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Re: Being the booker

Survivor Series Review:

Nice opening video with each man giving their take on what they have went through in the past and how tough they are. This was a very unique opening video and in my opinion, I don’t think any superstar will actually survive the “War Games” match, everyone will pay the price.

Cena opening the show up with a rap was different as I haven’t really seen you rap with him that much before. Some very funny lines there with my favorite being Luther Reigns looking constipated. LOL. He actually does when you stop to think about it.

Team Thuganomics vs. Team DX. You wrote this match very well with DX using every heel tactic in the book. Charlie Haas is out first but I would consider him the weakest link for Cena’s team. Mark Jindrak follows not long after and then…oh no, the legend gets eliminated by a roll through from Reigns? Well, he had to go down some way but I thought you would have played HBK as a much more dominant figure. Never fear, Cena is here. Cena gets in and takes out Mr. Constipation with an FU and evens up the score. Cena and Benjamin make a great pair and both have some talent and Michaels and Cade have…well, Michaels has talent. Michaels later on capitalizes off the exposed turnbuckle and eliminates Benjamin. Well, now it is time for Cena to come in and clean house. Nice making Cena look pretty strong here with 3 out of the 4 eliminations. Cena vs. Michaels at Armageddon is a must and could go either way.

Next promo with Stone Cold and Christian was a classic with both men trying to get in each other’s heads. I would normally call for interference in a later match but with Christian being in War Games I doubt you would risk his health in an early interference. Tomko is quite the guy. I remember at NYR 2005 when Edge and Christian, Christian had the funniest line. Edge and Christian were debating and Christian said, “Tomko, kick his *ss”. That was so funny. Tomko should generally avoid talking but he managed to make good use of what in this conversation.

The 10 Lady Battle Royal was better than I thought. I liked how everyone teamed up against Shaniqua early on taking her out of title contention. At this point I knew it was a must for Trish to win but overall a solid Women’s match.

Ooh, DX bumps into the Rock backstage. This is yet another dream interpromotional match in the making. Shawn making threats about screw jobs hmm? Now I see, The Rock retaliates by accusing Shawn of his, well, masculinity. Then, Garrison replies I’m glad you understand jabroni! LMAO! That was hilarious! Then Garrison opens his mouth up later forcing Michaels to try to suck up to his wife. I am definitely seeing a screwjob, no not that kind, at the Rumble by one of these men to set up a fued for Wrestlemania.

Team Cabinet vs. Team Highlight Reel. I can’t believe you are going to eliminate JBL this early. But wait, Jaime Noble gets involved allowing JBL to hit his finisher, it’s all over! Oh now I see. You are going to begin Paul London’s push possibly to the U.S. division? He is a good wrestler and if Mysterio can get a push, so can he. Anyways, from here on out some good back and forth action with the decider coming down to JBL and Paul London. Team Highlight Reel coming back to congratulate London was a nice touch and I hope you give him a big push because he has talent.

You wrote another promo for Wrestlemania 22? Sweet! Ok, we have Carlito, RVD, JBL, and Chavo all playing blackjack. Carlito busts and spits the apple on the table. Should have had him spit it in the dealer’s face but oh well. Chavo gets 21, does he have some hidden cards or something? John Bradshaw Layfield bets all he has while RVD loses the rest of his chips. Funny line with Jericho yelling at Van Dam for throwing the glass. That line will be in my head for a while and it was very realistic. JBL walks out with just his shirt on. Wow, and I could really see him doing that too. But Chavo has been counting cards, oh he is screwed. Yes, he escapes in JBL’s limo! This was the funniest promo I have ever read. I like this promo even more than the last promo.

The Hardcore battle royal was a nice change of pace with several foreign objects being used. I really think you should bring the Hardcore title back on your show and use it more often because it could provide some comic relief in some instances. Anyways, Mr. ECW retains his Hardcore Championship just overcoming Booker in the end. I see at least a one t two month title reign for the Man Beast.

Kurt is once again trying to get in the mind of Bret Hart, this time by offering him a chance to have people remember him by. You think up a lot of unique ways to try and coax Bret into having one last match. I really am looking forward to finding out what the clincher is though.

Victoria goes nuts on Gail Kim? Is Victoria next in line for a title shot at Armageddon. This actually brings a little bit of jazz into the Women’s division and could set up a small storyline.

Team Goldberg vs. Team Bring It is up next and this should be an interesting match-up with all the midcard talent. Rico is eliminated first and I am kind of surprised. While he is not that great of a wrestler he still has an interesting gimmick. Ok, maybe I’m not that surprised but whatever. Simmons then tries to avenge his eliminated partner but ends up being taken out by Snitsky. Snitsky is another man who could have some interesting promos and for that reason, be included in PPVs. Wow, Team Bring It is down early but the real talent is yet to come. Here comes the Rock, Chris Benoit and Stone Cold. Who will be the first to fall to these men. Yes, Scott Steiner is out via Stone Cold and he can get his butt out of that ring. Wait, Morgan walks into the Crossface and yet another elimination and things are evened up once again. Test thinks he can take Chris Benoit but no. Yet another Orlando Jordan wannabe eliminated by Toothless Agression. Holy crap now Snitsky is eliminated by Chris Benoit. He is on fire. The Rock ends up eliminating Goldberg but I don’t see this being the end of the fued. I hope they could have a cell match maybe at the Rumble or something. I am looking to the final match of the series.

The Fatal Four way for the WWE Championship is all that is left before the War Games begin. I am guessing that Kurt will go out early allowing us to guess who the new champ will be. Eddie is up to his usual Latino Heat antics and smartly eliminates Brock via DQ. Then, Eddie plays possum later on in the matchup and eliminates our Olympic hero and current WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. It’s down to Eddie and Hunter and in the end Eddie wins the title. This was a very fitting match-up for a great man and I’m glad you gave him the win. The title is vacant but I doubt you will do anything right away with it in order to fully honor Eddie even more. Eddie Guerrero you will be missed but never forgotten!

The main event is finally here! Team Foley gets Randy Orton to start while Team Flair gets RVD and the first entrant. I doubt anyone will go out early and Randy will last to the end therefore giving him a push whether he gets the win or the loss. Who is next for Team Flair, Batista, it’s Batista! Orton does some smart wrestling and manages to stay in it in time for Rey Rey to enter War Games. Carlito is next for Team Flair, this means Team Foley could still fight the odds even though they are a man down. Next it is the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley, along with a plethora of weapons in store. Christian is next for Team Flair and there needs to be an elimination soon otherwise it will be hard to keep track of all the men.

Oh no, Christian nails Rey with a chair and right into a Batista Bomb and now Team Foley is down 4 to 2. But here comes Eugene. Watch out Team Flair, we have a real weapon on Team Foley’s hands now. Now comes Flair and we have 8 men in the two rings now. Oh, crap Eugene now gets eliminated by Van Dam and once again Foley and Orton have to fight against the odds. But wait, the Deadman still hasn’t entered War Games. This should be quite a fight to the finish. Carlito is the first victim of the Undertaker and the first casuality for Team Flair. This match could go anyway at this point. What the heck, Christian eliminates UT and gets the upper hand over him once again. I see another match between these two at Armageddon with Christian possibly winning the Rumble next year at the rate he is going.

