the Cabinet after losing his title. A good choice for the opener.

Austin/ Christian Promo: This was great and I read it twice in case I had missed anything. The series of 'What's?' were great and Austin lands his trademark stunner on Tomko. However Christian is there to land the Unprettier giving him the momentum for the time being. A really enjoyable segment.

Trish vs. Lita: A decent match where Trish picks up the win. Here is Shaniqua!!! I did not see that coming. It looks like a Womens Title shot will be on the card for Wrestlemania between these two. I think Trish may retain.

Hogan/ Flair promo: A decent promo from these two and the friction between the two legends can be seen. I can't wait to see what Foley is going to say on RAW.

HHH vs. Taker: A very solid match from these two as expected where the Phenom wins with a Tombstone. Will these two meet again at WM? If so it seems unlikely that Taker would lose his streak to HHH and that would mean HHH jobbing twice in a row. I'll see how this one progresses.

Hart in training video: A very good video package which I thought captured the danger of Bret stepping into the ring again after his injuries which I believe will be exploited at WM by Angle.

5-minute-challenge: A very good concept and Lesnar really sets the tone with 7 victories before the time limit is even over. Benoit now goes in and is only one away from Brock 2 minutes 35 away from the timer out until Brock charges the ring and causes a No-Contest. The jobbers charge Benoit and start beating him down as Brock waits with the belt. I liked the way Benoit fought his way out of the predicament and Lesnar leaves in a hurry. a great match and aftermath.

Cabana: Carlito was very realistic here as he insults the crowd. The video was pretty funny but I was wondering why Jindrak ended up wearing a thong? Here come DX now. Michaels calls out Rocky and I liked the millions and millions of degenerates line. Here comes Rocky and mocks Carlito before moving onto DX. Some good interaction and here comes Vince. The match for Mania is official! The run-up with these two will be great.

Main Event: The first section was very quick but the match is restarted and Cena comes out victorious. The stare down between champ and challenger would have been electric.

Overall: A great show which is meant to set things up for WM and this done just that. Some great segments and matches made this a very entertaining read. I can't wait until Wrestlemania! 9/10

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Re: Being The Booker

Oh, great news there Wolf.

So London will drop the title, Shaniqua will be gone again, Hogan cannot steal all the booking power, HBK and The Rock are still egomaniacs, but good egomaniacs, Stone Cold and Christian are going to do well since Stone Cold is going to be on Raw, Edge will face Undertaker, and Triple H will be given a filler.
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Re: Being The Booker

good news wolf

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Re: Being The Booker

Oh man… it’s here! A NatureBoy16x review, for a brand new show…in Being the Booker!!

Nice preshow, and I love that AFA is still cooking. You really should use that exceptionally popular team to their potential. We’d all love it. And get rid of the Dicks please. You, your creativity, and your teams are better than them.

Loved HBK winning IC belt. Wasn’t that like yesterday…? Damn how time flys.

SNME is on the air!! Nice opening commentary from JR and Tazz, who make sense calling it together, representing their brands. However I thought you said it was in full, which now I guess meant full “weekly show” format, meaning that th opening video isn’t written out, nor are the matches. It’s fine though.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Noble vs. London
Decent little summary for what would have been an electric opener for SNME. Pity such a long standing feud, and overall battle for London, was ended with such a short summary. Anyway, London’s injury angle is interesting, and perhaps this is a way of keeping the CW Title match off Mania for a reason, rather than just ignoring the division around that time like WWE does. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this injury sets the new champ back. With a decent amount of time between now and Mania, I could see a tournament for the stripped CW belt culminate at Mania.

Ahh, WrestleMania 2. The first big event I sat on edge waiting for. that kind of electricity will never exist again, at least not for me. And to think, 20 years later, I was at 22 in the same building.

