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It just gets better and better!! In my opinion, you are definately the best writer on these pages, how you get two top quality shows each week is beyond me. Just cant tell if Goldberg and Angle are both faces or what. Seems like Angle is more heel in this feud. Cena and Lesnars feud looks to be hitting a final showdown at SummerSlam and I am picking it to be a show stealer. Your shows are really the only reason I even come to these pages nowadays, I am so pumped for SummerSlam. I am now seriously counting down the minutes until RAW!!!(WHICH BY THE WAY HAS GOT ONE HELL OF A MATCH THIS WEEK WITH FOLEY AS REF!!just noticed that LOL)
P.s. Thanks for picking Kutless for the event music, even though I was the only one to make a suggestion!
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(Thanks again for the replies guys as usual. Yes Angle is also supposed to be a face, but I realise he is coming across as the heel. Oh well, anyways this is a preview for this weeks RAW)

Last week on Raw, Mick Foley reached boiling point. After another cheap victory earned by Randy Orton, Foley decided to sign a tag match for this weeks main event - Randy Orton & Batista vs Jericho & Maven.....with special guest referee, MICK FOLEY! How will Randy Orton react to this news, and can Mick Foley stay impartial.

Shawn Michaels exacted revenge last week on bitter rival, Kane by busting his long time foe open just two weeks from SummerSlam. Both men are scheduled to appear on RAW this week. Will there be a final showdown before this huge match at SummerSlam?

Booker T & Goldust are rolling going into the event. Last week they made the tag team champions look foolish, firstly Booker T defeated Christian in a Strap Match, then Goldust kissed Trish. This week Booker T and Goldust will team with the #1 contender for the Womens Title at SummerSlam, Gail Kim to take on the trio of Edge, Christian and Trish. Who will get the last laugh heading into SummerSlam?

Also, RVD will be in action as he is just 6 days away from challenging Rhyno for the Hardcore Title at SummerSlam. Rhyno has been on a roll lately on Raw, and RVD has been his main target, will their be another confrontation between the two as we head to the event this Sunday.

In other action, Matt Hardy will defend the Intercontinental Title against Sting this week. These two have not seen eye to eye recently on Heat, and after Sting picked up a Non- Title win last week on heat, he has a shot at taking the gold on RAW!

Confirmed Matches:
Randy Orton & Batista vs Chris Jericho & Maven
w/ Special Guest Referee, RAW GM Mick Foley

Booker T, Goldust and Gail Kim vs Edge, Christian and Trish

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs Sting

RVD will also be in action this week

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RAW : 16th August 2004; Detroit:

Opening Video

J.R: We are only six days away from SummerSlam!! And tonight we are gonna be getting ready for the hottest event of the Summer with a huge main event.
King: It’s gonna be Evolution’s Batista and World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho and Maven, with Raw General Manager, Mick Foley as the guest referee.
J.R: That’s right King, there is a lot of combustible elements in that match, and with this being Raw, you never know what will happen!

Evolution’s music hits

King: Well J.R look. It’s Evolution!
J.R: And they look like have something to get off their chest!

Orton takes the microphone first. He talks about how sick he is of being picked on by Mick Foley. He recalls everything they have been through ever since June 2003 to today. He then accuses Foley of being jealous of Orton’s success. He says that Foley wishes he could have been more like Orton when he was younger. He says Foley wished he had Orton’s looks, body, charisma, talent, and above all else, he is jealous that Orton didn’t have to mutilate his body just to make a name for himself in the business.
Batista then talks. He says that Foley better call tonight’s match right down the middle or there will be a lot of trouble coming his way.
Batista gives the microphone to Flair, who gets a huge WOOO from the Detroit crowd. He says that and the rest of Evolution are ready to take matters into their own hands if Foley gets on their wrong side one more time.
Then Jericho’s music hits. He enters to a huge pop. He starts off by telling Evolution to “Pleaseee, would you shut the hell up!!” This gets a huge cheer, followed by Y2J chants.
Orton takes the mic from Flair and tells Jericho to just walk away, because right now he is talking the talk, but at SummerSlam when the Heavyweight Title is up for grabs, he wont walk the walk.
Jericho, disagrees. He says that nothing will stop him taking Orton all the way, down town to China town in Toronto, and if either Flair or Batista want to try and stop him, he will make sure that they will never, EVVVVERR, be the same - Orton cut in. He says Jericho has all the one liners, all the jokes, all the catchphrases, but there is one thing he will never have, the World Heavyweight Title.


