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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock-I just have a feeling on this one

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle-JBL will keep the title but Angle may win due to DQ or count out. Or Angle might walk out himself since he is too preoccupied by his conquest for a match with Hart.

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys-Tired of the Cabinet with the gold. I think they will fall just like DX did. However if JBL looses then the rest will and vice versa.

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton) I just feel that the RAW guy will win. As you said the SD! roster is pretty thin and needs another guy so a RAW guy would be best.

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Sucess-Hate the team of Dean and Masters. AMW needs a win to get back on their feet.

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky-If Benoit doesn't win i'll shoot you myself.

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven-Like AMW needs a win after his CW title loss.

EDIT: Well don't I look silly. Fully Loaded hadn't been posted when I did my predictions.
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Re: Being the booker

AMW vs Simon Success is a great way to start the show and a shocker ensues with Simon Success getting the win over the former Tag Team Champions, I honestly dont know what your going to do with AMW now however I dont think a heel turn is out of the question.

Gene Snitsky vs. Chris Benoit is actually a feud I like, due to being a fan of both men(Snitsky for humorous reasons) and I am so GLAD that Benoit got the win here tonight over the big man and I see him as a viable contender at the RR.

Paul London vs. Maven, wtf at pushing Maven as I really dont like the guy even though he has some mic skills when it comes to being a heel however thankyou for letting Paul London get the win here and I think he'll be back in Cruiserweight Title contention in no time.

Great promo between The Rock and Shawn Michaels and it furthers their feud, I see a HUGE blow off match at Wrestlemania between the two with hopefully The Rock getting the win over the heel, HBK.

Tables Match is deffinitely something I would have payed to see especially with all these titles on the line. The Cabinet retaining was expected however I dont think the tag title side of this feud is over yet, unlike the cruiserweight side with Spike which seemed like filler to go with The Dudley-Basham feud.

Kurt Angle vs JBL was interesting to say the least especially with the end and Bret Hart accidentally costing Angle the match, I think Angle sees this however as a way of Bret saying he wants to face him and thats why he smiled. Kurt Angle has basically gone insane over this.

Christian wins the vote! WOO HOO!

Orton enters as well due to the beating earlier tonight and I must say there were some shockers here, especially with Matt Hardy beating Goldberg. In the end however I was extremely happy to see Jericho win and hopefully the feud between him and Lesnar will top their GAB feud which was great and that RR match should be even better.

The ME was good but IMO predicatable as I really didnt see The Rock winning it at all and I like to think both men have a chance going into it. Lesnar gets an expected win almost the same way he did at SS 02 and that match was amazing.

Great show and deffinitely gets me ready for the RR which if its anything like last years, should be off the hook as Tazz would say. Cant wait and for a recap this PPV was top notch.
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Re: Being the booker

A very good summary to the PPV.

I enjoyed how Simon Sucess cheated to get a good push.

Nice promos backstage with Christian talking about how the rest of the wrestlers are old and then SCSA comes in ,but gets attacked by Goldberg which later makes Stone Cold get thrown out of the match due to injury.

I like Captain Chrisma getting into the battle royal since I voted for him as number 1.

I like how Bret Hart cost Kurt Angle the match after bringing the chair to the ring which made Kurt Angle glad probably because he thinks this means he will face Bret Hart or maybe because Bret Hart will now owe him something for costing him the match.

I wasn't shocked at all by Chris Jericho getting the victory.

A good victory for Brock Lesnar over The Rock so we can get a good match between Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar at The Royal Rumble.

A very good summary and I will be giving a full review for Royal Rumble.

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Re: Being the booker

Review coming up at some point tomorrow.
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Re: Being the booker

talk about a strong recap Wolfy! Everything flowed well, all the matches were great and The Rock/HBK promo was brilliant. I still love the WM commercial, so funny. Pity to see The Cabinet retain, and JBL beating Kurt Angle thanks to a mistake from Bret Hart. The matches building up for WM are going to be huge. The gauntlet was awesome, with Hardy eliminating Goldberg a huge surprise. Orton & Christian both in it, because Austin was attacked by Goldberg. Sad that Orton didn't last longer, but atleast Jericho got the win. Paul London over Maven & Benoit over Snitsky were both elementary results, waiting to happen. And the championship match, won by Lesnar, will give us a unique feud between him and Jericho. I'm already pumped for the Rumble, a strong recap. 88/100


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Re: Being the booker

WWE Fully Loaded:

Is Chavo getting a push?

