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Re: Being the booker

Thank you everyone for the positve reviews so far, and I hope any others that come in are positive also. Just to answer a few queries from Nature Boy 16x

Originally Posted by natureboy16x
Dude, what a great WM trailer! So funny from start to finish! There was one problem though; you ca=hanged all Eddie’s parts to Chavo, but you apparently added in Carlito in place of JBL, and for all Carlito’s dialogue you have it written as JBL saying it. Great otherwise!!
Have absolutely no explanation as to why Carlito and JBL got mixed up. Looking back at when I posted it at Survivor Series, it isnt like that. I've screwed up somewhere there.

Over in the UK, both 'z' and 's' can be used for realise and capitalise. I've always just used 's' for both.

I am sorry, but I didn’t know Flair was GM! I didn’t see Survivor Series, and since I returned there has been so much new stuff, I haven’t had a chance to read it. So I am assuming that he had a Team Foley vs Team Flair match or something…? Let me know.
Yep, Flair became the GM of Raw at Survivor Series, in the War Games Match, Team Flair vs Team Foley, as you expected. Team Flair consisted of Ric Flair, Batista, RVD, Carlito and Christian, whilst Team Foley was made up of Foley, Orton, Mysterio, Taker and Eugene. As it was SS, the match took place under elimination rules, with the match coming down to Christian and Orton, with Captain Charisma the sole survivor. Orton though, had been in the match from the beginning.

Good luck Smackdown, because Fully Loaded will have to be just that-Fully Loaded- to top this one.
Thankfully, I wont be writing Fully Loaded in full. I'll be conserving the match writing until Royal Rumble now.

Again, the review was splendid, and a pleasure for me to read Thanks too to everyone else who has replied up to now, and I'm a little surprised the event was met with so much positive feedback, as to be honest, I was worried it might be a bit of a let down.

Also, for anyone who was calculating the match lengths, I didnt get to the exact second with most matches, according to the word count, but I was at the most, a few seconds out.
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Re: Being the booker

Sorry that its not anywhere as good as my Nemesis or Survivor Series review ,but here you go.

Trish vs Victoria-Great opener to the show. I loved the match and as it went back and forth with Trish getting full control at the end before she picks up the victory to retain the title using a Chick Kick. ***

Very good promo of a replay from the one showed at SS.

Brotherhood vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene-Very entertaining tag team match. I liked how Eugene was being used and it shocked me how Booker, Goldust, and Eugene were winning most of the match. A good ending with Henry refusing to leave so that The Brotherhood can win a fight. ***

Good Edge interview before he gets his return match.

Good video package before the mmatch.

Edge vs. Rob Van Dam-Great match. This one was awesome. A great match with it looking like Edge was going to pick up the win ,but RVD wins. The fans booing for Edge was a very good touch to end up havig Edge attack the referee. ***9/10

Another good video package.

The DX Duo vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team-Sick match here. A tremondous victory for Haas and Benjamin. Very good spots and I liked how you brought back the run up the ladder as seen at WrestleMania 21. I can't even think of all to say. Great ending to the match with Benjamin sacrificing himself in order to get the titles. ****1/2

Good short promo with Ken Kennedy just coming out to announce that he will be in the 30-man RR.

Sting vs. Batista-Booooo. Good match here with Sting losing due to Batista being a power house. ***

Good promo with Carlito who wants the title.

Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito-Very good match. A nice showing with Mysterio not giving up to the cocky Carlito. A good victory like the one at Clash of the Champions this time with Stacey as the person who pulls on his leg. Gret to see a new champion to switch things up a bit. ***1/2

Good backstage promo with Christian and Tomko.

Ric Flair vs. Undertaker-Good match and it was a lot better than I expected. A good win for Taker who came through. Now I am not mad anymoe about Sting losing earlier. ***

Good promo with R-V-D announcing that he wants to be in that Battle Royal.

Randy Orton vs. Christian-What a match! A very unexpected win by Randy Orton who causes Shock Of The Night. A great match with Randy walking away the victor. ****

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena-MOTN. I didn't expect for the Ladder Match to be topped ,but this destroyed the Ladder match. A great match with plently of signatures/finishers being used and also it looking like the end for both superstars at different parts ,but at the end John Cena and the Chain Gang leave as Champion.