We see the arrival of GM Mick Foley to the Joe Louis arena.

J.R and King talk about the next match, Matt Hardy vs. Sting for the Intercontinental Title. They show a number of clips from recent weeks on Heat involving altercations between the two. These included, Matt retaining in a triple threat against Sting and Test, then the two fighting among themselves in a tag match against Mack and Jordan, then last week, Sting defeated Matt in a non title match.

1st Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Sting
Finish: Both men go at it from the outset. Matt gets the early momentum with a side effect, and then goes to work on Stings neck. Sting gets back into the match with a DDT. He then works on the leg of Matt Hardy. He applies the Deathlock, but Hardy makes the ropes. Sting then goes for a dropkick, but Matt moves and hit’s the referee instead. Matt then hit’s the Twist of Fate, but there is no referee to make the count. Matt revives the referee, but as he turns back to Sting, he is cradled and the referee makes the three count for the victory, and new IC Champion.


We are shown a clip from earlier today between Gail Kim and Women’s champion, Trish Stratus.

Interview with Shawn Michaels. He is asked about his first blood match against Kane at SummerSlam. He says that really there is little he can say know as it is really time for talking to end and time for blood - Kane’s blood, to be shed.

Evolution talk in their locker room about tonight’s match. They say that tonight, Jericho’s recent run of luck will come to an ugly end.

2nd Match: 6 Person Inter Gender Tag Match:
Booker T, Goldust & Gail Kim vs. Edge, Christian and Trish Stratus
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Trish will defend her Women’s Title at SummerSlam, and Edge and Christian will defend the tag belts against Booker T and Goldust at the PPV.)
Finish: Book, Goldust and Gail control most of the early going, until Booker tags Gail. She goes at it with Trish, coming out on top, but when she comes off the ropes, Edge pulls her down by the hair. From there, the Canadian trio dominate Gail. Eventually, they make a mistake, allowing Gail to tag Goldust. He and Booker clean house as the match turns into utter chaos. Goldust hits Shattered dreams on Christian while the referee is distracted, but Trish breaks the cover. Goldust grabs her and looks to the crowd. They cheer for him to kiss her again, but Edge breaks it with a Spear. Booker runs in, but Edge hit’s a low blow which goes undetected by the referee. He chucks him to the outside, leaving Gail on her own. She tries to get out of the ring, but Edge stops he and throws her to Christian who plants her with an Unprettier. Trish makes the cover, and gets the win. They continue the assault afterwards, but Booker and Goldust save her from a beating, and Edge, Christian & Trish high tail through the crowd, as Book and Goldy help Gail to her feet.

Backstage, Mick Foley gets his referee shirt prepared for later.


We return with an interview with Rob Van Dam. He says that Rhyno may be a sadistic animal and may be making a tear through RAW recently but because of the pain that RVD has suffered, he is going to make sure that this Sunday at SummerSlam, to get a new name ready for the Hardcore Title, and that name is, Rob Van Dam. Rhyno enters. He asks RVD how his ribs feel. He says that he hopes RVD can heal in time for SummerSlam, because tonight, he will be beaten like the dog he is. Rhyno walks off as RVD stands with a stern look on his face.

Edge, Christian and Trish celebrate the beating they just laid on the three SUCKAAAASSSS! In the ring moments ago, and this Sunday, it will be same again for the weirdo’s and Gail, because, Booker and Goldust just don’t compare, and Gail just isn’t in Trish’s league.