Spelling and Grammar:
You must have read my Armageddon review, because you reversed it with this one. I honestly did not find a spelling error here. I did find some grammatical mishaps though with your comma usage. 9.5/10

Nineteen pages is great for a recapped PPV. Some full PPVs do not even make it to that.

Tag Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

A very normal tag team match here with the faces in complete control in the commencement, until the heels gain command as they isolate. Just to let you know, you substituted Charlie Haas in the match. Referee bump already? There better not be another one this PPV. Great ending for the win for the System success!! They have been buried since the Great American Bash, the last SD single brand PPV.

Stone Cold and Christian feud is going to be great, I love the museum comment. Goldberg is losing at the Royal Rumble.

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

You already told me that Benoit would win. Quintessential ending for Benoit! What is very surprising is that this is his only PPV win of the year with Survivor Series not really counting. I hope you can find something for him to do besides lark about.

That is cool, two Raw superstars!!

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven

I thought that London was going to lose when he missed the shooting star press, but thankfully, he still won. Three lackluster matches if you ask me. I like Dean, I love Benoit, I like London, but besides Dean, you are not doing anything at all with them. London looks great against the Cabinet, but almost loses to Maven.

Hey, you got JBL right this time!!

Great interaction between HBk and the Rock! With all the Raw superstars here, you can set the Wrestlemania feuds up even more. You started at Judgment Day with the Wrestlemania matches while the WWE does not until the Royal Rumble. I still do not know, so they are terrible this year.

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

Another one of these interesting matches. This is the Dudley’s match though. Surprised that Noble was eliminated first, since you love him so much. DVon and Spike came as a surprise being next to each other. Some cheap tactics for the Cabinet to retain the titles. I hope London is back to face Noble.

I think I voted for Christian.

JBL is probably going to retain, or Angle will just throw the belt away.

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

I love it when Angle goes all out with suplexes. I wonder why the table did not break, seems suspicious. Uh oh, referee is good bye. I do not know why there is a second referee bump, more than one is too much. This PPV is unfortunately riddled with mishaps. Some great spots with the suplex to the bigger JBL and then the DDT on the table!!! At least we get something from this spot. The Cabinet is cheating, not good at all. Hart in the ring!!! Something big is going to happen. JBL uses the chair!!! Angle is going to be pissed at Hart. The match build up is making me shudder!! Angle is going to use this against Hart.

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Batista, Rob Van Dam)

I like how Orton is the replacement for Stone Cold. If you ask me, Christian and Orton are the two biggest stars on Raw. Austin diverts Goldberg!! Ouch!! Orton gets the Unprettier treatment!! Christian is going to make an impact here. Never mind, Jericho takes him out. Classic Jericho action!! Jericho made that segment what it is, he was phenomenal. You made him look like a shooting star. Take that you moron, tap out!! Jericho gets to face the WWE champion!! I was hoping for a Raw guy to win, so we could have a storyline, but that would have been extemporaneous booking on your part.

Rock vs. HBK!

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Rock

I have seen the last seven minutes and three seconds of their match at Summerslam 2002, it was actually decent. I am sure it would have been a scintillating match if written out. Their styles are somewhat similar. Brock is champion heading into the Royal Rumble, but I would be SURPRISED if he had it at Wrestlemania.

Bottomline cause Arjun says so:
Recap shows work for single brand PPVs. They give you a break as it takes as long as writing a regular show does. Of course, I am waiting for the Royal Rumble. Your 2005 one was great! I just hope Cena does not win a third consecutive year.

I give this a 90! Very good considering the first three matches were lackluster.
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Re: Being the booker

Terribly sorry I havent got any kind of reviews up yet Wolfy. As you know, I am extremely pressed for time, especially considering I am desperately trying to finish the RR. I havent read any spoilers for this PPV, even though its summarized. Expect a review for it to be up either after I finish the RUmble, or sometime sooner if I just happen to have the time. I think I have done enough good reviews to have a break like this be understandable. Sorry Wolf, look for it in a few days.

