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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by arjun14626rko
The actual Wrestlemania in Detroit?? They have got to be kidding me!! That is one of the worst cities there is. You cannot hold Wrestlemania there. I cannot believe that they are holding the Super Bowl there, it should be in a warm weather place. Detroit is in proximity with Chicago too. Why have two Wrestlemanias miles from each other?

Anyway, cannot wait to see who won.

They are going to do it there because WM3 was in the Pontiac Silverdome. it was the biggest ever, and set the world indoor attendance record. It is a nostalgia type of thing, you know WM3, and WM23.

Wolfy look for me to check out Raw/SD and everything else by tomorrow night. Wont be a long review though, as I am busy on the Rumble. I will give suitable review for Fully Loaded though, and I am looking forward to the Raw entrant in the Gauntlet.

EDIT IN: W-E has been screwy for me today too Wolfy.Slow, weird and everything else.

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Special Attraction at Wrestlemania
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Re: Being the booker

Hmm, Wrestlemania III had 93,000 people.

I cannot wait to read Fully Loaded, especially what Angle is going to do. I am guessing that will be in overview mode?
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Re: Being the booker

Rey vs Carlito is a great opener but I didnt expect the title to change hands by any means so the surprise factor wasnt too big however furthering the Christian-Mysterio feud was good and I have a feeling thats exactly what this match was for.

Big Flair announcement and it will be interesting to see how everybody earns there spot in The Royal Rumble this year.

Edge promo was IMO one of the best you have done yet and I have a feeling that his heel turn isnt far away, I doubt he can even make it to The Royal Rumble as a face by the rate hes going.

Eugene gets a win over Rodney Mack but even more interesting is the First Blood 6 Man Tag next week and I hope Eugene and Bookdust win it.

Great segment with the 5 guys heading into Fully Loaded this Sunday and I hope whoever the Raw guy is, wins it just because it would be extremely interesting to see where it goes from there and if they would permanently switch shows.

Nice retain for WGTT here tonight but I see them losing their titles soon for some reason, dont ask me why.

UT promo kicked ass 'nuff said.

Batista beats Rhyno in a good match to see live IMO however I hope Rhino gets somewhat of a push after this is all said and done as he has the ability to get over with the crowd.

Cena promo was unusual but still good none the less.

The ME was awesome but what happened afterward was even better, with Edge finally stopping all the teasing and turning heel. Edge is open to so many more feuds and while he turns heel I hope RVD turns face keeping the same gimmick.
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Re: Being the booker

Sorry Wolf, I havent done a RAW review yet, but I'll get to it, now that I'm back at school I am struggling for free time. Assignments, work, girlfriend, and friends all play an important part in my life, and I'm sure you understand.


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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by Da Wolf Guy
Official Card for WWE Fully Loaded:
Date: 18th December 2005
Location: American Airlines Arena; Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Waiting, Not Forgotten

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven
Feel free to leave any predictions, but the show wont be in full ... however, there will be one promo done in full.

I'll post it in an hour or two. Any predictions are still welcome
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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven
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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock-The only reason I say Brock Lesnar is because there isn't a No Way Out in February. I could see HBK screw The Rock out of the title at No Way out ,but I couldn't see The Rock lose the title in one month for The Royal Rumble.

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle-I can see JBL getting DQ'ed to keep the title.

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys-This was very well booked. As it seems the Boyz have everything to win for ,but I have to go with The Cabinet.

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)-A very hard one to choose due to us not knowing who will be the RAW Superstar chosen by the fans. I could see HBK, RVD, and Batista winning this one ,but due to the fact I don't know who it will be I will have to give this one to Goldberg. A huge shock right there due to Goldberg and Lesnar formally teaming up ,but I can see this happening.

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success-System Success is a good tag team that I can see getting a push over the last Champs. System Success seems to be the team to go for.

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky-Gene Snitsky has been getting a nice push since his debut ,but I don't think your ready to put him over someone like Chris Benoit.

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven-This should be a good Cruiserweight vs Light Heavyweight match. I can see the winner taking on the Cruiserweight Champion and with Paul London as the face I can see him winning the match.

This should be a nice read and I will probably leave a review.

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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven
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Re: Being the booker

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Randy Orton)

Tag Team Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven
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Re: Being the booker

Heat Main Event; Chavo Guerrero defeated Akio

WWE Fully Loaded:
18th December 2005
Location: American Airlines Arena; Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Not Forgotten, Waiting

Opening Video, with the theme of ‘Fully Loaded’

Cole and Tazz open the show, and talk about some of the main matches, as well as focusing on the inclusion of a Raw superstar tonight too.

Tag Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success

AMW start out fast, with Masters and Dean on the back foot from the get go, trying to slow it down, which they eventually do, by rolling out of the ring to gather themselves, and talk strategy. AMW are held back in the ring by the referee which allows the rest period for The System Success.

Eventually, Masters and Harris face off, with Masters trying to dominate, using his power, but Harris is equal to it in the early going, and tags in James Storm after taking down The Masterpiece. Storm opens up on Masters, scoring a hat trick of near falls, with Masters hanging on in there. Storm goes up top for an axe handle, but as he jumps off, gets caught with a kick to the gut from Masters. The Masterpiece quickly tags back out to Simon Dean.

Dean quickly makes his impact on James Storm, trying to wear him down, choking him out for four counts on a number of occasions. He and Masters now begin to make consistent tags, with Storm beginning to feel the effects of a well constructed, methodical beat down from Masters and Dean.

Masters gains a near fall with a back breaker, before tagging back out to Simon, who starts to take The Cowboy lightly, doing jumping jacks in the ring. Then as he picks up Storm, he gets caught with a cradle, but manages to kick out at two, and gets up before Storm, knocking him down with a hard clothesline. Dean and Masters make more tags now, and begin to single out the back area of Storm for a period, but once again, it’s Simon Dean that allows James Storm to recover, as he does press ups beside the Cowboy, then gets up, whips Storm off the ropes, but Storm comes back, hitting Simon with a flying forearm. Storm once again nearly gets a tag to Harris, but Masters pulls The Wildcat off the apron, and he misses the tag, allowing Dean to drag Storm back again.

