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Default TNA 2012: Rebirth


Monday 2nd January 2012:
Panda Energy has today announced that they have hired Mr Alex Moran to be the new head of the TNA IMPACT. This move takes control of the company away from Dixie Carter, although it is believed she is still going to be kept on as an on-screen character. Bob Carter, speaking today to the press says:
“We have always believed in the TNA product we have been producing but it is time for a new change. We want to be on top and the way we have tried it has not worked out, so we needed some new blood in the creative department. In Mr Moran, we have selected a person who we think has the skill to take us to the next level”
Mr Moran made brief statement to the press saying “I’m honoured to be given this chance to work with the Carters to take TNA to the next level. There is a lot of work ahead of us but the team is in place to build us to the top”
Vince Russo. Who had been the head writer for TNA, today announced he was leaving the company. He gave no statement. Where this leaves Eric Bischoff is a strange one as he is still with the company. We will have more news as this develops so stay glued to WrestleZone news!
Its the Roster as of January 2012. I cannot find a list of who is on it! But im sure you have a rough idea. Il fill this in if i can find one!

Also im using EWR to "frame" the story. I may keep in Match quality and star ratings, but its easier for me to book using it! First show might be up tonight. Il add more tidbits on this page as the are needed!

TNA Champions

TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries

TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson & Matt Morgan

TNA Television Champion: Robbie E

TNA Knockouts: Gail Kim

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Default Re: TNA 2012: Rebirth

TNA Impact!
Impact Zone Florida

The show opens with Mike Tenay and Taz running down the past month, the PPV last week. An overview of what’s been going on with Immortal and Fortune. They say tonight there is going to be a four way for the next shot at Bobby Rood’s title. Also in action tonight we will have Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner! And we now go to our opening match!

Zema Ion vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Douglas Williams (Winner gets an X-Division title show next week)

This is Zema’s chance to show that he can hang with the two veterans. Basic three way here, Zema looks good early, gets the heat on Lynn, Williams then works over both men and Lynn makes his comeback. After 7 minutes, Lynn reverses a German from Doug and throws him into a charging Zema who falls out of the ring; he then hits the Cradle Piledriver for the 3!
Winner: Jerry Lynn *1/2

Steiner is awesome
We cut backstage where Christy is with Scott Steiner who is flexing his arms in front of her while she talk, as she goes to speak to him he cuts her off: “Listen here, I don’t care if Samoa Joe thinks he is the baddest man alive, all I know is he is a fattass half breed who needs to get some respect beaten into him, to all my freaks! HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME!!” Steiner was his usual excellent self here

Gail Kim vs. Tara (Knockouts title match)

Another match between these two and it’s of the same quality as the others; Gail is excellent at playing the face in peril. Tara beats the piss out of her early on. After 4 minutes, Tara misses a clothlines and Gail his the Eat Defeat for the win!
Winner and still champion: Gail Kim *1/4

The Fatal Four

Angle is backstage. He cuts the PASSIONATE promo saying that he is still the rightful TNA champion, that Roode is just a flash in the pan and that he will break ankles to win his title show and once again become TNA World Champion

Crimson and Morgan vs. Shannon Moore and Jesse Sorensen (TNA World Tag Team title match)

This is just a match to make Crimson and Morgan look good. Crimson beats the beat out of Jesse, hitting him with tons of power moves. Jesse manages to get the tag, but in comes Morgan who hits him with the Carbon Footprint for the win.
Winner and still champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan *


Borash is backstage with Storm who is drinking a BEER~! Storm says that Roode was always the weak link in Beer Money and that he will superkick his teeth down his throat to get the thing he wants even as much as beer. The World Heavyweight Title

More Bang

Alex Shelley comes out to the ring, he says that he has had a lot of time to think these past few weeks and he realised that he is not happy. He is not happy with the direction that he has taken with his career. He wants to change that. This is the start of a new year and it’s a new era for Shelley. He knows just the thing to help give him that boost; with that he does the two fingered gun motion to the ramp area and CHRIS SABIN comes out to the ring to the Motor City Machine Guns music! The crowd goes nuts as the two men embrace in the ring and pose to the camera! With that, two men jump over the barricade wearing ski mask, one of them jumps from the top rope and hits Shelley with a dropkick, Sabin turns and the other man hits him with a spinning kick. The other man then grabs Sabin up and hits him with Senton as other man hits a 450 splash. They unmask themselves as THE YOUNG BUCKS and they smirk at the crowd, Shelley rises to his feet but is hit with a tandem superkick from both the brothers. They leave having made a huge statement.