3rd Match:
Rob Van Dam & Steven Richards vs. Rhyno & Matt Morgan
(During the entrances, we are reminded that Rhyno will defend the Hardcore Title against RVD at SummerSlam, and we are also shown clips of Rhyno’s recent attacks on both RVD and Richards.)
Finish: RVD and Steven both go right after Rhyno from the start, completely ignoring Morgan. Morgan attacks both from behind, and immediately he and Rhyno have the advantage. They soon go to work on RVD’s ribs, but he fights back and soon makes the tag to Richards. Steven goes at both Morgan and Rhyno, but soon he is overpowered, and they isolate him from RVD. Eventually, RVD makes the hot tag, and attacks Rhyno and throws Morgan out of the ring. He goes at it one on one with the man beast, and RVD comes out on top. He hit’s a spinning heel kick, but Matt breaks the pin. Richards then comes after Morgan taking him to the outside, leaving Rhyno and RVD again.
Rhyno goes for the Gore, but RVD leapfrog’s him and hit’s a side kick. He goes up top and nails a 5 Star. He gets the win over Rhyno and heads into SummerSlam with a lot of momentum. Rhyno scampers out of the ring and leaves the ringside area as RVD salutes the crowd with the RVD thumb salute.

Randy Orton goes to Mick Foley’s office. He goes face to face with the GM and tells him it’s OK to be jealous of him, but asks Foley not to pick on him just because he is twice the athlete Foley ever was, twice the champion he ever was, twice as popular as Foley was, in fact, twice the man Foley EVER was! Foley goes nuts. He asks Orton if he has any respect or any dignity for this business. He says Orton may be a better athlete than him but he will never be a better champion, unless champions get viewed on how many cheap victories they have obtained, then Orton could write the book on being a great champion. And if Orton is ever more popular than him, then it will be a sad day for this sport. He then grabs Orton and tells him that if he seriously thinks that he is twice the man he is then he has got some serious issues. Orton backs off. Foley then tells him that if he came here to talk some crap about being screwed out of his match tonight, then to save it. He says that he will referee the match right down the middle, but if Evolution steps out of line, he will have no hesitation in taking matters into his own hands.


Summer Slam Classic: HBK defeats HHH in a Non- Sanctioned match, his first in four years.

Kane comes to the ring. He calls out Michaels to come face to face in the ring. HBK enters. They go face to face in the ring. Kane laughs in the face of HBK. He says that last week, HBK may have bust him open, but this Sunday, Kane will make Shawn bleed and once he makes him the bleed, he will not stop there. He will make sure that HBK will not be able to break any hearts anymore, he will make sure that- Michaels interrupts. He tells Kane that he has heard all this crap before from bigger and badder guys, and don’t think for a second that he is buying this crap from Kane. Kane shakes his head. He says that that is the only opportunity he needs, the only weakness he needs. He says that HBK doesn’t buy his promises, well he isn’t selling them, they are the truth, they are exactly what he will do to HBK, and what really excites him is that HBK doesn’t think it will happen. He laughs and then walks away from the ring. HBK stays in the ring and looks on at Kane who is still smiling.


Nowinski interview. He talks about not being given much recognition since his return, but that doesn’t matter, because he will make an example of Raven tonight. He then makes fun of Raven.

4th Match:
Raven vs. Christopher Nowinski
Finish: Raven beats on Nowinski from the start. He attacks him around the ringside area, and eventually the match officially begins. He continues the assault, working on the leg of Nowinski. He looks set to finish off Nowinski early, but out of nowhere, Molly Holly runs to the ring. She distracts Raven. He grabs her by the hair, but Nowinski saves her with a forearm to the back of Raven, then a School boy. He grabs the tights and picks up the win. He and Molly, quickly run up the ramp and to the back as Raven looks shocked in the ring.

Jericho talks with Maven. They say they will win tonight and Jericho will defeat Orton at SummerSlam.

RVD is making his way backstage, getting ready to leave the arena, but out of nowhere, Rhyno Gores him through a door. Rhyno stands over him and says that he told him he would make sure he would be beaten like the dog he is, and this Sunday, he will make sure that this dog gets put down for good.


We return with a SummerSlam preview for the RAW side from King and J.R.

