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Re: Being The Booker

Ric Flair/Batista/John Cena Promo-I really got into this promo with Flair and cutting a pomo on Batista's part along with making announcements including the fact that Batista vs. Cena is tonight. A good and funny promo from Cena building up tonight's match, I bet Foley will have something to do with this. Also, a good idea to have a 1 night Gold Rush Tournament where the winner faces the World Heavyweight Champion.

Hurricane vs. Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso-A basic squash match to get RVD over as he is in the upcoming tournament.

D-X Promo-Good promo with D-Generation X with Michaels saying The Rock is to blame which teased a DX split up as a wrestling fan would hope for at this time with my inner mark in effect almost always for this thread.

Carlito vs. Luther Reigns vs. Ken Kennedy vs. Eugene vs. Booker T vs. Goldust-Nice match, glad to see Booker T win as I am a huge fan of his. I hope this marks a soon push for him as his age is slowly catching up with him. I would like to see an IC Title run atleast for Booker T which I see a likely feud from Booker and Carlito from here.

RVD/Grisham Promo-Good promo here hinting a face turn from the always cocky Rob Van Dam. I might be going a bit too far out on a limb, but I wouldn't be surprised if a feud began between RVD and Bill Alfonso including some sort of Homicidal, Genocidal, and Suicidal Maniac involved.

Edge & Christian vs. Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio-A good match in this double feud tag match. A good win for Christian by cheating with the tights in hands after countering a roll up. I hope these feuds continue and one goes to SNME while the other goes to WrestleMania.

Ric Flair Promo-This nicely points out that something is going down tonight and when Linda McMahon is on the scene, Foley is not too far behind.

Kane Promo-A short, but good to get the idea across promo. I am really looking forward to how Kane is used when he returns.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Heart Throbs-A basic match to get Haas and Benjamin on the card and keep them strong. I am hopeing they get a match at WrestleMania as they are one of my favorite tag teams for the Raw roster.

Rey Mysterio/Christian Promo-A brawl between Christian and Mysterio with Rey Mysterio getting the better hand, I am looking forward to what happens next week and the following week for this fued.

John Cena vs. Batista-Great main event with a good ending having Ric Flair cheat a victory for Batista, a bit disapointed that Batista won, but with the Linda McMahon call still hanging anything could happen from here.

Hulk Hogan Promo-Well it isn't Mick Foley, but it sure is one of Ric Flair's off screen rivals this should be intresting. Nice promo and things look very intresting having these two as Co-General Managers which I bet sparks will fly. And we get a rematch for the main event this should be intresting.

John Cena vs. Batista-Nice quick rematch giving Cena his victory and showing the new powers of Hogan off. What a way to end Raw.

9/10 This was a great return show. I loved the shock of Hulk Hogan coming in as Co-General Manager making the Road to WrestleMania very intresting the night after Royal Rumble. Looking forward to SmackDown! and next weeks RAW.

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Re: Being The Booker

Opening promo- Really enjoyed this, with Flair being very in character and saying the right things. It flowed well, went a good length, Cena had some good lines to make the crowd cheer but really didn't do much. Big match announcement for tonight is great and it's up in the air for who will win. Really good opening promo to start off. Oh, and I love the idea of a one night tournament, should be fantastic.

RVD vs Hurricane Helms- Squash match. Next.

DX segment- Pretty good segment here, continues the inevitable dream feud between HBK and the Rock. Almost showed hints of betrayal in DX, but HBK seemed to stop that idea...foreshadowing anything? Should be a good feud and can't wait to see how it unfolds. Also, kept this a good length, didn't drag on.

6 Man Battle Royal- Had a good ending, with Booker sneaking in and picking up the win. Has to be a dark horse in the tournament (no racial joke there) but I don't realistically see him winning. Anyway, the match seemed okay except for the ending, not much else to say.

RVD interview- I'm calling it right now, RVD vs Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso at Wrestlemania, or RVD is in the WM main event. Either one. Really good interview with RVD seemingly turning face which is refreshing in this thread, and could mark a push for the high flyer. A real nice flow and a good length made this a surprisingly good interview.

