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Re: Being The Booker

Gonna throw some quick comments in on Smackdown. Steamboat as interim GM sounds good. Wow, IronMan match returns next week and kinda shocked about that too. Angle's promo was great, it continues the feud between Angle and Hart and now it's personal. Nice to see you're doing something like the Angle/HBK feud by going through his past. Angle and Neidhart next week sounds ok and just another win for Angle coming. Benoit chooses SD!, thought all along he would and nice to see that close the night out. Can't wait to see all the new faces debut, that should be fun!
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Re: Being The Booker

Just some notes on Smackdown. Noble retaining is good. I see a huge cruiserweight elimination match for Wrestlemania. Ricky Steamboat as GM is a huge surprise. I don't know much of him, or of his work, so you could show it to me. Jericho vs. Lesnar in a 60 minute Ironman match!!!?! That's gonna be crazy. Austin's away. He'll be back though. He's gotta start up a feud with Jericho for WM. A few matches with the faces getting the wins. Kurt Angle promo was great. Real intense and truthful. I can't wait for this Angle/Hart match at Wrestlemania. Maven vs. Holly? Useless match? Great 6 man tag match. That's 5 matches so far and some long segments, I'm presuming. Beniot stays on Smackdown and challenges for the WWE Championship. Great thing. So Beniot vs. Jericho or Lesnar. Either combination is lethal, but I think it's gonna be against Lesnar.

Hogan only around for a bit. So a Flair/Hogan match is less possible, especially with word that Foley is keen on a final match with Flair. Carlito being double champ would be great, but it's just a way to put them all over. HBK/The Rock will be great. So far the matches for WM sound amazing. Again, I expect Lesnar to win the title match. SCSA coming back at SNME, which is great. He's old, so recuperation time is needed. I don't watch to see Triple H in the main event scene just yet. I don't even think he'll be on the WM card as of now, but things can easily change. Cena/Batista at SNME sounds great. Tons of returns happening after WM. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Being The Booker

I just finished reading Smackdown! and it was great. i am not going to leave a review b/c the show was recapped but I love the Angle/Hart story and the Ironman Match should be a classic next week. Also glad to see Benoit stay on Smackdown!


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Re: Being The Booker

Because it was a recap I'll just leave comments on SD!

Steamboat as GM will be interesting, even if it is just an Interim spot, the Legends seem to be getting a bit of spotlight before WM with Flair & Hogan also occupying GM roles for the moment.

Good promo from Angle, showing us he has no intentions of apologizing to the crowd and cementing his heel turn, the build for his match with Hart will be big, and Jim Neidhart? lol, I used him last year, horrible to write a match for.

Not sure what to expect from Maven rolling up Holly. Benoit sticking around on SD! is good, I can see a match with Lesnar & Jericho for WM, as those two seem still hellbent on each other. Because the Iron Man match will be explosive. Two six man tags end with the faces, Rock/AFA and hardy/AMW taking the victories respectively, nice additions to the show as was the cruiserweight matchup, dunno where Noble will go with a feud.

Now some thoughts on the News/Notes section posted....

Didn't think Hogan would be a long term concept on RAW, not keen on a Hogan/Flair match at WM, however, with Mick Foley still wanting Flair, I can see Hogan refereeing the Foley/Flair match if there is to be one.

The matches news sounds good with the Tokyo & SNME shows getting the backbone of good news, Austin returning is gonna rock the place. Rock/HBk can't wait for that to officially kickoff.

New signings, Lashley coming will be good. MNM also. Please DON'T BRING IN UMAGA! I BEG OF YOU! Mexicools are a neat stable I can see on SD!


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Re: Being The Booker

Returned a few reviews. Those I havent, I'm either doing it tomorrow, waiting until your next show is up, or you've recently posted a PPV which I havent finished reviewing yet. Again, I'm not expecting a full review, but it's appreciated greatly if you take the time to read the recap, and if you wish to leave some comments, even better.


Raw; January 30th; Cleveland:

Highlight Video from last week of Hulk Hogans unexpected return, being appointed Co-GM of Raw, with Ric Flair.

To open the show, Hulk Hogan comes to the ring, and talks about how great it is to be back out in front of the WWE fans after such a long absence. The fans treat Hogan like God, as they do, until Ric Flair interrupts, and proceeds to have a verbal war with his Co-GM. Flair complains that Hogan took too much power last week, restarting the main event, before being interrupted himself … by Eugene.

Eugene runs to the ring, in awe of Hogan, copying his poses etc. This angers Flair, who books a match for later, between Eugene … and Batista. Hogan attempts to change it, but Flair makes the valid point that Hogan already signed most matches for the show tonight, leaving Eugene in trouble.

Carlito competes in the first match of the night, facing Charlie Haas, with his I.C Title on the line. Carlito manages to get a victory against the tag team specialist, thanks to his vast experience in singles action, scoring a three count after hitting the Apple Core. The victory means that CCC now finds a tag team partner for next week to challenge Haas and Benjamin for the tag titles in Tokyo.

