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Re: Being The Booker

Looked great. One thing I noticed whie reading this was that Benoit eliminated 13 people. That I felt was kind of supid./ B ut I just skimmed through it so I could of missed counted, although hisd name appeared alot. I'll leave a full rweview later.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review

Sunday Night Heat - Well, this isn't RR, but here goes. I liked all the RR moments that were played. It seemed so realistic. Sunday Night Heat was great as it really hyped up Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble Hype Video - Wow. This is my first time reviewing a PPV and boy did this video description really hype me up. Classic and really realistic video. It was nice and lengthy and gave me flashbacks of old PPV video hypes.

Commentator Talk - Usually, commentators have small roles in BTBs, but so far, they've had plenty to talk about and they usual fight between brands happens.

WWE Championship Match - MSG was really behind Jericho throughout the whole match. Every near fall for Lesnar, the MSG would cheer, which is realistic considering Jericho is the face. The beginning of the match was great and it showed that Lesnar is mostly muscles and no brain. Throughout the whole match, Lesnar had control and Jericho would being ruined. Jericho, however, managed to fight back a couple of times, which led me to believe that he would win this match. When Jericho hit the Lionsault, I thought it was over and Jericho won, but I scrolled down, and Heyman pulled the ref out, which is highly likely. In the end, Brock Lesnar won by cheating, which also leads me to believe there will be another encounter between the two. Lastly, this was a phenomenal opening match. Hard to be topped.

The Rock/Shawn Michaels Segment - Wow. Two legends fighting with each other. Great comedic moment between The Rock & Garrison Cade. You make everything seem so realistic. Now, as for Shawn Michaels and The Rock. I think this segment has led me to believe as well, as others, that at Wrestlemania, a dream match will happen as The Rock takes on Shawn Michaels. That would be amazing.

Kurt Angle Promo - Wow. It truly shows his ruthless aggression in this promo. I haven't been reading much of this BTB, but I wonder why Angle wants to face Bret Hart so badly. Angle is a main eventer and a match against Bret Hart would be a dream, but I think at WM, he should be in the main event fighting for the championship.

Legends Battle Royal - I really enjoyed the entrances. Very clear descriptions were given of each wrestler. I am rooting for Jake "The Snake" Roberts in this one. Wow. I would think that a Battle Royal would be very difficult to write, but this one was done to perfection. Great first elimination as Jake Roberts scares Kamala, and Kamala ends up eliminating himself. Wow. Jake Roberts is out second by the man he started the match against. Lawler made a very intelligent move there. Neidhart's elimination was surprisingly odd, but it happens during battle royals. Eliminations are coming fast as IRS is eliminated by Dusty Rhodes. Jake Roberts DDT on Lawler for revenge was realistic. Damn. Duggan is eliminated. Pretty quick battle royal, IMO. Tatanka eliminated. I didn't expect him to win, and if Lawler, doesn't win, I'll be surprised. Lawler is up to cheap tricks and eliminates Jannetty. Lawler looks like he'll win this. Wow. MVP of the match so far, as Lawler eliminated Road Warrior. Well, well, well. Dusty Rhodes wins. I would be extremely pissed off if I were Lawler. Phenomenal battle royal, but I thought it was extremely short.

Coach Joke -
The Coach:
Yeah, maybe Lawler can go back to doing something he’s good at.

Michael Cole:
Like commentary??

The Coach:
No. I said something he was good at.
Hilarious. I was laughing for awhile after I read this.

JBL/Carlito Number Draw - Phenomenal segment with a possibility of a United States vs. IC Title Match at Wrestlemania. I see them colliding in the Royal Rumble for sure. I hope JBL gets the better of it now, so that Carlito gets the always better revenge.

Brotherhood vs. WGTT - Seriously, this is the best tag match I've ever read. This was a phenomenal back and forth match. I seriously thought that in the end, the Brotherhood would win as Jordan hit a Tornado DDT and went for the pin. However, Shelton broke it up. I loved this match, and since Wrestlemania is around the corner, I'm guessing you have a big tag match planned for the event.

