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Default TNA: The Netflix Era

TNA: The Netflix Era

TNA has always been subject to scare stories about an inevitable and imminent closure. These stories became all the more prominent as the Summer of 2014 came to a close and Spike TV announced that they would soon no longer be airing Impact Wrestling. There was now undeniable evidence suggesting that TNA was near its demise. Until...

Netflix and TNA came together to hold a press conference, announcing a new alliance between the two companies. Several terms of a newly signed contract were announced;
  • Netflix became a partial owner (with around 25% of shares) of TNA.
  • Netflix's staff would transfer to TNA to supervise every area of TNA's operations up to and including the creative team.
  • The Manhatten Centre will be rented out every two weeks to for double taping shows. With it being a permanent home, "season tickets" will be sold for 6 month passes to all shows.
  • Impact will air on Saturdays at 9pm. The first show of each taping will be aired live. Run time will be 80 Minutes.
  • Xplosion will be added to the Netflix library on Saturdays with a run time of 30 Minutes. It will no longer be a recap show.
Other announcements included;
  • The PPV format will not change. The same carriers will be used. Netflix will not be involved.
  • TNA Programming will halt from now until Bound For Glory. The card will be announced gradually over the next week. With no programming until after the PPV, buy rates are expected to be lower than usual.
  • Bully Ray has resigned an open contract (like Devon). The new deal convinced him not to severe ties with TNA.
  • TNA's link with Wrestle-1 will continue to grow stronger with more shared talent. Also, Ohio Valley Wrestling is once again TNA's child company and will apparently have a strong link with Xplosion.
  • Despite the Manhatten Centre deal, International tapings will still take place on occasion. This includes the annual Maximum Impact Tour. A Canada TV Taping is also being discussed.
The partnership provides a new format for Netflix, TNA and professional wrestling as a whole.
The Bound For Glory Card will be up soon. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm new to the site but will start reviewing other BTBs soon. REVIEW4REVIEW

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Default Re: TNA: The Netflix Era

Two weeks from the stunning announcement that TNA and Netflix will be teaming up, the whole Bound For Glory card has been released. A Live Netflix Pre-Show has been announced too.

Bound For Glory X Card
  • Netflix Pre-show - BroMans vs Mr Anderson and Chris Melendez
  • The Great Muta, Austin Aries and Tajiri vs James Storm, The Great Sanada and The Great Manik
  • Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King vs Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Abyss - TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  • Gail Kim vs Havok -TNA Knockouts Title
  • Samoa Joe vs (Xscape Match Winner) - X Division Title
  • Tigre Uno vs DJ Z vs Crazzy Steve vs Homicide vs Low Ki vs (A mystery former X Division Champion) - Xscape Match
  • ECIII vs RHINO - Monster's Ball
  • The Wolves vs The Hardyz vs Team 3D - Elimination Tag - TNA World Tag Titles
  • Bram and Magnus vs KAI and Ryota Hama

As Netflix staff invaded the TNA backstage area, on-air talent cuts and recruitment were one of the biggest aspects of change on the minds of the fans and the company itself. Additions and cuts to the roster have3 already been made and more are in progress. The TNA website's roster page will be updated the night after Bound For Glory with notes on all the changes.

Meanwhile, #TNALIVES trended world-wide and Netflix invaded TNA's staff from head to toe and gave a significant amount of advertising for Bound For Glory X and TNA's Netflix debut six nights later.

Multiple adverts have spread like wild-fire online and have aired on Spike TV. Due to the last minute intrigue added to the PPV, buy rates are actually expected to be better than usual. Add in a a sold out Tokyo venue and everything about the night is set to be a little odd and a lot exciting.
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Default Re: TNA: The Netflix Era

TNA Presents: Bound For Glory X - Netflix Pre-Show

- The Crowd cheers as the cameras turn on and the show opens. After a few shots of the up-beat crowd we cut to Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary.
Mike Tenay - Welcome to a new era of TNA! Here in Tokyo, Japan, we have a sold-out crowd and are streaming live for the very first time on Netflix!
Taz - That's right it's our Bound For Glory pre-show. TNA's biggest night of the year starts right now and I'll tell you what, this in not only the biggest night of the year, but I think this might just be one of the biggest nights in TNA history!
Mike Tenay - I have to agree with you there Taz. Tonight we hit the reset button on TNA, where after a 4 week halt in programming we return to give you a massive Pay Per View with a jam-packed card and it all spells out the new beginning as TNA becomes a Netflix product!
Taz -You're damn right. And guess how much it costs you a month for not only TNA Impact every week, not only TNA Xplosion every week, but a whole library of TV and movies. House of Cards, Suits, Orange is the New Black, Arrow, Gotham, Firefly, Serenity, Good Will Hunting and so much more all for - guess how much Mike?
Mike Tenay - I don't know, $9.99?
Taz - No, even less than that! $8.99!


- As the two commentators chuckle, Eric Young's music hits to great cheers from the crowd. EY enters, bobbing his head along to the music as usual as well as playing to the crowd.
Mike Tenay - Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young makes his way to the ring and he has to have his TNA World Heavyweight Title shot on his mind.
- EY grabs a mike and stands in the middle of the ring as the cheers die down.
Eric Young - First of all, I need to say how great it is to be in the land of the rising sun!
- The crowd pops.

Eric Young - Over the past few days I've been just engrossing myself in this great culture and it has to be one of my favourite places on earth. And I need to come back here when I don't have bigger things on my mind. But the fact is that I do. Tonight I get a chance to reclaim the TNA world title and I plan on doing just that.
- A pop for EY's bold ambitions.
Eric Young - There are five other men in that match. Five other men look to leave this place with the strap hung over their shoulder. They look to usher in the new era of TNA as world champion. They look to enter the Manhatten centre and tell the fans of New York City that they're the best god-damn wrestler in the business.
- EY pauses as the fans start to chant "lets go Eric!"
Eric Young - But unfortunately for them...I'm part of that match as well.
- The fans pop, but are interupted by MVP's theme coming on. MVP, Lashley and Kenny King enter the ring. EY looks unimpressed.
MVP - Eric, come on now. I'll be honest, in a match like this, with six possible results, with the winner and new-slash-still champion being decide by whoever gets the fall, not who does the most work in a three man team...well nobody can be sure who will come out on top. But who won't come out on top? That's a different question EY. And the you.
- The fans boo as Kenny King laps it up.
MVP - Tonight you will stand next to "The Monster" Abyss and "The It Factor" Bobby Roode. What's your nick-name? What makes you so great? Why are you worthy of main eventing Bound For Glory? I, TNA's Most Valuable Player, "The Hot Head" Kenny King and "The Destroyer" Lashley have all been given these names because everybody knows who we are. We are the most established and the most dominant wrestlers in all of TNA.
- More boos from the fans.

MVP - We're somebodies. Eric Young, you're a nobody! And it baffles me as to why you are even in this match! Who are you?!?
Eric Young - I've wrestled at this company for 10 years. I'm a TNA Grand Slam Champion. And oh yeah, I'm Eric Young bitch!
- EY smacks MVP in the face with his mike. Kenny King ...hes towards him but is felled with a dropkick. As EY gets to his feet, Lashley goes for a stomp but EY dodges it and hits a few right hands. EY bounces off the ropes and charges back at Lashley - only to be intercepted by a clothesline from MVP!
- The three men start laying the boot to EY when Roode and Abyss charge the ring. After a brief trading of punches between Roode and Lashley, MVP and Abyss, Abyss and Roode win out, forcing their opponents out of the ring with clotheslines.
EY fights King off and throws him out to.

