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Re: Being the booker

Great news and good tidbits and looking forward to Raw man. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being the booker

After some trouble with my Internet the last few days, this is the first time I've been on the forums, but expect Raw up this evening.
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Re: Being the booker

Wolfster, I am back!!! This section has changed in these two weeks for some reason.

Anyway, I will get started on the SS review because I cannot seem to fall asleep, which means I have somehow adjusted to EST. Once I am done with that review, I will skim the other shows you have done and review the next one upcoming.
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Re: Being the booker

I know I probably still owe reviews, but I dont have enough time to catch up on a lot of reviews, after a hectic festive season. I'll understand if there are some of you that are waiting for a reply to be returned dont want to rate the show, thats ok.

November 14th; Grand Rapids:

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
Monday Night Raw, is live, and on the air, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, for another explosive two hours, on the USA Network. Iím Jim Ross, joined by my broadcast colleague, The Coach!!

The Coach: Iím ready for a packed line up tonight J.R. Contract signing between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus defends the Womens Championship, and two huge main event matches, with Batista facing Sting, and a major six man tag match, with Christian, Tyson Tomko and Rob Van Dam taking on Randy Orton, Booker T & Goldust.

Jim Ross: Thatís all to come Coach, but if my schedule reads right, I believe that right now, itís time to find out the next contender for the Intercontinental Title!!!

**Spit in the Face** Carlito enters the arena for our opening contest, alone, with Stacey Kiebler not here this evening.

The Coach: Here comes the future of Raw, the future of the WWE Ö here comes Carlito, Caribbean Cool.

Jim Ross: And I suppose thatíll be cool with you??

The Coach: Damn straight baby boy.

1st Match: Intercontinental Championship; #1 Contenders Match:
Carlito vs. Eugene
Eugene charges to the ring, and chases Carlito around the ringside area, fuming from what happened last week, but his temper causes him to make an early mistake, as Carlito slides back into the ring, and with Eugene coming after him, CCC drops an elbow, gaining the upper hand immediately.
CCC tries to wear his opponent down from the outset, applying a chinlock on Eugene, but we see just how fired up Eugene is, as he fights to his feet, walking around the ring, with Carlito on his back, before ramming CCC into the corner, and the opposite corner, with Carlito dropping off, falling to the mat.
Carlito tries to get out of the ring, but Eugene pulls him back inside, pounding his opponent down. The referee is forced to pull Eugene up, with Eugene on the brink of losing the match via DQ. The referee tries to calm him down, which gives Carlito the opportunity to hack Eugene from behind, taking Eugene down on the mat. CCC starts to stomp on the knee of Eugene, beginning a methodical beat down, heading into a commercial.
We return with Eugene making a comeback, firing up, Hulk Hogan style, no selling the offence from Carlito, before firing back, eventually knocking Carlito down with a big boot. He cups his ears to the fans, before going for the Immortal Leg Drop, but he MISSES!!! Carlito gets back up, and rolls Eugene up, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men get up, and Carlito runs at Eugene, but gets caught Ö ROCK BOTTOM!!! Eugene covers, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Eugene dances around the ring, thinking he has won, but as the referee tries to tell him what happened, Carlito summons the energy, and rolls Eugene up, grabbing a handful of tights, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito

Jim Ross: Gimme a break. Is Carlito just gonna cheat his way to the Intercontinental Championship??

The Coach: Cheat?? Thatís not cool J.R. No, no. Carlito was just resting on Eugeneís tights, thatís all. No foul play whatsoever.

Jim Ross: I guess those sunglasses of yours are tinted Coach. And what the hell are you doing wearing sunglasses indoor, in autumn??

The Coach: I could ask you the same question about that ridiculous, uncool childrenís hat!!!

Jim Ross: The fact remains Coach, in less than three weeks, Carlito will now challenge Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship.

The Coach: And, in less than three weeks, weíll have ourselves a new Intercontinental Champion, which by the way, is cool.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd is with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Marc Lloyd: Guys, last week we learned that at Armageddon, you two will be challenging Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade for the World Tag Team Titles, and of course, you also get to choose the stipulation. Last week, you said youíd take the next week to decide exactly what type of match youíd take, so now, Iíd like to ask, have you made your decision??

Charlie Haas: Marc, weíve thought long and hard over the past seven days, and weíve come to our decision.

Shelton Benjamin: At Armageddon, at the Fleet Centre in Boston, itíll be Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade, facing the next World Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie HaasÖ

Charlie Haas: IN A LADDER MATCH!!!

Lloyds eyes widen from shock, as Haas and Benjamin smile, bump knuckles, and walk off, as the camera cuts to the DX locker room.

Jindrak and Cade stand by a monitor, looking at each other, in fear, before turning around to talk to Michaels and Reigns.

Garrison Cade: Did you hear that guys??

Shawn Michaels: No, unless you havenít realised, Iíve got other things, more important things on my mind.

Mark Jindrak: More important?? Whatís more important than our tag team title match??

