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Re: Being the booker

I Liked having John Cena go over RVD. HBK Vs. Cena should be good. Flair as GM is good also
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Re: Being the booker

Well sorry about it being late ,but I been very busy from the Holidays.

Great opening video with a lot of wrestlers telling how they survived.

Team Thuganomics vs D-X-John Cena opens up the match with a good free style. Cena and Reigns kick off the match which should be good. Wow! Cena destroys the powerhouse and now makes the tag to Charlie Haas. Charlie works on that knee which can be helpful for both him and now my favorite wrestler Sting comes in with the tag from Haas. Now after some more work from Sting, Shelton is becomes the legal man which makes everyone have a piece of Luther. Michaels knees Shelton in the back and now gets the tag and Cena gets the tag from Shelton. Cena chases away Michaels tagging in Jindrak and Cena still brings in Michaels. Michaels gets another cheap shot in and now Jindrak dominates Cena. Jindrak tags in Michaels. Michaels chops Cena 3 times and has D-X get in a tag team choke. Now Michaels gets in Cade to make the final member of D-X get in with tag team moves with HBK. Cade starting to get some good chokes in which may take out Cena for a while. Now Cade tags in his partner Mark Jindrak. Cena trys to get to his corner a couple of times ,but Jindrak will not allow this. Sting takes out everyone in the D-X Family ,but now Jindrak hits a bulldog on the distracted Stinger. Sting gets in an arm drag to the outside to Jindrak. Cade takes advantage with a blind tag. Benjamin makes it back with a dropkick. Benjamin gets the DDT in ,but now Luther takes advantage with a big boot. Reigns, Jindrak, and Cade get very good tags going on in that corner destroying Benjamin. Now after some damage by Cade, Michaels gets the tag to face Benjamin. Cena breaks up the near fall ,but now Reigns destroys Benjamin again. Here comes Jindrak ,but he gets a spear and now Benjamin gets a well needed tag to his partner Charlie Haas and now Michaels is the legal man. Now team Thuganomics attack Team D-X to get Haas and Michaels battle fair. Haas is cheated into Sweet Chin Music which makes him the first person elimanated. A rake to the eyes lets tag be made from Michaels to Reigns. Reigns takes some control and tags in Garrison. Sting gets in some action and now here comes Shelton. Sting is back in and hits the Stinger Splash and now Scorpion Death Drop getting rid of Mark Jindrak. Reigns gets revenge with a cheap victory over Sting which makes it 2-on-3. Cena now puts Luther away with an F-U making it 2-on-2. Cade and Cena now face off ,but now Benjamin is legal. Good action between these 2 Benjamin makes in a tag to Cena and now Cena takes controkl destroying Cade. Here comes HBK sooon followed in by Benjamin who wants revenge for Haas getting elimanated earlier. HBK cheats using the exposed turnbuckle and now Cena is alone. Cena is getting screwed ,but now Sweet Chin Music hits Cade! Cena pins Cade 1,2,3! Cena and Michaels are left in this very intense contest. Back and forth action ,but wait a minute HBK got the chair and belt! Cena hits the F-U and has won! 4/5.

Awesome match and I can't wait for Cena vs. Michaels. I can see this match being Hell in a Cell so that no one can interfere.

Good Stone Cold Steve Austin promo with Christian coming into play again. I can see these 2 facing at WrestleMania 22.

Women’s Championship Match-Near elimanation for Trish ,but she saves herself with the ropes. Victoria tries to get rid of the almost unstoppable force Shaniqua which doesn't work. Everyone is now teaming up on Shaniqua but she is doing a good job fighting back. Now all nine team up and eliminate her from the match! Jazz clotheslines Jacqueline out of the ring with help from Stacey. Now Stacey is mad for the elimantion and Lita steals Jazz's elimination! LOL! Holly is doing a smart thing here keeping away from the action and Long helps Jazz from falling out. Victoria and Molly have a controversy while Trish gets rid of Jazz who I think was the 2nd best in this match besides Shaniqua. Victoria eliminates the on fire Gail Kim from the match. Molly Holly elimanates Nidia for screwing around laughing at people. Now its down to my top 4 favorites. Victoria eliminates Lita with a spear. Front slam sends Molly out of the ring by Victoria who seems to have a great chance at winning. The Matrix helps Trish duck the clothesline and now the Chick Kick picks up the victory to retain the title from my favorite Diva. 3/5 Good match.

I can see Victoria vs Trish at Armageddon.

Survivor Series 20 should be awesome. I did't know you were sticking around that long and I am glad you are.

