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Cant believe I have to wait a whole week to read the next show!! I will be counting the days and I hope they come around real quick.
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man when are the next shows, i cant wait!

Toothless Agression
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RAW- The Fall out from SummerSlam. (sorry it's late)

RAW ; August 23rd 2004; Vancouver

Highlights are shown of the RAW action at SummerSlam

Opening video

J.R: We are off the back of the hottest event of the Summer last night, SummerSlam was off the charts. Champions were crowned, but none more so deserved than Chris Jericho, who last night became the NEW World Heavyweight Champion after making Randy Orton submit to the Walls of Jericho.

King: Yeah, but lets not leave out the point that it was only due to interference from Mick Foley!! An impartial GM? More like a jealous old man J.R.

J.R: More on that later folks, but right now -

J.R is interrupted by the Evolution music.

J.R: What the hell??

Evolution make their way to the ring, all three are clearly angry. Orton takes the microphone.
Orton: Mick Foley, get out here right now, you mutilated freak, come on Mick, we know youíre here, show your faceÖ.

Foleys music hits. He stands at the top of the ramp as Orton signals for Foley to bring it on. Foley then takes the microphone.

Foley: Now Randy, I realise that youíre perhaps a little frustrated about losing the Heavyweight Title last night, but if you want to blame anyone, then perhaps you should look at the two men in the ring. Thatís right, your buddies, Ric Flair and Batista. Remember Randy, I warned all three of you, that I wouldnít tolerate you three cheating at SummerSlam, I banned your team mates from ringside, but they didnít listen, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wasnít gonna just sit and watch as you three just ruined a great match. These people donít want to see that every week, and especially last nightÖÖ

Flair cuts in

Flair: Cut the crap Foley!! You are jealous of us. Youíre jealous of EVOLUTION!! You just couldnít bear to see Randy Orton hold the Worldís Title!! You screwed Randy Orton out of the Title!!

Foley: I think thatís a little inaccurate. I mean I wasnít the one who made Randy Orton tap out to the Walls of Jericho!!

You tapped out chants begin in the arena, and this makes Orton irate.

Orton: Shut up, shut up all of you. SHUT UP YOU CANUCKS!!

Crowd Booís, and then they begin to call Orton an asshole.

Foley: I hope you realise Randy, that right now, Vancouver thinks you are an asshole!!!

Crowd cheers.

Foley: Now I kinda figured that you guys would be pretty upset tonight, so what I done earlier today to make up for things was sign a match for tonight. You see Chris Jericho is gonna defend his newly won WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, right here tonight, in Vancouver (crowd pops), against Evolutionís Ö.BATISTA!!! Have a nice day!!

Orton is irate in the ring as Batista is shocked about having a title shot tonight.


We return with the arrival of Chris Jericho to a huge ovation from the crowd.

1st Match:
Cade & Jindrak vs. OíHaire & Palumbo
Finish: The two teams battle evenly throughout the contest, with Cade & Jindrak taking the advantage, but Palumbo fights back quickly and tags his partner. OíHaire then cleans house, and whips Cade into the Jungle kick from Palumbo. He then goes up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Jindrak pushes him off the top to the floor.
Palumbo then fights with Jindrak in the ring, but Cade takes Palumbo from behind and gets a school boy. He grabs the tights for the three count and the cheap victory.

Evolution chat in their locker room about tonightís match. Orton says that the match shouldnít be happening as he was robbed of the title at SummerSlam. He says he doesnít mean to disrespect Batista, but really it should be a rematch for Orton tonight, but as long as Evolution have the title, itís all good.

Interview with Chris Jericho. He talks about finally proving all his doubters wrong, and proving that he is not a one time wonder. He then says itís ironic that he lost the Undisputed Title at Sky Dome, and then won the World Title at Sky Dome. Jericho then says that itís even more ironic that tonight, after defeating an Evolution member for the title, he gets to make another one tap in his first defence.

Edge, Christian and Trish chat. They talk about all three of them retaining their titles at Summer Slam, and then they talk about Trish giving an Open challenge to any Woman on the Smackdown roster to face her one on one at Clash of the Champions.