MVP - Well done.
- MVP, Lashley and King have regrouped and King has a mike.
MVP - You won your little game of fisticuffs. But later tonight is a different story. You will stand against a united front. MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley standing together to see the latter retain his world championship.
- The fans boo, just as they would any sentiment that came from MVP's mouth.
MVP - But ask yourselves this: Are you a united front? Or will you be torn apart by your similar desires?
- MVP drops his mike and King laughs. Roode, Young and Abyss look at each other in an unsure manner.


- Josh Matthews is backstage in the interview area. The crowd gives a small pop as he comes on the titantron.
Josh Matthews - Ladies and gentlemen, the man who will defend his X Division title later tonight, when we go live on PPV - Samoa Joe.- Samoa Joe walks into the frame to another decent pop.
Samoa Joe - Josh, welcome to TNA.
Josh Matthews - Thank you, it's good to be here on TNA's biggest night of the year.
Samoa Joe - That's right, it's the biggest night of the year and that's why the X Division roster will be put to the greatest test so far when they battle in an Xscape match. Their battle will be more intense, more painfull, but in the end it will be more rewarding. Because whoever manages to outlast five opponents and win the match will get the greatest opportunity available to anyone in this company: A shot at the X Division Title on the grandest stage there is.
Josh Matthews - And what about the mystery former X Division champion? Any idea of just who that might be?
Samoa Joe - I've heard a rumour.
Josh Matthews - Could you enlighten us?
Samoa Joe - What I'll say is this: If what I heard is correct, that Xscape match just got a whole lot more interesting.
- Samoa Joe walks off.

Josh Matthews - Well, an ominous message from the X Division champion there. But one thing's for certain: It looks like the X Division is going to shine tonight.


- The camera cuts back to the commentators.
Mike Tenay - Thanks for that Josh Matthews and welcome to TNA.
Taz - Yeah, good to have you Josh and let me tell you somethin', that is just the tip of the ice-berg. TNA is a new company right here, out to be the best in the industry.- The Beautiful People's music hits and the new stable enters the ring to a mass of boos, posing multiple times along the way.
Mike Tenay - And speaking of the best, here's four competitors who certainly think they're the best, although I'll hold out for a little more evidence.
Taz - What're you talkin' about Mike, they are the best. It's the BroMans forgodsake. Mix 'em with the Beautiful People and you got, what? How many title reigns combined?


- Mr Anderson's theme hits and he comes out to the ramp with Chris Melendez by his side. It then stops.

Mr Anderson - Ladies and gentlemen! Weighing in at 235 Pounds, the fan-favourite, the ultimate competitor, you're very own asshole! Hailing from GREENBAY WISCONSTON!!! MR!!! ANDERSON!!!!!!...Anderson!!- The crowd pops for this classic ring introduction.
Mr Anderson - And fighting by his side tonight. The American hero! CHRIS!!! MELENDEZ!!!!- The two then walk down to the ring to cheers as The Beautiful people laugh and fake yawn.

Pre-Show Match - Mr Anderson and Chris Melendez vs BroMans w/ Angelina Love and Velvet Sky

Melendez and Robbie E start in. E uses the ropes to run for a while. Melendez gets over eager and E capitalises by ducking a right hand and shoulder blocking E's leg. E takes control by working on the leg until Melendez has a burst of energy. He takes E down repeatedly with clotheslines and then hits a couple of scoop slams. He has the crowd convincingly on his side when Jessie Godderz runs in and clotheslines Melendez.
The ref quickly ushers Jessie out but the damage is done. BroMans manage to take control of Melendez in the corner for the next portion of the match. They set up for the BroDown. Jessie has Melendez around the waist. E charges but Melendez hits him with a kick to the gut. He then transitions into a front face-lock on both opponents...and hits a Double DDT!!!
Melendez hot tags Anderson who takes on BroMans single handedly, hitting clotheslines, suplexes until eventually ending with Mike check on E. He goes for the pinfall: ...1...2....3!!
Winners via Pinfall at 6:03 - Mr Anderson and Chris Melendez

- Anderson and Melendez are handed American flags. They wave them to big cheers from the crowd. The commentators run down the card and the flags keep waving as the Pre-Show goes off the air.

PPV will be up shortly. If you want me to review your BTB, drop me a comment. Stay tuned. REVIEW4REVIEW
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Default Re: TNA: The Netflix Era

TNA Presents: Bound For Glory X

- The camera pans in on the crowd who are up-beat and cheering. We then cut to the commentators.
Mike Tenay - Welcome to Bound For Glory 10, quite possibly the biggest night in TNA history as we embark on a new era of Total Nonstop Action!
Taz - That's right and the question on my mind is who will be our world champion as we usher in this new time in our history?
Mike Tenay - Good question Taz, we'll find out in our main event: a six man tag team match where whoever scores the fall, takes away the TNA World Title belt.
Taz - Anything could happen! It could be Bobby Roode walking out as champion, it could be Eric Young, it could even be "The Monster" Abyss!
Mike Tenay - Or, God forbid - Lashley could retain his championship, like MVP guaranteed on our pre-show. We'll recap later: But now it's time for some X Division action!
Taz - And whoever wins this match faces Samoa Joe later on in the night with the title on the line.


Xscape Match: Tigre Uno vs DJ Z vs Crazzy Steve w/ The Menagerie vs Homicide vs Low Ki vs ???
With the five known entrants in in the six sides of steel, both the fans and the competitors wait in anticipation...."HAIL SABIN!!!"

The fans pop for the former X, tag and world champion. Sabin plays to the crowd on the ramp then enters the cage as a "welcome back!" chant gets louder and louder. Uno, Steve, Z and Homicide go in-between the ropes and the steel, letting Ki and Sabin start in.
Ki offers Sabin a handshake and Sabin accepts...before nailing Ki with a low blow!!! Ki doubles over as the fans quickly turn against Sabin, who quickly hoists Ki up on his shoulders...and hits the Cradle Shock!!!
Sabin makes the cover as the fans boo heavily and the commentators convey shock. 1...2....3!!

And just like that Low Ki is eliminated only 15 seconds into the match! Sabin gets to his feet and laughs as the boos grow louder. But Crazzy Steve climbs the turnbuckle behind Sabin. Steve looks round at the fans in his usual crazed manner, points to Sabin to a decent pop then dives of the top turnbuckle and clatters Sabin from behind with a flying clothesline! Steve rolls him over for the cover: ...1...2..Sabin kicks out.

Steve looks disappointing. He brings Sabin to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks and keeps running, bounces off the ropes and charges back at Steve before transitioning into a roll-up: ...1...2...3! Steve is eliminated in the 2nd minute of the match! Steve leaves the arena with The Menagerie, all of them looking disappointed.

The fans boo as Sabin jumps up to the top rope to celebrate his second elimination. Homicide enters the ring, runs and pushes Sabin into the cage! Sabin crashes down to the mat with impact. Homicide continues to deal damage on Sabin as the match goes on, often using the steel as a weapon.

Around 4 minutes in, with Sabin having mounted almost no offense on Homicide, Homicide lets up - tagging Uno in to continue the work. They whip Sabin off the ropes...but Sabin holds on. Homicide charges but Sabin flapjacks him head first into the steel cage!!

Homicide falls in a heap between the ropes and the cage. Uno charges and Sabin tries the same thing again...but Uno hangs onto the cage. He shoots of the steel cage and cross body blocks Sabin. He goes for the pin: ..1...2..another kick out from Sabin.
Uno works on Sabin for a while until DJ Z finally tags himself in when Sabin bounces off the ropes. Sabin immediately stops running - whilst Z enters the ring - and claps Z for giving him a break. At this point, Uno jumps up to a the top turnbuckle, runs along the ropes and somersault planchas off onto Sabin and Z, landing on his feet to a cheer from the crowd.

