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Re: Being the booker

nice win for Carlito over Eugene, this mini feud has been somewhat entertaining but I hope it doesn't get a place on PPV.

Ha YES! ladder match is gonna be awesome between these two teams, no doubt Luther will get involved at some point also, looks to be a realy great match.

Judging from this promo, DX may need some rebuilding, as someone might be leaving. Or is it just that Shawn is having second thoughts?

Wow DX really sending a message to WGTT, they are in trouble with this numbers game.

The Brotherhood? WTF? I haven't seen these guys around for SOOOO long in this thread, man this brings back memories of late 04' and early '05. Poor Eugene.

Funny promo from Christian & Tomko, Tomko throwing in a little comedy instead of Christian this time, liking how you are using these two, keep it up. Orton vs Christian is going to be sweet.

Ha this contract sgining is hilarious, thanks to Ken Kennedy. "I Will now hand each man a......PEN!" LOL! And then we got serious, this was a brilliant contract signing, one of the best I have ever read.

Awesome, we might be seeing Sting/Taker vs Batista/Flair at Armageddon, which will be awesome. Loving the two put together against Evolution.

Edge coming back, to officially turn heel right?

Looks like we are going to get Trish vs Victoria at Armageddon. Meh, it could be OK.

I wonder if Christian/Tomko & RVD/Alfonso really are on the same page. RVD has sure changed from a loud mouth who couldn't say enough, to someone who can't say anything.

LOL! Flair is petrified of Sting & Taker, and so he should be.

Awesome main event, really good stuff lots of action and nice to see Bokker T around, and Goldust too. Good that Orton got the win, so we can further the fued and maybe giving Christian the win on PPV?

Overall Wolfy, one of your best shows ever, period. 9/10


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Re: Being the booker

Wolf Guy, you have captured what Survivor Series is all about. It is about elimination matches, that is how they did it in 1987 and some other years. Glad to see that you have regressed to that format. My favorite matches are elimination.

Needless to say, you worked hard on this to produce a masterpiece totaling 126 pages. That is just phenomenal. Only you can do it Wolf. I could not believe it. Seven matches for 126!!!! And the main event was thirty!!! My elimination chamber match was twenty six and it took me ten days to do. 12/10

Spelling and Grammar
I have stooped to a low level. Usually, I only look at spelling and subject – verb agreement. Now, I am scrutinizing your commas. I thought I could get you there, and I somewhat did. There were some grammar mistakes because of that. Your commas were not correct one hundred percent of the time. I just did this because I never get to see grammatical mistakes by you. 9/10

Sunday Night Heat is there to get some interviews in that cannot be done during the PPV. And it is also there to pound video packages in our heads fifty million times. Tajiri wins!!!

Very good Survivor Series video!! Probably the second best ever, next to Wrestlemania. You captured what it meant to survive while having ten superstars proving their point in good fashion. I was afraid that you were going to take my idea, but you did not so I have a video now.

You may be right, but I am pretty sure that joint PPVs are not sponsored.

Cena with the rap is a great way to kick off the show, same thing with SS 2003. But … he was a survivor in 2003 so this may be foreshadowing.

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match: If Team Thuganomic’s win, John Cena receives a World Championship Match at Armageddon --- If Team DX win, Cena never gets another shot at Shawn Michaels, for the length of his Title reign.
Team DX (Shawn Michaels, Luther Reigns, Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak) vs. Team Thuganomics (John Cena, Sting, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas)

