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Re: Being the booker

Well Wolf, I had written up a review for Fully Loaded, but my computer cut off, and lost the review. Anyway, here's some comments. The first couple of matches were decent, even though I feel Snitsky shouldn't be given a match on the card. Surprised to see Christian win the voting, and even more surprised to see him pinning Orton in the Ganulet. Jericho facing Brock at the Rumble for the WWE Championship will be off the charts. Vince's announcement was great as well. Overall for a summarized PPV, I'll give it a 85/100=B! I'm looking forward to Raw. 1!

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Re: Being the booker

Just as a quick note, for anyone wondering why Vince would announce the winner of the Rumble gets to choose the champion he faces, I've never used that loophole before, so actually, in this thread, it's a new scenario.

Raw Preview:

It's the final Raw of 2005, and its set to end the year for Raw on a major high.

Trish Stratus will once again defend her womens championship, this time, facing another former champion, Molly Holly. Will Trish manage to overcome yet another formidable opponent, and end the year Womens Champion??

Ric Flair will be holding a random draw, featuring every male superstar on Raw, bar John Cena and The Undertaker, with the first five names drawn gaining an automatic entry into The 2006 Royal Rumble. Which superstars will get this early Christmas present??

The first ever, First Blood Elimination Match will take place this Monday Night, as Booker T, Goldust and Eugene team together once again, to face the mighty trio of Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry of The Brotherhood. The recent issues over the last month between both sides will be resolved this week on Raw.

After a number of altercations in recent weeks, Rey Mysterio and Christian will attempt to resolve their current issues in the ring this Monday Night. Christian will be just coming off being voted the #1 Choice by the fans to appear at Fully Loaded last night, and his ego will undoubtedly be through the roof. Will Captain Charisma become over confident?? Or will this ego boost make Christian just too good for the Human Highlight Reel.

And, this weeks main event to end a terrific year for Raw, sees The World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, team up with The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, to face Rob Van Dam, and Edge. Orton will be desperate to get his hands on Edge, after Edge speared The Legend Killer at the end of last weeks show.

Speaking of Edge, he has requested in ring time at the beginning of this weeks show. What will Edge have to say, after his unprovoked attack on Orton last week?? Whatever it is, expect fireworks, this Monday Night on the USA Network!!!

Raw will be up tomorrow.
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Re: Being the booker

Great preview man for Raw, looking forward to it. But can you please review my Rumble PPV and Homecoming event. Thanks. 1!

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Re: Being the booker

First blood emimination tag, fucking A I always thought that was something the WWE should try. I cant wait to see that shit. The main event looks solid and while I have some ideas of how it will come out, I think RVD and Edge get the dupe.
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Re: Being the booker

I cannot wait for Raw! It is going to be explosive, especially with Edge's long anticipated heel turn. I think that he is on a major push for a title now though.

Rumble: It is better for you that five are automatically in the rumble because it is not a good idea to have fifteen matches; you have ten instead.

I think the loophole is going to be in full effect.

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Re: Being the booker

great news Wolfy, RAW looks loaded with the gloss to end the year.

I am guessing on Flair's lottery, that he is gonna scam most of the locker room, and award spots to Batista, Carlito, Christian, A-Train & HBK, as they stick with Flair all the time. Just a hunch.


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Re: Being the booker

WWE.COM update: Following last nights Fully Loaded PPV, it has been revealed that Matt Hardy, Triple H, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield and The Rock will all be part of the Royal Rumble Match. Hardy has been included for scoring a pinfall in the Gauntlet, Triple H, as runner up in the Gauntlet, JBL for retaining his title, and The Rock as part of a losing effort in the main event.


December 19th; Houston:

Highlights from last week, with Edge spearing Randy Orton after last weeks main event, due to Orton scoring the decisive pin, infuriating Edge.

Opening Video


Before J.R or Coach can speak Ö

**Metalingus** Edge sprints out, onto the stage, dressed in his street attire, getting roundly booed by the fans. He mouths at them that he cant hear them, as he walks confidently to the ring, stepping inside, and picking up a mic waiting for him centre ring.

Edge: Címon, you guys can do better than thatÖ

Heat for Edge

Edge: Seriously. Iíve had to endure worse than that for the past five months. Is that the best you can do??

More heat for Edge. Edge smiles, and laughs into the mic.

Edge: Itís funny. Real funny. One week ago, I was no pun intended, Ďon the edgeí. I couldnít concentrate properly, because of one simple thing. I had this growth on my back Ö like a monkey Ö and it was each and every single WWE fan.

Fans boo

Edge: For far too long, I cared about what you thought of me. That cost me countless victories, because I pandered to each and every single moron in the crowd, wanting your adulation. Wanting your cheers. Wanting the audience to love me. And where exactly did that get me?? Iíll tell ya, shall I?? I got me NOTHING.