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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven

Good opening victory for System Success who had been buried a bit in the last few months. Looked to be a good opener which would have started the show nicely, although I don’t see the winners capitalizing that much with there being heel champs.

Austin/Christian at Wrestlemania is definitely on the way and should be a great match. Goldberg takes out Austin, and it looks as if he will not be in the match tonight

Nice match with Benoit and Snitsky, although a Benoit win was never in doubt. Nice springboard for a push coming now, and I see him having a good run in the rumble match

London/Maven was probably the filler match on the card, but a good win for London after the 450 splash. Did a nice job on the card, and a good way to end the match which would have been a great end sequence

Very strong promo from the rock and hbk, and the match at mania has to happen now. Great lines from the rock here, and hbk didn’t fall for some of the tricks that the rock uses

Dudley dog takes out Noble, but D-Von is out of the match soon afterwards. Spike goes after the Dudley dog attempt being pushed over into the table. Bubba is on his own, but he scores with the bubba bomb. Danny goes through the table, but it doesn’t count as D-Von helped him to it. The referee sends him back, whilst the cabinet cheat to retain the titles, after belt shots from the other members

Surprised to see HBK come last, but a huge win for Christian which is great to see, and I doubt he will shut up about it now

Very good opening bit to the match which angle on fire and he unloads with suplex after suplex on JBL. Back drop on the table doesn’t break it implying that there is another spot planned some point this evening. Clothesline from hell hits the ref. He hits the angle slam, but there is no referee, cueing the run in from the cabinet. They beat down Angle, but Bret Hart makes an entrance. He chases the cabinet away with the chair, but JBL uses it and this gives him the win in the MOTN so far. Angle smiles, and I guess he will use this against Hart

Goldberg out powers Hardy, but Austin’s music causes the distraction, and after a twist of fate and leg drop, Goldberg is out and Hardy gets a big push from this. Orton replaces Austin, and picks up the win over Hardy, before facing CC. Great to see CC kick out of the RKO and then after pushing Orton into the turnbuckle, hitting the unprettier for the win. Good win for Jericho over CC, and I think Jericho has to be the favourite for the match now. Jericho does get the win after reversing the pedigree into the WOJ, and making the game tap out. Jericho gets a main event push, but I don’t know whether he will get the belt or not yet?

Main event time, and I think that brock will retain the belt, with a bit of help from HBK. Heyman gets involved in the match at times and does the job of the manager well. Belt shot doesn’t get the match won, and Heyman stops the peoples elbow attempt. Rock goes for the rock bottom, but lesnar counters into the F-5 and retains the belt. Surprised to see HBK not get involved in the match, and I guess the feud will pick up again at the rumble big style. Lesnar/Jericho should be a good title match, but I don’t see either guy holding the belt going into mania at the moment
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Re: Being the booker

hey i have just read a load of your btb and it is amazing how you can think of all the storylines, i will deffinetly carry on reading it,

my first 2 shows r up!!!
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Re: Being the booker

Da Wolf Guy’s Armageddon 2005 Review

This review will be done a little differently seeing as I have already read through the PPV.

The opening video for Armageddon was nicely done but not as good as some of your past ones. Some vintage lines being exchanged between competitors and the song at the end was an appropriate choice. It was still a very unique opening so you get points for that.

Ok, so the Women’s Championship is opening up the show. It is as good a choice as any to start the show and it wasn’t bad for a Women’s title match. Very close finish between the two ladies who might meet later down in the road. Trish gets a clean pinfall which she deserved after conquering the Amazon a month or two ago. The Women’s division has had a storyline for a change in BTB, which is truly amazing.

The Wrestlemania 22 promo was still hilarious no matter how many times I read it. It was truly an innovative idea and played out very well. Each of the men are in character just as if they were acting it out in real life.

The Brotherhood vs. Eugene, Booker T, and Goldust was another good match for only having midcard talent. I really like Eugene and Booker T’s wrestling style but I don’t really remember much about the Brotherhood’s style. This match has been properly built up and does not act like a filler like it would if it was used in the WWE. DQ at the end worked although just a rope break was a little harsh. I guess a weapon really doesn’t need to be introduced into this situation anyway. This fued is far from over but I am glad that Eugene got a win on paper.

