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Re: Being The Booker

SNME Review

London/Noble: Sounds like a great match and great to see London finally get revenge and become the CW Champion again! Looks like the Cabinet is beginning to fall apart.

Return of Austin: Great to see Austin back in the WWE and Christian came out just as everyone expected. One of the best promos that I have seen you write and you had both characters down perfect and their match at WM is definitely on.

Trish/Lita: Great to see Trish retain and I’m completely surprised to see Shaniqua back and we may see Trish/Lita/Shaniqua at WM?

Hogan/Flair Backstage: Great to see these two guys talking to each other again. Very interested to see why Foley was at RAW.

Triple H/Taker: Great match, not too short, not too long. Great to see Taker win but kind of disappointing not to see anything develop between the two.

Bret Hart Video: Great video selling the fact that Bret needs to “survive” his match with Angle.

Slobberknocker: Surprised to see that both men went through that many people. Brock attacked Benoit just as I thought he would and Benoit coming back shows the fight in the challenger.

Carlito’s Cabana: Great promos cut by both men. Vince coming was a surprise and finally that match that we all knew would happen is made official and I can’t wait!

Cage Match: Great to see both men hit the floor at the same time but I would have liked that to happen at the end and then have a Triple Threat set up for WM. Good ending anyway and I can’t wait for Cena/Orton II.

Overall: 10/10! Great show that had a PPV-like feel and great matches. Good Job.


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Re: Being The Booker

great show dude the cage match was sick orton vs cena will be good

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Re: Being The Booker

I'll have a review up tomorrow Wolfy.

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Re: Being The Booker

The preview show seemed good, nice choice of an 8 man tag

Wow, London got the win over Noble, surprised as I thought these two would lock up at WM for the belt with Noble still champ, but London may get a new challenger of some sort now I guess

Awesome promo from Austin & Chistian, really hit the money with this one, and finally, a confrontation of the physical kind between these two, I'd say their match is well and truly on now for WM, I can't wait. Hilarious part with Austin and the "WHAT's". Love that part

Trish beats Lita and Shaniqua returns. Looks like Trish will have her hands full at WM

Hogan leading on that Foley will be on RAW, I know why, to announce a match with Flair at WM, I can see it now, an absolute classic matchup to end one of BTB's best feuds

Undertaker beats The Game, I dunno where this leaves either man going into WM, neither seems to have buildup for anything, I was thinking these two would meet again at WM, but I'm not sure now

Nice video promo by Hart, claiming that his health isn't right but he still wants the match with Angle deep down, I can't wait for that one, it will be the showstealer no doubt

Lesnar sets a solid record for the challenge, and Benoit begins to rip it apart until Lesnar assaults Benoit, cheaply like always, but Benoit fights out and Lesnar wants no part, and their match at WM is set up well

I dunno what was with that very odd DX video

Cabana was good, Carlito had some nice insults, HBK came out, then the laughs came with The Rock. HBK refuses to go face to face with Rock, so out comes Vince and books their match for Wrestlemania! Haha, loved Rock's insults to DX

Sweet main event to end a blockbuster SNME, with the match having to be restarted thanks to a double fall at the start. Cena retains, and his match with Orton is go, but I think Edge may make his way into making it a triple threat match somehow

What a show this was, everything, even the Womens feud, made me interested this time Wolf, one of your best efforts period. 9/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Wolf, just took a nice little read, reading the promos, and might I say, you have not missed a step since coming back. It is ridiculous. I really do not know what to say and how you can improve.

Review coming soon.
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Re: Being The Booker

Good match to start off the show and looks like the Cabinet is on a downfall after the Bashams losing their tag titles, and now Noble losing his title to London, and possbiley at Wrestlemania JBL losing to Hardy. This was the right match to start off the show, kicking it off in the right way.

Great promo here, this feud has certainly been heated up and shouldn't be long before the announcement of the match. Christian gets the better of Austin and i expect Austin to go to Raw tommorow as he takes no crap from anybody.

Decent match and good win for Trish. WOAH Shaniqua is back, got to be coming back for revenge on Trish for ending her year long title run. Should be a definate that these two face each other at Mania which i'm too keen on to be honest.

Interesting promo here and Foley is on Raw tommorow, and that has got to be Hogan announcing a match between Foley v Flair or perhaps a Tag Team Match with Flair/Batista v Hogan/Foley?

Good match here and since both men have no feuds going and i don't think HHH will be added to the Smackdown Main event, maybe these two will face each other at Mania?

Nice video package here and Hart v Angle is gonna be a classic.

Lesner sets a good score and it looks like Benoit is gonna better him when Lesner attacks Benoit ending it in a no contest. Benoit clears the ring of jobbers afterwards making him look strong and this feud has been built up for very well so far.