More heat

Edge: No, actually Iím wrong. I did get something Ö months of abuse, months of torment, and months of watching my career go down the toilet!!!

Pop from the fans

Edge: And for what?? For a few cheers?? Iíve realised that cheers equal nothing. What equals success, is getting the job done. So from now on, its my way. Itís the way of Edge. My way, will be doing what I want, when I want, how I want, if I want Ö so get used to it.

Fans give heat.

Edge: What?? You donít like that?? Tough. You people chose the path for me, and Iím not just tip toeing down it, Iím stomping all the way, and Iím going to make sure you all regret (Speaks through gritted teeth) treating me like something on the end of your god damn shoe!!!

More ĎEdge sucksí chants

Edge: From now on, Iím creating the headlines, Iím going to win the Royal Rumble, and Iíll headline Wrestle Mania. And tonight, if I feel like it, not only will I spear the hell out of Randy Orton and John CenaÖ

Crowd Pops for faces.

Edge: But I might just spear Van Dam too!!!

Crowd starts another Ďassholeí chant

Edge: Get used to this attitude people, itís here for good. No more PG 13 Edge Ö from now on Iím Rated R.

More Heat. Edge then looks into the camera to send home his message.

Edge: So, for all you watching this in the back, you better watch out. Iím not stopping for anyone, anymore. Step in my way?? Pay the price. I donít care if youíre a pretend superhero like The Hurricane Ö or a Deadman like The Undertaker. Listen to my message Ö and believe it.

**Burn In My Light** Randy Orton, in his ring gear, but wearing a T-Shirt enters the arena to a terrific ovation. He doesnít light off any pyro, but instead walks to the ring, focused on Edge, seething after last weeks Spear. He walks around ringside, taking a mic, before jumping onto the apron, and slowly stepping into the ring. He then attempts to go to the corner and pose to the fans, but Edge stands in his way, mouthing at him ďThis is my timeĒ. The music dies down, and Orton watches, as Edge goes to speak.

Edge: This is my time Randy. I donít care if you want to thank the fans for voting you behind Christian last night, or making your excuses as to why you lost. Youíve got all night to get what you want to say out in the open, so leave it until later.

Orton doesnít take his eyes off Edge, and slowly raises the mic to his mouth.

Randy Orton: Normally Edge, thatís exactly what Iíd do Ö but in this instance, I think it might be better to talk in person, considering what I have to say is directed solely at you.

Edge grits his teeth, and snarls back to speak.

Edge: What is it?? Are you coming to apologise for last week?? Because if you are, I suggest you save it. Don-

Randy Orton: Get your head out of your ass.

Small crowd pop

Randy Orton: Iím not here to apologise for last week. After all, I didnít spear my tag team partner, did I??

Edge goes to speak, but Orton cuts him off.

Randy Orton: But donít worry, Iíll not be asking you to apologise to me Edge Ö I know Iíd have more chance looking for a bottle of water in the middle of a desert.

Another small pop

Randy Orton: Quite simply, what I want Edge Ö is an explanation.

Edge looks surprised, and takes a look to the side, before rubbing his face.

Edge: Explanation?? Thatís funny, I was hoping youíd give me one instead.

Orton laughs, then speaks.

Randy Orton: You want me to give YOU an explanation?? You mean me scoring the pin after you hit the spear?? Edge, I was the legal man, not you.

Edge: Legal man or not, I donít give a rats ass. You stole MY victory. You had your hand raised in the air, when it SHOULDíVE BEEN ME!!!!

Edge looks on the edge, ready to snap.

Edge: And now, you have the audacity!!! The bare AUDACITY to ask me for an explanation?? You think just because youíre the second coming of Raw that you should get everything you want?? Well what about me?? Why shouldnít I get what I want?? Iíve paid my dues. Iíve slept rough just to save enough to eat Ö Iíve had to eat mouldy bread and like it Ö Iíve fallen off ladders, gone through tables, and had my neck fused because of this business!!!

Orton continues to stare through Edge.

Edge: And now you, Randy Orton. Mister Third Generation Ö prep school, military drop out, spoon fed son of a bitch. You come along, and you get it all. You get the best cars, dearest hotels, best clothes, youngest champion ever. You come along, and the world falls at your feet. Not because youíve got the talent Ö not because of your passion or commitment Ö but because of your last freakin NAME!!!

Crowd responds with a gasp, as Ortons facial expression switches to an ĎOh reallyí look.

Edge: Because youíre an Orton, you got all the easy breaks. And you think you can do just what you want. Well Randy, Iíve got no problem in telling you this, because Iíve bottled it for far too long Ö but I HATE YOU Ö YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

Orton looks down, to the canvas, and thinks for a moment, before raising the mic to his mouth.