Edge/Christian vs Mysterio/Orton- A really good midcard tag match here with a real competitive feel to it, especially being a rematch. Also provides good hype for the tournament two weeks away. Good booking with the heels winning by hooking the tights, giving them momentum going into the tournament, which could make for shocking victories. Nice stuff here. But wait...Edge/Christian shove each other on the ramp? Is this to show every man for themselves in the tournament, a feud, what? Kinda confusing, and the commentators didn't take note of it at all

Flair segment/Kane- Linda is calling? Hmm, I wonder what she wants.....well, I recently watched Survivor Series 2002 (or 03) with Austin vs GM??? That'd be sick, but a long shot. Oh, the Kane things happening are really cool and interesting. I say he comes back with his mask and destroys someone at WM and gets a ME push...well, that's what I hope for

WGTT vs Heart Throbs- Getting the tag champs on the show is good, even if the match is a filler squash type situation. Good decision of course, thats about it.

Christian promo- Started good but didn't really get anywhere with Mysterio's attack. This feud is just getting started and is definitely going to escalate in the tournament. While the promo lasted it was nice, and this was a good segment to keep the feud going strong.

Main Event- Wow, a really strong match and a good lengthy summary makes for a more entertaining read. Flair and Batista are the straight up heels, nice job here, and Cena looks to overcome but...Flair cheats and Batista wins! New champ! I hate both men, but anything is better than Cena. WAIT ITS HOGAN! HOGAN'S Co-GM! RESTART THE MATCH, CENA RETAINS, AHHHH! Great shock here and an awesome way to end the show.

Overall- 9/10. Things are really getting heated before WM and feuds are coming together nicely, lots of shocks, twists, and turns, the matches and promos are good, etc. Everything felt good but nothing truly special besides the ending, felt like it was missing something, so this didn't get a perfect. Had a fun time reading this and can't wait to see how Hogan and Flair interact. Great show Wolfy.

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Re: Being The Booker

Flair makes a match between Cena & Batista, that will be big, it's for the title, and now here comes Cena! Funny lines from Cena until Flair cuts him off. Ric Flair to be the ref tonight? Cena will retain, but I can see this feud running for a few weeks

RVD beats Hurricane with ease

HBK makes his thoughts heard, he's gonna come for The Rock sometime on SD! soon I think, and this feud can really kick off into a blockbuster

Nice to see you doing something useful with Booker, although he won't get by RVD unless you pull off a huge shocker for us. The brackets look good, I can see RVD, Orton, Taker & Christian going through, although you can't rule out Edge or Michaels, however, I think The Rock will get revenge on HBK and cost him the match

RVD hinting a face switch? Would be perfect time ahead of WM, I can really see him making the final match atleast

Hmm, Christian gets some momentum ahead of his match with Mysterio, while Edge/Orton looks to be brewing still for a possible WM match? Liking that feud idea, hasn't been done for a while in BTB, would be refreshing to say the least

Kane is coming back, but when, and where? And what will he do? I'm intrigued...

WGTT get a good win, but they need something for WM, a good tag match to solidify them as champs or to turn the belts over to another team

Rey doing some crazy stuff and actually coming out on top of both CLB & Tomko surprised me, and Rey is pumped for his match in two weeks, although he can't possibly go over Christian, but then again, he could, with Austin/Christian still in the works

O MY GOD, Batista just won the World title! Flair screwed Cena! Wait a sec, what's this? HULK HOGAN!?!
Hogan is co GM? Holy crap what a moment! And he restarts the match, and Cena wins!

What an ending to a pretty solid show, the ending was just A grade stuff, loved it, and you've shown no rust at all which is amazing after the break you've had. I look forward to more shows like this. 9/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw: January 23rd; Madison Square Garden -- Review

Flair was looking right and nice in character, and it flowed the promo well. Cena comes out and the flow of the promo goes down. Cena wasn’t looking Cena himself. He wasn’t looking in character at all. Anyway, main-event would be a good one and I am predicting something special to happen during the night. One night tournament in Tokyo? Oh, that’s gotta be awesome.

Rob Van Dam wins and advances. Rob Van Dam might be able to win this tournament because he can turn-a-round at any time. But that’s only a one big MIGHT.

D-Generation-X is looking good in this promo. HBK was well in character. Although at some points, the promo was going off. But a little bit. Rock is the one to blame that HBK didn’t won? Well, I can only say that Rock vs. HBK is booked for Wrestlemania. And man, what a match that’s going to be.

