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Re: Being The Booker

ORRY'S Saturday Nights Main Event Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Raw vs. Smackdown; Showcase of Talent
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Race Against Time; 5 Minute Challenge
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Raw vs. Smackdown; Showcase of Talent
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Race Against Time; 5 Minute Challenge
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.
No Contest


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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Raw vs. Smackdown; Showcase of Talent
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Race Against Time; 5 Minute Challenge
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.
No Contest
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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

RAW vs. Smackdown!; Showcase of Talent
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Race Against Time; 5 Minute Challenge
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.

BTW, I don't see you on MSN anymore.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Raw vs. Smackdown; Showcase of Talent:
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

5 Minute Challenge:
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isnít susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Edge

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Raw vs. Smackdown; Showcase of Talent
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Race Against Time; 5 Minute Challenge
Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit each have one five minute period to scores as many pin fall or submission victories as they can.
No Contest
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Re: Being The Booker




30 Minute Preview show, aired on the USA Network prior to showÖ

Ken Kennedy defeats Booker T with the Green Bay Plunge @ 05:54

Classic SNME Moment - Hulk Hogan defeats Mr. Wonderful in a Steel Cage Match, restarted after both menís feet touch the floor at the same time.

Backstage, Ricky Steamboat informs Jamie Noble he must go it alone tonight, with The Cabinet barred from the arena as of now.

A.F.A & AMW defeat System Success & The Dicks when Rico pins Simon Dean @ 06:12

Classic SNME Moment - Shawn Michaels wins the Intercontinental Title on the last ever edition of SNME, beating British Bulldog.



February 11th; Anaheim:

Opening Video which consists of a mix between classic SNME moments and clips of the superstars of today.


The camera pans around the arena, eventually reaching the announce table, where J.R is sat, joined by Tazz.

Jim Ross: After a fourteen year wait, Saturday Nights Main Event is back on the air!!! NBC hosts the WWE this evening, just over six weeks away from Wrestle Mania Twenty Two!!! Iím Jim Ross, representing Raw, joined tonight by Tazz, who represents Smackdown.

Tazz: This is a huge moment for me J.R. Iíve sat and watched this event so many times over the years, and itís a huge compliment to me to call this event, representing the Smackdown brand.

Jim Ross: Big matches from both brands signed for tonight, and from Raw, we look at the steel cage, hovering above the ring, in anticipation for the World Heavyweight Championship match, pitting John Cena and Edge, and this event sure has a rich history with steel cages.

Tazz: Damn straight. But Smackdown has the two men who are set to meet in the main event of Wrestle Mania, Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit, going head to head tonight. Both men have five minutes to score as many wins as possible in what should be a highly charged showdown.

Jim Ross: But lets not forget that tonight, Raw and Smackdown will be going head to head, as The Undertaker faces Smackdowns Triple H in a Showcase of Talent. Not only that, but Shawn Michaels and The Rock are set for a collision on the Cabana later on with Carlito.

Tazz: Highly combustible situations ready to unfold J.R, but lets not forget something that Iím sure pleases you Ö the return of Steve Austin!!!

Jim Ross: Oh hell yeah!!! Folks, strap yourselves in, and get ready for a roller coaster ride!!! Itís Saturday Nights Main Event!!!

1st Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London
Extremely fast paced opener, getting the Anaheim crowd roaring. They battle in an evenly fought contest, with near falls galore. London misses the Shooting Star as Noble rolls away. Noble then goes for the Tiger Bomb, but London manages to fight out of it, and counter with a tornado DDT. This allows London to climb the ropes, and connects with a 450 Splash, allowing the three count!!!!!
Winner: AND NEW Cruiserweight Champion - Paul London @ 08:56

Jim Ross: What a way to start the night!!! Justice for Paul London, after months of torment, losing the title to Noble, via a loss to JBL. Paul London has climbed back to the top of the cruiserweight mountain!!!

Tazz: What a showcase for the Cruiserweight Division J.R!!! Noble and London let it all hang loose tonight, and as a result, Paul London is once again Cruiserweight Champion!!!

Jim Ross: Believe it folks, this is a sign of things to come tonight. Saturday Nights Main Event is back with a bang!!!


Wrestle Mania Recall - II - NFL Stars compete in an over the top rope Battle Royal, which is eventually won by Andre The Giant.

We return, back in the arena Ö


The Arrowhead Pond comes alive, as Steve Austin drives out into the arena getting a standing ovation. He speeds his truck down the ramp, and right up to the ring, before swinging the door open, and stepping out to an electric response. He goes to each turnbuckle in the ring, getting a monster pop each time.

The Rattlesnake drops down, and calls for a mic, which he is given quickly. Austin looks at the mic, and chucks it behind him, before pointing at the time keeper, motioning he meant he wanted a beer. Austin is given two beers, and immediately downs the pair, getting a huge cheer, before picking the mic up, and gets ready to speak.

Steve Austin: Sorry about the delay, but I got a little thirsty.

Fans Pop

Steve Austin: Lets get straight to business. Three weeks ago, I went to hell and back at the Royal Rumble. You know that, I know that. Hell, thatís why I spent a week on my couch, barely able to move a damn muscle, except move my arm up and down, to put a can of beer to my mouth, and back down again.

Fans Pop

Steve Austin: But in the end, was it worth it, when I kicked Bill Goldberg out of the WWE?? Ohhhh Hell Yeah!!!!

Fans Pop

Steve Austin: And now that Iíve had time to recover from that match, Iíve been thinking long and hard about where my future lies.

Some boos from the fans, whilst Austin leans against the ropes, rubbing his head, trying not to smile.

Steve Austin: And yíknow, it seems to me that every couple of weeks now, Iím coming out here, and contemplating my future. Iím sure you guys are getting just as pissed off as I am, because to me, itís starting to feel like Groundhog Day, ev-

**Just Close Your Eyes**

Christian enters the arena, to a very mixed response, being followed by Tyson Tomko. Austin stands in the ring, not looking impressed. Christian takes a mic as he walks around the ring, before cautiously stepping inside. The music cuts off, allowing Christian to speak.

Christian: NBC, let me introduce myself. Iím Captain Charisma, leader of the Christian Coalition, and-

Steve Austin: An all round jackass.

Fans Pop

Steve Austin: Son, when I said that things were beginning to feel like Groundhog Day, I sure as hell didnít mean it literally, but right now, it seems like that wasnít much of a stretch.

Fans laugh

Steve Austin: Let me warn you right now CLB, youíre pissing me off by constantly getting in my face, month after month, and if I catch you following me to the bathroom anytime, there is gonna be hell to pay son.

Fans Pop.

Steve Austin: Youíre really worrying me, because Iím starting to really think that you have a strange fetish for bald guys with facial hair.

Austin takes a look at Tomko, whilst Christian looks disgusted, but the fans laugh. Christian shakes his head, before smiling, and retorting.

Christian: Austin, Iím not out here to cause any Ďbeefí, Iím not out here to cause you any trouble. I mean, I wouldnít want to get you worked up into a frenzy Ö not at your age.

Christian laughs, whilst the fans give heat. Austin tilts his head, as if to say ĎAre you going to go there??í

Christian: No, Austin, Iím here to give you some advice.

Austin laughs, whilst Christian tries to look as serious as possible.

Christian: For years Steve, Iíve watched you dominate this business. You were the linchpin for the Monday Night success, carrying this company on your back, despite a severe neck problem. Iíve watched you create chaos week in, and week out, driving monster trucks, beer trucks and zambonis. But Steve, that was 1998.