Great promo here from The Rock and D-X which is another match I can see at WrestleMania 22 with The Rock vs Shawn Michaels.

Team Highlight Reel vs The Cabinet-JBL and Harris start off the match. JBL tags in Noble chiken about Jericho now bring legal. Now its Noble vs London to kick off this match. London takes down Noble a few times ,but Danny Basham helps Noble. Good cruiserweight action going on with it going back and forth. Doug Basham helps Noble get back in control with the chase into a clothesline. Some more good cruiserweight action before Strom and Danny get tagged in. Danny Basham takes full control with a cheap shot and follows up. Storm counters a punch by Danny and gets the tag to Harris. The Bashams try to double team ,but then Harris takes them out and tags in Storm. AMW double team Danny and is saved by Doug who gets a tag. Doug and Danny double team Harris and now here comes the leader of the Cabinet JBL getting a tag. JBL hits a couple of moves and gets in Noble. Jericho helps Harris out of the clutch. London is back in the bring and takes down Noble with a dropkick before tagging in Jericho finally. Y2J gets cheated a little ,but now Harris comes to the rescue to return the favor. Jericho can't get the pin so here comes Storm again. Storm gets some good moves in and now tags in his partner Harris. AMW double team and now Harris gets some more signal action. Harris tags in London. A good save by the Basham and now JBL is legal. JBL destroys London but London comes back for the tag to Jericho. Jericho gets huge momentum as he takes down JBL very fast and keeps on the ball. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho! The Bashams save from elimanation and Jericho takes them both down. Jericho got the Lionsault ,but no Noble cheats and the Clothesline From Hell shokingly elimanates Jericho first. Storm comes in with a vengeance ,but doesn't see Doug get the tag and now Doug cheats Storm out of the match. Wow a close one there with The Bashams switching but the referee knows who it is keeping Harris in the match. Harris fights back and now gets Paul London into the match. Another leap frog helps London tag and here comes Harris. Danny tags in Noble instead of covering Harris. The action gets better with Noble getting control over Harris and now here comes Doug Basham.

A nice video there for WrestleMania 22 with Chavo lieing, cheating, and stealing.

WWE Hardcore Championship-Hurricane and Henry kick things off and I would like to say see ya later Hurricane. Henry just destroys the Hurricane with weaponry. Wait Hurricane moves out of the leg drop making Henry land on the trash can. Hurricane takes little control because Henry dodges the flying press ,but the referee is hit by it. World Strongest Slam ,but no referee! No way The Hurricane deafets Henry! I know he could win in a match against Mark but didn't expect him to beat Henry in this gaunlet. Oh no here comes A-Train now Hurricane is screwed. The Derailer gets rid of Hurricane nice and quick. Shattered Dreams Productions Presents .......... Goldust. Dustin blows gold dust into the eyes of A-Train which blinds him momenterly. Goldust goes to work with the uppercuts in the corner. Now a empty vase smashed over the head of A-Train! Shattered Dreams is about to be in production and it hits! Curtain Call onto the Stop Sign ,but it doesn't put away A-Train. The Train Wreck takes Goldust out of this one. Booker T is ready to take down A-Train after his partner didn't pick up the win. Booker T goes to work on A-Train ,but the man formally know as Albert gets control sending Booker into the front seats. Albert is over the barricade and now Booker hits him with a Scissors Kick but doesn't get the victory. Booker destroys a 2x4 over A-Train's back and now the DDT ,but not a victory. Scissors Kick nope a Stop Sign onto the Book Man. The Book End gets rid of A-Train from this match. Here comes Richards. Richards goes to work ,but can't quite do to much damage and now Booker T gets rid of him. Tyson Tomko now enters and who ever wins will be facing the champ. The Big Boot is ducked and now Booker shows us a little move called the Scissors Kick to throw Tyson away. Here comes the Man Beast! Rhyno takes care of a tired out Booker T and this is a hard one to call. Very good back and forth action with Rhyno getting most control. Booker T is now in control. Spin-a-roonie cost the match for Booker T getting Gored. 3.5/5

A nice promo with Kurt trying to get that match again.

