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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Great show once again WB! You really know where and when to put the right segments and matches. Summerslam is by far the best PPV yet. Angle-Goldberg and Cena-Lesnar are brilliant storylines, and not forgetting the ever famous Vince-Bret feud. Well, here are my predictions:

1. Rey Mysterio v Kanyon:
I see Mysterio winning here and ending the feud.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

2. Rhyno v RVD - Hardcore Title
Rhyno has had a lot of dominance over the past few weeks and I don't see him continue his dominance over RVD, one on one.
Winner: RVD

3. William Regal v Chris Benoit v Eddie Guerrero - US Title
Another HARD one to call! But I'll go with what YN said, Benoit winning this one but making Regal tap and leading to Guerrero/Benoit in the future.
Winner: Chris Benoit

4. Gail Kim v Trish Stratus - Women's Title
I never really was a great fan of women's matches but I'll take an exception for this one just because it's been greatly built up. Gail may win the title some other day but not in Toronto.
Winner: Trish Stratus

5. Kane v Shawn Michaels - First Blood Match:
Like YN2004 said, REALLY hard to call, but I guess you'll let Kane go over this one because I don't see Kane losing a First Blood Match and maybe as YN said, a possible Taker return.
Winner: Kane

6. Edge/Christian v Booker T/Goldust - World Tag Team Titles
I see the "Black Gold" winning this one and leading to a possible break up of E&C together with Trish winning the titles and boasting around.
Winners: Booker T and Goldust

7. Randy Orton v Chris Jericho - World Heavyweight Title
Super, Brilliant build up and what a classic this one is going to be! I guess Evolution will try and get involved but Orton will lose thanks to Foley leading up to a feud.
Winner: Chris Jericho

8. John Cena v Brock Lesnar - No Holds Barred Match
Since it is No Holds Barred, I believe there will be a lot of interference in this match, particularly from Vince and Heyman. I see Lesnar winning this one because of the interferences and a possible Vince and Bret feud in the future (Man I would love that!), plus Vince can't lose his chance to come on SD! He's the BOSS!!
Winner: Brock Lesnar

9. Kurt Angle v Goldberg - WWE Title
Probably the most "electrifying" match on the card, worthy of a SummerSlam main event. Plus, I don't see Goldberg losing another title shot. I don't say it, but I guess it will be true,
Winner: Goldberg

All in all, I really am anxious for SummerSlam, hope it lives up to the hype (I know it will! )

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Your shows are great! Read of the last couple but only skimmed over the first1 You can see you've improved over the leanght of your shows!

great work keep it up!

Cnt wait for Summerslam

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WWE Summer Slam

RAW & Smack Down production; WWE Summer Slam .

Toronto Sky Dome , August 22nd 2004.

Opening Video: Focuses on the main four matches, HBK vs. Kane, Lesnar vs. Cena, Jericho vs. Orton, but Angle vs. Goldberg especially.

And now, Foot Locker presents a joint production of RAW & Smackdownís WWE SummerSlam.


J.R: 65,000 plus have jammed the Toronto Sky Dome for SummerSlam!!! On a night were not only titles are on the line, but also between some men, pride is at stake as well as survival.
King: The atmosphere is electric J.R. The first joint production since WrestleMania XX. First Blood matches, Hardcore matches, Championships on the line, and thatís just RAW J.R!
J.R: Indeed King, and now were gonna send it down to our Smackdown colleagues for the opening match, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Thanks J.R. And what a night its gonna be partner.
Tazz: This is unreal Cole. Sky Dome hostís SummerSlam for the first time. Weíve heard what RAW has to offer, but in my opinion, our GM Bret Hart has pulled out all the stops, I cant wait!

1st Match: United States Championship; Triple threat match:
William Regal vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero
Overview: The match begins cagily, with all three men circling the ring. Regal tries to cut a deal with Benoit. Benoit looks at Regal and shakes his head in disgust, he hits Regal with a clothesline, and then goes at it with Eddy Guerrero.
They tie up and tussle into the corner. Benoit hits Guerrero with three vicious chops. Eddy reverses and chops Benoit three times. Regal comes over to get involved, but Eddy kicks Regal to the outside. Eddy and Benoit tie up again, the struggle and Eddy locks in a hammerlock. Benoit elbows Eddy and he breaks the hold. Benoit comes off the ropes and hits Eddy with a shoulder block, he then applies a half nelson on Eddy and then moves to lock in an armbar. Eddy blocks the move, and gets a drop toe hold. He then goes for a cradle, but this is reversed by Benoit. They exchange a number of pinning combinations, and eventually break it up and stare across the ring at one another. This receives a big pop from the crowd. They tie up again and Eddy gets a headlock. Benoit throws him to the ropes, and regal pulls Eddy out of the ring.
Regal whips Eddy into the steps and then slowly gets into the ring. He and Benoit circle the ring and eventually meet in the centre. They go for a test of strength through mercy. Benoit gets the better, but Regal rakes the eyes. He applies a wristlock, but Benoit rolls through. Regal takes benoit down with a clothesline. He then hitís a quick snap suplex for a two count. He tries again but again gets a two count. Regal then plants a succession of knees to the head and gets a two. He then gets up and taunts the crowd with his regal wave. He picks up Benoit and plants him with two European uppercuts. He puts Benoit into a headlock. After 45 or so seconds, Benoit begins to fight out. He whips Regal to the turnbuckle but Regal puts his foot up to stop going into the turnbuckle. He turns and hits Benoit with a neck breaker. Regal goes for a cover but Benoit kicks out at two.
Eddy re enters and goes punch for punch with Regal. Regal ducks a clothesline attempt, and hits Guerrero with a German suplex. This gets a two count. Eddy then blocks a Regal stretch and gets a cradle instead for a two. Eddy then hitís a dropkick on Regal, followed by two quick arm drags. Eddy hits an atomic drop, and then sets up Regal for the three suplexes. He gets two, but Benoit holds Regal when Eddy goes for a third. Benoit punches Eddy into the corner. He then hitís a trifecta of German suplexes. He goes for a fourth but Eddy blocks it. He then goes behind Benoit, but Benoit counters and locks in a crossface. Guerrero struggles but eventually makes the ropes. Benoit hitís a side suplex and gets a two. He goes for another but Eddy rolls through. He drives a knee into Benoits mid section. Eddy then hitís the three suplexes to Benoit. Both men are down.
Regal covers Benoit but Eddy breaks the cover at two. Regal attempts to throw Eddy out of the ring, but Eddy reverses and Regal goes out instead.
He whips Benoit into the corner, and then drives his shoulder into Benoits sternum. Eddy whips Benoit into the opposite corner, but this is reversed by Benoit. Eddy jumps to the middle rope, but this is to no avail as Benoit hits forearms on the back of Guerrero. He attempts to hit an electric chair on Eddy, but Regal enters and power bombs Benoit, brining down both Eddy and Benoit. The crowd erupts to this and a small Holy Shit chant starts.
All three men stay down to the count of eight, when Regal crawls onto Eddy. Eddy kicks out at two. He then covers Benoit, but only gets two. Regal picks up Benoit and hitís a dragon screw. He applies an Indian deathlock on Benoit, but Guerrero breaks the submission with a Hielo. Eddy gets a two count on Regal. All three men struggle to their feet, and trade punches between each other. Benoit gets kicked out of the ring by Regal.
Regal and Eddy then go at it. Regal kicks Eddy in the midsection and then whips him to the corner. Eddy fires back out with a clothesline. He goes to the top and hitís a back elbow. He gets a two before Regal kicks out. Eddy picks up Regal. He goes for a whip into the ropes, but Regal counters and rolls up Eddy, Eddy reverses with his own roll up, and the two continue this for a few more seconds. They break out and both are nailed by a hard double clothesline by Benoit.
He suplexes Guerrero, and hitís a German on Regal. He then signals for the head butt. He hit it on Eddy, but Regal jumps on Benoit to stop a cover. He punches Benoit, and then hitís a major double arm suplex on him. Eddy somehow manages to break the count at two. Regal rolls out of the ring. Eddy picks up Benoit for a DDT. He then goes up top for a Frog Splash. He connects on Benoit, but the crippler gets his foot on the ropes. Now Regal re enters and attempts to hit Eddy with the Brass Knucks. Eddy ducks and kicks the weapon out of Regalís hand. He hitís a neck breaker on Regal and attempts to hit Regal with a Frog Splash.
Regal sneakily grabs the Knucks, unaware to the referee. Regal lifts his arm slightly, and Eddy is knocked out thanks to the Brass Knucks. The referee checks on eddy, leaving Regal free to hit Benoit. Benoit counters and grabs the arm of Regal. Regal drops the Knucks and Benoit applies the crossface. Regal soon taps out and we have a NEW United States Champion.
Benoit celebrates in the ring as Regal walks out looking toward the ring as if to say its not over. Eddy is helped out by officials, as Benoit celebrates in his home country with a win.