Overall: Great PPV with some great action. 9/10 Great PPV.

Can't wait to see RR and I will leave a review like I did for the past 2 PPVs in the same way.

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Re: Being the booker

sweet HEAT show Wolf

another top video package from you Wolfy, you are really good at these

Womens Championship
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria

Decent womens match, I don't get into many womens matches, but this was one of the better ones you have done Wolfy. **1/2

I love this video, bettee than the Christian/Tomko one I think. You however, referred to JBL as CCC, after Carlito left at the start

Booker T/Goldust/Eugene vs BrotherhoodA nice match, staying away from the serious matches until later, and I enjoyed it alot, pitty that the good guys won by DQ, but it keeps the Brotherhood looking strong, especially with the post match beatdown. ***

Edge is all riled up, and I think it could be the start of a push, and a positive heel turn for the man

RVD vs Edge
Solid matchup, two good workers involved here. I was expecting Edge to come out on top but RVD might be getting a push back towards the title with this win, and it looks like Edge's heel turn is complete. ***1/4

Boy Edge is pissed now

Tag Team Titles
WGTT vs DX Duo (c)

The pace picked up right at the start from the WGTT. I am so hyped for this match, it can only get better. WHOA! The first spot of the match, Russian leg sweep off the ladder. Unbelievable move from Shelton! What a neckbreaker. MOG! What a move from Shelton again, with the clothesline, taking out both of the DX duo. That was amazing creativity Wolfy. And Shelton does it again, with the same spot from WM21 ladder match, it's insane every time you see it. So close, but Jindrak breaks it up, damn. A German off the ladder, Haas is pulling his own too! This is brilliant. Man, how much more can they take? A T-Bone off the ladder. WOW! Shelton sacrifices himself for the team, and they win! YES! What a phenominal match. ****

Weird announcement from Kennedy, but it makes his intentions clear for the Rumble match, although he won't win it, or will he?

Sting vs Batista
Sad to see Sting losing to someone like Batista, but it had to be done to help get the fact that Evolution is in charge of RAW now, and it did it's purpose. The match was very short, but I guess it pushes Batista as an animal again. **1/2

Intercontinental Title
Rey (c) vs Carlito

Man, another title change. This one lasted a long time for just 12 minutes in my view, but Carlito winning gives Rey a chance to focus on the Rumble as one of the main contenders, while Carlito gets to do some great promos and feuds now. ***

Hmm, I am starting to think we may be seeing a Christian/Rey match at WM, which would be great

Undertaker vs Flair
This is gonna be a brutal match. And it is, chairs, ringbells, brass knux. All in play. And Taker keeps kicking out. And now Batista is here! And Taker is still going, this is a handicap match pretty much. Taker just won't stay down! Kicking out of the spinebuster! And now Taker is cleaning house, and he gets the win! Shock, I thought Flair might just pull it out. What a brutal brawl that was. ***1/4

Nice RVD is going to have a chance at the gauntlet match at Fully Loaded

Orton vs Christian
This was a brilliant match, really enjoyed it and once again you pulled out an unexpected twist, with Christian losing this time. I dunno what's next for Christian, but Orton might be looking for a win at the Rumble. ***3/4

This is gonna be huge, you can feel it

World Heavyweight Title
Cena vs HBK (c)

What a match, what a brutal match. Pain and blood and everything else you could want in a LMS match. And we have a new champion, once again Cena is the champ. What a match. ****1/4

A step down from the major joint brand PPV's, but a very solid effort Wolfy. 93/100


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Re: Being the booker

Women’s Championship;
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

9 minute match and it is four pages. Not a bad start but gaining knoledge from reviewers of my Mania I thought you should of started off with a bettermatch. Maybe the tag team challenge. Byt this match was awsome and I'm not easily interested in Women matches either. 9/10

Tag Team Challenge:
Brotherhood vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene

Nice Tag Team Match here. 11 minutes is good for this match and I must say that this is the match I thought should of been first. But maybe it's just me.I'm also dissapointed it ended in DQ. Any match I end in a dq I don't expect to get the best results from and any martch I review don't expect to get the best results for a DQ. 7/10.

