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Re: Being The Booker

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXII:

Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Booker T, Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Christian, Edge, Eugene, Garrison Cade, Gene Snitsky, Goldust, James Storm, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Maven, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam,Shawn Michaels, Simon Dean, The Rock, Triple H,
Winner of Legends Battle Royal

Winner: Edge (I was pretty certain on Benoit but giving him the rub on SD last week makes me think he won't win it, but he will probably get a title shot at Mania anyway, with perhaps Edge v Cena as the Raw main event - not set on this guess though, as I thought it could be Orton, but we have seen Orton v Cena before, or Christian, but I think he is set for a date with Austin at Mania)

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. The Undertaker

Winner: John Cena (He has not long won the title and is a champion who gives you more direction than Taker as a Taker title match at Mania would make the outcome to directional, and I would not really like to see him in Mania's main feud as his gimmick only offers the same feud. Perhaps a defeat will lead him closer to a permanent heel turn, allowing room on the roster for HBK to slowly split from DX and go face?

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

Winner: Chris Jericho (I have always moreorless considered Lesnar a transitional champ to cover for the loss of Eddie and to move Angle onto the Hart feud, plus I am really keen for a Jericho-Benoit Mania title match, and feel the Goldberg win and his recent promos have given him the momentum to take the title

World Tag Team Championships Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Brotherhood

Winner: The Brotherhood (I think it is right to give them the strap as Benjamin and Haas aren't really going anywhere with the titles right now, plus I would like to see Shelton break solo in the near future. Long has billed this as the Brotherhood's Wrestlemania, and given their recent midcard hype they would look quite weak if they fail to deliver

Retirement Match: Streetfight:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Goldberg

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Austin seems to be ready for a Mania match against Christian whilst Goldberg has not been booked too strongly of late, having put Jericho over and only had a short title reign, which signals to me that you don't consider him that important to SD right now, which I believe is a good move, because there are far more entertaining heels on SD, and if you need a big guy to make a face look strong you have people like Morgan and Snitsky who can do the job. Lesnar and Goldberg are quite similar wrestlers anyway, only Lesnar has the manager to offer charisma and Lesnar is better in the ring so I feel Goldberg doesn't really need to hang around. I am pleased this is a streetfight, it should be an incredible match seeing as how you have allowed the hardcore shortcut to give the match maximum intensity and the retirement stipulation should be great for the dramatic element.

Legends Battle Royal: (For Spot in Royal Rumble Match):
Jim Neidhart, Tatanka, Irwin R. Schyster, Marty Jannetty, Road Warrior Animal, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Kamala, Jerry Lawler, Jim Duggan.

Winner: Jerry Lawler (tough to call, as it is really a bit filler and for the benefit of nostalgia, but I will be rooting for Lawler, but the outcome is not too important as I don't expect the legend to last more than a few minutes in the Rumble. Perhaps though it could be Jannetty to have interaction with HBK in the Rumble, and perhaps further tease a HBK face turn, but I have to stick with my instinct.

And, will Bret Hart sign the contract to face Kurt Angle???

No - This is almost as exciting, unpredictable and anticpated as the Royal Rumble, because it is been built so superbly and there are a number of possible routes that could be taken at this point. There is a possibility of either man turning heel at the Rumble, but perhaps you will want to keep it face v face for the dream match element - either way, I think the anticipation will be maintained for a few more weeks before the match is somehow made official.

Credit: The aforementioned irresistible girl Allyson <3

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Re: Being The Booker

When will it be up?

Rep me and I'll rep you back!

WWE: Unforgiven

Review my show and I'll rep you.

No Mercy 2004

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton (c)

Intercontinental Championship
Christian (c) vs. Batista vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match
JBL (c) vs. The Undertaker

Interpromotional Match
John Cena vs. ???

Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair
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Re: Being The Booker

I think a few pages back when he posted the SD recap he said it would be up tonight.

Credit: The aforementioned irresistible girl Allyson <3

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Re: Being The Booker

look at his Sig it says Friday so Yeah today.
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Re: Being The Booker

Okay, it's my first PPV in nearly six months, and has been a long time coming. Hope you enjoy.


Sunday Night Heat:

Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews present the show, from downtown New York, outside Madison Square Garden, less than sixty minutes from Royal Rumble. They announce that tonight’s Heat Main Event pit’s Rhyno against A-Train

A Classic Royal Rumble Moment is shown, with Shawn Michaels winning the Rumble in 1995, entering at #1.

After a commercial, we see the arrival of Bret Hart, where tonight he faces the decision of whether or not he will sign the contract to face Kurt Angle.

Backstage, officials and adjudicators place the balls into the tumbler for picking numbers later, making it official.

Todd and Josh discuss the Rumble Match once again, before talking about tonight’s Championship Matches, involving Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and John Cena. They then show a video package, hyping up the Lesnar vs. Jericho match.

Another Classic Royal Rumble Moment is shown, with Triple H returning from his quad injury to win the 2002 Rumble Match.

Following the commercial, we head straight into a Goldberg montage, highlighting his career, which could end tonight in the Streetfight, when he meets Steve Austin for the first time ever in a retirement match.

The announcers discuss that dream match, before making the point that one of them will not be going to have any part at Wrestle Mania in 9 weeks time. They then talk about a second chance though, for the legends involved in the Battle Royal for a spot in the Rumble. They run down the list of twelve legends, before cutting to an interview.

Marc Lloyd interviews Dusty Rhodes, who tonight is part of that Legends Battle Royal, with the winner heading into The Royal Rumble Match. He runs down his usual spiel, and promises victory tonight.

Another Classic Royal Rumble Moment is played, this time with The Rocks controversial win over Big Show in 2000 to win the Rumble.

After a commercial break, the announcers talk about The Undertakers WM streak, and that he could be walking into the WM Main Event this year as Champion, before showing a Taker - Cena VP, building their match tonight.

We then see the arrival of Steve Austin, ahead of what may be his final match tonight, should he lose to Goldberg. This leads to an Austin montage, similar to the Goldberg one earlier.

Backstage, we see a high number of the superstars beginning to queue up outside the number room, waiting to get their number for tonight’s Royal Rumble.

One last Classic Rumble Moment plays, this time with Ric Flair winning in 1992, after entering #3.

Following a commercial, the Heat Main Event takes place, with The Man Beast Rhyno defeating A-Train @ 5:39 with The Gore.

As the pre-show ends, a video package plays, hyping the Royal Rumble, with classic clips from previous Royal Rumbles


WWE Royal Rumble

22nd January 2006

Madison Square Garden; New York City, NY

Event Music:
Adema, Sevenfold

Opening Video:

The video opens in an olden days train station. An old steam train pulls up, and a booming voice is heard at the station …

Ladies and Gentlemen, set to depart is the express service, directly to Wrestle Mania…

Inside the station, we see a man slowly pull a newspaper down from his face to reveal himself as Triple H. He narrows his eye brows for a second, before slowly getting up from his seat, and begins to walk towards the exit near the train, when he spots someone briskly walk past him … Christian.

Christian pushes past Triple H trying to rush to the train too. HHH shouts to Christian with an angry ‘HEY’, with Christian ignoring him. Christian starts to almost jog, when he is tripped … by Chris Benoit.

Benoit shows his toothy grin, as Triple H walks past, smiling too, until he sees a huge flock of people push past him. The group consists of Chris Harris, James Storm, Booker T, Goldust, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Paul London, Gene Snitsky, Ken Kennedy, Eugene, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, JBL, RVD, The Rock and Edge.

Triple H tries to push past the guys, but cant, and eventually, Benoit drags Triple H away, before pushing through the crowd himself.

The huge gang now starts pushing and shoving each other, trying to reach the front of the queue first, before eventually breaking down into a major brawl.

In the background, DX lags behind, with Michaels making the other three carry him to the front, barking orders for them to hurry.

As the huge group reaches the front, each man is taking shots at the other, ending up in a major brawl, with each man trying to make the train. They all reach out the door, as the train begins to pull away, with the driver hanging his head out from the window … Vince McMahon

Mr. McMahon:
I think this calls for a little Royal Rumble …

The screen fades to black, before opening back up, in a darkened locker room, with The Rock sat alone…

The Rock:
Tonight, this is it. Its time to get serious.

Clip of The Rock winning the disputed 2000 Royal Rumble

The shot switches to Randy Orton resting his head against a wall…

Randy Orton:
I’ve waited a year. Tonight, this marks the beginning of my return to the top, when I win the Royal Rumble.

Clip of Jim Duggan winning the inaugural Royal Rumble

Switch to Chris Benoit doing push ups…

Chris Benoit:
After twenty years, this could be my last shot at true immortality. I need this more than ever, and I will sacrifice my body to outlast 29 other men.

Clip of Ric Flair winning the 1992 Rumble Match

Cut to Shawn Michaels dropping down onto his knees…

Shawn Michaels:
I’ve still got the heart, I’ve still got the desire. Winning the Royal Rumble isn’t new to me. Main Eventing Wrestle Mania isn’t new to me, but I want it more than ever right now.

Clip of HBK hanging on in 1995, skinning the cat to win the Rumble

The shot goes to Triple H spitting water…

Triple H:
I crave success … I need success. If I cant be world champion, then I’ve failed in my goal. Winning the Royal Rumble guarantees my spot at Wrestle Mania.

Clip of Triple H winning the Rumble upon his return in 2002

Switch to Christian…

2005 was my break out year, 2006 will be my year to cement myself as not only a main eventer, but a franchise player. First off, I need to win the 30 Man Royal Rumble.

Clip of Bret Hart and Lex Luger going at the same time in 1994

Cut to JBL…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
I have had the most incredible year. I’ve beaten everyone who has challenged me for the United States Championship. I’ve beaten them all, and tonight, I will beat them all in one go, to become a double champion at Wrestle Mania.

Clip of Steve Austin returning from neck surgery to win the 2001 Rumble Match.

Switch to Rey Mysterio…

Rey Mysterio:
I’ve been overlooked, I’ve been under rated, I’ve been counted out, and I’ve been under estimated. Tonight, I will aim to be victorious.

Flashing images of other superstars involved in the Rumble, as the narrator begins to speak…

Narrator: Tonight, these thirty men all have a dream … one common goal … with the ultimate prize at stake …

Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho with a title belt.

Narrator: Tonight, twenty nine of these thirty will continue to dream … whilst one will live a reality …

Slow motion of fireworks going off at Wrestle Mania

Narrator: Tonight, at the worlds most famous arena, history will be made, careers will be made, shaped, and changed forever … tonight, at Madison Square Garden, one mans life will never be the same again … as the road to Wrestle Mania … begins …

And now, The Con for Play Station Portable presents a Raw and Smackdown Production, the 2006 Royal Rumble!!!


The camera pans around the arena, with signs being shown including “Cena for President”, “2006 Royal Rumble Winner = Randy Orton”, “Royal Rumble, Game Over”, and “Y2J @ MSG = Ratings”

Jim Ross:
For the second time ever, Madison Square Garden hosts the Royal Rumble. Tonight, one man will overcome twenty nine others to book his spot in the main event of Wrestle Mania, on March 26th. Fifteen superstars from Raw, fourteen from Smackdown, and one spot will be decided in a Legends Battle Royal later this evening.

The Coach:
My favourite time of year, is finally here baby boy. One superstar from Raw is headed to Wrestle Mania, I know it.

Jim Ross:
Remember, this year, the winner has the opportunity to take on either brands champion. We could see a Raw superstar win the Rumble, and decide to face the WWE Champion from Smackdown!!!

The Coach:
Not gonna happen J.R. Whichever Raw superstar wins the Rumble, is staying put in the major leagues for the Wrestle Mania main event.

Jim Ross:
Two Raw championships will also be decided tonight, as The Undertaker challenges John Cena for the World Title, and the tag titles will be decided too, but right now, lets send it over to Michael Cole, and Tazz.

Michael Cole:
The Road to Wrestle Mania begins in New York this evening, as J.R and Coach mentioned, the Thirty Man Royal Rumble will determine one half of the Wrestle Mania main event, but which champion will he choose??

Before we go any further, can I just make a point to Coach over there, that a Smackdown star is winning the Rumble, and he’s sticking on Smackdown too, because Smackdown is the major leagues, not that comedy show on Monday nights.

Michael Cole:
I hope it is Tazz, but lets not forget, Smackdown has so much riding on tonight’s show, without even thinking about the Royal Rumble, with the first ever one on one meeting between Goldberg and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

It’s the first time they’ll meet … last time they’ll meet … only time, as tonight for one of them, this is their final match. One man must retire after tonight.

**5-4-3-2-1 … BOOM** Chris Jericho steps out into MSG, getting a HUGE response from the hot crowd. Y2J slaps hands with the fans, who are extremely close to the run way, with the side entrance being used tonight.

Tony Chimmel:
The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the W-WEF CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Introducing first the challenger, making his way to the ring, born in MANHASSET, NEW YORK!!! Weighing 233 pounds, Chris Jerrrrrichoooo!!!

Michael Cole:
Is there a better way to kick off one of the most important events of the year?? I don’t think so. We are about to find out who is going to Wrestle Mania as WWE Champion, and possibly … hopefully, one half of the main event of Wrestle Mania!!!

It is Rocket Buster time Cole!!! How the hell can you follow this as an opener??

**Here Comes the Pain** Brock Lesnar enters the arena, along with Paul Heyman, ahead of this title defence. Lesnar walks down the short ramp, looking focused, knowing he faces a dangerous challenger.

Tony Chimmel:
And, being accompanied by Paul Heyman, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds, he is the WWE Champion … Brock Lessssnarrr!!!

Michael Cole:
Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho have quite a storied history leading up to this confrontation tonight. They’ve met on a number of occasions, but none bigger than this championship match tonight.

Brock Lesnar is hell bent on stepping into the MGM Grand in two months with that belt, but is Chris Jericho going to be good enough to stop him?? I cant wait to find out.

WWE Championship Match:

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings, signalling the beginning of the match, with Lesnar and Jericho circling the ring. The two men look eager to get it on, but at the same time, want to play it smart, and not make any early mistakes. Lesnar stops, and takes a look around the sold out Madison Square Garden, which responds with a solid ‘Y2J’ chants. Jericho nods, and claps his hands, getting the fans in unison, with the entire arena seemingly chanting ‘Y2J’. Lesnar snaps, and yells at Jericho, who smirks back at the champion. Brock challenges Jericho to a test of strength, and Jericho raises another smile, knowing Lesnar has his number in the strength department.

Jericho looks to the fans, and points to Lesnar, as if to ask “Is he for real?” Y2J takes another look at the champion, who stays rooted to the spot, wanting the lock up of hands. Jericho nods, and slowly moves in towards Brock, slowly lifting his hand in the air, close to Lesnars, but then, just before locking up, Jericho waves at Brock, and backs away, getting a chuckle from the fans, but only irritating Lesnar further.
Brock looks to be at the end of his tether already, and tries to catch Jericho off guard, charging towards the corner, but Jericho is too quick, and he moves away, leaving Lesnar to look a fool. Brock looks to be on the brink, as Paul Heyman yells at his client, trying to calm Lesnar down. Brock nods at the words of advice, before zooming in on Jericho again. Brock nears the challenger, and attempts to lock up, but Jericho slips under, and scores with a chop to the chest of the champion. Lesnars immediate reaction is to cover up, feeling the effects of the chop, but Jericho strikes again, lighting up the chest of Brock Lesnar, and delivers a final third chop, with Brock reeling away, unable to handle the force of the challenger.
Jericho now looks to get to work, and tries to find an opening for another chop, but Lesnar desperately rakes the eyes, sending Jericho staggering away. The official tries to warn Lesnar, but the champion ignores him, and grabs Jericho by the hair, slamming him onto the mat by the long hair. Again, the referee tries to warn Lesnar over the blatant rule breaking, but Brock again ignores the man in charge, and decides to get on with it. He drags Jericho up, and without any hesitation, biels the challenger across the ring, demonstrating his power, and ferocity. Brock drops to his knees, and covers Jericho, putting his forearm directly into the face of Y2J, 1...2...Kick Out.
Brock looks at the referee, before putting his focus back on Jericho, who tries to pull himself up in the corner. Lesnar closes in, and smiles, enjoying seeing Y2J in trouble. Lesnar drives his knee into the sternum of Jericho, taking the air from the challenger, before whipping Jericho to the opposite side of the ring. Brock takes a breath, then charges at the corner, jumping high, and landing a knee to the face of Jericho. Y2J staggers out, and Lesnar grabs a handful of hair again, slamming his challenger to the mat the hard way once more.
The referee again tries to plead with Lesnar to follow the rules, but once more, his request is ignored. Lesnar stamps on the challengers face, and a second time, before dropping an elbow onto Y2J. Lesnar goes for a lateral press, 1...2... Jericho rolls his shoulder up. Brock doesn’t look concerned with the kick out, as he has Jericho in a lot of trouble at this point. Brock drags Jericho up, and looks to go for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Jericho wriggles, and manages to break free, but is unable to make the most of it, as Lesnar quickly locks up, and trips Jericho down, dropping after him, and looking to apply a sleeper hold.
Y2J scrambles free, but Lesnar shoots right back up after him, and is first to strike, knocking the challenger back down with a thunderous clothesline, almost turning Jericho inside out. Lesnar stands tall, taking a look around the Worlds Most Famous Arena, as Jericho writhes around, feeling the effects of the match thus far from the dominant champion. Lesnar watches as Jericho begins to rise to his feet, and zones in, waiting for Jericho to get up, and as he does, Lesnar runs through, like a runaway freight train, steaming through Jericho … BUT JERICHO LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … and Lesnars speed sends him tumbling over the top rope, to the outside, rolling into the announce table, back first.
Chris Jericho drapes himself over the ropes, feeling the effects of Lesnars brute force so early on in the match. On the outside, Lesnar writhes in agony, clutching his back, with Heyman standing over him, begging the champion to get back up. Lesnar sucks up the pain, and starts to rise to his feet, as we watch Jericho on the inside, climbing the turnbuckles, scaling to the top rope, getting the MSG fans rocking. He waits, as Lesnar gets up, not even focusing on his challenger, which allows Jericho to fly through the air, and hit a cross body, taking the champion back down!!!!!
Another strong ‘Y2J’ chant breaks into the Garden, as both Jericho and Lesnar roll around the paper thin mats, following the first high risk move of the night, courtesy of the Highlight of the Night. Jericho is first to get back to his feet, as you’d expect. He rolls inside the ring, and back out again, breaking the count, before homing in on the champion again. Jericho releases his fury, with a strong kick to the ribs of the champion, and a second, with Lesnar rolling around, starting to take some punishment now.
Brock pulls himself up on the announce table, but Jericho lets him know who is in charge, opening up with another strong chop, lighting up the pale white chest of Brock Lesnar to a beet red. Jericho grabs Lesnar by the head, bouncing the champion off the announce table, before smartly rolling him back inside the ring, where he can win the match.
Jericho runs off the ropes, and comes back, hitting a basement dropkick to the face of Lesnar, who is on all fours. Jericho quickly goes for his first cover of the match on Brock, 1...2...Kick Out. Jericho is right back up, and looks to pick up the pace now, knowing that is where he is able to out wrestle the bigger, stronger champion. Y2J waits for Brock to get up, then runs off the ropes, quickly knocking him straight back down with a running forearm. Jericho stands over Brock, just to check if he is moving to get up, before dropping an elbow across the chest, and making a lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out.
Lesnar sits up, looking to shake the cobwebs loose, whilst Jericho again runs off the ropes, coming back with a baseball slide, but Lesnar rolls away, with Y2J sliding all the way out of the ring. Brock gets up, and looks around, with Jericho grasping around the ankles of Lesnar, and tripping him up, dragging the champion out of the ring. Jericho looks to whip Lesnar into the steel steps, but the 295 Pounder has the where-with-all to reverse, and sends Jericho crashing into the steel!!! Brock staggers a little, and swipes a bottle of water from a fan, pouring the liquid over his head, trying to get his focus back, whilst the challenger stays down. Brock picks up his opponent, rolling him back inside the ring, and breaks the count himself, sliding inside. Lesnar plants a boot to the face of a grounded Jericho, and again, before dragging the challenger back up, backing him against the ropes, before whipping Jericho across the ring, off the opposite ropes, and looks to his a clothesline, but Jericho manages to slide under the legs of the champion, before rolling Lesnar up, catching him off guard, 1...2...Kick Out, just in time!!!
Brock gets straight back up, but Jericho manages to out wit the champion, and cradles Lesnar, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Lesnar bounces up, trying to shake off the rapid fire pinning combinations from Jericho, but once more, Jericho manages to get on Lesnar, with a Sunset Flip, eventually taking the champion down, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Lesnar turns the tables, flipping out, and getting a pin on Jericho now, 1...2...Jericho rolls out!!! Both men quickly get to their feet, but this time, Lesnar strikes first on Jericho, catching a right hand to the face, stunning the challenger, and allows Lesnar to grasp behind Y2J, and goes for a German Suplex, but Jericho manages to counter it, and rolls through, making sure to hold the legs of the champion for another pin, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Once more, both men get up, and Jericho rushes towards Brock, but the champion catches Jericho this time, and doesn’t waste a moment, immediately tossing Jericho over his head with a devastating Belly to Belly Suplex!!!! Y2J lands hard, nearly on his head, folded up on the ropes, with Lesnar dropping down, dragging Jericho to the centre of the ring for a hook of the far leg for the count …


Jericho survives for now, but Lesnar is now firmly back into the driving seat after such a high impact suplex. He stands back to his vertical base, reaching down to bring Jericho up too. Lesnar grabs Jericho by the face, and talks a little bit of trash, before hooking Jericho up again, and delivers a second, overhead belly to belly suplex!!! Brock hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho survives again!!! Lesnar kicks Jericho whilst he is down, adding salt to the wounds. Y2J rolls around, obviously in discomfort from the two suplexes moments apart.
Lesnar waits for his challenger to get up, backing Jericho into the corner, and tees off with forearms to the face, striking the smaller opponent hard, before whipping Y2J across the ring, hitting the turnbuckles hard. Jericho bounces out, into the path of Lesnar, who picks Jericho up, and nails a rib breaker. Lesnar then displays his strength, and holds on, nailing a second rib breaker, and finally a third, before dropping Jericho back onto the canvas, like a sack of potatoes, with no compassion.
Jericho tries to pull himself up on the champions knee pad, but Lesnar kicks him away, enjoying his dominance over the usually spirited Y2J. Brock once again drags up the challenger, whipping him into the corner, then following in, scoring with his high knee to the face, crushing Jericho. Y2J staggers out again, but Lesnar stops him, and whips him across to the opposite turnbuckle, looking to follow in again, but this time, Jericho is able to grab onto the top rope, and jumps up, with Lesnar running under him. Brock hit’s the corner, and turns around, and Jericho drops back onto the canvas, with Y2J quickly arm dragging Lesnar, taking the champion down!!!
The Challenger scrambles now, grabbing the champions legs, but Lesnar is still too fresh to get locked into the Walls of Jericho, and Jericho is still too dazed to put enough effort behind his attempt. Brock shrugs Jericho off, stopping the quick momentum changer from Jericho. Both take their time getting to their feet, and as they do, both have similar ideas, running towards each other, but Brock catches Jerichos foot as he goes for a kick, spins the opponent around, and runs through Jericho with an almighty clothesline!!!!! Lesnar drops down, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Chris Jericho refuses to lie down, which angers Lesnar. The champion remains focused, and drags the challenger up, whipping him into the corner. Lesnar runs in after, steaming in like a train, but Jericho is wise to the champion, and manages to get a foot up, forcing Brock to stagger away. The challenger hit’s a drop toe hold, with Lesnar tripping into the middle rope. Jericho bounces up and down, cupping his ear to gain a reaction from the fans, before running off the ropes, coming back, and driving his knee into the back of Lesnar, still caught in the middle rope!!!
Sensing danger, Paul Heyman gets onto the apron, but Jericho immediately runs past, slapping the champions manager, sending Heyman for six, staggering off the apron, onto the floor!!! Y2J sees Lesnar moving around the ring, trying to get to his senses, and goes in for the kill, hooking the champion up, trying to hit the Breakdown, but Lesnar shrugs the challenger off at the last second, saving himself from a possible loss. Jericho isn’t fazed, and comes back for more, rebounding with a flurry of chops to the champion, then runs off the ropes, but as he comes back, Lesnar catches him, landing a hard hitting spine buster!!!!! Y2J hit’s the canvas hard, and folds up, clutching his back. Brock quickly gets down, and ruggedly holds down the challenger for a count, 1...2...JERICHO ROLLS HIS SHOULDER UP!!!!!
MSG get behind Jericho once more, trying to drive the challenger on, whilst Lesnar looks thirsty for more. Brock drags Jericho up once more, and quickly clenches in, squeezing Y2J with a bear hug. Lesnar looks to try and squeeze the life from the challenger, who gasps for air, with Brock clamping in tight, not allowing any movement for Jericho.
Y2J groans, letting the fans know the punishment he is taking, whilst Lesnar screws up his face, showing the force he is putting behind the bear hug, causing the challenger all sorts of problems. On the outside, Paul Heyman is back up, and wails like a Whale, yelling encouragement for his client, who has Jericho caught in the middle of the ring, in all kinds of trouble. Jericho flails his arms around in desperation, before placing his hands on Brocks face, trying to cause the champion some harm, in hope that Brocks grip will loosen up. This doesn’t work though, and Jericho continues to fade. Brock swings Jericho around, as the challenger looks to be losing consciousness.
The referee now is forced to step in, and check on Chris Jericho, with the challenger showing no signs of life. He lifts the right arm up once, holds it in the air, then lets go, with the arm immediately flopping back to a lifeless state. The official breathes in, and steps in again, taking the same arm, gently slapping the forearm twice, before again raising the arm, holding it aloft, and letting go … with the arm falling again. The referee indicates that he’ll lift the arm once more, before ending the match. Heyman looks delighted on the outside, whilst Brock keeps his iron clasp grip on the challenger. The arm is raised, held high in the air … and dro- NO!!! Chris Jericho finally shows some life, and keeps the arm up, shaking it around, letting the fans know, and the referee, that he isn’t done yet!!!
On the outside, Paul Heyman screams at Lesnar to apply more force, but with the challenger gaining a second wind, Lesnar is unable to do so, with Jericho now firing right hands, directly at the temple of the champion. Clearly now, we see the momentum beginning to shift, as Lesnars hands part from one another, and he begins to lose grip from the bear hug. Eventually, with the speed, and power of the blows Jericho uses, Lesnar is forced to release his grip completely, and this frees the challenger!!! Lesnar staggers a little, rocked from the blows to the temple, as Jericho runs off the ropes, coming back, easily avoiding a lazy clothesline attempt from Brock, sliding under the legs, sliding all the way to the apron, baseball sliding into Heyman, knocking the former owner of ECW down once again. Jericho quickly gets back up, running at Lesnar, knocking him down with a running forearm. Jericho now scales to the top rope, and patiently waits, as Lesnar gets to his feet, before flying at Lesnar, knocking the champion back down, this time with a missile dropkick!!!! Jericho hooks the leg, 1...2...LESNAR POWERS OUT!!! Jericho gets pushed from the body of Lesnar, to a good six inches away from the champion, who slowly rises back to his feet, looking extremely angry. He comes at Jericho, but the challenger leapfrogs over him, and as Brock Lesnar turns back around, Jericho connects with a standing enziguri!!!! Y2J hooks the leg…