The Champ
Bobby Roode is seen entering the arena, Borash runs up to get a few words with him but Roode just keeps walking

Keep Talking

Austin Aries is backstage hitting on Velvet Sky, she seems to be wooed by his charm when Mr Anderson appears eating an apple loudly, he smirks at Aries and calls him a sleaze bag, Aries says that if Anderson does not get away from him he will kick his ass, Anderson laughs and says that Aries will get his turn to get a mic check and he walks away leaving Aries fuming

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

WOO~! I love when these two face off. Just a brawl from the start with both men kicking the hell out of each other. Joe gets the upper hand after 6 minutes and hits Steiner with huge kicks and chops and then chokes him out with the Coquina Clutch for the tap out win
Winner: Samoa Joe *1/4

With the match over, Joe wants to punish Scott some more but before he can do this, Bully Ray hits the ring and blasts Joe across the head with a steel chair. Joe does not go down straight away and Bully hits him with a Bully Cutter. Bully smiles evilly as he stands over Joe’s body

Flair goes WOOOOO~!

Flair is backstage going nuts, he says that he needs to speak with Sting, that Sting needs to be taught a lesson and that his new guy is coming. Wacky

James Storm vs. AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy (Number One Contender match)

Main event time and crowd are going nuts for this. Tons of great 4 ways spots with all the men getting each of their big moves in. After 12 minutes Storm hits a super kick on AJ, but before he can go for the cover Angle rolls him up with the tights and gets the cover for the first elimination!, Storm is pissed, he sees Angle then go after Hardy and in a fit of rage turns him around and hits him with a super kick! Hardy then grabs Angle and hits a Twist of Fate for the 3! Angle is eliminated! Storm and Angle begin brawling and officials have come down and separate them! Back in the ring Hardy and AJ go at it, after another 8 minutes, Hardy hits a twist of fate and goes for the Swanton, but AJ manages to move last minute and hits him with Pele Kick for the win! AJ is the number one contender!
Winner: AJ Styles **1/4

After the match, AJ is one the top rope celebrating when Roods’ music hits! He comes to the top of the ramp and grins at AJ. The match is set!
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TNA are said to be very happy with the opening episode of Impact under the new booking team. They felt that the more structured booking, although the show was slightly dull, will help build in the long run

Also there are rumours of 3 big signings for TNA. No word on who yet but they are all WWE stars who have been realised recently in their recent cost cutting measures

TNA did a 5.00 on Thursday which they are very happy with
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Default Re: TNA 2012: Rebirth

TNA Impact
Impact Zone Florida

We open to a video of last week’s show with highlights of the 4 way for the number 1 contender for the TNA title at Bound for Glory. We see the tensions between Storm and Angle boil over. We see AJ get the pin to win the title match. We then open to Tenay and Taz who run down what we will see tonight. The highlights are a 6 way match between Fortune and Immortal. We will also have Bully Ray go up against Jeff Hardy! We cut to the first match

Austin Aries (c) vs. Jerry Lynn (X-Division Title Match)

Lynn earned this title match last week and looks really up for it. Aries beats him up early but Lynn manages to take control back. At the 6 minute mark Lynn reserves a suplex and drops behind and looks for the Cradle Piledriver, Aries manages to fight out of it and hits a DDT. Both men are down and after another 2 minutes Lynn hits some big forearms, looks for a clothesline but Aries ducks down and scoops him up and hits a Death Valley driver! He then climbs the rope and hits the 450 splash! Aries retains his title!

Winner, and still X-Division Champion: Austin Aries ***1/2

Still the Champ

Aries takes a mic after getting a big win here. He says that Mr Anderson is injured once again! That the mere thought of going up against a man as good as Aries he got injured again! That he is the champion and he will be the champion for a looong time and no-one not even that cripple Mr Anderson can stop him.


We see a limo arrive and Hulk Hogan gets out! Borash runs up to him and asks him if he has anything to say about Storm and Angle last week after they started brawling after they got eliminated in the four way! Hulk say he has watched the footage and he will deal with the problem later...BROTHER!!

