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Re: Being the booker

Well I just psoded a review annd it got deleted some how. Here are the ratings though.

Matyches/Booking: 10/10

Promo's: 10/10

Length: 11/10.

Spelling/Grammer: 9/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Overall: 96/100. Great PPV. Sorry for the double post though.

PS: Here comes the 1000th post.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

Survivor Series Review

Decent HEAT, used to run down the card as always, and a fair main event

Very nice opening video, some good speeches from the superstars

And we get to kick it off with an SS elimination match, nice rap by the way from John Cena

Thuganomics vs DX
Good start, just having Reigns isolated. HBK gets a tag, and here comes Cena! But HBK chickens out, damn. And the isolation of Cena begins. Some nice tandem work, and here comes Sting! Some nice action here, the part where everyone gets involved. Finally Shelton tags out, and Haas comes in. And there he goes, poor Haas. Sting gets rid of MJ with the Deathdrop. And damn DX cheat again! There goes Sting. And now Reigns is gone. Quick eliminations right here. Good back and forth period here, nice work and TBONE! DAMN! HBK got a foot on the ropes. O boy, there goes Shelton, and Cena is all alone. Damn Cena is getting beating, down, SCM, misses and there goes Cade! And we are down to one on one. FU! Cena wins! What a way to kick things off, great match Wolf. ***3/4

LOL nice interview with Austin, with a typical WHAT line. Here comes Christian, and shut down instantly from Austin. I think there is going to be a WM match between these 2, as this has gone on long enough with no push

Womens Battle Royal
Shaniqua gone already! Maybe you are fading her out of your BTB? Jacquie and Stacy didn't last long either, getting rid of the non-talent early, and Jacquie is a little old to still be going. Good bye Jazz, thought she could've lasted longer. See ya Gail Kim, I am thinking Victoria is gonna be the runner up to Trish. Bye bye Nidia, very quick eliminations, which is good as Womens matches can be fairly boring at times. Then Lita is out, and Molly goes soon. Now we come down to who I predicted. I say Trish wins, as it is too early for her to lose the belt. And I was right, Trish wins. Pretty good for a Womens match. **3/4

So next year, its in the Astrodome. Cool package

LOL! Hilarious promo from Rock to DX, "Screw job" Just brilliant. Some classic lines here, I am so ready for a Rock/HBK match at WM, it has to happen

Highlight Reel vs Cabinet
Jericho is the first to go! Major shock, never saw it coming. Wow, a big let down for the Highlight Reel team. And now James Storm goes, not good at all. It's 2 on 4. The Wildcat is getting beaten down, and the ref notices the switcheroo! And finally a Cabinte member is gone, see ya Doug. And there goes Danny, from a 450 splash. And it's even. And more cheap tactics from the Cabinet, the title belt to the skull of Harris, and goodbye. London is all alone. Not good for the Cruiserweight champion. And London gets rid of Noble! Can he do it? Man I dunno, but it's gonna be close. Shotting Star! No one home! Aw man, here it comes, goodbye London. Damn, he gave it such a good go. O well, a heel team has to win one of the SS elimination matches. ***1/2

A great part here, with Y2J & AMW showing their appreciation for London. Good touch

Hmm, a new WM22 promo. LOL, Carlito is bust, again. Not cool. Chavo, has all the chips. Funny. JBl first throws his Rolex, now his house keys down. LOL! Jericho, nice line. Hahahaha, JBL has nothing! This is great. Ha, Chavo is busted. Carlito again spitting the apple. Really good, better than the Christian/Tomko one if you ask me. Loved it. Can't wait for the next one, which will be at the Rumble right?

Hardcore Gauntlet
This is going to be great. GO RHYNO! Hurricane vs Henry eh? Poor old Hurricane is getting the crap kicked out of him. Ha, see ya later Mark Henry! O man, A-Train, JR is right, bigger and badder. Man, Train squashed Hurricane, Baldo Bomb on the trash can would cain! Goldust, will be interesting. Nasty, the Train Wreck, goodbye Goldust. A-Train might just go the distance. Surprised that Train kicked out of the Curtain Call. And Booker gets rid of A-Train. Big moment in the match, Train has been dominant. Ha well that lasted long. Richards needs to lay off the powder. Still no Rhyno, which gives me the thought that he is going to win it. Tomko might have a chance here. Nope, there he goes, Booker is on a role. And here he comes, Rhyno! My man, he's gonna win! Booker is still giving a good showing, not giving in to the ECW champ. But there he goes, and Rhyno wins, a very good and entertaining match, to break up the SS tag matches. ***1/2

It's gotta happen, Hart vs Angle at WM, I will love to read it

Man, Victoria has snapped, I hope Gail Kim kicks her ass!

