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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review

Opening Segment: I loved this part with Hogan and Flair and the Eugene part was gold. I think Flair booking Eugene against Batista was really good and I thought Flair like that was really cool and very interesting.

Carlito vs Charlie Haas: I liked that Carlito retained the gold in this match and that he will face off against Haas and Benjamin for the tag titles next week in Tokyo very interesting.

Interview Interuption between Christian and Booker: I thought this was good and that Christian telling Booker to invest in a dictionary about his slang is freaking gold I love this so far man even for a review you've got me hooked.

Batista vs Eugene: What is there to say squash match for Batista and demolishing Eugene is what was expected and what happend.

Hogan/Cena segment: I thought this was a good segment between Hogan and Cena good to see SNME setting up nicely along with Mania so far which i've seen the card for.

Triple H vs Mick Foley: Good to see Triple H win nothing to really say since there were no details.

Women's Tag Match: Nice to see someone puts something for the Women's division for once but nothing else to say besides the outcome was right because there were no details once again.

DX Segment: I think this is good "The CRock" must not be very happy about this lol I think if you had put this in a real none recap show this would of been a great segment.

Rhyno vs Tyson Tomko: Good to see Rhyno win nothing to say really because of what i said before.

Orton Interview: No details on the Orton part of the interview besides saying he's gonna make this one better then the other 2 or something. Then Edge intervenes which i like and says if he faces him he will get smoked which is good Edge like.

Tag Main Event: Finally a decently detailed match, I thought that Kane thing at the start was good to distract and waste some time. The DX interference was good as it was a good way to let HBK pick up hte win over Booker. I loved the double conchairto onto Orton and Mysterio very good there. I also liked that Undertaker scared off DX very vintinge Undertaker.

Realism: 10/10 You hit the dot on the head

Grammer: 10/10 No mistakes that i could see

Booking: Great booking for the show 9/10

Entertainment: Can't rate because it was a recap

Length: Can't really rate because its recapped

Overall: 8/10 I can't give you a 9.5 or 10/10 because its a recapped show but i loved it none the less man I will be reading this from this point forward unless i have no time which is not a problem right now. Hope i get a review from a great guy like yourself for this great recap show the best recap show i've seen in a long time
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolf, I am going to review your shows later today since I am feeling very sick at the moment. Just from reading them though, this year's build up to WrestleMania has already surpassed last year's.
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Re: Being The Booker

Hogan opens the show which is probably the right decision, and there is some tension straight away with Flair. Eugene vs. Batista will be a massacre later tonight, but gives Batista a bit more of a push

Carlito gets the win over Haas as expected, and the tag match next week should be good, but I don’t see a title change happening. Interesting to see who his partner will be as well

Nice promo from Christian, and he could go a long way in the tournament. Good to see him punk out Booker as well

Batista totally destroys Eugene, and I guess we wont see much of him for a couple of weeks. Batista is going to have a big match at Mania I feel, as the push he has had demands it

Steel cage match at SNME should be great, and will be a huge draw for the show. Cant see who he will face yet, but all will become clear next week

Trish and Lita get an easy tag win, and nothing much is happening with the divas at the moment

Kennedy vs. Japan should be a good match, and I think you may bring in someone for one night just to shut up Kennedy, but have him brag about how it doesn’t count

DX video would have been great to see, and the feud between them and the Rock escalates. Expect to see the Rock in Japan next week

Rhyno gets a nice win, just to keep him over, and he will feature in some way at mania I feel

Heels get the win in the main event, which puts them over as potential opponents for Cena. But Taker stands tall at the end of the show, which is what he would be expected to do, but also confirms that he wont win next week
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Re: Being The Booker


Oh well, they're still great shows. Loved the Kane thing at the end, of the show, giving DX the victory. Eugene coming out inthe beginning was pretty funny, I wonder who Carlito' partner will be. More Edge/Orton interaction, I'm liking how this is going. The DX video sounded hilarious. Smackdown! looks undoubtably amazing. Cannot wait for that.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown; January 26th; Madison Square Garden -– Review/Comments

Well, I can just give some comments on the show since it’s posted in recap version. It will be interesting to see who ends up being the interim GM. Also it will be interesting to see where Chris Benoit wants to go. Jamie Noble gets the win and some momentum after beating four other Cruiserweights in a Fatal Four Way match. Can’t say much about the Cruiserweight match. Ricky Steamboat as the GM was a shocker to me. Good choice though. Jericho’s promo was great. I loved it and the Sixty-Minute Iron Man Match next week could be awesome. I think that the title will change hands next week. Jericho vs. Benoit would be great. London beats Dean, can’t say much about it too. Filler match. It looks like that the faces have got the upper-advantage and indeed they earn a good victory over Cabinet. Damn good promo by Kurt Angle. Was impressed with this. Hart vs. Angle could be great. Hopefully Hart makes the right decision and comes back. Maven beats Hardcore Holly. Looked like a filler again. Well, Trips is looking furious. It would be good to see him getting involved in the main-event, but I doubt it. Wow, glad to see AFA getting the win, which was un-expected because I was expecting the heels to win this one. Now, here comes the promo, which we are all waiting for. I hope that Benoit stays on SmackDown!. Yeah, glad to see him staying right here at Chris Benoit. Either ways, Wrestlemania from SmackDown! side is looking great. Benoit vs. Brock. Or Benoit vs. Y2J. They can produce great matches.

