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Re: Being The Booker

I know its way late Wolfy, but after I get my show up, I will come back and review the Rumble. Sorry but I have been away on vacation and I have had little time.

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Re: Being The Booker

Well Wolfy, I still do not fully understand why Benoit had to eliminate so many people? It shouldn't of been him. A giant like Big Show or someone relatively big if anyone, but Benoit eliminating all those guys just doesn't, nor will it ever work for me. I mean even my absolute favorite wrestler, the Undetraker (who I was fine with you masking him lose cleanly) would never get away with getting that many eliminations in any of my booking threads.

I know you explained the Benoit thing as hard as you could, and you don't jave to explain it to me any better if you could because I just cannot accept the fact (soory).

But like I said overall the Rumble was excellent (even though I gave you the lowest grade on my harshest review ever).

PS: I'll remember to PM you when I get KOTR up.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being The Booker

Best Royal Rumble Decision in the world for Chris Benoit to eliminate thirteen people and win it. He has been a nothing in this thread for two years, just hanging around the thread, hanging around the main event level, but not winning the title.

Elimination thirteen people is fine with me as I said. He is one of the best wrestlers, if not the best, and he should have done it much earlier in this thread. You know I am a big Benoit mark, but he is the most underutilized guy.
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Re: Being The Booker

I loved the Royal Rumble. Beniot winning just added to it. 13 People, wow, whats the record in real life?????


P.S. reply to my thread WWE-TNA

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry about the time taken for me to get the review up, but it is about half done so hopefully will be up by the weekend
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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Royal Rumble Review

Opening Video Package seemed real well, perhaps one of the best that you have ever done in my opinion and as you can guess, I liked it. All of the major players for the Royal Rumble Match seem set for it and emotions are going to be flowing tonight. Iím ready to see who is going to win the Rumble here tonight.

Wow! Totally shocked to see the WWE Championship opening us up as the opening match but now I remember you wanting to try something different. Seems that this match is not only going to be braun but also brains. Lesnar continues to target Jericho and I like him using Jerichoís hair to break the rules constantly. Lesnarís been dominating for awhile and Jericho needs to see if he can get himself back into this match. He does whenever he pulls down the ropes and Lesnar is sent flying, come on Jericho! Crossbody through the air, now that was just a sick move and now I see Jerichoís part of domination coming. Jericho goes crashing into the steel steps, thing seem to be changing in the favor of the champion now. Sunset Flip, can Jericho take the title? No. Wow that Belly to Belly Suplex sounded sick just in the way you wrote it. Seems like Jericho is starting to get back into the match, itís been competitive so far but whoís going to take the gold? Jericho is starting to feel it now, his trademark running strike knee just took place, can Jericho take advantage? Spinebuster! That changed the entire course of plans for Jericho. As expected, Jericho gets the hand up and is alive from the Bearhug from Lesnar now. Jerichoís starting to get into his normal phases, he dropkicked Paul Heyman, took down Lesnar with a dropkick and enziguri, maybe the ending of the match is coming soon for Jericho in his advantage. Nice reversal with Jericho getting a rollup from the Military Press Slam. Walls of Jericho! Now is Jerichoís time, can he take advantage of what he has to do right now? Lesnar reaches the ropes and now it seems being doomed for Jericho, what else can he do to keep Lesnar down? DDT! Lionsault! But now, Paul Heyman had to break it up, makes since considering Jericho took him out a while earlier. Heyman distracts Jericho, F-5! Lesnar could win it right here, no referee to make the count. Kick Out! Lesnar could maybe not win it here but I think he is going to. Lesnar cheats, intresting way to open the show with him using the tights to gain the win, something Iíve never seen him done. Otherwise, looks like Brock Lesnar is heading onto WrestleMania 22 as the WWE Champion.

Here comes D-Generation-X. Wow, that many people in a line to pull a little ball for the Royal Rumble? Haha, seems funny to me. Michaels and Rock confrontation, the heat is building up and WrestleMania 22 is going to be great. Nice comment from Rock kicking ass in the Rumble and HBK follows up with ďIntresting, Iím Doing the Same ThingĒ I loved that and the Royal Rumble Match is going to be great later on tonight.

Angleís making it short and sweet, heís going to get that contract signed tonight. Iím not so sure what to think but Iím guessing yes. Some violent way, Angle is going to get that contract signed and as expected, the dream match of Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart will be set and the date, WrestleMania 22, I canít wait!

Well weíre set for a little relief from the long WWE Championship Match here and now itís a Legends Battle Royal. As we can tell, Lawler doesnít want to be around that snake and I think somebodyís getting the snake tonight. Haha, King trips over a cable and the snake comes at him but he jumps the barricade. Comical match here and Roberts puts the snake on Kamala but he jumps out of the ring himself, that would have been priceless to see. Well King gets his revenge by coming in and dumping Roberts over, which was a surprising early elimination. Accidently, Duggan eliminated Neidhart, whoís next to go? Rhodes finds himself getting an elimination now and he takes out I.R.S before any damage with the brief case can be done. Yes, Roberts comes in and gets his revenge as the originator of the DDT nails a DDT in the ring on Lawler. Aw, Duggan is gone and now itís down to five more competitors. Tatankaís getting pumped up but to no avail, Jannetty takes him out for the elimination. The King is on fire here tonight and he makes another elimination right now taking out Jannetty. Lawler is looking to take it but he lowblows Animal, then just simply tosses him out and now itís down to two men. Rhodes backdrops and takes the win here tonight with the King being left to dissapoint. Right after Coachís comment was hilarious about something King is good at.

Here comes the United States Champion, JBL. Now here comes the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Two champions, one building, can it hold them? JBLÖĒSon, I invented coolĒ That is a comment of the night right there. I absolutely loved that line from JBL. Carlito counters back but the ending was great.

Now itís time for some World Tag Team Titles action! Wow, weíre not even underway and the rest of the Brotherhood has been banned. Seems to be the WGTT bringing out the best of the wrestling ability from Jordan and Mack tonight. Haas moves and makes the tag, here comes in my opinion the greatest part of the WGTT, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin seems pumped up for the match, heís pulling off a lot of good moves right now. Hurricanrana from Benjamin, oh no Mack is able to kick out quickly. Here comes OJ. Jordan vs Benjamin could be a decent match as their styles could work together real well. Letís see what weíre going to get from these two. Well didnít last long as Benjamin tags in Haas. Nice move by Jordan, reversing the armlock, flipping over, nailing a armbar drag and then applying the armbar! Mack could be starting to feel it now and he could be very well using his power to his advantage soon. Brotherhood is trying their best tonight but it doesnít seem like they can get it done right now. As expected, they begin to focus on one person, Haas is going to have to try to get out of it now. Little bit of cheating now coming from Jordan, good little spot there with him making sure Haas canít get the tag. Well seems that Haas is beating down now on the Brotherhood, tag coming soon? Haas fights out, nice to see Haas nail the Superplex and can the WGTT take the win right now? Finally a tag in and here comes Benjamin. Lots of action in between with some interference adds to the match. Haas is on fire in this match, heís doing just about everything for the win here tonight. Shot to the head, could we see a title change here by cheating? YES! Benjamin breaks the count and keeps it alive. Nice to see Benjamin show off his athleticism and then we see the leapfrog. Always loved that move! Itís over Haas takes the win and now we still have the Worldís Greatest Tag Team as champions! Good little match there and it helps WGTT in their defenses and now who is next?