Todd Grisham conducts an interview with Christian concerning the Gold Rush Tournament. Christian makes fun of Todd, before running through the other seven men involved in the tournament, before Booker T interrupts. Christian pretends not to understand Bookers slang, and tells Booker to invest in a dictionary, before walking off, leaving Booker to deliver the ‘Tell me he didn’t just say that’ line.

Batista demolishes Eugene, gaining a quick win with the Batista Bomb, but doesn’t stop after that. Batista takes a chair, and throttles Eugene around the head, knocking the poor Eugene out cold. Even after that, Batista STILL isn’t done, and he has to scoop the lifeless Eugene up, before delivering a second Batista Bomb, onto the steel chair.

After a commercial, John Cena bumps into Hulk Hogan backstage. Cena graciously thanks the GM for his help last week, with Hogan telling Cena he just done the right thing. Hogan then informs Cena that he’ll be defending the title on SNME next Saturday, against the runner up of the Gold Rush Tournament, inside a solid steel cage. Cena tells Hogan he understands, but says no one is taking the title from him before or after WM. Hogan then rushes off to attend to Eugene who is wheeled out of the arena, into an ambulance.

Wrestle Mania Recall - XX - Triple H defeats Mick Foley in a barbaric ‘I Quit’ Match, after Foley passes out, but doesn’t quit.

Trish Stratus & Lita defeat Victoria & Molly, in a run of the mill divas tag match.

In an interview with Ken Kennedy, the undefeated superstar gets a little more cocky, and issues an open challenge for next week to any Japanese superstar to face him, one on one.

DX then appear on the titan tron, and make a public service announcement, warning the viewers that the following video may cause pant wetting, before playing a video package, which has Shawn Michaels portray The CRock, in different, but all the same embarrassing scenarios, where ‘The CRock’ messes up his catch phrases, gets beat up by little girls, and gets criticised for his movies amongst others. After the video, we cut back to DX, where the four men roll around the ground in stitches from laughter.

Rhyno defeats Tyson Tomko in a short, filler match, just to get over Hulk Hogan making sure Rhyno gets a fair run on Raw now.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd interviews Randy Orton. Orton cuts a pretty generic promo, talking about his experiences at the last two Mania events, before stating he intends to make it third time lucky this year. Edge then intervenes, and warns Orton that should they meet in the tournament, then Ortons dreams will go up in smoke.

The first inductee into the Hall of Fame for 2006 is announced as Curt Hennig.

John Cena then talks in the ring, cutting a promo on the eight men involved in the Gold Rush tournament, with a rap, before joining J.R and The Coach for commentary on the main event.

In the 8 Man Tag Main Event, the actions gets well under way, and into a flowing rhythm of back and forth tags, when suddenly, the lights go out, and an explosion goes off on the ramp way, setting off a fire at the top of the ramp, before **Slow Chemical** plays for a few seconds, until Kanes laugh cuts in, eventually drowning out the music. Once the laugh echoes out, the four ring posts go ablaze. All eight men, Taker included, look a little taken aback, with the action ceasing for almost a full minute, before settling back in with a lock up.
Eventually, the match breaks down into an eight man brawl, with HBK and Booker T the legal men. Michaels and Booker are the only two in the ring, with the referee losing all control, leading to a DX run in from Cade and Jindrak, who trip the legs of Booker, who falls onto his face. Then, as he gets up, he looks around to get back at DX, but instead, when he turns around, is met with Sweet Chin Music from HBK, who covers, 1...2...3!!!
Michaels ominously gets the pinfall win, with thanks to DX, possibly making HBK the favourite now for next week, given the fact that DX could be a deciding factor. The show ends with HBK and DX celebrating at the top of the ramp, and we see Edge and Christian both take a chair, before seeing each other, and teaming up, hitting a double conchairto on Mysterio and Orton!!!! They then look each other face to face, both holding a chair, whilst Undertaker walks up the ramp, which forces DX to run away, closing out the show.


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar OR Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena OR Runner up of Gold Rush Tournament vs. Winner of Gold Rush Tournament

Dream Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006;
Curt Hennig


Smackdown Preview:

The Nationwide Arena in Columbus will play host to arguably the biggest, but undoubtedly the most important Smackdown Main Event of all time, as Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho lock horns once again, for the WWE Championship, this time, for 60 Minutes in an Iron Man Match - the first Iron Man Match to air on television since September 2003, when Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle to win his third WWE Title.

Not only that, but the winner will then move on to Wrestle Mania 22, and defend his title against the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit. Benoit will surely be in attendance as this historic battle rocks Ohio to the ground, and the Wrestle Mania 22 Main Event is finally confirmed.