Booker T picks up the win and advances to the tournament. Glad to see him picking up the win because no one else seems to be ready, they have to do a lot to impress me. It was a nice choice though and Booker T can also win this tournament and head onto Wrestlemania 22.

Rob Van Dam’s promo was really nice. He was right in character and the promo flowed very well. I am not expecting Rob Van Dam to win this tournament now. I don’t think that he’s ready for the main-event now. Maybe after WrestleMania but can’t see it happening now.

Linda McMahon calling Flair? I don’t know what’s in store for the show but it looks like we are going to witness a very big shock later tonight. Well, we move on to the next promo and it’s WWE.Com’s Unlimited Kiss Cam. Kane!? I tell you what I am predicting. I am predicting that he’ll come back with the mask and destroy Undertaker when his match will be with Edge. I can see it happening but again, anything can happen.

Haas and Benjamin get the win in a filler definitely. Um, nothing much to say here dude. Ok, we now head onto next thing - promo. Christian’s promo was short, but sweet, he was right in character, but it could’ve done better and lenghtier. Damn, huge impact made by Mysterio.

Main-Event time – Nothing but just amazing match. Flair keeps himself involving in the match by hitting Cena with low blow and chops, etc stuffs. Batista takes out Cena and wins the title. It was really un-expected and you leaved me as my mouth wide open because of shock. What is this? Dots… Well, let me scroll down… Hogan!? Oh my gawd, Hogan’s the new Co-GM. Amazing man, loved the aftermath to it and then he restarts the match, Cena wins, yay!

Bottomline; Main-Event was superb. I loved it. Aftermath to it was also awesome. Show was lacking something, I dunno. It could’ve been better though. HBK promo could’ve done lenghtier for hyping their feud even more. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the interaction between Hogan and Flair. It’d be an awesome reading your shows. For this show, I’ll give only 7.8/10.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Good opening show, you could tell it was like any other Cena promo with him popping the jokes. Nice to see a good main event tonight with Cena taking on Batista and can't really tell if we'll get a new champion or not but I seriously doubt it.

Nothing much to comment on other than RVD squashed Hurricane, though I'll talk about the Gold Rush Tournament. Nice thoughts there with the one night tournament, that gives you seven matches and throw in maybe one more and you're whole card is set!

Nice promo there with D-Generation-X. Now the Michaels and Rocky feud can fully kick off with nothing stopping them. It's going to be intresting what this is based upon now as. You can still feel the tension between D-X though which has been going on for months.

Booker T takes the win and I'd rather see him or Carlito out of those two but Carlito might have been a little better. Guessing he has some feud coming soon to not be thrown into the tournament. By the way, the brackets certainly look good too.

Wow, face RVD coming back soon? That's certainly my first impression after reading that and if so, Alfonso turns on him. If Alfonso was to turn, he's going to bring in a former ECW alumni. But that's just speculation, nothing is certain as of now.

Tag match on now seeing as we have double main events tonight, good to see it was given time too. So the duo of E & C capture the win but wondering if the aftermath means anything? Otherwise, guess the faces get redemption in the tourney?

Gonna throw these two short promos together here, wonder why Linda would be happening to call Ric? Now onto Kane, guess he'll play some role coming forth at WrestleMania, can't really tell what he could be doing though but he seems to continue his heel role.

Like you said, routine tag title defense for the WGTT and wonder what they'll be doing come 'Mania. No teams stick out as to who they could really feud with as of now so something must be planned. Otherwise, can't really tell anything now.

Mysterio and Christian is going to be great come two weeks, it's been going on for a while and this must be the blowoff match. Christian needs to move onto his feud with Austin and I wouldn't go as far as to say Austin might even interfere in that.

New champion I'm shocked! WAIT! It's the Hulkster! Wow, and he's the new co-general manager. Kinda thought something was up whenever Linda called but never thought Hulk Hogan! Cena retains and now Hogan and Flair seem set for some type of "feud"
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

A great opening promo to start off the show, Batista v Cena tonight should be great but expect Cena to get the win seeing that Batista has not been pushed like in real life and shouldn't get the title. Good confrantation between Cena and Flair at the end of it.