I do like HBK avoiding Cena as he always does. The fast start from the faces was expected by me until the heels could slow them down. Very well done with HBK entering the match now that Cena is weakened! DX also gets in some signature heel moves as well.
I did not expect Cena to be down for that long this early. Blind tags work wonders in these kinds of matches. I want to see Shelton and HBK in the ring though.
I like the quick tags, but I think that they are a little too quick. No has the change to get settled in and wrestle. It works well in the beginning of matches, but I think that at this stage, the intervals should be longer.
More heel tactics from DX, but I think that we have settled down now with the quick tags as Haas and HBK are in. Scratch that, humongous brawl with complete pandemonium!!!!! As a result, Haas is out. That is probably the right pick if you want the faces to lose someone. Sting is too legendary, and it would be a shock if the captain when first.
Sting and Benjamin is a nice combo, but Cena’s involvement is crucial to the team. He was standing idle, so it is good that he is back in. Cena and Sting combine to take out Jindrak. Once again, good move, either him or Cade.
Now here I am completely dazzled. It is commonplace to have a cheap roll up elimination following an elimination, but I do not understand why Sting is the victim. Maybe setting up Reigns and Sting, but that is not probable to me. My guess is that you are trying to get Shelton some action, but I would have expected it to be with Haas.
I do like the Cena style of getting rid of Reigns though. This paves the road for Shelton to be eliminated next; just a guess based on Cena coming back to win.
Cena and Benjamin are in control!!! HBK stopping the momentum was the route to go as it would have looked bad to Cena for Cade to do it. They regain it some, but HBK is in control, and I think he will be for a while. I thought that HBK had Cena in the bag, but Cade is just Cade. Major blow for the faces that HBK survives the T Bone. What a twist of the wheel!!! Just like that, Shelton is gone. Sets the stage for Cena.
HBK kicking Cade was the right way to eliminate him. It would make Cena to look omnipotent if he eliminated the two by himself. Now for the part that we have all been waiting for, HBK vs. Cena!!!
Cade staying adds more heel acts to this match. I think it would have been nice for Cade to connect with the tag belt, but it still works. HBK nips! Just to inform you, the “side suplex into a power bomb” is called the freestyle. HBK has it, but Cena nails the FU from nowhere!!!!
Overall, I liked this match, there were a few things that I would have done differently, but the eliminations seemed correct to me. It was a very strong opener, even though I am not too keen opening with this.
This should be a great match at Armageddon. I liked the Summerslam one, so there is no doubt that I am going to like this. The stipulation is still unknown to me, but I am sure that Cena will choose something involving blood. DX will play a huge role to. Match Rating = 9/10

Wolf Guy, do you remember I told you that having four joint PPVs together was stupid. I retract my statement now. You have done so well at those four PPVs promoting Stone Cold and Christian for Wrestlemania. I thought this was a very strong promo, as it enhances the tension between Stone Cold and Christian, and it had a lot of comedy with Stone Cold in the beginning.

Women’s Championship Match;
10 Lady Battle Royal:

Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Shaniqua vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
w/Theodore Long vs.
vs. Molly Holly vs. Gail Kim vs. Nidia vs. Jacqueline vs. Stacey Keibler

Confusing action to start the match, but I found everything when all the divas eliminated Shaniqua. That was a very nice spot, usually they team up on the champion, but the biggest challenger is more of a threat. Two very quick eliminations, they should be out, so no big deal. Out of these ten women, eight can wrestle, so you have accumulated a strong women’s roster. About time for Trish to get an elimination; getting it against a strong wrestler is even better.

Originally Posted by Da Obvious Guy
We are left with six; Trish, Gail, Victoria, Nidia, Lita & Molly. One woman will be the women’s champion.
Please do not sound like J.R. When I read it, it just sounded so bad. I like you telling us who is left; I always do that, but that last sentence was ughhh. I like Lita with Trish because I think they are the two best wrestlers. Gail Kim is out, and I expect Victoria to do well now. Molly Holly needed that elimination because it would have been weak for her not to get one. Some close calls, but Lita is the one eliminated to my dismay. At least Molly is gone next. Trish and Victoria is a nice combo to have left. Some more close calls, but my girl wins in the end!!!!
As you can see, I really do not have any negative to say. I thought the order of eliminations was rather well done, and I thought that it was well to see that the eliminations were sporadic in allusion to those eliminating. Match Rating = 8.5/10

The Twentieth Survivor Series will air from Houston. Hmm, hometown for Booker T and Stone Cold, I guess. I am trying to decipher what the significance of this is. You would not announce a PPV unless you are trying to hint towards something. Guess I have to wait till next year.