We go to an interview with Mick Foley from Heat. He says that both Flair and Batista are banned from ringside for the World Heavyweight Championship match tonight.

We see the arrival of Kurt Angle to the arena.

2nd Match: Womenís Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim
Overview: The two ladies tie up with Gail on top, shoving Trish to the mat. Trish rolls out, asking for a timeout. Gail follows and gets sucker punched by Trish. Trish slams Gailís head into the steps, and follows with a suplex on the outside.
Trish brings Gail into the ring and hits another. She gets a two count only. Trish drags Gail to the corner and chops the challenger to the ground. She then picks Gail up again, but Gail strikes Trish. She then backs Trish into the corner and begins to chop Trish. She then hitís a beautiful superplex. Gail eventually rolls onto Trish and gets a two count. Gail then hitís a Russian leg sweep for another two count. Trish attempts a clothesline, but Gail ducks and takes Trish by surprise with a monkey flip, followed by a spine buster. Gail makes the cover, but Trish kicks out at two. Gail whips Trish to the turnbuckle, but this is reversed by Stratus, and Gail goes into the turnbuckle. Gail jumps to the middle rope before impact, but Trish pushes her off the rope and to the outside.
Trish slaps the opponent, and then catapults her into the steel ring post. Trish throws Gail back into the ring, and gets a two count. She covers again, but Gail kicks out again.
Trish then applies a sleeper to Kim. After a minute, the referee raises the arm of Gail Kim and it drops. He does a second time and again it drops. He raises a 3rd time, but Gail this time keeps the arm up. She fights back at Trish, but she is soon beat down again. Trish begins to work on the back of the challenger. She applies a single legged Boston Crab, but Gail makes the ropes.
Trish then hitís a dropkick to the back of Gail Kim. She then goes up top for a cross body, but as she comes down, Gail catches her and hitís a fall away slam. She takes a short time to recover from the work done on her back, and gets to her feet at the six count. Gail hitís a snap mare on Trish, and then goes to the top rope for a Leg drop. Trish pushes the referee into the ropes, causing Gail to lose her balance and gets straddled on the top rope. Trish takes advantage with a Stratosphere. However, Gail kicks out at two.
Trish then hitís a hip toss on Gail. She whips her off the ropes, Kim ducks twice, but the third time, Trish hitís the Chick kick. She looks to have the match won, but Gail gets a foot on the rope. Trish then attempts to hit a suplex, but Gail fights out and hitís a DDT. She gets a two count. Gail then hitís a sidewalk slam, but again, Trish kicks out. Gail then tries a power bomb, but Trish rolls through and hitís a Stratusfaction on the challenger. She gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT from Gail Kim.
Trish is shocked. She argues with the referee about a slow count. She attempts another Stratusfaction, but Gail side steps. She rolls Trish up, but Trish reverses, grabs the tights and gets the win to retain the Womenís Title. She takes the belt and hi tails through the crowd as Gail is irate in the ring.

Bret Hart is seen walking backstage. He is given a huge cheer from the his fellow Canadians, suddenly he stops and we see Shawn Michaels. He gets a big cheer also, but this is followed by a major boo. They look each other eye to eye, and Bret offers his hand to Michaels. They shake to a big response. Bret says he is willing to let bygones be bygones and wishes HBK good luck.

Interview with William Regal. He is asked how he feels after losing the U.S Title.
Regal: How the bloody hell am I supposed to feel, Iíve just lost the United states Championship! But if Chris Benoit thinks Iím going to give up without a fight then heís dead wrong sunshine.

We see Kurt Angle enter the building to a huge pop.

Highlights are shown of Rhynoís recent tear through RAW and RVDís return, then last week where Rhyno injured the ribs of RVD.