HBK looks up, then points to the World Title.

Shawn Michaels: Thatís more important. Now, to be fair, I donít give a rats ass what you two have to face at Armageddon, Iíve held your hands for far too long now. Itís time for you two to stand up and be taken notice of. Iíve got my own problems to deal with, ok??

Garrison Cade: UmmÖ yeah, sorry Shawn. I- we didnít realise.

Luther Reigns: Yo, you two ready?? My match with Shelton Benjamin is in a few minutes. You coming with me??

Mark Jindrak: Yeah, weíre on our way.

Jindrak throws his title belt over his shoulder, before tapping Cade on the shoulder to come with himÖ

Garrison Cade: Yíknow Shawn, you shouldnít worry, remember, weíre DX, and we run this show, and everyone on it Ö including John Cena.
Shawn Michaels: (Not convincingly) Yeah, youíre right.

The other three members leave the room, whilst HBK still looks agitated, sitting down, deep in thought.


2nd Match:
Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas vs. Luther Reigns w/Cade & Jindrak
Just going to keep the match overviews short from here. With Benjamin keeping the momentum thanks to his speed and finesse advantage, it takes trickery from the tag team champions, Cade and Jindrak to get Reigns in the driving seat.
Luther wears down Benjamin, whilst Haas is furious, but gets restrained by the ref, before he can do anything. Eventually, Shelton begins a comeback, and looks to have Luther right where he wants him, looking to hit a T-Bone, but then, Jindrak gets on the apron, distracting the referee, allowing Cade to get in, and smash the tag title over Benjaminís head. He slides out, with Haas losing his cool, and going after Cade and Jindrak, whilst Reigns covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Luther Reigns

Luther Reigns is the winner, thanks to some cheating, as per Cade and Jindrak usually revert to anyway. Haas gets beaten down on the outside, unable to get the better of the tag champions, and they hit a double DDT on the outside, leaving both challengers down now, sending a message, that Cade and Jindrak will do anything to keep the titles.
They leave up the ramp with Reigns, whilst Benjamin crawls to the outside, to check on his tag team partner, before the cameras cut backstageÖ

We see the Brotherhood (Theodore Long, Rodney Mack, Orlando Jordan, Jazz and itís newest member Mark Henry) talking amongst each other backstage, with the gist of the conversation being their group held back by the man.

They watch as Eugene walks by, holding the back of his head, as if itís soreÖ

Theodore Long: Thatís the type of thing Iím talkin about playas. Weíve got the best athlete on the Raw roster, Orlando Jordan, weíve got the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, weíve got one bad, bad man, in Rodney Mack, and who can forget, our baby girl, Jazz. But instead of showcasing the best talent on the Raw roster, you have guys like Eugene, who cant spell his own name, getting a chance to fight for championship gold.

Orlando Jordan: Itís not fair Teddy. Rodney and I havenít had a chance at the tag team titles since April.

Rodney Mack: And even at that, it was a tag team turmoil match!!

Theodore Long: Thatís what Iím talking about playas. Weíre being held back by the man!!!

Mark Henry punches a huge dent into a vending machine (surprisingly not injuring himself, )

Mark Henry: Itís just not fair Teddy. Itís not right, that idiots like Eugene gets put ahead of us.

Theodore Long: Fo shizzle dog.

Jazz: Guys, I think its about time we decided to do something about it. Iím sick of being held back.

Orlando Jordan: Jazz is right. If Ric Flair wont give us something, then from now on, we should take it.

Rodney Mack: Youíre absolutely right OJ.

Theodore Long: Playas, what, are you waiting for. Lets find ourselves a white boy to make an example of.

Mark Henry: Iíve got this one covered.

Henry storms down the corridor with the rest of his stable mates following behind. He pushes a table over, and grabs Eugene by the back of the jacket, and in one fluid motion, Henry throws Eugene through a door, causing mass chaos, with officials etc sprinting to the aid of Eugene, whilst in the background, The Brotherhood laugh.

Theodore Long: Now that is how you make an impact playa.


Jim Ross: We are back on Raw, and during the commercial break, Eugene was immediately taken to a local medical facility, following a brief, but devastating attack at the hands of the newest member of The Brotherhood, Mark Henry.

The Coach: Itís about time that Teddy Long, and his band got some recognition around here J.R. Iím quite impressed you even remembered there names, after so long with them on the sidelines.

Jim Ross: If thatís how they want to get some recognition Coach, I certainly cant condone it. If they want some real recognition, why donít they get it done in the ring??

The Coach: They would Ross, but our General managers wont give them a proper chance!!

Jim Ross: Gimme a break. Folks, in just a few moments, we will have the official contract signing for Armageddon, when we will find out what stipulation John Cena will give us, as he prepares to challenge Shawn Michaels back in his home state, on December 4th.

Backstage, Christian and Tyson Tomko walk into Ric Flairs office.

Christian: Mr Flair. Looking great, might I add.