Edge’s promo definitely hints at a much more aggressive, soon to be heel. Edge. He was good as a heel but he really didn’t have that great of a gimmick. I can’t wait to see how you use him as a heel because, well, I just can’t. Like I predicted earlier, I knew somehow Edge would get screwed to set him off. Rob Van Dam gets a win on a PPV for the first time in months. Edge, then goes ballistic and spears a referee which would be pretty sweet. I would love to see one of those guys try to get a spear no matter how bad it would look.

Ooooh, the ladder match is up next. I cannot wait to see how these four men compete in this environment especially after Benjamin’s experience at Wrestlemania 21. DX really don’t have the opportunity to screw TWGTT so it should be a promising match. Lots of spots on the ladder with Benjamin executing most of them. I would say there would too many spots but if I was a spectator I wouldn’t complain. The ending with Haas pushing Benjamin and Cade through the tables. I’ve never seen this before but a smart piece of booking. This easily allows Haas to climb the ladder and end DX’s reign as tag team champions.

The Kennedy announcement was a little short and you could tell it was a filler. You should have had a lowcard superstar for him to humiliate. The actual content of the promo was pretty good I guess but still wasn’t up to your usual par.

Sting vs. Batista. I really hope that the Big Man wins this one because he is due for a push to the top of the card. Batista pretty much dominates the match which makes me extremely happy. I dunno who is going to win the Rumble at this point but I am sure the Animal is in contention. If Sting doesn’t come back to Raw, that is no big deal because there is plenty of talent on your show already.

Yeeeah! The Royal Rumble is in Madison Square Garden! This is a great place with a lot of history and I’m sure a couple more things will be added to the list next year.

Kind of a short little promo with Carlito and I wish you would have dragged it out a little longer. Carlito is king on the mic but he is also pretty good in the ring. But, it did get the point across that Carlito was going to be champion so it served its purpose.

The Intercontinental Championship match is up next. Rey Mysterio has had a nice long reign as IC Champ and he just came off a major fued with Rob Van Dam. Hopefully, he retains this one. Carlito with a legitimate finisher (The Apple Core) is great. Since you don’t have Hassan on your show this finisher works well and you came up with a sweet name. Nice match between two talented superstars which I wish would have went on longer. I am mad that Rey Mysterio’s title reign ended but there was no better man for him to lose the title to.

The Christian-Tomko piece was classic Wolf. The Myth Murderer is a perfect title for Christian and another piece of booking genius. You really have a way with Christian and Tomko that actually makes me like the two paired up. At the end with the tired, “That’s how I roll,” expression from Tomko was nice. I hope you leave these two paired up for a while.

Ric Flair vs. Undertaker sure has the potential to set up a Batista-Undertaker feud. I retract my earlier statement about Batista winning the Rumble. I hope you give this guy the Deadman at Mania. He should definitely go ahead and end the Undertaker’s winning spree because he has the gimmick to. Undertaker gets the victory but the fued between “Evolution” if I can still call it that and Undertaker definitely needs to go on.

The next match really has the potential to be MOTN. I wish you wouldn’t have booked this match and the end of the Cena-DX fued on the same show because both matches deserve main event slots. Anyways, a great match-up between two gifted superstars who really gave it their all. Very action packed finish even without several finisher reversals. Orton gets the victory here but I hope that you continue the Christian-Orton fued at least until the Rumble. Christian vs. Austin will be good for Mania but not much can top Orton and Christian as far as in ring ability.

Time for the main event that everyone has been waiting for since Summerslam. I knew this match was going to happen and it was only a matter of time and here I am reading it right now. This was definitely the MOTN and it is not just because of the title change. It had a lot of great Last Man Standing spots and it really told a story. The ending was cool with a FU from the Raw table to the Spanish announce table. Why is it that the Spanish table always gets trashed but the Raw table never does? NEW CHAMPION! NEW CHAMPION! Wow, this match was 50-50 but I still can’t believe Cena got his belt back. Cena has got both his titles but which one will he actually keep? This was a fantastic end to a fantastic PPV.

Yet another quality PPV dished out by BTB section’s finest. Overall it was a very stacked card for being a single brand PPV, probably the best I have ever seen. A lot of high quality superstars clashed and the event was written out well. I can’t wait to see where you are going to go with the Raw side of things up to Wrestlemania.

The Fully Loaded review will be up soon. Sorry this review is so late but I have been pretty busy.

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