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WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

This my BTB thread, hope you enjoy.
This is the roster I'll be starting with:
Main Roster Superstars:

Adam Rose
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Big Show
Bo Dallas-Out til January
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar-Part Time (WWE Champ)
Chris Jericho-Part Time
Curtis Axel
Damien Mizdow (Tag Team Champ)
Daniel Bryan-Out til March
Darren Young-Out til February
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper (IC Champ)
Mark Henry
The Miz (Tag Team Champ)
Randy Orton
The Rock-Part Time
Roman Reigns
Rusev (US Champ)
Seth Rollins
Sheamus-Out til at least Mach
Titus O'Neil
Tyson Kidd
Xavier Woods
Zack Ryder-Out til March

Main Roster Diva's:

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Eva Marie-Out til January
Nikki Bella
Rosa Mendes
Summer Rae
Tamina Snuka-Out til January

NXT Superstars:

Adrian Neville
Aiden English
Angelo Dawkins
Baron Corbin
Braun Stowman
Buddy Murphy
Bull Dempsey
Cal Bishop-Out til April
CJ Parker
Colin Cassady
Dash WIlder
Enzo Amore
Finn Balor
Hideo Itami
Hugo Knox
Jason Jordan
Justin Gabriel
Kalisto (NXT Tag Team Champ)
Kevin Owens
Marcus Louis
Mojo Rawley
Sami Zayn (NXT Champ)
Sawyer Fulton
Scott Dawson
Simon Gotch
Sin Cara (NXT Tag Team Champ)
Solomon Crowe
Steve Cutler
Sylvester LeFort
Tye Dillinger
Tyler Breeze
Wesley Blake

NXT Women's Division:

Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Charlotte (NXT Women's Champ)
Sasha Banks


Chad Patton
Charles Robinson
Dan Engler
Derrick Moore
Jason Ayers
John Cone
Mike Chioda
Rod Zapata
Ryan Tran
Scott Armstrong
Danilo Anfiblio-NXT
Drake Wuertz-NXT
Shawn Bennett-NXT

On-Screen Talent

Alex Riley-Pre Show Analyst/Raw Commentator
Booker T-Pre-Show Analyst
Byron Saxton-Smackdown Commentator
Christian-Smackdown Commentator
Corey Graves-NXT Commentator
Eden-Smackdown Backstage Interviewer
Jason Albert-Pre Show Analyst/NXT Commentator
JBL-Raw/PPV Commentator
Justin Roberts-Raw/PPV Ring Announcer
Lillian Garcia-Smackdown Ring Announcer
Renee Young-Pre Show Analyst/Raw Backstage Interviewer
Rich Brennan-NXT Commentator
Tom Phillips-Smackdown Commentator
William Regal-Raw Commentator


El Torito-Manager Of Los Matadores
Lana-Manager Of Rusev
Natalya-Manager Of Tyson Kidd
Paul Heyman-Manager Of Brock Lesnar
Rosa Mendes-Manager Of Fandango
Zeb Colter-Manager Of Jack Swagger

Tag Teams:

The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)
The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki)
The Can-Am Perfection (Jordan & Dillinger)
Gold & Stardust
Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando)
The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & SIn Cara)
The Mechanics (Wilder & Dawson)
Miz & Mizdow
The New Day (Big E, Kofi & Woods)
Realest Guys In The Room (Cassady & Enzo)
The Rosebuds (Rose & The Bunny)
Team Thick (Murphy & Blake)
The Throwbacks (Cesaro & Kidd)
The Usos (Jey & Jimmy)
The Vaudevillains (English & Gotch)
The World Warriors (Balor & Itami)

I've taken Cole and Lawler off the announcing team because I hate them on commentary. I also got rid of David Otunga and Hornswoggle because I think they are useless in WWE today and I also translated Christian onto commentary because he has the charisma for the role and I really want him to stay in the company. I will also be canceling Main Event & Superstars, moving NXT to being live on Wednesdays, Smackdown to Thursdays and reducing Raw back to two hours and Smackdown to one hour.

New PPV Schedule (Approx):
Jan: Royal Rumble
Feb: No Way Out (Elimination Chamber)
Mar: Wrestlemania
Apr: Extreme Rules
May: Payback
Jun: King Of The Ring
Jul: Battleground
Aug: Summerslam
Sep: Unforgiven
Oct: Bad Blood (Hell In A Cell)
Nov: Survivor Series
Dec: TLC
(I was toying with a WWE vs NXT Bragging Rights PPV, but I didn't think it would be a popular idea)

New TV Schedule:
Mon: Raw
Weds: NXT
Thurs: Smackdown

I'm pretty sure that's all the key information, hoping to post TLC results tomorrow.
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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

And also Money In The Bank is moved back to Wrestlemania.
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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Tables, Ladders & Chairs...& Stairs 2014
December 14th 2014, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

Announcers: JBL, Tom Phillips & Christian

Pre Show Match: The New Day (Big E & Kofi) w/Xavier Woods vs Gold & Stardust

The New Day are backstage with Renee Young looking notably unexcited for their first PPV match. Renee asks them generic questions like how they've been warming up and if they're ready until Kofi says "Let's just do this". The trio walk off leaving Renee with a stunned look on her face.

We then head to Eden who is stood with Gold & Stardust. Eden asks them if they feel prepared for The New Day. Stardust puts his mouth right next to the mic and says "Eden, new days have come and gone but stars will burn bright for millions of years. This New Day will fade out while me and my brother shine on until long after they are gone." Goldust jumps in. "And Eden, if you don't believe us, look up. It's written ... in the stars." Goldust breathes in Eden's face and he and Stardust skulk off.

We head into the arena now and New Day are entering the ring but there is no singing of clapping, they just walk to the ring. As they take off their entrance attire, Gold & Stardust head down to the ring as usual.

Last 2 Mins: Stardust is throwing punches into Kofi's head and then he runs the ropes but Kofi catches him off guard with a dropkick. Kofi crawls to his corner and tags in Big E but Stardust just escapes him to tag in Goldust. Goldust runs at Big E out of his corner but Big E just throws him back into New Day's corner. Goldust stumbles back into the middle of the ring where Big E hits the Big Ending and gets the pin for the victory. Xavier Woods supports a fatigued Kofi while The New Day walks backstage without celebrating their victory.
Winners: The New Day (Big E & Kofi) @ 10:57

We now head into the main show. The commentators welcome us to the show and remind us of the big matches going on tonight, including Ambrose vs Wyatt, Cena vs Rollins and of course Big Show vs Erick Rowan in the first ever Steel Stairs Match (oh joy). The latter match is all JBL talks about until Dolph Ziggler's music hits.

Match #1: Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper (Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship)

Last 5 Mins: Luke Harper is setting up a ladder in the corner nearest to the entrance ramp and as he turned around, Dolph Ziggler came diving into the corner and forced him into the ladder. As Harper stumbled out of the corner, Ziggler hit him with the Famouser. Ziggler went to the outside to grab a ladder and slid into the ring under the bottom rope. As Ziggler got back in the ring, Harper got to his feet and started throwing punches. Ziggler fought back and dropped Harper with a Superkick. Ziggler climbed to the top rope but as he was about to leap off, Harper threw the ladder Ziggler had bought in straight at him. Ziggler fell to the floor, completely out of it. Harper grabbed the ladder from the corner and clambered up to grab the title.
Winner: Luke Harper @ 18:40

We now head backstage to Eden who is stood with AJ Lee. Before Eden can ask any questions, AJ begins to badmouth Nikki and say how here underhanded tactics won't get her anywhere tonight.

Match #2: Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs AJ Lee (Divas Championship Match)

Nikki comes out first accompanied by Brie and does a generic diva pose off. Then AJ comes down to the ring and gets right in Nikki's face. Then she walks over to Brie who's stood at ringside and spits at her, as an sign of disrespect.

Last 2 Mins: AJ is laying into Nikki in the corner with kicks until Nikki powers out of the corner and floors AJ with a Discus Clothesline. While Aj is laid out, Nikki blows a kiss to Brie at ringside. When Nikki goes to pick up AJ, Aj drags her over by her hair. Aj keeps hold of Nikki and clutches her arm. AJ locks in the Black Widow but when Brie jumps onto the apron, Nikki screams at her to get down. Brie obeys her sister and after a full minute in the Black Widow, Nikki rams AJ into the corner. Nikki picks up the stunned AJ and hits her with the Rack Attack. Nikki gets the pin and her and Brie celebrate back up the ramp while Aj sits in the ring with a look of disappointment on her face.