Once again, the four joint PPVs come into play as HBK and The Rock is promoted. This should be a memorable feud. Wolf, stop being so funny!!!! That Rock bit where he mentioned all the screwing had me laughing so hard. It hurt my throat! Then HBCade decided to make fun of the Rock, but it backfired because he is a stupid Cowboy. Stripper part was funny too. That is the same way I am going to use Cade, a moron.

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match; WWE United States, Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship ALL on the Line:

The Cabinet -----vs.----- Team Highlight Reel

John Bradshaw Layfield (U.S Champion)--Chris Jericho

Jamie Noble --Paul London (Cruiserweight Champion)

Basham Brothers (WWE Tag Team Champions) --America’s Most Wanted

Very nice stipulation, the Cabinet has two titles, and Highlights have one. Cruiserweights are a great way to start the match, and it is better that they actually wrestle for more than thirty seconds in this match. I am sure this match will be whoever is vying for the title against whoever has it. London is owning in this match so far. Took a while, but Jericho is finally in!!!
Jericho has it won, and the cheap tactics take over. Still, it is very surprising that he only lasts a minute or so. Very big shock!!
Huge handicap here with Storm eliminated, once again with cheap tactics.
Almost a four on one advantage with all the confusion, seems like we finally have a good referee. The Cabinet’s dominance of Harris is just brutal. They are winning it in my mind. The abdominal stretches are killers. I thought that Harris would make a tag, but it seems like he cannot. He even gets an elimination on his counterpart.
London is finally back in, and he eliminates the other Basham. Two on two all of a sudden!!!
This is the best part of the match so far. No one isolated, it is just back and forth tags supplemented with great action. JBL breaking the cover should be the beginning of him breaking many covers. Harris had some momentum, but the Cabinet cheats again!!! All three eliminations have been via cheating!!!
It is pretty usual for the faces to be down two – one, but please do not do this every match. Hmm, I am having flashbacks from the first match. HBK eliminates his own partner, and now JBL eliminates his own partner, once again, when it was two on one. How do you bridge a German suplex?? Are you sure you are not talking about a Northern Lights Suplex?
JBL almost had it nonetheless, but London kicks out. I think he has been in this match the most. Every PPV should include the pinning combination tries; it is very fun too watch. London connects with a risk, but a risk might lose his title. Top Rope fall away slam is devastating, but London keeps on going. Some more high impact, but London still lives!! Shooting star press misses!!! The Clothesline finally does it, as the Cabinet finally get a real elimination. London loses his title after six months. I hope he gets it back soon, but I know you love Noble. Nice touch having the whole team in the ring.
Wolf Guy, I appreciate your effort to write a thirty – one minute long match, but it just faulted in too many ways. I am not going to list them again, but they were significant. Sorry Wolfy, Match Rating = 7.5/10

Armageddon in Boston! I do not think that Cena will win though. If Flair is the boss, I really do not see any chance of Cena winning. Even if Cena picks the stipulation; I do not see it. Though, I think he will win it sometime before Wrestlemania.

What a funny promo!!!!!! JBL without pants, Chavo with 21 on two cards, RVD getting pissed!! This is hilarious. My family has studied this game for years!!!! WHOA!! Chavo is caught counting cards!! Then Chavo steals the limo!!!! A very good promo, but I think that the Christian one was better. I cannot wait to see the other two that you have.