Ric Flair: Why, thank you Christian. Now, Iím guessing you didnít come here to kiss my ass all night, am I right??

Christian: Uhhh Ö yeah. Listen, I appreciate you going to the trouble of making a six man tag tonight, featuring Captain Charisma, T Squared, and RVD, to get my hands on that punk Randy Orton. But Naitch, I was hoping more for something along the lines of a one on one match, between me and Orton.

Flair thinks for a moment, nodding.

Ric Flair: Okay, how about, we give Tomko, Van Dam, Booker T and Goldust the night off, and you can have Orton all to yourself tonight??

Christian looks taken aback by the offer.

Christian: Ehhh Ö well Ö ummmÖ I was thinking maybe something more along the lines of ehhhÖ

Ric Flair: Next week??

Christian: That sounds good, but I was thinking maybe Armageddon??

Ric Flair: Hmm. Christian vs. Randy Orton, at Armageddon. Deal.

Christian: I mean, I would have no problems taking on Orton tonight Ö or next week Ö itís just Ö

Tyson Tomko: Itís just he doesnít want to take advantage of Orton, without giving him time to prepare for a match against Christian. Isnít that right??

Christian: Totally. I mean, it would a little unfair to throw Randy Orton into the deep end with me, one on one already. At least this way, he get a few weeks to prepare. Thatís totally what I meant.

Tyson Tomko: Weíve got that mind thing going on.

Christian: No we donít.

Tyson Tomko: I think we do.

Christian: Címon. Thanks Ric.

Christian and Tomko turn to leave the room, and bicker as they walk out, mumblingÖ

Christian: Why do you always do that??

Tyson Tomko: Do what??

Christian: Make us sound like a couple.

Tyson Tomko: No I donít.

Christian: Yeah you do. Telling people we can read each others minds makes us sound Ö yíknow.

The two continue to bicker as the camera fades back to ringsideÖ

Jim Ross: Huge news Coach. Four matches now signed for Armageddon, with the addition of Randy Orton taking on Captain Charisma.

The Coach: Well, itíll be a meeting of the final two men at Survivor Series. Will Christian get a second victory over Randy Orton?? Or will Orton avenge his loss, and get the job done??

We go to the ring, where Lillian is standing byÖ

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following, is the Official contract signing, for the World Heavyw-

**Mr. Kennedy** Ken Kennedy enters the arena, to a great amount of heat for a relatively new face. He walks to the ring, ignoring the fans, and points at Lillian Garcia, telling her to get out. He slides into the ring, and picks up the mic.

Ken Kennedy: Ladies Gentlemen, please welcome, your guest ring announcer, for the upcoming Connnnnnntract Signing!!!! He hails from Green Bay Wisssssconsin, and is without doubt, the most attractive male member of the audience Ö MISSSSSSSTERRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYY Ö KENNEDYYYYY!!!!!

Crowd gives heat.

Ken Kennedy: And now, introducing first, from Wessssssssst Newberrry Massachusettsssssss, the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship Ö Johhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn Cennnnnnnnnnnnnaaaa!!!

**My Time Is Now** John Cenaís music hits, blowing the roof off the arena, as the challenger enters, bringing with him his custom belt, posing to the fans, before walking to the ring, sliding in and going to each turnbuckle, getting a big pop each time. He takes a look at Ken Kennedy, who looks focused on announcing.

Ken Kennedy: Annnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd now Ö from San Antonio, TEXASSSS, the leader of Deeeeeee Generation Xxxxxxxxx. Annnnnnnd, the Worllld Ö Ö Ö Ö HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Ö The Showstopper, The Icon, The Main Event, The Heart Break Kid Ö SHAWWWWWWWN MICHAELSSSSS!!!!

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels enters the arena, to a fairly mixed reaction, eventually being drowned out by boos, with the Champion walking to the ring, not setting off his pyro, or dancing to the ring, instead focusing on the ring.

The music dies down, as the two men sit down, not taking their eyes of each other.

Ken Kennedy: Annnnnnnd now, our guest ring announcer, Misterrrr Kennedy Ö Ö Kennedy, will hand each man a Ö PEN!!!

Kennedy pulls out two pens, pointing one in each direction, with both HBK and Cena taking one.

Ken Kennedy: Annnnnd now Ö Mister Kennedy Ö Kennedy, will provide both men with a microphone Ö microphone!!!

Both men look put off by Kennedy, and quietly, HBK asks Kennedy to leave. Kennedy takes a moment to think, before speaking again.

Ken Kennedy: Ladies and Gentlemen, I will bid you all, GOOOOOD DAY. This, is your guest ring announcer Ö SIGNING OFFFFFFFF Ö Me Ö Misssssssster Kenneddyyyy.

Kennedy looks to Michaels, and looks to hand him his mic, which Michaels reaches over to take from him, but Kennedy pulls away, and speaks again.


Kennedy smiles, and drops his mic, getting the last laugh, as he leaves the ring.