Squash match here putting RVD over but shame for Hurricane, would like to see him bin his Hero gimmick.

Good promo here by DX, continuing the build up for the eventual Rock/HBK match nicely. I expect HBK to attack Rock on Smackdown sometime soon, maybe this week?

Good match showcasing all 6 men's talents, very suprised to see Booker T get the win as he has been in the Tag Team Division for a long while now would of thought Carlito would of won it. Well whoever faces him in the first round has an easy win there as i don't think Booker will go any further in the tournement.

Decent short little promo by RVD sounding very confident about the tournment, don't think he will win it.

Good match here, advancing both feuds at the same time. Christian and Edge get the victory after Christian pins Mysterio, good booking here.

Haha Kane scares Candice and would be nice to see Kane return with the mask but either way would do, aslong as you give Kane the World Title.

Meh another short match here no suprised with WGTT easilly beating the Heart Throbs who are just basically a jobber tag team in this thread.

Mysterio gets revenge for his loss attacking Christian and the match is made, and that should be great. Some other announcements are made for next week, Raw looks to be very good next week.

Great booking here with Batista stealing the title thanks to Ric Flair, only for the decision to be changed by Hulk Hogan! and Cena keeps his title. Hogan/Flair should be an interesting combination and i have a small feeling that Hogan will face Flair at Mania, not too keen on that to be honest as that match would of been great 14 years ago but not today and would rather see them put over a young wrestler like Carlito, Orton etc.

Overall it was a great show here with a shocking ending with Hogan coming in as the GM. 86/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Really pleased to see much interest still in the thread, with eleven reviews for the return show. I'll get to returning those reviews in the near future, hopefully Friday night, if I'm not out, or Saturday late morning / early afternoon. Only situation I need to really address from the show would be the Edge / Christian situation. I'm not planning on them feuding any time soon, but I added in the tension after the match just to show that despite they worked well as a team, there is still bad blood between them from their past feuds in real life and this thread, so with Christian getting the fall, he wanted to rub it in Edges face.

I'll post the Smackdown recap now (with one promo in full), and the Raw recap for next week on Friday, before posting the full Smackdown on Sunday or Monday. Not expecting the type of reviews like I did for Raw, and not expecting as many either, but hopefully those interested still at least read the recap as there is plenty going on...

Smackdown; January 26th; Madison Square Garden:

The show opens with an announcement from Linda McMahon that an interim GM will be announced tonight, and that Chris Benoit will also make his decision regarding WM 22.

Jamie Noble retains the Cruiserweight Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match against Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman and Tajiri, surprisingly cleanly, forcing Kidman to tap out to the Dragon Sleeper.

Chris Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel. He opens up, talking about his loss at The Royal Rumble, before moving on to the news that Bret Hart will be relinquishing his GM responsibilities in order to extensively train for his Wrestle Mania showdown with Kurt Angle.

Jericho then says he doesn’t know who the replacement is, but on tonights Highlight Reel, he will unveil him. Jericho waits for a moment, until RICKY STEAMBOAT makes a shocking return to the WWE, on screen anyway. Steamboat exchanges pleasantries with Y2J, before making his objectives known that he plans on keeping things in shape on Smackdown up to Wrestle Mania, but he wont be playing any politics, and will call things as he sees it. Steamboat then goes on to say that he will attempt to make the Smackdown product the most exciting brand today, and plans on backing up both statements immediately, signing a WWE Championship rematch for next weeks show, with Brock Lesnar to defend against Chris Jericho … in a sixty minute Iron Man Match!!!!
Y2J is overjoyed with the news, and thanks Steamboat for the awesome decision, but then, Brock Lesnar enters the arena, looking far from pleased. Paul Heyman at first tries to suck up to Ricky Steamboat, before turning nasty, telling him in just five minutes, he has already become the worst GM in the Smackdown Brands history. Steamboat fires back, stating he must be second worst, considering Heyman wasn’t given the interim role after his last run. Brock has words with Steamboat, but tells The Dragon that he will overcome Jericho, and move onto Wrestle Mania. This leads to a showdown with Jericho, which almost ends up in a fight, but Steamboat orders Lesnar from the ring, trying to diffuse some of the tension.

