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Re: Being The Booker

I will definitley be reviewing in a little while Da Wolf Guy, it looks like an amazing show though

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Re: Being The Booker

Review on its way at some point in the next few days or so, but it looked to be a pretty good ppv, and had a great rumble match
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry if this isn't as in-depth as I usually do it, but I'm returning so many reviews right now that I'm kinda burned out.

Royal Rumble Review:

Opening video- Loved the video, hyping the royal rumble and all the competitors. Entertaining to read and wish I could see it as an actual video. 10/10

Jericho vs Lesnar- Great having these two start the night off, hooking the crowd instantly. Nice antics in the beginning by Jericho, like avoiding the test of strength and such. Of course Lesnar dominates with his strength, and you really use the size difference well in this match, making it believable. Jericho makes his face comeback as needed, but ends up getting caught by Lesnar with a pin while holding the tights. While it kept Jericho looking strong, I had a problem with this finish. Lesnar is supposed to be the powerhouse, the giant that could knock anyone down, but he had to hold the tights to win? Made him seem a bit weak...but maybe you're going somewhere with the 'had to cheat to win' thing. And yes I understand he's a heel, just sayin it made him look kinda weak IMO. Other than that, spectacular opening. 9/10

DX/Rock Segment- Two problems with this segment: Rock would never say queue and the Cade comment seemed a bit forced, not very in character. Just wanted to get the bad out of the way so I can say...awesome promo! You're really setting up a lot of possible feuds with the big players like Rock, HBK, HHH, JBL, Benoit, etc. Nice final comments about both men main eventing WM. 9/10

Angle comments- Short, sweet, and to the point, hyping up whether or not the contract will be signed. This will be mentioned more than once I'm sure, so I'm not going to grade this.

Legends Battle Royal- Well, I gotta say, not a fan of most of the wrestlers involved so I already didn't like it. Good choice of legends though and you worked with them well, not doing anything crazy because...let's face it, at this age they can't do anything crazy. Old school action let's Dusty Rhodes pick up the win. I thought Jannetty would have won due to his agility and younger age, or possibly Hacksaw due to being a fan favorite, but Dusty is still a great choice to win, and Lawler making it to the final two is good since he's on TV each week. 8/10

JBL/Carlito segment- Haha, I'd love for these two to have a match at WM together. The match itself would be good, but I just wanna hear the promos you'd have from both of them! Pure gold! This was really great and both men seem happy with their numbers, although Stacy isn't, haha. Great stuff. 10/10

WGTT vs Brotherhood- Nothing too spectacular, but still just an overall awesome match. You have the Brotherhood enough offense to make them seem like real contenders in the tag team scene, but you made WGTT dominate just a little bit more to show why they are champs. Great moves by both Shelton and Haas, showing why they bare the name WGTT. Awesome ending, German Suplex followed by the roll through into the Haas of Pain, you see that kind of thing a lot in Ring of Honor so I enjoyed it. 10/10, because this is what a good match is. Back and forth action, nothing too insane, just awesome.

Eugene/Snitsky segment- Holy shit, Snitsky just tripped a retard. And I'm laughing at the 'wasnt my fault'. I'm going to hell, right? As already said, I don't see a feud out of this...just a comedy segment, and can't wait to see Eugene's number. 9/10

Goldberg vs Austin- Nice way starting it off, with both men going for their finishing moves but not connecting, of course. Man, these two really wanted to keep their jobs, and I loved this brutal fight. I felt there were too many finishers used overall, but still the close falls helped the excitement. I loved Tony getting Speared by accident, not sure why, haha. The bloody, vicious street fight ends with...a stunner! Goldberg is gone! Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Gooodbyyyye. Anyway, points were taken off because I felt the finishers were attempted/used way too much, but other than that, awesome match, really. 8/10

WM Video- LAUGHED. MY. ASS. OFF. 10/10, nothing else needed.

HHH/Mysterio segment- Nothing special here, just good hype for the Royal Rumble match with these two men also believing they'll be walking out the winner. In character, good lines, etc. 9/10

Hart/Angle segment- I can't believe people are so surprised by Angle's heel turn, I kind of saw it coming. Still I can see how it's a shock, since Angle wanted a nice, friendly, competitive match. But this is just absolutely phenominal, forcing Hart to sign it by beating him down. This will get Angle over as the biggest heel on SD, easily. 10/10, the match at WM, should it happen (still have my doubts), should be Match Of The Century in BTB.

Cena vs Taker- I wasn't really into this match, simply because I don't like Cena matches, written or not, haha. Still, good back and forth action with a lot of near falls, keeping the excitement level up. I really thought Taker was going to win and go to WM as champ, but Cena wins after TWO FUs, making Taker look strong as well as Cena for retaining. 9/10

Christian/Austin segment- Okay, just say the match is at WM, haha. These two have been going at it, and this segment was just gold to how much these two dislike each other. If they have a match at WM, it's going to be great. 10/10

Royal Rumble- Wow. I truly believe multi-man matches like this are the hardest thing to write in BTB, but you did it in a way where it never got confusing, and that's really impressive. The one problem I had with this is having Chris Benoit eliminate 13 people. I know since he one you wanted to make him look really strong, main-eventing WM....but Benoit basically eliminated half the Rumble participants by himself, just seemed too much IMO again. Eugene coming in at 30....hahaha, awesome. Great spots, good choice of elimination and entrance number, and perfect choice of a winner. Also I loved the ending, never seen someone slingshotted over the top rope to win a RR I believe, so nice creative ending. 10/10, of course

Overall- 131/140 = 94% = A

Highest PPV grade I've given to anyone since I started BTB, so congrats I guess, haha. The only thing that brought you down truly was the overuse of some things, like in the streetfight each man used or attempted their finisher way too often. Also, even though you wrote it well, I just couldn't really enjoy the Legends Battle Royal, so my opinion brought it down just a tad. Honestly Wolfy, amazing PPV. The tag match was my MOTN believe it or not, simply because it was so well written and well done...exactly what a PPV tag match needs to be like, and great length. Just perfect. Well done, but of course, you knew that already.