Both Cena and Michaels stare across the table at the other, as we see two lawyer types step into the ring, to watch over proceedings. HBK asks his representative to look over the contract for him, not taking his eyes off Cena.

The lawyer looks over the contract, whilst the fans grow restless. John Cena starts to get a little bored too, and reaches for his mic to speak.

John Cena: Shawn, it doesnít matter if you sign the contract or not. Itís just a formality, so why donít you stop wasting time, and get down to business Ö or cant you sign your own name??

Michaels smiles, and grabs his own mic.

Shawn Michaels: Yes John. I can sign my own name. With a pen by the way, not spray paint.

Cena smiles, and shakes his head, before dropping the smile from his face, and leaning in close to Michaels.

John Cena: Then get on with it.

Michaels pulls away, wafting his face with his hand, trying to make a gesture that Cenas breath smells.

John Cena: What?? My breath smell?? Yíknow, the quicker you sign that contract, the sooner you can get away from my bad breath.

Cena breathes heavily in Michaels face, trying to rile the champion. HBK gets frustrated, and yanks the contract from the lawyer. He slams it down on the table, and slides it in Cenas direction.

Shawn Michaels: Well, you sign it first then.

Cena picks up the contract, and starts looking through it, making funny faces, before putting the mic to his mouthÖ

John Cena: (Talking funny) Gee Ö let me see Ö should I sign this right away, or should I take a couple weeks to bore the audience silly.

Cena slams the contract down, and signs, before sliding it across to Michaels.

John Cena: Now its your turn Ö champ.

Shawn Michaels: Thank you Ö chump.

Michaels signs the contract, and slides it back to Cena, before getting up, and looking to leave the ring immediately.

Shawn Michaels: Iíll see you at Armageddon Cena.

HBK gets one leg out of the ring, as Cena speaks again.

John Cena: Whoa, hold up home boy.

Michaels gets back in, and looks at Cena, who smiles.

John Cena: You not want to hear what match Iíve picked??

Shawn slings his head back, forgetting about that.

John Cena: Youíll love it, seriously.

HBK gets back into the ring, and walks to his side of the table again.

Shawn Michaels: Not that it matters, but go ahead, what is it??
John Cena: Well, I think it might matter, because Iím stipulating, that your Ďboysí Ö yíknow, Cade, Jindrak, Reigns. Theyíll be BARRED from ringside.

Michaels looks defeated having heard the news, but decides to put up a brave face.

Shawn Michaels: Okay, so if thatís all, Iíll be-

John Cena: Thatís not all.

HBK looks up, and gulps slightly, before looking directly at Cena again.

Shawn Michaels: What is it this time?? You want to have me wrestle with my hands behind my back, want me to wear a blindfold??

John Cena: No Ö but I wish I hadíve thought of that Ö no, instead, itíll just be a Last Man Standing Match!!!

Michaels puts his head down for a second, before looking up a shrugging his shoulders.

Shawn Michaels: Is that all you got Cena??

John Cena: Michaels, chill. Thatís all I need.

Crowd pops, as Michaels and Cena move from the table, and go face to face.

Shawn Michaels: Iíve got the belt Cena, come get it.

John Cena: Youíve got the belt Ö BUT THE CHAMP IS HERRRREE!!!!

Both men go face to face, with both holding up their title belts, as we cut to a commercial.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and business has just picked up, headed into Armageddon. The main event, is signed and sealed, and no doubt, it is gonna deliver. Last Man Standing, no interference from DX, just Michaels, just Cena, and the better man will finally be determined.
The Coach: Itíll be a match for the ages J.R. I cant wait for it.
Jim Ross: And coming up in just a moment, Batista faces Sting Ö lets show you, how that one came about Ö

Highlights from last week Ö

Sting makes it halfway down the ramp, before he is blindsided by Batista, who knocks the legend down, before kicking him down the ramp, to ringside, smiling, ear to ear. Batista picks the legend up, into the bear hug position, before running him into the ring post, before slamming him onto the unproductive mats at ringside with a spine buster.

Whilst the Stinger writhes around the mat, Batista walks to the time keepers position, picks up a mic, and takes Lillian Garcias chair, before walking back to where Sting is, and smashes the weapon across the back of Sting, three times. Batista leans over, and puts the mic to his mouthÖ

Batista: Sting, Iíve got a message to deliver, from the General Managers office Ö youíre match has been cancelled tonight. Ric Flair wanted me to give you the message personally. Now, youíre not being asked to leave the premises Ö Ric has requested you leave immediately. So Gentlemen, please escort Sting from the building.

Three security guards jog down the aisle, whilst Batista delivers a final chair shot to the back of a defenceless Sting, before telling them to cuff him on his way out, which they do.