The System Success begin to work down the back again, with Masters power being the focal point of the attack on the back area. Masters applies a back breaker submission, which has Storm caught in the middle of the ring, but he doesn’t pass out, or tap out, and thanks to having the fans behind him, The Cowboy manages to free himself from the submission, whilst Dean blind tags Masters. Now, Storm fires up, with a knock down to Masters, then dropkicks Simon Dean, before knocking down Masters again, and looks to make a tag to his fresh partner, but Simon Dean distracts the referee, and the tag isn’t seen, which means the frustrated Wildcat is forced to the corner again.

System Success take advantage, and grab the fitness bag. Masters swings at Storm, but he ducks, and hit’s a German Suplex. Simon then runs at him, but Haas hit’s a drop toe hold, with Dean comically head butting the mid section of his partner, to a nice pop. With a clear opening, Storm finally tags in Harris, with a big pop for the hot tag.

Harris takes down both opponents with dropkicks, clotheslines, and vertical suplexes, taking Masters and Dean out of their game, by stepping up the pace. He nails a cross body on Dean, and covers, 1...2...MASTERS BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Storm is irate, and gets involved in the match, turning it into a four man war.

AMW are on top of the action, with Dean and Masters now looking to be in a world of trouble. Storm lines up for a super kick on Dean, but Simon ducks … AND STORM HIT’S THE REFEREE!!!! The match continues to break down, with a four way brawl, resulting in Storm and Masters brawling to the outside momentarily, whilst Harris and Dean are left in the ring. The Wildcat hit’s the Catatonic, but has no referee to make the count!!! James Storm gets back into the ring, having whipped The Masterpiece into the steel steps. AMW team up together, and manage to hit the Death Sentence for a sure victory, but the referee is still trying to recover!! Masters, on the outside begins to recover, and has an idea, jumping onto the apron, beside the referee, and slaps his hands together, trying to trick the woozy referee into think he has tagged Simon.

Storm and Masters brawl again, onto the outside for a second time, whilst in the ring, the Wildcat is in cruise control over Dean. Masters levels James Storm with the fitness bag, knocking him out, whilst Chris Harris hit’s a Spear on Simon Dean, and hooks the leg, but the referee has been fooled by Masters when he slapped his hands, and believes Masters is the legal man. Harris argues with the referee, wondering why he wont count, and whilst he explains, Masters comes from behind, and applies THE MASTERLOCK!!!! Harris fights it for a good thirty seconds, but cant break the hold, with Masters gripping, and throwing Harris around, eventually taking the life from him, and the referee drops Harris’ hand three times, before calling for the bell to end the match.
Winners: The System Success @ 12:41

Masters and Dean celebrate their sneaky victory, whilst both members of AMW are left flat out, with Harris having passed out, and Storm knocked out, both by the Masterpiece.

Backstage, Josh Matthews takes the opportunity to interview Raw Superstar, Christian.

Josh asks Christian how he feels to be part of a Smackdown event, with Christian replying that he feels like he’s visiting a museum, with all the dinosaurs roaming around, such as Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, and Goldberg. Matthews then points out that those superstars aren’t actually that old, and most are still at the top of their game.

Christian responds to that comment, quickly dissing Matthews, saying he never thought he’d prefer Todd Grisham to anyone, then going on to say age doesn’t matter, the likes of Steve Austin are now the past, and Christian isn’t the future, but the here and now.

This of course, leads to an interruption from Steve Austin. Christian complains about Austin trying to steal the interview time, with Austin responding that for the last couple of months, Christian has done the same to him, and life’s a bitch. The two men go back and forth with cut downs, before both hoping they meet at some point tonight, but Austin doesn’t expect it happen, given there are only about three peeps in the entire world - those being Tyson Tomko, Christian himself, and Christians ego. Christian looks furious, then smiles, and tells Austin to turn around, which he does, only to be met with a Spear from Goldberg!!!

Goldberg stands over Austin, but doesn’t stop the attack, and drags Austin up, looking around, then spots a window, and throws Austin through it!!! Goldberg wipes his hands, as if to say, ‘Job done’, before walking off. Christian then peeks through the broken window, and laughs at Austin, who has yet to move, before saying in his cocky tone “So much for us meeting later on”

Quick Video Package is played, showing the recent history between Benoit and Snitsky, with Snitsky continually finding a way to avoid losing a match cleanly to The Wolverine, usually getting himself DQ’ed or counted out.

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

Benoit and Snitsky go right at it, with The Wolverine showing no fear of Snitsky, despite the big mans size and power advantages. Snitsky stops Benoits furious start, with a poke to the eye, sending Benoit stumbling away. Snitsky then drives Benoits face into the mat, and drops a knee to the back of the head, which gets him a two count on The Crippler.

Snitsky stomps down Benoit in the corner, and looks to be dominating the match early on, but Benoit reverses a whip, and drives his knee into the mid section of Gene, knocking his big opponent over. Snitsky blocks the Germans, with Benoit then trying to go for a submission instead, but Snitsky blocks the Crossface too. Benoit then opens up, and delivers the CHOPS! He hits three, before Snitsky swats him away, into the corner. The two men brawl in and out of the ring for a short period, with the bigger man winning that duel and hits a big leg drop for 2. Benoit fights back into the match from the point, and scores a near fall after hitting a vertical suplex.

Gene comes back now, pounding at Benoit, clubbing the back of Benoit into oblivion, before hitting a delayed vertical suplex of his own, scoring a two count.

From here, Snitsky begins to take control for a period, beating the holy hell out of the rabid wolverine on the outside, with Benoit taking a huge amount of punishment from his opponent. Snitsky gets Benoit back inside, and resorts to the power moves, scoring near falls with a shoulder breaker, back breaker, side walk slam, and a Full Nelson Slam. Benoit hangs on though, and continues to try and fight back, hitting chops at every opportunity. Snitsky remains in control, and goes for a Torture Rack, eventually getting Benoit locked in.