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Re: Being The Booker

Pretty good pre-show Heat and I am glad Rhyno got the win over A-Train.

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho-What a way to open up the show which I am not to surprised about. Good opening to the match with Jericho out smarting Lesnar. Lesnar uses his power to get back into the match and make the first fall. Lesnar continues to go to work staying in control. Jericho finally gets back in control by bridging the ropes and Lesnar gets broke off. Jericho now capatilizes with a cross body. Jericho is using is speed nicely to keep a The Next Big Thing down. Lesnar counters a slide and now sends Jericho into the steps and takes a fans water bottle. Jericho now comes back using speed to his advantage. Now the action gets intense with the quick pins to build up the flow. Lesnar once again out powers Y2J which is good to see keeping the champion dominate. A good come back by Jericho and he then knocks Heyman off the apron. Lesnar counters Jericho's running move into a spinebuster with Jericho not getting a long amount of control and keeping the match intresting. Y2J is now on fire after a bear hug from Lesnar taking down the manager and Lesnar. Now Heyman distracts Jericho giving Lesnar control. Jericho gets control again and now he locks in the Walls! Lesnar breaks the Walls using a rope break. Lesnar has a roll up, but it doesn't work and now a DDT out of the F-5!!! Lion Sault, but Paul E. cheats. Payback doesn't treat Jericho well as Jerivho may have cost himself the match getting the F-5! Jericho gets the roll up for 1,2 now Lesnar gets the roll up and grabs the tights 1,2,3. I have to say thank you for this match man. The style of it brought me back to when I really got into wrestling the early 2000's. This really felt like that style of match to me. ****

Nice show down by The Rock and HBK and I think tonight is the night the feud officialy begins.

You had me scared there for a second as I though you were going to pull off a WWE, but then I remebered the legends match still has to happen.

Legends Battle Royal-Good entrance opening having Coach get on some of the legends. To kick the match off I am going to cheer for Kamala and Jerry Lawler. Good opening with Jerry Lawler getting the heck out of there from the snake owned by Jake The Snake. The battle royal goes on with some nice action followed up by Jake Roberts putting the snake on Kamala scaring him out of the ring for the first elimination. Lawler gets rid of Jake Roberts now as everyone gets back into the ring. Jim Duggan goes for the 2x4 shot, but it gets countered resulting into the elimination of Jim Neidhart. Dusty Rhoodes gets rid of the I.R.S. now. DDT on Jerry knocking him out. Now Animal eliminates Jim Duggan. Now Jannetty gets rid of Tatanka coutering the elimination. Lawler now eliminates Jannetty cheating again. Lawler is on a cheating roll now eliminating Animal. Some and forth action and now it is Piledriver time, but Dusty counters it getting the victory. The match wasn't as good as it was entertaining so I will just go with the entertainment for the score. ***

LOL. Good promo. I am expecting JBL got a two after his comment and his expression.

The Worldís Greatest Tag Team vs. The Brotherhood-Nice opening having Haas and Mack start the match and Haas gets the first pin, but Mack comes back. The match ges back and forth and now here comes Benjamin. Mack gets Orlando in. but a counter by Benjamin and a tag to Haas. Some nice chain wrestling before Haas gets control again. Mack is nw back in and goes to work on the hurt Haas, Haas comes back. Rodney Mack comes back and tags in Orlando. Double team on Haas weakening him, but he kicks out. Haas comes back, but The Brothehood come back here and hit the reverse 3-D. Rodney Mack comes in. Mack goes to work on Haas and tags in Jordan. Jordan goes to work then gets Mack back in. A tag to Benjamin, but OJ distracts the referee. Now Benjamin trying to follow up with the tag distracts the referee who didn't see it and again double team on Haas. Haas comes back and now I am excited again after a small slumber. Superplex by Haas! Benjamin comes in which was much needed. Jordan pins Benjamin, but a kick out and Benjamin hits the neckbreaker and pins. Mack gets the tag to Jordan. Benjamin goes to work on Jordan and now the Dragon Whip before Benjamin makes the tag as does Jordan. A championship belt shot! The Brotherhood try to steal it, but Benjamin breaks it up. Benjamin gets Mack down then some double team on Jordan before the Haas of Pain gets the victory. A pretty good match, however I wasn't into it that much during the middle. ***

Good promo with Eugene and Gene with Eugene excited about being in the Rumble.

ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin vs. Goldberg-Good opening with both men try to go for their finishers, but then it ends up being a brawl to the outside. A back and forth battle as they get into the ring with Goldberg having more control as of now. Austin isnow back in control for this match. Goldberg comes back with a ring bell shot and now goes to work on the bloody Austin. Goldberg is destroying Austin now getting a second pin. Austin counters the piledriver, the move that gave him is neck problems and now goes wild with a chair bustin Goldberg open. Man, either these guys are doing some quick blade jobs or these guys are working stiff. The finishers get countered again making this match even more exciting. I was waiting for this to happen and it does if Austin going WrestleMania 17 on Goldberg, but Goldberg is a monster which gives him the ability to kick out. Goldberg comes back and destroys Austin again. Austin now comes back with the spinebuster! The 10 punches and an irish whip, but Austin gets Speared also he gets his Shoulder Up! Jackhammer time, but it gets countered into a neckbreaker! Goldberg comes back when it goes down to a brawl and now gets hit with the TV monitor. Goldberg spits his gum on the floor and takes it to Austin. Austin hits a hip toss through the announcers table! Austin takes to long for the pin and only gets two. 10 Atomic drops and now Austin gets the chair, but Goldberg breaks him in half a SPEAR!!! Goldberg puts the chair around Austin's neck ready to end this. Superplex by Austin stops Goldberg! Austin covers Goldberg, but Goldberg kicks out! Another brawl on the outside between Goldberg and Austin keeps the match intresting. Goldberg goes for the Spear, but hits the ring announcer into the ring announcing table! Stone Cold Stunner! Austin goes mad on Goldberg with beer cans and medical bags, but Goldberg stops Austin! Goldberg seems to about to hit a big move on Austin, but Austin hits the Stunner! Goldberg kicks out!!!! The brawl continues and Austin goes for the billoteenth Stunner, but Goldberg hits him with a low blow! Austin kicks out! Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer, but gets a kick to the groin. A Stunner by Austin and it looks like there match is over, but Goldberg gets the shoulder up again! A counter from the Stunner and now a Spear. Jackhammer to Austin, but Stone Cold kicks out!!!!! Time for the second Jackhammer wait Austin hits the Stunner! Austin pins Goldberg ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! I had my doubts about this match even though you wrote it, but it was one hell of a match. *****

The fans tell Goldberg to get out of the building as Austin celebrates his victory.

HA HA. Good WrestleMania video and I loved it when Vince made fun of Ted Turner saying he is sticking to rasslin'.

Good promo with HHH and Rey. I can see HHH getting eliminated by Rey then HHH eliminating Rey.

Nice promo in the ring with Angle and Bret. The match is made after Kurt forces a signature.

A possible Orton vs. Lesnar match in the making, but I doubt it.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker-Cena goes Undertaker, on Undertaker, but now Undertaker comes back with the soup bones. Undertaker now has full control throwing Cena into the steps. The classic leg drop is used with Taker taking it to Cena. Taker continues control on The Champ destroying him. A nice Throwback by Cena gets him control in the battle. Undertaker comes back shortly after. The Undertaker signals for the Chokeslam, but John counters it into a DDT! Cena now takes control to the Deadman! Cena only gets a one count and Undertaker comes back with snake eyes. Old School! Tombstone! No! Cena counters the Tombstone, but Taker comes back after a pin attempt. Now for the deadly Triangle Choke. Cena almost geets chocked out, but he survives! Cena comes back and is on a roll, but Undertaker sits up. The irish whip backfires with a running DDT by the Undertaker!!! Undertaker comes back, but Cena comes back and hits the Freestyle. The STFU is appiled for the first time in Being The Booker! Undertaker crawls to the ropes and grabs the bottom breaking the hold. Undertaker comes back, but Cena kicks out! Cena comes back with an out of nowhere spinebuster! Cena goes for a high flying move which he has done in the past, but not lately. Cena jumps off only to get a Chokeslam, but foot on the rope! Undertaker signals for the Tombstone, but Cena counters it into the F-U! 1,2, YES! Undertaker kicked out and he can still get the belt one last time. Cena goes for the F-U again, but it is countered. Cena howver counters the Deadman and hits the F-U! 1,2,3. Good match, I really liked it and I didn't care who won as they are two of my favorites, but a little mad Taker didn't get the belt again, but I am glad Cena retained longer than one month. ****

Nice to see SNME built up and I wonder if HHH will win the Royal Rumble?

Good promo with Christian and Steve Austin which builds on the possible Christian/Austin match.