Brock Lesnar is not the only champion in action though, as JBL's Co- Secretaries of Defence, The Basham Brothers, defend the WWE Tag Team Championships against the former champions, Americas Most Wanted. AMW have been on the prowl for weeks, looking to gain themselves another shot at the titles, and now, they have that very chance.

A new Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship will also be crowned, as Paul London, Akio and Spike Dudley compete in a triple threat match, with the winner facing the Chief of Staff for the Cabinet, and current CW Champion, Jamie Noble at Saturday Nights Main Event. Which of the three men will have the honour of competing at the return of one of the most ground breaking events in WWE history.

And, as announced last week, Kurt Angle, on his path towards Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania, will be facing many components of Harts past in the coming weeks. That starts this Thursday night, with Angle going one on one with The Hitmans old tag team partner, The Anvil, Jim Niedhart. The Anvil is sure to be fired up after the sickening attack carried out by Angle at the Royal Rumble just last week on Hart.

Finally, it has just been revealed that despite not being in Columbus for Smackdown, The Rock will appear via satellite from Los Angeles. Will The Great One have anything to say about the humiliating mock video created by DX over on Raw from Monday Nights Show?? Find out, this Thursday night.

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Re: Being The Booker

Gonna throw a few comments out concerning Raw now. Some huge announcements concering SNME including the Steel Cage Match, I'm excited now to see who Cena faces! DX's video sounded great, would have been a classic thing to see. Kane's buildup to his return is good, going to be intresting to see who he feuds with. Not much comments there but it's hard to comment a recapped show. Anyways, Smackdown looks good and will try to review that too.
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Re: Being The Booker

Again i will leave some quick comments. Raw looked to be a very good show, would of loved to of seen that DX promo on Rock as it sounded good, the buildup to Kane's comeback is being built up very well so far and with you mentioning that Taker looking a little taken back could that mean you are planning Taker/Kane 3? Probably not but anyway the main event looked very good and HBK goes in to the tourny as the favourite, but he surely can't win due to his feud with Rock, i expect Rock to interfere taking HBK out from the tournement. Good announcment by Hogan about Cena having to fight the runner up on the tournment in a steel cage and also like that Perfect is being inducted into the HOF. Also good preview for Smackdown i will leave a review when up.
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey dude, just some of my thoughts on the RAW Recap.

I like having Flair run the show but not so much Hogan. Co-General Managers are usually for feuds though and I see a Flair/Hogan feud in time for Wrestlemania with Eugene somehow playing a role. Maybe in Hogan’s corner, maybe admitting he isn’t retarded and turning to join Flair? Both are great scenarios.

Nice little card filler with Carlito picking up a small win over Haas.

Here’s a little humorous promo from Christian. Maybe he’ll win the Gold Rush Tournament and face Cena at Wrestlemania? I wouldn’t mind at all. Not a bad idea to use that as a signature line for Booker.

Batista demolishes Eugene in a total squash match, what more do you expect?

A great main event is set up for SNME. Cena verses who in the cage?

It’s interesting to see Kennedy wanting to feud with some Japanese stars. I was planning on maybe doing something like that in the future.

A funny D-X promo, Orton interview and Mr. Perfect in the Hall of Fame. Not a bad rundown.

What a dang good main event. Very nice way to end the show with a double conchairt.
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Re: Being The Booker

All I'm going to say, is that if Kennedy beats someone like Kobashi, Misawa, Liger, Akiyama, Marafuji, KENTA, Muta, etc....I'll hate you, forever.

If it's someone like Tajiri or Funaki, have a blast. The recap was nice, every storyline progresses which is nice.

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Re: Being The Booker

Another recap Wolf? What's going on with that?

Anyways, here's some comments. Eugene is gonna be mauled by Batista, maybe Hogan might make the save though, clearly, this Hogan/Flair thing is gonna be a big part of RAW. Although he beat Haas, I don't think Carlito and his partner will be able to take the tag belts off the WGTT. I was wrong about Eugene, he was DESTROYED, and Batista's animalistic side is shown again. Loved the Christian line to Booker about a dictionary, typical smartass humour from CLB. Cena to face the Gold Rush runner up in a Cage match? That's big. At SNME also, a big draw for the show. Kennedy to face a Japanese superstar? That should be good, maybe this KENTA guy could be the one he faces, everyone seems to love him. DX's video on The Rock would've been hilarious to actually see typed up in full, and Rhyno is still around, I was wondering what had happened to the guy, his small feud with Flair seems to be over for now, I hope he's not wasted now. Orton/Edge feud is on course now, neither man will win the Gold Rush tourny. Kane is coming back, I can't wait for his return, just in time for WM it looks like. Catastrophic main event after that weird video, Booker gets the SCM, while Orton & Rey eat the chair, and only Taker remains up on the face team, and he gets rid of the heels.

Would've actually been great to read this one in full, owell, I guess we'll have to wait for next week.


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