Sabin rolls to safety. Uno climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits the Sabertooth Splash on Z. He hooks thee leg: ...1...2...3!!! DJ Z is eliminated 7 minutes in. Homicide and Uno finally meet now, trading moves and two counts at a high pace to a good reaction from the fans. At the 10 minute mark, Uno dives off the top turnbuckle for a Sabertooth Splash...and hits it! He hooks the leg...1...2...Homicide gets the shoulder up!!! Uno's signature move didn't work! After a moment of consideration, Uno makes up his mind. He gets to his feet and points to the top of the cage to a big pop from the crowd.

He climbs up, steel link by steel link before making it to the top. He stands upright. Homicide is still flat on his back near the center of the ring. He readies himself to jump. Sabin shakes the steel!! The side of the cage upon which Uno is perched vibrates so vigorously that he loses balance, falls and is crotched on the top of the cage. As the fans "Ooh! and Aww!"Sabin pulls Homicide a little further away from Uno - two thirds of the ring's length away. Sabin climbs up to Uno. The commentators can't believe it as he transitions, putting his arm around Uno's neck and his own head under Uno''s shoulder, he pulls Uno towards him....AND HITS THE SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP OF THE STEEL CAGE...AND UNO LANDS ON TOP OF HOMICIDE!!!

The fans chant "Holy Shit!" and the commentators give off the same feelings. All three men are completely out of it. Uno is still partially on top of Homicide - his arm landing back on him after bouncing when he landed on Homicide in the first place. The referee starts to count as Uno is technically making a cover: ...1...2....3!! Homicide is eliminated around the eleven minute mark.

Sabin regains some consciousness and crawls on top of Uno. The ref reminds Sabin that pinfalls are no longer valid: The first man to escape the cage wins the match. Sabin slowly gets up. He climbs up the cage. and gets to the top. He lies there for a moment, regaining his breathe as Uno does the same. Uno manages to get to his feet - if groggily.
Sabin starts to climb down the other side of the cage. Uno climbs up behind him at a high pace, gaining on his opponent. Sabin makes it half way down as Uno gets to the top.
Uno quickly maneuvers down and traps Sabin's left hand with his feet. Sabin pulls to get free but Uno won't give. Sabin climbs up a bit and repeatedly pounds Uno's legs with his right forearm. The grip is broken! Sabin takes a few quick steps down the steel...then jumps to the floor!
Winner and new X Division No.1 Contender at 13:40 - Chris Sabin

- Sabin celebrates on the floor to a mass of boos. Uno stares down at him from halfway up the cage. Sabin gets to his feet and points to Uno and laughs. The fans star to boo when UNO LEAPS OFF THE SIDE OF THE CAGE AND FLATTENS SABIN WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY!!!


- The crowd pops. The two finalists are laid out on the floor as we cut to the commentators.

Mike Tenay - Bad blood still flowing at the end of that match with Tigre Uno attacking Chris Sabin - and in quite spectacular fashion might I add - but regardless, Sabin won the match and therefore will go on to challenge Samoa Joe for the title later tonight.
Taz - Hail Sabin! *chuckles* He's back! Chris Sabin has returned to win back the X Division title on TNA's biggest PPV of the year!
Mike Tenay - Don't get ahead of yourself there partner, for Sabin to come away with the gold he'll still have to get through Samoa Joe who is arguably the most dominant X Division competitor in TNA history. We go now to hear what Bram and Magnus - who will be in action against two of Wrestle-1's biggest stars later tonight - said earlier tonight about their upcoming match.


- Cut to Magnus and Bram in a dark and deserted area backstage.

Magnus - KAI, Hama. We respect you. That might not be what you expected to hear, but we do. We respect what is is you're trying to do. We did it ourselves. Coming overseas to prove that you're bigger, tougher and better than anyone else. Me and Bram invaded TNA, tore it apart, beat its biggest stars and its scariest monsters. And now you want to do the same. But there's only one problem.
Bram - We got here first! We came here and we dominated! This is our turf now and *points angrily at the camera* you're trespassers! And we don't take kindly to trespassers...
- Bram and Magnus walk off looking menacing as always.


The Great Muta, Austin Aries and Tajiri vs The Great Storm (James Storm, The Great Sanada and The Great Manik)

Muta and Tajiri get a brilliant reaction from their home crowd. They and Aries enter separately with Aries getting a good pop too. The Great Storm enter together. First smoke fills the stage. The top of the ramp is crowded with men in blue robes. They all perform the whistle that begins Storm's theme and then Storm walks out with Sanada and Manik in toe.

The Great Muta starts in the ring with Sanada. They have an intense battle for a minute or so when Muta takes control and hits three consecutive scoop slams. Sanada scurries to his corner and tags Storm. Storm steps up to Muta and signals to lock up. Muta moves in but Storm nails him with a knee to the gut.

The Great Storm take control, tagging each other in and out and working Muta over with some of their key moves. Manik uses the same style and move-set only with a little extra intensity and speed. He portrays a much more viscous - yet disciplined - character. After a few minutes, Muta manages to fight off his opponents. He tags Tajiri and they mount great team-work on Storm. They end a series of team moves with a double mist spit into Storm's face followed by a double Buzz-Saw Kick.

Storm flops down to the mat next to Muta's corner. Tajiri tags Aries who jumps to the top turnbuckle, dives off for the 450 Splash...and hits it! He makes the cover: ...1...2....broken!

Sanada and Manik both dive on the cover to save their mentor. Muta and Tajiri get in and fight them off with punches. They whip the youngsters off the ropes but are each hit with dropkicks on the return. Muta and Tajiri are sent through the ropes, out of the ring. Sanada and Manik bounce off the opposite ropes, run and double suicide dive out onto Muta and Tajiri. Aries gets up, runs, bounces off the ropes, comes back and...SUICIDE DIVE UNDER THE SECOND ROPE ONTO ALL FOUR MEN!!!

All six competitors are downed as the fans shout "TNA!". After a short rest, Aries staggers to his feet and rolls into the ring. He lifts Storm to his feet. He lifts Storm up in the suplex position...but Storm drops down behind him. Aries turns around right into a LAST CALL!!! Out of nowhere!!! Storm makes the cover: ...1...2...3!!
Winners via Pinfall at 10:34 - The Great Storm

- Manik and Sanada re-enter the ring and Storm holds their hands up in victory to a mass of boos.


Taz - You gotta admit, this new power stable: The Great Storm, are pretty impressive.
Mike Tenay - I can't argue that Taz, but these fans certainly wanted to see their home town heroes take the match.
Taz - Well, I'd say maybe they'll win their other match tonight but Magnus and Bram are no push overs.
Mike Tenay - And KAI and Hama are? You're talking about Wrestle-1's Ace KAI and a former sumo wrestler in Hama. Think of the possibilities when you put those two together.
Taz - Yeah, but we've seen the destruction that Magnus and Bram have caused in this company, Mike. They seem almost unstoppable!
Mike Tenay - And speaking of that Taz, Havok arrived at TNA just a few episodes ago and has caused nothing but destruction and looked - you said it Taz - unstoppable. Let's take a look at what she's done so far.


- A video packages shows the final vignette she appeared in, followed by her taking out Terrell and Kim after their match, then her brawl with Kim at the calender announcement and finally her convincing victory at No Surrender where she won the six knockout battle royal to become number one contender, eliminating all five opponents in the process.


Gail Kim vs Havok - Knockouts Title

Gail Kim enters first to a good pop. She looks ready for the fight. When Havok comes down the ramp Kim decides she can't wait so she gets out onto the apron. She is about to jump down but Havok is too close. Havok grabs Kim's right leg and pulls it out to the side causing Kim to face-plant on the apron then fall to the ground. Havok poses over Kim for a moment and does her shriek-type shout over her. She lifts Kim up by the hair but Kim interrupts with punches to the body. Kim then hits consecutive rights to Havok's head. But the momentum is abruptly stopped when Havok pushes Kim back into the apron. Havok then grabs her and scoop slams her on the outside mat. After a moment, she rolls Kim in to the ring and follows.