3rd Match:
Batista vs. Sting
Sting sprints to the ring, brawling immediately with Batista, fighting to the outside, beating Batista down. Sting whips The Animal into the steel steps, and grabs a steel chair, without hesitation, smashing it over his opponents head, causing an immediate DQ.
Winner: Via DQ - Batista

Sting continues to pound down Batista, in retaliation for last weeks attack. He picks up the chair again, and smashes it against the back of Batista. Batista starts to crawl up the ramp, looking to escape from the Stinger, but Sting follows in hot pursuit, still not content with his revenge thus far. Batista tries to beg off, as Sting swings back, but stops, as Ric Flair enters the arena at the stageÖ

Ric Flair: Dammit, Sting. You use that chair once more, and I swear to God, Iíll fire your ass, right on the spot. I dare ya. Test me.

Sting looks up at Flair, and thinks about it for a moment, but this gives Batista a chance to strike, nailing a low blow. Sting drops to his knees, and Batista takes the chair, looking set to strike Sting, with Ric Flair endorsing it, until Ö the lights go out Ö

**GONG Ö GONG Ö GONG** The lights come back, and The Undertaker is stood on the ramp. Batista turns around, into a right hand, knocking him down to the steel ramp. Ric Flair comes down the ramp, but walks into a choke from Taker. The GM struggles, and tries to break free, but Taker gets him up in the air for a Chokeslam, only for Batista to attack from behind.

Taker tries to fight them both off, and boots down Flair, before going toe to toe with Batista. Batista goes low on Taker, but as he gets Taker in position for a Batista bomb, Sting nails him from behind with the chair!!! He goes for another shot, but Batista rolls out of the way, and quickly scarpers to the back, with Flair, leaving Sting and Taker side by side on the ramp, as we cut to a commercial


A video plays, hyping the return of Edge Ö IN TWO WEEKS IN ENGLAND

Jim Ross: Indeed, Edge has been missing in action since September 12th, but in two weeks time, Edge returns to Raw, and itíll be explosive, thatís for sure.

The Coach: Edge has been well missed J.R, and with him back on board, business is sure to pick up.

Jim Ross: And during the commercial break, on WWE Unlimited, we saw our General Manager, Ric Flair and Batista locking themselves in the General Managers office, perhaps in fear of Sting and The Undertaker??

The Coach: No. Thatís totally inaccurate. Flair and Batista are just taking care of an urgent meeting. Why should the man in charge be running scared of anyone??

Jim Ross: When itís the Undertaker, it doesnít matter if youíre in charge or not, youíre gonna run scared.

The Coach: Well J.R, I donít even know what the hell Taker was doing out here, maybe you could answer that.

Jim Ross: Well, youíre the hot shot reporter, why donít you look for him to find out??

4th Match: Womens Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Nidia
Short, fast paced contest, with both women going for the victory early on, but both managing to kick out of near fall attempts. Trish goes for the Chick Kick early, but Nidia ducks, and hitís a Northern Lights for a near fall. Nidia then goes for a Tornado DDT, but Trish blocks it, and hitís the Stratosphere on Nidia, before going for the Stratusfaction, which is blocked too. Nidia then goes for a side suplex, only for Trish to land on her feet. Nidia turns around, and gets levelled with the Chick Kick. Trish makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Trish Stratus

Trish helps Nidia up, and they share a hug, in sports-woman ship. They hold each others arms up, when Victoria slides into the ring from the crowd, knocking both down with a double clothesline as they turn around. Victoria grabs Nidia, and throws her out of the ring by the hair, before picking up Trish, and quickly putting her down with the deadly Widows Peak. Victoria gets back up, and stares longingly at the Womens Title belt, before leaving the ring, with Trish a mess laid out after the Widows Peak.

Jim Ross: Damn her. Someone has to stop Victoria, before she does something that weíll all regret. She needs to be stopped, dammit!!
The Coach: Looks to me like a matter of time J.R. Victoria is sick of waiting for her chance at the womens title, and right now, sheíll do anything to get it.

Backstage, we see Christian and Tomko still bickering, as they approach RVD and Bill Alfonso in the locker room.

Christian: Yo, Rob.

Van Dam looks to Christian, and nods, before continuing his warm up.

Christian: Oh, I get it. Youíre still doing that sulking thing. Thatís cool. But Rob, youíre talking with your buddy. Captain Charisma. You can speak now.

RVD looks at Christian for a moment, before turning away, stretching some more.

Christian: Okay. Iím serious though. We need to talk strategy for our match in a moment.

Bill Alfonso: Iíll give you a strategy. Van Dam runs the show, you two watch and learn.

Christian: Whoa. Hold up there a minute rat face. Iíve watched and learned long enough, now I lead, and all eyes are on me. And if The Quiet Man here isnít rolling with me, then maybe I should go look for another partner.

RVD stops Christian, and nods, as if to say heís on board. Christian nods back before turning around, and leaving the room. He and Tomko close the door, with Christian looking befuddled.

Christian: That guy has some serious issues.

In the background, we see Shawn Michaels, along with DX pounding on the door of the General Manager. The camera catches up, as we hear Flairs voice from inside the roomÖ


Shawn Michaels: Itís HBK, open the door Flair. We need to speak.