Edge vs. Rob Van Dam

Awsome match here. I really wanted Edge o win though. . But it still was a great 15 minute match and I must say this time thing is really helping everybody with there matches and helping them not dragging it. 9/10

Sting vs. Batista

I was expecting more rom this match. I mean I'm happy Batitsa won but I really did expect more. I really like the Batista Bomb end. The elementary cover was I guess a good way to end it although way to short IMO. 7.5/10

(Note: Just realised I went out of order so I'll put the match that happened before Sting and Batitsa here)

World Tag Team Championships;
Ladder Match:
The DX Duo vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Yes. Thye Greatest Tag Team won. I really like the team of Haas and Benjain. But three seconds away from the twenty minute mark. This imo is match of the night so far. 9.5/10

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito

Nice match here again. Doesn't beat the tag team match but was a good match. Yes Carlito won the title. A weak ending though imo with Carlito hitting Mysterio with the apple core but other than that this match is great. 8/10

Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

I was a little dissapointed with this match when I saw it was only ten minutes but I read it completely and it wasn't a bad match. Taker overcame the odds Flair put against him. If Flair had won that I would of been so pissed off at you. But you made the right choice. 8/10

Randy Orton vs. Christian

This match is amazing. It ties so far for MOTN. I must admit this is great. Orton winning is great. Christian losing is ok but meh whatever. It did live up to the hype. 9.5/10.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Last Man Standing Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

This was an amazing last man standing. I'm glad Cena won. Even though I don't like Cena I still won't forgive Michaels for the screw job back in 97. Hey even in real wrestling when Michaels faced Hogan I was rooting for Hogan. Anyway MOTN by far! 10/10.

Promo's: Your promo's aren't really what I expected them to be but the awsome matches make up for that. Still amazing promo's. 9/10.

Length: 91 pages is awsome. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: I'm going to have to leave this to Arjun. 10/10

Entertainment: This show was unbelievable. It had an awsome ladder match. Awsome Last Man staning and awsome Christian vs. Orton match. Although Sting vs. Batista and Taker vs. Flair didn't lve up to what I expected them to be but still awsome. 9/10

Overall: 115.5/130= 88%. W ell according to my caculations KOPV's Royal Rumble to me was better than this Armageddon. But KPV had an advantage as he had the Rumble and if he wrote it perfect then that would give him an edge. But this was still an amazing PPV and I really enjoyed it. But when you write the Ruumble I'll keep KOPV1's score in mind.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

The review is almost done wolfy. Will post later today.


Here it is.

Man I wish I could write opening videos half as good as you could!

Women’s Championship;
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

This women’s match exceeded most women match I have saw ever probably. It is hard writing these matches, but you are great at it. Trish would retain like I knew she would. I think I rematch would be good somewhere down the road. 85/100

Another great Mania promo. I have seen this before and it was great. Can’t wait to see the next one!

Tag Team Challenge:
Brotherhood vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene

Couldn’t see this one coming. I saw Brotherhood winning cleanly to push them, but evidentially not. At least they got the best of the faces. I think a push for the Brotherhood isn’t a bad idea. I see a rematch soon though. I really didn’t like the DQ ending as of now. If you are having a rematch down the road then it’ll be different. 87/100

Challenge Match:
Edge vs. Rob Van Dam

WHAT!!!! Edge looses his first match back??? You must really hate Edge! I would never have a returning superstar loose in his comeback match. Evidentially, you have no plans for a Edge push what so ever. Match was good, result was bad. 89/100

World Tag Team Championships;
Ladder Match:
The DX Duo vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

This was probably the best tag team match I have ever read. Gimmick or regular. It…it was great! A lot of big moves in there. T-Bone off the top! This match had almost everything in it! Good decision also. 94/100

Kennedy promo was a little awkward? Well, he is in the Rumble.