Team Bring It vs Team Goldberg
Well, AFA went pretty quickly, and things don't look good for Team Bring It. But, there is a slight bit of good news, Scott Steiner is still around? And you bag me out for using Scott Hall. Hmm. Things are getting better, as the score is evened, goodbye Matt Morgan. And Test. And now they are a man up. This is insanely good. Wow! Benoit just got rid of 3 huge men in the space of about 5 minutes. And now the destruction of Goldberg happens, Rock Bottom, Stunner, Headbutt, People's Elbow, and goodnight Goldberg! Loved this match, best one bar the opening contest. ***3/4

What a great moment, having Austin, Rock & Benoit beer bash together. A very good team, the right team to win also

Good promo from Team Foley, and I wonder who's gonna get the upper hand in the coin toss? I guess Team Flair

Fully Loaded returns, that looks like 2 PPV's in near 3 weeks with Armageddon, and then Fully Loaded. But you can pull through, as you are the best booker around here, bar a few

Kurt Angle vs HHH vs Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Great start to the match, all brawl and everyone getting in on the action. And finally we have our first serious pin attempt, and no ref for Lesnar! And it's classic Eddie! The lies, cheating and stealing, and it pays off, there goes Lesnar, with the chair trick. Loving it. Holy cow! Angle slam through the announce table! This match is completely off the charts. And Angle is gone! We will have a new champion come the matches end! Come on Eddie, send him out the right way! O man, HHH wipes out the ref, who is not having a good match, the second time he has been taken out. Eddie nails a Frog splash. No ref, and there is the Pedigree. Damn. NO! He kicked out. Woohoo! And he wins! Eddie won, thank god. What a way to send Eddie out, brilliant match Wolfy. ****

That is great touch Wolfy, with the SmackDown locker room congratulating him

And as I thought, Flairs team get the advantage. Bugger. LOL, Goldberg isn't happy

Team Foley vs Team Evolution
Here we go. Good guys to start it out also, with Orton & RVD. And not so good for Orton, because he comes Batista, Orton is in alot of trouble right now. He is giving it all, but he can't beat the numbers, and here comes Rey Rey. Big time in the match, can he save Orton? Great here comes Mr.Cool, Carlito. Team Foley needs some help, and here comes Foley! And he's brought a few toys. Bam! Baking sheet to the skull, and a nasty clothesline, there could've been some neck injuries if that wasn't done right in real life ya know. O boy, here comes <C>. I feel a big push for him, starting in this match. And Foley is in alot of trouble, because there goes Rey Rey. Not good at all. VAN TERMINATOR! Goodnight Randy. And Orton kicked out! Wow, didn't see this coming. Now Eugene is here, wonder how he is gonna fit into this match. Flair is here, it's 5 on 3, pretty elementary, but then again, this isn't done on numbers. Make that 5 on 2, because there goes Eugene. And Taker is here, and boy is he kicking ass! Holy cow! Chokeslam from one ring to the other! Big spot. And finally, there goes a Team Evolution member, Taker is cleaning up the mess. 2x4, and thumbtacks are coming into play, this is gonna get nasty. Oh no! Taker is gone, and again, Christian has pinned him. I am getting a little tired of this, but I notice the major push that <C> will be receiving from this. Good god, Foley & Orton are getting destroyed. And RVD is gone, with a DDT onto the 2x4! Is there hope? O my, Foley onto the thumbtacks, good bye. No wait, Flair is eliminated! Can it happen, the biggest comeback? O MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! Powerbomb onto the tacks through the ring! Are you kidding me? Insane. There goes Foley, I can't believe how good this match is. RKO gets rid of Batista. There is hope. And he kicks out of the Unprettier! RKO! NO! Damn it Christian kicks out. Good no it's over! Christian wins, but what a match, can you say Match of the Year? ****3/4

Brilliant PPV Wolfy, perhaps beating any other you have, even WM. I can't believe how good the main event was. Well done, deserves a 97/100 Grade = A+


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Re: Being the booker

Surviver Series Review

Decent heat, hyping Surviver Series Nicely. And a good video package.

An Intresting match to start off with here. Nice way to open the show however and Cena's rap was good. Team Thuganomics win the match and now we get to see HBK v Cena at Armageddon. 8.5/10

Good prmo here with Steve Austin once more getting inturupted by Christian. A match between the two is bound to happen soon

Good Divas match here,, Wow Shaniqua eliminated already. Trish retains the title which was the right thing to do as she just won it and that would make her and Shanqia sound weak. 7/10

Next year it is in Astrodome, good video package.

LOL great promo here and match between the two like Austin/Christian, is bound to happen soon.

And now we are onto the Highlight Reel v Cabinet match. WHOA, big suprise there with Jericho being elimnated so early. London gives JBL all he has got, but the big rough texan was too much for the Cruserweight. 8.5/10

LOL great Wrestlemania video package there with some great moments like JBL throwing in his House Keys. Better than the last one.