Young Bucks vs. Kid Kash and Brian Kendrick

This is the TNA re-debut of the Bucks. As soon as the match begins the Bucks show why they are considered one of the best tag teams in the world. Hitting Kash/Kendrick with lots of their unique offense. Matt hits Kendrick with a superkick after 7 minutes then Nick scoops the Kash up and they hit More Bang For Your Buck! for the 3.

Winners: The Young Bucks ***3/4

We Don't Give a Fu..

The Bucks celebrate in the ring and Nick asks for a mic. Nick says that last week they wanted to come out here and show the people why they are the best team in the world, but they were upended by the re-formation of the Motor City Machine Guns. That these two has beans are stealing the spotlight from them and they deserve it. Matt grabs the mic and say The Bucks are the future and if you don't care for it "Well we don't give a fu..."

With that the MCMG hit the ring! All 4 men get into it in the ring and it’s not long until the Guns take control! Shelley throws Nick over the top rope and Sabin hits Matt with The Cradle Shock! The give the Gun symbol and look to go for the Made in Detroit but Nick manages to grab his brother and pull him out of the ring. The Bucks get a lucky escape here!

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Ray comes out with the bloody steel chair that he used against Joe last week. These men know each other very well and they have good chemistry. At the 7 minute mark Jeff manages to hit the twist of fate but Bully gets his feet on the ropes. Jeff stands up and before he gets more offense Bully hits the Bully Cutter for the 3!

Winner: Bully Ray **

After the match Bully gives that evil grin and goes to grab the chair, but before he can bash Jeff's brains in, Joes music hits. Bully turns to face him by he does not come out to the ramp, Bully starts to laugh but Joe appears from under the ring! He starts beating on Bully! Joe then signals for the choke but Bully manages to get out of the ring. Joe screams "You can't hide from me!"

Boiling Point

Back from break and Hogan’s music hits! He comes to the ring doing all the mannerism to a great ovation. He grabs a mic and says that he is here to clear up what happened last week. That Storm and Angle can't just go at each other like that; they could have injured some of the officials or themselves. Before Hogan can finish. Angles music hits and he comes out looking PISSED. He grabs Hogan’s mic out of his hand and starts saying that Storm is irrelevant and that he wants his title match with Roode and he wants it tonight! Hogan says that he has lost his chance and that he needs to earn it. Angle snaps at this and attacks Hogan! he puts him in the ankle lock! Storm hits the ring and Angle refuses to lift the hold! Storm then goes for the superkick and Angle releases the hold and ducks underneath leaves the ring, he is still screaming at Storm and Hogan as Storm goes to help Hulk up

Gail Kim and Tara vs. The Beautiful People.

Nice basic tag match here. Kim and Tara dominate and Tara gets the pin with the Widows Peak after 5 minutes

Winner: Gail and Tara *1/2

The Champ

We cut to a video of Bobby Roode standing in an empty warehouse with the TNA World Title. He gives the camera a smirk "AJ, looks like you have the honour of being the man to dance with me for the MY TNA World Title. Now I have only one question, Do you really want this? I don't mean just fighting me. I mean do you really want the title again? You have slowed down allot AJ. You are not the same man you once were when you lit TNA alight with your style. But now that over, I am the new standard bearer. And at Bound for Glory you will understand how much I want to be THE guy" He smiles and raises the title above his head as the screen fades to black..

Immortal vs. Fortune

On team Fortune its AJ, Daniels and Kaz and on team Immortal its Gunner, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. Daniels starts the match and works over Steiner, who is still injured from his match with Joe last week. AJ then gets the tag and he runs wild over all three men in Immortal. After 11 minutes of solid action AJ hits a pele kick on Gunner then lays out Jarrett with the Styles’ Clash for the pin

Winner: Fortune **1/2

As the match ends, the brawling starts again, Steiner is brawling with both Kaz and Daniels, AJ pick Jarrett up and throws him to the outside, he poses to the crowd but then the lights go out, the come back on and Roode is standing behind AJ, he kicks AJ straight in the balls then hits him with the Payoff. Roode smirks and picks AJ up again and hits him with another Payoff and stand over him with his arms raised as the show goes off the air

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