Great promo here loved Rock's insults on Carlito. Rock wants him and HBK to settle the score but HBK chickens it out, but then Vince comes out and finally makes HBK/Rock and that is a match which i am looking forward to.

Good Main event here resemling the Hogan/Orndorrf match which was shown on the preview show. Cena ends up getting the win and i'm sure Edge is not going to be happy about this and will try and get himself into the World Title Match at Wrestlemania.

Overall 87/100 This was a very good show building up the main feuds for WM nicely, and i can't wait for Wrestlemania.
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for those replies, although as usual, the amount of posts making predictions far outweighs the amount of reviews once the show is posted. If I dont return the response by Wednesday, feel free to PM me, as I'll have probably just forgotten.

As for the next show being posted, it'll probably be Wednesday or Thursday, and that show will be the Raw following SNME.
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Re: Being The Booker

Looks like a great show Wolfy. I have no time to review it today. But I was wondering, can you post the current rosters? I am just curious to see the rosters because it has been awhile since I saw the last updated roster. Thanks Wolfy.
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Re: Being The Booker

Length: Your match summaries were very much in detail, and your promos are always first class. You are the innovator of length. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: Of course, the minor mistakes were there that I find just so I can take a point off so your grade is not ridiculously high. 9/10

Having a pre show makes this seem almost PPV – esque, which I guess it will be. Do my eyes deceive me? No, they do not, the AFA is back! The best tag team in this thread! Another win for Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy!

1st Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Thank you! I think he is the best cruiserweight you have here, and it is great to see him regain his title after losing it in the Survivor Series format match. I hope he has some more ladder matches, the one with Billy Kidman is one of your best matches.

Just the classic stuff from Stone Cold, actually a little better. Was there not a point sometime in October when Stone Cold said he was retiring? What happened to that? Anyway, Christian definitely wants him to retire. This is an absolutely spectacular promo, a great exchange between a top heel and a top face. I never knew Stone Cold had a neck problem, I just thought he had two bad knees. WHAT? I love it.

2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Trish defeats the best in the WWE at the moment. Oh, look who is back after a respite of about four months, Shaniqua. She is the dominant diva in this thread. I remember she had the title for a year. My guess is that Trish will score one win over her, but then Shaniqua will have her revenge.

Foley! Foley! Foley! I want Foley to come back and become the general manager again.

3rd Match: Showcase of Talents Match:
Triple H vs. The Undertaker

It is usually the face who wins this kind of match up, so Undertaker gets the win. It is always interesting to see what people do with Undertaker, I have seen him lose once at Wrestlemania. I hope he has a credible challenger, but I am not making any predictions.

Hart has got to win, nice package there, showing that Hart really is not ready for this.

4th Match: 5 Minute Challenge:
Brock Lesnar vs. Random Volunteers

Just overpowering power from Brock Lesnar. Lesnar vs. Benoit at Wrestlemania is going to be even better than Lesnar vs. Angle, but just my opinion. Lesnar even shocked Steamboat, showing the power and strength.

5th Match: 5 Minute Challenge:
Chris Benoit vs. Random Volunteers

And Benoit does even better. These local volunteers look too weak though, I am sure they could easily recover after a forearm. Benoit was on pace to get thirteen victories! Wow! Benoit is definitely taking Lesnar out at Wrestemania, even though Lesnar has the first laugh. Benoit sort of had the laugh here too.

Usually I am all for the funny Wrestlemania videos, but for some reason, that was not as funny as it should have been. I just did not find the thong thing funny. The showgirl thing was funny.
Big time heel responses for HBK’s harsh words towards California. Carlito was sort of lost in this promo, he really did not seem like regular Carlito. The Rock was definitely The Rock though. Just destroyed HBK on the mic. This match is going to be all we expect it to be.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Cena vs. Edge

How did Randy Orton become the number contender? Not that I am complaining, you have spent the whole year building him up to be, but I am just curious.
This match is definitely retro with Cena climbing the cage to enter, and both men falling out at the same time. Suplerplex from the top of the cage is awesome! Hogan does some enforcing at ring side to prevent Flair from helping Edge. Hooray! Five moves of doom! Cena wins! Cena vs. Orton II at Wrestlemania 22. Who is turning heel though, if anyone is?

Entertainment: This is one of your best shows. Sure, it had its problems, but it is going to be something that I will come back to and read many times. 9.5/10

Bottomline: Stone Cold and Christian promo was off the chain hilarious. You had some good promos as you always do. The matches were great, albeit, I thought the main event was shorter than it should have been. Really excellent stuff here, nothing but laudation for you.

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Re: Being The Booker

Randy Orton became #1 Contender on the previous edition of Raw, where he beat Shawn Michaels, RVD and Edge in a One Night Tournament to go to Wrestle Mania as #1 Contender. The runner up, (Edge) got a title shot at SNME for his efforts.

I understand the comments on the DX WM video, it was the least favourite of the five I've done, by a long way.
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