A good Hardcore Title match here with Rhyno winning the match over Booker T who put in a Good Fight. 8/10

Intresting promo there with Angle telling Bret he doesn't want a screw Job to happen to him tonight obviously playing games with the Hitman.

Victoria is in a bad mood about losing and she attacks Kim, seems like she is gonna get a push for the Womens Title.

A good 10 man tag team elimination match here with Team Bring it coming down from 5-3 behind to eliminate all 5 guys of team Goldberg. 8/10

Good promo there by Team Foley hyping the War Games match nicely.

Fantastic match here with Eddie Guerrero winning thw title, which was a fitting tribute for the guy's last match. Will be intresting to see what you do with the Vacant Title. 9.5/10

And Team Flair getting the advantage here which should be crucial for who wins the match.

Holy Crap that was match of the year right there! A fantastic match with some great spots. And the Christian push continues winning it for Team Flair so now we will have to cope with Flair as GM. Will be intresting to see how you use him. 10/10

Overall Rating: 98/100. One of the greatest shows on BTB ever and probally your best.
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Re: Being the booker

Please try to review my first show in CWC when I post it.

Survivor Series Review

Heat played it's role highlighting the matches. I really do not like Tajiri beating Chavo but so what.

Opening video was great. 10 X better than I could ever do.

Nice rap by Cena. I still think he is going to win.

Match 1
Team DX vs. Team Thuganomics

Prediction: Team Thuganomics

I am looking at this and I am amazed at the length, but that's not what it is about. Haas is the first one gone by Shawn which really makes me think Cena's team will win. Sting hits the Stinger Splash! Scorpian Death Drop! YES! Sting gets rid of Jindrak! So now we are down to three-on-three and so far so good. WHAT!!!! Sting gone so early! That sucks! 3-on-2 without Sting. . Well at least Cena can get Reigns back to eliminate him. 2-on-2. Now I am picking HBK. Shelton is a good choice to be left for Cena's team, and now I think I know why you made Sting go so early. Three quick eliminations in 45 seconds! Good to see the pace picking up. lol. Shelton hit the T-Bone on Michaels! But it isn't to be. Man what an upset that would've been if he would've pinned HBK? Well forget that idea. Shelton is gone too! Cena has to fend off two men! What a way for Cade to be eliminated! Sweet Chin Music! We are down to the expected two! I now pick Cena again! Really good match after this with Powerbomb's and Moonsaults. Shawn gets a chair!! I can see Cena countering it or something of that matter. What a plan by HBK! Title Belt shot....NO! lol, Michaels frustration costs him the match! YES!!! Cena vs. HBK at Armageddon! This was a great match. If this is the opener, then War Games must be great!!!

Rating- 93/100. Predictions - 1-0

Great Christian/SCSA promo. I can see SCSA screwing Christian in War Games and them having a good feud.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Shaniqua vs. Victoria vs. Jazz w/Theodore Long vs.
vs. Molly Holly vs. Gail Kim vs. Nidia vs. Jacqueline vs. Stacey Kiebler

Prediction: Trish Stratus

Shaniqua is definatly dominating earlier, but SHAZAM! Chick Kick! They all eliminate her! I am pretty suprised to see the former champion go so soon. Jacqui is elimianted by Jazz. Down to seven just 2 1/2 minutes in! Stacy is jealous! How could she be? She is wayyyy hotter than Jazz! lol Lita looks mad and now Stacy is gone. Teddy just saved Jazz! She could be a threat with him. Well, never mind. Are you racist? You have 10 people in the match. 3 of the 4 eliminated is black lol. Can Lita eliminate the champion? Nope. Kim goes to the top but Victoria is there and bam! Kim is gone! We are down to 5. Nidia is happy about Kim, but after Molly dumped her out, I bet she won't be! I really cannot see Lita tapping as soon as the STF is on, but it doesn't count anyway. Aw man, Lita is gone. Now it better be Trish lol. Well Molly is gone and we are down to two! Oh no! Widow's Peak! Trish might be done here. Whew Trish is still alive but in no time another Widow's Peak! Strausfaction! NO!!!! Whew Trish barely survives again! If Victoria hits this clothesline it could be over! Trish does the matrix! CHICK KICK!!! YES TRISH RETAINS!!!! This match was awsome for a women's match. But like I said. A women's match is not really that great, but you wrote it fairly well.

Rating: 83/100 - Predictions 2-0

Rock/DX promo was awsome and really funny. Nice part about the stripper! I just wonder. Will this lead to a feud or was it just for fun?