Haha, great little segment there and little bit of interaction between Raw and Smackdown continuing on here tonight. Even though it was short, I still liked it and the ďThatÖWasnít My FaultĒ part was a classic. Iím guessing Eugene drew 25-30? He seems real excited and Iím wondering what number he did end up getting.

Video Package adds some more to the feud and it seems like itís been a long feud which it indeed has been since around Nemesis. This is going to be one downright brutal match. Goldberg wants this over quickly, heís going for the Spear! Wow, weíre seeing a all out war with finishers being attempted everywhere here. Stone Cold is on fire here tonight, Iím totally expecting him to take the major win. Wow out of nowhere, Lou Thesz Press. Surprised to see Austin being busted open already but the bell shot would do it I guess. Goldbergís doing everything he can to do and that powerslam position to a Spinebuster sounds nice. Steel chair shot had a lot behind it if Goldberg went flying to the outside of the ring. More finisher attempts and as you said, it does indeed make sense in why they does this because this is a desperation match. Wow, Austin nailed Goldberg with the chair repeatedly and Goldberg kicks out? Thatís insane! Another spinebuster but this time coming from the Texas Rattlesnake, this has been a brutal match so far. Spear! Will Austinís career end now? NO! Glad to see you have a Spear early on and finally Goldberg nails it but Austin kicks out. Monitor shot, thatís got to hurt. Stone Cold counters the hip toss and sends Goldberg into the table, I see a change of match coming right about now. Ten atomic drops and I wonder if Austin will be able to capatilize on that now? Another spear! Wow, Goldberg is definently the major player so far in the game dissing out and taking all of the pain. Chair Shot from Austin, then Superplex, here comes another change of the tide right now. Itís a war now with fists flying everywhere. Haha, poor Chimmel! He got his ass speared by Goldberg. Well it could have been Lilian, she would have been speared and had her wrist broken by Haas. Stunner! Finally Austin is able to manage the Stunner but I donít think the ending of the match is coming now. Beer break, I expected Austin to take on sometimes during the match because it might be his last beer (but I doubt it!) Well I guess getting hit in the face by steel steps would stop your momentum too huh? Another Stunner, come on Austin take the match right now and end Goldberg for me! Goldberg cheated, lowblow! Oh well itís a Streetfight and Austin kicked out anyways. Jackhammer time? Kick to the nuts! Haha, I loved the way you worded that. Stunner, no Goldberg kicks out. Spear, Jackhammer and still, still Austin has the guts to kick out, wow he really doesnít want to retire. Another Stunner, wow Austin finally takes it here and now no more Goldberg! Very brutal and sick match, probably not as brutal as your Foley/Flair match but that canít be topped with the participants. Otherwise, a good match and could be a match of the night contender bar the Rumble.

Another WrestleMania video package! Wow, I love these things! Ric Flair as bellboy! Batista as the luggage guy! This should be a classic one. Wow Kennedy already here and I love when he pops out and screams Kennedy! Snitsky of course finds himself in there and poor Snitsky, he made Trish lose. Haha, I smirked when I saw him say legend because I knew what was coming, wonder what Orton did to him?!?!? Cheaterís room seems vicious to me, poor guys getting their asses handed to them. Rico in his hometown! Showgirl, totally expected that since he hasnít been in a commercial yet and it is in Las Vegas. Lesnar is the other baggage carrier, F-5 onto the bed! Dean wonít take no for an answer and he didnít even get an answer! Wow Austin as poker dealer. Hit Me, and Austin doesnít understand! Wow, the Rock performing but Foley blows it! Kane sets the damn place on fire, wow the ending was great. Definently one of, if not your greatest WrestleMania promos and ranks with one of my favorites, the Christian Stripclub promo.

Mysterio interview, well let me change that, Triple H promo was good. Not the best of the night but certainly was a good one. Seems that they want to take advantage of changing rosters and heading back to their former stomping grounds. Iím wondering to see who is indeed going to take the Rumble win here tonight.

Great video package outlining this fantastic journey for Angle to get the contract signed and as Angle said, one way or another, the contract will be signed tonight. Wow, getting this thing underway quickly with Hart already coming out. Hart is letting down all of his fans but Angle wonít take no for an answer. Cheap pop from Angle, heís really determined to get that contract signed no matter what it is going to take to do so. Hart certainly is showing he canít do it but Angle wants the match and will he get it? Well different type of Angle heel turn as I thought he would have attacked Hart more than grab his head? Anyways itís official as our first match for WrestleMania and things are about to be heating up with the intense Kurt Angle!

Video package shows that this feud hasnít been your typical World-Heavyweight Championship match because it is hard to use ĎTaker. Hopefully a good match will make up for the lack of build up here tonight. Cena does seem confident tonight and he wants to be the one to take out the Undertaker but can he do it? Leg Drop on the aprons by the Undertaker which is a typical move from the legendary one. Another leg drop this time being on the back of the neck, Undertaker is focusing on the neck for the Tombstone methinks. Undertaker is dominating so far and with that huge Running Body Splash, he could have taken out Cena with some air being taken out too. Iím starting to think that if Cena wins, itís going to be him gaining the momentum at the end to win. Well nevermind, Cena nails the throwback onto the challenger. Miss the charge into the corner, then a Big Boot from Undertaker and ĎTaker looks to be reeling right now. Chokeslam countered into DDT by Cena but can he pin ĎTaker? Five Knuckle Shuffle being laid down early but Cena wonít get the win here, heís going to need to attempt the F-U if he wants to end it soon. As expected, he goes for the F-U but Taker slides off. Snake Eyes! Followed by with a clothesline from Undertaker and Cena could very well lose the title here tonightÖbut I doubt it. Traditional Undertaker there with him nailing the Old School. Heís looking to start wearing down Cena now and take the title with him. Tombstone attempted but rollup by Cena, Cena made sure not to fall victim to the Tombstone. Triangle choke coming and a traditional submission move from Undertaker, can he choke out Cena now? Well Cena does break the hold and now he could have saved himself the championship. Wow, running clothesline doesnít take down Undertaker and wonder what Cena is thinking right now? Undertaker nails his patented DDT which is one of my favoritest DDTís. Just curious, what is the Freestyle, Iíve never seen of (unless you renamed it) or heard of it. STF-U but Undertaker grabs the ropes and makes sure the match continues, been a good one on one wrestling match so far. Iím surprised to see Cena nail the Spinebuster out of nowhere. Nice reversal by the Deadman with him nailing the Chokeslam after the Axe Handle attempt. Tombstone reversed but F-U, is it going to end right here? No! Undertaker kicked out from the F-U, a few select have done that before. He nails a second one, itís over and Cena is still the champion.