Past vs. Future:
Sting vs. Batista

Well, could’ve predicted this. Sting is leaving soon, so it doesn’t matter for him. This was to show Evolution was in control, so IMO Flair will finish Taker off tonight too. Match was ok. Finish was pretty good since Sting is leaving. 90/100

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito

Well, the Henry/Rey match for the title is off I guess. What is the apple’s core? Is that then reverse DDT? Anyway, well-written and glad to see the IC Division has a really great match. 91/100

Legend vs. Legend:
Ric Flair vs. Undertaker

This shocked me! With Tista winning, I thought Flair would too. But if you’re going to have an Undertaker/Batista feud, then I guess both needed to win. I think this is a long shot, but I think Batista vs. Taker at the Rumble. Batista wins. Then he faces Cena at Mania for the title?? Sounds pretty sweet to me. Good match and the no DQ just made it better. 91/100

One on One:
Randy Orton vs. Christian

Nothing really to say about this. At the January BTB awards, I am voting this match as best non-gimmick match. This will probably get my vote at the end of 2006 as well if I don’t forget lol. Great for a singles match. 92/100

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Last Man Standing Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

Match of the month right here! Thought HBK was going to win, so after every SCM, I scrolled down very slowly and then bam! Cena’s up! This match was so exciting in many ways. It deserves MOTM IMO. Also MOTN! Great match! Cena winning was a good choice. Now you can build up to HBK/Rock more. 95/100

Length: Phenomenal effort. Over 90 pages for a single PPV is just great! 100/100

Grammar/Spelling: Few Few mistakes. Can’t give you a 100 though. 97/100


91.90 w/ a bar notation over .90. I somehow graded this over Survivor Series??? Wow.

Please return the review sometime.

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Re: Being the booker

Hey, I will try to have a review done by next Sunday so expect it anytime in the upcoming week. Could you also tell me what page you posted the roster on. Thanks.

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Re: Being the booker

Heat did its job as usual, giving a bit more build up to the matches on the ppv. Nice win for A-Train over the Hurricane, in what I guess is a throwaway match

Very good opening video, which could well be the best yet. Did a great job of promoting the Armageddon theme

Womens title to open the show came as a surprise, as I don’t think that they get the crowd into a ppv like an opener should do. A decent opener, but I’m sure that there will be a rematch later down the road, which should be able to blow this match out of the water. It seemed pretty bland at times, with nothing that I didn’t expect to see there, but the ending picked it up a bit. Counter from the widows peak into the chick kick was a nice way to end the match, but a rematch has to be in order, maybe at the rumble?

Now this is what I expected to open the show, or maybe the IC match at a real push. Never was going to be a great match, but it served its purpose well, and it got the brotherhood over as something decent again after being jobbed out a bit. Shame to see the DQ ending when it happened, as the match was just getting to a good bit, but it did its job

Nice short Edge promo before the match happens

This match started off at a high pace, and there was the powerbomb early in the match which would really catch the crowds attention. I can’t think what the buzz killer is off the top of my head, but I guess it could the edge-o-matic? Edge takes out Bill, and this is where the momentum changes. Edge playing heel in the match seems to indicate the heel turn is coming. Foot on the rope after the spear keeps the match going, and I see it ending soon. RVD misses the 5 star, but then reverses the roll up and cheats to win the match. Good win for RVD which he needed, and this allows Edge to fully tirn heel after spearing the ref. MOTN so far

Very interesting to see how this match goes, and I have a feeling it could end up as a spot fest, as tag team ladder matches are hard to write without turning it that way. Nice early spots with the neckbreaker and Russian leg sweep off the ladder, which gets the crowd into the match, but saves the big spots. Guess we are going to see a T-Bone off the ladder at some point. Nice to see the double clothesline move, which I think happened in the MITB ladder match, and it looks as if you are putting Shelton over as the star in the match. Sunset flip off the ladder is becoming a regular spot to see, as I cant remember the last ladder match which didn’t have that it. Benjamin has the belts, but Jindrak makes the save. German suplex off the ladder was well timed, and there is definitely a title change coming. WGTT has been put over too well to not win the belts. T-Bone off the top comes into the match, and the end is nigh methinks. Jindrak gets crotched, and then Haas pushes Benjamin and Cade to the outside through the tables. Everyone is down but Haas, who goes and takes the belts, in what was a pretty good ladder match, and a contender for MOTN

HBK and DX are not on the same page at the moment, so something is up with him, but what?