Man, you never cease to amaze me. THAT WAS AWESOME!! This interaction was everything I dreamed it would be, everything I NEEDED it to be!! I have been enjoying this slow build for soooo long. You delivered, with this promo, an in character interaction second to none that I’ve ever read. Austin was so spot on it WAS SCARY!! I mean, from the first line, “an all around jackass”, I was hooked!! And of coarse, Christian was great too. Had to end with the attack; and the rattlesnake will surely answer. All that time off, and no rust Wolfy. This promo = GOLD. Don’t plan on writing too many promos better than that, because you wont.

Trish vs. Lita
I am noticing one thing I do not like, and that is the fact that you’ve refrained from using entrance music, announcing and commentary before matches in this show. Why? It’s lacking IMO. Trish wins, which rules. However, as I told Arjun, if you haven’t noticed, Lita does have amazing cleavage. SHANIQUA IS BACK!! She dominated Trish, as she did the title for over a year. Women’s division just got its beef back, in the form of the big… black … BITCH!!

Hmmm, not quite sure what to make of things here, but I am guessing it’s leading towards a very uniquely booked tag match for Mania, which ironically, it looks like I may also be having one of at Mania, involving Foley no less. But Foley and Hogan? Weird for sure, but unique and different. TBH, following that Austin-Christian segment, this small interaction was very weak. I know it wasn’t meant to be much. But IMO, Hogan and Flair, the two biggest legends ever, face to face on the Return of SNME…? Should have been more sparks flying, for nostalgic purposes. Didn’t get enough from this, as these two can cut golden promos as well.

HHH vs. Deadman Walking
A great addition to SNME. Although the cocky and preoccupied Game costs himself a big win, and surely any chance at a title match. Taker wins, which is good for him, as he’s had a pretty bad year in the thread, with clean loses to Christian, Cena, and Edge coming to mind. Can’t quite tell what the future holds for the Game, but it seems likely to me that Taker may want Edge, assuming he loses to Cena tonight. Taker will need to exact revenge on him at some point, so why not Mania. And then again, the Game may be totally pissed, wanting a match w/Taker on the grand stage, and still losing of course. Certainly should be intriguing to see where you go with these two.

Benoit vs. Lesnar is just terrific as the main event. Pure wrestling will headline Mania. I wish we’d see more of that.

Hart vs. Angle
This will be awesome too. Loved the realistic tone of the Hart video, though I think it went a little too far into negativity land at the end. Good to see that he knows how serious this is however, and good to see you using these implications in the thread, rather than just booking Bret Hart to wrestle “because you can” in BTB. The match will likely steal the show, however, I’d hope you allow Benoit-Lesnar to be a bit better. I’ll predict Hart wins by being the first person to use the grapevine ankle lock to his advantage, turning it into a third or fourth sharpshooter of the match, and gaining the win.

Race Against Time
Great booking here. Lesnar looks good, and then Benoit blows him away!! Up until Lesnar backjumps him, which makes perfect sense, not allowing himself to be one-uped. Once Benoit is ready to destroy Brock, he tucks his tale. Great buildup to the match so far, and a nice unique way to have something go down tonight.

Carlito's Cabana
Should be explosive. Carlito does not need to go after cheap heat IMO. Let him be him. I don’t care what anyone else says, that WM video had me LOL. I swear. I am not putting you over, or pitying you. It was funny dude. As good as the others? No. Should it have been the one in the position to air last, and on SNME? No. But it was funny as hell. Only thing that hurt it was that it followed all the ones before it. BAD WOLFY!!

HBK and Rock up next. Good start here, with HBK in perfect heel character, and Carlito flowing with it well. OH man!! Rock in rare form tonight. What a first paragraph on Carlito!! Maybe even a little too much!! Funny as hell though!! Lips on the ass…Olsen twins!! Funny!! What a great short piece by Rock, which keeps HBK from even entering the ring. VINCE MAKES THE CALL!! So, as we all knew it would be, it’s on. Rock vs. HBK, at WrestleMania. It would be, could be, an in this thread WILL BE, huge!! I just hope, I pray, that HBK pulls it. But my gut tells me you’ll go with the Rock.