3rd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam
Overview: RVD enters first, showing some heavily taped ribs. As Rhyno makes his way to the ring RVD cant wait and goes right after the man beast. They brawl up the ramp and through the crowd. Eventually they make their way to the ringside area. Rhyno takes control and whips RVD hard into the steel steps.
He throws RVD into the ring and knocks down RVD with a clothesline. He then goes to the outside and gets out a number of weapons. He gets back in the ring and lines up a Gore. RVD has it scouted and hits Rhyno with a trashcan lid. He gets a two count but Rhyno kicks out. Rhyno pulls himself up in the corner, but is met by a number of kicks from RVD. Rhyno powers out and rams RVD into the opposite corner. He plants some stiff shoulders into the sternum of RVD, and then hitís a suplex onto a trashcan. RVD kicks out at two. He whips RVD to the corner and charges at him. Rvd hitís an elbow, and then goes to the top rope and nails Rhyno with a kick. Two only. He then hits Rhyno with a spinning heel kick for a two count. RVD punches Rhyno, but the champion fights back. He lifts RVD for a side suplex, but straddles his nuts on the top rope instead. He then hitís a Gore, sending RVD to the outside.
He begins to go to work on RVDís ribs on the outside. He plants RVD with a Belly to Belly. Rhyno sets up the steel steps for a flying Gore. As he runs he is caught by RVD with a kick just before nailing the move. RVD then hitís a moonsault off the barricade. He gets a two count. They continue to brawl on the outside until RVD hits Rhyno with the ring bell.
RVD brings Rhyno back into the ring. RVD brings a chair with him. He hitís a rolling thunder with the chair for a two count. He then goes for a split legged moonsault using the chair, but Rhyno moves and RVD hitís the chair instead. Rhyno whips RVD to the corner with authority. RVD staggers out and Rhyno throws the chair at RVD knocking him back down. Rhyno sitís the chair up, and then hitís a flapjack through it. He then sets RVDís head onto the middle ropes and goes for a knee to the head. RVD moves and leaves Rhyno caught in the ropes. He picks up the chair and levels Rhyno with a stiff shot to the head. Rhyno is now lying on the ring apron. RVD takes advantage and hitís a slingshot guillotine leg drop, onto Rhyno. RVD then sets Rhynoís head onto the steel chair, and hits another leg drop. Rhyno crawls to the corner to try and pull himself up but is met by an RVD dropkick with the chair in hand. RVD plays to the crowd and does the R V D thumb salute. Rhyno is now busted open. RVD runs to the corner, but Rhyno moves, he then hitís a spine buster onto the chair. RVD kicks out at two. Rhyno kicks RVD back to the ground and then taunts the crowd with his own thumb salute, mocking Van Dam. Rhyno picks up the chair, and turns to RVD but he is met with a Van Daminator. The crowd goes crazy for the move, with an unreal ECW chant throughout the arena. RVD crawls onto Rhyno for the coverÖ.1.Ö2.ÖFOOT ON THE ROPES!! RVD is shocked as he sees Rhynoís foot on the ropes.
RVD goes to the outside and looks under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out a ladder, which gets a huge ovation from the crowd. He sets up the ladder in the ring. Rhyno suckers RVD into thinking he is still out, and RVD climbs the ladder. Rhyno quickly gets up and pushes RVD off the ladder and to the outside. Rhyno goes to the outside and covers Van DamÖ1...2...KICK OUT!!! RVD kicks out and Rhyno is irate. He looks under the ring for a weapon and finds a 2x4 without barbed wire. He attempts to hit RVD, but he ducks and then kicks the weapon out of Rhynos hand. RVD knocks down Rhyno and picks up the 2x4. He throws it into the ring, and turns to Rhyno. They trade blows, but Rhyno gets the better with a hard clothesline.
He brings RVD back into the ring and hits another hard clothesline. He then sets up RVD for the Gore, but RVD moves at the last second, and Rhyno Gores the referee instead. RVD hits Rhyno with a spin kick and then climbs the ladder. RVD does another thumb salute before hitting the 5 Star onto the champion. RVD makes the cover, but there is no referee to count the fall. RVD eventually gives up and tries to revive the referee. Eventually the referee stirs, but Rhyno hits Rvd with a low blow. RVD rolls around the ring selling the move, and as he tries to get back up, Rhyno breaks the 2x4 over his back and injured ribs. He sets up RVD for a Gore, and after a few moments wait, RVD finally gets to his feet, and is met with a monstrous Gore. Rhyno gets the coverÖ.1.Ö.2.Ö.3!!
Rhyno wins and is STILL Hardcore Champion. He takes the belt and leaves with a sadistic smile on his face. EMTís are called to the ring and look at RVDís ribs. Eventually they help him out. He gets a huge pop from the crowd, who chant RVD, RVD, RVD as he walks up the ramp. Just before he leaves, he salutes the crowd one last time with the R V D thumb salute.

A trailer plays to promote next months PPV- Clash of the Champions on September 12th, which will be a RAW vs. Smackdown event.

We then see Mick Foley and Bret Hart conversing about next months event. They share a few jokes then shakes hands and wish each other best of luck.

We then see Lesnar preparing for his match with John Cena later tonight.

4th Match:
Kanyon vs. Rey Mysterio
Overview: The match begins with Kanyon attacking Rey from behind. He lays a number of kicks and punches to the back of Mysterio, and then a full nelson slam. He tries to win the match early, but Rey kicks out. He then goes for a press slam, but Rey rolls through and hitís a bulldog on Kanyon. Rey then hitís a hurricanrana on Kanyon, but only gets a two count. Kanyon gets back up and attempts a clothesline, but Rey ducks and takes down Kanyon with the leg scissors. He then hitís a monkey flip. He whips Kanyon, but this is reversed, and Kanyon goes for a belly to belly. Rey fights out and goes for a roll up, but Kanyon kicks out at one. Rey attempts another Hurricanrana, but this time Kanyon counters and hitís a Powerbomb. Rey kicks out at two.
Kanyon stomps on Mysterio, and then goes for a suplex. He holds Rey up for a long period of time before nailing the move. Again Rey kicks out at two. Kanyon then attempts a German suplex, but Rey grabs the rope, the then gets the cradle on Kanyon, but he kicks out at two. Kanyon is now getting annoyed at being outsmarted by Mysterio. He runs at him, but Mysterio trips him with a drop toe hold into the ropes. He goes for a 619, but Kanyon moves. He hitís a high knee but only gets a two count. Kanyon then begins to work on the leg of Mysterio. He takes him to the outside and rams the leg into the turnbuckle. Kanyon then hitís a figure four with him on the outside, and Rey in the ring, with his legs wrapped around the post. He comes back in and applies the figure four again on Rey. Eventually, he makes the ropes and Kanyon is forced to break the hold.
Kanyon then hitís a leg drop, but this only gets a two. He whips Rey into the corner. Rey tries to take Kanyon by surprise with a reverse splash, but he is caught and Kanyon hitís a power slam. Again though Rey kicks out at two. Kanyon then pounds at Rey until he is taken by surprise by Mysterio, who hitís a jawbreaker. Both men are down. Rey tries to recover from the beating he has took, while Kanyon tries to recover from the jawbreaker. Rey is up first. He comes off the ropes and is met by a Northern Lights suplex from Kanyon for another two count.
Kanyon signals for the Grand Kanyon, but Rey counters and hits an arm drag on Kanyon to the outside. He then hits an Asai Moonsault on Kanyon. The crowd goes wild for this and erupt with Mysterio chants. They get back into the ring and Rey hitís a dropkick. Kanyon kicks out at two. Kanyon goes to corner, but is followed by Mysterio. Rey goes for a Tornado DDT, but Kanyon reverses into a Grand Kanyon. He taunts the crowd before going for a lazy coverÖ.1...2...REY KICKS OUT!!!
Kanyon is shocked. He argues with the referee and then goes for Rey again, however, Rey leapfrogs him, and Kanyon trips into the middle rope. Rey hitís the 619, and then the West Coast Pop. Kanyon rolls through and grabs the tights for a tainted three count. Kanyon wins and quickly gets up the ramp, as Rey argues with the referee about Kanyon pulling the tights.

We see the challenger for the WWE Championship entering the building to a huge pop, and clear Goldberg chants.

HBK is seen preparing backstage before his huge 1st Blood match up next.

Edge and Christian talk to Trish backstage, to a pretty big hometown pop. They congratulate he on her title defence. She tells them it wasnít easy as she had to put up with a God awful smell out there. E+C tell her thatís nothing to worry about as its just that Canada smell. She says she knows all about the Canada smell, but this one was 10 times worse. E+C look at each other and shake their heads. They tell her to remember that this is TORONTO! It smells 10 times worse here than anywhere else in Canada. The crowd respond with a huge chorus of booís for the trio.