The Cabinet vs. Team Highlight Reel
Prediction: Team Highlight Reel

Start of the match was really goos and it really picks up during the middle of the first paragraph. Breakdown for the nearfall. Then the Walls of Jericho! This could do it right here and we could already have the new United States Champion!! He taps out! Jericho has won, but for the second straight PPV in a row, the referee doesn't see it! Chris must be mad now! Good to see AMW and London help out. Noble pushes him off the ropes! CFH!!!!!! OMG! Jericho is eliminated already? MAJOR Shocker. Great Wolfy, you tricked almost everyone with that. Man today is not the day for Team Highlight Reel as they are now 4-on-2! I now think The Highlight Reel will pull out the upset somehow. Not the Switcheroo! The Cradle! Man 4-on-1 now! YES! The referee spots the difference! Sooooo much interference by The Cabinet! Catatonic!!!! One Basham down! Team Highlight Reel get one man back as it is now 3-on-2! Then the 450 Splash to Danny! Two Basham's down! I really don't see how the Highlight Reel can win when the Cabinet still has JBL in it. Good teamwork used after the reverse 3-D! Now Highlight Reel is interfering alot to stay alive! Cradle from Noble, but London kicks out! DDT from London, but JBL breaks it. I love the fast Cruiserweight Action. Harris with a leg drop! No! JBL's pulls his leg! Harris makes a mistake and pays with a shot with the belt! Tornado DDT! London is the only one left! London is just getting dominated by the Cabinet! CFL on Noble! OMG! Happened in both matches! Bridging German Suplex and we are down to a main event one-on-one match! Paul London vs. JBL! Who will win? Noble distracts him and JBL hits the CFH!!! FOOT ON THE ROPE! I cannot see London getting his foot on the ropes after that, but anyway. JBL is in control until a dropsault from London! He is coming back! London flies over the ropes and the fire in London is done for now. lol, four roll up's on JBL! Five!!! JBL is a sis and leaves the ring. JBL get back in and Asai Moonsault!!! Whoa London is amazing in this match! London is dominating now! Fall-Away Slam off the top, but London has it to kick out! What a good match so far! Too bad JBL is in total control now though. Jawbreaker! London's back! Reverse Neckbreaker! SSP? YES! It could be over! No it isn't! CFH again! This time it does it! Sad to see Jericho go first and not return, but hey. Good for AMW and Jericho forgiving him. This was a pretty good match but the opener was better.

Rating: 90/100 - Predictions 2-1

OMFG!!! What a promo! You are a natural at writing these! The one with Tomko and Christian was funny but IMO, this was better. Great job with it! You reeally made me laugh!

Hurricane vs. Rhyno vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Booker T vs. Goldust vs. Stevie Richards vs. Mark Henry vs. A-Train
Prediction: Rhyno then someone in the back.

This should really be great as I love Hardcore matches. You will have 7 of them!

All sorts of weapons! Trash Can lid already and Hurricane is down! Oh wow. So strong. Breaking a broom. Give him what he needs! lol. Broom across the back of Hurricane. Oh no! Hurricane goes splat! Stop Sign! Hurricane hits the referee! Worlds Strongest Slam onto the trash can! No referee! I'd be really mad at that! lol the coffee! Hurricane lies on top of the steps which is on Mark! Great finish for that one! A-Train! One more big man to go through! Poor Hurricane. Trying to get A-Train with kicks. Too bad A-train is bigger! Baldo Bomb finishes Hurricane! Yes! Golddust could be a contender for the belt. Blowing Gold Dust into A-Train's eyes! What a way to get on the offensive! Then A plant pot! Shattered Dreams! Curtain Call! Was it on the Stop Sign? Anyway, A-Train won't give in. The ring bell will end it too. For both of them. Too bad to see Gold Dust go after the Train Wreck. Boooookerrrrrrr T! Suckaaa!!!! Him and Train dish it out in the ring. Great way to get the crowd pumped up. It is cool to have the match in the crowd. Fans are helping Booker. lol. I don't think he would kick out from the Scissors Kick though. Whoa! the 2x4! Then a DDT! He has to have it! Man A-Train is tough. One more Scissors Kick should do it. Not the stop sign! Not the chair! Yes! Bookend! Finally A-Train is gone! Oh boy! It's Richards with the Cane. Cane to the back and face! Has to hurt! Booker's back must be hurting! The lead pipe would finish Booker, but a cradle will finish Richards! Uh oh! It's Tomko! Trash Can into Tomko's face! No Booker cannot get it done! Knock out boot does what it says it'll do. He goes....but Booker ducks and the Scissors Kick does it! Rhyno is the last man! Booker can really leap as you showed him dodging the Gore. A steel tray! You are finding every weapon! Holy Cow! Flapjack through the chair! This is Hardcore! Spinebuster onto the trashcan! Stop sign off the face! Geez. That's harsh! Spinaroonie let's Rhyno Gore him! Awsome finish. This wasn't as good as I thought it would be but you only had like three good people and everyone else sucked so I give you credit for that. It would've been cool if someone would've interfered after the match and took the title though.