WWE Hardcore Championship;
8 Man Gauntlet:

Hurricane vs. Rhyno vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Booker T vs. Goldust vs. Stevie Richards vs. Mark Henry vs. A-Train

I get the impression that Henry injures himself whenever he moves. Hurricane barely does anything. Henry crushes him with the slam on the trash can. The Worlds strongest slam is a little scoop slam, GET A REAL MOVE!!! Military press!! Hurricane eliminates Henry via coffee!!!
Hey look, it is the honorary member of Evolution! Nothing happens, A – Train dominates. Goldust does better than I expected him to do, but I really do not see a small man beating a big man twice early. Booker T should eliminate A – Train. I, just like you, do not like him, but you are really degrading him by putting with the likes of these Heat guys. I think that you should put him in the brotherhood since you seem to have a storyline with them now. You made Booker out to be strong in this segment, as he eliminates A – Train. I liked the 2 x 4, but where is the barbed wire?
Nice comment from Coach! Richards was doing well for about ten seconds until Booker gets him too. Another big man in this match with the Goat! No real brutality really, Booker T gets his third win, this time he uses the scissors kick. Good to see that you mixed it up. At least you made the match somewhat long when Rhyno entered. Rhyno is busted up pretty early. Stupid Booker, he gains momentum, does the Spin – a – roonie, and is GORED! Rhyno retains the title, but I really do not know what you are going to do. You completely forgot about this division for a few months. The match was better than a filler, but not too great. It was mostly A – Train and Booker T. Match Rating = 6.5/10

WOW!! This has been going on since Judgement Day. This will clearly be the most anticipated match at Wrestlemania. It is close to Angle’s heel turn.

Victoria the next challenger for the Women’s title, I think. It would not make for a bad match.

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match;

Team Goldberg
-----vs.----- Team Bring It

Goldberg--The Rock

Gene Snitsky --‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Matt Morgan--Chris Benoit

Test --Ron Simmons

Scott Steiner—Rico

Team Bring it is very nicely assembled, Simmons and Rico are just elimination guys. Team Goldberg sucks. There is not an eon of talent on that team. I hate Goldberg. The only match of his that I saw was the one at Wrestlemania XX, so I think you know the impression that I have of him. They are all untalented big guys, so if you send this team to Vince, he will like it.
AFA are eliminated quickly leaving another disadvantage for the faces. Stone Cold eliminates Steiner, good choice. Benoit eliminates three guys in two minutes, and the team combines for four in three minutes!! Crossface, sharpshooter, and German. I do not understand how to bridge a German though. Goldberg survives for sometime, but three on one attack, and the Rock overcomes what has been his biggest enemy as of late. Celebrate with beer! Match Rating = 8.5/10

I like this promo between Foley’s team. Even Eugene is ready!!! Mysterio and Orton show their love for Mick too. I already know that Flair wins, with Orton lasting sixty minutes, so I want to know where you are going with this,

Sorry for criticizing your PPV’s so much, but I do not like the name, “Fully Loaded”. You just aired a promo for Armageddon, the last battle on Earth. I think that you should keep that Christian concept. Fully Loaded after Armageddon just kills that theme. I hate the name too, you can think of something better.

WWE Championship:
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero

I read this before I left, and I had goosebumps the whole time. I am glad that you had Eddie win in the end, it is too bad that he was never champion in your thread before this.
Wolf Guy, please understand that I have come back fron India, and I am very sick. I have done a long review so far, but I will skim this match and the previous one.
HHH and Angle have to get rid of their egos. It has become quite banal now with Chavo doing it, but the chair trick is great!! Lesnar is out! Angle slams HHH through a table, but then gets pinned!!! Reminiscent to Wrestlemania XX!! Eddie kicks out of the Pedigree!! Frog Splash!!!! EDDIE WINS!!! EDDIE WINS!!!! HE OVERCOMES HIS BIGGEST NEMESIS AND WINS!!!!! That is the way to go out in style. Match Rating = 9/10

Uh oh, team Flair will have the advantage. Are you going to do a Goldberg/Mysterio thing?? I hope that was just to show Goldberg’s frustration for being untalented.