30 Man Royal Rumble-Finally, time for the Royal Rumble and probably the longest review I ever gave a match. Good opening with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam with their former feud happening in the summer being renoticed. Good back and forth action and a few close calls. The action gets better from here with some quick action from Mystrio and Rob Van Dam. Bronco Buster followed up with the baseball slide as the count down begins. Miisssstttttterrrrrr! Nice third entrance and the former tag team of Mysterio and Van Dam go to work on the new guy, with it being all RAW as of now and Van Dam almost gets him out, but he stays in. Kennedy comes back with a clothesline then throws RVD over the ropes, but RVD is saved by Bill. RVD now goes after Kennedy which may have cost them as Rey Mysterio comes back. Chavito Heat is now out and we may see Rey and Chavo team up. Chavo doesn't plan to work with Rey and now a close elimination on Rob Van Dam, but he saves himself. Well it seems like an alliance has been formed between Mr. Kennedy and Chavo Guerrero Jr, but I think he will cross him soon enough. Wow! By soon enough I didn't mean that soon. LOL. Chavo tries to get rid of Kennedy, but Kennedy counters and now Chavo gets back into the ring. RVD and Rey go at it and Chavo and Kennedy try to team up again, but Chavo gets attacked by Kennedy. Next entrant about to come out as the action gets better. Booker T is up as the 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! WCW Champion comes in at...5! One of my favorites, Booker T, goes to work on Kennedy, but Kennedy comes back with a rake to the eyes. Kennedy knocks Booker down instead of throwing him over. RVD has Ry over the top rope, but not to the floor and now Chavo comes in trying to get rid of RVD. Kennedy and Booker T continue their battle and now Kennedy goes to get rid of Chavo, but Rey helps him. Snitsky comes down and demolishes everyone, but RVD knocks the big man down. Kennedy takes down Mysterio and the action gets better as Rey Mysterio comes back. Snitsky comes back sending RVD over the top, but he hangs on. Snitsky continues to dominatee his oppenents in the rumble. Chavo saves himself nicely from elimination from the Royal Rumble. Snitsky is back to work and a close elimination of Van Dam is at work. James Storm, is up next and he goes wild taking down the competion including Gene Snitsky. Booker T now takes it to Storm and he does the Spin-a-roonie! Snitsky takes down Booker and now Snitsky has control. Rey Mysterio now takes it to Snitsky, but Snitsky comes back. Chavo and Storm are now at it and Bookeer T is in trouble as the count down begins. The first member of DX has come with Garrison Cade. In a shocking turn of events Cade does the smart thing and goes after Rey. James Storm and Chavo Guerrero go to work on RVD and Kennedy, and Snitsky has Booker T in the corner. The action continues with everyone coming back besides Kennedy and RVD when KANE SENDS A MESSAGE!!! Cade is the first to take a move after James Storm, but it is countered. Everyone starts to go one-on-one now before Matt Morgan comes next. The two big men begin to battle, but then an alliance is formed between Snitsky and Morgan and they go to work getting Chavo Guerrero eliminated. Snitsky starts destroying, but RVD comes in with a kick. Matt Morgan now power houses, but gets taken down by Kennedy and Booker. Now 1/3 of the entrants are out with Dusty Rhoodes coming in next. Dusty goes to work Bionic Elbows for all. Morgan takes down the legend and now the every man for himself starts to come in play. Rey takes down Snitsky and goes to work on Matt Morgan. Michaels is next up and things could get intresting now that two memebers of DX are out. D-Generation X has gone to work on the other wrestlers and James Storm is over the top by Sweet Chin Music. DX go after Booker T and Rey Rey comes to help. DX come back and the action gets better. HBK runs at Rey right into a boot and now he takes it to the DX. Michaels comes back however and RVD takes down Rey. The Showstopper and The Whole F'n Show now battle it out with Cade saving HBK from going over. Next up is The Masterpiece. Masters goes to work on the competion and now puts HBK in The Master Lock, but HBK is saved by HBCade. The battling contiues and up next is Mark Jindrak with the DX now looking to be more than in good shape. DX go to work on Rey, but now the great leader, Dusty Rhoodes, has formed The Alliance To End DX. Chris Benoit is up next and he quickly gets rid of the big man, Matt Morgan! Dusty is next on the list and is eliminated by Benoit. Good by Book Man, Benoit is on a roll. DX is ready to take down Benoit who is on a roll, but Benoit is to fresh getting rid of both members of the DX Duo. Snitsky is out of here with Benoit going nuts and I don't think he will be stopped entail Michaels and Reigns teasm up, that is if Michaels is there long enough. Masters accidently gets himself eliminated after Benoit bridges the ropes. Benoit continues to go to work and the Five Star costs RVD the chance of victory. Benoit's oppenents are down with HBK hiding and the count down begins. Half way into the match now and Matt Hardy is up next. Brenoit takes down three more opponents before getting Kennedy out of this match. HBK is back in buisness taking down Benoit, but Matt stops the The Showstopper. Matt Hardy is on fire and the count down has begun. Edge is up next here. Edge goes to work, but Matt and Edge double team him. HBK is now looking stronger even though Jindrak and Cade are gone and Reigns still has to come out. Right when HBK has full control the one man that can stop him is here, The Rock. The battle has officialy begun and after years of waiting the two finally come to blows. The Rock, being the fresh man, destroys HBK, but Edge stops it all toghther dropkicking The Rock. Matt and HBK begin again as The Rock and Benoit start a battle. Simon Dean is next up, to bad that his only chance of winning was eliminated by Benoit. 