The Wolverine fights the submission, keeping his hand in the air, after dropping twice, to keep the match alive. Eventually, he slips out of the hold, and Benoit slaps Gene in the Crossface but Snitsky manages to stand out of it so Benoit goes to the trifecta of German Suplexes!!! The Wolverine now signals for the Headbutt, and climbs the ropes …flying through the air, scoring with the move. He covers, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Benoit chops Snitsky in the corner, whilst he thinks of what to do next, and whips him across the ring, but Snitsky comes off the ropes, nearly taking Benoits head off with a big boot to the face. Snitsky gets back up, and attempts to end the match, going for the Pumphandle Slam, but Benoit counters, hitting a headlock takedown, before quickly grabbing the legs of Snitsky, and applying the Sharpshooter!!!! Gene fights in the hold, but after close to a minute struggling to make the ropes, Snitsky finally taps out.
Winner: Chris Benoit @ 10:26

Benoit has his hand raised, and celebrates the win, with Michael Cole and Tazz speculating Benoit as a potential contender for the Rumble next month, should he qualify.

Backstage, Josh Matthews announces that Steve Austin has been taken to a local medical facility after the heinous attack from Goldberg earlier tonight. He also announces that Bret Hart will be putting in a replacement for Austin in the Gauntlet Match, with rumour being that a second Raw superstar will be getting the spot in the match.

As Matthews speaks, a limo pulls up, with Vince McMahon exiting the vehicle. He passes Josh, with Matthews asking the Chairman if he can disclose any information on the announcement he will make tonight. McMahon laughs at Josh, telling him he isn’t employed to ask stupid questions.

The camera cuts to the Smackdown locker room, where Batista walks in, getting a number of dirty looks from the Smackdown locker room, with him being a Raw guy. He ignores the SD guys, and smiles it off, as he drops his bag down by a locker, and takes off his tie, to get ready for tonight.

One on One:
Paul London vs. Maven

The former cruiserweight champion uses his amazing speed and agility advantage early on, frustrating Maven, by out doing everything Maven tries to accomplish, keeping control. His speed and trickery causes the 1st Tough Enough Champion a lot of problems in the early going, escaping every bad situation Maven tries to get him into.

Eventually, the bigger man manages to get on top of the match, turning London inside out with a dropkick. He takes away the legs of the CW Champ, breaking down London’s main weapon. Maven is methodical is breaking down the opponent, before trying to take the air from him, with a simple front face lock.

Maven stays in control for a long period, still wearing down London’s legs and head, having released the front face lock, and deciding to do damage in other ways. Maven goes for the Dominator, but Paul London flips out of it, before taking down Maven with a drop sault.

That gives London time to recover, and try to shake his leg loose, as well as catch his breath. He starts to use his speed advantage again, hitting a number of deep arm drags to Maven, which begin to hurt Mavens offence, with the already bad arm from previous injuries being singled out. Maven appears to be in deep trouble, much more than he would have expected, having taken his opponent lightly, with Paul London giving his all.

Maven wheels out the heel tactics, raking the eyes to slow London down, and begins to choke him at the ropes, breaking at four. Maven scores a few near falls with a suplex, and a front slam, but as he waits for Paul to get up again, Maven misjudges a clothesline, and London manages to slip free, and nail Maven with a standing enziguri. London quickly jumps to the top rope, and goes for the Shooting Star Press … BUT MAVEN MOVES!!!

The Tough Enough winner goes for a roll up on London for the three count, holding the tights, and the ropes … 1...2...LONDON KICKS OUT!!! Maven slaps the mat hard, and decides to go up top, looking for a cross body, but as he flies through the air, London connects with a dropkick!!! Paul London wastes no time, and jumps up top, making no mistake, hitting the 450 Splash!!!! He hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 10:02

London is jubilant in victory, having got revenge on Maven for the match ten days ago on Smackdown, in which Maven cheated to win.

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE Wrestle Mania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

***NOTE*** Originally, the part of Chavo Guerrero was to be played by Eddie Guerrero.

The video opens, in a busy, buzzing Casino, with a number of people on the fruit machines, roulette tables, poker tables, craps and more, before we cut to the Blackjack Table.

First, we see Carlito sat down, sweating profusely, with very little chips … next we see Rob Van Dam looking extremely angry, with very little chips too … then, we see JBL, wiping sweat from his brow, with no chips. He panics, and pulls his Rolex watch off, throwing it onto the table to bet with. Finally, the camera moves to Chavo Guerrero, who sits back, relaxing, with a HUGE stack of chips.

The dealer, Linda McMahon, deals out cards to each man again. Carlito shouts out for another card, which he is dealt. Carlito looks at it, and screws up his face.

He gets up, and grabs his apple, taking a bite, and spits it on the table.

Carlito: I’m bust … again. Das not cool.

Carlito gives up, having no chips left, and leaves the table. RVD nods for another card, which he gets. He nods again, getting another card. Van Dam holds his hand up, signalling his sticks.

Now, we go back to JBL, who is dripping with sweat, and asks for another card, which he gets, and asks to stick.

Both men, and Linda now turn their attention to Chavo.

Linda McMahon: You want another card??

Chavo looks up, with a little impish grin, before speaking.

Chavo Guerrero: Nope, I got twenty one.

RVD kicks the table, whilst JBL bangs his head off it, losing everything he has.

Linda McMahon: You must be a natural. That’s seventeen games in a row you’ve got a twenty one from the first two cards.

Chavo Guerrero: Yeah, my family have studied this game for years.

RVD pushes the rest of his chips to the middle of the table for the next hand, whilst JBL throws a set of keys into the middle of the table.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s my house keys. It’s all I’ve got left.

Linda raises her eyebrow, and deals out the cards again. RVD is first to respond, and he signals for another card … and another … then gets to his feet, picks up his glass, and throws it across the Casino.

The camera follows the glass … which sails across the casino, and smashes onto the stage, where Chris Jericho, and Fozzy are set to perform.

Chris Jericho: HEY!!! We haven’t even started our performance yet!!! Judge us when we finish ass clown!!!

Back to the blackjack table, we see Bill Alfonso arrive on the scene, and tries to calm RVD, leading him away from the table, with Van Dam out of chips.

JBL again wipes his face, with his hair all out of place, fretting over losing everything.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hit me.

Linda deals JBL another card. JBL grins, and lets out a loud laugh.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ha ha. Try and beat that. TWENTY!!!

JBL lets out a sigh of relief, as Chavo smiles, and turns his cards over.

Chavo Guerrero: Well, well, well. Look at that. Twenty One!!!

JBL’s face drops in shock. He slowly rises up from the table, and we see he isn’t wearing any trousers, and has no shoes. He walks away from the table, in a state of shock.