Foley and Orton are on their own for the last time in the match. Foley and Flair talk some trash which is a classic touch giving Foley time to recover from his beat down and he gets handcuffed again for about the third time in his career. However, he is able to cut them later and he is once again a threat in this match. Foley is raging and manages to hit a double arm DDT to RVD on the Barbed wire wood and he is out. Then, Foley uses his momentum to carry on and eliminate Flair through a Mandible Claw pin which was quite unique.

Now it is two on two once again with all four men having talent and Orton, Batista, or Christian destined for a big push soon. What, Batista powerbombs Foley onto the tacks. Wait, Dave can’t eliminate Foley!! Nooo! Now it is just down to Orton and it is up to him who the new Raw G.M. is. Randy manages to eliminate Batista and now it is just down to Christian and Orton. Man is this ever a nail bitter. Oh no, Christian hits the Unprettier but kickout. Orton hits the RKO but a kickout. Christian hits another Unprettier this time onto a chair and it is over. Noooooooooo!

Ric Flair is the new General manager in what is possibly the shock of the year. Christian is definitely in line for a major push to the WHC hopefully at Wrestlemania. As for Orton, lasting 54 minutes in that demonic structure is also an accomplishment. I don’t think this is the last time we will see those two men in the ring.

As for the Flair reign as G.M., bring it on. This is a very unique move as most people don’t use Flair for GM and I can’t wait to see what will happen. How will he reward his time? What will happen to all those that opposed Evolution? Arrgh, so many questions that only time will tell.

Overall this was an amazing show like none other. This is really something to be proud of. Sorry the review took so long but I was kind of busy. This is definitely a show that will go down in the record books. I can see people now telling their grandkids about the legendary Wolf Beast. LOL.

P.S. Normally I wouldn’t ask for you to return my reply but I made a thread a while ago called Be The Booker Camp, I think it is on page 2-4 or something and if you could just drop some comments so maybe some other people will leave their thoughts. Thanks.

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Re: Being the booker

Raw; November 7th; Madison Square Garden:

No opening highlight package, no opening video, and no pyro, instead, we go straight into the arena, with Ric Flair, and his Survivor Series team in the ring, along with a number of other Raw heel superstars.

Ric Flair: New York City, it’s time, to have a party!!! You’re looking at the new man in charge, the new General Manager, The Nattttture Boy!!! WOOOO!!! Ric Flair!!!

Fans give heat.

Ric Flair: Now, I know, just how much you New Yorkers love Foley. I know it all started for him here, when he watched Jimmy Snuka face Don Muraco in a Cage match in 1986, and I know how much you’d all love to see him here tonight … but you cant.

More heat from the fans

Ric Flair: He didn’t get the job done inside War Games, and as a result, I’m here … and he isn’t.

Fans start a ‘We Want Foley’ chant

Ric Flair: But, because I am a man, and a damn good GM, I’ve got a fitting tribute, chronicling Mick Foleys career, to show you all, right now. Mick Foley, you piece of garbage, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the memories, but more importantly, thanks … for nothing. Roll the tape…

A depressing song plays, as the footage begins to play, we realize right from the start, that the video isn’t a tribute for Foley, but more of a kick in the teeth. We see Foleys worst moments, getting beaten down, thrown off the HIAC, being power bombed through the ring last night, being attacked by Flair and Batista, taking chair shot after chair shot, after chair shot, amongst many other moments that are far from positive, eventually ending with Foleys last appearance last night, leaving the arena on a stretcher.

The video ends, and in the ring, Flair mockingly wipes a tear from his eye, whilst the guys behind him smile, and laugh.

Ric Flair: You can boo all you want, but lets face facts. Mick Foley will only be remembered for taking the chair shots, for doing stunts, and for being the most over rated wrestler of all time.

Crowd gives heat

Ric Flair: But tonight, we transition out of the Mick Foley era of nonsense, and into the Ric Flair era, and WOOO, what a way to kick things off. How about tonight, Rey Mysterio defends the Intercontinental Championship, against The Animal … Batista!!!!!

Crowd gives heat for the bias decision.

Ric Flair: And, tonight, Carlito, Rhyno and the A-Train, will team up to take on … Eugene … in a handicap match!!! And there is no pun intended.

Crowd starts a ‘Bullshit’ chant.

Ric Flair: So, with that being said, I urge you all, to sit back, relax, and enj-

**Break It Down** DX enter the arena, with all four looking in a foul mood. None of the four play to the crowd, with their luck being out last night at Survivor Series. They enter the ring, and share a few uneasy glances with some of the guys in the ring, as Michaels is handed a mic from Lillian.

Shawn Michaels: Ric, let me just say, congratulations. I watched you, and your four troops last night, and let me just say I was impressed, but more importantly, I was relieved.

DX Sucks chant

Shawn Michaels: And Ric, I hope you and your administration can get along just fine with it’s World Champion, and it’s dominant group.

Crowd boos, as Flair holds his hand up, knowing what HBK wants before he says it.

Ric Flair: Shawn, I cant change your match with Cena at Armageddon. You see, before he left, Mick Foley made this stipulation for Survivor Series, and my hands a tied. You will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena in four weeks at Armageddon.

Crowd cheers

Shawn Michaels: You gotta be kidding me. There has to be something you can do Ric. Give me a match choice at least. Yeah, let me pick the stipulation for Cena at Armageddon. That’s the least you can do Naitch.

Ric Flair: Again, that’s outta my hands Shawn. John Cena gets to pick the stipulations for Armageddon. You can blame Foley for that.

Crowd starts a ‘Foley’ chant.

Ric Flair: And just for the record, now that I’m in charge, you can call me Mr. Flair, not Naitch. But Michaels, what I can do for you, is tonight, here in The Garden, it’ll be John Cena, one on one, with … Rob Van Dam!!!

Crowd gives a good reaction for the match, whilst HBK nods.

Shawn Michaels: I can live with that Ric, that sounds pretty good to the Heart Break Kid.

Ric Flair: Believe me Michaels, I don’t want Cena to be my Champion, and at Armageddon, you’ll have my full support.

Shawn Michaels: (Smiling) Who says Cena is making it to Armageddon??

HBK and Flair smile to each other, whilst the others in the background nod, and smile too, as we cut to a commercial.


1st Match:
Lita vs. Victoria
Match is joined in progress from the commercial with Victoria in full control, dominating from the outset. She looks to be in a zone of rage, after flipping out last night at Survivor Series, and it shows against Lita.
Victoria takes the fight to the outside, roughing up her opponent, before getting Lita back inside, and continuing to dominate, gaining a hat trick of near falls, with high impact moves, but Lita, to her credit, remains strong, keeping the match alive.
Just as it looks like Victoria is to finish the match off with the Widows Peak, Lita wriggles out, and starts a comeback. Victoria looks to be rocked, and stunned, as Lita takes her by surprise with a number of tricky, successive cradles, with Victoria just managing to kick out on each occasion.
Lita now looks to have the momentum, and after delivering a DDT, she looks to take the win herself, climbing to the top rope. Still groggy from her beat down earlier, Lita takes too long on top, and by the time she is in the air, Victoria is able to roll out of the way, leaving a winded Lita easy pickings for the Widows Peak, leading to the elementary three count.
Winner: Victoria

Victoria has her hand raised in the air, but she doesn’t celebrate her win, instead, pushes the official to the ground, and stands over Lita, yelling abuse at her fallen opponent, before leaving the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, I dunno Coach, maybe it’s that time of the month for Victoria, or perhaps she’s goin a little loopy.