Here comes Captain Charisma, more buildup for Austin vs Christian! Wow I loved the sign language part, very creative! Haha Tomko being his normal ditzy self. Christian certainly told Austin tonight and this is starting to heat up. Damn Christian at the end told Austin and Iím expecting another meeting between these two, say Saturday Nightís Main Event?

Here comes a great match in my opinion, Iím pysched to see who wins and even though itís going to take awhile, itís going to be well worth it! Wow, as Tazz as JR said, these two have a history and Iím wondering if we wonít see an early elimination with these two. Both of these men are putting on a good showing to begin the night off with. Hurricanrana and Bronco Buster, Rey Mysterio is on fire here tonight. Oh wait, here comes Mr. KennedyÖ.Kennedy! Kennedy introduces himself which had to happen. Nice to see Alfonso helping his client and making sure losing is not an option tonight for Mr. Monday Night. Double Sprinboard dropkick sounds cool and now Mysterio is showing his advantage in the match tonight. Another Cruiserweight enters in Chavo Guerrero and I see him playing the cheating path tonight. Wow, Guerrero uses his brains and comes off the ropes with a Crossbody. Maybe some good Cruiserweight action is coming? Lying, Cheating, and Stealing but it doesnít work on Kennedy for Guerrero. Now Kennedyís cheating to win, wow what a Rumble this has been and will be. Kennedy is thinking smart here tonight and this alliance between himself and Chavo will break off sometimes soon. I can see it now, Snitsky eliminates someone and then he yells out ďThat Wasnít My FaultĒ Snitsky plays the big monster but RVD takes him down. If the other competitors were wise, they would be teaming up on him now. I find it funny how you have the announcerís buildup the lower mid-carders as if they actually have a chance to win this thing. Storm does seem to be on fire right now though taking down all competitors. Spin-a-Roonie! Early on by the Bookman and not wise to do. Well nevermind, clothesline from Snitsky. Mysterio is doing everything in this match and the Seated Senton proves it. 619! Early on 619 from the Human Highlight Reel but to no avail. First member of D-X entering and wow, itís Cade! Wow I see Kane must be coming back soon, funny little move there with Cade wanting to eliminate someone, maybe even himself from being scared. MorganÖSnitskyÖAn Alliance? Huh??? Well first elimination and it comes in the wrath of Snitsky and Morgan. RVD takes down Snitsky but now someoneís gotta take down Morgan. Here comes our legend, Dusty Rhodes. Hopefully a short stay is in order for the American Dream. Little bit of nostalgia though with Rhodes nailing the Bionic Elbows repeatedly and who will take the elimination for Rhodes? Well here comes the D-X Leader, Shawn Michaels. With him now in, Iím expecting Cade to jump right back into the ring. Another quick elimination with HBK nailing his patented finisher, James Storm is gone and only now will D-X start to gain their momentum. Some fond memories there from í95 with HBK skinning the cat and nice to see HBCade help him back into the ring. Masters targeting D-X? That could not be good for the young Masters here right now. Wow, Masters is about to get his ass handed to him for slapping The American Dream. Masterlock on HBK, come on letís get HBK out of the ring now. Advantage D-X with Jindrak entering. So now itís everyone against D-X, the ending of D-X could be coming very soon if D-X is not careful. Wow, I find it funny that Cade does not have a freaking clue why he is being beaten up right now. Here comes the Rabid Wolverine, a personal favorite of yourís and in my expectations, the one to win. Wow damn early elimination by Benoit taking out Morgan. Another elimination to Benoitís credit and he is on fire now! Damn, Benoit has three in under a minute right now, how is he doing this!!! Well all is not going well for the D-X clan now with HBK being the only one left until Reigns shows up. Benoit is on fire and Iím starting to wonder how many people he is going to eliminate tonight. Little bit of revenge there with Benoit dumping out Snitsky and now that is six eliminations. Low bridge and damn, another star is gone. Before it is over, there will be nobody left until somebody comes out! Great elimination there and liked it, possibly a creative and one of the best eliminations possible on RVD. Nice counter by Benoit from the headscissors to the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Damn, well seems that Kennedy finds himself leaving and I must say, he had a good showing in the Rumble but nothing like Benoitís so far! And now the Rated R Superstar, Edge makes his way. Certainly going to be intresting to see the war between Edge and Benoit. Edge did good and targeting Mysterio could be good since he is tired. Wait things are about to pick up as JR would say now that The Rock and HBK are in the same ring. Itís on now, HBK taking on the Rock and WrestleMania couldnít come any earlier? Wow, Rock Bottom early on but Michaels makes sure he doesnít fall victim. Well Michaels goes for SCM but DDT from Rocky! Of course Edge has to steal the spotlight and end the war between HBK and The Rock. YEAH! Simon Dean is coming out and this could mean some comical moments in the Rumble. Well um, nevermind that damn Rey Mysterio ruined Simonís moment! Well there goes Benoit, Sweet Chin Music but he is still in, that is a positive. Surprised to see HBK gone that quick, Rocky makes the elimination and adds even more fuel to the fire than there was to begin with! HBK gets his revenge which I liked and Edge helps him! Nice to see the elimination from HBK and Edge taking out The Rock. Well Triple H certainly seems to have the control of the ring now that big names are gone and I see him dominating it very soon. I find it funny you talked about Triple H taking forever, anyways here comes a personal favorite of mine and even though he has no chance, Iím excited for London. Haha if he doesnít do something stupid! Wow, what a way to come in, Springboard Hurricanrana! Well now the war between Edge and Benoit can begin and itís going to be hard hitting. Crossface! Too bad it doesnít matter but still itís a big spot for Benoit to ware Edge down. Wow, I didnít know you had the same thing happen between both of them last year at the same time, this is insane! Londonís taking down everybody but then gets taken down by Hardy, damn you Hardy, damn you! Haha, Goldust blows gold-dust into the eyes of Triple H. Spear from Edge and this could end the momentum from Goldust tonight. Here comes a big threat in The Animal. Heís certainly going to be doing some intense power moves. Well seems that Goldust was indeed a filler for the Rumble taking the major elimination from Batista and the beast has been unleashed. Batista face to face with Triple H, now the former members are teaming together, there is a major moment to remember. Another quick elimination there and Maven is gone via his former rival Paul London. Haha, Maven is about to get his ass jumped by Batista. Poor Maven but I guess thatís what he does deserve. Kinda similar to the beatdown Hassan got in the real 2005 Royal Rumble. And the Legend Killer, he could be a shock winner if he is taken right. Wow and I thought Batista and Triple H face to face was enough, now if Flair was there everything would be complete. Mysterio takes down The Game and The Animal, wow this has been a great rumble match and a great read so far. Well Edgeís dreams have been ruined and it can all be courtesy of his current rival, Randy Orton. Good elimination there and Iím expecting somewhere down the road, perhaps SNME a match between Edge and Orton to end it all? The second half of AMW, I see him being eliminated soon though. Everybody seems to be going after Mysterio but Mysterio is finding a way to stay in the match. Whoa! A double 450 Splash and that was sick, mad props to London! The coolest superstar in the WWE is here! Oh damn, Carlito got weigh laid by Batista! Captain Charisma enters and with so many big names being gone already, he could be a major player in the Rumble. Well Orton ruins Christianís momentum by his backbreaker and Christian needs to get up right about now. YES! Mysterio is gone and all credit is given to Captain Charisma. Christian eliminates his rival and Iím excited. It was a good run though for the Human Highlight Reel, 52 minutes is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Reigns finds himself unlucky. Heís definently going to be the target of action once he steps into that ring. Harris stayed longer than I thought and he finds himself gone from Triple H. Damn, Christian got taken down by the Twist of Fate, come on Christian. And Hardy nails the Leg Drop, Christian is taking a lot of abuse so far. Haha, Carlito took advantage! Nice elimination there and Hardy pays for going up high. I loved the ďDas not CoolĒ comment by Carlito on Reigns and Batista. Certainly seems like something he would be doing. And now itís time for the US Champion, JBL to enter! Well Reigns stay didnít seem too long and he finds himself gone via a former rival of HBK and now D-X has everything going wrong for them. Well Eugene certainly did get a great number, heís number 30! Wow sick elimination there and poor London, he takes another huge bump with the Powerbomb over the ropes! Well Eugeneís stay didnít last too long either but at least he had some fun while being in there. Well Triple Hís plan goes down the gutter and it basically never even got off the ground. Carlito nails the Back Cracka, finally someone got Batista down. Triple H is trying everything he needs to do to make sure that he is able to win and he even helps the elimination with Orton. Haha, well Evolution basically never even happened there and Batista and Orton beat down on their mentors. Well sad to see JBL go but another elimination added onto the monstrous list of people Benoit has eliminated. Well Benoit seems to be getting back on fire now as he has eliminated JBL and Batista plus all of the other wrestlers he eliminated earlier. He certainly seems to be the one taking the win unless we have a surprise entrant going to win it. Itís down to four now and Iím pumped to see who is going to take the win and main event WrestleMania. Wow that would have been a nice elimination if Christian would have went flying out of the ring because of the Unprettier. Benoit makes another elimination and now itís down to three. Well I see Benoit broke the record for eliminations and now it would be a disappointment if he didnít win. Wow holy shit and Benoit goes for the Suicide Dive but it doesnít pay off, he ends up eating concrete instead. Triple H looks like heís trying to wear down Orton and move onto WrestleMania but can he do it? Wow another elimination from Benoit and this time being onto Orton, no doubt does the win go to Benoit now. Well Benoit goes for the Headbutt but Triple H misses, Benoitís got to be in wreathing pain by now. Longest Rumble I see and no surprise but here comes the Crippler Crossface! Wow nut shot, Pedigree time? But no, Benoit throws Triple H out and now weíve got Benoit moving onto WrestleMania 22. Great Royal Rumble and Benoitís time certainly seems now as heís barely done anything in this thread. Heís going onto WrestleMania now and Iím excited.