Randy Orton: Well Ö if thatís how you feel, thatís your opinion. But Edge, you are 100% absolutely Ö WRONG.

Crowd Pops

Randy Orton: My last name has nothing to do with what Iíve accomplished. Iíve done what Iíve done in this business because I do have the passion, and the commitment, the drive, the heart, and the skills. Edge, the fact of the matter is quite simple. My last name consists of just five letters Ö but Iíve got three letters that Iíd like introduce you to Ö R Ö K Ö O Ö

Orton quickly tries to hit the RKO, but Edge drops down to his knees quickly, and rolls out of the ring, getting away from Orton. Edge walks around ringside, and kicks the chairs at the time keepers position, as Ortons music hits again.

Edge backs up the ramp, pulling at his hair, whilst Orton stands in the ring, telling Edge it isnít over.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks, and weíve got off to a raucous start tonight, with Edge making his feelings clear towards the WWE fans. But folks, Randy Orton is certainly not happy with Edge after his spear last week to The Legend Killer.

The Coach: Randy Orton was just given a lesson in the truth J.R. Edge gave the Legend Killer a few home truths, and Orton couldnít take it.

Jim Ross: Those comments were solely the view of Edge Coach, and you know it.

**Mac Militant** The Brotherhood enter the arena, the tonightís 1st Blood Elimination Match.

Jim Ross: Well folks, in recent weeks, The Brotherhood have had somewhat of a resurgence here on Raw, targeting little Eugene, Booker T and Goldust, but tonight, this comes to a head in the first ever First Blood elimination Match!! Hereís how we got to this pointÖ
- The Brotherhood look to make an impact, and target Eugene, with Mark Henry putting him through a door.
- Somehow, Eugene manages to pull off an upset win over Mark Henry, countering The Worlds Strongest Slam into a cradle for the three count. After the bell, OJ, Mack, Long and Jazz attack Eugene, with a five on one attack on the defenceless Eugene.
- The Brotherhood screw Eugene when he faces OJ, but Booker T and Goldust save Eugene from another beating.
- In a 6 Man Tag, Eugene, Booker T and Goldust win by DQ at Armageddon.
- In a Battle Royal, The brotherhood cost the trio a World Championship Shot.
- Last week, Eugene beats Rodney Mack, but The Brotherhood cost Booker T and Goldust the tag titles, which leads to the announcement from Flair for tonightís match to settle the score once and for all.

As we come back from the quick VP, Booker T, Goldust and Eugene are running down the ramp, and the match kick starts at ringsideÖ

1st Match: First Blood Elimination Match:
The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long and Jazz vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene
All six men brawl at ringside, with Goldust and Eugene getting the better of OJ and Rodney Mack, but the sheer size of Mark Henry allows him to control Booker T. Jazz jumps on Goldusts back, trying to stop his attack on Mack, but Goldust shrugs her off, knocks down Rodney, then does his breathing and rubbing at Theodore, who jumps the barricade to get away from him.
Eugene and Jordan take it into the ring, whilst Henry rams Booker into the ring post on the outside. Eugene goes through his usual spiel of moves, ripping off The Junk Yard Dog and even Tatanka with the Tomahawk Chop. Orlando nails a low blow to stop Eugene, and he begins to take over, hitting a swinging neck breaker. We go to a commercial, and as we come back, we see clips from during the commercial, where there was attempts of trying to bust open the opponents. OJ then takes the padding off the top turnbuckle, looking for a way to bust Eugene open, but then, Booker T yanks him by the leg, and drags Jordan out, saving Eugene.
However, this does Eugene no favours, as Mark Henry slides into the ring, wrapping a chain around his fist, and as Eugene turns around, gets NAILED with the chain, and is knocked out cold Ö and is bleeding, which the referee spots.


The Brotherhood score the first elimination, and Mark Henry stands tall in the ring, wanting either Booker T or Goldust to get in next. Both are tied up with OJ and Mack, so Henry takes out more punishment on poor Eugene, picking him up, and press slamming Eugene right out of the ring!!!! Booker slides back in, and runs at Henry who swings his chain strapped hand, but Booker ducks, comes off the ropes, and scores with a side kick!!!
Booker and Henry go back and forth, with both struggling to try and bust the other open. Goldust gets back in the ring to help Booker, but he is followed in by Rodney Mack, and the four men brawl in the ring. On the outside, Orlando takes a chair, and gets into the ring, looking to hit Goldust from behind, but Goldy side steps him, and OJ hits RODNEY MACK BY ACCIDENT!!!