Eugene/Snitsky Number Draw - Kind of a funny and expected segment. I don't see a feud between the two from the events because I don't think it would be that entertaining. Also, Eugene is "stupid/retarded" (no offense), so his number may actually be bad.

Austin vs. Goldberg - The match's video package was great. It reminded a lot about the past. I am rooting for Goldberg in this one. Austin's getting old and his career should conclude, but then again, it should conclude with a victory, so Austin might end up winning. So confused from what I just wrote. WOW!!! I just finished reading the match, and was it a match or what. So many near and close pinfalls. The Stunner was hit a couple of times, but to no prevail and the Jackhammer was also hit. This match was an all out brawl and a MOTN contender so far. Surprising events as Austin wins. In the end, this was a phenomenal back and forth match. The idea of Austin retirering was put forth. I hope this doesn't happen, but if he did, what a last match.

Wrestlemania Video Hype - I didn't get the video hype at all. It was pretty confusing and didn't really hype up Wrestlemania. I know you can way better. Some funny moments in it, with guys doing their expected lines.

Triple H/Rey Mysterio Promo - Royal Rumble has already hinted a few possible matches for Wrestlemania and this is one of them. I think a Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio match would be a classic. I liked this promo because this sets up a match between the two or a match with the champions. Great job.

Bret Hart/Kurt Angle Segment - Great video package of the history of the two. It helps someone like me who hasn't read this BTB much. Angle turns heel. This was a good segment. I kind of expected an attack if Bret didn't sign it though. I wonder what will happen until Wrestlemania. Bret said he couldn't wrestle, but now he's obligated to do it. This could actually be a very good storyline. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle storyline, from what I've read, has been one of the best storylines/feuds yet.

Lesnar/Randy Orton Segment - A good segment that could foreshadow something. Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar could be a great match between two young, but wonderful wrestlers.

John Cena vs. Undertaker - Great match. It was a pretty quick match ending at 16 minutes. Lots of near and close falls. I thought Undertaker had this match and would go into Wrestlemania as champ, possibly for the last time. John Cena wins, and will go on to Wrestlemania as champ. This leaves a challenger to be named. I think Undertaker shouldn't get a shot at the title, so I think the winner of the Royal Rumble will face John Cena. One way or another, I'm hoping John Cena loses the title at Wrestlemania.

Christian/Austin Segment - Many segments of this nature have come up during the Royal Rumble so far. They're good because they can help prepare matches for Wrestlemania, but overuse isn't good. If I'm wrong, please correct me, but a Christian vs. Austin match seems likely for Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble - Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam start off the match. I think it's a great pair to start off the match, but this lessens their chance of winning, which isn't good. WOW!!! I just finished reading the Royal Rumble, and boy did it take a long time. It had tons of entertaining moments such as Chris Benoit's consecutive eliminations and Simon Dean's fast elimination. MVP, whether he won or not, would have been Chris Benoit. I was really surprised that he won. I was expecting a win from Randy Orton or Triple H. By far, was this an entertaining Royal Rumble. Now to think about the possible main events. Benoit vs. Lesnar or Benoit vs. Cena. Benoit vs. Lesnar sounds more appealing.

Final Analysis

Spelling/Grammer - I saw quite a bit of mistakes. But considering this was a PPV and is of great length, you get a 9/10.

Matches - The matches were awesome. Some of the best matches I've ever read. Most were very entertaining and very realistic. 10/10

Promos - Your promos were great, but some things like encounters between foes came up quite a bit, or I'm just delusional (which is more likely). Nonetheless, your promos were great, everyone was in character, and it foreshadowed the future. 9/10

Length - No description need. 10/10

Entertainment - One of the most entertaining wrestling reads, I've ever read. 9/10

Overall - You get a 47/50, which equals 94/100. Long read and review, which took about 4 fours, but in the end it's worth it because I gain experience.