Team Bring It vs Team Goldberg-Great match. I really enjoyed it. Both teams looked very good and I liked how you used Rico multiple times. Nice to see the huge team of Team Goldberg got rid of the true tag team of their oppenents Rico and Faarooq first. Team Goldberg basicialy destroys ,but now Big Poppa Pump gets eliminated. Shortly after we see the end of Matt Morgan from this match. Another fast elimination gets rid of Test and I am glad that the leader and the new guy are left here. Wow Benoit's on a roll now getting Snitsky out of the way. Goldberg is alone and I can see him taking out Benoit. Wait nope Goldberg has a good shot ,but The Rock gets him out. 4/5

Good promo from Team Foley saying they will win.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero-Very good match. Great opening and a great way to get Brock Lesnar out of the match with a Lie. Triple H thinks the chair shot was real and tries to get rid of Eddie ,but its a cradle that doesn't get the 3 count. A nice beat down here from Kurt and Eddie to The Game. The battle now goes onto Kurt and Eddie and results into a super german suplex to Eddie and Triple H goes for the pin. HHH does not finsh off Eddie because of Kurt Angle's save! Eddie and HHH Aare now in the ring and good back and forth action between these 2. Angle gets back in making it a Triple Threat and now another german suplex to Eddie. Eddie counters the knee shot and takes out HHH with a Tornado DDT to get rid of him. Wait a minute Kurt breaks up this pin! Eddie gets a piece of Kurt before HHH and Kurt start up again. HHH and Kurt now face off the table and now the Angle Slam through the table! Eddie plays opossum to get Kurt ,The Champ, out of this match. The bitter rivals now go at it for the final time. Very good back and forth action with near falls and near finishers. They still go at it and now Eddie gets a tilt - a - whirl to HHH ,but it doesn't win him the match because there is no referee. HHH hits the Pedigree of course to win this match. No way! Eddie kicks out! More action going on and now Eddie feels Froggy and now its the Frog Splash! 1,2,3! Eddie Guerrero is the new champion for a short period of time ,but at least he gets his gold. 4/5

Here is the coin toss and Team Flair gets a huge advantage.

Survivor Series War Games-MOTN. This match was a lot better than I expected even though I expected it to be 4/5 rating it was better than that. Both teams put on one heck of a show with Team Flair getting control in the beggining ,but Team Foley start coming back while the match went on. Great to see no one got eliminated besides Rey Mysterio entel everyone was out. When Foley came the match got brutal when they used those weapons which was unexpected. Christian once again got rid of Undertaker which was okay with me since Taker did eliminate Carlito. The 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire was also unexpected ,but was great. I like that Mick Foley got some eliminations in including Ric Flair's. Thumb tacks were also a great touch exspecialy when Flair got involved when he was eliminated. Batista Bomb through the ring on the Thumb tacks was awesome. Randy Orton got rid of Batista which I liked. Randy Orton vs Christian was great and now Christian finishes it off with an Unpretier onto the steel chair and Randy is gone which makes Ric Flair the new GM of RAW! 5/5

Predictions: 3/7

Overall-9/10 Great Pay-Per-View

I will review RAW soon.

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Re: Being the booker

I just read through Raw quickly but I will read it again more carefully tomorrow before returning the review I owe you.
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Re: Being the booker

Sorry for the double post but here is the raw review as promised Wolfy.

No opening video package? No pyros? Your starting to get as cheap as the WWE wolfy. Anyway we kick off the show with the Nature Boy, looks like he is here to trash Foley. Well done with the video package on Foley, it’s an effective way to build a fued and made me realise how much Foley has been through in his career. Finaly the new general manager gets onto buisness, Mysterio vs. Batista for the Intercontinental Championship will be off the charts knowing you. Carlito, Rhyno and A Train vs. Eugene in a handicapped match! I think you might put Eugene over here! Funny line from Flair when he said handicapped match, no pun intended, lol. DX in your thread are kind of like Evolution a few years back, they dominate. Good for Flair, the match stands and we have Cena one on one with RVD later on.

Victoria picks up the win against Lita with what in my opinion is the deadliest move in Women’s wrestling. You made her seem like a phycho bitch at the end too so well done and a fued between the two would be different, you said it JR, Victoria is going loopy.

Batista is enraged! He takes care of Sting before absolutly destroying Mysterio only to lose after an opportunistic hurricarana pin! Great booking with Batista losing but still looking strong, and Mysterio is still champ.

Benjamin/Hass vs. the DX Duo at Armageddon looks promising, very good tag division you have on Raw wolfy. Ohh, keep us guessing on the stipulation, why don’t you.

Haas pins Jindrak with the STO but more importantly picks up the win in an intriguing six man tag team contest. Hopefully the challengers take the tag team belts from DX at Armageddon,

Very well written promo between the two last competitors on each team at Survivor Series. Orton thinks it just wasn’t to be for Foley, what a load of crap, he couldn’t get the job done. Exellent use of Orton’s character, cocky but still a face. Christian delivers some comedy lines, little huse of the prairie, lol. Wow, Captain Charisma is coming down hard with the pay outs until Orton delivers a CLB pay out of his own. The Legend Killer has and enough and three letters end it, RKO! I am almost certain these two will take the ring at Armageddon.