Winner: Nikki Bella @ 9:21

After AJ has left the ring, we see new sets of steel stairs being brought down to ringside in preparation for the stairs match.

Erick Rowan is backstage with Renee Young and Renee asks him if he has a game plan for tonight. Rowan lifts up his mask and says "I'm going to slay him." Rowan laughs and puts his mask back on while he heads to the ring. Rowan enters first and throws a set of steps into the ring and sits on them in the corner. Then Big Show enters.

Match #3: Erick Rowan vs Big Show (Steel Stairs Match)

Last 3 Mins: Erick Rowan runs at Big Show with stairs in his hands but Big Show throws a big boot into them, laying Rowan out winded. Big Show picks up the steps and throws them back down on Rowan's chest. Big Show signaled for the WMD as Rowan stood up but Rowan was able to catch the fist of Big Show. As Big Show was left stunned by Rowan's strength, Rowan unleashed a series of fierce headbutts into the chest of Show. As Show lay paralysed in the middle of the ring, Rowan dragged some stairs over towards him and lifted Show up for a bodyslam. Rowan threw Show down onto the stairs. He then grabbed some extra stairs and propped them up near the ropes. Rowan then climbed to the second rope and picked up the stairs. He then dived down onto show, sandwiching him between both sets of steps. Rowan dragged Show of the steps and got the pin.

Winner: Erick Rowan @ 10:58

We now head backstage to Eden who is stood with Swagger and Colter who tell her that they may have failed America in the past, but tonight is the night where Old Glory will rise above in the face of adversity as it has done throughout history.

Renee Young is with Lana and Rusev and Lana tells her that Jack Swagger was a failure and will always be a failure. Lana says that Swagger is like every American, as he can never get the job done when it matters and Rusev's reign over America will continue into a new year. Rusev roars and Lana smiles as they walk away.

Rusev heads to the ring first flanked by Lana waving the Russian flag. Rusev places the flag in it's stand at ringside. Then Swagger comes out with Old Glory alongside Zeb Colter. As they get to ringside, Swagger takes the Russian flag out of the stand and replaces it with the American flag to a passionate "USA" chant.

Match #4: Rusev w/Lana vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter (United States Championship Match)

Last 3 Mins: Rusev misses a Savate Kick and Swagger catches him with a Running Chop Block off the ropes. Swagger signals for the Patriot Lock and locks it in tight. When RUsev looks on the verge of tapping out, Colter jumps onto the apron and starts shouting at Swagger. The distraction causes Swagger to loosen his grip which allows Rusev to get kick Swagger in the knee. Swagger uses his injured leg to hit Swagger with a Savate Kick to straight to the temple. Rusev pins Swagger and Lana comes into the ring to congratulate him. Colter rolls into the ring and kneels next to the head of Swagger. He says "I'm sorry" to Jack, stands up and raises Rusev's hand. Colter heads backstage with Lana and Rusev while Swagger lays unconscious in the ring.

Winner: Rusev @ 11:38

We now head backstage to Renee Young who is stood with Miz & Mizdow. While Miz drones on about how great an actor and wrestler he is, Mizdow mimics him. After Miz is done talking, the team head to the ring. Miz walks out from behind the curtain first to a round of boos which only end when Mizdow comes out and the crowd pops for him. The Usos come out and do the Haka.

Match #5: The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

Last Minute: Jimmy tags in Jey and the duo hit a double superkick on a stunned Mizdow. Jey heads up to the top rope for the Uso Splash but Mizdow gets his knees up. As Jey favors his abdomen, Mizdow hits him with the Skull Crushing Finale. As Mizdow stumbles back into his corner, Miz tags himself in and pins Jey. Miz grabs both titles and runs backstage, leaving Mizdow sat in their corner.

Winners: Miz & Mizdow @ 8:41

Dean Ambrose is shown backstage filling a shopping trolley with chairs and laying a table on top of them. Bray Wyatt walks to the ring first, notably rocking chair free. As the light come back on from Bray's entrance, Ambrose comes racing down the ramp with the trolley and runs Wyatt down with it. The two brawl into the ring then the match starts.

Match #6: Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

Last 5 Mins: Ambrose is laying into Wyatt with a steel chair until it becomes too bent to be used. He throws it away and turns around only to have Wyatt drag him onto the apron. Dean nearly goes through a table at ringside but keeps his composure. Dean wrestles Bray onto the apron and the two brawl until Bray ducks a punch from Ambrose and throws him through the table with a side slam. Wyatt picks up a dazed Ambrose and throws him back into the ring. Bray then lifts AMbrose up and hits the Sister Abigail onto a ladder left laying in the ring. Ambrose is busted open and starts writhing on the floor. Wyatt lifts Dean up again and hits another Sister Abigail onto a chair on the floor. Ambrose doesn't move and Bray rolls him over onto his back for the pin. Bray walks backstage laughing and looking at Dean's blood on his hands with a look of sheer joy. Dean lays unconscious in the ring.

Winner: Bray Wyatt @ 28:33

Match #7: Ryback vs Kane (Steel Chairs Match)

I can literally think of no way to make this any good or even decent so I was thinking that Ryback hits Shell Shocked onto a pile of steel chairs from the second rope and gets a pin. Then at least something good happened because they both got hurt. Who even booked this to happen in the first place? Whoever came up with this sorry excuse for a match deserves a

Seth Rollins is accompanied backstage by J&J Security as he is interviewed by Eden. Rollins tells Eden that tonight he will do exactly what VInce McMahon told him to do when he takes the brass ring right out of Cena's cold dead hands.

John Cena is also backstage with Renee Yong. Cena tells her that tonight his right to get revenge against Brock Lesnar is on the line tonight and that he will stop at nothing short of death to beat Rollins and put him through a table.

John Cena enters the ring first, shaking hands with Justin Roberts. Then, Rollins heads to the ring with Mercury and Noble.

Main Event: John Cena vs Seth Rollins w/J&J Security (Tables Match where if Cena loses, he forfeits his No 1 Contendership)

Paul Heyman comes to ringside near to the end of the match.

Last Few Mins: John Cena throws Rollins across the announce table and knocks both Noble & Mercury to the floor with punches but Noble stumbles into the referee and sends him into the ring post, knocking him out.. As Cena sets up a table at ringside, a fan in an NXT hoodie jumps the barricade and floors Cena. Just as security are about to restrain him, he lowers his hood to reveal it is Bull Dempsey. He continues to lay into Cena but John is able to get some shots in and being to fight back. Cena is able to lift Bull onto his shoulders but just as he is about to hit the AA, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy jump the barricade and start laying into Cena. After they have left Cena laid out, Bull Dempsey climbs onto the apron while Murphy and Blake pin Cena onto the table at ringside. Dempsey jumps off he apron and puts Cena through the table. Seth Rollis comes too and asks the three what they're doing and Dempsey tells Seth to go to the top rope. As seth clambers to the top rope, obviously fatigued, Murphy and Blake set up a table near the corner Seth is climbing while Dempsey stands at the back of him. Now, Murphy and Blake pin Cena to the table again while a new referee comes to the ring. Just as Seth looks about to fall off the top rope, Dempsey pushes him off so he falls on Cena and puts him through the table. The bell rings and the ref raises Rollins' arm. Bull now comes back into the ring where Paul Heyman is now stood in the middle. He squares up to Heyman then extends a hand. Paul accepts it and the two shake hands as the PPV goes off air.

Winner: Seth Rollins @ 28:34

Thanks for reading guys, sorry about the late results (I've been trying to catch up on ROH)

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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Decided that Bull Dempsey, Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake need a theme song change. Thought this fitted them and my idea for them.

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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Monday Night Raw
December 15th 2014, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

Announcers: Alex Riley, JBL & William Regal

A video package recapping Cena vs Rollins from TLC the night before is shown before the show starts. The video ends with Dempsey, Murphy & Blake attacking Cena, helping Rollins win the match and Bull Dempsey shaking Paul Heyman's hand.