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Re: Being The Booker

Heat did it's job of building matches up and to add to that it said past Rumble moments which adds a touch to it. Good to see Rhyno win but he probably still won't get a push.

Opening video was ok. It's better than most people's, but still, it wasn't up to your "expectations" LOL. It really didn't click for me honestly, but like I said it's better than most peoples.

Interesting way to start off the show w/ a main event title match. Interesting...very interesting. TBH, I don't really like Lesnar, but you made him acceptable for me in this match. This was good for a title match and especially to open up the show. Length wasn't a problem, I didn't like the finish though, no only b/c Brock won, but because Brock rolled someone up? A 300+ pounds dude rolls up a 230 pound dude? Seemed unreal to me, but besides that, great way to start off the show. Weird though as I thought this would be near the end of the show. I see a rematch coming at SNME.

Oh yeah. A Rock/Michaels promo. Should be great. It was ok, but could've been better. Seeing how nothin extremely great happened in this promo, I see them meeting in the Rumble.

Interesting Angle promo. I think he'll bust Hart open and sign it w/ blood like Vince did w/ Hogan a while back.

TBH, I thought this was kind of mehish. In this thread it was ok, but seeing 45-60 year olds wrestle would be boring in a TV match. Kamala's elimination was funny. Please don't tell me you're going to feud I.R.S and Roberts at Mania That would ruin the show unless you wrote it perfectly. Ok it got better at the end, but it still wasn't the greatest. For a match with old men in it though, it was written well. Aftermath w/ Coach and Cole was funny and made me laugh. If no one here feuds, I'll be fine w/ this.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Son, I invented cool.
LOL. Right in Carlito's face!! JBL had a great role in this promo and made it pretty funny to read. Wow, just think if Carlito had an apple... I'd love to see a feud w/ these two. Just think of the promo's you could make with'll be great if you do it.

Seeing how they are banned, I am sure that TWGTT will win. Mark Henry should be in instead of OJ. OJ sucks. It's bad when Henry > OJ LOL. Benjamin and Haas kept this match at a good state as OJ and Mack weren't anything special IMO. OMG! That DDT and belt shot scared me. Just the thought of having them as champion... Even though it wasn't long, I don't know how you got it that long with OJ and Mack in it?

Great line w/ Snitsky. This guy could be great if he was pushed IMO. The "It wasn't my fault" hasn't got old for me yet. Eugene made it even better getting ready to cry LOL

EARLY spear attempt from Goldberg. YES!!! No more Goldberg! I loved this match and so far it has been MOTN. Street Fight gimmick made it great. It took 3 Stunners and that makes it look real and says Goldberg won't stay down. Great match. I am glad to see Goldberg gone and Austin staying. I thought you wer going to let Goldberg win too. . Austin drinks beer after he's basically gotten his *** kicked all night LOL.

Great WM promo here. It was a tad bit long though. I wish I was the man in the couple. Kane set the hotel on fire for not getting a room LOL. Hilarious!

Rey/HHH feud coming. Nothing big about the promo though

Heck yes! Heel turn for Angle! Angle played a great face at the beginning of the promo, and even though you had been playing up the heel turn for a while now, it actaully came as a shock to me as he was doing well as a face. LOL a scribble counts? I've never seen a scribble on the contract sheet, but hey it makes the dream match and I'll get to see it at Wrestlemania 22! (Cheap Pop)

Wonder what will happen w/ the Brock/Orton promo? Maybe Orton wins and goes to Smackdown to face him?

Cena doesn't back down and that is a good sign. This is really like a filler IMO. Couldn't find anyone to face Cena so you pick Taker so he doesn't have to be in the Rumble? Maybe. Anyway, I see you are using a STF(U) as Cena's offensive moves now. Make Taker job. This is the match where there should've been a roll up instead of Jericho/Lesnar! Still a good match though.

Man I should've remembered the Christian/Austin feud and I would've picked Austin to win instead of Goldberg.

