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LIVE! Monday Night RAW from Boise

RAW : 2.8.04: Boise:

Opening Video

J.R: We are LIVE for WWE Monday night RAW! What a night its gonna be here in Boise.
King: Oh my J.R, the road to SummerSlam has been a real rocky ride so far, and tonight I’m sure its gonna get rockier.
J.R: That’s correct King. Tonight’s main event will see the #1 Contender, Chris Jericho team with the Dudley’s to take on the Evolution trio of Flair, Batista and the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

They are then interrupted by Rhynos music.

J.R: Well lets get started with the Hardcore Title….

1st Match: Hardcore Championship Match :
Rhyno vs. Steven Richards
(We are shown clips to remind us of Rhynos recent attacks on RVD and last weeks on Richards, as well as his title win over Raven last week.)
Finish: In a short and extremely physical match, after an early flurry from Steven, in which he nailed Rhyno with Kendo sticks and Trash cans, Rhyno took the upper hand with a monstrous Spinebuster. He then dominated Richards with a steel chair, and a power bomb from the apron to the outside. He then set up a table in the ring corner and attempted a Gore. Somehow, Richards moved at the last second, and Rhyno flew into the table. Richards then hit a DDT but Rhyno kicked out. Richards went for another DDT, but Rhyno fought out. He ducked a clothesline and hit Richards with a ferocious Gore to pick up an impressive win.
He then celebrates in the ring and busts Richards open with a belt shot. He set up Richards for another Gore, but suddenly we see RVD appear through the crowd. He jumps to the top rope and kicks Rhyno. Then he goes hit’s a five star, and then he takes a steel chair. He looks around to the crowd who have been chanting RVD. They then begin to chant, “Go up top, Go up top”.
He points to the top rope and sees Rhyno lying in the opposite corner. RVD goes coast to coast and hit’s a phenomenal VanDaminator. He gets back up and looks to the crowd, the crowd goes wild for RVD and begin to chant RVD again.


We return with an interview with Y2J. He talks about last weeks incidents with Evolution. He says now he realises that he faces the odds at SummerSlam, but nothing will stop him fulfilling his destiny at SummerSlam.

Edge and Christian talk backstage with Trish about the match Mick Foley has signed at Summer Slam for the tag titles between them and Booker and Goldust. They also talk about the recent return of Gail Kim.

2nd Match:
Booker T & Goldust vs. Orlando Jordan & Rodney Mack
(As Booker & Goldust make their way to the ring, J.R reiterates what E&C said moments ago, as Book & G’Dust will challenge E&C at SummerSlam.)
Finish: In a back and forth match, Booker and Goldust get a decisive win after some excellent team work, and the finish sees Goldust hit the shattered dreams on Jordan, who then stumbles in agony into a scissors kick from Booker for the win. They celebrate afterwards in the ring. Then Edge walks to the entrance way. He gets into a war of words with BookDust and walks to the ring. He decides not to get in. Christian then sneaks in through the crowd and levels Goldust with his title belt. Book then grabs Christian, but he is saved by Edge who KO’s Booker with his title belt. Edge and Christian laugh up the ramp way and hit high fives to each other.

Backstage, Mick Foley catches up with RVD. He then tells RVD he has booked Rhyno vs. RVD for the Hardcore Title at SummerSlam. RVD says that’s fine by him as he has plenty more to dish out to Rhyno.


Summer Slam classic: 1998 Ladder Match between Triple H and The Rock for the I.C title.

Evolution are in the ring waiting to talk. Flair begins. He says that he hopes Y2J hasn’t had enough of Evolution yet as what happened last week was just a taster for SummerSlam. Orton then talks. He says that he figures if Jericho was the first Undisputed Champion, then that makes him somewhat LEGENDARY, and we all know what Randy Orton does to legends. This brings out Jericho. He then tells Orton that he can consider him a legend if he wants, but Jericho wont, at least not until he becomes the Champion for a second time. Orton says that will never happen. Jericho disagrees. He tells Orton that his time is fast approaching and it will begin at SummerSlam.


We return with E&C goofing around backstage, celebrating their actions earlier. Foley then enters. He goofs around for a few moments before getting serious. He says E&C are a disgrace to RAW, and books a Strap match next week between Booker T and Christian. They plead with him to change his mind, but Foley shouts back at them, “AND THAT’S - FINAL!” before storming off. Edge and Christian look to each other and looks pretty worried.