Ric Flair: Who is it??

Shawn Michaels: SHAWN Michaels. Your World Champion.

Flair slowly opens the door, and peeks out, seeing DX. He peeks his head out, and looks around.

Ric Flair: Quickly, get in.

DX quickly walk in, with Flair locking the door again, with us cutting to another commercial.


Jim Ross: We are back, and coming up our main event. But next week, big news. Eugene will somehow be in action, facing Mark Henry, giving The Brotherhood their chance to shine. Can they take the bull by the horns though, and quit their whining??

The Coach: Charlie Haas will take on Luther Reigns. Will Cade and Jindrak strike again on their opponents for Armageddon?? Or will Haas and Benjamin be able to exact some revenge for their loss tonight??

Jim Ross: And folks, Iím hearing through my headset, that next week, two more HUGE matches have been signed. The Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio will team up with Sting, and they will face Carlito, and Batista!!!

The Coach: Oh my. Big, big main event.

Jim Ross: And, from what I can only assume was the meaning of the DX meeting with Ric Flair, it will be Shawn Michaels, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, facing John Cena, and a mystery partner. And the worrying thing about that is John Cena isnít picking his own partner, his partner is being hand picked.

The Coach: John Cena faces Shawn Michaels at Armageddon in a Last Man Standing match, but after next week, in a Handicap match, with a partner he doesnít even know, John Cena might not make it to Armageddon able to stand!!

Jim Ross: You make a valid point Coach, and that is what worries me. John Cena could be in big time trouble next week. But right now, itís main event time.

Main Event:
Christian, Tyson Tomko & Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton, Booker T & Goldust
Early going is filled with a lot of stalling from Christian, trying to get under the skin of his three opponents. Eventually, Orton stops waiting, and comes after Christian, sparking an early brawl. The action continues between all six on the outside, as we cut to a commercial.
Following the commercial Orton is in control of Tomko, and tags in Booker to a pop from the rabid fans. Booker keeps the pressure on with a vast array of kicks, knee drops and elbows, before applying an arm bar. Tomko doesnít tap though, and tries to fight back out, but as he runs off the ropes, he is nailed with a side kick. Booker tags in Goldust.
Goldust whips Tomko off the ropes, but TT ducks a clothesline, and comes back with one of his own, turning the tables, and giving his side the upper hand again, as he tags in Christian.
Christian dominates Goldust for a few moments, with some uninspiring rest holds, mixed in with a few near falls, with Goldust just hanging on. Christian tries to rile Orton, but doesnít have any success. He continues to beat down Goldust, before tagging RVD in.
Van Dam goes right to work on Goldusts legs. He stomps the knee, tying it up in the ropes, jumping down, keeping Goldust on the mat. He starts to get really dirty, and drags Goldusts legs to the ring post, wrapping it around, forcing Goldust to cry out in pain. He starts to make frequent tags with Tomko and Christian, as the show heads into the final commercial of the night.
Now, into the final segment of the show, we see highlights from during the break, of Goldust making a tag to Booker, but the referee missing it. Now, Christian continues the assault. He whips Goldust against the ropes, and nails him with a spinning heel kick, which gets a two count. Captain Charisma picks him up and this time wrenches the knee. He looks to apply the Figure Four, but Goldust kicks him away, before rolling to the corner, and tags in Orton!!!
Orton takes Christian down with a clothesline. He then dropkicks RVD off the apron, before hitting Tomko with a DDT!!! Orton now looks to connect with the RKO on Christian, but RVD grabs Christian, pulling him away, which infuriates Booker and Goldust, who drop down, and start to brawl with RVD and Tomko, leaving Christian alone with Orton.
The two men go punch for punch, but Christian takes control, with a knee to the gut, following with a reverse DDT. He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Christian looks up in shock, and calms himself, before getting up, and points to the outside, distracting the referee, whilst he takes the padding from the top rope. Christian sees Orton getting up, and rests against the corner, as Orton runs in, before moving, allowing Orton to hit the exposed turnbuckle!!! Orton staggers out, with Christian trying to hook him up for the Unprettier, but Orton somehow slides out, ducks a clothesline Ö RKO!!!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton, Booker T & Goldust
Orton win!!! The Legend Killer looks groggy from the exposed turnbuckle shot, but has his arm raised high, whilst Tomko pulls Christian out of the ring. Van Dam storms up the ramp, irate with the loss, especially as he had no say in the final moments. In the ring, Orton celebrates with Booker and Goldust, as the show goes off the air.

Current Card for WWE Armageddon:
Date: 4th December 2005
Location: Fleet Centre; Boston, Mass.
Event Music: The End, WWE Produced

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Last Man Standing Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito

World Tag Team Championships; Ladder Match:
The DX Duo vs. The Worldís Greatest Tag Team

One on One:
Randy Orton vs. Christian
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Re: Being the booker

Carlito becomes the Number one Contender. I expected it really with Mysterio being the champion. Maybe Carlito will win it to allow Mysterio to move up.