Rating: 89/100 - Predictions 2-2

I just really want to know when the Hart/Angle feud will be? WM is the best bet, but it is a LONG way a way, so this is tricky. No matter when it is though, it will be great when it happens.

Victoria is really mad

Team Goldberg vs. Team Bring It
Prediction: Team Bring It

Wolfy, I had to take a break to do a project and my mom and dad wouldn’t let me go back to my room and computer until I had it almost done. So now it is 12:30 AM, I am tired, and I have Basketball tomorrow morn at 10! So the rest will be smaller.

That first part was pretty long for 5 minutes. I really don’t care about Rico to be honest, so to me, I am glad he got eliminated. I don’t really care for Simmons either. Glad he is gone. Thing is now it’s 5-on-3! Steiner is gone thanks to Austin. Don’t really care about him either although he is more important than Rico and Simmons! Matt Morgan is gone via the Crossface. Good to see Benoit have a decision. Oh yeah! Second person eliminated by Benoit via a Bridging German Suplex! This match is getting pretty good now. KEEP IT GOING!!! Third man eliminated by Benoit this one via Sharpshooter! 3-on-1!!! I thought Goldberg would put up more of a fight though. Kind of disappointing. Glad to see Team Bring It win the match although I would’ve liked to see it come down to 1-on-1, or at least 2-on-1! Still a great match though.

Rating: 89/100 – Predictions 3-2

Good Mick Foley and Orton and Rey promo. Just hyping the main event.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero
Prediction: Brock Lesner

Well, my pick is out first! Look at that! Good way for Eddie to lie, cheat and steal to get Brock disqualified. The major point in the match is the part where Angle Angle Slammed HHH through the table! That was awesome and I wished I could’ve seen that! Whoa! Angle is already gone! And by Eddie Guerrero! This is confusing as I can’t decide who will win! PEDIGREE!!!!! 1…2…KICK OUT!!!! I know Eddie will win now! Sure enough I am right! Eddie wins! This is great. I am soooooo happy to see Eddie win the title! Too bad he has to vacate it though. RIP Eddie. Thank you.

Rating: 95/100 – Predictions 3-3

Well Mick has a disadvantage already

Team Foley vs. Team Evolution
Prediction: Team Foley

Rey is already eliminated by Batista, which sucks IMO. You should’ve had Eugene come in sooner and have him eliminated first. Rob Van Dam now eliminates Eugene and he should’ve been eliminated earlier! Carlito is eliminated via Tombstone and since Christian is in the match, I expect Undertaker to be eliminated next. How did I know! I understand that you want to push the others, but I really don’t like it, but I understand. What an extreme way to finish RVD off with the double hook DDT onto the barbed wire 2 X 4!! Yes! Ric Flair is eliminated via Mick Foley. I hate to say it, but now I think Team Flair will win. Foley may be dead! Batista Bomb onto thumbtacks through the ring! Orton eliminates Batista we are down to two! WHAT!!!! IMO this was a bad choice letting Flair be the GM. I really don’t think he will be ANYWHERE as good as Foley was. I don’t agree with Christian pinning two of the biggest superstars in your thread either. All in all though this was a great match.

Rating: 96/100 – Predictions 3-4

Length: 135 pages is just amazing! I though Arjun’s Mania would top every PPV in length but now Arjun has a little competition for longest BTB PPV ever.

Rating: 100/100

Overall: 91.75 = 92. This was an awesome PPV and I am really surprised that it came out this low. I really thought it was great! Keep the good work up and please return the review!
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Re: Being the booker

Survivor Series Review

Team DX vs Team Thuganomics- This was a great match. I just knew that Team Thuganomics was going to win because the feud would then be messed up. I think that at Armageddon, John Cena will not win the title. This was a great match.

Women's Battle Royal- I am not a big fan of the Women's Division. This was still a great match. I am glad that Trish is still champion because Shaniqua and other divas like her scare the crap out of me when they wrestle. They are like, Chyna almost. lol.

Cabinet vs Highlight Reel- Aw man! I hate the Cabinet. Why did they have to win? I like how you had Paul London be the sole survivor for Team Highlight Reel. It makes him seem like a great competitor like he is. JBL sucks. It is easy as that.

Hardcore Title Match- Rhyno wins it. I am glad because he deserves a title. This match was pretty gruesome. I would love to see it at a real PPV.

Team Goldberg vs Team Bring It- Team Bring it won the match. That is good for the Rock. Maybe now he will get a push to the WWE Title or something. I would love to see The Rock in that kind of picture.

Fatal 4 Way- Eddie wins. I like hwo you did it as respect to him. I also like how you noted us all that you are going to make the title vacant. This was a great match and would be amazing to see. It was even amazing reading it.