Tyson Tomko:
Hey, I know some sign language, and that wasn’t a thank you.
LOL. Tomko is funny. Christian/Austin will be a great match for Mania.

HERE IT COMES!!! Rey/RVD should be a great way to start off. Shocked to see the first elimination come so late and even more it was Chavo who almost beat Benoit about 1 month ago. Now he's first gone in the Rumble? Here comes HBK! Then another DX. I think you made Benoit look like superman (A.K.A John Cena). There it goes! HBK by the Rock! HBK is going to screw the Rock and he does and of all people my fave, Edge gets the huge elimination! The Game enters. London could be a dark (black) horse in the match. No problem w/ Goldust being eliminated, as a matter of fact, I'm glad. Here comes my pick...Randy Orton. Still hatin on Edge aren't you Wolfy? LOL. Here comes the coolest member of the Rumble. I can see him winning to get a push seeing him as the IC Champion. Christian is a serious competitor for his role at Survivor Series. J...B...L is in. Looking for him to mix it up w/ Carlito. And they do, with JBL taking control. When Eugene's gone, it's really anyone's game as no one would suprise me with a win now. I still go w/ Orton or Christian. OMG, Superman eliminates 2 more people. By the way he's "flying" he's a "high" candidate to win it. Just go one more as superman has broke a record and is flying even higher! It's Orton or Benoit now, Christ!!!! This is getting annoying. I understand pushing someone, but 13 is freakin too much. If he wins it'll have to be 14! And it is 14! Benoit eliminated half of the people in it. Way too many IMO. There's a screw up IMO. Benoit winning is fine but I pray to god he doesn't beocme the present day John Cena by winning every match and holding the belt for 3 years. After what he did in the Rumble I see him holding it until he dies. This is Benoit's first one right? He didn't win it in 2004 in your thread did he? Anyway besides Benoit being superman this Rumble match was perfectly written and you deserve credit for that.

Overall: 94/100. For a person who hasn't written a PPV in 6 months, not that much booking rust was seen by me, and that's a great thing that you can come back after a big break and go back to Wolfy style, kick *** booking. Mania looks to be great already and you can guarantee a review for that too. Please return the review for this, as you now owe me 2 :P LOL J/K, but anyway great PPV bottom line.
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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review

Nice HEAT to kick things off, and Rhyno's push continues as he beats the mammoth A-Train. Nice

Jericho vs Lesnar
Odd choice to kick things off, but anyways should be a good match. Didn't take long for Lesnar to start dominating did it? DAMN Heyman! Jericho had it, and now, Lesnar wins. Argh! Pretty good match to open things up, and so close for Y2J. ***1/2

That's gotta be the promo that sparks something between these two in the Rumble match, and sets up their match at Mania. Rock on cue as always

Angle sure is pissed, wonder will Hart sign the contract, NO

Legends Battle Royal
Some nice comedic action early on with Lawler & Kamala. This match is a nice break from the seriousness of the other matches. Wow, Roberts went pretty early. Neidhart & IRS follow soon after, elims coming quick in this match. Goodbye Hacksaw! There goes my pick Tatanka, dammit. Lawler is looking like he's gonna win it now, Jannetty was a sure fire chance and he's gone. Road Warriors out, and so is Lawler! Dusty Rhodes wins? Weird. ***

JBL vs Carlito, US vs IC champ at Mania? I can sense it

WGTT vs Brotherhood
Never was gonna be fair with all those B'hood members at ringside, and having them barred was cool. The match was a solid one, wasn't going to ever be anything groundbreaking or ultra-exciting, but it served it's purpose well. Nice to see WGTT keep the belts, which I think they'll lose at WM. ***1/4

Ha, Eugene. Funny, and Snitsky was too

Austin vs Goldberg
Here we go. Wow, both men go to finish it early, but it's countered both times. Didn't take long for a weapon to come into play, nor for the blood to flow from Austins head. This is getting nasty, quickly, Goldberg is busted open, and he is sent through the table, after dealing Austin a Spear. WHOA! Absolute carnage at ringside! Goldberg kicks out of the stuner! AUSTIN WON! YES! Brilliant match, but I hope Austin doesn't retire just yet. ****1/2

Another funny Wrestlemania vignette Wolfy, loved it. Lots of fun

Now, does Hart sign the contract. I said no, but I'm not sure, you've pulled a few surprises before so....