Sorry about the long delay, I've been busy for a while and with my WrestleMania being worked on too, I'm sure you understand. Anyways thanks for the entertaining read and with WrestleMania coming upon us soon, things are certainly going to be intresting.
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Re: Being The Booker

Just got the rumble match itself now to review, so it should be up tomorrow. Sorry about the wait
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Re: Being The Booker

Pretty decent heat to start the show, with the usua lhype for the rumble. Good win for Rhyno in the main event which continues his push, and gives him something to build on

Very good opening video, which was one of the better ones I have seen. Good job of hyping all the match again

Very surprised to see the WWE title match open the show, as I was sure that is what the tag match was for, but it does kick of the show with a bang. Nice bit of comedy at the start of the match, before we settle into the action. Jericho starts the match well, and takes down Lesnar, before the belly to belly changes the way that match is going. Heyman tries to get involved, but Jericho has his number, and he takes him out of the match. Huge spinbuster could end it, but Jericho kicks out. The enzeguire is the move to turn the match, and now Jericho is on fire. Walls of Jericho is locked in, but lensar gets the ropes, but then Jericho hits the lionsault, only for Heyman to pull the referee out of the ring. Good use of the heel manager here, which keeps the match going. Lensar then hits the F-5, but there is no referee in the ring, and when he returns, Jericho kicks out. Lesnar then rolls up Jericho and with the tights he gets the win. Good match to open the show here, although not quite as good as the GAB one. Iím pretty sure that this feud isnít over thought, and Jericho will take the title of Lesnar, maybe at SNME

Loved the HBK/Rock promo, and surely the showdown has to happen now at Wrestlemania. Some great lines from the Rock, although not too sure on the queue bit. The Rock owns HBK and DX again, so surely they need some payback in the future. Loved the ending as well

Angle is so determined to get Hart to sign the contract, that he has to turn heel on him later

Legends battle royal is next, and this is going to be the filler match of the night methinks. Not going to be the greatest match, but for nostalgia value, going to be something to look forward to I guess. Pity to see Kamala go in the early going, but I can see why it happened. Loving Lawler doing his usual battle royal tactis of hiding on the outside of the ring, which is always a good idea. Niehart and IRS are the next two out, but I guess were never really in contention. A few more quick eliminations, and then we are down to the final two men, being Dusty and The King. The King goes for the piledriver, but Dusty flips him over the top rope, and goes into the RR match. Filler match really, but was entertaining enough

Loved the JBL and Carlito promo, and maybe they will have a match at Wrestlemania now. Some great lines from both men, showing why they are great on the mic, and if you do this it could be an extremely entertaining feud