Raw; January 30th; Cleveland: -- Review/Comments

Um… I’ll give you some comments on this show also because this was in recap version. Awesome way to open up the show with Hogan’s promo, which later on, Flair interrupts. Eugene comes down, Lawl. Ends up as a frightened kid. Batista will likely decimate Eugene tonight. Carlito manages to get a victory over Charlie Haas. I wonder who is going to be Carlito’s partner next week? Would be interesting to check out. Lawl… A very fine and funny promo from Captain Charisma. I am predicting that you’ll give him a huge push. Maybe not now and later on the road, but it is booked, I guess. Batista completely decimated Eugene, which was truly expected. It looks like you are giving a good push to Batista by decimating opponents and showing him like an awesome heel monster. Would be interesting to see where this Batista guy goes. John Cena vs. Gold Rush Tournament’s winner at SNME, while the WWE Championship on the line. Steel Cage Match!? Man, that’d be awesome. Lita and Trish [Faces] get the win and get some momentum. Um, can’t say much about it. Totally a filler match. Kennedy issuing a challenge to a Japanese wrestler? I wonder who it can be. Tajiri!? Lawl. Another lawl here; impressed by HBK mocking Rock, as the Crock. Filler match? Um, k… Next please. Orton vs. Edge, It can be a great feud. A good promo from Orton basically hyping there feud even more. So much glad to see Curt Hennig getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. John Cena does his usual rap thingy, basically hyping the Gold Rush Tournament, which was good. Amazing main-event. Totally realistic. Everything was superb. HBK gets the pinfall and the DX has gotten an upper-advantage. Amazing aftermath. Conchairto from Edge and Christian to Mysterio and Orton was amazing! Loved it.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw; January 30th; Cleveland:

I am expecting a Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair match at WrestleMania. Going to be a nostalgia fest, but it can settle who is better, the 16 time champion, or the 12 time champion who cannot wrestle. At least it will make a good storyline. Flair finally gets to overpower Hogan in authority. I was going to kill you if you had allowed Batista to remain champion for more than ten seconds. I am just wondering, because Batista won the match, was a champion? Was the whole match null and void or was it just a rematch?

I like what you did with Carlito and ??? for Shelton and Haas with both titles on the line essentially.

So, Booker and Christian later tonight is inevitable. Gotta love Christian, especially in his promos. I see him winning the title between WrestleMania and Summerslam.

Oh no, Eugene is injured! What am I going to do?

Woohoo! Steel cage match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. This is a great decision because Saturday Night’s Main Event is returning for the first time since 1991. At that point in time, steel cage matches were looked upon as the most demonic match that a wrestler could wrestle in, and the structure was actually revered as compared to modern day standards. Are the SNME matches going to be written out?

Make Lax poop his pants and get Kennedy to beat Jushin Liger.

“The Crock?” Ha! Shawn Michaels is getting his laughs, but I am sure The Rock will get his next show.

You did have something going with Rhyno, but that seems to have ceased. It really does not matter, maybe a short Intercontinental Title run is coming soon, but your roster is star studded.

Edge and Randy Orton should square off at Wrestlemania. Orton is 0 – 2 in title matches at Wrestlemania, so this should give him something to build off. Same goes for Edge though.

Are you contemplating Undertaker and Kane for WrestleMania? If you are, I would like to see it. It is sort of like their story at WrestleMania XX. I just hope you allow this match to happen properly.
Oh yay, complete bedlam! The usual after math stuff. Shawn Michaels had an incredibly good night, too good of a night for it too last.

I am glad that you are inducting Mr. Perfect into the Hall of Fame. I hope the WWE decides to do the same.
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown: February 2nd; Columbus:

Opening Video


Michael Cole:
Tonight, The Nationwide Arena plays host, to arguably the biggest Smackdown main event of all time, and without a doubt, the most important Smackdown main event of all time, bar none. The main event of Wrestle Mania will be confirmed tonight, as Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Championship against Y2J, Chris Jericho, in a sixty minute Iron Man Match!!!

Tazz: Well, they say at Wrestle Mania, that Dreams will become a Reality, but tonight, for the purist fans, dreams become a reality TONIGHT!!!

Michael Cole: And, as if the main event wasn’t big enough, three more matches are signed tonight, with Americas Most Wanted challenging The Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Titles they lost under dubious circumstances three and a half months ago.

Tazz: And, Paul London, Akio, and Spike Dudley face off to earn a Cruiserweight Title Match at Saturday Nights Main Event, in nine days time, against Jamie Noble.

Michael Cole: If things don’t go to plan Tazz, it may be a rough few weeks for The Cabinet Tazz.

Tazz: For sure. Those titles are in major jeopardy for our tag champs, and cruiserweight champ in the coming weeks.


Michael Cole: And who could forget this one. We found out last week, that Kurt Angle will be facing Bret Harts past in the coming weeks, as he prepares for the match he dared to dream for, for almost a full year, to take place on March 26th, against Bret Hart.

Tazz: And he starts off tonight, facing The Anvil, Jim Niedhart, the former tag team partner of Bret Hart, a man who held the tag team titles with Bret, and teamed with the Excellence of Execution on five separate Wrestle Mania events.