Its now 2 vs. 2, with Rodney Mack busted open. Henry takes Goldust to the outside, leaving Jordan alone with Booker T. They forget about the First Blood stipulation in the ring for a few minutes, with both men concentrating on the match itself. On the outside, Henry dominates Goldust, trying to bust him open, ramming his head off the steel steps. In the ring, Jordan is taken over by Booker, with Booker turning it up a notch, knocking down OJ a number of times.
On the outside, Goldust starts to make a comeback against Henry, and clubs him down with Mark Henry retreating. Goldust punches himself out though, and takes a back step, which is long enough for Henry to grab the ring bell, and get back out, and blasts Goldust with it!!! In the ring, OJ tries to ram Booker into the exposed turnbuckle, but Booker turns it around at the last second, sending Jordan instead!!! Both Goldust and Jordan have been busted open, bringing it down to two men!!!



Booker and Henry stare each other out, with Book in the ring, and Henry outside, as we cut to another commercial. Following this, Mark Henry has Booker caught in the Bear hug, and we see what happened during the break, with the two men brawling through the crowd, and back to the ring, with Henry taking charge once again.

The crowd gets behind Booker T, and this fires Booker up. He breaks free of the Bear hug, and goes for the Book End, but Henry elbows out, and knocks down his opponent. They briefly brawl on the outside, with both trying to bust the other open, before getting back inside. Henry goes for the Worlds Strongest Slam, but Booker fights out, and this time, does hit The Book End!!! He then sees Henry staggering back up, and leans onto the ropes, signalling for the Scissors Kick, but as he does, Long trips him.

Booker is distracted, and tries to swipe at Teddy, whilst on the other side of the ring, Jazz slides Henry a steel pipe. Booker turns back around, and goes to drag Henry up, but Henry plays possum, and strikes with the lead pipe, instantly drawing blood from Booker T!!!


Winners: The Brotherhood

Immediately, Henry slides out of the ring, giving The Brotherhood a priceless win in this match to cap off the year on Raw. In the ring, Booker T doesnít move, with the blood dripping from his forehead, after the pipe shot. The Brotherhood celebrate at the top of the ramp, knowing this win will raise their profile on Raw.

The camera immediately pans backstage, with Ric Flair in his office, with Batista at his side.

Ric Flair: WOOOO!!! Houston, Texas Ö right now, it is time, ladies and gentlemen to announce the first FIVE competitors from the Raw brand, courtesy of this random draw. The other ten spots after tonight will be earned, and fought over by the remaining superstars eligible to enter the Rumble Match on January 22nd.

Flair then walks over towards the tumbler, and we see a second tumbler too. Flair rolls it around, and picks out the first ball. He opens the casing, and lets out a big laugh.

Ric Flair: Well, well, well. Look at this here. BATISTA!!!

Fans start a Ďbullshití chant in the arena, smelling a set up. Batista smiles, whilst Flair moves along to the next tumbler.

Ric Flair: And Ö for no particular reason, weíll be drawing the other four from this tumbler.

Naitch rolls the tumbler around, and picks out another ball.

Ric Flair: The second Raw superstar to go straight into The Royal Rumble Ö Ken Kennedy!!!

The fans respond, giving out a second KENNEDY, as Batista continues to roll the tumbler around whilst Flair speaks, then stops as Flair picks out the third ball.

Ric Flair: WOOO!!! The Intercontinental Champion Ö CARLITO!!!

Fans arenít impressed with the names so far, smelling a set up. Flair picks another ball.

Ric Flair: Captain Charisma, is going straight into the Thirty Man Royal Rumble. Now, one more lucky Raw superstar will get the shotÖ

The Animal stops the tumbler, and Flair picks out a ball.

Ric Flair: Itís a member of DX Ö heís the Insurance Policy Ö LUTHER REIGNS!!!

Fans boo, as all the names drawn were heels.

Ric Flair: Oh, and tonight Ö Live on Raw Ö Weíre gonna have ourselves a four man match Ö not any match featuring four men Ö but a 3 on 1 match. Ha, ha.

Fans give heat, sensing another bad announcement to come.

Ric Flair: Thatís right. Batista will team with Ken Kennedy, and Carlito Ö to face Ö Rhyno.

Flair and Batista laugh, as Rhyno gets shafted once again by the GM.


We return from the commercial, with the next match already in progressÖ

2nd Match: Womenís Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
Match is joined in progress from the commercial, with Molly in control. Trish fights back, hitting a few signature spots getting a couple of two counts. Trish then goes for the Stratusphere, but Molly pushes Trish away, then hitís a cross body on Trish for a near fall. Molly begins to dominate the match, and just as Stratus looks to be making a comeback, Molly rakes the eyes.
Molly hitís a side suplex, then goes up top for the Molly - Go - Round, but the champion moves out of the way!!! Trish waits as the challenger gets up, and strikes with The Chick Kick!!! Trish has it won, but Molly gets a foot on the bottom rope, keeping the match alive!!! Trish picks Molly back up, and whips her off the ropes, ducking down, but Holly comes back, kicking Trish away, and knocks her down with a nice dropkick. That scores two. Holly picks Trish up, and goes for a suplex, but Trish rolls out, and lands behind Molly, and quickly nails the Stratusfaction!!!! She hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Trish Stratus

Trish keeps hold of the womenís title, one more time, knocking back yet another challenger, ending the year on a high note.