Chavo grabs a handful of chips, and throws them up in the air, celebrating all his winnings. He then straightens his jacket, and gets up from the table, grabbing a pair of shoes, trousers, the watch, and keys, (all JBLs) before walking towards the position where he can get his chips changed into money. He points to the table he was at, and asks for the cash. The man behind the desk then speaks.

Casino Clerk: And your name please??

Chavo Guerrero: My name?? Ummm… John … err … Smith.

Casino Clerk: John Smith?? Your name is John Smith??

Chavo Guerrero: That’s me, regular old John Smith.

A bunch of Raw and Smackdown stars then pass by (Booker T, Goldust, Hardcore Holly, Paul London, William Regal, Lance Storm, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) with each one passing by saying ‘Hey Chavo’

Guerrero stands still, frozen from fear as the clerk starts to look suspicious. Chavo tries to cover it up with a laugh, and backs up a little, with a small device falling down his trouser and onto the floor. A security guard notices, and quickly picks it up, recognizing the object right away.

Security Guard: This guy has been counting cards. He’s been cheating!!!

The camera instantly switches across the casino, with JBL looking up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Cheating!!??

Camera cuts to Carlito, who spits his apple in defiance.

Camera cuts to RVD, who looks ready to blast out an expletive, before we cut back to Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: Uh oh.

JBL, RVD, Carlito, and a bunch of extras start to run across the casino, to chase Chavo. Chavo sees them coming, and he quickly pokes the security guard in the eye, before throwing JBLs shoes in their direction to try and slow them down.

He runs towards the front exit, and sees security blocking the door. His eyes widen, before he looks around, then we see a light bulb flash above his head, and he quickly clutches his chest, pretending to faint. JBL, RVD and Carlito all close in on him, but the security fall for his act, and stops JBL etc from getting at him, telling them to give him space.

Chavo sits up, and waves at the three men, before jumping up, and running out the exit, pointing at JBL’s limo driver to look behind him, which he does, allowing Chavo to yank the key out of his hand, and jump into the limo.

Chavo quickly starts the vehicle, and speeds off, stealing Bradshaw’s limo, and getting away from the furious cheated other players.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption “Where Dreams Become Reality” flashing across the screen before we get the very last scene…

Chavo starts singing the old Los Guerreros theme song, as he drives off, singing and whistling, but what he doesn’t see, is that the fuel level is dangerously low, as the camera fades away, ending the video.

Backstage, Maria interviews The Rock… in typical Maria fashion, she drops a clanger, and in her first question, asks The Rock what Strudel is. The Rock tries to explain to her, with Maria not understanding. She then moves on, and asks about how he is feeling ahead of tonight’s main event.

The Rock: Well Maria, its quite simple. The Rock is feeling ‘it’. The Rock is feeling the switch of momentum, from Brock Lesnar … to The Rock. And when The Rock feels the momentum switch, honey … the momentum switches. The Rock has heard all the nay sayers, he’s heard all his doubters, and he’s heard all the sheep joining in the background. (Puts on voice) “You don’t have it anymore Rock … you’ve gone Hollywood”

Well you people, listen up, turn the volume up on the television set, and you open those ears. Fix your eyes on The Rock, and read my lips. The Rock … still has it … The Rock … still wants it … The Rock hasn’t gone Hollywood. The Rock HAS done it all. Ten World Titles, check. Main Eventing Wrestle Mania, check. Sell out arenas all over the world, check. But just because The Rock has done it all, it doesn’t mean The Rock doesn’t want to do it all over again.

The Rock has beaten them all, competed against everyone there is, and The Rock is still standing before you today, ready to sing IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK … IS COOKIN!!!! You question the heart … question the ability … question me. Tonight, The Rock answers those questions, by giving you the answer … for the eleventh time.

Yes, The Rock has done it all, beat them all, and ran around in circles to do-

Voice: Not quite all.

Shawn Michaels steps into the picture

The Rock: And what in the blue hell do you want??

Shawn Michaels: Yeah, yeah. It doesn’t matter what I want. That’s very cute an all Rock, but it actually does matter what I want.

The Rock: Oh is that right??

Shawn Michaels: Yeah. You see, you said you’ve beat them all. Steve Austin?? Yep. Hulk Hogan?? Yep. Triple H?? Uhuh. Undertaker?? Sure. Mick Foley?? Check. Shawn Michaels?? Y- (Taps his head) Nope. don’t recall that one. (Looks to Maria) Do you rememb- actually, forget it.

Some laughs

Shawn Michaels: Rock, you say you’ve done it all?? You haven’t. There is still that dream match out there. Icon vs. Icon, The Rock vs. ‘The Heart Break Kid, The Showstopper, The Icon, The Main Event’ Shawn Michaels.

Crowd Pops. Rock takes a step back, looking puzzled.

The Rock: Whoa. You’re Shawn Michaels?? You, you look different. (Clicks fingers) That’s it. You don’t have Tweedle Dum … don’t have tweedle dee … and there’s no sign of tweedle dah. So where are they Shawn?? Are they … waiting in the car outside, smearing cream over their hairy chests?? Are they … waiting in the hotel, strapped in chains to the bed?? Or are they right there, STUCK UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!!

Crowd Pops, whilst Michaels looks furious.

Shawn Michaels: (Chuckles) I’ll take that as a no then.

HBK turns to walk away, but Rock grabs his arm.

The Rock: No, no, no. You stay right there Shawn Michaels. The Rock, isn’t finished yet. You challenge The Rock to a match?? The Rock says its on. January 22nd, Madison Square Garden, Royal Rumble. You and The Rock, for the first time EVER.

Crowd Pops

The Rock: But Shawn, lets not get carried away. The Rock would love to whoop your sexually diseased backside all over New York City, but first, you need to rely on two things. Number One … you need the fans to vote for you in tonight’s gauntlet … and second … you need to WIN that gauntlet.

HBK stares right at Rock

The Rock: Because tonight, The Rock is winning the WWE Championship … and The Rock is headed to The Royal Rumble, as WWE Champion. So Shawn Michaels … if you want to accomplish your boyhood dream … or more appropriately, your dying wish … I suggest you pray for a miracle … make that two.

Rock brushes past Michaels, who looks to be seething with the comments made by Rock.