Highlights from The Royal Rumble are played, including Austin vs. Goldberg. Following the video, Cole and Tazz discuss the ramifications of that match, stipulating Goldberg is gone, and that Austin will be taking an LOA for the next few weeks in order to recover from the brutal streetfight.

Paul London defeats Simon Dean, with Dean unable to gain any revenge from being eliminated by London at the Royal Rumble, as Paul London scores the three count after hitting a 450 Splash.

Backstage, Chris Benoit arrives to a rousing reception from the majority of the Smackdown locker room. Benoit soaks up the well wishing, before making a beeline to Ricky Steamboats office…

The Cabinet trio of JBL & The Basham Brothers take on Matt Hardy & AMW, with James Storm pinning Danny Basham with a roll up, giving the faces a well earned victory.

In the ring after a commercial break, Michael Cole awaits Kurt Angle for an in ring interview.

**Medal** Kurt Angle enters the arena to an UNREAL amount of heat, just four days removed from Sunday, when he was roundly cheered, until his heel turn on Bret Hart. Angle is met with thick ‘You Suck’ chants, which get Angles temper boiling. He steps into the ring, and twirls around, to yet more heat. The Olympian takes a mic, and pushes Michael Cole aside, wanting to address the fans.

Kurt Angle: On Sunday Night, in this very ring, in this very arena, you people deafened me with cheers … and because I did what I HAD to do, tonight, you’re telling me I suck??


Kurt Angle: Very funny. But something more funny, is how fickle you imbeciles really are.

Heat from fans

Kurt Angle: One minute, you’re getting on Bret Harts back, like he just assassinated a popular American president.

More heat for Angle

Kurt Angle: Next?? You’re giving him all your sympathy. Why?? Because of a few crocodile tears?? Because Bret cant wrestle?? Who gives a crap.

Faint ‘Bret’ chant starts

Kurt Angle: Chant all you want, he wont be here. No doubt he’s sitting on his fat ass right now, crying to his lawyer, desperate to back out of Wrestle Mania.

‘Asshole’ chant

Kurt Angle: But back to my point. Why did you all suddenly change your opinion of Bret Hart on Sunday night?? I’m dying to know. How about you, Michael Cole. Any ideas??

Cole looks a little feared, with Angle at a breaking point.

Michael Cole: Kurt, to be honest, I think it’s just compassion. The fans realised what wrestling a match co-

Angle slaps Michael Cole, knocking Cole down, grabbing his face.

Kurt Angle: SHUT UP!!! I heard you harp on for weeks about how great Angle vs. Hart would be. You knew his physical condition. I knew it, New York, West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, Africa and the whole freakin world knows about it. But that didn’t stop your support.

Fans give Angle more heat.

Kurt Angle: Bret Hart, is a scumbag.

Huge heat for Angle

Kurt Angle: And I can explain it too. Bret Hart is pissing over everyone’s reputation in the locker room. We’ve all got our problems, but we don’t broadcast it week in, and week out. What about me?? I wrestled the main event of Wrestle Mania three years ago, with a BROKEN NECK.

Angle looks around, hoping for a reaction

Kurt Angle: Where’s my sympathy?? Huh?? Bret Hart is whining about risking paralysis, quality of life, and so on, and so on, blah, blah, blah. Kurt Angle, every night, puts his body at risk, just for all of you. And this is the thanks I get?? After all my sacrifices for this business, you choose Hart over me??

Fans start a louder ‘Bret’ chant

Kurt Angle: Well, you know what?? SCREW ALL OF YOU!!! I’ve given you people what you’ve been begging for, and now you’ve got it, you don’t want it anymore?? Tough. You made the choice, live with it.

More ‘asshole chants’

Kurt Angle: And with Bret gone now for the foreseeable future, I’m gonna keep myself busy. Starting next week … I’m beginning my road to Wrestle Mania, my road to Bret Hart, by driving through his past, hit and run.

Fans quieten down

Kurt Angle: And that starts with Bret Harts former tag team partner, The Anvil, Jim Neidhart.

Little response

Kurt Angle: Jim, heads up. Enjoy your ankle for the next seven days, because next week, I’m snapping it like a twig and keeping it as a memento.

Heat for Angle. Angle looks around, shaking his head in disbelief.