The announcers talk about the situation with John Cena and tell us that Dean Ambrose was hospitalised last night with a severe head injury and Bray Wyatt hasn't been sighted since his match the night before.

Dempsey & Team Thick head down to the ring to kick off RAW. Dempsey grabs a mic from the timekeeper's area and starts talking.

"Ladies and gentlemen, did we get your attention? I know we got John Cena's attention." Dempsey looks back at Team Thick as they all laugh. "I know everyone's got questions. Why are you here? What are your motives? Some people are probably wondering who the hell we are. Well, we are the future. I know a lot of people say that, but they are all liars. I think we showed what we can do last night, when we put Cena's title dreams on hold. We are the future, because we take what is ours. We weren't allowed on REvolution, so we walked onto TLC. We never got one title shot, so we took Cena's. And in all honesty, we were doing just what we were told. Vince McMahon said we need to grab the brass ring. So we took it from John's cold dead hands."

Cena's music hits and he runs down to the ring with a mic. "Now Bull, I know you think your some big shot because you interfered in my match last night, but all you are is some chump with no respect. You come out here and say you're the future, because you and your boyfriends there helped Rollins put me through a table. You took something I care dearly about, and when I'm done with you, you're not gonna have a future."

Rollins heads down to the ring now, flanked by J&J Security. "Cena, step aside. This ring is reserved for people who did something last night. Like me, cos I beat you. Remember? But I'm not out here to brag, I'll save that for later. I'm out here to thank three men who did the right thing last night. Three men who did what was best for business. Bull, Murphy, Blake. Thank you."

Rollins goes to leave the ring but Murphy grabs the mic out of Dempsey's hand. "Do you think we did this for you? Are you insane? We did this for us. We did this cos we got paid. We did this cos we got fame. We did this because we got a fat WWE contract out of Heyman. Last night happened for us, not for you."

As Rollins is about to speak, Brock Lesnar's music hits. However, it is Heyman who comes out to the stage. "Murphy's right. You guys did get a WWE contract from me, because I'm a great negotiator. I know how to get what I want, which was to make sure Cena never even looked at the WWE title again. And it worked. My client is safe from John Cena for a long time. And John, I know you probably aren't my biggest fan right now, but you gotta understand that what I did was best for Lesnar and the future of the WWE Championship."

Cena lifts up his mic. "You're one smug son of a bitch, aren't ya Paul? The Master Manipulator, The Great Tactician, call yourself what you want but your just a little bitch who gets some kinda sick joy from ruining people's lives. You took something from me, and I'm not stopping til I get it back. And if Brock's out in the wood shooting deer right now and he doesn't see this, you tell him that Cena's coming to punch his fat red face into oblivion and I'm gonna kick his ass so hard it's gonna erupt outta his head"

Paul looks at Cena and laughs. He is about to retort when Chris Jericho comes out to the stage. " Hey guys, this is getting a little heated. I think we need a bit of ring action to let some of this anger out. I tell ya what, how about as tonight's GM, I book some damn matches. Hell, I'll go all out and book a double main event. First of all, you Jerichoholics better fire up those smartphones because our first main event will be John Cena vs Bull Dempsey, Buddy Murphy or Wesley Blake, decided by the WWE App vote" John Cena smiles while Dempsey and Team Thick shout at Jericho "And secondly, since I wanna see someone smack that smug look of Seth's face so badly, I'm gonna book Seth Rollins against ..." Jericho points to the entrance, but then points straight back to himself "me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is turning out to be one hell of a RAW IS JERICHO!" Jericho heads backstage as the ring empties of people.

We come back from commercial to see New Day in the ring, looking incredibly underwhelmed. Gold & Stardust make their entrance and taunt New Day from across the ring. The announce team talk about their match from the TLC Pre-Show and how Gold & Stardust will be looking for redemption tonight.

Match #1: The New Day (Big E & Kofi) w/Xavier Woods vs Gold & Stardust

Kofi & Stardust start off this match. Stardust locks up with Kofi and throws him off into the ropes. Kofi ducks a dropkick from Stardust and hits him with a hip toss as he stands up. Kofi throws some punches into the head of Stardust and releases his hold. Kofi waits for Stardust to stand up but he darts over to his corner and tags Goldust in. Goldust goes to lock up with Kofi and hits the hip toss on Kofi. Kofi is able to kip up out of the hold and hit a Double Foot Stomp to the chest of Goldust. Kofi follows this up with a Flip Senton Attack. Goldust staggers to his feet, only for Kofi to hit a dropkick to the back of Goldust's head. Kofi grabs Goldust by his ring gear and drags him to his corner to tag Big E. Big E enters the ring and lifts Goldust onto his shoulders while Kofi ascends the top rope and leaps off hitting a Single Leg Dropkick to Goldust's head, which Big E transitions into a Samoan Drop. Big E goes for a cover but Goldust kicks out just after 2. Big E picks up Goldust but Goldust is able to throw elbows into Big E's stomach. Goldust tries to run the ropes but he is blocked by a shoulder block from Big E. Big E starts delivering kicks to Goldust's head until Goldust rolls out of the ring. Big E tries to follow him out but Goldust hits a big kick to the head. Big E falls back into the ring as Goldust gets back in the ring and runs to his corner. Goldust tags in Stardust who runs across the ring and knocks Kofi off the apron before Big E can make the tag. Stardust turns around and lays into Big E with kicks and punches. Stardust looked set to hit Dark Matter but Big E overpowered him and threw back-first into the corner. Kofi found the strength to jump onto the apron and kick Stardust in the head. This caused him to stumble put and receive a Big Ending from Big E. Big E got the pin, and The New Day walked backstage without celebrating.

Winners: The New Day (Big E & Kofi) @ 9:24

We now head backstage to Dolph Ziggler who is with Renee Young. Renee asks Dolph about his incredible match from TLC. Dolph replies "Thank you Renee, I gave my all in that match and in the end, I just couldn't find it inside me to get up after Luke threw that ladder at me. But every time I fail, I learn how to be stronger. I learn from those mistakes. Going to the top rope was overconfident. So tonight, I start on my new path. I couldn't win the Intercontinental title. So maybe I just need a new goal." Dolph leaves the interview to head out for his match.

Cesaro makes his entrance, flanked by Tyson Kidd & Natalya. Dolph Ziggler comes out next, to a raucous chant of "Dolph Ziggler".

Match #2: Cesaro w/Kidd & Natalya vs Dolph Ziggler

Last 3 Mins: Cesaro pins Ziggler into the corner and starts unleashing kicks to the stomach until Ziggler falls into a seated position. Cesaro runs across the ring to the other corner then runs back and hits a European Uppercut onto the seated Ziggler. Cesaro drags Dolph out and hits an Elbow Drop to the chest of Ziggler. Cesaro walks to Ziggler's base and grabs his legs. He signals the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro gets 14 rotations until Ziggler is able to throw his body up and grab Cesaro's head. Dolph holds his grip until Cesaro releases his legs. This allows Dolph to hit a Spinning DDT. Both men struggle to their feet. Cesaro gets up first and goes to lift Ziggler up, but Ziggler breaks Cesaro's grip and hits him with a Superkick. Cesaro drops and Ziggler seems staggered. Ziggler calls for Cesaro to get up until Kidd jumps onto the apron. Ziggler goes to knock him off with a punch but misses. Ziggler turns around into Cesaro who throws him up in the air. Cesaro goes for the Very European Uppercut, but Ziggler is able to avoid it. Ziggler lands behind Cesaro and hits him with the Zig-Zag. Dolph crawls for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler @ 13:40

Nikki Bella is backstage with Renee Young who asks her about her performance at TLC. Nikki says "Now, no one can say I don't deserve this title. I beat AJ clean in the ring, without Brie, without cheating. Now, I'm gonna do to the rest of the Divas what I did to AJ and that is prove them wrong." AJ approaches Nikki and stares her down. AJ offers her hand to Nikki, but Nikki slaps it away. As Nikki walks off, Brie walks over to AJ and spits in her face then leaves with her sister.