40 seconds of Dean before an elimination. HBK and Rock start off again. Rock and HBK battle as if they are the two masters taking out the smaller guys in their battle before The Rock hits the smackdown on HBK sending him over the top rope and to the floor. Shawn Michaels is now eliminated and now Luther Reigns is alone by the time he comes out. HBK gets revenge on The Rock building up the feud nicely with Edge eliminating The Rock followed up by the chase. Triple H is up next and takes a year to get down to the ring which takes up time for the Rumble and makes him fresher. Triple H takes his control as the 2 minutes are up and next on the list is...#20 Paul London. Paul London is on a roll and now teams up with Mysterio as Benoit and Edge go at it. Matt and Rey now go at it and Rey Mysterio gets control. Rey gets a mishapped clothesline and then knocked through the middle rope by London. Matt takes down Paul and a new person is about to come out. Goldust is next, I was hoping him and his father would interact in this, but oh well. Goldust goes to work, but is taken down by Benoit. London is about to be eliminated, but he saves himself from elimination. The battle continues between Rey and HHH back into the ring. Goldust makes the save blowing the dust into Triple H's eyes then hits Shattered Dreams followed up with a near elimination, but Edge wants to. Edge just messed up actually helping Triple H and now 22 is about to come out. Batista is up next and only 8 guys are left to come out. Batista destroys the competion followed up with Goldust over the top rope to the floor. Batista destroys more competion and Matt dropkicks Triple H. Everyone starts getting up and who is next? Maven! Maven comes out cocky as ever, but gets eliminated faster than Simon Dean. Batista and Benoit begin to battle it out with everyone besides Paul London having someone to face.Maven comes back in and gets the beating of his life before everyone goes back to their buisness and the next entrant is coming. Randy Orton is next and and now Evolution is in the ring. It looks like the former stable was about to fight it out, but Edge attacks Randy. HHH and Batista seem to be ready to fight, but Rey Mysterio takes them both down. The battle continues between Randy Orton and Edge and Edge is sent to the floor. Randy and Matt start to brawl and the count down begins. Five more people left and Chris Harris is upn next, but AMW can't team up anymore here tonight. Harris goes after Rey Mysterio who has stayed in this the longest. Randy and HHH now go at it.450 Splash on Randy Orton and Triple H by Paul London! Batista and Benoit continue their brawl and Harris and Hardy go at it. Benoit and Batista battle it out with Batista taking control a Rey Mysterio saves himself from elimination. Carlito is up next. Carlito and Batista try to take down Benoit, but Benoit out smarts Batista. Benoit goes to work on Batista now, but The Game knocks him down. Everyone picks someone to take on, but then HHH attacks Randy. Carlito now goes after London as the count down begins. My pick, Christian, is up next though I don't see him winning for two reasons, one, Stone Cold is still in WWE, two, I read a few people's replys, but not any reviews , but it looks like Benoit will win after a few people said Benoit is getting his push and Benoit has eliminated 15 people. Christian comes in and does his damage before going after Mysterio. Christian gets control after being taken off his game for a moment. Randy and HHH battle it out and Christian is taken down. Rey tries to take advantage of Christian, but it costs him with Rey getting shoved off the ropes and to the floor. Now DX's Luther Reigns is here, but no DX to help. Reigns goes to work on Benoit then Randy Orton. Everyone finds an opponent and Harris gets eliminated trying to eliminate Triple H. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Christian as the match continues. Matt hits the Downfall, but gets eliminated by Carlito right after it. The monsters are still trying to over power each other and 29 JBL is next. The battles continue with Carlito and JBL now in there and a lot more going on before Randy Orton says good bye to D-X. Christian comes back on Randy, but can't capatalize so he goes after London only to be taken down. Number 30 is left and it can only be one person EUGENE! Christian comes back and gets rid of London because that's how he rolls! Batista and Eugene go at it, but Eugene comes back only to be eliminated by Batista. The action picks up only 7 guys left and the RAW guys battle each other as the SD! guys battle each other. Evolution seems to be back toghther and Randy eliminates Carlito. HHH turns on Batista, but gets an RKO for his efforts. JBL and Benoit begin to battle again and Benoit eliminates JBL. Batista goes after Benoit, but Benoit comes back sending Batista over the top rope and I realize Benoit will win which will make this match harder to review knowing the outcome. Christian attacks Orton, but is taken down by Benoit. A close elimination on Christian, but he saves himself. Christian continues to save himself, but then Benoit finally knocks him off only having 2 more guys to go through. The action gets very intense now with only three people left. Randy and HHH start battling taking it to the outside. Randy gets control then he battles it out with Benoit. Benoit takes control and The Game comes in and Benoit gets control again. Benoit heads to the top for a headbutt, but Triple H moves out of the way. Randy and Triple H continue to battle it out for a while going back and forth. Randy now goes after Benoit. Benoit counters and hits the three amigos sending Randy over the top for the last one. A weak opening to the final showdown with both being in there for a while. Benoit finally gets control and signals for the headbutt, but Triple H rolls out of the way. Triple H goes to work on Benoit and goes to eliminate him, but Benoit lands on the apron. Benoit slams HHH into the corner and locks in the Crossface to Benoit giving him a huge advantage weakening The Game. Benout and Triple H get up, but HHH kicks him in the nuts. Pedigree time, but a reverse sending Triple H out of the ring and to the floor! Very entertaining match. I got drained reading it, but it was good. I am just going to say ***** because anyone who can keep the Royal Rumble entertaing using the 200 word rule deserves it.