I knew it’d be a ladder match. I still think WGTT will win the match though, although there could be a Tag reign for DX in the future.

Nope, not liking this it isn’t realistic. Henry would be out for 9 months with a broken hand if he did this as he’s injury prone and would only have one hand to eat on the road to recovery. (Just Kidding )

Comedy between Christian and Tomko. Christian vs. Orton at Armageddon will be off the hook and should be a great match, which I hope Orton wins.

Last Man Standing match between Cena and Michaels will be brutal, I expect Cena to win the title here with DX being barred although someone else may interfere giving the win to HBK.

Trish with another win over Nidia but is attacked by Victoria. The women’s division on this show is beginning to get more competitive after Shaniqua’s spell at the top. I think Trish will retain the title when they finally meet though.

Wonder why HBK is going to Flair? I expect it something to do with help at Armageddon, maybe Batista will screw Cena

Orton pins Christian! But I guess that means Christian could beat Orton, but then again Christian pinned him at SS so it throws the result up in the air.

Card for Armageddon looks pretty good so far, a few more matches look set to get added in the coming weeks, pretty good show, keep up the good work, buy a new PC and better internet too
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Re: Being the booker

Carlito beats Eugene and that was expected, I think Mysterio retain at Armageddon and continue his long IC Title reign through Armageddon before maybe dropping it at the Royal Rumble to Kennedy or something.

Ladder match is a HUGE announcement and I see WGTT getting back the Tag Team Championships, I hope we see an Interpromotional AMW-WGTT rematch this year at Wrestlemania, Champions vs Champions. That is if AMW win back the Tag Team titles.

Henry throws Eugene through the door?! That might injure Henry more then Eugene sincthe guy cant pick up a coffee mug without breaking his hand, strongest man or not.

Christian and Tomko were hilarious! Another classic promo from this BTB. Christian vs Orton will be a good match and Im mixed as to who I want to win this one.

Cena vs Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match with DX banned from ringside will be a good rematch and I see Cena winning the title back.

Trish beats Nidia and gets attacked by Victoria afterward, I see Victoria taking the belt soon and Trish being just a transitional champion.

Sting and Undertaker stand tall! I see a tag team match in the works with Batista and Flair against Sting and Undertaker some time soon.

HBK in Flairs office is weird but I cant wait to see why.

Orton pins Christian! That is big as The Legend Killer and Captain Charisma both have a win over each other and I have to believe they will put on a great match at Armageddon.
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Re: Being the booker

Carlito/Eugene will be a good match to open the show, and so it was. Eugene almost picked up the victory, but in the end, Carlito just had too much for him, even if he did have to cheat to win the match. Carlito/Rey at Armageddon will be a good match, which at the moment I am split on, with their being positives for both guys winning

Ladder match will be a good one, and this good be the end of the DX duoís title reign

Possible split within DX there, with HBK insulting the tag team. Interesting to see if this leads to something, or was just the way the promo came out, which is more what I expect it to be

Luther picks up the win over Shelton, but by cheating not to make him look to weak. Haas taken out by the tag champs after the match builds up the feud nicely, and the ladder match is looking a good one

Oh dear Ė Mark Henry! Why? And by the looks of things, I can see a ppv match between him and Eugene. Actually, it has just occurred to me that he has been on the roster for a while, but not keen on giving him a push.

Christian wants Orton one on one, and Iím sure he will get that, and at Armageddon he does, after Flair tries to give him the match earlier. Nice reasoning from Christian/Tomko as to why he canít face him tonight, and the ppv match will be a good one, and I can see Christian picking up the win. Lol at Tomko and Christian with the mind thing

Kennedy as the announcer was just gold, and one of the best uses off him that I have seen. Great stuff from him, and a good way to liven up a contract signing, which are pretty dull normally. Last man standing match with DX barred from ringside will be a good match, and should be a nice way to end the feud, and I think that somehow, HBK will have enough to retain the belt.

Batista/Sting feud will be interesting, and will be good to see where this goes. Taker coming up and helping Sting was good to see, but not quite sure how this is going to end up, as a tag match would make sense, but I donít see Flair booking that.

Good to see Edge coming back, and it will be interesting to see whether he returns as a face, which technically he was, or a heel, which he was turning to.

Good win for Trish, and then the Victoria attack confirms she is the next challenger. Should be a good ppv match when it happens

RVD silence is working well, and it will be interesting to see whether he does ever speak again

Handicap match next week will be unfair on Cena, as I presume Luther Reigns will be the mystery ďpartnerĒ

Strange to see Booker and Goldust in the main event after they have done nothing for ages. Big win for Orton here, pinning Christian clean after reversing the unprettier, which tends to make me believe that Christian will get his win back on the ppv. Orton as a face is still not doing much for me at the moment, but hopefully added a bit more edge to his character would work better
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Re: Being the booker

Good way to start the night off with the #1 Contender's match and nice to see a match start off. Carlito taking on Eugene and nice little legend moves from Eugene but in the end, it has to go to Carlito

Benjamin and Haas are backstage and they are about to announce the stipulation for the match. Man, I can't wait with a ladder match, Benjamin and Haas are going all the way!