Havok tries to pursue Kim but some security holds her back so that Christe Hemme can get into the ring. Hemme does the usual title match introduction as Kim catches her breath then engages in a stare off with Havok from across the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Kim and Havok engage in the middle of the ring trading shots. Thy battle a little with strikes before Havok comes out on top. For the next few minutes Havok dominates with suplexes and slams. Kim hardly gets any offense.

That is until, around four minutes in, Havok sets Kim up on the top turnbuckle and wraps her hand around Kim's throat, signalling for a Super Chokeslam. Kim reverses into a tornado DDT from the top rope and for the first time, Havok is down. Sadly, Kim can't capitalize as she too is down. She wills herself back up and gets the fans to clap by banging her fist on the mat. She goes back up to the top rope. She waits as Havok gets up to her feet...then flying crossbodies off the top rope! She hard on top of Havok in a pinning predicament: ..1...2..Havok throws Kim off.

Kim sits frustrated for a moment before getting up, bouncing off the ropes...and running into a big boot! Kim is leveled. Havok raises her arms to the crowd to show that she hasn't been weakened. Havok resumes taking control. For the next few minutes Kim threatens to make a come-back but Havok always puts a convincing stop to Kim's efforts.

About 10 minutes in, Havok hoists Kim up on her shoulders, setting up for the HavoKiller. She is about to hit the move when Kim comes to and nails Havok with repeated right hands. Havok falls back with Kim landing down on her. Havok staggers up to her feet quickly and Kim nails EAT DEFEAT out of nowhere!!!

She hooks the leg: ...1...2....Kickout! Kim is in shock. She lies dowwn and the referee starts to count to ten. They both get up at the eight count and trade punches. Kim actually starts to win out, hitting two punches to every one of Havok's. Kim runs backwards, bounces off the ropes and charges at Havok...but runs into a kick to the gut. Havok stuffs Kim's head between her legs, hoists her up...and hits a HavoKiller! (Sit-Out Powerbomb) She stays seated, holding Kim's legs: ...1...2.....Kickout!!!

Kim kicks out at the last moment possible, shocking the commentators. Havok looks even angrier. She wrenches Kim up to her feet and pulls her over to a corner. She lifts Kim up onto the top turnbuckle, wraps her hand around her throat. Kim kicks Havok on the face and she stumbles back. Kim stands upright on the top turnbuckle then jumps down hitting a flying axe-handle! Havok stumbles but does not fall. Kim whips Havok off the ropes and when Havok returns she grabs Kim around the throat...and hits a Chokeslam!!! Havok lays her foot on Kim's chest for a cover: ..1...2....3!!!
Winner and new Knockouts Champion via Pinfall at 12:01 - Havok

- Havok is handed the Knockouts title belt. She lifts it up in the air with one hand as the referee raises the other arm. Havok pushes the ref away then continues with her pose. The fans seem shocked.


- Cut to the commentators.

Taz - And just like that we got ourselves a new Knockouts Champion!
Mike Tenay - Havok has looked unstoppable since she came to TNA and tonight she didn't waiver. I don't see anyone who could take that title off her. The whole Knockouts Division may never be the same again!


- Cut to MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King backstage with Josh Mathews in the interview area. The fans boo the heel stable as they appear up on the titantron.
Josh Matthews - I stand here at this time with the dominant stable consisting of MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley.

MVP - Thank you Josh. I can already like you better than that Jeremy Borash. You understand that we are the biggest force in this company. You said it right there: Dominant.
Josh Matthews - Yes, whether you play by the rules or not.
MVP - Whether we...? "The Destroyer" Lashley is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Whether we play by the petty rules set by our oppressors or not, we get the results which you would expect from the best in the company, because that's just what we are. Not Eric Young, not Bobby Roode, not Abyss. You understand newbie? *to Matthews*
Josh Matthews - I understand that you're all top wrestlers in this company, each gifted enough to be world champion.
MVP - See, now you're getting it.
Josh Matthews - But only one of you can go home with the belt. So who will it be? And can you guarantee that you'll all be able to co-operate when you're individually fighting for the biggest prize in the company on the biggest night off the year.
- MVP, King and Lashley exchange unsure looks.
Kenny King - You know what shut up! Don't try to confuse us here! There's no conflict of interest here. Tonight "The Destroyer" Bobby Lashley will walk out as world champion with his two partners standing behind him. What you have to ask yourself is: can our opponents work together?
MVP - That's right, have you forgotten the venomous rivalry between Robert Roode and Eric Young back in the day? Have you forgotten about Eric Young and Abyss's weekly brawls at the start of the year? Do you not remember when Bobby Roode and Abyss fought on opposite sides of the Immortal/Fortune war?
Kenny King - Do you remember the time that Bobby Lashley fought MVP? Or when Kenny King fought MVP? Or even when...
Josh Matthews - ...I get the point.
MVP - Then you know that our opponents will do our work for us tonight. One way or another, they will take each other out of the equation. They aren't built to survive together. We - on the other hand - are a united immovable object. Stuck right at the top of the TNA ladder.
- MVP walks off and Lashley and King follow.

Josh Matthews - Back to you, guys.


- Cut to the commentators.

Mike Tenay - It looks like MVP is predicting an easy win tonight, I wouldn't be so sure.
Taz - I don't no Mike, that stuff he said about the challenging team's history, he makes a strong case. I don't believe that they can work together.
Mike Tenay - But can the champion's team work together? Or would Kenny King or MVP jump at the chance to steal away Lashley's title.


KAI and Ryota Hama vs Bram and Magnus

Once again the home-town talent get strong reactions. They take control to start in this fast-paced match (with the exception of Hama who, although slow, uses big moves to keep the momentum going) with frequent tags. Bram and Magnus get a little offense but their attempts at taking are quickly quelled.

That is until five minutes in when Bram dodges a Running Splash attempt from Hama. Bram hot-tags and he and Magnus then take control of the match. They use ground and pound to keep Hama isolated giving him all he can take. A few double suplexes later, Hama is almost completely out of it.

Magnus locks in the Cloverleaf, looking for the finish. KAI springboards in, nailing Magnus with a right hand as he lands. Magnus rolls away and Bram tags himself in. Kai quickly takes Bram into an Oklahoma roll: ..1...2...Bram slips out!

They get back up to their feet quickly and Bram kicks KAI in the gut and quickly hits the Lifting DDT!!! He goes for the pin...but the ref tells him that Hama is the legal man. At this point Hama has pulled himself up by the top rope. Magnus sneaks round behind him (just outside the ring with a chair...and smacks Hama on the back with it from outside!!!

Hama staggers away from the ropes and Bram pulls him into a front face-lock...and hits him with a Lifting DDT!!! He puts his whole body weight over Hama's chest and the referee counts: ...1...2...3!!!
Winners via Pinfall at 8:27 - Bram and Magnus

- The referee holds up Bram and Magnus' arms as the crowd boos them wildly.


- Cut to somewhere backstage where ECIII and Rockstar Spud are in front of the camera. The fans boo as this appears on the titantron.

ECIII - Just a few months ago my innocent, Aunt D was put through a table. This horrific act has spurred on a series of events which all lead to tonight. Because tonight the millions of Dixie Carter supporters are finally delivered justice as I, Ethan Carter the Third, The Hardcore American Icon, take to the ring to dismantle, to eviscerate the slimy scum that is RHINO once and for all.
Rockstar Spud - And it's in a monster's ball match. *nudges ECIII* Tell them about the monster's ball match.
ECIII - The monster's ball match was created so that the fans could witness more violence and destruction than ever before. That means that I can finally make Rhino pay for his failure to keep my Aunt D safe.
- Spud pats ECIII on the back and they walk off together.


Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin - X Division Championship

Sabin's ribs are taped up. He gets big heat upon entrance. Joe gets a good pop. A classic X Division beginning as the two test each other out with some fast-paced mat wrestling in the center of the ring. Joe wins out three times in a row, hitting a German suplex each time. Sabin nurses his ribs as he holds onto the ropes, getting the referee to guard Joe. Joe pushes past the ref and Sabin rakes Joe's eyes.

Sabin jumps to the middle rope and hits a springboard crossbody block, taking Joe to the mat. Sabin takes control with a series of failed submission attempts, each accented with a few swift kicks upon Joe's escape to keep him from getting any momentum. Sabin wears Joe down with a sleeper until Joe stands up - Sabin making a body scissors with his legs, meaning that he is fully off the ground - and falls backwards, squashing Sabin against the mat.

Joe gets up with the support of the fans and hits a three consecutive scoop slams. He then hits a belly to belly suplex and makes the cover: ..1..2 - Sabin kicks out. Joe pulls Sabin quickly into the Coquina Clutch, quite unexpectedly. Unfortunately, Sabin is near the ropes. He reaches out...and grabs the bottom rope. Joe lets go, bounces off the opposite ropes and returns to hit a low running drop kick to Sabin (on his hands and knees) sending him flying under the ropes and out the ring. Joe gets up to his feet and readies himself as Sabin gets to his.

When the time is right he flies over the top rope and hits a slingshot crossbody block out onto Sabin! The fans pop. He rolls Sabin back into the ring and goes to the top turnbuckle. Sabin lies flat on his back. Samoa Joe leaps off and hits a diving senton on Sabin!!

Joe lies back on Sabin and hooks the near leg: ...1...2...Sabin Kicks out at the last second! Joe wastes no time in getting him back up to his feet and positioning him up on the top turnbuckle. The fans pop in anticipation of the Muscle Buster. Sabin kicks Joe in the face but Joe pretty much no sells it then launches a right hand to Sabin's ribs. He chops Sabin in rib area repeatedly then picks him up off the top rope on his shoulders....and drops down for the Muscle Buster!!!
He hooks the leg: ...1...2...3!!!
Winner via Pinfall at 8:51 and Still X Division Champion - Samoa Joe

- Joe is handed the belt and the ref raises his arm to a big pop. He celebrates at each corner to even more ovation.


- "Earlier Tonight". The Wolves are backstage. A camera-man asks them a question off-camera.

Davey Richards - What's different about tonight? It's a bigger stage. The first match where it isn't just one fall. At least four of us are gonna get pinned or submit, maybe five.
Eddie Edwards - Not us though.
Davey Richards - *chuckles* No, tonight we thrive. If the hunt has ever truly been on it's tonight. Tonight we pick our opponents off one by one until it's just us left in that ring with the belts around our waists.
Eddie Edwards - Four casualties. There will be exactly four casualties at the hands of The Wolves tonight. We might respect our opponents but we won't show them any mercy. This is the decider. It all ends tonight.


RHINO vs ECIII w/ Rockstar Spud - Monster's Ball

Rhino enters first to a good pop - being a world-renowned star. Spud and ECIII get big heat. Spud shouts at them to quiet down but they only get louder. Spud gets up on the apron and sits on the middle rope and elevates the top one to help ECIII into the ring. RHINO charges....and gores Spud!!! Spud crashes down onto ECIII. The bell rings.

RHINO exits a side next to this one and gets three chairs out from under the ring. He throws two into the ring and bashes the other one off the apron repeatedly, firing up the crowd. He moves round the outside. He gets to ECIII (now on his feet) and swings the chair...but ECIII ducks. He counters with a kick to the gut. RHINO doubles over. ECIII tries to pull the chair from his grip but RHINO keeps it then smacks ECIII over the head with it.

The match goes on with trash cans and baking trays and chairs and baseball bats all being used to conjure up an even match-up where they both draw a large amount of blood. 7 minutes later, RHINO hits a running powerslam onto a pile of three chairs: ...1...2...Spud breaks it up!!!

Spud broke it up with a frogsplash from the top turnbuckle. RHINO is hurt. Spud capitalizes with repeated chair shots to the back. Suddenly, Tommy Dreamer comes storming down the ramp. He slides into the ring. Spud runs at him with a chair but Dreamer big boots the chair into his face!! He hits a Dreamer DDT onto a trash can and Spud is completely unconscious. Dreamer rolls him out of the ring with his foot.

He then gets out a table from under the ring and sets it up next to the apron. He re-enters the ring with a ladder and sets it up near the table side of the ring. The commentators wonder what he has in mind. ECIII gets to his feet, runs up behind Dreamer...and hits the One Percenter!

Dreamer rolls out of the ring. ECIII puts the ladder down in the middle of the ring. He
lifts RHINO to his feet and puts him in a head-lock. He pulls back...but RHINO lifts him up for a back suplex...and throws him forward onto the ladder. He sets the ladder back up in the middle of the ring so that the rungs on one side are facing the table on the outside.
He pushes ECIII out of the ring onto the table then climbs up the near side of the ladder.

The commentators lose their mind over the potential of RHINO jumping. RHINO sits on the top with his legs on the third top rung. ECIII scrambles off the table. He gets back in the ring, picks up a chair and smacks RHINO's legs with it repeatedly. He then goes to the other side of the ladder and pushes...THE LADDER THROWS RHINO OUT OF THE RING AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

The fans chant "Holy Shit!". ECIII crawls outside on top of RHINO and the ref counts: ...1....2.....3!!!
Winner via Pinfall at 10:24 - ECIII

- Spud comes in and helps ECIII to his feet - despite still hurting, himself - and raises his arm in victory as the fans boo.


- Cut to a video package detailing all of the Wolves/Hardyz/Team 3D encounters, starting with the return of the two veteran teams before moving on to the tag series tying at 1 - 1 - 1.


The Wolves vs Team 3D vs The Hardyz - TNA World Tag Championship Series Final - Elimination Tag

All three teams get equally great reactions from the crowd. Christe Hemme does the classic title match introductions again and all three teams get another big pop. The bell rings and all three teams square off. After a few moments, four of the men get onto the apron, leaving Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards in the ring.

The two legal men size each other up with some running exchanges. Jeff leaves the biggest mark when he hits a cross body block, bounces off the ropes and hits a running leg drop. He then tags in mat. The match keeps - in the next few minutes - at a high pace with frequent tags. Eddie Edwards is used as a punching bag for his four opponents.

Devon tags in Ray after a scoop slam, but as Ray enters Edwards jumps to his feet...and super kicks him, sending him flying over the top rope and out of the ring! Edwards enziguris Devon, bounces off the ropes opposite Matt Hardy on the apron...and spears him off the apron ! They both crash down to the floor. Jeff Hardy gets up onto the top turnbuckle...but Richards pushes him, sending him crashing down onto Hardy and

Richards scales the corner himself. He readies him self for a dive as the three men outside get to their feet...when Devon pushes Richards off right onto the three men!!!! The crowd pops for each of these. Ray gets back into the ring. The Hardyz and The Wolves get back up seperately at adjacent sides of the ring, separated by the ringpost. Ray and Devon nod to each other...then each launch themselves over the top rope!RAY SLINGSHOT CROSS-BODY BLOCKS OUT ONTO THE HARDYZ!!!...AND DEVON DOES THE SAME TO THE WOLVES!!! The fans pop massively for the unusually athletic showing from Team 3D.