Main Event:
Randy Orton & Batista w/Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho & Maven
with special guest referee; GM Mick Foley
Finish: The match is a very even contest throughout, with Foley calling the contest right down the middle. Orton and Batista eventually isolate Maven from Jericho, and they work on his back. Eventually, he hits an inziguri on Orton and crawls to Jericho to make a tag, but Flair pulls Jericho off the apron, and therefore is unable to make the tag. Foley immediately sends Flair away from ringside. Both Flair and Evolution are irate at this decision. Orton and Batista both get in the face of Foley. However, Maven takes advantage and hit’s a double dropkick on the two Evolution members. He makes the tag to Jericho and he cleans house. He is soon in the ring alone with Orton. Orton tries to get out of the ring, but Jericho grabs him and brings him back in. Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho, but just as Orton is ready to tap, Batista makes the save. He goes for a Powerbomb on Jericho, but Y2J counters into a DDT. Orton then hits Y2J with the RKO. He gets his feet on the ropes, but Foley refuses to count. Orton argues with him and Foley explains why he didn’t count. Orton accepts and Foley turns away. Orton then pulls Foley back around and nails the RKO on the GM. He then grabs the title belt and levels Y2J with it.
The match ends in a no contest as Orton and Batista walk out, leaving both Foley and Jericho laying in the ring.
The show ends with the two members of Evolution standing at the top of the ramp holding up the World Heavyweight Title as Jericho and Foley are out in the ring.


Any thoughts on the show? Hope you are looking forward to Summer Slam , this SUNDAY!! Plus Smack down will be posted on Wednesday.
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WOWWWWWW!!! What a way to lead into SummerSlam. I really cant wait for it. Every match is shaping up really well and there are some that could be good enough for the history books. Especially cant wait for HBK - Kane, Orton - Y2J, Tag titles and Womens title, not forgetting Hardcore! Thats actually all the matches from RAW now that I think about it. I forgot to mention the SD matches there also.
I will make predictions for Summer Slam after SD this week, I've got a few good predictions for the RAW matches, anyway thats for another day. Round of applause for Wolf Beast, 9/10
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wow, i just started reading and it took me a good couple of hours but well worth it. I cant stop reading.Great job 10/10

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sniff no one gives predictions for mine

great show Wolfy, be hard to beat your Summerslam. 9/10

awww crap I'm gonna loose.

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Fantastic show again man! You really have outdone yourself especially heading into SummerSlam! The matches are great and wonderful build up. Orton/Foley feud is going on, could lead up to a match between the two. And Smackdown has great matches too, it'll be interesting how you build up on the SD matches especially Cena/Lesnar and Angle/Goldberg. As YN2004 said, predictions will be made after SD..And Grendill, don't worry, you'll win someday

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Thanks for the replies guys. I would love to read your Summer Slam predictions after Smack down. Glad you have enjoyed the shows crippler. Hope you stick around and read the shows especially summerslam. SD up tomorrow!
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SmackDown, THREE days from SummerSlam!!

Smack down : 19th August 2004: Grand Rapids:

Opening Video

Cole: We are just 72 hours away from SUMMERSLAM!!! And what an event it is going to be! Championships will be decided and many careers will never be the same again! But tonight, on the last stop before Toronto, tonight’s main event pit’s the team of John Cena and the APA against Brock Lesnar and the WWE Tag team champions, La Resistance!!

Tazz: SummerSlam, three days away Cole, but tonight, Smackdown is gonna be off the hook.

“Who betta than Kanyon” plays and we are set for our opening bout.

1st Match:
Kanyon & Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo senior vs. Rey Mysterio & Shannon Moore
(During the entrances, we are shown highlights of Chavo sr. helping Chavo jr. to victory against Moore, and also that Kanyon will face Mysterio at SummerSlam)
Finish: Kanyon and Chavo are shocked in the opening minutes by a great start from Rey and Shannon, who gain the early momentum through some great team work and quick offence. Soon Kanyon’s power and size comes into play and he takes down Shannon with a tremendous clothesline. Kanyon then takes control and makes a tag to his partner. Chavo goes to work on Shannon, and then he and Kanyon begin to make frequent tags. Shannon is well and truly isolated, as Kanyon begins to taunt Rey Mysterio. Kanyon then applies a dragon sleeper to Moore, but Rey reaches boiling point and breaks up the move. He is lectured by the referee as Chavo sr. throws a chair to his son. He tells Kanyon to hold Shannon up for a chair shot while the referee is distracted. He goes for it, but Moore ducks and Chavo hits Kanyon. Chavo looks shocked. He turns around, and is dropkicked out of the ring by Shannon. He tags Mysterio, and Mysterio uses his quickness to ultimate effect, taking down Chavo and Kanyon down. He hit’s a double 619, and then sets up Kanyon for the 619, but Chavo sr. straddles the ropes, and Rey falls off. Shannon then chases Chavo sr. through the crowd, but in the ring, Chavo jr. distracts the referee while Kanyon nails Mysterio with the chair from earlier in the match. Kanyon gets the win, and all the momentum going into Summer Slam.