Michael Cole: Lets not forget, The Anvil was part of a Legends Battle Royal less than two weeks ago at The Royal Rumble, and for my money, looked right at home, and certainly didn’t appear to have missed a step.

Tazz: Well, if he wants anything from this match, he’s gonna need to be more than in sync, Niedhart is gonna need to invent a time machine … and fast.

1st Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Jim Niedhart
Basically a squash. The Anvil starts out all guns blazing, venting his fury from Angles heinous attack on Hart at RR, but after a spirited start from Jim, Angles wrestling ability, and all round better-ness wins the day, as he outsmarts and out manoeuvres Niedhart consistently, before applying The Ankle Lock, scoring a run of the mill submission victory.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Angle instantly has his hand raised, then shrugs away, and re-applies the Ankle Lock, on a defenceless Anvil, and repeatedly calls on Bret Harts name, whilst swinging at the ankle, as we fade into the first commercial break.


Following the commercial, we see clips of Angle having to be forced away from Neidhart, and dragged up the ramp. We return, and see Niedhart being stretchered out of the arena, with a reported broken ankle.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is standing by with Triple H…

Josh Matthews: Triple H, the wrestling world has been buzzing for the past two weeks with speculation over who you will face at Wrestle Mania on March 26th. As of now, there is no clear opponent, and I’d like your comments on a situation, which could potentially lead to you having no involvem-

Triple H: Let me stop you right there Josh.

Triple H, looking smug, gently takes the mic, and looks at Matthews, directly in the eyes.

Triple H: Don’t bother wasting your time. Actually, let me ask you a question. Who owns this company??

The Game holds the mic to Matthews mouth, who quietly speaks.

Josh Matthews: Vince McMahon.

Triple H nods, and takes the mic back.

Triple H: Yeah. Mr. McMahon to you, Vince to me. Now, the idea … the incredulousness of you even acknowledging a chance of me missing out on Wrestle Mania, is ludicrous. It would literally be the biggest act of false advertising in wrestling history. My name, on a marquee, sells the tickets. You advertise Triple H, you get a full house. And thats a fact.
Vince knows it, Linda knows it, and the rest of the board knows it. For this years Wrestle Mania to be a success, Triple H needs to be headlining. Otherwise, you can excpect a complete wash out. And thats a fact.

Josh Matthews: But T-

Triple H: But nothing. My name is on the Wrestle Mania marquee. My name has made Wrestle Mania a sell out event. My match will give Wrestle Mania a buyrate like no other. That means more money for Vince, and it means Vince is happy. And Vince does what makes him happy.

Josh Matthews: So, are you trying to say th-

Triple H: What I’m trying to say Josh, is this. Don’t be surprised if this years Wrestle Mania main event becomes a triple threat match, involving The Game, Triple H.

Triple H listens, as the fans boo the comment.

Triple H: Like I said last month Josh … at Wrestle Mania … the King of Kings … goes back on his throne!!!

Triple H storms off, as we cut to the sky box in the arena, where Chris Benoit is sat, getting comfortable for the nights main event.

Michael Cole: The Number Contender is on scouting duty tonight Tazz. He has possibly one of the best seats in the house for tonights Sixty Minute Iron Man Match, as we determine the second half of the main event for this coming Wrestle Mania.

Tazz: Well, by the sounds of things, he will be scouting one third of this years Wrestle Mania main event, if Triple H’s comments are anything to go by Cole.

Michael Cole: Maybe. To me, Triple H talked far too confidently to be bluffing. You have to believe there is some grain of truth in what he said moments ago.

Tazz: 100% partner. Triple H, for my money, has a place booked at Wrestle Mania twenty two.

2nd Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Basham Brothers w/ JBL & Jamie Noble vs. Americas Most Wanted
Fair action, but not exactly a classic, being a short contest. No team has enough time to establish the initiative, and dominate the match, but The Basham Brothers attempt the switcheroo whilst Noble and JBL distract the referee. AMW spot the switch, but cant capitalise, with JBL and Noble proving a distraction.
Suddenly, we see Matt Hardy race through the crowd, and slide into the ring, dragging Danny Basham out, which distracts Doug - the legal man -, and allows James Storm to roll him up, with the referee putting his attention back into the ring, whilst Harris jumps off the apron onto JBL and Noble, allowing the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: AND NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Americas Most Wanted

AMW claim their third WWE Tag Team Title!!!! Harris and Storm hug in the ring, jubilant in victory, whilst JBL is furious, with his group having just lost one of their titles. He spots Matt Hardy making his way back through the crowd, having proved to be the equaliser for AMW in regaining the belts, and immediately points V1 out as the culprit for the master plan going awry.

The Cabinet walk up the ramp, with all four furious over the loss, having been outsmarted, whilst in the ring, AMW parade with the titles, to a great fan response.


We return, backstage, JBL is chewing out Smackdown Interim GM Ricky Steamboat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And once again, I am being ostracised by an inept General Manager. Tonight, you screw Danny and Doug out of their tag titles - The Cabinets Tag belts - and next week, on NBC’s Saturday Nights Main Event you have scheduled a Cruiserweight Title match, pitting Jamie Noble - my chief of staff - against one of three men, that he has either already beaten … already decimated … or just shouldn’t have to lower his reputation by facing again.

Steamboat laughs

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Do you find something funny??