Jericho cant believe it!!! He buries his head into the canvas, head butting the mat twice, venting his frustration. The challenger now gets back up, and spots Heyman trying to get the WWE Championship Belt into the ring, but stops that, jumping to the top rope, and knocking Heyman off the apron with a springboard dropkick!!!!! The fans are on their feet, as Jericho takes a look at Brock getting up, and runs at Lesnar again, but this time, Brock catches Jericho with a knee to the gut, sending the challenger down to his knees. Jericho looks to be winded, as Lesnar closes down, and savagely pounds the back of the head and neck, before dragging Jericho to his feet. He lifts Y2J up, and looks to be going for a Military Press, but Jericho manages to slide out, going behind Lesnar, and rolls him up for a school boy, 1...2...LESNAR ROLLS OUT!!!
Both men reach their feet, with Jericho coming at Lesnar, ducking under a clothesline, before running off the ropes, coming back, and slides under the legs again, appearing to go for a another school boy, but instead, once Lesnar is on the mat, Jericho grabs the other leg, and quickly takes Brock over … APPLYING THE WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!!
A deep groan comes from the mouth of Brock Lesnar, as Jericho cranks back as far as possible, creating a near impossible angle on the champions back. Brock isn’t too far from the ropes, but is crippled from the pain being applied from the Walls. Lesnar covers his face, before reaching his hands out, stretching as far as possible, but about six inches away from the bottom rope. Lesnar buries his head into the canvas, before letting out another groan, and pushes forward, with everything he’s got, reaches out … AND GRABS THE ROPE!!!!
Jericho keeps the hold locked in, as the referee lets him know that Lesnar has reached the ropes. Jericho looks amazed that Brock managed to find the ropes, and drags Brock back out, into the middle of the ring, still with the submission hold locked in!!! Lesnar taps, but the referee doesn’t count it, telling a desperate Jericho to release the hold. Y2J shouts at the referee to go to hell, with the official beginning to give Jericho a mandatory five count. He reaches four, and Jericho finally sees sense, and releases the Walls of Jericho.
Jericho kicks the ropes in anger, before going back for Lesnar, reaching for the legs of the grounded opponent, but in desperation, Brock Lesnar reaches up, taking the challenger by surprise, and cradles Chris Jericho… 1...2...JERICHO KICKS OUT!!!! Madison Square Garden breathes a sigh of relief, as Y2J gets back up, as does Brock, albeit slower than the challenger. Jericho chops Lesnar, with Lesnar throwing a right hand back. Jericho goes for a chop again, but this time, Lesnar ducks it, and quickly scoops the challenger up, into the air, looking for an F5, but as he swings Jericho around, JERICHO SCORES WITH A DDT!!!! Y2J looks around the arena, then at Lesnar, who looks to be out cold from the DDT. Jericho gets back up, jumps onto the ropes … AND HIT’S THE LIONSAULT!!!! Jericho hits it perfectly, and hooks the leg of the champion, for a certain victory…

A collective groan goes up MSG, as Heyman comes back from nowhere to save the title for Lesnar. Jericho immediately realises what has happened, and mouths something at Heyman, who now looks to be worried over what Jericho may do to him. Jericho slides out of the ring, and chases after the tubby manager, and looks to be gaining on him, with Heyman rolling inside the ring to avoid the challenger. Jericho slides back in, with his full attention on Heyman, but as Heyman slides back out, Jericho leans over the ropes, pointing at Heyman, telling him he’ll pay. From the distraction, Jericho has taken his attention off of the champion, who is back on his feet, waiting for Jericho to turn back around, and as he does, Lesnar scoops him up again, but this time DOES CONNECT with the F5!!!! Lesnar hooks the leg, for a certain win…
The official is still on the outside, lecturing Paul Heyman, who is in hysterics, trying to tell the official what’s going on in the ring. Lesnar gets up, going mad, ripping at his short hair, and shouts to the outside, finally getting the referees attention. The official slides back in, and Lesnar hooks the leg, with the referee counting slightly quicker, having missed the initial cover…


………KICK OUT………
Immediately, MSG erupts, getting solidly behind Jericho, who continues to fight for the title, refusing to go down!!! Lesnar argues with the referee, almost to the point of intimidation, which the referee tells Lesnar he wont stand for. Brock slaps his hands, indicating the count should be quicker. He spots Paul Heyman jumping up and down, going nuts, and wonders what he is going on about, when suddenly, Jericho comes from behind the champion, and rolls him up …




Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 18:15

Lesnar quickly gets out of the ring, and down the short, narrow entrance way, not even bothering to celebrate with the title, knowing that Jericho will be livid from the cheap finish. Heyman quickly follows, having grabbed the title belt first, before leaving.

Michael Cole:
Brock Lesnar just stole one right here in Madison Square Garden!!! He’s headed to Wrestle Mania, as WWE Champion, but dammit, he cant dare say he’s earned it. Chris Jerichos dream of Main Eventing Wrestle Mania 22, is shattered, because Lesnar couldn’t win fairly.

But Cole, Lesnar didn’t get caught. Therefore, he didn’t cheat. Understand?? No need to cry about it. The fact will remain, Brock Lesnar has the Wrestle Mania main event waiting, and Jericho has nothing.

Lesnar reaches the entrance, and takes a look back to the ring, where Jericho is looking around, motioning that his tights were pulled. The referee shrugs his shoulders, telling Jericho he didn’t see it, whilst Jericho points towards Lesnar, letting him know it isn’t over yet.

Backstage, we see at least 20 of the 30 superstars waiting in line, outside the office where the balls will be drawn for the Royal Rumble. At the back, we see DX arrive, and HBK taps his buddies chests, and tilts his head for them to push further to the front.

Luther Reigns leads the way, grabbing Simon Dean by the shirt, and pulling him away, then shoves past Matt Hardy, and Maven, as HBK slides past too, along with Jindrak and Cade. They proceed to try and get to the front, when someone grabs Michaels arm … THE ROCK.

Shawn Michaels:
Is there a problem??

The Rock:
Damn right there’s a problem. Shawn Michaels, the queue … begins down there.

Rock motions to the back of the queue.

Shawn Michaels:
Well Rock, obviously someone didn’t present you with the facts. Shawn Michaels does what he wants, when he wants. The Heart Break Kid doesn’t need to wait for his number.

The Rock:
Uh, uh, uh. Not tonight. Not on The Rocks watch. As The Rock was saying … the queue … begins down there.

Garrison Cade:
Ha. Jokes on you Rock. You’re aren’t even wearing a watch!!

The Rock:
Do The Rock a favour.

Garrison Cade:

The Rock:

Cade quivers a little.

The Rock:
Now, back to you. Shawn Michaels. Are you, and the Chippendale parade going to turn your toosh around, and make your way to the back of the queue … or will The Rock have to take his size thirteen boot …

Luther Reigns tries to interrupt, but Rock puts his hand in his face.

The Rock:
Shine it up real nice … turn that sum bitch sideways … AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!

Michaels looks around, shaking his head, wanting to do something.

Shawn Michaels:
You better hope … you better pray, that you and I don’t clash in The Rumble later.

The Rock:
Whoa. The Rock doesn’t give a monkeys ass if you and The Rock collide in The Rumble … but if we don’t clash … it’ll mean you get eliminated before The Rock gets there, because I’m whopping ass … twenty nine of them, and I’m going to Wrestle Mania.

HBK laughs, and wiggles his finger at Rock.

Shawn Michaels:
Interesting … I’m doing the exact same thing.

HBK tilts his head to his three fellow DX members and they make their way to the back of the queue. Just as they reach it, Rey Mysterio slides in, pushing in front, which angers HBK, but he doesn’t bother to say anything, too ticked off from the comments from The Rock.

Further backstage, Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle

Josh Matthews:
Kurt Angle, later tonight is the last chance that Bret Hart has to sign that co-

Kurt Angle:

Pop from the fans

Kurt Angle:
Captain Obvious, everyone knows just how vital this night is. This contract runs out. Bret Hart needs to sign it before the end of this night. And later, I’m going to the ring, and Bret Hart WILL sign this contract. Before this night is out, I guarantee that Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle is ON!!! Bret, stop being such a selfish BASTARD, and do what the fans want you to do … and DON’T make me, make you.

Angle storms off, as we cut back to ringside…

Michael Cole:
Michael Cole, joined at ringside now, by The Coach, as we are set to call this next upcoming match together.

The Coach:
You should cherish this time Michael. You’ll never be carried like this EVER again.

Michael Cole:
Whatever. Ten WWE legends are about to enter the ring, in an over the top rope battle royal, for the final spot in this years Royal Rumble, after a spot became vacant on Smackdown.

The Coach:
Obviously Michael, this is a big night for these old timers, as they not only get to possibly compete in the Royal Rumble, but they also get to have their match called my yours truly.

**Hart Attack** Jim Neidhart enters the arena to a nice nostalgia pop.

Michael Cole:
The Anvil, a former tag team champion, along with the Smackdown General Manager, Bret Hart.

The Coach:
With the size of that gut, it’ll be hard to get Niedhart over the top rope, that’s for sure.

**War Dance** Tatanka sprints down the ramp, throwing out the old Tomahawk Chop as he does.

Michael Cole:
Tatanka has competed in previous Royal Rumble matches, and tonight, he’s aiming to get another crack at glory.

The Coach:
I think this guy is looking to get another crack at the buffet. Looks like he’s got most of it in his belly already.

**Million Dollar Rap** I.R.S enters the arena to heat from the fans, showing off his briefcase.

Michael Cole:
Hey Coach, you might want to hide right now.

The Coach:
You have to be kidding me. Irwin and I have a great relationship. I’m a perfect law biding citizen.

**Rocker Dropper** Marty Jannetty sprints out and slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way, sliding into the ring.

Michael Cole:
He’s the former tag team partner of Shawn Michaels, and should he win tonight, those two men could come face to face in tonight’s Royal Rumble.

The Coach:
A definite possibility. I saw Marty a few months back on Raw as he was brought in to face Sting, and HBK, giving both men a tremendous run for their money. He could go all the way in this one.

**What a rush** Road Warrior Animal walks out, getting a big time nostalgia pop, and an ‘LOD’ chant from the fans. He gives a thumbs up, before taking off the spikes, and sliding into the ring.

Michael Cole:
A former tag team champion with the late Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal would love to go into The Royal Rumble Match.

The Coach:
He’s big, powerful, mean, nasty, vicious, fat, and ugly. He wont be joining me on the party scene.

**HOO Hustle** MSG erupts with a ‘HOOOO’ as Jim Duggan walks into the arena, giving his big thumbs up, swinging the 2x4 around.

Michael Cole:
Hey, Jim Duggan knows a thing or two about battle royals … he won the first EVER Royal Rumble in 1988.

The Coach:
Someone get the men in white coats.

**Snake in the Grass** Jake Roberts walks out to the biggest pop for all the legends so far, as he carries out his bag, with the Snake surely inside.

Michael Cole:
Well, Jake Roberts is loved by these fans in New York City, that much is for sure.

The Coach:
As long as he keeps that snake away from me, we’ll be just fine.

**Common Man Boogie** Dusty Rhodes enters the arena, getting a huge ovation too. He struts to the ring, soaking up the atmosphere.

Michael Cole:
A true LEGEND. Dusty Rhodes, a multiple time NWA Champion, but he has only ever competed in ONE Royal Rumble, will the American Dream make it two tonight??

The Coach:
I don’t see how he cant. I thought Neidhart and Duggan had a gut, but Dusty Rhodes is as about as wide as a bus.

**Ugandan Giant** Kamala enters to a nice pop, with some laughs, as he rubs his belly, being accompanied by Harvey Whippleman.

Michael Cole:
Well, Kamala was a surprise entrant in last years Rumble, but didn’t actually fare too well. Will he be able to make it back to back Rumble appearances??

The Coach:
Lets hope not.

**The Great Gates of Kiev** Jerry Lawler enters the arena, getting a major reaction from the fans.

Michael Cole:
Well, it’s official, Madison Square Garden loves The King.

The Coach:
They’re the only ones Michael, you know that. Where did that snake go??

Legends Battle Royal:
(For Spot in Royal Rumble Match):

Jim Neidhart, Tatanka, Irwin R. Schyster, Marty Jannetty, Road Warrior Animal, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Kamala, Jerry Lawler

The ten men take their places inside the ring, with Animal and Neidhart immediately squaring off, fists flying, with both having been one half of the most successful teams in wrestling history. Rhodes and Duggan pair off, whilst Tatanka and Marty Jannetty hook up in the corner. I.R.S tries to cheap shot Kamala, which leaves Jerry Lawler and Jake Roberts. Lawler takes a look around, and realises he is left with Roberts, which immediately has The King looking scared. He tries to see where the snake bag is, having a major fear of the animal.

Roberts holds his arms out, as if to challenge Lawler, who looks timid now, and not so cocky. Lawler sniffs the air, and wafts his hand over his nose, before motioning that he smells alcohol. Jake smiles, looking at Lawler, who tries to get a rise from Roberts. Roberts takes a look around again, and moves towards Lawler, who instantly back away, but bumps into Kamala, who hit’s a double handed chop to the shoulder blades of Lawler, and he stumbles back into the path of Roberts, who grabs Lawler by the neck, before delivering his trademark short arm clothesline!!! The fans erupts in delight, as Jake motions to the audience for the DDT.
Roberts drags Lawler up, and gets The King into position, but Lawler drops to his knees, and rolls out of the ring, avoiding the deadly move, originated by Roberts. Jake shows his evil smile, before rolling out after Lawler. Lawler stumbles around ringside, backing away from Roberts, and eventually trips over a TV cable!!! The Snake bears down on The King, who slithers away, into the path of Roberts snake bag!!!!!!! Jake grabs the bag, and opens it up, before letting the snake inside slither out, onto the floor, but The King rolls away, and quickly jumps over the barricade, into the crowd!!!
In the ring, Dusty is staggered by Jannetty, who quickly runs to the ropes delivering a dropkick to the elbow of the big man. Rhodes staggers back, not going down, and Jannetty comes toward him again, but Rhodes attempts to back drop the former rocker out of the ring, only for Jannetty to hold onto the ropes, and emulates his former tag team partner in 1995, Shawn Michaels, skinning the cat, to get back inside the ring.
Animal and Neidhart continue to brawl, like two drunks after a boozy night out, throwing wild right hands. Meanwhile, I.R.S gets choked in the corner by Kamala, the big Ugandan giant shows no mercy, as Irwin desperately tries to survive. Jim Duggan gets Tatanka over the top rope, but the Native American manages to survive, not falling off the apron. Jake Roberts gets back inside the ring, this time bringing with him his snake. Roberts fakes to throw it at Duggan, with Hacksaw quickly sliding out of the ring. Tatanka spots it too, and takes no chances, quickly following Duggan out of the ring. Rhodes, Neidhart, Animal and Jannetty all run from the snake too, leaving just Roberts, Kamala and I.R.S in the ring, with Kamala still choking the life from Schyster. Jake puts the Snake around the neck of Kamala, and instantly, the big Ugandan Giant runs around the ring like a big girl, flinging the snake off his back, and jumping right over the top rope, onto the floor, eliminating himself!!!!!


Roberts picks the Snake back up, and places it around his neck, getting a rousing ovation from the fans in attendance, loving this piece of nostalgia. From behind though, I.R.S nails Roberts, with his briefcase!!!! The Snake drops to his knees, as Irwin repays Roberts for saving him moments ago, stabbing him in the back for his help.

The remaining competitors filter back inside the ring, with Neidhart now taking on Rhodes, Duggan on top of Marty Jannetty, Animal brawling with Tatanka, whilst Jerry Lawler now sneakily gets back Inside, now that Roberts has been incapacitated from the briefcase shot. He gets back inside, and immediately grabs Roberts, dumping him over the top rope, and out of the ring!!!


I.R.S now lines up Jim Neidhart for the briefcase shot, but Neidhart ducks it, and Irwin runs into the corner, almost colliding with Jim Duggan. Duggan slaps the briefcase from the hands on I.R.S before reaching into the corner, and pulling out his own 2x4!!! MSG erupts with a huge “HOOOOOOO”, as does Duggan himself. He swings the piece of wood at I.R.S, but Irwin blocks it with his briefcase at the last second, with the piece of wood flying back, colliding with the back of The Anvil!!! Neidhart is taken by surprise by the shot, and the force manages to take him over the top rope, and onto the floor!!!!


Duggan looks genuinely sorry for the accident, and tries to shout an apology to The Anvil, with I.R.S looking to capitalise again, looking to strike Duggan from behind, but is stopped by Dusty Rhodes, who yanks the case, and wiggles his finger, saying ‘No’, before landing a perfect Bionic Elbow on I.R.S, and follows up, clothes lining him out of the ring!!!


We are already down to the final six, with Dusty Rhodes, Jim Duggan, Tatanka, Jerry Lawler, Marty Jannetty and Road Warrior Animal all having their goal set as a place in the Royal Rumble. Lawler chokes Animal in the corner, when we see Jake Roberts make his way back to the ring, looking for some redemption on Lawler. Roberts knocks down Tatanka and Jannetty, en route to The King, as he grabs him by the singlet, and quickly, giving Lawler no chance to counter, hit’s the DDT, getting another amazing reaction from the fans!!!! Roberts spins around, getting one more big pop, before sliding out, having got his job done for this evening.

On the opposite side of the ring, Rhodes, Duggan and Animal all struggle around, with no alliances being made. Duggan clubs the back of the American Dream, taking his eyes off of Animal, who sees an opening, and dumps Hacksaw out of the ring, causing another elimination!!!


Now, Animal and Rhodes square off, one on one, whilst Lawler rolls out of the ring, leaving Jannetty and Tatanka to battle it out too. Jannetty chops the Native American, with Tatanka firing back with a right hand, running off the ropes, and knocking MJ down with a running clothesline. Tatanka climbs the ropes, and flies off, nailing Jannetty with a Tomahawk Chop!!! Tatanka gets back to his feet, and gets another nostalgia pop from the fans, who start to chant with Tatanka, who begins to get extremely fired up. He picks Marty up, and points to the ropes, indicating that is where he intends on putting him, but as he runs him, Jannetty counters, and sends Tatanka over the top rope, with the Native American landing on the floor for yet another elimination!!!


Jannetty nods, and quickly grabs Animal, taking the Road Warrior by surprise, and nails the Rocker Dropper!!! Jannetty sees Rhodes coming at him, and hits first, taking Dusty down with an arm drag!!! Jannetty has the fans on their feet, and runs off the ropes, but on the outside, Jerry Lawler trips him, and Jannetty fall over, onto his face. Lawler quickly slides back in, and grabs Marty, immediately firing him over the top rope, scoring the elimination!!!!


Lawler once again is able to sneak another crafty elimination, and sets his sights on the remaining two men, Dusty Rhodes, and Road Warrior Animal. Jerry backs Animal into the corner, and opens up with a chop, before whipping him across the ring, into the opposite turnbuckle. Lawler then sees Rhodes, and scores with a big right hand, before hitting a simple front slam. Lawler now sets himself on the second turnbuckle, and drops down, with a fist drop to the American Dream.

Lawler now gets ahead of himself, and looks to eliminate the huge frame of Rhodes, but cant get him over the top. From behind, Animal clubs the back of Lawler, and goes for a German Suplex, but Lawler, once again, forgets about sportsmanship, and executes a low blow!!! Animal staggers around, leaving Lawler a simple opportunity to clothesline him over the top rope, sending Animal out of the match.


And now, it’s already down to the final two men!!! Lawler has Rhodes in all sorts of trouble, and drags Dusty up, firing another chop, before whipping Rhodes off the ropes, knocking him down with a forearm. Lawler yells at the fans, gauging a big tonne of heat. Lawler gets Rhodes back up, and tries to dump him out again, but Dusty elbows himself free.

Rhodes then turns around, and gives a little flip flop and fly action to Lawler, who ridiculously sells the punches, falling to the mat, and rolling about like a mad man. Rhodes nods, and gets the fans pumped up again, before pulling Lawler up, and goes for the Bionic Elbow, only for Lawler to score with a rake to the eyes at the last second!!! Lawler again, gets the fans against him with a cocky laugh, before going for the patented Piledriver … but Rhodes blocks it, and BACK DROPS LAWLER … SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


Winner: Dusty Rhodes @ 08:17

Rhodes is headed into the Royal Rumble!!!! The fans pop a little, whilst Lawler holds his back on the outside, livid from his loss. Rhodes dances around a little, whilst Lawler pushes away help from referees, and limps up the ramp, getting into the faces of fans.

Michael Cole:
Dusty Rhodes is headed to The Royal Rumble Coach!!! But The King is absolutely livid!!! And you cant blame him, he’s just missed out on a golden last chance opportunity to possibly main event Wrestle Mania.

The Coach:
Yeah, maybe Lawler can go back to doing something he’s good at.

Michael Cole:
Like commentary??

The Coach:
No. I said something he was good at.

Backstage, Vince McMahon is stood with two adjudicators, as we see JBL enter the room to take his number.

Mr. McMahon: Ahh, JBL. Good evening.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Mr. McMahon, it’s a pleasure as always.

Mr. McMahon: Time to pick a number. Make it good one.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
I get the feeling it will be.

JBL is set to dip his hand into the tumbler, when we hear the door opening a closing again. He turns around, and Carlito walks into the picture.

Make room for the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, Ca-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Me. Kid, you didn’t need to remind me. For the last month, I have been telling everyone on S-

Yeah. I saw you on Smackdown. I fell asleep mind you … but before I did, you said something that I thought was pretty cool.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Son, I invented cool.

No, you didn’t, but as I was saying. I heard you talking about a champion vs. champion match at Wrestle Mania.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
You’re damn right. JBL equals double gold at Wrestle Mania.

I … hadn’t finished yet. It sounded good. But, if you switch the words John Bradshaw Layfield and United States, for Carlito and Intercontinental … then it’s cool … actually, it’s true.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Well how’s about you open those ears son, and listen to me good. I don’t know your name, and I sure as hell don’t care to find out. The only thing I know about you is that you have a hair style which has never went out of fashion for the simple reason that it was never in fashion to start with.

Das not cool.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Exactly. That hair isn’t cool. It’s extremely silly, and the same goes for the notion that you can exist in the same ring as a WRESTLING … GOD, like me. Chia Pet, Sideshow Bob, whatever your name is, take one look at greatness, and watch, as I draw the winning ball for this years Royal Rumble.

JBL dips his hand in, and takes out a ball. Carlito tries to peek, but JBL hides it away. He then dips his hand in, and pulls out a ball for himself.

JBL then tries to peek at Carlitos number, but CCC pulls away.

Well, well ,well. Look at this.

Carlito shows his ball to Stacey, who looks impressed. JBL meanwhile doesn’t seem impressed.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Son, if you have a better number than what I do, I would be extremely surprised. Stacey Kiebler, if you want a real man … or a real champion for that matter, my limo will be waiting outside all night long, because John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield wont be going anywhere in a hurry.

JBL walks out, with Kiebler not looking impressed. Carlito seems annoyed by the comment too.

If I had an apple right now …

Wrestle Mania Recall - IV - The tournament to crown a new WWE Champion results in Randy Savage taking the title, beating Ted DiBiase in the finals, with help from Hulk Hogan.

**Mack Militant** Rodney Mack and Orlando Jordan enter the arena, accompanied by Mark Henry, Jazz and Theodore Long.

Lillian Garcia:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Tag Team Championships!!! Making their way to the ring, the challengers, being accompanied by Theodore Long, Jazz and The Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, weighing a combined weight of 483 pounds, Rodney Mack and Orlando Jordan … The Brotherrrhood!!!

Jim Ross:
This quintet have got off to a fantastic start in 2006 Coach. They ended 2005 with a big gangland win, before kicking off this one by becoming number one contenders.

The Coach:
The momentum is undoubtedly with the challengers J.R. Not only are they on a roll, numbers will also play a huge part in this one.

**Worlds Greatest** Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin stroll out, looking confident, despite the numbers being against the champions.

Lillian Garcia:
And, their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 479 pounds, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross:
Just seven weeks ago today, this duo competed in one of the most awe inspiring ladder matches I have EVER witnessed. It would be a shame if Haas and Benjamin lost the belts tonight due to the numbers game.

The Coach:
I don’t care J.R. The Brotherhood is the future!!!

Haas and Benjamin walk around ringside, with The Brotherhood waiting to try and jump them before the match begins. The referee tells Henry, Long and Jazz to get off the apron, but they take no notice of him, leaving Mickey Henson with no option but to call for help from the back, before giving Lillian Garcia a message.

Lillian Garcia:
Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has just informed me, that due to the threat of interference, Theodore Long, Mark Henry and Jazz are BARRED from ringside for this match.

The Brotherhood are furious with the call, and get in Henson’s face, telling him this is racism etc. He then gets away from them, and gives Lillian another message.

Lillian Garcia:
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been asked by the referee to inform Theodore Long, Mark Henry and Jazz, that failure to leave the ring immediately will result in a Disqualification.

Long, Henry and Jazz take the hint, and aggressively leave the ring, whilst Haas and Benjamin enter, staring across at the challengers.

World Tag Team Championships Match:

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Brotherhood

Haas and Mack start things out, and take a look across at each other, before they move around the ring, both looking for an opening, then lock up. Mack goes behind, but Charlie counters with an arm drag. Rodney Mack pulls himself up, and the two have a stand off. They lock up again, and Haas shoves Rodney Mack to the ground. He jumps up again, and looks Haas dead in the eye, then goes for a right hand, but Haas counters, and strikes Mack three times, then goes for a side suplex, but Mack counters into a lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out. Rodney Mack gets up, and runs at Haas, but Haas drops to the ground, only for Mack to stop, and drop an elbow.