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

All out brawl from the beginning, with all six men brawling, and it’s the clan of Dudley’s who get the best of this, before taking the action into the ring to begin the match officially. Bubba and Noble start it out, with Noble being dominated by Bubba, struggling to keep up with the Dudley. Bubba, D’ Von and Spike all get a chance to beat on Jamie Noble, before Noble manages to escape an attempted suplex from Bubba, and reaches across the ring, tagging out to Danny Basham.

Danny and Bubba go at it, back and forth, with Bubba getting the best of it once again, before tagging in D’ Von. D’ Von takes it to Danny Basham too, before giving Spike a quick outing to deliver some punishment to one half of the tag champions, until Basham scores with a power slam, and tags in Doug. Doug comes after Spike, but the runt of the litter slides through his legs, to tag D’ Von back into the ring again, to face Doug.

Doug Basham and D’ Von trade near falls between each other, but it’s D’ Von who ends the battle on top, and is able to tag in Bubba, who goes to work on Doug, methodically beating The Basham down. The Cabinet looks to be struggling, with the group continuously being one upped by the challengers. This forces them to start playing dirty, and do so, with Noble driving his knee into the back of Bubba as he comes off the ropes, causing a distraction, allowing Doug to get the upper hand, and take control.

From here, The Cabinet put their stamp on the match, and begin to make consistent tags, with all three men getting the opportunity to wear down Bubba. After a rather long period, Bubba begins to fight back, and looks to make a tag, but Jamie Noble slides into the ring, and drops an elbow, stopping him. Obviously, this results in a mass brawl, with their being no DQ anyway, with the table stipulations.

The match breaks down, and the fight spills to the outside. The Dudley Clan get the best of the fight, and Bubba and D’ Von hit the 2D on Danny Basham, before looking to set up the tables. D’ Von takes the call, and slides three tables, which ominously have the names of Noble, Danny and Doug written on them. Bubba sets the tables up, and looks for Danny, calling for the 3D with D’ Von, and as they go for it, Doug quickly pushes the table away, with the 3D still connecting, but not through the table, which would’ve eliminated him.

On the outside, Jamie Noble has set up a table, but blocks him on the apron from pushing him off, and instead, runs up the turnbuckle, hitting the Dudley Dog to the champion, putting Noble through the table!!!! Noble is eliminated!!!!

Eliminated: Jamie Noble @ 12:23

The Dudley Boys now have a 3 on 2 advantage, but Doug Basham uses the tag title belt as an equalizer, knocking down Bubba and D’ Von. He then sets the table back up in the centre of the ring, and looks to put Bubba through, but Bubba fights back, and then moves aside as D’ Von runs at Basham, but Doug back drops him, WITH D’ VON GOING THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Eliminated: D’ Von Dudley @ 13:04

Quickly, Bubba Dudley knocks down Doug, and then attends to his eliminated partner, whilst Spike gets back in the ring, and sets up a table himself. He kicks a now recovering Danny Basham from the 3D, and goes for another Dudley Dog, but as he leaps off the top rope, Danny Basham throws Spike away, and THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Eliminated: Spike Dudley @ 13:47

Bubba now faces a two on one disadvantage, taking on the two Bashams. He puts up a brave fight, taking on both men, but eventually, the number become too much. Danny and Doug take their time to beat Bubba down, making sure he cant mount a comeback, before setting up the table. The look set to hit a double power bomb, but before they can, Bubba drops onto his knees, hitting a desperation double low blow on the champions!!! He throws Danny out of the ring, then goes behind Doug, hitting the Bubba Bomb THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Eliminated: Doug Basham @ 15:59

The match comes down to Bubba and Danny, for the two title belts. Bubba rolls to the outside, coming after Danny. The two men brawl around ringside, going back and forth, but it’s the more extreme Bubba Ray who gets the better of this, before rolling Doug Basham back inside the ring. Bubba continues to dominate the Basham, with the end surely near. He sets up the table, and looks to put Danny through it, but then, Jamie Noble and Doug Basham run back in, to save the match. They attack Bubba, and this leads D’ Von and Spike to run in to save their partner from the Cabinet.

The Dudley’s get the best of it, and send Noble and Doug to the outside, leaving Danny all alone once more. Bubba calls for the 3D again with D’ Von … AND SCORES!!! We have new champions … BUT THE REFEREE SAYS NO!!! The referee tells Bubba he has to put Danny through the table alone, with no help, as it is down to just him and Danny Basham.

D’ Von argues with the referee, and he sends both eliminated Dudley Boys to the back, whilst in the ring, Jamie Noble and Doug Basham attack Bubba with both tag title belts in a conchairto type spot, except with title belts!!! Noble quickly sets up another table, whilst Danny Basham is helped up by Doug. Bubba is slow to get back to his feet, whilst Danny is helped up by Doug. The referee now turns around, and yells at Doug and Noble to leave the ring, which they do, after having done enough damage, and work for Danny. Basham low blows Bubba, and picks him up from behind, getting the win, hitting a side suplex through the table.

Winners: The Cabinet - Still Cruiserweight and Tag Champions @ 19:27

The Cabinet retain the belts, with some shady tactics, and lucky to have a stern official, give them a second life line.

Classic Royal Rumble Moment - Ric Flair wins the 1992 Rumble Match, to claim the vacant WWE Championship.

Backstage, the Raw superstars are lined up, ready to hear the results of the poll for tonight’s Gauntlet. Josh Matthews then goes in reverse order, from fifth place to first ……

With 15.4% of the vote - SHAWN MICHAELS.

HBK’s grin turns instantly to a frown, and he storms off, furious he has lost the vote, coming in last.

With 17.7% of the vote - BATISTA

Batista expression turns to looking like he’s sucking on a lemon. He walks off, shaking his head, and muttering that he’ll win the Rumble instead.

With 20.1% of the vote - ROB VAN DAM

Before RVD can say anything, a LONG beep plays, stopping anyone from hearing any four letter words from Van Dam. Bill Alfonso ushers him away, but we can tell he isn’t happy.

With 22.1% of the vote - RANDY ORTON

The majority in the arena look shocked as Christian has won the voting for the match. Orton himself looks a little shell shocked, whilst Christian cheers on his win, instantly buffing up his ego even more. Orton walks off, still looking surprised, whilst Christian starts getting in peoples faces backstage, telling them he is the most popular star in the WWE today.