Tag match is next, and loved the fact that the brotherhood were sent to the back at the start of the match. Makes the match fair, and probably means that WGTT are going to retain the belts. Nice opening to the match, and then it becomes a kind of formulaic tag match really, but never expected too much. Haas plays the face in peril well, before making the hot tag to Shelton. Mack nails Haas with the tag title belt, but Shelton breaks the count, and then plants Mack with the T-Bone, before Haas makes OJ tap out. Solid tag match, and a good win for the WGTT, who will probably keep the belts til mania at least

Eugene and Snitsky promo was a nice bit of comedy, and I guess Eugene has drawn number 30

Huge opening to the Austin/Goldberg match with them going for finishers in the opening seconds, and the steel steps come into play very early. Goldberg then busts Austin open with the ring bell, and this looks to be a very brutal match. Some good action in the middle of the match, which wasnít brilliant, but I guess they are saving themslevs for the end of the match. Goldberg eventually hits the spear, but Austin kicks out, and then avoids the jackhammer. Austin then throws Goldberg through the announce table. Goldberg spears the ref, and then Austin hits the stunner, but there is no referee. Goldberg recovers, only to be hit with another stunner, but it doesnít get the job done. 2% chanting for Goldberg? What the hell? Chair shot from Goldberg doesnít do it, and neither does another stunner from Austin. Jackhammer leads to another kick out, before a final stunner from Austin gets the match won. A very good match here, even though the finishers were overused. But, seeing the level of intensity in the match, I can see why it was done. Austin goes on to face Christian at Mania surely now

Brilliant Wrestlemania commercial, maybe even as good as the Christian/tomko one

Rey/HHH at mania then? I can see it happening after that promo there, and I guess they will come across each in the match. Strong promo from HHH here, who is beginning to be the top heel again, and I think it might be time for him to have another reign with the title, maybe by summerslam

Angle/Hart have a great confrontation, with both men giving some great points across. Hart says he wont sign as expected, but Angle then does turn heel, like I thought he could do. Hart cant wrestle, but he has to now face Angle at mania. Will be a brilliant match when it happens, and the build to it could be great

Orton and Lesnar??? Very interesting, and maybe the two of them are heading for a showdown, and I guess mania would be spot to have it, but somehow I donít see the match happened just yet. Orton gives us another dreadful face promo, but you just cant make him exciting as a face. Turn the guy heel, or get him off the roster!!!

Taker vs. Cena is up next, and it will be very interesting to see how this match goes. Taker opens up on fire, and takes down Cena early on, and is the second straight match to have the steel steps used in the opening few minutes. Some solid action between the two men, before Taker goes for the chokeslam, only to be countered into a ddt. 5 knuckle shuffle gets a 1 count, and then Taker slides out of the F-U. Taker almost manages to make Cena pass out, but he manages to fight back, and nails the shoulder charge, only for Taker to sit up. Cena locks in the STFU, but Taker manages to get to the ropes, and he keeps the match alive, and then chokeslams Cena, but he gets a foot on the ropes. Tombstone from Taker is coming, but Cena nails the F-U, and then after a second f-U, Cena retains the title. A far better match than it had any right to be to be honest, and a contender for MOTN. Interesting to see where both men go now though, as there is no definite match for either of them at mania

Another promo from Christian and Austin, and they have to meet at Mania now. Loving the use of Tomko in this thread, and look forward to seeing some more promos from these two

Rey and RVD as the first two will be interesting, and obviously we are going to get some action from these two. Looking for a long run from Rey in this match, and probably something similar from RVD. Kennedy is in next, and introduces himself as he normally does. I guess he will be another one getting long run in the match. No-one out of the match just yet it looks like, as Chavo, Booker and Snitsky come in. Interesting to see no-one being eliminated, as it is setting up someone for a huge run of taking out a lot in one go. Storm is in next, and I doubt he will be in the match too long. First of the DX men is in, and it is Cade. I think he will stay in for a bit, but maybe be out just before HBK comes in. Kane!!! Looks like his return is being hyped, and back around the time of Wrestlemania I guess. Morgan the jobber is next in, and finally an elimination, as Chavo is dumped out by Snitsky. Good to see him do something in the match. Dusty is next in, and I think he will have a nice run, but nothing too special. HBK is next in, and he is going to have a lot of work to do for him to win the match. But he takes out Storm, which is a good start. Masters is next in, and I guess he will do something to put him over well, as he is on the verge of a push I think. Masterlock on HBK is big, and he is about to eliminate in, but out comes Jindrak to save HBK. DX are crowding the ring now, so HBK is in safe hands. MY pick for the match Benoit is next up, and he could be the man with the big eliminations, but I didnít expect 8 men in two minutes. Great stuff for Benoit who is absolutely on fire at the moment, and a nice way to rid the match of all the jobbers who you didnít want in it. Hardy is next, and hopefully he can have a nice long run, leading to a decent match at Mania. Benoit is however still on fire, and takes down Hardy, before throwing Kennedy over the top rope. Benoit has to win now, or all this is for nothing. Edge is next in, and the big names are starting to come out, especially now that The Rock follows. Time for the Rock and HBK to collide methinks. Out comes Dean, and Rey eliminates him immeaditealy, so the Rock and HBK can carry on fighting. The Rock gets the elimination of HBK< which is bound to wind up HBK, who then takes revenge on the Rock, allowing Edge to get the big name scalp. Looks like the feud is really starting to build up now. HHH is next, and he has to be threat, but no elimination just yet. London is in, and I guess he will do something spectatcular, like Rey and HHH going through the ropes. Goldust is the filler entrant to show that jobbers do draw late numbers, but goes early from Batista, who gets an earlier number than I first thought he might do. Maven goes in a few seconds, which is about right for the cocky character he has, and then gets destroyed by the whole ring, which was great to see. Orton is next, and he will do well, even though I donít like him. He takes out Edge early on which is interesting, and I guess that there is still another match left in this feud. Harris is in next, as another jobber scores a late number. Loved the London and Rey spot, which I maye have to knick for my rumble to come soon, and then Carlito is in. Looking for a nice run from him. Christian is in now, so he will be in the last 2 or 3 I think, and he finally ends Rey run for glory, getting the last word in on him. Luther Reigns is in, but not for long I donít think. Harris and Hardy go, ending the match for them, as we get to the crux on the match. JBL is out now, and loving the fact he has a chance in the match. Orton takes out Luther who shouldnít be in this ring, before Eugene comes out. All in the match now, so let the action commence. Great elimination of the Battle Royal king London, and then Eugene goes, leaving us with 7 big names. Orton and HHH team up to take out Carlito, although maybe unintentionally and then Benoit takes out JBL and Batista, leaving himself the king of the match. Benoit is being overbooked, but I can see why this is happening after the explanation you gave. Down to 4, and then CC is out, despite a valiant effort to hold on to the ropes. Benoit then suplexes Orton out of the ring, and catapults HHH over to take the win, and a main event spot at mania
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Re: Being The Booker

Whoa, starting out with a bang, are we? What better way to start off after that excellent opening promo, than the WWE title match. Big surprise for me, but I like the decision. The match was very well written, with you adding a lot of different flavors into it. The decision however, bugged me. First of all, I was heartbroken to see Lesnar stay champion. I was really hoping it would be a short reign, but I refuse to believe that he will be headling Wrestlemania, so he has to lose it soon... hopefully...