Video Package for Kane-HBK history leading to SummerSlam.

5th Match: 1st Blood Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kane
Overview: As both men stand in the ring, they wait for the bell to ring. As soon as it does, both men go right after each other, and the fight begins. HBK surprisingly gets the better. He lays into Kane and backs him into the corner. He pounds on him and then stomps at him. He whips Kane off the ropes, and then hitís a forearm on the Big Red machine. He whips him again, but this time Kane ducks twice and then side steps HBK who goes flying over the top rope.
Kane goes over the top rope and begins to pound on HBK. He bangs HBKís head off the steel steps, but there is no sign of blood. Kane then hitís a big boot on HBK and then grabs a chair, looking to finish HBK early. HBK ducks and Kane hitís the ring post with the chair instead. HBK punches Kane, but Kane fires back with a clothesline.. He then chokes Michaels with the cable on the outside, and then whips him into the barricade. He hits HBK with a number of uppercuts before throwing him back into the ring.
He stomps on HBK before Michaels fights back with a succession of right hands before coming off the ropes, he ducks a clothesline, and hitís a flying forearm on Kane. He signals for Sweet Chin music, but Kane ducks and hits HBK with a sidewalk slam. He laughs at HBK as he clutches his back in agony. Kane then begins to hit a number of elbows to the back of Michaels. He then lifts HBK and nails a backbreaker. Kane then whips HBK hard into the corner, and then does it again to the opposite corner. He then hits another backbreaker, followed by more elbows to the back. He picks up HBK into a similar position as the Tombstone, but hitís a running power slam instead. Kane then rolls to the outside and picks up the chair from earlier.
He nails HBK with the chair across the back, three times before sitting the chair up, and hitting a sidewalk slam onto the chair. HBK is now in a serious amount of pain. He crawls around the ring on his knees. Kane taunts him before knocking him down. HBK tries to get up again by pulling himself up on Kane, but Kane pushes him to the ground. Kane pulls up HBK before laughing and slapping him back down. Kane pulls up HBK again, and goes for another slap, but Michaels blocks the move and fights back at Kane. They go punch for punch, with HBK somehow managing to get the upper hand. He goes for a whip but this is reversed and Kane hitís the boot again on HBK. Kane goes to the top rope and hitís the big flying clothesline on HBK. He then undoes the top turnbuckle in one corner, before signalling for the choke slam. HBK fights out of the choke slam, but Kane fires back with a knee into HBKís sternum. He then whips HBK into the corner hard, and Michaels staggers out straight into an abdominal stretch. Kane uses the ropes for leverage as HBK fades.
The referee tries to pull Kaneís hand off the ropes, but Kane breaks the hold and punches the referee. He then knocks HBK down again, and then brings the steel steps into the ring. He tries to hit HBK with the steps, but Michaels hitís a drop toe hold and Kane hits his head off the steps, but there is no blood. HBK stamps the ground and the crowd goes wild as they know what is coming. He goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Kane nails HBK with a low blow. Kane then throws HBK out of the ring, but Michaels skins the cat. He punches Kane and hitís a clothesline. He then goes up to the top for the elbow and connects.
He brings a table into the ring, and then sets it up in the middle of the ring. He attempts a suplex through it, but Kane fights out of it. Kane lifts HBK and hitís the Snake eyes to HBK on the undone turnbuckle - No Blood. He then hits the choke slam through the table. Kane is now in full control. He taunts the crowd for a minute or so before beginning to pick up HBK again, but HBK nails a low blow on Kane, bringing the big red machine to his knees.
Both men take a few moments to regroup, and when they do, Kane runs at HBK, but HBK hitís the dropkick. Michaels whips Kane into the ropes, but this is reversed by Kane, but HBK comes off the ropes and hitís a flying forearm on him. Kane rolls out of the ring for some rest bite, but he is soon followed by a rejuvenated HBK.
HBK punches Kane and whips him into the barricade. They go toe to toe again, but Kane this time gets the upper hand. He lifts HBK and rams his back into the steel post, followed by a clothesline. Kane then takes off everything from the Smackdown announce table. He sets up HBK on the table for a Powerbomb, but HBK flips Kane into the Spanish announce table. HBK grabs the ring bell and looks to nail Kane, but the monster ducks, and hits HBK with a huge boot. He then brings Michaels into the ring and delivers a long, long suplex. Kane then signals for the tombstone, and then sets the chair in the middle of the ring. When he goes for the tombstone, HBK reverses out, and gets Kane in the tombstone, but Kane reverses again, and attempts a tombstone on the chair - No blood. Kane then lifts the chair, and cracks HBK with it to the back three times. HBK writhes in pain as Kane laughs at him. Kane goes for a choke slam, but HBK counters at the last minute and hitís a DDT instead.
Both men are down, but in a flash, HBK nips up. He then goes to the corner, and signals Sweet Chin Music with the multiple stomps to the ground. He goes for the finisher, but Kane catches his foot, and ducks the Enziguri, and hits HBK in the back with a hard elbow. Kane picks up the chair and signals the end. As he turns to the direction of HBK, he is met with Sweet Chin Music from Michaels to the chair, bouncing into face of Kane and BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN. Kane is bleeding and the referee calls for the bell. Shawn Michaels is declared the winner to a huge pop.

Paul Heyman is seen backstage getting into the face of Bret Hart. He bad mouths Bret for being a shoddy GM, not being able to stay an impartial figure, and then he bad mouths Canada. Bret grabs Heyman. He warns Heyman if he ever bad mouths his home land, he will have no hesitation in shoving his boot up Heymans ass.