Kurt Angle: You don’t realise. Everything I’ve done these last six months have been for all of you. I made the WWE Championship second best, I relinquished my spot in the Royal Rumble to give you all what you wanted. Now you have it, you’re telling me I suck??

Fans cheer

Kurt Angle: Well … from this Angle … YOU SUCK!!!

Angle drops the mic, and climbs through the ropes, dropping off the apron, and walks up the ramp, looking extremely angered.
Maven cheats to a victory over Hardcore Holly, using the tights for leverage to gain a three count.

Wrestle Mania Recall - XI - Lawrence Taylor defeats Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event.

Triple H storms into Ricky Steamboats office, irate having been runner up at the Royal Rumble. The Game demands to know what his role will be at WM, hinting at getting some type of title opportunity. Steamboat bluntly tells Triple H that he better forget his title aspirations this year, as he blew his shot by not winning the 30 Man Rumble. Triple H is furious, and tells The Dragon that this isn’t over, and some way or another, he will main event WM.

Triple H is then in action, teaming with La Resistance to face The Rock & The AFA, who make for an entertaining trio. As always, The Rock and HHH display their awesome chemistry throughout, but in the end, it’s surprisingly Ron Simmons scoring the decisive fall, pinning Grenier after a huge spine buster.

The show closes with Chris Benoit, taking an in ring segment to make his Wrestle Mania decision. Benoit first of all talks about his run in The Rumble, then talks about his twenty years in the business finally coming together. The Wolverine gives Raw credit, and puts over Cena as a great champion, but right now, he feels he’d look like he’s running away from a challenge on Smackdown if he left, and officially declares he’ll wrestle for the WWE Championship at WM.

Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: 26th March 2006
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Music: Shinedown; Shed Some Light & Atmosphere

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar OR Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Winner of Gold Rush Tournament

Dream Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart


News and Notes:

The well kept secretive return of Hulk Hogan came as a major shock this past Monday Night on Raw, with absolutely no speculation beforehand that The Hulkster would be back. Despite being named as the Co-General Manager, do not expect Hulk Hogan to appear every week, as it is likely he will work selective dates only. It is not expected that Hogan will be kept in the role of Co-GM for a long period, with The Hulkster likely to stick around until Wrestle Mania only.

With that, it would seem likely after the events from this past Monday Night, Hogan will be involved in a feud with his old time rival, and now Co-GM, Ric Flair in the run up to March 26th. This leaves a question mark over the return of Mick Foley, who had been heavily rumoured to be keen on a final match against Flair at WM. has reported this past day that after a backstage showdown, which was exclusive to Unlimited during Raw this past week, Charlie Haas will challenge Carlito for the Intercontinental Title, this coming Monday. It comes, after Carlito got involved in a war of words with the tag champions backstage during Raw, where Carlito hinted at the prospect of him holding double gold. Now, Carlito has agreed to defend his title this week, and should he win, he gets to find himself a partner to challenge Haas and Benjamin in Tokyo the following week. Neither title is set to change hands, with the mini feud being set in place to tide both Carlito and the tag champions over, until it is time for their path to Wrestle Mania to become clear.

Expect Shawn Michaels and DX to turn up the heat on The Rock in the coming weeks, most likely by calling out The Rock on Raw with some humiliating promos, in order to goad The Rock over to face HBK.

A title change is not being ruled out next week on Smackdown, but most indications would point to Brock Lesnar retaining the title over Jericho over the sixty minute period. The finish is expected to be clean either way, with bookers wanting both champion and challenger to look as strong as possible going into Wrestle Mania.

Steve Austin is slated to return at Saturday Nights Main Event, after being given a few weeks off to recuperate from his Streetfight at The Royal Rumble.

After facing Jim Niedhart this coming week, Kurt Angle is also expected to face Bob Backlund and Roddy Piper, as he builds towards facing Bret Hart - who is in intense training at the moment - at Wrestle Mania.

Many are surprised that Triple H is beginning to express his real life feelings on his current situation in the run up to Wrestle Mania, and his matter of factly made statement that he would main event Wrestle Mania has worried quite a few backstage that The Game will use his pull to push his way into one of the title match ups on March 26th.

Expect the first couple of announcements to be made over the coming week concerning Saturday Nights Main Event. John Cena is likely to be defending the World Title at the show, possibly in a rematch against Batista, who he defeated, via restart this past Monday.