Interview with Chris Benoit. He talks about taking on his good friend, Eddie Guerrero tonight, and then on Sunday he says in his homeland, he will make either William Regal or Eddy Guerrero tap, tap, tap, tap. To become the NEW United States Champion.

Dawn Marie and A-Train prepare backstage for their title defence up later tonight.

We see Vince Mc Mahon arriving at the arena.


We return with Mr. McMahon in the ring. He talks about this Sundays No Holds Barred match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. He says that Lesnar will be like an uncaged animal, who sees fresh meat, and that meat will be John Cena. He then is about to go into detail until Bret Hart’s music hits.
Bret comes face to face with Vince in the ring. He asks Vince if he read the contract for this Sundays match. Vince looks at Bret for a few seconds. He thinks to himself and replies in an inquisitive tone, no. Bret shakes his head. He walks around the ring and then stops. He tells Vince he has some bad news for him. Vince looks rather worried. Bret then explains to him that if John Cena manages to defeat Brock at SummerSlam, then Vince McMahon, by order of contract, will be never seen again, at least on Smackdown.
Vince is irate. He goes mad in the ring. In a fit of rage he keeps shouting “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!!!” at Bret. The crowd are thrilled by this news, and make fun of Vince by chanting “WHAT” after he does. Vince then asks Bret how he could let this happen. Bret tells him he should’ve read the contract before it was signed. Bret then leaves the ring as Vince stands in the ring, still shocked.


2nd Match: Inter Gender Tag Titles Match:
Dawn Marie & A-Train vs. Stacey & Billy Gunn
Finish: This is a rather short match, with the two ladies starting things out in a bit of a catfight, with Stacey on top. Both make a tag and the two men go it. Billy gets the better of the opening exchange, but soon, A-Train becomes dominant. He tries to end the contest with a de-railer, but Stacey makes the save. She goes at it with Dawn on the outside, and Billy out of nowhere hit’s the Fame Asser. He gets two, but A-Train gets his foot on the rope before three. Billy is then distracted by event on the outside as is the referee. A-Train takes advantage and nails a low blow, and then goes for the train wreck, but Billy fights out. Gunn then bounces off the ropes, but is met by a scissors kick. Stacey and Dawn then come to the inside, and A-Train plants Stacey with the Train Wreck. Dawn makes the cover and gets the three.

Backstage, McMahon argues with Hart about screwing him over on the contract. Bret then tells Vince not to talk to him about being screwed over. Vince shuts up, but then goes face to face with Bret. He tells Bret to watch his back, or it just might happen again.

Interview with Eddie Guerrero. He jokes around with Josh Matthews and then says that although outside the ring he is great friends with Benoit, tonight is business, and Sunday is bigger business, because the U.S Title is on the line, and the best man will win, and his name is, EDDIE GUERRERO!!

We then see the arrival of Goldberg to the arena. He is met by huge cheers and even some boo’s, before a GOLDBERG chant erupts in the arena.


Summer Slam classic ; Owen Hart breaks Stone Cold Steve Austin’s neck, but Austin still wins the I.C Title in 1997.

William Regal makes his way backstage wearing his referee shirt for the upcoming match.

John Cena calls into the APA office. They give him a beer and begin to talk about tonight’s match.