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:

1st EVER WWE War Games Match; Elimination Style: Two Men begin, with another entrant every three minutes thereafter
:If Team Foley win, Mick Foley remains Raw General Manager;
If Team Evolution win, Ric Flair becomes Raw G.M, and Foley will be fired:

Team Foley -----vs. ----- Team Evolution

Mick Foley -- Ric Flair

Randy Orton -- Batista

The Undertaker -- Christian

Rey Mysterio -- Rob Van Dam

Eugene – Carlito

I hope that you can understand my excitement. I have never even seen a War Games match in my life. The only thing that I have ever seen is a bothched powerbomb in a wargames match.
I like the fast start by Orton before RVD starts upsetting him. RVD plays the heel role very well; he pisses Orton off, and he pisses the crowd off. But how does he spit his gum into the crowd? I thought that there were steel cages around the rings.
I am a big fan of the pinning combinations as mentioned before. Batista is on his way to the ring, so Orton will have to contend with two guys who are hungry to be stars on Raw. I am still wondering how he is going to survive an hour. I had the Rock survive seventy five minutes in an Elimination chamber, but it was slow paced, and I do not think it was seventy five minutes.
Orton does well in getting rid of Batista by sending him to the other ring, it is a good strategy. Orton eats steel, but he hits the RKO!!!!! Batista breaks it up, but hits RVD!! I love the way Orton covers. The one where he looks at the ceiling. Batista is back in the other ring, so Orton should have some more shots at RVD. Orton is double – teamed, but he fights out of trouble, and here comes Rey. I guess Orton would have rather wanted Taker at this point though. Rey and RVD again!
Beautiful action between these two. Batista has played a great role so far. He is the man to go in the second ring. Orton starts something, but Batista has to break it up. I think Rey will be eliminated by RVD soon. Rey and Randy are doing well, but the third Flair member is coming, so that will be nullified.
The heels take advantage right away then. I am getting the feeling that Batista will be challenging Rey for the IC title soon. The heels are totally on fire as Rey is dominated by a guy twice his size, and Carlito and RVD are just killing Orton.
HERE IS FOLEY!!!!! THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE FOR THE FACES!!!! Wait, I have a question; do the team members get to decided who orders in which order??? It thought it was like the elimination chamber where the order of entry is pre – determined. That was just my inference. I want to see these weapons being used now. Carlito is demolished. I thought that the Van Daminator was coming. I am sure we will see it sometime soon though. Christian is in, so I am sure that the next guy will be the Undertaker. I think you are using him as a bridge to get to Stone Cold along with Orton.
I guess that Carlito has replaced Batista as the guy to fly into the second ring. Orton is genuinely concerned for Foley now. Rey connects with 619, but he eats the Batista Bomb! Rey is out, and my guess is that Batista will have a shot at Rey’s title sometime soon.
A huge disadvantage now for the faces. Foley has his face busted open now and Orton will too sometime soon. VAN TERMINATOR FROM RVD TO ORTON!!!!!! What is the difference from the Van Terminator to the Van Daminator??? I have never seen either. Either way, they both seem like perilous moves. ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!
Great moment, Eugene performs a double low blow! I think he will be eliminated soon though. Eugene goes Hogan on Christian, but Christian is saved. That would have been a Kodak moment. The faces are resorting to heel moves a bit too much.