Ricky Steamboat: To be honest, I do. You actually left something out, which to be honest, might not please you, JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Let me guess. How about me walking a tight rope?? Bury myself alive?? Or possibly, y-

Ricky Steamboat: No. JBL, next week in Japan, you defend the United States Championship.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well. Do I look concerned?? Every challenge thrown at my feet, I have thrown to the side. Every challenge, from Kurt Angle, to Chris Jericho, former world ch-

Ricky Steamboat: Against The Rock.

JBL’s face drops, as Steamboat walks off, leaving JBL to day dream in shock.

Wrestle Mania Recall - I - Andre The Giant scoop slams John Studd, and earns $10,000.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks. Just a few second ago, we learned that next week, in Japan, JBL defends the United States Championship against a former ten time world champion, but a man that has never held the U.S Title … The Rock.

Tazz: It’ll be the first ever meeting between JBL and The Great One in singles competition Cole. Big main event, for the second week running, made by the interim GM, Ricky Steamboat.

Michael Cole: And that should make things interesting, as we hold an interview with The Rock very soon, via satellite from L.A.

Tazz: Oh indeed. And what will The Peoples Champion have to say when we mention the tasteless DX skit on Raw, based around The Rock.

Michael Cole: Explosive to say the least Tazz. But of course, tonight, the focus is on the WWE Championship, as Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho square off, for sixty gruelling minutes, with one emerging as champion. And right now, lets take a look at the preparation that Chris Jericho, the challenger, has taken this week.

Video plays, showing Chris Jerichos preparation for tonights Iron Man Match.

A video then plays, similarly for Brock Lesnar, in preparation for tonights title match.


3rd Match: Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Match:
Akio vs. Paul London vs. Spike Dudley
Another short match, with the Iron Man Match fast approaching. Akio and London partake in the brunt of the action, after Spike takes an early bump off the apron, banging into the announcers table. Eventually, he returns to action, and hit’s the Dudley Dog on Akio, only to get himself dropsaulted out of the ring by London, who follows up on Akio, hitting a 450 Splash to earn a title shot at SNME.
Winner: Paul London

Michael Cole: Oh My!!! Paul London has got himself inserted on the first edition of Saturday Nights Main Event since 1992, and has the opportunity to displace Jamie Noble as Cruiserweight Champion. Will London make it a miserable nine days for The Cabinet, who could find themselves with NO gold by the end of next weekend??

Tazz: Cole, it is fast becoming a very real prospect for the capitulating Cabinet with their recent luck - or lack there of.

Michael Cole: And right now, Saturday Nights Main Event is shaping up to be an earth shattering event. We know Paul London challenges Jamie Noble, but how about Raw providing John Cena defending the World Championship, inside a steel cage against the runner up from the Gold Rush tournament which takes place on a special three hour edition of Raw this Monday Night!!!

Tazz: And that’s not all, because we will witness the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin!!! Austin has been gone since the Royal Rumble, after he retired Goldberg, but he’s coming back. What will The Rattlesnake have to say at Saturday Nights Main Event??

Michael Cole: We are certainly preparing for February 11th to be an awesome night, live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. Austin returns, London challenges Noble, and John Cena defends the WWE Championship in a steel cage match!!! But right now, lets join The Rock via satellite from Los Angeles…

The Rock appears on the titan tron, getting a rousing response from the fans.

Michael Cole: Rock, thank you fo-

The Rock: Michael Cole - know your role, and SHUT your mouth. First thing, before any questions … from The Rock to Columbus … FINALLY … The Rock has come back - on screen at least - to Columbus OHIIIIO!!!

Lukewarm pop, with Rock not even being there.

The Rock: Now, Michael … proceed.

Michael Cole: Rock, we’ve just found out earlier tonight that next Thursday Night, on Smackdown from Japan, you will challenge JBL, for the United States Title. Your thoughts??

The Rock: Well Michael Cole, it’s pretty simple. Rock versus JBL, next week, on The Rocks show Smack-Down, U.S Title?? Sounds good to The Rock. Because quite frankly, The Rock is hungry for gold. He’s held tag team titles, Intercontinental Titles, WCW Titles, WWE Titles, altogether, a ten time World Champion … but one championship which has always eluded The Rock … but for only one week more … is the United States Title.

Fans pop

The Rock: A-

Michael Cole: So Rock, n-

The Rock: WHOA!!! Don’t you ever … AND THE ROCK MEANS EVER dare to interrupt The Great One ever again. You stay seated, and zip it!!!

Fans pop

The Rock: Next week, JBL - The Wrestling God checks his ass in Tokyo, before flying back to the USA, courtesy of Rock airways, departing from the Smackdown hotel, with no luggage, especially … ESPECIALLY The United States Championship!!!

Fans Pop

Michael Cole: Well Rock, moving on, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the video which aired this past Monday Night on Raw, courtesy of DX, which mimicked none other, than you.

Rock looks to his side, then looks back up, thinking about the question, before removing his sun glasses.

The Rock: The Rocks thoughts?? Michael Cole, quite frankly, The Rock, after watching Raw this past Monday … was pissed off.

Rock looks into the camera, dead serious

The Rock: Shawn Michaels wants to try and make a fool of The Rock when The Rock isn’t around?? That’s fine. Shows a lot of class. Wait until The Rock and Shawn Michaels come face to face. Then Michael, then you’ll see just who has the last laugh.