We come back from commercials to the ring where Fandango & R-Truth stand across from each other. Just before the match starts, Kane heads to the ring and climbs over the top rope. As Fandango challenges his presence, Kane grabs him by the throat and hits him with the Chokeslam. R-Truth runs over to attack Kane but he also gets hit with a Chokeslam. Kane goes to ringside and grabs a chair from the timekeeper's area. Kane picks Truth up for the Tombstone onto the chair, but out of nowhere Randy Orton comes out of the crowd. He jumps into the ring and hits the RKO on Kane. Orton picks up the chair and starts laying into Kane with it until he rolls out of the ring and flees backstage. Orton grabs a mic and tells the crowd "That's right, I'm back. And Seth Rollins, after I kick Kane's ass next week I'm going to end you." He throws the mic down and heads backstage.

We now see Renee Young trying to get into The Miz's dressing room. Mizdow opens the door and asks Miz if she is allowed in. Miz says okay and Mizdow lets her in. Miz says he has his face on and that's the only reason Renee is getting the interview. Miz says to her "I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I may very well be the greatest tag team champion of all time. Last night, I single-handedly defeated a two former champions." Just as Miz is set to continue talking, Mizdow interjects. "I don't know if you're forgetting something, but didn't I do all the work? You just tagged in at the end." Miz looks outraged at Mizdow's comments. "You know what Mizdow? If you want to be so disrespectful, I don't think I want you in my corner tonight." Miz stormed out of his dressing room as Mizdow was left looking saddened,

Jimmy Uso heads to the ring with his brother and he is followed by The Miz, looking noticeably disheveled.

Match #3: Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso vs The Miz

Last 3 Mins: The Miz is stomping away on Jimmy in the corner. The ref makes him back off, which allows Miz to go and taunt Jey. The Miz goes back to Jimmy in the corner and drags him into the center of the ring and drops him with a DDT. Miz shouts at Jimmy until his music hits. Mizdow comes out to an incredible pop, but to the anger of Miz. Miz and Mizdow get into a shouting contest to the point where they are face to face across the ropes. In this time, Jimmy Uso is up and turns Miz around for a Superkick. The kick knocks Miz into Mizdow which knocks him off the apron. Miz rebounds of Mizdow into a Samoan Drop from Jimmy. Jimmy then ascends the top rope and hits the Superfly Splash on Miz. Jimmy gets the pin and him & Jey celebrate while Miz lays unconscious and Mizdow high fives fans.

Winner: Jimmy Uso @ 8:54

Chris Jericho is now backstage with Renee Young who is asking him about tonight's Highlight Reel. Jericho tells her that tonight is going to be awesome with his guest host, Rusev. Jericho says he's going to ask the big questions and that everyone should stay tuned.

We come back from commercials to see Jericho in the ring with the Highlight Reel set. Jericho tells the fans that tonight he has a great episode of the Highlight Reel and tells everyone to welcome his guests, Rusev, Lana & Zeb Colter. The three come out and enter the ring. Jericho lifts his mic. "First of all, I'd like to congratulate Rusev on another tainted victory at TLC." This received a glare from Rusev and Lana. "And secondly, I gotta ask the question on everyone's mind. What happened Zeb?" Jericho offers his microphone to Zeb.

Zeb looks up at Jericho and accepts the mic he has been offered. "You wanna know why, Mr Jericho? It's a simple answer. I was on the wrong side. You idiots here in Detroit may not have noticed it, but America is a sinking ship. We have turned from a nation of thinkers and creators into lazy, stupid cowards. There have only been three people who have stood up to Rusev, and he has crushed them all. I get it now. America is a shell of the nation it once was. And also Chris, I have a big announcement. Tonight, I rescind my American citizenship and announce that I will become a Russian citizen."

Jericho grabs another microphone. "Now Zeb, I get being annoyed at not being able to beat Rusev but surely rescinding your citizenship is a little rash."

Lana steps forward with a microphone. "Mr Jericho, you need to shut tup. Mr Colter has made the smartest decision in his life. He has come to realize that Russia is far superior to any nation, especially this hell-hole of a country"

Suddenly, Jack Swagger's music hits and he runs down the ramp. He jumps into the ring and starts to attack Rusev. Jericho, Colter and Lana all get out of the ring. Rusev looks to be getting the upper hand but Swagger gets a flurry of punches in and throws Rusev head first into the JeriTron. Jericho gets in the ring and raises Swagger's hand while Zeb & Lana help Rusev backstage.

The announcers at ringside inform us of the situation with Dean Ambrose and his head injury has healed well and he will be available for Raw next week. They also say that Bray Wyatt is still missing.

Seth Rollins music hits and he heads down to the ring with J&J Security. He is followed down by Chris Jericho, who gets an awesome pop.

Match #4: Seth Rollins w/J&J Security vs Chris Jericho

Last 2 Mins: Seth Rollins kicks Chris Jericho in the stomach and attempts to hit the Curb Stomp. Jericho dodges hit and hits an Enzuiguri to the back of Rollins' head. Rollin's springs back off the ropes and Jericho hits him with a Codebreaker on the rebound. Jericho goes for the pin but only gets a 2. Jericho goe for the Lionsault. Rollins attempts to block it with his knees but Jericho blocks it and kicks him in the head. Jamie Noble climbs onto the apron but Jericho dropkicks him off, causing him to fall onto Joey Mercury. Jericho climbs to the top rope and hits a Diving Crossbody onto a now standing Seth Rollins. Jericho stays on top of Rollins and gets the pin for the victory. Jericho celebrates with the fans while Rollins stumbles backstage with Noble & Mercury.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 11:49

We go backstage to Renee Young who is stood with John Cena. John tells Renee that it doesn't matter who is going to be facing tonight, because he is going to destroy them.

Cena heads out to the ring to await his opponent. JBL is set to announce the winner of the WWE App vote. The results come up and Bull Dempsey wins with 52%. Bull comes out, ready for a fight.

Main Event: John Cena vs Bull Dempsey

Last 4 Mins: John Cena starts to run through Bull Dempsey with clotheslines. He hits three before going for a shoulder block. Bull counters the shoulder block with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Bull fights to his feet and begins to drop big elbows into Cena's chest. Bull follows these up with headbutts to the shoulder. Bull goes to pick up Cena but Cena blocks it and lifts up Bull for the AA. Cena drops him down and crawls into the cover. The ref makes the count but just before 3, he is dragged out by Buddy Murphy. Wesley Blake jumps into the ring and starts stomping on Cena's head. Murphy throws the ref into the barricade while Blake grabs a chair from ringside. When Blake turns back to the ring, Roman Reigns jumped the barricade and hit Blake with a Superman Punch. Reigns then jumped into the ring and leveled Bull with a Spear. Roman then stared at Buddy Murphy. Murphy attempted to jump into the ring, but Reign's hit him with a Superman Punch as well. Reigns then went to the other side of the ring and signalled for a Superman Punch on Bull Dempsey. He hit Bull straight in the cheek which caused him to turn straight into Cena who hit Bull with another AA. Cena and Reigns shake hands to close Raw.

Winner: No Contest @ 15:18

Once again, thanks for reading guys.
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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned


WWE has successfully signed independent wrestlers Allysin Kay & Cedric Alexander to developmental contracts. The two are set to report to NXT by the end of the month.

It is believed that both wrestlers will keep their independent ring names.

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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Very clean and quick read. I like it. I'll be following
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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

December 17th 2014, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida

Announcers: Corey Graves, Jason Albert & Rich Brennan

The show opens with a video package of Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville, finishing with Kevin Owens' brutal attack on Zayn.

Kevin Owens comes out to the ring at the opening of the show with a mic. He takes in the mixed crowd reaction and gets ready to speak. "I honestly don't know what you people were expecting. Didn't I say I was coming here to FIGHT, and to be honest kicking CJ Parker's ass just wasn't enough for me. But beating the holy hell out of Sami." Owens takes a deep breath, and smiles. "Now that felt good." The NXT crowd begin to chant "You're a weirdo", but Owens doesn't seem to care. "You people chant whatever you want, but the reason I'm here in this ring and you're all paying to see me is simply because I have the hunger and the drive to do whatever is necessary to impress and get people's attention. And that's what I did last week."