We see Bret Hart burst into The Cabinets locker room, furious with their cheating to retain the tag titles moments ago. He tells JBL that if the Cabinet gets involved in his match vs. Angle up next, he wont be responsible for his actions. JBL laughs it off as Bret leaves, but after a brief laugh, he looks anxious.

Video Package Plays, building up the JBL - Angle match, with most of the build up being around Angle wanting Bret Hart, and not JBL.

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

JBL tries to hang with Angle by wrestling him early on, but is totally outclassed from the opening bell, with Angle taking JBL to school. Layfield takes a walk around ringside, to rethink his game plan, before getting back in, and tying up with Kurt, immediately shoving him to the corner. Angle sucks it up, and changes his game plan slightly, and starts to pick up the pace, knowing he has the better of JBL at the speed game. JBL retreats once again to the outside after a series of arm drags from Kurt, which forces him to think about his tactics again. This time though, Angle doesn’t wait for JBL to get back in, and follows out, charging JBL into the steel steps. He continues his tenacious start by choking Bradshaw with a cable. Bradshaw bails up the ramp after being released, wanting to get the hell out of here, but Angle isn’t done yet and clotheslines him in the back of the head on the steel ramp.

Angle breaks the count quickly, sliding in and out of the ring, before getting back outside the ring, only for JBL to knock him down with a big boot to the face of the challenger. JBL tries to get Angle counted out now, but Kurt makes it back inside for eight. JBL takes control, going for the neck, but after some uninspiring elbow drops, it is Angle moving away, with JBL eating canvas.

Angle now opens up on his opponent, hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex, waiting for the champion to get up again, and when he does, Angle executes a German. Again, Kurt gets back up, and stalks JBL to get up. JBL staggers up, and into Angle, who goes for the Angle Slam, but JBL lands on his feet, and knocks Angle down with a shoulder block.

Once more, the action spills to the outside, with JBL now the aggressor. He takes the challenger to the Spanish announce table and Angle is back dropped onto it but surprisingly … it doesn’t budge. JBL appears to be happy with his work, and takes the challenger back inside, to deliver the swinging neckbreaker for a long two count, with Kurt just popping his shoulder up.

Now, JBL whips Angle off the ropes, catching him on his return, applying a bear hug, looking to take the life from Angle. After a long period of time Kurt fires up, and breaks the submission. Angle knocks down JBL with plenty of right hands, knock down after knock down. He then catches JBL, hitting a Belly to Belly, gaining a near fall. Angle isn’t fazed, and goes for a series of Germans but Layfield blocks after the first two but Angle is able to duck the Clothesline from Hell … BUT THE REFEREE DOESN’T!!! JBL slowly turns around, but gets kicked by Angle, and he scores with an Angle Slam, sending JBL over the top rope, to the floor!!!!!

The fans come to their feet, and begin a small ‘Holy Shit’ chant, whilst Angle rolls out of the ring, to the floor. He stomps JBL, and takes everything off the SD announce table, dragging JBL on it. He goes for a Belly to Belly, but JBL head butts free, and kicks Angle low, before driving the challenger through the table with a DDT!!!!! We see Angle is busted open from the impact, whilst JBL looks to be running out of gas after taking a lot of punishment. With no referee, neither man can get counted out, as the count would’ve easily reached ten.

Eventually, JBL drags Angle back in, and hit’s a side slam, hooking the leg, but not getting a count with no referee present. He gets back up, trying to revive the referee, but cant. JBL then lines up for the clothesline from hell, and runs off the ropes, but as he comes back for it, Angle catches him with a boot to the gut, hooks under, AND HIT’S THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!!

Angle pulls down his straps and applies the Ankle Lock, but as JBL taps, there is no referee. We then see Jamie Noble and The Basham Brothers sprint down the ramp, and slide into the ring, putting the boots to the challenger, whilst no referee is able to stop them. Angle tries to put up a fight, and does so for a minute, but after bravely fighting, The Cabinet get the best of him. The arena then goes batshit, as Bret Hart makes his way down the ramp, carrying a steel chair!!!!

The General Manager walks to the ring, and steps inside, wielding the chair, and chasing Noble, Danny and Doug Basham out of the ring. He then drops the chair down, and gets back out of the ring, making sure The Cabinet leave ringside, but in the ring, JBL grabs the chair Hart left behind, and smashes it against the skull of a bloody Angle, then hooks the leg as the referee gets back up, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: JBL @ 20:37

Layfield scrambles out of the ring, relieved to have retained the title, when it looked like he wouldn’t, but in the end was inadvertently assisted by Bret Hart.

Fanatix Series Commercial

Back in the ring, Kurt Angle gets back to his feet, a bloody mess from the match, and realises how he was beaten by the chair, but instead of getting mad …interestingly, Angle SMILES.

Backstage, we see Matt Hardy preparing, moments ahead of the biggest match of his career.

Steve Romero tries to get an interview with Bret Hart asking him about the finish to the United States Championship Match, but Hart refuses to comment, and looks pissed off that he was the cause of the controversial finish.

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Batista, Rob Van Dam)

Entrant #1 - Matt Hardy

Entrant #2 - Goldberg

Hardy shows no fear of Goldberg, bringing it right away. Hardy has the best of his bigger, more accomplished opponent, but gets too carried away, and charges at Goldberg, only to be side stepped, with Version One flying over the top rope, hitting the floor below. Bill follows out, and takes the fight to Matt Hardy, hitting his military press, into a spine buster on the mats!!! Hardy looks to be struggling, gasping for air after the vicious power move from Goldberg. He hangs on though, and as Bill gets him back inside, he kicks out at two.

Goldberg dominates Hardy, hitting all his usual moves, except for the Spear and the Jackhammer. Hardy though, shows his fight, kicking out of each move, be it a power slam, or press slam. Goldberg looks impressed with the determination of Matt Hardy, but motions that it’s over, as he goes to position for the Spear. Goldberg lines it up, when suddenly …

**GLASS SHATTERS** Steve Austin’s music plays, which distracts Goldberg, and he diverts his attention to the entrance way, looking to see if Austin is there. There is no sign of the Rattlesnake, and Goldberg laughs, before turning around, but gets knocked down with a Spear from Hardy!!! Matt uses the momentum, and drags Goldberg up, quickly delivering the Twist of Fate!!! Hardy, desperate to make sure of a victory, goes up top, and HIT’S THE LEG DROP!!! He hooks the far leg tightly, 1...2...3!!!!!