Kennedy promo just didn’t fit quite right. There was something about it which didn’t work, but I couldn’t say what it was. Kennedy in the rumble is a nice move, but this promo lacked the second Kennedy at the end

Batista/Sting was always going to be short, and so it proved. Batista picks up the win, which moves his push on nicely, and after kicking out of the death drop, the Batista Bomb seals the win. Cant say much more on the match than that, but when I look at it, it was much longer than I thought it was to be honest. Good win for Batista here, which is the main thing

Nice short Carlito promo, and maybe he could take the title, although methinks not quite yet

This match doesn’t quite fit where it is on the card for some reason, so perhaps I would have liked to have seen it as the opener. Good high paced action throughout the match, with Carlito getting in a lot of offence in the match, and maybe more than I would have liked to have seen him get. Mysterio didn’t look like a champion for a lot of this match. In fact, it felt as if it was a squash match that you might see on heat for quite a large part of the match, with him in the second half of the match only scoring with the statutory right hands, the hurricanarana, and the 619. Stacy trips Rey, and this allows Carlito to nail the apple core, and to take the title. This match was average to be honest, but with a bit more time than it had, it would have been a lot better than it was. The main problem here was the very short finish stage of the match

Problems with CC and Tomko? It can’t be happening can it? Christian seemed a bit off in this segment, and I get the feeling he is going to lose tonight, which I am not going to greet kindly

Taker sits up almost straight away, which tells me Flair is in for a rough ride. Ring bell and the brass knucks do not get the match won, but the chokeslam from Taker would have done, if it wasn’t for Batista. Can you say Taker/Batista at Mania perhaps? Wont be a pretty match, but is the push that I think you are giving to the animal. Match is now a handicap match, which spells disaster for Taker, but I think he will come through. Kicks out of the spine buster next, and as Flair goes for the chair shot, he hits Batista by mistake. Taker gets the chair, and looks as if he is about to be DQed, but instead nails Batista, then tombstones flair to get the win. Solid match here, which did it’s job well on the card

Even though RVD throws his name in the hat, it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t in the match

Time for Orton/CC, and I think you already know the result that I want to see from this. Tomko looks as if he is going to play a part in the match, and that is what he should be doing. Christian takes control of the match, and he just wears down Orton, with a bit of help from Tomko. Good cross body, which is something along with the dropkick that Orton can actually do well. Orton almost has the match won, but Tomko cheats with the ropes, and then again straight away. Tomko distracts the ref, as the low blow and the unprettier is hit, but he can’t get back in time to make the 3 count. Christian goes for the clothesline, but the RKO from nowhere, and Orton wins. Damn! A decent match here, but a win for Orton is not what I wanted to see out of this match, as it is bad news for CC, but I guess he can’t win every match he is in. I just don’t think Orton as a face can work, as after more than a few weeks, he just bores me to death. As a heel he is tolerable, but as a face I can’t stand the guy. Guess he will be getting a title shot soon as well, or at least a long run in the rumble

Good opening to the title match, with the brawling taking place, before HBK gains some control. Cena gets the chair shot on HBK, and I can see there being a lot of count outs in the match from now on. Cena nails the ring bell shot to HBK, as the match is getting brutal at the moment. Cena gets busted open, but hits a german suplex, as Cena turns from the street thug character to the rookie with attitude that he started as, and the one who had some wrestling skills which he no longer shows. F-U from Cena gets a 9 count, as does the SCM from HBK. HBK goes for the moonsault through a table, but at 9, he nips back up. The emphatic 5 knuckle shuffle – lol. There is nothing emphatic about a move with is as pathetic as the worm! Another chair shot to Cena, and then the sweet chin music, and then an elbow drop as well. That must do it, but Cena gets up on 9. HBK goes to put Cena through the table, but from nowhere, Cena nails the F-U, and Superman regains the title. Not a huge fan of that, but HBK was getting a tiny bit stale as the champ, and now I guess he will pick up into his feud with the rock. Cena as the champ wont last long methinks, and I am sure he will be in the rumble, having a go at a third straight win, which means he must drop the belt at the rumble, but the question is to who