Jim Ross: Once again, Trish Stratus retains her womenís title, with yet another hard fought victory, this time over Molly Holly.

The Coach: Well J.R, at this rate, Trish is going to mow through ALL her potential challengers. Victoria has fallen by the wayside, Molly Holly, and many others. But baby boy, Trish isnít going to be able to rest on her laurels.

Jim Ross: I donít think you need to tell Trish that Coach. She is without a doubt, the most dedicated woman in the wrestling industry today.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Rhyno.

Todd Grisham: Rhyno, it seems that in recent weeks, you have gotten on Ric Flairs bad side, following a loss to John Cena two weeks ago. Since then, he has stripped you of the Hardcore Title, and now, heís forcing you into a three on one handicap match, against the man you faced last week, Batista Ö Ken Kennedy and the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. You must be upset??

Rhyno: Todd, Iím not upset. Iím not even mad. Iím a caged animal. And tonight, Ric Flair is letting me out of that cage. Three on one, my chances donít look to good Ö but what I can promise is that Iím not going to phone this one in. Iím not going to quiver in the corner. Tonight, Iíll come out Ö and Iíll likely go down Ö but Todd, Iím not going down without a fight. This beast is set to explode, and someone Ö if not, all three of them will get GORED!!!

Rhyno storms off, psyching himself up for tonight.

Back to ringside Ö

Jim Ross: Last night Coach, Christian shocked the world if you asked me, and was voted ahead of Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Batista and Shawn Michaels, to get a chance to fight for a WWE Championship match, but unfortunately for him, he did fall just short.

The Coach: Indeed J.R, last night he did fall just short Ö but Randy Orton fell even shorter than Captain Charisma.

Jim Ross: Not without some help from the top turnbuckle though Coach. I would suggest though, that the possibility of seeing Christian possibly face off with Steve Austin in that match swung it for him, after the last few months have shown some tension between those two stars.

The Coach: Is that the excuse Randy Orton wanted you to give??

Jim Ross: If you must know, I havenít spoken to Randy today, and I made that assumption all on my own. Also folks, after his embarrassing loss last night in the voting, Shawn Michaels has decided to take this night off, along with his fellow DX partners.

The Coach: Good for them. DX have carried Raw this year, and if you ask me, they deserve a nice long Christmas break.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels just didnít want the shame of being asked how he felt scoring the least amount of votes, and you know it. But moving on, and still to come tonight on Raw, Edge and RVD team up to face Randy Orton and John Cena, but coming up next, Christian meets Rey Mysterio!!! Donít you dare miss it!!!


Christian makes his way to the ring, with his top he wears to the ring having 24.7% emblazed on the back, with Raws Most Popular Superstar underneath it, making the most of his poll win last week.

3rd Match:
Christian vs. Rey Mysterio
Rey enters, sprinting straight to the ring to brawl with Christian, who made his entrance during the commercial break. Mysterio slides in, but gets stomped by his opponent, who was ready and waiting for him. Christian whips Rey off the ropes, but Mysterio comes back, ducking a clothesline, then bounces off the ropes, taking Captain Charisma down with a head scissors!!! Tomko jumps onto the apron, but Rey flies across, and hitís a diving head butt to the midsection, knocking the problem solver off the apron!!!
Rey is cooking, and jumps up top hitting a springboard rana for an early two count, with Christian barely kicking out. Christian scurries to the ropes, but leaves himself open for Mysterio, and he goes for the 619, but Christian moves, and Rey misses. From here, Christian knocks down Mysterio with a clothesline. He follows up with a suplex getting a two count. Christian whips Mysterio off the ropes, but Rey goes for a reverse standing body scissors only for Captain Charisma to wheelbarrow suplex him out of it, getting a massive pop, for such a scintillating move. Rey uses the ropes to block a German suplex and rolls up Christian for another two count.

Christian catches Mysterio in mid air, after he goes for a seated senton, and scores with a power bomb!!! This allows Captain Charisma to slow the match down, and he sends Rey to the outside, allowing Tomko to attack him and Christian to rest, whilst keeping the referees attention, as we go to a commercial. We return with Christian in complete control, as clips from the commercial show Tomko ramming Rey, back first into the ring post, and whipping him into the steel steps.
Mysterio manages to kick out of Christians reverse DDT, and his modified back breaker, before getting caught in a single leg Boston Crab. He fights to make the ropes, with Christian getting more torque on the back, folding up Rey almost in half. The fans get behind the Human Highlight Reel, with Rey clawing towards the ropes, desperate to reach Ö and eventually he does!!!