Captain Flair is here! I am sure that Foley will be gunning for him. Ric sets Eguene up for the Van Daminator and the five star. The demise of Eugene is because of Flair. Eugene was in there for a very very very long time.
Five on two is just brutal. I cannot wait for Undertaker to come in, and annihilate. Okay, so it is four on Orton and one on Foley; that seems equitable enough for me.
Go faster Undertaker!!! There we go, Taker is here to dominate. Taker takes care of everyone until Batista slams him, but he sits up!!!! Chokeslam from one ring to another!!! Taker makes Flair bleed. Tombstone to Carlito!!! Only the weak link from Flair’s team is gone though.
Flair’s presentation when he bleeds is weird to see because you can see his skull covered in blood. Carlito has to cheat! Phh, someone spits at him. This PPV is more interactive than Taboo Tuesday. Some confusing action going on until Batista and Orton take out the referee. I guess that this means someone is hitting a finishing move very soon. Flair takes the key, what can he do with it? YES!! What I have been waiting for!! Barbie is here!! It would have been better if Foley brought it out though. Foley almost kills Flair!!! Instead, he decides to kill RVD!! He follows that by nailing Christian!!!! Then he adds one for his Nemesis!!! Too bad that Batista helps out. I think he should be busy in the other ring now that Carlito is gone. Is anyone not bleeding?? Old School followed by the Last Ride!!!! Great teamwork by Orton and Taker … to no avail!!!! Christian then Unprettiers Undertaker!!!!! Make that one for August, one for September, one for October, and one for November!!! Can I buy the Christian pinning Undertaker calendar??? Foley’s team is at a big disadvantage again, with Orton and Foley only.
Flair crushes Foley with the barbed wire!!! Orton almost gets the pinfall too by a great move. Flair cannot pin Foley!!! I love Flair’s facial expressions. He and Simon Dean have the greatest expressions of shock. Foley is coughing up blood??? Foley still will not stay down. The handcuffs again??? The camera man is going to save him again. Foley is going to die. Now Orton is as he has everyone gunning after him. Now Flair has the figure four!!!! Foley has bolt cutters!!!!!!!!! There go the handcuffs, though I think Foley is a bit too weak to do anything. Batista, Christian, and RVD all get the Barbie!!!!! Double arm DDT on the Barbie, and RVD takes the exit!!!
It is three on two, but I really do not see what Foley can do since he is a walking Deadman. THUMBTACKS!!! My favorite weapon! Foley eats tacks!!! Foley, why are you alive?? Flair misses Foley, and he passes out!!!!
Captain Flair is gone, but I am sure that Batista will pin Foley in a matter of seconds, leaving us with yet another two on one situation. WHAT!!! Flair somehow comes back, and cheats!!!!! Batista with the biggest move of the world, powerbomb on thumbtacks through the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless you Foley.
Oh know, Orton takes the ref out for the second time. Orton survives the BOMB!!! You have got to be kidding me Wolf Guy. Christian misses Batista and hits Orton. I saw this in the first match and third match. It has become overly hackeyed. As expected, Orton RKOS Batista!!
A chair and DDT but Orton survives!!!! NOW ORTON KICKS OUT OF THE UNPRETTIER!!!!!!!! You are making him out to be a god. Christian kicks out of the RKO too!!!! Great way to end the hour long match, Unprettier on the chair!!!!
I cannot believe you wrote a match that long. Orton was in there for almost an hour. Foley must be dead. I am going to say it right now, the best match ever in BTB. It had everything in it. The best ending to the best PPV. Match Rating = 10/10