Team Foley vs Team Evolution- Dammit. I wanted Foley to be GM. Not that old Ric Flair. Oh well, the match was still amazing. This was definite Main Event material. This might have been the best Survivor Series style match that I have ever read.

Grade- 9.5/10. Great show here.
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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by Nathan Morris
Length: 135 pages is just amazing! I though Arjun’s Mania would top every PPV in length but now Arjun has a little competition for longest BTB PPV ever.
I am just curious, when I copy and paste, I got 126. I did not modify the text, I kept it at font size ten, and verdana font. In case you are wondering, that is the same that I am doing for Wrestlemania.

Wolf Guy, good bye. This is my last day before I leave. I think I will forsake working on Wrestlemania to get a headstart on your review. I will do the first match maybe before I have to get to studying biology. I plan on being back January seventh. I will send you a PM soon.
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Re: Being the booker

Heat did it’s usual job of promoting the ppv, and a nice match with Tajiri and Chavo to get the fans into the ppv

Good entrance video with the focus being on surviving. Interesting to see who will survive though tonight

Cena to open the show, which is a bit of a shock, but the show will open with a bang. Nice funny rap from Cena, which he should be doing more of at the moment. Haas goes first, which had to be expected, after a very strong opening to the match. Jindrak goes next, and then straight away it is the end of Sting and Luther. Match is down to four, and by the looks of things, a good push for Shelton could be on the cards. Shelton almost has HBK pinned, but he then cheats to eliminate him. Cena to overcome the odds, or not? Cade goes next, as expected, and the missed sweet chin music spot had to be in the match somewhere. HBK goes for the belt, to cheat, but it works against him, after the F-U, and Cena is going to Armageddon for the belt. Impressive match to open the show, and Cena finally gets his rematch with HBK

Great Austin promo, and yet again Christian interrupts. Definite ppv match coming, but the question is when. Nice stuff from the two of them, and this is a very interesting slow building feud

Womens match is next, and shaniqua opens by overpowering everyone, until they team up to eliminate her. A pretty decent women’s battle royal here, with the eliminations occurring at the right times, and the right people staying in the match. Trish keeps the belt, after the chick kick to Victoria, and by the looks of things, she may get another shot at the belt, as will shaniqua methinks

Great promo from DX and the rock, with some great inadvertent comedy from DX. Definitely building to a mania contest between the two, which will be great

Pretty good opening to the match, and Jericho is on fire, until a surprise elimination of him by JBL. Didn’t expect that, and interesting to see what that leads to. Storm goes next, and the cabinet are on fire. Good stuff here, and the bashams are next to go after finishers from the faces. Harris eliminated after a belt shot from Noble, and his very long run in the match ends, and maybe leading to a push for him. London eliminated Noble, and he then has to go against JBL. Looks like the cabinet are going to win this, as I don’t see JBL losing to London. JBL wins after blocking the shooting star, and then nailing the clothesline from hell. Great end to a very good match, and now the cabinet have all the gold

Brilliant mania video, and it would be a great one to actually watch. Everyone played their part wonderfully, and perhaps it is even better than the Christian and tomko one

And here comes the filler match – not a bad match, but I never was into this match to be honest. Good win for rhino, which puts him over nicely, and booker had a nice run in it, but it wasn’t my favourite match.

Kurt/Bret will happen at mania, surely, and the build up to it has been pretty good. Maybe Angle will drop the belt tonight?

Rico goes first, which had to be expected, after a spear from Goldberg. Simmons in the next man out, and team bring it have a disadvantage now. But I still think they can come back. Good action from the faces, and they battle back well. Austin hits the stunner on steinar, and he is gone. Morgan taps out to the crossface, and then he pins Test. Snitsky then gets caught with the sharpshooter, and it is 3 on 1 now, and benoit is on fire. People’s elbow from the rock finishes off Goldberg, and the faces pick up a big win, although it had to be expected. Solid match here, and a good one to have on the card

Nice promo here giving a little more build to the war games match

Very good opening to the fatal 4 way, but my tip for the belt goes first. Lesnar gets DQed, and he goes out with a bit of a damp squib. Nice action in the middle part of the match, with everyone taking turns to be in control. Angle slam through the table is surely going to be the end of HHH, but Angle is eliminated by a roll up from Eddie! Great stuff here, and I think eddie is now walking out of here with the belt. A few near falls, and then the pedigree should end it, but Eddie kicks out, to keep his dream alive. He then manages to take HHH down, and nails the frog splash, and we have a new champion! Great ending for Eddie, and the vacated title will be good, and I guess there will be a tournament to crown the new champion