Despite a number of debuts being set up in the very near future following the hiring of Super Crazy, Psichosis, Juvi Guerrera, Kid Kash, Jamal, formerly of 3 Minute Warning, but set to be given a gimmick change, along with the impending debuts of MNM and Bobby Lashley from OVW, and a return to the ring from Dave Finlay to in ring action, none of these are set to come before Wrestle Mania, with no spots currently open for any of these individuals to make any long lasting impact. Expect all to be introduced off the back of Wrestle Mania though, as many cuts are expected to be made directly after March 26th.

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Re: Being The Booker


Cena vs. Batista tonight should be a great main event match, and although I cant see past Cena keeping the title, I feel Batista will run him close. Cena comes out and cuts a nice promo on Batista and Flair, giving the match tonight some heat to it, and this was a good start to the show

3 hour Raw, 8 man tournament – sounds great

RVD beats the Hurricane, and gets a win which he has been lacking as of late. I’m sure he’ll be on the mania card, but I don’t know where at the moment. Maybe a MITB ladder match, with both Raw and Smackdown???

Loved the DX promo, and HBK starts off by blaming the Rock. Think we could be seeing the Rock in Tokyo in a few weeks time

Huge shock to see Booker get the win in the 6 man match, as I know you aren’t a great fan of his, and I was sure that Carlito would be in to continue his push. Always nice to see some shocks though, and this was one

Maybe RVD is turning back to a face, which could be interesting, as he didn’t get anywhere as a heel. Don’t see him winning the tournament, but he will be in the main event by the end of the year

Edge and Christian get the win over Orton and Rey, and the way the tournament is set up I can see Edge and Orton making the final. Good match here, which progresses the two feuds nicely

I think Flair will regret not taking the phone call from Linda, as I cant see him being the GM at the end of the night now

Kane is coming back, and it’s good to see it getting a little bit of hype, so when he comes back he does make an impact

WGTT keep the belts in a filler match, and they are running out of challengers I think. Something has to happen soon to liven the division up

Christian promo was a little short, and didn’t really go anywhere, other than self-promotion, but Rey ends it by coming in an brawling with Christian. Rey comes out strong, which is good to see, and it puts him over nicely

Huge shock to see Batista take the belt from Cena, and it does give him the rub that he has been looking for a while, but I cant see him leaving the arena with the title…. Especially as Hulk Hogan comes and makes his way out to the arena. Hogan as the co-gm should be good in the short term, even though I don’t see it lasting a long time. I think the catchphrases will get overdone by then, but a brief Hogan/Flair feud should be good. Cena retakes the title, by beating Batista and ending the show on top


Good to see that the Benoit and the GM situation will be decided upon tonight, so they don’t get drawn out over too long. Expect Benoit to stay on Smackdown, and maybe someone like Heyman reprising his role as interim GM, or it goes to one of the McMahons

Noble keeps the Cruiserweight title which is good after the loses he has suffered over the last couple of weeks. Think he may lose it at Mania though

Ricky Steamboat as the new GM sounds great, and hopefully there will be good stuff from him. Jericho vs. Lesnar next week in an Iron Man match sounds great, and I get the feeling that we may see a title change in the match. Don’t know why, but Jericho vs. benoit has a lot more appeal than Lesnar vs. Benoit does, and I cant see what else Jericho may do at Mania, other than maybe a match which HHH if it doesn’t happen

London gets the win over Dean just to tie up a loose end from the rumble. London continues to be showcased as a future star, and will hopefully continue his slight push

Good to see AMW and Hardyz get the win over the Cabinet, and maybe Matt Hardy will get a US title shot in the next few weeks now. Great to see him continue his push, and a US title shot could be what he needs

Great promo from Angle, with a lot of home truths in it, and technically, Angle did come off looking like a face, as he did give the fans what they wanted. Angle as the intense heel is going to be good, and this feud is really going to pick up in the next few weeks

Maven gets a shock win over Holly, and continues his push towards nowhere really

HHH still wants to main event Mania, and I can see him trying his best to get involved in the title division, but it not just coming off.