HOLY SHIT! Angle forced Hart to sign it, unbelievable! I can't believe he turned heel like that, but now we have our match. Shocker and a half

Undertaker vs Cena
Big match, delivered all you would've thought it could've. Not a classic, but a very good match. Shocked by the linear time limit it was compressed to, but that must be because of the Rumble. ****

Austin & Christian again, this time more seriousness than the previous few, and their match is all but set for WM

Rumble Match
Nice duo starting this one, RVD & Rey. Kennedy comes in with some comedy, liking that. Chavo is in and up to Eddie's old tricks. Wonder when the first elimination will come, can't be long now, can it? And Booker T, he seems to be a filler in your thread, not the solid contender he could be. Anyways, Snitsky comes in and doesn't turn out to be the machine I thought he might be. Still no elims, it's gotta happen soon. Meh James Storm won't win it. And finally, a DX member hits the ring. Poor Cade. What the....... what, KANE? No? Hmm, how odd. Morgan is in, and finally an elimination, goodbye Chavo.

HAHAHA! Dusty Rhodes is in already. And here comes Michaels. Well, I don't know if he'll do it from here, it's a big ask. And he waists no time, getting rid of Storm. Jindrak in too? Wow, DX is emptying out quickly. Masters was gonna make HBK pass out, damn Cade. Number 14 for Benoit again, hmm, maybe second time lucky? I doubt it, but you never know. WHOA! Benoit's on fire, Morgan and Dusty gone in quicky succession. And then Booker T! Geez, he's a train. OMFG! There goes Cade & Jindrak also, Benoit is owning this match! SIX IN A ROW! Goodbye Snitsky. FUCK, Benoit again, gets rid of Masters. He's going wild in there. AND NOW RVD IS GONE! Benoit is a true Wolverine in this match!

Here comes Matt Hardy, and there goes Kennedy. Good god, Benoit might just do it. In comes Edge, and unbelievably, Benoit hasn't eliminated anyone for about a minute or so. THE ROCK IS HERE! MY MAN! And he's going at it with HBK, what a moment that would be. Is that the fastest elim in BTB history? Goodbye Simon Dean. Rock gets rid of HBK! HOLY SHIT, this sparks the fued into a new zone. Just as I thought, HBK screws The Rock! He didn't last long, and one of my two picks is gone. HHH, The Game. And he takes it to everyone, in a short paragraph, coz here comes number 20.

London, a guy you seem to like pushing, might get a good run here. And here comes another filler, Goldust. Shit, Batista, I hope to god he gets no were near the end of the match. There goes Goldy. HAHA! Maven as always, jobs in hilarious fashion. Ha, he tries to get revenge and gets smashed by everyone else in the ring. Funny. The Legend Killer is here, and he's my second pick, the other guy I thought might be able to do it. Edge goes after a solid showing, he'll most likely be in the MITB match at WM. ARGH! Why can't Rey just go. Never liked the guy, hope he doesn't win it.

Carlito & Harris enter, but neither will win. Still yet to see JBL in this match, which is a surprise. Or Christian. Speaking of CC, here comes Christian. Christian is one fire here, taking on everyone, like Benoit earlier, but not getting rid of them all. THANK GOD! Rey is finally gone. So here's Luther Reigns, leaving us with Eugene & JBL to hit the last two spots. Hardy is gone, another good showing tonight, and a guy who I think'll be in the MITB come WM. Here comes JBL, so Eugene is no.30? Extremely odd choice. And DX has proved to be a massive flop this match, after all their hype. Here comes Eugene. And there goes London, he recieved the push I thought he would. And Eugene is gone already, what a waste of the number 30 spot. Carlito is gone, with the draw-bridge tactic working again here.