Overall it was a very good pay--per-view I am gibing it 9.6/10 and I can't wait for SNME and WrestleMania.

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry this took so long


Sunday Night Heat:
A normal episode of Heat did what it was supposed to, hype up the Rumble. You did a really good job talking about the championship matches, the Street Fight and the Rumble itself. Very good little segment to start the show.
Score: 10/10

Very good opening video, I really liked the train station scene and I loved how you included everyone in the Royal Rumble match. The Superstars promos were also great and every one of those superstars has a chance to win the Rumble. My money is still on Randy Orton. Also great arguing between the announcers really showing how important the Rumble is for each show.
Score: 10/10

WWE Championship Match:
Interesting that you chose to start the night with this match seeing as how it is Smackdown!ís main event. This was a very good match and it was really like what I thought a real encounter between these two would be like. Lesnarís power vs. Jerichoís quickness and agility proved to make a great match. I thought for sure Jericho had the win after the Lionsault but Heyman did what he always does and pulled the referee out of the ring. Great match overall but the only thing that I didnít like was the finish. I was hoping for a clean finish but maybe this finish means that we have a chance for a rematch.
Score: 9/10

The Rock and Shawn Michaels Encounter/Kurt Angle Interview:
This was a very funny promo with the Rock getting some of his more famous lines in. I love the line about the boot and the line about knowing your role. It was interesting that you chose these two men to have an encounter. Maybe a match at WrestleMania 22? Nice short interview with Kurt Angle again showing how bad he wants that match with Bret Hart.
Score: 10/10

Legends Battle Royal:
This was obviously a match just to fill the card but it was still a little exciting. I loved how Jerry Lawler just cheated the whole match before finally being eliminated by Dusty Rhodes. Iím glad that Dusty is going to the Rumble but the chances of him winning are about as good a chance as he has jumping off the top rope!
Score: 8/10

Carlito and JBL Getting Their Numbers:
This was a really good segment and you had both men totally in character. You really showed just how cocky JBL really is and just how COOL Carlito is. I donít think that either of these men have a shot at the Rumble and I donít think that they will feud but still a great segment.
Score: 10/10

World Tag Team Championship Match:
This was an amazing tag team match, much better than I had expected from the Brotherhood. You really did a great job of showcasing everyoneís talents, like how Haas and Benjamin use a ton of quick and high-impact moves and how the Brotherhood use a lot of strength. The ending of the match was great with Haas getting the tap out. I really expected The Worldís Greatest Tag Team to win because they have only had the belts for about a month and a half and it is way to early for them to lose them. Great Match!
Score: 9/10

Eugene and Snitsky Backstage/Benoit:
The Eugene and Snitsky encounter was pure gold. Eugene acting so excited to be in the Rumble and Gene Snitsky being mad, like usual. This was a good spot for this promo to add a little humor right before the big Austin/Goldberg Street Fight. Benoit lacing up his boots also reminds me of how much Benoit wants to win the Rumble.
Score: 10/10

Austin/Goldberg Street Fight:
OH MY GOD! This was the match of the night so far by far! You are seriously the best booker of all time. This match had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I am a big Austin fan and I loved Goldberg in WCW. I was hoping for Austin to win so that he could feud with Christian and they could have a match at WrestleMania. This match had to be the best street fight of all time and I had no clue these guys could still but on such an amazing match. Great Job!
Score: 10/10

WrestleMania 22 Preview:
This was a great commercial promoting WrestleMania 22 in Las Vegas. I liked how you included a ton of popular superstars like Ken Kennedy, The Rock and Stacy Keibler. You had them all do their trademarks lines or actions. Some of the parts were funny but some I just didnít get. Still a great promo.
Score: 9/10

Royal Rumble Contestants Interview:
Great interview with Rey Mysterio talking about his size and how Rey thinks that his size doesnít matter. Someone interrupting was kind of expected but I didnít think that is would be Triple H. Interesting how both of these men say that they are going to jump shows if they win.
Score: 10/10

Kurt Angle/Bret Hart Contract Signing:
This was what I was waiting for the most at this pay-per-view besides the Rumble Match. I can understand that Hart said he couldnít wrestle but Kurt Angle just wouldnít accept it and then we see an expected Angle heel turn and he makes Bret sign the contract. I canít wait for this match at WrestleMania 22!
Score: 10/10

Lesnar/Orton Encounter:
Very short little first encounter between the two young, talented superstars. Lesnar played a great heel bringing up Ortonís past as World Champion and Orton remained cocky and talking about winning the Royal Rumble. Great segment but it was a little short.
Score: 8/10

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
What a World Heavyweight Title match! This match had me on the edge of my seat more than the Street Fight did. Cena used everything in his arsenal to try and win and Taker used everything that he had. I was pretty sure that Cena would retain because he only got the title about a month ago but Undertaker looked determined to win the belt. This match had a ton of great back and forth action and was the second best match of the night so far, barely behind the Street Fight.
Score: 10/10

Austin/Christian Segment:
This was a great little segment to show yet another Austin/Christian confrontation. Christian used some great lines and Austin continued to show why he was the RattleSnake by flipping off Christian. These men should have a match at WrestleMania 22 and if they do, it will surely be a classic. Great segment!
Score: 10/10