The Coach: J.R, speaking from experience, all women are loopy. But I’m sure if Jerry Lawler was sitting here right now, he’d be loving this attitude from Victoria. Personally, I find it scary.

Jim Ross: Indeed, if I were part of the womens locker room, I’d be making sure I stay outta that ladies way, and if I were Trish Stratus, I’d be on the lookout for a crazy woman coming after me. Still to come tonight, here in the Worlds Most Famous Arena, The Number One Contender, John Cena is in action, against The Quiet Man - not John Wayne, but Rob Van Dam.

The Coach: I just hope that Ric Flair has a suitable replacement lined up for Armageddon to take on HBK, because we know, that John Cena isn’t leaving The Garden on both legs tonight.

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that Coach, we’ll have to wait and see, but to be honest, I don’t see Ric Flair being a very fair GM if you ask me.

The Coach: Well, it’s been roughly twenty minutes, and already, I prefer Slick Ric as our General Manager, rather than Hick Mick.

Jim Ross: That comment is wrong, on so many levels…

**Seek and Destroy** Sting enters the arena, to a tremendous MSG welcome, as he makes his way to the ring for a one on one match with Mark Henry. Sting is entering tonight, via the traditional way, and not from the rafters.

Sting makes it halfway down the ramp, before he is blindsided by Batista, who knocks the legend down, before kicking him down the ramp, to ringside, smiling, ear to ear. Batista picks the legend up, into the bear hug position, before running him into the ring post, before slamming him onto the unproductive mats at ringside with a spine buster.

Whilst the Stinger writhes around the mat, Batista walks to the time keepers position, picks up a mic, and takes Lillian Garcias chair, before walking back to where Sting is, and smashes the weapon across the back of Sting, three times. Batista leans over, and puts the mic to his mouth…

Batista: Sting, I’ve got a message to deliver, from the General Managers office … you’re match has been cancelled tonight. Ric Flair wanted me to give you the message personally. Now, you’re not being asked to leave the premises … Ric has requested you leave immediately. So Gentlemen, please escort Sting from the building.

Three security guards jog down the aisle, whilst Batista delivers a final chair shot to the back of a defenceless Sting, before telling them to cuff him on his way out, which they do.

Sting is led up the ramp, looking in desperate pain, being handled roughly up the ramp, even though he is in no position to struggle anyway. Batista enters the ring, and starts to talk again…

Batista: Now, since Sting unfortunately got his match cut this evening, I guess that can allow me to bring forward my match with Rey Mysterio, for the Intercontinental Title. To … right now. Rey, get your ass out here, I don’t care whether your still trying to decide what mask to wear, you have until after the commercial break to get out here, or relinquish the Intercontinental Championship.

The fans seem to be in shock from the announcement, as J.R loses his cool, yelling this isn’t fair, as we go to a commercial…


We return, with Rey Mysterio walking down the ramp, not looking prepared yet for the match, still putting his elbow pads on, and the title belt is halfway around his waist rather than straight. Batista stands in the ring, almost licking his lips, sensing the title will be his.

Rey enters the ring, and immediately, Batista is on him, kick starting the match…

2nd Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
The Animal is in control from the outset, bringing the power game to give him the big advantage over the champion, but he underestimates the heart of the long reigning champion, which allows Mysterios speed to become a factor.
Rey has Batista running in circles, for a pretty good few minutes, until he gets caught attempting a springboard moonsault, which Batista counters into a power slam. This gives Batista the advantage once more, and for another period, it is all Batista on the attack. The Championship looks to be in jeopardy, as Batista nails a spine buster, and signals for the dreaded, and deadly Batista Bomb. He pulls Rey up, into the air, but Mysterio counters as he is put in prime position, with a Hurricanrana, grabbing the legs, for a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Somehow, Mysterio has pulled off an almost impossible feat, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Mysterio immediately gets out of the ring, and staggers up the ramp, having barely survived the odds, to keep his seven month title reign in tact.

In the ring, Batista is livid he was taken by surprise, and shakes the ropes in anger, before dropping to his knees, pounding the mat in frustration.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and we just witnessed moments ago, that sometimes, the best laid plans don’t come through. Batista, thought he had the Intercontinental Title in his grasp, having brought the match forward, having dominated proceedings, but somehow, someway, Rey Mysterio has overcome the odds, to keep his seven month reign as Champion going strong!!!

The Coach: J.R, I still cant believe it!!! How did that slippery little mask wearing midget get it done??

Jim Ross: If you mean Rey Mysterio Coach, it was heart, and desire that pulled him through, and by Gawd, it’s hard to see his reign as champion come to end right now.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with both Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin …

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, last night, at Survivor Series, you were part of John Cenas winning team, beating D-Generation X. And, the rumours are circulating, that due to a stipulation, previously made by Mick Foley prior to last night, he made it that, should Team Cena win, you two would be the next challengers for the World Tag Team Champions??

Shelton Benjamin: Todd, those aren’t rumours you’re hearing, they’re solid facts. Charlie and I are headed to Boston on December 4th, and we will challenge for the World Tag Team Championships, at Armageddon.

Charlie Haas: Better still, just like John Cena, when he challenges Shawn Michaels, we get to choose the stipulation for our match with Cade and Jindrak.

Todd Grisham: Wow. And have you guys decided what type of match it will be at Armageddon??

Shelton Benjamin: We still haven’t decided Todd, but believe me, what we have in store, will be the end of DX holding the tag team titles.

Charlie Haas: And right now, we’ll give the champs a little taster, of what’s to come.

Haas and Benjamin punch knuckles, and nod, before leaving the interview.

3rd Match: 6 Man Tag Match:
DX Duo & Luther Reigns vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team & Booker T
Short match, with no one getting a long period in the ring, and both teams make frequent tags, and neither gets the upper hand. At a point where Charlie Haas and Garrison Cade collide, they both crawl to make a tag, but as Haas looks set to tag out first, Luther Reigns runs in, and drags Charlie back to the centre, whilst Cade tags in Jindrak.
This sparks a brawl, with all six men involved, and the referee losing all control over proceedings. Booker takes Luther to the outside, whilst TWGTT deliver a double dropkick, knocking Cade out of the ring too. Benjamin dives to the outside, taking Cade down again, whilst in the ring, Jindrak goes for a German Suplex, but Haas lands on his feet, before hitting a modified STO, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin & Booker T

Benjamin re-enters the ring, and celebrates with his partner, scoring another win over DX. Cade pulls his partner back out of the ring, and they retreat up the ramp with Luther Reigns, whilst Booker joins TWGTT in the ring, slapping hands, celebrating their win.

Jim Ross: Could this be the beginning of the end for Cade and Jindrak as World Tag Team Champions?? Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have stepped their game up in recent weeks, and right now, look to be just too much to handle for The DX Duo.