Eliminated: Goldberg by Hardy @ 04:31

Hardy eliminates Goldberg, and waits for the next competitor, as we see Steve Austin come through the crowd, looking banged up from the earlier attack, and calls for a beer, before sliding into the ring, and toasting Hardy, before leaving a beer beside a fallen Goldberg. He then goes to each turnbuckle, and toasts the fans, before stepping out of the ring, and up the ramp as…


Entrant #3 - RANDY ORTON

Randy Orton enters to a big surprise reaction from the fans, as we now find out that the second placed Raw star HAS been brought in as the replacement for Steve Austin. He passes Austin on the ramp, and the two share a look, before Orton proceeds to the ring to take on Hardy.

They both give it their all, right from the start, punch for punch, neither man backing up an inch. Orton gets the better of it, being slightly fresher. He and Hardy brawl back and forth, before they speed it up, with Hardy hitting a Side Effect for a two count. Hardy takes over, and scores three more near falls on Orton, before Orton scores with a DDT, scoring a two count himself.

Hardy goes for an axe handle off the top after hitting a clothesline, but gets caught by Orton, who goes for a suplex, but Hardy floats over, and runs Orton into the ropes, getting a roll up, scoring a two count. Hardy dropkicks Orton down, and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Orton counters … RKO!!! He hooks the leg, gaining the three count, eliminating Matt Hardy.

Eliminated: Matt Hardy by Randy Orton @ 04:40 (09:11)

Entrant #4 - CHRISTIAN

Orton and Christian pick up from where they left off at Armageddon, with Christian wearing a tiring Orton down right away, applying a chin lock after scoring with a knock down. Orton fights out, and the two men begin to share the offence, both gaining a few near falls. Orton then goes for a top rope Cross body, but Christian rolls through it, and grabs the tights for a pin fall, but only manages to score a two count.

Again, the match breaks down into an all out brawl again, with both men sharing the offence, neither managing to take full control. They each have the same idea as they come off the ropes, and both go for a dropkick, and as a result, both hit each other in mid air.

Christian is up first, and tries to end it with the Unprettier, but Orton counters, and hit’s a neck breaker, scoring another two count. He then sets up for the RKO, but as he goes for it, Christian counters into a reverse DDT, which also gets a two count, before Orton kicks out. Christian then takes the padding off the top turnbuckle, but the referee gives him a telling off.

Orton gets back up, and takes Christian by surprise, hitting THE RKO!!! He hooks the leg, but the referee is too busy fixing the turnbuckle. The fans count, which takes the referees attention back to the canvas, and he leaves the padding down, making the count for Orton … 1...2...CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT!!! Orton is furious, and points to his eyes, making his point to the referee. Randy gets back up, and looks set to hit another RKO, but as Christian gets up, and Orton goes for it, Captain Charisma pushes Orton into the exposed turnbuckle, chest first. He staggers out, and Christian quickly hooks him up, hitting THE UNPRETTIER!!! Christian covers, 1...2...3!!!

Eliminated: Randy Orton by Christian @ 09:44 (18:56)

Entrant #5 - CHRIS JERICHO

Chris Jericho sprints down the ramp, and immediately jumps onto the top rope, hitting a missile dropkick on Christian, getting a two count. Jericho slaps Christian down and lays into him with a flurry of right hands. Christian struggles up, and eats a back suplex from Y2J for another two count. He runs at Christian again, but this time, Captain Charisma scores with a clothesline. Christian charges and gets back dropped to the floor. Jericho follows out with a springboard dive, before he brings Christian back inside.

He goes for the Walls, but Christian counters, and cradles Jericho, for a close two count. Christian comes closer, with more near falls with Christian using the ropes for the closest of the falls. Christian tries to go for the Unprettier again, but Jericho pushes him away, ducks a clothesline, and hit’s a bulldog, quickly following up with a Lion Sault, getting a three count!!!

Eliminated: Christian by Chris Jericho @ 03:17 (22:13)

Entrant #6 - TRIPLE H

Triple H doesn’t bother with his usual drawn out entrance, and instead briskly walks to the ring, spitting his water on the way, wanting to take advantage of Jericho. He steps onto the apron, but is taken by surprise by Jericho, who hit’s the springboard dropkick, knocking The Game off!!! Jericho goes up top, and waits for Triple H to get back to his feet, then flies through the air, for a splash, but Triple H moves out of the way, and Jericho hit’s the barrier!!!

From here, Triple H takes control, ramming Jericho into the ring apron, and back into the barrier, causing more trouble for Y2J and his back, before taking him back inside. Hunter dominates Jericho, utilizing his strength advantage, and the fact he is fresh, whipping Jericho off the ropes, knocking him down with a thunderous clothesline, gaining a two count. Triple H continues to pound down Y2J, getting himself a plethora or near falls, before whipping Y2J off the ropes, but Jericho comes back, hitting the flashback!!!! That gets a near fall, but now, Jericho is back in the match!!!

Jericho looks to lock in The Walls of Jericho but HHH goes back into the ropes. Y2J chops The Game, getting him off the ropes, and goes for the Walls again, but again, it’s Triple H reaching for the ropes. Hunter drops out of the ring, knowing he’s been second best, but is followed out by Jericho. Triple H does a run a round, and slides back in, trying to meet Jericho as he slides in for an elbow, but Jericho slides too far, and HHH misses.

He backs into the corner, and Jericho scores with chops and a snap suplex. Triple H bails again and once again Jericho follows and hits some chops on the floor. More chopping and HHH has to resort to cheating. Benoit comes back with chops but HHH hits the spinebuster for a long two count. Jericho takes some hard Irish whips into the buckles, chest first, giving HHH control once more. Triple H picks him up, and takes Jericho up top, and despite some fighting from Jericho, HHH remains in control, and delivers a superplex for an eventual two count. The Pedigree is blocked into a catapult into the buckles, and Jericho follows up with the Breakdown!! The cover only gets a two though!!!

