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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review:

A pretty good Heat to start the show and an excellent video package.

Nice and surprising choice to start off the show with the WWE Championship Match. I could feel the tension by the way you wrote this match. That was great. I thought Jericho was going to win this but Lesnar goes the heel route and steals one. Bottom line, great opener and if that was as good of an opening as it was, then this pay per view will rock.

I see you used queue, and I will agree with Arjun on this one, we do say line in this but if that's how they say it where you are, then that's cool. Just don't overstress it as Arjun said. Anyway, great promo, and I thought it was a funny little bit when Mysterio walked in front of Michaels.

Nice Angle promo, he seemed very in character, I'm hoping Bret signs the contract, but somehow I think Angle will get in the way...

Okay the Legends Battle Royal is next. This was a pretty good match, eliminations were going fast, and I guess that's understandable seeing as well, these guys are old lol. Dusty Rhodes throws King over! Somehow I can see a match coming out of this, but if not, I won't be disappointed.

A very nice Carlito/JBL promo. I can definitley see a match coming out of this seeing as most Interpromotional feuds begin at the Royal Rumble.

Onto the Tag Team Title match, and very fast-paced action in the beginning. I like that a lot. A lot of near falls in the beginning adding to the fast action. This may have been one of the best tag matches I've read in a long time. Nice submission action adding to an already good match. This tag match had everything a tag match needed and was a great middle match to get the crowd going.

Eugene/Gene promo...... GOLD!

Now for the first and last time ever, Goldberg vs Austin! I felt the street fight stipulation really added to this match because if it was not added, this match would probably be really bland in my opinion. Liked how they both were using their finishers to try and end the match quickly. I'm glad Austin won, I just could not see him losing to the "almighty" Bill Goldberg lol.

A very funny Wrestlemania preview video. I agree with Arjun in the sense that the Kennedy and Kane parts were the funniest. I'm expecting the pay per view of the year when Wrestlemania comes around from you.

A nice promo with HHH and Mysterio. I can smell a match between the two of them...

YES! Bret Hart vs Angle and Angle turns heel! I could definitley see that coming after the promo earlier in the show. That match should be fantastic.

The World Heavyweight Championship match was great, Undertaker kept popping up after everything which was great. Cena uses some of his old moves which is a nice touch. I knew Undertaker would not pull this out seeing as he never does lol. Cena wins clean which is a pretty good thing. Great match.

Nice Christian/Austin promo, I can see some sort of feud after this.

And now the Rumble match! Ahh this match was awesome, probably the best Royal Rumble match I've read.. I think it's hard to write multiple man matches because you have to write everything that's going on, and I think you did a very good job of doing that IMO. Anyway, this Rumble match was great, and I am very glad that Benoit won.

GREAT PAY PER VIEW!!! I was entertained throughout, man that was awesome.

10/10 Great job.
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Re: Being The Booker

You are the best booker on this forum bar none. Great show, 10/10
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Stevienightheat1
You are the best booker on this forum bar none. Great show, 10/10
Don't bother replying with that kind of crap. Anyone could post 10/10. That doesn't help him at all.

Originally Posted by Andy3000
If I had multiple personalities I'd play with myself all day. I wouldn't even leave the house. I'd give my girlfriend a penny every time she correctly guessed which one of me was fondling her.
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Spartanlax
Don't bother replying with that kind of crap. Anyone could post 10/10. That doesn't help him at all.
Well i could not find one thing wrong with his show so that is why i did that.
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Re: Being The Booker

amazing as always but out of curiousity when are u starying up again?
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Re: Being The Booker

^ Yeah Wolfy it's been ages since your last post, where you at?


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Re: Being The Booker

Great way to start off the show with the WWE championship match. Kinda surprised by it. Very good match to get the crowd into it. Wish Jericho would have won, but Lesnar steals one by using the tights for levereage. 8.5/10. Great job so far.

Decent legends battle royal for a spot in the Royal Rumble. Good win for Dusty, elimanating King to win. Wish King won, but a good choice to have Dustoy go in. 7/10

-Catch phrase of the year right here- "Son..I invented Cool"- John "Bradshaw" Layfield to Carlito. LOL!!