The Coach: J.R, I don’t like this one bit. It just seems in the last few weeks that the DX empire is beginning to crumble!!! HBK needs to sort out this sinking ship, and fast.

Jim Ross: Still to come tonight, Ken Kennedy is in action, still undefeated, after debuting at Homecoming.

The Coach: 5 -0 baby … baby.

Jim Ross: Do you have to end every sentence twice, when we talk about Kennedy??

The Coach: … Kennedyyyyy.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton walking along, with stitches in his head, as he looks to be walking towards the entrance.


**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton enters the arena, suited tonight, with no match, after his near 60 minute effort last night at Survivor Series. The Legend Killer looks quite despondent, and upset after coming up short last night. He climbs inside the ring, and is handed a mic, not posing, and not playing to the crowd, as his music dies down.

Randy Orton: Last night, I tried my damnedest, to make amends. Last night, I shed sweat, and bled, toiled, gave my body, mind, heart and soul to try and make amends for all I have done in the past to Mick Foley.

Fans start a ‘Foley’ chant

Randy Orton: All I wanted was forgiveness. I put myself forward, and stepped up to help Mick Foley out, I put myself forward and offered to be the first man to enter War Games, because it was the right thing to do.

Fans cheer

Randy Orton: And in the performance of my life, I lasted almost sixty minutes, I was the sole survivor from Team Foley, but I couldn’t get the job done.

Fans go a little silent

Randy Orton: And for that, I apologise. I apologise to myself, I apologise to the fans, I apologise to my team mates, and most importantly, I want to apologise … (looks into the camera) … to Mick Foley.

Fans cheer in appreciation

Randy Orton: Mick, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for Team Foley losing last night, and I hold myself responsible. But Mick, I hope that you can forgive me. You put your faith in me to get the job done, and I failed. Mick, I swe-

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian and Tyson Tomko enter the arena, with Christian showing off a bandage on his forehead, whilst smiling ear to ear, having been the sole survivor last night at Survivor Series. Tomko pats Christian on the back as he walks down the aisle.

Christian walks around the ring, smiling at an enraged Randy Orton, and takes a mic, before climbing onto the apron, and into the ring. The music cuts, as Captain Charisma gets ready to speak.

Christian: You know Orton, I’m kinda sick of you taking credit for things, that you have no reason for doing. Don’t take credit for my work. Don’t take credit, for ridding Raw of that albatross, Mick Foley.

Fans give heat

Christian: So, instead of (wipes his eye) crying, instead of sulking, instead of acting like a loser … well, okay, I’ll let you off with that one, how about you stop apologising, and instead, you can thank me.

‘Christian sucks’ chant

Christian: You can thank me, for being the sole survivor in War Games. You can thank me for being the man to make Ric Flair the new General Manager, and you can thank me, for not ending your career last night.

Orton puts his head down, shaking it in anger.

Christian: What?? You don’t agree?? Seems to me, that not only have you turned into a little girl over night, caring about peoples feelings, apologising to the world and his dog, but it seems like I’ve musta mashed your brain too much at Survivor Series too.

Orton clenches his first, trying to hold back his anger.

Christian: Randy, quite frankly, I’m starting to regret not finishing your career last night, because right now, I’m stopping you from going home, and watching Little House on the Prairie.

Orton looks up, ready to snap.

Christian: What’s wrong Randall?? You run out of Kleenex?? Need your nappy changed?? Hey, Tomko, do me a favour, run to the store, and get some back up nappies for Sir Cries a lot.

Tomko laughs, whilst Orton puts the mic to his mouth.

Randy Orton: You, my friend, need to learn when just to keep your mouth shut, and stay out of peoples business. I came out here, to make a public apology to Mick Foley for letting him down las-

Christian: Well, how about you apologise to me. Apologise to me, for making me sick to my stomach, watching you grovel like a little child. That makes me sick Orton. What the hell are you apologising to Foley for?? It’s not like you screwed up. All you did, was lose to someone that’s out of your league. Me.

Randy Orton: You, are out of my league??

Christian: It’s no secret girl pants. You’ve accomplished a lot in a short space of time, but you’re not quite on my level. That’s nothing to be ashamed of kid, don’t worry. Maybe, just maybe, one day, you’ll provide me with adequate competition, but you’ll have to step it up a notch or two, when you step in the ring with the man who has FOUR. That’s right. Count them, one, two, three, FOUR victories over The Undertaker. August, September, October, and now November. Hell, at this rate, I’ll be bringing out my own calendar for a victory every month of the year over Taker. That’s something, that absolutely no one. You hear that okay?? NO ONE has ever beaten The Undertaker four months straight.

Randy Orton: Congratulations. You truly are an egotistical creepy little bastard.

Fans pop. Christian is furious.

Christian: Okay, now Randy, I was joking earlier about you apologising to me, but now, I’m serious. Apologise for that.

Randy Orton: Apologise for what??

Christian: Apologise for what you just said.

Randy Orton: Hmm… tell you what, how about instead, I just apologise in advance … for this.

Orton suddenly drops the mic, and in a blink of an eye, he connects with the RKO on Christian!!! Orton stands back up, and ducks a boot from Tomko, before delivering an RKO!!!

**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton stands tall, with a slight grin on his face, as Christian and Tomko are laid out from dual RKOs.

Jim Ross: Oh my!!! Captain Charisma, the sole survivor from War Games, aint looking too pretty now!!!

The Coach: Randy Orton just blindsided Christian!!!

Jim Ross: He did not. Christian was warned. And hopefully now, he realizes what happens when you run your damn mouth!!!

The Coach: This aint over J.R. Captain Charisma doesn’t forgive, and he doesn’t forget!!


Jim Ross: Welcome back to The Garden folks, and we just found out during the commercial break, on WWE Unlimited, that next week, right here on Raw, it’ll be the Contract Signing, John Cena and Shawn Michaels. The World Championship match at Armageddon will be made official, and we will find out what Cena has chosen as his stipulation.

The Coach: I don’t think so J.R. You keep forgetting that Cena aint making it to Michigan next week.

Jim Ross: Whatever. Right now, in the ring, we have Roadkill, who is set to face none other than the undefeated, Ken Kennedy, a-

The Coach: KENNEDY!!!!

**Mr. Kennnnnedddyyy** Ken Kennedy enters the arena with a mic in hand, and introduces himself on the way to the ring.

Ken Kennedy: Lillian, please, don’t say a word. THE FOLLOWING CONTEST is schedullllled, for ONE fall. In the ring, weighing … too much, looking … too ugly, and from … a basement, he is Roadkill.
And, now, for the man you have ALL been waiting forrrrrrr… I hail from Greeeeen Bay, Wissssconsin, and I have gained three quarters of a pound since last week, but please, don’t worry, everything is under controllll. I am, if you don’t already know, which you should … MISSSSSSSSSSSTERR KENNNNNNNNNEDDDYYYY … … … … KENNEDY!!!

4th Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Roadkill
Another short match, this time, with Kennedy on top right from the start, chopping down the big Roadkill. Towards the end, Roadkill starts to make a bit of a comeback, but once he tries to climb the ropes, Kennedy is quick to act, kicking the ropes, forcing his opponent to straddle himself. This allows Kennedy to climb to the middle, and he delivers the impressive Green Bay Plunge on the big man, hooking the leg for the victory, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy rolls out of the ring immediately, and swipes the mic from Lillian, just as she is about to speak.