Lesnar - Cena video package

6th Match: No Holds Barred:
Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena
Overview: Both men make their entrances and go head to head in the centre of the ring. Lesnar pushes Cena, and Cena pushes back. Cena then ducks a clothesline, and takes down Brock. He pounds at Lesnar, but he is then distracted by Heyman who gets on the apron. Cena knocks him off the apron. He then goes back to Lesnar and stomps at the 285 pounder. He then goes for a whip on him, but this is reversed by Brock into a Belly to Belly suplex. He then stomps Cena in the corner before hitting another Belly to Belly followed by a two count cover. He then hits one more, this time to the outside. He then drives Cena into the steel steps. Lesnar quickly brings him back into the ring, and hitís a vertical suplex, with another two count.
He picks up Cena and hitís a hard clothesline to him. He covers him again, but Cena again kicks out at two. Lesnar brings Cena to the outside and picks up a steel chair. He attempts to take out Cena, but he ducks and dropkicks Lesnar in the knee. Heyman then distracts Cena, and the Doctor of Thuganomics chases him around the ringside area, but Heyman lures Cena straight into the path of Lesnar who meets Cena with a thunderous chair shot. This busts Cena wide open. Lesnar, dismantles the Smackdown announce table, and sets up Cena to go through it. Cena fights out though and attempts an FU into the table, but Lesnar fights out and hitís a Belly to Belly through the table.
Lesnar walks around the ringside area mimicking Cena with the You cant see me taunt. He brings Cena back into the ring, and delivers a Press slam. He sets up Cena for a chair shot, but Cena sprints at Brock and rams him into the corner with a number of shoulder thrusts. He picks up the chair and looks to hit Lesnar, however just as he swings, Heyman stops him. Cena grabs Heyman, but he is saved by Lesnar, who attacks Cena from behind. He then hits an F5 on Cena. 1...2...KICK OUT by Cena!!! Lesnar and Heyman look to each other, and both are shocked. He covers again, 1...2..KICK OUT!! Brock shakes his head and goes for another cover, but again Cena kicks out. Lesnar is irate. He grabs the chair and stands over Cena. Suddenly, Cena nails a low blow. He gets the chair and hitís a massive shot to Lesnar which busts him open. Heyman tries to step in, but he is cracked with the chair by Cena, and this busts him open too.
Lesnar gets to his knees but is met with a Throwback from Cena. Lesnar kicks out at two. Cena goes for a whip on Brock, but Lesnar reverses. He charges at Cena, but Cena ducks and hitís a spinning out Powerbomb on him for another two count. Cena cant believe it. He whips Lesnar off the ropes and hitís a back elbow, followed by the 5 Knuckle shuffle and another two count. Cena then begins to pound on Brock in the corner, but Lesnar fights back. Cena goes for a clothesline, but Lesnar ducks and goes for an F5, but Cena blocks the move, and hits an FU. 1...2...Heyman pulls out the referee and nails the referee with a stiff right hand.
Cena is irate and is ready to go after Heyman, but Lesnar takes Cena from behind and hitís a German suplex. He covers Cena, but Heyman punched the referee moments before. Lesnar gets back up and begins to pound and stomp on Cena. He gets him up into the F5 position, but delivers multiple rib-breakers instead. He tells Heyman to revive the referee, as Lesnar gets a monitor. He levels Cena with it and eventually gets a long two count from the groggy referee. Lesnar goes for another monitor shot, but Cena ducks and hitís the DDT on Brock. Cena grabs the monitor and takes down Lesnar with an almighty shot. Cena gets the cover, 1...2...LESNAR GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Cena is shocked. He signals for the FU, but Heyman jumps on the apron. Cena grabs him and just as he is about to throw him in, Lesnar attacks Cena. He hitís a side suplex on Cena. He then applies the bear hug on Cena. After a minute, the referee lifts the left arm of Cena. It drops twice. As the referee lifts the arm for the third and final time, it stays up. Cena fights out of the submission and bounces off the ropes, but he is met by a spine buster from Brock. 1...2...Kick Out from Cena!!
Lesnar orders Heyman to get him the ring bell. He then hits Cena square in the eyes with the weapon. 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Lesnar shakes his head and begins to hit Cena with a number of elbows. 1...2...KICK OUT!! He then stalks Cena, setting him up for the F5. Cena fights out of the move, and rolls up Lesnar for a two count. Lesnar jumps right back up and goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks and hitís a spine buster. 1...2...LESNAR KICKS OUT!! Cena brings Lesnar to the outside, and hitís a clothesline. He then gets a table out. Cena sets it up in the ring but Heyman tries to stop him. Cena grabs Heyman and sets him up for the FU, but Lesnar saves his manager with a clothesline.
He helps Heyman to his feet, and to the outside. Then as he turns to Cena, he is clocked with a chair shot from the Dr. of Thuganomics. The crowd goes wild as Lesnar falls to the ground. Cena does the ďYou canít see me tauntĒ to the fans delight before hitting Paul Heyman with a baseball slide. He then hits Lesnar with an FU, he gets the cover, 1.Ö2.ÖVINCE MC MAHON FROM NOWHERE, PULLS CENA OUT OF THE RING.
Cena is irate. He stares at Vince and then chases him around the ring, McMahon runs into the ring, followed by Cena, but this leads Cena into the trap of Brock Lesnar. He runs straight into an F5. 1.Ö2.ÖCENA KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar looks to Vince and tells him to get in the ring. McMahon and Lesnar pound on Cena, and Lesnar covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM CENA AGAIN!!! Lesnar is irate. He grabs the referee and in anger, delivers an F5. He picks up Cenaís steel chain and looks at Vince. They stand face to face and nod at each other. As they do this, they donít notice that Cena has recovered. He crawls underneath both men and hitís a double low blow. He gets to his feet, but Paul Heyman has re-entered the ring with the chair, and hits Cena from behind. He along with Vince and Brock begin a three on one assault on Cena, thenÖ..Bret Hartís music hits and crowd goes nuts for the Canadian hero for the biggest pop of the night. He sprints to the ring with a steel chair of his own and hits Heyman, Lesnar and McMahon. He throws Heyman to the outside and applies the Sharpshooter!! Heyman taps furiously.
Meanwhile, in the ring, John Cena picks up the chain and hits Vince with the weapon. He turns around and is met by Lesnar, who gets Cena up for the F5. Cena reverses and hitís the FU. He makes the cover but there is no referee, Bret jumps into the ring and makes the count, 1...2...3!!!!! CENA WINS!! CENA WINS!!
He and Bret celebrate in the ring and shake hands. Vince, Paul and Brock help each other out of the arena, as Bret and Cena begin the ďNa na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, GOODBYEĒ chants to which the crowd joins in as Vince can no longer appear on Smackdown as stipulated in the contract.

A promo airs promoting WrestleMania XXI, which will be from Ford Field in Detroit on March 27th 2005.

Backstage, Chris Jericho congratulates Chris Benoit on his victory tonight. Benoit thanks him and tells him to make it two for two tonight for the Canadians tonight.

Ric Flair and Batista assure Randy Orton that tonight, Chris Jericho doesnít stand a chance.

We then see Booker T and Goldust make their way backstage for the Tag title match up next.

(The rest of the PPV is on the next post)