Mack picks up Haas and whips him off the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Haas ducks, and hit’s a drop toe hold, then rides Mack around the ring and slaps him. Following this, Mack jumps up in fury at being humiliated. He talks with Jordan for a second before Haas tells him to bring it on. Rodney Mack obliges, and they tie up again. Mack gets a headlock, but Haas pushes him off into the ropes, then knocks him down with a shoulder block. He goes to drop an elbow, but Mack moves out of the way, then goes for an elbow of his own, but Haas moves out of the way!!! Charlie looks at Mack, before reaching out, making a tag to his partner, Shelton Benjamin.
Benjamin comes in right away with a dropkick to the back of the head on Rodney, followed by a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Benjamin then backs Mack into the corner, and begins to nail a number of shoulders to the sternum, then whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. He runs across, but Mack gets a boot up, and the Shelton staggers out. Mack then goes for a Powerbomb, but Benjamin counters into a hurricanrana, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Mack. Shelton Benjamin keeps on the Rodney Mack, and whips Rodney Mack to the corner, following in, and hits him with a running clothesline, followed by a bulldog. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out. Benjamin, on fire tonight, starts to stomp at Mack, then goes for a suplex, but Mack counters, and hit’s a suplex of his own, getting a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. The Mack brings Benjamin to the corner, and makes a tag to Jordan.
Jordan comes in, striking Benjamin in the corner with a running high knee, before whipping him off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Benjamin ducks, and hit’s a Dragon Kick on Jordan. Shelton Benjamin then follows up with a suplex, and tags in Haas. Haas then gets a wristlock on Jordan, but OJ uses his agility to good effect, flipping over, and hitting an arm drag, then applying an arm bar on his opponent.
Haas tries to break free, but Jordan has the hold firmly, and expertly locked in for now. Haas uses his feet to get closer to the ropes, and eventually grips his leg around the ropes for the break. Jordan waits until the count of four, before releasing the hold.
Charlie gets to his feet, shaking his arm loose. He then circles the ring, as does Orlando Jordan. Jordan goes face to face with him, trying to taunt, but Haas right away slaps him in the face. Orlando then staggers, and Haas takes advantage with a big clothesline. Haas pounds on Jordan in the corner, before whipping him off the ropes, and meeting him with a back elbow. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Jordan kicks out!!
OJ rolls to the outside, trying to get himself together, but Benjamin then comes from behind, and whips him into the barricade, before throwing Jordan back into the ring. Haas is quick to act, and hit’s a delayed vertical suplex to Jordan … gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Charlie then whips OJ off the ropes, but Jordan ducks a kick, and comes back with a High Knee, taking Haas down. Orlando then brings Charlie Haas to the corner, and tags in Mack, who has no problems getting in, with his opponent in a bad way. Mack beats on Haas in the corner with kicks and right hands. He then goes to whip him off the ropes, but Haas reverses and puts Mack down with a knee to the gut, followed by a running knee lift.

Haas then fires up with a number of quick clotheslines to Rodney, then bounces off the ropes, but Jordan sneakily drives the knee into his back as he comes off the ropes, and Mack follows up with a Fall Away Slam. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Mack rolls onto his back, looking up at the ceiling, wondering what it’ll take to get the job done. He gets back to his feet, and drags Charlie to the corner and tags in Orlando Jordan. They then double team him with a double suplex, and Jordan gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!

Orlando Jordan continues the pressure and goes for a side slam, but Haas fights out, and punches at Jordan, then hit’s an inverted atomic drop, followed by a dropkick. Haas goes to make a tag, but Mack runs in and hits him with a running shoulder, stopping him from tagging out. Benjamin then tries to get in, but the referee holds him back. The two remaining members of The Brotherhood then take the opportunity for a double team move, with them stealing the reverse 3D used by The Dudley Boys, before Jordan then tags out to Mack. Mack then pounds on Haas with forearms to the back, and applies a chin lock.
Charlie Haas doesn’t wait long to try and make a comeback, almost immediately fighting back up, but Rodney drives his knee into the mid section and hit’s a front slam, followed by an elbow. 1...2...Kick Out. Mack then talks some trash to Charlie, and knocks down Benjamin with a right hand. He makes the cover, 1...2...Broken by Benjamin!! The referee then takes Shelton to the other corner to get him back out. Meanwhile, The Brotherhood take advantage by hitting a double sidewalk slam. Jordan then stays in, without making a tag, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Haas!!
Haas then starts to fire out right hands at Jordan in an attempt to get back into it, but just as he looks to be getting the upper hand, Mack pulls him down by the hair. Jordan then tags out and Mack comes in with a shoulder block from the second rope, but Haas ducks, and gets the roll up on Rodney Mack, 1...2...Kick Out!! Mack, taken by surprise then jumps up, and runs at Haas, but Haas counters into a back body drop. He then crawls for a tag, but Jordan then distracts the referee and he misses the tag being made.
Shelton Benjamin looks to get some offence on Mack, but he is restrained by the ref and brought back to the apron. He is absolutely irate, and tells the referee to keep an eye on the match.

The Brotherhood once again take advantage and double team, with a catapult backbreaker move at the ropes, then make a tag. Jordan hit’s a spinning heel kick, then gets another cover, 1...2...Broken by Benjamin again!!! Jordan talks some smack to Benjamin, and he looks to get in the ring, but is again stopped by the referee, giving The Brotherhood the chance to take advantage, by pulling Haas into the corner and choking him. Haas then starts to fire up and swings rights all over, hitting Mack, Jordan, Rodney, OJ, Rodney Mack, Orlando, Mack, Jordan, without reply. Haas tries to get across the ring to his partner, but Mack and Jordan grab a leg each, and stop him, dragging him back to their corner. Mack then hit’s a side suplex, and tags in Jordan again. Jordan goes up top, but Haas, kicks the ropes, and OJ straddles. Haas then dropkicks Rodney off the apron, and jumps to the top rope, and hits Jordan with a superplex!!!

Both men are down, and the referee begins to count, 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….(Haas then starts to recover, and gets to his feet, but Jordan holds his leg again. Haas then jumps trying to keep his balance, and then connects with an Enziguri) Haas then crawls……and TAGS IN Shelton Benjamin!!!!
Benjamin comes in, knocks down Jordan, knocks down Rodney, knocks down Jordan, knocks down Rodney. Dropkick to Jordan, head scissors to Mack, flapjack to Jordan, and a spinning heel kick to Mack. Benjamin then picks up Jordan and hit’s a front slam, before he goes up top for a top rope leg drop, but Mack pulls his partner out of the way, leaving Benjamin to hitting just the canvas. Haas then nails a double clothesline to both Mack and Jordan, then takes Rodney Mack to the outside, leaving just OJ and Benjamin, the two legal men. Benjamin goes for a running knee lift, but Jordan moves out of the way, then goes for a cradle,

Jordan then goes for a suplex, but Benjamin flips over and nails a reverse neck breaker!!! He gets a cover,

Benjamin is irate. He goes right after Mack, and pounds him down in the corner, but the referee steps in, and sends Rodney Mack back to the outside, and the match finally settles down again. Benjamin goes for a second neck breaker, but Jordan counters, and hit’s a monkey flip, then hit’s a chop block, taking Shelton down to his knees, looking to be in considerable pain.
Jordan spots the weakness, and stomps, then tags in Mack. Rodney begins to yank at the leg, then ties it up in the ropes. He kicks at the leg, and drops an elbow onto the knee. Mack drags Benjamin to the middle and tries to apply the figure four, but smartly, Benjamin rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Benjamin gets to his feet, but Rodney chop blocks him right back down. He kicks at the knee, wearing and tearing at the body part. He then goes for the figure four again, but Shelton kicks him away, then jumps to his feet, and nails an arm drag, and a second … and a third … and a fourth. Mack staggers up, and Benjamin goes for a kick, but Mack catches the leg, only for Benjamin to nail the Dragon Whip on the challenger. Both men are down, and begin to crawl to their corners …. Benjamin is inches away …… Mack is inches away …. BOTH MAKE A TAG!!!!!
Haas runs right through Jordan with a clothesline, before knocking Mack off the apron. He scoops Jordan up, and hit’s a front slam, followed by a leg drop. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Haas drags Jordan back up, and whips him into the corner, then follows in for a clothesline, but Jordan moves out of the way, and Haas hit’s the turnbuckle. Mack, on the floor, gets Haas’ attention, pulling his leg, enraging Charlie.
Jordan spots the situation, and pulls the referee out of the way, as Haas bends over the top rope grabbing Mack by the hair … BUT GETS WAFFLED WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLE!!!! He staggers back into the ring, with Jordan pushing the referee aside, and grabs Haas, before hitting a flawless Tornado DDT!!!!! Jordan hooks the leg …



The Brotherhood cant believe it. Rodney Mack slides back into the ring, and comes after Shelton, but Benjamin leap frogs, and as Mack comes off the other side of the ropes, Benjamin executes the T-BONE SLAM!!! Mack rolls out of the ring, and Benjamin sees Orlando up top. Shelton leaps to the top rope, getting a big ‘WHOA’ from the on looking fans, but OJ shoves him off again, and quickly looks to hit a flying elbow, but Benjamin rolls out of the way, and Jordan eats the canvas. Shelton gets up, and helps Haas up too, before they get Jordan up, and together, hit their patented assisted leapfrog body guillotine on OJ!!!
Benjamin picks up steam, and bounces off the ropes again, hitting a senton to the outside on Mack taking him out!!! In the ring, Charlie Haas hit’s a German Suplex, before rolling into position, applying the HAAS OF PAIN!!! OJ struggles for a few seconds, but quickly has enough, and is forced to …



Winners: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team @ 10:31

Haas and Benjamin celebrate in the ring, hoisting the title belts, embracing each other, having made another successful defence of the title belts.

Jim Ross:
The Brotherhood will have to live to fight another day Coach, because on this night in the Garden. Haas and Benjamin prove once again why they are called The Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

The Coach:
Tonight, I’ll admit, The Brotherhood didn’t pull it off … but J.R, right from the start, my boys were up against it, having their soul ripped out, when Theodore Long got sent packing to the back. It’s not fair, and I hope we get a rematch.

Backstage, we see Gene Snitsky has just taken his number for The Royal Rumble out of the tumbler. He is set to open it up, when Eugene comes into the room, jumping up and down, looking excited.

Mr. McMahon: Eugene. You must be excited ahead of your first ever Royal Rumble Match??

YEAH!!! I’m going to throw The Rocks candy ass out of the ring … I’m gonna dump Edge over the top when he isn’t looking … and I’m going to beat Gene Snitsky, but it wont be my fault.

Eugene jumps up and down, whilst Snitskys eyes boggle.

Gene Snitsky:
What … did you … just say??

Eugene ignores Snitsky and picks out his number. He quickly opens it up like a Christmas present.


Eugene shoves the paper in Vince’s bemused face, then Snitskys. Eugene jumps up and down, and goes to run out of the room, but Gene trips him up. Eugene looks ready to cry.

Why would you do that??

Gene Snitsky:
Dooo what??

You tripped me!!!

Gene Snitsky:
Oh, that …

Snitsky looks at his number, and shakes his head is disgust, then walks past Eugene, before bending down next to him to say…

Gene Snitsky:
That … wasn’t my fault.

Snitsky leaves the room, whilst Eugene thinks about what was said. He starts to shake his head, before speaking…

Yes it was … you tripped me.

In the locker room, we see Chris Benoit lacing his boots, preparing for tonight’s Royal Rumble, before we cut back to the ring.

Michael Cole:
Folks, tonight may be about finding the main event of wrestle mania, but for two men, or one should we say … it will be the end of an era.

This was inevitable Cole. Goldberg and Austin just couldn’t co-exist on Smackdown. And now, we have ourselves the ultimate dream match, but a nightmare scenario for the loser.

Michael Cole:
It’s almost ten years in the making, but the situation has escalated in recent months…

Retirement Match Video Package:

- Austins rise to super stardom in 1998

- Goldbergs undefeated streak, and rise to super stardom in 1998.
- Clips of signs in crowds at shows saying “Goldberg fears Austin” and “Austin fears Goldberg” in WWE and WCW.
- WCW is sold to the WWE, but Goldberg doesn’t come over.
- Goldberg eventually signs for the company in 2003 … but at the same time, Steve Austin retires.
- Goldbergs run in WWE, whilst Austin has a stint as GM, with the two crossing paths a handful of times, but never coming to blows.
- Both men wind up on Smackdown, but keep their distance.
- Austin answers The Rocks call in October, and tags with him at Nemesis, against the team of Goldberg and Lesnar, and they are victorious.
- Goldberg starts to put his focus on Austin rather than The Rock.
- The two men collide again at Survivor Series, with Goldbergs team losing to a team featuring Austin.
- The fuse is lit between the two men, and have an intense in ring showdown, with both making it clear they’d love to get their hands on each other.
- Consecutive weeks of brawling, with Austin on top one week, Goldberg on top the next.
- Goldberg takes Austin out of the Gauntlet at Fully Loaded, but Austin takes revenge, costing Goldberg the match.
- The two men agree to meet at Royal Rumble, with one of them never coming back, as the loser will retire.
- Clips of both men’s career highlights as well as comments from both, and then commentators talk about it too, with the end of one era to come at The Royal Rumble … tonight.

Tony Chimmel:
Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a STREETFIGHT … and the loser of this match MUST retire.

**Goldberg’s March** Bill Goldberg enters the arena to a fairly mixed reaction, with the fans chanting ‘Goldberg’ before he makes his entrance, then as he appears, they give him major heat.

Tony Chimmel:
Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 285 pounds … GOLDBERG!!!!

Michael Cole:
The magnitude of this match cannot be described. The biggest creation in WCW history, meets the biggest star in WWE history, one on one for the first time ever, and as you rightly put it partner … for the last time ever.

This is literally an only time deal. After tonight, you’ll never see one of these two stars ever again.

**Glass Shatters** Madison Square Garden ERUPTS for the Texas Rattlesnake, who confidently makes his way down the aisle for what may be his last ever match.

Tony Chimmel:
Annnnd, his opponent, from Victoria, Texas, weighing in at 264 pounds, he is Stonnne Collld, STEVE AUSSSTIN!!!

Michael Cole:
Is this the last time that Steve Austin enters an arena as a wrestler?? Does it end here tonight in the Garden?? After all the neck surgeries, all the championships, is Austin’s career destined to end on this night, against Goldberg.

I’ve got goose bumps right now Cole. This place is ELECTRIC. Austin and Goldberg. They said it’d never happen, but it’s about to, and it’s all on the line!!!

Retirement Match:


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Goldberg

Austin strolls into the ring, and proceeds to the turnbuckle, raising his hands for the fans. Austin drops back down ... AND GOLDBERG GOES FOR THE SPEAR … BUT AUSTIN MOVES!!!! Goldberg hit’s the corner, comes back out, and receives a kick to the gut, Austin goes for a Stunner … but Goldberg gathers some momentum, and pushes Austin into the ropes, sending The Rattlesnake over the top, and out of the ring entirely. Goldberg immediately follows, sliding under the bottom rope. He grabs Austin from behind, but Stone Cold turns back, connecting with a solid right hand, staggering Bill. Bill strikes back, with Austin responding by driving his knee into the sternum of Goldberg. Goldberg swings at Austin, but his shot is blocked, and Austin quickly whips his opponent, with velocity, into the steel steps!!!

The Rattlesnake chokes Goldberg with his boot, before dropping down, and opening up with a number of right hands. Austin drags Goldberg up, and slides him back into the ring, following himself. Goldberg retreats into the corner, but Austin has none of it, and follows in, opening up a can of whoop ass with repeated stomps, and walks it dry!!! He bends over, and gives Goldberg a double bird to a big pop, before rolling back out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair. He walks back up the steps, re-entering the ring, but he is unable to use the chair on Goldberg, with Bill quickly blocking any attempt, and wrestles the chair from The Rattlesnake, quickly jabbing the chair into the mid section, and smashes it across the back of Austin.
Austin drops to his knees, putting his hand to the well documented bad back, whilst Goldberg stomps the back of Austin’s head, forcing Austin into the ropes, trying to create some distance. Goldberg drops to his knees, and begins to choke his opponent in the ropes. Goldberg talks smack, taking the opportunity to verbally abuse Austin, before dragging him up, and whipping The Rattlesnake off the ropes, but upon his return, Austin takes Goldberg by surprise, connecting with the Lou Thesz Press!!!!!
Stone Cold opens up on Goldberg with a barrage of right hands, before getting back up, resting onto the ropes, and comes back, dropping the Fuck You elbow deep into the heart of Goldberg!!!! Austin hooks the leg for the first cover of this retirement match, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Austin slaps the mat quickly, before pushing from his knees, back onto his feet, patiently waiting for Goldberg to reach his feet again. Goldberg slowly gets up, looking shaken from the onslaught courtesy of Austin. He turns around, and immediately finds himself met by Austin again, with Austin nailing a clothesline, sending Goldberg over the top rope, and to the outside!!!!
Austin follows a clearly dazed Goldberg to the outside, and bears down on him at the time keepers table, striking to the ribs. He turns Goldberg around, but is met with a ring bell shot, directly to the forehead!!! Austin instantly falls, as Goldberg falls over the announce table, holding the ring bell, as we now take another look at Austin … WHO IS BUSTED OPEN ALREADY!!!! Goldberg pushes a cameraman over, and grabs his camera, pulling out the cables from the back, before dropping the camera, and taking the free cable, wrapping it around the neck of Stone Cold, choking the life out of The Rattlesnake.
Goldberg tightens the cable around the neck, with the blood flowing out of Austin’s head, as the flow is being cut off from the neck. The Rattlesnake desperately tries to get Goldberg away, but is unable to free himself, losing energy by the second from loss of blood, and oxygen entering the body. He continues to struggle, until Goldberg finally decides to release the cable, and frees his opponent. Austin sprawls out on the blood soaked mats, trying to capture his breath back, but Goldberg sadistically, but smartly, doesn’t allow Austin to recover, and instead, rolls the opponent back inside the ring.
Stone Cold crawls to the ropes to try and get back to his feet, but Goldberg stamps on the fingers of Austin, forcing Austin to roll away, grabbing his hand, whilst Goldberg stands over him, laughing. Bill grabs Austin by the head, and lifts him up, gripping The Rattlesnake by the neck, and hoists him into the air, in prime position for the Military Press Slam … but on the way down, Goldberg switches it from the press slam, into a SPINE BUSTER!!!! Goldberg, on his knees, yells to the front row, that it’s over ‘Just like that’. He hooks the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!
Goldberg releases his grip, and sits next to Austin, talking trash, gently slapping the face of The Rattlesnake. Goldberg drags Austin back up, and shows off his power, scooping Austin, holding him with one arm, and posing muscles with the other, before hitting the back breaker, which sends Austin scrambling around the mat, clutching his suspect back, before Goldberg rolls him back, and hooks the leg for the second time, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! MSG comes alive, albeit not shocked by the kick out, given the major stipulation surrounding the match.
We watch Goldberg get back to his feet, mouthing ‘You stupid son of a bitch’, before looking around MSG, signalling possibly for a pile driver. He drags Austin up once more, and pounds the back three times, before putting Austin’s head between his legs, and goes for the pile driver, but Goldberg takes too long posing, and taunting, which allows Austin to counter, and back body drops his opponent, avoiding the Pile driver. Goldberg holds his back now, whilst getting to his feet, as Austin pulls himself up in the corner. Goldberg is up first, and charges towards Austin in the corner, but The Rattlesnake sticks his boot up, and connects with the chest area of Bill. Goldberg staggers away, whilst Austin picks up the steel chair, and doesn’t bother waiting for Goldberg to see what is going on, spinning his opponent around, and cracking the skull with the steel chair, sending Goldberg stumbling through the middle rope, and to the outside of the ring.
Goldberg scrambles to the Smackdown announce table, and as he peeks above the top, we see he too, like Austin, has been busted wide open from a solitary steel chair shot. Stone Cold follows to the outside, wielding the chair, and makes no mistake on placing the weapon across the back, slamming Goldberg against the announce table. He throws the chair back inside, before rolling Goldberg back in too, following after. Austin stalks a bloodied Goldberg for a few seconds, before seeing his opening, and GOES FOR THE STUNNER … BUT GOLDBERG BLOCKS IT … SPINS AUSTIN AROUND … CHARGES FOR THE SPEAR … BUT AUSTIN KICKS BILL AWAY!!! Goldberg falls back into the ropes, and comes back out, getting knocked down with a clothesline from the Texas Rattlesnake!!!
Austin drops down, and hooks the leg of Goldberg, 1...2...Kick Out. Goldberg easily kicks out, with Austin rolling off, grabbing the chair once again as he gets up. Austin shows a maniacal grin, before raising the chair in the air, and proceeds to wear out Goldberg with the chair, giving us shades of Wrestle Mania 17, when Austin wore out The Rock with the very same weapon to win the title, showing his desperation right now to defeat Goldberg. He slams the chair against the ribs and back, and legs, and arms, and chest, back to the ribs, and the back, before dropping the chair in exhaustion, and hooks the far leg of Goldberg, hoping for the end of the match, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Stone Cold sits up, and looks down at the battered and bruised body of Goldberg next to him, scowling. Goldberg proceeds to roll out of the ring, looking to get himself a moment to compose himself, but Austin wont allow it, knowing he must strike now, and follows him out. Austin grabs Goldberg by the head, and attempts to slam his head off the steel steps, but Goldberg blocks it, elbows Austin away, and rams him into the ring post. Goldberg, despite needing a moment to recuperate, decides to press on, wanting to put Austin down before taking some recovery time, and rams the Rattlesnake into the barrier at ringside, holds the arm, and whips Austin from the barrier, through the steel steps, with enough velocity to knock them over!!!
Goldberg stumbles over, and has to use the announce table to keep himself up on a vertical base. He rolls Austin back inside the ring, gingerly following in, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Not enough to keep the Rattlesnake down at this moment in time. Goldberg decides to keep the pressure on Austin, dragging him up, whipping the Bionic Redneck off the ropes. Austin comes back, and ducks a clothesline from Goldberg, coming back off the opposite side, and goes for a clothesline of his own, only for Goldberg to side step him, and go off the ropes himself. Goldberg comes back, but into the path of Steve Austin, who meets Bill with a spine buster!!!! Austin has a cover, but of little strength, 1...2. Shoulder up from Goldberg.
Both men look spent, despite the match being less than ten minutes old at this point, boding bad signs for both of them. Goldberg hoists himself up in the corner, but has no time to move from Austin, who charges in, crashing into his opponent in the corner. Goldberg slumps down slightly, whilst Austin climbs the first two turnbuckles, and quickly begins to proceed with a stunning set of punches, getting the fans to count along as always in unison, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... TEN PUNCHES!!!!
Goldberg stumbles from the corner, looking shaken from the punches, but Austin doesn’t hold up, and continues to put the punishment on Goldberg. He backs him into the ropes, and whips him off the ropes. Austin waits for the return, but from almost nothing, Goldberg takes Austin by surprise, AND SCORES WITH THE SPEAR!!!!! Goldberg lies on top of Austin for the count…

Bill slams the mat in despair, before roaring in defiance at Austin, and grabs him by the head, dragging him back to his feet. Goldberg realises Austin is in deep trouble, and goes for all or nothing now, hoisting him in the air, looking to hit the dreaded Jackhammer … BUT AUSTIN COUNTERS, managing to shift his weight, dropping behind Goldberg, and hit’s a reverse neck breaker!!!! Austin survives!!! He rolls Goldberg over, and drapes his arm over Bill for the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Both men now begin to crawl away, in opposite directions, eventually both sliding out of the ring, on opposite sides. Both though, move around the ringside area, eventually meeting face to face, both bloodied, both battered, both exhausted, with both having the same idea, trying to strike, but the shots are both blocked, only Goldberg quickly fires another right hand, connecting with Austin’s face, knocking him backwards.
Goldberg throws another right hand, this time, knocking Austin down onto the ground. Goldberg staggers into the Spanish announce table, pushing a couple of things over, before grabbing onto the monitor. He pulls it away from its cords, and yanks it free, before quickly swinging at Austin, knocking the Rattlesnake back to the floor in a messy, bloody heap. Goldberg drops the monitor, and spits out his gum, staring down at Austin, before stomping on his head. Goldberg ruggedly pulls Austin back up, talking trash whilst he does, and looks set to attempt a hip toss through the announce table, but Austin manages to counter … AND SENDS GOLDBERG THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH A HIP TOSS!!!!
‘Holy Shit’ chants break out through the arena, as Goldberg lays in the mess from the table, and Austin crawls along the mats, before pulling himself up slowly at the steps. He leans back onto the steel, and takes a look at Goldberg, before mouthing something - likely to be a profanity - and with a purpose, makes his way back to the shattered table, and grabs Goldberg around the back of the neck, dragging him up slightly, just enough to roll Goldberg back onto the apron, and inside the ring. This takes its toll on Austin too, having to lift the heavier man at dead weight. He rests on the apron, before getting back inside, hooking the leg for the cover, 1...2...GOLDBERG KICKS OUT!!! Austin took too long to follow up on the table spot, and Goldberg manages to kick out.
Austin gets back to his feet, wiping the blood from his face, before bearing down on Goldberg in the corner, and once again, after a quick stomp, drags Bill to his feet, and grabs him by the waist, before raising Goldberg up, hitting an Atomic Drop. Austin holds on, and hit’s a second, holds on, and hit’s a third, followed by a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth … and finally a tenth!!! Austin lets go, and Goldberg drops to his knees, wincing, and holding his groin area, feeling the effects of the set of ten atomic drops.
Meanwhile, Austin makes his way across the ring, limping ever so slightly, looking at the steel chair, worn out after the repeated use earlier by Austin on Goldberg. He bends down, and lifts the weapon up, looking at the indentations on it, before leaning back, turning around, and moves towards Goldberg for the chair shot … BUT GOLDBERG RUNS THROUGH AUSTIN WITH A SPEAR!!!!!!! Goldberg and Austin, both lay on the mat, Austin clutching his rib cage, gasping for air, whilst Goldberg pushes himself up, and onto his knees. He looks set to cover … BUT DOESN’T!!! Goldberg develops a sadistic grin across his face, and gets back up, onto his feet, looking at the chair dropped by Austin, before reaching for it. He takes the chair, and looks down at Austin, then chuckles slightly, ahead of placing the chair around the neck of the Texas Rattlesnake.
Madison Square Garden silences, as Goldberg moves towards the turnbuckles, with the fans and commentators all expecting the next move. Cole and Tazz both yell for Goldberg to think about what he’s doing, as Bill proceeds to the TOP ROPE. Goldberg looks very unsteady up top, and has to kneel down holding the ropes to keep his balance. As this goes on, Austin suddenly recovers, and slides the chair out from his head, and sees a chance. He gets back up, pushing the chair from the ground, and quickly races to the corner, smashing the chair against the skull of Goldberg!!! Goldberg nearly slumps off the top from the impact, as Austin quickly climbs to the middle rope, and fires four unanswered right hands, before hooking Goldberg up, and executes a thunderous SUPER PLEX!!!!!
Goldberg bounces up from the mat, screaming in agony, whilst Austin rolls onto his front, grabbing his neck. He crawls towards Goldberg, rolling him over, and hooks the leg, 1...2...GOLDBERG GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! The match continues!!! Austin immediately rolls away from Goldberg, and towards the outside, with Goldberg actually crawling behind him, following in pursuit, looking dazed, as both men try to dig deep with their careers on the line. Austin staggers into the time keepers table, but Goldberg comes from behind with a forearm to the back. Austin turns around, and shoots back, striking a right hand to the face of Goldberg. Bill stands back slightly, and Austin comes forward, battering his bigger opponent with a quick flurry of left and right hands, backing Goldberg against the barrier. Austin continues to pound Goldberg, but now, Goldberg ducks a shot, and flapjacks The Rattlesnake onto the barrier, ending the onslaught of punches!!! Stone Cold reels away, trying to catch his breath, as we watch Goldberg crouch down, and charge at Austin … FOR A SPEAR … BUT AUSTIN SIDE STEPS HIM … AND GOLDBERG SPEARS TONY CHIMMEL!!!!!
The impact of the Spear on an unsuspecting Tony Chimmel, sends Goldberg and the ring announcer crashing into the time keepers table on top of Lillian, Howard Finkle, amongst the other nameless staff situated there. MSG erupts, as we watch the carnage un fold, with Austin anxiously waiting for Goldberg to get back up. Bill struggles to his feet, leaning on the time keeper and others, as EMTs try to push through and help out Tony Chimmel. Goldberg pushes through the crowd of them, but straight into the path of Steve Austin, who connects with a kick to the gut, AND A STUNNER!!!
Goldberg falls onto the mats, with Austin immediately on the offence, battering Bill with rights and lefts to the claret soaked face. Austin looks to be hitting fifth gear now, with unrelenting shots to the face, beating the holy hell out of Goldberg!!! The Rattlesnake gets back up, and pushes through the EMT personnel, grabbing a beer from the cooler, and quickly refreshing himself with a cold one. Austin then pushes back through the paramedics, and smashes the can into the face of Goldberg, splashing some of the remaining beer into the face of Bill, and into the front row!!
Austin drops the can, and against pushes past a Paramedic, grabbing a medical bag, and quickly ramming the heavy bag into the stomach region of Goldberg, sending Bill staggering into the steel steps. Austin throws the bag away, and runs at Goldberg, but Bill stops the momentum, and delivers a drop toe hold, with Austin’s face crashing into the steps!!! Goldberg quickly rolls Austin back inside the ring, following behind him. Goldberg stops Austin from getting up, and plants the rattlesnake with two well placed knees to the chest region. He now drags Austin up, on his terms, and hoists Austin onto his shoulders, looking to hit a power slam … BUT AUSTION SLIDES OFF … GOLDBERG TURNS AROUND … KICK TO THE GUT FROM AUSTIN … STUNNER!!!!! Stone Cold falls onto Goldberg for a cover …