Fans start a ‘Rocky’ chant

The Rock: It seems to me Michael that HBK has something for The Rock. First off, he gatecrashes Smackdown last year, before getting his ass handed to him by none other than The Peoples Champion.

Fans pop

The Rock: Then at Nemesis, Survivor Series and Fully Loaded, Shawn Michaels tries to make a fool of The Rock face to face?? No dice. The Rock, every time one ups Shawn Michaels. And at The Royal Rumble, The Rock dumps his candy ass out of the Royal Rumble, before HBK throws the dummy out, and screws The Rock.

Fans boo

The Rock: And quite frankly, The Rock was prepared to move on … but not now. Not after HBK and the three fairies make a mockery out of me on Raw. Which is why, next Saturday Night … The Rock has agreed to appear on The Cabana … along with Shawn Michaels.

Fans go wild to the announcement.

The Rock: So HBK, you have nine days, NINE DAYS, to make your excuses, practice your grovelling, and prepare to kiss ass, before you come face to face with the Jabroni beatin … pie eatin … trail blazin … eyebrow raisin … care free … pissed off ... S.O.B!!!

Fans pop

The Rock: Shawn Michaels, you brought this thing to a whole new level, you’ve made this quite frankly … personal. But Michaels, be careful. You started this … but at Saturday Nights Main Event, The Rock ends it!!!

Rock prepares to deliver the ‘If ya smell’ line, when suddenly, the screen fades to static, and a long dial tone drones, until **BREAK IT DOWN** DX music plays, and suddenly, the same video package which DX aired on Raw, plays again, with it being played off as unscheduled by cutting off mid point for a commercial break.


We return with Michael Cole apologising for the interruption citing ‘Technical difficulties’. We get another glimpse of Chris Benoit in the sky box, settling down for the Main Event … Up now.

**Break The Walls Down** Chris Jericho enters the arena for tonights main event. He spins around at the top as he normally would, but as soon as he does, BROCK LESNAR RUNS THROUGH THE CURTAIN, AND ATTACKS THE CHALLENGER!!!!!

Lesnar puts the boots to Jericho, at the top of the ramp, with Paul Heyman carrying the title belt, directing traffic for the champion. Lesnar press slams Y2J onto the steel ramp, before dragging a defenceless Jericho down the ramp, before whipping him into the steps. He doesn’t stop there, and grabs a chair, before smashing the object against the skull of Y2J!!! Brock rolls Jericho back into the ring, and hooks the leg already, with the referee ringing for the bell, and making a count immediately…

Main Event: 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

1st Fall: Brock Lesnar - Chair Shot - 1-0 @ 00:04

From here, Lesnar dominates the early going, beating a groggy challenger around the ring, before scooping him up, onto his shoulders, delivering an F5, with zero resistance from Jericho. He covers, 1...2...3!!!

2nd Fall: Brock Lesnar - F5 - 2-0 @ 01:02

Lesnar races into the quickest lead in Iron Man history, all thanks to the smart, yet cheap attack from behind. The Champion is in full control, and takes it easy for the next few minutes, with Jericho reeling from the awful start he has made. Lesnar takes Jericho to the outside, ramming him, back first, into the ring post and barricade, looking to pinpoint the back as his main area of focus for this match. Brock takes Jericho back inside, and continues to wear him down, scoring a number of near falls with the most basic of offence, such as front slams, and hip tosses. Jericho barely hangs on each time, as Lesnar starts to get cocky.

This almost opens the door for Jericho to make an early comeback, and he cradles Brock for a near fall, which only angers The Champion, who clobbers the challenger with a thunderous clothesline, which almost scores a three count, only for Jericho putting his foot on the rope. Lesnar is still furious for Jericho to have the audacity to try and cradle him, which has him set on a path of destruction for Y2J. He goes to work now on the midsection too, with shoulder thrusts in the corner, directed at the rib cage of the challenger. Jericho staggers out, and into a Belly to Belly suplex from Brock, and once again, Jericho is saved by the ropes.

As the match reaches the ten minute mark, we cut to the break, and return, with nothing substantial having happened in that time period, worthy of a replay now, as Lesnar wears down Jericho in a chin lock. After fading for almost a full minute, Y2J is forced to respond, as the official raises his hand in the air, with it dropping twice without reply. The third time, Jericho keeps it up, but before he can break free, Lesnar lets go, and stomps on Y2J again. Lesnar continues to go to work on the body of Jericho, before nailing a sidewalk slam, but only managing to score a long two count. This infuriates Lesnar again, and he covers once more for another two count, and again, for a two count.

Brock drags a barely mobile challenger to his feet, setting him onto the top rope, and looking to hit a superplex, but from somewhere, Jericho gets a sudden burst of energy, and pushes Lesnar off, back onto the canvas, before coming off the top rope with a missile dropkick!!! Brock immediately rolls out of the ring, with Jericho following, but Lesnar grabs the ring bell, and clocks Chris Jericho with the weapon, right in front of the referee, causing a DQ.

3rd Fall: Chris Jericho - DQ - 1-2 @ 16:22

Jericho is flattened on the outside, after a vicious bell shot from Lesnar, who immediately stops any flow Jericho was beginning to muster. Brock slides back inside the ring, whilst Jericho is counted out, with no mission of breaking the count, not even moving by the count of ten.