Fans arenít impressed.

Christian: And this, is 2006. Your neck, as bad as it was then, is even worse now Ö youíve been losing more breath blowing out candles then you have working out, and that little pot belly proves it.

Crowd react with surprise to the comment, with Christian pushing the boundaries.

Christian: Your generation has passed Austin. Every time I watch you in the ring now, I feel afraid to look. Last month at The Royal Rumble, I watched you grimace every time you took a shot from Goldberg. Austin, quite frankly I hate to be the one to say it, but someone has to Ö and itís for your sake Ö retire Ö Ö Now Ö before its too late.

Christian stares deep into Austins eyes, as the fans boo the words from Captain Charisma. Slowly, Austin reaches for the mic, and takes it from Christians hand.

Steve Austin: I want to get the record straight here, and I want to make sure you get the message loud and clear. Number one, (Points at belly) This right here, isnít a pot belly. Son, what I have right there is a fuel tank, for a whoop ass machine, and right now, itís brimming with petrol. All you need to do is start up itís engine with a few more comments, and youíll see these two bull dozers start up, and beat the snot out of ya, before I stomp a mud hole, and walk that sumbitch dry.

Fans Pop big time for Austin

Steve Austin: Iíve had it with your witticisms son, and Iím at a boiling point with ya. So, if-

Christian: No. Iíve had it with you Austin!!!

Mixed reaction, with some fans getting behind Christian for toughening up.

Christian: For too damn long Iíve watched you suck up all the openings. Watched you dominate this company, whilst I stole the show, and got crapped on because a broken down, beer swilling has been was still thirsty, not only for beer, but for money too.

Few gasps from the fans with Christian getting personal

Christian: Austin, Iím tired of waiting for my break through. Iím sick of waiting for a free pass, so instead, Iím making my own opportunities Ö my own openings Ö my own legacy. Last year was my break out year. I did things that either very few or no one have or has ever done. I stole the show at Wrestle Mania 21 as the Intercontinental Champion Ö I became the face of Raw through the summer Ö I beat The Undertaker in August Ö in September Ö in October Ö and November, back to back, to back, to back. I was the Sole Survivor in War Games at the Survivor Series, and I ended Mick Foleys reign as General Manager of Raw.

Another mixed reaction, with an impressive list of accomplishments.

Christian: And this year, things havenít started great. I didnít win The Royal Rumble as I expected, and I missed out on a World Title Match in the Gold Rush tournament. But Austin, I intend on changing my fortunes. Last year was my break out year Ö but my goal now is to become not just the face of Raw Ö but the face of this company Ö hell, the face of this business. And I plan on starting, by clearing out the junk that just wont go away.

Fans give heat.

Christian: So basically what Iím trying to say Austin Ö is that if you wont leave Ö Iíll have to make you.

Austin laughs, but then suddenly drops the smile, and looks dead serious at Christian.

Steve Austin: Youíre gonna make me?? EH EH!!! Son, do you know what my watch is saying??

Christian: I sure to hell hope itís pleading with you to retire Steve.

Laughs from fans, but Austin smiles too.

Steve Austin: You stupid son of a bitch, watches donít talk, they tell the time.

Fans laugh at the comeback from Austin, whilst Christian looks set for a temper tantrum.

Christian: Aus-

Steve Austin: WHAT?


Christian: See, your age is showing now. You cant hear a damn word Iím saying. Y-

Steve Austin: WHAT?


Christian: Ha-

Steve Austin: Excuse me??


Christian: St-

Steve Austin: Beg your pardon??


Christian: Aust-

Steve Austin: WHAT


Christian: Com-

Steve Austin: Repeat yourself!!


Christian: Dam-

Steve Austin: Say it again


Christian: I-

Steve Austin: Speak up!!!


Christian: Let-

Steve Austin: Cant hear you!!


Christian: F-

Steve Austin: One more -

Christian blasts Austin with the microphone!!! Austin falls into the corner, holding his face, whilst Christian follows in, laying in with right hands at his adversary. Christian steps back, just for one moment, but long enough to allow Austin to come at him, taking Captain Charisma down with a double leg, before pounding on him. Austin gets up, but is met by Tomko with knocks The Rattlesnake down with a clothesline. He then lines Austin up for a big boot, but as he comes for it, Austin ducks, and waits for Tyson to turn around, before scoring with the kick to the gut, and STUNNER!!!!

Tomko rolls out of the ring, and Austin makes sure he goes out with kicks to the ribs, but then Christian sneaks up behind him, and scores with a low blow to The Rattlesnake!!!! Austin staggers briefly, before dropping onto his knees, in agony. Christian develops a grin across his face, knowing Austin is his for the taking, and drags him up, hooking The Rattlesnake in place, before dropping him with The Unprettier.

Christian sits on the canvas, looking pleased with his work this evening, having sent his message to Austin. **Just Close Your Eyes** hits again, as Captain Charisma rolls out of the ring, and saunters up the ramp, with Tomko staggering behind.


2nd Match: Womenís Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita
Coverage returns just in time for the beginning of the match, with the two women just really going through the motions early on, with lock ups, and tests of strengths, with both coming out evenly. With the fans getting slightly restless, the two women turn it up, and begin to trade near falls, back and forth, before Lita counters the Stratusfaction to nail the Twist of Fate on the champion, only for Trish to get a foot on the rope. The challenger then decides to take a high risk, and climbs to the top rope, going for a Moonsault Ö but Stratus moves away, with Lita crashing and burning. Lita staggers up, and into the path of Trishí Chick Kick, allowing Stratus to score the decisive three count.
Winner: AND STILL Womenís Champion - Trish Stratus @ 05:40

Trish Stratus holds the title belt aloft in victory, successfully defending the championship once again, keeping her strong reign going. Stratus helps Lita up to her feet, and the two women graciously hug after a gruelling match. The two women stand centre ring, holding their hands up to the fans, when we see someone slide into the ring, dressed as security. The security person stands tall, and rips off a wig, to reveal SHANIQUA!!!!

The Amazon stands directly behind Trish, and as she turns around with Lita, they are instantly taken down, as Shaniqua runs through both of them, with a devastating double clothesline!!!!! Shaniqua stands tall, and roars out loud, taking a look at the title belt, before re-directing her focus on Stratus.

Shaniqua drags Trish up, and whips her, as hard as possible, into the corner, before following in with a body splash. Trish staggers out, hitting the canvas hard. Lita is back up, and runs at Shaniqua, but The Amazon catches her, and delivers a Press Slam, throwing Lita out of the ring, with a nasty landing on the floor. Finally, Shaniqua lifts Trish up, nailing the champion with a Power bomb.

Stratus is left in a heap, as Shaniqua stands over the champion, whilst staring at the belt which she had held for one year. The Amazon then takes a look at the fans, as she develops a wry smile. Shaniqua lets out another roar, before claiming ďIím Back Ö BITCHĒ

Jim Ross: Good lord. Shaniqua folks, is back, and she is back with a bang!!! The Amazon, a former womens champion, who held the belt for a year before disappearing is back again, and Tazz, itís obvious what her goal is!!

Tazz: This Shaniqua is an animal J.R. No remorse, no compassion. She is back, and has made a statement right away. Her target isnít even Trish Ö itís the title.

Jim Ross: Needless to say, Trish Stratus honeymoon as womens champion is well and truly over.

We then cut backstage, and see Hulk Hogan come face to face with Ric Flair. Flair looks Hogan up and down, before laughing.