Captain Charisma keeps calm though, keeping control, hitting a rib breaker uncharacteristically, but with such a smaller opponent, he is able to. Christian drags his battered opponent up, and goes for the Unprettier, but Mysterio slides out, and as Christian turns around, Rey scores with a jaw breaker!!! Rey feels the momentum turning now, but Tomko drags Christian out of the ring, also feeling the switch of momentum.
The Problem Solver tries to help Christian get back to his senses, whilst back inside the ring, the referee stops Rey from flying to the outside, so Mysterio cannonballs right over the referees back and onto both Tomko and Christian on the floor!!! Rey is up first, and he rolls Christian back into the ring, before leaping up top, looking to Drop the Dime, but Captain Charisma moves!!! Christian gets back up, and tries to go for the Unprettier again, but once more, Rey battles out, and runs into the ropes, looking to hit a springboard cross body, but is caught by Christian!!! Captain Charisma goes for another uncharacteristic move, the fall away slam, but as he hits it, Mysterio collides with the referee!!!

Christian drags Rey up again, this time looking for an electric chair, but Rey counters, and rolls up Christian Ö but there is no referee!!! Christian kicks out anyway, possibly making it before a three could be made anyway. He runs at Mysterio, but Rey hitís a drop toe hold, sending CC into the ropes!!! Mysterio calls for it, and HITíS THE 619!!! Rey gets back up, and we see a second referee running to the ring, as Mysterio connects with the West Coast Pop!!! The referee slides into the ring, a second or two too late, and counts Ö 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Mysterio looks up at the referee in despair. He gets back up, bouncing into the ropes, but Christian somehow knocks him down with a spinning heel kick. Captain Charisma staggers into the corner, dragging the referee with him. We see Tomko then get into the ring, AND BOOTS MYSTERIO ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!!!! Mysterio slumps back down, and Christian crawls over, rolling Rey over, and making the cover, with Mysterio out cold from the boot Ö 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian

Captain Charisma steals the win!!! Tomko gets back in and helps Christian up to his feet. Tyson helps him out of the ring, and up the ramp, whenÖ

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has just informed me, that we have a reversed decision, and as a result of a disqualification, the winner of this match Ö Rey Mysterio!!!

Christian is furious. He looks around at Tomko, and slaps his hands three times to signify he won, whilst in the ring, the second official looks just as stunned. We then see the original referee on the outside back on his feet, looking worse for wear.

A replay is then shown from a different angle, and we realise that the first official did see the interference from Tomko, which is the reason the decision was reversed.

Jim Ross: Well folks, justice has been done here tonight. Christian didnít get away with stealing one, and I for one am glad to see it.

The Coach: Sure J.R. This isnít fair, and you need to open your eyes to the officiating here on Raw. Iím seriously thinking of applying for a referees licence.

J.R chuckles.

Jim Ross: I donít know what would be worse Ö Coach as a referee, or the living nightmare of sitting next to you every Monday Night.

The Coach: Hey, itís no walk in the park for me to sit next to you for two hours every week, believe that.


We return with Marc Lloyd standing backstage with Carlito, and Stacey KieblerÖ

Marc Lloyd: Carlito, earlier tonight, you found out that you are one of the first five Raw superstars to qualify for the 2006 Royal Rumble. You will also be in action tonight, as you team with Batista and Ken Kennedy to face The Man Beast, Rhyno.

Carlito: Carlito in the 2006 Royal Rumble?? Das cool Marc. You know whatíll be even cooler than that?? Carlito winning the 2006 Royal Rumble. Das cool. Carlito main eventing Wrestle Mania Twenty Two?? His first ever Wrestle Mania Ö das cool Ö and das the future.

Carlito winks to Stacey, and she nods approvingly.

Carlito: So Marc, get ready, and be prepared. 2006 will be the year of one man Ö and his name Ö is-


Ken Kennedy steps into the picture, with Carlitos face scrunching up like he just smelt a fart.

Marc Lloyd: Wo-

Ken Kennedy: KENNNEDY!!!

Carlito looks to Stacey, furious that Ken Kennedy is taking his interview time.

Carlito: What- What the hell are you doing?? You cant interrupt Carlitos interview time. Iím the Intercontinental Champion!!! You donít disrespect the In-

Ken Kennedy: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Ö we interrupt this public service announcement, for some breaking news Ö brought to you Ö by MISSTERRRRRRR KENNNNEDDDYYY!!!!

Carlito: SHUT UP!!!

Kennedy stops, and looks at Carlito, who is fuming.

Carlito: What the hell do you want?? Have you got something to say??

Kennedy nods, and gets into Carlitos face, before yelling.

Ken Kennedy: KENNEDY!!!

Both Stacey and Carlito look unimpressed.