4th Fall: Brock Lesnar - Count Out - 3-1 @ 16:47

Lesnar rests on the ropes, laughing hysterically, as Jericho now slowly begins to move, and fights to get back inside before another count out. Y2J grabs onto the ring apron, desperately trying to get inside, and eventually breaks the count at the count of eight, before Lesnar meets him again. Brock drags Jericho up by the hair, and hoists him in the air, holding the challenger up for a long, long time, allowing the blood to flow to Jerichos head, before finally dropping down with a Fisherman Buster. He rolls over, into the cover, 1...2...3!!!

5th Fall: Brock Lesnar - Fisherman Buster - 4-1 @ 17:39

The Champion starts to laugh uncontrollably, as he appears to be sailing to the biggest margin victory in an Iron Man Match ever. Brock talks to Heyman briefly, who yawns, taking the mick out of Jerichos performance thus far. Lesnar then takes a look towards the sky box, pointing at Benoit, then at Jericho, as if to suggest that is his future. Heyman joins Cole and Tazz on commentary as Lesnar starts to go back to work on Jericho, as we go to another commercial.

After the break, we return with Lesnar STILL dominating his challenger, who up to now, has had ONE offence move. Now, Lesnar has the body scissors locked on, with Jericho fading once again. This time though, he is able to get a foot on the ropes, which forces a break from Lesnar, before the referee is forced to hold his arm up to check how he is.

Lesnar chokes Jericho in the ropes, breaking at the count of four, and does so twice more, breaking at the latest possible count, taking the air away from Y2J. The champion drags Jericho into the corner, and whips him across the ring, looking to do more damage to the back, before running in after him, looking for a high knee to the face, but Jericho moves, and Lesnar hit’s the top turnbuckle instead!!! Brock limps out, and Y2J manages to muster the energy, and delivers a standing Enziguri to the champion!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

6th Fall: Chris Jericho - Standing Enziguri - 2-4 @ 24:56

Both men are down following the fall, with Jericho having used up any energy left in the tank, whilst Lesnar feels the effects of the kick. Eventually though, both men break the referees count, at seven, with Jericho now starting to work into the match, backing the champion away, unloading with knife edge chops. Jericho whips Lesnar to the corner, and runs in after, but Brock gets a foot up, with Jericho reeling away feeling his face. Lesnar lines him up for a clothesline, but as he runs, Jericho drops down, and low bridges the ropes, sending Brock out of the ring!!!

Jericho takes the moment of space to recover from the twenty minute beat down he has received, and keeps an eye on the outside, where Heyman has now left the commentary table to attend to Lesnar. He gives his client some words of advice, and Brock gets back onto the apron, but Jericho knocks him right back off and onto Heyman with a springboard dropkick to the champion!!!

The fans come alive now, as this is beginning to become a proper contest, with Jericho managing to get some offence together. Feeling the moment, Jericho climbs to the top, and waits for Lesnar to get back up, before flying through the air, scoring with a flying reverse elbow, taking the champion down!!! Columbus is on it’s feet, with a stunning high risk move paying off for Chris Jericho. Y2J rolls into the ring, and back out again, breaking the count, not wanting to win falls the cheap way, like Lesnar did.

Jericho now takes it to Lesnar, going to work on the back of the champion, the same way Lesnar did with Jericho earlier in the contest. They make it back into the ring before the count of ten, but now, it’s Jericho in control. He lights up the chest of his opponent with half a dozen chops at least, before hitting the bulldog. Jericho now goes for the Lionsault, but - Lesnar scouts it, and gets his knees up, as the match hit’s the mid way point, going into another commercial, with both men struggling.

We re-join the action, with both men trading blows in the middle of the ring, but Lesnars size advantage helps him gain control, and he whips Jericho off the ropes, only to be taken down on the return with the Flashback. Jericho scores a near fall, but once again, he has the upper hand. Jericho dominates for the next couple of minutes, scoring a number of near falls, only for Lesnar to power out each time. Y2J begins to get a little ragged, resorting to any move just for another cover, but it doesn’t assist the challenger at all, as Lesnar continues to hang on.

Jericho now attempts for all or nothing, taking the big champion down, and attempting the Walls of Jericho but Lesnar manages to wriggle free, and uses his leg power to send Jericho into the ropes. Paul Heyman jumps onto the apron and tries to distract Y2J, only to get slapped for his troubles. Jericho then turns back around, and runs at Lesnar, but Brock catches him with a boot to the gut, and then cradles Jericho, but grabs the ropes, stopping Jericho from kicking out … 1...2...3!!!

7th Fall: Brock Lesnar - Cradle - 5-2 @ 36:03

Just as Jericho appeared to be making a comeback, Brock Lesnar once again pulls clear. Jericho looks shattered from that pin fall, deflated at this point having to make such a huge turnaround to save the match. Lesnar meanwhile, takes a walk around the ring, looking to waste time now, with an almost unassailable lead. He and Heyman laugh at the scoreline, but they take their eyes off Jericho, who bounces off the ropes, and nails both, hitting a baseball slide!!!