Ric Flair: Hogan, feels like old times, right?? WWE back on NBC Ö Saturday Nights WOOO Main Event. Am I right??

Hulk Hogan: Let me tell ya something brother. Iím not buying your crap. You have a reason for speaking to me, so lets cut out the niceties, and get to business dude.

Flair smiles again, knowing Hogan sees right through his act.

Ric Flair: Okay, okay. Here it is. Two words Ö Mick. Foley. You care to explain to me why he showed up on Raw Monday?? Donít fob me off either with an excuse. Not that Foley was on holiday in Tokyo, not that he just happened to be there Ö I want the truth.

Hulk Hogan: You want the truth?? Brother, you cant handle the truth.

Flair looks furious, as Hogan smiles at his own lame comment.

Hulk Hogan: No. Really Ric, if you want to know why Mick Foley was at Raw last Monday Ö then youíll have to be there this Monday.

Flair narrows his eyebrows.

Hulk Hogan: Because Mick Foley is going to Fresno for Raw, and Iíve promised that he gets ring time to let the entire world know why he was at Raw last Monday, and other thingsÖ

Ric Flair: What other things??

Hulk Hogan: Youíll see brother, youíll see.

Hogan walks off, smiling, with Flair now looking irate.

We cut back into the arena, as the lights dim Ö


Triple H enters the arena for the Raw vs. Smackdown Match, getting a fairly mixed response from the fans.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, when we come back, itís Triple H vs. The Undertaker, Raw vs. Smackdown. Donít go anywhere!!!


We return, with The Undertakers music just playing, before the long entrance takes place. Taker steps into the ring, but Triple H gets the action going immediately, trying to take The Deadman by surprise.

3rd Match: Showcase of Talents Match:
Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Pretty decent affair, with things going right into action, instead of a slow start from the competitors. Triple H tries to stamp his authority early on from the sneak attack, but The Undertaker is too strong to be dominated, and knocks The Game for six with a running big boot, following a whip from HHH. They fight to the outside, with punches being exchanged back and forth. Triple H nails a spine buster on the phenom, and tries to settle for a count out win, but Taker is able to break the count at eight.
Despite breaking the count, Taker remains on the back foot, with Triple H taking over, not allowing The Deadman to get back into the match. He scores a near fall with a DDT, and a high knee, but makes a critical mistake whipping Taker off the ropes and ducking his head down, as Undertaker rebounds off the ropes to score with a running DDT!!! Both men are down, but Taker sits up at the count of six.
Now, The Undertaker takes over, and gets the fans in a frenzy hitting the Old School top rope walk of doom, before setting up for the Chokeslam, but HHH elbows free, and goes for a Pedigree, only for Taker to back drop out of it. Triple H staggers up, and into the path of The Phenom, who delivers the Chokeslam at the second time of asking. He hooks the leg, but Triple H manages to kick out at two.
Taker now looks to hit the Tombstone, but Triple H slides out, and rolls his opponent up for a two count, before taking Taker down with a big clothesline. The Game then gets carried away, and starts playing to the fans, trying to say he will be champion again, and takes far too long, which allows The Deadman to sit up again. Taker gets to his feet, whilst Triple H goes overboard with his pleading to the fans, which eventually backfires on him, as he turns around, walking right into The Deadman, who scoops The Game up, and is able to nail The Tombstone, and get a cover to score an elementary three count.
Winner: The Undertaker @ 11:18

The Undertaker celebrates his win in typical Deadman fashion before fading into a break.



Jim Ross: Itís forty three days away folks. The biggest event on the wrestling calendar is looming, and getting closer by the minute. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is lying in wait for the Showcase of the Immortals, where Dreams become reality. Iím counting the minutes, and Iím sure you are too Tazz.

Tazz: Damn straight J.R. Smackdown and Raw combine to provide the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment. Wrestle Mania is approaching baby.

Jim Ross: And right now, as it stands, we have a mammoth card being put together, but even before that, you have Shinedown, who have supplied the official theme songs for this years event, performing live on March 26th.

Tazz: And how about the Hall of Fame J.R. Right now, the late, great ĎMr. Perfectí Curt Hennig will be joined by none other than Nikolai Volkoff, one of the greatest of all time.

Jim Ross: And then, youíve got the line up, as it stands right now, nothing official from Raw, apart from Randy Orton cemented as the challenger to John Cena or Edge following tonightís steel cage warfare. Orton attempts to walk out of Wrestle Mania as world champion, for the first time, after two losses in his last two Wrestle Mania championship matches.

Tazz: And how about matches from Smackdown. We aint slacking on our side J.R. Our main event IS set in stone, as Brock Lesnar, the WWE Champion, and the self proclaimed Iron Man of the WWE, is challenged by the Number One Contender, the winner of the Royal Rumble, Chris Benoit!!!

Jim Ross: Huge main event, worthy of Wrestle Mania. And those two of course will come face to face later, lets not forget that.

Tazz: Damn straight. But hey, lets not forget, JBL defends the United States Title against the Sensei of Mattitude, Matt Hardy. JBL has overcome some awesome, awesome champions in recent months, and for the first time, heís going into a title defence as the clear favourite.

Jim Ross: But donít count out Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Wouldnít dream of it. Speaking of dreams J.R. At Wrestle Mania, one dream match becomes a reality Ö Bret Hart versus Kurt Angle. Dream come true for Angle to finally get the match, but for Bret, it might just end up being a nightmare.

Jim Ross: Iím in two minds over this one Tazz. On one hand, youíve got a dream match, on the other, you have a mans life, literally on the line. Can Bret Hart sustain the relentless Olympian?? Or will it all end in disaster for the Excellence of Execution.

Tazz: Itís a match which has some unbelievable conflicting emotions, and right now, fir the first time since the Royal Rumble, we are about to see Bret Hart Ö in training.

Video Package, quickly recapping Angle pestering Bret Hart for months, before leading to the Royal Rumble, and the beat down from Angle on Hart.

The picture fades, before opening again, hearing slams onto a canvas, groans of agony, and screaming too.

Voice: Itís like being in purgatoryÖ

The picture then comes onto Bret, sat on the apron of a ring, a towel slung over his shoulder, sweat dripping from his forehead.

Bret Hart: Iím preparing for a match that I donít know I can ever walk away from.

Clips of Hart being stretched in the famous Hart Dungeon during his preparation for this match.

Bret Hart: Iím training, ten hours a day, seven days a week for a match that might end my quality of life.

Clips of Hart doing push ups and weights.

Bret Hart: And Iíll be honest, Iím preparing for this match, not with the mindset of winning Ö but simply to survive. That might not sit well with too many people, but thatís just how it is.

Clips of Hart counter wrestling during training.

Bret Hart: No one knows what Iím going through Ö no one can begin to imagine.

Clips of Hart swimming.

Bret Hart: I know I could back out of this. The whole world saw Angle sign my name, and not me with my own power Ö but I wont do that.

Clips of Hart applying the Sharpshooter during training.

Bret Hart: Because deep down Ö a part of me wanted this. Deep down Ö part of me needed this.

Clips of Hart running the ropes.

Bret Hart: I couldíve walked away if I wanted. I shouldíve walked away if I was smart, once Angle began to harass me.

Clips of Hart locking up in the ring.

Bret Hart: Iíve dug this hole. Itís not a matter of digging my way out, because Iím too far in already.

Clips of Hart being slammed in the ring.