And Benoit is back on all cylinders, getting rid of JBL & Batista like that. This is getting insanely silly, Benoit is going to win now, I know it. All this for nothing would be an extreme waste. Christian is gone and Benoit breaks Kane's record for eliminations! What a match for the Crippler. There he goes, Orton's gone. It's gonna be Benoit. I can tell. And I KNEW IT! BENOIT WON! Argh, but atleast HHH didn't win it. *****

Extremely good Rumble, despite you hadn't done one in 6 months, the PPV was great. 93/100

Classic Rumble match.


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Re: Being The Booker


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Re: Being The Booker


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Re: Being The Booker


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Re: Being The Booker


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Re: Being The Booker

^^^ What's the point of that?


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review

Nice Heat to kick things off.

I also like the opening. Great way to get a readers attention.

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

As somoen else said, odd choice to start the night off. I mean I pictured it a bit laterr in the card. Not after the WWE Title match but maybe before it. But whatever. 3600 words is excellent. Since you go b y 200 words a minuter (even though I don't) still is an 18 minute match which is good for an opener. I thought Jericho had it, but Lesner uses the tights to win. Damn you Lesner!

Legends Battle Royal:
(For Spot in Royal Rumble Match):

Dusty Rhodes, the one I know the least about actually wins this thing. Good in length. 8 minutes is good for this match. I was hoping Jerry Lawler would take this after seeing him and Rhodes in the last two, but whAt happened happened.

World Tag Team Championships Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Brotherhood

I can't say much about this match since I wasn't into it, as I wasn't into the Legends Battle Royal, but from the looks of it, was a decent match.

Retirement Match:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Goldberg

YES! Goldberg is outta here! Adious Goldberg. I am so happy. Austin has ended Goldberg. This match had me thinking it would be pover after the first couple of stuinners. But then the Jackhammer I thoiught was it, but Austin still manages to kick out. Goldberg can't believe it now. But what happens? Austin stuns Goldberg again, and finally hooks the leg for the 1,2,3! Excelletn 18 minute match. MOTN thus far.

Excellent Mania commercial. I laughed a lot.

Angle-Hart contract signing.

This segment deserves a rarting in itself. This was a great segment. Angle bringing up the memory and all. Hart saying that he would not risk himself. But Angle forces Hart to sign it anyway, and it comes at non other than WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. The Undertaker

I'm not dissapointed Taker lost, as I was expecting him to lose anyway. I never iked how you kept making Christian beat Taker, as it just isn't realistic for Taker to job to anyone fairly, no matter what. Something would always happen (and don't remind me of JD in real WWE) that would screw Taker over. I'm just glad it wasn't Christian this time but I hate Cena even more. But it was nice to read this match with Cena picking up the win after a close call. Not MOTN thus far as that still belongs to Austin/Goldberg, but a good match.

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at Wrestle Mania XXII:

Defidently MOTN. I will start with the first ten entrants.

Ok, Mysterio and RVD start this off. Nice two people starting it off with both men being there respectove Heel and Face attitude. Out comes Ken Kennedy, who announces himself while coming to the ring. Typical Kennedy. Kennedy gets striked first by RVD. Poor Kennedy. Later on Kennedy tries to eliminate Rey, but RVD stops him. They exchange blows which in a few seconds after that, leads into the next entrant. Chavo Guerrero. Good grief. I don't wanna talk about him. Onto Booker T. Oh no. I hate this guy (well actually I hate King Booker who doesn't associate with this thread) but whatever. Booker manages to wait for his opening while everybody else fights. Gnene Snitsky. Oh my god! Can';t anyone I'm interested in except RVD come in? Hopefully, Snitsky is eliminated soon. James Storm. Must be a guy from TNA or something cause I've never heard of him. I haven't read your recent show so I;m not too sure about this guy. Garrison Cade. Next. WAIT. Lights go out. "Slow Cemical" plays. Could it be Kane? His music is playing. But no show. Booo! I wanted to see Kane. Matt Morgan. Next. But before the next guy, Chavo is eliminated by Snitsky. Rhodes comes in as he won the Legends Battle Royal earlier on. I can;t say mcuhn except the Rumble ring is getting full. I hope the next ten guys are better.