Overall, this a pretty good ppv, but obviously it was not on the same level as the 4 joint brand ppv’s before it. In fact, in my opinion, the Great American Bash was actually better than this, as there were parts to the this ppv which let it down slightly. It will still probably win PPV of the month, or maybe Nature Boy’s RR will take that if it is up in time, or maybe Arjun’s mania if that is posted, but it was the weakest for a while. There were some great matches though, such as the ladder match, RVD/Edge and the main event, but some weaker ones such as the 6 man tag, the womens match and rey/carlito which let it down slightly
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Re: Being the booker

Wow Wolf Guy. That was an amazing PPV. I loved the ending with Cena winning. 10/10 for me. It was great.

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Re: Being the booker

Nice Opening Video as usual.

Ugh. Trish retaining the Womens Championship IMO didnt need to happen and could have really helped Victoria as Trish doesnt need the belt, being probably the most successful womens wrestler of the last decade.

Wrestlemania Video was good but weird that you replaced JBL with Carlito, ah no worries though as its no big deal.

6 Man Tag Team Match was alright only because I like Eugene and Bookdust as a team. DQ finish was fine and really put Mark Henry over as a beast.

This is where things got good as RVD and Edge had a great match, with RVD pulling out a very surprising victory especially after Edge just returned. I see the heel turn any day now as well as an RVD face turn.

I'm surprised you had trouble with the Ladder Match as it really flowed well IMO and was one of the best matches on the show. WGTT are champions again but I see them losing them rather quickly for some reason, most likely to The Brotherhood.

Batista over Sting was expected but Im surprised the match was so short Wolf, as I thought Sting would deffinitely give Batista a big run for his money and make him truly earn the win. Its nice to see he got the big W clean though.

Carlito beating Rey was actually a shocker as I thought Rey had alittle bit longer left in him as champion however I see Carlito being good with the belt and it really propelling his career. Rey would be a great World Heavyweight Championship contender IMO

UT vs Flair OWNED. UT getting the win really put him back in the ME scene IMO and I hope you have some plans for him.

I knew Orton would get the win here and I have a feeling he will be winning the Rumble before going on to Wrestlemania where we will see Cena clash with Orton for the title, it was great the first time and I'm sure th second wont dissapoint.

Last Man Standing had me on the edge of my seat and seeing Cena finally get the job done and win back the title was amazing. I could totally picture Cena standing on the table and looking down at HBK as the bell rang and he was declared the winner and New World Heavyweight Champion.

All in all, another top notch PPV.
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Re: Being the booker

Armageddon review

Very good SNH, building up Armageddon very well. And also a very good opening video

Intresting match to start off, with the Womens Title being defended. A very good Title defense and good win for Trish, avoiding the Widows Peak and hitting Victoria with the Chick Kick for the win. I see a possible rematch in the future.

Very entertaining WM commercial and i'm sure you will pull a good one out when it comes.

A good 6 man tag match here. The result keeps both teams strong and their should be a match of some sorts involving both teams soon.

Nice promo by Edge and this match should be good.

A pretty good match here, MOTN so far. A huge suprise with Edge losing in his comeback. It seems like you are going to give RVD a quite good push in the near future. Good aftermath with Edge spearing the referee.

A great Tag Team Match here with some excellent spots. A great ending to a fantastic match with Shelton sacrifcing himself so that Charlie can take the belts and win the title.

Intresting promo with Kennedy announcing himself in the RR.

A big win here for Batista over the Legend Sting after kicking out out of the death drop and hitting the Batista Bomb for the victory. It looks like Sting will leave in the future.

A pretty good match here and the title reign of Rey Mysterio finally ends. Carlito winning the title was a good decision and i will be intrested to see how you use him.

A good short promo here hyping the next match.

A great win for Randy Orton getting some revenge over his loss to Christian at SS in War Games.

MOTN night here, What a match! Everything you want in a LMS match here. HBK's title reign ends after a FU through the announce table. I expect Cena to hold the title for quite a while, possibly to WM.

Another great PPV here with some great top quality matches. 96/100
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