3rd Match:
Trish Stratus & Molly vs. Gail Kim & Lita
Finish: In a pretty decent divas tag match, Trish continuously avoids Gail Kim, tagging Molly whenever she is left with Gail. Once the match breaks down, Gail is left with Trish, they get it into a fight with Gail on top. Molly then breaks it up and takes on Gail. Lita fights with Trish, but Trish knocks her over the barricade. In the ring, Molly argues with the referee so Trish can nail Gail with the ring bell. Trish quickly rolls out, and Molly gets a cover and picks up the win. She and Trish leave as EMT’s try to help Gail Kim back to her feet. They help her up, but she is clearly dazed. She is helped out of the arena.

We are shown highlights of Kanes attack last week on HBK, where he Chokeslammed HBK onto the steel ramp. A slow motion shot is shown of Shawn’s head banging off the ramp. J.R tells us that HBK has had a serious concussion and will not be at RAW tonight, but after the break Coach will be conducting an exclusive interview with Kane.


We return with Coach standing backstage with Kane. He asks Kane if he feels any remorse for what he done last week. Kane laughs. He tells Coach that last week was nothing compared to what he has in mind for HBK come SummerSlam. He goes on to say that while people like JR say the sound of HBK’s skull cracking off the ramp was sickening, he found it uplifting and calming. He says he can already taste the blood of Shawn Michaels, and then asks the family of Shawn Michaels to take a good look at their son, husband, dad, or whatever relation they are. Take a good look at him now, because at SummerSlam, he will more mangled than a destruction derby, more limp than a dead man, and more bloody than a stuffed pig. He tells HBK’s children to say goodbye to their daddy for the last time, and his wife to look for a suitable blood and organ donor, because at SummerSlam there is nothing Kane will not do, nothing that will make him find a conscious, no matter how bad Michaels is hurt, no matter how much blood has been lost, no matter how little life remains in his carcass, he will continue the suffering until there is no more HBK, no more son, no more husband, brother or dad, no more Shawn Michaels. He laughs and walks away.

We cut back to JR and King who both apologise for Kanes remarks and both call it sickening. King then comments that as sick as it might sound, Kane means every word and with that much evilness, he might just do it. JR and King then talk about the other RAW brand matches that have been signed for SummerSlam so far; Orton vs. Jericho, Booker T & Goldust challenging Edge and Christian, Rhyno vs. RVD and the first blood match between HBK and Kane.

Backstage Orton runs into Foley. The two have a stare down and Orton laughs at Foley. Foley isn’t intimidated and tells Orton to remember who’s in charge at RAW. Orton tells Foley that he may be in charge, but Evolution holds the power.


Main Event: 6 Man Tag Match :
Evolution vs. Chris Jericho & Dudley Boyz
Finish: In a fast paced six man match, Jericho and Orton stay apart for the most part. Evolution single out D’ Von and focus on him for the most part. Eventually, he hit’s a DDT on Orton and gets a hot tag to Jericho.
Jericho stands over a groggy Orton and is about to take advantage on the situation, until Batista trips Jericho. Jericho is now distracted and gets into an argument with Batista. This gives Orton a chance to capitalize on Y2J. He hit’s a chop block bringing Jericho to his knees. He then tags out to Flair who works on Jericho’s legs. After a minute or two Flair locks in the figure four. As Jericho is about to reach the ropes, Batista and Orton distract the referee. This infuriates the Dudley’s, and they break up the submission and the match breaks down into a brawl.
Jericho puts Batista into the walls while Dudley’s fight with Orton and Flair. Batista is set to tap until Orton enters and nails Jericho with the RKO. He gets a cover but it is broken by Bubba. Flair and D’ Von also enter and all six men brawl again.
The Dudley’s again fight to the outside with Flair and Batista, while Orton pounds on Y2J. He goes for a cross body, but Jericho hit’s a dropkick. Jericho then knocks Batista off the apron as he tries to re enter. Orton tries to sneakily hits Jericho with the title belt, but Jericho ducks and takes Orton to the ground. He then locks in the Walls of Jericho.
Orton frantically tries to reach the ropes, but Jericho pulls him into the centre of the ring. Orton is left with no choice but to tap out, giving Jericho the victory.
Flair and Batista try to get revenge, but Y2J rolls out of the ring taunting both as they help Orton to his feet.
The show ends with Y2J holding the World Title belt above his head, and Orton staggering in the ring.