Hogan and Flair coming back out is good, but again, a bit lackluster. Why not cue the music, and have these two HUGE legends welcomed by the SNME crowd on this huge return to NBC. I mean, Hogan came out during the break…? Hopefully something big happens here.

Christian loses to Rey due to Austin. And WOW, Benoit vs. Rock…? How huge, and surprising. What a match there.

Pity Cena vs. Edge just happened in a cage, and that if you’d have never taken six months off, you’d have done all this before WWE. Anyway, who cares. BTW, I was there in Topeka last week for that cage match .

World Title Cage Match
WOW!! A Repeat of Hogan-Orndorff!! I LOVE IT!! Controversy is key here. Hogan for the champ, Flair for Edge. Orton and the team confused on commentary! Very intriguing going into one last break. Match is restarted. And YESSSSS!! Hogan and Flair get involved. I take back what I said earlier, not necessarily about the promo being weak, but about Hogan and Flair’s involvement! The two legend get involved in the finish of the Main Event, which is more than I could have asked for. Loved Hogan leg dropping Edge, and Cena 5 knuckling Flair. Obviously, I like Flair and Edge far more than Cena and Hogan in real life, but this made for an excellent ending, that the WWE marks would have ate up. And hell, I would have even liked to see Hogan and Cena pose together!! But anyway, Hogan does a “passing of the torch” so to speak, returning to the show he built, and putting Cena over as the new guy, as Cena and Orton lock eyes, and it’s official, Cena vs. Orton 2. And IMO, Cena wins two years straight.

Despite anything negative I said, this was a phenomenal offering Wolfy. It built up to Mania as much as it could being six weeks off, and did a wonderful job of entertaining the fans. Austin-Christian promo wins the “best segment” of the night award from me. The return of SNME was a success in my eyes. Nice work.

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Re: Being The Booker

London opens the show by winning the cruiserweight title, which is great to see, and he finally gets the belt back after his long chase for it. Not sure whether this was the segment to open the show with, but still, a nice start to have

Loved the Austin/Christian promo, as right from the off it was all systems go, with some great lines from both men here, and was one of the best promo’s I have seen in a long time. Christian finally stands up for himself, and isn’t as cocky as he normally is, but it worked here with him getting the better of Austin, and that is going to be a great match to have at Mania

Trish gets the win over Lita in the filler match of the show, but they both get destroyed afterwards by Shaniqua, who is back in the WWE, and ready to kick ass again. Looks like she is in line for her title shot at Mania now, and that will be an interesting match to see whether Trish can cause another upset

Flair/Hogan promo wasn’t the best, but it sets up Foley’s return a bit more, and it will be good to see what he has to say on Raw

Taker gets a clean win over HHH in the showscase of the brands, which leaves me wondering where either man is going in regards to Mania, as that ending doesn’t make me see them facing each other at mania. Taker could possibly take on Edge if he loses tonight, and HHH then could go into the MITB match, but there is a chance the rematch could happen

Loved the Bret Hart video, and a great way to build up to the mania match between him and Angle, with him wanting the match, but not sure whether he can do it

Brock goes through the jobbers first, and beats them all rather quickly, looking like a definite champion. Benoit then goes next, and is destroying the time that Lesnar set, only to be taken out from behind, but Benoit fights back to stand tall at the end of the segment. He is definitely looking like a genuine contender at the moment

Carlito gets a bit of cheap heat to start with, and then shows the final mania video, which although not as good as the others was still pretty funny, and captured DX well. HBK puts himself over as the huge star, and then calls out the Rock, as the two of them will lock up again. But he leaves as soon as the Rock comes out, not wanting any part of him, only for Vince to make his return to TV after a long while out. Match is announced for Wrestlemania, and I cant wait to see it happen

Great… Orton on commentary… that would make me turn the sound off… Loved the old school stuff in the cage match, and the double escape is a good way to go to the commercial break. This match was very overbooked I felt, with Flair and Hogan getting involved too much I felt, and this detracted from Cena and Edge’s match, but allows Cena to overcome the odds. Cena gets the win, and now faces Orton at Mania, while Edge doesn’t have a specific place to go yet
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Re: Being The Booker

Not sure if I'll get a chance to do this tomorrow, so I'll post a Raw preview now. Once again, anyone waiting for me to return a review, PM me, as it's way too hard to keep up with when a show is posted around here now, with threads being bumped to page three within 6 hours.