Both men stay down for a few moments, as Madison Square Garden comes to its feet, with 98% cheering for Austin, drowning out the faint 2% of ‘Goldberg’ chants. Eventually, both men start to crawl, to opposite sides of the ring, reaching for the ropes to get to their feet. After a long time of struggle, both men get to their feet, and look across the ring, staring at their opponent, bloodied up, just like the other. Slowly, they walk across to the middle of the ring, with both talking trash at the other. They go head to head, as the fan reaction inside the Garden reaches an apex, before Austin pulls away from Goldberg, and flips the bird!!! Immediately, Goldberg responds with a right hand, and Austin replies with one right back at Goldberg.
The two warriors continue to battle, back and forth, exchanging punches, but it’s now Austin out numbering the punches thrown by Goldberg, and he takes full control, backing Goldberg into the corner, but suddenly, Bill rakes the eyes, and Austin staggers away, holding his face from the sneaky rake. Goldberg quickly reaches for the steel chair, mangled from the earlier use by Austin on Goldberg, and he lines up a shot on Austin. He swings the chair … but AUSTIN DUCKS … Goldberg comes back around … and gets kicked in the gut … AUSTIN GOES FOR A STUNNER … BUT GOLDBERG DROPS TO HIS KNEES, AND CONNECTS WITH A WELL PLACED LOW BLOW!!!! Austin drops down, as Goldberg wields the chair, smashing it against the neck and the back of the head of Austin!!!! Goldberg drops the chair, and rolls Austin over, hooking the right leg tightly…


Goldberg appears to be furious, thinking the match was over. He gets up, wiping the blood from his face, and holds up one finger, and pulls Austin up by the trunks, getting him into position for the Jackhammer … BUT AUSTIN SCORES WITH A KICK TO THE NUTS!!!!! Goldberg falls into the corner, crouched down slightly, holding his crown jewels, with Austin leaning on the ropes, sucking up as much air as he can. Goldberg comes back out from the corner, but doesn’t defend himself properly at all for Austin, walking right into a kick to the mid section … AND A STUNNER!!!!! Austin gets Goldberg into the middle of the ring, and hooks the leg for victory…


Austin rolls away, sitting up, looking at Goldberg again, before rubbing his face, thinking of what else he can possibly do to put away Goldberg. Austin gets up, and urges Goldberg to get up, possibly for one more Stunner. Bill uses the ropes to get up, and reels away, into the path of Austin again, but this time, Goldberg catches the boot, and spins Austin around, connecting with a weak Spear!!!! Austin rolls around, holding his ribs, as Goldberg wastes no time, signalling for the Jackhammer. He pulls Austin up, and hooks him up quickly, raising the rattlesnake into the air … JACKHAMMER!!!! Goldberg prematurely celebrates, and punches the air, before getting a lateral press on Austin …


Goldberg shakes his head furiously, not believing Austin managed to kick out of the Jackhammer. Bill leans over the face of a battered Austin, and yells at him to just stay down. Goldberg gets back to his feet, and leans over the top rope, yelling to the fans that Austin cant kick out twice. He drags Austin up, and gets him into position again for the deadly Jackhammer … but Austin grabs the arm, and turns inside out, CONNECTING WITH A STUNNER!!!! Austin drops onto Goldberg, hooking the leg …


Winner: Steve Austin @ 18:23

Both men are flat out on the mat, exhausted from the most gruelling career match imaginable. Paramedics rush to the ring, with stretchers for both men, as Michael Cole and Tazz begin to speak.

Michael Cole:
I’m lost for words Tazz. Absolutely unreal. I’m drained just from watching this amazing bloody fight, so I can only imagine the pain and suffering these two are going through.

Cole, what you just witnessed was two men, hell bent on saving their careers. Two proud men, neither wanting to have to say that they were forced out of the ring in a retirement match. Goldberg is gone, and it’s because of Steve Austin. And everyone knows my history with Goldberg, but I have to say, Smackdown wont be the same without the guy. Then again, I’m glad Austin is stayin.

Goldberg refuses the help of a stretcher, and instead, is helped up the ramp, with fans beginning to chant ‘NA NA NA NA … NA NA NA NA … HEY HEY HEY … GOOD-BYE’. In the ring, Austin also refuses to go on a stretcher and calls for a beer instead, getting two cans thrown into the ring.

Michael Cole:
Tazz, we know for certain that Goldberg MUST retire after this match … but partner, looking at Austin, you have to ask … could this be the end of the Texas Rattlesnake too??

I don’t know Cole. I honestly don’t know. He certainly cant take much more punishment like he did tonight, but then again, you can never rule out that man right there.

Austin gets a huge pop from the fans as he toasts them a beer, before being helped out of the ring, limping badly, but holding a can of beer, in the air, letting the fans know he’s okay.

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE Wrestle Mania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

The video opens up, with a look at a building, which appears to be a Hotel / Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The door opens, and we see Ric Flair as the bell boy, taking luggage, getting help from Batista. Vince McMahon then appears, as a couple enter the hotel.

Vince McMahon:
Welcome sir, miss, to my creation … the Wrestle Mania Hotel.

Vince opens his arm out, showing the casino part of the hotel.

Vince McMahon:
Maybe I should show you both around.

The couple nod, and walk along with Vince.

The first part they pass is the fruit machines, and they hear one of the machines paying out a huge sum of money. They take a peek around, and all three jump back as Ken Kennedy yells.

Ken Kennedy:

Vince motions to the couple they should hurry along, and quickly move away, but then, Kennedy jumps out from the other side.

Ken Kennedy:

The woman screams out, and the three turn away, as Vince walks them towards the craps table, apologising for that outburst. They take a look as we see Trish Stratus shaking her dice in her hand, and then, Gene Snitsky, dressed in a tuxedo, grabs her arm, and insists on blowing her dice. He does so, with Trish looking a little creeped out.

Trish throws her dice, but loses. She looks furious with Snitsky, but he turns away, and brushes past McMahon and the couple, commenting on his way past …

Gene Snitsky:
That … wasn’t my fault.

Snitsky walks off, shaking his head, whilst Vince takes a deep breath, before smiling at the couple, directing them towards the Poker table, where a random guy has just won a big amount of money.

Random Guy:
OH MY GOD!!! I’m rich!!!

Another random guy gets up from the table, and taps the winner on the shoulder.

Random Guy #2:
You are a legend my friend.

Random Guy #2 walks off, and we see Randy Orton sneak into the picture, smirking.

Randy Orton:
Legend, huh??

Vince leads the couple away, and talks up his hotel a little more.

Vince McMahon:
As you can tell, we have plenty of winners here, but I must warn you, cheating isn’t accepted. In fact, it’s not very smart.

Vince then swings a side door open, and we see a ‘cheaters’ room, where a bunch of random guys are getting beat up, with Benoit applying the Cross face on one, Triple H lining up a cheat with his sledgehammer, Rhyno smashing a trash can over one, and Edge pounding someone in the corner.

Vince McMahon:
But I’m sure you wont make that mistake, sure you wont??

The scene then cuts to Vince shielding the couple from the Showgirl performance, yelling “Where is Ron”, as the camera shows up Rico dressed as a Showgirl, strutting his stuff. Ron Simmons runs onto the stage, trying to cover Rico up.

Ron Simmons:
I’ll be damned!!! You cant keep doing this you freak.

Vince has an uneasy smile, before leading the couple to the stairs.

Vince McMahon:
We actually don’t have a lift service in this hotel, but don’t worry, you wont have to walk ten flights of stairs.

McMahon clicks his finger, and instantly, we see Brock Lesnar appear, and he scoops the couple onto his shoulders, before charging up the stairs.

Vince McMahon:
Have a good nights sleep.

The couple squeal all the way up, as the shot switches to Lesnar kicking the door open, and walks into the room, hitting an F5 on both of them, onto the bed, sending them to sleep for the night.

The Next Morning…

**Simon System** plays into the couples room, and we see Simon Dean enter the room along with Chris Masters, bringing a bunch of his products with him.

Simon Dean:
Can I interest you in my patented Simon System??

The couple look confused.

Simon Dean:
Terrific. Lets see, what have we here. Well, first up, let me show you The Masterpiece of the Simon System. Chris Masters. Just a few short years ago, he was a fat, ugly piece of trash … a bit like you two. No. Chris, you haven’t oiled up yet.

Dean pulls out a Simon System oil for the body, and as he takes his time with that, the couple quickly sneak out of the room, and down the flights of stairs, as we cut to five minutes later, where they are in the casino area, along with Vince, who encourages them to play some Blackjack.

They sit at the table, and watch a guy playing his game. His cards reveal 14.

Random Guy #3:
Hit me.

The dealer reveals himself from the shadows, as Steve Austin, smiling.

Steve Austin:
With pleasure, you little rat bastard!!

Austin then jumps across the table, and attacks the guy, as the couple scurry from the table.

We need to leave.

Vince McMahon:
What?? You cant leave!! The fun is just getting started.

The couple start to walk towards the front entrance, but stop, as they watch The Rock performing a song for an audience, with his guitar.

The Rock:
Well, since Rocks baby left him, he’s found a new place to dwell … its down at the end of jabroni drive at … the Smackdown hotellllll.

The audience clap, and the couple seem to be having a change of heart, until …

Rock feels so lonely baby … Rock feels so lonely!!!

Mick Foley appears on the stage behind Rock.

Mick Foley:

Foley holds the mic to Rocks mouth for the last line.

The Rock:
What in the blue HELL are you doing??

Foley shrugs his shoulders, and the two start bickering, as the couple shake their heads and continue to leave.

Vince McMahon:
NO!! Please don’t go. I can give you free tickets to Wrestle Mania!!!

The couple stop in their tracks, and turn around, interested.

Vince McMahon:
Well actually … tickets are all gone already …

The couple turn to leave, and we see a figure in the background at reception, definitely Kane, but we only see up to his waist, whilst the receptionist {Stacey Kiebler} tells him he cant have a room.

Outside the hotel, the couple jump into a taxi, to speed off.

Vince McMahon:
I hope you enjoyed your stay … please come back.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption “Where Dreams Become Reality” flashing across the screen, before we go to the last scene…

The hotel is being evacuated, with a fire having broken out. We see Stacey explaining something to Vince…

Stacey Kiebler:
I couldn’t give the guy a room. He had no money, and he was really scary.

Vince McMahon:
And he put the place on fire because you wouldn’t give him a room??

Stacey nods, as Vince shakes his head in disappointment.

Vince McMahon:
First the XFL, now this hotel … from now on, I’m sticking to the ‘rasslin business.

Vince walks off, doing his power walk, leaving the burning building as the video ends…

Michael Cole:
We are just nine weeks away from the biggest showcase of the year, Wrestle Mania Twenty Two!!! We’ve been counting the days for the last nine months, but now, we’re counting down nine weeks!!!

And hey, lets give it up for Shinedown. Special guests here tonight, at ringside.

We see Shinedown on camera, waving, as Cole starts to talk again.

Michael Cole:
And they will be performing at Wrestle Mania folks, as Shinedown will be providing the official Wrestle Mania theme music, ‘Shed Some Light’ and ‘Atmosphere’. Great music, great band. Cant wait to see you guys at Wrestle Mania. But right now, Todd Grisham is backstage, with one of thirty hopefuls for tonight’s Royal Rumble…

Todd Grisham is standing by with Rey Mysterio…

Todd Grisham:
Rey Mysterio, you are just a short time away from the biggest match of your career. Tonight, you can become the smallest wrestler to ever win the Royal Rumble, and the smallest man to ever main event Wrestle Mania. How are you feeling??

Rey Mysterio:
I’ve been overlooked my whole career Todd. Tonight, I’ve got an opportunity for the world to take notice. 2005 was the best year of my career yet … but I intend on 2006 being even better. Winning this Royal Rumble is the first step towards doing that. Then, I’m headed to the main event at the biggest event of the year, and I will make my dream a real-

No, no, no.

Triple H walks onto screen, getting a big amount of heat.

Triple H:
Rey Mysterio, they sure as hell must’ve laughed when you got a spot into the Royal Rumble. I know I did. And when they say dreams become a reality … they obviously weren’t thinking about you again. Rey, as funny as this might sound, considering you’re about half the size of a jumping bean, but I’m telling you to get your head out of the clouds.

Triple H laughs

Triple H:
Tonight, you are just one, of twenty nine victims. You will never headline a Wrestle Mania, as long as I’m competing in Royal Rumble matches. And tomorrow night on Raw, I’ll remind you of this little interview. That’s right, tomorrow night, on Raw. That’s MY next destination. Make no mistake, when I win the Royal Rumble tonight, I’m coming back here tomorrow night for Raw, when I officially announce that I will challenge either John Cena … or The Undertaker.

Rey looks up at Triple H, showing no emotion

Triple H:
I’ve said this for the last month, but one last time, let me tell you just what will happen. Tonight, twenty nine men will clear the way, as I progress to Wrestle Mania … and tomorrow night on Raw, The King of Kings … goes back on his throne. See ya tomorrow night Rey.

Triple H walks off, whilst Rey takes the mic back.

Rey Mysterio:
Well Todd, I hope Triple H remembers that … when I show up this week on Smackdown to officially accept a title shot against Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania.

Mysterio walks off, as the camera cuts to Bret Hart walking along the backstage area.

Michael Cole:
The time has come. Bret Hart must make the biggest decision of his life. Will he finally accept Kurt Angles challenge for a match at Wrestle Mania?? Or will Kurt Angle be knocked back, one last time.

This has been building to this point now for quite some time Cole. The moment of truth is here. I know what I want to hear, but I get the feeling we’ll all be very disappointed.

Hart - Angle Video Package:

- We hear comparisons made to Bret Hart about Kurt Angle, as a great technical wrestler.

- Cuttings from wrestling magazines, with columns of dream matches, with Hart vs. Angle always amongst those mentioned.
- Bret Hart returns to the WWE as General Manager, in 2004.
- Kurt Angle hints at a match with Bret in early 2005, after Hart comments that Angle could cement himself as the greatest of all time, with Angle replying he’ll never be the greatest … unless … but stops himself.
- Angle starts to become fascinated with Bret Hart, watching a Hart DVD, and trying to cover it up … claiming that he has a different goal than winning titles … and consistently visiting Bret, but never getting to the point.
- Hart announces he’ll be taking an LOA, which Angle blows a gasket over, claming that’ll ruin everything, but then turns the other cheek, and starts to ask Bret if that means he’ll ever be able to wrestle again, to which Hart responds with a firm no.
- The Hitman returns, right after Angle wins an Iron Man Match against HBK, with Angle seemingly trying to rile Hart that he could do it, but Bret couldn’t.
- Angle then becomes obsessed and paranoid with Bret, eventually costing Kurt the WWE Championship.
- Then, Angle shocks the world on Smackdown, and CHALLENGES Bret Hart to a match, but Hart ignores the question.
- This keeps up for a number of weeks, with Angle even going to the trouble of drawing up a contract, mailing it to Bret, pestering Bret, and trying to rile the GM into accepting, but Hart doesn’t.
- Angle faces JBL at Fully Loaded, but as Hart tries to get rid of The Cabinet, he leaves behind a chair, which JBL uses, and scores his win over Angle. Interestingly, Angle isn’t upset … but smiles instead.
- The Olympian then explains he knows subconsciously that Bret did it on purpose, because he wants the match too, but Hart denies it.
- Kurt Angle defeats Test to qualify for the Royal Rumble, but he relinquishes his spot, saying his goal this year isn’t to win the RR, but to get Bret to face him in the ring, and says the contract runs out at the PPV.
- In Brets hometown in Calgary, Angle takes to the crowd, and asks them if they want to see it, with a resounding yes. Bret once more ignores it, and even gets booed by his own home fans.
- Angles speech three days ago, where he says this is Brets last chance, and he promises one way or another, Bret will sign the contract.

**Medal** Kurt Angle walks out, into the arena, where a red carpet has been set in the ring for this possible contract signing.

Tony Chimmel:
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Kurt Angle!!!

Michael Cole:
The time is here Tazz. Will the months of pestering and hinting pay off for Kurt Angle tonight?? Or has he thrown away the chance of a Wrestle Mania title shot, to chase an impossible dream??

Kurt Angle would say it will, Bret Hart would say it wont. New York City wants it. You and I want it, but the question remains, will we get it??

Angle steps into the ring, and takes a mic.

Kurt Angle:
Lets cut to the chase, shall we?? … Bret Hart. It’s make your mind up time. What’s it to be??

**Hart Attack** Bret Hart enters, getting a resounding ovation from New York City, and he salutes the fans, thanking them for the ovation.

Michael Cole:
Bret Hart steps into Madison Square Garden, one of his greatest venues, in terms of success, including Wrestle Mania Ten, when he became a two time WWE Champion.

And tonight, he might make history at the Garden once more.

Hart steps into the ring, and shakes his head in anger at Angle. The music dies down, and Angle goes to speak, but is cut off by the fans, who begin a ‘Bret’ chant.

Kurt Angle:
You aren’t deaf Bret, are you??

Hart shakes his head.

Kurt Angle:
Then Bret, you must be able to clearly hear these people chant your name, like you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Huge Pop from the fans.

Kurt Angle:
(Having to shout over the fans) And now, you have a choice to make. Have the fans revere you forever … or have them run you straight out of town!!!

Bret looks to be breathing heavily, thinking hard about the decision.

Kurt Angle:
Do the right thing.

Angle hands a pen to Bret, who stares at the pen. Bret looks up, and at the fans, who are on their feet, still chanting his name.

Kurt Angle:
DO IT!!!

Hart slowly moves towards the contract table, and leans over it, but looks back up, and shakes his head, to a TONNE of heat. Bret picks up a mic, resting on the table.

Bret Hart:
Please. Understand the position I’m in. I CANT wrestle.

Heat from fans

Kurt Angle:

Fans pop

Kurt Angle:
No more whining, no more excuses. Bret, listen to New York City, listen to Madison Square Garden, and do it for them!!!

Fans pop

Kurt Angle:
And I can guess that everyone at home is throwing things at their television screen from London, Ontario, to London, England, yelling for the idiot in the Garden to sign the damn contract!!!

Bret shakes his head, possibly on the verge of tears, overcome with emotion.

Kurt Angle:
Think about it, Bret. Think, about the great memories. Think about the five championship wins. Think about the classic matches, think about the moments you’ve given the fans. Think about the history you’ve made, right here, IN NEW YORK CITY!!!!

Cheap pop

Kurt Angle:
Remember beating Mr. Perfect at the Garden in 1991 for your first Intercontinental Title?? Remember beating Yokozuna at Wrestle Mania Ten, in this very arena?? How about Survivor Series 1996, here, once again, where you beat Steve Austin?? Bret, Madison Square Garden, IS YOU!!!

Big pop again

Kurt Angle:
Make one last piece of history here. SIGN THE CONTRACT!!!

A big ‘Sign it’ chant starts. Bret looks around, and shakes his head, putting the mic to his mouth.

Bret Hart:
Let me explain. In December 1999, I suffered a career ending injury. If I was to wrestle, not only would I be a shell of the man I once was, but I would also run the risk of paralysis.

Angle puts the mic to his mouth, and prepares to speak, but Hart snatches it from him.

Bret Hart:
Let me finish. Kurt, if I was to wrestle you, you wouldn’t get the same Bret Hart that wrestled in this arena ten years ago. You’d get a near fifty year old man. A man who would be putting his life on the line, and that’s something I CANT do.

Crowd quietens down.

Bret Hart:
I wouldn’t do that to my wife, and my family. And to be honest, if the WWE fans cant accept that, I’m afraid you’re nothing more than sadists.

Mixed reaction, with Hart making a valid point, but disappointing the fans.

Bret Hart:
Kurt, if you want to blame anyone for letting the fans down, blame yourself. You set this thing up, but I never wanted to be a part of it. Enjoy the show.

Bret drops both microphones, and turns away to leave the ring, until Kurt Angle cheap shots from behind!!!!

Bret falls over, into the corner, with Angle choking Bret with his boot, yelling, hitting a boiling point.

He drops down, and throws over a dozen right hands, to the face of Hart. Angle then gets up, and grabs a mic, looking down at Bret.

Kurt Angle:
Bret, you had a choice. The easy way, or the hard way. And I’m afraid, you forced my hand.

Angle kicks Hart, then grabs him by the face, before speaking again.

Kurt Angle:
You thought your choice was to sign a contract tonight, but Bret, that was never an issue. I promised your signature on that contract, and so help me God, I’ll get it.

Angle pushes Hart towards the table, and grabs a pen, putting it in Brets hand, before slamming the hand onto the contract, making a scribble, counting as the General Managers signature. He then looks up, and tells the cameraman to watch, as he fills the date for the match to take place … March 26th.

Kurt Angle:
Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania?? It’s DAMN true.

Fans give a mixed reaction, happy on one hand that the match is official, but unhappy with Angles heel turn.

Kurt Angle:
I’ll see you in Vegas Bret. And I’ll end you in Vegas too.

**Medal** hits, and Kurt Angle raises his arms, getting a less than positive response from MSG, having just performed a heinous attack on Bret Hart.

Michael Cole:
An absolutely sickening attack Tazz. I wanted Angle vs. Hart as much as anybody, but Kurt Angle went too far here tonight.

Cole, you might’ve wanted Angle vs. Hart, but there is one man who wants it most, and that is the Gold medallist, standing in the ring as we speak.

Michael Cole:
After all the hype, it is now official. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle … is on. Wrestle Mania history will be made for sure, on March 26th.

As the tag line goes, Dreams will indeed become a reality, come Wrestle Mania.

Fanatix Series Commercial - This month - Royal Rumbles Greatest Moments

We then see Randy Orton leaving the room, with his entry number, looking quite pleased. He walks down the hallway, then stops, as we see Brock Lesnar step into view. The two men take a good, long look at each other, before Lesnar speaks.

Brock Lesnar:
Ha. If it isn’t The Legend Killer. Randy Orton … youngest World Champion ever, right??

Randy Orton:
Yeah. That’s right. Younger than you were.

Brock Lesnar:
Okay. That’s fine. You get to be the youngest world champion of all time. Fine by me. I just get to be the greatest world champion of all time.

Lesnar smiles in Ortons face, and rubs the title.

Randy Orton:
Not for long. When I win the Royal Rumble tonight, I’ll have to make a choice … John Cena, The Undertaker, or You. Either way, I’ll be leaving Wrestle Mania 22 as a World Champion. If you’re lucky, you get to remain WWE Champion, and a great champion, whilst I take the World Title, and become the greatest of all time. If you’re not lucky … you get to lose the WWE Championship to ME, and watch me become the greatest.

Orton pats the title belt, and smiles in Lesnars face, before walking off.

Jim Ross:
It’s been a big, big night thus far folks, especially for Smackdown, with the retirement of Goldberg at the hands of Steve Austin, and the heinous assault carried out by Kurt Angle on Bret Hart, as we have one match already officially announced now for Wrestle Mania.

The Coach:
63 days away J.R, and we already have ourselves one HUGE match set up. Words cant put it to justice.

Jim Ross:
But now, its time for Raw to take over folks, with the World Heavyweight Championship set to be decided. John Cena defends against the in form Undertaker. Can the champion over come the Deadman?? Most experts doubt it, but Cena has overcome insurmountable odds before, and tonight, he might just do it again.

World Heavyweight Championship Video Package:

- John Cena wins back the World Title at Armageddon in a Last Man Standing match against Shawn Michaels.

- The Undertaker wins a 10 Man Battle Royal on Raw, eliminating HBK last to move on to Royal Rumble and challenge Cena.
- Following week, Taker plays a video message on the titan tron, which suggests John Cena is in trouble. Cenas reaction is almost one of fear.
- Undertaker continues to play the mind games, and his music plays during John Cenas entrance, trying to get inside the head of Cena.
- Taker looks to be more focused than ever, scoring a good win over RVD.
- John Cena tells the world that at Royal Rumble, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.
- The two men team up on Raw, with Taker leaving John Cena high and dry, leading to a loss for the champion.
- Comments from both men, and from the commentators, who all agree that it could be the end of Cenas title reign.

**Graveyard Symphony** The fans put their lighters in the air, as the spooky entrance of The Undertaker begins. The Challenger makes his way out, sauntering as always.