7th Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian vs. Booker T and Goldust
Overview: E&C enter first. Book& Goldy then enter and all four begin with a brawl, with Booker and Goldust on top. E&C then try to walk out of the match, but they are chased by the challengers and they fight at the entrance way. Booker & Goldust get the better of the fight and bring Edge and Christian back to the ring so the match can officially begin.
Edge and Goldust start things out. They go punch for punch, with Goldust on top. He hitís a neck breaker and then gets a cover, but Edge kicks out at two. He scurries to make a tag to Christian. He runs a Goldust but is nailed with a clothesline. Goldust tags Booker. He begins to pound on Christian in the corner with chops and punches. He hitís a sidekick and then a top rope missile dropkick. He goes for a Book End, but Christian fights out and hitís a suplex. Two count only. He bounces of the ropes, but is met by an arm drag from Booker for a two count.
Both men then make the tag, and immediately, Goldust hits Edge with a power slam for another two count. He whips Edge to the ropes, but this is reversed, and as Goldust hitís the ropes, Christian hitís a sneaky knee to the back of Goldust. Edge hitís the Buzz Killer and begins to take control of Goldust. He works on the back and sternum with gut busters and hard suplexes. He gets a few near falls on Goldust and then begins to make frequent tags with Christian. During this period, both E&C taunt Booker a number of times, and he tries to get in the ring. Each time though, he is stopped by the referee, and as the refereeís back is turned, E&C make an illegal double team attack on Goldust.
E&C taunt Booker again, and again he tries to get in the ring, but again he is stopped by the referee. E&C attempt a double team, but Goldust reverses and Christian goes out of the ring. Both Goldust and Edge go for a clothesline on each other and both go down. Goldust crawls to make the tag to Booker, but just as he is about to, Christian distracts the referee, so he doesnít see the tag. Booker runs in but is stopped by the referee as he didnít see the tag. E&C again illegally double team Goldust as the ref is distracted. Christian tags in and attempts to hit the Unprettier on Goldust, but he reverses and hitís a DDT. Both men are down. They crawl to the opposite corners and both make the tag. Booker cleans house, taking out both of the tag team champions.
Book and Goldust make a few double team manoeuvres on E&C. Trish then runs to the ring but is chased by Goldust. He catches her, but Christian attacks Goldust from behind. At this stage, the referee is distracted by the goings on from the outside, so Edge takes advantage and tries to hit Booker T with the title belt. Booker ducks and cradles Edge, the referee takes a few moments to realise and makes the count, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Booker is irate with the referee for not making the count earlier, Christian then comes from behind and goes for the Unprettier, but Goldust stops him. Book and Goldy go for a double suplex, but as the get Christian in the air, Edge hitís the spear on Booker, and Christian reverses on Goldust into a small package, 1...2...KICK OUT!! E&C then attempt a double team on Booker T with Edge up top. However, Goldust pushes Edge off the top and he inadvertently hits Christian in the nuts. Booker then hitís the scissors kick on Edge as Christian rolls out. He gets the cover, 1...2...TRISH PULLS THE REFEREE OUT!!! Christian then pulls out Goldust and nails him with the ring bell. Edge hitís a low blow on Booker. E&C then grab two chairs and brings them to the ring. The referee tries to turn around to get back in the ring, so Trish stops him by planting a lip lock as Edge and Christian nail Booker with the Conchairto. Trish tells the ref to get in the ring to make the count, 1...2...3!! Edge and Christian retain! They grab the belts and quickly get out with Trish before Booker and Goldust get back to their feet.

Evolution wish Orton good luck before he leaves.

Orton - Jericho Video Package

8th Match: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
Overview: Both men circle ring. Orton looks across at Jericho and laughs. They then tie up. Jericho goes behind, and grapples Orton to the ground. He rides Orton on the ground and toys around with him. Orton is irate. He takes a breather and then they circle the ring again. They tie up and Jericho gets a headlock, he then rolls up Orton and gets a two. They both get up, and Orton gets a cradle, but is reversed by Jericho they then trade near falls, countering each other every time for two counts. Eventually they break up to a huge response from the crowd. The arena fills with Y2J chants.
They tie up again and Orton gets a headlock. They grapple, and Orton applies the headlock again. Y2J fights out. He comes off the ropes and hitís a flying forearm to Orton. He gets a cover, but Randy kicks out at two. They both come off the ropes, Jericho ducks a clothesline from Orton, and then Orton ducks one from Jericho, but the next time, Orton hitís a dropkick. When Jericho gets up, Orton nails him with a clothesline for a two count. Orton then stomps at Jericho, and then hitís a slam. He goes up top for a cross body, but he is caught on the way down by Jericho. Jericho hitís a rib breaker for the cover, 1...2...Orton kicks out.
Orton then rolls out of the ring for a break. Jericho tries to follow, but he is stopped by the referee. Orton then gets on the apron, and Jericho jumps to the top rope, and hitís a springboard dropkick on the champion.
Jericho then follows Orton to the outside, and works on the Evolution member. He bounces his head onto the steps, and then a suplex onto the mat. He brings Orton back into the ring, and hits another suplex, followed by a two count. Jericho picks up Orton again and attempts another suplex, but Orton blocks it twice, before hitting a jawbreaker. Both men are down and the referee begins a count. He reaches three before each man begins to stir. The referee gets to five before they are back up. They then go punch for punch in the middle of the ring Orton blocks a punch from Jericho and then hitís a DDT. He gets a two count only. He then hitís a neck breaker on Jericho, before beginning to work on the head area of Jericho. He stomps on his head, and then applies a number of sleeper holds, and then a camel clutch. Jericho makes the ropes, but Orton goes right back to work on the neck before applying a rear chin lock. Eventually, Jericho fights out, and then nails an arm drag, followed by a backdrop. He then jumps to the top rope, and hits Orton with a reverse elbow. He then goes for a Lionsault, but Orton moves just in time, and then nails Jericho with a flapjack.
Orton whips Y2J off the ropes and lowers his head in anticipation for his return, but Jericho has it scouted and gets an inside cradle for a two count. Orton jumps up and punches Jericho back down to the ground. He whips Jericho off the ropes again, and attempts a dropkick, but Jericho holds the ropes, meaning Orton falls straight to the ground, Jericho takes advantage by getting a pin with a bridge, but Orton kicks out at two again. The two men slug it out again in the middle of the ring, this time with Jericho on top. He comes off the ropes and hitís a flying forearm.
Jericho starts to get control over the match, and begins to work on Orton. He hitís a number of elbows to Ortonís leg and stomps on his leg also. Jericho then tries to apply the Walls of Jericho, but Orton fights out. He gets up and runs at Jericho, but Jericho hitís a drop toe hold with Orton going into the ropes. Jericho then plays to the crowd, and hits a knee to the back. Orton bounces off the ropes and straight into an Enziguri kick from the challenger. He gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Jericho then hitís an Atomic drop, followed a clothesline.
Jericho goes up top, but out of nowhere Flair runs in. He attempts to pull Y2J off the rope, but he is punched to the ground. Jericho then hitís a dropkick to Orton from the top. He covers Orton, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN. Y2J is shocked. He picks up Orton again and punches him back down. Flair then jumps on the apron and complains to the referee that Y2J used a closed fist. Jericho is distracted also, and turns his back to Orton. This gives the Legend Killer time to roll to the outside and pick up a chair. He hits Jericho with it in the knee. Orton then looks to the Nature Boy and they smile to each other. Orton grabs the leg of Jericho and cranks at it. He then does the Nature Boy strut before applying the Figure Four to the challenger. Jericho relentlessly claws to make the ropes. Eventually he does but Orton immediately drags him back to the middle of the ring and tries to lock it in again, but this time, Jericho kicks him away. Jericho then hitís a DDT to the champion. 1...2...KICK OUT!! Jericho gets up again, but Flair again gets on the apron. This distracts Jericho, and this gives Orton a chance to attack Jericho from behind again, with a Russian Leg Sweep. He then sets up Jericho for an RKO, but as he attempts it, Jericho counters and hitís the Breakdown. 1...2...Flair puts Ortonís foot on the rope.
Jericho then grabs Flair by the hair and knocks him off the apron with a stinging right hand. Jericho then goes to hit a clothesline on Orton but Randy ducks and as Jericho turns around again, he is met by an RKO. Orton gets the cover, 1...2...JERICHO KICKS OUT. This gets a huge response from the crowd. Orton then goes up top for a cross body, but Y2J moves out of the way. He then hitís a Bulldog on him and hitís the Lionsault. He hits Flair again before getting a cover, 1.Ö2.ÖORTON KICKS OUT!!! Jericho then sets up Orton in the corner for a splash, but as he goes for it, Orton pulls the referee in front of himself, and Jericho hitís the referee instead. Batista then runs down, setting up a three on one attack on Jericho. They hit a triple power bomb, and continue the assault. Then out of nowhere, the crowd goes nuts, as Mick Foley sprints to the ring with a chair in hand. He hits Flair, then Batista, then Orton with the chair. He then makes the Socko signal to a HUGE pop. He pulls it out and applies the Mandible Claw to Orton. Flair runs in to make the save, but he walks right into the Claw, and Foley brings him to the outside.
Jericho crawls onto Orton for the cover. The referee stirs and slowly makes the count, 1.Ö..2.Ö..ORTON KICKS OUT!!! Batista then gets back in. He grabs Jericho, but Y2J nails a low blow, and then a Breakdown, but as he turns around, Orton goes for the RKO. Jericho pushes him away, and ducks a clothesline before applying the Walls of Jericho. Randy tries to make the ropes but struggles, and eventually he has had to much pain and has no choice but to TAP OUT!!!!! Jericho is announced as the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, CHRIS JERICHO!! The Toronto crowd goes wild for the new champion, as Evolution scarper up the ramp. All three are irate, as Foley holds up the arm of Chris Jericho.