SHAWN MICHAELS! YES! I may not like him but his performances in the Rumble are always memorable. Michaels comes in and eliminates James Storm. Masters comes in. He may not be popular but I am interested in him. Very good use of Masters, being confident and cocky. Masters gets some action. Masters gets the Masterlock in, but Cade helps his mentor by getting Masters off. Jundrak comes out. Not interested, But the ring is getting really full. Eliminations should soon occure. Yes! Benoit comes out. Finally. Took him long enough. Benoit eliminates Morgan, Rhodes, Booker T, Jindrak and Cade. For someone like Benoit that seems unrealistic. But it doesn't end. Soon after Snitsky gets eliminated and then Masters. Why didn't you have Michaels eliminbate any of them? RVD is out now by Benoit as well? Hardy comes in and Kennedy is eliminated by Benoit. Wolkfy, you've got to stop this. Edge comes in! Yes! Edge gets some hits on Mysterio and Hardy, and a couple of others. Now The Rock comes in. He and Michaels collide. Dean comes in and is eliminated by Mysterio early. The after, Rock eliminates Michaels! Oh my god! Edge then eliminates the Rock! Triple H comes in and starts with Mysterio. London comes in.

Golddust. Then Batista comes in finally! Batista gets rid of that pervert, Golddust. But then Maven comes in, however London eliminates him quickly. Some action in the ring, but Legend Killer Randy Orton comes in. Orton gets on Edge and eliminates him! Harris comes in, and I have no idea who he is either. What a clash between Mysterio and London with Mysterio almost eliminated, but landing on the steel steps. Carlito comes in. Not very cool imo. But nhe had to come in eventually. Bu then, Christian comes in. He better win this, or I will certainly be pissed that Charistian won all those times over Taker. But at least he eliminates Mysterio, who was number 1/2. I can't remember. Reigns comes in and Triple H eliminates Vhris Harris. Hardy is eliminated by Car.lito which is not cool. JBL finally comes in! JBL and Carlito both go at it. Then Orton eliminates Reigns as we get set for the last entrant. Eugene is here! The last entrant!

London gets eliminated by Christian with a powerbomb. London is hurt. Batista comes from behind and eliminates Eugene. Orton eliminates Carlito with help from Triple H. And here comes Benoit eliminating people. It's gotten sick already. JBL, Batista, AND CHRISTIAN! OMFG. No freaking way. Uh uh. No. That can't happen. I hate Christian in this thread now. I was expecting him to win and he should of. Then Orton gets eliminated soon after by Benoit. Down to Triple H(who I don't think should be in the final two) and Benpoit who I am starting to dislike for elkiminating so many people. These two confront but in the end, our winner is Chris Benoit! Realism will take off points as Benoit will and should never eliminate 13 guys I don't care what the excuse is, especially when there were other guys that could of eliminated those certain people. Even though it may not get the highest grade(actually, it is tied) it is indeed MOTN.

Promos: Great segments backstage at the Rumble and great promos. 9/10

Length: 43000 words is excellent! 10/10

Entertainment: Entertaining show defidently. I couldn't stop reading even when I had to go to the bathroom 9I'm serious and no, I didn't pee in my pants) but it was an excellent show and very entertaining. I may not ofm liked the Rumble winner, but still one of the most entertaining shows I have ever read. 10/10

Overall: 88/100. B+. I gave my harshest review ever, and you still got a B+. It was an excellent show.

Please review King of the Ring in my BTB when I get it up. My BTB is in my sig.

I'm watching you...

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