Bret Hart: Kurt Angleís dream has become a reality Ö

Clips of Hart being stretched in the famous Hart Dungeon during his preparation for this match.

Bret Hart: My reality Ö is a nightmare.

Classic clips of Bret Hart during his prime.

Bret Hart: On March 26th Ö Iíll make the biggest mistake of my life Ö and I know it wont be worth it Ö but itís something Iíve got to do.

The video ends, with Hart sat in the corner of a ring, rocking back and forth, deep in thought.


We return, with Ricky Steamboat stood in the ring, getting a great response from the fans.

Ricky Steamboat: Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure, to introduce to you Ö the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, and the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania Ö The Rabid Wolverine Ö CHRIS BENOIT!!!


Chris Benoit enters the arena, to an awesome ovation. He walks to the ring, looking fully focused for the 5 Minute Challenge. He shakes hands with the Interim Smackdown GM, before Steamboat prepares to speak again.

Ricky Steamboat: And now, I give to you, the reigning WWE Champion, and the self proclaimed Iron Man of the WWE Ö BROCK LESNAR!!!


Brock Lesnar enters the arena, along with Paul Heyman to a deafening roar of abuse from the hot Anaheim crowd. He soaks it up, and saunters to the ring, hoisting the championship aloft, getting more heat. He jumps onto the apron, setting off his pyro, before stepping into the ring, and going face to face with Benoit.

Ricky Steamboat: Gentlemen, you both know the situation here. Youíll each get one five minute period to score as many victories over these volunteers from the local area. And I donít want to waste any more time, so lets toss this coin, and get the ball rolling to see which of you goes first. As the champion, Brock, you get to call heads or tails.

Lesnar doesnít take a mic, but instead tells Steamboat he wants heads. The GM nods, and flips the coin, catches it, and both men peek in to see the result.

Ricky Steamboat: Heads it is. Brock, you get the choice to go first or second.

Again, Lesnar lets Steamboat know his decision without broadcasting it on the mic, motioning heíll go first. Benoit nods, and steps out of the ring, as Lesnar takes off his sweat shirt, and starts jumping up and down, as Steamboat motions to the back for the wrestlers.

A group of seven wrestlers, all looking generic, make their way quickly down the ramp, and surround the ring, before Steamboat speaks again.

Ricky Steamboat: The clock will start, once the first man enters the ring.

The first man - or victim - cautiously steps onto the apron, and slowly gets in through the ropes, with Lesnar wasting no time, immediately getting on him.

4th Match: 5 Minute Challenge:
Brock Lesnar vs. Random Volunteers
Lesnar gets right to work on the first man, who along with the rest of the volunteers is built like any normal cruiserweight, but no bigger. Lesnar drives his knees into the midsection, sucking the air from the first opponent, and quickly hooks him up, delivering a Belly to Belly Suplex. He scrambles for a quick cover, 1...2...Kick Out from the opponent!!! Lesnar looks quite shocked, but doesnít take long to fret, and instead, clamps his legs around the smaller man, and squeezes the life from him with the body scissors, and soon, he taps out, unable to take the strain.

1 Victory @ 00:36

Trying to take the advantage, the next wrestler quickly slides in, and puts the boots to Lesnar, who is still trying to get up after the body scissors. After three kicks, Lesnar catches an attempted fourth, and trips the wrestler down, before quickly applying a half nelson, gaining another submission win, using his amateur wrestling background to do so.

2 Victories @ 00:53

Lesnar gets back up, and sees his next opponent get into the ring, immediately knocking him down with a devastating clothesline. Lesnar kicks him in the face, then goes back to the last opponent, and stops him from leaving the ring, wanting to deliver a message not to take advantage of the WWE Champion. He scoops him up, and hits an F5 on the loser, over the top rope, and onto the floor, directly beside Benoit. Lesnar and the #1 Contender share a quick glare, before Lesnar goes back to work on his latest victim, and grasps him from behind, before hitting a release German Suplex. Lesnar drags the wrestler back up, and delivers a Power bomb, before placing a foot over him, 1...2...3!!!

3 Victories @ 01:34

Lesnar looks around for the fourth man to enter the ring, and he does so, but unlike the others, he tries to keep his distance from Lesnar, with Lesnar literally having to chase the opponent. The wrestler ducks a clothesline, and escapes as Lesnar tries to tackle him down, which irritates Brock. Lesnar eventually corners the opponent, and rams him into the corner, before attempting to lock in a sleeper, only for the opponent to grab the ropes, forcing a break.
Brock is furious, and slaps the opponent right across the face, before dragging him from the ropes, and in close, before flying him through the air, with another scintillating Belly to Belly. Lesnar gets on top of the opponent, and decides to make him suffer, humiliating him by riding around amateur style, slapping his head too, before getting off again. Lesnar gets back up, and drags the opponent up, but is almost surprised, as the wrestler gets an inside cradle, scoring a close two count, with Brock powering out. He gets up, and turns his opponent inside out with a massive clothesline. Lesnar isnít done though, and drags the opponent back up, quickly hitting an F5, before getting a cover, 1...2...3!!!

4 Victories @ 02:55

Brock is still furious with the opponent, and pushes the fifth man off the apron, to allow himself more time with the fourth guy. He scoops him off the canvas, and whips him hard into the corner, before steaming in with a running high knee, straight to the face. The wrestler staggers out, with Lesnar pressing him high into the air, before dropping him, crotch first on the ropes. Lesnar then delivers a right hand, sending the fourth guy onto the floor.
The Champion now turns around, and looks for the fifth guy, telling him to get inside the ring immediately. Stupidly, the opponent does as he is told, and walks into a furious monster, who charges him right down, with a spear / tackle. He pounds at the opponent with vicious forearms to the face, unrelenting, and the referee is forced to call for the bell, with the opponent possibly knocked out, with a definite broken nose, and several other facial injuries, with blood gushing everywhere.

5 Victories @ 03:29

Despite the referee calling for the bell, Lesnar doesnít stop his destruction of the jobber, and the two other remaining jobbers are forced to get into the ring and try to get him off. Lesnar gets up, and stares a hole through the two unlucky men, pointing at them both, asking which one wants to go first. Comically, they point at each other, before trying to back away, but Lesnar instead runs through them both, with a double clothesline.
He takes a look around, and sees medical staff trying to get the fifth jobber out of the ring, but Lesnar stops them, and even kicks one from the apron, dragging the wrestler back inside, and dragging him up, before hitting a spine buster, as hard as he possibly can. Brock looks to be losing it mentally, looking over the guy, and talking to the unconscious opponent, before getting up, and dragging the sixth unfortunate competitor closer. He drops an elbow, and gets a cover, 1...2...3. Lesnar wins, but we see the wrester quickly try to get out of the ring, suggesting he lost on purpose, just to get away from the WWE Champion.

6 Victories @ 04:02

Lesnar shakes his head, as if to say ĎNot that easy you donítí, and rolls out of the ring, chasing him down. Lesnar catches him from behind, and delivers a German Suplex onto the unproductive mats, giving the wrestler a taste of what the others got before him.
Brock gets back inside, and looks for the last opponent, and eventually, we see the wrestler look to try and cause an upset, flying off the top rope, looking for a cross body, but Lesnar catches him, and scoops him onto his broad shoulders, before taking a look at Benoit, telling him that this is his fate, before delivering the F5. Brock hooks the leg, and keeps his focus on Benoit, 1...2...3!!!