Jericho drags Triple H up, going for a whip, but HHH reverses and Jericho takes another front turnbuckle to the chest. Triple H covers for another near fall. Now, The Game looks down at Jericho, and looks confident of a victory. Triple H drags his opponent up, and looks to hit the Pedigree, but Jericho blocks it, with a cradle, which gets a near fall!!!! Triple H quickly gets back up, hitting a high knee, knocking Y2J back down. One more time, Jericho is pulled up by Triple H, and he goes for the Pedigree once more, but Jericho counters, and APPLIES THE WALLS OF JERICHO ON THE GAME!!!!!

The Game is caught centre ring, and has nowhere to go. He reaches for the ropes, but Jericho drags him back to the centre!!!! The Game tries to free himself out of it, but Jericho keeps the hold locked in tight … and TRIPLE H TAPS OUT!!!

Eliminated: Triple H by Chris Jericho @ 12:29 (34:42)

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 34:42

Chris Jericho will advance to the Royal Rumble, to face the winner of tonight’s main event!!!! He celebrates in the ring, whilst Triple H staggers to the back, knowing now he’ll need to win the Royal Rumble for a title shot. Jericho soaks up the adulation of the fans, and motions the title will be around his waist.

Backstage, Paul Heyman gives Brock Lesnar a pep talk ahead of his huge title match in a few moments.

Goldberg takes his frustrations out in the backstage arena, smashing monitors, and throwing chairs all over the place, furious with Austin costing him a shot at the title at the Rumble.

Vince McMahon then enters the arena, to make his major announcement, concerning the Royal Rumble. McMahon first of all talks about the tradition of the Rumble, and that in recent years 15 superstars from each brand have competed in the match for a shot at their champion. He then says he’s had a vision, and that’s if Raw and Smackdown are both competing in the Rumble, then the winner should have an opportunity to face whichever World Champion he wants.
Vince then says he’s doing this for the good of the fans, as it could results in such cross brand main events for the one of the titles such as Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio, John Cena vs. Triple H, Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton, The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle, or even The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels.
The fans pop for the mention of each match, especially the last mentioned, given the run ins both Rock and HBK have had in recent months at cross brand events. McMahon then says that qualifying for the Rumble begins this week on both shows, and wishes everyone a happy new year, to get a cheap pop.

Video Package then plays hyping the main event.

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Rock

The two men meet centre ring, and go punch for punch, wasting no time. Rock gets the first knock down, but is distracted by Heyman. He knocks Heyman off the apron, then turns around, but walks into Lesnar, and he goes for an F5 … but Rock lands on his feet, and knocks down Lesnar with the spit punch. Rock scores a near fall with a Samoan Drop, and stomps Brock in the corner, keeping the level of pace in the match high.

Rock has a whip reversed by Lesnar, and Brock turns him inside out, getting Rock caught, and scores with a picture perfect Belly to Belly, gaining a two count. He whips Rock off the ropes, but gets clobbered down with a flying clothesline from Rock, who then nips up.

Heyman annoys Rock, so Rock chases him around the ring, with Heyman leaving a trap for Rock, having Brock meet him around the corner, with a clothesline. Lesnar brings it back inside, and delivers a Gut wrench suplex, getting a two count. Brock now distracts the referee, allowing Heyman to choke Rock. Lesnar gets back to work on Rock, trying to break down the body of the challenger, before he hit’s a Snap suplex for another near fall.

Lesnar continues to dominate, and pulls off a gut buster, scoring yet another two count. Lesnar drives his shoulder in Rocks ribs again, and whips him off the ropes, looking for a kick, but Rock grabs the leg, and hits a dragon screw following with a sharpshooter ……Lesnar after almost sixty seconds of fighting the pain taps out but Heyman smartly distracts the referee. Rock lets go, and yells at Heyman, giving the champion time to recover, which he does, and grabs Rock from behind, executing a German suplex, for once again, a long two count. Lesnar again gives the challenger a shoeing in the corner, but Rock comes back, and fights out, eventually knocking the champ over the top rope to the floor.

They brawl outside for a few minutes and Rock blinds Lesnar with his rarely used water spit. Heyman, whilst this goes on, pops the title belt in the corner of the ring for Lesnar to use. Rock whips Brock into the ring post then gets him back inside the ring. Rock hit’s a DDT, getting a two count, but as he gets up, Heyman warns Brock that he is setting up for the Rock Bottom. Rock quickly grabs Heyman by the jacket, and tosses him in the ring, which distracts the referee.

Meanwhile, Lesnar has grabbed the title belt from the corner, and belts Rock after dodging a Rock Bottom. He hooks the leg, but The Great One kicks out at two for the umpteenth time. Lesnar, now getting desperate, heads up top, but looks far too far out of his depth, and gets crotched by The Rock. Rock body slams the champion off the top rope for yet another near fall.

Rock now looks to be turning the heat up on Brock, and we get a Belly to belly throw from Rock and a spine buster, on a struggling Lesnar. Heyman, once again, climbs into the ring to prevent a People’s Elbow and gets Rock Bottomed for his trouble by the challenger. Rock now goes for it on Heyman, but Lesnar saves his manager, knocking Rock down with a booming clothesline.

The Champion goes for the F5 … but Rock drops down, and school boys Brock … but for a two count. The two men collide centre ring, going punch for punch, with Rock winning the battle. He whips Lesnar off the ropes, but Brock comes back, ducking a punch, and scores with a delayed Fisherman Buster!!! Lesnar gets another near fall, which pisses the champion off. He attempts to take the life from Rock, going for a bear hug, but quickly, Rock slips out, and runs off the ropes right into a spinebuster from the Champion, getting yet another near fall.

Lesnar goes to a bodyscissors with chicken wing, then a choke hold, with Rock fading badly. The ref goes through the usual hands up and down routine, but Rock keeps his hand up the third time, eventually elbowing free from the submission. He manages to gets back up, and charges at Lesnar, knocking him down, and a second time, and a third. He stalks for the Rock Bottom, and goes for it, but Lesnar slips it, and scoops up Rock, into the air, delivering the F5!!!! He hooks the leg for a sudden finish … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 19:58

Lesnar celebrates his win, setting up a championship match with Chris Jericho at the Royal Rumble next month. Meanwhile, we see The Rock starting to sit up, having kicked out just after the three, with the F5 able to just keep him down long enough for the win.

Brock helps Heyman as he leaves up the ramp, holding proudly onto the title, whilst Rock sits in the corner of the ring, watching as Brock Lesnar leaves the arena.


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