Adrian Neville's music hits and he heads out to the ring with a mic. "Kevin, you certainly got my attention, but there's no way that you impressed me. Going out there and beating up a man who just had a 20 minute spectacular with me. A man who had left it all in that ring. That's not impressive, that's despicable. Do you have no honor? That man is one of your best friend, one of my best friends, and you threw him around like a ragdoll. All you did last week was piss me off Kevin. And the one you thing you don't want to do is piss of a Geordie."

Kevin points at Neville and laughs. "Aw that's real cute Adrian. You comin out here and stickin up for your friend has warmed my black little heart. I'm gonna tell you this now so it doesn't shock you later. In this business, you don't make friends. Every guy in that locker room would stab you in the back for a look at the NXT title. I'd end your career or Sami's to get my hands on it. That's nature. You, Sami, anyone in that locker room means nothing to me. All I care about is myself. I'm a lion, Adrian. My food chain is whatever or whoever takes me to the top. The only reason I'm gonna go outside my food chain to get you, is if you get on my nerves. Don't cross me Elf Boy, or I'll take you out and force you onto commentary like Corey Graves." Kevin laughs at Neville. As Owens backs off to leave the ring, Neville throws a kick at his head. Owens dodges it and smashes the mic into Neville's head. Neville drops to the floor, leaving a dent in the microphone. Owens kneels down beside Adrian's unconscious body and says into the mic "You just got on my nerves Adrian. I'd start looking at apartments you can afford on an announcer's salary, because next week I'm gonna break your neck. We're not gonna have a wrestling match, we're gonna fight. And you know how much I love to fight." Owens leaves the ring while Neville lays prone on the mat.

We head over to our commentary team where Rich Brennan tells us that Sami Zayn is not present tonight due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of Kevin Owens. We are also informed that Kevin Owens will be in the main event against Justin Gabriel. They also tell us that in response to the attack from REvolution, Bayley will face Becky Lynch one on one.

The Ascension's music hits and the team make their way to the ring, with the announcers talking about their loss at REvolution. They are followed down by Jason & Jordan & Tye Dillinger.

Match #1: The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs The Can-Am Perfection (Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger)

Last Minute: Tye Dillinger hits a dropkick on Viktor who is rebounding off the ropes. Tye crawls over to his corner and tags in Jordan. Jordan jumps into the ring just as Viktor tags in Konnor. Konnor runs through Jordan with a shoulder block then catches him again with a massive Lariat. Konnor waits for Jordan gets to his feet before flooring him with a massive right hand. Konnor crosses his throat with his thumb to signal the end. Jordan struggles to his feet, only for Konnor to lay him out with a Full Nelson Slam. Konnor tags in Viktor and the assume their positions for the Fall Of Man. They both connect and Jordan is destroyed by Konnor & Viktor. Viktor covers him for the win. Jordan rolls out of the ring to be consoled by Dillinger while Viktor grabs a mic.

"Hideo. Balor. You may have defeated us at REvolution, but rest assured you're victory will not remain sweet for long. You have angered us. We will make you suffer for you resistance. It is inevitable. The Ascension will always rise, and you two will most definitely fall. You have invited Hell to your front door, and now you pay the price."

As the Ascension leave the ring, Tye Dillinger helps Jordan to his feet. Just as Jason stands up, Tye kicks his legs out from under him. Tye then drags Jordan up and throws him into the ringside barricade. Tye goes under the ring and grabs a chair, then he walks over to Jordan who is trying to lift himself up using the barricade. Dillinger wings the chair and smashes Jason's head between the chair and the barricade. Dillinger walks backstage, obviously enraged, screaming at Jordan "This is your fault."

Winners: The Ascension @ 4:35

The announcers tell us that Kevin Owens vs Adrian Neville has been confirmed for next week's NXT and they discuss the actions of Tye Dillinger and The Ascension.

The lights go out across the arena and Baron Corbin heads down to the ring to face local competitor, Aaron Kayne.

Match #2: Baron Corbin vs Aaron Kayne

Kayne comes running out of his corner at Corbin but Corbin lays him out with a huge Big Boot. Kayne stumbles back to his feet, but Baron Corbin picks up Aaron and drops him with a Bodyslam. Corbin lifts Kayne up again and whips him off into the ropes. Off the rebound, Corbin hits the End Of Days on Kayne and pins him for the victory.

Out of the crowd Bull Dempsey, Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake jump the barricade and attack Baron Corbin. Corbin attempts to fight the group off but their attack is relentless and Baron is left laying in the middle of the ring. The three attackers walk up the ramp, taunting Baron Corbin as he attempts to get back to his feet.

Winner: Baron Corbin @ 0:32

Corey Graves comments that that was the first time he has ever seen anyone weaken Baron Corbin.

Bayley comes out to the ring now to a massive pop from the crowd. Then, we see Becky Lynch come down to the ring without Sasha Banks at her side.

Match #3: Bayley vs Becky Lynch

Last 2 Mins: Bayley is able to hit the Hug-Plex on Becky Lynch. Both women struggle to their feet. Bayley starts to throw chops across the chest of Lynch and then whips her off into the ropes. Bayley attempts to knee Becky in the stomach with her bad knee but Lynch catches it. Lynch throws Bayley over with the Dragon Screw, putting Bayley in great pain. Becky goes over to the injured Bayley and throws kicks into the bad leg of Bayley. Becky then drags her opponent's head up and hits her with a European Uppercut. Becky Lynch then unleashes a flurry of punches into the head of Bayley. As Becky turns away from Bayley to taunt the crowd, Bayley is able to get to her feet long enough attempt a roll-up on Becky. However, Lynch catches the bad leg and locks in a Kneebar. After a short time in the hold, Bayley taps out. Lynch celebrates her victory while Bayley holds her knee, with a grimace of pain on her face.

Winner: Becky Lynch @ 7:53

Enzo Amore is outside William Regal's office with Colin Cassady and Carmella talking about how they all deserve title opportunities because of their recent performances. Colin opens the door only to see William Regal talking to the Vaudevillains in black and white. They are talking about how the ending was wrong because Simon Gotch was pinned but he was not the legal man. Regal agrees to give them another opportunity at the titles. Cassady closes the door and says "I thought that was a camera trick."

We now head back to the arena where Justin Gabriel is entering the ring for his match. He is followed out by Kevin Owens who looks extremely concentrated.

Main Event: Justin Gabriel vs Kevin Owens

Last 2 Mins: Justin Gabriel hits Owens with a Superkick which seems to daze him. Gabriel jumps up to the top rope but Owens shuts down any possible move by following Justin up to the top and throwing him off with an arm drag. Gabriel is winded by the fall and Owens leaps off the second rope with knee drop. Owens goes for a cover but only gets a 2. Owens lifts up Gabriel and whips him into the ropes. Gabriel holds on to Kevin but gets dragged back into a Lariat. Owens follows this up with three quick elbow drops and a headbutt to the shoulder. Owens taunts Gabriel as he gets back to his feet and kicks out the knee of Gabriel. Justin drops to his knees and Owens lays him out with a DDT. Owens then hits a Running Senton Splash to Justin. Owens stomps on Justin until he the referee pulls him away. Justin uses the ropes to get back to his feet, but Owens drags him away from the ropes and plants him with a massive Powerbomb. Owens holds him down for the cover and the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens @ 10:50

Steen throws Gabriel out of the ring and Powerbombs him onto the ring apron. While EMT's put Gabriel on a stretcher and take him back stage, Owens grabs a mic and starts to talk. "Hey Adrian, I'm not a guy to speak in riddles so I'll get straight to the point. When I said I wanted to fight you, I meant I wanted to get you in a Street Fight. Accept my challenge by next week or I'll hunt you down backstage and beat you up anyway. I don't need a match as an excuse for a fight, I'll just beat your ass anyway."

Owens walking backstage smiling closes out the show.

Thanks again for reading guys, I'm really having fun coming up with these ideas and sharing so thanks for just being part of it.

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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Thursday Night Smackdown
December 18th 2014, Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Christian & Tom Phillips

Before the show starts, we see a video package showing the opening ot Raw and the match between John Cena and Bull Dempsey. It finishes by shwoing the return of Roman Reigns and his destruction of Team Thick.