Ken Kennedy: This breaking news, consists of the fol-

CCC snatches the mic.

Carlito: Das not cool. Tonight, youíre lucky your on Carlitos team, or else youíd be in big trouble.

We then see Batista enter the picture, ready for their upcoming match.

Batista: Whatís going on?? You two ready??

Kennedy and Carlito share a glance, before both nod. Batista tilts his head as if to say, Ďlets goí, and he jogs down the corridor, with Kennedy following off.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple, and spits it on Lloyds shoe, before storming off.

Marc Lloyd: Guys, itís back to you at r-

Kennedy darts back into the picture

Ken Kennedy: KEN - NED - DYYY!!!!

Back to ringsideÖ

**Man Beast** Rhyno makes his way out for the upcoming match.

**Unleashed Rage** Batista leads out Carlito and Kennedy, who bicker as they walk down the ramp. Lillian thinks about announcing them, but decides not to, with Kennedy holding a mic. She steps out, as Kennedy prepares to speak, but Rhyno jumps him from behind, trying to get himself kick started in the match.

4th Match:
Rhyno vs. Batista, Carlito & Ken Kennedy
Short match, but full of action, with Rhyno giving as good as he can early on, throwing Kennedy and Carlito over the top rope to the floor, before going at it with The Animal. He gets a near fall with a spine buster, but after that, Rhyno finds himself on the receiving end of the beat down, with Carlito and Kennedy getting back into the ring, stomping him down.
The Man Beast tries to fight all three men, but the numbers game is far too much for him to overcome, and despite his best efforts, He is taken down with a spine buster from Batista, leading to the downfall of Rhyno, as he never recovers from that point on, although he does kick out of the spine buster. They wait as he struggles back up from the mat, and as he does, Carlito scores with The Apple Core. The three men decide that isnít all, and Batista and Carlito drag Rhyno up, to the middle rope, where they place him on Kennedyís shoulders, and he leaps off with the Green Bay Plunge!!!!!
Kennedy hooks the leg, whilst Carlito decides to leave already, 1...2...3!!! Easy win for the heel team.
Winners: Ken Kennedy, Batista and Carlito

Kennedy has his hand raised in the air, ending his year on a high note too. Batista stands over a battered Rhyno, and mouths something before stepping through the ropes to leave the ring. Kennedy does his own announcing as the winner, before we cut away to another commercial.


Classic Royal Rumble Moment - The Rock screws Steve Austin in 1999 to aide Vince McMahon win the Rumble.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton approach John Cena in the locker roomÖ

Randy Orton: John.

John Cena: Randy.

Randy Orton: You ready for this.

John Cena: For tonight?? Randy, you of all people should know, that Iím always ready.

Randy Orton: Yeah. Just making sure. I mean, last week Ö you Ö

John Cena: I what??

Randy Orton: Well, itís probably nothing, but you seemed a little off, after that whole Undertaker business.

John Cena: Youíre right Ö itís nothing. You donít need to worry about me Randy Ö like I said, Iím always ready.

Randy Orton: And I like I said, I know Ö but John??

John Cena: What??

Randy Orton: If youíre still champion after The Royal Rumble Ö

John Cena: Which I will be.

Randy Orton: Well, you better be ready after The Royal Rumble, because Iíve got my sights set on a main event at Wrestle Mania Ö and my focus isnít on going to Smackdown to face Lesnar or Jericho Ö itís to take back the World Title on Raw.

Orton stares at the belt. Cena slowly moves towards it, and picks it up, putting it over his shoulder.

John Cena: Well, if you want some Ö you come on and get some. I will be ready.

The two men share an awkward stare down, before Orton turns, and walks away.

Back to ringside Ö

Jim Ross: Folks, coming up, itís the final match on Raw in 2005!!! Next week, itís the Best of Raw 2005, where we will count down the top five moments, top five PPV matches, top five Raw Matches, and the top 5 superstars!!! Donít miss that next week, as we relive 2005!!!

The Coach: And J.R, this upcoming match, could just nip in, right at the end, and steal the crown of Raw match of the year!!!

Jim Ross: It certainly has the ingredients, it has all the makings of a classic, and itís coming up right now!!!

**My Time Is Now** John Cena runs out onto the stage, pumping up the fans, bringing Texas to itís feet, in the same arena he won the 2005 Royal Rumble!!!

Cena walks to the ring, full of energy as always, when Ö


The lights go out, and a flashing sequence of Undertaker holding aloft the World Titles is shown from each of his four title reigns.


The lights come back, and straight into John Cenas music again. Cena stands on the ramp, looking bewildered. He slowly gets into the ring, clearly thrown off his game, and looks back at the ramp a few times, watching to see if Taker appears or not, before his partners music plays.