7 Victories @ 04:43

Steamboat looks around, shocked by what he has saw, and calls for the bell. He takes a mic, and begins to speak, almost in fear.

Ricky Steamboat: Em Ö ladies and gentlemen, I erÖ to be honest, I didnít expect Brock Lesnar to go through all seven guys within five minutes, so instead, weíll have to tweak the rules slightly. Chris Benoit, Iím going to bring the next seven guys out here, and your target will be to beat all seven within the time set by Brock. Understood??

Benoit nods, knowing he has quite a big task on his hands. Lesnar steps out of the ring, still looking on edge after breaking into the zone. Heyman tries to calm the champion, as Benoit steps into the ring, and we see the next seven wrestlers jog to the ring, and they waste no time, with the first man immediately sliding inside, starting the count down.

5th Match: 5 Minute Challenge:
Chris Benoit vs. Random Volunteers
As the random wrestler slides in, and gets up, he is met with a vicious chop from the Wolverine. He staggers around clutching his chest, which allows Benoit to grip him from behind, and deliver a nasty German Suplex Ö and hangs on Ö hitís a second Ö hangs on Ö and hitís a third!!! Benoit takes a look to the WWE Champion, and blows his nose in Brocks direction, before hooking the leg of the wrestler, 1...2...3!!!

1 Victory @ 00:26

The next wrestler gets in quickly too, but he also walks right into a chop, and Benoit then bounces off the ropes, hitting a running cross forearm, taking the opponent down in the middle of the ring. Benoit wastes no time playing to the crowd, and goes up top, quickly flying off, scoring with the Headbutt. He sells the move himself for a few seconds, before getting a cover, 1...2...3!!!

2 Victories @ 00:53

Benoit rolls around, still feeling the effects of the head butt, which allows his next opponent to get a head start, and he opens up on Benoit, hitting a leg drop. He hooks the leg, 1...Kick Out. The wrestler looks shocked from the immediate kick out, and runs off the ropes looking to hit Benoit, but instead, he gets a knee to the gut, sending him around like an idiot. Benoit drags him up, and hitís a German Suplex, this time with a bridge for a cover, 1...2...3!!!

3 Victories @ 01:19

Lesnar takes a look at the clock, and starts to look a little worried that Benoit will beat his time here. The next wrestler runs at Benoit, but gets taken down immediately, and in unable to prevent the Sharpshooter. He tries to fight the submission for as long as he possibly can, but cant take the strain, and is forced to tap out, giving Benoit another quick win.

4 Victories @ 01:37

And things get worse for Lesnar, as the next wrestler also walks into a Benoit submission Ö The Crippler Crossface. This time, there is no fighting the submission, and the wrestler taps almost instantly.

5 Victories @ 01:45

Benoit looks set to blow Lesnars time out of the water right now, and the next opponent doesnít look like stopping the runaway freight train that is Benoit, with the Crippler opening up with a barrage of chops, before hitting a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging for another cover, 1...2...3!!!

6 Victories @ 02:08

Now, Benoit waits for the last remaining opponent. He steps onto the apron, but doesnít get in the ring, as we see Brock Lesnar slide in through the back door, and he jumps Benoit from behind!!! Immediately, the referee calls for the bell, ending the challenge in No Contest.

No Contest due to interference

Lesnar pounds at the back of Benoits head, and drives his knee to the face. Brock gets back up, and points to the random jobbers to get in and help him, which they do immediately. Lesnar drags Benoit up, and charges him into the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut, before stepping away, and instructing the wrestlers to stay on Benoit.

They put the boots to the Wolverine, whilst Lesnar goes to the outside, pushing Steamboat over, as he grabs the WWE Championship belt. He slides back in, and looks to line up Benoit for a belt shot, but suddenly, Benoit springs into action, and starts to fight off the jobbers, knocking them down with chops, and right hands, which scares Lesnar off a little. Benoit hitís a German on one of them, sending him into two others, and clotheslines the remaining two over the top rope.

Benoit then charges towards Lesnar, but the WWE Champion scarpers, and jumps out of the ring, not wanting anything of the #1 Contender now. Brock walks up the ramp, looking back at Benoit, who stands tall in the ring, motioning to Lesnar that the title will be his.

Jim Ross: Tazz, one thing has been made damn sure tonight. Chris Benoit will be nobodies whipping boy at Wrestle Mania. The Wolverine has proven to Brock Lesnar that at Wrestle Mania, he has a fight on his hands, and then some.

Tazz: Itís a match J.R, that I cannot wait to see. Brock Lesnar asked the question tonight if Benoit could hang with him, and I think he got an answer he didnít want. Lesnar was an animal in there, but Benoit was a damn machine. Heís for real, and now Lesnar knows it.


We return, with Carlito stood in the ring, getting a lot of cheers from the fans, possibly in anticipation of Rock and HBK in the same ring at the same time, face to face.

Carlito: Iíll not insult your intelligence Anaheim Ö because that would be too easy.

Crowd gives Carlito heat, whilst he laughs.

Carlito: Whatever. Like I said, I wont insult your intelligence, so Iíll not explain what this set is for, and why Iím here. Everyone, even uncool people like you should know that when you see the palm tree, and the hammock, itís time for the Cabana. And das cool.

Crowd starts a ĎShut the F*** upí chant

Carlito: Mind your language people. Children could be watching. Like I was saying, the cabana is cool. And do you know what else is cool?? The fact that tonight, I get to host the Cabana with two guests, one from Raw, one from Smackdown.

Fans get excited, as they realise who he means.

Carlito: Two men Ö that hate each other Ö despise the ground the other walks on. Dat?? Das cool.

Fans pop again.

Carlito: But not only does Carlito host the most personal Cabana of all time tonight Ö he also premieres the final Wrestle Mania preview video Ö right now.

Carlito points to the titan tronÖ

A green screen then appears, with the writing ďThe following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE Wrestle Mania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006ĒÖ

We see the four members of DX in a fancy room at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. They are all sat in a single bed each, watching the television, which is playing the last Wrestle Mania trailer from the Royal Rumble. The video ends, and HBK switches the TV off.

Shawn Michaels: Dreams become reality?? Yeah right. Listen guys, I need to get some sleep, so I suggest we all get some shut eye, yeah??

The other three agree, as HBK nods, and switches the light off. The four men put their heads down, and nod off. The screen fades, and then comes back, saying 20 minutes laterÖ

Garrison Cade is snoring, whilst the other three all sleep quietly. We then go up close on HBK, and see what he is dreaming aboutÖ

Clips from Wrestle Mania 12, of HBK coming to the ring from the rafters, before highlights from his title match, then the Sweet Chin Music to win the match.

ďThe Boyhood Dream Has come true at Wrestle ManiaĒ

We fade from the dream, back to HBK, who sleeps with a big smile on his face.

The camera shifts to Luther Reigns, who sleeps with his arms folded, still looking serious, even in his sleep. We now delve into his dreamÖ

Clips of Luther Reigns hitting lesser wrestlers with impact moves is shown, and we hear sounds over the carnage from commentary.

ďMy God. This Luther Reigns is the most destructive force in the WWE damn it!!Ē

We fade from Luthers dream, and see he is now smiling, breaking his serious faÁade.

Now, the camera moves to Mark Jindrak, and we go into his dream.

ďThe DX Duo are victorious again!!! What a team, champions once again!!!Ē

Clips of MJ and Cade celebrating with the tag titles are shown from his dream, before we fade back out, and see Jindrak smile. We then cut to Cade, who is already smiling, before going into the dream.