This is by far the best PPV. The only problem was repetition but it was not that big of a deal. I am in awe. Please put it on DVD. 10/10

Best PPV ever! I hope to structure my Survivor Series like yours.

Overall = 90/100 - I do not know how that works out, I guess I am done being a soft grader. I gave your Nemesis a 154, but this was bettter.

I have written this while being really sick, please return for Wrestlemania
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Re: Being the booker

Raw Review

Good opener to start the show with an IC Title Number 1 contenders match. Eugene makes a big mistake and Carlito takes advantage to get the win. I see Carlito as the man who will take the IC Title off Mysterio.

Whoa a Ladder Match for Armageddon, should be very good

Good Match here and good win for Luther Reigns getting the victory thanks to some help by Cade and Jindrak.

Whoa the Brotherhood are angry and Henry makes an impact attacking Eugene. Possibly a match with Eugene and Henry will happen at Armageddon, not too keen on you Pushing Henry.

Big Match made there for Armageddon with Orton taking on CaptaiN Charisma. Armageddon is looking very good so far.

Lol great way to use Kennedy there. Last Man Standing should be great.

Sting gets himself disqualified angry about what happened last week. Ric Flair comes out and sets up Sting giving time for Batista to low blow him. Looks like a Tag Match will happen at Armageddon

Good win for Trish proving herself as a Worthy Champ. Good aftermath with Victoria attacking Trish.

A great Main Event with Orton pinning Captain Charisma in revenge after Christian beating Orton at Surviver Series in War Games.

A good Raw tonight building some feuds nicely and Armageddon is shaping up nicely.
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Re: Being the booker


Smackdown; November 17th; Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Tribute Show for the late Eddie Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero defeats JBL

Trish Stratus & Lita defeat Stacey Kiebler & Molly Holly

Kurt Angle defeats Brock Lesnar

Steve Austin, The Rock & Chris Jericho defeat Triple H, William Regal & Lance Storm

Shawn Michaels defeats Ric Flair

John Cena wins a Twenty man Battle Royal

Chris Benoit defeats Rey Mysterio

No Velocity or Heat results for this week

WWE News and Notes:

The Vacant WWE Championship will be decided in a Triple Threat Match on next weeks Smackdown Special, featuring the three losers from the Fatal Four Way Match at Survivor Series. Those men of course are Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and Triple H.

The winner will move on to Fully Loaded to face The Number One Contender, The Rock.

It is expected in the coming weeks that Ken Kennedy will continue to be involving himself in some fashion with the top tiered stars on Raw, just like this past Monday when he was master of ceremonies for the Cena - Michaels contract signing. It is unlikely though that Kennedy will be immediately pushed into upper card feuds. These exchanges are simply being put together to give Kennedy some extra spotlight, as he continues his current win streak.

The Brotherhood is expected to be thrust into the spotlight on Raw for the next couple of months, after a long run as main stays on Sunday Night Heat. Current plans suggest they will have some sort of involvement at Armageddon, possibly in an six man tag, or an eight person inter gender tag match, most likely against Eugene along with partners for him.

For some reason, this morning / this afternoon, I began writing this weeks Raw, only to realise about an hour ago that in actual fact, I was writing next weeks Raw instead. What I'm going to do instead, rather than go back and start this weeks, I'll just briefly recap it, along with the Smackdown Special, and Smackdown itself. I'll do that tomorrow or Tuesday, then post the next Raw (in full) on Friday, before posting Armageddon next Friday.

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Re: Being the booker

Nice tribute show, looks like it would have went very well and the standout match IMO aside from Benoit-Mysterio would have been Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle.

Also great news, and its awesome that Kennedy will be mingling with the ME'ers now.
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Re: Being the booker

I like how you did the tribute show in conjunction to Eddie's death. It was not really a waste of a show either as the next PPV is December 18th. You had all the wrestling in there.

You are also doing the Smackdown special at it's real time. I am going to be bold, and say that Angle wins, starts a feud with the Rock that bridges him to Bret Hard, turning him heel.

Misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyy ................... Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneddddddddddyyyyyyyyy

He has been a big influence on me!

Are Fully Loaded and Armageddon both going to be in full?
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Re: Being the booker

awesome news and notes just to let u know i have read every sho0w and you are amazing, anyway here is a raw review

Carlito vs Eugene- I think this was a decent match and it was obvious Carlito would win and he will probably be getting a shot at Mysterio for the IC title.

WGTT chooses stipulation- Awesome a ladder match, this should be good I think finally the DX duo will loose as I expect to see some high impact moves

Disfuction in DX- Well i don't think this will last much longer it will explode if HBK loses the title to cena at armageddon

Brotherhood's impact- wow why eugene I now see some kind of 6 person tag match, maybe a brotherhood push.

Tomko and christian- wow that was funny tomko is funny you are really good with putting them in character, Christian vs Orton should be amazing don't know who will win because both have major pushes in this thread is it for the # 1 contender?

Contract signing- Great promo and it build the fued more geat job by Kennedy hopefully he gets a push.

Taker and sting? wow that is awesome i think Batista is going to be getting a push now that Flair is incharge woooooooooooooo.