**Burn in my Light** Orton enters, and makes his way to the ring, confidently, ahead of the main event.

Jim Ross: Weíre about to go on our final commercial break folks, when we come back, itís the final match on Raw of 2005!!! Donít dare miss it!!!


Main Event:
John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Rob Van Dam
Cena and Orton dominate the first few minutes, with RVD and Edge taking a while to settle into the match. Eventually, RVD and Edge slow it down, after taking a few moments to re-group on the outside, slowly get back into the match.
They begin to grasp a hold of the match, using the cheap heel tactics, such as distractions, illegal double team moves and illegal tags, with Edge using them mainly, going overboard on heel-dom tonight. The duo keep Orton down in the ring, leaving Cena frustrated on the outside, desperate for a tag in, as the match looks to be in danger of ending. RVD and Edge wear the Legend Killer down, as Cena grows more frustrated. Orton starts to make a comeback, and hitís a DDT on RVD, then looks to make a tag to Cena, but Edge runs around the ring, and drags Cena off the apron, leaving no one for Randy to tag.
Orton continues to try and fight back, but the numbers game is too much for the time being. The duo continue the beat down, and start to become overconfident, slapping Orton around the head, but their cockiness backfires, as Edge catches Ortonís foot as Randy goes for a kick. Edge starts hopping, making fun of the Legend Killer, until Orton scores with an enziguri!!! Orton crawls, and crawls, as does Edge Ö who tags in Van Dam Ö as Orton tags Cena!!!

RVD stops in his tracks as Orton tags, and then tries to back off, but Cena tackles him down right away, before clothes lining an interfering Bill Alfonso over the top rope, and hitting a spine buster on Cade. Cena hitís a spinning power bomb on Van Dam, getting a two, before hitting the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Alfonso again comes after Cena, but the former champion low bridges, and Bills momentum takes him right over the top to the floor.
Cena gets RVD up, and into position for the FU Ö Edge looks set to slide in and try to stop him, but is sees Orton, and chickens out of it, stopping himself from getting in, and leaving Van Dam for dead, as Cena delivers the FU, and covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: John Cena & Randy Orton

Cena and Orton get the win, with Edge bowing out of the ring, leaving his partner as a sacrificial lamb. Cena and Orton stare each other out in the ring, before Cena holds the title aloft, and starts to parade around the ring, as Orton leans over the ropes, pointing at Edge, telling him this isnít over, as the show goes off the air.

Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 22nd January 2006
Location: Madison Square Garden; New York City, New York
Event Music: Adema, Sevenfold

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brandís Champion at Wrestle Mania XXII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Carlito, Christian, John ĎBradshawí Layfield, Luther Reigns, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, The Rock, Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. The Undertaker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

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Re: Being the booker

Wolfie, I will get a review to you as soon as I can, hopefully today. I read the show; you were correct; it is a fantastic show. It seems to me that there is some build up for a Cena and Orton main event at Wrestlemania again, this time with the opposite results, but then again, Edge seems to have a vendetta going against Orton that will carry them to Wrestlemania. Opening promo was gold, be patient for my review.
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Re: Being the booker

Damn, I was dead wrong on the prediction for the main event. Crap. Anyway, I thought it was a damn good show.

Opening Promo- 7/10. Making Orton a believeable face is hard to do.
First Blood- 8/10. Awesomely booked
Womens Match- 5/10 Short but good.
Flair/Rhyno set up- 4/10 It was ok. Something about it seemed kinda....i dunno off to me.
Christian vs. Rey 7/10 Very much like their real life matches. Excellent stuff.
Handicapped- 6/10 These are hard to book REALLY well, but it did the job.
ME- 9/10 Friggin awesome
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Re: Being the booker

Good opening promo to kick off the show building up the feud between Randy Orton and Edge.

The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long and Jazz vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene-A good match with The Brotherhood cheating to pull of the victory for the end of the year.

Nice draft with it seeming like Ric just screwed us all and also Rhyno gets screwed.

Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly-A nice divas match to end the year which ends in Trish retaining.

Nice promo with Rhyno who is ready to give someone the Gore! Gore! Gore!

Christian vs. Rey Mysterio-Great match. I like the ending with Tomko giving Rey the Big Boot to help Christian deafet Rey Mysterio. Wait its not over yet! Rey is the winner because of disqualfication!

Nice promo backstage with men that will wrestle Rhyno. Some funny remarks in it and I hope Rhyno can pull it out.

Rhyno vs. Batista, Carlito & Ken Kennedy-Well I though Carlito nand Ken Kennedy would cost their team the match ,but it looks like the team won which has Rhyno lose yet another match.

A good promo with Cena and Randy.

Another message sent by The Deadman to John Cena

John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Rob Van Dam-A good match with Edge leaving Rob Van Dam to lose the match. A huge victory for the faces to end RAW of 2005.

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