Please, give me your views. What did you like about the show, and what did you not like. I would be happy to answer any questions if anyone has any. Still no one has given me any suggestions for theme music at SummerSlam, I would really appreciate it if someone would, I would prefer a recent music but not one that has been used before.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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nice show again WB..good build up with the Kane/HBK and Jericho/Orton..
Its really nice the way u make Kane sound sick and horrible..adds a lot to his character
Great show dude... i couldnt find any negatives in this one
so keep it up..
and its nice tht u hv more aftermath material

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Cheers Sibtain. Glad you enjoyed it once again. I'm pleased you like how Kane is being portrayed, and that you like the feuds.
Hope you enjoy SD!
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FANTASTIC Wolf Beast! Great show from start to finish. I reckon Gail Kim is gonna face Trish at SummerSlam. All these feuds are building to a cresendo now, and SS looks to be historic. Also, I like how you had less matches, just like WWE does nowadays, it helps build the main feuds better in my opinion. 10/10. Cant wait for SummerSlam.
I'll read grendrill's nitro and then vote, but I think this show is very strong, prob too strong for whatever Grendrill has.
BTW: Suggestion for SummerSlam theme music- Kutless, Treason.
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great show wolf beast, im another big fan of the way you have made kane really sick and evil, my only negative point is that i dont know if first blood is going to be a violent enough match for what kane says he will do, had it been hell in a cell then it may have made abit more sense but thats just how i feel but i still loved the show 9/10
cant wait for summerslam!!!!!
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Cheers for the replies guys. I understand what u mean bout Kane-HBK at SS, just thought that 1st Blood hasnt been done in ages, so it would be more fresh than HIAC. Hope you guys enjoy SD 2moro.
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You have 1001 must feel special.
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Smack Down : 05/08/04: Sioux Falls:

Opening Video

Cole: Sioux Falls is jam packed for Smackdown, and oh boy what a night it is set to be! Goldberg is gonna team with John Cena to take on the self proclaimed worlds greatest tag team!
Tazz: That my friend is gonna be a rocket buster!
Cole: And the road to SummerSlam is still going strong, heading to Sky Dome on August 22nd. What type of developments will we see tonight!

Kurt Angles music then hits.

Tazz: WWE Champion Cole! Kurt Angle!
Cole: And it looks like Kurt is gonna have something to get off his chest.

Angle takes a microphone and begins to talk. He says he wants to know why Goldberg showed so much hostility last week.
Goldberg’s music then hits. He makes his way to the ring and takes a mic. He tells Angle he doesn’t want or need Angles help.
Angle tells Goldberg that he isn’t helping Goldberg, but is protecting an investment for Summerslam. He tells Goldberg that the match at SummerSlam is gonna be the biggest title match in years, and he will not let anything disrupt the match.
Goldberg then agrees that Angle vs. Goldberg will be the most anticipated match, and no matter what happens between now and August 22nd, he will be at Sky Dome and will become the WWE Champion.
Both men then go head to head as we cut to a break.


We return with an incident which took place earlier in the day between Chavo and Shannon Moore, leading to a non title match tonight.

1st Match: Non-Title Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
Finish: Chavo dominates the match for the most part, and toward the end, he hit’s a superplex. He gets a two. He then goes to the top rope and attempts a cross body, but Shannon rolls through and gets a surprising three count. He celebrates in the ring as Chavo sits outside shocked.

Backstage, we go to an interview with Kanyon. He is asked why he turned on Rey Mysterio. He says that the U.S title meant everything to him, and every night he would look at the belt before going to bed, and would work like a horse every day to make sure he never lost the title. He says there was never time to relax as he took being the champion as a matter of life or death, and then guys like Rey Mysterio, would treat their belt like an accessory, like something to take for granted. He wouldn’t be concentrated on keeping his title, he didn’t care, he had no passion. Being a champion should mean something, but obviously not to Mysterio. He says Rey deserved to lose his title, because he didn’t deserve it, and tonight Kanyon is gonna get back onto the glory trail.

Mr. McMahon arrives. He gets out of his limo with a huge grin.


We return with Bret Hart talking to Shannon Moore. He tells Moore that next week he has a Cruiserweight title shot.

Ivory & Bull interview. They say they are ready to become the most dominant inter gender team in the WWE.

2nd Match:
Billy Gunn & Stacey vs. Bull Buchanan & Ivory
Finish: In a passable encounter, Ivory and Bull control the most part of the match, with Gunn and Stacey rarely getting much offence in the match. Ivory hit’s a tornado DDT on Stacey, and gets a cover but from nowhere, Torrie Wilson breaks the count. She attacks Ivory, looking for revenge on the attack two weeks ago. The match ends in a DQ, due to Torrie’s interference, and Torrie is eventually pulled away from Ivory.

Backstage, Vince talks to Heyman about Lesnar having the night off, and the No Holds Barred match at Summer Slam. Heyman promises McMahon that at SummerSlam. His client, Brock Lesnar, will destroy John Cena, until there is no more Dr. of Thuganomics.

William Regal talks with the Big Show about their match up next with Benoit and Guerrero.