Impressive win for Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy! Roadkill isn’t the greatest of competitors to make an impact so I hope you put the man in some proper fueds in the near future.

Victoria is mental and looks like Victoria will be taking the title from Trish Stratus very soon, maybe at Armageddon? The fued has been done way too many times so lets hope you can make it different and more meaningful.

Eugene gets the hell beaten out on him before Carlito gets the pin! And it will be Carlito vesus Eugene with the winner facing Mysterio at Armageddon next week, great booking all round.

Well written main event, with some good spots. I thought it was over when Cena hit the FU but Michaels sacrificed the referee to save the match up. Nice ending with the equation differeing at the last moment and Alfonso helps Cena to pick up the important victory. This has the potential to be a blockbuster fued but not for a while yet seem you have Michaels and Cena planned for the near future. Cena stands tall to end the show!

Overall, entertaining show with some good advancements being made towards Armageddon. The Michaels/Cena fued is coming along well and the Intercontinental Championship scene is great. 9/10 Exellent job!
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Re: Being the booker

Happy new year everyone. Hope you all had a good new years

Velocity Results:
Paul London defeated Shannon Moore with the 450 Splash

Matt Morgan defeated Tajiri with a Powerbomb

Gene Snitsky defeated a local jobber with the Pumphandle Slam

Americas Most Wanted defeated La Resistance with the Death Sentence

Heat Results:
Tyson Tomko defeated Danny Doring with a Big Boot

The Hurricane defeated Kenzo Suzuki with the Shining Wizard

The Brotherhood defeated two local jobbers, with Orlando Jordan winning with a Tornado DDT.

Rene Dupree defeated Val Venis with a Death Valley Driver

News and Notes:

Edge is expected back in time for the Armageddon PPV. His recovery has went well in recent weeks, although it's unclear whether his return will be at Armageddon in a match, or just as a comeback.

Ric Flairs reign as General Manager isnt expected to be a long term scenario, although there are no plans for Mick Foley to return to the role. Foley could be back for a angle leading into Wrestle Mania though.

Rumours are making the rounds at the present moment as to what stipulation John Cena and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are set to name for their respective matches at Armageddon. Rumours for the John Cena vs Shawn Michaels match include I Quit, Last Man Standing, and a Steel Cage, or possibly a structure match, such as Hell in a Cell, although that looks unlikely. Meanwhile, it looks like The Worlds Greatest Tag Team will be picking a Ladder Match as their choice. has announced that this weeks Raw main event will be a six man tag match, with Randy Orton teaming up with Booker T and Goldust to face Christian, Tyson Tomko and Rob Van Dam. Expect a match between Orton and Christian to be announced this week too.

As mentioned last week, this weeks edition of Raw will be taped on Friday, with the Raw superstars jetting off on a tour for the week.

I'll be going through all the replies I need to return tomorrow, before posting the next Raw on Thursday. Once again, happy new year
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Re: Being the booker

Great results and news. I think that match will be HIAC since it is Armageddon ,but hey it could be something like I Quit or the first ever Chain Ropes Match. I can't wait to see what the stipulation will be. Also Christian vs Randy is something that would be very enjoyable to read and like I said in my SS review I think this one will happen. Can't wait for RAW and the results for Smackdown!

Happy New Years!

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Re: Being the booker

The news is pretty interesting. I hope that you bring in a match that hasnt been used in the WWE before, for Michaels and Cena. Maybe something like a triple cage or something innovative.

Hell in a Cell would be good, but now that you mentioned it im guessing it might not happen

On a side note, as a prediction, Edge will come back at Armaggedon, and make a sudden impact

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Re: Being the booker

Nice results and a happy new year. By the way I just ooked on when this thread got started and it's been two years you've been doing this thread today. Congratulations.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

i like the news... it will be interesting to see if flair stays for a while though because i think he can make an interesting impact on the show

edge coming back will be good... i dont see him going into a match but maybe costing someone a match would be what goes down

i would love to see HBK and Cena in an I Quit match because i cant see either one saying I Quit and i see it being a great match

the ladder match for the tag titles seems like a damn good choice.

orton and Christian is going to be an interesting feud and im interested to see where that goes

cant wait for the next show

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Re: Being the booker

hmm nice results Wolfy, and news was very good. I knew it was gonna be a Ladder match for WGTT/DX. I would love a last man standing or I Quit match for Cena/HBK, as you have used Steel Cage a few times this year, and the other's havent frequented in many BTB's, let alone yours.

Happy New Year Wolf.


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