2nd Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Sting vs. Christopher Nowinski w/Molly Holly
(Before Sting enters, Nowinski bad mouths the crowd and also the fact that Sting hides behind face paint. He is about to keep talking, but Sting cuts him off and the match begins)
Finish: Sting goes to work early on Nowinski, with a number of chops, kicks and punches. He hitís a DDT for a two count. Nowinski comes back with a chop block and begins to work on the leg of Sting. He locks in Stings finishing move, the Scorpion Deathlock, but Sting makes the ropes. He then fights back and hitís a suplex, and then a number of Stinger Splashes to the challenger. Sting then goes for a power bomb, but Nowinski fights out, and rolls up Sting. He gets a hand full of tights, but Sting still kicks out. Nowinski goes for a clothesline, but Sting ducks and spears down Nowinski. Sting then locks in the Deathlock and Nowinski has no option but to tap out.

A limo pulls up outside the arena and J.R and King wonder who could be inside. The driver steps out and opens the door. We see the person step out of the limo to a huge gasp, as we then see that it is VINCE MC MAHON!!


Mr. McMahonís music hits and we see the chairman of the board make his way to the ring. He is visibly angry as he takes the mic. He shouts for someone to cut the music. He then begins to talk.

ďLast night, at SummerSlam, I was EMBARRASSED!! I was embarrassed by what you people would refer to as an icon, a Canadian hero. That man that I am referring to is the General Manager of SmackDown, BRET HART!!Ē
(Fans cheer, and begin a long Bret, Bret, Bret, Bret chant.)

ďSHUT UP!!!!Ē (More Bret chants. Eventually they die down and Vince begins to talk again)

ďThat man made a fool out of me, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman. Well this is a message for you Bret. If you think that screwing me over was a good idea, so these people will love you again, then you have made a HUGE mistake. Donít forget who the boss is around here. If I wanted to, I could fire your ass right here right now!!Ē (BOOS) ďBut I donít want to do that. No, the way I see it, is that one day Bret, I will have the last laugh. I will make you look like a fool. Just like in Montreal back in Ď97!!Ē
ďOne day Bret, donít forget, I may not be allowed back on SmackDown, but I can turn up at any PPV, and boy, there are a lot coming up. That brings me to my next point. As you all may be aware by now, next month from the Nassau Coliseum on September 12th, WWE will present itís first ever Clash of the Champions PPV.
As you all know, it will be a RAW vs. SmackDown event. But what types of matches will you see? Well, at that event, you will see DREAM matches, that you never thought you would see. Itís gonna be World Heavyweight Champion vs. WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion, Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions. All sorts of matches.
And for the first time EVER, there will be a McMahonís choice match, in which I will choose a RAW superstar to take on a Smackdown superstar in a match stipulation, OF MY CHOICE!! Plus the Main event at Clash of the Champions will be 5 Superstars from RAW vs. 5 Superstars from SmackDown, in a 10 Man Tag Team match. The two GMís will make his five choices over the next week or so for the match. And next week, right here on RAW, I will name the Superstars of my choice to meet at the event. Thank you and goodnight.Ē

J.R and King then talk about that Earth shattering announcement from Mr. McMahon. They talk about all the matches he has just announced and who may be competing in the matches. They then talk about SummerSlam being the greatest of all time and then show a video package of the event.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is congratulated on his title win at SummerSlam from many of the RAW superstars.


3rd Match:
Gail Kim & Victoria vs. Jazz & Molly Holly
Finish: In a pretty boring match, Jazz and Molly control Victoria for the most part until she tags in Gail. Gail cleans house and goes mad, still in rage from her defeat at SummerSlam. She looks set to hitís a moonsault off the top, but she is then distracted by the presence of Trish Stratus. She jumps down and goes after Trish, meanwhile, she leaves Victoria in a two on one situation, and Jazz applies the STF for the tap out victory. Gail tries to break the hold, but is too late as the match is over. Trish walks up the ramp, laughing at Gail.