A few moments later, Team 3D get up. They pose for the crowd for a second then roll Edwards back into the ring. They get him to his feet and whip him off the ropes...and hit him with a 3D!!! Devon hooks his leg: ....the ref tells him that Davey Richards actually tagged in as Edwards came off the ropes. He had jumped back onto the apron just in time to slap Eddie's back. Richards springboards in as Team 3D stand next to each other, confused in the center of the ring. Richards flies towards them both...wraps his legs around their heads in mid-air...and snaps off a springboard double hurricanranna!!!

The fans pop as Davey goes for the pin on Devon:...1...2 Kick out! He quickly shifts his body for a cover on Ray:...1...2 Kick out! Devon rolls out of the ring as the other three men in the match get to their respective corners. The Wolves take control of Ray for a while, using their innovative offense to get near fall after near fall on Ray. They decide that an end needs to come to this. Richards lifts Ray onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Edwards goes up to the top turnbuckle as Richards stands with Ray perpendicular and to the right of the corner.

Devon sees what's coming and enters the ring. He moves towards Richards but Edwards intercepts by hitting him with a missile dropkick! Richards then powerbombs Ray on top of his brother! Devon rolls away again. Edwards goes to the top turnbuckle...and hits a Diving Foot-Stomp on Ray! Richards makes the cover: ...1...2...Ray Kicks out!!
The Wolves are in disbelief. Matt Hardy holds out his hand to Davey. After an exchanged look with Eddie, Davey tags Matt. Matt runs along the apron to The Wolves corner, scales the ringpost...and hits a Diving Leg Drop!! Rather than going for the cover, he tags Jeff, who runs along and climbs the same turnbuckle...dives off...and hits a Senton Bomb!!! He hooks Ray's leg: ...1...2....3!!

Bully Ray is eliminated 9 minutes in. Eddie Edwards immediately clotheslines Matt over the top rope. He bounces off the opposite ropes, sprints back...and nails a suicide dive! Jeff and Davey trade punches in the ring. Davey loses out, taking three punches in a row. Jeff whips him off the ropes, leap frogs him, Davey bounces off the ropes and returns right into a wheel kick! Jeff bends down over Davey... who pulls him into a small package:...1...2 Hardy reverses: ...1...2. Davey reverses: ...1...2.Hardy reverses:...1...2 Devon slaps Hardy on the back from the apron.

He then pulls him through the ropes and dumps him out of the ring. He enters the ring and pulls Davey to his feet. Devon quickly wraps a hand round Davey's throat and hits a Chokeslam! He hooks both legs:...1...2..Kickout!! Devon doesn't hesitate. He pulls Richards up and stuffs his head between his legs. He shouts "Devon's goin' solo!" to the crowd to a pop. He lifts Richards up for a piledriver...but Edwards comes from behind with a running dropkick! Devon falls forwards and Davey plants his feet and instantly hits a back body drop!

The Wolves take control of Devon for the next few minutes. 13 minutes in, Richards whips Devon off the ropes, Edwards throws him up into the air, upon return, and Davey delivers a stiff super kick!! A modification of their usual move. Just then, Matt tags himself in by slapping Davey on the shoulder. He goes up to the top rope and dives off the top rope hitting a Diving Leg Drop! He hooks the leg:..1...2....Broken up!

Davey stomped Matt's back. Jeff gets in the ring and The Hardyz and The Wolves argue with each other. It's not long until fists start flying. The next few minutes consists of non-stop trading of signature moves, suicide dives, slingshots and springboards between the two teams. Eventually, The Hardyz hit a Double Twist of Fate on Eddie. Richards slides back into the ring and super kicks Jeff, sending him rolling to the apron. He then runs at Matt who back body drops him onto Eddie. As Davey rolls out to the apron too, Matt makes the cover on Eddie:...1...2...3!! Eddie Edwards is eliminated 18 minutes in.

Eddie rolls away and Matt groggily gets to his feet. He turns around...and gets kicked in the gut. Devon stuffs Matt's head between his head, hoists him up onto his shoulders...and hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb!! he stays in position for the pin:...1...2...3!! Matt Hardy is eliminated 19 minutes in.

Jeff, Davey and Devon remain with the title hanging in the balance. They all catch their breath before Devon makes a move. He drags the current champion to his feet and puts him in the corner...and slaps him in the chest! The noise is heard around as the crowd "Ooh!". Another slap! And another! One more! Devon bounces off the ropes opposite..and splashes Davey in the corner. Davey goes limp, held on his feet by Devon's chest. Devon sets Davey up on the top turnbuckle.

He gets up top the middle ropes and sets up for a superplex...Davey punches him in the gut repeatedly. Devon releases the hold. Davey head-butts Devon repeatedly...and Devon falls to the mat. Davey stands upright on the top turnbuckle. HE DIVES OFF...ROTATES 450 DEGREES IN THE AIR...AND LANDS ON DEVON'S KNEES!!! Devon rolls over and drapes his arm over Davey:...1....2.....Kickout!!!

He kicked out at the last possible second!! Devon is shocked. He gets up, drags Davey to his feet and wraps his hand around his throat. He lifts him up...and hits the Chokeslam! He hooks the leg:...1...2....Kickout!!!

Devon is now in disbelief. He sits with his head in his hands. Then he regains composure. He gets up. Looks around the crowd. He shouts out to the crowd "What do I do?!?". A "We want tables!" chant starts up. Devon smiles then shouts "OH MY BROTHERS....TESTIFY!!!". He exits the ring, pulls up the ring curtain and extracts a table from underneath. He slides it into the ring, follows and then sets it up in front of the corner. He lifts up Davey and lays him out on top of it.

He climbs to the top turnbuckle as the fans chant "Lets go Devon!". He stands upright on the top turnbuckle. The ref yells "No!" repeatedly. The fans respond by chanting "Yes!". Devon ignore this...dives off...AND CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE ALONE!!!
Davey rolled off at the last second!!! The fans give a gigantic pop! Davey crawls on top of Devon who unconscious, lying in the wreck of the table. The referee counts the pin:....1...2....3!! Devon is eliminated after 22 minutes.

Davey staggers to his feet...and stumbles right into a kick to the gut from Jeff! Hardy pulls him into a front face-lock...and hits a Twist of Fate. He gets up and climbs the top turnbuckle as the crowd pops. He dives off for the Senton Bomb....BUT MISSES!!! Davey rolled out of the way. As the crowd pops again, Davey scales the corner using the remainder of the scarce energy he has left. He gets to the top...jumps off....AND HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!

After the impact, Davey remains partially on top of Hardy. The referee counts the pin:....1.....2.....3!!!
Winners via Pinfall at 24:01 and Still TNA World Tag Team Champions - The Wolves


- Eddie rushes back out to the ring and collects the tag titles, handing one to Davey as they are both bathed in confetti. They embrace as the crowd cheer. Matt Hardy comes out and helps Jeff to his feet - they both look like hell. They offer a hand to The Wolves. The Wolves accept immediately. The Hardyz then leave the ring and stand just outside. Team 3D come out and shake The Wolves' hands too.
- Kurt Angle's comes out too and grabs a mike. The Wolves' music finally stops. He grabs a mike.

Kurt Angle - This tag team series was set up to determine the best tag team in the world today.'ve just proven by winning this series...and defending those titles *points to the belt on Davey's shoulder* that you are exactly that. You have earned the right to call yourselves the best.
- The fans pop.
Kurt Angle - But we must remember that although The Hardyz and Team 3D lost, they were both, without a doubt, the best at one time or another.
- The fans pop again for the two legendary teams.

Kurt Angle - And as a symbol of that, I would like to present to Devon and Bully Ray, *pulls out two watch cases from his pocket* these watches...and officially induct them into the TNA Hall of Fame.
- The crowd pops big time for Team 3D and everyone in the ring claps well as The Hardyz just outside the ring.
Kurt Angle - And Jeff, Matt: You know that if you stay around in this company there's a couple of watches in your future too.
- Jeff and Matt nod and clap Angle and Team 3D. Bully Ray takes the mike from Angle.