Lillian Garcia:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Making his way to the ring, from Death Valley, weighing in at 305 pounds, he is the challenger, Theeee Un-dertaker!!!

Jim Ross:
Will the Undertaker go into Wrestle Mania defending his unbeaten streak as World Champion?? In recent weeks it has looked that way, but it is by no means certain.

The Coach:
J.R, I have to say, The Undertaker has looked more focused this past month, since becoming Number One Contender. The Phenom wants his fifth title reign, and he isn’t afraid to let the world know it.

**My Time Is Now** John Cena enters the arena to a mixed reaction from the traditionally haphazard NYC fans. He pumps the fans up a little, before fixing his eyes on the ring, and the challenger, who stands tall in the ring.

Lillian Garcia:
And, from West Newberry, Massachusetts, weighing in at 248 pounds … he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGGGGHT CHAMPIONNN … JOHHHN CENNNNNA!!!

Jim Ross:
The two time world heavyweight champion is facing the biggest task of either title reign tonight, no question. Cena has faced The Undertaker previously, but he has never faced The Deadman. Will that play a factor??

The Coach:
The mind games certainly have J.R, no doubt. If Cena gets trapped in the mind games early on, he better kiss the belt goodbye.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

John Cena drops his belt in the corner, and immediately tries to go at Taker, showing no fear, even taking The Deadman by surprise, backing Undertaker into the corner, wildly throwing right and left hands. The entire arena looks to be stunned by Cenas tactics early on, with the champion going at Taker, not holding back at all. Undertaker soaks up the offence from the champion, and tries to cover up and protect himself, even looking taken aback himself. Cena for just one second moves back, and it allows Taker to overturn the attack, reversing Cena into the corner, allowing him to now rip into the champion with a tonne of unanswered punches to the body and face.

Cena tries to fight back, throwing shots at Taker, getting himself out of the corner, but Taker blocks a right hand, and throws a big soup bone, knocking the champion down for the first time in the match. Cena quickly gets back up, but Taker meets him with another big right hand, which sends Cena back to the mat, and this time, he sprawls along the mat, to the outside.
Undertaker steps through the ropes to follow Cena, and slowly walks down the steps, as Cena pulls himself up on the barrier. Taker reaches the floor, but Cena still wont back down, and he comes at Taker, with big round house shots, lefts and rights, but Taker again snuffs out the attack from Cena, and sends the champion into the steel steps!!! Cena winces in pain, with his back contorted from the impact of hitting the steel steps. Taker looks unremorseful, and closes in on Cena again, pulling him up by the head, and sets Cena on the ring apron, before climbing onto the apron himself. He walks across, and drops his leg across the neck of Cena, which is already leaning over the apron!!!
A groan is heard around MSG, with Cena taking a nasty piece of punishment from the challenger. Taker walks along the floor, possibly thinking of what to do next, before walking back to the apron, driving the point of his elbow into the neck of Cena again. The Deadman now rolls Cena back into the ring, and follows in himself. Cena crawls to the corner, but Taker is right on him, throwing another plethora of soup bones at the temple of Cena. Eventually Undertaker slows down, and takes the champions arm, and whips Cena across the ring, to the opposite corner, back first, with Cena bouncing out, dropping onto his knees, contorting his back again.
Methodically, Taker walks towards the champion, and as he bears down on Cena, he leaps into the air, dropping a leg across the back of the neck of the champion. Taker rolls Cena over for a lateral press and the first count of the match, 1...2...Kick Out. Cena rolls onto the stomach, and crawls towards the corner again, as Taker slowly gets up too, and follows into the corner, where Cena tries to regain his composure, but is unable to create any distance, with Taker back on him, delivering another set of punches, to the face and body of the struggling champion. Taker stops the onslaught momentarily, and whips Cena into the opposite corner again, harder than before, with the ring appearing to shake from the impact. This time Cena doesn’t stagger out, but only because Taker charges at him, and connects with a running body splash in the corner, squashing the champion again!!! Taker backs away, as Cena staggers out, putting his hands up to try and defend himself, but Taker slaps the hands away, and scoops Cena up, delivering a devastating side walk slam on the champion, hooking the far leg, 1...2...Cena kicks out again!!!
The Undertaker looks to continue his dominance, and drags the battered champion up, and sends him off into the ropes, but ducks down waiting for the return, which allows Cena a chance to counter, and he does, coming back off the ropes, scoring with the Throwback!!!!! Cena doesn’t go for the cover, knowing he hasn’t done enough, and instead gets back up, and kicks the ropes in defiance, letting the fans know he wont take this beating lying down, and he’s going to give it a fight. He runs off the ropes, dropping his knee to the chest of Taker, and goes for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Cena rolls off the challenger, and uses the ropes to get back onto his feet. Cena looks around the arena, with fans divided between the champion and the challenger, as Cena begins to experience some boos from a small portion of the fans.
He diverts his attention back to his opponent, and waits as Taker gets himself up. Cena quickly charges at the Phenom, and drives him into the corner, before unloading with blistering right hands. Taker again tries to cover up, but struggles to keep out the unrelenting shots of the champion, who looks to be firing back into the match. Cena whips Taker across the ring to the opposite corner, and follows in for a corner clothesline, but Taker moves out of the way, and Cena eats turnbuckle!!! Taker meanwhile, sprints off the ropes, and comes back, booting the head nearly off of the champion, who never saw it coming!!!
Already, Taker raises his arm, signalling for the Chokeslam, which has NYC on it’s feet. The Deadman waits as Cena gets back to his vertical base, but walks into the path of The Undertaker, who throttles Cena by the throat, lifts him into the air for the Chokeslam … BUT CENA COUNTERS INTO A DDT!!!!! Cena immediately drapes his shoulder over the challenger for a cover, 1...2...TAKER KICKS OUT!!!!!
Cena nods, expecting the kick out, but hoping for the win. He lays in with stomps to The Deadman, eventually kicking Undertaker out of the ring, and onto the floor. Cena follows out, rolling under the bottom rope. Cena quickly rams Taker, back first into the barrier, before grabbing the challenger by the hair, bringing Taker towards the Smackdown announce table, and bounces the head of the Phenom off the table. Cena continues to pile on the pressure, and doesn’t let of Taker, dragging him now towards the steel steps, and proceeds to bounce his opponents head off the steel now too. Taker reels away from the steps after the shot, and holds his head, feeling for any blood. Cena remains tenacious as ever, knowing he has to be, and rolls Taker back inside the ring, sliding in directly after him.
Taker reaches back up, getting to his feet using the ropes, but Cena again is right on him, not allowing Taker to recuperate, and connects with a simple front slam to the challenger. Cena now bends down, pumping up his trainers, before letting Taker know he cant see him, and runs off the ropes, shaking off his shoulder, and drops the 5 Knuckle Shuffle!!! Cena hooks the leg, 1...TAKER KICKS OUT AT ONE!!! Cena sits up, with a concerned look on his face, having just had all his offence slapped away by Taker with a one count.
John Cena pounds the mat, and has a snarl now across his face. He mouths something as Taker gets up, and suddenly, Cena comes at Taker, scooping him onto his shoulders for the FU … BUT TAKER SLIDES OFF … Cena turns around, right into a huge right hand from Taker, knocking the champion down to the mat. Cena has the wherewithal to get right back up, not allowing himself to fall prey to any ground submissions of Undertakers, but as he gets up, he walks right into the body of Taker, getting scooped up, onto The Phenoms shoulders, and Taker runs across the ring, delivering Snake Eyes across the top turnbuckle, with Cena staggering back out, as Taker runs off the ropes, coming back with a clubbing clothesline, which knocks Cena back down. Taker gets another lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out. The Deadman doesn’t look fazed by the kick out, and rises back to his feet, awaiting Cena to get up too. Eventually, the champion gets up, and Taker immediately moves in, and applies a wristlock, before stepping to the middle turnbuckle. The Deadman has a look around Madison Square Garden, which responds with a booming ‘Old School’. Taker proceeds to the top rope, and walks across, before jumping off, delivering the trademark move, knocking the champion back onto the canvas!!!!
Now, Taker makes a slice across his throat, signalling for none other than the Tombstone!!! Cena doesn’t appear to know what to expect as he pulls himself up off the canvas, and into the path of the stalking challenger, but as Taker is set to scoop him up, Cena ducks under the arm, and rolls up The Phenom, taking him by surprise, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men get up, and Cena tries to take control with a clothesline, but Taker has it scouted, and ducks under, then knocks down Cena with yet another big right hand. Cena rolls around the mat, sprawling towards the ropes, where Taker follows, and digs his knee into the back of Cena forcing the champion to choke in the ropes. The Deadman takes nearly the entire five count, before releasing the choke, as Cena looks to have a far away look in his eyes, after a battering from The Undertaker thus far.
Cena rolls out of the ring, almost out of instinct, knowing Taker is in control, but behind him, The Undertaker follows, and chokes Cena up against the barricade, before nailing a hip toss onto the mats on the outside. Cena shoots his body up, showing the excruciating pain from the hip toss, whilst Taker shows absolutely no remorse, and gets Cena back up, rolling the champion back inside the ring, breaking the count at six. Taker picks Cena up, quickly scoring with a side suplex, and instantly manoeuvres himself, applying a triangle choke on the struggling champion!!!!!
Immediately, Cena tries to wrap his legs around the bottom rope, but is inches short of making it. Taker applies more pressure, with Cena throwing his legs around, trying to do anything to escape the submission. After a period of struggling in the submission, Cena begins to resist the hold less, as the blood flow begins to stop reaching his head. Taker keeps the hold locked in tight, as the referee steps in to check on the condition of Cena. He says something to him, with no response, then decides to go in and have a closer look. Chioda takes the free arm of the champion, and lifts it high in the air, lets go, and it immediately drops back onto the canvas.
Madison Square Garden now looks to be divided on both men, with fans behind Cena, and others behind Taker, cheering and booing as the arm goes down for the first time. Chioda raises the arm again, and lets go, but again, the arm drops, without so much of a fight from Cena. Chioda now signals for just one more time, with the title possibly set to switch hands. The official lifts the arm into the air … lets it go … BUT CENA KEEPS IT UP!!!! The Garden erupts, once again with a mixed reaction, half wanting Taker to win, and half wanting Cena to survive. Cena uses his legs to reach closer to the ropes, and finally, reaches his legs across, and wraps them around the bottom rope, breaking the submission hold!!!!!
Taker again takes advantage of the five count, and takes his time to release the hold, breaking just as the referee reaches the count of four. Undertaker gets to his feet, dragging Cena up by the jeans, and looks to throw a big right, but Cena reacts quicker, and gets a shot in on Taker, directly to the ribcage. Taker looks to have been taken by surprise from the shot, and crouches down slightly, which works as encouragement for Cena, who gets up straight, and fires a hat trick of shots to the face, and scores with a kick to the stomach, runs off the ropes, and knocks Taker down, with a running flying shoulder!!! Cena is quickly back on his feet, and looks around the arena, giving the Word life salute, but behind him, THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!!!
Cena turns around, and gulps hard, seeing the challenger sat up, staring directly at him. Cena is almost at a loss for what to do. He meets Taker as The Deadman gets up, looking to throw everything at him, but Taker meets each of Cenas punches, with one of his own, eventually getting the better of the champion, but Cena somehow overturns Takers momentum, and once again, gets the better of the exchange, throwing more shots, and whips Taker off the ropes, but ducks down when he does, and allows Taker to come back … AND HIT’S A RUNNING DDT!!!!! Taker rolls Cena over, and hooks the leg for a cover…
……………CENA KICKS OUT……………
Taker piles on the pressure, dragging Cena back up, whipping him off the ropes, and delivering a back body drop as the champion comes back again. Taker now drops down, and goes for a Dragon sleeper this time, but Cena is smart enough to quickly roll over, and lunge towards the ropes, stopping Taker from applying another tricky submission. Taker though, doesn’t stop his relentless quest for the title, and chokes Cena at the ropes, with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, before releasing the choke at the count of four once again. Despite letting go though, Taker still holds onto Cena, and pulls him away from the ropes, looking for a whip, but Cena manages to reverse, and sends Taker into the ropes, who comes back into the path of Cena, who catches The Deadman with a kick to the gut, and follows up with the Freestyle!!! Cena hooks the legs of the challenger, looking for the count…


The Champion immediately rolls Taker over, and hooks behind the leg … APPLYING A SUBMISSION!!! The STF is locked in!!! Cena has The Deadman caught in the middle of the ring, with a deadly submission!!! The fans appear to be in shock, with Cena busting out a submission move into his arsenal, as the desperation appears to be taking over!!! Taker winces in pain, as Cena torques back, desperate for a submission victory. Taker lifts his hand, but doesn’t tap, and instead tries to break Cenas grip, before using his second hand to push forward slightly, looking to make it to the ropes. Taker pushes forward, as Cena tries to lean further back in a bid for a submission. The Deadman continues to ever so slightly reach forward … closer to the ropes … inches … millimetres … Taker reaches for the ropes … GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!
Again, Madison Square Garden is divided from the rope break, with a big percentage wanting a victory for Cena, and another relieved that Taker survives the STF. Cena releases the submission on three, and gets back to his feet, stalking Taker as he catches his breath pulling himself back to his feet using the ropes. Cena now closes in, and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, before delivering a number of right hands, looking to wear out Taker some more. Cena scores with seven, but then, Taker grabs Cena by the legs, and walks out of the corner, hitting an inverted atomic drop!!!! John Cena drops to his knees, as Taker bounces back off the ropes, and drives his boot into the face of the exhausted champion. Taker pushes the shoulders down, and has a cover, 1...2...CENA KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!
The challenger runs his fingers through his hair, frustrated with the fight from his opponent. Taker pushes himself back up, and sees Cena trying to get up too, albeit worse for wear. The Deadman waits by the ropes as Cena starts to get onto his feet, and now runs off the opposite ropes, gaining some speed, as he charges towards Cena, but Cena takes the challenger by surprise, AND CONNECTS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!! MSG erupts in surprise of the impact move, as Cena leans back, hooking the leg tightly…
Cena appears to be losing confidence now as he is unable to keep the Deadman down long enough. He clenches his fist, and tilts his head back, before appearing to nod, making a decision with himself. He looks to the corner, and to the top rope, possibly on the brink of making a big decision to go up top. Cena gets up, and walks to the corner, thinking deeply for a moment, before deciding it’s all or nothing, and climbs the turnbuckles, reaching the top rope. Cena gets his balance, before crouching down, and waiting for The Undertaker to get up to his feet. Taker does, and Cena jumps off the top for an Axe Handle, but Taker CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT!!!! Cena tries to break the hold of The Deadman, but hasn’t got enough power to do so, and Taker hoists Cena into the air, and DELIVERS A CHOKESLAM!!! Taker drops to his knees, and hooks the leg of the champion…

………………FOOT ON THE ROPE………………
The Undertaker diverts his attention to the referee, and looks at him as if to ask ‘Where’s three??’ The referee points out the foot on the rope, and Taker shakes his head in disbelief. Taker gets back up, and looks around the worlds most famous arena, before signalling the Tombstone once more, after failing earlier in the match. Taker lays in wait, as Cena manages to get back onto his feet. The champion leans on the ropes, with his title reign now on borrowed time, he pulls away from the ropes, and turns around, into Taker, who hoists The Doctor of Thuganomics up onto his shoulders, and into position for the Tombstone … BUT CENA COUNTERS … and takes the momentum over, getting Taker into position for the Tombstone instead!!!! Taker tries to switch the momentum back over, but as he tries, Cena manages to get him onto his shoulders … AND WASTES NO TIME … CENA HIT’S THE FU!!!!! Cena hooks the leg …

Cena immediately sits up, eyes wide open, hands over the top of his head, out of ideas after Taker kicked out of his biggest weapon!!! Cena moves onto his knees, desperate to find an answer on how to put away The Deadman. The Champion gets back up, and looks towards the outside, possibly thinking of grabbing a chair, but instead, Cena decides to go back to the well, and drags the challenger back up by the hair, getting Taker up, going for the FU again, but Taker refuses to budge, and strikes with knees to the head, fighting the resistance of Cena, and backs into the ropes, then running back off, coming at Cena, BUT CENA DUCKS UNDER … AND GETS TAKER ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … SECOND FU TO TAKER!!!! Cena covers…


Winner: John Cena @ 16:04

Cena immediately rolls out of the ring, heading directly for the Championship belt, clutching it tightly, relieved to have held on against the Deadman. He slaps hands with a few fans, whilst making his way down the ramp, before turning back, and hoisting the belt high, getting a firm reaction from the fans.

Jim Ross:
He went through hell, he went through high water, but through it all, John Cena has retained the World Heavyweight Championship, against the legend, the phenom, The Undertaker.

The Coach:
I’m impressed. I have to hold my hands up J.R. John Cena showed the heart of a true champion here tonight. He was written off by the experts, by his peers, and by the fans, but somehow, John Cena has rose above, and delivered the grittiest performance to overcome The Undertaker.

Jim Ross:
And now, Cena moves on to Las Vegas, where he might end up facing the winner of tonight’s Royal Rumble, depending on the choice that the winner makes.

The Coach:
Indeed he might, with the winner, whether a Raw superstar, or a Smackdown superstar allowed to choose which champion - Lesnar or Cena, he faces on March 26th.

*Banner Credit - New School Fire*

Promo Video is shown, hyping the return of Saturday Nights Main Event, returning on February 11th, from The Arrowhead Pond, in Anaheim, California.


Backstage, we see Steve Austin being attended to, in the medical room, with the trainer giving him stitches. Austin sucks up the pain, putting an ice pack on his bad neck, when he hears some half hearted claps.

Austin tells the trainer to stop for a moment, and turns around, to see Christian and Tyson Tomko standing in the doorway.

I believe congratulations are in order Steve.

Austin shrugs it off, and turns around again.

Well … aren’t ya gonna thank me for the kind words??

Austin turns back around again to the direction of Christian.

Steve Austin:
Here’s a special thank you, in sign language.

Austin flips Christian the bird, and turns away again. Christian shakes his head, and Tomko whispers to him.

Tyson Tomko:
Hey, I know some sign language, and that wasn’t a thank you.

Christian swiftly looks at Tomko, and gives him a ‘I got that’ type of look.

You know, this is starting to wear a little thin Austin … I mean, every month now is just the same. You come off with some wise cracks, I come off with better ones and make you look a fool. It’s all very same‘ish now … kinda boring, y’ know.

Steve Austin:
Is there a point to what you’re saying son?? Or are you just trying to babble on all night.

For a start, I haven’t got all night. I’ve got a Royal Rumble to win shortly. And secondly, there is a point. And that point is that you should do what you’ve made Goldberg do … and retire. Just go now Steve. No one wants you here anymore … no one even needs you now, because they’ve got their new hero … The Christian Coalition is the ultimate force in wrestling today. Those people voted for me at Fully Loaded … and those people will chant my name like the sheep they are tonight, when I enter the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Christian then kneels down, beside Austin.

And that’s how I roll.

Christian gets up, but Austin puts his hand out, stopping him from leaving.

Steve Austin:
Well son, I suggest you roll your carcass right on outta here, before Stone Cold opens up a can of whoop ass on ya.

Christian initially gulps, then pulls away from Austin, and walks away a little, before stopping at the door.

As if someone in your condition could whoop my ass. Go home Austin … and don’t come back.

Christian leaves the room, with Austin seething from the comments.

Backstage, we see the Raw locker room filter out, with lots of shouting from the superstars, pumping themselves up for the Royal Rumble.

We then cut to the Smackdown locker room, where the same thing happens.

Jim Ross:
The time has come folks. One dream out of thirty will become a reality tonight. Thirty Men, all with one goal, and that’s a main event at Wrestle Mania 22.

The Royal Rumble is upon us J.R. Someone could either be following in the foot steps of the likes of Yokozuna, Bret Hart or Steve Austin and earn a title match at Wrestle Mania, or, Triple H, The Rock or Shawn Michaels will be looking to recreate their past achievements in winning The Rumble.

Jim Ross:
The fastest sixty minutes on the WWE Calendar await.

Royal Rumble Video Package:

- Sevenfold by Adema plays throughout the V.P.

- Quick clips of past Rumble moments, with Jim Duggan winning the inaugural match.
- Clips then play from 1993 onwards, where the winner has got a title shot at Wrestle Mania, with Yokozuna doing so in ‘93, Michaels in ‘95 & ‘96, Austin in ‘98 and ‘01, Triple H in ‘02, Lesnar in ‘03, and John Cena last year.
- Clips then play from controversial finishes in Rumble history, including 1994s drawn Rumble, Austin re-entry in 1997, McMahon screwing Austin in 1999, Rock and Big Show in 2000, and John Cena in 2004, despite only one of Goldberg’s feet touching the floor.
- Sound bites from the majority of superstars, talking about their chances, hopes and dreams for the Rumble, along with clips of each man.
- All the discussion over the choice of champion, with many of the competitors commenting on that.
- More classic clips from past Rumbles to close the video, as well as flashing images of the main stars in this years match.

Wrestle Mania Count Down - 63 Days - Until Dreams Become a Reality

30 Man Royal Rumble:

Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at Wrestle Mania XXII:

Entrants in Alphabetical order;

Batista, Booker T, Carlito,
Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Christian, Edge, Eugene, Garrison Cade, Gene Snitsky, Goldust, Hardcore Holly, James Storm, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Maven, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam,Shawn Michaels, Simon Dean, The Rock, Triple H, Winner of Legends Battle Royal

Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now time, for the Royal Rumble MATCH!!!!

(Huge crowd pop)

Howard Finkel: Here are the rules. In just a few moments, the individual’s who drew numbers one and two, will make their way to the ring, and the match will begin. Then, every two minutes thereafter, another superstar will enter, until all thirty men have entered.

For eliminations to occur, an individual, must go over the top rope, and both feet must touch the floor.
The winner of the match, will be the last man standing, once every other superstar has been eliminated, and that superstar will earn himself a championship match, against either Brock Lesnar, or John Cena, whomever they choose, at Wrestle Mania Twenty Two!!!
Now, I will introduce the individuals who drew number’s one and two…

… … … … …



Rey Mysterio enters the arena, drawing number one in this years Royal Rumble!!!

Jim Ross:
He is aiming to become the smallest Royal Rumble winner in history, and will attempt to eclipse Shawn Michaels, the previous smallest winner of the Royal Rumble, by going coast to coast, for a Wrestle Mania title shot.

The Road to Wrestle Mania begins right now J.R, and you gotta say, it doesn’t look good for Mysterio right now.



Rob Van Dam, along with Bill Alfonso has drawn number two!!! The crowd pops for the scenario here of Mysterio and Van Dam to kick the match off.

Jim Ross:
Oh my. Explosive situation here Tazz. Mysterio and RVD have a hell of a history over on Raw.

Hey, I remember watching these two battle right through the summer, and even if its just for two minutes tonight, we’ll get to see it all over again!!!


The match begins, with the fans going nuts. Van Dam bounces around, staring across at Mysterio, who nods, knowing they have the steepest mountain to climb tonight, above everyone else. The walk towards the centre of the ring, and tie up. Immediately, Mysterio applies a wristlock on RVD, but this is quickly turned over, and Van Dam applies a wristlock to Mysterio. Rey immediately counters again, turning the tables on RVD, who breaks free, and snap mares Rey. Rey jumps up, but sees Van Dam running at him, and ducks under, with the momentum almost sending RVD right out of the ring, but he just stops himself in time.

He takes a deep breath, having just had a near disaster, then turns around, and we see Rey run at RVD, but Van Dam leap frogs Mysterio, and Rey nearly tumbles over the ropes, but hangs on, and puts his foot on the apron, stopping himself from going over. RVD tries to punch Rey off, but Mysterio blocks a punch, and throws one himself, giving him time to climb back in.
Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and runs at RVD, but Van Dam catches Rey with a spinning heel kick, knocking the Human Highlight Reel down. Van Dam stands for a split second, before running off the ropes, but before he can drop a leg, Mysterio rolls away, with RVD hitting the canvas. Both men get up, and bounce off the ropes at separate sides of the ring, with both having a similar idea when running at each other, as Van Dam leap frogs Mysterio, and Rey ducks out of Van Dams way.
They run to the ropes, and run at each other in the middle, locking up, once again. Van Dam tries to back Mysterio into the corner, but Rey uses his height disadvantage to his advantage, sliding out of Van Dam’s grip, and bounces into the ropes, coming back for a Hurricanrana, connecting, and sends RVD into the corner!!!
Rey throws his hand up in the air, getting a great ovation from MSG, and runs to the corner, connecting with a Bronco Buster on RVD!!!! The fans eat it up, as RVD crawls out of the corner, and Rey bounces off the ropes again, connecting with a baseball slide onto Van Dam, which nearly sends him out under the bottom rope, which wouldn’t be an elimination, but RVD doesn’t fall anyway, and the fans begin to count down from ten, with Rey attempting to get RVD up, and over the top rope.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Mister Kennedy**


Ken Kennedy enter the arena to an initial pop, before boos take over. He carries a mic with him, as he walks to the ring.

Jim Ross:
It’s the Pay Per View debut of one of the brightest stars in the WWE, the unbeaten Ken Kennedy.

KENNEDY!!! I love this guy J.R.

Ken Kennedy walks to the ring, looking confident, as RVD and Rey tussle at the ropes, in the ring. Kennedy then calls for the music to be cut, as he proceeds to introduce himself into the Royal Rumble!!!

Ken Kennedy:
Annnnd now, introducing the Third Entrant into the 2006 Royal Rumble. I hail from Green Baaaaayy, Wisconsinnnnn … and weigh an immaculate 244 pounnnnnnds. Say it loud … say it proud … MISSSTERRRR KENNNEDYYY!!!

Kennedy slides into the ring, and stands in the middle, holding the mic up, taking a look around, seeing both RVD and Mysterio still tussling.

Ken Kennedy:

Before Kennedy can do anything else, RVD catches him with a kick, and Mysterio then hit’s a front dropkick, with Kennedy sprawling into the ropes, having been taken aback. RVD quickly tries to dump him over, but Kennedy falls onto the apron, and not the fall, thus staying in the match. RVD doesn’t spot it though, and instead, goes back to Mysterio, backing him into the corner with a succession of right hands. Van Dam then flips back, and looks to run at Rey, but as he does, Kennedy darts across from the other side, and knocks RVD for six with a devastating running clothesline!!! Van Dam bounces around the mat, and Kennedy quickly tries to make the most of it, and gets RVD over the top rope, pounding at him, trying to get RVD onto the floor, but then, we see Bill Alfonso smartly run around the ring, and gets onto his hands and knees, allowing RVD to put his feet on his back, and not the floor!!!