Raw Preview:

Coming right off the back of a hectic week, which began in Tokyo for a three hour special, and finished up at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim for Saturday Nights Main Event, the Raw crew will be rocking into the Save Mart Centre in Fresno California.

And in the last seven days, the Raw side of Wrestle Mania has began to take shape in a major way. With Randy Orton defeating Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Edge seven days ago to become the Number One Contender at Wrestle Mania for the World Heavyweight Championship, it left John Cena to battle Edge inside a steel cage on Saturday Night to complete the Raw main event puzzle.
After a controversial initial decision, the cage match was restarted, and despite being battered and pulverized, John Cena emerged victorious to set up a Wrestle Mania Twenty One rematch with Orton, only this time, with the roles of champion and challenger now reversed.

Now, just forty eight hours after a gruelling Cage Match, John Cena will be back in action, teaming up with Booker T and Goldust to face Shawn Michaels and his DX Duo.

It has been a huge week for Shawn Michaels too. After being screwed out of his Wrestle Mania opportunity by The Rock, HBK exacted a measure of revenge on The Great One, costing The Rock the United States Championship on Smackdown. Then, on Saturday Night, after some co-operation from Mr. McMahon, we officially learned that at Wrestle Mania, in a special, inter promotional match, Michaels and The Rock will square off for the first time ever. Tonight, The Heart Break Kid will surely be looking to show The Rock exactly what he has in store come Wrestle Mania, by defeating the World Champion.

It was also revealed this past weekend that the long running rivalry between Christian and Rey Mysterio will finally come to a head this Monday Night. Both men hold a number of victories over each other in various tag team and singles match ups, but this final encounter will settle the score once and for all. Speculation is running rampant though, that a certain 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin could well be on the warpath following the attack from Captain Charisma and The Problem Solver at Saturday Nights Main Event, which could seriously effect the outcome of this showdown.

Also, one championship will be up for grabs this Monday Night, as Carlito defends his Intercontinental Championship against one half of the tag team champions, Shelton Benjamin. In the past two weeks, Carlito has held back the challenge of Benjamins partner, Charlie Haas, but came up just short in an attempt to capture double gold last week, as he teamed with A-Train to challenge for the tag team titles. Will Shelton Benjamin cause a massive upset this Monday Night and snatch the Intercontinental Title??

Finally, Mick Foley is expected to appear in Fresno at some point, and according to Co-General Manager, Hulk Hogan, Foley will make a special address to the audience tonight. Will it have anything at all to do with a certain Ric Flair?? Find out, Monday Night on the USA Network, less than six weeks away from Wrestle Mania!!!


Again, PM me if I owe you a review for SNME. Like I've said, it's hard to keep up with the 40 odd BTB threads rolling around here at the moment.
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Re: Being The Booker

[Just catching up.]

SNME Review

Noble vs. London - Before I say anything about the match, I must say, great hype from Jim Ross and Tazz right before the match. I'm actually pretty surprised with the outcome of this match with London winning, as news said, he was going to take a break or something like that, but then again, you proved how news can never be trusted.

Austin/Christian Promo - Great stuff from Austin to open it, but Christian comes in, and interrupts him. Funny comment there with "an all round jackass". Good back and forth comments toward each other with some funny comments. Christian tells Austin to retire, with some great points behind it. Christian talks about his accomplishments. Lmao. Too many "whats", and I can actually see Christian becoming very, very mad. Christian then attacks. Austin hits a stunner on Tomko, but Christian drops Austin with an Unprettier. Great overall segment, and a nice feud coming in this.

Trish vs. Lita - Trish successfully defends her title, which is great. They hug, and make up. Shaniqua! She drops them with a double clothesline. Wow, Shaniqua destroys both Trish and Lita. Can we say, the women's division just got a little spicier?