Unlike the other three, who all dreamt of success, Garrison Cade is dreaming of none other than Las Vegas showgirls. We see him stuffing twenty dollar bills into their underwear, and having a great time.

We fade from his dream, and see HBK, Luther and MJ sit up and look to the bottom of the room at Cade, as if they know what he is dreaming off. HBK clears his throat, and speaks up.

Shawn Michaels: I take back what I said earlier Ö lets make that dream a reality.

The three men all get out of bed, with HBK for some reason wearing his wrestling gear, Luther wearing his normal clothes, and Mark Jindrak wearing a thong. Luther and Michaels are about to ask Jindrak why he is wearing it, but decide not to waste time. Jindrak is about to wake up Cade, but Michaels stops him, saying to let Cade sleep. The three men tip toe out of the room, and the video fades again.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption ďWhere Dreams Become RealityĒ flashing across the screen before we get the very last sceneÖ

We end up, back in Garrison Cades dream Ö only this time, itís Cade dressed as the Showgirl, parading around the dance floor, dancing and singing badly.

We then cut back, and see Cade has an even bigger grin than before, liking the dream, as we fadeÖ

Back in the arena, we hear some laughs, as Carlito looks a little taken aback by the video.

Carlito: Creepy ... Umm Ö lets get Shawn Michaels out here, cue the musicÖ


Shawn Michaels walks out in the arena, the same arena he won the WWE Title at Wrestle Mania 12. He walks down the ramp a little, but stops, then looks back, and points to the back, where we see Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns walk out, to more heat from the fans.

HBK slaps hands with his buddies, before sliding into the ring, and giving the crotch chop to the fans, and Carlito, as do Cade and Jindrak, whilst Reigns stands around like a statue as always.

Carlito: Welcome to the Cabana once again. But Shawn, the invite was only for you, not the rest of the clan.

HBK looks around, before taking a mic from Carlito.

Shawn Michaels: Kid, let me make something crystal clear for you. When you invite Shawn Michaels to appear on the Cabana Ö you invite DX. Where I go Ö they go.

Carlito shrugs.

Carlito: Ahhh whatever. Iím not getting paid by the minute, so lets get down to business, shall we??

HBK shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: Not yet. Iím the star here, not you. Got it?? Now, for all of you that donít know, ten years ago, in this very arena, in this very spot, yours truly Ö HBK created history, and became WWE Champion.

Mixed reaction.

Shawn Michaels: Granted, The Arrowhead Pond isnít an ideal location, hell, California isnít where I wanted to win my first WWE Title, but the moment overtakes the location anyway, so that doesnít matter.

Fans give Michaels heat, whilst Carlito shrugs, smiles, and mouths thatís true.

Shawn Michaels: Just thought Iíd refresh the memories, because the reason Iím out here tonight isnít to run down all my accomplishments Ö hell, there isnít enough time on the broadcast for that.

More heat for the cocky DX leader.

Shawn Michaels: No, my reason for being here tonight is to call out none other than the Peoples Chump, The Rock.

Fans pop for mention of Rock.

Shawn Michaels: Rock, you seem to have this fixation that Iím scared of you. Well, lets look at the facts, shall we. YOU came to Raw last week, and screwed ME, before running off like the coward you are. Yet, me?? I went to Smackdown, stood toe to toe with you, and KICKED YOUR ASS!!!

Fans boo, knowing that isnít exactly true.

Shawn Michaels: So right now Rock, in front of the MILLIONS Ö

HBK holds the mic to Cade and Jindrak


Shawn Michaels: Of D-Generates across the world, Iím calling YOU out.

HBK drops the mic, and waits Ö and waits Ö


The Rock storms out, onto the stage to a HUGE response. We see The Rock walk quickly down the ramp, with a purpose, carrying a steel chair, possibly as an equalizer to DX. The Rock has no fear, and climbs up the steps, before entering the ring, and immediately swinging for Reigns, but he moves away, whilst Cade and Jindrak dart out of the ring, with HBK sliding out too.

DX begin to retreat up the ramp, as The Rock reaches for a mic.

The Rock: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! Shawn Michaels?? Where you goin?? You called The Rock out, and now youíre leaving??

Carlito: Shawn!! You cant go yet. This isnít over!!! I donít get paid for you walking out Shawn!!

The Rock swipes Carlitos mic, and throws it out of the ring. Carlito looks shocked, and leans over to The Rocks mic.

Carlito: Das not cool.

The Rock: No?? Thatís not cool Chico?? Rock has some advice for you, you SICK FREEEK!! Rock advises you to take your keg of apples, and walk your American Idol look-alike ass out of The Rocks ring, and down Know Your Role Boulevard, before stopping by at the Shut Your Mouth Barber Shop, and get that ridiculous fungus shaved from your head.
Because if you donít, The Rock guarantees, just as sure as Shawn Michaels has a gimp mask in his back pocket, that you Sideshow Carl, will be walking out of the Arrowhead Pond, with a bunch of apples wedged so far up your ass that people will be squeezing your nose just to get apple juice from your spotty back side. NOW BEAT IT!!

Fans roar in approval, as Carlito waves off The Rock, as if to say ďI donít need thisĒ, and leaves the ring.

The Rock: But Shawn Michaels, The Rock aint done with you Ö not by a long shot. Wait one moment whilst The Rock takes care of something though Ö FINALLY Ö THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO ANAHEIM!!!

Cheap pop

The Rock: Shawn Michaels, lets test just how big those grapefruits are, shall we?? How about Shawn, I throw out the chair, and you get Luthers lips removed from your ass, before telling him and the Olsen Twins to get the hell outta here, so you and I can settle this once and for all.

Michaels stands on the ramp, looking at DX, not sure what to do.

The Rock: Címon Shawn. This is what you want right?? You and I face to face, to iron out our issues. Send the walking heads to the back, and lets settle this.

HBK looks around, not sure what to do, not wanting to look like a chicken by walking out.


Now, VINCE MC MAHON enters the arena to a stunned pop from the fans, not expecting the Chairman. McMahon does his usual power walk, passing HBK, and walking to the ring, going up the steps, and getting inside, and taking a look at The Rock. He asks for the mic, which Rock hands over.

Vince McMahon: Shawn Michaels, these people came to see you and The Rock go face to face, and damn it, thatís whatís gonna happen.

Fans pop

Vince McMahon: So right now, Iím not asking, Iím telling you Shawn Ö DX are to leave right now, and you are getting back inside this ring.

Fans pop. Michaels is furious, whilst The Rock nods.

Vince McMahon: Shawn, Iím not gonna wait all night. Get your ass to this ring Ö NOW!!!

Fans pop again. Michaels shakes his head, not wanting to do it.

Vince McMahon: Alright then, Shawn Michaels, you leave me no alternative but to make this announcement.

Fans quieten down, as McMahon prepares to speak again.

Vince McMahon: If you wont face The Rock right now unofficially, then Iíll make it official Ö Itís gonna be, for the first time ever, on March 26th Ö MGM Grand Ö WRESTLE MANIA 22 Ö Shawn Michaels versus The Rock!!!

Fans go ballistic, with the announcement making the match official.

Vince McMahon: Shawn Michaels, you have no choice. You and The Rock need to settle this issue, and hell, the second W stands for Wrestling, so you and The Rock will settle it in a Wrestling match Ö not a cheap shot contest, not a verbal confrontation Ö but in a match. And if you arenít down with that Shawn Ö then these people have two words for youÖ


Vince drops the mic, and leaves the ring, pleased with his announcement, as The Rock and Shawn Michaels focus their attention on one another, looking directly at their Wrestle Mania opponent this year. The fans seem split on the two men, with duelling chants for both men, as DX advise Michaels to leave, which he eventually does, as we cut to a commercial.


