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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Smackdown Review:

Not too much to comment on for the opening matchup but it was a good way to further the Angle and Hart feud. Now, it's going to be intresting to see what Angle's going to do in the upcoming weeks to take off on Hart's past accomplishments.

This has been great, the cocky and confident Triple H is back with his sucking up to the McMahon's. I really can't see what he's going to have to do at WrestleMania, doubt that he's going to be finding himself into a championship match either.

New champions, I'm shocked! It's certainly interesting to see what AMW's going to be doing too. I can't really see any teams out there for them to be facing right now. Hardy also seems as if he's about to start feuding with JBL maybe over the title?

JBL's promo was good but short. It was good because you really could imagine him being shocked, it's just how his character is. If D-X doesn't come to Smackdown next week, then I would totally be shocked as that's most likely why this match was made.

Exciting, fast paced triple threat matchup just as any other Cruiserweight matchup would be. London gets the win and I'm happy with that, he's a favorite of mine anyways. Noble/London sounds good but I'm saying Noble retains the title.

Rock's promo was good, Cabana at Saturday Night's Main Event is certainly going to be intresting as the rest of D-X is sure to show. This feud is starting to become personal now and perhaps one of, if not the best feuds along with Angle/Hart you've had going.

Ok, time for the IronMan match. Very well fought out match and Lesnar was thinking smart at the beginning. Before it even started he got himself an easy pinfall and that certainly helped in the long run. Close IronMan match throughout and both men took beatings. Benoit and Lesnar at WrestleMania is going to be intresting. Both men haven't really had that one on one feud before and this seems good.
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Re: Being The Booker

Angle gets a fairly easy match over Neidhart and almost breaks the veterans leg, he's hungry for Bret Hart their match at WM will be huge

HHH is obviously thinking he's gonna get a spot at the WM main event, he may jump ship to RAW if things don't go according to plan on SD! However, I can see a triple threat between Benoit/HHH/Lesnar, or even a 4 way with Jericho thrown in too

AMW pick the Tag titles off the Bashams thanks to Matt Hardy, who seems to be constantly helping out AMW these days and frustrating JBL, it could be Hardy/JBL for the US title at WM methinks

Ha, Rock vs JBL for the US title, is perfect for HBK to show up and screw The Rock over in Japan, seeing as RAW is from Japan too

Looking at the guys involved it was easy to predict that London would end up winning and face Noble, their match will be big, and I can see London winning the belt back again

Rock's interview was funny as a typical Rock promo would be, and he seems ready for HBK, anytime, anyplace. I'm thinking a DX screwjob for Rock in Japan next week. Weird that DX video played again, obviously one of them is in the truck

Main event was awesome, glad to see you wrote the main parts out, Jericho almost, almost pulled off the unbelievable considering he was 6-2 down at one point, poor Jericho, I still think he'll get through to the main event in the way I mentioned earlier. Just think, but I dunno what else he could do

Good show Wolf, missing Austin off the show, some feuds for the lower belts have picked up now which is cool, so things are running smoothly for WM 7.5/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Good match to continue the Angle/Bret feud with him dominating Jim Neidhart. Good victory to keep Angfle's momentum going and will be interesting when Bret comes to confront him before Wrestlemania.

Good promo here by HHH, kissing McMahon's ass thinking that he can immediatley get a title shot. I can see him being in this match, otherwise there isn't really much there for him to do.

Good to see AMW win the Tag Titles as the Bashams have held the tag title for long enough now and hopefully they can defend them at Wrestlemania.

I have a feeling that all the Cabinet are gonna lose their titles before WM. Noble will lose his Cruserweight Title in the fatal 4 way, don't thinko JBL will lose the US Title to Rock as Rock is far past that title, expect HBK to screw him from winning that match.

Good victory for London and i think he could very well win that fatal 4 way as he has been pushed very well in recent months so won't be suprised.

Good promo by the Rock and the Carlito's cabana with Rock and possibly HBK would be good as they are all great on the mic so it would be very entertaining.