Chris Jericho comes out at the beginning of the show with a mic to address the fans. "What's up, WWE Universe?" The fans cheer for Jericho. "I know that everyone's excited for tonight's Smackdown, because it's full of sweet sweet Jerichoness. But first, I've got some business to sort out. On Monday what was supposed to be a great main event was ruined by a bunch of jack-offs. And all I gotta say is, get your asses out here."

Team Thick's music hits and the group head down to the ring. Wesley Blake grabs a mic from ringside as the group square up to Jericho in the ring. "Hey man, I don't know who you think you're talkin about but you gotta realize that no matter who those corporate stooges in Greenwich say is this week's GM, we run this show. You got that. We do what we want, when we want. I'm sick and tired of you and everyone in that locker room sayin we got no respect. We got respect, just not for the yes men and cowards of the WWE locker room today. We respect the men who stood up for something. Men like Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, but there wasn't anyone with that passion back there. Until last Sunday, when we showed everyone what it means to make an opportunity. We took charge of our future. No one dictates the glass ceiling to us. If you try, we're gonna smash it and cut you up with the broken pieces.

As Blake lowers his mic, Cena comes out to the ring, looking angry. "I don't know if you guys get off on screwing me out of matches, and I'm usually a pretty patient guy, but you three assholes are really pissing me off." Cena turns to Blake to address him. "So why don't you, Kangaroo Jack and Captain Fat Camp get out of my face before I break yours."

Before Blake can respond, Roman Reigns enters through the crowd. He enters the ring and grabs Cena's mic. Addressing Cena, he says "Dude, you need to relax." He then turns to Team Thick. "And you three chumps need to learn whats good for you, and messing with John Cena is no good for you. I mean come on, when you've just walked into the yard you don't pray on the big dog. At least me an my crew picked on Ryback. He's big, and no offence to him, but he ain't no Cena. You guy's are not gonna walk away from this without some serious hurt gettin put on you." The fans start chanting for Cena & Reigns. "You know why I came and helped Cena on Raw. Cos I respect the hell outta this guy. Love him, hate him, blast him on the internet, but this guy has done so much in the past ten years it ain't even real. When you guys pick on him, you pick on everyone in that locker room, including me. An if you pick on me, you get a Superman Punch straight in your big, fat, blabberin faces."

Chris Jericho jumps in between both parties and lifts his mic. "Hey guys, I just came up with a great idea. It's gonna help everyone get what they want. Reigns, Cena, you want to lay some hurt on Team Thick, Team Thick wanna prove themselves and I wanna perform in front of all my Jerichoholics right here tonight in Grand Rapids. So who's up for a little Six-Man Tag action?"

The fans cheer at the idea until Bull grabs the mic off Blake. "If we're having a six-man, I want it to be Falls Count Anywhere so I can whoop the ass of Cena and his Technicolor T-Shirt's all around this arena." Jericho looks to the crowd who start chanting "YES". Jericho nods and Team Thick head backstage while Cena, Reigns and Jericho start high-fiving fans.

We head over to the announce table who tell us that we have a huge match later tonight featuring Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper.

We cut away from the announcers to go backstage to Eden who is interviewing Adam Rose & The Bunny. Adam Rose tells Eden that "tonight, everything between him and The Bunny goes out of the window because him and The Bunny need to be able to work as a team." When Eden asks The Bunny a question, Rose pulls the microphone back towards him and says "He can't talk Eden, he's a bloody bunny." The Bunny nods his head and the Rosebuds head out to the ring.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd make their way to the ring, accompanied by Natalya. They are followed to the ring by Rose, The Bunny and the rest of the Rosebuds.

Match #1: The Throwbacks (Cesaro & Kidd) w/Natalya vs The Rosebuds (Adam Rose & The Bunny)

Last Minute: Adam Rose hits a dropkick on Tyson Kidd. The two men crawl to their respective corners. Rose tags in The Bunny just as Kidd tags in Cesaro. The Bunny runs towards Cesaro but The Bunny gets launched into the air and laid out with the Very European Uppercut. Cesaro tags Kidd back into the match and lifts The Bunny into Powerbomb position. Kidd climbs to the top rope as Cesaro positions himself just in front of Kidd, facing away from him. Kidd jumps from the top rope and hits a neckbreaker on The Bunny, causing Cesaro to also hit the Powerbomb. Rose tries to intervene but Cesaro throws him over the top rope, towards the announce tables. Kidd covers The Bunny for the win and Cesaro and Tyson push through the Rosebuds and head backstage, celebrating with Natalya. Rose grabs a chair from ringside and heads back into the ring. Rose stairs at The Bunny who is still laid out on the mat. Rose unleashes a flurry of chair shots into the back of The Bunny until the chair is destroyed. Rose jumps out of the ring and goes to head backstage, but the Rosebuds stand in his way. Rose begins to attack the Rosebuds until they all run off. One of the Rosebuds is left laying on the ramp. Rose stares at him and allows him to try to use the barricade to stand up, but before he does Rose kicks his head straight into the barricade. Rose then walks backstage, with a look of pure anger on his face.

Winners: The Throwbacks (Cesaro & Kidd) @ 6:43

We now go to Eden who is backstage with Brie and Nikki Bella. Eden asks about Nikki's show of disrespect to AJ on Raw. Nikki and Brie look at Eden deridingly and Nikki responds. "The only divas who deserve respect are me and Brie. I proved that at TLC when I beat AJ clean in that ring. I am the better diva and I deserve respect. And tonight, Brie is going to show everyone why being a Bella means being the best." Brie smiles at her sister as the two head out to the ring.

Brie Bella comes out first, flanked by Nikki. She is followed down by Emma.

Match #2: Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella vs Emma

Last 2 Mins: Brie Bella goes to hit a dropkick on Emma but Emma blocks it and hits Brie with a Forearm Smash to the face as she stands up. Emma follows this up with multiple Forearm Smashes to the upper back until Brie hits Emma in the stomach with her arm. Emma stumbles back and Brie hits her with a Discus Clothesline. Emma goes down and Brie calls for Brie Mode. Brie goes to the second rope but just before she can hit the Missile Dropkick, Emma hits a Superkick to Brie's stomach which causes her to fall from the second turnbuckle into the ropes. As Brie rest on the ropes, Emma goes to lock in the Dil-Emma. Before she can properly lock in Brie's arms, Nikki slaps Emma in the face without the referee seeing. Brie breaks out of the hold and kicks Emma in the head. Emma falls head first onto the ring apron and then drops to ringside. Emma is counted and Brie is declared the winner. Brie goes outside the ring to hug her sister but Nikki refuses and walks backstage. Brie stands at ringside stunned then follows her sister backstage.

Winner: Brie Bella @ 8:09

We now head backstage where Dean Ambrose is prepping for his match with Luke Harper.

Luke Harper makes his way out to the ring. He is followed by Dean Ambrose, who gets right in Luke's face before the bell rings.

Match #3: Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose

Last 3 Mins: Ambrose has Harper laid out on the outside of the ring after hitting a Lunatic Clothesline. As Dean lifts Harper up, the lights in the arena go out. The lights come back on and Bray Wyatt is kneeled in the middles of the ring, holding a piece of bloodied wrist tape. Bray begins laughing in the middle of the ring, distracting Ambrose until Harper hit Dean in the back of the head with a clothesline. Harper stands over Dean while him and Bray smile at each other. Then, Rowan's music hits and he walks down to the ring. Bray smiles at Erick but Erick just stares back at him. Harper walks around the ring and stands face to face with Rowan. As the two men begin to brawl and Wyatt watches on, Dean Ambrose crawls back into the ring. Dean begins to lay into Bray and the two begin to brawl as well. The referee calls the match off as Ambrose and Rowan fight off Wyatt and Harper. Ambrose offers Rowan his hand and Rowan stares at it. Ambrose retracts it and pats him on the back as they both walk backstage.

Winner: No Contest @ 12:54

We now go backstage to Team Thick who are in the locker room preparing for their match. Bull Dempsey is pacing backwards and forwards, telling a seated Murphy and Blake how important tonight is. Buddy jumps up from his seat and tells Bull that tonight, everything's going to go to plan.

John Cena, Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho enter seperately to huge cheers. Then Team Thick head out as a group . Team Thick taunt their opponents from across the ring as the match starts.

Main Event: John Cena, Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho vs Team Thick (Bull Dempsey, Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake)

During the match, Buddy Murphy and Chris Jericho brawl to the back.