3rd Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit
With special guest referee; U.S Champion, William Regal
(During the entrances, we are reminded that at SummerSlam, Regal will defend the title against both Benoit and Guerrero in a Triple Threat match)
Finish: The two technical geniuses go at it, from the outset, beginning with holds and counter holds, then pinfalls and counter pinfalls. Benoit then gets the upper hand, nailing a Belly to Belly suplex. He begins to go to work on the back of Guerrero, but soon Eddie, gets back in the match when he reverses Benoit into a backslide for a two. He then hit’s the triple rolling suplex on Benoit for a slow two. Eddie then jumps up and argues with Regal, Regal just ignores him. Eddy is ready to throw a punch at him, but Benoit catches his arm and applies the crossface. Eddy eventually makes the ropes, but Regal doesn’t tell Benoit to relinquish the hold. Eventually, Benoit lets go, and gives a stern look to Regal. He looks at him as if to say, “what are you playing at”. Regal claps Benoit, who just shakes his head. Benoit then hit’s the three German suplexes, and then signals for the head butt. He goes to the top, but Eddy quickly jumps up and hits an arm drag off the top. He goes up top for the Frog Splash, but Regal nails him with Brass Knucks.
Regal then helps up Benoit. He smiles at Benoit and nods. Benoit then pushes Regal away, and yells at him, “What are you doing?” Benoit shakes his head and turns away. Regal smiles and pulls Benoit back around to hit him with Brass Knucks also. He calls for the bell and the match ends as a no contest. Regal stands over both men holding the United States title. He then waves to the crowd before walking off.


La Resistance talk together backstage about the APA and how both teams differ, both in class and ability.

Kurt Angle then comes to the ring. He talks about SummerSlam. He says that despite the intensity of Goldberg, the power and size advantage he may hold over him, that people shouldn’t forget that he IS the WWE Champion, and this time next week, he will STILL be WWE Champion. Goldberg’s music then hits. He comes to the ring and goes face to face with Angle. He says that he has waited TOO LONG to be Champion, so at SummerSlam, GOLDBERG will be the WWE Champion, because, Kurt Angle is NEXT!! Angle then takes the mic back. He says Goldberg is totally wrong, Kurt Angle isn’t next, GOLDBERG is!!! They have a long staredown as the fans go wild ahead of this Sundays title match.


Ivory interview. She talks about Torrie being every mans desire. She says that after tonight, not even an 80 year old man will want her after her face is rearranged by Ivory!

We are then shown a short VP with highlights of the recent history between Torrie and Ivory in the last month.

4th Match:
Torrie Wilson vs. Ivory
Finish: In another short match, Ivory quickly takes control after a lightning start from Torrie, but she slips up from the top rope and Ivory takes advantage. Ivory works on the leg of Torrie throughout the match, but out of nowhere, Torrie picks up a win, after Ivory taunts the crowd. She turns around, but is met by an inside cradle for a three count. Ivory is irate as Torrie celebrates.

Backstage, Vince tells Brock how important it is that he defeats John Cena at SummerSlam. He tells Brock to soften up Cena in any way he can tonight to bring an advantage for Sunday. Brock tells Vince he has it covered and that Cena might not even make SummerSlam after tonight.

Interview with William Regal. He says that tonight he proved that he is better than the other two guys and at SummerSlam, expect the power of the punch to prevail over the cross face and the frog splash.


Tazz and Cole preview the Smackdown Matches for this Sunday at SummerSlam. They mainly talk about Goldberg vs. Angle. Tazz predicts Goldberg to prevail, due to his massive power advantage, while Cole predicts Angle to keep the title as he is much quicker and has a great mat sense.

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Match:
APA & John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman & La Resistance
Finish: The match starts out with Brock and Cena head to head. He offers Brock first punch, but he declines. Lesnar immediately tags in Dupree, and the match begins. Cena and APA are unstoppable in the early going, but Heyman distracts Bradshaw, giving Grenier the chance to take advantage. From there, his team takes control. They work on the leg of Faarooq for a good three or four minutes. Eventually he nails Dupree with a Spinebuster. Both men make a tag, to Lesnar and Cena respectively. Both run into the ring, until Lesnar notices that Cena has been tagged. He quickly bails out of the ring. Cena laughs, but Grenier gets him from behind, leading to Lesnar taking control on Cena. He plants Cena with a number of high impact moves, causing a number of near falls. Cena fights back and sets up Lesnar for the FU, but Heyman distracts Cena long enough for Lesnar to fight out.
The match then breaks down into an all out brawl. APA and La Resistance fight up the ramp, while in the ring Cena beats on Lesnar. He hits an FU, but Heyman pulls him out of the ring. Cena grabs Heyman, but McMahon runs down, and Cena goes after him. He chases him into the ring and catches him. The referee tells Cena to let him down, but Cena says no. Lesnar then runs in and hits Cena from behind. Heyman distracts the referee while Lesnar knocks out Cena with Cena’s steel chain. Lesnar gets the cover and the victory. He then hits an F5 as he, McMahon and Heyman stand over Cena as the show goes off the air.