Kennedy doesn’t notice, and instead, goes to work on Rey in the corner, trying to get the former I.C Champion over the top rope, which allows RVD to drag himself back into the ring. Kennedy nearly has Rey over the top, but RVD stops him, wanting a taste of revenge, instead of trying to help get a competitor out of the ring. Van Dam and Kennedy start to trade blows in the centre of the ring, allowing Mysterio to recuperate, which he does, and takes advantage of the distraction, taking a risk, by leaving himself open to be eliminated, jumping to the top rope. He wastes no time when he jumps up top though, and hit’s a double springboard dropkick, knocking both Kennedy and RVD down. Rey looks set to try and get both men out, but then sees the clock wind down.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**OOOO Chavo**


Chavo Guerrero jogs to the ring, being the first superstar from Smackdown to enter this years Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross:
You gotta believe that for someone like Chavo Guerrero, his best hope to win this one would’ve been to get a late number. He’s got a big mountain to climb if he wants to make it to Wrestle Mania.

Hey, don’t rule Chavo out J.R. If he lies enough, and does plenty of cheating, he might just steal this Rumble.

Chavo sprints to the ring, but stops at the ring, seeing Rey is stood waiting for him. Chavo points to his brain, saying he’s too smart to fall for that. Rey shrugs off Chavos presence, and instead, turns his attention to the other two men in the ring, Kennedy and Van Dam. Rey tries to pick RVD up, but doesn’t have enough strength for it, which scuppers his game plan. Mysterio then turns around to take another look at Chavo, but Guerrero isn’t there. He looks around, and then, we see Chavo fly from the top rope, hitting a Cross Body on Mysterio!!! Chavo bounces up, and takes a look at Van Dam, who pulls himself up at the ropes, and decides to try and dump him over the top, but as he does, Van Dam grabs the top rope, and manages to hang on, and with Chavo walking off, RVD has little trouble in saving himself, and remains in the match.

Guerrero then comes face to face with Kennedy, and the two share a few words, with Chavo seemingly trying to strike a deal. Kennedy seems receptive to the idea, and gives Chavo the thumbs up. He walks on ahead, and Chavo shakes his head as if to say ‘That was too easy’ and grabs Kennedy by the trunks, and looks to dump him over the top rope, but Kennedy reverses, and sends Chavo over the top rope … but not to the floor. Chavo hangs on, and after a few seconds of swaying to and fro, Guerrero is able to get back in, and skins the cat.
Chavo keeps a low profile, as Rey and RVD tussle at the ropes, trying to eliminate each other. He tries to pick his spot, and sees both men teetering a little. Guerrero then motions to Kennedy for them to team up, and Kennedy nods, with Chavo leading the way this time. In a comedic moment, Kennedy reverses the roles from less than thirty seconds ago, shaking his head at Chavo saying how easy that was. Kennedy clobbers Chavo from behind, knocking the Guerrero onto the canvas.
Kennedy now attempts to pick Chavo up, and dump him out, but Guerrero fights back, and manages to stay from the ropes, as RVD and Mysterio continue to struggle with each other, and the clock winds down for entrant #5…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Can You Dig It?? SUCKA**

ENTRANT #5 - BOOKER T @ 06:11

Booker T walks out to a nice ovation from the fans in the Garden. He doesn’t run to the ring, but takes his time.

Jim Ross:
We have our first of six former World Champions. The five time WCW Champion, Booker T, in the Rumble.

Big ask for Booker T, if he wants a shot at Wrestle Mania for a sixth world title, he’s gonna need to put in a big match performance.

Booker watches, as in the ring the other four men have paired off. The Book decides to just pick his spots, and slowly gets in, not wanting to attract any attention from the others. He stands in the corner, waiting for any opening to come his way, which is spotted by Kennedy. Mister Kennedy looks to have an idea himself, and instead of struggling to get Chavo out, he uses Chavo as a weapon, and whips him across the ring, directly into Booker T, but surprisingly, The Five Time WCW Champion is able to react quickly, and chops Chavo, knocking him down.

Ken Kennedy comes at Booker, but he is met with a chop too, and Kennedy backs up, into the corner, with The Book opening up with chops to the chest of Ken Kennedy. He looks to be on fire, but Kennedy manages to stop his momentum, and rakes the eyes in desperation. Booker staggers off, allowing Kennedy to hit a chop block, knocking Booker T down. J.R and Tazz both agree that was a rookie mistake, as Kennedy should be trying to keep Booker on his feet, instead of chopping him down giving himself more work to do.
Meanwhile, Rob Van Dam has taken over on Mysterio, and has him over the top rope, but not on the floor, with Rey catching both his feet on the apron, then hooks his left foot around the bottom rope, in case Van Dam topples him over somehow. Chavo Guerrero breaks them up, clubbing the back of RVD, and tries to get Mr. PPV over the top rope, to no avail, with Van Dam fighting away from Chavo.
Meanwhile, in the opposite corner, Kennedy and Booker both nearly go over, trying to get the other over the top, but both hang on. Booker goes for a chop on Kennedy, but Ken blocks it. He head butts Book, then clotheslines him down. He then moves off, and helps out RVD, as they team up to eliminate Chavo. Chavo fights for his life, and teeters, but eventually, Mysterio comes to his aid, and things calm down with the ten count beginning again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**It Wasn’t My Fault**


Gene Snitsky enters, getting some heel heat. He takes a look around MSG, before pointing to the ring, and runs in.

Jim Ross:
This man is a possible contender. Gene Snitsky is bad, mean, vicious, and hard to beat. Tell us more about him Tazz.

You pretty much summed him up J.R. This guy broke Torrie Wilsons neck, and claimed it wasn’t his fault.

Snitsky wastes no time, and clothesline down Kennedy, squats Rey away like a little bug, and hit’s a front slam on Chavo, before knocking down Booker T with a big boot. Snitsky clubs the back of RVD, and whips him off the ropes, going for a big boot, but Van Dam ducks under, and goes for a kick himself, but Gene catches the foot, only for RVD to hit a spin kick enziguri, knocking the biggest Rumble entrant thus far, down.

We see Kennedy trying to fire little Mysterio over the top rope, but Rey hangs on, making himself difficult to control. He starts to fight back, and KK breaks his grip. He comes back, going to kick Rey, but Mysterio catches the leg, and spins Ken Kennedy around, darting himself like a cannonball into the midsection, knocking Kennedy down.
Booker T then goes at it with Chavo, and they go back and forth trying to eliminate one another at the ropes, with neither getting the job done. RVD then goes to work on Snitsky, and goes to throw him over, but Snitsky reverses and sends Van Dam over…..BUT HE HANGS ON!!! Snitsky doesn’t notice, and walks off, but RVD rolls back in through the bottom rope, with neither foot touching the ground.
Snitsky then grabs Mysterio, and hip tosses the tiny opponent across the ring with little effort. He boots Kennedy while he is down, and then, RVD jumps onto Genes back, but Snitsky runs backwards, sending Van Dam into the corner, squashing him. RVD lets go, and holds his ribs in the corner, as Snitsky looks elsewhere to make an impact.
Chavo appears to be in trouble, with Booker halfway eliminating him, getting him over the top rope, and now trying to kick Chavo off the apron, but Guerrero manages to grab the foot, and yanks at it, with Booker falling down, allowing Chavo to get back into the ring, saving himself.
Snitsky drops an elbow on Booker T, then spots Mysterio in the corner, and rams into the smallest man in the match, trying to do further damage. Meanwhile, Kennedy has RVD almost out, with RVD dangling, swinging his legs to keep them in the ring, with the rest of his body teetering. The count down begins once more, with all six men paired off right now.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




The first member of AMW enters, and its James Storm. He focuses on the ring, sliding in.

Jim Ross:
Could this be a break out night for The Cowboy?? James Storm of AMW with an opportunity to cause an upset and move on to Wrestle Mania.

The ideal scenario for Storm right now J.R would have to be getting Chris Harris in here in the next few minutes, and they could own this thing.

The Cowboy looks to make an impact from the beginning, and wastes no time at all, with a dropkick to Booker T, and knock down to Kennedy, which inadvertently saves Van Dam. Storm then encounters Gene Snitsky, but blocks a right hand, and gives a solid shot of his own, before hitting an inverted atomic drop, which has Snitsky staggering, and allows Storm to hit a swinging neck breaker to the big man.

Rey Mysterio now comes at Storm, but Storm is able to get the better of Rey, and hit’s a sidewalk slam, taking Mysterio out of the equation for a moment. James Storm now looks to dump out Chavo, but from behind, he is caught with an elbow to the back from RVD, which is Van Dams thank you to Storm for saving him just seconds earlier. RVD whips Storm off the ropes, but is taken for surprise, as The Cowboy bounces back, connecting with a SPEAR!!! He picks RVD up, and looks to throw him out, but Van Dam is saved, this time by Booker T, who hit’s a Harlem Side Kick to Storm!!!
Van Dam saunters away, looking to gain revenge on Kennedy, who is trying to eliminate Chavo, whilst Booker takes the moment to please the fans, and gets a big time MSG sized pop, for the SPIN-A-ROONIE!!! Booker gets up bouncing around, looking at his hand … only to get blasted with a thunderous clothesline from Gene Snitsky!!!
Snitsky stomps the head of Booker, not allowing him back up, then looks around, and we see Mysterio jump off the top rope, hitting a Seated Senton!!! Snitsky rolls around the ring, into the ropes, leaving himself open for Mysterio, who wastes no time, and runs around, HITTING THE 619!!! Snitsky staggers up, and staggers around the ring, dazed from the offence from Rey, but as Mysterio runs at Snitsky again, the big man is able to catch him off guard, with a back drop over the top rope … BUT REY HANGS ON!!!
Again, Snitsky, like he thought with RVD earlier, thinks Rey is gone, and decides not to follow up. He then looks to go back to work on Booker, whilst Rey goes to the corner, huffing and puffing, trying to catch some air. Chavo now has the better of James Storm, but cant get him over, whilst RVD and Kennedy struggle to get an advantage, whilst Booker hangs on for his life, as the ten seconds count down again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Break It Down**


The fans stand on their feet, waiting to see who it is from DX that enters, and it’s Garrison Cade. Cade gives the fans the crotch chop, and runs into the ring.

Jim Ross:
Former tag team champion, Tazz. A big time student of Shawn Michaels, and the first of four DX entries in tonight’s match.

This kid definitely has potential, but I’m sure HBK wanted all four members of his group to draw numbers in the twenties.

Garrison looks straight for Rey Mysterio, who has been in longest, and stomps him down in the corner, doing the smart thing, and going for the weakest man in the match. Across the ring, James Storm and Chavo has stopped fighting with each other, and are now teaming together, trying to dump out Rob Van Dam and Ken Kennedy, whilst Snitsky chokes Booker T in a corner.

Cade gets Mysterio on his shoulders, and looks set to dump Rey out, but Mysterio slides off his back, and pushes Cade into the ropes, trying to get The DX member out but Cade hooks his arms around the ropes, and is too big for Rey to topple at this point. Booker starts to fight back against Snitsky, whilst Chavo and Storm still attempt to dump out Kennedy and Van Dam, when suddenly




A maniacal laugh then booms around the arena, and the titan tron begins to glow, with a message appearing …

“Out of sight … out of mind”

The lights remain off, and the message then fades away, with another appearing on the screen…

“The fire still burns”

The message fades again, and everything goes quiet for a few seconds, until …


!!!!! BOOM !!!!!

The ring posts shoot with fire, and ‘Slow Chemical’ plays the line “And the flame returns” before the lights come back on. In the ring, all eight men look freaked out, with the action having stopped, given the titan tron message, which HAD to have come from Kane, who has been missing in action since April. The eight men all look around the ring at each other, none knowing what to do. Garrison Cade, ever the opportunist is first to react, and he grabs James Storm, looking to eliminate him, but James Storm stops him, and fights free. RVD goes after Booker T, Ken Kennedy pairs off with Mysterio, and Gene Snitsky battles Chavo Guerrero, with the clock counting down again…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




Matt Morgan steps into the arena, drawing #9. He slowly makes his way to the ring, studying the action.

Jim Ross:
This guy stands a shade under seven feet, and can move like a cruiserweight. Matt Morgan is a superstar waiting to happen.

But like you say J.R, you cant buy groceries on potential. Matt Morgan needs to start shining, and tonight would be a good time to start.

Immediately, Snitskys attention is diverted to the run way, with an even bigger man then him entering the match. Morgan steps over the ropes into the ring, and the two bulls go chest to chest in the middle of the ring, breathing heavily, not taking their focus off each other. They lock up, and struggle around the ring, like to bulls locking horns, with neither getting a clear advantage. Morgan breaks, and steps back, before pushing past Snitsky, and booting Kennedy down. He points at himself, then Snitsky, wanting to form an alliance. Gene nods, and the two men look set to dominate The Rumble match.

Instantly, Cade sees this, and slides out via the bottom rope, hoping to avoid the two men wrecking crew. Booker T is first to feel the wrath, and is hit with a double shoulder block. Morgan hit’s a corner splash to RVD, and whips him out, into the path of Snitsky, who hit’s a power slam. Rey Mysterio tries to tackle Matt Morgan down by the legs, but he is thrown off, like a rag doll. Morgan chokes Rey in the corner, as Snitsky looks to charge into Booker T with a shoulder, but Booker ducks out of the way, and Snitsky catches Chavo Guerrero unaware, sending Chavo over the top, and to the floor for the first elimination of the match.


Snitsky looks around for the next victim, and grabs Booker T, head butting the Five Time WCW Champion to the mat. He then looks around, and we see RVD fly from the top rope, scoring with a kick on Snitsky, taking the big man down to the canvas!!! Matt Morgan spots it, and stops the momentum for RVD, with a big kick to the ribs, before bieling Van Dam across the ring. Morgan looks to be imposing himself on the match in a big way right now, and picks up Rey Mysterio, hitting a snake eyes into the corner, before picking him up, hitting a side suplex, with ease. Morgan knocks down James Storm, but then, Ken Kennedy and Booker T form an unlikely alliance, and team up to try and down the seven footer. They continue to kick and punch him into the ropes, trying to dump him out, with no one else doing anything, as we count down from ten once more…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Common Man Boogie**


Dusty Rhodes enters the arena for the second time tonight, having earned this spot earlier in the Legends Battle Royal.

Jim Ross:
For only the second time in his career, Dusty Rhodes is part of the Royal Rumble!!! Odds have to be stacked against him, after competing earlier on, but this veteran could go far.

The only man tonight that will pull double duty J.R. Dusty Rhodes will be hard to topple, given his size, but surely he cant go all the way.

Dusty Rhodes slowly gets into the ring, and is met by a recovered Gene Snitsky, but Rhodes displays his wily veteran know how, and dots the eyes, before knocking Gene down with his Bionic Elbow. James Storm staggers up, and is given the same Bionic Elbow, before Dusty walks over to Rob Van Dam in the corner, and starts opening up with his Flip Flop and Fly right hands, which eventually ends with a Bionic Elbow to RVD, with the fans eating it up at this moment.

Booker and Kennedy give up on Morgan, unable to get him out, and both turn around into Rhodes, who grabs both by the head, giving Kennedy and Booker a meeting of the minds!!! Dusty sees Mysterio coming, and knocks him down with a chop, but finally, he is taken down, with Matt Morgan scoring with a flying knee to the face.
On the outside, Garrison Cade is still being a chicken, scared of getting eliminated. In the ring, RVD pairs off in the corner with James Storm, whilst Ken Kennedy and Booker T have ended their short relationship, and brawl at the ropes, and we see Gene Snitsky and Matt Morgan once again cross paths in the centre of the ring.
Morgan bounces off the ropes, and comes back at Snitsky, but he doesn’t budge from the middle of the ring. Morgan now pounds his chest, challenging Gene, and Snitsky runs off the ropes, coming back at Morgan, but just as before, there is no movement upon impact, with both men standing their ground.
Snitsky then tries to slug Morgan, but the right hand doesn’t create much movement either. Morgan now throws a right at Snitsky, with the monster not feeling the effects of that either. They look face to face, and both throw a shot, colliding with each other. Both now back away a little, and shake their heads loose, before running at each other, knocking each other down from the collision!!!
Both Morgan and Snitsky struggle back up, and we see Rey Mysterio jump to the ropes, risking his spot in the match once again by leaving himself open, and Drops The Dime on Snitsky to a big pop from the fans. He watches as Matt Morgan tries to get back up, and waits, before pushing Matt into the ropes, looking to pound him out of the ring.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




Shawn Michaels enters, getting a big pop, despite being a heel, becoming the second member of DX to enter the 2006 Rumble Match.

Jim Ross:
Two members of DX are in now Tazz. We might start to see that ring empty a little. Shawn Michaels is determined to go to the main event of Wrestle Mania, and he has back up tonight.

He’s drawn an early number, but it’s turned out okay for HBK. E has Garrison Cade in there to help him out, and there are two more DX members to follow too.

The first real big name is now in The Royal Rumble, and motions for the sheepish Garrison Cade to follow him too. Ken Kennedy meets Michaels, but is given an Inverted Atomic Drop for his troubles. RVD gets a chop, as does Mysterio, before Michaels takes down Matt Morgan with a clothesline. Cade takes care of Booker T, whilst HBK stamps his foot twice, in the corner, before quickly hitting Sweet Chin Music on James Storm, knocking him over the top rope, straight to the floor.


Shawn Michaels has made an immediate impact, eliminating a former tag team champion. Michaels clotheslines Dusty Rhodes, and he follows Cade to the corner, and they begin to choke Booker T with their feet, whilst Rey Mysterio regroups, and runs to the corner, in order to help Booker from DX. He runs in, and punches the back of HBK, then kicks the gut of Cade, before trying to dump HBCade out, only for Michaels to sledge Rey, and whip him across the ring, into the opposite corner, sternum first.

Michaels takes his time walking across, whilst We see Gene Snitsky and Matt Morgan meeting once again. Rob Van Dam takes it to Ken Kennedy, and has him over the ropes, but Ken lands on the mat, and is able to get back inside the ring, met though, by the feet of Van Dam, booting his face.
HBK runs across at Rey now, but Mysterio has had long enough to recover, and gets a foot up, sending Michaels staggering away. Rey builds up some steam, and scores with a bulldog, taking The Showstopper down. He then runs across, and dropkicks the knee of Garrison Cade, before bouncing off the ropes once more, and runs at Michaels, who ducks a clothesline, and this allows RVD to catch his old enemy, Mysterio, with a heel kick.
Van Dam looks around, and nods, even getting a few cheers from the always indifferent New York fans, before running off the ropes, and scoring with Rolling Thunder on Rey. He looks around, and is set to do his RVD thumb salute, but Shawn Michaels runs at him, only for Van Dam to think quickly, and back body drops HBK over the top rope … BUT MICHAELS HANGS ON, reminiscent to 1995!!! He sways around, trying to skin the cat, but looks to be having problems doing so. Garrison Cade sees it, and immediately slides out via the bottom rope, and grabs Michaels legs, saving HBK, and placing his feet on the apron!!!

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




Chris Masters enters the arena, getting a decent amount of heat. He doesn’t rush towards the ring, and instead does his whole routine with the gown, before posing.

Jim Ross:
This man certainly looks the part. He looks like a star in the making, but can the unproven Chris Masters make a name for himself tonight??

I like this kid J.R. We haven’t seen too much of him on Smackdown, but he’s certainly one for the future.

Masters walks confidently to the ring, whilst the action continues in the ring, with the numbers game already paying dividends for Shawn Michaels, having just been saved by his DX counterpart Garrison Cade. Masters enters the ring, and like most others, targets Rey Mysterio who has been in for 20 minutes already, along with RVD. Masters stomps a fatigued Rey in the corner, before making his way to the next corner, and shows no fear of Snitsky or Morgan, clubbing the back of Morgan, before striking Snitsky with a forearm to the face, which rattles Gene. Masters whips Morgan off the ropes, and knocks him down with a reverse elbow, before slamming Snitsky with a front slam.

The Masterpiece now targets Van Dam, and rams him into the corner with a shoulder thrust, but doesn’t bother trying to eliminate him. Masters takes a look around, and spots DX, and surprisingly is about to go for them too, when he comes face to face with Dusty Rhodes. The two men, come face to face in the middle of the ring, with them not exactly a mirror image of each other. Dusty mimics the body of Masters, trying to puff his own tummy in, but Masters responds, and slaps the taste out of his mouth!!! Masters clubs the back of Rhodes, then tries to throw him out of the ring, only for Rhodes to stop at the ropes, and elbow Chris Masters away.
Masters staggers away, and Dusty bounces off the ropes, coming at him, but The Masterpiece strikes him with the Polish Hammer!!! Chris Masters drops a knee, before getting back up, and looks around, and sees Shawn Michaels struggling with Kennedy, and decides to try and get himself a major scalp. Masters looks around, then clasps his hands around the neck of HBK, applying The Master Lock!!!
Madison Square Garden stands in shock, as Chris Masters swings the legendary Shawn Michaels around in the Master Lock!!! HBK tries his best to fight it, but is unable to break out of the deadly grip. Chris Masters is set to make Michaels pass out, but Garrison Cade, for the second time in this match already, saves his mentor, and drives his knee into the back region of Masters, breaking the iron grip of the Master Lock.
Cade now tries to dump out Masters, but Chris bundles over, landing on the apron, and grabs the ropes, saving himself. Mysterio tackles with RVD, Kennedy takes it to Dusty, Booker tangles with Morgan, whilst Snitsky picks up HBK as the clock winds down again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Break It Down**


Mark Jindrak sprints into the arena, becoming member number three of DX to enter the match at such an early stage.

Jim Ross:
And make that three DX members, in the first half of this Royal Rumble. One left to come just.

The other guys in this thing better watch out, because DX look set to take over if they don’t. Better keep all the DX guys apart if they can.

Michaels and Cade look pleased to see Mark Jindrak making his way to the ring, and wave him into the ring. Jindrak gets in, and throws a right hand at RVD and Rey, targeting them, like everyone else has. Jindrak then gives Cade a high five, and is given a slap on his arm from HBK, who has now recovered from the submission moments ago. The DX members have a quick chat, and point out their target as Rey Mysterio. They move towards the #1 Entrant, and start to rain down on him with boots and punches, softening him up for an elimination now.

Meanwhile, the other superstars see what is going on, and Dusty Rhodes takes the responsibility to lead the others, and they all agree that DX need to be stopped. They close in on the unaware DX trio, who are content beating up Mysterio. HBK gives Rey the Crotch Chop, before turning himself around, smiling … but not for long.
Michaels smile fades, as he sees RVD, Ken Kennedy, Booker T, Gene Snitsky, Matt Morgan, Dusty Rhodes and Chris Masters all bearing down on him and his two stable mates. Michaels freezes, and taps the back of Mark Jindrak, who turns around, and jumps back as he sees the seven men closing in on him and Michaels. The seven stand and wait, as Jindrak taps Cades back, but Cade ignores him, and continues to stomp a defenceless Mysterio.
HBK goes for the seven men, but is no match for them, as they all attack the showstopper. RVD and Booker T eventually take over on Michaels, and stomp him down, whilst the other five begin to gang up on Jindrak, who to his credit, valiantly battles on, but to no avail. Dusty and Kennedy are the two men to dominate him, leaving the trio of Masters, Morgan and Snitsky to take on Cade, who still hasn’t caught on to what is going on.
Snitsky walks up behind Cade, and taps on his shoulder. Cade thinks its just Jindrak again, and without looking, turns around and pushes him away. He then realises it was Snitsky. Cade looks to the side of Gene, and sees Masters and Morgan, then spots his two partners getting beat down. He tries to laugh his way out of it, but to no avail, as Masters charges him into the corner, squashing Mysterio in the process. The three men now dominate Cade, whilst Michaels and Jindrak also suffer from a numbers game beating.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




Chris Benoit, for the second year running, draws number 14. He soaks in the ovation from the fans, looking around MSG, before focusing on the ring, and sprints towards it, sliding in.

Jim Ross:
The twenty year veteran!!! Chris Benoit is still eyeing that elusive World Title. Is tonight the beginning of Benoits road to the main event in Las Vegas??

Without question, he’s the greatest to never hold a world title, but tonight, this may be one of Benoits final shots at championship glory.

Chris takes a look around, and sees Matt Morgan trying to throw the fatigued Rey Mysterio out, and goes after him, taking Morgan by surprise, and DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR!!!


Ken Kennedy looks to try and take down Benoit, but is flattened with a devastating chop, which booms around the arena, and sends Kennedy retreating into the corner. Dusty Rhodes now comes at Benoit, but gets nailed with a chop too. He backs up to the ropes, and gives Benoit an opening, which he seizes, and charges at Rhodes, clothes lining him over the top, and to the floor below!!!


Booker T runs at Benoit, trying to take advantage of the Wolverine near the ropes, but Benoit ducks under, and back drops Booker T, with Booker falling out of the ring, to the floor!!!


Shawn Michaels now tries to take down The Crippler, but Benoit ducks a chop, grips behind, and scores with a German Suplex!!! Chris Masters tries to battle Benoit, but he too is unable to conquer the all fire Benoit, getting chopped for his efforts. Benoit spots Cade and Jindrak trying to dump out RVD, and spots himself another opening … running across the ring, and dumping out Cade and Jindrak at the same time!!!



Benoit stands in the middle of the ring, soaking up an amazing ovation, having just made FIVE eliminations, within the first minute of his Rumble appearance this year. Benoit backs Rey Mysterio into the corner, and strikes with a chop, forcing Rey to slump in the corner. Benoit now turns around, but gets caught with a clothesline from Gene Snitsky. Snitsky stomps the face of his old enemy, before dragging him up, and looks to throw Benoit out, but at the last second, The Wolverine turns it around, and sends Snitsky tumbling out of the ring!!!


Benoit looks around for another victim, and we see Shawn Michaels sneak out of the ring, no having no back up to help him, and also wary of Benoit. Chris Masters tries to sneak up behind The Wolverine for the Master Lock, but Benoit slips out before it is applied. Masters tries to drop a knee, but Benoit rolls away from him. Benoit gets up, and clotheslines Kennedy down, chops RVD into the corner, and sees Masters running at him, with Benoit thinking quick, and low bridging the ropes … sending Masters over the top … out of the ring … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


Benoit doesn’t think for another second about Masters, and focuses now on Ken Kennedy, gripping him from behind, and nailing a German Suplex!!! He sees the tiny Rey Mysterio now charge towards him, but Benoit once again, lets rip with yet another chop!!! Benoit spots RVD up top, looking for the Five Star Frog Splash … but doesn’t leap quick enough, and Benoit runs across, pushing RVD off, sending him into Bill Alfonso, crashing onto the mat!!!!


Benoit has eliminated eight men in less than two minutes!!!! The Wolverine surveys the damage, with HBK looking flabbergasted on the outside, Mysterio breathing heavily in the corner, and Kennedy flat out on the mat. The clock now winds down once more, from ten.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Live for the Moment**

ENTRANT #15 - MATT HARDY @ 26:03

Matt Hardy enters to a great response from the New York fans. He throws up the V1 hand signal, before sliding into the ring.