Backstage, we see Kane. He is pacing around and then decides to barge into Mick Foleys office. He tells Foley that SummerSlam wasnít a proper match, as he didnít have to be pinned. Foley tells him that he agreed to the match and really has no rights to a rematch. Kane then says he wants one more match with HBK, a match where Michaels cant run, or hide, a match that will settle the score once and for all. Foley then says that he will sign next weeks main event for RAW to be Kane vs. Shawn Michaels - in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!! Kane smiles and tells Foley heís on.


We return with Edge & Christian in the ring. They talk about retaining the titles last night, and then say that as they have brought back the Conchairto, then now is a good time to bring back the 5 Second pose!! This gets a pretty good response from the crowd. They then say that they have a perfect pose for tonight, of the chumps that they beat last night at SummerSlam. Edge then puts on a wig of dreadlocks and puts on a glove, and Christian puts on a gold shirt, and mask. Edge then says that this is for the benefit of those with flash photographyÖ.Edge gets on one knee and looks to the hand with the glove on, as Christian rubs himself as Goldust would do. Then Booker T and Goldust come in through the crowd and stand behind E & C. They do the exact same poses and then wait for the champs to turn around. When they do, Booker and Goldust kick ass. They leave E & C laying as they hoist up the tag titles.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon and Foley go face to face. Vince tells Foley to keep up the good work and that he at least has one GM to be proud of. Foley says nothing as he doesnít trust Vince at all.

4th Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Rhyno vs. Tommy Dreamer
(Before the match, we are told that RVD is currently in hospital, recovering from his injuries at SummerSlam)
Finish: Tommy gives his all in a fascinating Hardcore encounter. He hits Rhyno with trashcans and stop signs and a DDT off the top rope, but eventually, Rhyno comes out on top and decimates Dreamer, before finishing him with a Gore.


Flair - Foley showdown, Foley tells Flair that tonight, if Evolution disobey his orders and interfere in the main event, then he will suspend all three of them for a long, long, time.

Rhyno interview. He talks about being the most dominant force on RAW in the last six weeks and then challenges the winner of the Jericho - Batista match to face him next week with the title on the line, if they have the guts. Jericho interrupts. He tells Rhyno that when he defeats Batista tonight, he will have no worries about taking down the man beast next week.

Booker and Goldust chat, they say that if Edge and Christian can disrespect them, then they can disrespect Edge and Christian.

Batista prepares for his title match up next.


Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Batista
Overview: Jericho uses his speed to his advantage early on by ducking Batistaís early power moves, and landing with his own moves. He hitís a dropkick, and a fore arm for a two count. Batista then hitís a fierce clothesline on the champion. He then begins to dominate Jericho with a huge power slam, and then a superplex. He goes for a Powerbomb, but Jericho fights out. Y2J bounces off the ropes but walks right into a SpineBuster. 1...2...KICK OUT!! Batista then goes to work on the back of Jericho. He hitís a number of elbows, and kicks as well as a hard suplex and a back drop. He applies an abdominal stretch, but Jericho eventually fights out. He then hitís a bulldog and goes for the lionsault, but Batista gets the knees up. He then hitís a the sit out Powerbomb, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE. Batista is irate. He goes for another, but Jericho rolls through and gets a roll up, 1...2...KICK OUT! Batista tries a clothesline, but Jericho ducks and hitís the Breakdown, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho then goes up top and tries a splash, but Batista catches him. Jericho rolls throu8gh, and applies the Walls of Jericho. Batista taps and Jericho retains!!!!!
Jericho celebrates in the ring, but Evolution then run to the ring. They begin a three on one attack on Jericho. Foley then runs to the ring. He tries to help Jericho, but the numbers become too much. Orton nails Foley with the RKO. He then goes to the outside and picks up a chair. He hits Jericho and then lays out Foley with four chair shots, and another RKO, this time onto the chair.
The three Evolution members stand tall in the ring as the show goes off the air.

Apologies for posting late. I was away for the weekend. Smackdown will be up tomorrow. Replies would be grateful. Thanks.
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Another great show

Promos were a classic, I loved the Edge and Christian promo.