Good Tag Team match here. Like the WGTT getting the win. Didnt want the Brotherhood to win, as I am a HUGE fan of the WGTT. 8/10

Good thing you added the Street Fight stipulation, or this match would be boring. I was not to high on this match, but you proved me wrong. Great match. MOTN so far. Austin wins and Goldberg is gone. YES!!!. 9.5/10

Didnt think Bret would sign the contract. He did it, but Angle forced him andf turned heel. Should be a great match.

Great World Title match. Taker never wins it does he? Nice seeing Cena use some his old moves and ge the win. 9/10

Good seeing RVD and Mysterio start off. This was probally the best Royal Rumble I ever read, and probally the best on this forum. MOTN. Dont like Benoit winning, as he won it 2 years ago, but o'well. 10/10

OVERALL: 9.5/10. I enjoyed in the whole way through. Didnt like some of the decisions, but GREAT PPV netherless. Best PPV this year so far.

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Re: Being The Booker

I'm new to these boards, but I'm far from new to fantasy booking and e-feds. This is very much like any of that, and I've got to say... you're damn good at it. In fact, between this thread and Forever Delayed's thread.. I'm feeling inspired to start up my own thread sometime down the road here.

I'll go ahead and give a brief review of your Royal Rumble pay-per-view. It's not much. Basically, I don't know enough about the history of this BTB to know what ALL the characters on your roster have been doing. BUT, thanks to your detailed outlines and "hype videos" prior to your matches, I'm quickly brought up to speed on the most important things.

The Lesnar/Jericho match just FELT like a hot opener, and that's something every Royal Rumble should have, every year. The Tag Title match was well-written, but it just seemed a little like filler. The Hart/Angle portion of the PPV was DEAD ON. I mean it. I could definately visualize that whole bit playing out on television, and your fans' reactions were perfect. I really hate it when BTB threads have fans reactions down to a routine. Boo the heel. Cheer the face. No matter what. Blah... live crowds are meant to be unpredictable every now & then.

The Austin/Goldberg match, in my opinion, was AMAZING. Nothing sort of it, by any means. I don't think anyone could've done a better job booking that match, honestly. I NEVER thought I'd enjoy reading through (or trying to visualize) a match between those two men. I mean sure, the intensity would be off the charts.. but, you took us one step further, by making us FEEL and FEED OFF that intensity. Your description of the staredown was so in-depth, and the match was filled with great back-and-forth action. And, best of all, you created a memorable match (for me), without having either guy do something they wouldn't normally do in real life. It really was the MOTN.. more so than the Rumble. I don't care what anyone says..

The 'Taker/Cena match was decent enough. It served its purpose, and it kept a good pace. To be honest, I would've liked to have seen 'Taker win the title and take it to WrestleMania. After all, he's got the undefeated streak.. and he's won the title at 'Mania only once.. but he's NEVER walked in with the title, and defended it. I think it would've made for a great story for The Undertaker to have to face an opponent at 'Mania.. with not only the risk of losing his undefeated streak.. but also his championship. Meh.. still, good bout.

The RR was a fine match, also. Obviously, anyone who writes out an entire battle royal like that has put time & thought into it. Everything was planned out well, I thought. Your entrances and eliminations all seemed to be something along the lines of what the WWE would actually do. Nothing too wild, which is both bad & good..

Still, I just cannot believe how well the Austin/Goldberg match turned out to be. It really, really left me stunned. I didn't think it could be done that well. Hopefully, you'll come back soon and continue to book shows of this caliber. I'm interested in seeing where everything's going & where all the pieces fall, leading into your WrestleMania. I definately see some matches already being put into place as possibilities.

Potential WrestleMania Card (??)

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Christian

- Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio

** Champion vs. Champion Match **
- Carlito vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

- Eugene vs. Gene Snitsky

Those are just a few I could see goin' down. Obviously, Benoit will challenge someone for a major title, and Bret/Angle will be on there. So don't leave us all wondering TOO long.. things are getting real interesting.
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Renegade™
^ Yeah Wolfy it's been ages since your last post, where you at?
Well, I doubt you'll be seeing anything from this thread until at least August I'm afraid. All the school people will be out for summer any time soon, which means we'll get dozens of threads being started up from people lasting no more than two weeks at a time, and I dont really want the thread getting lost in that major shuffle.

I also still need to hand out about a dozen reviews for the ones I got for the Royal Rumble, and want to build up a number of shows to allow myself a chance to be able to have time to give reviews for the reviews I get.

Sorry for any disappointment caused


Being The Booker
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Re: Being The Booker

You can always sticky your thread so It wont get pushed back.
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