Jim Ross:
Matt Hardy makes up the first half of the Royal Rumble, but my goodness, look at the carnage in the ring!!!

Matt Hardy better be careful, because Chris Benoit is a rabid machine right now.

The Sensei of Mattitude shows no fear of Chris Benoit, and the two men go blow for blow, neither backing up an inch. Hardy starts to get the best of it, but Benoit right now, appears to be on another level, and fights back, knocking down Hardy, then striking him down with a chop. Benoit grabs Hardy, and uses all his force, sending Matt Hardy into the turnbuckle, sternum first, nearly shifting the ring from its foundations!!!

Benoit turns around, and has Rey Mysterio charges towards The Crippler, and goes for a head scissors, but Benoit counters into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker onto Rey. Ken Kennedy now tries to take down Benoit, but Benoit catches the foot, and gets a leg trip, before catapulting Kennedy into the corner. Kennedy staggers out, into the path of Benoit, who kicks him in the gut, and hooks him tight, eventually hoisting Ken in the air, and drops him onto the outside with a suplex, getting his NINTH elimination!!!


Benoit turns around, but Shawn Michaels is back in, looking to take advantage of Benoit, and scores with a flying forearm!!! HBK nips up, to a huge amount of heat from the fans, and even a scattered ‘You Screwed Bret’ chant. HBK looks now to take it to Matt Hardy, but Hardy is ready and waiting for him, and strikes HBK with a big right hand, with Michaels spitting his gum out from the impact of the shot. Hardy then grabs around the neck of Michaels, and nails the Side Effect. Hardy now scoops up Mysterio, and tries to dump him out, but Rey slides out, and pushes him into the corner. Hardy runs at him, but Mysterio slides down, with Hardy now running off the ropes, and comes back, with a big right hand, knocking down Mysterio!!!
Mysterio falls all the way into the ropes, with Hardy quickly trying to get him out, but Rey uses the ropes to leverage himself, and kicks Matt in the face, kicking him away. Mysterio grabs Hardy by the trousers, and looks to dump him out, but Hardy reverses, and tries to send Rey out, getting him over the top, but Rey is able to stay on the apron, and dive back into the ring, managing to stay in the match.
Benoit is now back up too, and moves towards HBK, as we count down ten seconds once more for the next entrant.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …



ENTRANT #16 - EDGE @ 27:58

Like Benoit, Edge has drawn the exact same number for the second year running.

Jim Ross:
Here comes an outside bet for the Rumble this year. Since turning his back on the fans, Edge has became more focused, more vicious, and a serious threat to anyone.

He’s got himself a decent number too J.R. It’s on the right side of the draw at least. Is this Edges break out night??

Benoit and Michaels exchange chops, as Edge slides into the ring, immediately picking out Rey Mysterio as his focus. Edge knocks down Matt Hardy, which allows him a chance to take out Mysterio, and gets Rey over the top, but cant finish the job off, and Mysterio manages to get back in, before Edge can do anything else.

Matt Hardy now clubs the back of Edge, and he and Mysterio now begin to work together, trying to get Edge over the top, but Edge fights with everything he’s got waving his arms around, shrugging them off. Benoit gets one of Michaels legs over the top, and goes for the second one, but HBK punches Benoit away, poking the eye to give himself a moment of rest bite. Michaels moves away from the corner, and kicks Benoit in the gut, hitting a DDT to follow up.
HBK now moves across the ring, and grabs Matt Hardy, before launching him across the ring, sending Version One into the corner hard. Michaels and Edge look set to team up, but HBK sucker punches Edge, and tries to dump him over, but Edge doesn’t fall to the floor. Meanwhile, Michaels stomps down a tiring Mysterio in the corner. Edge gets back in, and comes for Michaels, but as he turns HBK around, Michaels strikes him with a chop, sending Edge reeling away, clutching his chest.
Shawn follows, and hit’s a front slam, then turns Benoit around, hitting an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. Matt Hardy runs at HBK, but Michaels side steps him, and Hardy runs into Mysterio, and the two men collide, with both of them falling down. HBK backs into the ropes, and bounces back out, knocking Benoit back down with a big right hand, then rares back, knocking Edge back down, before hitting a side suplex on Matt Hardy, then clotheslines a wary Mysterio, from behind, connecting with the back of the head, leaving HBK standing tall in the Rumble at the moment. Michaels puts the boots to each man, giving each of them a turn, as we see the clock wind down once more from ten to one, with the fans in unison…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**If Ya Smell**

ENTRANT #17 - THE ROCK @ 29:50

The Rock sprints out, to a booming response from the fans.

Jim Ross:
Ten times a former world champion, The Rock!!! He won the Rumble last time we were in The Garden, will he make it two for two in New York Rumbles??

I don’t know, but what I do know is that The Rock and Shawn Michaels have just locked eyes!!! Explosive situation here.

Shawn Michaels immediately stops what he is doing, as he and The Rock are set to finally collide!!! Rock stops himself on the outside, and looks at HBK, who is standing waiting in the ring, desperate for The Rock to get in the ring for them to fight it out. Rock nods, as The Garden comes to its feet, and The Rock slides into the ring, met instantly by Michaels, who stomps at The Great One, giving Rock no chance to get to his feet. Rock swings wildly, trying to get enough space to get to his feet, and does so, giving him a chance to throw some blistering right hands at HBK, with Madison Square Garden now going ape shit for Michaels and Rock finally getting it on.

Rock gets the best of it, throwing half a dozen right hands, all going unanswered by HBK, who is beaten to the punch every time. He then drives his knee into the stomach of The Rock, to give himself a moment of rest bite. Michaels goes for a chop, but Rock ducks it, and against starts to throw shots at HBK, blocking anything that Shawn tries to throw at The Rock. Rock backs Michaels into the ropes with more shots, then looks back, spits on his hand, but Michaels ducks the punch, and starts throwing more of his own at The Rock. HBK now looks back, and tries to mimic The Rocks spit punch, but Rock blocks it, and goes for the Rock Bottom … BUT … HBK elbows out!!! He then goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Rock ducks under, and kicks HBK in the gut, scoring with a DDT.
The Peoples Champion now crouches down, and looks to be stalking Shawn for a Rock Bottom again, but then, Edge dropkicks The Rock, stopping the HBK - Rock moment. Edge tries to bundle The Rock out, but Rock is far too fresh, and manages to slip away, before knocking down Edge with a major clothesline, turning the Rated R Superstar inside out.
Matt Hardy fires shots at Michaels, who is groggy from the DDT, whilst Rey takes a moment to catch his breath in the corner, having been in the match now for over thirty minutes. Chris Benoit come at Rock, and tries to get him over the top, but Rock hangs on, in the ring, elbowing away from Benoit. Benoit backs away, and Rock runs at him, but Benoit catches him in the gut, and goes for a suplex, but Rock stops it, and fights out, with the clock running down once again from ten.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Simon System**

ENTRANT #18 - SIMON DEAN @ 32:01

Simon Dean is out next, getting nothing more than a groan from the fans in attendance. He does some jumping jacks at ringside, getting warmed up

Jim Ross:
Who the hell does this guy think he is??

Don’t knock him J.R. Simon Dean could help you out with the Simon System.

Simon Dean enters the ring, and clubs the back of Edge, who is on his knees, then moves away, picking a shot on Benoit, who is getting toppled over the ropes by The Rock. Simon then sees Mysterio, and looks confident of taking it to the #1 Entrant. Dean grabs Rey by the mask, and scoops him up, onto his shoulders, pointing to the ropes, and tries to dump Rey out, but Mysterio grabs the ropes, and sends Simon crashing over the top, and to the floor with a head scissors!!!!!!!!!!


Dean lasted less than a minute!!! He stands in amazement on the floor, having just been taken out in almost record time!!! In the ring, Rock and HBK lock eyes again, and are about to collide, but Edge comes at The Rock, only to get flattened with a spine buster!!! Michaels and Rock inch closer to each other, but now, Matt Hardy tries to attack Michaels, but is pushed back, with a chop across the chest of Version One.

Mysterio and Benoit are too busy in the other corner, which leaves Michaels and Rock alone to mix it up again!!!! HBK and Rock are face to face, with both men talking trash to the other. Michaels is set to give Rock the DX crotch chop, but before he can, Rock puts his hand in Michaels face, and then the ‘Just Bring It’ taunt, which infuriates Michaels. He swings at Rock, but Rock blocks it, and knocks down Michaels with a stunning right hand. Mysterio runs at Rock, but gets caught, and Rock immediately nails a Rock Bottom!!!!!
Rock stands over the #1 Entrant, and turns around, with Michaels going for Sweet Chin Music … but Rock ducks, and HBK levels Benoit instead, knocking the Wolverine down!!! Michaels now turns around, and is met with another right hand from The Rock, sending Michaels against the ropes. Rock leans back, spits on his hand, and scores with an earth shattering punch … with HBK going over the top rope … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!

BY THE ROCK @ 33:39

Rock wipes his hands, as if to say, job done, having eliminated The Showstopper from The Rumble. He turns around, and sees Matt Hardy run towards him, but before he can strike, Rock scores with a knock down. Benoit comes at Rock now too, but gets put down with a reverse elbow. Mysterio leaps into the air at The Peoples Champion, but gets put down with a Samoan Drop!!! Rock now sets up Benoit for a Rock Bottom, stalking behind him, but SHAWN MICHAELS leans in, and grabs Rocks leg, trying to distract him, which he does, and Rock turns around for a split second, which is enough time for Edge to capitalise, and DUMP THE ROCK OUT OF THE RING!!!

BY EDGE @ 33:51

The arena is in shock, as both Rock and Michaels … two big contenders for the match have been eliminated, within seconds of each other. Rock is livid with Michaels, and has a crazed look, mouthing at HBK, who stops smiling, and jumps over the barrier, to get away from Rock. Rock quickly follows in pursuit, as the clock hit’s the ten second count down.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Time To Play The Game**

ENTRANT #19 - TRIPLE H @ 34:12

The familiar music of Triple H hits, with The Game drawing number 19 in this Rumble. The fans give him a good response, but mostly just for being a big name to enter.

Jim Ross:
Folks, business … has just picked up!!! The Game has promised victory, and he’s made no mistake about who his target is for Wrestle Mania.

The favourite for the Rumble if you ask me J.R. Last time he was in a Rumble, The Game went and won the damn thing, just weeks after returning from his quad injury.

As you’d expect, Triple H takes forever to walk to the ring, with everyone inside taking notice of The Game, as he walks towards the ring, but doesn’t get on the apron to spit his water, instead doing it at the bottom of the apron. He throws the bottle into the crowd, and climbs onto the apron, stepping inside the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Triple H makes a beeline for Mysterio, and knocks down Rey with a hard right hand. Edge meets the same fate, whilst Matt Hardy is knocked down with a big high knee. Triple H then turns around for Benoit, but The Crippler is quickest to respond, and hit’s a hard chop to Triple H, who snuffs out the attack from Benoit, with a strong right hand, knocking the Wolverine down. Triple H grabs Matt Hardy by the hair, and attempts to throw him out of the ring, but Rey stops him, pounding at the back of Triple H, who lets go of Hardy, and focuses his attention on Mysterio instead. The Game blocks a shot from Mysterio, and lays him out with a stiff right hand, knocking Mysterio into the middle rope. HHH follows, and begins to rip in to the smallest competitor in the match with repeated right hands to the face. After Triple H took so long to get to the ring, the two minute period is already drawing to an end, with the countdown beginning again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Stay in Shadow**


Paul London, the sole Cruiserweight from Smackdown to enter, slaps hands with the fans, before jumping up and down getting himself pumped up for his first Rumble appearance.

Jim Ross:
A definite shining light over on Smackdown Tazz, but does Paul London have what it takes to win the big one??

Without a doubt J.R. Paul London has pushed Kurt Angle and Triple H to the limit in previous months. If he doesn’t do something stupid, look for London to raise a few eyebrows.

Paul London charges to the ring, and immediately makes a huge impression, hitting a springboard Hurricanrana to Edge!!! He leaps up, and connects with Hardy, hitting a dropsault, before backing Benoit into the corner, delivering a big forearm. London now tries to make a huge name for himself, and attempts to dump out Triple H from behind, and gets him over the top rope, only for Triple H to land on the apron, and quickly roll back in, avoiding disaster. Mysterio and London now team up, and both stomp the hell out of The Game whilst he is still down on the canvas!!!

On the other side of the ring, there is no love lost between Benoit and Edge, with Edge slapping Benoit, and Benoit responds punching Edge in the corner, but then, Edge goes for clothesline, only for Benoit to catch the arm, and drags Edge down, into the Crossface!!!! Edge instantly taps, but it is meaningless, as tap outs do not count in a Rumble match!!! J.R and Tazz then remember that the exact same thing happened between the two men last year, at around the exact same time!!!
Meanwhile, Matt hardy joins in with London and Mysterio on beating up The Game, as Triple H fights to keep himself covered up from the beating he is taking right now. Hardy and Mysterio then peel away from the shoeing, and begin to tussle, with the rules being every man for himself. Hardy overpowers Rey, and attempts to drop him over the top from an Atomic Drop, but Mysterio counters, at just the right moment, and hit’s a bulldog on Version One.
Mysterio now looks to be gaining some momentum, and runs off the ropes, looking for another piece of offence on Hardy, but simultaneously, Triple H looks for a clothesline on London, who leapfrogs out of the way, which sends Triple H into the path of Rey, and he clotheslines Mysterio down!!! The impact of the clothesline sends Mysterio out of the ring … but THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE. London again tries to take Triple H unawares, and goes for a dropsault again, and scores … BUT TRIPLE H GOES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE - JUST LIKE REY!!!
This leaves four in the ring, and two legal entrants outside, but London doesn’t see Hardy back up, and pays, as V1 knocks him down with a clothesline to the back of the head. The fans once more, count down for the next entrant into the match…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Shattered Dreams**

ENTRANT #21 - GOLDUST @ 38:45

Goldust steps into the arena, getting a fair reaction from the fans. He saunters towards the ring, unrobing.

Jim Ross:
A Rumble veteran Tazz. Goldust has never won the match, but he certainly has enough experience to create a huge upset.

The Bizarre One is in the house J.R. You just never know what you’ll get with this dude.

Goldust steps inside the ring, and immediately uppercuts Benoit, before going to work on the body of Edge. Goldust whips Edge across the ring, purposely into Matt Hardy, and the two collide heads. Edge staggers into the path of the Bizarre One, who kneels down, and scores with another uppercut, knocking Edge down. Hardy slumps in the corner, and Goldust builds up steam, charging in, and squashing Version One with a butt splash.

Goldust now goes after Benoit again, and tries to get him into position for the Curtain Call, but Benoit reverses out, and scores with a quick Northern Lights suplex, getting a big face pop from the fans. Benoit gets back to his feet, and ever the optimist, Paul London comes after Benoit, grabbing him by the trucks, and tries to throw Benoit out, but Benoit switches, and hurls London over the top rope, only for London to hang on, Shawn Michaels style, and skin the cat back into the ring.
On the outside, Triple H whips the Number One entrant, Rey Mysterio, into the ring apron, with Mysterio thudding back off the apron onto the mats. The Game now grabs Rey by the mask, and rolls him back inside the ring, following after him too. The Game gets back inside, and knocks down Matt Hardy, before kicking Mysterio directly in the face. The Game then comes after Goldust, but the Bizarre One takes HHH by surprise, and blows gold-dust into his face. HHH staggers away, and Goldust charges Triple H into the corner, quickly placing his legs on the two sides of the middle turnbuckle. Goldust takes a few steps back, and has the crowd roaring, waving his hand around, points at a blinded Triple H, runs to the corner … SHATTERED DREAMS!!!!!
The Game is in big trouble now, with Goldust dragging him back out of the corner, and looking for a side to eliminate him, until for some reason, EDGE SPEARS GOLDUST!!!! Goldust rolls around the mat clenching his stomach, as Edge now grabs Triple H by the hair, WANTING TO ELIMINATE THE GAME HIMSELF!!! He gets Triple H slightly over the top, but sensing danger, Triple H throws an elbow, which staggers Edge. Triple H doesn’t bother to follow up, and instead drops down, rolling under the bottom rope for a break after a scare.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Unleashed Rage**

ENTRANT #22 - BATISTA @ 40:39

Batista steps into the arena, getting a good draw with #22, making him a big favourite to go all the way.

Jim Ross:
Oh my. The Animal is set to be unleashed on the Royal Rumble 2006. We could be looking at the Wrestle Mania main event right here Tazz.

Man, Batista certainly has every chance. Good late draw, he has the skill, the power, the look. Contender right there.

Batista jogs to the ring, sliding in, and immediately makes a beeline for Rey Mysterio, the Number One Entrant. The Animal drives knees to the midsection of a weary Mysterio, before bieling him halfway across the ring. Batista sees Benoit coming, and knocks The Wolverine down with a reverse forearm, before grabbing Paul London by the neck, with both hands, and chucks London into the corner. Batista clubs the back of Matt Hardy, and then sends Hardy into the same corner as London, with the two men colliding. Batista kicks Edge in the gut, and sends Edge into the opposite corner, shoulder first into the ring post, as Big Dave makes his mark on the Rumble.

He now sees Goldust struggling to his feet, and points at the Gold One, before shaking his head, and charges toward him, hitting a clothesline, which sends Goldust over the top rope, and onto the floor below, ending his run in the 2006 Royal Rumble.


Batista barely acknowledges his achievement, and charges to the corner, squashing London and Hardy, with both slumping onto the canvas. The Animal scoops up Benoit, and quickly runs him across the ring, landing with a running power slam. Batista clotheslines Mysterio, which now leaves one man only standing - Batista. On the outside, we see Triple H stepping back onto the apron, cagily stepping back inside the ring through the ropes, and comes face to face with The Animal.

The two former members of Evolution are face to face, with Triple H looking rather worried, and Batista looking hungry for more meat. The Game smiles, and holds his hands up, trying to weasel out of fighting Batista, and motions for them to team up, clear the ring, and get it down to them. Batista looks around, not sure whether or not to trust his former mentor, then suddenly, pushes past Triple H, and runs into Paul London, knocking the cruiserweight back down to the canvas.
Batista tries to get London out now, and Triple H nods, seeing an opening to screw over Batista, but as he is set to run at him, Matt Hardy stops him, hitting a dropkick, knocking The Game into the ropes. Benoit, Mysterio and Edge all try to recover now too, as the ten second countdown begins leading to entrant #23.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Tough Enough**

ENTRANT #23 - MAVEN @ 42:30

Maven sprints out, into the arena, but stops as he reaches the ring, and takes a look before slowly stepping in.

Jim Ross:
Perhaps, the most cocky superstar to enter this years Royal Rumble Tazz??

I certainly wouldn’t argue that point J.R. He has irritated a huge number of guys on Smackdown since moving from Raw in November.

Maven gets inside the ring, smiling broadly, and slaps the face of a beaten down Triple H. He laughs to himself, then pushes past Batista, going for Paul London, which leaves Batista with a befuddled look on his face. Maven grabs London by the tights, and looks to throw him overboard via the top rope - but London counters at the right moment, AND SENDS MAVEN TUMBLING OVER THE TOP ROPE, ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


The first ever winner of tough enough has lasted a mere twenty eight seconds in the Rumble, with at least half of that spent getting to the ring!!! Maven sits on the mats on the outside, furious with his dream being shattered, whilst the action continues in the ring. Batista squares off with Benoit in the corner, with Benoit defending himself from The Animal with stiff chops. Triple H chokes Matt Hardy in the far corner, and Edge tries to dump Rey Mysterio out of the ring, leaving Paul London all alone, getting time to rest up.

Maven slides back inside the ring, and tries to gain a measure of revenge on London for the embarrassing elimination, running at him for a clothesline, but London does the splits to avoid it, and Maven runs into Triple H instead!!! He barely connects, but it’s enough to get the attention of The Game, who turns around, with a scowl on his face. Maven stands still for a moment, on the brink of a breakdown, before stepping backwards, eventually backing into Batista, which turns the attention of The Animal.
Batista turns around, and immediately throws a shot at Maven, staggering the already eliminated superstar, and he falls into Edge, which sparks an outburst from Edge, and he turns around, nailing Maven with a shot, sending him into Triple H, who throws a right, Maven falls into Benoit, who strikes with a chop, then Hardy knocks Maven on his ass with a big stiff shot. London drags Maven into the ropes, and Mysterio quickly runs off the opposite side, swinging around … 619!!!
Maven flies back out from the ropes, and is scooped into the air by Batista, who non-chalantly drops the nuisance with a Press Slam onto the floor below, finally getting rid of Maven. Benoit comes right back at Batista, picking up from where they left off, whilst Mysterio and London tackle Edge, leaving Hardy and The Game to tangle in the corner, with ten seconds counting down …

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Burn in my Light**


Randy Ortons music hits to a huge reaction. The Legend Killer steps out, and takes a few deep breaths before walking up the steps for his first ever Royal Rumble Match.

Jim Ross:
This is Randy Ortons first ever appearance in the Royal Rumble Match Tazz. The last two years, he has competed in championship matches, but tonight, he looks to book a spot in the main event of Wrestle Mania.

Another contender. Late number, 24 has always been a good number, but perhaps the lack of Rumble Match experience could hinder The Legend Killer.

Randy Orton wastes no time getting in the action, knocking down Paul London, slamming Mysterio to the canvas, then comes face to face with his former Evolution leader, Triple H. Triple Hs facial expression drops, coming face to face with his former protégé, whom he has never beaten. Orton nods, as Triple H starts to back up … when Batista steps in the way!!!! Batista, Orton and Triple H all share looks, back and forth, three members of the former Evolution, face to face to face!!!!

Triple H tries to suck up to Batista, motioning for them to team up on Orton, but Batista raises his eyebrow, not falling for the ‘plan’. Triple H nods, and now winks at Orton, as if to say it was a cover up, but Orton doesn’t buy it either, and is ready to come for HHH, but just before he can, Edge jumps Orton from behind, once again inadvertently saving The Game.
Edge unleashes his aggression on Orton, given their recent history, with the fans into their brawl. Meanwhile, Triple H tries to laugh off the other situation with Batista, but The Animal shows no emotion at his squirming former leader, and begins to bear down on him, when we see Mysterio leap onto the top rope, and springboard off with a double clothesline, knocking down both Triple H and The Animal!!!!!
Matt Hardy and Paul London form a short pact to try and eliminate the Wolverine Machine, Chris Benoit, but cant manage to get him out, with Benoit showing a tenacity like never before to succeed. Meanwhile, Edge stomps Orton in the corner, still with the advantage from his sneak attack on Orton moment ago. Edge drags Orton up, and looks for a whip to the opposite corner, with Orton hitting the turnbuckle hard. Edge steams in straight after him, but Randy Orton leverages himself up, with Edge running in under, hitting the corner chest first. Edge staggers out, and Orton quickly takes advantage, hitting a running shoulder, sending Edge tumbling backwards, into the ropes, with Orton connecting now with a dropkick, and Edge tumbles over the top rope, AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!


Randy Orton ends Edges hopes of a Wrestle Mania main event!!!! Edge crashes onto the mat, whilst Orton instantly directs his attention back to the ring, taking it to Matt Hardy, trying to force V1 over the top rope, but Hardy lives on, and punches The Legend Killer away. Once more, we are set to bring in the next entrant, reaching the nitty gritty now…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




Chris Harris, the second member of AMW in the Rumble steps out, and wastes no time, immediately sprinting to the ring.

Jim Ross:
Big time opportunity here Tazz, for Chris Harris. The Wildcat has got a great draw, but can he capitalise??

Certainly has no reason not to. Dangerous opponent for anyone, he’s big and strong, and most importantly is hungry for success.

Chris Harris gets inside the ring, bringing the number of entrants in the match back to seven again, and immediately, The Wildcat goes after Mysterio, who has been in the longest, entering from the start. Harris pounds the tiny superstar in the corner, looking to wear him out, whilst once again, Randy Orton comes face to face, with none other than his former mentor - Triple H!!!

Triple H demands respect from his former pupil, trying to intimidate the youngest world champion of all time, and Orton responds by shoving Hunter … The Game responds in kind, with a shove of his own, then tries to follow up … Orton ducks a clothesline … both men have the same idea, both score with a right hand, and both go down!!! Paul London now spots a big opportunity, and leaps up top, wasting no time, realising he is in danger of being pushed off, and immediately leaps through the air, scoring with a 45o Splash, landing on both Triple H and The Legend Killer!!!
Batista overpowers Benoit, and gets The Crippler over the top, but Benoit hooks the legs around the bottom rope, stopping Batista from eliminating him out of the match. Harris gives up on Rey, as Hardy makes himself known to the Wildcat, with those two now beginning to rip into each other with thunderous, stiff right hands.
Paul London, still feeling the effects of hitting the 450 Splash staggers around the ring, while Mysterio is still fatigued, having taking a beating for 45 minutes and change, somehow manages to leap onto the top rope, and comes off, with a springboard for a Hurricanrana on London … BUT LONDON CATCHES MYSTERIO IN THE POWERBOMB POSITION … AND PROPELS MYSTERIO OVER THE TOP … BUT REY HANGS ONTO THE ROPES, AND CATCHES HIS FOOTING ONTO THE STEEL STEPS, THUS NOT GETTING ELIMINATED!!!!!
Madison Square Garden erupts, impressed by the survival techniques of the former Intercontinental Champion. Benoit now fights back at Batista, and after struggling moments ago, is now trying to get The Animal out, with the seconds ticking out for the 26th entrant.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …



ENTRANT #26 - CARLITO @ 48:16

The Intercontinental Champion enters the arena, getting an initial pop from the fans, but he draws heat from them, as he spits his apple into the crowd. CCC hands the title belt to Stacy, and she walks to the back, as Carlito jogs to the ring.

Jim Ross:
The Intercontinental Champion is here. Carlito must be looking good for a champion vs. champion match now at Wrestle Mania.

He’ll have to bring his A-Game though J.R. He can spit all the apples he wants, but he has yet to prove himself in a big match for me.

Carlito jumps onto the apron, but then, smiles to the fans, and points to his head, telling them he’s smart. Carlito drops back down off the apron, and walks around, taking a look in the ring, deciding to just watch the action at this moment in time. Chris Harris and Matt Hardy continue to struggle in the corner, with both men trying to get the best of the other. Triple H and Randy Orton both start to recover from the 450 Splash, whilst Mysterio and London take a break in opposite corners. Meanwhile the fight between Batista and Benoit is interrupted by Carlito, who has finally decided to get involved in the match, obviously spotting an opening, and comes in to assist The Animal. Carlito comes up behind Benoit, who’s in control of Big Dave, and delivers a forearm to his back!