Another trailer airs for Clash of the Champions from Long Island on September 12th.

Howard Finkel then announces that tonights attendance is 69,121. A NEW attendance record for WWE at Sky Dome!

J.R and King talk about every thing that they have seen tonight, and say that it has been a SummerSlam to remember, but now itís time to send it down to Michael Cole and Tazz, for what promises to be a classic showdown in the main event.
Michael Cole and Tazz thank their RAW colleagues and then talk about the main event. Cole asks Tazz for his Keyís to victory. First he gives his keys to victory for Goldberg:
1) Stay vertical
2) Power and strength
3) Avoid the Ankle Lock.

He then gives his keys to victory for Angle:
1) Wrestle Goldberg to the mat
2) Technique and skill
3) Avoid the Spear as it leads to the Jackhammer.

We are then shown a video package building up the main event.

Main Event: WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg
Overview: Both men go face to face in the centre of the ring. The crowd is split between the two with chants for Angle and Goldberg. Both back away and the bell rings. They lock up, and they struggle around the ring, but eventually, Goldberg shoves Angle to the corner. This gets another mixed response of booís and cheers from the crowd. Angle gets to his feet and they lock up again. This time, Angle wrestles Bill to the mat. He applies a headlock, but Goldberg gets his foot on the ropes. They then get up and stare across the ring at each other. The both walk toward the middle of the ropes and begin a war of words. They go punch for punch and Goldberg gets the better of the exchange. He hitís a double arm suplex and a cover, 1...2..Angle kicks out. Goldberg then stomps on Angle in the corner. He goes for a Military Press Slam, but Angle rolls through, and gets a roll up, 1...2.Goldberg kicks out. Goldberg bounces up, but runs right into an Arm Drag from Kurt. Goldberg bounces up again, but this time, he runs into a Belly to Belly from Angle. 1..2..Goldberg kicks out. Angle stomps on Goldberg, and drops a number of elbows. He hits another Belly to Belly, 1...2...Goldberg kicks out again.
Angle then wears down Goldberg by applying a front face lock. After around 25 seconds, Goldberg begins to power out, and rams Angle into the corner, followed by a number of shoulder thrusts. He whips Angle to the other corner. He whips him with such velocity that Angle bounces out of the corner and straight into a Press Slam from Goldberg into a Spinebuster. Goldberg then signals for the Spear, but as he goes for it, Angle hitís a drop toe hold into the Ankle Lock. Goldberg is too close to the ropes and quickly makes it for the hold to be broken.
Angle then stomps on the Ankle of Goldberg and takes him down. Angle then locks in a leg lock on the challenger. Bill soon makes the ropes, but the damage is being done to the Ankle. Angle stomps on the Ankle again, but Goldberg fights back with a number of right hands. Goldberg looks to be taking control again, but Angle kicks him in the ankle again. Goldberg rolls out of the ring to try and shake the injury off, but he is followed by Angle. The champion works on the challengers ankle on the outside, ramming it off the steel steps and on the floor. He brings Goldberg back into the ring and grabs for the ankle, but Goldberg reverses and kicks Angle out of the ring. Goldberg takes this rest to try and shake off the injury, but Angle immediately runs back in to go for the ankle, but Goldberg punches him down. Goldberg goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks, and hitís a German Suplex. He holds on and then hits another. He gets a cover, 1...2...Goldberg barely kicks out! Angle then hitís a side suplex and then goes up top for a Moonsault. He goes for it, but Goldberg gets his knees up.
Both men struggle to get to their feet, but Goldberg gets up first. He whips Angle of the ropes, and hitís a big clothesline. He then goes for another Press Slam, but his ankle, buckles. Angle then takes advantage. He waits for Goldberg to stand, and then hitís a chop block before applying the Ankle Lock. Goldberg screams in pain. He tries to kick Angle away, but Angle ducks and brings him further from the ropes. Goldberg then claws toward the ropes, but Angle pulls him away from them. Goldberg again tries to kick Angle away but Angle brings him into the centre of the ring. Goldberg then tries to roll through, but this only brings right into the centre of the ring.
Goldberg looks set to tap, but in one last gigantic push, he makes the ropes. Angle reluctantly lets go. Angle then goes for the Angle Slam, but Goldberg fights out. Goldberg goes for a hip toss, but Kurt rolls through, he ducks a clothesline from Goldberg and hitís the Angle Slam. 1...2...GOLDBERG KICKS OUT!! Angle then gets the Ankle Lock on Goldberg, but this time, Goldberg cradles the champion, 1...2..Kick Out. Angle runs at Goldberg, straight into a side walk slam.
Goldberg then sets Angle up for the Spear. He runs at Angle, but Kurt kicks him in the head. Angle goes for the slam, but Goldberg rolls through and hits Angle with the Spear. He then signals for the Jackhammer. He gets Angle up and holds him for around 15 seconds to a huge cheer from the crowd. He hitís the move and gets the cover, 1.Ö2.Ö3!!!!! GOLDBERG WINS!!!! Goldberg is given the belt. He celebrates in each corner with the title as he is announced as the NEW WWE CHAMPION!! The show goes off the air with Michaels Cole and Tazz saying this is just the beginning of Goldbergís dominance of SmackDown. They then say that this has been the greatest SummerSlam of all time as the show goes off the air.


Please rate the show. What did you like, or not like. Please let me know, all your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

I will be taking a week or so to rest now before posting RAW, so there will be no RAW or Smackdown this week, I think I deserve a rest. I hope you all enjoyed the show. I will be back next week.