Jim Ross: We are back live on NBC, for Saturday Nights Main Event, and as you can see, the steel cage is being put into place as we prepare for our final bout of the evening. But before that, Tazz Ö itís official, Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock. Icon vs. Icon at Wrestle Mania!!!

Tazz: Iíve had chills goin down my spine J.R. Thatís a lock for Wrestle Mania. First time ever that Michaels and The Rock will lock horns, itís gonna be electric.

Jim Ross: And the time has come to find out the second half of the Raw main event. Randy Orton is awaiting the champion in 43 days at Wrestle Mania Ö but will it be John Cena or Edge he challenges??

Tazz: This is it J.R. Edge has the chance to become Champion for the first time ever, and go straight to a Wrestle Mania main event. Big opportunity for the Rated ĎRí Superstar.

Jim Ross: And folks, during the commercial break on Unlimited, we found out that both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan will be out here to make sure nothing untoward goes down, and we get ourselves a true winner.

Tazz: And this place went bananas for The Hulkster moments ago as he made his way down here to ringside. No doubt Ric Flair is on his way now too.

Jim Ross: I believe Ric Flair is making his way out now Tazz, but folks before this main event, let us inform you of a HUGE week to come, both on Raw and Smackdown. Join us on the USA Network this Monday, as we have just been told that Rey Mysterio, goes one on one with tonightís major impact player, Captain Charisma himself Ö Christian. Those two have a lot of history in recent months, and that all comes to a head, Monday on Raw.
Not only that, but Mick Foley we heard earlier tonight will be making a speech to the WWE fans on Raw also. What does the Hardcore Legend have to say, after three months of being unemployed by Ric Flair??

Tazz: Ha, well J.R, if you think thatís huge, how about this Thursday Night, UPN, weíve got a major line up for Smackdown. Kurt Angle prepares for his match at Wrestle Mania with Bret Hart, as he faces Brets past. Heís broken the ankle of Jim Niedhart already, now he attempts to do the same to Hall of Famer, Bob Backlund.
Not only that, but the main event is gonna be off the charts. The Number One Contender, and absolute machine, Chris Benoit, goes one on one, with a man we just saw moments ago Ö The Rock.

Jim Ross: Huge, huge line ups for both shows this week but folks lets get back to the here and now, and make the cage match rules clear. In this cage match, victory can only be obtained by escaping the cage, whether itís by climbing over the top, and to the floor, or by exiting the door.

Tazz: Classic cage match rules J.R.


Randy Orton makes his way out to the arena, albeit unexpectedly. Orton makes a beeline, straight for the announce table, and joins J.R and Tazz for the main event.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Cena vs. Edge
Cena enters by climbing over the top of the cage, ala Hogan from the old Saturday Nights Main Event two decades ago. Immediately, Edge goes on the attack, as the two men make up for lost time, with little of the show remaining. Edge beats down Cena quickly, hitting a suplex, before going to the door to exit, but Cena lunges, and saves the match.
Despite saving the match, Cena is still worse for wear, and Edge continues to dominate the champion, with a vicious beat down, with kicks and punches to wear Cena out. Edge whips Cena off the ropes, before hitting the Buzz Killer, instantly going for a cover, which wastes time, with no referee to make a count due to the rules of the match. Edge takes a second or two to realise, and seems furious for making a stupid mistake. Edge gets up, and looks to the door, making his way to exit the ring, but again, Cena lunges forward, stopping the Rated R Superstar from escaping the structure.

Edge is pissed with the tenacity of Cena, and again lays the boots to the champ, before whipping him off the ropes, only to get a flying shoulder in return from Cena, taking down Edge. Cena is right back up, and hitís the Throwback on the challenger, before making the same mistake as Edge, and goes for a cover, but, there is no referee to make the fall. Cena curses his stupidity, as he gets up, dragging Edge with him. He whips Edge off the ropes, but the challenger ducks a clothesline, and comes back, but both men have the same idea, and collide centre ring with a double clothesline.
Both go down, but neither stays still, with both having a similar idea. They crawl to opposite sides of the ring, and pull themselves up on the ropes, before beginning to climb the fifteen foot cage. The two men scale the steel, and reach the top at almost identical times, with both realising where the other is. They climb over, and begin to scale down the cage, as the fans come to their feet, with both men scrambling down Ö and both drop on opposite sides!!!!!

Winner: ??? @ 03:26

The bell rings, but no music plays, with both men believing to have won the contest, as Ric Flair holds up Edges hand, and Hogan holds up Cenas hand. The official shrugs his shoulder, not sure what to do, as J.R, Tazz and Orton try to discuss who hit the floor first. More officials run to the ring, piping in at Mike Chioda over who they think won. Hogan and Flair begin to argue, as we go to the final commercial of the eveningÖ


We return to the show, with Edge and Cena back inside the steel cage, with Edge in control. J.R explains that the match was restarted after it was determined both men hit at the exact same time. We see clips from during the break, with Edge attacking Cena from behind, whilst the arguments raged out. Hogan and Flair continue to argue on the outside as the match continuesÖ

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Cena vs. Edge

Edge rams Cenas head off the steel continuously, from one side to another, which busts the World Champion open. He whips Cena off the ropes, and delivers a back body drop, before looking to escape by climbing the cage again. Edge reaches the top, as Cena begins to recover. Edge climbs over the top, as the desperate World Champion darts to the ropes, and scales halfway up the cage, before quickly reaching over the top, grabbing the challenger by the hair. This stops Edge in his tracks, and Cena manages to drag him back to the top of the cage, before delivering an almighty superplex!!!!
Both men are down, with the Anaheim crowd solidly behind John Cena. Cena is first to stir after almost twenty seconds of nothing, and again, gets an arm over Edge, which means nothing with the rules of the match. Cena again soon realises, and rolls onto his back, putting his hands to his face in despair. Cena now crawls towards the door, which is opened by the referee Ö but as Cena reaches his head out, Ric Flair sprints around, and slams the door into the champions head!!!

Flair grins broadly, but Hogan, like the fans is furious. He approaches The Nature Boy, but Flair is ready for him, and rakes the eyes of the Hulkster, before grabbing the Co-GM by the hair, and rams him, face first into the steel cage!!! In the ring, Edge begins to crawl past Cena, and towards the open door. Flair spots it, and reaches in, offering his hand to Edge, and drags Edge towards the door, trying his utmost to get the challenger out of the ring. Flair manages to get Edges head out of the ring, but John Cena grabs the leg, and drags Edge back into the ring, applying the STFU in the process!!!
The bloody champion leans back, piling pressure on Edge, who taps out, which makes no difference. Flair gets inside the cage, and drops a knee on Cena, breaking the submission. Flair takes off his jacket and tie, looking to get to work on Cena, but then, we see Hogan step inside the ring to the biggest pop of the night!!! The Immortal One points at Flair, who stops dead in the ring, before quickly coming to his senses, and tries to escape the cage. Flair darts up the steel, but Hogan grabs him by the shirt, dragging him back into the ring. Hulk lets fly with some right hands, before whipping Flair off the ropes, and scoring with a big boot!!!