RVD and Orton start the match, and we get a nice 3 minutes of action before the first guy comes in. Batista is next in, but the 2 on 1 doesn’t work for team flair, and Orton almost has RVD gone with the RKO. Rey comes in next, and he will show some fight methinks. Carlito comes down to make it 3 on 2, and they still cant make it count, as still nobody has gone. Foley comes down next, and it is going to get a bit brutal. Christian comes in next, and he will have a good showing in the match, as he has been pushed quite a bit. Batista bomb to Rey eliminates him, and I think we may to seeing a new IC champ soon, as Batista seems to have his number. Orton kicks out of the van daminator somehow, as Eugene comes into the match. Eugene does comedic spots, and almost manages to get a pinfall, but he doesn’t, as Flair comes into the match. RVD nails the five star, and it is the end of Eugene. 5 on 2 for the next few minutes, which aint going to be good for team foley. Taker gets into the match, and he totally dominates everyone, destroying the heel team, before pinning carlito with the tombstone. Christian pins Taker for the 4th time, and he is seriously being pushed to the moon, and I see him maybe winning the title at some point. Foley being handcuffed to the ropes was a good move, and it seems as if he has no chance now, as it is effectively 4 on 1 now. Orton is out, but Foley somehow manages to get out the bolt cutters, and sets himself free. He takes the men down, and then the double arm ddt on to the barbed wire eliminates RVD. Mandible claw gets rid of Foley, and it is two on two. Flair comes back though, and low blows Foley, and the batista bomb ends Foley in the match. Orton gets the RKO from nowhere, and it is the end of batista. It is down to Christian and Orton, and 1 man will score a huge win. Unprettier looks to end it, but Orton kicks out. Then, CC kicks out of the RKO. UNprettier on the chair does end it though, and Foley is no longer GM of Raw. Great match here, despite being a little too long in my opinion.

Very good ppv here, with some very impressive matches, and this could well win ppv of the year. Interesting to see what happens next now, on the run to the next ppv. 121 pages is a great effort, and it remains to be seen if it will topped
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Re: Being the booker

Great opening video with all the people tonight talking about survival.

Good rap from Cena, and I'm glad Cena was on first. The first two eliminations were standard, but a HUGE push for Reigns by eliminating Sting! It doesn't matter how he did it, he still managed to get the pin on Sting which is BIG for Reigns. But then the moment is stolen by Cena, and now the push won't be as major. I am glad that Cade lasted until the last three, as Cade is a great talent. NOOO!!!!!!!! As predictable as it was I HATE the fact that Cena won!!! Michaels for Armageddon!! BTW, I am glad Armageddon is Raw, because it just doesn't fit SD.

LOL, great Austin interview as usual. Looks like Team Bring It will get the win here, as they have the much bigger star power unless people on Goldbergs team will be getting a big push. I am so happy that Christian interupted again (missed it at Nemisis & COTC) and this looks to be a possible WM fued?

Nice to see Shaniqua is teamed up against by the divas and eliminated first. Jazz eliminated fairly early is a shock after only eliminating Jacqueline, I thought we would see a dominant streak from Jazz. Nice to see Trish wins and Victoria manages to get to the final two, and by the look of it she may become the psycho again which will be good.

LMAO!!! Cade and Jindrak were hilarious as usual in the interview. Looks like DX will be costing Team Bring It the match, which makes sense otherwise it would be an unbelievably unbalanced match up. Rock vs Michaels will be an awesome contest at Wrestlemania, and if the rivalry continues like this then this could soon become the biggest rivalry on BTB. I see DX screwing Team Bring It, and unfortunately Rock costing Michaels the title at Armageddon, which better not happen.

Jericho eliminated first?!? Wow, I would've never EVER predicted that!! This is a unique way to go, and I hope it pays off in the rest of the match. Storm straight afterwards as well?! I think Highlight Reel will get the win now with either London or Harris getting a major push for overcoming the odds. Ha, ha, the Bashams gone within a minute of each other. Glad to see they're gone and Harris and London are getting on well as a team, but Harris will be next to give London a big push most likely. Wow, JBL pulls it off!! This is quite a shock, but makes sense as London would get too much of a push if he beat JBL.

YES!! Another WM promo! Nice sign of respect to make Chavo do the promo instead of Eddie. JBL's house keys!! LMAO!! I still considered Chavo as Eddie and it made it all the better. LMAO!! Jericho and Fozzy!! LOL!! No trousers or shoes!! Altogether great, would've been better as Eddie (RIP) obviously but still great.

Wow! Hurricane eliminates Mark Henry!!! Good that A-Train eliminated him almost instantly though. NO!!!! I'm all for the A-Train push, but I wanted Goldust to win this one! Damn!! Aww, Goldust gets eliminated for the A-Train push but Booker ends it anyway, shame. Dam, Richards should've beaten Booker in a hardcore match, IMO that is not a good decision. Aww, another good person for this match gets taken down by Booker. YES!! Rhino dispose of Booker T, and is the hardcore champion, that IS cool. Would've loved to see Rhino/Richards final, but I guess you didn't want it. A great hardcore match.