Ken Kennedy: The winner of this match, at four minutes, and nine seconds, of course, it is Missssssssterrrr Kennnnnneddyyy … Kennedy!!!

Kennedy cockily walks up the ramp, smiling, at yet another win, bringing his tally to 6-0.

Jim Ross: This man is certainly taking the Raw roster by storm Coach. Another victory, and if I were on the active roster, I’d keep a close eye on Mr Kennedy.

The Coach: … Kennedy.

Jim Ross: Oh, would you stop it with that!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Marc Lloyd is backstage, with Victoria. This should be interesting.

Marc Lloyd: Thanks J.R, and I am back here with Victoria. Victoria, you’ve been a little erratic in the last twenty four hours, with a blistering assault on the womens locker room, and a vicious victory against Lita tonight. But, I think I speak for everyone, when I ask, why??

Victoria: Marc, I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long. Shaniqua dominated the division for a whole year, and for a whole year, I kept coming close, I kept training harder, and harder. And in the end, Trish Stratus got there before me. Not because she is a better wrestler than me, not because she earned it, but because she was in the right place, at the right time, with the pretty face, and lovely blonde hair.
And last night was my night to take back the womens title. But as I’m sure you know Marc, that didn’t happen. Pretty little Trish, survived by the skin of her teeth. Then it hit me. I knew why I didn’t win. It was because I wasn’t ruthless.
When I went back to the locker room, the girls had gotten over it already. I heard them say, ‘maybe next time’. (Grabs Marc by the shirt) That drove me over the edge Marc!!! I went berserk. Because for me, it’s not ‘maybe’ next time, it IS next time. Trish Stratus, I’m coming for that title belt, and I’ll go through any woman, or man for that matter to do it.

Victoria storms off, leaving Marc looking in a wreck.


5th Match: 3 on 1 Handicap Match:
Eugene vs. Carlito, Rhyno & A-Train
Turns out to be nothing more than a squash, with the 3 man team not even needing to make tags, instead, being allowed to all be in the ring at the same time. Eugene shows his braveness, trying to battle the three men, but he just isn’t good enough, and after a brief period of Eugene putting up a fight, the numbers are too much.
All three men hit their signature moves, Rhyno with the Gore, A-Train with the Baldo Bomb, and Carlito showing a new finishing move, which he calls the ‘Apple Core‘ (a modified STO), before putting his foot on the torso of Eugene for the cocky cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito, Rhyno & A-Train

Carlito nods in victory, hardly looking surprised, as he asks Rhyno and A-Train to leave. They nod, and exit, whilst Carlito grabs his apple, and stands over Eugene, ready to take a bite, before…

**Space Odyssey 3000** Ric Flair walks onto the stage, grinning, with a mic in his hand, with two beautiful women by his side.

Ric Flair: Nice work Carlito. And when you get backstage, we’ll have a big party, WOOO!!! But while you’re both there, in the ring, I’ll make this announcement now. Next week, Grand Rapids, Carlito, one on one, with Eugene. And the winner, goes onto Armageddon, and faces Rey Mysterio, for the Inter-continental Title. WOOO.

Flair exits the stage, and leaves Carlito in the ring, to chew on his apple, and spits it out, over the fallen Eugene.

Jim Ross: There ya have it, next week, Eugene and Carlito, one on one, with the winner getting himself a title shot at Rey Mysterio, on December 4th.

The Coach: And what a message sent by Mr. Cool himself, to his special opponent, Eugene. Knowing Eugene, he’ll scrape the apple off his face, and eat it for dinner.

Jim Ross: I don’t know how wise it was for Carlito to spit that apple in Eugenes face there. That could seriously have some side effects for him come next week. But ladies and gents, coming up in just a jiffy, John Cena takes on Rob Van Dam, but before that, Todd Grisham is standing by with RVD.

Todd Grisham: Rob, I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time or not, but, in just a few minutes, you face John Cena. If you win this match, you could find yourself in line for a title match following Armageddon, if you beat the current Number One Contender.

RVD says nothing, instead bouncing up and down on his toes, warming up. Todd turns to Bill Alfonso for an answer, but Bill stops him before he can speak, blowing the whistle at him.

Bill Alfonso: Rob, lets go. Time to take out the trash.


We return, with HBK at the announce position with J.R and Coach, sitting in on commentary for the main event.

Main Event:
John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam
Both men go for it from the start, getting the fans into the brawl right away. The two men let it ride, and live by the edge, brawling to the outside, and forcing the referee to waive the double count out rule in order to keep the match alive. Cena takes over, and is the first to get a significant amount of offence. Van Dam soaks it up, and eventually, thanks to Alfonso, he manages to get the upper hand on Cena, with his manager distracting the number one contender.
Van Dam takes over, and slows the match down, taking it into a commercial break, the final one of the night. Following this, we return with RVD in control still, with highlights from the commercial, being RVD clothes lining Cena out of the ring, allowing Alfonso to lay the boots in, whilst RVD distracted the referee.
RVD comes close to a victory on a number of times, thanks to his usual offence, like the rolling thunder, split legged moonsault, and a number of kicks. Cena starts to dig deep, and makes a fight back, running through his own normal move set, before coming close to a three count with the throw back, followed by a 5 Knuckle Shuffle for another 2.
Cena elbows Alfonso off the apron, but is knocked down as he comes back with a spinning heel kick from RVD. Van Dam climbs to the top rope, and looks set to deliver the Five Star Frog Splash, but as he flies through the air, Cena rolls out of the way, with RVD hitting the mat only. Cena gets back to his feet, and pumps up his shoes, signalling for the FU, as we see Michaels leave the announce position.
RVD staggers up, into the FU, with Cena delivering!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2... MICHAELS PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!! Cena looks around, wondering where the official is, and sees HBK knocking him down on the outside, taking the official out of the equation.
John Cena is irate, and comes out of the ring, beginning to brawl with Michaels, getting the best of the fight. Cena whips HBK into the steel steps, before getting back into the ring. He looks to pull RVD back up, but Van Dam plays possum, and cradles his opponent, but the referee is still out. Eventually, Cena kicks out, but it appears RVD might have won the match, had the referee been in the ring.
Rob Van Dam looks to the outside, and shouts at a groggy Alfonso to get the referee back inside, but whilst he does this, Cena is back up, and he gets RVD up, into position for the FU, only for Van Dam to wriggle out. RVD bounces off the ropes, and runs at Cena, but John Cena spots HBK on the other side of the apron, and he side steps RVD, who runs into Michaels, knocking HBK off the apron, and staggers into the path of Cena … FU!!!
By this time, the referee is back in the ring, with Alfonso accidentally getting the referee back in, with RVD down. Cena covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: John Cena

Cena overcomes HBK to get the win on RVD!!! HBK tries to attack Cena but again, like RVD, Cena sidesteps him, with HBK flying over the top, to the floor. Cena stands tall in victory, with Alfonso pulling Van Dam out of the ring. Michaels tries to get back in again, but is scared off by John Cena.