Official Card for WWE Summer Slam
Date: 22nd August
Location: Sky Dome, Toronto, Canada
Event Music: Kutless, Treason


WWE Championship Match :
Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg

World Heavyweight Championship Match :
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

United States Championship ; Triple Threat Match :
William Regal vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero

Womens Championship Match :
Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim

World Tag Team Championships Match :
Edge & Christian vs. Booker T & Goldust

Hardcore Championship Match :
Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam

No Holds Barred :
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

First Blood Match :
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

Rey Mysterio vs. Kanyon

There is the final card for SummerSlam. Please post your predictions for the PPV this Sunday, as well as your thoughts on this weeks Smackdown! I hope everyone reads SummerSlam, and lets me know what they thought. Summer Slam , this Sunday, 15:00 BST. If I have the time, I might post a preview for the event on Friday, but that’s only if I have the time.
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Another wonderful show, Wolf Beast, really don’t know how you do it. Anyway, my thoughts on the show; Angle - Goldberg is really compelling, and cant wait to see how it works out at SummerSlam. Lesnar - Cena is still my pick to steal the show, but more on that with my predictions. (p.s. loved were Bret told Vince that if Brock loses, he leaves SD! LOL) Kanyon - Mysterio has been pretty interesting also, but should be nothing more than a filler match. I’m really looking forward to the triple threat for the U.S Title and should be a brilliant match, I mean you have three tremendous superstars there, it cant fail, and I liked the match on SD with Regal as ref. Sets things up nicely for the PPV.


Kanyon vs. Mysterio:
I expect Mysterio to get a clean victory in this one to end a pretty decent feud.
Prediction: Rey

World Tag Titles:
E & C vs. BookDust:
After what went down on RAW, I reckon Booker and Goldust will exact some revenge and take the titles.
Prediction: BookDust

Women’s Title:
Trish vs. Gail Kim:
If Booker and Goldust win the tag titles, I would expect that Trish will probably cheat to victory against Gail. Although if E&C retain, I would say Gail.
Prediction: Trish Stratus

U.S Title:
Regal vs. Benoit vs. Guerrero:
Hard one to call, but saying as Benoit is in Canada for this one I think Benoit may make Guerrero tap, leading to a feud over the title with Regal.
Prediction: Benoit

Hardcore Title:
Rhyno vs. RVD
Prediction: After everything that has happened over the last four weeks, I can only see one winner here…..R V D!
Prediction: RVD

HBK vs. Kane:
This is a really hard to call. I had been saying Kane for a long time, but for some reason I am now thinking HBK. However, I am sticking my neck out on the line for this one and will tip Kane - possibly thanks to a returning Undertaker?
Prediction: Kane via interference

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena:
I’m really loving this feud too. It has built up really well over the last few months along with Vince. I had been backing Cena all along, but with Vince’s position on SD in jeopardy, perhaps Lesnar will prevail thanks to McMahon, and maybe Bret will shock us all by looking like a face turn and in fact turning on Cena?
Prediction: Lesnar

WWE Title:
Angle vs. Goldberg
A true clash of styles, but I reckon this could be the best match for the title in years, pity WWE never done it. Also this has had a brilliant build up, with both men looking equal to each other. Hard to call, but in my opinion Angle is next as Goldberg lifts the title at SummerSlam!! (Goldberg chants)
Prediction: Goldberg…Goldberg…Goldberg.

World Title:
Orton vs. Jericho:
Could be another show stealer. Jericho has looked like a true main event player in the last few weeks with tap out wins over Orton and Flair (WOOOOOOO) With Orton also involved in a feud with Foley, I think Jericho will take the strap in his home country, maybe thanks to Foley? Or maybe, if Bret doesn’t turn, perhaps the ultimate would be Foley helping Orton?
Prediction: Jericho

Overall I cant wait for Sunday, and will be on the edge of my seat reading it. Good luck Wolf Beast. And I will also give an in depth review after the event has been posted on Sunday.
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