Edge- cool edge is coming back i forgot about him he will be a main eventer and maybe a fued with Orton would be awesome

Victoria vs Trish - seen it a gillion times what happend to Shaniqua

christian, tomko, rvd vs orton, golust and booker - Orton has the advantage great match motn

Armageddon will be one of the greatest ppv's ever i cant wait

overall - 9/10

I just posted my smackdown in chaingangsoldier's wwe, I do raw and smackdown.

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Re: Being the booker

Good tribute show their, with some great matches for the fans. Nice news there, and it will be interesting to see who picks up the title
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Re: Being the booker

Great way to open th show with a match between Carlito and Eugene in a number one contenders match for the United States title. I always knew Carlito would win but nice way to put him over with a handfull of tights, classic Carlito. I guess we Have Carlito and Mysterio at Armageddon for the U.S Title. Its a new feud and I'm sure you will make it a good feud.

Ladder match at Armageddon, should be a great match between DX Duo and WGTT and I can't predict a winner.

Luther Reigns defeats Shelton after a title shot by Cade. I like the way you are using Reigns because he had potential until he was released. The champions stand tall and I could definetely see them doing the same at Armageddon because you seem to be pushing this team hard.

Interesting segment with Brotherhood and after that little confontation with Eugene I can see a match at Armageddon which won't be pretty at all, so lets hope you don't go that way.

Funny argument between Christian and Tomko, it seemed like an argument atleast. Christian sounds intimidated by his task at Armageddon and I hope Orton goes over even though Captain Charisma is a focal point of this thread.

Kennedy is controling the contract signing and he is very in character but that is just annoying seem he said his name about ten times. Some well written lines from both men and I liked how you ended it with a staredown, not a brawl for once.

What the hell is going on with Batista and Sting! I can see them facing off at Armageddon but then where does The Undertaker fit into the equation, I'm confused.

Trish Stratus picks up a good victory over Nidia and nice to see you using some non WWE divas in the divison. Victoria attacks setting up their match at Armageddon nicely and I am predicting a title change.

Rob Van Dam seems brainwashed by Alfonso, but it seems to be working for him. Interesting way to get RVD over as a heel. I wonder what Shawn Michaels wants to talk to Ric Flair about?

Orton pins Christian with the RKO in the longest and best match of the night. I normally don't like one of two opponents at a Pay-Per-View pinning the other but for some reason, it hypes the match better for me. Good main event with the right result, well booked.

Overall, a solid show with some good advancements towards Armageddon. the card is already packed and some major matches haven't even been announced as of yet. 8/10 Great effort!
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Re: Being the booker

- Carlito vs. Eugene for The Intercontinental Title No. 1 Contender should be great IMO. Yes, This Match was written very well. Its good to see Carlito winning by Roll Up. Armageddon is looking great.

- Wow, Ladder Match at Armageddon should be off the hook. Now, Charlie Haas and Benjamin are always a great Wrestlers in an Ladder Match, Let's see what will happen. I think, They'll be the New Champs but what for Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak?. Lets see at Armageddon. Hyped Promo by DX there.

- Reigns win over Shelton was something weird to me but Reigns didn't Won clearly!. DX cheated again. Nice aftermath of it. There feud looks Great IMO.

- Brotherhood bashing Eugene was something strange. I can see someone coming in to aid for Eugene. That can be Rock. Lets see what happens again at Armageddon.

- Funny Promo their by Tomko and Edge. Orton vs Christian can be good at Armageddon.

- HBK vs. Cena, Last Man Standing should be good at Armageddon. Good to see Kennedy in in character but as MBLegend said it was annoying

- The Sting/Batista promo was good but where the hell did Taker came. I can see a Triple Threat Match b/w them at Armageddon.

- Interesting Segment there by RVD/Christian and Tomko. Haha Funny Segment again. Flair scared of Taker. It was good again.

- Good Main Event, Which hyped the RKO/Christian match at Armageddon.

Overall - 93/100

The Armageddon is shapping up to be good.
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