Bully Ray - We wouldn't have it any other way. We became stars together guys and we hope that we aren't done cementing our legacies together either. We are so honored to have received these medals. We might a' won 101 different tag titles all over the world but these watches mean, possibly, more than any of them.
But we had our induction ceremony, we had our moment at Slammiversary. Right now is about The Wolves!!! The reigning tag team of this world today!!!
- Team 3D and Angle point to The Wolves then leave the ring as The Wolves' music comes back on and they resume celebrating on each corner.


- Cut to a video package hyping the main event. Starting with MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley forming an alliance and destroying the company's top faces. Next, Lashley's title win and then dominant reign. Each contender is then hyped. MVP as the manipulator and crafty mouthpiece, Kenny King as the unpredictable limit-pusher, Abyss as the monster (this covers years of his destruction), Eric Young as the underdog up-and-comer of this year who beats the odds and promises to do it again and finally Bobby Roode as being angry at being suspended and having come within an inch if winning the title at No Surrender, foiled only by an unfortunate leg injury.


Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King vs Abyss, Bobby Roode and Eric Young - TNA World Heavyweight Championship

The heels enter together to big-time heat. The commentators hype their claims that they are a united front. The faces enter seperately, all to big pops - EY and Roode most of all. Christe Hemme does the tile match introduction with all six men in the ring. She then leaves. The heels do a huddle then MVP and Lashley go out to the apron. Abyss, Roode and Eric look at each other, unsure of who should start. Abyss points to himself and EY and Roode go out to the apron.

The bell rings. King offers a test of strength - to Abyss's surprise. Abyss accepts and easily pushes King back into his corner. MVP punches Abyss in the face. Abyss releases his hold on King and the three heels start to beat on Lashley. They take control of the early minutes by isolating Abyss. Then, with MVP active, Abyss catches a right hand attempt in the corner and levels him with one of his own. King grabs him but Abyss throws him over the top rope and into the ring. He stuns Lashley with an elbow, runs and tags Roode.

Roode enters and hits a few moves on Kenny King then turns his attention to MVP, who squares up to Roode. The pace slows down as Roode and MVP engage in a battle of technique, MVP showing his ability when he doesn't play the coward. The fans stay in the match, chanting for Roode, even with the slow pace. This culminates when MVP locks in a sleeper hold. Roode fights his way up to his feet to claps from the fans. MVP transitions to a headlock. Roode elbows MVP in the stomach repeatedly. MVP starts to lose his he elbows Roode on the head and snaps off a DDT. Roode gets to his feet groggily. MVP bounces off the ropes, charges at Roode, right into a spinebuster!

Roode quickly gets to his corner and tags EY, who slingshots into the ring as MVP tags King. King and EY charge at each other, EY throws a clothesling, King dodges and bounces off the ropes. He returns and EY bends over in the middle of the ring. King runs right into a back body drop...but he lands on his feet. The fans pop (for the heel) as King runs to the ropes and springboards off, hitting EY with a crossbody block. The fans pop again. EY and King have a back and forth X-Division-esque encounter for a good while.

It ends - about 7 minutes in - when EY goes to the top rope and points to his elbow and then the downed King. The fans pop. Abyss tags himself in on EY's ankle. EY looks mad. Abyss gets into the ring as his opponents yell at him. the fans boo Abyss who halted the match's fast pace. King gets to his feet and super kicks Abyss, knocking him against the ropes a bit further from his corner. He then takes a few steps back, runs and dropkicks Abyss over the top rope and out to the floor. King runs, bounces off the opposite ropes, charges back and suicide dives out onto Abyss, taking him hard into the barrier. Some of the fans chant "Kenny King!".

EY, still on the top turnbuckle sees this as an opportunity. King starts to pull Abyss to the ring when EY dives off the top turnbuckle out onto them in a semi-cross body block. The fans pop big for this. Roode throws King back in the ring and puts Abyss' arm in the ring then tags it. He gets in to work on King but King scurries to his corner and tags Lashley. Lashley gets in and he and Roode square up to each other in the centre of the ring. Lashley pushes Roode, who retaliates with a right hand. They trade punches until Lashley wins out, pushing Roode back to the ropes. He whips Roode off the opposite ropes and readies for a back body drop...but Roode kicks him in the face.

Roode then pulls him down and snaps off quick suplex. The commentators praise Roode's strenghth as he makes the cover: ...1...Kick out. Lashley pushes Roode away and gets to his feet. Roode runs at Lashley but is levelled with a shoulder block. Lashley getss full mount on Roode and lays in lefts and rights to the head. The referee warns Lashley for the closed fists. Lashley gets to his feet and pulls Roode up too. He throws Roode into the faces' corner. and stares down Abyss and EY on the apron.

Roode jumps back up to his feet and tackles Lashley to the ground. He lays in messy shots to the head, then gets off. Lashley stumbles to his feet and Roode hits a scoop slam. He bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop and hooks the leg: ...1...2 Kickout. Lashley rolls away to the apron. Roode follws him and pulls him to his feet (Lashley on the other side of the ropes). Roode gets Lashley in position for a suplex and pulls...but Lashley holds his ground. Lashley then pulls his way...but Roode stnds his ground. Roode releases the hold and throws repeated rights at Lashley, each one connecting. Roode then quiclky lifts Lashley up and lands the suplex!

Roode gets a two count for a oin attempt. He continues to work on Lashley for the next few minutes, getting a few near falls and hitting a spine buster. Lashley looks more vulnerable than ever. After a near fall, Roode gets to his feet and signals for Lashley to get to his. As Lashley obliges he lifts him up into a fireman's carry to a pop from the crowd. Lashley realises what's coming next and wriggles out, dropping behind Roode. He snaps off a back suplex, changing the momentum in an instant.

Roode staggers to his feet and Lashley hits a German suplex. He hits a few more suplexes and Roode looks beaten down. He lifts Roode up, high above his head and drops him for a military press slam. He makes the cover: ...1...2.Roode kicks out! He looks hurt. Lashley gets up and paces back and forth, looking for the Spear. He looks to end the match (around 14 minutes in). Roode gets to his feet and Lashley charges...but Roode jumps out the way and Lashley smacks into the middle turnbuckle head first. Roode tags EY and EY goes to the top turnbuckle, dives....and hits Lashley with a Diving Elbow Drop. EY tags Abyss and Abyss steps in, drags Lashley to his feet...and hits a Chokeslam!!!

Abyss makes the cover: ...1...2...Lashley Kicks Out!! EY claps Abyss. Abyss nods and they seem to have an agreement. Lashley pushes Abyss into his corner runs across the ring and tags MVP. MVP gets in and shouts at his opponents, questioning their team-work. Abyss levels him with an upper-cut. MVP is layed into by the faces for the next while. Quick tags lead to signature moves and near falls from all three men. They seem entirely co-operative. 20 minutes in, Roode lines MVP (who has already taken 2 spinebusters, a chokeslam and an Elbow Drop) for the biggest move yet. MVP gets up and Roode lifts him into the fireman's carry...AND HITS A ROODE BOMB!! It could be all over!!

Eric climbs half way up the corner and holds his hand out to Roode. He shouts for the tag. Roode instead makes the cover: ...1...2.....ELBOW DROP!!!
EY dove off the top turnbuckle and broke up the cover with an Elbow Drop. King runs in and enziuguris EY! EY gets himself up with help from the ropes before King running clotheslines him out of the ring. King then goes up to the top turnbuckle and makes a spinning gesture with his arms. The fans pop. King jumps off...and lands on EY with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS PLANCHA!!! The fans go wild, chanting "TNA!". Roode and MVP roll to their corners and tag Abyss and Lashley. The fans pop as the two men get in the ring, meeting for the first time in the match. They stare-off then have a test of strength.