Hogan gets a stunning response from the fans, but we see Edge lining up for a Spear, only for Cena to intercept him, and spear the challenger down!!! Cena looks to Hogan and nods, as they shake hands in the centre of the ring, before Cena gives Flair the ĎYou Cant See Meí taunt, and Hogan cups his ear to the fans. They run off opposite sides of the ring, and Cena drops the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Flair, whilst Hogan drops the leg on Edge.
Cena then drags Edge up, and hitís a quick FU, before getting the fans fired up again, as he scales the cage, reaching the top. He spots Flair recovering, and trying to drag Edge out through the door, but laughs at the attempt, knowing heíll reach the floor first. The champion takes his time, soaking up the adulation, before dropping down, getting the stunning victory.

Winner: John Cena @ 07:12

Cena sprints around the ring, in celebration, as Hogan presents Cena with the title. Edge eventually gets out of the cage, and begins to crawl up the ramp, whilst Flair leans on the barricade, having had his plans scuppered again. Hogan poses up the ramp for a few seconds, before departing, leaving Cena to soak up the fan response, as he poses with the championship belt at the top of the cage. The show closes, as Randy Orton catches Cenas attention, and the two opponents for Wrestle Mania lock eyes, with Orton standing on the announce table, with Cena still at the top of the cage, with no words exchanged, but a strong look of defiance from both the challenger, and the bloody champion.



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton II

United States Championship Match;
John ĎBradshawí Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

Icon vs. Icon:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Match of the Millennium:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
ĎMr. Perfectí Curt Hennig, Nikolai Volkoff

Wrestle Mania match banners all made by Chain Gang Red. Much thanks my friend. I truly appreciate the time you've dedicated to it.

And thanks also to jblisjustabigloser, who I've yet to mention - I dont think I have anyway - is the creator of the WM even banner. Thank you to you too sir.

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Re: Being The Booker

We kick things off with a bang as Paul London recaptures The Cruiserweight Championship from Jamie Noble! Cool to see London go over here and should be interesting to see what you do with the cruiserweight division in general as you head into Wrestlemania 22.

Stone Cold vs. Christian is certainly heating up. What began as a semi comedy feud in this thread managed to turn ugly quick and I see a match between the two men happening at Wrestlemania, perhaps with a BIG Christian ME run following shortly thereafter.

Trish vs. Lita is always a good match and a nice win for Trish, but WTF? Shaniqua is back? I read this thread a few weeks back and see that she was pushed as the dominant female in WWE and a rematch between her and Trish at Wrestlemania seems iminent.

Bret Hart promo was solid and I think this will be the marquee match at Wrestlemania for some reason.

Chris Benoit vs. Brock Lesnar "Special Challenge" was a cool and definitely interesting to see Benoit be on the verge of winning only for Lesnar to attack and screw up the finish, definitely kick starts this feud if the contract signing on Smackdown didnt already.

The Cabana was the segment of the night and what an announcement, SHAWN MICHAELS VS. THE ROCK IS OFFICIAL FOR WRESTLEMANIA!! Wow this is a dream card PPV with Angle - Bret, Michaels - Rock and Cena - Orton, definitely should be a hell of a read.

The ME was well done, mimicking Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff's controversial finish in 1987 and glad to see Cena retain for the simple fact that I want to see Cena - Orton 2 and I think Edge will have something to do with the whole Chris Jericho thing (Money In The Bank?) despite being on separate shows.

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isnít susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: Being The Booker

The 30-Minute preshow was an awesome touch to the show and we get too good matches out of it. Now for the SNME review.

Line Up Look Through: A good line up made and another great idea to have Jim Ross and Tazz be the announcing team for tonight as they always make a great team for specail acassions.

Jamie Noble vs. Paul London: My guess was right! Good match up and nice win for Paul London over Jamie Noble with a counter to the Tiger Bomb followed by the 450 Splash!

Austin/Christian Promo: Great promo from the two and I loved the watch joke made by Christian then the come back by Austin. Great ending with Austin keep doing the interuptions until Christian attacks, a nice short brawl leading up to Christian standing tall at the end.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita: A good retain for Trish Stratus over Lita getting the Chick Kick. Good to see Trish retain the title here. Wow, nice shock having Shaniqua attacks, I though she was gone for good. Looking forward to how she is used, I expect her return will only last up until WrestleMania.

Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan Promo: A pretty good short promo to get the point across that Mick Foley will be at RAW tommorow night and it also hints that Hogan may have signed Flair vs. Foley for WrestleMania.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker: Great match for SNME with gaining his heel heat being the downfall to Triple H. Good win for The Undertaker over Triple H and hopefully this leads up to a feud.

Bret Hart Video Package: A great video package by Bret Hart building up Angle vs. Hart for WrestleMania 22.

5 Minute Challenge: The 5 Minute Challenge was nicely done having the jobbers come in and get crushed and you defiantly did an excellent job on making good use of the match. I loved the ending having Lesnar attack Benoit, but Benoit finally comes back at the end.

WrestleMania 22 Video: Great video once again and nice ending with Garrison Cade singing lol. Great promo for WrestleMania 22 which I am relly looking forward to.

Carlito's Cabana: LOL. Loved the shot by The Rock on Carlito before getting ready to talk to Michaels, but Vince McMahon comes out and makes the major announcement of Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 22. The build up will mostlikely be amazing from this point.

John Cena vs. Edge: Pretty good cage match main event with a draw making the match restart. A great back and forth battle from there and a good win for John Cena over Edge before he celebrates then a stare down between the the WrestleMania 21 now for WM 22 rematchers.

Overall 8.5/10 for a great SNME, I am looking forward to this upcoming RAW.

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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's SNME Review:

Glad to see London end up taking the title tonight and better yet, there wasn't any interference from the Cabinet. So many things can be done with London as the champ and Noble had a good reign, but all good things must come to an end.

Great promo and if this is a sign for later tonight, I can't wait. Both were in character throughout and you could really sense this promo. These two have been great together so far and the ending was great with Austin interrupting Christian but Christian got one on Austin.

Trish and Lita was ok and good win for Trish but wow, I had forgotten about Shaniqua! You won't forget after reading that segment, that is for sure. Shaniqua and Trish seems set for 'Mania, going to be intresting and I think Shaniqua might get the title back.

Flair wants Foley and wants to know why he was there. I see some type of tag match coming for 'Mania. Maybe Hogan and Foley teaming to take on Flair and Batista? Anyways, Flair and Foley have their past beef so let's see what goes down on Raw.

Intresting turn of events there, now it makes me wonder if we'll end up seeing HHH and 'Taker at 'Mania now or not. If so, 'Taker would end up getting the win again. But I really don't know, seems like the only thing for Hunter to do right now.

I liked the Video Package though it didn't seem to be anything special than anything else. Good little buildup for Angle and Hart though which will be off the chains come 'Mania. Really, I don't think there has been a flaw yet here in this feud.

5 Minute Challenge was good and as expected, Lesnar gets the win but costs Benoit his turn. Intresting turn of events there with Benoit fighting off the jobbers and showing Lesnar he is ready for 'Mania. I'm ready to see what goes down after this now.

Another good segment, the video for WM was good but still not better than some of the others. Nothing wrong with this segment either and I liked Rocky kicking Carlito off his own show. The match is made official for 'Mania and I'm ready for it now!

Ending to the show and now we've got Cena vs Orton II coming for us at WM 22, one year after WM 21. Going to be huge and the ending was huge with the restarted match, Hogan and Flair getting involved was good too and I'm ready to see Raw for the fallout.
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