Royal Rumble Match:
I am going to review this match by posting a review for every ten contestants in the match.
Great choice by having Mysterio and RVD start the match seeing how they have history against each other. These men were also the only contenders that I saw within the first ten entrees. I like how you keep the ring filled by having only one elimination in the first eighteen minutes. The Morgan/Snitsky showdown was great and I liked how Cade stayed outside of the ring.
Michaels entering the match finally meant that Cade was going back into the ring. Benoit entering at 14 and then dominating the whole match. He had eight eliminations in 2 minutes! Thatís amazing! Another thing that was almost just as amazing was the Michaels and Rock showdown for the first time ever! I was shocked to see three fourths of DX eliminated as I thought that they would stay in until the end! The Rock and Michaels situation was a lot like what happened with Angle and HBK in the 2005 Rumble. Hopefully HBK and the Rock have a match at WrestleMania 22!
Great way to round out the final ten but the only decision that I didnít like was having Reigns come in at number 28. I thought that Cade, Jindrak and Reigns should have all come into the match and then have HBK enter but whatever. Funny how you had Eugene enter the Rumble last but he has no chance of winning. Christian is looking great and Benoit has seemed to slow down a little but is still alive. Canít wait to see who wins!
London getting eliminated with the powerbomb sounded like a sick move by Christian! No surprise to see Eugene get thrown out of the ring by Batista after being in the match only a minute but I loved the JYD impression by Eugene! I was just as shocked as Orton was to see Triple H help the Legend Killer eliminate Carlito. Chris Benoit seems to be on a role again by eliminating two huge superstars in JBL and then Batista. WOW! Another elimination by Benoit! I never thought Christian would be eliminated before Benoit. Now we are down to three huge superstars in Triple H, Randy Orton and Chris Benoit. NO! Orton is eliminated by Benoit! There goes my choice but oh well, we still have Benoit and Triple H. Triple H gets eliminated and Benoit wins! WOW! That had to have been the greatest Rumble match in history and I cantís wait to see which title Benoit challenges for a WrestleMania 22.
Score: 30/30

Overall Score: 173/180=96%=A

This was my first PPV review and your Rumble was amazing! I canít wait for Saturday Nightís Main event and WrestleMania 22! They should be awesome!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

You are a superb writer Wolfy and that Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View was just off the charts. I look forward to reading further into this thread and catching up on anything I might have missed. Keep it up!
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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review

A nice heat show hyping up the matches for the big night ahead and also a good win for Rhyno, who seems to be getting a good push on this thread.

Wow, very surprising choice for your opener seeing it is the Smackdown Main Event. However I liked this match a lot, it was very well booked with Lesner dominating, and then Jericho getting back into the match coming close to getting the title on multiple occasions. Jericho looks like he has got the win after the Liansault but Heyman pulls the ref out, Lesner then hits the F-5, but Heyman pulling out the referee turned against Lesner. Lesner gets the win finally however after reversing the roll up and holding onto the tights. Good match, only bit I wasnít keen on was the ending ***3/4

Good promo here with Rock/HBK sparking the feud even more, and if they donít face each other at Mania I will eat my keyboard.

Now itís time for the Legends Battle Royal and I loved the Coach comment to Cole about cherishing this moment, because he will never be carried like this again. Overall it was a pretty good match, I thought Jake Roberts was going to win but he got eliminated early and Dusty Rhodes got the win. ***

A JBL/Carlito feud would be classic, anyway it was a very nice promo between the two with some good lines used.

A good contest here, better than I thought it would be before you put the PPV up but still nothing too extraordinary. Haas gets hit with the title belt and then with a Tornado DDT, but luckily Shelton breaks the cover as I would hate it if OJ and Mack got the titles as never been too keen on them. A nice ending to the match with Benjamin hitting a T Bone on Mack, and Haas hitting a German Superlex followed by the Haas of Pain on OJ for the win. ***

Childish promo here which is what you should expect from Eugene. A pretty funny promo here and will be interesting to see what Eugeneís number was.

Great opening action to the match with Goldberg immediately going for the spear but missing and Austin then going for the stunner but failing setting the course for this match. Some nice Hardcore spots in this match, in a long gruelling match. Both men show some heart by kicking out of each others finishers, but Stone Cold gets the win after a third Stone Cold Stunner. Overall this was a phenomenal match and even though Austin won, I donít see him staying around in this thread for that much longer, maybe carry on until Mania. **** ľ

LOL great Wrestlemania promo here with everybody in it using there trademark lines. I found the Ken Kennedy part and the Rock/Foley part the most amusing however.

Very interesting promo here and I wonder if it was to start off a feud between the two for Mania.

Bret doesnít sign the contract, so Angle beats him up to do it which was a good way of getting Hart to sign the contract.

Itís time for the Raw main event and I am sure it is going to be a good one. Nice start to the match with Cena showing no fear of the Undertaker going straight after him. This was a very good match, with both men putting on a great effort. Taker kicks out of one FU, but two FUís are enough to put the Dead man away and Cena is going to Mania.****

Royal Rumble Match
Good opening pair to start the match knowing the rivalry they had over the Summer. Kennedy does bit of comedy and then gets in the ring, he nearly eliminates RVD but he stands on Bill Alfonso to keep himself in it. Chavo comes out and he has a comedy moment with Kennedy as they both turn on each other. Nothing really big happens until entrant 8 where a message is played obviously by Kane, signalling he is coming back. We finally have our first elimination after 9 with Snitzky eliminating Chavo. Shawn Michaels enters and he means business as he eliminates James Storm. Interesting to see three DX members in this match entering early. Benoit comes in and by god he cleans house, I expect him to win but eliminating this may people no. Oh no there goes Kennedy, I have a feeling Benoit will get into the last two and lose it now as he has so much momentum. The Rock enters and he eliminates HBK, who causes Rock to get eliminated by Edge just seconds later which basically finalises their match at WM. HHH enters and I expect him to get quite far in this. London enters and he could surprise a few and he nearly eliminates HHH, but he goes through the middle rope. LOL at Maven getting eliminated straight away and then getting back in the ring and getting a beating by everyone. RKO enters and he eliminates Edge, and I think he is one of the favourites to win. Carlito enters meaning he hasnít got a better number than JBL who has yet to enter. Christian enters and just like Orton, eliminates his rival before the next entrant comes in. Two quick eliminations here with HHH eliminating Harris and Carlito eliminating Hardy, now das cool. There goes Luther he didnít last long and he is the last DX member to get eliminated. Haha Eugene gets number 30 he will get eliminated quickly though, which he does just after London has a sick bump. Carlito and JBL are eliminated before Benoit goes elimination Crazy again beating Kaneís record which is definitely not cool. Benoit eliminates HHH and he wins the Royal Rumble. *****