The challenger slides out, and takes over again, showing a mean streak yet to be seen in the match from him. Jericho bounces Lesnar around the ringside area, off the steps, and off the announce table, before taking the champion back inside, and continuing to dominate. He scores another plethora of near falls, before going up top, and flying through the air for a cross body, but Lesnar catches Jericho, and hoists him onto his shoulders, before delivering a quick F5!!! Brock Lesnar smiles, before scrambling across, and hooking the leg tight, 1...2...3!!!

8th Fall: Brock Lesnar - F5 - 6-2 @ 41:57

With less than twenty minutes to go, Brock Lesnar has now built a 4 fall lead, leaving Jericho on the brink of defeat. Lesnar quickly slaps on a sleeper hold, as we once again head into a commercial break. Following that, we return with Chris Jericho staging a comeback out of the hold, but getting knocked down by Lesnar with a high knee. The champion whips Jericho off the ropes, but Y2J comes back, scoring with a heel kick, knocking Brock down. Lesnar looks a little woozy from the kick, and staggers around the ring, with Jericho taking advantage, and nails the Break Down … hooking the leg for a cover, 1...2...3!!!

9th Fall: Chris Jericho - Break Down - 3-6 @ 46:01

Jericho hooks the leg immediately once again after the cover, looking to pull back the deficit, but Lesnar this time kicks out at two. Y2J looks to be homing in on the champion again, but Heyman wisely pulls Brock Lesnar out of the ring, saving the champion from going down another fall, which would’ve opened the match up again.

Jericho though, isn’t prepared to wait, and chases Lesnar around the ring, with Heyman trying to distract, but only gets a right hand for his troubles. Y2J takes it to the champion again, getting him back inside the ring, where the action continues to unfold, with Lesnar fighting back, and the match becoming an event contest again for the next few minutes, with a few near falls, but nothing spectacular, before going into the final commercial, with ten minutes remaining.

During the break, we see Jericho going to work on Brock Lesnars leg, desperate to pin point an area of the body, despite being so late into the match. Brock fights it, but Jericho looks to be turning it up a gear now, in an act of desperation, facing a huge mountain to climb.

Paul Heyman yells at Lesnar to create distance, with seven minutes to go, but with an air of a shock set to take over. Brock yells in agony, as Jericho gets to work on the right leg, even using dirty tactics, as he desperately attempts to close the gap late on in the match. Jericho pushes on at Brock, and kicks at the leg, trying to chop the big tree like figure of Lesnar down. He bounces off the ropes, and comes running at the champion, but Lesnar scoops him up, into position for the F5, but his leg gives way, and Jericho drops down, rolling up Lesnar in the process, 1...2...3!!!

10th Fall: Chris Jericho - Roll Up - 4-6 @ 55:21

Jericho now attempts to live the impossible dream now, with five minutes to score two falls!!! Lesnar tries to kill time, rolling in and out of the ring, frustrating Jericho, winding the clock down to just three minutes, and the fans on the brink of throwing objects at Lesnar. Jericho drops down to come after him, but pulls up at the announce tables, appearing to have pulled his hamstring. He limps around the ringside area, pushing the referee away, as Lesnar licks his lips, like a shark smelling blood in the water. Brock makes his way around the ringside area, now after Jericho, still limping himself after the work Jericho did on the leg. He comes after Y2J, but we realise the entire injury was a hoax from Jericho, who tricks Lesnar into coming near him, and blasts Brock with a clothesline.

Chris Jericho brings Lesnar back inside, and gets a near fall with a German Suplex, before coming close with a DDT, as the clock reaches two minutes. Lesnar tries to fend Jericho off, and swings wildly for a right hand, only for Jericho to duck, and rebound with a bulldog. Y2J quickly seizes the opportunity, and leaps onto the ropes, nailing a Lionsault!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!

11th Fall: Chris Jericho - Lionsault - 5-6 @ 58:13

Immediately, Jericho grabs the legs of the champion, realising time is of the essence, and he quickly locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO!!!! Lesnar yells out in pain, with his back being bent all over the place. Lesnar punches the sides of his head, trying to block out the pain, as Jericho pulls back further, dying to hear the hand tap, and draw the match level. The fans begin to count down from sixty, with the noise picking up, as the time closes in, with Lesnar crying out in pain, as Heyman crouches down at ringside, biting into the apron, just about able to look into the ring, 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 … 0!!!!!!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar - 6-5 @ 60:00

Lesnar retains the title, but taps as soon as the bell rings, just about surviving the Walls of Jericho. Chris Jericho crumples to the mat in despair, losing out to Lesnar once again. Lesnar crawls to the corner, clutching his WWE Championship, as we see Chris Benoit stand up and applaud both men from the sky box. Chris Jericho looks across the ring at Lesnar, shaking his head, before leaving the ring, despondent from his defeat.

In the ring, Brock Lesnar just about manages to reach his feet, and hoist the title in the air, indicating towards Benoit that for Wrestle Mania, it’s on. Benoit nods from the sky box, as the show goes off the air, with Lesnar victorious, heading to the main event of Wrestle Mania.
Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:

Date: 11th February 2006
Location: Arrowhead Pond; Anaheim
Event Music: P.O.D; Lights Out

World Heavyweight Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Cena vs. Runner Up of Gold Rush Tournament

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita OR Jazz OR Victoria OR Gail Kim

Carlitos Cabana:
With Guests; Shawn Michaels and The Rock

And The Return of Stone Cold Steve Austin


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:

Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena OR Runner Up Of Gold Rush Tournament vs. Winner of Gold Rush Tournament

Dream Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
Curt Hennig


Just for those wondering, next weeks Raw IS NOT in full. It is recapped, for the pure reason that it's focused mainly on matches, whilst Smackdown needed to be a full show next week.