Flair/Hogan Promo - Lol. "You want the truth?? Brother, you cant handle the truth." That's cold. Some mysterious coming from Foley. I can't wait to see what it is.

Triple H vs. Undertaker - Great match, well not for Triple H, who looks to insert himself into the WM main event. This won't help his case, and I actually see these two meeting up once again at Wrestlemania. Good win for Taker.

WM Hype/Hart Video Package - Great, and I mean great Wrestlemania hype from these two. I'm definitely looking foward to it. Amazing video package from Hart, which explains his reasoning of going through with match, and the consequences there are. I definitely can't wait for this.

Lesnar/Beniot Challenges - Wow. Lesnar went through all five men in under 5 minutes, which forces Steamboat to change the rules to make Beniot beat Lesnar's time. I'm predicting Beniot will come close, but won't be it. Even worse then what I expected. Lesnar attacks Beniot, who was clearly going to beat Lesnar. Beniot fights off the jobbers, and stands tall to Lesnar, who is backing up the ramp. Great segment here, getting both men over.

Carlito's Cobana - Carlito hosts the cobana. He shows the WM video package. Lol, dreams of each person. Good stuff, especially Cade's dream. Lmao with the ending. Good video package. HBK comes out along with DX. Wow, HBK is thrashing Carlito, making him look stupid. HBK then calls The Rock out, and even uses his lines. Wow, then The Rock makes fun of Carlito. Poor ol' Carlito. Rock asks for HBK, 1 on 1. Vince interrupts. Vince announces it himself, HBK vs. The Rock, Wrestlemania, oh it's on! Long, and overall, one of the best segments I've read from you.

Cena vs. Edge - Whoa, both men drop to their feet at the same time. Reminds me of an old steel cage match, can't remember clearly though. Hogan favours Cena, Flair favours Edge. Match restarted. Cena wins after an F-U, and Flair's attempt to drag Edge out. Great match here. Orton/Cena, oh it's on! Lol.

Overall - SNME got me really excited for Wrestlemania. It had some of the greatest promos I've seen from you, and some great matches and segments. Overall, one of the best shows I've read from you. 9/10

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Re: Being The Booker

ddmrko reviews SNME

Noble vs. London - Nice match and London wins the championship. I thought London was hurt or something. Anyway, good match.

Austin/Christian Promo - Awesome promo. Christian and Austin were perfectly in character. Some of Christian's comments were stiff and that really added to the segment.

Trish vs. Lita - I read through your thread earlier and saw that Shaniqua dominated the Women's division. Even had a feud with Chyna. Looking forward to see what you do with her now.

Flair/Hogan Promo -"You want the truth?? Brother, you cant handle the truth." Damn it I hate Hogan. Cornball. Anyway good segmen between Hogan and Flair and the description you used when describing the confrontation was perfect.

Triple H vs. Undertaker - Great match shocked that Taker wins clean in relatively short time. I guess we dont get Taker vs. Hunter at Mania.

WM Hype/Hart Video Package - That was one of the greatest things I've read. It perfectly expressed Hart's emptions going into the dream match with Angle. He sounds like he thinks Angle's gonna kill him. He just might be right.

Lesnar/Beniot Challenges - Both guys looked dominant but you put over Benoit big time. Great job using something new and fresh (at least to my knowledge) to progress this feud.

Carlito's Cobana - I for one loved the DX video package. Funny stuff. Carlito was perfectly in character ans so was Michaels. I was surprisd that you had HBK talk down to Carlito the way he did. Rock comes out and he is on fire, insulting both Carlito and Michaels. Great stuff and I'm really looking forward to their Mania match.

Cena vs. Edge - Great match with a great ending. I wonder whats in store for Edge at Mania. The Cena/Orton confrontation is one of the little things that makes you the cream of the crop of BTB. It was subtle but it added so much to this segment

Great show and after this I will definitely continue to follow this thread.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

The RAW preview looks great and should be a great show moving toward WM


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