Great promo here, yet again hyping up HBK versus The Rock. I truly believe that this will elevate into the best fued that BTB has ever had. So much star power, I cannot wait!

Legend's Battle Royal was a unique idea, but one that I am not in favor of, lol. Although Vince would probably do this, I think you could have inserted a quality match here, instead of this. And The King didn't win? Shame!

Seems like we have another interpromotional match that could take place at Wrestlemania, although this could just be to hype up the Rumble. I for one, hope this match takes place, as both Carlito and JBL are so spot on, on the mic. I will definately mark out for this match way more than any title match Lesnar is in.

Great tag match, as I love WGTT and The Brotherhood is a great team in your thread. Haas was the weak link at first, before Shelton came in and cleaned up a bit. Shelton saves the match, and Haas picks up the win. Great. But at some point these two have to split in your thread. Shelton needs that push. I see the two both being involved in a Money In The Bank Match at Mania', and then losing the titles a couple weeks before the big PPV. Then the two tease a split, and it becomes certain when Shelton turns on Haas in the MITB match. That is what I want to happen. Make it happen! LoL.

This next match was my favorite, because of all the history. One of the most intense encounters I have seen, with many finishers to spice it up. Of course Austin was going to win with all the build to a fued with Christian, but Goldberg impressed me. I'm sad to see him go as you used him so well.

Rey and Triple H? Now I am a Rey Mysterio fan, but I don't think Vince could convince Triple H to fight such a small guy at Wrestlemania. I mean I would enjoy the match, no doubt, but there might be one to many interpromotional matches planned.

Angle and Hart was a great, great segment. Angle turns heel and forces Bret to sign which was a great move by you, Wolfy. This fued is going to be huge over the next couple of months.

Orton and Lesnar? God no! Sorry, I just don't care for either. If this happens, then Orton either has to win the Rumble, or whoever wins it has to challenge Cena. Then Orton would have to just defect to Smackdown somehow. Hopefully, Lesnar will lose the title before hand, and I won't have to worry.

Cena and Taker was a great match and well written. Surprisingly it was one of the best of the night for me, besides the Rumble and Austin/Goldberg. I didn't care who would win, as neither man interest me anymore. Surprisingly, Cena goes over again and continues his strength in your thread. You should conside bringingt Taker back to the biker gimmick so he can use the mic more. I think he is easier to work that way and can be a strong face or heel.

More Austin and Christian is great. The only thing that saddens me is that Christian can't win the Rumble, because obviously he HAS to face Austin at Mania'.

On to the big one, which was absolutely fabulous. Loved Rey and RVD going first with their history. I loved everything about this match from the DX angle, the hype up for Kane, the Rock and HBK interaction, the dominance by Benoit... all gold. It went down to the Final Four and it had my two picks for the match, Benoit and Orton in it. I was still holding onto the hope for Christian, but that went out the window. Benoit then shocks the world and shatters the record, nice. Glad Benoit will finally get use in this thread.

Overrall, this PPV was amazing and I absolutely loved it. Mania' will be huge!

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Re: Being The Booker

This is just awesome, I get to read a fresh Wolf Guy PPV. Orton is on the poster too. Great pose!

One hundred and nine pages is a lot of work! Great job! No match was too short obviously. Your opening match was long for an opening, but it was a title match. I actually like long openers. They have MNM and London/Kendrick a good fifteen minutes at Judgment Day. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar:
Mostly, you made some very minor errors that a person would not care about when unmeticulously reading. 9.5/10

Sunday Night Heat is Sunday Night Heat. Nothing special at all, but it gives more hype to anyone who watches it, and Ryhno continues with his push that has been in the works since the Ric Flair regime. 8/10

Opening Video: Interesting scenery, but definitely one that works. Heels, faces, ROYAL RUMBLE! My problem with the vignette that followed that is that you used clips of the Royal Rumble you had previously used in Sunday Night Heat. 9/10

WWE Royal Rumble
22nd January 2006
Madison Square Garden; New York City, NY
Event Music:
Adema, Sevenfold

I downloaded that song, pretty good.

WWE Championship Match:

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho
I like that you said Jericho is from Manhasset and not from Winnipeg because Manhasset is close to The Garden.
Very strong beginning, mounting the tension, and giving Jericho the advantage, until Lesnar takes that away. Crossbody is awesome because Jericho finally does something. Steel steps are nice as a temporary escape for Lesnar. All right, we are getting to the meat of this match, and that is where all the excitement is. Pining combinations and my favorite belly Ė to Ė belly suplex. Jericho almost passes out, I love how the guy is completely out of it, but resuscitates just in time for a comeback. I guess this is Jerichoís portion of the match to dominate. Good stuff coming from Jericho as he shows why he is so good with his wide array of moves. Lesnar has been so dominant that Jericho attempts the Walls of Jericho late at this stage. Heyman helps his client too much here. Great moment with Lesnar having his chance at victory ruined because Paul took too long with him. I will say that a three hundred pound man will not roll up a two hundred thirty pound man. Grabbing tights really does not do anything, especially the millisecond before three. The last five minutes were the best, but adulterated by the roll up.
Lesnar dominated like he should have, but his dominance lasted too long. Jericho on offense is a beauty. You should have given him more time with the offense like you did at the end. Lesnar is somewhat of a bore, Jericho is the Highlight of the Night. A good match, but not a great championship match, 7.5/10.

The Rock is American, and we say line instead of queue. It is on the internet, but I have never heard anyone say queue. It is a mistake quite often made, so do not sulk over it. It was a fantastic promo once again between Rocky and DX. Rocky makes them look like morons and always gets the better hand.

No way Bret signs it under his own will.

Legends Battle Royal:
(For Spot in Royal Rumble Match):

Jim Neidhart, Tatanka, Irwin R. Schyster, Marty Jannetty, Road Warrior Animal, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Kamala, Jerry Lawler

So this is our prelude to the Royal Rumble. Quite an interesting filler match as well. I see The King is back. The match did its part in providing some entertainment, but it was not really a wrestling match. If you did this every year I would be fine. You do not want high power match ups adjacent to each other, so it does divide matches nicely. Rhodes did not do too well in the Royal Rumble though. 7.5/10

You are on tap with your promos tonight. JBL invented cool, that is quintessential JBL. Good stuff here again, the promos are hitting the mark.