Your matches are too short give some detail in them that might spice it up a bit

Great show tho 8/10

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Great show again WB! Was a long wait but I guess it was worth it..Nice build up to the feuds..I am suprised that Kane-HBK is still on and thats good. Next Week: Steel Cage, I doubt it will happen but you can never predict WWE or should I say WB!
Clash of the Champions is gonna be off the hook, a great idea for the show..I was kinda hoping the 10man tag to be before the main event which would be the World Heavyweight Champion v WWE Champion, But its still great.
Nice build ups and as Legend Killer said, the E&C promo was nice..
I cant wait who McMahon will choose as the two superstars, I know its Bret from Smackdown, but from RAW...Still a mystery..maybe The UnderTaker in a Buried Alive Match...:P

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very nice show man like always 9/10

check out my BTB.. BACKLASH 2004 NOW UP!
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Thanks for all those replies guys. Legend Killer, I would love to write full matches for the shows, but due to a lack of time, I find it impossible to do for two shows every week.

Sibtain, I'm glad you enjoyed the show, and you have actually given me a brilliant idea that had totally slipped past me that I will use for COTC.

Thanks Game, your shows are also extremely good and well written, I always try and read them, and post a comment. Thanks guys, and Smackdown is up today.
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Smackdown - Fallout from SummmerSlam!

Smack down : August 26th 2004; Saskatoon;

Video package of Smackdown SummerSlam matches.

Opening video

Cole: Smackdown is still is shock from the effects of SummerSlam!! Mr. McMahon lost his position on Smackdown, Chris Benoit is the NEW United States champion and Goldberg is the NEW WWE CHAMPION!!
Tazz: What a wild night it was Cole. And I have a feeling tonight is gonna be off the hook.
Cole: Thatís right. Tonight, Bret Hart has signed a major six man tag match as tonightís main event! It will be Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and A-Train vs. John Cena, Kurt Angle and the NEW WWE Champion, GOLDBERG!!

Goldbergís music hits to a huge pop and a standing ovation from the capacity crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Goldberg is ready to talk, but he is drowned out by Goldberg chants from the fans. Eventually it calms down and Goldberg talks. He talks about it being a honour to win the Title in a great arena like Sky Dome and a wonderful country like Canada. (He gets a huge pop for that). He then pays respect to Kurt Angle for a great match and a great opponent.
Angles music hits, and the former WWE Champion makes his way to the ring.
Angle takes a mic and begins to talk. He says he is not ashamed to admit that he was beaten by the better man at SummerSlam. He then says that he found a new respect for Goldberg, but he will not give up his quest for the WWE Title. He then says that next time that they go one on one, the outcome WILL be different.
Goldberg says he looks forward to going one on one with Angle again some day. They then shake hands as we cut to a commercial.


1st Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
La Resistance w/ Rob Conway vs. A.P.A
Finish: A typical tag match with APA dominating the early going, but soon the champs cheat to get an upper hand. Bradshaw gets the hot tag, and drills all three La Resistance members. He goes for the Clothesline from Hell on Dupree, but Grenier pulls out his partner, and Bradshaw doesnít hit. He grabs Grenier by the hair, and pulls him onto the apron. Meanwhile, Dupree distracts the referee, so Conway can hit Faarooq and Bradshaw with the French Flag. Grenier then makes the cover and the three count on Bradshaw.

Interview with Bret Hart. He is first asked about the Clash of The Champions PPV. He says he will be watching everyone in action tonight for his 5 man squad at the PPV main event 10 man tag. He is then asked about Vince McMahon. He says he done what he had to do, and is glad to see the asshole gone.

Eddie talks with Benoit. He congratulates Benoit on winning the triple threat at Summer Slam, but he then makes it clear he wants the title. Benoit says he would love to defend the title against Eddie anytime. They shake hands and prepare for their match up next.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman arrive.