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OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! That was AMAZING WOLF BEAST! TERRIFIC, BRILLIANT, Whatever, it was the best thing I have ever read. Not one match was poor, and each had its own style. Here is a detailed review for each match.

U.S Title;
Regal vs. Benoit vs. Guerrero;
Great way to kick off the event. The best triple threat I have ever read, and I personally would love to see it happen. I was off to a good start as I predicted Benoit to win, and he came through. This match would have the crowd going nuts right from the outset, and got the crowd in the mood with a Canadian winner. 9.5/10

Womens Title;
Trish vs. Gail Kim;
Slowed things down a bit, but was also well placed on the card, as it brings the crowd back down after a great opener. A top class womenís match, telling a great story. I was rolling after predicting the winner here again also. I suspect that the feud isnít over yet, but time will tell. 8/10

Hardcore Title;
Rhyno vs. RVD;
I expected this one to be further down the card, but was justified to be put in the position it was. Probobly the biggest shocker of the night, as for the winner in the match. I really didnít expect Rhyno to win it, but full marks again, it6 was just like an ECW style match, and I loved it from start to finish. Iím loving the push being given to Rhyno here, as he is very underated. This was my first incorrect prediction of the night, but I really didnít mind, as it means Rhyno is elevated, but RVD doesnít lose any credibility either, well done. 9/10

Kanyon vs. Rey Mysterio;
I was expecting this to be the opening match, but again, itís been well justified in the position it is in. It was a short breather for the crowd just before two huge matches. I was actually surprised with how well you done this match. I was shocked again for the winner being Kanyon, I was really expecting Rey to get the win. I guess this keeps the feud going for another month now. Good match. 8.5/10

1st Blood Match;
HBK vs. Kane;
WOW!! This was one hell of a match, from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat for the most part. Really loved it. I predicted that Kane would win via interference, but I am really glad that there was no interference here. The match told a story here, great finish, climax, and is definitely joint match of the night in my opinion. 10/10

No Holds Barred;
Lesnar vs. Cena;
Another MOTN contender!! You surpassed yourself in this PPV, and this match is definitely one of the best. I was well out on my prediction of Bret screwing Cena, but again Iím glad. Seeing Bret complete his face turn brought my hairs stand on end. It was that special. Brilliant story told again. This should give Cena a huge push but I wonder where both men will go from here. And also what will become of Vince after this. I guess this means you are doing a great job, when we are still asking questions when we expected to find the answers. Another joint match of the night. 10/10

Tag Titles;
E&C vs. BlackGold
Was really only going to be a filler match when it is placed at this point of the card. Wasnít bad, and had a good tempo. Not sure what to think of Edge, Christian and Trish all retaining, but I guess there is a reason for it. Not bad, but because of itís positioning, it was never going to be classic. 7.5/10

World Title:
Orton vs. Jericho
I liked how you had an emphasis on this match throughout the night, with Flair and Batista banned, and seeing all of those involved throughout the night. The match was also excellent, and another MOTN contender. Again, it told a great story, and fitted in well with the matches WWE have nowadays. Great finish with the Foley run in, and still didnít take away from the Y2J win. This now sets up a Orton - Foley match in the near future, cant wait for that. But who will be Jerichoís next feud, maybe HHH when he returns? 10/10

WWE Title;
Angle vs. Goldberg;
What a main event. Worthy of WM. Definitely Goldbergs best match ever! You surpassed yourself with the build up alone. I also liked how you included the keys to victory, like Tazz would do. As before, you told a brilliant story for the match, which actually included the Keys to victory. Great finish, great PPV, 10/10

What a PPV it was. Also, I like the idea for Clash of the Champions next month, plus your idea to hold WM in a stadium rather than Staples Centre. Iím already looking forward to that one!!

MOTN: Geeez, itís hard to call, but I think I will go with Cena vs. Lesnar, as it elevates Cena, turns Bret face, and sets up all sorts of possibilities in the future.
Effort: 10/10
Matches: 10/10
Overall: The greatest PPV EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH YEAHHHH!!! Great PPV WB!! But I gotta say this, YN2004, you stole my words.I aint complaining though. Great PPV.
I'll increase the details laterz coz i really have to go somewhere and then I will do detailed reviews of the matches.
Great Show WB!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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very very good man excellent show but what i dont get is that mick foley said flair and batsita were banned from ringside but they were both there o well. fantastic show 10/10

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Yeah. They were banned from ringside, but near the end of the match, they interfered, leading to Mick Foley's run in. Glad you guys have enjoyed the PPV, I hope I get some more replies.
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Well, I said I would do a detailed review, here it is:

1. Benoit v Eddie v Regal
A great opening match and very well booked. It was one of the best triple threat matches *IMO*. Good to see Benoit winning.

2. Gail v Trish
A nice match, I'm not usually a fan of women's wrestling but then again this match was also very interesting to read and for a moment I thought Gail would pick up the win but I guess that wasnt to be.

3. Rhyno v RVD
First surprise of the night for me. Seeing RVD lose in a very very excellent match. I really enjoyed this match. I guess this feud might have a long way to go still.

4. Kanyon v Mysterio
Nice decent match. Again, another shocker, seeing Kanyon winning, looks like this feud hasnt ended here.

5. Shawn v Kane
One of the best matches of the night. It really surprised me to see Shawn not bleeding this time but always bleeds (LOL!). But thats WWE!
I really liked the ending to the match, I can even picture it when Triple H tasted it in the same position in the same event in 2002. Good to see Shawn winning this one and I hope he gets into some terrific feud like this one, same goes for Kane.

6. Cena v Lesnar
Another MOTN contendor. Really well booked. A lot of Heyman distractions but I guess that's the type of slimeball he is. Good to see Bret back in business as a face and possible feud with Vince. Interesting to see what you'll do with Vince.

7. E&C v Booker T/Goldust
Thought it would be the 3rd or 4th match of the night but it was still good though. It was a good match, with some good spots like Edge spearing Booker T and the finish was also well though out, the conchairto shot was a good idea too.

8. Orton v Jericho
Another nice technical based match. Nice way of the interference and was good to see Foley come out too. Possible Orton-Foley or maybe even Orton-HHH feud with HHH blaming Orton for losing the title. Nice to see Jericho champion again.

9. Angle v Goldberg
FINALLY....Goldberg wins the title in his BEST match so far because that's the only match I read where he has used more than 3 or 4 moves.
Nice ending to the match also and it will be good how you Goldberg's domination on SD now!

Overall, A classic PPV, better than the one in 2002! Great Matches with Great Stories and Great Endings.
MOTN: Shawn Michaels v Kane, probably because HBK was in it and he won.
Best Moment of the night: Bret officially turning face and helping Cena.

I really am anxious for your next PPV which is somewhat unique, RAW v SMACKDOWN. Clash of the Champions will be off the hook.

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Jeez, that was fantastic, l liked the part where Bret Returned..good stuff.
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That was amazing show. Your amazing and your shows kick ass. I really liked the Cena - Lesnar match!

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