Great main event as you would predict. Lesner gets the better of Jericho throughout most of the match, and when Jericho gets a pinfall Lesner gets one back. Jericho gets one behind and locks on the Walls of Jericho but he is too late and Lesner wins the match. Lesner v Benoit should be a classic, will be interesting to see if HHH gets himself into that title shot with Lesner and Benoit.

Good enough show here with the Iron Man dominating most of the show but the segments and other matches were good also. 81/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Angle opens the show by getting an easy win over Niedhart, and he seems to still be focused on Hart. Intense Angle is a good way to start the show, and I don’t see too much being in it tonight, with a 60 minute main event

HHH wants in the title match at Wrestlemania, and it will be interesting to see whether he gets in it or not. Don’t see where else he is going at the moment though, which leads me to believe he may sneak his way into a match.

AMW are the new tag champs, and thanks to Matt Hardy that it happened. Hardy and JBL are now likely to feud, which will be great news for Hardy to continue his push up the card, and has the makings of a solid mania match.

JBL vs. The Rock next week is a huge main event, but I cant see the Rock winning the title. Thinking a DX screwjob is in order, as it would be a good way to build on the feud. JBL promo was as good as it could have been though, and seemed a bit like you threw it in at the last moment

London gets his title shot at SNME, and I think he could be taking the gold at that point, and he has been in line for a push for a while.

Brilliant promo from the Rock, which was one the best ones that you have done in a while. Everything was down in character here, which is great to see, and the Cabana at SNME should be brilliant. Kind of says that HBK wont be the runner up in the tournament, but didn’t expect him to be. The US title got a huge rub here as well

Great main event, which had some awesome psychology in it, and would have been great to watch until the end. Good start withy Lesnar attacking Jericho before the bell would have rung, to gain the advantage, and Jericho almost made the impossible comeback happen, but the clock just ran out. Lesnar vs. Benoit will be a great main event for Mania, but needs Heyman to do an amazing job of selling the feud as it wont be the best on the mic. Jericho is directionless for Mania though at the moment, so a triple threat or fatal 4 way isn’t out of the question yet
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Re: Being The Booker

DDMRKO reviews SmackDown!

Kurt Angle vs. Jim Niedhart- Nice squash match to put Angle over and to build the feud with Bret even more. Nice aftermath too, with Angle showing a lot of intensity.

Triple H Interview- Great promo from Triple H. Hunter's sucking up to the chairman by putting over his supposed drawing power was spot on. Very much in character.

The Basham Brothers w/ JBL & Jamie Noble vs. Americas Most Wanted-Not a huge fan of AMW but then again I'm not a Bashm Brothers fan sol them losing the titles is o biggie to me. Glad to see Matt Hardy interfere though. Hardy-JBL feud.

JBL/Steamboat Promo-Great promo from JBL with him showing arrogance. Steamboat announce Rock as the partner and it all goes out of the window. Great segment.

Akio vs. Paul London vs. Spike Dudley-London vs. Noble at SNME. I'll be reading.

The Rock on Satellite-Great promo from The Rock as he hypes two upcoming matches (JBL match and a probable showdown with Shawn Michaels). Great ending to the segment having the DX clip cut Rocky off. The "technical difficulties excuse was great as it gives DX an edginess which they are sorely lacking in reality.

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho-Great match too bad you didn't write it all out. but thats to be expected for a regular show. Lesnar wins so its Benoit vs. Lesnar (vs. HHH?) at WrestleMania.

Great Smackdown. This is the first time I read a whole show of yours and it was great. Keep up the good work. 9/10

Please, check out my SD! and leave a review.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the reviews once again, and I'm glad the show has got another positive reaction. Just to clear up though, Kane01 - The CW title match will be Noble and London one on one, not a 4 Way.