Saturday Nights Main Event will not have matches in full, but promos etc will be. (Just like a regular Raw or SD) I want to save writing full matches for WM.

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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown review from kane fan 4 ever!!!

Opening aannouncers: I liked this. It was very realistic and it told me what was going to happen in tonights show, which I cant wait for the 60 minute iron man match.

Angle VS Niedhart: a good opening match. I really like the way Angle is facing people from Bret’s past. And the Angle/Bret storyline is the best you have ever done IMO. The match was decent too with Angle getting the win.

Aftermath: Angle breaking his ankle was a nice touch. It got him as a ferocious heel and it made the feud that much more intense.

Triple H interview: You are really good at getting everyone in character. This promo was good too. I like this mini storyline about Triple H not announced I Wrestle Mania yet. I wonder if he will get into the main event.

WWE Tag Team Championship match: another good match here. I was surprised to see new tag team champions but it made for an entertaining ending to the match.

Layfield/Steamboat: WOW Next week JBL faces the Rock. That is a match and a half. I really cant wait for this as it could be MOTN. They were both in character as far as I am aware.

Cruiserweight Championship Number 1 Contendorship Match: once again another good match. Great to see London win and he is off to Saturday Nights Main Event.

Rock Interview: This was a great segment. It was funny and it had all the usual catchphrases that The Rock uses. It built hype to the DX/Rock storyline and his match next week against JBL. I have a feeling that DX will cost Rock the United States Championship.

Lesnar VS Jericho: this was a fantastic read. It was a great main event. Brock Lesnar retaining the title was predictable but still good. Now we have a great wrestle mania match for the wwe title. Lesnar VS Benoit. This feud could be good.

Overall: this was another great show Wolf Guy. I am really liking these shows building up to wrestle mania. The show was entertaining and built hype for Saturday Nights Main Event and wrestle mania. Cant wait for the next show and expect another read and review fro me.

Kane Fan 4 Ever!!!
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Review

Nationwide Arena? Awesome only 2-3 hrs away from my house.

Kurt Angle vs. Jim Niedhart-A nice match to give the Angle/Hart feud a bit build up having Angle beat the Anvil. Now that Angle has snapped at Royal Rumble, he seems to be a bit more vicious in ring.

Triple H Interview-A good promo with the game, seemed to be a bit on the shoot side at the beggining and the end, but was able to keep itself in worked territory.

The Basham Brothers w/ JBL & Jamie Noble vs. Americas Most Wanted-Great to see AMW regain the title, also good to see Matt Hardy being the cause, I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Hardy vs. JBL happens at WrestleMania 22 which could mean a Hardy US Title reign soon.

JBL/Steamboat Promo-It seems things aren't going the way JBL wants them in coming weeks, but I bet DX and The Cabinet will be too much for The Rock to handle.

Akio vs. Paul London vs. Spike Dudley-Paul London pulls out the victory and I am expecting that at SNME this small feud he has been having with Noble will come to a head.

The Rock on Satellite-Good promo by The Rock first talking about how he will beat JBL, before announcing that he will be on Carlito's Cabanna with Shawn Michaels which will defianly be intresting. I am defiantly looking orward to that come Saturday Night's Main Event.

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho-Glad you wrote some of this out as it was great for the big match feel. Great win for Brock Lesnar over Chris Jericho. I was hopeing that Y2J was going to win so we could get Benoit vs. Jericho, but Lesnar vs. Benoit defiantly should be a good WrestleMania 22 main event.

Great Smackdown! really got into it and you are just making the shows better and better coming into Mania. 9/10

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Re: Being The Booker

February 2nd: Smackdown! Review

Angle/ Neidhart Match: No doubt that Angle was going to win and this will be the first of many victories leading to WM. Typical Angle with the attack after the match

Triple H interview: Triple H wants to be in the main event but I don’t see it happening. We will probably see Triple H get in a feud at SNME.

Bashams/AMW Match: Surprised to see AMW win the titles and their will probably be a rematch at SNME. Hardy interfering may mean he is going to challenge JBL for the US title?

JBL/Steamboat Segment: Not surprised to see JBL complain but am surprised to see JBL vs. The Rock in Japan but HBK and DX will probably get involved.

Triple Threat CW Match: Glad to see London win and he will probably get the win at SNME with the Cabinet looking to fall apart and maybe split.

Rock Interview: I love the HBK/Rock feud! You are doing it perfectly and I can’t wait to see the Cabana at SNME! This will be the best match at WM!

Ironman Match: Great main event but it was kind of like the Angle/Lesnar match from 2003 with Lesnar cheating to win. The end was great with Lesnar not tapping was brilliant and Lesnar/Benoit should be awesome as the Main Event of WM!

Overall: Great Show with the Ironman being a great Main Event. Loved the Rock interview and the Tag title match. The only problem I have is that Triple H seems to be going nowhere fast. I know he was supposed to wrestle Eddie but now it seems like nobody is left to wrestle and I don’t want him in the Main Event. Great Show, 9/10


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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