World Tag Team Championships Match:

The Worldís Greatest Tag Team vs. The Brotherhood
Haha, racism! Makes it a bit conspicuous that the WGTT will win now that the extra people are out of ringside. I like the quick action at the beginning, something has not been available the in two previous matches. This match has a little bit of everything, especially submission style wrestling now. The isolation of Haas did not last very long, which is good because I do not like that style. Mack breaks a count, which could have won it, and then Benjamin repays the favor, good stuff. Cheating cannot win in this instance, another reason showing why The Worldís Greatest Tag Team is going to win. Haas of Pain does it, they prove why they are The Worldís Greatest Tag Team.
This match is not a perfect match like Spartanlax thought, but it is probably one of the best tag division matches of the year. I love the combination of submission mat wrestling, power wrestling, and everything else. All what was missing was aerial, and you had Shelton Benjamin too. 8.75/10

Haha! Eugene and Gene!

Retirement Match:
ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin vs. Goldberg
The use of finishers here is perfect, with each man trying to end the other early. I know that it is going to take more than one finisher though, Streetfight and retirement match. Stairs and chair come early as well, though bad news for Austin. Austin is inauspiciously busted early, Goldberg is definitely in control. Camera wire is a good spot, one that is used in matches of this magnitude. That military press to spine buster is devestating, I tried it on my pillow. Backdrop may be the turning point and it is. I remember the chair spot from Wrestlemania X7, probably because I watched that match yesterday. There is Austinís entourage of ten punches, that then thing has been going on since Summerslam. Spear, but Austin kicks out! Yes! Austin is slowly getting back into this, which is needed because Goldberg has dominated too long. I love it when announce tables break, Goldberg going through one makes it even better. Goldberg misses a chance at a win, a heel move. Wow, Austin superplexes him instead, great counter! Another spear, another futile attempt, but this time, fat Chimel is hurt. He is going to be out for Ö two months then. Finally, a successful stunner with an alcohol fest, never seen that during a match. Another stunner! Oh, kick out, I guess that excites the 2% of Goldberg fans. Nut kick and another stunner cannot do it? WOW! I guess this is just a finisher festival with a first Jackhammer, but somehow, Austin reverses a second jackhammer into a stunner! YES! HE WINS!
Austin winning is the right choice because he faces Christian at Wrestlemania and because Goldberg is just awful. He has been on a long losing streak since Great American Bash, and a well deserved losing streak. He is gone from this thread. Even though he main evented, you have enough main events, add Benoit to that list now. You may try to get some loophole, but I doubt it. Goodbye Goldberg.
Great match, a streetfight is perfect for Austin cause he is not exactly an expert wrestler, and same for Goldberg. I was very impressed by the whole match. It will probably be the non Royal Rumble match of the night. 9.25/10

Another funny video, Kane and Kennedy were the most hilarious. This was not as good as Christian and Tomko, but much better than the truck driver and cards. I liked this, though there were some parts that were not that funny. Gimmicks incorporated well.

Hmm, first build up for a Triple H and Rey Mysterio match?

You really held that Angle heel turn for a long time. I knew it was coming, but you kept stalling it. It is going to be a great match, but it may be the end of Hartís regime as well. I like how the MSG arena was used from Angle to Bret as persuasion. One of the best promos ever. This match is going to be a classic, and I cannot wait for all the build up.

Lesnar and Orton at WrestleMania? That would be unsuspecting, but I do not think they have ever met in a match, something that you always try to do; set people together who have never wrestled each other.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

John Cena vs. The Undertaker
Not so smart tactics by Cena. Undertaker recovers, and Cena is just going to be given a beaten from Taker. I am looking forward to see how Cena wins, if he does win. Thank you, someone has remembered that Cenaís moveset consists of the throwback. Chokeslam into DDT was nice. Anytime Cena does something, Undertaker just pops off something of his own. Hehe, Undertaker kicks out of the five knuckle shuffle at once, definitely a laughably subtle moment as Undertaker shows the patheticness of that move. Undertaker seems hell bent on beating Cena as the hip toss is just brutal. You just use moves that everyone should, a triangle choke now. Oh goody, Cena stays alive. I scorn upon using that arm check thing more than once in a PPV, and I think this is your second time. Undertaker sits up, although it is on a weak move. Still need that somewhere. Some close calls coming, and I see the demise of someone coming within the next few minutes. I am glad that Undertaker did not succumb to that STF-U, that would have been an awful way to lose. First time I have seen that in this thread. Same with the spinebuster. Undertaker quickly hits a chokeslam, smart move having Cena put his foot on the rope. The WWE would have had him kick out like Hercules. The tombstone reverslams are nothing new, but The F-U is. Wow, Undertaker kicks out, makes it even more interesting to see how this will end. The second FU was more believable because Taker just ran onto his shoulders.
A great win for Cena, a clean win at that too. Undertaker is losing a bit too much. When was his last PPV win? Wrestlemania? I suppose he will win there again, but I do not see anything planned for him yet. Hopefully, that happens soon. 9/10

This Christian and Austin saga has had months of build up. Since it is the road to Wrestlemania, I assume they will begin to meet each other on regular shows. I really am enjoying this feud. Christian with the retarted goat makes it hilarious. I think they should have some in ring promos, that would be entertaining.

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brandís Champion at Wrestle Mania XXII:
Batista, Booker T, Carlito,
Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Christian, Edge, Eugene, Garrison Cade, Gene Snitsky, Goldust, Hardcore Holly, James Storm, John ĎBradshawí Layfield, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Maven, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam,Shawn Michaels, Simon Dean, The Rock, Triple H, Dusty Rhodes

Rey and Van Dam have bad blood between them and have not met in a while, good choice here. Early elimination was possible, but plenty of time for that still. Awesome, Kennedy is here! I love him announcing himself, but this makes for the same situation as the 2005 Royal Rumble where Puder introduced himself to Benoit and Guerrero, and he ended up getting stiffly chopped for two minutes. Same thing almost happens here. Chavo really is a no factor, maybe Booker T will be able to do something though. I like what you are doing with Kennedy, he looks great one second, and a novice the next. Snitsky is a joke. I do not see you having a tag team wrestler win it or really do anything, unless you want to split a team, something that I do not think should be done with a good team such as Americaís Most Wanted. No eliminations so far, crowding the ring early is a different strategy to one that I would use. I like the 619 and Snitsky almost eliminating Rey. Many close calls so far. Kane has been gone since what, Backlash? He probably will not be the MVP of Raw when he comes back, but I am sure he will make an impact. Last I know, he feuded with Chris Jericho.