Last Few Mins: Bull Dempsey is brawling with Cena in the crowd while Wesley Blake is being attacked with a chair by Roman Reigns. Suddenly, Buddy Murphy appears on the titantron. He moves out of the way of the camera to reveal a downed Jericho with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar stood over him in a small concrete room. Buddy unleashes a series of boots into Jericho's chest. Paul Heyman then crouches next to Jericho and laughs in his ear. Paul then stands up and nods a Brock. Brock then grabs Jericho's arm and locks him in the Kimura Lock. Jericho begins to scream in pain as Heyman kneels next to his head again. Heyman calls over Murphy who hands him a microphone. Heyman tells Jericho that he "has a few demands" for him and he will obey them unless he wants Brock to break his arm. Heyman continues, saying "First of all Chris, I want you to insert Mr Dempsey, Mr Blake and my friend Mr Murphy here into the Royal Rumble." Jericho nods, screaming in pain all the while. Heyman smiles, then starts speaking again. "And also, you're going to ban John Cena from competing against my client at the Royal Rumble." Jericho shakes his head until Lesnar tightens the hold. This causes Chris to agree to this second stipulation. "And finally, I want you to allow me to choose the entrance numbers for Bull, Blake and Murphy." Jericho resists at first but finally accepts this third stipulation. Paul stands up with a huge smile on his face. "Thank you for playing ball Christopher. Now Brock, break his arm." Brock cranks the hold in and Jericho screams out in agony. Brock, Paul and Buddy go to leave the room, but Murphy runs back in to pin Jericho. Murphy runs out of the room laughing, while the shocked looks of Reigns and Cena close out the show.

Winners: Team Thick (Dempsey, Murphy & Blake) @ 17:28

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Re: WWE: A New Day Has Dawned

Monday Night Raw
December 22nd 2014, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Announcers: Alex Riley, JBL & William Regal

A video package recapping the lead-up to and main event of Smackdown, finishing with Brock Lesnar's assault on Chris Jericho opens Raw.

Edge heads out with a mic to kick off the show. He gets into the ring to a massive pop from the crowd. "I gotta tell you all, it's great to be back right here in Minneapolis. It's such an honor to be here as this week's GM. And I am happy to announce to all of you that I am setting a #1 contender match in the main event that totally reeks of awesomeness. Of course John Cena is banned from facing Lesnar, so my original idea is a man down. However, I still have three guys who have their opportunity to earn a title shot tonight. In the main event, Roman Reigns, Big Show and Ryback are going to leave it all in this ring to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble."

The fans cheer for Edge until The Big Show's music hits. Show heads down to the ring with a mic and climbs over the top rope to square off with Edge. "Edge, I never thought you were a smart guy but you obviously know what you're doin. Puttin me in that main event is possibly the smartest thing you did since you retired" This gets a raucous boo from the crowd. "I think everyone here knows that I am the one person who deserves a World title shot. It may have been smarter to just give me the title shot but I'm gonna need a warm up before the Rumble."

The fans boo until Ryback comes out to the ring. He grabs a mic then jumps into the ring. He laughs at Show and raises his mic. "Is this a joke? I feel like I'm in a dream. Wasn't it you who got your ass whipped by Lesnar at the Rumble last year. You didn't even last two minutes but you think you can beat him now. All you done in the last year is let that cellulite ass o' yours get saggy. Turnin your back on Team Cena at Survivor Series doesn't get you special rights. Big Nose and his Billion Dollar Bitch ain't here no more. It's my time tonight because The Big Guy is starving, and you're the big fat piece o' meat I've been dying for."

The crowd chants "Feed Me More" until Roman Reigns' music hits and he enters through the crowd. He grabs a mic away from Justin Roberts and gets in the ring. Reigns looks up and down Show and Ryback then raises his mic. "Tubby, Mogilla Gorilla, you two can come out here and bicker on like old ladies about who's gonna win tonight but I don't do my talking on this mic. I say plenty in this ring. And after tonight, when my fist knocks your jaw clean off your face, you ain't gonna be doin much talkin either. And I could bust out a catchphrase of my belief in a certain something, but I'm gonna let the people of Minneapolis do that for me." Reigns raises his mic as the crowd shout "Believe That".

All three men stare down in the center of the ring until Edge jumps between them. "Alright guys, let's get this show back under control. We have an action packed Raw here tonight. Not only is Randy Orton taking on Kane next, I am also booking Bray Wyatt to face Erick Rowan later on. Now lets all go our separate ways until the main event, because you're gonna wanna save all your fight for that match." All four men leave the ring and as the group head backstage, Randy Orton's music hits as he walks down to the ring, giving a handshake to Roman as he heads out. He is followed out by Kane who is flanked by Seth Rollins and J&J Security.

Match #1 : Randy Orton vs Kane w/Seth Rollins & J&J Security

Last Min: Randy Orton lays in wait to hit the RKO on Kane but J&J Security jump into the ring to try and interfere. Randy is able to beat them both away and hit them both with RKO's. Seth Rollins jumps onto the apron and attempts to distract Orton but Randy knocked him onto the floor. Orton turned around only for Kane to lay him out with the Chokeslam. Kane lifted the limp Orton up and put him in position for the Tombstone Piledriver. Kane hit it and got the cover. Kane rolled out of the ring and began to shout at Seth and J&J Security. Orton left the ring and went to get a mic from ringside. He shouts at Kane and Rollins then says "Kane, you wanna try to screw me over with your little friends. Sadly, I ain't got any friends cos I alienated em all over the past year, teaming with scum like you. Well I'm not losin my opportunity to kick Seth's ass. SO next week, I'm takin Kane on inside a steel cage. No ifs, no ands, no buts and especially no interference."

Kane keeps walking backstage with his group and laughs at Orton's suggestion until Edge comes back out onto the stage with a mic. "Orton, what you just said ain't a bad idea. I like it. Next week, Kane will face Randy inside a steel cage and if Randy wins, he will face Seth at the Royal Rumble."

Kane and Seth shout at Edge while Randy Orton smiles at ringside. Edge salutes Randy as he heads backstage.

Winner: Kane @ 9:21

We now go backstage to The Miz and Mizdow where Miz is blatantly angry at his partner. The Miz is yelling at Mizdow and says "Last week, you embarassed me. I'm sick and tired of you trying to steal my spotlight. I'm the real star. Can you name Bruce Willis' stunt double, or Jackie Chan's stunt double. No, I didn't think so. Dont' fly too close to the sun, or you're gonna get burned." Miz turns around to see Naomi stood in front of him. Naomi questions Miz about if he has spoken to his agent and Miz completely brushes her aside.

Jimmy Uso comes out of nowhere and gets in Miz's face. He says "I don't who you think you are pretty boy but no one speaks to my wife like that."
The two square off until Miz speaks up.

"You know what Jim? How about I kick your ass tonight. Or even better, my stunt double can take you on, since he thinks he's such a big shot."

Jimmy says OK and he and The Miz walk off. Mizdow looks around and says "Jackie Chan doesn't even have a stunt double."

We now head back out to the ring where The New Day are stood in the ring, looking unimpressed.

Justin Roberts then announces that this will be a #1 Contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Cesaro and Kidd then head out to the ring for their match.

Match #2: The New Day (Big E and Kofi) w/ Xavier Woods vs The Throwbacks (Cesaro & Kidd)

Last 2 Mins: Big E is dominating Tyson Kidd with punches and kicks to the back. Kid attempts to fight back but Big E unleashes headbutts into Kidd's forehead. Big E whips Tyson into the ropes but Tyson holds on. Big E runs at him but Kidd catches Big E with boots to the face. Tyson leaps over to Cesaro and makes a tag. Big E gets a few punches in but Cesaro starts launching uppercuts into the head of E. Cesaro starts hitting clotheslines on Big E until E blocks one and catches Cesaro with a Back Body Drop. Big E crawls to his corner while Cesaro crawls after him. Cesaro gets to his feet while Big E tags in Kofi Kingston. Kofi climbs to the top rope and dives off for the crossbody. Cesaro avoids it and catches Kofi with the Very European Uppercut. Kofi hits the mat hard and Cesaro signals for the Neutralizer with the neck crank. Cesaro lifts Kofi up for the finisher and drops him with the Neutralizer. Cesaro gets the pin for the victory and celebrates with Kidd as they head backstage. Xavier Woods helps Kofi out of the ring while Big E throws a tantrum at ringside. A fan at ringside gets in E's face and starts chanting "New Day Suck". E squares up to the fan then drags him over the barricade. Big E stomped on the man's head then threw him into the steel steps. Big E walked backstage in a rage while Kofi and Woods called for EMT's for the man at ringside.