Benoit turns around slowly, and begins to stalk CCC!! Carlito backs up, with his hands up, begging off of the in form Canadian!!! Carlito continues to plead when suddenly The Wolverine side steps … and BATISTA CLOTHESLINES CARLITO!! The crowd erupts at Benoits smart move, sensing Batista was coming!!! Batista is seething after being outsmarted by Benoit, and runs at the Wolverine, but Benoit ducks under the arm, grips the waist, and delivers a beautiful release German Suplex!!!!!
Benoit gets right back up, and looks to the top rope, making the cut throat taunt, when suddenly, Triple H blindsides him with a big forearm shot to the temple, knocking The Crippler into the corner!!! Harris now has Rey teetering on the top rope in the opposite corner, whilst Paul London and Matt Hardy have once again crossed paths. Randy Orton is also back up, albeit still looking shook up, having taken the brunt of the 450 Splash.
Orton sees Carlito resting in the corner, and makes a move towards him, but is attacked from behind by Triple H, who wont leave The Legend Killer alone in this contest. HHH lays into Randy with a number of stiff shots, pounding his former pupil down with authority. Carlito pushes himself out of the corner, and attacks Matt Hardy from behind, just as Hardy got London teetering over the top. CCC knocks hardy down, and now tries to eliminate Paul London, as the fans count down from ten to one again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Just Close Your Eyes**


Christian enters to a very mixed reaction. With such a late number, Captain Charisma has to be considered a favourite.

Jim Ross:
Christian, love him or hate him, has transformed in 2005 into a viable threat to anyone, and with this number, the most successful in Rumble history, he may just book himself that Wrestle Mania main event he has been aiming for.

It’s looking good for Captain Charisma, J.R. He’s gotta be my pick now. He’s fresh, and he’s the hottest commodity on Raw if you ask me. it’s set up perfectly for him to win.

Christian gets onto the apron, and looks into the crowd, with a smirk on his face, quite possibly pleased with the reaction, before entering the ring. Captain Charisma immediately grabs Paul London and Carlito by the hair, letting them have a meeting of the minds, which gets a major pop from NYC. He moves on, and opens up with a chop on Chris Harris, then moves across the ring, throwing a right hand at Chris Benoit, knocking The Wolverine down. Christian thinks about having a crack at Batista, then decides against it, instead, spotting his recent enemy, Rey Mysterio.

Christian looks around, and smiles, coming face to face with the #1 entrant. Rey looks directly at Christian, showing no fear, despite the enormous fatigue difference they have right now. Christian lunges towards Rey, but Mysterio ducks under, and kicks Captain Charisma directly at the point of the knee, before running into the ropes, coming back, looking for a front dropkick, but Christian swipes the legs!!!! Mysterio lands hard on the canvas, and Christian looks set to follow up, but from behind, Matt Hardy clubs the back, sending Christian staggering into the ropes. Hardy opens up with right hands on his former long running tag team rival, and sends him off the ropes, but as Christian comes back, he knocks Hardy down with a spinning heel kick!!!
Christian appears to be flying on all cylinders at this moment in time, as we witness Triple H try to eliminate Orton, but Orton fights for his life, and hangs on, staying in the ring, elbowing The Game away. HHH takes a step back, allowing Orton to follow up, which he does, with a big uppercut, sending Triple H into the corner. Orton goes to do more damage to HHH, but Christian has other ideas, and comes after Orton, but as he does, The Legend Killer turns around, catching Christian with a kick to the gut, followed by the stretch backbreaker!!!! Orton flattens the cocky Christian, and goes back to Triple H in the corner.
Benoit and Paul London duke it out, with Benoit in control, whilst Batista is now taking time to recover from the gruelling match. Rey Mysterio is back up, and he spots Christian flat on the canvas, deciding to take a big risk. Mysterio leaps to the top rope, and looks to Drop The Dime - BUT CHRISTIAN SHOOTS UP … AND PUSHES MYSTERIO OFF THE ROPES ... AND ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!


Immediately as Mysterio hits the ground, the ten second count down begins, whilst Christian wipes his hands, as if to say ‘job done’, getting one over on the courageous Mysterio who lasted 52 minutes.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Break It Down**


Luther Reigns, the DX Insurance Policy steps out into the arena, for DX final chance at the Rumble victory.

Jim Ross:
Here is a danger. Luther Reigns, The DX Insurance Policy has drawn the best number of the bunch, and has to be looked at as a serious threat.

No one can be taken lightly now J.R. Luther Reigns could be a shock winner.

Luther Reigns takes a look inside the ring, before stepping through the ropes, going right after Benoit, who now, with Mysterio eliminated is the longest running competitor in this years match. Reigns clubs the back of the Wolverine, before focusing his attention on Orton. Reigns attacks from behind, with a shot to the ribcage, stopping Ortons assault on Triple H.

Carlito stomps Matt Hardy in the corner, whilst Christian grounds Paul London, as we watch Chris Harris coming to get a piece of The Game. He tries to topple HHH over the top rope, but Triple H hangs on, and elbows The Wildcat away, giving himself some breathing space. Harris holds his face for a moment, before charging at Triple H again, but this time, HHH ducks under, and dumps Harris over the top with a back body drop, and Harris hit’s the floor!!!


Triple H rejoins the rest of the action, going after Paul London, whilst Batista and Luther Reigns come face to face in the middle of the ring. The fans go buck wild as the two monster sized men stare intensely at one another, both being over taken by the occasion. Elsewhere, Matt Hardy knocks down Carlito, and ducks a clothesline from Christian, before kicking Captain Charisma in the gut, quickly following up … TWIST OF FATE!!!!

Hardy takes a look around the ring, seeing Orton, Carlito, Benoit and Christian down and struggling, whilst Triple H tangles with London, and Batista is too busy going head to head with the Insurance Policy, which makes Hardys mind up for him. Version One points to the sky, and proceeds to climb the turnbuckles, signalling for the Top Rope Leg Drop!!! He gets the fans behind him, before leaping off … AND CONNECTS ON CHRISTIAN!!!
Hardy rolls around the mat, holding his leg, feeling pain from the move too, and reaches for the ropes, to pull himself back to a vertical base. Hardy gets himself up, but Carlito spots an opportunity, and shoots up, dumping Hardy over the top rope, and toppling to the floor below!!!!!

BY CARLITO @ 53:57

Carlito reaches out the middle rope, cockily waving at Hardy, before letting Version One know that ‘Das cool’. He proceeds to get back inside the ring, and sees Reigns and Batista locking up, struggling for superiority. Carlito raises his eyebrow, and waves off getting involved, looking to the fans and pointing at the two behemoths, saying ‘Das NOT cool’. The comment gets a laugh from the fans, whilst the countdown begins again.

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …




JBL enters, with no limo, given the tiny aisle. He takes his time to get to the ring, unstrapping his title from around his waist, before walking around the ring, taking his time to think about what to do.

Jim Ross:
We said earlier about Christians past year … but arguably, this man, JBL had the best 2005. He has held the United States Championship for an eternity, and like Carlito, is eyeing a champion vs. champion match at the showcase of the immortals.

He is at home here in New York, he has a great number … JBL is my new pick. Too many to choose from!!!

Carlito immediately catches the attention of JBL, and the two men immediately meet in the ring as JBL slides in. Carlito throws quicker punches, but the sting comes from JBL, which eventually wins over, backing the Intercontinental champion into the corner, throwing some serious stiff shots to the cocky Raw superstar. The big man brawl between Batista and Reigns has now ended, with Triple H and Chris Benoit breaking it up.

Randy Orton and Christian tussle on the corner, both having the same idea, ending in a stalemate, whilst Paul London tries to recover from a gruelling night so far, having taken a big amount of punishment. Reigns scores with a knock down on Triple H, and quickly tries to knock down Orton with a big boot, but the Legend Killer manages to duck the kick, and follows up with a clothesline, taking The last remaining DX member out of the 2006 Royal Rumble!!!!!


Orton turns back around following his elimination of Luther, and is immediately taken down by an opportunistic Christian. Captain Charisma wastes no time, and tries to drag Orton up over the ropes, but at dead weight, Christian finds the task far too difficult, and gives up, moving on, going after Paul London … but London proves no pushover, and meets Christian with a forearm, followed by a high kick, staggering one of the pre match favourites. London fires up, and goes at Christian, with a series of kicks and punches to the Raw star, whilst the count down begins for the final entrant into this years Royal Rumble Match…

… 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …


**Childs Play**

ENTRANT #30 - EUGENE @ 55:57

Eugene waves to the fans, looking excited to be in the Rumble match for the first time, then sprints in.

Jim Ross:
Could you imagine if this kid was to go to Wrestle Mania?? Eugene certainly has the tools, but no one has ever won from Number Thirty.

Eugene vs. John Cena would be a joke J.R, and Eugene vs. Brock Lesnar would be a mauling. I hope this freak gets tossed out quickly.

One of the seven men remaining in the ring is headed to the main event of Wrestle Mania!!! All thirty men have now entered, as we watch Benoit (#14), Triple H (#19), Paul London (#20), Batista (#22), Randy Orton (#24), Carlito (#26), Christian (#27), JBL (#29) and Eugene (#30). Eugene jumps up and down, excited to finally be in the Royal Rumble, then points at Batista, ala Hulk Hogan. The Animal looks at Eugene, unimpressed, and moves towards him, but Eugene puts his hand up, and wiggles his finger in Batistas face. Dave then tries to throw a punch, but Eugene blocks it, and throws one back. Batista staggers back, but comes right back at Eugene, knocking him down with a thunderous clothesline.

Meanwhile, Chris Benoit tussles with Carlito, and JBL tries to dump Triple H out of the ring as Randy Orton picks himself up from the mat. Paul London continues to go at Christian, and jumps up, looking for a Hurricanrana, but Christian stops him from hitting the move … and POWERBOMBS LONDON OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


The courageous London has finally been eliminated, by Christian, with ‘Holy Shit’ chants breaking out through MSG, with officials surrounding him, making sure he is ok. Christian pounds his chest, proud of his work, and gets a big time reaction, mainly of pops, which comes as a surprise to Tazz and J.R.

Batista fires Eugene off the ropes, but Eugene manages to come back, and duck a clothesline, before taking The Animal down with a dropkick!!! Eugene crawls around the ring, doing his best Dog impression, wiggling his ass, and mimicking a dog pissing on Batista, before getting up, and clapping his hands in excitement from the playing. However, Eugene totally takes his eyes off the game, and allows Batista to get up, and grabs Eugene from behind, throwing him directly over the top rope, hitting the floor below.


Eugene is ceremoniously eliminated, at just over one minute in the match by Batista. The fans aren’t happy with Eugene being quickly disposed off, as Eugene tries to pick himself up from the ground. We see Paul London being helped out too, looking a little woozy after the power bomb out of the ring moments ago.

Seven now remain, with four superstars from Raw, and three from Smackdown, with two men in the math already holding a championship presently. Out of all the seven stars left in the match, only one has ever won the Royal Rumble - Triple H, back in 2002. The Game tries to hide himself, and allows the remaining six to pair off, with Orton and Christian once again locking horns after a brief feud late last year. Benoit and JBL still struggle for supremacy, with neither appearing to have the upper hand, whilst Carlito attacks Batista from behind, but cant get him over the top rope.
Triple H continues to wait, as the other six battle it out in pairs, before appearing to have an idea. He moves towards the corner where JBL and Benoit are situated, and tries to break the pair up. JBL looks at HHH, confused, with Triple H pointing out to him that the Smackdown guys need to stick together. Benoit doesn’t buy it at all, and motions to Triple H that it’ll be every man for himself, no alliances, before chopping The Game!!! Triple H falls down from the velocity of the chop, and Benoit attacks JBL with a series to chops too.
Elsewhere, Batista now has the leverage on Carlito, trying to get him over the top rope, whilst Orton stomps Christian down in the corner. Batista whips Carlito to the corner, and follows in, but CCC gets his foot up, and knocks Batista staggering away. The Intercontinental Champion quickly follows up, delivering the Back Cracker to The Animal!!! Carlito gets back up, and instantly goes after Orton, with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head. The Legend Killer staggers across the ropes, as Carlito now lies in wait, setting Orton up for the Apple Core, but as he gets a returning Orton in position, Randy elbows free, runs off the ropes, but both men have similar ideas, and knock one another down with a double clothesline!!!
Now, Triple H gets back up, and looks around the ring, seeing JBL teetering with Benoit almost eliminating him. Christian tries to compose himself in the corner, and there is Batista trying to recover from the Back Cracker, along with Orton and Carlito feeling the effects of the clothesline. The Game moves across the ring, and pats Batista on the back, trying to help him onto his feet. Batista pushes Triple H away, not trusting The Game, but HHH puts his hands up, letting Batista know he’s innocent. Quickly, Triple H pushes Batista away, and levels Christian, with Captain Charisma set to attack The Animal. HHH turns back around, and tells Batista they’re in this together, before hoisting Orton up, back to a vertical base. Orton looks confused to have help from Triple H, but HHH gives a thumbs up, and pats the head of Orton, before pointing at himself, Batista and Orton, wanting the three of them to team up now. Orton doesn’t know what to think, whilst Batista now appears to be convinced. Triple H repeats ‘Evolution’ at Orton a dozen times, with Orton turning away, going after Carlito again. He goes for a whip into the ropes, but Carlito tries to reverse it … but Orton re-reverses, and sends CCC towards the ropes … AND TRIPLE H PULL THE TOP ROPE DOWN WITH CARLITO STUMBLING OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!!!


Orton looks shocked by Triple H’s assist, and The Game yells at Orton ‘Do you trust me now??’ Orton still doesn’t seem to know what to do, and decides to go after Christian, whilst Batista stupidly turns his back on Triple H, letting his guard down, which allows Triple H to laugh, and mouths ‘You stupid son of a bitch’, before turning Batista around, and delivers a Spine buster!!! Triple H yells at Batista, calling him a stupid SOB again, before getting up … WALKING DIRECTLY INTO AN RKO FROM ORTON!!! The short lived Evolution reunion is certainly over now, but Orton has no time to gloat, with Captain Charisma attacking from behind, tackling Orton down.

The match now finally hit’s the hour mark, with Benoit now in there for roughly 36 minutes, Triple H 26 minutes, Batista 20, Orton 16, Christian 10, and JBL six minutes. The longest running star in the match is still battling it out with the freshest, as Benoit again has JBL teetering, only for JBL to poke the eyes of the Wolverine, giving the U.S Champion some breathing space. JBL picks up some steam now, and runs at Benoit for the Clothesline From Hell … BUT BENOIT DUCKS, AND CLOTHESLINES JBL OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!


The United States Champion is out!!! Bradshaw slams the mats on the outside, missing out on his dream of double gold at Wrestle Mania. In the ring, Batista is back up, and attacks Benoit from behind, not bothering to get revenge on Triple H yet. The Animal drags Benoit back up, and gets him into position for a running power slam, but as he runs across the ring, Benoit slides off, and runs Batista into the ropes, toppling him over … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!


Batista’s eyes widen from his head, shocked by his elimination, as Benoit closes in on the Royal Rumble record for eliminations, with ELEVEN - tying level with Kanes record in 2001!!! And now, it’s down to the final four - Chris Benoit, Triple H, Randy Orton and Christian!!! All four realise what it’s come down to, with all four taking a corner each. Triple H holds the back of his head, feeling the effects still of the RKO, and looks like wanting a piece of Orton.

The Legend Killer goads Triple H, with The Game chomping at the bit for a piece of Orton, and they both storm to the centre of the ring, face to face, head to head. Suddenly, Christian attacks Orton from behind, and along with Triple H, looks set to chuck The Legend Killer out, until Benoit grabs Christian from behind, AND DELIVERS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! Triple H is distracted by the commotion with Benoit, and lets go of Orton, coming after Benoit, but is met with a chop. He staggers away, holding his chest, which allows Orton to slap the taste out of The Games mouth, with HHH not defending himself, as his hands are at his chest.
Triple H struggles around the ring, with Orton following, striking his former mentor, backing HHH into the corner. Benoit follows in too, and along with Orton, they open up on The Game, until Christian attacks Benoit from behind, dragging him out to the middle of the ring, looking for the Unprettier … BUT BENOIT PUSHES CHRISTIAN AWAY … OVER THE TOP ROPE … BUT CHRISTIAN LANDS ON THE APRON!!!
Benoit runs at Christian to knock him off, but Captain Charisma ducks down, and rams his head into the gut of The Wolverine, sending Benoit reeling away, winded. Christian smiles, looking cocky, but doesn’t laugh for long, as Orton takes him by surprise, with a dropkick … BUT SOMEHOW … CHRISTIAN HANGS ON, DANGLING BY ONE HAND!!! Orton attempts to follow up, but Triple H stops him, with a knock down. Christian dangles, and eventually gets himself back onto the apron, but then, Benoit comes steaming across, and drives his forearm into the face of Captain Charisma … sending him to the floor!!!!


Benoit has officially broken the record for eliminations in a Royal Rumble Match!!!! He has eliminated TWELVE SUPERSTARS!!!! The Crippler stands over the ropes, looking down at a dazed Christian, whose dreams of the Wrestle Mania main event are now up in smoke!!! Triple H tries to dump out Orton, but Randy fights on, and breaks free of The Game, before trying to shift the momentum, and send HHH out, but cant. He whips Triple H off the ropes, and goes for a dropkick upon his return, but HHH holds the ropes, and Orton hit’s the canvas. Triple H quickly takes control, and drops a knee to the face of his former protégé.

The Game gets back up, and has Benoit bearing down on him. They lock up, but HHH drives his knee into the sternum of The Wolverine, before quickly delivering a DDT!!! This leaves Orton all alone for The Game to dispose of for now, and he makes that his intention. Triple H drags Orton up, and attempts to dump him over the top rope, but Orton is still fresh enough to snuff out The Game, pushing him away. The Legend Killer throws a number of right hands at HHH again, and whips him off the ropes, but as Triple H comes back this time, Orton leapfrogs over him, and lies in wait for The Game to turn around again … RKO … NO … TRIPLE H PUSHES HIM AWAY!!! Orton falls through the middle rope, onto the floor, but is not eliminated. Triple H leans over the top rope, and points at Randy, but The Legend Killer grabs HHH by the legs, and trips him down, dragging Triple H out of the ring, via the bottom rope, thus meaning he isn’t eliminated.
Orton rams The Game into the ring apron, and goes for a whip into the steel steps, but Triple H reverses, set to send Orton in … but Orton reverses that counter, and Triple H flies into the steel steps!!! Randy looks back into the ring, with Chris Benoit back to his feet, looking at the outside, and both men lock eyes, with Orton cagily getting back inside the ring.
Both race across the ring, locking up, with Benoit getting the momentum, pushing Orton into the corner. He breaks away, and goes for a chop, but Orton ducks under, and gets out of the corner, turning the tables, quickly opening up on Benoit with an array of left and right hands. He whips Benoit across the ring, into the corner, and chases in after him … but Benoit powers out of the corner, knocking down The Legend Killer with a booming double forearm to the face, taking Orton down!!! Benoit gets back up, and sees Orton on the canvas, struggling, then sees Triple H pulling himself up on the outside, and has an idea … and sprints across the ring … DIVING OUT OF THE RING VIA THE MIDDLE ROPE … COMING AT HHH … BUT THE GAME MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!
Benoit crashes and burns!!! The Game moved just in time, and Benoit finds himself contorted at the barricade. Triple H staggers back, and crawls into the ring, still looking worse for wear from the crashing into the steps moments ago at the hands of Orton. He is back up, as is Orton - barely. The two tiring stars stare across the ring at each other, before moving closer across, nearing the other. Triple H throws a right hand, but Orton responds with one of his own, and quickly gets in a second before The Game, which sends HHH into the ropes from the force. Orton closes in, but Triple H meets him with a kick to the gut, and follows up, running at Orton, catching him with a running high knee to the face!!!
Orton rolls all over the ring, holding his face, as Triple H closes in, grabbing the Legend Killer by the hair, back to his feet, looking to throw him out of the ring, but Orton knows what is set to happen, and smartly drops back down to his knees, stopping HHH from eliminating him. This enrages The Game, and he starts to pound away at the head of Randy Orton, with Orton unable to stop the blow, after blow, after blow. Triple H eventually stops, and drags a defenceless Orton back up, hoisting him onto his shoulders, and to the ropes, looking to drop him off, out of the ring, but Orton lands onto the apron. Triple H looks angered by Orton surviving again, and goes for a right hand, but Orton blocks it, and head butts HHH out of desperation, sending him away. Randy quickly steps back into the ring, saving himself, and his dream of the Wrestle Mania main event in nine weeks time.
Orton rests on the ropes, as Triple H builds up some steam again, coming at Orton, but Randy leaps into the air, catching HHH with a dropkick, knocking The Game into the corner, slumping down into the bottom turnbuckle. Orton staggers around the ring, and we see Benoit now appear at the ring apron, slowly getting back inside the ring. Orton spots him too, and decides to go after Benoit, who is likely to be more fatigued having been in the match for such a long time, and having just suffered a huge blow from the suicide dive.
The Legend Killer drags Benoit up, and looks for a suplex, but Benoit blocks it … and blocks it a second time, before suddenly, Benoit counters, and suplex Orton!!!!! The Wolverine holds on, and swings his hips, bringing Orton back up, and quickly delivering a second suplex … but he holds on again!!! Benoit again brings Randy up, and hoists him into the air for the third vertical … but instead of landing the suplex … Benoit SUPLEXES ORTON OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE FLOOR!!!


It’s come down to the final two. Chris Benoit, in from #14, lasting forty four minutes, having made a stunning THIRTEEN ELIMINATIONS shattering Kanes previous record. Triple H, in from #19, lasting thirty four minutes, and having eliminated just ONE person. Benoit is slumped in the corner, breathing heavily, whilst Triple H pulls himself up in the opposite corner, with a far away look in his eyes.
They eventually begin to move closer in the ring, with Triple H breaking a smile, before telling Benoit the dream ends now. Benoit shakes his head in disagreement, refusing to cave in at this point, having given the performance of a lifetime tonight. The Game shoves Benoit, timidly, with little energy left, whilst Benoit comes back, with an equally weak shove. Triple H comes in with a big left hand, but Benoit manages to block it, and retort with a chop to the chest of Triple H. The Game retreats, with Benoit moving in, hitting a second chop, and a third, and a fourth, with HHH now leaning against the ropes. Benoit goes for one last big chop to defeat The Game, but HHH ducks under, and tries to eliminate Benoit over the top, but Benoit waves his legs around wildly, eventually forcing Triple H away, catching his face.
Benoit gets back down, and runs across at Triple H, but HHH manages to retake control, hitting a face buster. Benoit staggers away, woozy from the knee to the face, with Triple H now charging at Benoit, but The Wolverine kicks HHH in the gut, and follows up, scoring with a side suplex. Benoit is quick to get back to his feet, and makes the cut throat signal for the Headbutt. The fans pop for the head butt, as Benoit begins to scale the ropes. He reaches the top, and takes a quick look around, set to take a do or die risk … and flies through the air … BUT TRIPLE H MOVES!!!!!
Benoit misses!!!! Triple H realises he has a golden opportunity to take the victory now, and is quick to his feet, waiting for Benoit to get up, and as he does, Triple H attempts to topple The Wolverine out of the ring, and gets him over … BUT BENOIT LANDS ON THE APRON!!! Benoit then instinctly rolls back into the ring, keeping the match alive. Triple H drops down and chokes The Crippler, trying to take all the remaining life from him. The Game lets go, as J.R and Tazz comment on this Rumble match officially being the longest in history, beating out the 2002 Rumble, won by Triple H. The Game hoists Benoit up in the corner, and whips him across the ring, to the opposite corner. He charges in behind him, but Benoit moves, and HHH hit’s the turnbuckles. Triple H staggers out, and directly into the path of Benoit, WHO APPLIES THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!!!!
Instantly, Triple H taps out, but it holds no water in the match, with Benoit soon releasing, having done enough damage with the submission move. Both men appear to be spent, with both having to use the ropes to reach their feet. Benoit is slightly more fresh, having taken a lot out of HHH with the crossface, and charges across, but Triple H KICKS BENOIT IN THE NUTS!!!!! HHH purposely goes low, with Benoit beginning to get the upper hand. The Wolverine gasps for air, as Triple H runs his fingers through his hair, before pointing at himself, telling the fans it’s over now. He grabs Benoit, and hooks the arms … PEDIGREE … NO!!!! Benoit struggles out, and trips down The Game … AND CATAPULTS HIM … OVER THE TOP ROPE … AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!



Benoit collapses in the middle of the ring, ecstatic to have finally won the big one, as Madison Square Garden rises to it’s feet, giving Benoit the credit he deserves, after eliminating FOURTEEN superstars - a Royal Rumble record, in the longest Rumble match of all time, just shading the 2002 Rumble which was 69 minutes long.

Jim Ross:
The twenty year journey is almost complete. Chris Benoit has delivered the most scintillating performance of his career tonight, possibly the most scintillating he’ll ever deliver, to overcome twenty nine men, eliminating nearly half the field alone, to book a date with destiny on March 26th, at the MGM in Las Vegas!!!

This is an emotional moment for me J.R. I’ve known Benoit a long, long time, and finally he delivers on the big stage. Now, he gets to deliver on the BIGGEST stage. I cannot wait for March 26th J.R. If anyone deserves happiness … if anyone deserves glory … it’s that man, The Rabid Wolverine … The Crippler … The 2006 Royal Rumble Winner … Chris Benoit!!!

Jim Ross:
What a moment, what a night, at the Garden. Tonight, there were twenty nine men with a dream shattered … but there was one man, with a dream still intact. Chris Benoit, now has nine weeks until he can make his twenty year goal … his twenty year ambition … his twenty year dream … a reality!!! Good night everybody.

The show closes, with Benoit on the middle turnbuckle, pounding his chest, overcome with emotion, saluting the fans, with the Wrestle Mania main event on the horizon in nine weeks time, as the screen fades to black…

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Re: Being The Booker

I will get a review up soon Wolf Guy


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Wow, very nice show Wolf. I didn't get a lot of the minor predictions wrong, but I predicted Angle's heel turn more or less, and I got the Rumble winner .

It was a very solid show. I probably won't have predictions up this weekend because of exams and I have a Date With Destiny roleplay to finish. But expect it up around the end of next week.

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Re: Being The Booker

wow that was an AMAZING payperview

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Re: Being The Booker

Just read the whole show, amazing, but you know I was going to say that.

I thank you for finally giving Chris Benoit the chance to be what he deserves. I think your Royal Rumble just set new standards. Benoit must have set a record for most eliminations.

Wrestlemania is coming!

I have five exams this week, but then I am free. Review to come in mid-June.
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Re: Being The Booker

I am now on Undertaker vs. Cena so I will take a break for the rest of the day and maybe tommorow before finishing up.

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