Waiting fifteen minutes for an elimination is a lot. I understand your strategy and while it is a novel one, you do not want to fill up the ring in the early part of the Rumble, especially with mainly mid carders. I do have to condone it though, because Chris Benoit is going to eventually eliminate about half these guys. Kennedy and Booker with an alliance? This is not going to live long. Most of the new entrants are attacking straight off the bat, and they are having the advantage, which is good because it sells the effects of being in the ring longer than another person.

Two DXers! Great collaboration and a classic skinning the cat! Whoa, Masters has HBK in the master lock. I do not know what you are thinking, but I am thinking this will set up a match between now and Wrestlemania on Raw. Great, another DXer. I guess the elimination will pick up now that there is a three man team in the ring.

Originally Posted by Wolf Guy


Chris Benoit, for the second year running, draws number 14. He soaks in the ovation from the fans, looking around MSG, before focusing on the ring, and sprints towards it, sliding in.
Bow to your master and future winner!

He gets early eliminations, which is good because the ring foundation must be shattering with so many people in the ring. He throws a huge guy out, throws a legend out, throws Booker T out, and throws out HBKís little coalition. HBK has to win this by himself then. Smart move by you having Benoit eliminate two Dxers. This postpones the break up of Degeneration X though. Eight eliminations by Benoit within ninety three seconds! Oh no, Mr. Kennedy is gone. Oh well, at least he had his entertainment value. ďYou screwed BretĒ chants are very realistic. Triple threat main event of Wrestlemania XX, one of the greatest matches in history, and the MSG crowd spends their time chanting at Earl Hebner.

Now the studs of your thread are appearing, Rocky, Benoit, HBK, Edge, Rey, and RVD. Great, an early HBK and The Rock encounter, a prelude to WrestleMania. Dangit Edge! At least it enhances his heel heat. Have you called Edge The Rated R Superstar in your thread yet? I do not recall it, but I have not followed your thread as of late. Yes, Simon Dean is here, crap, he is gone now. I like him, please give him a push. I like what you did with people interfering with The Rock and HBK, they got beaten. The Smackdown punch levels HBK out of the ring, and then The Rock goes after some cheating. Once again, very commendable as the tension grows, HBK shows his heelness, and Edge shows his heelness by exploiting the situation.

I do not like the water spitting part, but hey, he is not going to win, so I am happy. As most people are, HHH rolls through people when he enters. London is definitely someone who has shined in your thread, too bad this is not his environment. Close call with HHH and Rey both surfing under the top rope. Always happens in a rumble. Edgeís huge ego gets to him, and he makes a mistake, though Goldust is not much of a threat. By my calculations, Chris Benoit still has four more guys to throw out of the ring.

Batista is going to be a force as he throws out Goldust, but he is just a powerful big guy with the GM in this thread. I do not think he will be evolving into anything spectacular anytime since your thread is loaded with star power on both shows. Batista and HHH never formally broke up so good decision to uneasily align them. Maven is a joke, he has been the quickest elimination thus far. ***Burn in my Light***. I obviously know that he does not win, but what you do with Randy Orton and anyone else who is a star in your thread will be viewed microscopically by me. If Orton makes one elimination and survives seven minutes, I may be led to believe he is heading downhill. If HHH makes some eliminations, then I would believe he will have a world title shot soon. I will wish for the other way around on both men though.

I like the Evolution stuff. Confusing with HHH deceiving someone who is deceiving someone else, but Edge has to ruin the party Ö again. Rey Mysterio cannot knock down a combined weight of six hundred pounds with a springboard clothesline unless they were on their knees. There we go, Randy Orton eliminates Edge, which is payback for Edge spearing Orton a few weeks ago when he officially turned heel. I love how you remember all these things. Man, Rey is still here! I do not know what to think with him. I really do not think Carlito will do anything, even though he is the Intercontinental Champion. I would have liked a showdown between him and Rey, but that has happened enough tonight. Christian, who is probably your biggest rising star, is bound to make eliminations. He has defeated The Undertaker four times in a row, and made a huge splash in this thread. It is time for him to restart climbing the mountain after his huge loss to Orton at Armageddon.

Christian is not on a roll to begin with, but tough elimination for Mysterio, who makes it into the top some number for remaining in the rumble for so long. Reigns is useless here. HHH finally makes his first elimination. Hmm, I thought Hardy was gone, he really did not do anything in the rumble, despite lasting for so long. Sweet, JBL is here, but then again, someone like him will never win the rumble, he is heel and not much of a wrestler. Good stuff between JBL and Carlito. Maybe their match will be a title unifying match, but I doubt it. Orton and Reigns have had some matches, I remember the steel cage one, so good elimination for Orton. Eugene at thirty is a shocker, but he is here for festivities only. London had to go sometime. Batista shows his strength by ridding of Eugene. Whoa, some unspoken collaboration between HHH and Orton to eliminate Carlito, who did not do a thing. Awesome, Benoit is a raging machine again as we wave goodbye to JBL and Batista. It is tough now, how are you going to get rid of Christian and Randy Orton? Speaking of eliminating Christian, he gets off the hook twice. Not the third. Once again, great job of making Christian look like a warrior. More middle rope junk. Benoit eliminates Orton and HHH, so that is the last five guys. He just has runs where he is on. BENOIT WINS!

Many people have berated you for having Benoit eliminate fourteen people. I applaud and acclaim you because Benoit has essentially done nothing in this thread besides wrestle great matches with Eddie and Angle. He finally has won the Rumble and has a title shot. He is a guarantee to win at WrestleMania. I am picking that he stays on Smackdown. I know he has faced Lesnar in the past, but he may not be champ then. WrestleMania looks like it will have twelve matches at the minimum.

As I have mentioned in the review of this match, there were some scintillating moments, and some questionable ones. I do not think it is equitable to judge this out of ten, so it is out of thirty, or else it is an automatic perfect ten, when the rumble was not perfect, 28.5/30.

No such thing as a non entertaining Royal Rumble. Every match was good, I mean, the opening match was a WWE Championship match, and the filler match was a legends battle royal. WrestleMania commercial was funny too. Another spectacular DVD worthy PPV. 10/10

The Bottomline:
One of the best PPVs I have read! It started slow because I really did not think highly of Lesnar and Jericho, but you had a strong filler match, and then things went uphill with a great streetfight, tag team match, championship match, and rumble. I like that you had the rumble match, plus another stipulation. It seems to me that Undertaker always avoids the royal rumble. The HHH and Mysterio match seems like it is going to happen, they were in the ring together for a while. Your Wrestlemania card at the moment looks redoubtable, and I am sure it can only get better.

Overall: 113.5/130

I think I was quite harsh, yet, still graded highly. Took me about six hours.
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