3rd Match:
William Regal & Big Show vs. Chris Benoit & Eddy Guerrero
Finish: Throughout the match, tension between Benoit and Guerrero rises, and on two occasions they almost come to blows. Eventually the match breaks down into a fight, and Benoit goes to the outside with Big Show and Guerrero battles with Regal in the ring. Eddy fights out of a Regal stretch and hit’s the rolling suplexes, followed by the Frog Splash. Big Show pulls him out. Benoit then quickly enters the ring and applies the crossface, but an enraged Eddy breaks it up. He and Benoit get into a fight. The referee tries to break up the battle, giving Regal time to pull out the Brass Knucks and he then levels both Guerrero and Benoit, before making a cover for the cheap win. He crawls out of the ring and leaves with Show, as he gives the crowd his regal wave. Both Eddy and Benoit are left unconscious in the ring.

Interview with John Cena. Cena talks about teaming with Goldberg tonight. Matthews also asks him about the No Holds Barred Match at SummerSlam. He cuts a hilarious rap by making fun of both Heyman and Vince before laying into Lesnar. He ends his rap saying:
“Come SummerSlam I say screw Paul Heyman, Fuck Vinnie Mac,
An FU to Lesnar, and that’s my payback.


Summer Slam classic: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart in a steel cage match at SummerSlam ‘94.

We see Goldberg preparing for his match tonight.

4th Match:
Kanyon vs. Funaki
Finish: In an extremely short match, Funaki took an early advantage by hitting Kanyon unawares with a dropkick. Soon Kanyon took control. He unmercifully disects Funaki. He ends the match with a Grand Kanyon. He continues to beat on Funaki afterwards, but Rey Mysterio makes the save and kicks Kanyon out of the ring.

Backstage, we see a showdown between John Cena and Paul Heyman. Heyman smiles at Cena and says that he admire his tenacity, and his heart, but Brock Lesnar doesn’t have a heart, and at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar is gonna beat John Cena within an inch of his life.

Benoit and Eddy are both being examined by doctors. Again they argue and this leads to another fight between the two men. Eventually they are broken up by officials.

McMahon interview. He talks about the No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam, and how John Cena will pay for all his wrong doings at Sky Dome. Bret enters. He tells Vince that as this act his so big for Summer Slam, then next week he is ordering an official contract signing. McMahon agrees and tells Bret it’s a deal.


Main Event:
Goldberg & John Cena vs. T.W.G.T.T
Finish: In a highly entertaining contest, Cena and Goldberg team up extremely well, and for the most part of the match, dominate TWGTT. Eventually, WGTT begin to take over the match and work on Cena. He eventually fights to his corner and makes a tag. Goldberg powers through both men and physically dominates TWGTT. He plants both with spears, and nails Benjamin with a Jackhammer. Haas breaks the count at the last second. He lures Goldberg to the outside, while Shelton fights with Cena in the ring. Cena ducks a super kick and gets an FU on Benjamin. He gets a cover but the referee is pulled out by Mr. McMahon. Cena is irate. He and Vince engage in a war of words. Meanwhile, BROCK LESNAR, who was alleged to have the night off, comes through the crowd and stands behind Cena with a steel chair. Firstly he throws the referee to the outside, then he cracks Cena with the chair as he turns around. Lesnar and McMahon assault Cena in the ring. Goldberg tries to make the save, but as he enters, Lesnar nails him with a chair. A 4 on 2 assault begins. The crowd chant for Angle as the camera looks to the entrance, but Angle is nowhere to be seen. The camera then goes to the backstage area, where we see Angle walking towards to back exit. He is told about what is happening in the ring. Angle then thinks to himself for a moment and stares at the sign which has an arrow pointing to the left and says; “To main arena”, and an arrow pointing to the right which says, “To parking lot”. Angle thinks and eventually turns to the right and leaves the building.

The camera cuts back to the ring where the 4 on 2 attack continues with the show ending as Lesnar hits an F5 on Cena.

Tell me what you thought of Smackdown! Do you have any views on anything that happened. Good or Bad, please tell me what you thought of this weeks show.

RAW up Monday - 20.30 GMT.
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congrats on your 1000 views, the cena/goldberg vs. WGTT, was really good. glad I'm not versuing that in the ratings war lol.

anyway congrats on your veiws and your SD!

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Well done as usual. RAW has been better lately, but this show built well for SummerSlam. I like the new way Kanyon is bein portrayed, and the feud between Lesnar and Cena is still goin strong, contract signing has to have a twist. But definately Goldberg - Angle is the best feud. It is building slowly but surely, into what has got to be a classic at SS - GOLDBERG,GOLDBERG,GOLDBERG!!! Cant wait for RAW!
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