A good promo backstage with the tension really building between Angle and Bret. Angle acting very heel here, although as it is to get Bret to wrestle again I think the fans will still see him as face.

A great divas promo backstage, and it is GREAT to see Victoria as the pyscho again.

An interesting way for the superstars to enter, not team by team but alternating between the teams, it is something different. Shame to see Rico go first, but I guess it is best for the match itself. Both of AFA eliminated first, wonder if we're going to get another underdog match? Morgan and Steiner going equals it out, and this match is unbelievably good already. Test and Snitsky then go, that's four of Team Goldberg in two minutes!! I have never seen a heel underdog but I guess it's cool. Goldberg gonna get rid of Benoit and Austin before DX cost Rock match? NO!! A great shock there, THREE survivors!! Not too surprising though, with those three being main eventers and only one big name on Team Goldberg. However surprising to see no DX interference, looks like Rock/Michaels fued is going a different direction, which is good, cos Michaels won't lose title to Cena at Armageddon.

Good interview backstage with Team Foley (without Taker, obviously), hope they get the win tonight.

Lesnar DQ'd!! Classic Eddie there which is great to see, Eddie is on a roll!! Two out cos of Eddie! Surprised to see Angle sung away as he is a face, although it would be weird to see a main event tweener, or a face that isn't over as one. YES!!!!! EDDIE WINS!!!!!!!!! He finally beats HHH!!!!!!! EDDIE IS CHAMPION!!!!!! A great tribute to Latino Heat on most probably his last PPV, when reading I actually got goosebumps when he hit the Frog Splash! Eddie not only wins, but he eliminates all three!! A great ending to the match with the celebration, and great to see the whole locker room empty out to celebrate with him. A great choice to vacate the title, and a great last appearance and tribute for Eddie.

Flair's team enter first, a good advantage for them, but makes me think Foley will win even more unless we see an Orton heel turn. A Goldberg/Mysterio rivalry would be a great thing to see, I hope this does esculate into a rivalry cos they would have a great speed vs power match. Maybe an interference later?

Orton as first entrant for Team Foley? I wonder if he will be the sole survivor for their team as he has been for so many years? Foley not last entrant for his team? That's surprising, no doubt Natch will be. The first elimination at last, and I suppose it had to be Rey with that kind of power against him and him being the only one under 5 foot. Oh dear, it seems to be a downward sprial for Foley's team, so I think there is without a doubt a win for Team Foley. Undertaker makes an immediate impact as usual disposing of Carlito, but Christian eliminates Undertaker, defeating him again!! This is a great push you have given Christian by beating the deadman two out of two (that I have read) Foley eliminates RVD, and then eliminates the Nature Booooy. Batista eliminates Foley after the biggest powerbomb I have EVER seen, erm, read. Looks like a true underdog story now, Orton gonna leave with his hand raised, unless you continue the CC push as far as it can go tonight. Batista is gone, so its not going to the old rivalry back again, instead two of the quickest up and rising stars in this thread. OMG!!! Christian does it!!!!!!!! You did give him the HUGE push!! And also gave Foley his push, straight out the door! I think Flair will be VERY gracious towards Christian, and maybe we will see a Bischoff reward with everyone getting a favour, hopefully resulting in Christian getting a World Title shot finally. Great show of appreciation to Orton, who thoroughly deserved it.

This is one of the greatest PPV's in the history of BTB, and will be very hard to top, but I am sure you will manage it at RR as your PPV's seem to be getting better and better (which is very hard to do!) MOTN without a doubt was the War Games, closely followed by the WWE Title match, especially with it being such a tribute to Eddie, I would love to know whether you planned to have him win it before he tragically passed away, or whether somebody else would win it. It would've been great to see a Guerrero reign as champ, but unfortunately not possible. Once again ANOTHER great PPV which actually tops SS!!

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Sorry Wolfy, I can't review just yet but I will try to get one done in the next week. 126 Pages is a new record, not just here but in the entire world I think! I quickly read through the match endings, Cena and Michaels at Armageddon is something to look out for, Eddie winning the title was a true mark of respect- I had a feeling you would do that then vacate the championship, and Christian pinning Randy Orton at the end of that brilliant main event was unexpected but a good move seem you are pushing the man hard. I can't grade you seem I only read the match endings but very nice job so far!
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Re: Being the booker

Wolfy just to let you know. I've had to work most of the day and haven't been able to really be on that much. Therefore, I will review Survivor Series as I told you on MSN. Hopefully it will be tomorrow or if not, maybe Saturday but most likely tomorrow
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