Winners: The Throwbacks (Cesaro & Kidd) @ 11:42

We now head backstage to see Zeb Colter and Lana discussing strategy for Rusev heading into the Royal Rumble. Out of nowhere, Rusev comes running around a corner, being chased by Jack Swagger. Swagger tackles Rusev to the floor and starts hitting him in the head. Zeb goes over and tries to pull Swagger off but Swagger turns around and hits him in the head. Swagger leaves a flattened Colter and a hurt RUsev on the ground as he walks off screaming "I'll get him at the Rumble". Lana runs over to Rusev and kneels next to him with a look of concern on her face.

We now head back to the ring where Damien Mizdow is high fiving fans. Jimmy Uso then heads to the ring with Naomi for his match.

Match #3: Damien Mizdow vs Jimmy Uso w/ Naomi

Last Min: Mizdow is about to hit Jimmy with the Skull Crushing Finale until Miz's music hits and he heads to ringside. Miz starts telling Damien to get out of the ring while Mizdow tells The Miz to leave. Jimmy gets to his feet and turns the distracted Mizdow around and hits him with a huge Superkick. Mizdow ricochets off the ropes and Jimmy catches him with a Samoan Drop. Jimmy pins Mizdow and gets the victory. Jimmy leaves the ring and walks past The Miz with Naomi as Miz screams at Damien "I made you".

Winner: Jimmy Uso @ 8:39

Renee Young is backstage with Nikki and Brie Bella. Renee asks Brie about her victory on Smackdown last week but before she can speak, Nikki interrupts and says "Brie has nothing to say about her win last week. She only won because I was there. She's useless without me and I'm sick and tired of her taking credit for everything I do. I beat AJ at Survivor Series, I beat her again at TLC and I did more to beat Emma on Smackdown than you. And tonight, I'm going to get another victory under my belt and prove once again that I am the rightful Diva's champion, no matter what people like you say." Nikki walks off while Brie stands with a shocked look on her face.

Natalya makes her way to the ring and she is then followed by Nikki who is flanked by Brie who still looks offended after her sister's comments.

Match #4: Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs Natalya (WWE Divas Championship Match)

Last Min: Natalya hits Nikki with a punch to the forehead which sends her to the mat. Natalya stretches her arm out and signals for the Discus Clothesline. Nattie goes for the Discus Clothesline but Nikki ducks it and Natalya is caught on the ropes. Brie goes to grab Nattie's arm but Nikki tells her not to. Natalya turns around but Nikki kicks her in the stomach. Natalya falls to her knees and Nikki lifts her up for the Rack Attack. Nikki hits it and covers her for the victory. Nikki leaves the ring and when her sister goes to talk to her, Nikki turns to her and screams "Get out of my face" at her. Brie looks shocked as her sister heads backstage with her title.

Winner: Nikki Bella @ 10:15

We now head over to the WWE announce table where JBL informs us that he has been informed that Rusev vs Swagger for the US Title is confirmed for the Royal Rumble. William Regal then tells us that he has been told by Edge that not only have Rusev and Swagger been confirmed as entrants in the Royal Rumble, but that Titus O'Neil, Kingston, Woods, R-Truth, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Stardust, Goldust, Fandango, Diego, Fernando, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Kane, John Cena & Dolph Ziggler will all also be in the Rumble match itself.

We now go to the backstage area where it appears that Bray Wyatt is muttering to himself. This is until Luke Harper steps out of the shadows and nods at Bray.

We are now back in the ring where Erick Rowan is making his entrance. He is followed out by Bray Wyatt who has Luke Harper by his side. Luke Harper had a mic but Bray took it from his hands. He looks at Erick and says "You know what Erick? I'm disappointed in you man. I thought that you were gonna be somethin, but you just joined this machine and started panderin to these people. I know you wore a lamb mask but I didn't know you were a sheep. It's people like Dean Ambrose who led you down this path, they made you into a puppet. But Luke here, he remembered what I taught him. He remembered that these people will lie to you to get what they want. You can come out here and proclaim that you're a genius but you're still just that scared little boy who I saved. You owe me, yet you spit in my face. You're a disrespectful little bastard. And tonight I'm gonna beat some respect into that brain o' yours. You're gonna regret ever crossin me, you son of a bitch."

By this time, Bray had entered the ring and he runs across the ring with his microphone and attacks Erick Rowan with it. Bray throws the microphone from the ring as the match starts.

Match #5: Erick Rowan vs Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper

Last 2 Mins: Erick Rowan is laying into Bray Wyatt with kicks into the corner until the ref pulled him away. From nowhere, Bray jumped up from the corner and started hitting Rowan in the head. The referee trapped between them got caught in the back of the head and fell to the floor. From under the ring, Dean Ambrose jumped out with a kendo stick. Dean goes after Luke Harper first and beat him with the kendo stick until he collapsed at ringside. Dean then jumped into the ring and began to brawl with Bray Wyatt. The two fought until Erick Rowan pulled Dean off of Bray and threw him over the top rope. Erick turned back around to continue the match but Bray Wyatt managed to hit him with the Sister Abigail. Dean Ambrose attempted to re-enter the ring but Luke Harper hit him with the Big Boot. Bray woke the referee up and went to pin Erick Rowan but Erick kicked out at two. Bray tried to turn to Luke Harper to ask him for helpbut Rowan hit him with a Big Boot. He then followed this up with the Uranage. Rowan got the pin on Bray Wyatt then ran from the ring after Luke Harper jumped in to attack him. Harper cradled the hurt Bray while Dean Ambrose hurled abuse at Rowan.

Winner: Erick Rowan @ 13:49

We now go backstage to Renee Young who is stood with Ryback. Renee asks Ryback if he is ready for tonight's match. Ryback responds with "You know what Renee? I'm always ready. When I came to this arena tonight, I din't even know I had a shot at the #1 contendership. But now, I have a massive opportunity. And I'm goin in there against two proven superstars. An they better know, that it's feeding time. And I'm starving. FEED ME MORE!"

Ryback walks off and heads to the ring.

The Big Show comes out to the ring first. He is followed by Ryback and finally Roman Reigns, who is offered a handshake by Ryback when he enters the ring. Roman accepts and the bell rings.

Main Event: The Big Show vs Ryback vs Roman Reigns
vs vs

Last 3 Mins: Roman Reigns is about to hit Big Show with the Superman Punch when Bull Dempsey, Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake leap the barricade. The three enter the ring and beat down Roman. Just as the three celebrate their mauling of Roman, Ryback re-enters the ring and hits Bull Dempsey with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Blake and Murphy jumped on Ryback and beat him down too after he put up a fight. Just as Ryback was beaten, John Cena's music hits and he runs to the ring. Cena leapt into the ring and began brawling with Blake and Dempsey. Cena had them both beaten and thrown from the ring when Show turned him around and hit him with the WMD. Cena fell to the ground. Show was about to taunt the crowd until Ryback started hitting him with punches. As Big Show was stunned by a big right from Ryback, Ryback lifted him into the Shell Shocked. Ryback laid him out with the move but before he could go for the cover, Roman was able to get up and hit him with a Superman Punch that knocked him from the ring. Reigns went for the pin on Show and got the victory. Reigns walked backstage and left a scene of carnage in the ring to close out Raw.

Winner: Roman Reigns @ 15:18

Matches confirmed for Royal Rumble:

Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Rusev (c) vs Jack Swagger (WWE United States Championship Match)

Miz & Mizdow (c) vs The Throwbacks (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

Royal Rumble Match Including:
Titus O'Neil
Kofi Kingston
Xavier Woods
Curtis Axel
Adam Rose
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Dolph Ziggler
John Cena
Bull Dempsey
Buddy Murphy
Wesley Blake

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