Michaels retreats up the ramp, yelling back at Cena in anger, having been one upped here tonight in the Garden. The show ends, with John Cena on the turnbuckle, playing to the fans with his own custom belt, whilst Michaels looks down the ramp, furious with what has happened in the last 24 hours.


Current Card for WWE Armageddon:
Date: 4th December 2005
Location: Fleet Centre; Boston, Mass.
Event Music: The End, WWE Produced

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

World Tag Team Championships Match:
The DX Duo vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team


Smackdown: Madison Square Garden; November 10th:

We are told right away that tonight’s main event will feature The Rock and Goldberg, fighting it out in a No Holds Barred Match to finally end their dispute, with the winner getting a WWE Title Shot at Fully Loaded.

The Basham Brothers retain the Tag Team Titles against the AFA, thanks to the switcheroo fooling Rico.

In an interview with Maven, he explains why he has changed his attitude, saying that being a nice guy gets you nowhere, and now he is on Smackdown, he gets a chance to start over fresh.

Following the interview, Chris Benoit faces Maven, after their run in last week. The match lasts for longer than expected, but the result isn’t a surprise, with Benoit making Maven tap in his Smackdown debut.

Following the match, Gene Snitsky runs in, and attacks Benoit from behind with a boot to the back of the head, busting Benoit open from behind, before leaving the Rabid Wolverine a bloody mess in the ring.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring, and officially challenges Bret Hart for a match, with a contract all written up. He asks Bret to think about what he said to him at Survivor Series, and sign the contract. Bret Hart then comes to the ring, and totally ignores the challenge, telling Kurt Angle that if he was wondering, he’ll get a shot at becoming WWE Champion again before Fully Loaded. Hart then leaves the ring, with Angle furious that his challenge wasn’t even acknowledged.

Jamie Noble retains the Cruiserweight Title against Billy Kidman, with a Tiger Bomb, followed by the Dragon Sleeper, getting a tap out victory.

Goldberg is interviewed about his match with Rock tonight. He says he’ll beat The Rock once and for all tonight, then once he wins the WWE Title, he’ll be coming for Austin, and run his ass out of the WWE too.

J.B.L defeats Spike Dudley, as per the request of Spike after last weeks attack. Spike puts up a valiant effort, but is comprehensively beaten by the United States Champion. After the match, JBL and The Cabinet beat down Spike in a 4 on 1 attack, which leads to a run in from the returning Dudley Boys, after a long absence. Bubba and D’ Von save Spike, and run off the four Cabinet members.

Steve Austin arrives, and hears what was said about him by Goldberg, then decides to go straight to the ring. Austin talks about Bill Goldberg having a big mouth, and that he might just be the one to shut it for good. The brings out The Rock, who pleads with Austin not to interfere in his match with Goldberg tonight, as he wants closure. Austin reluctantly agrees with Rock, and then, as they shake hands, Goldberg comes through the crowd, with a steel chair, hitting both Rock and Austin, sending Rock a message for later tonight, and Austin for the future.

Brock Lesnar & Triple H team together to face Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle. The match finishes with Brock Lesnar pinning Chris Jericho after a low blow, and an F5.

In the main event, The Rock and Goldberg battle it out in a blood soaked No Holds Barred match, with Rock eventually coming out the winner, with a second Rock Bottom, and a Peoples Elbow.

Steve Austin keeps his promise of not interfering in the match, but as soon as the bell rings, Austin sprints to the ring, and gets himself a piece of Goldberg, pounding him down, and sending him out of the ring with a Stunner. Austin and Rock cap the show off, sharing a beer, with The Rock on his way to Fully Loaded.

Replies will be returned in the new year (about the 4th or 5th). I've yet to return all the reviews for Survivor Series, but hopefully I'll get to them soon.

This might be the last time I'm around for the next week, as I'll be out for the next couple of nights, then I'm heading off for a couple of days on Monday. I should hopefully find some time to take a look around though. If not, happy new year.

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Re: Being the booker


LOL, right at the start no pyro, no nothing. Giving us the impression that Raw is about to fall apart with Flair as the GM. Raw kicks off in a big way with Flair announcing some heel biased matches, the handicap match against Eugene, the Intercontinental Title match for Batista and Flair aligning with HBK. This will be an interesting run for Flair as GM if it lasts.

Victoria is on a mission. I think this could be the start of some competitive women’s feuds in this thread, maybe Shaniqua will fade away from the picture now.

Batista takes out Sting. If Flair continues for a while as GM it could be the start of a big push for someone special, and I would assume it could be Batista. Mysterio retains the title, I thought he would win the match against the odds, I’m sure Flair will have something to say though.

WGTT & Booker get the win over DX, I wonder what the stipulation will be for the tag team match. I think it’ll be something big like Ladder match or a Table Match, or something completely new. I’m expecting DX to retain the titles though after WGTT getting this initial win.

The Randy Orton and Christian interaction is great, the feud is something that could be really big in this thread because Orton is a main eventer and Christian in my opinion has now made it to that stage in this thread. It’s something waiting to happen, the only dilemma would be who would win the match, it’d be a great one though.

Another win for the up and coming Mr. Kennedy. He’ll be a star sooner than later in the thread, he’s vastly rising up to Intercontinental Title level, I predict he’ll be there by around WM or after.

Eugene squashed in a handicap match. I would think Carlito would win the match next week and face Mysterio, if Eugene did it’d be a little weird but I’m routing for Carlito as possibly the next Intercontinental Champion, which would allow Mysterio to take a step up to the main event.

Cena overcomes the odds to win the match against RVD. Cena vs. Michaels is going to be great. I would like to see Cena win the match but I don’t think it will happen, mainly because of Ric Flair and whatever he might do. I expect to see Cena as well as the others like Mysterio, Orton and Eugene, fight the odds over the coming weeks in order to make it to Armageddon.

Overall a great show, booked perfectly with Flair as GM, not sure how long his reign will last as I expect Foley back but a good job.

Smackdown comment.

The Rock vs. Goldberg will be great, Rock hasn’t beaten Goldberg in a one on one match yet, I expect him to do it here tonight. Perhaps a small push for Maven is in the making, he was always a decent superstar but never quite got the proper chance he needed in my opinion, a decent midcarder you could do some work with though. Angle challenges Bret, I’m kind of disappointed you couldn’t have wrote this promo out in full after all the months of build. I’m sure there’s a long while to go in this feud though. I think a Goldberg-Austin match is in the making for Fully Loaded, perhaps Angle will face Rock for the title, it’s wide open though because of the great main event scene this show has.

Hopefully I speak to you over the next few days, but if not Happy New Year.
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Re: Being the booker

Flair Opening Show was expected so he can flaunt about beating Foley "last night" at Survivor Series and making everyone of Foley's team members lives a living hell, I feel Eugene deffinitelty got the brunt of it however with an impossible tag team match.

Victorias insane again like in 2002 and I have a feeling she'll take the womens title from Trish.

Batista takes out Sting and then faces Mysterio but Mysterio gets the UPSET! I truly thought Batista would take the IC title to kick start Flair's reign as GM ad I was surprised Mysterio pulled through and won here. I see an Armageddon match with Sting vs. Batista.

Nice win for the WGTT and Booker T over DX and I see WGTT winning their titles back, as well as Armageddon being a night of revenge for Cena and the WGTT in general.