2nd Match:
Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. T.W.G.T.T
Finish: In an excellent technical tag team affair, the advantage continues to sway throughout. Both teams make constant tags, and the crowd really gets into the match. WGTT take control and single out Eddie for a minute. He soon fights out and tags Benoit. Benoit is given a huge ovation when he makes the tag. He goes right through both Haas and Benjamin with German suplexes and then a Headbutt on Benjamin, but as he goes for the head butt, Haas pulls Benjamin out of the way, and Benoit hitís the mat. Haas and Benjamin then take control over Benoit for a long period of time, before he battles back and makes the tag to Eddie.
Eddie then takes down both men, and sets up Haas for the Frog Splash. This time, Benjamin pulls Haas out of the way, and Eddie misses. WGTT then try a double team move, but Benoit cuts it off. He locks in the Crossface on Haas, and Eddie kicks Shelton out of the ring. Eddie then gets o the top rope and hitís the Frog Splash to the back of Haas. Benoit lets go of Charlie and Eddie gets the cover, 1...2...REGAL pulls the referee out of the ring. Eddie and Benoit are both irate and go after him. Benoit fights with him on the outside, but in the ring, this distracts Eddie and Benjamin takes advantage by rolling up Eddie. He grabs the tights as the referee re-enters and makes the three count. Benoit looks around to see what has happened, and as he turns back to Regal, Regal hits him with the Brass Knucks. He hightails through the crowd as Eddie chases.

Dawn Marie goes to Bret. She tells him that she and A-Train have issued an open challenge to any Inter Gender team on RAW to face them at Clash of the Champions.

Ivory and Bull Buchanan talk backstage about tonightís Fatal Four Way to see who gets to face Trish at C.O.T.C.

3rd Match:
Kanyon vs. Billy Gunn
(Before the match, Kanyon bad mouths the Canadian people and then brags about his victory over Rey at SummerSlam. Eventually he is cut off by Billy Gunnís music)
Finish: In a short match, Billy takes control early with a flurry of punches and then a few high impact moves. Kanyon then cheats to take the advantage with a thumb to the eye, which goes undetected by the referee. Kanyon works on the arm of Billy Gunn for a long period, with a number of Arm Bar moves and so on. He goes for the Grand Kanyon, but Billy fights out. He sets up Kanyon for the Fame Asser, but Kanyon moves, he then throws Billy out of the ring. He points the referee to look at something on the outside, and then undoes the top turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Mysterio runs into the ring and dropkicks Kanyon from behind and Kanyon hits his head off the exposed turnbuckle. Rey runs out through the crowd, and Billy hitís the Fame Asser to pick up the win.


We return with Lesnar and Heyman in the ring. They badmouth Bret for screwing them and Vince for the Vanilla Ice wannabe. They then say that they will put Cena behind them and move on to regain what is rightfully his - the WWE Title. Angle enters. He tells Lesnar that he will have to get in line, because there a number of guys that want the title shot, and Kurt Angle tops that list. They have a war of words and then they both agree that they will find out soon who is getting the first shot at the new champion.

Benoit searches for Regal backstage.


4th Match: Fatal Four Way with winner facing Trish Stratus at Clash of the Champions:
Ivory vs. Jacqueline vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia
Finish: In a short, fast paced match, Ivory looks dominant for most of the match, with the other three ladies unable to fight her off. Eventually, they triple team Ivory, and go at it. Jacqui gets the best of the action, kicking Torrie out of the ring and then working on Nidia. Ivory gets back in and fights with Jacqui. Jacqui gets the best of the exchange, but Nidia then hitís a double clothesline taking down both women. She goes at it with Torrie, but Torrie overpowers her and throws Nidia out of the ring. She then hitís a DDT on Jacqui and the a cradle on Ivory, getting the three count. Torrie will now face Trish at C.O.T.C.

Interview with John Cena. He talks about stepping up at SummerSlam. He says now that he is on the top level, he will make sure that he becomes THE major force, not only on SmackDown, but in the WWE. Big Show interrupts. He tell Cena, that just because he won one measly match, it doesnít mean he is the top dog, and definitely not the major force on SmackDown- Big Show is. Cena then makes fun of the 500 pounder before walking off. Big Show is irate.

Benoit finds Regal. Regal backs off, but he doesnít realise that Eddie Guerrero is standing behind him. Benoit and Guerrero then attack Regal.

Torrie interview. She talks about proving to the world at COTC that she can hang with the best women wrestlers by beating the best RAW can offer.