Great to see the AFA in the main event, and even better to see them get the win over La Resistance and HHH. Surprised to hear nothing from the Rock tonight about HBK, but the feud is being built up slowly I guess, which is good to see

Benoit stays on Smackdown as expected, and turns down the offer from Raw. (in which thread have we seen that happen recently….) Kind of a flat segment to end the show, but one that had to be done really just to confirm the Mania match. Looking to see Benoit’s feud pick up soon I think

News and Notes

Some good news there, especially concerning the new debuts to come, and it will be interesting to see how all those people fit into the roster, and it will kind of be a new breed coming into the thread.
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Re: Being The Booker

Since you only did a recap i will just post some quick comments. This show looked to be very good, another big suprise in Steamboat coming in as the GM and Lesner/Jericho in Iron man match would be great, have a feeling that since Benoit is staying on Smackdown that Jericho will beat Lesner and face Benoit, but Brock v Benoit would be great aswell. The Kurt Angle promo was very good aswell, with Angle showing some intensity and Angle v Bret will be great, good to see Angle doing what he did with HBK before WM 21, bringing back the past of Bret's life facing Neidhart next week. The only problem with the show is that there should of been one more match. Next week's Smackdown is going to be great however most likely because of the Lesner/Jericho match.

Some nice news and notes aswell. The additions to the roster looks very good and will be interesting to see how you use them all.
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Raw - January 23rd 2006 - Review

Flair/Batista/Cena Promo
I got into this promo right from the start. Cena was very much in character by cracking jokes and such. Batista versus Cena for the title later on tonight should be pretty good. Flair as the heel GM is interesting.

Hurricane vs Rob Van Dam: Squash match. All there really is to say, only there to put Van Dam over.

DX Promo: Decent promo, could have gone a little longer. Ah yes, a Rock/HBK feud should be great. I cannot wait for this to unfold Wolfy.

Six Man Match to Enter Gold Rush Tournament: Pretty good match here, seemed like the action was good in this and looked like a fun match. Glad to see Booker win and get into the title scene.

RVD Promo: Van Dam face turn I see. Good decision as him being a heel just didn’t feel right. Van Dam was very in character, saying all of his catchphrases and his sayings. Good job with this promo.

E & C vs Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio: Great tag team match. I like this Christian/Mysterio feud and I love Mysterio on Raw. Good choice of having the heels win, though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mysterio for the night.

Flair Promo: Hmm, Linda urgently wants to speak to Flair. Someone’s getting fired? Or maybe a Co-GM or something regarding Raw? Man the suspense is already killing me!

Candice/Kane Promo: Kane! I’m making my prediction, I believe Kane will return… at Saturday Night’s Main Event!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs The Heart Throbs: Decent filler tag match, good way of getting the Tag Champions on TV though. Glad that the Tag Champs retained.

Christian/Tomko/Rey Promo: Christian starts the promo by talking crap about Mysterio, in character to say the least. There’s Mysterio! Exactly like I thought. Rey vs Christian should be good in two weeks, hey are you writing that Raw in full length?

John Cena vs Batista w/ Ric Flair as the Special Referee: Great match, Cena seemed to have it all going for him, but no! Batista wins the title! I can’t believe it. What’s this!?!? HOGAN!! He’s the Co-GM!? No wonder Linda wanted to urgently speak to him. He restarts the match! Cena is fired up from the get go and reclaims his title!! Excellent way of ending the show.

Matches/Booking: 5 matches is good for a regular two-hour show. The recaps were good in length but could have been slightly longer. 8/10

Promos: Really your strong part on this episode. All the promos were great and everyone was in character, something I myself have to work on. 10/10

Spelling/Grammar: Saw no mistakes. 10/10

Realism: This definitely could have been a real show, nothing farfetched or unrealistic about this show. 9/10

Entertainment: I was entertained while reading this show. Only real dry spots were the two squash matches [WGTT vs Heart Throbs; RVD vs Hurricane] 8.5/10

Length: 12 pages is pretty good for a regular two-hour show. 9/10

Overall: 91/120 = 90% = A. Great show Wolfy. Really thought the promos for this week’s show were excellent. The matches were pretty good, and loved the dramatic sequence of events with Cena losing the title but then regaining it. The Hogan promo was meh but everything else made up for it. Other than that, excellent show and can’t wait for the next one.

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