The Randy Orton and Captain Charisma promo entertained the hell out of me especially with Orton getting so upset about Christians comment and finally taking him out with an RKO as well Tyson Tomko receiving one for a good measure as well.

Mr. Kennedy gets another win over Uhmmmmmmmmm Chickens Roadkill LMAO, nice win for Kennedy none the less.

Cena over RVD was expected but would make for a great main event especially with HBK trying to screw Cena the whole time b ut Cena still overcoming all the odds and hitting the FU for the win to cap off a great show.

As for next week, I see Carlito defeating Eugene and going on to beat Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship and as for Smackdown the final battle between The Rock and Goldberg would have been great however I wish it was saved for Fully Loaded!! Anyways would have been a great show written in full and was a great recap, nice set of shows and if I were you I would just do your old way of posting full Raws and then SD recaps with it sorta like how you did it after Wrestlemania but the other way around.

Edit: Happy New Year buddy
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Re: Being the booker

I liked the opening segment of raw and the foley "tribute" was very good

it seems like an unholy alliance may be starting to form with HBK and Naitch... it will be interesting to see where that goes

Victoria seems to be getting a huge push and i wouldnt be surprised in the least if she ends up winning the womens title soon

i think TWGTT will end up winning the tag titles at Armageddon and it wouldnt be a surprise at all but that feud will be very good leading up to armageddon

That handicap match turned out exactly how i thought it would no surprise that eugene got hammered and i actually see Eugene beating Carlito

Rey beating Batista was a shock but it was good because a feud between these two would be interesting

Cena beating RVD was good as it gives him good momentum going into Armageddon and him and HBK's match will be a fantastic match

Smackdown looked good with Rock and Goldberg finally ending the match

Bret and Kurt will happen i predict in the future because angle wont stop until he gets hart in the ring it seems... and that would be one hell of a match

Good to see the Dudley's return and i see a cabinet/dudleys feud happening which would be good.... maybe in a surprise spike wins the US title??

Brock and HHH seems like an amazing team... they could tear up smackdown

all in all great stuff wolfy way to follow up SS.. keep it up man

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Re: Being the booker

man this is gonna be a rough ride until Flair is fired from RAW, which hopefully comes sooner than later. Poor Eugene, him against Rhyno, A-Train & Carlito? He's dead. Rey vs Batista. He's in trouble. Hmm, something is going down between HBK & Flair. You have me hooked, what happens in this thread in the next few weeks will be insane.

Boy Victoria is one bad bitch, what she did to Gail Kim at SS, then Lita here, Trish is in trouble.

Sting is taken out. Ric Flair is already abusing his power, and it's not good news for the faces in the RAW locker room by the looks of things, and Batista is a mad animal.

And Rey retains! Hell yes! HA, serves Batista right.

Man, WGTT vs DX will be crazy, and I am thinking the stipulation they have in mind is the good old ladder match, but we will see.

Good win here for WGTT, and Booker T wins in your thread? Holy cow!
Seriously, it wouldn't hurt for you to have Booker doing something.

Very good confrontation between Orton/Christian, and I think we are going to see an Orton/Christian match at Armageddon and it will be huge.

Why can't you just start pushing Kennedy, it's getting boring having him just beat random jobbers and lower card wrestlers.

Poor Eugene, dominated by two huge guys and Mr. Cool. Next weeks match, no doubt is gonna have Carlito win it.

Very good main event, and Cena is really on form, maybe, just maybe Armageddon will be Cena's time to win back the title?

RAW, was just brilliant. Very good follow up to SS, and gets an 8.5/10


Onto SmackDown. And we have a massive main event Rock vs Goldberg in a NHB match! Sweet.I have had it with the Bashams with the tag titles already, but they are good as the heel tag team, and they can keep going for a while.Sucked in to Maven, who can't get a break. And no, god please not a Benoit/Snitsky match! Or a feud, which will really suck and I could not stand it. Some nice little notes, Dudleyz return and will be the big team to face the Bashams I guess. I am looking forward to Austin/Goldberg at WM22, it will be a total brawl. And good win for Rock, who I hope becomes the champion.


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Re: Being the booker

Let's see what we got here Wolfy:


Opening "tribute" video to Foley from Flair was expected. Flair really is giving out hell to Eugene.

Michaels comes out and tries to plead with Flair to change or cancel the match is futile in its efforts.

The Victoria that I loved is back. Great use of bringing back the psycho Victoria.

Funny commentary from JR and Coach, as I can actually see these two going back and forth with these comments.

Batista demolishes Sting to the point that the Stinger's Match is cancelled. Then Batista loses to Mysterio in an upset, and I see these two hooking up at Armageddon for the IC Title.

Shelton/Charlie are challenging the DX Duo for the straps at Armageddon, in what looks like it's going to be a good match. Probably a curtain jerker for the show though.

Excellent promo from Orton/Christian. Both men really shined, more or less Christian did. Orton seems to be on a roll and I see a match between them at Armageddon as well.

Kennedy remains undefeated in a short match. Good job. Victoria is back as her old self, and I'm loving it. Eugene gets buried in an impossible to win handicap match. I guess there will be more in store for Eugene and others in the upcoming weeks.

Great ending as Cena picks up the win over RVD even with Michaels interfering. It's not over yet with Michaels/Cena. I can't wait for next week's show.


Quick question: Is Fully Loaded going to be in full, or are you just going to do some quickposts with it, like you did before with the Raw PPVs.

Here's some comments.

Great show. Bashams remain the champ. Noble remains the champ. JBL cuts a good promo. Hart ignores the hell out of Angle's challenge. Goldberg takes out Austin and Rock. Brock and Trips team up and take out Jericho and his partner. Rock beats Goldberg and is going to Fully Loaded! All in all a great pair of shows, like always. Combined score-16/20= B! Looking forward to your next shows. 1!

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Re: Being the booker

Great opening promo, and a typical tribute video. Like the DX interference, but it is a shame the match can't be cancelled AND Cena picks the stipulation. It needs a decent one to make up for the fact he is in it. Some good match announcements for tonight, with the 'handicap' match on Eugene. Like the way that Flair didn't pick on Undertaker, as he would be too scared. Hopefully Cena WON'T be making it to Armageddon, but we all know that he will, so I'm just pulling for RVD tonight.

WOW!! Victoria DESTROYS Lita, in a surprising squash match. Nice to see Victoria is being the psycho bitch again and she is getting A LOT of momentum. Think she will be champ at Armageddon.

Sting not entering from the rafters?!? Now I get it, Batista and Sting rivalry will be good. Looks like Flair won't be lasting long as GM, it reminds me of when Vince Russo got control of TNA while he was leader of SEX. No surprise that Rey retained

Cool, Cade/Jindrak vs WGTT at Armageddon! And a stipulation of WGTT choice, should be good, wonder what they'll pick though? Ladder?

Lol at Coach and JR, Kennedy is the next IC Chamo IMO.

A great Orton promo, and Christian interferes?! This will be a GREAT rivalry, and most likely a number one contenders fued as both of these upandcomers have been after a shot for months. I think CC will come out on top for this one though.

LOL again at Coach, he sounds like Tazz. LOL at Kennedy announcing Roadkill, vintage Kennnedddyyy. Kennneddy.