Could D-X be breaking up soon? I certainly hope not because they have put on some classic promos in the past and it wouldn't be the same to see Raw without them now

Nice to see Reigns get a win over Benjamin here tonight and it sure did help build up to the ladder match. Cade does good cheating to help get the win and the aftermath was good too

Brotherhood looks pissed off and this could be an intresting scenario. Perhaps discrimination is what Long is getting at because Flair is a white boy, but Eugene gets beat down!

Haha nice promo right there with Christian and Flair and it's official with Christian vs Orton at Armageddon. Nice ending to it with Tomko and Christian arguing over being a couple as Tomko claims

Promo of the night right there! Kennedy does some funny lines about the pen and microphone and then Cena announces that it is going to be Last Man Standing come Armageddon, great news!

Sting is all buisness tonight and he gets DQ'd over this but Flair comes down and 'Taker comes down for the save. Not sure about this but there could be a Tag Match coming at Armageddon

Trish and Nidia going it at it for the Women's title. Trish was always going to win this match and retain and Victoria comes down for a beatdown. I can definently see Victoria/Trish at Armageddon now

Christian and Tomko backstage perhaps for a little meeting before their big six man tag match. RVD still is not allowed to talk and Alfonso has to do it for him, man!

Flair looks worried now and it's D-X at the door but why? Flair double checks and they get in but what are they doing? Only thing I could think of is talking about the LMS match

Long main event and it certainly was good with Orton picking up the win for his team with BookDust. Wonder what RVD is going to be doing come Armageddon as he currently doesn't have a match
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Re: Being the booker

Finally Raw is up man. Alright, lets get down to the review.

Good opening match with Carlito grabbing the tights for the victory. I see him and Mysterio putting on a good match at Armageddon.

Whoa! A ladder match for the tag belts! I already know there are going to be some insane ladder spots in this match. Michaels seems to be focused more on Cena and the World Title, and that is a good thing.

The message has been sent. DX seems ready and their match at Armageddon will be crazy.

Ah, The Brotherhood! I'm loving this man. Hopefully this won't be like the NoD though.

Funny segment as always from Christian and Tomoko. I don't know, but I see a future feud between the two of them. And I'm looking forward to Christian/Orton at Armageddon.

Last Man Standing! I know you're going to go insane with this match here. Oh, and great contract signing as it was a little different which was a good thing.

Taker and Batista go at it, with Sting going nuts on Batista after what happened last week.

RVD is still carrying on the silent mode, wondering where this is going to head. Plus, what is going on with DX and Flair? And Mark Henry is going to beat Eugene hopefully next week in a match, that would make The Brotherhood a more dominant force on Raw.

Orton and company beats Christian's team. RKO baby! Looks like Orton has the last word here tonight.

Great show. 8.3/10=B!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being the booker

Carlito vs. Eugene-Good match with Eugene being in control at first ,but at the end Carlito cheats 2 win.

Good promo with WGTT announcing a Ladder Match against Jindrak and Cade which should be good.

Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas vs. Luther Reigns w/Cade & Jindrak-Another good match with it seeming like Benjamin was going to win ,but cheating from Jindrak and Cade pick him up the victory.

Backstage the Brotherhood get some revenge on the man with Mark Henry breaking the wall which will probably cost a fortune to pay for his hand and the wall, wait his hand isn't broken! Never mind then Mark Henry nowt throws Eugene through the wall. LOL! I am not the greatest fan of Henry's ,but I am a good fan of his when it comes down to mid card-Intercontenital and US Championship level.

Good promo for Randy vs Christian getting announced for Armageddon. With a touch of humor.

Now its time for the contract signing! Here comes Misssssstttttteeeeeeerrrrrrrrr Kennedy..........Kennedy. The Champ Is Here! Now here comes the HBK Shawn Michaels. LOL! I like the promo with Ken Kennedy. Now we know its going to be Last Man Standing with DX banned from ringside. I can see Batista coming down to the ring to try and screw Cena ,but it won't work.

Batista vs. Sting-I like Sting getting revenge on Batista.

Good attack which is stopped by Ric Flair ,but here comes The Undertaker! Batista destroys them both now and I can see something happening soon. Taker in Hell in a Cell!

Trish Stratus vs. Nidia-Good match with Trish picking up a good victory.

Good aftermath with the psycho Victoria loose.

Good promo with RVD and Christian. I also liked that promo with Flair acting like a baby hiding from Deadman and Stinger.

Good line up for next week's show.

Christian, Tyson Tomko & Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton, Booker T & Goldust-A good match that I think was well booked. An entertaining match with the RKO picking up the victory which I think is needed if Christian wins at Armageddon.

Great overall show with picking up a 8.7/10 from me.

"Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved." + Saint Seraphim of Sarov
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