Bret then comes to the entrance way. He announces that next week on SmackDown, Goldberg will defend the WWE Title in a triple threat match against, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar!!! He then announces that the two losers will automatically be included in the ten man tag match at COTC.


5th Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo sr. vs. Spanky
Finish: Chavo is taken down early in the match by Spanky, getting the unlikely upper hand. Chavo senior then gets involved and helps Junior take control of the match. He wears down Spanky for most of the remainder of the match. Spanky fights back eventually and attempts a Tornado DDT, but Chavo senior distracts him. Chavo then hitís a superplex, and covers Spanky for a cheap win.

We then see Bret Hart chat on the phone to a RAW superstar. He never mentions the name, but he does hint that there are two of them, and they will jump to Smackdown next week on RAW!

Goldberg prepares for the main event up next.


Main Event: 6 Man Tag:
Brock Lesnar, Big Show & A-Train vs. Goldberg, John Cena & Kurt Angle
Finish: The match begins as an all out brawl with Goldberg and co. on top. Goldberg starts the match with Lesnar, and over powers the 285 pounder. He tags Cena, but Lesnar cheats to take the advantage. He tags Big Show, who takes down Cena, and beats on him in the corner. Big Show & A-Train then double team Cena and make continuous tags between one another.
Cena eventually gets back in the match and makes the tag to Angle. Angle is on top form, and hitís a Belly to Belly on all three opponents. He then hitís the rolling German suplexes on A-Train, before tagging in Cena again. Cena hitís the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and a spinebuster on A-Train before tagging in Goldberg.
Goldberg uses his power moves on Train, but Lesnar then attacks Goldberg from behind, giving his team the advantage again. Big Show then dominates Goldberg, but out of nowhere Goldberg connects with a Spear. He tags Angle back in, and Angle applies the Ankle Lock. A-Train then saves Show with a bicycle kick to Kurt.
The trio then work on Angle for a long period, but Angle hitís the Angle Slam in desperation before crawling to make the tag to Goldberg.
The match breaks down into an all out war with all six men brawling. Lesnar hits Goldberg with an F5 but the champion kicks out at two. Angle hitís the Angle Slam on Lesnar from behind, and then Goldberg hitís the Spear, followed by the Jackhammer. He then makes the cover, 1.Ö2.Ö3!! Goldberg pins Lesnar thanks to Angle. He and Angle go face to face ahead of next weeks triple threat as the show goes off the air.

There is this weeks edition of Smackdown, more replies would be great, and RAW will be up on MONDAY.

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Nice show as usual WB! Its good to see a triple threat fued for both the US and the WWE Title but I feel Goldberg will be heading into COTC as the champ. The 10 men tag match is already starting to build up superbly. Most probably Angle/Brock will be in it and Foley might have quite a team too. The two superstars comin to SD makes me wonder who they could be, its always interesting to be in suspense.
And the idea you were talking about, I believe we are gonna have a great Buried Alive Match..
Great work WB! COTC WILL be great!!

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Great shows as usual man. You have just picked up from where you left off at SummerSlam.

First class as usual, by the looks of things, Jericho could be in for a long run as Champion, with a few title defences against high midcarders and perhaps a feud with Kane for No Mercy, and maybe HBK afterwards.
What a bombshell for COTC with a McMahons choice match. I'm guessing Bret will be in it, maybe against Taker, or someone from Evolution, or maybe Vince!
Loved the E&C promo, nice to see that this feud is also continuing.
Foley and Orton is also a brilliant feud. Maybe it will end at COTC, or maybe No Mercy.
Again, fantastic show, 10/10.

Another quality show. the triple threat next week should be a great one, but I cant see where Goldberg goes from here.
I guess Cena will be feuding with Big Show for the time being then, I hpe this doesnt drag down Cena after all the great work you have done making him a star recently.
I'm also looking forward to seeing who jumps to Smackdown next week, I have a feeling it could be HBK or Kane so that they can both move on from there historic feud, and into another great one. 9/10.

I am really pumped for COTC, some great matches are already in the works, It could even surpass SummerSlam!
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