Intense Victoria interview, great to see the divas getting more airtime. Victoria is so much better of as the psycho.

An expected victory, but nice to see Eugene puts up a decent fight. Nice that you've given Carlito a finisher, and a catchy name for it, but boy do you like the modified STO, thats twice in one night. The fact that all three were in the ring at once shows the bias and is gonna set off JR again. Nice announcement for next week, and obviously Carlito going to Armageddon. Hopefully Carlito doesn't quite get the win, as I wanna see Kennedy get the title.

LOL, Grisham completely ignored by the Whole F'n Show and Alfonso.

Good match, with good interference from Michaels, but unfortunately Cena overcomes the odds and beats RVD.


WTF, Smackdown is the review? I thought Raw was the reviewed one?

Aww, shame the Goldberg-Rock fued ends on a Smackdown, but the winner gets a title shot. Goldberg getting the win me thinks.

Dammit, Bashams retain over AFA. But at least they do it with their usual 'switcheroo'.

Good Maven interview getting some heat behind his cocky heel character, and thank god cos I hated him as a face.

Good to see Benoit beats him though, and maybe we will be seeing Maven as a frustrated loser?

Maybe not, Snitsky runs in a beheads Benoit, this will be a good fued, and nice to see Snitsky getting a decent push, but hopefully not too far.

Hart not acknoledging the challenge? Is this a heel turn? Good to see Angle finally gets the challenge off his chest, but now it is the other way round with the pratting around. Looks like this will be carried on until the grandest stage of em all, unsurprisingly. Although it is surprising and impressive you managed to keep it going this long before even issuing the challenge.

Good win for Noble, London will be looking to get his title back, which is why it is surprising he was nowhere near this match.

Well, nice set up for the main event, with Goldberg already issuing the challenge to Austin for Wrestlemania, this will be a good rivalry.

Dudleys are back!!! Yes!! Shame AFA and System Success aren't gonna get a title shot but great that the Dudleys are back.

A good segment between Goldberg/Austin/Rock, but I don't think that Austin will be able to restrain himself tonight.

Lesnar and Jericho's fued gonna be brought back? This would be good, but I don't think you will.

No interference from Austin during the match, surprisingly, but he comes down after the match and destroys Goldberg.

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker


Flair as a gm is actually working, and nice to see him doing what he does best. Video for foley could indicate he is coming back at some point. Two matches announced for tonight, and it doesn’t looks as if the faces are going to have any luck at all. Cena/RVD tonight should be a good match, and the constant attack on Cena will begin tonight

Big win for Victoria, and she is returning to the psycho character which she did best

Perhaps a batista/sting feud coming after that attack from Batista? Could be an interesting one, as Batista seems on the verge of a push at the moment

Another great win for Rey, and it looks like he is going to keep that title for a bit longer yet. He has done a great job as the champ, and there is an outside chance of a main event push is the near months

Tag title match will be a good one, and this could be the end of the dx duo as the champs. Interesting to see what WGTT choose as the stipulations – maybe a ladder match or something similar

Big win for the faces over the DX team. This could be leading to a preview of the ppv, or it could just be the win that gives WGTT a bit more momentum

Good Orton promo, but him as a face in this thread is losing me a little recently, with him just appearing as a suck up, rather than the legend killer character which just about works for him. He could do with a heel turn soon, as for me, he cant cut it as a face. Just like Christian can’t as well, and good to see that he is staying as a heel. Good stuff from CC on the mic, and I see a ppv match between these two coming soon, and it could be the match that pushes Christian into a main event feud

Great stuff from kennedy, and he picks up another win

Victoria promo was strong, and that should be a top quality women’s title match

The heel team pick up the win unsurprisingly, and it looks as if carlito is getting a push at last. Expect him to pick up the win next week and go onto to face Rey at the ppv. Eugene seems to be getting a nice run, and I think he will have a ppv match against someone. Speaking of such, shouldn’t Kane be on the verge of return from his injury soon, and doesn’t he still have issues with Eugene?

RVD is still keeping a vow of silence

Very good win for Cena, and it looks as if he is on his way to regaining the title, although I don’t see him doing that. Maybe a cage match at the ppv?


Pity the bashams retained the titles, as I wanted the AFA to have them

Good win for benoit over maven, who works better with this cocky character, and it looks as if he is feuding with Snitsky, which should be okay as long as benoit wins

Hart is going to turn heel on Angle I think, or maybe Angle will get fed up and attack Hart into giving him the match. Anyway – a match a mania will happen

Good win for Noble

Dudleyz look to be the next contenders to the tag titles after returning. Could be a good match here, and a nice way to use the cabinet

Goldberg/Rock feud ends tonight I guess, and I think Austin will stay out of the match

Good tag match, and a good win for the heel team. Maybe the lesnar/Jericho feud to be re-lit after the ending?

Finally the Rock gets his win over Goldberg, and goes to fully loaded as the number 1 contender. Don’t see him regaining the title there, maybe partially down to the heart break kid. Austin destroys Goldberg, and a ppv match between them will happen, but the question is when
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Re: Being the booker

Well nice way for Flair the new GM to get the night started off and the tribute video would have been great to see. If D-X and Evolution can work together, they will dominate Raw!

Intresting to see the Women get the wrestling started off tonight and Victoria is now a full fledged heel which is great. I can see another Victoria vs Trish match coming at Armageddon

Well I had a feeling there was going to be an attack because there is never two matches in one commercial break. Anyways, I like Flair's team from SS taking out Team Foley

Well I have a feeling that Mysterio winning is going to lead to a rematch down the road somewhere. I'm hoping for Armageddon which would be sweet and Batista might even win the title if then

Well nice little interview with TWGTT and I have a feeling that they do indeed have something big planned for Armageddon. I could see them becoming the champs once more

Well short but good match and TWGTT and Booker T picked up a nice win with Armageddon four weeks away. I'm looking forward to the announcement of the stipulation

Randy Orton and Christian cut promo of the night so far, Christian has some funny lines in there and ending was nice with Orton RKO'ing Tomko and Christian, things are about to pick up!

You are slowly but surely pushing Ken Kennedy here on Raw. It would be awesome to see Kennedy with a live mic! Anyways, I'm a big fan of him and want to see what you can do

Well Victoria has indeed turned heel and Victoria vs Trish could get intresting, a lot of history between them in the past and it could get intresting very soon on Raw

Handicap Match was a beatdown on Eugene and Carlito does indeed get the last laugh tonight. However, Carlito is going to win next week to make it Mysterio vs Carlito at Armageddon

RVD is still on a restraining order? I could see Flair maybe even canceling that order very soon as an reward for Survivor Series. Anyways, I'm ready for the main event

Great main event to end the night and Cena gets his revenge on HBK and also takes out RVD. Wouldn't mind seeing Cena vs RVD in the future, could be a very good feud

Smackdown looked overall pretty good for a recap show. Rock vs Goldberg in NHB would have been good plus HHH and Lesnar taking on Y2J and Angle would also have been nice. I'm ready for the title situation to be cleared up for Fully Loaded and maybe we could find out next week about that in another recap form

P.S: As promised, a Survivor Series review sometimes this weekend, maybe Monday!
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