Heat Results:

Luther Reigns defeats The Hurricane

Shelton Benjamin defeats Rene Dupree

Orlando Jordan & Rodney Mack defeat Roadkill & Danny Doring

Ken Kennedy defeats Val Venis


Velocity Results:

A.F.A defeated The Dicks

Jamie Noble defeated Shannon Moore to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Maven defeated a Local Jobber

Triple H defeated Kanyon


News and Notes:

The WWE is gearing up for a big week ahead. Both brands are currently on tour in Asia, with both Raw and Smackdown coming from Tokyo this week. Raw will be airing for three hours this Monday, with the USA Network rewarding the company for growing Raw ratings since their return in October, and big ratings will be expected from this show on Monday night coming.
The Gold Rush Tournament will of course have the main focus of the show, with seven matches to come from it. Christian and Shawn Michaels are almost certainly ruled out of a victory, or even a place in the final, with both men already pretty much locked on the Wrestle Mania card with Cross Promotional Matches. Booker T is also a rank outsider for victory, and The Undertaker is unlikely to feature in a title match at Wrestle Mania leaving Edge, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam as the four main contenders to come out victorious. Edge and Orton have been widely tipped to reach the finals, with both possibly ending up in the Raw WM main event as part of a triple threat for the title with Cena. And, with the loser of the final getting a title shot this weekend - which could be Edge or Orton given the lay out of the brackets - a screwy finish at SNME could well lead to the rumoured triple threat.
However, Van Dam and Mysterio could well sneak through the back door and take an unlikely main event at Wrestle Mania, which would then allow Edge and Orton to settle their score at the biggest event of the year. It certainly wouldnt be the first time that the WWE pulled a big swerve from the widely tipped match ups, and delivered a totally different scenario.

Other matches for Raw include; Carlito & a partner of his choice (rumoured to be Tyson Tomko, as a one night only Problem Solver) vs Haas and Benjamin for the tag titles, Ken Kennedy vs a Japanese Star (not likely to be a HUGE name, but certainly a recognized one), and a fatal four way between Victoria, Jazz, Gail Kim and Lita for a shot at Trish Stratus on Saturday Nights Main Event this weekend. With ten matches definate for a three hour Raw, dont expect any others to be made from now, and the three matches not part of the Gold Rush tournament will likely be short filler matches.

Meanwhile, over on Smackdown, a lot of rumours are beginning to suggest a possible triple threat or fatal four way match for the WWE Championship. Benoit and Lesnar have already been confirmed for the match, but with Triple H twice strongly hinting - on air - that he is forcing himself into the title picture, many expect he will play some part in the match. And with Chris Jericho now seemingly directionless, a fatal four way hasnt been ruled out.
However, the main point against that rumour would be that anything other than a one on one main event, wouldnt make Wrestle Mania feel like Wrestle Mania, and especially with a strongly hinted at triple threat on the horizon for the Raw world title, there is little to no chance that both matches will be contested in multi man match ups.

JBL is NOT expected to drop the United States Title this week when he faces The Rock, with Shawn Michaels expected to cause some sort of distraction to allow his feud with Rock to pick up more steam.

Scott Steiner has been released by the company. Big Poppa Pump had been used mainly on Velocity in recent months as part of a tag team with Test, but after months of frustration, Steiner and the company came to an agreement over his release.






Raw will not be in full, but will be a big recap show. Smackdown meanwhile, will be mostly in full, but some of it is laid out in recap form.

Please, feel free to leave predictions for the Gold Rush Tournament, as I'm interested to see what the thoughts are on who will win it.

I will post Raw on Friday, Smackdown on Sunday, and then SNME at some point during next week. Likely to be Tuesday or Wednesday.
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Re: Being The Booker

this is great man and btw save the return review for my next project i work on and i will review this no matter what man that looks really good
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Re: Being The Booker

Kane01 - The CW title match will be Noble and London one on one, not a 4 Way
Ah ok mistake by me. Good news and notes, the Gold Rush tournement is good and it is pretty had to think who will win it but here's my predictions

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


I'm going with Orton but Edge has a very good chance to win it, expect the main event to be Cena v Orton v Edge at Wrestlemania. I look forward to Raw and will try and leave a review when it's up.
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Re: Being The Booker

hey wolf guy. Some good news there. It was so realistic. I think Randy Orton will win the goldrush tournament beating RVD in the final. Im not sure why i think Van Dam i just do.

I cant wait for the three hour raw show even if it is in recap.

Kane Fan 4 Ever!!!
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Re: Being The Booker

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


Not-so-obvious picks, as you liked to throw some surprises when you can. I'll have my SD review up soon

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