Overall this was another phenomenal PPV by you, and now the road to WM begins and I canít wait to see that. Overall rating 95/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry that I haven't been able to review your Rumble yet Wofly, but I'll have a review up later tonight or tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Well I'll give you an update on my review. I'm starting on the Austin/Goldberg match and got a long way to go. Kinda been lagging behind recently due to being busy but I'll indeed try my best to get up soon.
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Re: Being The Booker

First off, thanks to everyone who has responded to the Royal Rumble, always means a lot to get such excellent feedback ofr Pay Per View events. If I'm not a regular reader of your thread, don't hesitate to PM me and let me know when you post your next PPV - in fact, DO PM me when you post your next PPV, and I'll have no excuses to miss it.

Now, there are a few questions that I'll now need to answer, but rather than do that individually, I'll go through each match, and explain whatever decisions I made which were questioned. Obviously I'm not intending to make you change your views, but merely stating my case as to why I did such things.

First off - the only thing that was negatively recieved about the opener was the fact Lesnar had to cheat to win. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that there is a while to go before Wrestle Mania. Read into that what you will.

I think it was Spartanlax that pointed out a few glitches from the Rock - HBK promo, and looking back on it, I can see what the point was in that Rock wouldnt have said 'queue'. After thinking about it, it's a valid point - I cant actually picture Rock saying it myself, just a shame I didnt think about it before posting.

There wont be an I.R.S - Jake Roberts feud coming off the back of the Battle Royal Hoping that comment was a joke . No feuds will come off the back of this match, but expect at least two of the competitors will be inducted to the HOF at Wrestle Mania.

Nothing to reply on the tag match...

As for Austin vs Goldberg, I totally understand the comments on overuse of finishing moves. Normally - in fact - always, I've been the first to complain on an overuse of finishing moves. In my defence for this match though, given the stipulations, the build up, and the occasion, I felt this was the way the match had to go. With their illustrious careers in the balance, both men would've been desperate to win the match - hence quickly going for finishers, and also desperate to kick out of everything and anything - hence the repeated kick outs. If this had've just been Austin vs Goldberg with nothing at stake, then I would've approached the match entirely differently.

As for John Cena beating Undertaker cleanly, I wont apologise. I know that there are a number of pro-Taker fans out there, and even more anti-Cena fans, so the decision would've never been popular. Right now wasnt the right time to begin Takers program for Wrestle Mania, and I dont intend on Cena going heel, or a rematch between the two, so I didnt feel he should cheat to win. And just to point out, Cena had to hit the FU twice to win the match - originally, I was actually thinking of Cena going over with the STFU, and Taker passing out. At least this way, Taker didnt lose any momentum, having kicked out of the finisher once already.

Finally, the Rumble match. Honestly, I wasnt expecting any negative response to Benoit breaking the record for eliminations, but I guess I was wrong. I didnt intend on Benoit to look like superman by any means. My thinking, going into writing this match was that Benoit needed to do more than just win it. Entering at #1 would've been too much like 2004 in real life, so I left myself with two choices. 1) Benoit owns the Rumble, eliminating 7/8 guys OR 2) Benoit owns the Rumble, breaking the record for eliminations.

The decision was made, and the rest is history. The reason I went for this was pretty simple. I've pretty much booked Benoit as a mid carder the entire thread. From when I began this thread, Chris Benoit has main evented a total of 3 Pay Per Views from a possible 16 (not counting any Royal Rumble Matches) - one of those main events was a 6 man Elimination Chamber too.

So, after all this time as a mid carder basically, I didnt think it would be just enough for Benoit to suddenly win the Royal Rumble, and instead needed him to mark his victory in style. In building Benoit for the Wrestle Mania main event, I want to establish him as an ageing veteran with not too many throws of the dice left in him, which is another reason for the explosive start as he arrived in the match, and his burst at the end to win, proving that he wants it more than anyone else in the match.

Hopefully that clears up anyone wondering why I did certain things at the event. I'm not expecting anyone to change their opinions on anything that went down, but hopefully you'll respect why I did what I did. Yes, there were probably other ways to do certain things, but in the end, this was the way I decided to go with it.

Should any other questions arise, I'll try to answer them, as best as possible. If I missed anything that anyone had questioned, let me know.

Now, as for the next installment of this Road to Wrestle Mania - dont expect it too soon. The FIFA World Cup starts on Friday, and I'm always occupied at work, as well as drinking, so right now, I'll not have time to work on shows.

Just as a reminder, as I forgot to point out a few weeks back when one or two people mentioned feuds building to No Way Out - I did announce a while back that No Way Out had been dropped, and another PPV was added to last December instead. I've never liked a PPV in between RR and WM, as it always fails to deliver. Of course, I do have Saturday Nights Main Event sandwiched in, but the matches from that show WONT be in full.

My reviews though, WILL be returned in due course, just be patient. It could be two days, or two weeks before I get to it. If I owe you a review for anything, dont hesitate to PM me, I need reminding!!
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