They push back and forth, before Lashley pushes Abyss right back into a corner. Abyss breaks the hold then levels Lashley with a right hand. The fans pop. He whips Lashley off the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Lashley geta back up and Abyss hits another big boot.

This happens twice more, but the third time, Abyss instead hits a Chokeslam!!! Out of nowhere! He hooks the leg: ...1...2...Lashley breaks out. The two go back and forth with incredible shows of power as the other combatents get back to the apron. This culminates after back and forth action when Roode tries to tag himself in as Abyss nears the ropes. Abyss dodges, shouts at Roode and Chokeslams him on the apron!!! He chokeslammed his own partner! Abyss turns around and Lashley picks him up on one shoulder...runs...and shocks the crowd by hitting a the DOMINATOR!!!! Abyss is completley out of it and Lashley makes the cover at the 25 minute mark:

Roode broke it by scrambling into the ring on his hands and knees. EY is right behind him as MVP and King rush the two of them and a brawl breaks out.The heels win out and send their opponents out of the ring with clotheslines. Lashley makes the cover again with only his team-mates in the ring: ......1.....2.....NO!!!

MVP BROKE IT UP!!! He stomped Lashley's back! He bounces off the ropes and NAILS A DRIVE-BY KICK!!! Massive heat as King looks on in shock. King suddenly lifts MVP up onto his shoulders and snaps off a CORONATION!!! The fans pop big-time for King! King ppulss Lashley quickly to his corner, goes to the apron, tags himself in, rushes over to Abyss and jumps on him for the cover: .....1.....2......Kickout!!!

Abyss just managed to get the shoulder up. King goes to the top turnbuckle with the fans
on his side. He dives off...spins...and lands the 450 SPLASH!!! THe fans pop massively as he hooks the leg:.....1.....2......NO!!!

EY breaks it up with a fore-arm from hanging over the apron. He tags himself in on Abyss. King gets to his feet and EY pulls his head down onto the top rope, King's neck taking damage on it before he springs back and falls on his back. EY goes to the top turnbuckle...and hits a DIVING ELBOW DROP ON KING!!! He hooks the leg as the fans cheer:......1........2.......Kickout!!!

EY rolls into the centre of the ring, tired from the hard match. Roode enters the ring, and lifts King to his feet. He picks him up on his shoulders for the Roode Bomb....but Abyss pulls Roode out of the ring!!! King crashes down to the mat. Abyss pulls Roode outside by the leg, graps his arm and whips him into a BLACK HOLE SLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

King gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes opposite Abyss, charges and baseball slides Abyss. He gets back up and bounces off the same rope, charges and suicide dives out onto Abyss!! The fans pop as he, Abyss and Roode collapse into a mess on the outside. But in the ring the referee signals that MVP (on the apron) tagged King as he bounced off the ropes. The commentators confirm it as MVP enters the ring. EY gets onto his knees in the ring's centre....AND MVP QUICKLY POUNCES, NAILING HIM WITH THE DRIVE-BY!!!
The two now alone in the ring, MVP hooks both EY's legs:.....1.....2.....3!!!!!!!
Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion at 28:16 - MVP

- MVP jumps to his feet and raises his arms to an enormous chorus of boos. Christe Hemme hands him the title and he holds it in the air as gold confetti comes down. The referee raises his arm as Roode, Lashley and King look from the outside in shock and rage. Abyss and EY are still hurt. The show goes off as the commentators sign off, announcing that MVP won the title fair and square whether they like it or not.
- The Final image is MVP atop a corner holding the title up to the raging fans.
That's the first show up. The roster along with news and notes will be up in the next couple of days. Also considering putting up some of the alternate endings I had written down for the main event - because I seriously considered every participant as the new champion. Comment if you have any views on the idea. REVIEW4REVIEW
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Default Re: TNA: The Netflix Era

TNA Grapevine

A plethora of new info on TNA's inner workings has been released between TNA's website and wrestling news sites like Cageside. Here's the breakdown;
  • Team 3D have been switched to pay-per-appearence contracts and will not be on TV for a while as Netflix re-brands TNA with other top faces. RHINO and Tommy Dreamer have signed the same type of contract.
  • Another disclosed cut-back has been made regarding talent which will go a long way towards affording some of the new signings.
  • Homicide, Low-Ki, Norv Fernum, Brian Cage and Dewey Barnes have been given full time-written contracts. They had all previously made sporadic appearences on TV. Garret Bischoff has been released after not being on TV for months.
  • One Night Only talent Rubix, Ace Vedder, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Chase Stevens and Cassidy Reilly have also been signed to permanent contracts.
  • Future One Night Only events will continue to try out indy talent. They will also be aired live and advertised on iMPACT. A host of verbal deals have been made for One Night Only PPVs and other one-off appearances.
  • Chris Sabin and Chris Mordetsky have also been signed to written contracts, the biggest signings to be made.
  • Current talent are all willingly signing tighter permanent deals, keeping them off the indy circuit. This was a priority.
  • Bound For Glory's buy rate was the best buy rate in over a year. The creative team has announced that focus will go back to PPVs/Netflix Special episodes (e.g Turning Point). Netflix benefit from this as they will receive a share of PPV profit.
  • OVW have advertised BroMans for next week's episode as a part of the new talent exchange with TNA. TNA say they will be trying OVW talent out over the next few weeks.
  • The Maximum Impact 7 UK Tour has been revamped. The first two dates will now be double tapings, the third - in Wembley - will be the "King of the Mountain" PPV. The dates had to be changed to incorporate the live taping format. The dates will now be November 22nd (Glasgow), November 29th (Manchester) and December 7th (London).

Additionally, the PPV schedule for the next year has been released;

Cross The Line 2014 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - November 9th

King of The Mountain - PPV - December 7th

Genesis 2015 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - January 4th

One Night Only: TNA Joker's Wild III - PPV - January 25th

Against All Odds 2015 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - February 1st

Lockdown 2015 - PPV - March 8th
Victory Road Tournament - Live Netflix 2-Hour Special - April 5th

One Night Only: Challenger Tournament - April 19th

Unbreakable 2015 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - May 3rd

Slammiversary XIII - PPV - June 14th
Destination X 2015 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - July 12th

One Night Only: X Division Xtravaganza - PPV - July 26th

Hardcore Justice VI - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - August 9th

One Night Only: World Cup of Wrestling IV - PPV - August 23rd

No Surrender 2015 - Live Netflix 2 Hour Special - September 6th

Ultimate X - PPV - October 11th

It came as a surprise that Bound For Glory has been scrapped - most likely due to its lack of prestige. Slammiversary is expected to be promoted as TNA's Wrestlemania from now on. Another unexpected change is the change to match-based PPV names. This is more similar to WWE's strategy.


Here is an updated version of TNA's roster;
Main Event
Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy
Eric Young
Samoa Joe
Upper Midcard

Eddie Edwards
Mr Anderson
Kenny King
Davey Richards
Austin Aries
Matt Hardy
James Storm

The Great Manik
The Great Sanada
Low Ki
Samuel Shaw
Lower Midcard

Chris Melendez
Jessie Godderz
Robbie E
Brian Cage
Rockstar Spud
The Freak
Crazzy Steve

Chase Stevens
Cassidy Reilly
Norv Fernum
Dewey Barnes
Semi-Active Wrestlers

Bully Ray
Tommy Dreamer
King Mo

Angelina Love
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky
Other Personel
Kurt Angle
Jeremy Borash
Josh Matthews
Christe Hemme
Mike Tenay
Ace Vedder
Sonjay Dutt
Shark Boy
Chase Stevens
Cassidy Reilly
Chris Mordetsky
The live Netflix premier will be up either tomorrow or the next day. REVIEW4REVIEW
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